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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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ON PETITIONS RELATING TO LIMERICK TAXATION. J95 175 assembly held at the Tholsell of the said citty the third Munday after the feast of St. Michael tharkangell, being ye 14th day of October 1672, have demised & by these p^ sents do demize grant set and to farm let unto Edward Wight of the said citty merch' all the y' their net- fishings or fisherstent in the river of Shannon, for one whole yeare commencing the first day of March next at the rent of sixty pounds ten shiil sterl payable quarterly by eaqual por- tions over and above all ye dutyes belonging to ye mayor for the time being, 84 all other dutyes, taxes & charges whatsoever, wh warrenty agl all psons whomsoever clayming any right or interest therein. In witness wherof they have herunto affixed the common seale the day & yeare first above written. Ordered that the regulations for this corpacon of bis ex0"* the Lord Lieu' and councell be openly read in this assembly, & then entered into the book of acts and ord" of this as- sembly and comon counceil of this city. Appendix m Documentary Papers. No. 11, continued. By the Lord Lieutenant and Councill. Rules Orders and Directions made and established by us the Lord Lieutenant and Councill for the better regulating of the Corporation of the Citty of Lymerick, and the electing of Magistrates and Officers there. Essex. WHEREAS in and by one Act of Parliament lately made in this kingdom, intituled an Act for the explayning of some doubts arising upon an Act intituled an Act for ye better execucon of His Majtl" gracious declaracon for ye settlem1 of his kingdome of Ireland and satisfaction of the severall interests of adventur", sould" and other his subjects there, and for making some alteracons of and additions unto ye said Act for the more speedy and effectual settlement of the said kingdome, it is ( amongst other things therein contayned) enacted that it shall and may be lawfull to and for the Lord Lieutenant or other chiefe governor or go- vernors and councill of Ireland for the tyme being, from tyme to tyme and at all tymes to come during the space of seaven yeares to be accompted from the nine and twentieth day of September one thousand six hundred sixty- five, to make and establish such rules orders and directions for the better regulating of ail citties walled townes and corporacons both new and old, and such as shall be created within this kingdome, and the electing of magistrates and officers there, and to inflict such penalties for the breach thereof as they in their wisedome shall thinke fitt, soe as the penalties for breach of the rules orders and directions to be made toutching such corporacons doe not extent further than to the removall and disfran- chizem1 of such persons as shall be found guilty of the breach thereof, and such rules orders and directions soe to be made as aforesaid shall be as good and effectual in law to all intents and purposes as if the same had been specially and pticularly established by authority of this present Parliament and shall remaine continue and abide in force for such and soe long tyme as in the said rules orders and directions shal be limitted and appointed, any thing in the said Act or otherwise to the contrary therof in any wise notwithstanding. WEE the Lord L' and Councill in pursuance of the said Act and the authority thereby given unto us, have thought fitt to make and establish, and wee doe hereby make and esta- blish the rules orders and directions hereafter mentioned for ye better regulating of the cor- poration of the said citty of Lymerick, and the electing of the magistrates and officers there. 1. That upon all elections to be hereafter made after the last day of October next, of any Mayor, Sher. person or persons to serve in any of the offices of mayor sherriffe recorder or towne clerke of Recorder or the said corporacon, the names of the persons soe elected to serve in the said severall offices, Town CI. elected, shal be by the said corporacon forthw" 1 presented to the Lord Ll or other chiefe governor or to be approved by governors and the privy councill of this kingdome to be approved of by them : And the said ye Ld Lieu' & persons so elected for any of the said offices shal be for ever hereafter incapable of serving Councill w, hin in the said severall offices or any of them untill they shal be respectively approved of by the 10 els g° Lord Lieutenante or other chiefe governor or governors and the privy councill of this king- t0 a ,, ew e^ ect' bU dome, by order under their hands: And in case the persons or any of them whose names aPProved- shal be soe presented to the Lord Lieutenante or other chiefe governor or governors and councill of this kingdome shall not be soe approved of within tenn daies after their names shal be soe presented, then and in such case the said corporacon shall from tyme to tyme proceed to a new election of fitt persons for the said respective offices for which the psons soe presented shall not be approoved of, and shall in like manner present their names to the said Lord Lieutenante or other chiefe governor or governors and privy councill of this king- dome untill they shall have chosen such persons for the said respective offices, as shal be soe approved of as aforesaid : And that all the said officers that are annually chosen in the said To bfJ ci, osen on citty into the said offices or any of them, shal be first elected for the said respective offices ^ Munday aft. on the Munday next ensuing Midsomor day yearely, and to enter upon the execucon of their Midsomr not to respective offices on such daies as hath been formerly accustomed, to the end that there serve til ye usuall may be sufficient tyme between such their election and their entering upon the execucon tyme. of their said respective offices, for the obtaining of the approbacon of the Lord Ll or other chief governor or governors and councill of this kingdome, and for the making of new elections in the places of such who shall not be soe approved of: Provided alwaies that this rule shall not extend to the election of any persons that shal be elected in the place of any of the said officers annually chosen who shall dye within the yere of their execucon of the said respective offices, or within one month before they are to enter upon the execucon thereof. 617. 2d. That
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