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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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56 MINUTES OF EVIDENCE BEFORE SELECT COMMITTEE Appendix The following entry was read from the same :— ( A.) " Monday, October 10th, 1763, being the second Monday of the D'Oyer Hun- J J died, the justices of the peace and receiver were elected and took the aforesaid Mr. oaths, subscribed the declaration, and took the oaths of their respective offices." Edward Parker. A similar entry read, Monday October 10th, 1768. ( 27 June) A similar entry read, October 12th, 1772. A similar entry read, October 7th, 1776; " chamberlain was elected, and took the oaths." A similar entry read, the 12th October 1778. A similar entry read, October 2d, 1779. A similar entry read, October 9th, 1780. A similar entry read, October 7, 1782. A similar entry read, October 13, 1783. A similar entry read, October 9, 1786. A similar entry read, October 12, 1789. A similar entry read, October 12, 1790. A similar entry read, October 10, 1791. A similar entry read, October 8, 1792. A similar entry read, October 7, 1793. A similar entry read, October 13, 1794. How are the charter justices elected ?— By the council. Have you ever known them elected in any other way?— Never. You know nothing of those entries from those books at present in your charge ? — No. Have the kindness to bring the present book, relating to the elections of the present chamberlain, and the charter justices. [ The witness produced the same.] There are no entries in this book of the elections of magistrates and the chamber- lain, at the court of D'Oyer Hundred?— No. There are no entries in that book of the swearing in, at the court of D'Oyer Hun- ' dred, of the chamberlain?— Indeed I believe not; I did not examine it for that purpose. Have ihe goodness to produce to the Committee the oath of the receiver or cham- berlain. [ The same was read as follows.] " The Receiver's oath.— You shall swear, that you well and truly shall serve the mayor sheriffs and citizens of this city of Limerick, in the office of chamberlain or general receiver of this city; and therein you shall do right to all manner of people, both poor and rich, in those things that touch your office; the receipt of money due or belonging to the corporation of the city, you shall truly and diligently collect and safely keep, and to have always in readiness to the use, order and behoof of the said corpo- ration, whensoever occasion shall serve, and not waste or dispense the same, but make true declaration and account thereof, when and so often as you shall be thereunto required, without concealment, according to the credit and trust to you committed in this behalf. So help you GOD." Can you inform the Committee whether that oath has been administered to the present chamberlain ?— I have no recollection of his being sworn. The office of chamberlain is an annual office ?— Yes. You recollect the last annual appointment ?— Yes. You recollect several annual appointments of chamberlain during your filling the office you now hold ?— I do. Have you ever known the chamberlain, on any of those appointments, to be so sworn ?— I can't recollect it. The mayor is also an annual officer ?— Yes. So is the recorder?— Yes. And sheriffs?— Yes. Are they sworn on their entrance into office?— The mayor, sheriffs and town clerk are sworn annually; I have known instances when the recorder has not been sworn. You recollect no instance in which the mayor, sheriffs and town clerk, have not been sworn ?—- No. And you recollect no instance in which the chamberlain has been sworn?— I never knew him sworn. The
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