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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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\ x Appendix ( B) 192 APPENDIX TO. REPORT FROM SELECT COMMITTEE Documentary Papers. No. 14, continued. Toll of the Market. Out of every statute barrel of corn, grain, meal, flour or potatoes, one ale quart, and rateably for a greater or lesser . quantity ; the said ale quart to be taken by weight and not by measure, during the continuation of the Act of 31st of his late Majesty King George II, for taking toll by weight. Cocquet Duties and Petty Customs. On all goods imported and exported ( except spi- rits) 18 d. a pound, according to the neat old duty paid his Majesty. Spirits to pay 12 d. a pound, according to the neat old duty paid his Majesty for the customs, and no more. Tolls and Customs taken at St. John's and St. James's Fairs. Every tent or standing, four pence— every horse, mare or gelding, sold, six pence— every bull, bullock or cow, sold, six pence— every two years old, sold, two pence— every yearling, sold, one penny— every sheep sold, one penny— every lamb, after shearing, sold, one halfpenny— every hog sold, one halfpenny— every metal pot or griddle sold in the fair, one halfpenny— every piece of woollen goods, exceeding ten yards, two pence— ditto, under ten yards, one penny. Pilotage up and dozen the River. All ships coming from the island of Enniscattery to the Pool, to pay pilotage, 44. 6d.— Each ship going down to pay the like, 4*. 3 d.— All coasting vessels to pay up, is. 3d.— The like going down, 2 •?. 6 d. Pursuant to an order of council, Edward Parker, Town Clerk. The OATH taken by a Freeman of the City of Limerick. YOU shall swear to be true and faithful to our Sovereign Lord the King, his heirs and lawful succes- sors, and to your power shall aid and assist the mayor, sheriffs and citizens of the city of Limerick, for the time being, and to them shall be obedient and attendant, concerning such things as they shall law- fully and reasonably require you to do ; you shall also well and truly observe, perform, fulfil and keep, all such orders and rules as shall be made and established by the common council of this city for the good government there, so far forth as you ought or shall be chargeable to do ; and you shall not, by colour of your freedom, directly or indirectly, or by equivocation or mental reservation, cover or bear out under you, any foreign or stranger's goods or merchandizes, but according to the best of your skill and knowledge, wit, cunning and power, you shall uphold and maintain, all the liberties, franchises and customs, orders and usages of this city and corporation. So help you God. No. 15. A SCHEDULE of the Tolls of the City of Limerick, settled the 18th of January 1723. WHEREAS John Hicky, John Jones, and Thomas Holland, in behalf of themselves and several other gentlemen and farmers in the several counties of Clare, Kerry, and Limerick, preferred a petition to the Honourable the House of Commons, complaining of several exactions, tolls, and duties imposed by the corporation of Limerick, both on the merchants and farmers, illegally, to the great discouragement of tillage and the trade in general of that part of the kingdom : And whereas for the preserving a good understanding between the said counties and city, it was mutually agreed, that the matters complained of should be fully considered and determined by the Right Hon. Sir Ralph Gore, bart. Chancellor of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer; the Honourable Thomas Marley, esq. his Majesty's Solicitor General, and Francis Barnard, esq.: And whereas upon examining into the allegations of the said petition, it was by them, in presence of several persons concerned for the said corporation and city, awarded, that the several duties hereinafter specified, and 110 greater customs, duties, or tolls, should for the future be collected or paid for, or on account of the several commodities and particulars herein mentioned than are contained in a Schedule hereunto annexed ; and whereas the several parties have acquiesced in their determination; it is therefore agreed, that the said schedule or docket, signed and sealed by the said referees, shall be lodged in the hands of the Clerk of the House of Commons, and shall be confirmed under the seal of the corporation, to the intent that the merchants and farmers may know what they are to pay, and the corporation what is to be received by them. The toll to be taken out of a Winchester barrel of corn, to contain an ale quart, and rateably for a greater or lesser quantity, the Winchester barrel containing four bushels; gateage for each Winchester barrel of all kinds of grain, beans, peas, rape seed, and potatoes, to be sold in the city or suburbs, one halfpenny. For measuring a barrel of corn, if sold in the market, one halfpenny. Corn bought in the country by maltsters, or any other private persons, and there measured, to pay one halfpenny per barrel gateage, and no other duty or measure- money. Corn bought in the country, for exportation, and brought into the city or suburbs, to pay only gateage, provided the same be exported iti a year and a day; but if any part thereof is sold in the city, the whole to be subject to toll. All corn shipped at the quay or Pool, out any boat for exportation, to pay no duty, toll, or custom whatever. No duty to be paid for lambs from yeaning- time till after Midsummer. No gateage to be paid for any manner of cattle driven through the suburbs or liberties, if slaughtered there, but if driven through the city to pay gateage; that is, one penny a collop. Sheebeen to be paid for meal that paid sheebeen before in Limerick, in grain for its standing in the market. Nothing to be paid for beef, hide, or tallow of cattle, that paid gateage coming into the city, when the said beef, hide, and tallow are sold in the market. Every
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