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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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O N P E T I T I O N S R E L A T I N G T O L I M E R I C K T A X A T I O N . 63 Uncle to the present chamberlain ?— Yes. Who was present at the committee of account at this meeting, to audit the accounts of the chamberlain ?— Lord Kiltarton. Was he also present on the 28th June 1813?— Yes, he was. Can you speak of the usual course of proceeding with regard to claimants; whom do you understand by claimants?— Claimants for freedoms. Under what right?— Birth, servitude, and marriage. You have stated, that the usual course of proceeding with regard to such claimants, was to refer their claims to the committee ?— That was the antient course, as I have heard, and has been adopted of late; it was the antient course, as appears by the books, the existing course at present. When was that course first adopted, in your memory ?— There was a resolution of council, appointing the charter justices, recorder, alderman Joseph Gabbit, and John Wallace, esquires, three of whom to be a quorum; they were appointed a committee of this council, to investigate the claims of the several persons petitioning for their freedom at large, and who are to report their opinion to this council con- cerning the same. When is this dated?— The 8th of October 1821. Is there any other instance, within your memory, of the appointment of such a committee?— Not that I can recollect; I do not recollect any. The following extract was read, from the answer of the mayor, sheriffs and citizens of the city of Limerick " That there is not, nor has been time out of mind, an antient and laudable custom, or any custom used and approved of within the said city, that every person being of the age of twenty- one years, and the eldest son of a freeman of the said city, hath a right in respect thereof to be admitted and sworn into the place and privilege of one of the freemen of the said city." How long has there been any recognition, on the part of the corporation, of the rights by birth, service and marriage ?— I believe since the decision of the Committee of the House here upon the election petitions. Therefore, the only instance in which the committee has been appointed has been the one referred to ?— Yes. Will you have the kindness to produce the petitions of the individuals who last applied for the freedom of the corporation ?— [ The witness produced some papers.] The first of these is Mr. John Norris Russell ?— Yes. You are acquainted with him ?— Yes. Did Mr. Francis Russell serve the office of sheriff?— I believe so. You have spoken of charter- days; do you mean to state to the Committee that no freeman can be made except upon charter- days?— I do not. Have you ever known freemen admitted upon any but charter- days ?— I have. Frequently ?—' Yes. How many charter- days are there in a year ?— Two. Have the kindness to turn to the entry of the 15th of February 1813. [ The witness referred to the same.] I have it. Were there very many freemen admitted on that day ?— Yes. Above ten ?— Above a hundred. That was not an admission upon a charter- day?— No. Have the kindness to turn to the next admissions?—[ The witness referred to the same.~\— June 28th was the next; that is a charter- day. Turn to the next ?—[ The witness referred to the same.]— The next was a charter day, I believe the 11th of October. Turn to the next?— The witness referred to the same.]— The next is the 24th January 1814- Was that a charter day ?— No. How many were admitted on that day ?— Some few, not many. Turn to the next?—[ The witness referred to the same]— The next admission appears to be the 7th of March. Is that a charter day?— No. 617. H° w L Appendix ( A.) Mr. Edward Parker. ( 27 June.)
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