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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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ON PETITIONS RELATING TO LIMERICK TAXATION. 21 Are they, generally speaking, gentlemen connected with the corporation of the city of Limerick?— Entirely. The leading merchants in the parish of St. Michaels are not generally accustomed to be placed upon the grand juries of the city ?— No, certainly not. Nor the leading landed proprietors of the liberties, unless connected with the cor- poration, are they ?— I think not. Do you, in point of fact, consider the grand juries of the city of Limerick to be, or not to be, a representation of the property and intelligence of the city of Limerick?— I should think not; there are very respectable men upon the grand jury to be sure, but they are the favourites of the corporation, that are exclusively chosen. Do you conceive, such being the case, that it would be expedient to add to the power of taxation at present exercised by those grand juries ?— No, I should not like it myself. What would be the feeling that such a measure would excite amongst the most respectable inhabitants of Limerick ?— There would be a general feeling against it, I have no doubt, Are you aware of the amount of the taxation of the grand juries in Limerick ?— I am not. Can you inform the Committee what is the extent of the liberties ?— I cannot state it exactly. [ A Petition from the Inhabitants of the city of Limerick was shown to Mr. Mark.] Will you have the kindness to look at the signatures affixed to that petition; are you acquainted with Major- general Burke, C. B. ?— I am. John Norris Russell ?— Yes. Joseph Fisher ?— Yes. Reuben Harvey ?— 1 am. Are not those among the most respectable individuals ?— They are most respect- able names; and I can find many others. It is signed by Thomas and William Roche, is it not?— Yes. They are the principal bankers, are they not ?— I believe the exclusive and only bankers. It is signed by Mr. Kelly ?— Yes. Is not he one of the principal merchants in the south of Ireland ?— Yes. In short have you any hesitation in saying, that the names subjoined to that peti- tion are most respectable ?— They are, very generally. You are acquainted with the gentlemen who have served, for a considerable number of years back, the corporate offices of the city of Limerick ?— Yes. Have not the same individuals been continued in office as sheriffs for many suc- cessive years ?— Yes, in several instances. Were not Mr. Brereton and Mr. Coles ?— They were continued for many years. The present sheriff, Mr. Taylor, has been continued for some years ?— Yes. Are you acquainted with the corporation dues charged on account of the water bailiff?— As well as I recollect, I think it is somewhere about 13s. 4d. or 15 s. on each vessel. Have you ever known any of those funds applied to the improvement of the port, or the support of the quays and wharfs ?— Latterly, I think the water bailiff has expended some money in placing buoys over rocks just opposite the town; and also, I believe he moved some stones from the quays. How long since ? — I think within the period of the last two years. Previous to that event, are you aware of any application of the funds of the water bailiff to public purposes ?— I do not recollect any one instance before that. Can you inform the Committee, in round numbers, what may be the number of ships which are liable to contribute 135. 4 d. or 15 s. each?— I suppose about seven or eight hundred vessels in a year. Are the Committee to understand, from your evidence, that that part of the city which is under the jurisdiction of the corporation has been daily going to decay; and that the New Town, under the superintendence of the commissioners, is in a state of improvement?— Certainly. You stated you never lived in the Old Town?— Never. Do you know any gentlemen who do reside there ?- — I know several people who live in the Old Town. 617. F Do Appendix ( A.) John Mark. Esq. ( 3- June.)
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