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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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Mr. John Barry. ( 12 July.) 84" MrNUTES OF EVIDENCE BEFORE SELECT COMMITTEE Appendix jury appointment and the public taxation ?— I can only recollect reports of it> or v ( A.) rather seeing it in a public paper. > Can you procure, for the Committee, a copy of the resolutions which were then Mr. passed ?— I will endeavour to do so. John Courtenay. you can pr0Cure it, will you transmit it to the chairman of this Committee ?— ( i2 July.) Yes. Do you reside at Waterford ?— No ; I reside in London. Mr. John Barry, called in j and again Examined. ARE there now any applotters in the parish of Saint Michael ?— Yes. Who are they ?— Mr. Michael Quinn, a grocer, who lives at Onan Quay, Matthew Ryan, woollen draper, in Patrick- street, and Richard Bodkin, who was lately a grocer, in Patrick- street. Is there any collector appointed in the parish of Saint Michael ?— There are. Who are they ?— Dennis Edwards and William Hartney. Do they find any sureties ?— They do. How long is it since they have been appointed?— Edwards has been a long time appointed, I believe nine or ten years, and Hartney, I believe, about 1815 or 1816, somewhere about that period; the parish is divided into two parts; formerly Edwards collected both parts, but the commissioners thought it would be better done by having two collectors instead of one. Was Mr. Harrison a collector ?— Yes; under the commissioners he was the first. How long was he the collector?— I believe three years; 1807, 1808, and 1809. Was he not a defaulter?— He was. To what amount?— To a very considerable amount. State the amount as near as you can ?— Three or four hundred pounds. After he so became a defaulter, was he removed from office, or continued ?— He was immediately deprived of his situation, and his sureties were threatened to be sued ; and eventually every shilling was paid. Did the parish sustain any loss by his defalcation ?— No; the parish did not lose any thing. How long was he continued in the office after he became a defaulter?— Not an hour; he never collected a halfpenny afterwards; Bowland was appointed the next collector after him. How long did the defalcation remain undischarged?— I cannot tell from memory; I can tell by a reference to the accounts ; Mr. O'Callaghan was written to officially upon the subject, by an attorney, and sometime afterwards it was paid off. The whole has been paid?— Every shilling. But you do not know how long it was till the whole was paid ?— I cannot tell the precise number of months, but the payment was enforced as soon as it could be. Did it remain due a year ?— I do not believe it did ; I could tell by looking at the account book. How long did it remain due ?— With the permission of the Committee, I will refer to the account book ; [ the witness referred to an account book;] Mr. Harrison was a defaulter in March 1810; he then owed 367/. 105. gd.; on the 6th of November following, there was paid of that by Mr. O'Callaghan, 67/. 10s. gd.;. and he made a further payment on the 10th of Mav 1811, of 309/. 125. Do you keep any record of the orders that are made upon you for monies by Mr. Owens ?— Yes; I will show the Committee how they are done; [ producing a file of papers.] Does that file you now produce contain the whole of the papers and the vouchers since August last?— Yes. Are those vouchers open to public inspection ?— They are; there is no secrecy whatever; any person may see them who wishes it; I pay the men myself; the men bring me the bills, and I pay them; the constable of the watch gives a return of the watchmen, and I pay, upon his return, all of whom I know well. Do you keep those bills after the accounts are settled ?— I do. Do you keep them all ?— Indeed I do, for fear it should be necessary to refer to them at any time; we found it necessary lately to refer to them, in consequence of something that occurred connected with the parish. Are all the papers as well as the books of the commissioners, open to the parish for their inspection?— All but the Resolution Book; every paper, account and voucher belonging
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