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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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ON PETITIONS RELATING TO LIMERICK TAXATION. 73 / - Was he called upon to pay the expense of that stamp ?— He was certainly, and made to pay it. Are you aware of any committee being appointed by the corporation to examine the claims of persons applying for their freedom in the course of the last year?— I have heard of such a committee, but I have no other knowledge of it than hear- ing it. am Appendix ( A.)' Are you yourself a claimant for the freedom of the city of Limerick ?— Yes, I petitioned two years back nearly, Have you been admitted ?— No, not that I know of. Have you made any applications to be admitted to the freedom of the city ?— Yes, I did, by petition. Any subsequent application ?— Yes, I have. What answer has been given ?— That they had not come to any determination upon it. Have freemen, admitted by special favour, the right of voting in elections ?— Yes, all freemen have. Can you inform the Committee, whether in the interval of presenting those petitions and the present time there have been many persons made freemen by the corporation by special favour?— I do not know that; the council books will show it: I have heard that there were since my petition ; certainly there were many made between the time of my father's petitioning and of granting his freedom. Have you known the death of any individuals who have applied for the freedom of the city of Limerick to take place since they have so applied ?— Yes, I think I have ; there was a Mr. Vokes, and by his death the right was lost to his eldest son and son- in- law, and if he had been in trade it would have been lost to his apprentices. Have you brought over any attested copies of documents relative to the city of Limerick ?— Yes, I have. Will you have the goodness to produce them ? > [ The Witness produced the same.] Have you compared them ?— Yes, I have; and saw them attested. Have you been employed in making demands from the town clerk of the city of Limerick for lists of freemen and for inspection of the corporation books ?— Repeatedly ; I have made repeated demands, which were always refused. What were the statements then made by the officer of the corporation ?— That he should consult, and always refused giving them. Is that memorandum in your hand- writing? [ A paper being handed to the Witness.] — It is. Was that made at the time?— It was on the very day that it is dated. What is the statement that Mr. Parker then made with respect to the inspection of the corporation books ?— He refused to comply with the demand until he had con- sulted those for whom he said he was a trustee. Similar answers were given to you during the course of many years ?— Certainly, from 1812 to 1820. Have you made demands to see the ancient corporation books?— Yes, I have. Have those been complied with?— No. What was the answer of the town clerk with respect to those ancient corporation books prior to the year 1745 ?— That he had not got them ; he said they never came to his possession. Were the inhabitants of Limerick subject to any difficulties with regard to the registration of freeholders?— Certainly to very great difficulty ; they never could get a registry until after the petition to Parliament, it was always refused ; I mean, by refusal, that the demand was made, and no registry held. Are you acquainted with Mr. Arthur Vincent, who was examined before a Com- mittee of this House ?— Yes, I am. fie is a friend of the corporation, and a member of the common council ?— I believe a very intimate friend. Can you inform the Committee what the pressure of taxation is upon the liberties — the average acreable tax ?— No, I cannot exactly say; but I understand it to be very oppressive. It is a matter of public complaint ?— It is certainly. How long have you been absent from Limerick ?— Not more than about a month. - 617. X When Mr. M. Harrington. ( s July.)
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