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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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3 96 APPENDIX TO REPORT FROM SELECT COMMITTEE Appendix ( B.) - N^ Documentary Papers. No. 12, continued. A RETURN of all Petitions praying for Admission to the Freedom of the City of Limerick, & c.—( continued). C/ 2 PS « i5 W 5 NUMBER OF PETITIONS presented in each Year, and Names of Persons who presented Petitions in the Year 1821. fi. Timothy Jevers MINUTES OF EVIDENCE taken before Committee of the Council, relating to Admissions to the Freedom of said City. Number of Persons who petitioned, and were admitted in each Year. 8th November 1821.— Michael Clarke sworn reference to council books for freedom of Mr. Michael Clarke; is a freeman; has exercised the right by voting; is a cabinet- maker by trade ; knows Timothy Jevers, who was bound apprentice to deponent for seven years, and who served deponent for that period; identifies signature of Jevers to petition. 7. Matthew Barrington 8th November 1821.— Claim of Matthew Bar- rington; reference to council book, and production of certificate under corporation seal, signed Joseph Gabbett, mayor, 18th April 1820. Joseph Barrington sworn: saw his son write; identifies his signature; is his eldest legitimate son; did exercise right of freeman; did not vote; did pass goods; vote rejected, not having been six months admitted. 8. Jeremiah O'Sullivan 8th November 1821.— Claim of Mr. Jeremiah O'Sullivan; reference to roll of freemen for his father's name; certificate of freedom produced, signed T. F. Wilkinson, mayor, 7th May 1814. James O'Sullivan, jun. sworn: identifies signature of petitioner, his father's eldest legitimate son. 9. James Mulready - 8th November 1821.— Claims by serving seven years to Mr. Richard Clarke, cabinet- maker, de- ceased; reference to council book for admission of Mr. Richard Clarke. Michael Clarke sworn: is son to the late Richard Clarke, who voted at an election as a freeman; knows claimant, James Mul- ready ; knew him to be an apprentice to deponent's father. William Franklin sworn: knew late Richard Clarke; knows claimant Mul- ready ; knew Mulready to serve seven years apprenticeship to Mr. Richard Clarke; deponent was for upwards of nine years in the employment of Mr. R. Clarke; knows that Mulready was indented for a term of seven years; was a witness to such indenture; heard from claimant that indenture was lost. 10. James M'Mahon - 8th November 1821.— Bryan M'Mahon sworn: is a freeman of the city of Limerick; has exercised the right of a freeman; the petitioner, James M'Mahon, is his eldest legitimate son, by his wife Susanna M'Mahon, alias Moroney; reference to common council books for admission of deponent; Jeffry Foot, esq. sworn: was present at the marriage of Bryan M'Mahon and his wife. 11. William Glover - 8th November 1821.— Claims by being married to daughter of freeman; reference to council 1758. John Boyse sworn : knows late Mr. Thomas Goggin, reputed father- in- law to William Glover; voted at two elections; reference to poll books. Eliza Goggin sworn: was present at the marriage of Hannah Higgins Goggin, daughter of Thomas Goggin, who is the eldest legitimate daughter of the said Thomas Goggin, to William Glover, the claimant. 12. Thomas Locke - - 8th November 1821.— Affidavit of Elizabeth Walsh, city of Limerick, widow, wife of Thomas Walsh, late of said city, printer, sworn before D. F. G. Mahony, esq. as to the said Thomas Walsh's being a freeman, and exercised that right; and that Thomas Locke, the claimant, served a full appren- ticeship to her husband, Thomas Locke; claims reference to council books as to admission of Thomas Walsh, sen.; affidavit of Elizabeth Walsh produced and filed. Thomas Locke sworn: deponent is the person who presented the petition, and signed the same; swears the contents of it to be true. 13. John Norris Russell ( A true Copy.) Edward Parker, Town Clerk.
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