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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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34 MINUTES OF EVIDENCE BEFORE SELECT COMMITTEE APPeildl* [ The following extracts were read from the minutes of evidence taken ( A.) before the Select Committee on the Limerick Election Petition, the 23d June 77T T ' 1820.] ( 18 June.) J " Wednesday the octave of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the 10th day of February 1796. " The King, at the relation of William Hogg, against Arthur D'Esterre. " Mr. Sankey and another, counsel for the relator, moves, that Thomas Gabbet, esquire, mayor of Lime- rick, John Prendergast Smyth, esquire, chamberlain of said city, and Edward Parker, esquire, town clerk of said city, or whichever of them have in his or their possession all the books of said corporation, may bring in and deposit said books in the clerk of the crown's office of this court forthwith ; and that prosecutor, his agent and counsel, may have liberty to inspect the same ; where- upon, and on hearing Mr. Grady, counsel for defendant, it is ordered, that the motion be granted as is desired. " H. Dwyer. " By the court, " Walter Bourne, D. Clk. Crown/ " Wednesday next after three Weeks from the Holy Trinity, the 5th day of July 1797. " The King, at the relation of] " It is ordered by the court, upon reading the William Hogg, against Arthur I consent entered into and signed by William Henry D'Esterre, gent. Furlong, attorney for the defendant, and Henry Dwyer, attorney for the relator, William Hogg, that the corporation books deposited with the officer of this court, be forthwith delivered to John Prendergast Smyth, esquire, chamberlain of the city of Limerick, upon said Smyth's giving the usual receipt for the same. By the court, " Walter Bourne, D. Clerk Crown." " Wm. Furlong, attorney for defendant, " Henry Dwyer, attorney for relator." " Copy of the original receipt remaining on record in the Crown Office of King's Bench, 21st June 1820. Walter Bourne, D. Clk. Crown. " Received from the clerk of the crown, the following books belonging to the cor- poration of the city of Limerick, viz. five common council books, which were depo- sited with the clerk of the crown, pursuant to order in the cause of The King, at the relation of Hogg against Arthur Henry D'Esterre ; received same pursuant to order or consent in said cause. Dated the 25th day of July 1797. " J. Prendergast Smyth, Chamberlain." " Present W. Furlong, attorney for the defendant in said cause." < c Saturday next after one month from the feast of Easter, the 22d May 1813. " The King, at the prosecution of Lord Glentworth v. the Mayor, Sheriffs and Citizens of the City of Limerick. " The King, at the prosecution of John Tuthill, esq. v. Same. " The King, at the prosecution of James O'Sullivan v. Same. " Upon motion of Mr. Grady, counsel for the defendants, and on reading the affidavit, of Matthew Barrington, gent, the orders of the 10th of February 1796, and 5th July 1797, the consent of 30th June 1797, the receipt of Lord Kiltarton for certain books of the corporation of the city of Limerick, it is ordered by the court, that the five books belonging to the said corporation, mentioned in the said receipt, be forthwith brought in and deposited with the clerk of the crown of this court, by the said Lord Kiltarton ; that the said Lord Kiltarton do show cause to the contrary in six days after service of this order. " Boyce and Barrington. " By the court, " W. Bourne, Deputy Clerk."
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