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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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x- fi APPENDIX TO REPORT FROM SELECT COMMITTEE ; Appendix ( B.) Documentary Papers. No. ii, continued. Tho. Morgan, freeman. Hen. Pryce allowed £. 5. be added, the said Francis Whittamore shall have a lease of, together with the former, for the said fine and at the said rent for nynety nine yeares, from the 25th day of March next, and after that report the mayor and sher are desired to seale the lease accordingly. I certify the foregoing to be a true copy of the original ( save and except that in the enumeration of the fines, the second paragraph is misplaced, but its true place will appear by the marginal numbers). Witness my hand at Bermingham Towei^ this 18th day of June 1822. IV. Betham, Dy Keeper. Aldman. Humph. Hartwel] esq. mayor. Tho. Miller, Sam. Foxon, Edw. War, Dan11 Bowman, Richd Lylles, Wm Clifford, Cha. Ashburnham, esq. Edmd Pery, esq. I Vic. 8. Novbr 9, 1677. Psent. John Sims, Jo. Bennet, Dan. Hignet, Ja. Phillips, Rob1 Higgins, Wm Craven, Peire Grahme Edw. Waight, Rob' Smith, Burgte. UPON reading yc petn of Tho. Morgan, Orded yl he be admitted to ye freedom of this citty upon special grace. Upon reading ye pet" of Hen. Pryce, senr' praying an augmentation of this corp1"" charity yc last yeare to him, Ordered that five pounds sterl. be allowd him, as was ye last yeare, to be payd him quarterly, 8c noe more, because of yc cor^ lo stoc. A lettr from the Record' this day read, wherein he signified her grace ye Dutchess of Ormond's pleasure, or rather a pposall for this corp" 0" farming his interest for a tearme of yeares, 8c all suits to cease. Resolved and Ordered, That Mr. Mayor do write a letter to ye Record' to the effect following, viz' 1 That the Councell are in a great straight w* to do, To give a way their intrest in so noble 8c auncient branch of their revenue, as the Lax Weyre; is seemes very hard, on ye other hand to su for yr, 8c thereby loose not only ye weyre, but another branc of 60/. yer, with the mesne ppfits these 10 yrs as possibly may be seemes as severe, 8c wr to advise ye Counsel kno not, y1 because he has deffd the tryall til next terme, ye Counsell will consid' further wl to do. As to ye pposalls offered by her Grace for renting Sr Geo. his interest, they will do it on moderate tearmes, as two psons to be chosen, one in behalfe of Sir Georg. 8c ye other for ye corpion shall agree to be reasonable. A RENT ROLL FOR MR. HIGGINS. A Rent Roll of the Revenue of the Corpi0n of Limric dd to Robt. Higgins, Burg. Col- lector of y" same since ye death of Capt. Coghlan, decd, late Recr, viz. from the 25th of May 1677 unto the 29th Sept. 1678. Arrears given in by Capt. Coghlan, in his acc' as recd for ye yeare ended at Michs. 1673. Valentine Stephenson, for a fine for his freedom ------- Phillip Tomlinson, for ye like - -- -- -- -- - Jeremy Rotheram, for the like - - Nicholas Bourke, for cocq* dutyes -------- Randle Cousins, for the like - -- -- -- -- - Richd Goatly, for the like - Mr. Rob1 Sbute, for the like Arr. by sd. Recr, given in his account for the yeare ended Michl. 1674. John Bennet, for one year's rent of Monegela bog Rob1 Cooks, for 44,000* tobacco » ------- Arr. in his acc* for ye yeare 1675. Capt. Samuel Foxon, for town dutyes - Arrears given by the sd. Capt. Coghlan in his acc' for the yeare 1676. Aid. Warr, for one year's rent of the Conseens, due at Michs. 1676. Bryan o Bryan and Leonard Carr behynd for the dutyes of St. Johns gate Chiefe rent out of the Laud of Rature ------ Chiefe rent out of the land of Balleshedy - - - - - - Capt. Foxon, for towne dutyes - ------ f. d. 01 00 00 00 10 00 01 00 00 00 01 09 00 02 10 00 08 06 01 08 11 11 00 00 19 16 04 14 05 10 05 00 00 44 11 03 00 02 03 00 11 03 10 08 i £. 110 07 09^
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