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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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J ON PETITIONS RELATING TO LIMERICK TAXATION. ( 7-) April 17th, 1676. J9l Appendix ( B.) P? sent: Edward Clarke, esq. mayor. Aldman Warr. George Rock, Willm Craven, J Christopher Keys, Antho. Bartlett, vie | burgs. John Bennett, Francis Whittamore, Geo: Buck, Ja: Phillips, Rob1 Smith, burgs. Documentary Papers. No. 11, continued. WHEREAS the King's levying process is now in the hands of yc present sheriffes whereby they are commanded to levy of the citizens and inhabitants of the citty severall sumes of money, amounting in the whole to 174/. or thereabouts, as fines on them imposed and estreated for not repairing severall high wayes and bridges hereafter mentioned, and taken out of the said levying process, viz. Assiz : 13° Julij 1675. 1. Inhabitant, civitat et comitat civitat Lime? quia non reparave? et mander pontem de Ballmecurra et reg vias ad eund pont ducent et tant ptinent ad libertaP ejusd civitaf et pont de Bearncoil et qd xij I. raceret opus et quod August. Martin et Williel5 Hayes sint supviso? put jjsent fuit ad assiz. pred xix° die Martii ano reg reg xxij0 - - - £. xx 3. Inhabitant pred quia non reparave? regia viam ducent a S' John's bridge ad Aug Cotty bridge prout psent fuit ad assiz quod £ x. reperave? via pred et qd Peregrin Jones et Jones Loftus sint sup visor ideo fin ------.---£ xx. 2. Inhabitant civitat et comitat civitat pred quia non reparave? reg viam ducent a domo de Flankerhouse erga Dublin < put psent fuit ad assiz pred xjx° die Martii pred et quod £ x. repaver via pred et qd Aid Warr, L' Holland et Gulfrus Whiton sint sup viso? ejusd finit in--- --------£ lxxx. 4. Inhabitant pred quia non repaver regia viam ducent ad Killpeakan a molendin Anglice the Mills of Femahelly . put psent fuit ad assiz pred quod £ x. ster' repe? via pred et quod Williel5 King mil et Dominic Roche fuerunt sup viso?. Ideo finiti in - - £ xl. 5. Inhabitant pred quia non reperave? viam ducent ab Any Cotty bridge ad Knocklentry prout psent fuit ad assize pred et quod Sept lib? repave? viam. Ideo finit in - £ xiiij. And for that the said severall wayes and psentm13 are repaired and pformed, therefore this councell intend to move the exchequer for a remittall of the said fines and which they hope to gain in a little time; and for the security of the said sheriffes, and that the inhabitants may not be molested, It is ordered and resolved yl the sd sheriffes be and they are hereby desired to forbeare the troubling of the cittizens on the said process. And it is hereby ordered and resolved, y' they shall be by this corpc° n saved harmless and indemnified from any fines, forfeitures, troubles, charges and incumbrances wch shall or may happen on them upon their acct3 or before, for or by reason of their not speedy execucon of the said process, and to that end ye mayor is desired to give them the comon seale to any such instrum* for their further security if they shall desire itt. Upon ve peticon of Mr. John Bennett, setting forth yl there is now at Corke a shipp loaden wl tobacco about sixty thousand tv£, which he with other freemen are about buying, and it they buy, they will bring it hither on their owne riske, or overland in case they are not encoraged by some abatem' of the towne dutyes, upon consideration whereof, and to gaine advantage by the town dutyes of w' otherwise would not come hither. It is resolved that they be allowed and abated of the duties due to the corporation the one moiety or halfe p' of all the said tobacco which they shall bring out of Cork in the said shipp to this citty, being about 6a, ooowt as aforesaid. Resolved that Samuell Burton, esq. be and is hereby admitted a freeman of this citty on gam Burton speciall grace, provided he be sworne in this may" time. freeman. Ord' for y' Sher. to be saved harm, for not levying of fines. Jo. Bennet to be abated Tobacco duty. Whereas this councell by their ordr of the first instant, did admitt Francis Whittamore, bul ges, tenant to a peece of their comon land part of Gallows Greene, lying on the east end of the recorder's farm, now in possion of Christopher White, part of the said Greene to be in lenght from the corner of Christopher White's new ditch, and so running directly by a straight line eastward to Cornish his house, and in breadth the whole lenght to the bog norward, for ye consideration of £ 17 fine and £ 5 p anum for 51 yrs from Mich3 next; and yc said Wtyttamore this day offering that his intencon of bidding that fine and rent was onely to advance ye corporation revenue by encoraging others to bid more; and the councill being sencible of the hard bargaine he hath, and willing to encorage him to pay his rent and take out his lease, at his request It is resolved and ordered, that the mayor, aldman Warr, she? Craven, Mr. Bartlett, Mr. Buck, Mr. Bennett, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Smith, or any foure or more of ym, or as many more of the councell as shall please to attend them, be, and are hereby appointed to vew and look over that part of the said Greene as is yett unsett, and see and consider what and how much thereof, contiguous toyc said peece of land already granted to the said Whittamore is fitt and convenient to be added to his said grant, and to make report thereof to the next councell; and what they shall so report under their hands fit to 017. Z z be Fran. Witamore.
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