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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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\ 42 MINUTES OF EVIDENCE BEFORE SELECT COMMITTEE Appendix ( A.) Veneris, 21° die Junii, 1822. THOMAS SPRING RICE, ESQUIRE, IN THE CHAIR. J. N. Russell, Esq. ( 21 June.) am. - I - I do not know of any such John Norris Russell, Esquire; again Called in, and Examined. HAD you any communication with any individual before you were examined in this room, with regard to the line of examination to which your attention was likely to be drawn?— I had not; I knew no more of the line of examination I was to undergo the last day I was here, than the most indifferent person in this house. Are you one of the commissioners for the local taxation of the parish of St. Michael ?— I am not. Are you a member of the Chamber of Commerce ?- Are you a member of the Independent Committee ?- body. Are you a member of any association for political purposes in the city of Limerick ?— I know of no such body. Did you know of any such body?— I heard that some few years ago there was what was called the Committee of Independents, but I was not one of that body. Was there not an association, to your knowledge and to your belief, in the city of Limerick, for the purpose of opposing the corporation interest in that city?— I know there was an association for the purpose of procuring the chartered rights of the citizens of Limerick, which were withheld by the corporation. Were you a member of that association ?— I was not. Were you a member of the Chamber of Commerce in 1809 ?— I was a member of the Chamber of Commerce from its earliest establishment. Then you were in 1809 ?— I was. From whence are the contributions to that corporation derived ?— From contri- butions agreed to by the members of the body. Was the foundation of the fund according to the quantum of trade?— So much pro rata, according to the extent. Have they no other source of revenue?— They have no other established fund. Have they any other source of revenue ?— They have had advantages from an arrangement with the corporation for tolls. To what extent ?— It varied ; I cannot exactly recollect now; it varied according to the general quantum of corn brought into Limerick. I was totally unprepared even for the examination I underwent last time. You have stated that the Chamber of Commerce pay 1,500/. per annum for the tolls ?— I did ; I must correct the answer I gave on the former day; there is a trifling allowance that was taken out of it, such as 20/. or 25/.; some small allowance has been deducted from 1,500/. For what ?— It was an alleged claim of the sheriff for specific tolls, and there- fore due ; I cannot be exact as to the transaction. You have stated, that the Chamber of Commerce have never demanded any toll upon potatoes ?— I do. Did they receive any reduction of what they were to pay for the toll, in conse- quence of relinquishing that claim?— Never; the sum agreed to was 1,500/. and there never was any reduction, except waving the small sum I mentioned. Answer the question as to whether there was a reduction, in consequence of giving up the claim on potatoes, either on the original bargain, or any after transaction ?— Certainly not; I could procure the original resolution, which was entered into by the directors of the Chamber of Commerce, which sanctioned them in taking this ; it is particularly stated, that it was in order to relieve the citizens of Limerick from the payment of tolls on potatoes, which induced them to take the entire tolls. Have the tolls 011 corn continued the same that they were in 1809?— To the best of my recollection there has been no change on the pro rata levy from the farmer. He continues to pay the same toll in 1822, that he did in 1809?— We call it a contribution to enable us to pay our rent, and he continues to pay the same sum now as he paid then, to the best of my belief, and I believe I am correct; I can tell the Committee the sum, but I forget now. You
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