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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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Appendix ( B.) Documentary Papers. No. 6, continued. ABSTRACT, N° 4, of the Accounts of the Commissioners for improving the Parish of Saint Michael, in the Liberties of the Cityof Limerick, commencing June 19th, 1811, and ending May 23d, 181a. INCOME: Amount of one year's parish assessment, commencing March ' 25th, 1811, and ending March 25th, 1812, - Amount arrears of parish rates, due March 25th, 1811, Received from the collector of the parish rates the balance, as per Abstract, i\* 3 Received from the Chamber of Commerce, one year's rent and taxes, being partof the commissioners rooms set to them - Borrowed on two assignments for £ 100 each, payable with interest - Note.— The Act of Parliament for the improvement of the parish authorized the commissioners to borrow the sum of 3,000 /. to enable them to carry the pur- poses of the said Act into execution. They heretofore borrowed 2,7001. Thus the sum now due of the parish is 2,9001, for which the commissioners granted assignments for 100/. each, with interest at 6 per cent per annum, ac- cording to the form prescribed by said Act. Balance due to J. Barry, Secretary EXPENDITURE : Paid towards the support of the city gaol, house of industry and fever hospital, half a year's contribution, ending February ist, 1812 ...... Paid interest on outstanding assignments - -- -- -- - Paid Mathias Deane, esq. the solicitor in London, on account of his bill of cost for the amendment to the parish bill, to enable the commissioners to contribute to the support of the city gaol, the house of industry and fever hospital - Paid counsellor Casey, the amount of his demand for his trouble in preparing the said amendment, and for bis expences going to London, and attending Parliament, to promote the enactment of the said amendment ------- Paid J. Barry, secretary, the amount of his expences to and from Dublin, to make an affidavit before a judge, of having seen on the door of the sessions- house in Limerick, a notice respecting the aforesaid amendment, which affidavit was required by the standing orders of the House of Commons ...... Paid one year's rent and taxes of the commissioners room ..... Paid for lighting the parish lamps, and all expenses attending thereon ... Paid wages to watchmen, sub- constables and overseers of the watch, for poles and watch- coats, and small gratuities to disabled watchmen ..... Paid for new paving and repairing the foot- ways and carriage- ways - Paid for sweeping and cleansing the parish Paid for fire and candle- light for the watch house, and repairs of same ... Paid for making and repairing sewer and sewer grates Paid attorney's bill of cost for drawing contracts, & c. from Oct. 1807 to Nov. 1811 Paid for stationery and account books from Oct. 1809 to Nov. 1811 Paid for sweeping and cleansing the commissioners room Paid the surveyor of the parish on account of his salary Paid for advertizing and other printing ........ Paid J. Barry, secretary, the balance due to him, per Abstract, N° 3 Paid Ditto one year's salary Paid for sundry incidental charges Total disbursements .... Allowances on uninhabited houses and of insolvencies, ending March 25th, 1812 Amount of arrears remaining due March 25th, 1812 ----.. Amount of sundry small disbursements by the collector of the rates - Poundage at 2 £ per cent to the collector, on 2,697 ' 7 s- 3 k d. amount collected Balance remaining due of the collector ......... £. s. d. 2,887 18 5 177 11 6| 23 5 1 37 5 4 200 - - 3,326 - 4f 8146 £. ( I. 250 - - 63 » 7<> 3 3 227 to - 9 9 0 7+ 10 8 494 6 11 585 * 7 - i 34< 5 - - 161 2 3t 21 7 52 - 8 37 9 loj 18 > 9 5 6 16 6 17 1 3 17 6 - 56 9 3z 130 - - 29 10 9 2,769 - if 81 3 2 286 9 6 2 2 4i 67 8 11 201 - 9i 3.407 4
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