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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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38 MINUTES OF EVIDENCE BEFORE SELECT COMMITTEE Appendix Have the kindness to inform the Committee what is the present state of the Old ( A.) Town, which is under the government of the grand juries, as to its police, particu-. v j larly as to the public ways?— They are in a very bad state in general, as far as my John Fisher, jun. recollection serves me; they are in a very bad state, both as to paving and cleansing. Esq, Is it in a state of progressive improvement ?— I cannot say that I have marked ( 20 June.) any improvement. Are you a freeman of Limerick ?— I am not. Are you aware of any receipts in the port of Limerick in the name of the water bailiff of the city of Limerick ?— Yes. What charge is made Upon each vessel ?— I do not know the particular charges, but that there are charges I am perfectly aware. Have you ever known any portion of those funds expended on the improvement of the port quays ?— Never. Are you aware by whom the water bailiff is appointed ?— I believe by the cor- poration. What is the state of the magistracy of the city of Limerick, in point of number ?— There are four charter Justices, I think. Can you inform the Committee what is the present state of Thomond bridge?— A very bad passage. Is it in a state of repair ?— By no means; it is a very narrow paved passage, and in a very ordinary state; it is so far in a state of repair as to be passable; it is not broken down. The interruption of that communication would lead to v£ ry great public incon- venience?— Decidedly it would. You have resided a good deal in the city of Limerick ?— I have. In what part of the city of Limerick have you resided ?— In the New Towh. You also state that you have gone but very little into the Old ToWn?— But very little comparatively latterly. You are well acquainted with the city of Limerick?— I am. Do you know any gentlemen residing in the Old Town?-*— I do not at this moment remember any who are not in trade residing in the Old Town. You do not remember any gentleman of independent fortune residing in the Old Town ?— Not at this moment. Is not all the wealth and respectability of the city of Limerick resident in the New Town, with a very small exception ?— The principal part of the wealth and respectability is in the New Town. The whole of the New Town is exempt from the taxation by the grand jury ?—• Yes, I believe it is; it comes under the local Act of Parliament. Are the commissioners appointed by the Act of Parliament answerable to any, and if so, to what tribunal for their acts ?— I believe they are not answerable to any tribunal. Have the inhabitants of the parish of St. Michael's ever met for the purpose of examining the accounts of the commissioners to your knowledge?— I never recollect any such meeting for the purpose of examining. Do you recollect any partial meeting of the inhabitants of the parish?— No, I cannot say that I do. Are you a commissioner yourself?— I am not. You say that the accounts of the commissioners are open ?— That they are pub- lished every year. You do not mean by that, that the public have any control upon the accounts whatever, as to the manner of distributing the revenues of the corporation ?— No, I do not. Do you know that there have been complaints made against the commissioners for the manner in which they have appropriated sums of money levied by them upon the parish ?— I know that I have myself heard complaints with respect to the manner in which they expended the money. Do you know a man of the name of Timothy Mackie ?— I do. Is he an officer of the commissioners corporation ?— I do not think he is an officer of their's, at least not that I know of; he is a scientific man, and I believe they have consulted him occasionally, in his professional capacity, with respect to improvements; I think, when I was a commissioner, they consulted him, but I do not know that he has any office. Have
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