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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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174 APPENDIX TO. REPORT FROM SELECT COMMITTEE petty custs of St. John's Gate. Hugh Montgomery resolved and ordered by common consent that ye said Hugh Montgomery be & he is hereby ord' to collect nominated constituted and appointed collector & receiver of all & singular the petty cus- tomes & dutyes ofingate & outgate at the several gates and posternes within the soutliward and St. John's gate of said citty and that he receive have and take the same by himself and his sufficient deputy or deputyes, to his and their own use& behoofe according to a schedule hereafter mentioned in as full & ample manner as the same hath beene had & enjoyed by any pson or psons by, from, or under this corpation, the same to be enjoyed untill the third Munday next after the feast of St. Michael tharkangell next ensuing the day & yere first above written. Key Gate xxu W » Sarsfield. Edw. Warr, Thomd Gate, 70". 10'. Measures 51". Lau. Creagh, comon measr. Net fishing £. 60. 10 s. Edw. Waight. A Schedule of the Ingate and Outgate Customes. For every pack of wooll - Dozen of woolcards I5agg of hops - - - Pack of cloath or other goods - faquavite") \ wine J Barrell of tallow - Firkin of butter Roll of tobaccoe Barrell of fabove •- under } 4oIb. } dry goods Horseload of iron Tand hyde - — Barrell of corne Horse load of / sa't ~ I Dozen of hatts Cow or bullock — Fivegroats worth of honey — Raw hyde - — Hogg - — Sheepe - — Cow bullock & tolled — Aquivite pott — Iron pott - — Horseload of barke ~ Five groats worth of /* cn, ffe — ° Lbrass pans Horse load of rape seed - Brestoll barrell of salt - — Boate load of rapeseedel — coming to ye Key J Out of every bundle of hemp or flax, a handfull or — Twenty wooden cups or dishes, one dish or — Horse load of timberworke ~ Forty staves, a staff or - ~ Horse load of j^ ® ^ 6} skins d. ° 3 01 ° 3 03 03 03 01 01 ok 02 01 01 01 03 01 01 ok " 4- 04 03 01 01 01 01 01 x'j 01 01 04 01 04 The same petty cuatomes att Key gate and the severall gates within the middle ward of the said citty att the same assembly were canted to twenty pounds sterling. And by y° same assembly resolved and ordered that Will ™ Sarsfield be & he is hereby appointed col- lector and recr thereof, in a9 ample manner as the same hath been heretofore collected and received. The same petty customes at Thomond gate, and the several gates within the northward of the sd citty att the same assembly being canted to seaventy pounds ten shill\ Resolved and ordered that Edwd Warr, aldman, be and he is hereby appointed collector & recr therof as amply as others have had & enjoyed the same. The measures being this day canted to fifty- one pounds. Resolved and Ordered by common consent that Lawrence Creagh of the said oitty mer- chant be & he is hereby nominated constituted and appointed the comon measurer of this citty. And that by himselfe servts and deputyes do measure all the corne and graine coming into this citty and the part therof receiving for the same to his own use, the perqui- sites fees & profitts as hath been aunciently accustomed, and in as ample manner as the same hath been enjoyed heretofore by from or under this corpaton & that fie have the use of the comon measures belonging to this citty, he surrendering ye same in as good condition att and upon the third Munday after the feast of St. Michael tharkangel next ensuing, to w' 1 time and no longer the said Lawrence Creagh is by these presents constituted common mea- surer, who is hereby required & enjoyned to do right to all folks both poore and rich as becometh. The nettfishing belonging to this corporation being this day canted unto sixty pounds & ten shill* by Edward Waight for one yeare from ye first March next Ordered that a demize therof be drawne for the said Edward in the tenor of the words fol- lowing : viz. The mayor, sheriffes & cittizens of the city of Limrick, at their full & general assembly
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