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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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o ON PETITIONS RELATING TO LIMERICK TAXATION. 59 For instance, the staff of the city of Limerick militia, the officers, serjeants, band, drummers, the greater number of them are free of the city of Limerick ?— Yes, a great number. Were the stamps on their admission paid for under this resolution of council ?— I believe so. Have the kindness to read this order, 21st of October 1819. [ The witness read the same.] N° 3,057. " Warrant to the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Gort, for 800 I. sterling, being the costs and expenses attending the Limerick petition against the return of the Honourable J. P. Vereker, pursuant to the order of council of the 28th June last." That order is in your hand- writing ?— Yes. You signed the order corresponding to it, authorizing the payment ?— Yes. Have the kindness to read to the Committee the entry from the council book, of the 4th of January 1819, which was your warrant for the issue of that order ?— [ The witness referred to the book.] " Resolved unanimously, That whereas it appears to this council, that subscriptions have been levied with great activity in all parts of the city, for the purpose of carry- ing a vexatious petition against the return of the Honourable Major Vereker; and whereas the chief object of the petition is to try the right of this corporation to make non- resident freemen, and to oblige it to make others free which they do not conceive they are bound to do; and, in fact, to try the very questions which this cor- poration have been engaged in law about; Resolved, therefore, That our chamber- lain be directed to defend the said petition, as far as the rights of this corporation are involved ; and that he be allowed such sum as it shall appear to this council, in account by him furnished, that he shall have expended for the above purpose." What names are subscribed to it?— Joseph Gabbit, mayor; Gort; Henry D'Esterre, recorder ; R. Westropp, Joseph Crips, A. Watson, Edmond Morony, J. Vereker, Philip Russell, Christopher Marrett, John Westropp, Henry Pierce Carrol, Thomas Ormsby, George William Stanmer, J. P. Vereker. Was that the sitting member for Limerick at that time ?— Yes. How many more are there ?— Six more. Read them ?— John Wallace, J. B. Morris, William Gibson; William Marcus Jackson, John McAllister Taberner, sheriffs ; and Edward Parker, town clerk. Read the entry of the 28th June 1819?—" Ordered, 17, to the Right Honour- able Lord Gort, to reimburse him for the expenses and costs attending the Limerick petition against the Honourable Major Vereker, pursuant to the resolution in coun- cil to that effect, of the 4th of January last, 800/." Is the resolution of that day signed by the chamberlain ?— Yes. Is that also signed by Major Vereker ?— Yes. Have the kindness to read the resolution of the court of common council, of the 29th of January 1817. [ The witness read the same, as follows.] " At a court of common council, held at Limerick, 29th January 1817, it was resolved, That the following members of this council be appointed a committee, to receive proposals for the different grounds and houses belonging to this corporation now out of lease; and that they report to the common council their opinion as to the best mode of disposing of them, at a council to be held previous to the 25th day of March next; from which time they will be let and possession given, if the value is offered, videlicet; The mayor, recorder, sheriffs, chamberlain, Colonel Charles Vereker, Alderman Sir Richard Hart, Alderman Watson, Alderman Maloney, and Alderman Wilkinson." Colonel Charles Vereker is now Lord Gort ?— Yes. Turn to the entry of 28th of June 1819?—" 28th June 1819. It having been proposed by Lord Viscount Gort, to become tenant to several lots of ground and premises now out of lease, at Thomond Gate, Carr- street, Limekiln Concern, West- water Gate, Crotath or Garry Owen, John- street, Pennywell Diocesan School, and elsewhere, on a lease of lives renewable for ever, at a rent to be valued and obtained by a committee of this council, to be appointed for the purpose ; 617. " Resolved, Appendix ( A.) Mr. Edward Parker. ( 27 June.)
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