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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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ON PETITIONS RELATING TO LIMERICK TAXATION. 11. benevolent individuals by whom it was framed. By the Bishop of App ( B.) Limerick's return it appears, that 550/. of the personal property of Craven's charity are in the hands of Mr. D'Esterre, the late recorder of Limerick ; the date at which this debt was contracted is not stated ; but if it accrued whilst that individual, as recorder, was trustee to the charity, Your Committee cannot but express their regret that such a misapplication . should have been allowed to take place: 7961. lis. 3 d. belonging to Hall's charity are also in the hands of another member of the corporation ( the chamberlain), on which an arrear of interest to the amount of 477/- 18s. 9d. appears due; but from the very praiseworthy exertions made by the Bishop of Limerick in calling in these and all other sums due to the charities, and outstanding on private security, Your Committee anticipate the most beneficial results. « c « Your Committee next proceed to direct the attention of the House to the losses to which the consolidated fund has been subjected, in consequence of the default of the late treasurer of the city, or collector of the grand jury Sessional Papers, levies. In 1811, the chamberlain of Limerick " stated to the grand jury 1821, Nu 175. the name of Edmond Morony, esq. to fill the department of treasurer." 1{ e') nnlLd • The accounts of this officer, nominated rather than appointed legally, having lb. N9 4. fallen into confusion, he was called upon by Sir William Smith, the judge of assize, to account before him for 10,717/- 18s. 3 d. received from the consolidated fund, for the prosecution of public works. Vouchers to the extent of 6,072/. 12 s. 9^- only being then produced, a balance of 4,645/. 5 s. 6 d. was admitted bv the treasurer to be due and un- « / m provided for. Mr. Morony was continued in office notwithstanding this default, and was only removed after frequent, though ineffectual, attempts to force him to account by the judges of assize. It is to be observed, that the grand jury were called upon in the most solemn manner, at spring assizes 1820, to call this defaulter to account, or to proceed against his J. N. Russell, sureties. A memorial was presented to the grand jury, calling upon them APP- ( A-) Min. tv. to take some decided steps in this case, " as they valued the fair and im- partial execution of duties confided to them, under the sacred obligation of an oath ; as they valued their duties to the government which had been defrauded, and as they were desirous of protecting the inhabitants of Limerick from the ruin which a re- assessment could not fail to occa- te casion." Notwithstanding this appeal, the grand jury neither seem to have obtained any account from Mr. Morony, nor to have instituted any suit against his sureties; the balance continues due to the public, and the impoverished inhabitants are at this moment liable to re- assessment. Connected with this branch of the subject, it is right to notice that leases of the corporation lands have been made to the chamberlain, by the common council, of which he is not only a member, but the efficient > director. He attended the meeting of council where these leases were agreed to, and signed the very resolution for a grant to himself. The rents reserved from these lands are stated in evidence, given on oath before prin( ed Minutes a select committee, to have been grossly inadequate to the real value. It Limerick Com- is proper to add, that one of the individuals ( Mr. Wallace, paymaster Ofniittee, 1S20. _ the chamberlain's regiment of militia), who, with two other gentlemen, Inan Vincent, fixed the rents of these lands, has appeared before Your Committee, and has contradicted the evidence given in 1820 ; but when the House recollects MnWallace, fol. that this witness was in fact only confirming his own valuation, and when 99 104' it is seen that one part of this valuation was completed without ascertaining the bounds of the property in question, and another, without visiting the premises at all, the House will decide how far it ought to set his statement i against the oath of a person of high integrity, of local experience, and 617. whose
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