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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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Appendix ( A.)': J. N. Russell, Esq. ( l3 June.) since the death of Mr. George Smith. 26 MINUTES OF EVIDENCE BEFORE SELECT COMMITTEE They appoint the mayor, sheriff, recorder, and other public officers ?— Yes. They appoint the members of their own body to those offices, do they not ?— Yes. Do they fix the amount of the tolls ?— They have not been varied since the year 1809. Are the officers of the corporation appointed freely from among the inhabitants, or in what other way?— Certainly not from among the inhabitants in general.. How are they appointed ; of what description or class of persons ?— Chiefly from among one family, or from among the immediate dependents or friends of that family. Are the same individuals continued for many years in different offices ?— Yes; the office of mayor has been held two years successively, and the office of sheriff has been held five or six years. Do you recollect Mr. Frederick Lloyd being mayor ?— Yes, when I was a school- boy. Did he serve that office for more than one year? Yes, I have reason to believe he did. What relation is he to the chamberlain ?— Brother- in- law. Do you remember Mr. Henry D'Esterre being recorder ?— Yes. He was recorder for several years ?— Yes, What relation was he to the chamberlain ?— Brother- in- law. The office of recorder is that of first judge in the place, is it not?— Of the Tholsel court. Are you aware that an individual formerly presiding as first judge of the Tholsei court, in the city of Limerick, was discharged as an insolvent?— Certainly, I know it. Are you aware, that for several years subsequent to his discharge as an insolvent, he was continued by the corporation as the first judge of that court ?— He was con- tinued for some years, till a report of the House of Commons occasioned his dismissal. For how many years was he so continued ?— The number of years I cannot tell fortunately, as he was not a debtor of mine, so that I have nothing to impress it upon my memory. Do you recollect the mayoralty of Mr. John Vereker ?— Yes. He was mayor for several successive years, was he not ?— Yes. He is weigh master also, is he not?— He has the butter weigh house. What is that situation supposed to be worth per annum?— It is supposed to be worth more than 800/. a year. Who is the present mayor ?— The present mayor is Mr. Thomas Ormsby. What relation is he to the chamberlain ?— Nephew. Are those emoluments arising from the butter weigh house paid by the corporation, or how ?— It is a rate levied according to the quantum of butter brought into the market. Then so far those fees constitute a charge upon the sale of the butter ?— Cer- tainly. Do you recollect Mr. Thomas Westropp being sheriff?— Yes. He was sheriff for some years, was he not ?— Several. What relation was he to the Chamberlain ?— He was brother in law; the cham- berlain had been married to his sister. Do you recollect Mr. Brereton being sheriff i— Yes. He was sheriff also for several years, was he not ?— Yes, he was. Did he preside at several contested elections ?— Yes. Was he any relation to the chamberlain ?— Yes. What ?— He was brother- in- law. At how many contested elections did he preside ?— I am not exactly certain, but I believe two or three. Is the Committee to conclude, that in point of fact the appointments to all the corporate offices are made from a peculiar family, and for the benefit of a particular party?— Almost all situations of emolument are so disposed of. In what manner are the grand juries of the city of Limerick appointed ?— By the sheriff, I understand; they ought to be at least. Do the grand juries in general constitute an equal representation of the property of the city of Limerick ?— Certainly not of the property. Of
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