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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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ON PETITIONS RELATING TO LIMERICK TAXATION. 55. Did the Chamber of Commerce in any way support the political party in the city of Limerick, of which the honourable member is the head ?— As a body, they have invariably, except in that instance, if it may be called a furtherance, supported the most amicable terms with the corporation; in all their communications politics were no longer thought of; they met as gentlemen ; I am talking of them as a body, as a corporate body. Individually they were attached to the cause of the honourable member, were they not ?— They were men of both descriptions; for instance, our present president is brother- in- law to the chamberlain. The Chamber of Commerce has purchased a picture of the honourable member, have they not?— A requisition was submitted to the directors, to request that, for services rendered to the citizens of Limerick, the sitting member should sit for his portrait, and they would pay the expense of it. Was that at a general meeting, or at a meeting of the directors ?— It was a requi- sition, signed by a considerable number of the member^ of the body. Was the vote by the directors, or the body at large ?— I think by the directors, without an application to the body; I was not 6ne of the directors that year. [ The witness wiithdrew] [ The following letter was delivered in, and read.] " Sir, " Nerot's Hotel, June 21st, 1822 " I have had the honour to receive the resolution of the Select Committee on Limerick taxation, of yesterday's date, requesting to be informed how soon it will be in my power to furnish the Committee with the information they require, by the orders already served upon me. In answer to which, I beg to repeat what I had the honour of stating in my last communication to the Committee, that I have no means now of making out the accounts they require, nor could I, either with fair- ness to the Committee, the corporation of Limerick, or myself, make them out any where but at Limerick, where I have all the vouchers to refer to; as soon after I return there, as the nature of the case will admit of, I shall not fail to furnish the accounts required. In the mean time, I can venture to state, upon recollection, that for the five years I have been chamberlain, the outgoings for account of the corporation has exceeded the income. " I have the honour to be, Sir, your obedient servant, " The chairman of the Select Committee ( Signed) " Gort." on Limerick taxation." Appendix ( A.) J. N. Russell, Esq. ( 26 June.) Jovis, 27° die Jmii, 1822. THOMAS SPRING RICE, ESQUIRE, IN THE CHAIR. Mr. Edward Parker; again Called in, and Examined. Mr. BY whom is the present chamberlain of the city bf Limerick appointed ?— By the Ed- ward Parker. common council. jUIie.) Can you inform the Committee, whether that is the usual mode of the eleCitioh of a chamberlain?— I never knew of any othfer mode. The chamberlain is an annual officer ?— Yes. Is that the mode in which the present chamberlain has been always appointed? — Yesv Have you never heard of any other mode of election besides that of election by the common council ?— Since the opposition commenced, I hafe heard of a court of D'Oyer Hundred being formerly held. Have the kindness to produce the old book of the acts of the general assembly, or court of D'Oyer Hundred of Limerick. [ The witness produced the book.] What book is that?— This appears to be an old corporation book. Did you find it among the corporation records ?— Yes, in my office. That has been in your, custody as town clerk?— Yes. It was exactly in that state when you found it?— Yes. 617. The
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