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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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ON PETITIONS RELATING TO LIMERICK TAXATION. 47. strip of ground there were two old cabins, that were held by tenants at will; an application was made, in order to make this market- place more efficient, to the corporation to have these houses thrown down, for the purpose of making a passage ; it was an application to my Lord Gort, and has been, I believe, complied with;- it was merely for a passage; I mention it, lest it might be supposed it was a holding; it is merely for a temporary passage to a temporary market- place. You seem acquainted with the plot of land, and every thing about it?— No, I am not indeed, not knowing the extent of it. To the best of your knowledge, what does it produce to Lord Gort?— Whether any thing or nothing, I cannot answer at present; Mr. Hervey reminded me that the ground of the linen hall was held at a nominal rent of 55. a year, for which a vote of thanks was passed. The evidence was read to you of Alderman Vincent, stating that the plot of land was worth 5001, a year; is it worth that sum ?— I cannot say that it is. Are you acquainted with Alderman Vincent ?— I am. What situation did he hold in the corporation ?— He had been mayor and alder- man ; he was a most worthy and honest man, and considered as a serious man, as well as his family. What are his political connections ?— Decidedly friendly to the present cham- berlain. Do you remember Mr. Joseph Cripps being mayor ?— Yes, I did. How long was he mayor ?— I cannot tell. Was he mayor for more than a year ?— I assure the Committee I cannot now bring to my recollection whether he was mayor for a year, or a year and a half; one of the chief magistrates, I have some idea came in on the death of another, and served the remainder of that year and the next, and it might have been Mr. Cripps. Is he any relation to Lord Gort ?— Oh! no ; I do not know that he is any rela- tion to Lord Gort. Do you know Mr. Francis Lloyd ?— Yes, I know him. How long was he mayor?— I cannot tell; I do not recollect. You do not know how long Mr. Lloyd was mayor?— I do not. Might he have served for two years ?— For what I recollect he might; it is im- possible for me to keep it in my recollection; when I became more interested in po- litical life, I paid more attention; but those transactions passed previously, without making any particular impression. Is he any relation to Lord Gort?— No. Did you know Mr. Kilner Brazier ?— I did. Was he mayor ?— He was. Is he any relation to Lord Gort ?— Not that I know of; he was a gentleman who had good a property in the liberties of Limerick. He is dead now ?— Yes, about two years. Do you know Mr. William Hunt?— I did know him. Was he mayor ?— He was. Is he any relation of Lord Gort ?— I do not know that he is. Do you know Andrew Watson?— I do. Was he mayor ?— He was. Was he any relation to Lord Gort?— No, I may be very certain of it. Do you know Sir Richard Hart?— Yes, I do. How long was he mayor?— Sir Richard Hart, I understand, was mayor a great many years ago; he was also mayor within my knowledge. He has been twice mayor ?— Yes, perhaps three times. Is he any relation of Lord Gort's ?— Not that I know of, or that I believe; one of our complaints is, that individuals have been holding the situation of mayor succes- sively, to the prejudice of the other citizens. Do you know Sir Christopher Marrett?— I do. Was he mayor ?— He was. Is he any relation of Lord Gort ?— No. Are you acquainted with Mr. William Taylor, who is one of the present sheriffs of the city of Limerick?— I cannot say that I have a personal acquaintance; I know him officially. Do you recollect any legal proceedings that were taken against the town- clerk of the city of Limerick ?— Perfectly well. Do you recollect trials having taken place?— I remember an action that was commenced, and the record brought down against the town- clerk, for not giving 617. a hst
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