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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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Appendix ( A.)': Mr. Edu'urd Parker. June.) 60 MINUTES OF EVIDENCE BEFORE SELECT COMMITTEE " Resolved, That we agree to let the said houses and plots of ground, to Lord Viscount Gort, at a rent which shall be ascertained by the said committee, and that leases for three lives, renewable for ever, be perfected to him of the same. " Resolved, That Alderman Joseph Crips, Alderman Marett, and John Wallace, burgess, be, and they are hereby appointed to value the said premises." Who are the committee?— Alderman Joseph Crips, Alderman Marett, and John Wallace. Then follows the valuation ?— Not on this day ; the valuation was subsequent. Turn to that ?— The valuation was the 1 lth of October 1819. " Pursuant to the resolution of this council, at their last meeting day, viz. the 28th of June 1819, Christopher Marett, John Wallace, and Joseph Crips, esquires, having minutely examined into the value of the several properties in the said resolu- tion mentioned, proposed to be let to Lord Viscount Gort; and having duly cer- tified to this council, as appears by the foregoing copy of their certificate, that a yearly sum of 67/. 7s. 3d. sterling, would be a fair and reasonable rent to be paid for the said several premises, on a lease for ever, or for lives renewable for ever, being thereof granted ; Resolved therefore, That in pursuance of the said former resolution, and the valuation so returned to us, that the lease be forthwith granted of the said several premises in the said resolution mentioned, to the Right Honour- able Lord Viscount Gort, for the term of three lives renewable for ever, or that a fee- farm grant thereof be executed by this corporation, at the option of his Lordship, commencing from the 29th day of September last, at and subject to the aforesaid yearly rent of 67/. 7 s. 3d." By whom is that is resolution for granting the lease to Lord Gort, of the property of the corporation, signed ?— Joseph Gabbit, Gort, Henry D'Esterre, A. Watson, Philip Russel, C. Marett, Ralph Westropp, Thomas Wilkinson. A. Maloney, John Vereker, James O'Grady, John Westropp, Thomas Ormsby, Denis Fitzgerald Ma- hony, Matthew Hemmings, Charles Ormsby, William Gibson; William Dell and William Marcus Jackson, sheriffs; Thomas Westropp, Daniel Gabbit, J. D. Bury Morris, Edward Parker, town clerk. As the town clerk you are a member of the common council ?— I am a burgess of the corporation, exclusive of that. Do you attend the meetings of the common council ?— Yes ; except I am pre- vented by ill health or indisposition. Have you ever known at any of those meetings, a statement made of the income and receipts of the corporation of Limerick ?— Not in my presence; I do not recol- lect being present at any statement of the kind. You never saw any account furnished of the receipts of the corporation ?— Never; if the Committee will allow me, I will tell them the usage; it is to the committee of accounts that the chamberlain renders his accounts, not to the council at large. In the minutes of the committee of accounts you have produced, there does not appear any entry whatever, of what are the receipts and revenues of the city of Lime- rick ?— No, I believe not. How long have you been acquainted with the usages of the corporation of Lime- rick ?— Since I was appointed in 1811; I was not free of the Council before then. Had you any previous knowledge as to the usages and customs of the corporation before you became free yourself ?— I was always brought up in the town clerk's office; my father was town clerk for many years. Has the mode of electing officers of the different corporation offices been altered in your recollection ?— No. Are they now appointed according to the antient customs of the corporation, to the best of your knowledge ?— To the best of my knowledge, they are appointed now as they ever were in my memory; I never knew any other way, but by the common council. Must not the appointment of any corporate officer be submitted to the lord lieu- tenant and privy council, before that officer can be sworn into the office?— Certainly; that is as to the mayor, sheriffs, recorder and town clerk ; there is always a certi- ficate of the elections sent to the Irish government for their approbation, before they can be sworn. Is the chamberlain returned to government?— No, not the chamberlain, nor the the charter justices. Will you tell the Committee, how many charter days there are in June ?— One. Are you sure there are not two ?— One in June. When
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