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Titles Included

Titles Included

Documents Available

Documents Available
Titles Included
The latest newspapers include the 1899 and 1900 UK Police Gazette's which contain photographs and woodcuts of individuals wanted by the Police the text of which has been spell checked to maximise searching results.  
Documents available
The content of Last Chance To Read includes a wide range of 18th and 19th Century newspapers with a mix of international, national, and local news items; supported with national and local advertisements.

About Last Chance To Read

Last Chance To Read makes available a searchable collection of thousands of pages of scarce British and Irish newspapers and other publications, most of which were printed between the years 1710 and 1900.

The name "Last Chance To Read" was chosen to highlight the scarcity of the content. While many copies of each issue of a newspaper were printed, very few survive today, so few in fact we believe that some of the images on this website could be the last copies in existence of that issue.
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