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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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REPORT. —————— THE SELECT COMMITTEE to whom the several PETITIONS present- ed to this House from the Inhabitants of the City of LIMERICK, and from the Parishes of the said City, relating to the LOCAL TAXATION thereof, were referred, to examine the matters thereof, and to report their Observations and Opinion thereupon to The House ; and to whom the Reports made on the 3d day of July 1820, from the Select Committee appointed to try the merits of a Petition complaining of an undue Election and Return for the City of Limerick, and the Minutes of the Proceed- ings of the said Committee, were also referred:— HAVING considered the said Petitions and Reports, and examined Evidence thereupon, have agreed on the following REPORT: IN order to lay the result of their inquiries in a clear and intelligible manner before the House, Your Committee think it necessary to make a few preliminary observations on the local circumstances of the county of the city of Limerick, on its extent and population, as well as upon the laws which more peculiarly apply to its internal government. In population, Limerick ranks as the third city in Ireland, containing by the latest census, 8,268 houses, and 66,042 inhabitants, being more than twice the number of houses, and nearly three times the number of inha- bitants comprehended within the county of the city of Waterford. I'opulatiou lleUrm by W. S. Mason. Houses. The Dublin - lfi, 005. trade of Limerick, more particularly in Corn, is important, as appears by Limerick - 3,' 268. the amount of sales in its market, from the 1st September 1821, to the Waler'" rJ which were as follows : I nltdb 3 86,27 100,3" 60, U itj. T 14th June 1822, WHEAT BARLEY OATS - 138,804 Barrels, 20 St. 26,486 Barrels, 16 St. 241,216 Barrels, 14 St. Even at the present reduced prices of agricultural produce, the following value of the weekly sales will show the extent of the corn trade of Limerick : Situated upon the finest navigable river in the British European do- minions, with a port in the heart of the most fertile parts of Ireland, capable of admitting vessels of 400 and 500 tons burthen, though nearly 80 English miles from the sea, receiving in its market the produce of the counties of Limerick and Clare, and of a considerable part of Kerry and Tipperary, it is evident that the prosperity of Limerick is not only of direct importance to the inhabitants of the city, but also to the province of Munster generally, and indeed to the whole of Ireland. Within the separate jurisdiction of the city are included 13 parishes, and 7 parts of li{ sturn bjr parishes; about 16,000 Irish acres, or above 25,000 acres in English ' 25 " measurement. For the purpose of the present Report, it is necessary to distinguish three several divisions, all comprehended within the county of the
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