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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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ON PETITIONS RELATING TO LIMERICK TAXATION. 73 / " were let to the daughter of Lord Perry, and I heard that was worth two or three " thousand a year; I know the spot." What plot of ground was it that Alderman Vincent alluded to ?— If the report that I had was correct, it seemed that Alderman Vincent was asked the value of three acres at Newtown Perry, for which he gave probably a very ample valuation, as I would do. [ The following extract from the evidence of Mr. Arthur Vincent, before the Limerick Election Committee in 1820, was read:] u Uo you know of three acres that have been lately leased to Lord Gort, by the " corporation?— No. " Do you know the Limerick plot?— No, I do not. " Do you know the Newmarket House?— Yes, very well. " Do you know the land adjoining?— It is mostly old yards and houses. " What should you think two Irish acres were worth, of those old houses and u gardens ?— A good deal of money. More than ten guineas a year?— Certainly. ' " Or a hundred either?— I should think so. " More than five hundred?— I should think it more than five hundred, because there must be houses there; I should think there is not half an acre clear." Do you know the plot of land which he says is worth 500/. a year? — I beg to remark upon the first question and the first answer which was read from Alderman Vincent's evidence, that I do not conceive any such ground as this has been let to Lord Gort, as the question to Alderman Vincent describes, because it is a plot of ground immediately in the rear of the worst part of the old Irish town, called West Water Gate, where there was a gate out to the water, when the river flowed up at the time Limerick was fortified; this ground that has been leased to Lord Gort, is bounded on one side by the remains of the Old Town wall, with only a lane dividing them and this ground ; and instead of three English acres of ground at New Town Perry, I think it would be very difficult to define one acre of this ground ; and I do not consider that piece of ground to be New Town Perry, nor do I think any man in Limerick would consider it to be so. Are you acquainted with Alderman Vincent?— Extremely well. He has long resided in Limerick?— I have known him reside there, and he has been in the Limerick militia with me. He was mayor of Limerick ?— He was. And is locally acquainted with the city and its vicinity ?— lie is. He has been also a political supporter of the family of Lord Gort?— I believe so. And is a member of the corporation ?— He is. And yet you consider that his evidence upon this subject, is entirely wrong ?— Not at all; I think it is the evidence I would give myself, pretty nearly; but I think he was under a delusion, not conceiving the ground set to Lord Gort to be what it is, but conceiving it to be three acres at New Town Perry. Is there any part of New Town Perry, which is the property of the corporation of the city of Limerick ?— I am not aware, except that there are two or three little plots which I do not think of more value than is stated there; those are near towards the corn market. Do you call that New Town Perry ?— I think that would be more New Town Perry; but I define New Town Perry myself, such as George- street and William- street, and Patrick- street, Crescent and Tontine buildings, and the side streets out of those streets. But you do not believe that the corporation have any property in that part which you would define as New Town Perry ?— I cannot say ; I have not long belonged to the corporation, nor have I been very much engaged in its concerns. Do you conceive that Alderman Vincent, a member of the corporation of Limerick, could mistake the plots in question, for any part of New Town Perry ?— The question there is, what three acres of ground are worth at New Town Perry, and Alderman' Vincent answers that question, but I say there is no such land let to Lord Gort. Alderman Vincent states, that two acres in New Town Perry would be worth two or 3,000/. a year; but he states, that this property which contains the old houses and gardens, would be worth about 500/. a year; do you think that contains one acre of ground ?— I do not. 617. C c Yoa
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