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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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ON PETITIONS RELATING TO LIMERICK TAXATION, gi •• qualifications looked to ?— They are not; I have not in any instance known a grand jury where any one was returned upon that grand jury, who was supposed to be inimical to the interests of the Gort family. Have you ever known any instance in which the votes of the common council, for the appointment of any city officers, have been made the matter of canvas?— Never. Have you ever known any intimation on the part of the council, or any of its members, who was to fill any city office, or to serve upon any grand jury, until intimation was made by the representative of the chamberlain's family?— I have known it kept a close secret almost in every instance; and it was merely by surmise that we knew who was or was not to be mayor or sheriff; as to the recorder and town clerk they were generally elected annually. Is your son one of the petitioners for his freedom ?— Yes. Did you accompany him when he went to make his demand ?— I did. Did you tender evidence of the fact of his being your son, and of your belonging to the corporation ?— I did, and of my marriage. To whom did you make that application?— I made the application, in the first instance, to Sir Christopher Marett, when mayor, and afterwards there was a com- mittee appointed to investigate the claims, and I attended before the committee, and gave such proofs as were required of me, but it still remains undecided whether my son is to be a freeman or not, unless it has been decided since I left home. Can you inform the Committee what are the charter clays of the corporation of the city of Limerick?— In fact, I did not know there were distinct charter days till I had a conversation with the present mayor; he said, they were the first Monday after the 24th of June, and the first Monday after the 29th of September. What did the mayor state to you with reference to these charter days ?— That those were the days upon which he conceived those claims could be taken into consi- deration, and the result of the determination made known. During your acquaintance with the common council of Limerick, have you known freemen made indifferently, or only upon those days ?— Oh ! dear yes ; in many, many instances; numerous instances. Did you attend the committee that was appointed for the investigation of your son's claim?— Yes, I did. Who composed that committee ?— To the best of my recollection, the mayor was one, Alderman Watson another, Sir Christopher Marett another, and one or two more; I may possibly have mis- stated the names of the parties ; but those whom I have mentioned were three of them, I believe. Mr. Ralph Westropp, was he one ?— I believe he was. Was Mr. Fitzgerald Mahony one ?— I believe he was. Are those gentlemen members of the common council of the city of Limerick ? — They are. Have you frequently seen those individuals at council ?— Very frequently. They must consequently have been aware of your being a member of the common council ?— Oh, decidedly. Have you ever known any expenditure of the corporation funds for the purpose of the repairs of the roads and bridges of the liberties, or upon any public works ?— I have not. How are those roads and bridges now repaired ?— I believe by the grand jury cess. How is that grand jury cess levied?— I declare I am not aware. Who are the individuals that pay it?— By the citizens of the whole town, I believe. Do you recollect the state of the parish of St. Michael previously to the establish- ment of the board of commissioners for its internal management, with reference to its paving, lighting and police ?— I do; but I am not aware out of what funds those repairs were effected. Can you inform the Committee, whether there has been an improvement, or otherwise, of the condition of the parish of St. Michael since the parishioners have had the administration of their own funds ?— I think a great deal. Can you inform the Committee what is the present state of the old town of Limerick ? — In a perfect state of dilapidation. The Old Town is under the government of what body ?— It is supposed to be under the government of the corporation. Do you consider that the parishioners of St. Michael's have the control over their own revenues ?— I believe they have. 617. Do Appendix ( A.) Mr. B. M'MaAun. ( 5 July.)
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