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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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Appendix ( B.) Documentary Papers. No. 4, continued. 138 APPfifcttfX TO R& PORT FROM'SELECT COMMITTEE cription of the said ine& res and inrolment of the said mearings, all the compass which shall be amfeasured in manner aforesaid, by the said commors or any threeof them, and so returned to his Majesty's said court, of Chancery, 1 shall be likewise annexed and joined to the said county of the said city of Limetick, as part and parcel of the county of the said city, distinct and separate from his Majesty's said county of Limerick, and from all other counties within his Highness said kingdom of Ireland, to all intentions and purposes; and the: said new added and measured lands, tenements andl! hereditaments, to extend m manner aforesaid, so re- turned by the said commissioners, or any three of them, shall be annexed to the said county of the city of Limerick, and be separated from the said county of Limerick, and from all other his Majesty's said counties, and shall be together with the said old ancient suburbs, liberties, and franfchiseS of the said city of Limerick, and together with the said Island of Iniskateree, one several tbUnty by itself, by the name of the county of the city of Limerick, and that by the name of the county of the city of Limerick, the same shall ever be denominated and called, excepting and reserving to his said Majesty, his heirs and suc- cessors, his Highness castle of Limerick, commonly called the King? s Castle^ with the precinct thereof, one lower middle rbbm of the common jayle under the Tollsell of the said city; and excepting all that the scite of the late abbey or monastery of Saint Francis, and all the precinct of the same, as a placc convenient for holding sessions and assizes for the county of Limerick. In accomplishing an execution of which grant and county of his Majesty, and by virtue of the authority to Us the said commissioners, by tenor of the said letters patent granted, we, the said Dottatt Eafl of Thomond, Bernard Lord Bishop of Limerick) Sir Francis Barkley, knight, and Sit ThomaS Bfowne, knight, four of the commissioners named in ; the said letters, to limit and bound the liberties, frauncesse and new made county, to the mayor, sheriffs and citizens, of observing precisely the direction of the said letters patent, have, by good advice, perambulated; measured, limitted, meared and bounded unto the said mayor, sheriffs and citizens, the said proportion of three miles of land in the said county of Lime- rick, accounting three miles from the exterior part of the said walls of the city of Limerick, east west and south, and accounting to every mile thereof, according to the statute de terris mensurandis, the particulars and parcels of which mears limits and bounds are hereafter specially expressed and set down; which said parcels of land, with all and singular the castles, towns, hamlets, lands, tenements and hereditaments whatsoever, with their appur- tenances, and every part and parcel thereof, with their appurtenances, members, parcels, appendants and incidents whatsoever hereunto annexed, specially named and declared, and the mears and bounds herein also specially expressed and set down: We do declare and certify to be by us measured, meared, bounded and limitted to the said mayor, sheriffs and citizens of Limerick, and their successors, for ever, for their frauncesse liberties and county of the city of Limerick, and accordingly to be separated, disunited, disjoined and disannexed for ever from the county of Limerick, and from all other counties within this realm, according to his said Majesty's letters patent, so granted to the said mayor, sheriffs and citizens of Limerick, and their successors, forever: And we declare the said county of the city of Limerick to extend and reach to the bounds of all' parts, according to the said ^ measurement, as they are hereafter declared; and that these underwritten towns, castles, lands, and hamlets, and other places named for meares limits and bounds, are the extreme bounds meares and true limits of the said county of the said city, as they are parlarly here- after expressed, viz. The first boUnd mear or limit, from Saint John's gate is and doth extend to the new small hillock round or moate, made by the causea on the west of Kill- cowline, betwixt Roshard on the east, and Gortdromagh west, Gortnehowlye north- west, all of which is the meare Of Kilcowline and Walshestowne; the second mear or bound is dnother round which drdWeth frbiii the first eastward, standing upon the hill south- east of Carrigp'son, the town and lands of Carrigp'son lieth within the same toward the city; the third mear or bound is at th£ Shannon, directly from the castle of Downash upward, drawing along the small current or water Of AgHanegour, and so as the said brook or water runneth east to the moor called Mo'eti Knockrewe, so directly to Ballibarrie, leaving the town and castle out, but not the lands of Ballibarrie within the said compass ; and the bound to go through the next ford by West Skartetree, the towns of Cowle, Henan, Carrowmartine, Clone- clive, the Gransagh, Garran, Ikie, GarrinOe^ Cnockenrewe, Clotiecrough, Agebegge, Carrocanevoye, Coroenebellye, and so from Ballibarrie, making directly to the former round or moate standing on the hill by the East Carrigp'son aforesaid, within which bounds these towns are contained, viz. the two Killonans, Coneyheigh, New Castle, Callagh, Itroyt, Curraaghkip, Ballireine, Lyshlian, Kilbane, Bealaghenvolyne, Bealasymon, Cowell, Ihey- nah, Kilpatrick, Garriglasse, the Renagh, Dromruoe, Ardmore, Cnockanantoe, Towryne, Carrigp'son, Carnarrie, Walsh his Town, Ballibrowne, Balliogarhie, the Park, Drowmbanyh', the meare limit and bound taken from Mongerett Gate in Limerick, goeth direct! v Bealne- curryh, and so directly to the two Mongaretts, Cloughkettine. and so to Brienduffe, O'Brien, his mill called the mill of Claren Icokye, from the said mrll to the foord of Clogh- tokie, from the foord of Cloghtokie to the ford of Anaghirestie, as the brooke or water between both foords runneth, including the town and lands of Cloghcokie aforesaid, wholly to be of and in the county of the city of Limerick, from the foord of Anaghirestie to the foord of Leyme Ineih, as the wafer or brook between both foords runneth, from the foord of Leyme I neigh to the church and tfees of Cnocktiegawell, from the church of Cnocknegacoll along to the stone in the middle of the moor, holding direct course by the hedge of Cnockball- nibrahy, and to the height of the same; and by the dike or hedge directing up the hill, along to the moate on the top of the said hill of Ballinfebrahy, from the said moate on the top of Cnbckballynebroher tb the town 6f Ballynebroher, and through the land that goeth through
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