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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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28 MINUTES OF EVIDENCE BEFORE SELECT COMMITTEE Appendix jt appearing, by this account, that the sum of 2,500/. was due to the collector of the excise on account of the new gaol, and 2,145/. due on account of the new road, — ' are you aware whether any part of that sum has been paid to the public since that J. N. Russell, perjocj ?.— I am not certain whether, since that time, some portion may not have been Esq' paid, but there is at present a very large sum due from that treasurer, and which is ( 18 June.) hanging over the city and liberties of Limerick at the present time. Are you aware of any further proceedings at the Spring assizes in 1820 ?— I brought the same question before the court at the ensuing assizes, and the court then made an order at my instance, being an order that the treasurer should account upon oath. Has he so done ?— No, he has not. [ The following order was delivered in, and read1] " Order of court made by the judge of assize, at Spring assizes 1820. March 20th, 1820 : Order by the court, That Edmond Morony, late treasurer of the county of the city of Limerick, do account, upon oath, on the first day of the next assizes, for all sums received by him, on the foot of the several presentments made by the grand jury of the county of the city of Limerick, to reimburse the government for the sums advanced by them to make the new Tipperary road, and the new city gaol; and that he do attend on the said first day of the assizes with all books of accounts, and other documents relative to said presentments, and the levying thereof. " Ordered, That the present treasurer, William Lloyd, do also attend on the said first day of the next assizes, in order to account in such manner as the court shall then direct respecting the said presentments. " Ordered, That the secretary to the grand jury do furnish the court, on the same day, with the security or securities, if any, entered into by Mr. Morony, the late treasurer, for his accounting as treasurer aforesaid. ( A true copy.) " Edward Parker, Clk. Crown." At the Spring assizes he was ordered to account at the Summer assizes ?— Yes. What occurred at the Summer assizes ?— He appeared at the Summer assizes by counsel, and alleged that the court had no jurisdiction. Are you aware of any application made by government to re- assess the amount of the deficiency upon the liberty ?— I am. That created a very great alarm, did it not?— Yes, the judge stopped all pre- sentments for the repairs of the roads at one assizes, in consequence of their refusing to present that money due to government. In the present state of the city and liberties of Limerick, would it be practicable to re- assess the sum of 4,000 /. ?— It would be attended with tremendous distress; it would amount to half- a- guinea an acre, which in these times of general distress, together with other taxes, would render it next to an impracticability to collect it in many cases. Are you aware of any memorial that was laid before the city grand jury, at the Summer assizes 1820, praying the grand jury to compel the treasurer to account?— Yes, the paper I hold in my hand. That is a copy of the memorial ?— Yes. Signed by an honourable member of the Committee ?— Yes; and also, I have reason to believe, by myself, among others. [ It was delivered in, and ready as Jollows:] " To the Grand Jury of the city of Limerick. " The Memorial of the undersigned freemen, landholders and others, interested in the taxation of the city and liberties of Limerick. " Sheweth, " That your memorialists beg leave to submit to the grand jury of the city of Limerick, the extreme importance of the investigation of the late city treasurer's accounts. " That your memorialists have reason to think and do believe, that a very large balance remains due to the public, and that no adequate provision is made for the discharge of the same. " That your memorialists have reason to think, and do believe, that considerable advances have been made by His Majesty's government for Ireland, under the Gaol Acts, Mail Coach Road Acts, as well as for the expenses of the Insurrection Act: • That
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