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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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ON PETITIONS RELATING TO LIMERICK TAXATION. 23. do that ?— Yes, I think they wish to be relieved ; the Old Town is in a very bad state. You said, in a former part of your examination, that if the parish of St. Michael's was given up to the corporation, the probability is, that it would become as bad as the rest of the city, and therefore no part would be benefitted, and one part would be damaged, how then can they expect, by getting brothers in distress, to be benefitted?— If there was an indiscriminate taxation, it would be under the control of the grand juries, and they would not have the control of their own taxation, as they have at present. What inducement do you consider would be held out to the Old Town, to induce them to bring forward the petitions that they have now presented ?— I think they expect to have their places improved, and their present taxes lessened. Are not you sure that that would be the case?— I do not know. Do not you think the Old Town would be relieved by an equalization of the assessment ?— I think very likely it might. Are not the poorer inhabitants of the city of Limerick in the Old Town?— They are. Are not the wealthier in the parish of St. Michael's?— Yes. Do not you think it would be a just and a proper alteration of the system, to transfer to the rich some part of the burthen which is now imposed on the poor ?— Unless there is a change in the system, I do not think that would be the effect of it. You have stated, that you know Thomond bridge?— Yes. Have you looked at it with a view to ascertain whether it could be repaired ?— I do not think I have. Have you ever heard that it was inspected for the purpose of ascertaining that?— I have. What did you hear was the result?— I think the result was, that it would be very doubtful. Did not you hear that they made a report that it could not be done?— I did. Do you think, under existing circumstances, that it would be a prudent thing for the corporation to build a new bridge ?— I do not think it would be prudent to build a new bridge on the present spot. Any where else ?— I think it would be very prudent to build a new bridge a little more down the river. Do you mean in the New Town, in the parish of St. Michael's ?— Yes, in the parish of St. Michael's. Do you consider that it would be the duty of the corporation to build that bridge, that it should fall to the expense of the city, so far that they should levy upon the Old Town, in order to build that bridge in the parish of St. Michael's?— No, I should think they should not levy upon the Old Town for any such purpose. How do you think it ought to be paid for?— Either by individual subscription, or by debentures. Are the corporation bound, out of their corporate estates, to maintain the public bridges ?— Those that are standing they are, and the causeway. You have been asked whether you are acquainted with other corporations; are you acquainted with the corporation of Cork?— Less with Cork than I am with some others. Are you acquainted with the corporation of Waterford ?— Yes. Can you inform the Committee, whether the usages of those corporations are similar to the usage of the corporation of Limerick?— I do not think they are exactly similar; I think they are more liberal in their choice of juries. You have been asked whether it would not be just to equalize the taxes, by laying a proportionate rate of assessment upon the parish of St. Michael; do you conceive it would be just to cast upon the parish of St. Michael its proportion of grand jury taxation, without laying upon the other part of the city its proportion of the taxation of St. Michael's?— Certainly not; when I said that, I meant an equaliza- tion of taxes. Have you served upon the grand jury yourself?— No, I have not; I never took an oath in a court of justice in my life. You know the gentlemen generally who have served upon the grand jury in Limerick ?— Yes, I do. Do not you know them to be generally men of respectability ?— Yes. And men of property ?— There are some men of property among them. Do you mean to state generally, that the grand jury of the city of Limerick are men of respectability and men of property; or that several amongst thein are men of respectability and men of property ?— I think the grand juries of Limerick are, 617. niany Appendix ( A.) John Mark Esq. ( 3 June.)
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