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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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Appendix ( A.)': Mr. J. M. Hetvey. (• 26 June.) Mr. Edward Parker. 52 MINUTES OF EVIDENCE BEFORE SELECT COMMITTEE doned by the wealthy inhabitants and people of considerable business, that I do not conceive that any measure can render it much worse than it is. Do you think, however, that it will be rendered any worse ?— It cannot serve it, certainly ; it is impossible that it can do that; if it should have any effect at all,, it must be to injure; but it is already so much deserted, that it will produce little effect. Are you generally acquainted with the persons who are in the habit of serving on grand juries in the city Of Limerick?— With most of them, Are they gentlemen of independence and respectability, speaking generally; the Committee do not wish to ask you any thing but in general terms ?— If I must answer this question, which I would rather avoid, I would say, that, in general terms, thev are respectable gentlemen ; but they are most of them either members or inti- mate friends of the corporation. But you are asked only as to the composition of the grand jury ; are they men of independence and character ?— I do not know how the word independence is to be understood. Not politically ; are they gentlemen of independent fortune ?— Many of them are. With respect to the vote of money to the support of the appeal committee ? was there any division among the directors of the Chamber of Commerce?— I do not think there was any division at all; I have no recollection of any division among the directors. With respect to the grand jurors, without going into the question of the character or independence of any individual, do you consider them to be a fair representation of the inhabitants and of the wealth and property of Limerick and its liberties?— No; as far as rny judgment goes; the Committee will be pleased to consider, that I have not been in the habit of exercising my judgment on the subject. Mr. Edward Parker; Called in, and Examined. WHAT office do you hold in the city of Limerick ?— I am town clerk, and I hold other offices. How long have you been town clerk?— As well as I can recollect, it was in 1811. What books are those which you now produce ?— Order books. Will you explain to the Committee what " order book" signifies?—' These are books in which I keep memorandums of the orders I have issued upon the cham- berlain for payment. [ Two books were delivered in.] Will you have the kindness to look at that paper ( showing a paper to the witness) t what is it ?— Blank orders, which I fill up; there are two here. [ A printed paper, containing two blank forms of orders, was delivered m.] To whom are those orders directed ?— They are directed to the receiver of the common rents and revenues of the county of the city of Limerick. Who is the person so designated ?— The chamberlain, I conceive. On whom are those orders issued when you sign them ?— I issue them; I have no actual knowledge what becomes of them, except to my belief. Do you know who pays them?— The vice chamberlain, or whoever he appoints. Who is the vice chamberlain ?— Mr. Morris. Where does the vice chamberlain reside ?— I believe his residence is at Gort; but he is occasionally in Limerick Is the chamberlain himself often in Limerick ?— Not often. In his absence, during Mr. Morris's visits in Limerick, who transacts the business of the chamberlain ?— There is a person appointed to pay the small orders; a per- son of the name of Crowe. He acts as deputy to Mr. MorrisHe pays the small orders. Mr. Morris acts as vice chamberlain for the chamberlain ?— Yes. Is Mr. Morris Lord Gort's agent ?— I believe so. Does he not transact a good deal of business for Lord Gort ?— He does. Do you know the nature of the business he transacts for Lord Gort ?— I have no knowledge of it. except by believing that he is Lord Gort's private agent, and receives his private rents. Do you know what understanding exists between Lord Gort and Mr. Morris, with regard to the payment of any corporation money of any kind or sort ?— No, cer- tainly not. Who
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