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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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\ / o M MINUTES OF EVIDENCE BEFORE SELECT COMMITTEE " Appendix When youwefb last m Limerick, did you make any application with respecf to the ( A.) freedom of the city ?— Yes, I did. v. ^ J / To whom did you apply ?— To the mayor. Mr. What answer did the mayor make to you ?— That it had been referred by a former 1/. Barrington. c'tfriticft to a committee, and that there had been no council since. ( 2 July.) Didlie state at ^ iere were Part'cular days for admitting freemen ? — He stated, that there were two councils held in the year; I reminded him, that councils were very frequently called; and he said, that was only for particular occasions, such as granting the freedom to great men. And no answer was given to yoii on that occasion ?— None; but that he presumed it would be considered by the next council. Are you acquainted with the individuals who have of late years held the corporate offices of the city of Limerick ?— Yes, all of them, I believe. Are you acquainted with the late recorder ?— Yes, certainly. Were you in Limerick at the time of the discharge of that officer as an insolvent? — Yes, I was. Have you got a copy of the order of his discharge ?— Yes; I believe I have. [ The witness produced the same.] Are you acquainted with another alderman of the corporation of the name of Wilkinson?— Yes, I am. Are you aware whether he was in a similar situation to that of the recorder? — Yes, he was ; he was a bankrupt, and I believe also discharged as an insolvent. . Are you acquainted with the late sheriffs of the city of Limerick?— Yes; Mr. Collis and Mr. Brereton. Were they continued in office for more than one year ?— I believe for seven years; six or seven years. During their continuance in office, were there any contested elections?— Yes, there were. How many?— Two or three; three, I believe. They were continued as returning officers during two or three contested elections ? i— They were. Are you aware of the costs incurred altogether in establishing the right of the three individuals to the freedom of Limerick ?— They were very heavy. Did they amount to more than 2,000/.?'— Considerably more. More than 3,000/.?— More than 5,000/. or 7,000/. calculating the costs of both / sides, or exceeding that; the costs paid by the corporation to us were between 2,000 /. and 3,000/. Was it publicly known in Limerick what the intentions of persons upon this committee were ?— Yes, I think it was. What was the general impression ?— That it was to investigate all the abuses of the corporation, the appointing of juries, and many other matters, the taxes and the misapplication of the tolls. Was it a matter of notoriety for several years preceding, subsequent to the special report of the committee, that it was the intention of the people of Limerick to apply by petition to Parliament on this subject?— Certainly, for many years; at least for eight or ten years. Can you inform the Committee, whether there was a petition agreed upon at a public meeting with respect to that?— There was. Was that petition printed in all the public papers of Limerick ?— It was; and printed in hand- bills, and distributed about the town, I believe. You state that you are a solicitor ?— Yes. Were you employed as law agent to the committee of independence in Limerick? -— Yes, I was. They were opposed to the corporation interest ?— They were. Associated for the purpose of opposing the corporation? — I cannot say of opposing the corporation, because they consider that the corporation belonged to the citizens at large, and that it had fallen into the hands of one individual; and it wris rather opposing that individual's management of the corporation than the corporation itself. In fact, they wanted to get the corporation for themselves?— No, I do not thirtk they did; they wanted to make the corporation a fair one, and not the property of one individual. • They
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