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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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22 Appendix ( A.)': John Mark, Esq. ( 3 - J, jne-) MINUTES OF EVIDENCE BEFORE SELECT COMMITTEE Do you know any gentlemen of property who reside there?— There are people of ' " ' in the Old Town, although they may be • considered as — description of people that live in the New Town?— Not property living Uia iown, aunougn mey uc wuoiucicu as obscure individuals. Are they the same exactly the same. Are they any thing like it?— They are not the same description certainly. The people of greatest property, and gentlemen generally, who reside in the city of Limerick, in what parish do they live ?— I consider the city not to extend beyond the gates of the old walls. Taking the city altogether ?— In the parish of St. Michael's generally. Do you not think that the whole of the mercantile part of the town reside there ? — Generally. And all the property in the town ?— There are people of property in the Old Town; there are some people of very great opulence in the Old Town that carry on business in shops. How many commissioners are there in the parish of St. Michael's ?— I am not able to state exactly the number. There are a good many of them non- residents, are there not?— There are some, not a great many. How many meetings do they hold annually ?— There is no specific number fixed ; when any material communications are received by the secretary, meetings are called. Are there not monthly meetings ?— There are not any fixed meetings. Are there not twelve meetings in a year?— I am satisfied that there must be twelve meetings in a year, if not more. For the purpose of transacting the business of the parish ?— Yes. Have there ever been any complaints made to the commissioners at any time, against the amount and distribution of the cess?— I am not prepared to say that, there have been complaints from individuals who have had to pay the cess, not thinking they had lamps near enough to their different residences. Have you heard any complaints made as to the manner in which the money was expended ?— No, I do not know that I have. Have you ever heard that the person who inspected and recommended the neces- sity of works, was the person also employed to execute those works, and was after- wards the person who was to survey them, and to report that those works are pro- perly done ?— I know that that is not the case. Do you know who the gentleman is who surveys the works ?— I do, Mr. Owens is the man. Does he not also contract for them?— Certainly not. Has there never been a complaint made that he did ?— Never. You are acquainted, of course, with the manner in which the corporation conduct every thing belonging to them in the city of Limerick ?— I am not Have you not given an opinion upon it?— Only as to the works that have been done. Are you acquainted with any other corporation ?—- Yes. Is it the custom of those corporations with which you are acquainted, to appoint their own officers ?— It is certainly the custom. Is it also the custom to appoint their own grand juries generally?— Yes, I think it is. Is the city of Limerick the old town what may be termed in the interest of the corporation?— Yes, the corporation have a control over it. Is it in the interest of the corporation, politically speaking ?— No, I do not think it is in the interest of the corporation, in a political point of view. Do not you believe them to be hostile to it?— I do believe they are hostile to it. Have you heard that petitions were coming from those which form the different parishes comprising the Old Town, appealing against the unjust exemption of the parish of St. Michael's, from contributing its proportion of the general expenditure?— I am not aware of it. Do not you know that such petitions have been presented now ?— I know that petitions have been presented; but I do not know from what part of the city. If you heard that the inhabitants of the Old Town had presented such a petition, should you consider that it was presented at the expense of the corporation?— I should consider it would be. Then you would consider that those persons who are hostile to the corporation are sufficiently under the influence of the corporation, that they could get them to do
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