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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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ON jPETITIONS RELATING TO LIMERICK TAXATION- i — • » • « • » « -- Jit* id si ui * » iTn*; r- k » < v*, through the middle of the said town, and so along through the lane southward by Caher Ivaghellie, including all the land thereof, to be of and in the county of the said city of Limerick, and so along the highway called Boherbane, close by the lands of Likydowne, leaving the plowland of Bohirilod and Ballynefranke without the said meares and bounds, from the lands of Lickdowne to the east way of Carrigmarten, from Carrigmarten down- ward, the low way westward to the. hedge of Walshestown belonging to the Lord Bourke, where there is a mount erected, and from thence to the first moate above declared, erected at the causea of Kilcowline, which is the first meare or bound assigned in length from the said city of Limerick; the meare taken from the mill of Briendufres, called the mill of Clarin Icokie, drawing to the northwest, as the watercourse thereof runneth through the bog of Campine, and then leading to the bog directly to the great stone standing in the hedge, called Legancampyne, and from the said stone to Cragenecorlaly, mearing'with the Lord Bishop's and Brienduffe's land, and so along the highway till jt to the heap of stones calleff Lishdermod Ikallie, and so to Shanane, in the highway betwixt Tirevoweeighragh on the west, and Tirevowoughtragh on the east, the great castle of Crattlaghmoel on the north of the Shannon, standeth right over against this way, mearing Tirevowoughtragh on the east: — tWe, the said Earl of Thomond, and others, of the commissioners before- named, having measured from the exterior part of the wall of the said city of Limerick, to the bounds mears and limits before expressed, do leave and include, as well all the towns castles and hamlets before- named, with all and singular their members and appurtenes, as all other towns, lands, fields, woods, meadows, pastures, commons and appurtenes to the same belonging, between the- bounds aforesaid and the walls of the said city, to be of and in the county of the city of Limerick, and within the compass of the three miles granted by his Majesty, by his Highness charter, to the mayor sheriffs and citizens of Limerick. In witness whereof, We, the said Earl, and others of the commissioners to this part of this identure, to be returned and remain in his Majesties high court of Chancery in Ireland, amongst the records of the same, have set our hands and seals the day and year above written. Thomond, Bar' Lim'ic. Era. Barkeley. Tho. Browne. Deliberat fuit in Canc1 Hibni ® , octavo die Novembris, anno regni regis Jacobi, AnglLse, Franciae & Hibernige, septimo,& Scotiae, quadragesimo, per manus Edmundi Sexten, gener1. PARISH OF MONGRET. A2G Appendix ( B.) Documentary Papers. No. 4, continued. .•" OiUrtHllJ • CO Co- o} Karigogundl. BY a scale of eight perches to an inch, I certify that the above Trace of thePa^ h^ f Mongret, in the libeWof Limerick and county of Lmer^ agrees fo^ o much wt h tbe Down Survey of said Parish, remaining of record in the office of His Majesty s surveyor General of Lands, & c. Record Tpwer. Dublin Castle. r Hey land. Dep. Surveyor Gen1 of Lands, & c. ( Copy.) 6x7. No. 5.
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