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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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20 MINUTES OF EVIDENCE BEFORE SELECT COMMITTEE Appendix The old city of Limerick is under the government of the corporation?— Yes, ( A.) decidedly; but I should remark, that I understand as to watching, that there are v ' a fevv private individuals in the old town thsjtt hive to subscribe themselves for John Mark, watching. Esq' The Committee are to understand, that the state of the police was so defective, ( 3 June.) that it became necessary for private individuals to make Some provision ?-=- I under- stand that that was the case; my reason for knowing it is, that some who have been private watchmen have been recommended to our board of commissioners for em- ployment, as having done their duty well in the old town. Is the Old Town in a state of progressive improvement, or of progressive decay ?— Progressive decay. Can you inform the Committee, what system of account has been adopted by the commissioners of St. Michael's parish ?— A regular account of our expenditure, which is published every half year for the information of the inhabitants, and they also have a right to inspect the books, which the commissioners leave with their secretary for the inspection of any inhabitant who may wish to see them. Is not the publication of the accounts a voluntary act on the part of the commis- sioners, for the satisfaction of the inhabitants ?— Certainly. Do you not conceive that much of the good order and satisfaction which prevails in the New Town, may be traced to the fair and open system of accounts which has been adopted by the commissioners ? — I am convinced that it gives satisfaction; and when we hear any complaint at all, we listen with calmness to it, and correct it if we can ; we are very particular as to that. What do you conceive would be the effect of placing the parish of St. Michael's under the care and authority of the grand juries of the city?— I never lived in the Old Town myself, and therefore never have been taxed by them; but if I may hazard an opinion, from the way that the Old Town is managed, I should be very apprehensive that we should not be much better than they are, if we were under their system of control; I can only judge from having seen the Old Town ; I never did live in the Old Town. What is the amount of taxation to the best class of houses in the parish of Saint Michael's, under the authority of the commissioners?— I think my house pays be- tween ten and eleven pounds a year; but it is very likely that there are other houses that may go something higher. Does any part of the Old Town, or any other part of the liberties of Limerick, con- tribute towards the expenses of St. Michael's parish?— No part of the Old Town contributes; but St. Michael's parish is in the liberties of the city. Are you acquainted with the state of Thomond bridge?— Yes. Will you describe Thomond bridge?— It is a very long, narrow, inconvenient bridge, connecting the county of Clare with the county of Limerick. Is it of very great antiquity ?— It is of very great antiquity. Is it of very considerable public importance ?— It is a bridge of very great im- portance, inasmuch as it is the only communication that we have for miles about Limerick with the county of Clare; there is not another nearer than O'Brien's bridge, which is eight miles from Limerick. Is not a considerable portion of the produce of the county of Clare brought to the market of the city of Limerick, and disposed of there ?—- The chief part is. If any interruption to Thomond bridge took place, how could that produce be brought into the market of Limerick?— There would be no way of getting it but by means of ferries or boats, I suppose ; if it happened now, it would be necessary to have rafts to bring the bulky articles over, or go round by O'Brien's bridge. Can you state to the Committee what is the present condition of Thomond bridge? — Thomond bridge is passable now; but we are always uneasy about it, when there is any thing at all of a great frost and a sudden thaw. Do you consider it to be in a state of repair?— Not in safe repair. Are you acquainted with Ball's bridge ?— I am. In what state is Ball's bridge ?— Very bad. Do you know by what fund those two bridges have been repaired?— By the grand jury assessments, I suppose. Have you ever served upon the grand jury presentment ?— I have never taken an oath in a court of justice. Are you acquainted with many gentlemen who are accustomed to serve upon the grand juries of the city of Limerick ?— I am. Are
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