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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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ON PETITIONS RELATING TO LIMERICK TAXATION. J9l By the mayor, aldmn & comon councill of the citty of Limerick. Ordered & Resolved, That the above proposall be and is hereby agreed and consented unto in all and every the parts thereof, without any alteration, and that a generall assembly of the freemen of this corporation be sumoned to appeare to- morrow morning at nyne a clocke, for the further confirmation of the said proposall. Dated Aprill the 2d, 1680. Signed by order, Dan: Hignett, C. C1. And thereupon prayed the confirmation thereof by this assembly, which being publicly read and fully und ® stood, itt is consented unto. Resolved & ordered by the generall assent of all ( save one) of this assembly, y1 the sd proposall be allowed of and confirmed, 8c that the mayor and councell of this cor^ acon for the time being, and all the freemen of this cor, pc<, n and their successors, shall and do for ever hereafter observe pforme & fulfill the same, any by law usage or custome of this corpc0n to the contrary in any wise notwith- standing. And it is further ordered, that a copy of this act of generall assembly be granted to any and all freeman or freemen who shall request ye same, attested either by the town- dark under his hand, or under the seale of this citty and cor|) c0n as shall be thought most fit by such pson or psons who shall request the same. A copy of a paper in these words- following: viz'. ' 1 A 5. J and outward in this citty of Limric. A schedule of \ A note of such town customs as was formerly dutyes for goods inward cocq* customes. Eyery freeman payes nothing for what was imported on his own acc' really. Freemen. Outward. p. dicker - - - Firkin of butter - Pac of wool or skins - Barrell of tallow - - - - Pac of frize, great or small - Role of tobacco - - . - Hodgshead of beef, pork, or salmon £. s. 00 00 08 00 00 ox - 00 00 04 - 00 00 04 - 00 00 04 00 00 ox - 00 00 04 J Strangers. £. s. d. l 01J 3 d. p. p' cus- tom for each p'ticular. 00 For all goods not above expressed, either imported or exported, by all p'sons, except"! , , custom ye freemen of this citty, to be payed ------- - - J ' Memorandum. That any pson that maketh appeare that he is free of Bristoll is to pay nothing either inwards or outwards, for any goods or merchandizes, for town dutye in this port. If any vessell or shipp laden with goods, or to be laden on a strangers acc1 shal be con- signed to any freeman of this citty, the said freeman is to discharg all town dutyes as a stranger. Memorandu. Nothing that payes custom is to pay any dutyes for ingate or outgate. Memorandu. That any freeman that buyeth any goods or merchandize from any merchc stranger importer, the said freeman, if he entereth them in his own name, is to paye dutyes as a merch1 stranger. Memorandu. That every person that is not free of ye citty is to pay dutyes as a mer- chant stranger. ( Copia vera.) Dan. Highnett, T. CI. J> Appendix ( B.) Documentary Papers. No. xi, continued. BY the mayor sheriffs and cittizens of the citty of Limerick, at a general! assembly held att the Tholsell of ye sd citty upon Saturday the third day of Aprill x68o. The order for ITT is ordained, enacted, resolved, ordered and established by coiiion paym' of dutyes I consent, that towards the discharging the debts lately contracted by ye for a yr & a i. J corpc° n upon ye purchase of ye wyerr, all freemen shall pay ye same dutyes with denizens for a yeare and a halfe from the first day of this instant Aprill, and that after the determination of the said yeare and half, no freeman shall pay any dutyes other than what was accustomary for freemen to pay in and before one thousand six hun- dred and forty. And that itt shall not hereafter be in the power of the mayor and councell to charg any other dutyes upon any freeman. Dated the day and yeare above written. 6x7. A Note
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