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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1504
No Pages: 4
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 27/11/1822
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1504
No Pages: 4
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PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, Vol. 29.] N0, 1504. Wednesday, CORN MARKET, SHREWSBURY November 27, 1822. p* ' ice Sevenpence. This Paper is circulated, in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties of ENGLAND and WALES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Six Shillings each bv auction. IFIBMEIEDlLiDllOTATriESo MONTGOMERYSHIRE. BY MRTPARDOE. At the Royal Oak Inn, in the Town of Pool, in the said County, on Monday, the 2d Day of Decem- ber, 1822, between the Hours of four and eight in the Afternoon, in the following,- or such other Lots as shall be then agreed unon? and subject to Conditions theu to he produced, viz.: LOT I. Capital MESSUAGE, FARM, and L LANDS, with the Outbuildings, Garden, mid Appurtenances ( together wi th a TENEMENT attached thereto, called PVSTILI. v GWYFOH), situate in the Parish of GUILSFJELD, in tbe said County, late in the Occupation of John Watkins, and now of Hugh Jones or his Undertenants. Another MESSUAGE, FARM, and LANDS, with the Garden. Outbuildings, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, situate in the said Parish of Guilsfield, late in the Occupation of Thomas Davies, and now of Thomas Jones or his Undertenants. Another MESSUAGE, FARM, and LANDS, with the Garden and Appurtenances thereto be- longing, situate in the said Parish'of Guilsfield, late in the Occupation of Thomas Thomas, aud now of Thomas Williams or his Undertenants. These Farms adjoin each other, and contain by Admeasurement 339A. 3R. 1 » P. LOT II. All that other MESSU AGE, FARM, & L ANDS, with the Gardei) and Appurtenances thereto be- longing, situate in the said Parish of Guilsfield, containing by Admeasurement 55A. 1R. 35P. now In the Occupation of David James or his Under- tenants. LOT III. All that. Piece or Parcel of LAND, situate in the Township of BURGF. DIN, in the said Parish of Guilsfield, containing by Admeasurement 12A. OR 30P. and now in the Occupation of John Higgins. The first Lot comprises a very compact Estate, nearly in a Ring Fence, with convenient Farm Buildings in good Condit on, and is, together with Lot 2, well worth the Consideration of the Public, as affording an excellent Opportunity for the Investment nf Capital. Lot 2 is an eligible small Farm, with suitable Farm Buildings, and is situate at a short Distance from Lot 1. Both Lots nearly fldjoii the Turnpike Road leading to Pool and Guilsfield, and upon rach there is a very consider Jihlc Quantity of Oak Saplings in a thriving State. The Property is only distant about two Miles from the Montgomeryshire Canal, four from the Market Town of Pool, and ten from that of Oswestry. The. Timber upon each Lot is to be taken to by the Purchaser at the Valuation to be produced at the Time of Sale. The respective Tenants will shew the Premises ; and further Particulars may he had by applying to Mr. COOPKR, Bonrton, near Much Wenlock ; or at Mr. GRIFFITHES'S Office, Pool, where a Map of the Estate is left for Inspection. Pool, 4th November; 1822. VERY ELIGIBLE PROPERTY. BV W. JAMES, At the Red Lion Inn, in Ellesmere, on Tuesday, the 3d Day of December, 1822, at Five o'Clock in tlie -.. Afternoon i ra^ ME Fjee simple( and Inheritance, free from nil Incumbrances, of and in all those Three very excellent Pieces of Meadow and Pasture LAND, containing by Admeasurement Seven Acres and n Half, be the same more or less, called THE BIACKWATRFS, will) tiie Buildings thereon,, situate . close to the improving Market Town of ELLES MERE, now in ihe Occupation of Mr. Hughes. This Land is enriched by the Washings from the Town, and an Opportunity of purchasing Property so valuable and contiguous to a Towu seldom, if ever, presents itself. Mr. JAM US will shew the Property; and further Particulars may be obtained from Messrs. WATSON nnd HAMPER, Attornies, Whitchurch. STANLEY, ANT). OTHER WORKS, KfEAIi BEWDLEY. • On Monday, tlu » 9thof December next, at the Bell Inn, in the Broad Street, Worcester, subject to Conditions then to be produced, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given: . rgpHOSE extensive and verv valuable t WORKS, consisting ofa going'COLLI ERY, situated on the Western Banks of the navigable River Severn, about Ten Miles above Stourport, 22 above the City of Worcester, aiid 50 above the City , of Gloucester; comprising two workable Seams or Veins of Coal already open, of Three and Five Feet each'of clear Coal, the last and lowest at the mo- derate depth of One Hundred Yards from the Sor face, the Workings iri w hich are not extensive, with a large Field or Extent gf whole ' Cop! in each Vein u ngot. Also, a very desirable FARM, in excellent Con- dition, at HIGH LT-' Y, centrally situated between tbe Market Towns of Bridgnorth aud Bt- wdlev, being a valuable Appendage to the Colliery, and iu its Vicinity. Also,* a STONE QUARRY, in Hic « r. Br, con. tiguous to the Colliery, known ami approved of by some of the principal Architects of the present D ty, for its Production of Building Stone. Also, a very desirable ami well known QUARRY, at HEXTGN, situate on the Eastern Banks of the River Severn, about a Quarter of a Mile below the before mentioned Colliery, in the County of Stafford, producing the greatest Varieties or Qualit ies of Stone for Manufacturing Purposes of any in the Neigh- bourhood, such as Blade, Tile, and ^ tin- Barrel Grinding Stones, Grindstones, Stones for Cyder Mills and Runners, and all Descriptions of Slon, J for Building Purposes, much approved of in tj) e Stafford- shire and other Markets. Also, Bl ItCH WOOD LI M E WORKS, situate near Shutterford, on tbe Turnpike Road from Bridgnorth - to Kidderminster, in the County of Worcester, Three Miles from Kidderminster, Two Miles and a Half from the River Severn, at Arly, and Two Miles from the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal, at Woverly; the Quality ofthe Lime is much approved, ! both for Building and Agricultural Purposes; is found in Strata <> Feet thick, of which there is ' Abundance, ami got at a moderate Expense. Also, very desirable BRICKWORKS, al IIAMP- STALL, pn. the Western Banks of the Severn, 3 Miles • fcelow Stourport, 8 Mifes above Worcester, and nearly central between the populous and improving ' Towns of Worcester and Kidderminster. These • Works are celebrated for the Production, of a good . Quality of Bricks, & o. which can be transported by Water at fi moderate Expense, at all Seasons of the « Year.' These Properties are held nnder Leases for Terms of Years, subject to reasonable Rents, Royalties, jind Covenants, and the Sale must be subject to t| » e Approbation of the Purchaser by the different Lessor. s, but that will easily be obtained for a re- sponsible Tenant, arid the Vendors will enter into all proper Conditions respecting it. y Together with ( either at a Valuation, or by Public, Sale as may b. e agreed upon) all the COLLIERY ENGINES, MACHINERY, and STOCK.; several BARGES; FARMING STOCK and IMPLE- MENTS of Husbandry ; and Stock MACHINERY, UTENSILS, and MATERIALS in the Quarry, JLitne, and Brick Works; Catalogues of which will be prepared previous to the Day of Sale. Further Particulars may be known on Application jo Messrs. RABCUFFE nnd DUNCAN, Solicitors Liver- pool; Messrs. ADUNGTON, GREGORY, and FAULK- NER, Solicitors, Bedford Row, London; or Mr. 3TOREV, Agent at the Stanley Works, A rust ley Inclosure. WE, the undersigned JOHN MAT^ THEWS, JOHN HUMPHREYS, and JOHN DYER, the Commissioners appointed by the Autho. rity of ftn Act of Parliament made and passed in the 56th Year of the Reign of his late Majesty King George the Third, entitled 44 An Act for inclosing Lands in the MANOR OF ARUSTLF. Y, in the County of Montgomery," DO HEREBY GtVE NOTICE, that we have set out. and appointed the following Public and Private Carriage Roads, Public Bridie Ways, and Public Footpaths, over, through, and upon the Commons and Waste Lands in the several Townships undermentioned, in the said Manor, and which are all the Public and Private Carriage Roads, Public Bridle Ways, and Public Footpaths, we judge necessary to be over, through, and upon the same. MAESMAWR TOWNSHIP. Public Carriage Roads of the Breadth of 30 Feet. A a. One Public Carriage Road, marked with the Letters A a, branching out of the Public Road lettered T, and leading in an Easterly Direction over Cefn tfeeth, to the Boundary between this Township and Penstrowcd Parish, near Cefn llir Fach. Ah. One other Public Carriage Road, lettered Ah, branching out of the Public Road lettered T, and leading in a Southwesterly Direction to the Ancient Road near Cwm LIundon Facli. Private Carriage Roads, of the Breadth of 18 Feet, some of which are Public Bridle Ways. A. One Private Carriage Road, marked with the Letter A, branching out of the Public Road lettered T, near Cwm Ilidwl, and leading in a Southwesterly Direction to the Forest Tenement, belonging to " Mrs. Herbert. B. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered B, branching out of the Road A, and leading in a Northerly direction tothe Boundary between the Parishes of Llandinani and Peijstrowed, thenpe in a Westerly Direction over Allotment No. 2, to ; Allotment No. 3. i C. One olher Private Carriage Jload arid Public | Bridle Way, lettered C, branching out of the Public Road lettered T, and leading in a South- westerly and Southerly Direction to the North- eastern Angle of the Field below the Skirran : House, belonging to Mr. Roger Wilson. | D. One other Private Carriage Road lettered D, | branching out of the Road lettered C, and lead- j ing in a Northwesterly Direction to the Forest ' Tenement, thence in the like Direction to'Allot- mentNo. 3. E. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered E, i branching out of the Public Road lettered A h, and leading in a Westerly Direction to Skirran • Farm. \ F. Oue other Private Carriage Road arid Publjc Bridle Way lettered F, branching out of . the I Public Carriage Road lettered A b, and leading j in au Easterly Direction to and across the Public Road lettered T, thence in the like Direction over the Allotment No. 25 and the Sheepwalk I belonging to Edward Davies, Esq. lo the an- i cient Road leading to Mochtre, at the Boundary | between this Township and the Parish of Mocb- | tie. F a, One other Private Carriage Road, lettered F a, branching out of the Road lettered T, and leading in a Westerly Direction over Allotment No! 36^ to the Eastern Corner of Cwjn Ltundon Fach Farm. f b. One olher Private. Carriage Road, lettered F h, branchiiig'out of the Road lettered E, and lead- ing in a Northerly Direction, to the Waen Tene- ment belonging to Sir W. W, Wynn, Bart. G. One other Private Carriage Road and Public Bridle Way, lettered G, branching out of the Public Road lettered A a, and leading Southerly over Allotment No. 20 and the Sheen Walk belonging to Edward Davies, Esq. to the Road lettered F. 11. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered II, branching out of the Road lettered G, in a Southwesterly direction to the Waen Tenement belonging » o Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart. I. One other' Private Carriage Road, lettered I, branch, ing out of the Public Rtjad lettered A a, in a Southerly and Southeasterly Direction to the Werniog Tenement belonging to Sir W. W, Wynn, Bart. {£. One other Private Ca'TPge Road, lettered K, commencing at the Boundary between this Township' and the Parish of Penstrowed, and leading in a Westerly ; emd Northerly Direction to a Tenement in the occupation , of Stephen Morris ON CAERSWS GREEKS. L, One other Private Carriage Road, lettered L, commencing ut the Boundary between this Township and the Township t,) f Caersws, and leading in a Southwesterly Direction over Caersws Upper Green to the ancient Road lead- ing to Cyruedd, at Ihe Boundary between this Tow nship and the Township of Carnedd. Private Carriage Road, of the Breadth of VI Feet. M. One Private Carriage Road, lettered M, com- mencing at the Boundary between this Town- ship and the Township of Cyi'rsws, and leading in an Easterly Direction over Caersws Lower Green, to the Fence of the old IneroacbHient belonging to Edward Davies, Esq. th. eucje in a Southeasterly Direction to the Southwest Angle j of ihe said Incroachment, thence Easterly to tbe i Warren Tenement and the adjoining Allotments. Foot Ways. a. One Public Footway, marked with the I< e£ ter a, commencing at the Lane leading from Cjl Haul, into the Common, and leading iu a Northeasterly Direction along , tJi. e Northwestern Side of the Allotments No. 3, 2, and 1, f « » Ihe Boundary between this Township and ihe Parish of Pen- strowed. ty. - One other Foot Way, lettered b, branching opt of the Foot Way lettered a, and leading in an Easterly Direction over Allotments No. 2 and 1, to the Boundary between this Township and the Parish of Penstrowed. Q. One other Foot Way, lettered c, commencing at the Lane leading from Cil Haul, into the Com- mon, and proceeding in a Southeasterly Di- rection over Allotments numbered 3 and 2, to the Road lettered B, nepr the Southeastern Angle ofthe Forest Tenement. d. One other Foot Way, lettered d, branching out of the Road lettered A, and leading in a South- easterly Direction over Allotments numbered 2 and 10, to aud acros th, e Road lettered T, theuci* Easterly and Northeasterly, over Allotments numbered II and 12, to the Road . lettered K. e. One other Foot Way, lettered e, commencing at a Gate entering into the Common in the Eastern Fence of Tauyrallt Farm, and leading in an Easterly Direction, over Allotment numbered 4, to the Road lettered C. f. One other Foot Way, lettered f, cotnmen. c^ g at the Gate upon the Lane leading from Mackinaw r, into the Common, and proceeding in a South- easterly Direction over Allotment No. 4, to and across the $ oad C. thence in the like Direction, over Allotments No. 2(> and 29, to the Public Road lettered A. B. g. One other Foot Way, lettered g, branching out of the Road lettered F, and leading in a Northerly Direction to the Waen Tenement. PENSTROWED PARISH. Public Carriage Road of the Breadth of 30 Feet. A a. One Public Carriage Road, marked wilh the Letters A a,' commencing at the ancient Public Road leading from Nevviown, between the Farm called Cefn Hir, belonging to C. H. Tracy, Esq, and another Farm called Cefn Hir, belonging to Mrs. Herbert, and proceeding in a Southwesterly Direction to the Boundary between this Parish and the Township of Maesmawr. Private Carriage Roads of the Breadth of 18 Feet. A. One Private Carriage Road, marked with the Letter A, branching out of the Public Road lettered T, in a Westerly Direction to the Allot- ments No. 3 and 16. B. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered B, branching out. of tbe Road A, and leading in a Northeasterly Direction to a Messuage belong- ing to Edward Price, called Penygarn Fach, thence in the like Direction to another Messu- age, called Penygarn, belonging to Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart. C. One other Private Carriage Road and Public Bridle Way, lettered. C, commencing at the ancient Road leading from Penstrowed, and proceeding in a Southerly and Southwesterly Direction to a Tenement called Holly Bush, belonging to Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart, thence continuing in the salne Direction to the ancient Road leading through a Piece of Land called Penybank, belonging to C. H. Tracy, Esq. D. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered D, branching out of the Road C, and leading in a Northerly Direction to the aforementioned Tene- ment called Hol| y Bush. E. One other Private Carriage Road and Public i Bridleway, lettered E, commencing at the Gate on the Road leading through the aforesaid Field called Penybank, and proceeding iu a Southerly Direction along the Western Fence of Cefn Hir , Farm, belonging to C. H. Tracy, Esq. to fhe Public Road lettered A a, near Cefn Hir. ! One other Private Carriage Road, lettered F, branching out of the Public Road lettered A a, and leading in a Northwesterly Direction to Tenements in the Occupation of Edward Rees and Stephen Morris. G. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered G, commencing at the ancient Road at the lower End of Cwm Melin Common, and leading in a I Southerly Direction to Cwm Melin Tenejnent, . belonging to William Pryce, and Allotments ! adjoining. Foot Ways. a. One Public Foot Way, marked with the Letter n, branching out of the Turnpike Road from New- i I town to Penstrowed, and leading in a South- J j easterly and Southerly Direction over Cefn yr I ' liwcb Common, to a Stile entering into Lands j j Part of Penybryn Farm, belonging to Mrs. I Herbert. b. One other Foot Way, lettered b, branching out of ' the. Foot Way lettered a, and leading in a North j easterly direction to the Boundary of the Parish. | C. One other Foot Wav, lettered e, leading frOip the I the Stile at Cwm Melin Tenement, in a Westerly | Direction, over Allotment No. 39, to a Stile entering into Cefu Hir Lands, belonging to C. II. Tracy, Esq. d. One other. Foot Way, lettered d, leading from the last- mentioned Stile, in a Northeasterly Direc- tion, over A Hotment No. 39, to the Stile entering the Low er Wood Field, Part of Cefn Hir Farm. e. One other Foot Way, lettered e, commencing at a Stile entering out of a Field called The Copy, nnd leading in a Northwesterly Direction, over Allotment No. 25, to the Private Carriage Road lettered C, near the Holly Bush Tenement. f. One other Foot Why, lettered f, commencing at the Public Road letter T, and leading in an Easterly Direction, over Allotment No. 21, to Lands he- longing to Sbradracli By. waler, thence nearly in the same Direction, oyer Allotments No. 22, 23, and 24, to the Road lettered C. g. One other Foot Way, lettered g, leading from the Public Carriage Road lettered T, near Tyny bedw, in a Northwesterly Direction, to a Public Well, No. 7. h. One other Foot Way, lettered h, leading from Edward Price's Cottage to the Road lettered B, thence in an Easterly Direction to a Public Well, No. 11. i. One other Foot Way, lettered i, leading from a Tenement in the Occupation of Stephen Morris, in a Northeasterly Direction, over Allotment No, 29, thence more Northerly, over Allotment No. 2S, to the Road lettered E*. k. One other Foot Way, lettered k, commencing at a Stile entering out of Wain Tenement, ami lead- ing in a Northerly Direction to a Public Well, No. 28, a, thence jn the same Direction to the Foot Way lettered i. 1. One other Foot Way, lettered 1, branching ont of the Foot Way lettered k, at the PublieWell, No. 28, a, and leading in an Easterly Direction to the Road lettered E. m. One other Foot Way, lettered m, commencing at the Boundary between this Parish and the Township of Maesmawr, and lea'ling, in an Easterly Direction, over Allotnient No. 3, to the Road A, near PenvgarnJ n. One other Foot Way, lettered u, . commencing nt the Private Road near Penygarn House, and leading- in a Northeasterly Direction, over Allot- ment No. 3, to a Stile entering info Lands belonging to C VI. Trae. y, Esq. />. One oilier Foot Way, lettered o, commencing at the Boundary between this Parish and the Town- ship of Maesmawr, and leading in a Norlh easterly Direction, along the Northwestern Sidp of Allotment No. 3, to a Gate entering into a Field called Firm, and thence continuing from the Gate on the Northeast Side of that Field, nearly- in the same Direction, to a Gate leading into Penstrow. ed Wood- C UO ESLW YB U R TO WNSHI P. ON GEL1. ILEFRITH. A. One Private Carriage Road, lettered A, branch- ing out. of the Turnpike Road leading from Llanidloes toTrefe. glw vs, and proceeding in an Easterly Direction to Croeslwyn Farm aud con- tinuing in a Northeasterly Direction towards Bwleh- y Llyn Farm. B. One other Priva- te Carriage Road and Public Bridle Way, lettered B, branching out of the Turnpike Road from Llanidlo. es to Trefeglwvs, and leading in a Westerly Direction to meet the Road leading towards Hirja. eth, at the Boundary between the Townships of Croe^ lwybur audi Bi. ithdir. ON CEFN CROESLWYBUR. G. One Private Carriage Road, lettered C, branching out of the Public Road, ami leading io a Southerly direction to Morfodion Farm. YSTRADYNOD TOWNSHIP. ON THE GAER AND FOEL. A. One Private Carriage Road and Public Bridle Way, lettered A, coniiuenciug at. the ancient Road at. Crowhvm Farm House, and leading iu Southwesterly, Westerly, and Northwesterly Directions, over the Allotments Number I and 5, to the ancient Road at Deildrelacb and Ty Coch, froin ithen. ee in Northerly ami North- easterly Directions to the ancient Road leading to Cypyllvvyd, & c. A s. One other Private Car?'. 7g'e Road, lettered A a, commencing" nt the Boundary between the Townships of Ystradynod and Glynhafreu, and leading in a Northeasterly Direction to a Mes- suage called Aherdaunant. ON BRYNMAWR. B. One Private Carriage Road and Public Bridle Way, lettered B, commencing at the ancient Road near the Northwestern Angle of Dei Id re Fawr Farm, and leading in Westerly and South- westerly Directions to the Boundary between the Townships of Ystradynod and Glyuhafren Iscoed, at the Turbary called Caniallt. C. One other Private . Carriage Road and Publick Bridle Wav^ lettered C, from the.. ancient Road near CaeCrwu, and leading in a, Southeasterly Direction to and across the Road B, near Lluest Goch. and continuing in the like Direction to the Boundary between the Townships of Ystrad- ynod aud Glynhafren Iscoed, at Natit Gwystyn. D. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered D, branching out of the Road C, and leading in a Northeasterly Direction to Dei Id re Fawr Farm. E. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered E, branching out of the Road lettered C, and lead- ing in a Westerly Direction to a Messuage culled Brynmawr, belonging to Isaac and Mary Roderick. F. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered F, branching out of the Ro^ d A, in a South- westerly Direction, through the Allotment numbered 1, to Part of Ty Coch Lands, belong- ing to George lienyon, Esquirp. Foot Ways. a. One Footway, lettered a, branching ont of the Road letlered A, at Crowlwm, and leading in a Northerly Direction along the East Side of Gaer Common, to the Foot. Way at Cypyllwyd Land. b. One other Foot Way, lettered b, branching out of the Road lettered A, and leading in Southerly and Westerly Directions, along the Southern Side of ( iaer Common, tothe Road at Aber- daubant House, p. One other Font Way, lettered c, from the Rojpl near Aberdaiinant, and leading in a Northerly Direction, to the Stile entering into the Lands of George Kenyon, Esquire, near Deildre Fach. d. One other Foot. Way, lettered d, branching out of the Foot Way lelfered c, at a Stile entering Lands belonging to John Mytton, Esquire, and leading, in a Southeasterly Direction, over the Allotment No. 1, to the Foot Way lettered b. e. One other Foot Way, lettered e, branching, out of the Foot Way lettered a, near Crowlwm Farm House ; and leading in a Northwesterly Di- rection, over the Allotment numbered 1, to the Private Carriage Road lettered A, near the Southwestern Angle of Fuel Goch Tenement. I. n. < MAESTREFGOMER TOWNSHIP. ON FFRITH COMMON. a. One Private Carriage Road, lettered a, branching out of the old Turnpike Road on Ffrith, and leading iu a Southerly Direction to Llechwedd Dyrus and Drainen ddu. b. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered b, from ihe said Old Turnpike Road, in a Southerly Direction to the ancient Road leading towards thp River Trantion i C. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered c, leading out ot the Road lettered it) an Easterly Direction to the ancient Road near Drainen j ddu House. d. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered d, from thesaid Old Turnpike Road, iu a Southerly Direction to the Allotnient Number 15. e. One other Private Carriage Ro^ d, lettered e, from the said Old Turnpike Road, in a Northerly Direction to Cefn Farms. f. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered f, from the said Old Turnpike Road, in a Southwesterly Direction to Argoed House. ON COED GARDDEN COMMON. g\ One Private Carriage Road and Publick Bridle Way, lettered g-; from the ancient Road be- tween Lands ofSir W. W. Wynn. Bart, and lead- ing if) a Northerly Direction to Ty Parton Gate, and thence in a more Westerly Direction to Nant v Derw. h. One olher Private Carriage Road and Public Bridle Way, lettered b, leading from the ancient Road at Cwm Coed Garddeti, in a Westerly Direction to the Western End of fhe Allotment numbered 27, and thence in Easterly and North- erly Directions to the Ancient Road at Naut y Derw. i. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered i, lead- ing out of the Road lettered h, in a Southeasterly Direction to Pen y Rhiw. k. One other Private Carriage Road and . Publick Bridle Way, lettered k, leadingotjf of the Road lettered h, in a Westerly Direction, towards Blindhoie aud Berthlas, to theBoundary between this Township and Bodaiocb. ON RII1 VV WEN AND ESGIR GROES. One Private Carriage Road and Publick Biid'e Way lettered I, leading out of the Publick Road lettered L, in a Northerly Direction to the Boundary between this Tow nship apd Weeg. One other Private Carriage Road an/ 1 Public!. Bridle Way, lettered m, commencing at the Boundary between this Township and Weeg, and leading in a Westerly Direction fo and across the Public Road letlered L, nnd continuing in the like Direction, over Esgir Groes, to the Boundary between this Township and Bodaioeh at Llyn- faw nogddu. One other Private Carriage Ron/!, lettered n, leading out of the said Publick Roa. d letlered L, ' it. Pwll Llncv, in an Easterly Direction to old I n crouch merits belonging to Evan Davies o. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered o, breaching-" ift of the said Public Road lettered L, in a Westerly Direction to Oerle. p. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered p, leading out of the Road lettered o, in an Easterly Direction to Edward Evans's Cottage on Waeu V Bottaq q, O ie other Private Carriage Road, lettered q. leading out of t{ » . e Road lettered o, in a North- erly Direction to the Road lettered in. r. Oue other Private Carriage Road atid Prtbliek Biidle Way, li ttered r, leading out of the 2£ oad lettered in, in a Southwesterly Direction to Fyche? s Tern went, t. One oilier Private'Carriage Road lettered t, lead- ing- out. of the Road lettered y, in a South, westerly Dire tion to Thomas WilHams^ s Cottage i and Lands of John Savage, Esquire, v. O te other Priva'e Carriage Road and Public | Biidle Way, let'er- d v, branching ont of the Road ' etiered in, in a Westerly Direction to Ihe i Boundary between ihis Township and Bodaioch j near Lluest. W. One other Private Carriage Road and Public ! Rridie Way lettered w, branching out of ihe Road lettered v, in a Southerly Direction to the Ancient Road at Cwm Belau. Foot Ways. Oy RIIIW- WEN AND ESGIR GIJOES. xx. One Foot Way lettered xx, lead'ng out of the I Public Road lettered L, in a Northwesterly I Direction to a Public Weli numbered 54. y, Oneolher Foot Way lettered v, leading out of ihe | Road lettered p, in a Southerly Direction to a j Public Well numbered 49. Z. One other Foot Way, lettered z, and leading from a & tile near Peuy- borfa House, in a North- westerly Direction to ' he Road lettered V. a a. One oth, er Foot Way, lettered a a, from the Public Road n^ ar Rhwiyfeii Well, in a North- westerly Direction to the Road lettered p. b h. One other Fnot Way, lettered b h, from the Foot Way lettered a a, iu a Northerly Direction tothe Road lettered o. Cfi. One other Foot Way, lettered c c, from a Stile near Peny- borfa House, leading in a North- easterly Direction to and across the Road lettered v, and i, n the lik. e direction to iiud across the Road - lei te red m, and continuing in ihe like Direction, over the Allotments numbered 37 nnd 43, to Carnedd twntVCwiii Pella. on the Bound- ary between this Township and Weeg. „ d d. One other Foot Way, lettered d d, from the Road lettered v, a. t PantV Esgyru, in a Northerly Direction to and across the Road lettered m, and thence i. u a Northeasterly Direction, over the Allotment numbered 37, fo the Boundary between this Township and the Parish of Carnn, ^ it Biaen Nant y Cieddyfe. e C. One other Foot Way, lettered e e, from the Road lettered w, lending in a Westerly Direction over the Allotment numbered 32, towards Cwm- belan, Cottage. ON THE FFRITH it) ne Foot Way lettered x, from the Stile on the Boundary Fence between this Township and Weegj and leading in a Westerly Direction ever the Allotments numbered 2, 3,12,13, and 17, to the old Turnpike Road near Caemegen. BO DA IOC H TOWNSHIP. ON JIH1WFERIAETH. a. One Private Carriage Road and Public Bridle W7ay, lettered a, commencing at the Boundary between this Township and Trewythen, anil leading in a Westerly Direction to" the South- eastern Angle of Ty- Coch Farm, and in the like Direction following the Fence to the Ancient Road leading by Pen y Coed House, nnd recom - mencing at the Northwestern Angle of Pen y Coed Tenement, and continuing in the like Direction to, and ending at, the Boundary be- tween this Township and the Parish of Llanid- loes, nt the Southwestern Angle ofthe stii< 4 Ty- Cocli Farm. ON DRUMMERS HILL. b. One Private Carriage Road and Public Bridle Way, lettered b, commencing at the Ancient Road near Gla § Coed House, and leading in South westerly and Southerly Directions to the Boundary between this Township and Dolgwden at Llydiart Cpch. C. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered c, branching out of the Road lettered h, at Glas Coed House, and leading in a Northerly Direction fo Tv- Coch Lands, d. One other Private Carriage Road and Public Bridle Way, lettered d, commencing at the Ancient Road near Pant Farm House, and lead- ing in an Easterly Direction to the Ancient Road near the Southeastern Angle of the said Pant Furm. f. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered f, lead- ing from the Road lettered d, in a Southerly Direction along the Fence of Pant Farm tothe Lands of Sir W. VV. VVynn, Bart, called Pant- glas, and to the Allotment numbered 13. g. One other P rivate Carriage Road, lettered g, from the lioad lettered d, leading in a Northerly Direction lo a Tepepient in the holding o" f Charles Edwards, the Properly of Sir W. W. Wynn, Baronet ON PENYBANR. li. One Private Carriage Road and Public Bridle Way, lettered h, commencing at the Boundary between this Township and Glyntrefnant, and lending it) a Northwesterly Direction, along the Boundary of the said Townships, to ihe South- western Angle of tl) e Allptineut numbered 29, and recommencing at the said Boundary on Jarman Hill, and leading in Northerly and Northwesterly Directions to Bryn Crigog Cot- tage, and thence in a Northerly Direction to the Road lettered f i. One other Private Carriage Road nnd Public Bridle Way, lettered i, commencing at the ancient Road at Penybank, and leading it) a Westerly direction tothe Road lettered h. j. One other Private Carriage Road, lelfered j, from the Road lettered h, leading in a Northwesterly J Direction to an old Iucroacbmeiit made by Thomas Jones, k. One other Private Carriage Road and Public Bridle Way, lettered k, leading out of the Road j lettered i, iu a Northerly Direction to the ancient. | Road at the Northern. Angle of the Allotment No. 24, and thence in the like Direction along | the Western Side of the Allotment No. 37, to ; to the ancient Road at Hucyn's Cote, and again | commencing at the ancient Road at the South- J eastern angle nf the Allotment No. 3d, and I continuing in a Northern and olher Directions fo I the Allotment Numbered 11, where il turns arid proceeds iri a Westerly Direction to the Roqd [ lettered t. I. One other Private Carriage Ro^ d apd Public Bridle Way, lettered I, branching out of the Road lettered k, and leading in Southwesterly and Northwesterly directions to the Road m. m. One other Private Carriage Road and Public Bridle Way, lettered in, from the Roud lettered k, near Ilucyn's Cote, and leading, tn a South- westerly Direction, by Andrew Bunford's Cot- tage, to the Boundary between tbis Township and Glyntrefnant, at the Foot of Jarman Hill, n. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered n, leading out of the Road lettered in, in a North- westerly Direction to Benjamin Brunt's Cottage, o. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered leading out of the Road lettered k, in an Easterly Direction to Berthlas Farm, p. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered p, frojn the Road lettered k, in Easterly and Southeasterly Directions thrpugh the Allotments Numbered 40 and 4.6: . q. One other Private Carriage Road lettered q, lend, ing from the Road lettered r, in a Southeasterly Direction to Cvvm Belan Cottage, r. One other Private Carriage Road and Public Bridle Way, lettered r, commencing at the Boundary between this Township and Maestref- goirier, at G, wern Ole, and leading in South- westerly and Northwesterly Directions to the Road lettered t, at Llynfawnog ddii. s. One other Private Carriage Road, lettered s, leading out of the Road lettered r, in a Northerly Direction to Lluest Tenement t. One other Private Carriage Road and Public Bridle Way, lettered t, commencing at Jhe Boundary between this Township and ^ Taestref- gomer, at Llynyfawnog dd£ i, and leading in a Southwesterly Direction fo Caefineur, aud thence in a more Northwesterly Direction along Caefin- caiyto jhe Northern Extremity thereof, and pro- ceeding in the like Direction to the Boundary Sheep walk and the Allotment numbered 42, 11, the Boundary between this Township and Glyntrefnaut. AND WE DO HEREBY GIVE FURTHER NOTICE, that Maps or Plans of the said Roads and Ways, lettered as above, and signpd hy us, are left for Inspection at the Office of Mr. GRII'FITOF. 8, Solicitor, Pool, the Clerk appointed hv the said Act to assist in carrying the same into Execution; and that Copies of thp spid Maps or Plans of the Parish of Penstrow ed aud Townsltips of Macmawr, are also ( eft at the House of Richard Kinsey, of the Unicorn Inn, in Caersws ; and of the Townships of Maestrefgouier and Bodaioch, iu the Parish of Trefeglwys, and the Townships of Cfoesllwybur, and Ystradynod, in the Parish of Ll| tnid| oes, are also left at the New Inn, in Llnnidloes AND WE ALSO GIVE FURTHER NOTICE, that we shall hold a MEETING, at the New lun, i » Llanidloes aforesaid, op Friday, the Gth of December next, and also a MEETING, at the Unicorn Inn, iu Caersws aforesaid, on Saturday, the7th Day of the same Month of December, at Eleven o'Clock iu the Forenoon, for Ihe Purposes of hearing and determining any Objections which may be made toany of the said Roads and Ways. JOHN MAT! HEWS, JOHN HUMPHREYS, JOHN DYER. November 1G/ Z), 1822. TAKEN UP, SIJPPQSF. D TO BE STOT. F. N, A BLACK two- years old MAKE, of ZJL the Saddle Kind, about 14 Hands high. The above Mare was offered for S?, le to Mr George Newell, on the Sth Day ofOctober last, hy a Person calling himself John Lewis, of Gellvgair, near Rhayader, who, upon being asked some Questions respecting the said Mare, gave such Answers as induced the said George Newell to suspect that the Mare had beeu Stolen : This is therefore to give NOTICE, that the real Owner of the said Mare may have her it ; ain, by paying all reasonable Expenses incurred by the said George Newell : and that unless the said'Mare is claimed before ihe 9d Day of December next, she will be then Sold to defray the Expenses. J) a! ed Cefn, lierrieto, Montgomeryshire, November 5th^ 1822. The Ross Hall Mansion and Estate. TO BITLST, FOR A TF. RM OF YEARS, And entered upon at Lady Duv next, ALL that Messuaoe or MANSION HOUSE, called msmh) With the Coach- Houses, Stables, jind other Out- Offices, Gardens, Plantations, Demesne :. nd otheii Lands thereto belonging aud now occupied there- with, containing together by Admeusuremeni 274A . IR. 12P. or thereabouts, w ithin a Ring Fence, and delightfully situated about ' three Miles from Shrewsbury, on the Banks of the River Se eru, of which apd the adjoining fertile and richly '- Voo'ded Country the Estate coiiiinauds the must' beautiful and interesting Views. At a convenient Distance from the Mpijsion is a Far in House, with all Outbuildings necessary for the Occupation of any Papt. of the Lands, which a GJpntleuiau may not wi » h to have in his own Hands. The Whole ofthe Premises are in the Possession oi Colonel LEIGHTON, who will appoint a Person to shew the same; and further Particulars may be had on Application to Messrs. PBITCHAP. D, Solil citors, Broseley. . ,, > ounitary j between this Township and the Parish of Car no 1 One oilier Private Carriage Road, lettered v leading ont of the Road lettered b, in a Westerly ! Direction fo the Qnarrv Allotment No. 53, and Turbary eal'c. d Maw nog I. eek. One othf- r Private Carnage Road, lettered w, branching out of the Road lettered t, at the' Northern Extremity of Caefincar, and leading in a Westerly Direction to the Northern side of the Public Turbary called Gors Goch. , One other Private Carriage Road, lettered ssalejs by auction. TIMBER. At the White Lion Inn, Whitchurch, on Friday November '/ pth, between the Hum', of tlir e and six o'clock in the Evening ; raiiiR undermentioned Lots of otoitiil " TIMREU, growing on Lanos at TII. STOCK near Whitchurch, in the County of Salop, i„ the following, or such other Lots as may be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, and subject to Conditions then to be produced. LOT I. 73 capital OAK Trees, growing on Mr llolh nil's Farm, LOT 11. 51 ASH Trees, growing on the same Farm. ^ " I. 31 F. I. M, 18 POPL4R, 2 SYCA- MORE, and 8 ALDER Tress, also growing on - the same Farm. " LOT IV. 9 OAK, 1 ELM, 15 POPL4R 1 SY CAMORE, and t'l ALDER Trees, grow'i„ the North Side of Mr. Brown's Farm Lor V. 33 ASH Trees, Side of the same Farm, LOT VI. Co O AK Trees, growing on Mrs. Ben. von's Farm. LOT VII. 21 ASH Trees, growing on the same Tar m. 1 LOT VIII. 06 OAK Trees, growing on the South Side of Mr. Holland's and Mr firowu's Farms c.. t'OT'X- 34 ASH Trees, growing ou the South aide ot the same I arms. LOT X. 10 ELM, 45 POPLAR, 6 SYCAMORE 4ft ALDER, nnd 1 WITHY, also growing an the South Side ofthe same Farms. The above Timber is principally pf very large Dimensions, and growing on Londsabout oue Mile distant from the Ellesmere Canal, and about two Miles from Whitchurch, to either of which there are excellent Iioads. The respective Tenant? will shew the j rowing on the North rimber: and for further Particulars apply to Mr. CHI'XE' .., Timber Surveyor, Shrewsbury or Coalbrookdale • leading from the Road leiiered vv, io a Westerly or to J. GLOVER, New Mills, near Ruyton Shroo' Direction to Ihe Southern side of Gors Goch shire. ' * Plas- yn- y. Pent re and Pen- yr- Alt. X. ihe Public Tur. ba. rv. Oue other Piiva'e Cnriiage Road, lettered v, leading oui of the Road lettered w, io Southetly and Southwesterly Directions to J? ryn Gi4s Turbary. Foot Ways. ON RHJWFERIAETH. a a. One Footway, lettered a a, leading out nf the Road lettered a, iu a Southeasterly Direclion to tlie Bo'Midnry between llii. s Trwwns'hip and Llan- idloes Parish, llience in an Easterly Direction, through the Allotment No. 3, to the Boundary betoeei). this Township und tlie Parish of Lian- diuam. ON DRUMMERS HILL, b Ii. One Foot Way, lettered lib, lendiu? ont of the Road lettered il, in a Southeasterly Direction lo Liio » l| » - if Sir W. W. Wynli, Bart, in the Occupa- tion of Charles Edwards c c. One other Foot Way, lettered c c, leading from the Roail lettered f, in a Southeasterly Direction In Lauds of Sir W. W. Wjnu, Bart, called Cwm Megen. ON ESGIR GROES. d d. Otie Foot Way, lettered d d, leading ont of the Road lettered h, in a Southeasterly Direction over the Allotments numbered 43, 42, 33 and 28, li) another Part of the Road h, near Thomas Jones's Collage, e e. One other Foot Way, lettered e e, branching oui of the Foot Way lettered d . d, and leading | u a Southwesterly Direction over the Allotments No. 42 and W, to the Road lettered in. f f. One other Foot Way, lettered f f, leading out of the Foot Way leltered e e, in a Southerly Direction to the Road m. g g. One other Foot Way, lettered g g, from the Boundary between this Township and Glyn- trefnant,' au a Place called lthydy Gwyd'de, in a Southeasterly Direction across Glan'tafoij .. V.. UU. US, uccnpirii l. y Mr. wiiiinm Morris tuate Aqueduct nt Pon'- v- Cysvllte in e Vale of Llangollen, iu Denbighshire, Wn'ded a considerable Extent bv the River Dee. VALE OF LI. APJGOLI.- K-. At the Lion Inn, Shrewsbury, on Thursday tlie 5th Day of December, 1822, between the'llours ot 3 and 5 in the Afternoon, in one or more Lots as may be agreed ou at the Time of Sale • ' LOT I. A N excellent FARM, culled PLAS- F\ VV- V- PKXTSE, conta'ning 101 Acres or thereabouts, occupied bv William situate near the ' ' ~ the ' to « LOT II. A beautiful COTTAGE, with commo- dious Offices and about l.( i Acres of rich Pasture LAND, late in the Holding of Dr. Rent, but now occupied by Mr. Smith, lying on tlte Banks ofthe Dee near the Aqueduct. „ r;° T A srood WATER CORN MILL, in the Holding of Richard Morris. The three last Lots are universally admired and adjoin each other, and fire situate about Four Mile$ from Llangollen on the Holvhead Road. LOT IV. in . eligible FARM, called PES- YR. ALT, containing 55A. 1R. 15P. or thereabouts situate in the Parish and within Two Miles of tile Town of Llangollen, upon the Turnpike Road leading from thence to Wrexham, close to tli « Ellesmere Canal, and bounded i. i Part by the River D, ee. These Estates a. rp Lim( e and Goal. The Premises may be viewc in the immediate Vicinity of with Leave of the respective Tenants; and for further Particulars ajiply to Mr. FISHES, Solicitor, Newport, Sbrop' FOKTHILL ABBEY.— Mr. Farquhnr having completed ttie purchase of that magnificent scat, for £ 330,000, which cost upwards of a million, he j is now down there making out a catalogue of the varieties preparatory to a sale hy auction We hear fhafc it is thc intention of Mr. Farquhar to seii the estate, and that there are thtee bidders in thc market; indeed, we may add a fourth, nmnely, tbe Duke of Wellington, Earl Grosvenor, Mrs, ( ontts, and the Marquis of Hertford. Tiie latter Nobleman, when he saw it, said, " The King ought to occupy this place, for no subject could live in it." N POSTSCRIPT. LONDON, Monday Niglit, \ ov. 25, IS22. The Paris Papers nf F. iday, which arrived last night, instead of confirming the rnniour of the death of, the King of France, do not even state lhat His Majesty is unwell; and we find that he was receiving visits on Thursday as usual. 3 per Cent. Cons. 81g.— 3 per Cent. Red. 80|.- 3| per Cent. 92^.— 4 per Cents. 98|— Consols for Account 81 J.— New per Cents. 101 j. Destructive Five in Hothorn.— On Saturday iiiylll, ut a hunt a quarter of an hour before 12 o'clock, on alarm of fire wns given by the family of Mr, Walker, featherbed and mattruss manufacturer, N> , 60, High Holhoru, two doors above Htind l otirl, and next door to Mr. Taylor's Architectural Library. At the time, the fami y, consisting chiefly of females, threw open the shop door and rushed out into the ^ street in great disorder; a shower of sparks were ... . seen from without falling down the stairs ut the buek September- 550 persons died ; and in the course ot j (( f lt| e s|„, p fro| M fi,. 5, (,,„„._ ;„ ? ren, .. bundini, e, three days only, 250 died. j .,„,[,, wos evident lliut the interior of the house, from I the first lo the second floor, was enveloped iu u body IIIELANIY— A long list of daily outrages has ; „ f ( ire. The inmatesof the adjoining Ionise received ceased to be a prominent article iu the papers from I a timely alarm, but the progress of the fiie was so Ireland. The present tranquillity is the more i rapid that Mr. Taylor's arc iitecturid library » • « « on grateful, the season of Ihe year having now com- | « re and in hhizv, before any of the highly valuable inenml which has generally proved most fruitful LON DON— S A TU R D A V. Paris papers of Wednesday, together with pri- vate letters dated Thursday, lufve been received in town.- jrBenjamin Constant, the lale leader of the opposition in the Chamber of Deputies, has been sentenced to a month's imprisonment, and a fine of five hundred francs, for the libel of which he was found guilty, npon M. Mangen, Procurein- General ot the Court ef Poictiers One of the' chief points of interest iu the domestic news from France is tbe elections, which, £ o far as they have hitherto gone, have added to the numbers of the Rojalist .. pait v.. Several expresses have arrived, to day from France, and have brought news of ( he indisposition ofthe King of France, ' the French 5 per cents, had fallen to 8f>, bnt left off ou Thursday at 87K 6vc. Besides the report of the death of the King of France, it has been asserted iu the city this afternoon, that sevtral French officers had been appointed to command the French troops, which had recently received orders to enter Spain. Neither of these rumours, however, deserve at- tention. A letter, dated Paris, Thursday afternoon, says, u There has been much alarm felt lure by. the sudden indisposition of the King yesterday, after his Majesty bad dined, ll is said, and currently believed, that it was an attack of apoplexy, but by the evening his Majesty was considered to be out of danger by the physicians in attendance.' 1 Philadelphia Papers to the ' 24Ih ult. give dis- tressing details of the havoc which the yellow fever had . made in New Orleans. In the month of - of crime — A meeting ofthe factors and merchants of the city of Dublin, connected with the linen trade,- was held in the Linen- hall, in that city, on the 8th instant, to take' into consideration the consequences which result to the linen trade of Ireland, from the unrestricted importation - of foreign linen yarn into Great Britain and Ireland, when a series of resolutions were adopted, declar- ing that it is highly injurious- to the linen trade of lrelandr aud detrimental to the revenue. As a remedy,- it was proposed to submit to the Trustees ofthe Linen Manufacture of Ireland, the propriety of a duty being imposed upon the importation of foreign linen yarn, equal to the amount of the bounty j> aid upon the exportation of the linen cloth produced from it. A series of resolutions to the above effect, and a memorial founded thereon to the Trustees, were unanimously adopted by the Meeting. The Dublin Freeman's Journal of Thursday, spates from, authority, that I lis Majesty has been pleased to appoint tl » e Rev. J. J Johb, D. D. Archdeacon of Emly, to the vacant Irish Bishopric. Yesterday the King held a Court at Carlton House, which was attended by the Ministers, Great Officers of State, & c. & c. His Majesty afterwards held a Chapter of the Garter, when the Marquis of Hertford was declared duly elected a Knight of that illustrious Order, and the honours were conferred in the usual state by the Sovereign. The King appeared to be in excellent health and spirits. Several of the Foreign Ministers had audiences of his Majesty, and among others Mirza Mahummed Saleh, appointed on a special mission from the King of Persia. The Dasher steam packet has returned, after landing the Duke of Cambridge and Princess Augusta at Calais al two o'clock in the afternoon of yesterday. Their Royal Highnesses left for Brussels the same evening, on their route to Hanover.. Ft is said to be the intention of the Apothecaries' Company to commence legal proceedings against the various quack advertisers who abound in London, to the injury and even destruction of thousands thr. t ignorantly put their trust in them. lu the Court o' King's Bench on Thursday, the Attorney General moved for judgment on William Bridle, convicted at. the last Somerset Assizes of ill treating a prisoner named Gardner, in Hchester gaol, where the defendant was Governor. Several affidavits, which appeared to be rn^ de by different Magistrates in thc county of Somerset, stating the general character of the defendant to be that of a humane man, were read. Mr. Williams, Mr. Lark in, and Mr. Manning, addressed tbe Court in m ligation of punishment, and the Attorney- General in aggravation. Sentence was deferred by the Court until yesterday, when the defendant was again brought up, atid he was informed by Mr. Justice Bayley that the Court did not think it necessary to visit his offence with imprisonment, but, for the purposes of justice, it adjudged that he should pay a line of £ 50 to the King, which he immediately did and withdrew. Jrnproremenis on the Surrey- side o f Waterloo Bridge.— From ihe southern side of this elegant biidge, down to the Obelisk in St. George's- fields, there will shortly be one continued range of sub- stantial buildings, erected on ground which, but six years ago, was a continued marsh or waste. In this line of building stands tl ; e Cobourg Theatre ; between which site and the bridge is the New Jerusalem Chapel, built in Gothic style; a little further on, is Zion Chapel, on an extensive scale, intended for the use of a Baptist Congregation. The space between that and the Feathers, the lofty house erected by Mr. \ V hi thread, is a large pond, the long resort of a numerous flock of geese and ducks, which workmen, during the present week, have been employed in filling up with earth, ou which a considerable mound of substantial materials is to he raised ; and, as soon as the mass is properly consolidated, a foundation for a new Church will be laid, by virtue of a late Act of Parliament, which, we are informed, is to be built on a similar scale lo ihe elegant structure in the New. road, St. Pancras. A fight took place on Wednesday evening, in tbe Waterloo Bridge- road, between a disciple of Carlile ( who bas lately opened another mart of sedition iu that neighbourhood) and a working man. The quarrel arose in consequence of the, former using some irreligious expressions, which led to angry words, and finally to blows. The contest, however, did not last long ; for a severe blow put in on the mouth of the Deist, settled the business in favour of the Christian, who advised his fallen adversary to be more cauiiouy in future in assertions he could not support. A first rate house in the City, we regret to announce, has been compelled to suspend its payments : no less a sum than £ 400,000 was paid into their bankers the lale settling day, the 31st ult.; but il is conjectured their present distresses are oqly of a temporary nature. The extensive concern of James, John., and Thomas Bury, calico- printers, Sabden- bridge, has this week stopped payment. The effect will be s- riously felt by the meicantile community in Blackburn and the neighbourhood. Report states thc deficiency to be £ 250,000. BANKHUFTR, NOVEMBER 23.— Mark Marks, of Romford, Essex, slopseller.--— James Craney, of JSnowJiill, London, grocer and lea. dealer.— Thomas Dawson, of St. Thomas's Mill, Si. Mary's, Stafford- shire, miller.- John Joseph Stock dale, of the Strand, Middlesex, bookseller, printer, and publisher.— George i7reach, of WhiteehapeLroad, Middlesex, provision- agent and • cheesemonger.—' William Net- tleton, of the Edgware- road, Middlesex, victualler. — Henry Clark, of Swallow fields, Wilts, grocer aud baker.— Gregory Stock, of Ashweek, Somersetshire, farmer a « » d maltster.— James Jermyn, of Great Yar- mouth, Norfolk, maltster and merchant.— Edmund Walker, now or late of. Ley Moor, Golcar, Hudciers- field, Yorkshire, clothier.-—' William Ridley and Daniel Wilmn, of Whitehaven, Cumberland, curriers ^ tiiiil sboe- m tkers.— Edward Lillie Bridgman, of Fish- • street- bill, London, undertaker.— Thomas Pearson, late of Oxford- street, Middlesex, oil andcolourmart— George ftainy, of Marshall- street, Cavendish- square, Middlesex, ironmonger.— James Edwards, of Langh- arne, Carmarthenshire, innkeeper.-— Joseph Liver- ^ klge Tuck, of the Hay market, Middlesex, jeweller. scientific books and drawings which it contained could be got out. The bouse on the other side of Mr, Walker's, No. 61, was before it in the same situation, and nothing, as we are informed, of any value was saved from either. In a minute or two after the arrival of the fire- engines, the roofs of two of the bouses fell in, and the three front houses were soon in such a condition, that the fiieinen thought only of directing their efforts to preserve the adjoining premises. The fire had caught the upper story of , Mr. Tate's, the baker, at the comer of Hand court, but by the spirited efforts of the firemen, it was sub- dued, and by vigorous working, the oil shop, No. 62, was saved. Had it caught fire, the destruction tint would have ensued is incalculable, as there was no time for the removal of the stock. Although the fire was checked in front, it gained ground greatly be- hind, and as there was a keen w ind blowing iu a north westerly direction, the flames were communicated rapidly lo tlie back premises ofthe adjoining houses in Hand coil it, and two houses there Were speedily in flames. ' I be firemen, however, soon prevented a further progress. At about, two o'clock in the morn, ing, the front of Mr. Walker's house, and that of No. 61, fell iu with a tremendous crash. The fire made uo progress after that time. Mr, Smith,-. ibe occupier of wine vaults adjoining to Hand- court, bad been for some time unwell, but the shock gi\ en to him by the intelligence of the danger was so great, that he ex- piied in the arms of some persons w ho were convey, ing bim up the court, to a place of safety. Beyond this calamitous occurrence, we heard of no lossjof life in consequence of the conflagration No esti- mate can be formed of the loss ; but from such information as could he collected, we understand that most of the property was insured. The loss occasioned by the destruction of Architectural Li- brary is irreparable to men of science, as it is the only house in town entirely devoted to the publication and collection of architectural works; and none of tbe books or valuable plans were saved. The en- gines were pumping upon the ruins nearly the whole of yesterday. Some dangerous piles of chimneys were left standing. The thieves mustered in gre; it numbers, but got little froin any but the by- stauders. On Saturday last, aged T6, Mrs. Martha Bowdler, formerly ofthe Bridge Tavern, bottom- of Wyle Cop, in this town. Lately, at Street- Lane" 3: near Wellington, Mrs. Bagley, aged 6 » . On the 15th inst. at Whitchurch, afier a long and protracted illness, which she bore with christian fortitude, aged 79, Mrs. Price, wife of Mr. Price, schoolmaster. v Yesterday, Mr. George Bass, of Frank well, iii this town. On the 14th instant, aged 77, Mr. Tom ley,-. of Middlelon, near Oswestry. On the 1 th inst. within three days of completing her 9;; th yeSr, Mrs. Huttou, relict'of the ( ate Mr. Hutton, draper,, of this town. II. j "'"-'.• On the 7th inst. in Sydney- Place, ' Bath, Sir Henry White, K. C. B. Major- General in tb£ Bengal Arm;, , to which he belonged for up vards t> f 5i years; a distinguished officer, ever zealous and torwar. l to meet the enemies of his country : tn May last, in India, after a residence there j of nearly seventeen vears, Mrs. Coultm- in, wife of I Major W. W. Coultman, of His Maiesty's 534 R ^ giment; and on the 22d of May. at Poonamalee, M .! ras, that bra e anil intrepid Officer, the above- named Major Cou'tman ( nephew or the la e, Lieut.- Colonel Woodward, of Shrewsbury)— surviving his beloved wife but a very few days, and leaving six orphans unprotected, the oldest only having attained the age of 21. Ou the 11th inst. at Bewdley, aged 7?, Mrs. Prrehard, relict of Mr. Prichard, formerly wine- merchant in this tow> i. On the l() th inst. at Farrncott, near Bridgnorth, in his 52d year, Mr. William Perry, a highly respectable farmer, whose character was strongly marked with integrity, and many social virtues. His death is sincerely lamented,* not only; by his numerous relatives, but by an extensive circle of friends and acquaintance. He has left an amiable wife and ten children to lament his untimely death. On the 11th iust. at Market Drayton, in her 91st year, Ann, relict of the late W'illiam Pratcbitt, Esq. of Worleston, Cheshire. On the 13th in- st. aged 44, Mr, Richard Pickstock, a respectable farmer, of Baschurch, in this couuty. On the 17th inst. at Ash ted, Birmingham, after a short but severe illness, John, fourth son of the late Mr. William Edwards, bookseller, Osw< s rv. On the 18th iust. at Bridgnorth, in his 59th year, Mr. Edward Gittos, auctioneer, which busiuess lie had followed many years with credit to himself and satisfaction to his employers. On the 16th inst. in his 72d year, Edwin Sandys Lechmere, Esq. of Hereford, most deeply lamented by his afflicted family and friends, to whom his virtues and afl'ectionate kindness bad so truly and deservedly endeared him. Mr. L. was descended from Sir Nicholas Lechmere, of Hanley Castle, Worcestershire, who was a Baron of. the Exchequer in the reign of Charles II. COUNTY EJECTION. The Election w ill take place on Monday next, at half past ten o'clock, pursuant to the notice given by ihe High Sheriff.— Vaiious reports arc afloat relative to the Chairing, for which extensive preparations are said to be making, ami we have heard that it is intended to be conducted on aucii a scale as will exhibit one of the ipost splendid scenes of the kind that has been witnessed hfthis town for many years. We have also heard that nipst. of the Freeholders in the County in the Interest of Mr. Pelham will attend to grace the procession — Our next Journal will contain full and authentic particulars of Hie proceedings of the day. In the Court of King's Bench, this day, William Clarke, for publishing a blasphemous libel, called Queen Mob, was sentenced ti) be imprisoned in the House of Correction, Coldbath Fields, for four - calendar months, and at the expiration of that period to find sureties to keep the peace for five years, himself iu £ 40, and two sureties in £ 20 each. EXECUTION,— This morning, John Holland and William King were executed at the front of Newgate in the Old Bailey, pursuant to their sen- tence, for committing a detestable crime. SPECIAL GAOL DELIVERY. The third Gaol Delivery for the Home Circuit, for which a Special Commission has been issued, will take place as follows HOME CIRCUIT, Before Mr, Baron Graham Ik Mr. Justice Bayley. Hertfordshire— Monday, Dec. 9, at Hertford, Essex— Wednesday, Dee. li, at Chelmsford, Kent— Monday, Dec. 16, at Maidstone. Sussex— Monday, Dec. 23, at Lewes. Surrey— Monday,. Dec. 30, atSt. Mary, Newington. The above, we understand, is experimental, with a view to tbe general introduction of quarterly assizes, for the purpose of lessening tbe county expenses for supporting the prisoners, and to diminish as much as possible the imprisonment, anterior to the trial, of those Committed. TO THEJPUBLIC. JOHN DICKEN VERY respectfully offers his Services to the Public as an Accountant, arranging Books, making out and collecting Tradesmen's Bills, & e. ; and hopes, by Assiduity and Attention, to merit their Support, Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, 26th Nov. 1822. SHREWSBURY. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27. Kj" Pi. AS- YN- Y- PrNTiiu ESTATE.— The Sale of this Estate, advertised in our lst page to take place on the 5th of December, is POSTPONED till Wednesday, the lltli of December. The List of the Company at the Shrewsbury Hunt Ball, with other articles unavoidably omitted last week, will lie found in our 4th page. The Letters of VEKITAS and BIUTO shall appear iu our next. We hope to he favoured with CAMBRIAN SKETCHES, NO. III. for our next publication. { r^ p* We L> ave ' received a letter from WEM, signed " A F; ieud to Order and Subordination," complaining in very severe language of an un- seemly noise and disturbance created in tile parish church of that place on the occasion of the New Marriage Act being read there on Sunday last.— Not having ourselves any personal knowledge of the facts, the severity of our Correspondent's remarks obliges us to omit his letter.. MARRIED. On Monday, the 18th instant, at Wortlienbnry, Flintshire, by the Rev. W. Whitehall Davies, John Whitehall Dod, Esq. of Cloverley, in this county, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of'the Ilev. George Allanson, Prebendary of Ripon, Yorkshire Ou the 21st inst. at St. James's Church, London, the Rev. Thomas Scott Smyth, of St. Austle, in Cornwall, and formerly of Bicton, near this town, to Georgian Theopliila, youngest daughter of Sir T. J. Metcalfe, Bart, and sister to the present Sir Charles Metcalfe, Bart, of Fern llill, Berks. On thc 28th ult. at Bray Church, County nf Wicklow. Captain Philip Maughan, of the Hon. East India Company's Bombay Murine Service, to Teresa, third daughter of the J. ate Alexander Brenan, Esq. one of thc Six Clerks of His Majesty's Court of Chancery, Ireland. DIED. On the 13th iust. at the Rectory, Baschurch; aged 61, Mrs. Harmnn, mother of the Rev. John Har. man, of that place. Ou Friday last, Mrs. Elizabeth Morris, house- keeper to ftfrs. Parry, Castle Street, in this town. It is due to the excellent character of the deceased to state, that, during the very long period of 33 years which she has spent in Mrs. P.' s service, she always evinced that ready attention to her mistress's wishes, and that faithful attachment to her interest, which deservedly secured the highest esteem and regard. Ou the lfitli inst. Mr. Thomas Simpson, wine- merchant, Mardol, in this tpwn, iig- ed 01 years: * truly honest man. ARUSTLEY INCLOSURE. t^ p The subjoined Notice and Alteration in the concluding Paragraph of the A rust ley inclosure Advertisement, icas not received until the first Page of ' our Journal had been worked off- AND WE ALSO GIVE FURTHER NOTICE, that we shall bold a MEETING, at the New Inn, iu Llanidloes aforesaid, on Friday, the TWENTIETH of December next, at the Hour of Eleven in the Forenoon, for tne Purpose « f hearing and determin- ing any Objections which may be made to the said Roads and Ways in the Townships of Maestref- gomer and Bodaioch, in the Parish rff Trefeglwys, and Groesllwybir and Ystradynod, in the Parish of Llanidloes; and also a MEETING, at the House of Richard Kinsey, iu CaersWs aforesaid, on Saturday, the TWENTY- FIRST Day of the same Month of December, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, for thePurpose of hearing and determin- ing any Objections which may be made to the said Roads and Ways in the Parish of Penstrowed, and the Township of Maesmawr, in the Parish of Llandinam, JOHN MATTHEWS, JOHN HUMPHREYS, JOHN DYER. November IQth, 1822. iiiiCJ—^ ri— J •" WALESe BIRTH. On the 5th inst. the Lady of J. Williams, Esq. of Towyn, of a son. MARRIED. On the 7th inst. at St. Dogmell's, Mr. John Davies, merchant, of Cardigan, to Letitia^ third daughter of tbe late Richard Jones, Esq. ot Pant- yrion, Pembrokeshire. On the 11th inst. at Y'strad, Cardiganshire, by ' he Rev. Daniel Evans, M. A. Fellow of Jesus College, Mr. Evan Evans, of Maesmynach, to Miss Sarah Jones, of Rbydgy mine rail. On the 19th inst. at St. James's Church, Bristol, by the Rev. Thomas T. Biddulph, the Rev. William Seaton, of Wandsworth, Surrey, author of 44 The Church in the Wilderness," to* Mary Aptie, relict of the late Charles Morgan, Esq. and sister to Sir John Owen, Bart. M. P. DIED. On: the 10th inst. at Plas Onn, near M[ old, after ^ lingering illness, borne with the most christian fortitude, Jane, the widow of Thomas Jones, Esq. of Plas Onn. On the 13th inst. at Bala, after a lingering ill- ness, Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, long a respectable inhabitant of that town. On: the 6th inst. at Rhydoldog, Radnorshire, in the 50th year of his & ge, after a long and painful illness, whiyh he bore with christian fortitude, John Oliver, Esq.; g- entleuian whose loss will be deeply- lamented by his afflicted relatives. On the 22d inst. at Wrexham, at a Very advanced age, Mr. John Hayes, watch and clock- maker. COUNTY NOMINATION.— The Editor of the Shrewsbury Chronicle, in evident allusion to the account of the proceedings on the day of Nomination published in the last Salopian Journal, and witb his usual regaru to Veracity, says, " there is not " the slightest truth in the sulky assertion, which " has been published, that any apprehension of '* tumult was entertained ; nor any grounds for the <( innuendo that entertainments were given by Mr. " Pelham, as a reward for, or in connection with, " previous riot and disturbance.. He who pens l< such innuendoes knows their falsehood. 3' If the Editor of the Chronicle will again refer to the account in the Salopian Journal, and not per- vert the use of his eyes for the purpose of mislead- ing his readers, or of gratifying his own propensity for misrepresentation, he will - it distinctly stated, NOT that MR. PELHAM gave• entertainments-, but that u On Thursday evening a quantity of drink " was given Qivay to such of the populace as had u tickets from certain of Mr. Pelham1 s FRIENDS, at 44 several of the public houses. 11 And the truth of this tbe writer or that account is prepared to prove, as well by those who partook of, as bv those who supplied, the liquor ; and that, in one house at least, the liquor was liberally supplied to a body ofthe populace without tickets being required. Whether this part of the day's proceedings had or had not any connection with the previous riot and disturbance, the writer, as he before said, knows not: he only knows that the facts were as stated in the Salopian Journal— and he leaves the connection to be unravelled by the superior inge- nuity of the Editor of tbe Chronicle, which, no doubt, will enable him satisfactorily to explain the reason, why, and for what purpose, the liquor was given, as well as by whom it was paid for,— as every one who knows Mr. Paihani, and who attended to w| uit he said at the meeting ( as reported in the Salopian Journal], yviil readily believe that gentleman had no share in the business. With respect to apprehensions of tumult being entertained, the fact is too notorious to require any thing to be said in support of it. The gratuitous assertion., therefore, as to penning innuendoes know- ing them to be false, will best apply to the Editor of the Chronicle himself, who apparently Measures the minds of other individuals by the false standard of his own crooked disposition. Iu conclusion, the w riter of the account in the Journal thinks it right flatly to contradict the gratuitous assertion which the Editor of the Chronicle has thought proper to make, and also to state, that he not only never wrote a report which he knew to be false, or any thing that ho should be ashamed to avow, but, that he has hitherto so con- ducted his pen, that were he ever to be publicly called upon deny being the author pf offensive articles, lie should not be afraid of answering the call. What the practice of the Editor of the Chronicle has been, is best known to himself, Visiting Clergyman this week at the Infirmary, the Rev. Richard Scott :— House Visitors, William Harley and William Cooper, Esqrs. Donation to the Shropshire Eye and Ear Dispensary. A Lady ..£ 1 1 0 COUNTY ELECTION.— It having been repre- sented in the Shrewsbury Chronicle, that Mr. Chi We determined to withdraw from ihc- contest, after a subscription, which proved inadequate, had been entered into by his friends at the Lion Inn, it may be proper to state, that Mr. Childe had not only resigned, but had actually left the room, before the resolutions consequent upon his resignation were announced from the Chair, and that he did not return ; also, that those resolutions were proposed previous to the gentleman entering the room who had the spirit to reebmmeud a subscription. FATAL ACCIDENT.— On Sunday afternoon last, a boy, about 12 years old, son of Sergeant Kelly of the Shropshire Militia, slipped off the footpath near the English Bridge, fell into the stream of the Severn, and was unfortunately drowned.— The poor boy was seen to slip in, and a dog was sent to his assistance ; the animal drew him a few yards in the water, when the boy's bat came off, which the dog seized and brought out. Committed to our County Gaol, Elizabeth Liitfehales and Mary Dodd, charged with having stolen seven one pound notes and seven sovereigns, out OJF the dwelling house . of William Turner, of Wellington ; also Wm. Littlehales arid Margaret Littlelialcs, charged with having reCfjv^ cl the Said notes and sovereigns, knowing them to have been stolen; and John Holywell, late of Bridgnorth, labourer, . charged with having stolen two cheeses, from a warehouse j, n Pridgnorth, the property of Mr, Davjes, To the Executors of Mr. JOHN PUGH9 Iron- Founder, WELSH POOL, Montgomeryshire. nnHE Writer of this having been in- .3 formed that his Father was the Son of Mr. JOHN PUGH, of Welsh Pool, is induced to take this Mode of Enquiry amongst those Persons w ho may have known Mr. PLGH or any of his Family, whether Mr. PUGII ( who was reported to have died in affluent Circumstanees^ niade at his Death any Provision for that Son ? And as it may, perhaps, serve to identify the Family, the Writer recollects being informed that the Daughter of Mr. PUGII married a Clergyman and resitled at or near Welsh Pool. Should this meet the Eye of any Person acquainted with the Family, and they would have tbe Kindness to communicate any Information they may possess to JOHN PUGH, Mr. Read's, Maiden Lane*, Coveut Garden, London, it would be conferring a great Favour. Montgomeryshire Shropshire. CAPITAL OAK AND OTHKll TIMBER. WANTED, a steady middle- ageA Woman, as COOK, where a Kitchen Maia is kept. Also, an active WOMAN, about 40, who can work well at her Needle, and has been used to wait upon Children.— Apply to THE PRINTER. ACCIDENT FROM SHOOTING.— A few days ago, as H. W. Eyton, Esq. of Lees wood, near Mold, was shooting in that vicinity, his gun ( a double barrelled one) burst; the one barrel, and lock, were torn off, and Mr, E's hand was severely shattered.— We are happy to bear, however, Mr. Eyton is in a fair way of recovery, and not likely to sustain much inconvenience from tbe accident. It is stated, from tbe highest authority, that his Majesty's Government b* ve determined not to interfere w ith the Packet Establishment at Milford. MELANCHOLY CATASTROPHE.— A most ap- palling- catastrophe happened in the neighbourhood of the Holmes' Lights, in Bristol Channel, on Friday se'nnight. Captain Gill, his wife, two sisters, and a servant lad, were coming over from Watchet to Cardiff, in one of the pilot boats be- longing to the latter place; aud when about mid chajinel, the boat was overtaken bv a sudden gust of wind, and instantly upset, and the above per- sons, together with two boatmen, were buried beneath the waves. Mrs. Gill was in an nflvanred state of pregnancy, and was returning to Cardjfl'to be confined. None of the bodies have been yet. found, but part ofthe boat and sprit- sail have been picked up. When the boat left Watch et, consider- able apprehensions were entertained for the safety oi the voyagers ; which, we regret tq auuoqncp, have beei} thus fatally realised. HUNTXMGi Sir EOWAHIV SMYTHE'S FOX Hounds w ill meet Wednesday, Nov. 27th...,,,... Fox Inn, Albrighton Friday, 29th Kennel Monday, Dec. gd ... Slielton Turnpike Wednesday, 4th Cross Hill Friday, Gth .. Condover Hall At half past ten. Sir R. I'ULFSTON'S Fox Hounds will meet on Thursday, Nov, 28th ,.... Bryi| kynalt Monday, Dec. 2d Pettou Thursday, 5th ,,... Breadon Heath Monday, 9th :,....,.., ,,,„... Carden Wednesday, 11th Sprn Bridge Saturday, 11th .. Penley Chapel At eleven. Mr. HAY'S fox Hounds meet on Thursday, Nov. 28th . Buerton Village At tep. The Aston Confederate Harriers will meet oil Wednesday, Nov. 27th ..... Sweepev Saturday,' 30th Tenth Mile- Stone Tuesday, Dec. 3d Gobowpn At half past ten. Thc Chirk Harriers w ill meet on Saturday, Nov. 3Ctb Ellesmerp Town The Ludlow Subscription Fox Hounds will meet Friday, Nov. 29th Brown Clee Hill Tuesday, Dec. 3d, Onibury Saturday, 7th Old Wood ( at 9) Tuesday, 10th Romer's Wood ( at 9) Friday, 13tii Serpent ( at 11) Tuesday, 17th. Seitton Forest The Worcestershire Fox Hounds will meet Friday, Nov. 29. ,...,,,..,,„.. Dudinaston The Cheshire Hounds will meet on Friday, Nov. 2 sale0 bv auction. Freehold Estate, NEAR THE TOWN OF SHREWSBURY. BY MESSRS. TUDOR AND LAWRENCE, At the Lion Inn, in Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the, 14th Day of December, 1822, at five o'Clock in the Afternoon ( unless previously disposed of by. Private Contract, of which due' Notice will ha given), subject to Conditions : LOT I. 4 LL that M ESSUAGE or Tenement, / jL FARM and LANDS, situate in the Parish of St. Giles aud Holy Cross, Shrewsbury, and near to T ,.., 1 HUP.. K -. ... .. .. Lord Hill's Column, ill the Occupation of Mr. jam Gittins, as Tenant at Will, aud comprises, Willi: the following Parcels of Laud, vi?. Messuages, Tenement,- Buildings, Gar- dens, and Laud, called F; asf Middle Piece West Middle Piece . " "' Pike Field ,..„.,, South- West Piece. Squth- East Piece A. R. P. 0 29 2 30 2 12 0 2 2 23 6 .43 0 5 33 3 ' > 28 thte oJ 9i 8'] The Quarler of eightWincbes- 00 7- i ; eiglitvv f> 5 | tt r Bushels, or 1 ! 256 Quarts. 0 J FAIRS TO BE ItOLDEN. Novemher 28, Audlein, Barton- under- VVood— 29, Llangerniew— 30, Llansanuan, Flint— December 2, Gresford, Tarvin, Tutbury, Worcester— 3, Tarvin, Rhayadr, Yspytty— 4, Wenlock, Hereford, Stafford, Nantwich 6, Ludlow, Abergele, Northwich— 7, Cerrig-- y- Druidion; Norfhwich. Mr. Houldsworth has purchased Sherwood Hu| l, the property of Sidney Shore, Esq. for fhe future residence of his training groom— The situation is about a mile and half north- east of Mansfield, immediately on the borders of the extensive and healthy forest of Sherwopd, and will, of course, afford great facility to training and other requisite purposes. ELECTION ANECDOTE— The Cprate of a Parish not twenty miles South- west of Shrewsbury, who was zealously active oil the part of J. C. Pelham, Esq, and canvassed freeholders not only in his own but also in an adjoining Parish, pressingly solicited all honest farmer in Ihc latter for his vote, hut finding Ins rhetoric was used to very little purpose, he added that Mr. Childe had a large family, and that his object in getting into Parliament was metely to provide for Ihem, whilst Mr. Pelham was a gentleman of independent fortune, and without any such tie; to which the freeholder, with his usual good humour, replied— | dunlin know, Sir, whal yo may think about it, but for myself I think that thc moil who takes care lo provide well for Ins family woonna do much amiss for his country or any body else." A contract was taken on Thursday last, to victual the convicts at Sheerness and Woolwich, at threepence farfhintj a man per day; the provisions to consist of good ox- beef, bread, small tnei, cheese, meal, & c. The contractor is an opulent butcher at. Rochester. At a public meeting ofthe merchanlsand traders of Gloucester, held on Thursday last, the Mayor in the chair, it was resolved to petition both Houses of Parliament, praying a repeal of the Insolvent Debtors' Act, on the ground, " lhat it has heen productive of most injurious consequences Oats Pens..., 0 CORN EXCHANGE, NOVEMBER 25. Notwithstanding our arrivals during the course of l^ st week were fewer than Can be remembered, and our supplies fresh in this morning from Essex and Kent were far from being large, still there was nothing, like a brisk demand fnr Wheat, and only superfine samples of . New obtained the prices ( if this day week, while the ordinary qualities remain a complete drug on thc market. Barley, being scarce, fully supports the Prices of last Monday. Oats are Is. per quarter lower, owing to large supplies. In Beans, Peas, and Flour, there is little or no variation. Current Price qf. Grain per Quarter, as under ; Wheat 20s lo 36s While Peas 24s lo 26s Barley 28s to 36s Beans 24s lo 26s Malt.. 46s to 60s I Oats 22s lo 26s Fine Flour 35s lo 40s per snck ; Seconds 30s lo 35s SMITllFtF. Lt) ( per si. of $ lb sinking offal). MONDAV, Nov, 25. The Mutton market of Friday was brisk, and the S* heep were sold out at an advance ; but to- day the supply is very heavy, and the advance is not maintained. Tallow " is down again, and fat Sheep are not so saleable. Long- woolled Sheep make from 2s. 8d. to 2s. lod. Good Downs, 3s. and some a little more. The supply of Beef is much too great, an ! the market is lower than last week. We quote the highest at 3s. 8d. tn- day, but the Oxen are few and choice that make it. Ordinary Beef is immense in quap- t't. Vj and by far the greater proportion, so that Sniithfield Market looks like a lean Cjittle fair. Prices returned bu the Clerk of the Market, Beef 2s fid lo 3s ' 8( 1 1 Veal ' 4s 0d lo 5s Od. Mutton 2s 6( 1 lo 3s Od | Pork 2s 8d to 3s 8d. Lamb 0s Od lo 0s Od 35 0 16 LOT II. AH those TWO PIECES of PASTURE LAND, adjoining Sutton Lane, situate in tha Parish of Saint Julian, Shrewsbury,, in the Occu- pation of Mr. Davies, as Tenant at Will, viz. A. R. P. Near Ptece 3 3 14 Farther Piece 4 o 07 8 2 1 FRIDAY \ ! H, S, S / Calves 100 MONDAY... $ 5 ™ '" ( Halves 180 Sheep.... Pigs Sheep... 5.060 130 22, t; 30 Pigs. 300 LIVERPOOL CORN EXCHANGE. Wheat 4s. Od. lo 6s. fid. per701b, Barley 2s. 10d, to 4s. 6( 1. per60lbs. Oals 2s. 4d. lo 2s. 7d. per 45lhs, Mall,......,...., 7s. Od. to 8s. 3d. per36qt « . Fine Flour 27s. Od. 10 30s. Od. per240lbs BRISTOL CORN EXCHANGE, Spring price of Wheat, per sack s. < I. s. d of 3311 lis 00 0 lo 00 0 Foreign Wheat per hush, of 8 gall. 3 6 to 4 0 English Wheat, dilto...,,' ,.,-. 4 3 to ft 9 Mailing Barley, ditto 3 6 lo 4 3 Malt, ditto 5 0 to 6 6 Flour, Fine, per sack of 2c, 2q. 5lb « 36 0 to 38 0 Seconds dillo 30 0 lo 33 0 Oats, Old, per 8 gall..,,,.....,..,..... 2 3 to 2 9 BIRMINGHAM, THURSDAY, NOV. 21, Wheal 3s. Od. lo 7s. Od. New dillo 5s. 3d. to 6s. Od. Barley 3s. 3d. to 4s. 3d. Oats ,...., 2s. 6il. lo 3s. Od. Beans 3s. Od. lo 4s. Od, Peas 3s. 6d. lo 4s. gd, ( Winchester measure). CATTLE. MARKET RETLRN.- Neat Cottle, 409; Sheep, 1177 ; Pigs, 654. » It is stated that the value of oak bark has risen 25 per cent, and lhat raw hides have advanced 8s. shewjng, in both instances, a great increase in the trade, and in t| ie demand for these law products. The Duke of Montrose has granted Ihe tenantry on part of his extensive estates a deduction pf from 20 to 30 per cent, aud relinquished all arrears. One tenant, whose rent was £ 240, lately got £ 40 off, and now £ 60 more. The tenants of Ihe Marquis of Lansdowne have received a further abatement of their rents, which makes an average reduction of about 40 per cent. Oil his Wiltshire estates. Sir W. P. H. Campbell, Bart, of Marchmont, has announced his intention of granting to each of the numerous tenants on his estate an abatement of from 50 down to 20 per cent. The Earl of Galloway, in consideration of Ihe continued fa;' in the price of agricultural produce, has given nolice to such of the tenantry over his extensive estates, as do not possess 011 very old leases, that, at the ensuing term of Martinmas, their renls will be abated from 20 to 40 per cent, according to the necessity of their different cases, instead of from 10 to 20, as at last Martinmas; and that, in future, they may expect relief 011 the same scale, according to the stale of the markets. Mr. Hope Johnstone, of Aiinandale, bas given nolice that deductions of 40 per rent, on thc rents of his arable farms let in 1813, and of 20 per cent on those of his pasture farms let in 181N, are to be given for Ihe present year. The former of these apply to upwards of 80 tenants, and the latter lo 20, possessing 111 all 50,000 Scots acres of laud. Oil the most considerable estate iu Berwickshire, the proprietor has granted abatements out of the rents of last year, some to the extent of 50 per cent, to those of his tenants whose situation seemed lo require it; he has rfdijeed for the entire period of the lease, to a reasonable sum, such of the rents as had been stipulated for at Jhe time of the highest prices; aud he has given notice that all his tenants will receive a farther abatement of 20 per cent, out of the renls next payable. His Grace the Duke of Leinster is now laying r. , out grounds for the cultivation of field grapes and to the public interests, by giving facility to the j delicate fruits according to the plan, the nolice of accomplishment of fraudulent designs, by its ; which originated with this Journal. The dis- geueral tendency to demoralise the national cha- ' coverer of the plan is now with thc Duke at rarter, and hy ils gradually undermining and Carton, and two English Dukes arc among Uie destroy ing the confidence indispensably required in personages who are anxious that the discoverer tbe commercial affairs ofthe country. 1' ' i should visit th » kingdom.— Dublin Patriot. The above Lands are subject to Tithes, but are redeemed from the Land- Tax. The respective Tenants will shew the Premises ; and further Particulars may be had of Mr. EMERY, Burcott; or by applying' to Messrs. DUKES am} SALT, Attorneys, Shrewsbury. BANK FARM] ~ Capital Lire Stuck; excellent Implements; modern Furniture; Dairy of Cheese, BY VV. SMITH, On Tuesday aud Wednesday, thc 3d and 4tli Days, of December, 18> 2, on ' the Premises at THE BANK FARM, one Mile from Shrewsbury ; ALL the tmlv valuable LIVE STOCK, new IMPLEMENTS, Dairy of CHEESE, modern and elegant FURNITURE, Dairy and Brewing Utensils' ( the Tenant leaving). LIVE STOCK.— 8 capital young Cows in- calf, 3 fresh Barrens, ( 4 two yenrS old Bullocks, 1 Ditto Heifer; 5 Brown Draught Geldings, 2 Black Draught Mares ( one of them in- foal), I Bay Ditto [ these Teams are equal to any in the County], 2 Year old Draught Colts, capital Chesnut Hack Marc ; 10 Ewes ( early to Lamb) ; 2 Sows ( 8 Pigs each), 10 Stores, and i fat Pig. IMPLEMENTS ( nearly iipw). — 3 Waggons with Harvest Gearing, 3 Broad- wheel Tumbrils, Narrow- wheel Ditto, 2 Double Ploughs, 2 Wheel Ditto, and 1 Hand Ditto, 5 Pair of Harrows, 2 Land Rollers, Winnowing Machine, Scales, Weights, and Bags, Straw Engine, 2 Dozen of Hurdles, with all tlio small Implements; also, Gearing for eight Horses ( equal to new). FURNITURE, OF THB FIRST CLASS.— Handsome Fourpost Bedsteads with Spanish Mahogany PiU lars, Carved rich Cornices, with Moreen and Printed Furniture, Drapery ( fringed), Prime Gooso Feather Beds, Mattrasses, Marseille, owl oilier Quilts, Blankets, Bed- round Venetian Carpet., S panish Mahogany Furniture, in Chests of Drawers, Night Tables, Dressing Ditto, and Bason Stands, Painted Chairs, Swing Glasses, and other Chamber Articles, rich Brussels Carpet ( new), 24 Feet long 14 Feet wide, and Rug to match, elegant Scarlet Voreen Window Curtains ( for two Windows), Cor- nice 12 Feet long. Curtains 9 Feet each, Draperies, fringed, bordered, & c. handsome Mahogany Side- board, Set of Dining Tables, Pembroke Ditto, Pil, lar and Claw Ditto, 10 Mahogany Grecian- back Dining Parlour Chairs, 10 neat Plain Mahogany Ditto, 2 Green Moreen Window Curtains, with Draperies and Appendages, 4 handsome Wire Fen- ders ( Rrasji Mountings), and Burnished Fire Irons, with a general Assortment of Kitchen and othrr Furniture, Tubs, Casks, Dairy Vessels, kc.; also, about 8 Cwt. of Cheese, in Lots. The first Day's Sale will comprise the Live Stock and Implements ; and the Furniture, & c. the second.- Sale each Morning at Eleven o'Cloek grecisely.— Catalogues to be ready for Delivery on aturday, the 23d, and to he hail 011 Application tq THE AUCTIONEER, LITERATURE— LION ROOM. Library of Valuable BOOKS. BY C. HULBERT, In flip Great Room of the Lion Inn, Shrewsbni- v, on Wednesdav, Thursday, and Friday, 4th, 5th," and 6th Days of December, 1S22, at 11 o'Clock in the Morning, and 7 iu the plvpning ; rpHE entire LIBRARY of a Pro- a fessional Gentleman lately deceased, in which will he found sou e of the best Works in tbe English Language; viz. Encyclopaedia Biitannica— English Er. cvclopaidia — Chambers' Ditto— Potts's Farmer's Cyclopaedia— Gentleman's Magazine, 111 Vols— f Monthly Review, 70 Vols. — Methodists' Magazine. 42 Vols— Bishop Wilson's Bible- WestalTs Ditto—; Strahan^ s Ditto— Hewlett's and Henry's Ditto— Stackhonse's History of the Bible— Rapiu's England, ' 21 Vols.— Hume anH Smollett's Ditto— Rollin's His. tory— Gibbon's Rome— Robertson's Historical Works — Russell's Ancient and Modern Europe— Camden's Britannia— Wilkinson's Views in thc Lakes— Gilpin's Forest Scenery — Birch's Lives of Illustrious Person^ ages, with Heads by Vertue a^ id Honbraken— Camp- bell's Lives of tbe Admirals— Perouse's Voyages— » The genuine Works of Tillotson, Watts, Wesley, Whitby, Milton, Young, & c.— Philosophical Trans- actions, 45 Parts, cost 10s. Hd. each— London Medical Dictionary— Viner's Abridgment, 13 Vols Folio ^ and upwards of one Thousand Volumes of Scientific and Miscellaneous Subjects. Also, several elegant Windows of Stained Glass.— A very powerful Compound Microscope— A Scientific Phantasmagoria, & cf Many of the Books are in splendid ami suitable Bindings, and all in excellent Condition, parti- cularly meriting the Notice of every Lover of Liter- aturpnnd Science, Catalogues will be published. COPYHOLD PROPERTY, AT ASH- PARVA, Near fVhitthurch, Shropshire. BY LAK1N & SON, On Friday, the 13( h Day of December, 1822, precisely at Four o'clock in tbe Afternoon, at the Lord Hill Inn, Whitchurch, in the following, or sucb other Lots as may he agreed upon, antl subject to such Conditions as will be then produced : LOT 1. rgwo PIECES of yery rich LAND, X called THE THO* NY CROFT, and MEADOW, situate in the Township of ASH PAItVA, on the R'ght of, and at a short Distance from tlie Road leading llience to Ighifield, and Containing by Ad- measurement 8A. OR. 16P. Siatille Measure, or thereabouts. V LOT II. TWO olher PIECES of excellent LAND, known by the Name of CjtitiLOw's ( SBOCND, snuate in Ash Parva nforesaid, adjoining lilt- Road lending thence lo Ash Wood, and continuing by Admeasure- ment 9A. OK 4P. Statute Measure, or therealuiuls. There is plenty of good Marl iu each Lot, und Possession may be had ot Cnudleutus next. *** Mr. JOHN HOLLAND, of Ash Parvo, ( the Tenant,) will shew the Lund; and further Particular? may lie bad hy applying- to Mr, CRS. GOM, Solicitor, Whitchurch. ENGLAND'S DEAD. compliment, and lie mist> t then continue to regard it IMPORTANT TO. ATTORNEYS with pride and satisfaction. He said it added to his /* VVTTD V , _ • ' ' Son of the Ocean- Isle! pleasure to receive it from one so uniformly punctual LO,, RT OF h, SGI BENCH, ISOVFMBKH 15. Where sleep your min- htv Dead ? in his attendance, and correct in his conduct; and fco- x v. cot. EIUNNS, AND IXOFBER. Show me what high and hilly pile he thanked him for the flattering terms in which he Tlif question at issue relate.'! to i! ie righj of At Is rear'd o'er Glory's bed ? had expressed himself in discharging the commission n* or Counsel t< » he present at examination „ E . , „ ' with which he was entrusted.— Before sitting down, before Magistrates of pers. iii' 8 charged with felony fco, Stranger . track the peep, be begged to drink-" Lone life and happiness to The plaintiff is an Attorney, and had attend!'.! o free, free the white sail spread, them all'."- This sensible and feeling reply was behnlfofa person, named Gebrg.. Bra « ,; beSre th Wave may not foam, nor wild wind svp- p^ hailed wilh , ollrt applause. " ' two defendants. „ lio are Magistrates i « thi Com Where rest not r. ngtand s Dead. The remainder of the day was spe|| f by the mem. " » « « < » • of the Peace for ti. r- qoun. y of { Aicsste. On Egypt's burning plains, bert of liie corps with great harmony and unanimity . Brown stood charged with felony, a'tiif the p'. nintii By the pyramid o'ersway'd, sevenjl excellent songs were sung, and patriotic professed loattei( d fuj the purpKseot' 6r>> si- liii< rf< ii<> With fearful power th' 110011- day reigns, toasts, w ilh corresponding sentiments, proposed at'. d ' he witnesses .- ailed on the purl of the pr), 01 And the palm- trees yield no shade •• drunk, till the lateness of the hour made it necessary « » « ''" etjll an' 1 examine witnesses on the part of th But let the angry sun to break up the party. '' pr^ oner. The defendants, however, refused toiiht From Heaven look fiercely red, - — him to do so, and directed that lit>" shmiW" he piit 01 Ut. felt bj those whose fight'is ( lone,— Machincm and Manual / ahnur " f '!'.*' ","""! ( l" ri"-:< , l"' » « ' » » » ' » » at T/ Kri ^ ber England's Dead/ Cilia, Jlianuat l. aoour. cordiagly dune, a, fi thephiiuiitJ'. j(, rnoW. ftiet. ee The liurrirane hath mio- lit ^ • , •• , . ,. . . brought bis actiiih against the ' Muuistraies lot a AtoSEZ" ll> e h « h RVlce of provisions, 20 or 30 assault:-*,. this aetiou'the defeiidani, plea'ded as And fa?, hv Ganges' banks at night, I**'* U "'" J " l! cu, m » " » "> . h. « " l, ers"" s . H'f ' be trf « p'i> « committed by the'p'ainii Is heard'the timer's roar • ' !) y ' Ta''' '" nnderstanding, recoin- ,,, forcing hiuise f .. no tlie- iooni. The plaintiff ti _ ' * * | y I, ' ' mend a la> V to Compel farmers to sell the produce joined, apil p. lea. iod hi. right asao Attornev to a'tien Hut let tne sound roll on, of their farms direct to ( lie consumers, without on behalfof hiscljei. t, ttn. 1 to examine witnessed an It liatli no tone ot dread, the intervention of the corn- dealer and butcher, to lhi? tV .( ffrlldauls de. elirred — Mr. Coler'. ifo- e'mr For tliew tlint from their toils are gonfc— from an erroneous supposition that such a course appeared oil behalf of the Magistrates, . ind In si. f lhere slumber England s Dead. would lower prices.' The same class of reasoners, port of the ileinuirerj and ttrg I that ' neither th Loud rush the torrent- floods doubtless from feelings of henpvolence, now ad- Statute nor Common Law gave in lite plaintiGf th The Western wilds among, vocate the suspension, aj least, of improved ma- right for which lie now £ ou. eudei{. Such a ri" h And free, iu green Columbia's woods, chinery, to give, as they suppose, more work to if it existed, wpiild fie innsi iujiiiions io the 6inse i The Hunter's bow is strung! ' jhe labourers. This 1 contend, ihnngh plausible, justice. If an ' Attorney had such a right, thei But let the floo.' s rush on, is a dangerous fallacy ; | shall, therefore, endrarnur could he no such thing'tis a private examination, an Let the arrow's ilight be sped, (;| give a few additional' reasons in support of my thus, iu the cj. se of ciimiunI brIwotjing ui siga! i Why should they reck whose task is donp,— opinion; and as the phraseology of politico,] j {• cono. being taken and examined.'( he jest of the hit There slumber England's Dead. jUists has been objected to, I'shall endeavour to might receive tall iuforuiiiriuu of nil that pass. The moniitain- storms rise high avoid it as niti. di as possible j aithongli ( lifteiing front in such examination tlitougli ( lie metjium of il In the snowv Pyrenees '' le objectors, there appears to me no lerms so proper Attorney employed ; anil who, what'evrr tiiiglit i And toss the p'ine- boughs thro' the sky, explain a subject, as those commonly used, and the opinion of tlie Magistrate, " t the'uecessily'oftl Likp rose- leaves oa the breeae • ' therefore best understood. It will reaijilf be caje, might insist on being present', iiu. 1 tlius tin But let tiie storm ra « - e on granted, firstly, that thrashing niaqhines are employ- would be enabled to evade justiet— stolen goo let the forest wre- Shs he she. 1 fd l,,' eanse they iierform the same « jork for jess might lie removed out of the way, and iyfber met.. For the Roneesvalles field is won _ m0" e- v 5 fondly, that the farmers are at present adopted to defeat the evidence against the prisone SZi I'ltmVC' - ... great pecuniary diffienltirs. Is it not therefore This was the law. ns laid down in Uallon.' md ''( 0,, jnereMuin. n r i. u inuu ucau. clear, that an increase of the expense of production, that principle tlie. attendance of an Attorney ti! b On thg frozf'i Deep s repose, will lessen their means of employing lihonrers In be nneatorv. • • i • Wlil^ m. in^ hfshin1ieteSds close h*"''" t1?''^' '""•"'' T' !"" 1 M'- « " « !> « • o'her si, If, rc i t L' 9 ? ! farming work ^- Suppose for Instance two neigh. lfn, lCT,, that any person charged witl, felony.' w h'. I a chain l » pr with their power , . onrijig farmers o grow a certain quant, ty of wheat, nn,| er osau. inntW. fi before a & j„ i, istrate, has a ri., But let the ice drift qn ' | he one to thrash it with the flail at an expense of lo t,; lvf | fi, a| iHjvi„. r pres„ it ,. ilhpr Attorney" Let the cold nine desert sprjjad, £ 20, while the other performed the same work with cSunsel ; if not for the purpose of examining Their course with mast and flag is done,— the thrashing machine for ± 10, it follows that the „ Psses, at least to stiugest the questions prope7to There slumlior England's Dead. r mocAmefarin'er would haveflOmore to spare than the pnt< f„ r ,| 10 purpn5f t> f shewing the innocence of t The Warlike of the Isles, "' her, to lay ont among labourers in other farm work, prisoner.— The Chief Justice said if be ' ciiulil sn The Men of Field and Wave— because from the nature ot fanning operations, there pose that the decisioli to which the Coiirt woii Are not the rocks their funeral piles ! « early lin. it to the application of machinery. It anine, j„ this case, would have the slightesl eftVct The seas and shores their grave ? * should, however, be remarked that the flail itself is the lilieily of tile Subject, lie shoqld hesitate hefu Go, Stranger ! track the Deep, » machine, though a very rude one, and therefore he came to 41 ; I, tit Convinced that the right claim Free, free the white sail spfead '. ( or ' M'ncl. on, it will be proper to prefix t| ie vyord by the plaintiff wo, hi, if established,' he more i Wind niay not rove, nor billow sweep, imprnre, i or scientific. If the substitution of manna jurious to pe. sonal libetlv than depriving i'be plnint Where rest not England's- Dead'. ' labour (, a the common acceptation of the word) of ihe right which be now claimed, he should feel would benefit the working classes, how happens 11 reluctance to givehi's opinion that, neither by slat. T « r ,, 7^ 0, crrn Avn ct. rnpn ! Ii, l!"" r<''' s a'* " lore employed, and rents bet. noreonunou law, had apornHs any sach rigb") as il THE MANCHKnIKR AND SALFQUL) ter paid generally, 111 the Vicinity of maniHArtiir- now claimed. It had been'iisu- jl for Ma. ristrates YEOMA1SRY CAVALRY. nig towns, where improved machinery has been permit the occasional attendance of attorneys und carried to the highest pilch of perfection ? And that might lie very . jcsira'hle that the' pia.' tice should eo EjENTATto. N OF ax Et. BCANT siyORD TO MAJOE in the Smith and Wesf of Ireland, and other districts tinue, lint it sjiotlld be at tlie discretion of the M pinny. * were such machinery is almost unknown, the la- gistnitej'— IMf. Jnstii'e Bavlev, Mf. Justice Holrov — —— boaters are suttering the greatest privations for want and Mr. Justice Rest, also agreed ill this opinion. The Non- commissioned Officers and Privates of of work ? Judgment'was accordingly oiveu for tile defendant' p Manchester jind Siilford Yeomanry Ca. nlrv bay. Again ; suppose for argument's sake, the suhsti- I " purchased n very elegant dress' sword, fertile tutjon of nianuallabour for improved machinery to BARBARO!: S MURDER OF A TOLL en irpnse of presenting it to Major Birley as a mark of be beneficial to the labourer, it would he unjust and RFEPEI; aisd n, s vyiFE.- Iuformation was receiv e high esierm- thev eiitertnin of his character t) s a improper 10 force the change, when the distress of ml Thursday at Bow- street Office of'two ,, f t Idler and as a valuable member of society, gave a the tanner is at east equal to that of the labourer. , nost horrid'and cruel murders probably that ev 1.1 sumptuous- dinner on Wednesday last at the It has || een stud, that however beneficial in better Were comwitteil, on the persons of F Needle a bion Hotel, to the Major and the other Officers t| mes, machinery should he suspended at present, his wife, tlie Western Turnpike- gate Keepers lien the cloth was removed, the health of the King and in small works. I contend, on the contrary, that Aylesbury, Bucks'.— The above'described De'rso , s given from the chair, and was received by the the present time is the most unfit forcibly to suspend aboj[/ yeaPS of a, r(. had' kept the abo ' uipanv wjlj, eniliiisiiist c applause: as also, the machinery • l., r British capital, skill, and industry, „.. lic tv„. a ^^ „ f ,- eai<- and wete hi ghly , uke of York is the Army, and the Duke of Clarence have emigrated to the continent, since the peace, and spected. '' They were brutally fnurdered ei? her It Id the Navy. Several of the members then retired, the slightest addition to the expenses of production on Tuesday night, or early next tiiorniiK- as wh , d brought in the sword in due form, winch was here, would drive many ol our manufacturers out of thrir hodi/ s werp found,' they were nor'quite co id before the Chairman, Serjeant Pnlu. fr, who ad- the continental market; withe arguments in favour At six in- m ,{ ' „ i1:? ker Vas pacing tin essed the Major to the following effect:— ' Major of improved machinery « in large works, apply „, e „„ and supposing » fr a irley, the duty whic'i devolves upon me this day I e. jnn My « machine for making sausages! > Mrs. lfee^ le' to beaileep, a'Void^! « list„ fli, ig the el to be at once the most painful, yet gratifying, t has been said that surplus capital is no ai| vantage The driver of the Aylesfntry coach atei a pas° en. r. at ever fell to my lot: pa, of, i). oijly from a con. to, he workman, for that at present canthtl ts so beiug ajfedted hv'the singalWr atipeara , ee oft icliim of my own inahil. tv to doj. ustice to ibe cause abundant that tt is seeking provable employnie. il in l| 1(, » ;„ j„ MilI » the # , r( lt (,„ w which I am engaged. The sources from whence van, while labourers arc begging for wo, 1; Some ^ hen a'nWt horri. Uml shockiivr spectacle 1" derived the gralilieatipn 1 fftel are so various, that gre dealers, it is trtie, abftund in capital but 8ei| ted itsel£; Mrs: Needle was ' lyiu- on her hue . attempt to enumerate them would lake up more hose who add to the wealth ol a nation by labour, rfrejSed hfrsk, ill beaten in, and her brains or • your valuable time than would he cmisistent on so he most numerons and important classes never... Mr NeedlJ rtas undressed, in bed, murdered omentous an occasion. The Non. Co„„,„ ss, oned the memory of had so utile capital ot their own. , iaiilar ma ,, is ,„„„,' in ';},„„ Hicers and Privates who have the honour to he The principal cause of this „ that the t u to ' t uff b, *• • ^ blooJJtl i •• „ der yonr. cmnniand, and by m„ y of whom you are fanners have to pay at least five times a* much in 0v% i| ta! us are supposed to have pe, petrat , w siirrpnnded, have demited me to convey to you parochia and parliamentary taxes as they were the horrid deed with a heSge stake, which hey I leir unanimous sentiments of the high estimation m charged before the late war, while their produce lias behind The principal proi. erty missed is aw,, Inch they hold your character as their Commanding fallen lo the price „ f tha) period > ^ bd pistol f SSSbKZ^ I fcer, and the Lp sense they entertain of the ad. With respect ,0 the , teau, engine for breaking ^ ^ V T2, bn wt iinlnges which yon m their smnes 00 the turnpike- roa. U, which is sntd lo per- ,, deceased the nrepediiio- .1 v P iildTS service, since you did theni the honour lo form the work of thirty men, the same reasoning ny jne deceased, * tie preaaiug day ike the command of ihe corps. tVe have indeed applies. It is well knowii that the whole of the n7' n < » ' » . named 1 honias Randall and Jan iewed with sensations of peculiar gratification, your turnpike receipts are generallv expended in making Croker, and a woman named ^ nrgnret Bar'ua. sresnnt and nnreinittiii"- exertion* to muiutaiii the new, and iu improving and repairing old roads, tint fere apprehended uUder strong Siijspt. , i, ns of bei • spectaJiiliiv of ( he co" ps under your command; to deal fairly with our opponents, we will suppose ' He mnrderers, on ,1 bnrsdny ;• on w'hich day, a nd 011 adverting to tlie issue of the bitetrialatl. au- the saying to be sometimes employed in reducing the "" I'r'nii. V and • Saturday, an inquest was held - aster " Redfonl versus Birley and others," feel't'lle tolls; i|, . lie former case, the Surveyor Will still J> al. i, day night Ihe Jury rel. irntM a verdict of lost mibog ndcl crratitnde towards you for your in- employ Ihe men ; for rnad making and mending, like » '" agatnst I tioinas Randall and J at: efaligable and successful efforts, by which a . verdict farlninV, and indeed all euiployinenls in Ihe open air, broker, who are ill custody at Aylesbury, os been obtniiied at nncu bonouia'hle to Jhe Corps, and covering ti large space, ' will always require a . . " ~ ml satisfactory to the Country in the lilghest degree large parti f'ninnnnl'tabonr. In the hitter case A bra, contaimug cash and jewels, belong pssible. Gni'deii by these sentiments, we have pro- ( the reduction of tolls) the farmer will be enabled to " Lady, and supposed to have been stolen from nred a REGIMENTAL DRESS Styoan, of wljicli, in the carry bis produce to market a'f a cheaper rale, and carriage on her journey from Loiidoii to " ibis to. ame of Ihe Non- commissioned Officers nti. 1 Privates the saving to farmers, tradesmen, ami oilier pro- out to hnve l. een purloined by her own fern f the Corps, I beg vonf acceptance— with a firm ductive classes, will enable them td expend 11 larger servant, who travelled with' her, Fiiuu some s onviction that, should the situntion of oiir co'untry portion of capital and income among labourers and P'cions circumstances in Jhe woman's condi which linn forbid !) ever be shell as to require voil servants. - ' ' noticed by the footman ( who also ( ravelled with o draw it ia its defence,' it will'lie drawn with When Arkwright s and other machines were in- carriage), since her arrival at home, he commit lacrity, used with mercy, and sheathed with honour traduced into the cotton factories, they operated as a cated ihe same to his mistress; iii consequent'.! n yourself.— That vnu V, iay himr live lo command us, momentary substitute for thousands of men, women, which a constable was sent for, who searched mil enjoy every possible happiness, and that pos- and children, tSnd I hose poor s'lort- sighie. f persons, apartment in which the- woman slept, and In u'lr. erity may hand dliwii to successive generations your reasoning from the stomach, rose in a body, n'iiil de- belonging to her was fou'inl all the cash and jeiv lame which amongst us will live for ever, is the slroyeil many of tiie machines. However,' the latter and the other articles supposed to have been I iincerest, most hearifeli, and unanimous wish pf the prevailed,' anil w ht) t was the consequence > Cottons " "!' lli, e e^ ceplion of a trifle of mousy, which Sion- coniu.' issioned Officers'and Privates under your were rendered cheap in " proportion; the poorest per. delinquent said she hail spent in London. She 1 • omninnd." 1 ' sons were enabled to dress better for the satne wages, fessed the robbery, and that she had- destroyed Major B. irley's beji'lh was then drank with a Ihe demand for'those (-' ottous became'almost un. box previous lo leaving London. She is now le^ ineof entlii. sijs. il wliicji could not tjr surpassed. bo'iindeil, ami iliese very machines caused, and still custody - Hull Packet. ' immediatelv afterwards Major Birley rose, and continue to afford employment directly" and iji. ii- . aid he did not know how to thank tjien. for this very rec^ Jt, to, additional mtlhons! The Match from Canterbury to London for handsome mark of their esteem ; such a compliment 1 he Philosopher, the I olitical Economist, and the Sovereigns, had excited much interest in ihe S. i was as unexpected by him as it was gratifying. He thrisiiaii, may take different vievys of the moral ing World, Mr. Abe'rnethy, the florlh Country pe now found that he had been right in considering it effects of 11 great manufacturing population. It re- uiun, having matched himself against Lieutci lo be intended ill a < rrent measure ns a coiiipfiuie. it quires, however, but a limited'portion of lilliferstalld- Aberdeen's performance nu the preceding day. on the . estilt of n recent trial al Lancaster', by which ihg'o perceive that they a. 1,1 immensely lo the wealth. Lieutenant di.| his work well hi two minui.' s 111 a complete triumph' had been obt'aine. l over their conveniences and liixutiesof a country What other half under 11 lioiits, a'nd the • perforin, nice n pal niators, through the verdict of a Jijrv, and by country hut Brltaiu could have expended two uncommonly good, that •> to 1 v.,, betted upon I the solemn and unanimous opinions of Ihe Judges of "> » « >?•."'? » » "' one war? What other nation could The odds against Mr. Abefhetliy'were taken fr< the Court of King's Bench. In tlie course of that ,'*, sl » < » ' » . » » » » l amount of sixty or Mr. Abefnethy went frotp Sitiingbouriie, to , trial his name" bad been brought prominently for- sevcujy mil ions .< And what country ever carried with the umpire of his adversary only; He » ward from the circumstance of his having the Ijononr mechanical labour lo such a height} But whatever flannel and thick shoes, aipj jifliis gronm to command ihe corps Heji'nd watched will, anxiety « """ k of acoiimry merely pastoral or ngn- follows .- First mile iu nine minutes ami 20> secot the o- ftting up'of the defence, but had never fe| t a "" Itnral, and comparative jioverty, desirable in a and 20 miles in three hours and 10 minutes moment's uneasiness as lo the verdict. Still he would " » W » I point of view we have no alternative: we pedestrian halted five minutes, tin.) procee,) et not conceal bis dislike of having his nauie'so rn. lelv f" ld ourselves embarked by a combination of causes gnlarly at work, '" I'full confidence of . iioijing. treated ' and his " conduct' so grossly' u'nd slianiefull'v a si ream w) itcl, we pan neither avoid or contfonl ; did the next lftiuil^ sin an hW misrentesentetf ' But in ihjs he had not stood alone'; » ' « running a race with rivals and unless we took 10 minutes rest ; he kept at a winning and he had not on that Recount any claim upon the Sa,"',<", n,". r >> » « « ' JJ » consunioiate skill ihroiigh Ihe ihroiighont, and did the miles in 10 lloii'rs an in'enihers'of tl'.' e corps. They had' shared will, him " Plendid current we shall be lost on rocks and minutes, fresh and vveli. the unmerited censures of ihe designing and ihe quicksands.- We have li ved to see works, which Extraordinary Character.—' There is at ore deceived, for discharging firmly, but f"'"'" 1? occupied centuries, performed within the , wi at" a call » ,, , .. . ' a most Onplensant duly II Would have bee'h an space of a lew years, and science ( a. a dtstaoce f, on. ^ rson of the uanie of John M abandonment of the canse, lo support which they • » ) continuesmake the most giganiic strides ap- „) e- ij,,,^, a f „ f S5 „;,;•„ J, a' , were embodied, not to assemble when required to'do V** eut\ j, tpwards he hunts of human power ft is, vva| kiut;. ,}< iilv. Tor , he sake of recreation it, in aid of II,; civil power; and heii, g assembled, therefore e to contemplate the final result. ,? etwixi Jils residence and Invert, o not to obey those set over them by law wot, l. i'have Bo, taparle appeared to have Europe at his eet, when , , f Tullich. hill, which is very steep V„, l . been criminal ai well as iljsgVaeeful. But if ll. ey >' V, l>' s e? pe, i„,. n, to Unssii, ie. coinm, ted a po), t, ca „ b'„„, ,„.„„„,„ ' sl, 01||(| ,",.„ ' had been reviled for doing their duly, they bad at su cide.- lA'heu Princes and Nobles bad expended „„„,,, ,,„„,.' • j , „ ^ least the satisfaction of knowing that it was by those » " lllul" i " » , lie construction of castles, of which we H„ fs hp . eraniholole the summit of the hill for only who- were capable of dealing, in equal men. Jave so many splendid and beautiful remains they il( „, p Jld„ of ,;„. slul,„ Wb„, ft ; nl , snreof iuiiiVticeto'oi. r excellent Magistrates, whose "' e- selves luvnlnerahle, and reposed w„| t „ lis „,„ , r „ h(., her il is the effect of habit , services to the country were nWe all praise. It » •;,, proud conhdence within the monuments of their power ,| e w ,„„ j( is „,.„ ,„. , in, possible that any'b'ut'the most ignorant or ill- S'andeur; hut wha, t a remarkable instance ot |,.„ gth of time with his' liodv in' disposed I f ef otherwise than grateful to the weakness? They were all laid prostrate in a s,., f( 1 . ,„„, „,,„•„• Magistrates, or entertain the least jealousy of corps moment, by the chemical discovery nf a poor monk 1 ,, rflfl4,. lv ' 0is;,.,„ r| a !" . ofVeomii. tr*. No unprejudiced person could really We, however, may rest perfectly easy about « // l « o/. and plunges himseif bet in with I is c believe ihefn lo he untrieudli to / he libeni, s of their consequences when we consider that they are under ;,„(| J, h„„ w .,,„,-. t (|,. y'early in c country. A desire' to suppJrt its ' law s and instil,,- % stiperinlehdance ot nthnUe pin ily and wisdom. $ r> irksiimi. „, lH disag't- eahle . Iocs Ins Li'atio, lions when assailed by violence gave existence lo ihe •— — come, that, like a' lh. ii out of Water," lie' fin dorps : it was their bond of iitiinn. lie . trusted they plizabeth l omlinson, who was lately committed necessary to repeal the luxury. lie de1ig| its iii wel'e all firmly atlaclied to ijiose laws not merely to . Stafford county gaol, charged with the wilful weather ; and « hen the" skv lowfirs, aihl thee because " they were born and bad lived under their murder of her husband, by poison, died 011 threaten,." and oilier incn seek ihe " bield or projection, hut from the conviction that they arc Thursday evening last. She was infected with side, then is the time that'tliis infill of ha more friendly to raiiiinal liberty in their spirit, and jau,„^ c, N aiut ' confined to her bed, when tile choosei for enjoying hirf natiirsl ejemeiit it in their actual administration secured n larger s^ inre „„ i. a ural crime was perpetrated. During her ^ ghest. perfection, lie never i! eS. JS his way I, of Ijs Ole, sings than any other (^ vert, men, t anctet, ^ i.^. isonmc. t, she was regularly attended by watdS 1,11 ' » completely dfei> Ti;- d ; and, on or modern ever afforded to lis sub ects. lint ,1 would u •'< ' 1 • . ' .. occasions, thdt a drop tnav not be ost. this lion he as nureasoiitible ,0 expect the'enjoyment of true County Surgeon, b„ hercompla.., t was not to hi, ,„„'„!, a,!, V his hktf& M* H liberty in society without a due submission Jo ihe be su, hdned by medical skill. To the exhortations pattering of the tvihd and rain He .11 present e laws, as to look for efficiency in a military body witli- of the Clergyman the wretched woman manifested excellent health ; aiid, .( oiwiihsHindirig his h out diso pline. i— He could tiuly say tliat be had en- great indifference, anil observed that « ' she wanted he has beeb d- onijeri'iilly tiVtunaie in escaping c, deavoiired lo . fischarge his duty to the corps in the neither Doctors nor ir'arsons T" but to the last a c. Hiipfniut very ^ oinuion in'tllis moisi climaie situation he htid the honour to fill. Its reputation moments of her existence she asserted her innocence w hen he is attacked, whether in dry " or wet we: was dear to liitn, as lie trusted it was to all its „ f (;) c cl- ime wiLli ' wlVich she was etiarg'ed.— An whether in sunnier or winter, his mode of <• members. The only reward lie had looked for from inquest wa8 ilPiel on her body 011 Friday, when fhe Hn'! n^' resriigubir ffmn it is specific. Instead o them was to have his exertions to promote or main- Ct\.{ mi. r< s j ta e w lhe una„ imouS- concluSion » •"' i>' « ! « <• • K in the ardent „ ve lam its ( i » sciplu) f » met uv a corresnonnin^ Oosire to do . .. f . •-/>*> i pofiuris so hwh v ext « » ed aniono- i! » <- o- ovsins t their part In that he had not been disappointed. , « » » she " died liy the vis, lata,,, of God. She ^ ^ , H. re'palrstn his favourite elemCl, lie hid frequently been gratified by lite coiiimenda- was upwards ot fifty years of age— her ill- fated streams of'the Area, and lakes of his usual tions of officers appointed to inspect them, nnd not husband nearly 70. _ long dips, with'bis clothes bh. He then walks less sn by prnLes from others, under whose ohserv. * for a few miles, till they become dry, when .1 r ation accident or curiosity had brought them.— He TW ELVE PERSONS DROWNED.— On Sunday, pursued never fails to check Ihe progress of hi received the sword with gratitude, as a mark of their the 3d " lust, a hoat upset betwixt Kirkwall and order. In oilier respects, the writer!, as never kindness. He trusted lie should never give occasion ; Shapinsbay, ia Orkney, by which twelve persons any thing singular regarding bis manners or I to any of them repent haying contributed to the returning home from church were lost. -' Stirling Junrnat, « • * •""' TD B" E IJET, I To Landlords and Farmers. HP0 C0VER' ttie ensuing Season, at . , , ~ . , , MOSTYN, near Holywell, Ana may be entered upon at Lutly- daiinexl, 1 , .. .. . ' 4 SMALL gkntekl HOUSE! ttttd, WfflWttffllBfib Garden attached and either wjtb or witVyit well cleaned, for which a liberal Price will be paid. By RUBENS, OUT OF SNOWDROP. near^ h^ ftwsbury/ and now * in ^ b^ ' f ^'^ R^ nnV^ r'omirV^' ilt Bl' » rf at Cuin^ s each, Groom', Captain Witts. The llnuse consists of two. Kr\ our » , ' Mr,' ° f LI » >' n- y- C. ln, Fee included and Half- bred ones, ' at Three Kitchen, Brewhouse, and other Offices, on the at the Queen s Head, Oswestry. Guineas each, and Five Shillings to the Groom. Ground Floor; with three good Lodging Rooms, 1 As it is not generally known that an extensive For his perforraailces see Racing Calendars of and two Servants' Rooms ovf r.- For Particulars, Market can be found tor this Description ot Gram, lg] 8 lm9 1820 lb21 a'nd J82J. apply to J. NICCOLS, Esq. Newnhain ; or Mr. W. ^ Cultivation of it is consequently very Nber 0- ' 1822 XICCOLS, Wine- Merc'hant, Shrewsbury. '•"• ited, it may be of Importance tq inform the ' ' ^ ' ' 1 Public, that large Quantifies are consumed in tne . . COUNTY ELECTION. T^ ILWAIBILIL MMM ® * cularly hbyut the Autumnal and Winter Mouths. gPfl Shropshire, 7 HO BR RT BltlDG, This Day, published, At Brijnkinaltynear Chirk, Sheriff of L^ ZfT^ Z"; W. EDDOWES, ttouwwn oF 0SW, STRV. II, « « • I , ITT r . I PBtSTER OF Til IS PA PER, ,„„ „ received Ht » Mtlje. ty H Writ for the And may be had of the Booksellers in the County, T 1NGO, a Bay Gelding, 5 Years old, hleettng ot One ^ nt » llt to serve tor this and of the Newsmen, " by Rosario ; a most excellent Hunter, fine County in the Parliament to be holden at ( PRICE TWO, SHILLINGS.) Goer, has been driven a fpw Times iu single Har- Westminster, 011 the i2f) th Day of'Novem- THE SHROPSHIRE, " Tinvn^ tv rt . , . IIDUCRV f.| lrr LADY FITZROY, a Chesnqt Mare, hv Kildare. her Instant, 1JU HlitlC. 01 li Cheshire, North Wales aged; a good Hunter, and a most wonderful Leaper, NOTICE, that at tnv County Court, • - w- - « /•- 4 * f r ls perfectly free from Vice, nnd lias carried a Lady. * which witl bp holden at the SlUttE- A I J \| A ^ \ I y IV . LODOISKA, a black Filly, by Sorcerer, Dan, 11 it 1 Shrewsbury in and for the said ^ t 9 by Regulns, 4 Years old ( not thorough- bred), l. tts HALL, nnteflsfiHrj, JLF ^ tlfl tor tne said OR, been ii training, but did not start, being amiss: County, 011 MONDAY, thp SECOND SHREWSBURY INTELLIGENCER, lias been constantly hunted this Season, and is a Day of DtiCtMBKIt next, at Half past For the Year 1823,' most excelleut Feucer, perfectly quiet, anil frep Ten of the Clop(< in thp 1' orpwqn, pur- , Containing a general ListofMaifand otherCoaches TbAYCOLT, rising two Years old, by Selim, feiialit to the btatyte 111 that Case made Water Conveyances, and Carriers, to and I Dam Rosabella, by Whiskey, her Dam by Diomed, and provided, 1 shall proceetl to such from Shrewsbury, the Iiei^ hbouitug I Harriet by Matchein, Flora bv Regulus, Bartlet'J Election; when and where qU I'prsona Tit'p b"* Cliildem,- Ba, Bolton Belg^ le Turk, engaged in , . ,, ... , , V 1 I lie, P AI lis the two- years old Stfikes at Shrewsbury next Year, interested therein will be heard, and are , n S| lropshirc, Cheshire, Sta8" ordshirc, Hereford- and in the Derby 1821 .- This Colt, for his Age, to give their Attendance accordingly—- shire, Worcestershire, Montgomeryshire, is probably one of t| ie handsomest in England, and Dated this 18th Day of November,' 1822.' tymonkhshirp, " Radnorshire, Denbighshire, from his Blood, of great Promise as 1. Racer. T) r\ 1) c- O'P ODIIU'H 1 xt iir. tir and Flintshire ; VISCOUKT, a Day Gelding, 4 Years old, by liOBLRi BU1DGMANMORE Ironmasters' OCARTERLV MEET.^ OS- Sorcerer; has'been hunted a few Times, an'd is , Sheriff. IRONMASTERS yiABTERi. v . MEBTWOS, TO 1) E ONE OF T|, E ( IUE6T S|;., P, HL LLORS(. S ;„ J — . —— The Bitukers in Shropshire and Montgomerysbirp j j this Country. Cni'flinntnn Ivtrltrturo a Table of Startips, Table of Terms, Ike. IIF. RO, a Chesuut Gelding, 3 Years oW, by Hit 1 KjU) UlliniOll inClOSU) e, —; —— or Miss, Dam by Glaucus; has been broke, is u . „ " • EnnOWES lias also on Sale I he ROVAL ; perfectly tempo ^ te, and as fine a Colt as a Hunter , . . 1T1/ .11 i r » 1- k /-> oT n EifOAOBME » TPocK* TATi. Ag, SoDyE* iE( orPocket !;„ pan be seen ' The tindet- st- ned 11 ICfl A R D GRIF- Tablet), POLITE REPOSITORV ROVALREPOSITORV, 7"" ' , „ , FITHES, of BISHOP'S CASTLE, in the County & c. in a Variety of Cases ; COURT KAI. ENDARS "" A Horn's are perfectly sound, of Salop, beintrthe Commissioner appointed in and LADIES'and Gextlsmes's POCKBT I1<; OKS of ali i" » d are yvell worth the Attention of Sportsmen, by an Act of Parliament made and pissed in the Kinds; and an extensive Assortment of Moore's fT For Price, and further Particulars, apply (, f 54th Year of his late Majesty's Reigi), entitled and every other Almanack published'by the Com- by Letter, Post- paid) to WILLIAM PERKINS, Groom, " All Act for inclosing Lands in the Manor of pany of Stationers. at Brynkinalt, near Shrewsbury, where the Horses " Lydley and Cardingt . n, in thp Parishes of Car- — l^ ay be seen. " di'ngton and Church stretton, in the County of The foHotving important Works will be ; . • • • ' " Salop," DO HEREBY GIVE YOU MQTlfcE, nublished bu Longman Hurst Rres IOTON LIJIE WORKS. that 1 shall attend at a SPECIAL GENERAL V> l" i, saca oi/ Longman, nursr, nees, 1 MEETING, at the Dwelling House of Mr. John Orme, and Brown, Paternoster how, p p „ n . v< 5 f . ( Ytp Ilroome, called the Crown Inn, iu Church Stretton, in the CourSf of December and Januaru I 11 , ' , , , . <'!, 1r'" in the said County of Salop, on Wednesday, the „.„, • • J • ned from the nhoye Works, > y| ll be at the Eighfeeiith Day of December next, at " Twelve F,' x I,, n> "' Shrewsbury, on Tuesday, the 10th, o'Clnck at Noon, for the Purpose of reading and — _ and Wednesday, the 11th Days of December nexf. executing ntv Award under the said Iuclosurp; at l.' llHji LOV r. S qF THE A > Cx r. I Lime unpaid for 011 the above Days will he which said Mee. i . g alt Persons interested in the a Poem By THOMAS MOORE. In 8vo. charged Oue Penny per BusH'e] extra, by Order of Division, Allotment, and Inclosurc of the sevpral 2. TUE HISTORY OF ROMAN LITERATURE, the Proprietors. Commons or Waste Lands within the said Manor of from the earliest Periods to the Augustan Age. liy Nor em her 18,18Q2. Lvdley and Cardingtotj aforesaid, or in any Ex- JOHN DIINLOP. In Two Volumes 8vo. —, ,. • t rhange or Exchanges of Messuages, Tenements, 3 ( ION CARLOS, a Tragedy. By LORD JOHN ' TO- MORROW Lands, or other Hereditaments already made or R( t$ SFI I In 8vo . ./•- u.'. wiu. r. intended to be made under or by Virtue of the 4. MEMOIRS of MARY, QUEEN of SCOTS, „, .. , . T , several Acts of Parlia oent foreflect. ng the same, wilh An,,,. dlllPS of Court of HENRY the SE- Turnpike I Oils to be Let, are desired to give their Attendance. Witness my CONI), . lllrin.. his Residence in France. ISv MISS ——- Hand, the second Day of November, one thousand |) EN0ER. In- 2 Vols. 8v » . with agenuine Portrait, AJOTICE is hereby myen. that the eight hundied and twenty- two. never before engraved. 1 TOLLS arisinir at the Toll Gate at Prior's RD; GRIFFITHS. 8. TIIK HISTORY OP ENGUND. By SI14- Di « o„; i,,' the Sf of Safop, will be LET BY RON TURNER, F. S. A. Vol. 111 , n4to.; embrac- AUCTION, to the best Bidder, at the Town Hall, 4 LL IVrsOtis to whom THOMAS ing the Mjddle Ages. in Bridgnolth, in the said County of Salop, on A HUGH SANDFORD, late of SANOEOUD « • FIFTEEN YEARS IN INDIA; « r Sketches Thursday, the 28th Day of November, 1822, at HALL, near Whitchurch, i. i the County of Salop, " f " Soldier stife: benig an Aticmpt to . fescrihe eleven of the Clock 111 the Forenoon, for One Year Esq. deceased, was indebted at the Time of his Persons and Things ).. various Ports of Hiuilostnii. or more, as the Trustees then present shall agree Death are requested to send the Particulars or From ' he Journal of an OHieer in Ins Mjyesly a upon, and in Manner directed by the Act passed in their ' respective Demands to Mrs. SAttorotto, at S<,- rvif" N Jw^ niTIflV OP TI1P SHVON Ptltfo ^ Year„ of » ''- e f'^'" of late Majesty Sandford llall 7. A NEW EDITION Or IHE SAXON LltltO. King George the Third, for regulating the Turn- _ ; N1CLES, witl. au English Trninlalion, nnd Notes, pike Roads; which Tolls produced the last Yijur \ 7„,;„„ /,, n^ htnrt anr) Crprlilnrv critical and explanatory By the Rev. J. INGRAM, the Sum off20.0s Oil. over and above the Expense A Olice to Ueulors ana V realtors, p(,| ll) B. ( lf Triaily Colleffe, Oxford, and h„ eSavo„ bf collecting the same; and wil\ be put up at that ALL Persons who stood indebted to Professor ill the Ui| iver » uy of Oxford. Towbichw. ll Sum, or as the Trustees then present shall agree •",. Tvii MiMTWI Hit 1 t of TCnnrv be added, ii New and copious Chronological, Tqpo. on. in the Conn v of Salon deceased' a the Thnt of" S'xp1" ™ 1. Glossarial lodes, » ill, a short Gran,. Whoever happens to l, e the best Bidder, must at S^ iw, \ re reanested to DOV tiie Amount of Si'x" n » ' » ' « " " eeurate and , be s, me Time deposit one Quarter of'a Year's - KPivrD^ Tw^ tVffl^ '" e " '!, ttre, i,• ^ ent in Advance, Jnd give Security with sufficient jtratrix, Mrs. MARGARET TAYLOP, of Roden afore „ , , , lravMvri Sureties ( ifrequired) for the. payment of the Re- paid, without further Notice: An, those Persons to Sthronjli the 11LY LANO » ud Winder of the Rent agreed for, at such Tune? as Ivhom lie « ood indebted at the Time of his Decease, EGYPT. By VVILUA. M BAB Wlf. SON, of | s. el- % Trustees shall direct. I pre veqiH- sM to tend the Puriiculars of theit vmhaiik. North Uriioio. lo Bvo. Illustrated with SAMUEL NIC110LLS, A Demands to Mrs. Tuvlor immediately, in Order Engravings. Clerk to the Trustees qf the said Roads. I itl'at they may be looked over and settld. ' Cqtetree, near Bridgnorth, J Rodm, ' iOlh November, ) S22. GOVERNMENT and CONSTITUTION, from Ihe ^ th October 1822 — —: .— Reiirn of llenrv VII. to the present Time. By Z- l ' PURSUANT to a Decree of the High LORD JOHN RUSSELL. The Second Edition, it. TURYPIKF TOLLS Court of Chancery, made in » Cause PEE Sv". ,„-,„,„.,„ 11> r. . vr, M , „ .... , . " ' • ' ' I against MARSH, the Creditors of WILLIAM 10. VIEWSOF IRELAND, Moral, Political, anil A CHENEY HART, lata of HpPE BOWDLER, iu the Religions, coniprising the tolhwing Subjects:- " Y^ OTICE 18 hereby given, that the * Cou. itv of Salop, Esquire, deceased ( who died on E. lu atio,,, Religion, National Character t liurch TOLLS arising at the" Toll Gates hereunder- / or about the 28th Day of December, 1818), are Establishment,, Tithe, Church of Rome mi Ireland msntione(| , lpon Roads in ti) e Second ^ Strict'of ^ forthwith to come in and prove their Debts before ' ' eb, eriaii The Union, Hehellion, 6: c. & c. By the Blsi,„ N fcaitle nnd Montgomery Roads, iu the J A M t-: s STEPHEN, Esquire, one qf the Masters of JOHN <> DRJSCOL, Es,,. In 2 Vols. bvq. Counties of Salop and Montgomery, will be LEt the said Court, at bis Chambers in Southampton 11. TRANSACTIONS of the LITERARY SO- by AUCTION, to the best Bidders', nt the Dragon I Buildings, Chancery Lane, London; or in Default CIETY of BOMBAY. Volume III. In 4to. vpith Inn, iu Montgomery, on Thursday, ills 2,1 Day of ( thereof tliey will be excluded the Benefit of the numerous Plates. January next, at eleven ..-' Clock in the Forenoon, said Decree. PRITCIJARD &, SONS, 12. THE FAMILY SIIAKSPEARE, in which for one" Yjtar from Lady- day, 1823, in the Mai, ne^ Plaintifl ' s Solicitors, nntlnuir 1!. " dded | o tl) e original IYxt; but tlpise directed by the Act passed in the thir'. l Year of the Tlroseley, Noverrpber, 1S22. Words aud Expressions are omitted which cannot itej^ n 0f his Majesty'Kittg George, the Fourth, • ;— « " h Propriety read aloud ... a Family, py " For regulati. i" Turnpike lloads;!.' which Tolls NOTICE TO CREDITORS. THOMAS BOWbLEIt, Eso, Fit s aud^. A. A are n9w Let for the respective - Yearly Sums follow- m new Edition, in 8 Vols. 8vo. large Type. lug and will be put up at thoseSums, viz.: TITntjPM Willi \. M R FN BOW J3. MEMOIRS of ( he LIFE of CHARLES Stalloe and Sarnybryncaled Gates on £. IV HHEii W ILL! A. V1 HM m; v\ , ALFRED STOTHAlll), F. S. A. Author of the the Road to Pool 170 of M. I" ChWE>, LOCK, in the County of Salop, M ,„„„, « ( Effigies of Great llriiain . including Montiromery Gate" on " the' Hoad to , Butcher, hath by Deed of Ass, gn. ne? t bearing „ Vfta) of his OHg. nal Letters, Paper., Journals, Chffiry CT Date the fifth Day of September last, assigned over |! s,„ vs, & c. Willi some Accouni of a Journey Weston Ga'ti-' on ti'ieRoid to Bishnn'O 1 4.11 his Estate and Effects to EDWAROHOWFLLS, of in , he Nell,' e. lands: By Mr. CHARLES STO CasJieand P 149 1 Much Wenlock aforesnid. Tanner, and Ajtn. Ew TIIAB « . Author of Len'ers wriitea during a Toiir Cefuycoed Gai'e onThe'ltoad toK « r'y $ A I) OBD, of the same Place Bu cher, IN TRUST, „ irol ,, N,„,„ iU1dy, Britanny, and oilier Paris of (;,. ei,"„ Lane Cate on ,| ie Roui1 M for tW equal Benefit of bis Creditors: France, io 1818. InSvo. Newtown 31 NOTICE. s hereby givey that tbf! said Trustees | 4 PATHOLOGICAL & SURGICAL OBSERV- Bryn. lerwen" GaV^ on the'Riid'to f will meet at the White Hart Inn, in Much Wenlock ATU) NS nll , he OISEASES of ihe JOINT?, fiv Gunlev 38 1 /. foresaid, on Monday the 23.1 Itoy of December B. C. BRODJE, F R S. Professor of Anatomy ,, nil Aylesfor'd Gate'on'VhV'Ro^'' io'Mar" ' 1 next, at twelve o Clock- at l^ oo. i, ii) Order to make Surgery to the Royal College of Surgeons, and •,,,„ • 5o m a DIVIDEND of the s » . d W. ll. an. Bcnnnw's Ef- Surgeon | o St. George's Hospital. In 8vo. Sceontl ChurchstokeGaieon'the Roadfroin J \ fects to and amongst such of i, is Creditors only K, liti„ n vvilh Alierations and ^ Sdnioiis. Jllus- Bishop's Castle to Forden, and.':.:/ " who shall execute the said Deed oq or feefor. e the , rat « d with Plates. Chirbtiry and Rhydyirr'oes bates onf 172 ; iaid twenty- third Day of December next; winch | 5. REFORMATION, n Noy# l, ii, 3 Vols. 12, no. thVsameltoad " ' S Deed remains at our Office for the Signature, of PRACTICAL TREATISE, to render the Tlie best Bidder for'ihe Tcils of ' any or either of such of the Creditors who may wjsli to avail tlicbi- , „„ cwlv(. - ' pi.,. IVI,„ I,. 1 " pit B'ooei tor tne i<( ( fc ot any or eu( ier o, selves of the Renefit thereof HllfcWINO more e » sj. me ivnol. reu t|, e Gates, must ut thi sameTime give Security ! Anil IKS IUNTON & JEFFREYS Jered fniuiliiir for . be Publicor Private Brewer. By with s„ fticient Sureties to the Satisfaction of'th'e M> LUNS, HI « 1U « , * J 1.11 Kni^ C. N. HAYMAN. COUI. UO. I Brewer. With an En- Trustees, for the Payinffltt of the Money monthly. H'enurck, November^ h, 1822. ' ^"" f- J; ™ ',"' '""„ ' VnVA, , voRIT And NOTICE is hereby qj, o given, that the : 17. A CATALOGUE of the ROY A I. and NOBLE Trustees will, at the said Meeting, appoint a. l. li- JV'otice to Creditors and Debtors. AUTHORSofEnglaud, Scotland, aud Ireland: With ( jo„ wi Trustees; and also appoint and order what „ TIlrnp .„ „, 1V ,,.,,,.,(, - Cists of their Works. By the late I OR \ 10 IV Al. Toll, shall betaken at the said respective Gates. " XM7HEREAS JOHN DAM ks, of POLE, Ei. rl nfOrfonl. Continued to the present • f * TT MARPOL, in the Towji of Shrewsbury, in Time, by THOMAS PARK, F. S. A. with Plates- FRANCIS ALLEN, Clerk. the County nf Salop, Cooper, hath, by Deed, A new Edition, in 5 Vols. 8vo. , assigned o'ver all his Estate and Effects unto Mr 18. THE HISTORY OF SCOTLAND, from Ihe / urrtpikc Tolls^ rSlnfjnttl District. JOHN DA VIES, of I'rankwell, in the said Town of Invasion of the Romans, till the Union with England. fr/ teB^ n^ IN'TRl'ST, 8for'the DANIEL Wttt' I. t N^ SSril^ TS!^ ^ ^ ,! Ual Bene'lit of all his ^ rediMrs : NObCE h Edition Rensed and en, nrged^ ^ ftW r^ hereby given, that the said Deed is deposed at the 19 MEMO RS of the^ UU. Mr., CATHERINE I ike R d Comn| orily call. ed by the Name, of the \ Office of Mr RICHARI. THOMAS Solicitor,,!, CAPPE. Written by HERJEI. F. la 8vo. will, a trior. LfeWtod ifiU Ca- es/ will be LET sepa. Shrewsbury aforesaid, for the Inspection and portrait. ratelv hv A1ICI ION to llic best Bidder at thf Signature of the said Creditors; and hat such of o(, TH E BR ITISH CONSTITUTION or an SilriJ, ^ known Ay Ibe ' sign o them who neglect or refuse: to execute: same on Enuon. e o Blackslone'. Con. inenaries the ' jerniugjium Arms Inn, in ShiHnal, iS th< or before the lOfb Day of December next will be „( Englnnd, for the Use of Schools. By V INC EST County of Salon on Tuesday the 31st Dav ol eXLA1U,!^ C,^ n? fit. thPr" f tie en „ t 11 WANJiSTROCHT I. L D. Alfred llogse Acade„. y, • £ r ^ f ele en i And NOTICE is hereby further given, that all Camherwell In 12, no. Forenoon and one in the Afternoon, for one Yea, Persons who stand indebted to the pa d Jnhfl 2! THE ANATOMY . of the UUMA « BODY, fr( lm , h d v of M „„> •„ Manne, Day. es, must forthwith pay the Amount thereof containing Ihe Anatomy of Jhe Bones M;.' » V " s, . lirected by an Actpassed in the 4Stl. Year of th. to the sai^ l Trustees, ijr they will be sued tor the j., ni„. Heart, and ^ rterie. By JOHN BELL, Reign of I,' is late Majesty, For the more effectu. 8ame- ntrtllltn TltOllts Surgeon And that of the Bra,,, and Nerves Ihe .<< aFly repairing a certain Road called tli, e Watlinj RICH ARD TIIOM AS, Org,.,., of the Senses & the Viscera. By . CH All LES u , Str^ ft Road, and other Roads therein mentioned, ' x. , ^ Solicitor t^ the Trustees. BELL, Surgeon. The Fifth Edition, considerably « ia the c>„ uies of Salop and St., tford, V nnd alsi | , 19< A- - " T" m ™ mi's ra%\ w rniTRT OF OTJFPN of, l" ot, ier Act, passed in the first and second Yean ... 22. MEMOIR^ Of IHE t o. nil Of l;! lJ|.. Jfc. 5l f nresent Itei. rn intituled " An Aet f. v To the Creditors of John ifulbert. ELIZABETH;. By LUCY AIKIN. 2 v„, s. « ,„. %^ t » do, ' S. V.' J,"'., . , VI„„.; CI . I. r " and Holyhead, by Coventry, Birmingham, an. ! HVOTICE is herel. v riven, that auch of - W- TJ1E H AGJC f. ANTERN ; « r Sketches of Sll^ wsb- ln lM ihe Creditors of JOHN HULBERT, late of ^ ,' » » ietrVPo^ l^ v^ e Antlior ol Sketches T,, e Bidam for the Tolls arising » , , t} ie Prior the. Tpwn of SIIRKWSBDBY, in the County of Salop, *' o. fS E LI F E o f 1" lev A U R O'I. E A R Y ,< e. c. « » } f make two distinct Biddings for th. WooUtapler, who Imve not yet executed the Deed " , i '. J ™ • J A c. lo^ Me vl?" OI'. o Bidding for the Tolls eollecte, of Assignment of the 3d Day of May. 1822. made x*-. ™ - including inuLh Historitii. i Ane. noie, Ate- , Authority of the tiest- mentioncd Act, au, I by hi. foifREv.^ Au MAR^ A^ roftlcsantCvu! n'""", and n, » ny lutlierto yomihlished Doeument,, ^ ' Bjddhf f a( lditioJ, Tu[ ls' c0. I Woolstanler o^ all^ Ws EflectV for the^ tienefit of illn » lrati » e of Hie CoudH. on of the Irish Catholics jected , Authority of the last- mentioned Ac I Kret& aV'^.. eSVo e^ ute tljsame ^ RE'tNGtAND ' l& J* ' ( of which a separate / econnt i. to be kept) .- Th, I the lit, use of Mr WILLIAM WiLt. i-. fi, Hatter, in ' < 1 ', v , ,, v , i rmiVTV r ''^ t Bidder must giv. e SecurUy, with suTicien ft Shrewsbury afowwiS, on or before the 31st Day 25 A H'STORW .1^. e COUNTY of Sureties to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, fo T of December next, or they will be excluded al! ^ r * ? IM * ^ 7 ovt'p. i' P^' oont of the Rent agreed for at such Times a Benefit thereof : And that such of the said Credit- [- L. D. F. S. A. F. R. S. Complete in 2 Vols Folio - they 8haU dlrect. aud „,, IJerson will be allowe ors who have already executed, or who shall, on Handsomely printed on fine Detnv Paper, and the to bid who does not produce his Sureties at th or before the said 31st Day p'f December next, large Paper Copies on super. mjalI Draw,. ng- paper.- Auction. execute the said Deed, may deceive a DIVIDENlJ W" 1' engraved . from brnut. fn Draw ugs by J The Tolls produced the last Year- on the Amount of their Respective Debts at the » « • f • ' » r" 7' ^ l;, 11- A" ""' ? n ' T\ nn\ Priors lee Gate $ ^ Tolls £ 532? . House of the said William Wilding, on the 7th Day Subjects by Mr Dnekkr. ... the very best Sty e of l r, ors Lee Gate j AdditionaLTolls 133 i £ 66? of lanuarv next the Art; and Wood. cut Vignettes by Mr. Branston. Red IIill Gate 70 ~ ' ' WILLIAM COOPER, 26. THE ANNUAL BIOGRAPHY and OB1TU- R. FISHER, • Solicitor to the Truftee. AllY for the Year 1823. Vol. 7. Containing Me- Cletk to the Trustees, ghrewtbrs, 1WA Ww. 1822. moirs of celebrated Meu who have died in 1821- 22. Newpprt, 25fA November, 1822. 1II c^ rrtusfitttg g^ uitt. The weather, dining llie week was favourable fir the sports of the tie!;!; but we are sorry to say lhat foxes were rather, scarce, consequently the sport was not so good as could have been wished. ' I lie lji. il Room, ou ' ihursday, exhibited a splendid assemblage of the, rank, beauty, and fashion of the couuty. — Among. tha company present ive noticed— John' . Mytton, Esq, ( I'lOfiueut), Mr. and Mrs. Gitlurd, M, r. T. Mr. F. Miss, and Miss — ( ji- fi'ard ; the Outchess- ol' Rutland, Lord Forester, the Hon. Miss and Hon. Miss J. Forester, Hon. Mr. Forester., and Miss Forester ( Broseley); the Earl of Pmvis, Viscount and Lady Liicv Ciivc, ft oil. K. H. Olive ; tl. e Earl of Bradford, ' Uuii. O. aud Hou. I. and S. Bridgeman, Sir.. Edmund and Mr. George Bridge- man, aud Miss Bndgeuian Simpson; Lord Hill, Mrs. and Miss M. E. Hill, Mr. Hill, M. P., Lady Robert Hiil, Lieut. George aud Miss Julia Hill, Sir 1'. B. Hill, Sir X. N. au'rt Hou. Lady Hill, and Col. Clement Hill.; Hon. T. and Mrs. Kenyon ; Hon. II. G. Beimel, Lady aud Miss Wrottesley; Hon. Cecil Jenkinson; lion, and Rev. Ri Hill, Miss Owen, and Miss Hiiichlilie, and Hev. J. and Mrs. Cotton, uud Sriss Dodd; Hon. C. Trevor; Hon. Miss Cavendish; Sir E. Blottitj Sir 11. Edwardes ; Sir E. aud Lady Sniythe, Mr. Arundel, Miss and Miss Bonejan ; Lady Leighton, Col. Burgh, Mr. F. K. and Hon. Mrs. Lelghtoii, Mr. Francis Leighton, Rev.. E. aud Mrs. hointfruy, and Miss Everett; Sir George and Lady Bigot, Miss and Miss E. Bigot, General and Captain Bigot.; Sir Andrew and Mr. and Mrs. Corbet; Sir C. Miss, and Miss E. Guvler; Sir George Sack- ville Brow tie ; Sir John Salusbury, Mr. Sniythe Owen and Miss Peuiberton ; Sir J. Betton Mr. Charlton, Mi", and Mrs. B. Charlton, Captain, Mr, I', jun. and Miss Charlton, Mrs. D. u Gard, Miss Bell, and Captain Cupel ; Mr. W. W hitmore, Rev. C. VVhitinore, Mr. Childe, Mr. W. Lacan Childe, Mr. E. Clitdde, and Mr. W. A. Roberts ; Mr. Mis. and Miss Lloyd ( Aston); Mr. J. A. aud Mr. II. Lloyd; Mrs. Corbet, Mr. A. W. Corbet, Rev. J. 1). and Mrs. Pigott; Mr. Lyster, Mrs, Miss, aud Miss G Lyster; Mr. Ciites, Miss L. Miss M. and Miss S. Cotes; Co(. Gatacre; ( lev. H. aud Mrs. Burton, Mr. R. Burton, jun. and Miss Burton; Mr. and Mrs. E. II rtou, Rev. E. Barton, Miss aud Miss E. Burton, Rev. C. G. Wade, Rev. J. B. aud Mrs. Blakeway, Miss Holland, and Miss Pye ; Mr. and Mrs. P. Corbett, Rev. Waties, Miss Matilda, and Miss Mildred Colbert; Mr. and Mrs. Botlield, Mr. W. Botfield; Mr. Hcber and Rev. C. Chol- mondeley; Mr. J. Cressett Pelliam ; Mr. and Mrs. Moultrie, Major, and Miss Moultrie; Col. and Mrs. Goocli, Rev. W. and Mr. Goocli, Miss, Miss 1). and Miss M. Gooch, and Mr. Jarrett; Mr. and Mrs. T. I. eeke ; Mr. and Miss Lloyd ( Stouehouse); Rev. Arcbd. te Mrs. Owen, Rev. Mr. Newton ; Mr. Eyton, Mr. Si Mrs. M. Campbell ; Gen. Lethbridge, uud Rev. G. A. Maddock; Mr. & Hon. Mrs. Taylor, Mr. C. T. Jones; Mr. Plowdcn, Mr. F. aud Miss Cornewall; Mr. and Mrs. Parker, Mr. T. B. Miss, and Miss Parker, Miss S, and Miss C. Gove ; Mrs. Haniner, Capt.. and Mrs, Shakspeare ; Mr. Sparling, Miss, Miss C, and Miss S. Darwin, and Sir. Wedgewrood ; Mrs. and Miss Parr; Col. and Mrs. Wingfield, Rev. J. jun. and Mrs. Rocke, Mr. ond Mrs. Beale ; Mr, Mrs. and Miss Boycott; Mr. Pemlierton ; the Dean of Killalne, Miss Bayly ; Mr. Miss F. and Miss A. Sahvey; Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Jukes; Mr. T. Benyon, Miss L. Benyon, Mr. and Mrs. Aiuphlett : Major Jenkins, Mr. Sutton ; Rev. G. A. Mrs. Mr. II. b: MissThursby ; Mr. and Miss Flounders; Mr. T. B. Owen, Major Bayley, Mr. Rogers ; Mr. and Mrs. Wvthen Jones, Mrs. Jones, and Mr. Thornes; Mr. F. B. Harries ; Rev. W. and Mrs. Otter ; Mr. Mrs. and Miss Lox- dtile, Mr,. James Loxdale, Mr. and Mrs. Hope, Mr. F. Mr. II. and Miss Hope, Mr. Stewart, j tin. and Mr. Mvtton ; Mr. aad Miss More and Mr. A. Male ; Rev. R. and Mr. A\ C. Corfield ; Mr. and Mrs. J. Bather ; Mr. VV. and Miss F. Evans; Mr. and Mrs. Johnes Knight; Col. Davies, Miss and Miss E.' Parry'-, Mr. and Mrs. Walford ; Mr. T. and Mr. S. Dicken, Mr. and Mr It. Walford ; Mr. J. Mason ; Mr. Humphreys and Miss Salt; Mr. F. Canning ; Rev. R. Crockett, Mr. 6c Mrs. Shirley ; Rev. J. and Miss Topp ; Gapt. Moseley ; Mr. and Mrs. Benson, Mr. R. L. and M iss Benson ; Mr. and Mrs. Egcrtou Jeffreys, Miss and Miss M. A. Jeffreys, Mr. S. Wilde, and Mr. Graham ; Mr. and Miss Ilolyoake; Mr. and Miss Parry ; Mr. R Slaney; Mr. and Mrs. Cooper; Mr. Mrs and Miss M. and Mr. J. Eaton, and Mr. John Beck ; Mr. tmd Miss Clement; Mr. Foley, Dr. Jenkins, Mr. Howe ; Mr. aud M'ss Harvey, Mr. Atkinson ; Mr and Mrs. Fisher, Miss and Miss G. Fisher; Bl- and Mrs. Johnson ; Mr. Mrs. Miss, and Miss E Cooke; Miss Mainwaring; . Mrs. Stedman aud Miss Anwyl ; Mr. E. Williams, Mrs. aud Miss Ross, Mr Pugh ; Mrs. More; Miss Edwards ; Miss Halifax, Mr. and Miss Barker, Mrs. Williams; Miss Croxon ; Mrs. and Miss Langford, and Miss Sandland ; Mr. nnd Mrs. Williams, Mr. and Mrt Symonds; Mr. Landnor, Mr. Smith, and Major Webber ; Mr. Bowl by, Mr. C. Morris, Mr. E. and Mr. J. Morris ; Captain Mortimer ; Jlessrs. I Charlton, T. Evans, Burnett, Gunning, Davics, It. Taylor, J. Einerv, R. Emery, R. Stewart, Price,. Phillips, Dyer, Seul, R. Williams, Williams, Blcnmau, & c. NOMINATION OF SHERIFFS. The following gentlemen are nominated by the Lords of the Council to serve the office of Sheriff for the counties to which their names are re- spectively attached, for Ihe year 1H- 23 :— Shropshire.— John Mvtton, of Halsten, Thomas Bishton, of Neach llill, and John Wingfield, of Onslow, Esqrs. Cheshire.— Robert Taylor, of Lymm, John White, of Sale, and John Smith Daintry, of Sutton, Esqrs. Herefordshire — Edmund Burttam Pateshall Alleusmore, Esq. Sir Edwin Stanhope, of Home Lacey, Bart, and William Chute Hay ton, of Moreton Court, Esq. Slajbrdshire.— Edward Sneyd, of Byrkley Lodge, James Ilordern, of Wolverhampton, and John Phillips, of Heath House, F. sqrs. Worcestershire.— Sir Christopher Sydney Smith, of E. irdistone, Bart. John Williams, of Petmaston, Esq. and William Congreve Russell, of Moore Green, Esq. The names uf the several persons nominated by the Chief Justices of the respective Circuits in Wales, as proper persons to serve ihe Office of Sheriff for the ensuing year, for tlic respective counties following : NORTH WALES. Anglesey.— Jones Pantop, of Plasgvvyn, Owen Owen, of Tyddvn Skcrri, and Richard Williams, of Treban, Esqrs. Carnarvonshire.— Sir David Erskine, of Plasissa, Bart. Owen Jones Ellis Naimey, of Gwynfryu, antl William Turner, of Garregfawr, Esqrs. Denbighshire.— Sir David Erskine, of Pwll- y Ci'ochon, Bart. William Joues, of Gelligonau, and Richard Myddelt'on Lloyd, of Wrexham, Esqri Flintshire — William John Bankes, of Soiighton, George Watkin Keurick, of Mertyn, and Philip Davies Cooke, of Gwsancy, Esqrs. Merionethshire.— William Bankes, of Dolytnoch, Edward Scott, of Bottalog, and John Wynne, of Garthyineilio, Esqri. Montgomeryshire David Pnglt, of Llanerchydol, Philip Morris, of Trehelig, and Thomas Thomas, of Llechwcddgartl), Esqrs. SOUTII WALES. Breconskite.— Arthur Maennmara, of Langoed C : t| e,- Charles Prichard. of Trewalter, aud William Davys, of Chanecfield, Esqrs. Cardiganshire.— George Price, of Pigeonsford, Lewis Davies. of Penglaes, and George Williams Parry, of Llydiardim, Esqrs. Carmarthenshire.— George Morgan, of A ber cothey, John Phillips, of Crygwyeu, and David Jones, of Pautglas, Esqrs. Glamorganshire.— William Williams, of Aber- pergwin, John Edwards, of Rheola, and John Henry Vivian, of Marino, Esqrs. Pembrokeshire.— Jacob Richards, ofTenby, Owen Lewis, of Trcwerri, and James Bowen, of I. au- gwair, Esqrs. Radnorshire.— John Benu Waisb, of Kevenlleeee. William Davi. es, of I. lanvihangel Nautmellan, and Richard Duppa, of Llanshay, Esqrs. — o— Our literary readers are reminded lhat the first volume of the Ntvw M ETHOIJIC AL, CYCLOPEDIA, in twelve elegant portable volumes, will be pub- lished on the FIRST of JANUARY: consequently, Orders should be given lo their Booksellers within the Wtek. Il will consist of Ihe interesting Sub- ject of UNIVERSAL HISTORY, of which there is { 4 present no .. Dictionary in the language. Mr. BETTY, the celebrated Young Rosciivs, during his Theatrical Vacation, has been enjoying himself at Went, iu this count)', Ihc neighbourhood iu which he resided when retiring from the Stage to complete his studies at Cambridge; his- time seems to have been actively employed by encourag- ing Charity, and giving a veic life aud lone to the inhabitants of that SOCIAL little TOWN. Report speaks tnost favourably of his professional abilities, and in drawing a comparison his present style of acting surpasses if possible, as a Man, his wonder- ful genius as a Child, wiih the additional advant- ages of Education, Figure, aud olher requisite accomplishments fur lhat line of life, which will doubtless ere long lank - him as one of the most favourite of her votaries. FATAL OCCURR'KKFK.— OU Thursday week, as Stephen Crewe, Esq. of Moor Collage, near Hawarden, was returning home, bo fed oil' his horse near the Grosvenor Arms, on the Salt ney Road, aud fractured his scull so dreadfully, as to cause his instant death. An inquest was held oil • the body, anil a verdict of Accidental Death was returned.— Mr. Crewe left Chester carrying a little girl before him on the horse; he had fallen her down some time before, but she happily sustained no injury. Mr. Bankes starts at Cambridge, with his hopes of success founded oil his Opposition to the Catholic Claims, which he avows in his Circular. At the last contested election, in Ihe year 1S1 the number of volts polled was SOU ; there are now, however, upwards of 1600 Members of the Senate on Ihe boards. It appears, according lo an official statement published hy the Dircclois of Worcester House of industry for Ihe last two years, that for the year ending at Michaelmas last, the expenditure of tbe united parishes of that city was £ 878. 8s. Id. less than during the preceding year. We understand that the curators of the Duke of Boccleugh and Que? i sherry have reduced the rents of his Grace's estates iu Roxburghshire 20 per cent. OI'TICAL TRAP.— To the curious it may not be uninteresting to he informed lhat au ingenious sportsman in Ihis vicinity ( Newport It. I.) has lately invented what appears to be entirely a novel mode of trapping birds, animals, &<•. It is founded 011 the principle of the fondness of many animals to associate w ilh each other— and is effected merely by placing a mirror iu a suitable trap, so situated thai Ihe auimal, in passing to and from its usual haunts, may see itself reflected, anil is somehow or other curiously impelled lo approach the glass, and consequently entrapped; for instance, in order lo take minks, musk rats, & c. a common box trap is made use of, wilh a mirror in the extreme end ( opposite Ihe mouth); this . being placed on Ihe margin of a river or pond of water frequented hy ihein, they will necessarily see themselves iu it, and like Narcissus, fall iu love with their shadow, mid are instantly entrapped. The inventor has not only been successful in taking the above animals, but he assures tne lhat he has recently caught rabbits aud partridges in otic of this construction, and that no hss than two dozen mice were takm in one t. iglit, without any other bait.— American Paper. On the property belonging to one of the cler- gymen at Elgin, there is, ofthis year's growth, a complete acre of the laigest turnips, of the Swedish kind, that were ever known to grow in Morayshire, each individual turnip weighing al an average 1 dibit, antl the whole on the field are reckoned, on a minute calculation, to weigh 300,008 pounds. Had they been allowed to remain in the ground for auy considerable time longer, they would have, undoubtedly, both in size and weight, far sur passed their present appearance. The summit level of the Caledonian Canal is 94 feel, and as 53 feet have been overcome in rising to Loch Ness, Ihe remaining height of 11 feet is attained by the construction of five locks at Fort Augustus-, one at Kylra, and a regulating lock at Aberchaldcr, within half a mile of Loch Oleh. At the south- west end of Loch Locliy is situated the last regulating lock on the line, and after passing through a great deal of deep - culling at Moy, Shone, and Muirshearlich, we reach the famous suite of eight locks at Banavie, aptly termed " Neptune's Staircase."— This majestic chain of locks sit altogether about 60 feet perpendicular, and cost about £ 50,000. They present Ihe greatest mass of masonry to be found ill Ihe world, as applicable to the purposes ofa canal. BOXING — The matches between Neate and Spring, ami between Randall and Martin, are off! — the stakes not having been made good. The sporting world is in an uproar. It is now said thai Gas sold his battle wilh Neale for £ 200. lu the Court of King's Bench, on Thursday, Samuel Waddinglon, of Radical notoriety, for publishing a seditious libel, entitled " Palmer's Principles of Nature," was sentenced to twelve months' imprisonment in the House of Correction, Cold Bath Fields, and at Ihe end of that period to find security for five yearr, himself in £ 1U0, and two sureties in £ 50 each. It is distressing to witness the want of patriotism of our speculating Englishmen in Fiance. At Charenton, near Paris, there is an extensive iron- foundcry, under Mr. Mauby, of Birmingham, anil Capt. Napier; the undertaking is unsuccessful; but the Frenchmen employed, of course, got initi ated in Ihe English process. A needle- manufactory, upon a large scale, is opt tied in Paris hy au Eng lishman; an English Quaker, in the Champs Elysees, has a manufactory for improvements in carriages ; another has established iron- works near Lyons ; a parly of English and French speculators are boring for iron in the North of France ; and another Englishman is establishing a soap- mami factory in one of Ihc fauxbourgs of Paris. Thus we see not only inanv of our Gentry wasting their incomes among the French, but the trading capi- talists of our country bringing their inouey and talents to aid a Power which tries to crush our nuuiufacl nres, BANKRUPTS, NOVEMBER 1t>.— Thomas Parker ihe younger, of Wood. street, London hosier.— Mark Healey, of Manchester, draper— Matthew Cuckson Thomson, of Hull, grocer nnd seedsman.— Thomas Lea, lale of Liverpool, grocer.-- William JohnWeslon Liuilsey, of Bath, silk- mercer.— Robert James, of St. Martin's, Stanford Baron, Northamptonshire, veterinary surgeon.— William Noakes, of Ihe Old City Chambers, London, wine- merchant.— Robert Kitchen aud John Amery, of Liverpool, tailors.— George Cooper, of Tufhurv, Staffordshire, miller,-. Reginald Graham, of Slinrler's- court, Throgniorton- street, London, stock- broker.— John Bitcktunsler and William Bnckmaster, of Old Bond- street, Middlesex, army clothiers and tailors.— Benjamin Bellis, of Liverpool, grocer.— Joseph Thorley, of Manchester, merchant, — William Dodd, of Orlou, Westmoreland, drover.— John Smith, of Liverpool, leather- culler,— J; imes Graham, of Dorset- stieel, Salisbury- square, London, cotton- mauofaetnrer— David Edwards, of Gloucester, tea dealer and grocer.— Johu Manning, of Clemeiit's- inii, Middlesex, money- broker and money scrivener. — Charles Rodney Huxley, of New. gale- street, London, wholesale glover.— William Collins, of Crowford- slreet, St. Mar. v- lc- Bone, Mid- dlesex, linen- draper.— Joshua Thomas Cooper, of Worcester, draper nnd tailor.— Catherine Havs and Willitim Henry Blundeii, of Oxford- street, Middle- six, linen- drapers.— John Hiron, of Banbury, Ox- fordshire, grocer, tallow- chandler, nud pawnbroker. BANKRUPTS, NOVEMBER 19.— William Spalding Williams, of Brompton, horse- dealer— Elizabeth Woodward, of Derby, innkeeper.— William Sunders, of Bristol, fishmonger and cyder- merchant. Frederick Collier Cookw- orthy, of Bristol, book- seller.— Benjamin Wiiinwright, of Hereford, malt- ster. CAUTION.— By ail Act of Parliament lately passed, till common Prostitutes & Night \ Valkers, wandering in Ihe public streets, are liable to he apprehended aud committed to the House of Correction: it is lawful for any person to appre- hend them, without a warrant; and watchmen, constables, and other peace officers, refusing or neglecting to do so, are liable to be fined £ 5; By an Act, passed early in the last Session of Parliament, the sufferers by the acts of incendiaries have a summary means afforded them of recovering damages for ihe injury so received by them, where the amount does not exceed £ 30, instead of having recourse1 to the more circuitous and expensive mode of obtaining il by an action at law. The mode pointed out by the Act is, for Ihe parties to give nolice to the chief officer of the district where the loss is sustained, who is directed thereupon to summon the local magistrates to Hold a petty sessions, they having a power given them to direct a compensation to the sufferers, out of a fund lo be raised in the manner pointed out by the Act, The Magistrates of London have expressed their determination to prosecute pawnbrokers as the receivers of stolen goods, in all cases where Ihe nature of the articles pawned, and the appearance of the persons offering such articles by way of pawn, ought lo induce a reasonable suspicion that such goods are not Ihe property of the persons so offering ( lie same, and when proper and strict inquiries under such circumstances have not beeu made to ascertain the fact. Those inquiries pawn- brokers are, by the 39th and 40th Geo. III. c. 99, authorised to make; and to detain any person offering goods in pawn, not giving a good account of himself, and of the means by which he became possessed thereof. CAUTION TO PERSONS BECOMING BAIL — We request ihe attention of onr Readers to tin Act of Parliament passed the 24lh of June last, entitled, Au Act for the more speedy return and levyino- of Fines, Penalties, and Forfeitures, und Recognizances estreated " The second section states, that instead of the olil custom of Returns beiug made l « ice a year to the Exchequer, of the Recognizances estreated, the same must, from and after the 29th day nf Sep- tember last, be forwarded by the Justice by whom such fine, is imposed, to tbe Clerk of the Peace ofthe County ; who, 21 days thereafter, or after the adjournment of ihe Court of General or Quarter Sessions, shuitld the Fines, Recognizance, be imposed there, is directed to send a fist of snch Forfeitures lo Ibe Sheriff, wilh a Writ of Distringas and Capias, or Fieri. focios and Capias, for immedi- ately levying the amount of such Fines, & c. upon ihe goods and chattels of ihe persons mentioned there, and for taking their bodies into custody, and lo remain in gaol until tbe next General or Quarter Sessions.— The fourth section requires- every Justice of the Peace, before whom any Recognizance shall be entered into, to give, at tbe time of entering inlo such Reco jnizniiee, a written notice to all llie parlies bound, describing iheir names and places of abode in words at length.— The fifth section gives : lie power of uppeal to the General or Quarter Sessions livnny person having his goods seized by the Sheriff, ui » " Ui his giving good security for his apt- eat'ilnce ; and lite sixth empowers the General or Quarter Sessions to hear and determine such appeals — This Act is now in course of operation ; and individuals entering, or having entered, into Recognizances, cannot be loo careful in withdrawing the same, so soon as possible Mr. Bowring, who was recently arrested in France, arrived in London on Sunday. He has been released by an order of the Procureur du Roi, declaring that no pain of imprisonment could lie inflicted for the offence with which he was charged, viz. the being ihe bearer of sealed letters. Accounts have been received from Rio Janeiro, stating that the Prince, the Authorities, and inhabitants of lhat place, have, in the name of the Brazilian nation, officially declared its absolute independence, and finally renounced all allegiance to the Parent State. A Letter from Verona, dated Oct. 20, says, " Yesterday, about 12 o'clock, a stout, well- shaped, jolly- looking individual, with a slouched hat, an olive frock coat, loose trowscrs, and his cravat tied negligently round his neck, entered the ordinary anti- room at the Duke of Wellington's, where all persons make their appearance before they are announced. Oil presenting himself he desired Ihe servant ill waiting to show him at once into the Duke's apartment, upon which the other stared, and the stranger smiled. The servant stared again, as much as to say, ' Who are yon, Sir, that presume upon so ready an access to the Duke of Wellington, for I know you are not Mr. Allen, the Quaker, nor Gen. Macauly, the two Slave- trade men to whom his Grace gives free audience?'— He was not in sooth either of Ihem; he was no olher lhan the Emperor of all tbe Russias, and the instant he disclosed his rauk the poor Janitor looked confounded while he flew to Capt. Cathcart, whose duly it was to announce the august visitor. His Imperial Majesty, oil being shewn in, ad-. drcssed the Duke in terms of familiar kindness, and remained closeted with him tor nearly three hours. This is the first prirate visit which the Emperor of Russia has paid since his arrival ; and if distinct from any political object, the honour must have come doubly enhanced to the noble personage, on whom it was conferred.— It is thought, however, that something more than the mere impulse of courtesy or kindness has led to it." Nothing has yet transpired officially of the proceedings of the Congress; hut it is generally believed that a strong disposition prevailed among the Powers to put down the Spanish Constitution- alists hy military force— a matter, in their opinion, of easy accomplishment. The opposition shewn hy England, however, happily prevailed, and peace will not be disturbed. | NAPOLEON'S MOTHER,— The following is an j extract from a private letter, dated Rome, Oct. 12 : | —" Well ni'ay it be said we live in extraordinary times. Who would have thought, 31) years ago, that the wife ofan humble Citizen of Ajaecio, anil who was afterwards living in straitened circum- stances in the City of Marseilles, should breathe her last, in 1822, in one of the most princely Palaces of this City; publishing her last will and testament to the world with a pomp and eclat that is not often seen even in individuals of the most exalted station. Such is the fact, however, as applicable to Madame Letitia Bonaparte. Her i chief heir is her grandson, the young Napoleon, | who, it is said, will ultimately receive an immense I fortune. To her eight children now living, lo wit, Joseph Bonaparte, Lncien, Lewis, Jerome, Elisa, H' IS MAJESTY'S LETTERS PA- TENT, have been granted to Mr. GEORGE STRATTON, for his Invention for CONSUMING SMOKE.— Any Person may know Particulars, by applying personally ( or by Letltr, Post- paid) to Messrs. STRATTON'and Co.' No. 1, Fttrnival's Inn, Holborn, where Ihe Nature of the Invention may be known, and Plans inspected. An Engine may be seen in Use, proving, beyond Doubt, its complete Efficiency.— This Invention accomplishes a great Saving of Fuel and Labour, increases the Power of. Steam Boilers, and has other important Advantages, most deserving the Attention of those interested in such Matters. ' I ' HE BOOKSELLERS within ihc Circuit of this Paper wilt thankfully receive Orders for (/ ie NEW METHODICAL CY- CLOPEDIA, the first Volume of which, con- taining HISTORY, will be published on the FIRST Day of JANUARY, at 10s. GRF. in Boards, or 12s. calf gill. , This CYCLOPEDIA is on a much im- proved Plan, every Science being contained in one Volume, tvhich may be had sepa- rately, forming a Dictionary complete by itself; while tlie ichole of the Sciences, as Stomachic Aperient Pills, Prepared from a Prescription of the lale Sir RICHARB JEBB, M. D. and Physician Extraordinary to the King. _ rrniESE very justly celebrated PILLS JL have experienced, through private Recom- mendation and Use, during a very long period, the flattering Commendation of Families oi' ihe first Distinction, as a Medicine superior lo all others in removing Complaints of the Stomach, arising from Bile, Indigestion, Flatulency, and habitual Coslive- ness,— The beneficial Effects produced iu all Cases for which they arc here recommended, renders tbeni worthy the Notice of the Public and to Travellers in particular, to whose Attention they are strongly pointed out ns the most portable, ' safe, and mild Apefient Medicine that can possibly be made use of. These Pills are extremely well calculated for those Habits of Body, lhat are subject to be Costive, as a continued Use of them, does nol injure but invigorates the Constitution, and will be found lo possess tlinss ' Qualities that will remove a long Series of Diseases resulting from a confined State of the Bowels, strengthen Digestion, create Appetite, and be of distinguished Excellence in removing Giddiness, Headaches, & c. & c. occasioned by the Bile in tbe Stomach, or the ill Effrcts arising from impure or too great a Quantity of Wine, Spirits, or Malt Liquor. i , • . I i, . HI - Persons of tbe most delicate Conslitution mav detailed til the Prospectus, Will be given in take then, with Safety in all Seasons of the Year' twelve several Volumes, one to be published and in all Cases of Obstruction arising from Cold or on the. first Day of twelve Months in 1823. The Execution will he in the first Style of Printing and Engraving, and modern Improvement and Discovery will be carefully incorporated. Booksellers, or others, who obtain twenty- five Subscribers will have twenty- five Co- pies at the wholesale Price of twenty- four. Of the same Booksellers may be pur- chased, in various Sites and Bindings the illustrated BIBLES, TESTAMENTS, and COMMON PRAYERS. London, November, 1822 successive 0,' ier Causes, where nn opening Medicine is wanted, 1 they will be found the best cordial Stimulant in Use. Prepared and sold Wholesale and Retail, iu Boxes every nt ls- 6d. and 3s. ed. each Box, bv W. RIDGWAY ' 1 Druggist, Market Drayton.— Sold Retail by Mr! HUMPHREYS, Shrewsbury; Bratlborv, Wellington- Parker, Whitchn rcll; Stevens, Newport; Painter, Wrexham; Bangh, Ellesmere; Morgan, Stafford ; and by I'onle and Harding, Chester. M This Day is published, in one Vol. 12mo, Price 4s. 6d. AN, or Anecdotes National and In- dividual, an Historical Melange, by Mary Ann lledoe. after tbe Kecognizances are satisfied ; otherwise, as ! Pa » l* hfi Caroline, and Hortensia, she bequeaths to the Public Officers have no discretionary power, its • ffects may be severely felt. WATERLOO AND MERSEY BANKS.— WE copy ' from an « veiling paper the following; account of the examination, on llie Sth instant, in the Insolvent j Debtors1 Court, of Thomas Ambrose, one of the firm I of the late Waterloo Hank, in Pall- mall. It will be recollected that it was upon fhe firm, to which Am- brose states be belonged, that the bills ofthe Mersey Rauk were drawn : — Thomas Ambrose wns opposed by Mr. llenth, on behalf of Mr. Davis.—' The insolvent, on bis examina- tion, stilted that he was discharged under the insolvT ent act about two years and a half ago, from debts amounting- to about £ 7000. He had been a bank t rupt some time before his discharge, and Some time I since; the last time was in January in the present j year. About six months after bis former discharge hn took, from Mr. Davis, tbe house in Wate^ loo place, \ Pall- math in which the Waherloo Bank was after- I wards carried on ; tbe insolvent was an anonymous I partner in tbe bank tbe firm was Willerton. Beau- i mont, and Co.; ihere was such a person as Wiih rton ! in being;; he had formerly lived near Pontefract, in Yorkshire, at present he lives in Hull; there was also such a person as Beaumont; be formerly lived at Islington ; bis present residence is unknown ; bills were drawn in tbe name of D Miaston, hut no person of that name had >< ny thing- to do with the bank.— Mr. Heath shewed the insolvent a hill drawn in that name, and asked bim whether it was his band- writ- ing? The insolvent appealed to tbe Court that be was not bound to answer any question that had no reference to any debt be owed, nor to any thing- eon tained in his schedule. The answer was not insisted on. The Court said it was quite clear the insolvent's case did not come within tbe Act of Parliament. His insolvency was not produced by h eritable misfortune, and be could not be entitled to be again discharged, under the Act, within five years of bis former dis- charge, without the consent of three fourths of bis creditors ; his petition must therefore be dis missed. In the Court of King's Bench, on Saturday, twelve persons were brought up to veceive judg;- ment, on the prosecution of Amos Barber. The i each and every one the sum of 150,000 scudi | (£ 37,500 sterling), making in the whole three j hundred thousand pounds I The four daughters of Lucien are to have each a marriage portion cf 25,000 scudi. And to her brother, Cardinal Fesch, who already rolls in wealth, she bequeaths a superb Palace, filled with the most splendid furniture and rarities of every sort." Eruption of JlJount Vesuvius• Printed for A. K. NEWMAN and Co. Leadenhall- Street. Where may be bad, new Editions of tbe following Juvenile and Moral Works, printed this Summer, and adorned with Plates— CLERGYMAN'S Wmow, by Mrs. Hofland, 5th Edition, half- ho. und, Roan and lettered, 2s. fid. AFFECTIONATE BROTHERS, by the Same, 3d Edition, 2s ( id. ALICIA ANT) HER AUNT, hy the Same, 2s. fid. WILLIAM TBLL, from the French of Florian, new Edition, 2s. 6d. ORIGINAL POETRY FOR CHILDREN, 3d Edition, en- larged, 2s. SPARTACCS, a Roman Story., 2s. ABBOT'S HISTORY OF LONDON to the Present Time, boards, 4s. DAVIS'S ( MARY ANN) FABLES IN VERSE, 2d Edition enlarged, 3s. PASSIONS OF LEBRUN, illustrated by 19 Plates, 3s. fid* PETEZI WJLIUNS, Life and Wonderful Adventures, new Edition, 2s. ( 3d. MARIA WEST, or the Soldier's Orphan, by a Clergy- man^. BAMFYLDE MOORE CAREW, new Edition, 3s. Gd. BOYLE'S VOYAGES, elegant Plates, 2s. fid. For Colds, Coughs, Asthmas, tj- c. HE PECTORAL ELIXIR. Ex- perience during a very long- Period has in- contestibly proved the superior Efficacy of this Medicine, iu all Cases of COLDS, COUGHS, and ASTHMATIC AFFECTIONS. By promoting- gentle Expectoration it very shortly relieves the Patient j of a slight or recent Cold, and a few Doses are ' generally sufficient to remove those which;. Neglect I has rendered more confinnedand obstinate, and which are accompanied wilh Cough, Spitting of Blood, Its peculiar Balsamic THE ROYAL FAMILY, NOBI- LITY, GENTRY, and LADIES & GENTLE- ^ . MEN may rely on il, they will not have a Hair fall ^ f off or turn grey, by now using PRINCE'S celebrated i RUSSIA OIL, as it is so improved with an extra I valuable Ingredient, through which it 1ms made the j Russia Oil the greatest Nourisher and Preserver to I the Hair in the Universe, will make it grow thick and j long, aud prevent its falling o^' or ever turning- 1 Grey; and is such a Nourisher to the Roots ofthe | Hair, that if it even has began to turn Grey, will 1 restore it again to its natural Colour,; and, if used often, it will never turn Grey again, and is sore to- clear the Scurf, from Infancy to old Age, and will always keep the Head and Hair cb- au and beautiful. Gentlemen who have lost their Hair, and have the least Sign of Roots of Hair remaining, by using- re- gularly, for a few Months, Prince's Improved Russia Oil, with the extra valuable Ingredient, will be sure to restore it, and produce a fine Head of Hair, which Hundreds have experienced. Even Medical Gen- tlemen have published, in the Gazette of Health, that Prince's Russia Oil is superior to any Oil for the Hair, and will do, in Cases of Baldness and weark Hair, what can possibly be done. Ladies will find Prince's Russia Oil preferable to any other Oil for dressing their own or false Hair, as it gives it a nalutal Gloss, softens anH curls it Gen-, tlemen wearing Powder ought to use it instead of Pomatum: it also produces Eyebrows, Whiskers, Sic. and, through the extra Ingredient, it will now al t. iys, keep pleasant in all Climates. Ask for Prince's Improved Russia Oil, with the extra Ingredient, and observe " Prince" on the Wrapper and Seals; rind his Address; " A. Prince, rjpf Extract of a private letter from Naples, dated Oct. 25, 1822:—" Yon will have heard, my dear brother, before this reaches you, of the awfully grand eruption of Vesuvius. Nothing: similar has been witnessed since 1794, when the town of Torre del Greco, seated at about four miles from tbe crater, 1 and other serious Symptoms was partly destroyed. During- the evening- of the i Powers tend to heal Soreness and allay the Irrita- Qlst, a little smoke appeared, and distinct reports of j tion of the Lnngs, in Cases of Cough, and in Asth- artillery, as it seemed, proceeded from that part of J matic Affections, it assists and gives Freedom to ibe the bay. Had the sky not been perfectly serene, one ! Breath. would have considered it to be thunder. Towards ' Sold in Bottles at Is. l| d. and 2 « . 9d. by Butlers, nine o'ciock, however, a little fire app « ired at the Chemists, No. 4, Cheapside, St. Paul's, and 220, old crater, and left us no longer in doubt about the Regent- Street, ( near the Argvle Rooms) London; cause of the intonations. At a few minutes past 11,! 20, Waterloo- Place, Edinburgh ; and 34, Sackville- it burst forth iu all its fury, throwing- out stones to a great height. In three hours afterwards, the lava rolled forth in two grand streams, one taking towards Resiaa, where the King's Villa, called La Favorita, is situated, and the other inclining in a more souther- ly direction to Torre del Annunziata- " At three o'clock in the morning of the 22d, a shower of ashes was emitted, and the wind being- North, they fell over Torre de! Anuunziata, Castel- a- Mar, and Sorrento. At the former of these towns, distant about five miles from the base of tbe volcano, is a gunpowder manufactory, but no danger seemed to be apprehended till the ashes fell, as the lava made but little progress. About four o'clock an order was given to remove the gunpowder to the wate- rside, and to destroy it if necessary; this was the signal for alarm, and two battalions of Neapolitans were the first lo deenmp, I left Naples with some friends at four, ond we reached Torre del Annuuziata at six, and at that hour found the cinders there an inch in depth; but no pen. 1 pari describe the confusion the whole town was thrown into— one. g- eneral panic had , .. , • , i .... • . I seized the whole population, and nothing was thought defendants were convicted at V^ arwick of a violent j of jMI, tl( P means of rscapo Furniture ?> f every de- outrage, riot, and conspiracy, in having seized the plaintiff ( he having worked atndcr the rate of | wages as laid down by a committee of weavers, of. which body the defendants formed a part), and scription was being lowered from the windows, and every sort of vehicle was iu requisition to transport it thev knew not whither. My friends and I went to Scafati on the East side placing him upon an ass dragged him through the ! P< MnPe, S at t,, e of the mountain, and there DIED. pn the 12th inst. at his house in Sloane- street. London, iu his 82d - year, the Rig- lit Hon. Lord Grantley, Baron Markinfield, in the county of York, Lord High Steward of Guildford, Colonel of the lst Royal Surrey Militia, F. S. A. & c. His Lordship succeeded to the titles and estates of his father, the late Lord, in the year 1788; and is succeeded by his nephew, Fletcher Norton, Esq. Lately, at New York, of the yellow fever, Abraham Moore, Esq. barrister- at- law, who left England somewhat abruptly, about a year ag- o. previous to which time he was ap ag- ejit to Earl Grosveoor, streets of Coventry in that degrading situation. They were sentenced by the Court to pay a fine to the King of £ 20, to be imprisoned in the House of Correction at Warwick for nine months, and afterwards find securities to keep the peace for five years in £ 40 each. - THE PORTSMOUTH CASE,~- III the Court of Chancery, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the 7th, Sth, and 9th instant, the Attorney General, Mr. Wetberell, Mr Shadwell, Mr. Bell, and Mr. Pepjs, were heard on behalfof'the petition of A. W Fellowes, Esq. son of the Hon. Newton Fellowes, aud nephew of the Earl of Portsmouth, alleging- tbat the Earl was of unsound mind and weak understanding-, and pray- ing that a Commission of Lunacy might issue against him. The Learned Gentlemen detailed at great length the affidavits which were filed in support of the prayer of the petition, that the E$ rl of Ports- • month had long been treated with great cruelty, horsewhipped, and chastised like a child by the Countess, and a M<\ Alder, who was introduced to the family as a medical man, hut in reality is of the legal profession— that the Countess horsewhipped her husband, dressed or undressed, and slept with the horsewb'p under her pillow— that a criminal in- tercourse has existed between her and Alder, and that the child lately born was the offspring- of this intercourse — that the conduct of the parties in Scot- land was so gross that they were obliged to quit several lodgin- ys in consequence— that Lord Ports- mouth called his lady Mrs Alder, and said he would never live with ber again— that the Earl was con- vinced of his own inability to become a father, and that Mr. Hanson, the Countess's father, was aware of it before his daughter's marriage — Ou Saturday and Monday Mr. Home was heard forthe Countess. He pronounced the charges against her to he false and wicked, and stated she had not made affidavit, knowing- justice could not be done ber in the present stage of tbe affair. He commented on the affidavits produced by the other side, and con- tended that they were utterly incredible. He ad- mitted his Lordship might be considered a weak man, consequently liable to imposition, but not in- sane. He was not Counsel for Lady Portsttiduth, hut for Lord Portsmouth, retained by Lady Portsmouth. The Learned Gentleman adverted to the short speech of Mr. Hart, who had said he had nothing to offer on the part of his Lordship, and intended, that the fact of a Solicitor instructing- Counsel on behalf of the Nolide Earl, mnst be taken as proof that his Lordship bad given instructions; and if insane, he could not have done so. Mr. Home dwelt upon the fact of no attempt beiug made to obtain a commission until the birth of a child, and then that the petition should be filed by a young gentleman who had just attained the age of 21 ,-^- The further hearing- of ihegase was deferred. we witnessed the opening of the new crater, which took place at two o'clock in the afternoon. " The lava from this mouth poured forth in torrents, | Medicine Vende and joining- in its tract the stream from the old one, made rapid strides towards the sea. At five o'clock, Torre del Annunziata seemed iu imminent danger. We re. passed the town at that. hour on our return to Naples, and found it nearly deserted— the Neapoli- I tan troops had been brought back to within half a ', mile of the town, where they were bivouacked, and I learnt from some of them that the Austrians at Nocera had stopped their passage in that direction, j The shower of ashes continued, and increased in size ' as we approached Torre del Greco, there they fell as 1 larg- e as orange pips, twisted like tea, of a dark brown colour, and, being- pressed, crumbled into fine pow- j der. The noise was prodigious on the trees and umbrellas, and the shower lasted to within a mile of | Torre del Greco, where we got to windward of jt. j The depth of ashes was, at six o'clock, 18 inches ' at Torre del Annunziata, and somewhat more along; ! the promontory extending- to Sorrento, which was i the direction the wind continued to take. 44 As night approached, the blaze of fire from the j mountain seepi'd to increase, and the awful grandeur ; of the scene from Satife, Lueea, where I reside, mnst ; have been seen to have a just idea of. There seemed j to be three or more cascades of fire thrown from what appeared the entire cone of the volcano, and several smaller streams communicating; one with the other. 44 During ( benight of the 22d the lava reached the wood of Trehase, which burnt with great fury throughout the following $ ay, and yesterday evening nearly a hundred acres of land were laid waste, being, as it were, overrun with b* va. 44 The fire seems to- day to be spent, but as the wind has changed to the south- east, or, as it is called, Sci rocco, the smoke and ashes have come over Naples, and the mountain with Portici, and all along the Bay, are invisible, while, at mid- day, torches are almost necessary, and umbrellas absolutely so. The King's villa at llesina was yesterday stripped of its furniture, and I may say that the whole line of coast, from Portici to Castel- a- Mar, has been abandoned, unless we except the curious who flock in crowds to see what is passing. 44 The Police, from Naples, have been on the spot from the time danger appeared imminent, to preserve order as well as possible, and have an eye on the gang- s of robbers which appeared with the confusion, and last evening- 19 men were taken at Torre del Greco, in women's clothes, visiting the houses which the owners had abandoned so hastily. 44 The King departed for Congress on the 22d. We slept at Mola di Garta that night, whence we saw the eruption of Vesuvius, and il is remarkable, that when we left here for Lay bach, in December. 1820, there was seen, on the night of his Majesty's departure, an eruption ofthe mountain, though pot so violent as the present." Street, Dublin; and by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, and the principal Medicine- Venders throughout the United Kingdom. N, B. Be careful to ask for BUTLER'S PECTORAL ELIXIR, and to observe the Government Stamp has the Words 44 Butlers, 4, Cheapside," engraved on it. Under the Protection of Government., by Royal Letters Patent, RANTED to ROBERT FORD, ~ W for his Medicine; universally known by the Title ol' Pectoral BALSAM of 110RF. 110UNI)', anil Great Restnrative Medicine— invented a by the Patentee in 1794, which is patronised by the Nobility, and by the Faculty generally recommended throughout the United Kingdom aud on the Conti- nent, as tbe most efficacious and safe Remedy lor Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, Hoopiog Cough, and all Obstructions of the Bteast and Lungs.— The high Estimation it has obtained over every other Prepara- tion, and the extrusive Demand, sufficiently prove its Superiority, whieh may be ascertained at any of the principal Venders of Medicines in the United Kingdom.— Prepared only and sold by the Patentee in Bottles at Ids. 6d.— 4s. 6d.—- 2a. 9d.— and ls. 9d. each. *** The Public will please lo observe, tbat each Bottle is enclosed in Wrappers printed in Red Ink, and signed in the Hand- writing of the Patentee, without which it cannot be genuine. Sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, and all ip, Poland- Street, Oxford Street, near the Panlheon, London," is oil the Clover of each Bottle; without, it is not genuine, and cannot answer lite Purpose. Tbe. Ounce Bottle 5s. or a large Bntlle, containing five Ounces, £ 1. which is a saving; or six large Bottles for £ 5, which is vet a grealer saving. Proved by Affidavit, the 24lh of November, 1814, before the Lord Mayor, of London, that A. Prince is the Original Proprietor in llie I'mverseof the Russia Oil; and therefore if any Perfumer, Medicine Vender, Hair Dresser, oraoy ot. e else, sell Ross a Oil, that is not Prince's, they are Impostors, as tiiiy uell Counterfeits to tbeir Customer'. Sold, Wholesale, Retail, and for Explication, by Ihe sole Proprietor, A. Prince, removed to No 0, Poland- Street, Oxford. Street, nenr the Pantheon ; and by Mr. Smyth, Perfumer lo his Majesty, New Bond- Street; Hendrie, Tichborne- Slreet ; and by most principal Perfumers and Medicine Veudeia It is no Wani'- er thut Ladies and Grotlpoirn have complained nf late of ibe Russia Oil: nut being .. f Service to tbe llair, as they have found out thatlin- prineipled Persons have, sold them Counterfeits. *** Lad ies aud Gentlemen will be particular, a.^ Impostors have made ihe Covers of tbe Counterfeit Russia Oil so much like the Genuine, and even imitated ihe Original Proprietor's Name, and also copied the. Affidavit of Ihe Original Proprietor, made before the Lord Mayor; therefore Purchasers should be cautions, anil have it of the Proprietor, » r of a respectable Vender. Ladies aud Gentlemen residing in the Country, mav be certain of having the Genuine Russia Oil liy sending a Remittance lo the Proprietor, it will he forwarded immediately by Coach. Il keeps in all Climates: the older the better.— Merchants and Captains will receive a liberal Allow- ance for Exportation. Observe— There are Trash Counterfeits selling in petty Shops for tiny small Price, but ihe Genuine is only sold iu two Sizes, ill 5s. nud " 20s. Bottles. Mr. PRINCE respectfully acquaints Perfumers and Medicine Venders in the Country, tbat tbey may be supplied with the Genuine Russia Oil, from any of tile Wholesale Perfumers or Medicine Venders they deal with in Loudon, as tbe principal Wholesale Houses in London are Agents ofhis; and Mr. P. has made such Arrangements as to enable them lo allow all Country Shopkeepers a good Discount. For (' orns, Bunions, " J^/ JORRIS'S ROYAL ifc. BRUNS- WICK CORN PLASTER, prepnred from a Recipe belonging to her late Majesty. It is an excellent Remedy for eradicating Corns, and giving Relief to those who have hard fleshy Substances at the Bottom of Iheir Feet, without tbe least Pain or Inconvenience, and prove a very useful Family Plaster for fresh Wounds and Scalds, likewise for Bunions. Prepared by G. MORRIS, Chemist to Ihe Royal Family, Kensington. Sold in Boxes alls, l^ d. ond 2s. 9d. hy Butlers, Chemists, No. 4, Cheapside, Si. Paul's, and 220, Regenl- Sireet ( near the Argyle Rooms), London ; 20, Waterloo- Place, Edinburgh; 34, Sackv'ille- Streel, Dublin; and by W EDDOWKS, Shrewsbury, and the principal Medicine- Venders throughout the United Kingdom. N. B. Be careful to ask for MORRIS'S Brunswick Corn plaster, and to observe the Government Stamp has the IVords " Butler, 4, Cheapside," engraved on it. THE ANTI- IMPET1G1NES; Or, SolGmon" s Drops• EW Families are entirely exempt from Diseases caused by Impurity oT the Blood and Depraved Humours. In fact, our artificial Habits and the Vices of Society are continually introducing such Complainis Vvhere tbey were unknown before. Hence tbe Prevalence of Scrofula, Cutaneous Erup- tions, Bilious Complaints, jind Chronic Rheumatism, not to speak of Diseases more immediately connected with an INFECTED SYSTEM. The ANTI- IMPETIGINES attacks this Hydra at its Seat, and by a mild,. but effectual Operation, purifies the whole Mass of Biood, au. d gives new Vigour to the vital Organs. One or two Bottles have suc- ceeded, when every other Means have been ineffec- tually resorted to. Cases aud Illustrations may be seen jo the GUIDE TO HEALTH, Price 3s. to which the Reader is also referred for much valuable Informa- tion on Subjects tno$ t interesting to 9II Classes of Persons. Tbe Anti- Impetigines is-- gold bv W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, and all Medicine Venders, in Bottles ajt lis. each ; there are also Family Bottles, Price 33s. each, containing the Quantity of four at lis.— To prevent Counterfeits, the Words 44 SAM*-. SOLOMON, LIVERPOOL," are engraved 011 the Stamp, to imitate which is FELONY. ( C^ r* Patients requiring Advice, may obtain it by Application to Gilead- House, accompanied by a Hepmtance of a One Pound Note. F For Indigestion, Jaundice, Loss of Appetite, and other Disorders
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