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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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ON PETITIONS RELATING TO LIMERICK TAXATION. 27. Of what description of individuals are they constituted ?— The immediate friends Appendix of the chamberlain. ( A.) Are they chiefly members of the corporation?— Yes. v Is the Committee to understand, that the grand juries are, generally speaking, J. N. Russell, composed of members of the corporation ?— A considerable number are burgesses and aldermen. . ( 18 June.) Any of the freemen ?— As to that I cannot say I have thought sometimes that all of them were not freemen. : Generally speaking, you have reason to suppose they are members and friends of the corporation ?— Yes. The grand juries of the city of Limerick impose local taxation to a very con- siderable extent, do they not?— Yes, they do. What is the amount per acre, on an average, which is imposed by the grand juries ?— As to the average amount I cannot say accurately; about six shillings an acre I would call it; that I think is about the average I have paid; 2 s. 10d. and 3< y. 10d. half yearly cess; so that if I call it 65. the average, I shall not be far from the truth. Those taxes are applied to the repair of the roads, the maintenance of bridges, and the establishment of public works, are they not ?— A necessary proportion of them are. Do not many individuals of property and consideration, merchants and others, reside id the city of Limerick ?— A very considerable number. Are the grand juries selected from among those individuals?— No, some of them may be selected from among that number occasionally, but not speaking generally. Are the members of the city on the grand jury?— No, the only member who offered his services was refused, and they gave me a reason for it. What reason was given to you ?— That it would hurt the feelings of some of the gentlemen who usually compose the grand jury, was the answer one of the sheriffs gave to me. Are you aware in what manner the taxes imposed by the grand jury are collected? — They are collected by the treasurer. [ The following return of the appointment of Edmond Morony, esquire, late treasurer of the city of Limerick, as entered in the book of the grand jury at Spring assizes 1811, was directed by the chairman to be read :] " It having been announced that Thomas Westropp, esquire, the late treasurer, has resigned that office, the Right honourable Colonel Charles Vereker stated to the grand jury the name of Edmond Morony, esquire, to fill that department, to which he is duly appointed, giving the usual security for his performance of the duties of the situation, viz. himself in 2,000/. and two sureties in 1,000/. each. ( A true copy.) " Edward Parker, Clk. Crown." Are you aware of any default incurred by Mr. Morony, the treasurer so appointed ?— Oh ! certainly. There was a deficiency of the funds intrusted to him, was there not?— Certainly there was. Was the officer continued in office after such deficiency had been incurred ?— He was continued in office after I had shown there must have been considerable deficiencies. Are the Committee to believe you were active in bringing that subject before the judges of the assize?— I was the sole person who did it. Will you have the kindness to produce the order of the judge at the court of assize in 1818?— It is as follows: " Order of court by the judge of assize, at Summer assizes 1818. Ordered, That the treasurer do produce receipts, or show insolvencies that shall cover and account for the sum of 7,500/. which it is to be presumed have been raised upon the county of the city of Limerick, being part of a present- ment for 7,711/. 18s. id. granted by presentment for the new gaol, and also for the sum of 3,217/. 185. 3d. part of a presentment of 4,290/. in. 10d. granted for the Tipperary road." ( The copy, as above, is taken from the manuscript of the honourable judge.) ( Signed) " D. F. G. Mahony, secretary.' Mr. Baron Smith gave this order, on my showing that a large sum was unac- counted for, and it is a copy from his notes. 617. It
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