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The Gloucester Journal


Printer / Publisher: D Walker and Sons 
Volume Number: CI    Issue Number: 5210
No Pages: 4
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The Gloucester Journal
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The Gloucester Journal

Date of Article: 15/04/1822
Printer / Publisher: D Walker and Sons 
Address: Westgate-street, Gloucester
Volume Number: CI    Issue Number: 5210
No Pages: 4
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PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY D. WALKER AND SONS, VOL. CI.— NO. 5210.] MONDAY, ( SUCCESSORS TO R. RAIKES,) WESTGATE- STREET. / V P \ ••? APRIL 15, 1822. [ Price Seven- pence. THURSDAY'S POST. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 1S23. PRIVATE accounts from Paris state, that the proofs of a plot of deep and serious extent having existed, are still from time to time elicited by the activity of the Police. On Thursday last a num- ber of cases containing arms were seized in Paris;— there were between 5 and 600 muskets with bayonets ; many pistols and swords. Francs, however, is in apparent tran- qudlity. The funds have declined something more, aris- ing doubtless from the probability of war in Turkey. A private letter from Pera, of 6th March, gives a de- tailed account of the progress of the negociations between the Divan and the Ambassadors of England and Austria, up to the period when the peremptory rejection of the Russian ultimatum was communicated to the latter.— It concludes as follows: " Feb. 28 The Divan assembled extraordinarily ; the princi- pal officers of the Janissaries, and the Chiefs of the Ulemars were present, when it was unanimously declared that the demands of Russia were rejected. This sitting of the Divan is too memora- ble, and its consequences too important, for us to delay a moment to obtain information of all that has transpired; and we will send you further details by the next courier." It appears that on the 28th of February the Grand Counsel of thc Sublime Porte assembled all the Chiefs of the Ortas and of the Janissaries : and several Ulemars had been summoned to this sitting of the Divan, which is ne- ver done except when a declaration of war is in agitation. The Assembly unanimously decided to reject the propo- sals of Russia, the acceptance of which had been so warmly urged by the Ministers of Austria and Great- Britain; and on the 3d of March the Reis Effendi announced to the European Ministers, by a Note, that all farther discussion of the propositions in the Russian ultimatum would be use- less, since they were incompatible with the sovereignty of the Sublime Porte. The Note, which is written in a fair anil manly tone, exposes the conduct of Russia, and accuses that Power with having excited insurrection among the Greeks, by means of her Consuls in the Ottoman provin- ces ; that Alexander Ypsilanti, styling himself the " agent of Russia," and attired in Russian uniform, came to Bu- Important WORKS, recently published by LONGMAN, HURST, REES, ORME, and BrOWN, London. I. TRAVELS in the INTERIOR of SOUTHERN JL AFRICA. By WILLIAM J. BOSCHELL, Esq. With an entirely new large M ap, numerous coloured Engravings, and 50 Vignettes, from the Author's original Drawing. In 4to. Vol. I. price £ 4 14s-. Gi. boards. Mr. Burchell's Researches in the Interior of Africa, during five years, over 5,400 niles of ground, besides numberless lateral ex- cursions in regions never before trodden by European foot, have produced a multitude of discoveries and observations which have never until now been laid before the Public. 2. The TRAVELS of THEODORE DUCAS, in various coun- tries of Europe, at the revival of Letters and Art. Edited by CHARLES MILLS, Author of the History of the Crusades. Part the First, Italy. Price £ 1 4s. boards. 3. MADELINE, a Tale. By Mrs. OPIE. In2 Vols. 12mo. Price Lis. boards. 4. CONVERSATIONS on MINERALOGY; with Plates, engraved by Mr. and Miss Lowry, from original Drawings. In 2 Vols. 12mo. Price 14J. boards. 5. Thc PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL CORRESPOND- ENCE of CHARLES TALBOT, Duke of Shrewsbury, Princi- pal Minister of King William, for a considerable period of his Reign. By the Rev. ARCHDEACON COXE. In 1 Vol. 4to. Price £ 3 3s. hoards. 0. SKETCHES of the CHARACTER, MANNERS, and pre- sent STATE of the HIGHLANDERS of SCOTLAND, wi(.\ Details of thc Military Services of the Highland Regiments. By COLONEL DAVID STEWART. In2Vols. 8vo. Price £ 1 Or. boards, illustrated by a Map of tile Highlands, denoting the Dis- tricts or Countries inhabited by the Highland Clans. 7. MEMOIRS of the COURT of KING JAMES the FIRST. By LUCY AIKIN. Sccond Edition. In 2 Vols: 8vo. with a Por- trait. Price £ 1 4. i. boards. 8. ECCLESIASTICAL SKETCHES, in Verse. By VV. WORDSWORTH, Esn. In 8vo. Price 6s. 6A boards. 9. The SPEECHES of the late Right Honourable HENRY GRATTAN. Edited bv his Son, HENRY GRATTAN, Esq. In 4 Vols. 8vo. with a Portrait. Price £ 2 8i. boards. 10. OLD STORIES. By Miss SPENCF.. Author of LET- TERS from the HIGHLANDS; TRAVELLER'S TALE, & c. In 2 Vols. 12mo. Price 10j. 6d. boards. 11. ILLUSTRATIONS and PROOFS of the PRINCIPLE | of POPULATION ; including an Examination of the proposed i 1 Remedies of Mr. Malthus, and a Reply to the Objections of Mr. I Godwin and others. By FRANCIS PLACE. In 8vo. Price Si. , boards. , I ! 12. An ATLAS of ANCIENT GEOGRAPHY, for the Use of SCHOOLS. By S. BUTLER, D. D. Author of a Sketch of Mo- ; RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, ANDCO. RESPECTFULLY acquaint the Public, that the Ticket, No. 11,221, a Prize of £ 20,000/ Drawn the 28th of last Month, was sold bv them in Share « , at their old- established Office, No. 104, BANK- BUIEDINGS, CORX- HILL, LONDON. STATE OF THE WHEKL. Two Prizes of .£ 20,000 ! and 20 other Capitals, For the Next and Last Day, the 23d of APRIL, Tickets and Shares, warranted undrawn, are on Sale by RI- CHARDSON, GooriLUCK, and Co. at their old- established Office, No. 104, Bank- Buildings, Cornhill; and by the following Agentst JAMES WOOD, Esq. Banker, Gloucester. T. LEWIS, Bookseller. Broad- Street, Worcester. Charest, at the head of a troop composed of Greeks and j ( jern and Ancient Geography; consisting of twenty coloured Maps, Russians, seized the public coffers, put to death the Mus- ; sulman merchants established in Wallachia, and posted ! proclamations, exciting the subjects of tbe Porte toinsur- j rection, and promising them the aitl of Russia; that, in | truth, the Court of Russia had declared that all this was : the work of particular individuals, who acted in opposi- i tion to the will of the Emperor; and that, in fact, Russia ; was a known supporter of all the rebellious against the au- thority of the Sultan.— That this charge against Russia is i founded in truth, cannot be denied; and those who have j watched the conduct of Alexander, must have observed, | that he has not only connived at, but secretly abetted the insurrection against the Turks. The Note then proceeds to declare, that the Ottoman troops shall continue to oc- cupy Wallachia and Moldavia, so long as the Divan shall In 4to. and half- boutTd in 8vo. Price 12s. 13. EUROPE; or. a GENERAL SURVEY of the present Situation of tile principal Powers, with Conjectures on their fu- ture Prospects. By a CITIZEN of the UNITED STATES. In Ovo. Price 12s. boards. „ 14. TWO VOYAGES to NEW SOUTH WALES and VAN DIEMEN's LAND; including a Description of the present Con- dition of that interesting Colony. By THOMAS REID. In 1 Vol. Ovo. Price 12s. hoards. COLDHARBOUR DISTRICT OF ROADS. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next MEETING of the TRUSTEES for the said District of Roads, will be Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society. CAPITAL £ 550,000. FAT RONS. The Most Noble the DUKE of BEAUFORT. The Most Noble the DUKE of ARGYLE. The Right Hon. the EARL of CRAVEN. The Right Hon. the EARL of ORFORD. The Right Hon. the EARL of ROSEBERY. The Right Hon. the EARL of OXFORD. The Right Hon. LORD SALTOUN. LORD VISCOUNT BARNARD. Sir GEORGE JERNINGIIAM, Bart. Sir JOSEPH SCOTT, Bart. Sir GEORGE LEEDS, Bart. Sir GEORGE ARMYTAGE, Bart— te. TRUSTEES. The Hon. Col. WODEHOUSE, M. P. Lieut, of the County. Sir JACOB ASTLEY, Bart. THOMAS WILLIAM COKE, Esq. M. P. RICHARD HANBURY GURNEY, Esq. M. P. CHARLES HARVEY, Esq. M. P. J. C. CURWEN, Esq. M. P.-& C. Stc. & C. DIRECTORS. PRESIDENT— JEREMIAH IVES, Esq. Banker. VICE- PRESIDENT— J. BROWNE, Esq. Alderman. ENTIRELY NEW ESTABLISHMENT IN LONDON, ( WHICH COMMENCED IN NOVEMBER LAST,) FOR THE SALE OF GENUINE WINES AND SPIRITS, Throughout the Kingdom, FOR HEADY MONEY ONLY. THE Public are reipectfully informed; that the Proprietors of the LONDON GINUINI TB A COMPANY, 9S, Lu » - OATC- Hnt. y in consequence of the high reputation and decided preference their TEAS have obtained throughout the kingdom, have been induced, from numberless suggestions, to embark in the WINE and SPIRIT TRADE, on an extensive scale, and on si- milar LIBERAL PRINCIPLES, under the designation of the LONDON WINE COMPANY, 141, FLEET- STREET, LONDON, For the ptirpow of supplying Country Residents with Wines and Spirits pure and unadulterated; and the following will be warnntMl or VERT SUPERIOR QUALITIES, at the PRICES quoted: Fine Ports, old in the Wood • 42s. Ditto, vintage 1815 • • • • 46s. Crusted old bottled Ports 54s. to 84s. Sherry 46s. to 50s. Superior old ditto 54 « . to 63s. West India Madeira 50s. Superior ditto 60s. to 72s. East India ditto 70s. to 105s. Teneriffe 42s. to 46s. Buccllas 48*. Lisbon and Calcavella 43s. Claret 72,— very fine 90 » . Ditto, Margaux, Lafitte, and Latour .... £ 5 5s. to £ 5 16s, Hermitage V £ 5 5j, Sauterne and Barsac 75s. to UOs. Champagne 90s. to 7 Guinea* Hock 84s. to 8 Guineaa Moselle 60s. to lit. Per Gallon. per Gallon, "' l r>~ Brandy 25s. Jamaica Rum, 18s. | Hollands, Geneva, 13s. This Company do not sell Cape Wines, nor will they ever be admitted into their Cellars, their qualities being invariably bad. An Agent will be appointed in every principal town; but in the interim, all Orders accompanied by Remittances, will be immediately forwarded, FREE OF CARRIAGE, to any part of this county— No application for Agency will be answered unless post- paid. F.. T. BOOTH, Esq. Alderman T. S. DAY, Esq. Alderman J HAMMOND FISK, Esq. JOHN HARVEY, Esq. Aid. \ WM. HERRING, Esq. Aid. A. HUDSON, Esq. Banker. J. S. PATTESON, Esq. Aid. J. W. ROBBERDS, Esq_. Aid. WILLIAM SIMPSON, Esq. SAMUEL STONE, Esq. of Kingscote, in thecouiity of Gloucester, on Monday, the 22d day of April next, at twelve o'clock at noon, for the purpose of making j such order or orders as may be thought necessary - for the erection . | of a Toll Gate Bar or Chain, and House, in, upon, or across the consider those provinces as menaced by the Cossacks, and ! Public Highway leading out of the Horsley Road, at or near a Hetarists, assembled on the eastern bank of the Pruth: that the Porte is not at war with Russia, notwithstanding all the provocations; but if the Muscovite armies shall j begin hostilities, she has taken measures to repel them, i By the tone of this Note it will be seen, that the Sublime j Porte possesses a confidence in his resources which is very i decisive as to the question of peace or war, were not Rus- sia as eager for the contest as Turkey can possibly be. j Lord Strangford ( the only Minister of the Mediating I Powers who communicates with the Divan,) has declared : to the other Ambassadors, that his relations have no longer j for object, an impossible arrangement. No idea can be j, conceived of the infatuated exultation of the Turks ; all classes cry ' to arms 1' and, unhappily, signalize their en- , thusiasm by the massacres of the Greeks. As soon as a j battle shall have taken place, the Grand Seignior quits i Constantinople to head the army in person ; the levy en masse of all Turks capable of bearing arms will be pro- claimed, and the famous standard of Mahomet will be dis- played. Such is the impetuosity of the Janissaries that j persons who had no doubt of the success of Russia, now feel more than doubt, when they contemplate the mass of an infuriated fanatical population which will unceasingly rally round the standard of the Prophet. The Spanish Papers contain many additional proofs of j a divided spirit in that country. The partizans of the j new order of things find numerous opponents, and discord has extended in several instances to the shedding of blood, The Priests are the chief agents in exciting hatred of the j revolution; and their power is well known over an igno- rant race, as a great part of the Spanish population may be considered. The Message from the President of the United States, I to the Senate and House of Representatives ( which is just ! arrived, and appears in our 4 th page) recommends the complete recognition on the part of the United States, of j the- Spanish Colonies, as free and independent Govern- ments. The historical summary of events in Spanish j South America, contained in this Message, is a temperate : and impartial detail of what has occurred, followed by a fair antl accurate description of the actual condition of these territories. Buenos Ayres, the Republic of Columbia, Chili, and Peru, have effectively separated themselves from the Mother Country; and whatever may be their future condition, it is not in the nature of. things that they can ever return to their former connexion with the Pa- rent State. Under these circumstances, the United States are about to take the lead in abandoning a system of mere passive neutrality, and establishing political and commer- cial relations with the emancipated Colonies, from which the most beneficial consequences are justly anticipated. This is certainly an important transaction, and to no country more so than to England ; we feel confident ( says the Courier J that our Ministers will not neglect any al- lowable means for securing all the advantages which may be derived from a frank and decisive policy with respect to the South American Government. A respectable German Journal states that Mr. Foster is expected at Copenhagen, with the ratification of a Nego- tiation now going on between England and Denmark. Sir George Nayler is to accompany him with the Order of the Garter for the King of Denmark. A Morning Paper of last week described the lady likely to become a royal bride as having few pretensions to beauty. We are informed, that the Owen Glendower frigate, Capt. R. C. Spencer, is to take the Hon. T. Foster, Mi- nister to Copenhagen, with Sir G. Nayler, to invest the King of Denmark with the Order of the Garter ; that, af- eter the return of the Owen Glendower she will be re- com- missioned by Capt. H. Duncan ( Capt. Spencer's period of service will have expired), and fitted to take the Right : Hon. George Canning to the Government of India; and, . that service being performed, she will proceed thence to South America, where Capt. Duncan is to command in the room of Commodore Sir T. Hardy, whose three years are- nearly expired. The Active frigate,- Capt. A. King, it is said, is to take Sir T. Tyrwhitt to Lisbon, to invest the King of Portugal with the Order of the Garter. At the time the Order of the Bath was presented by the King to Sir B. Bloomfield, at Brighton, his Majesty gave him a snuff- box set in diamonds with his Majesty's portrait, and a valuable diamond star of the Order in ques- tion. His Majesty also, after the ceremony, embraced him most affectionately. The offer was made to Sir Benjamin to go to the island of Ceylon, but he refused it. Lord Cochrane, and his fleet, have left Lima: he charges San Martin with cowardice. This affair is likely to send his Lordship home. £ 40, OOO have been taken from the Droits of the Admiralty, to defray the expences of his Majesty's late visit to Ireland. The resignation of the office of Treasurer of the county, by Mr. Mainwaring, it appears, has resulted from deficien- cies in his accounts to the amount of 10,000/. which must ultimately be made good by the cour. ty, as we have heard that the securities are by no means commensurate with the sum for which he is a defaulter. A Meeting of the Heads of Parishes on the subject will take place to- mor- TOW ( this day) week.— Observer. . A farthing, in good, preservation, of the date of 1501, is now in the possession of Mr. Edmunds, smith and far- rier, of Southampton, who extracted it from the foot of a horse, on examining the cause of its lameness. SECRETARY— SAML. BIGNOLD, Esq. Surrey- Street, Norwich. . t The parties insured in this Institution are free from ALL RF— holden, pursuant to adjournment, at Hunters' Hall, in the parish j SENSIBILITY, and will receive back three- fifths of the Surplus — • 1 ' -- "- J~ mtvi j... Premiums at the end of three or Jive years. The Rates are the same as at other offices. Statement of Duty paid for the last Two Years. ' 1820—£ 41.554 3s. 9d. 1821—£ 56,625 9 « . 3d. Thus proving that IN THE LAST YEAR the business increased upwards of TEN MILLIONS. Since the commencement of the present year there has been a further increase of above THREE MILLIONS. place called tile Ragged, towards Nymphs field. HENRY VIZARD, Clerk to the Trustees. Dursley, March 29, 1822. Gloucester Militia. KING'S HEAD INN, GLOUCESTER, 20// T March, 1822. AT a GENERAL MEETING of LIEUTENANCY, holden this Day, for the County of Gloucester, and for the City and County of the City of Gloucester, and for the City and County of the City of Bristol, pursuant to the last Adjournment, for receiving and examining the Returns of the Number of Men liable to serve, and for making an apportionment of such number between the several Subdivisions within the said County and Cities, and Counties of the same Cities, in order to further proceedings being had thereon, for raising 416 Men, the number wanted lor completing the Establishment of the Militia of the same County, and Cities and Counties of the said Cities;— Resolved, - THAT the apportionment of the number of Men found at this Meeting liable to serve, according to the Returns from the Clerks of the several Subdivisions, be as follows: Atlas Assurance Company, of London, Instituted. 1808, and empowered by an Act of Parliament of the 54 Geo. III. I The President and Directors hereby give notice to Persons a « - , sured with this Company from Loss by fire, whose Policies have been in force for 5 years ending at Christmas last, that the return | of surplus Premiums to the assured, ( agreeably to the system of | this Company) is 24 per cent, upon the Premiums received in I London; and 20 per cent, upon those received by the country j Agents in Great Britain; and that the same will, on and after the I 25th inst be payable at tile Office in Cheapside on the London j Policies, and by the Agents in the Country, on the Policies effected in their respective agencies. LIFE DEPARTMENT. PERSONS assured for the whole term of Life, will have an addition made to their Policies every seventh year, on the principle so beneficially practised till lately at the Equitable Assurance Office; or the amount thereof may be applied in reduc- tion of the future payments of Premium. Policies may also be effected for the whole term of Life, on a plan peculiar to this Office, whereby the Premium is payable for ajlxed number of years. HENRY DESBOROUGH, Jun. Secretary. Cheapside, London, March 14, 1822. AGENTS: Gloucester Cheltenham Driffield Hereford Horsley ( J- Minchinhampton . Ledbury Leominster Ross Stroud For the Bristol Subdivision For thc Stow Subdivision For the Sodbury Subdivision For the Dursley Subdivision For the Stroud Subdivision . For the Gloucester Subdivision For the Newnham Subdivision For the Newent Subdivision For the Cirencester Subdivision For the Bibury Subdivision For the City of Bristol For the Alvestone Subdivision Xumhrr of Number oj Aten liable. Men ap- portioned. . 2423 49 . 1855 37 . 1072 21 . 1913 33 . - 2119 43 . 2328 47 . 1725 35 . 464 9 . 899 18 . 774 15 . 2156 44 . 895 18 . 2067 42 Resolved, THAT the Meetings in the several Subdivisions, for Balloting the Men to be raised for the purpose before mentioned, be held at the times and places following, that is to say,— For the Subdivision of Alvestone, at Alvestone, on Tuesday,... April 23 next. Newnham, at Newnham, .... on Wednesday, — 24 — Gloucester, at Gloucester, on Thursday,.. — 25 — Cheltenham,.... at Cheltenham,... on Friday, ..... — 26 — Stow, at Stow, on Saturday,... — 27 — Stroud, at Stroud, on Monday, ... — 29 — Bibury, at Bibury, on Tuesday, ... — 30 — Cirencester, at Cirencester, on Wednesday, May 1 — Dursley at Dursley,.... on Thursday,.. — 2 — Sodbury, at Sodbury, on Friday, — 3 — City of Bristol, at Bristol, on Saturday,,,. — 4 — Barton Regis... at the Sessions' House, without! _ « Lawford's Gate, Bristol, on Monday,... j Newent, at Newent, on Tuesday,.... — 7 — THOS. DAVIS, Clerk of the General Meetings. SPENCER'S GENERAL COACH OFFICE, BOOTH- HALL INN, Westgate. street, Gloucester. THE Public are respectfully informed, that the fol- lowing LIGHT POST COACHES, ( carrying four iniides only), leave the above Office: LONDON DAY COACH, ( The REGULATOR,) through Cheltenham and Oxford, every morning, at a quarter before six, to Brown's Gloucester Warehouse, Oxford- Street, corner of Park- Street, and to the White Horse Cellar, Piccadilly, and Bolt- in- Tun, Fleet- Street, London, by eight the same evening : leaves London every morning at six, and arrives in Gloucester by eight same evening. CARMARTHEN DAY COACH, ( The REGULATOR,) every morning except Sunday, at a quarter before five, thro'. Ross, Monmouth, Abergavenny, Brecon, Landovery, and Landilo, to the White Lion and Busli Inns, Carmarthen, early same evening; returns every morning at five, and arrives in Gloucester by nine. TENBY and PEMBROKE POST COACH, Tuesday Thurs- day, and Saturday mornings, at five. SHREWSBURY POST COACH, every afternoon, except Sunday, at three o'clock, through Hereford, Leominster, and Ludlow, to the Lion Inn, Shrewsbury, where it meets thc Holy- head Mail and Day Coaches. HEREFORD POST COACH, through Newent and Ross, every afternoon, except, Sunday, at three o'clock, to the Greyhound Inn, Hereford, by eight; returns every morning at five, and ar- rives in Gloucester by nine, where it meets Coaches to Bath, Bris- tol, also to Cheltenham, Oxford, & c. BATH POST COACH, every Monday, Wednesday, and Fri- day, at a quarter before ten ; and every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at a quarter after nine. BRISTOL POST COACH, ( Thc PHOENIX,) every morning at nine, Sunday excepted, to tile White Hart, Broad- Street. BRISTOL POST COACH,( The WELLINGTON,) every day at three o'clock, to the White Lion and Bush Coach Offices, Bristol. BIRMINGHAM POST COACH, ( The WELLINGTON,) through Tewkesbury and Worcester, every morning at a quarter past eleven, to the Castle and Saracen's Head Inns, Birmingham. LIVERPOOL POST COACH, every morning at a quarter- past eleven, to the Saracen's Head Inn, Dale- Street, Liverpool SWANSEA POST COACH, thro' Newnham, Chepstow, New- port, Cardiff, and Cowbridge, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur- day, morning at five o'clock, to the Mackworth Arms Inn, Swansea. CHELTENHAM COACHES, every morning at a quarter before six, and at nine, every evening at two and half- past two o'clock, to the Plough, Royal, and George Hotels. Performed by JOHN SPENCER and Co. TAKE NOTICE,— The Proprietors of the above Coaches will not be answerable for any parcel above the valqe of bl. unless re- gularly booked, antl an insurance paid. Passengers and Parcels forwarded with the greatest dispatch from this Office to all parts of the kingdom. V NEAT BLACK CARRIAGES, LIFE SOCIETY.— CAPITAL £ 500,000. The rapid progress of this Society ( which is entirely distinct from the Eire Office), is evidenced by the amount of its premiums, which at the under- mentioned periods, stood as follows:— Year ending at March, 1815, £ 33,441 5s. lli. Year ending at March, 1818, £ 66,226 8s. 9d. Year ending at June, 1821, £ 99,290 16s. Id. In the last twelve months upwards of 800 Policies were inued for Insurances exceeding £ 600,000. An invidious advertisement, issued try thc Managing Director of the County Fire Office, and headed " Dissolution of the Nor- wich Union Society, g- c." having been inserted in several newspa- pers, the Agents nf the Norwich Union Office refer their Friends to trie FACTS regarding Chat B » labV.*\ mcnt, stated in the annexed address of the Hoard of Directors, as a sufficient reply to the ma- lignant insinuations of its adversaries. N. B. The Directors of the Norwich Union Society, for mutual Insurance against Loss by Fire, have repaid to the Members as Dividends of Profit, sums amounting to nearly ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS, and to upwards n/ 3000 Claimants for Loss by Fire above Three Hundred Thousand Pounds. April 2, 1822. NORWICH UNION FIRE OFFICE. CCERTAIN anonymous letters and other publications J having been lately inserted in the newspapers of this king- dom, which are intended to injure theNORWICH UNION FIRE INSURANCE SOCIETY, the Board of Directors have deter-' mined to lay before the public a plain statement of the change which has taken place in the principle of the Society, in addition to that general information which they have already given through their A gents, as well as by means of advertisements, and by circulars. The principle of the Norwich Union Fire Office, was for many years that of mutual guarantee amongst the parties insured, and although the concern might have continued longer upon that prin- ciple, it was liable to difficulties from having no fixed Capital: the Directors felt this objection, and were glad to embrace an op- portunity that lately offered of fortifying the Society against great and extraordinary losses by a large subscribed Capital. As the premiums in hand at the time this change was effected belonged exclusively to the insured, they were not mixed with new subscrip- tions, and are now in a course of repayment to the parties insured, agreeably to the provisions of the former constitution of the So- ciety. The subscription now entered into by an opulent proprie- tory amounts to £ 550,000, and the advantages reserved to the par- ties insured under the new constitution are these— I. That they arc free from all risk of responsibility for each other's losses. II. That they receive back three parts out of five of the surplus premiums and savings of the Society. III. That this return is made at the end of three years, and is not withheld from persons who remained insured, only for one or two ycais, nor from those who have had claims for losses. This is the general outline of the principle, and with regard to thc plan, there are Boards of Management in London, Edin- burgh, and Dublin, and Local Committees in other Cities and Towns throughout the united kingdom ; appointed for the pur- pose of assisting the Directors in the prompt investigation and set- tlement of claim for losses. The agents of the establishment were instructed to take every means ot explaining the alterations which had been made in the principle of trie Society, and the most unequivocal testimonies of their being cordially approved by the insured were soon received from all parts of the kingdom. A feeble attempt to prevent the new principle from being acted upon was made by four individuals in London, who applied to the Court of Chancery for an Injunction against the Directors, on the ground that they had misapplied the funds and property of the insured ; but this charge being unsupported by any evidence, and completely disproved on oath, the Lord Chancellor dismissed the application with costs; at the same time observing, that he was quite sure the addition of a capital of £ 550,000 must be a prodigious improvement. The Board of Directors of the Norwich Union Society have only to add, that they are desirous the public should know the whole of their proceedings as regards the management and general con- duct of tne establishment, that they court every inquiry, and are open to every investigation. Disposed as they are to act with a liberal and friendly feeling towards other offices, they lament to observe that one Fire Office ( the County) has lately departed from that fair and liberal course which should mark the conduct of all public bodies. In proof of the general confidence placed in the Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society, the Board of Directors refer the public to the annexed Statement of Duties— For the Year 1820 £ 41,554 3 9 For the Year 1821 56,625 9 3 For the last Quarter 18,470 15 4 ( Signed) JEREMIAN IVeS, President. WILLIAM HERRING. JOHN BROWNE, Vice- President. JOHN S. PATTESON. EDWARD T. BOOTH. J- W. ROBBERDS. THOMAS S. DAY. W. SIMPSON. HAMMOND FISK. SAMUEL STONE. JOHN HARVEY. Board Room, April 2, 1822. Mr. SHADRACH CHARLeTOn. . Mr. JOHN PACkWOOD. . Mr. WILLIAM HOWELL. , Mr. THeOPHILUS LANE. . Mr. WILLIAM B. SMITH. . Mr. ROBERT PHELPS. . Mr. EDWARD COLEMAN. . Mr. CHAS. SHARP, Auctioneer. . Mr. ROBERT HUGHES. Tenbury Mr. JOHN COWBURN. Tewkesbury Mr. JOHN STEPHeNs. VACANT. Evesham Uley Kidderminster Upton Newnham Winchcomb Pershore Wotton- Underedge. Bewdley Cirencester Droitwich Dursley O be LET, from Lady- Day last,— CLAY HILL FARM, in the parish of Lechlade, in the county of Glou- cester ; consisting of a Farm- House and Outbuildings, and about 158 acrcs of Land, more or less, 49 acres of which are Pasture Land, adapted for a Dairy, the remainder Arable. . The present tenant, Mr. Thomas Miller, will shew the Farm ; for particulars of which, and to treat for the same, apply ( if by letter, post- paid,) to Mr. Trinder, Land Agent and Surveyor, Ci- rencester. DUCKLINGTON. TO be LET, at Lady- Day next,— A desirable FARM, in the Open Field, in the parish of Ducklington, near Wit- ney, consisting of a Farm House, Stables & c. three excellent barns, and about 244 acres of Arable and Meadow Land. For further particulars and to treat, apply to Mr. Large, Broad- well, near Burford, Oxfordshire. HAZLETON. ff^ O be LET, and entered on immediately,—- The PAR- SONAGE FARM, in the parish of Hazleton ; comprising a Farm House, with convenient buildings, and 293 acres of Land, mostly arablg.— Hazleton is^ 4 miles from Northleach, and 12 from Cheltenham. •' For further particulars and to treat, apply to Mr. Large, of Broadwell, Oxfordshire, ( if by letter, post- paid), and for a view of the premises, to Mr. T. Davis, the tenant. BUSCOTT. Hudson's Botanic Tooth Powder and Tincture. THE above discoveries, if attended to, will effectually supersede thi necessity of a Dentist; t'. y are sure remr. dies For all disorders of the Mouth ; they not merely cleanse and beautify the Teeth, but preserve them from decay to the lateit period of life. They are ail antidote for Gum boils. Swelled Face, and the Tooth- ache ; they remove the scurvy from thc Gums, leaving them firm and of a healthy redness. They in- fallibly arrest the progress of caries in the Teeth, refresh the mouth, and sweeten the breath; they both possess the same vir- tues, and may be used alone or together; but the Tincture acts more speedy in fastening loose Teeth, removing the scurvy, & c. and it ii an infallible remedy for the Tooth- ache, and pre- vents a relapse ; they are to perfectly innocent that a Child may take the contents of a box of the Powder, and the Tincture ii an excellent Stomachic. Price 2s. 9d. each. Also HUDSON'S TOOTH BRUSHES, in setsof three, made on scientific principles, price 3s. and in Ivory 7s. 6d. The following Agents are appointed : Mr. Atkinson, Whole- sale Agent, 44, Gerrard- Street, Soho- Square, London: Messrs. Walker and Sons, Printers of this Paper, Gloucester ; and most Patent Medicine Venders and Perfumers, N. B. Hudson being a very general name, the Wholesale Agent's name and address are also printed on the label, 3s fur- ther security against counterfeits. BILIOUS AND LIVER COMPLAINTS. AS a mild and effectual remedy for all those disorders which originate in a vitiated action of the Liver and bili- ary organs, namely, INDIGESTION, LOSS or APPETITE, HEAD ACHE, HEARTBURN, FLATULENCIES, SPASMS, CO STIV E V EIS, AFFECTIONS OF THE LIVER, & C. & C. DIXON'S ANTIBILI- OUS PILLS have met with more general approval than any other medicine whatsoever. They unite every recommendation of mild operation with successful effect; and require no restraint or confinement whatever during their use. In tropical climates, where the consequences of redundant and vitiated bile are it> prevalent and alarming, they are an invaluable and efficient pro- tection. They are also particularly calculated to correct disor- ders arising from excesses of the table, to restore the tone of the stomach, and to remove most complaints occasioned by irregu- larity of the bowels. Sold in boxes at 2s. 9d. 6s. lis. and22s. by Butlers, Chemists, No. 4, Cheapside, London; 20, Waterloo- Place, Edinburgh ; 34, Sackville- Street, Dublin ; and by D. Walker and Sons, Printers of this Paper, Westgate- Street, Gloucester ; and by the princi- pal Medicine Venders throughout the United Kingdom. UNFAILING SUCCESS, during a period of ON U HUNDRED YEARS, has fully established the excel- lence of BARCLAY'S ORIGINAL OINTMENT in the cure of that disagreeable disorder, the ITCH, which it never fails to effect in ONE HOUR'S APPLICATION This safe, speedy, and efficacious Remedy, has been in gene- ral use for upwards ot one hundred years, without a single in- stance of Its having tailed to cure the most inveterate easel. It does not contain the smallest particle of Mercury, or any other dangerous ingredient, and may be safely used by persons of the most delicate constitutions. THE PUBLIC ARE REQUESTED TO BE ON THEIR GUARD AgAINST NOXIOUS COMPOSITIONS SOLD AT LOW PRICES, and to observe, that none can possibly be genuine, unb- ss the names of the Proprietors, BARCLAT and SON S, are engraved on the Stamp affixed to each box: great dan- ger mav ariie frcna the neglect of this caution. Sold wholesale and retail by Barclay and Sons, ( the only Suc- cessors to Jackson and Co,) No. 95, Fleet- Market, London, price ] j. Sd. duty included; anj, by their appointment, by D. WALKER and SONS, Printers of this Paper, Westgate- Street ; Washbourn, Morgan, and Rose, and Fouracre, Gloucester; and entered uPon at Lady- Day next,—. Bridey, and Mills, Stroud; Bettison, Williams, Moss, and OLD HELD FARM, in the parish of Buscott; compns- Hingston and Co. Cheltenham ; Poyner, Winchcomb; Reddell, ing a good Farm House, with very superior and covement offices, 1 - ~ _ . . - - _ - and 250 acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land. Buscott is 3 miles from Lechlade, Gloucestershire; and 2 from Farringdon, Berks, which is a most excellent market town. The London Turnpike- road runs through Buscott, from Farringdon to Lechlade. For further particulars and to treat, apply to Mr. Large, Broad well, Oxfordshire; and for a view of the premises, to Mr. Seary, the Bailiff, living in the Farm House, ( if by letter, post- paid.) Capital Mansion and- Lands, in the Vale of Berks. rj'tO be LET, elegantly Furnished, and entered on im- - L mediately,—' That capital modern MANSION, called WAD- LEY- HOUSE, with 40 actes of rich Pasture Land adjoining, to- gether with the MANOR of WADLEY, abounding with Game, late the residence of WM. YARNTON MILLS, Esq. deceased, de- lightfully situated in the Vale of White Horse, within one mile of thc market town of Faringdon, and in the neighbourhood of two celebrated packs of fox hounds ; together with a large GAR- DEN, inclosed with lofty brick walls, and clothed with choice fruit trees, with three hot- houses, 70 feet in length, a conserva- tory, 30 feet in length, melon ground, & c. a spacious Lawn in front, surrounded with Plantations and Shrubberies; the whole fit for the immediate reception of a gerteel family. The House contains on the ground floor, a dining- room, 30 feet by 24 feet, a drawing room, same size, breakfast- room, 30 feet by 20 feet, small dining- room, 18 feet by 16 feet, anti- room, 18 feet by 14 feet, a spacious hall, in which is a handsome staircase lead- ing to the first floor, containing a billiard- room, with an excellent table, six best bed- rooms, over which are attics for servants. The Offices comprise a large kitchen with every convenience, house- keeper's room, servants' hall, butler's pantry, store- room, five bed- rooms, and a long range of excellent cellaring. The detached Offices consist of a brew- house, wash- house, laundry, dairy, ice- house, dove cots, stabling for 18 horses, treble coach- house, gra- nary, with spacious yards, & c.— The principal rooms have within the last few years been elegantly furnished in the modern style. Further particulars may be had of the Rev. William Mills, Shellingford, near Faringdon ; or of John Mills, Esq. of Miser- dine, near Cirencester, Gloucestershire. May be viewed by tickets, on application to Mr. James Fidel, Surveyor, Faringdon, Berks. All letters post- paid Wadley is dis- tant from London 69 miles, from Bath 45, and from Oxford 15. andOrme, Tewkesbury ; Watkins, Pierce, Court, and Paul, Cirencester; Moore, Rickards, and Williams, Dursley ; Good- wynn, and Walker, Tetbury; Hewlett, Frampton; Powle, Brookes, and Cooke, Ross ; Lewis, Mitcheldean; Tu lor. Da we, Underwood, and Dowding, Monmouth; Price, Wyke, and Stuckley, Abergavenny ; Price, Crickhowell; Jones, Newport; Bradford, Chepstow. EVERY MAN HIS OWN DOCTOR, By the use of Dr. BOERHAAVEs RED FILLS, No. 2, a Medicine famous throughout Europe for the Cure of every Stage and Symptom of a Certain Complaint. IT is n melancholy fact, that thousands fall victims to this horrid disease, owing to the unskilfulnessof illiterate men, who by an improper treatment, not unfrequently cause those foul ulcerations and blotches which so often appear on the head, face, and body, with dimness in the sight, noise in the ear*, deafness, strictures, obstinate gleets, nodes on the shin bone*, ulcerated sore throats, diseased nose, nocturnal pains in the head and limbs ( frequently mistaken for other disorder,) till at length a general debility and decay of the constitution ensues, and a melancholy death puts a period to suffering mortality. With each box i « given a enpious bill of directions, by which all persons are enabled speedily to cure themselves, with safety and secrecy, without confinement or hindrance of business. Its amazing sale within the last 60 years, though seldom advertised, is a certain criterion of its great utility. Price only 4s. 6d. per box. TEN GUINEAS REWARD. TO PRINTERS, ENGRAVERS, & c.— Whereas it has been discovered that certain Persons are in the habit of Printing and Vending Labels, being copies or imitations of those affixed to the bottles containing the GENUINE BLACKING prepared by DAY and MARTIN, thereby enabling unprinci- pled dealers to impose on their customers a bad and injurious ar- ticle : We hereby offer a reward of Ten Guineas to any Person who shall give such information as will lead to the conviction of any one guilty of these illegal practices, i. 1822. Feb. DAY and MARTIN, 97, Holborn. T DORSETSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WAKEFIELD, At GARRAWAY'S COFFEE HOUSE, ' CHANGE- ALLEY, CORN- HILL, LONDON, on Monday, May 6, 1822;— HE MANOR of HALSTOCK, six miles from Bea- minster and Yeovil, extending over 3,193 acres of Land ; together with sundry valuable FARMS, let to responsible tenants, consisting of ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED ANDTWENTY- NINE ACRES of LAND, of the value of ONE THOUSAND POUNDS a- year. ' Particulars may be had of Mr. Wakefield, Land Surveyor, No. 34, Pall- Mall; of Messrs. Goodeve and Ranken, No. 4, Uolborn- Court, Gray's- Inn, London ; of Messrs. Leman, Solicitors, Bris- tol; of Mr. Fox, Solicitor, Beaminster; Messrs. Battens. Yeovil; of the Editor of the Sherborne Journal, Sherborne; and at Gar- raway's, ' Change- Alley, Cornhill, London. CORDIAL BALM OF RAKASIRI. IT is notorious that various disorders of the human frame are brought on by dissipation In Youth, and a gross violation of those rules which prudence dictates for the preser- vation of health, and laying a foundation for a long and happy life, with a firm and strong constitution. The blessings of health are no sooner lost than painful experience teaches the inestima- ble value of it; and the unhappy patient looks around too often in vain for the means of its recovery. Doctor J. C. JORDAN recommends his CORDIAL BALM of RAKASIRI to those whoseConstitutions have been impaired, and whose nerves are affected by too intense study, or long re- sidence in hot or unhealthy climates, in which cases it will brace the relaxed nerves, strengthen and invigorate the constitution. Prepared only by Dr. J. C JORDAN, of the Surrey and West London Medical Establishments, No. 9, Great Surrey- Street, Blackfriars Bridge, and 28, Berwick- Street, Soho, London ; In bottles, of Il « . each, or two quantities in one, for 20s. or four quantities in one family bottle for 33s. duty included, by which one lis. bottle is saved. This inestimable Medicine will keep in all climatis, and may be had of D. WALKER and SONS, Prin- ters of this Paper. Westgate Street ; Skey, Stroud; Watkins, Cirencester; Reddell, Tewkesbury; Davis and Son, Evesham ; Day, Upton- on- Severn; Powle, Ross; and by most respectable Medicine Venders in the united kingdom. fcj* Mr. Jordan expects, when consulted by letter, the usual fee of a One Pound Note, addressed - Money Letter, Dr. J. C. Jordan, West London Medical Establishment, No. 28, Berwick- Street, Soho, London Paid double postage. HORACE IMITATED.— ODE To Mr. TURNER, il l, London Road, Southwarh. " Laudate Homo." IT it b « Just at merit's claim, To eeho loud the trump of e'ame, And join the admiring throng j If real genius we reward, With ev'ry tribute of regard. And pour the grateful song— TURNER 1 to thee, how much wa owe. For thy Jet Blacking's lovely glow 1 When first its radiance met mine eyes, With ecstasy and deep surprise, I view'd its brilliant hue; A beam so lovely and to bright, At then amaz'd my wondering sight, I ne'er supposed to view; Nor thought I boots could e'er surpass The lustre of the looking- glass. TURNER 1 it ia to thee we owe This all- resplendent beauteous glow— ' Twaa thy expansive mind That to such high perfection brought A Jet with every virtue fraught, In purity refined; And long for thee the poet's lay! Shall give their tribute to thy praise, USE TURNER'S BLACKING, ' Which may be had of all the principal Druggists, Ironmongers, Brush- Makers, Perfumers, Boot- Makers, and In every city and town in England, Scotland, Wales, and the city of Dublin, in stone bottles, at 6d. Is. and Is. 6d. each bottle ; and Paste Black- ing, in Pints, at 6< i. and Is. each. OBSERVE— Wholetale House., desirous of . el!- ing his Blacking on their respective journies, P. iay be supplied to any amount, at 20 per cent, and the vutlal credit. Blacking Manufacturer, 114, London- Road, Snuthwark SMALL SHOPKEEPERS may he supplied with a Dozen, by application to any of the Wholesale single SATURDAY'S POST. LONDON. Fill DAY. APRIL 12. THE Report of the Commissioners of Colonial Audit upon the case of Mr. Theodore Hook, has been printed. It states that the deficiency of that gentleman in his office of Treasurer in the Isle. of France amounts to 12,889?. 14.?.— ThCCom- missioned thus conclude their Report—" No circumstances have rome to our knowledge that could excuse us for recommending that Mr. Hook should be relieved frotn any part of the sum for which he now stands accountable." Art extent has accordingly issued on the part of- the Crown against his person and property.. ELECTION OF A RECORDER.— Wednesday, the Lord Mayor held a Special Court of Aldermen, at Guildhall, for the purpose of electing a Recorder in the room of the late Sir John Silvester, Bart, which was fully attended, his Lordship, 20 Al- dermen, and the Sheriffs being present. Newman Knowlys, Esq. Common Serjeant, was unanimously elected Recorder, and being sent for, he attended, and took the usual oath. Same day a Ballot was taken at the East India- house, to elect Six Director? in the room of R. C. Plowden, J. Hudleston, G. A. Robinson, W. S. Clarke, J. Thornhill, and G. Raikes, Esqrs. who go out by rotation. At seven o'clock the scrutineers reported that the election had fallen on W. Astell, C. Grant, C. Majori- banks, C. E. Prescott, G. Smith, and S. Toone, Esqrs. An advertisement appeared in our last paper, signed a " Prudent Man," and directed against the Norwich Union Insur- ance Society, for which we take the earliest opportunity of express- ing our . unfeigned regret. We have always held it to be a sacred principle, in the management of our paper, in no case to insert any thing that can either wound the feelings or hurt the interest ofany individual, and it has been accordingly a standing rule, often and anxiously enforced, that all advertisements, which contained mat- ter in the least degree doubtful in its tendency, should be submit- ted to the Editor, as it is impossible that he can read over all the matter previous to its appearance in the paper— Dy some unac- countable neglect, this rule was not, in the present instance, com- plied with, and the advertisement in question having got insertion unawares, was not observed until it was too late to remedy the evil. We can only. repeat, that this mistake has occasioned the most un- speakable vexation, and that we are anxious to make any repara- tion that may still be in our power.— Caledonian Mercury, March 28 th, 1822. We most cordially concur in the sentimen ts expressed by the Editor of the Caledonian Mercury, and for ourselves we had no hesitation in giving puhlicity to the article, for we entertained the certain conviction that any calumnious charge would be satis- factorily resisted the moment it met the eye of the Directors of the Norwich Union Office.— It may be expected from us at the pre- sent moment, to take sortie notice of the controversy carrying on between the two rival Offices, ( Norwich Union and County) situ- ated as we are in the immediate vicinity of one of them, and hav- ing personal knowledge of the characters of the gentlemen at the head of the Norwich Union Societies. We feci it imperative on us, then, to state, that the honour and probity of those gentlemen is too well known to allow for a moment to be questioned the rec- titude of tljeir proceedings, in respect to the assailed Societies. We must condemn in the strongest terms the tactic of a rival Office, in disseminating the most unjust insinuations under the shelter of an anonymous signature, and we are glad to see that the attack has been met by our fellow townsmen, in an open and dignified way, by a plain statement under the signatures of all the Direc- tor?. We must confess that for the honour of our native city, we are proud of having two such noble Establishments as the Norwich Union Fire and Life Insurance Societies within our walls, and we heartily wish them a long career of that prosperity which they have so pre- eminently enjoyed Norwich Mcrcury, April 6. MANCHESTER TRANSACTION.— This trial which came on at Lancaster Assizes, after occupying five days, was brought to a close on Tuesday afternoon. The parties were, T. Redford, plaintiff, versus H. H. Birley and R. Withington, ( Officers of the Yeomanry,) A. Oliver, ( private, the individual charged with cut- ting at Redford,) and E. Meagher, ( trumpeter,^ defendants. Coun. sel for the plaintiff, Messrs. Blackburn and J. Evans; for the de- fendants, Serjeants Hullock and Cross, Messrs. Littledale and Starkie Our readers, no doubt, will remember the melancholy event referred to, and the charge against the defendants was cut- ting and wounding with swords, & c. There was another count for a common assault, damages laid at 600?.— The defendants pleaded, 1. The general issue, " Not guilty"— 2. A riot committed by the plaintiff and others— 3. A conspiracy, & c. The pleas were ori- ginally 51, filling 544 sheets, but the Master reduced them to' 14. Mr. Justice Holroyd presided; and the whole evidence on ei- ther side having been concluded, the Learned Judge with much precision enumerated the heads of it, and commented on the pre- vious drilling of parties who had been seen at this meeting— their assault on the constable— their hissing before particular houses when marching into Manchester— their hooting before the Exchange, and again at the soldiery; and after dwelling upon these topics for up- wards of two hours, at six o'clock the Jury retired for about six minutes, and returned with a verdict for the Defendants. MARKET CHRONICLE. Gi. orcESTF. it, Salurifa » /, April 13— New Wheat, Bs. to Cd. Old Ditto, 8s. to 9s. New Barley, 2s. to 3s. Od. Old ditto, 3s 6d. to 4s. Od. New Beans, 2s- fid. to 3s. Gd. Old ditto, 4s. Od. to 4s. 8d. Oats, Is. 6d. to 8s. fid. per bushel ( Winchester) of eight gallons. MARK- LANE. A pi u 12 The arrivals since Monday have been very trifling, but we have a large quantity of all Grain at market; the demand being very inadequate to the supplies, picked samples of Wheat support Monday's prices ; but there is a want of buyers for the inferior qualities, and such description is nearly nominal. Bar- ley is 1 « . per quarter lower than on Monday, and dull saleatthat abatement. In Beahs, Peas, and Oats there is no alteration. Wheat, 32 to fills. Od. I Iieans,./. 118 to 2is. I Oats, 14 to 1.1s. Barley, 14 to 20s. Od. j W. Peas, 22 to 28s. | Malt, 38 to 44s. SMITHFIF. LD, April 12 - Although the supply of beast6 was but smaU'i yet it was fully adequate to the demand, and Monday's prices were' hardly sustained. Lamb was in brisk demand, and last day's prices fullv maintained. MONEY. ANY Sum from £ 300 to £'+ 000, may be had on ap- proved Freehold Security.— Apply to the Printers ; or to Mr. Watkiris, Stationer, Cirencester, if by letter, free of postage. JOSEPH WATKINS, late a Private in his Ma- jesty's 10th Regiment of Hussars, ( the son of JOHN WAT- KINS, formerly « f Trebincon Farm, in the parish of Llaptillio Pertholey, in the county of Monmouth, farmer, and only surviving brother Heir at Law of John Watkins, sires of the same Farm, who lately died intestate,) will apply at the office of Messrs. B. and T. Gabb, Solicitors, Abergavenny, he may obtain information that will. tend to his advantage Abergavenny, April 11. 1822. PURSUANT to a Decree of the High Court of Chan- cery, made in a Cause, GRAVES against GRAVES, the Mort- gagees, Incumbrancers, Creditors, and Legatees, of WALWYN GRAVES, late of Mickleton, in the county of Gloucester, and of King- Street, Portman- Square, in the county of Middlesex, Esquire, ( who died on pr about the 2d day of November 1813,) are forthwith to come ill and prove their Debts before William Courtenay, Esquire, one of the Masters of the said Court, at his Chambers, in Southampton Buildings, Chancery- Lane, London ; or in default thereof, tliev will be excluded the benefit of the said Decree. SANDYS, HORTON, ROARKE, and SANDYS, Crane- Court, Fleet- Street. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. WANTED on the Banks of tho Severn,- A good FAMILY RESIDENCE, and LAND, with immediate, or very early possession. Full particulars, post paid, and addressed to the Rev. G. R. Post Office, Gloucester, will meet with attention. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against HENRY REYNOLDS, of Chelten- ham, in the county of Gloucester, Saddler, Dealer and Chapman, and be being declared a Bankrupt, is- hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on the 10th and 22d days of April inst. and on the 18th day of May next, at eleven o'clock in tile fore- noon of each day, at the Ram Inn, in the city of Gloucester, and make a ftill discovery and disclosure of his Estate ami Effects ; wheiuand where the Creditors are to conic prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second sitting to choose Assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination^ and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. All Persons indebted to tbe said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Messrs. Williams and White, Solicitors, Lincoln's Inn, London; or to Mr. Lovesy, Solicitor, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. JOSEPH TERRY HONE. N. T. KING. J. CHADBORN. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and Issued forth against JONATHAN RICKARDS, late of Stonehouse, in tbe county of Gloucester, but now of Dursley, in the same county, Clothier, Dealer and Chapman, ( Partner with William Clavey Brown, late of Stonehouse aforesaid. Clothier, against whom a Commission of Bankrupt hath been issued and is now in prosecution, jointly with John Tozer and John Brown, late of Stonehousc aforesaid, Clothier, deceased, against whom a Commission of Bankrupt bath been issued and is now in prosecu- tion), and the said Jonathan Rickards being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on tbe 15th day of March instant, at four o'clock in tbe afternoon, on the 10th day of the same month, and on tiie lfith day of April next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the Old Bell Inn, in Dursley, in the county of Gloucester, and make a full discovery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second sitting to choose Assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination, and tbe Creditors are to assent to, or dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. AH Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Messrs. Vizard and Blower, Lincoln's- Inn- Fields, London; or to Messrs. Vizard and Buchanan, Solicitors, Dursley. . • T0 be LET, to FARM,—- The POOR, of the parish of WINCHCOMB, in the county of Gloucester, under a Se- lect Vestry, for the term of One Year, or more, from Lady- Day next.— For further particulars, apply to the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish. A Vestry will be holden on Tuesday, the 23d hist, when persons desirous of Undertaking the Management of the Poor, are requested to attend.— Winchtomb, April 104 1822. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against WILLIAM LYES, late of Chel- tenham, in the county of Gloucester, Coal- Merchant, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on the 11th day of April next, at six of the clock in the afternoon of the same day, and on the 12th day of April, and the 4th day of May next, at eleven of the clock in the forenoon of each of the said last mentioned days, at the House of William Ricketts, in Tewkesbury, in the county of Gloucester, Victualler, and make a full discovery and disclosure of bis Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and at the second sitting to choose Assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is re- quired to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. All Persons in- debted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of bis Effects, are not to pay or deliver tbe same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Lindsey Winterbotham, Soli- citor, Tewkesbury; or to Messrs. Bqusfield and Williams, Solici- tors, Bouvcrie- Strcet, Fleet- Street, London. JOSEPH TERRY HONE. J. M. G. CHEEK. JAMES SUTTON OLIVE. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded > ? and issued against RICHARD MILLER, of Brimscombe Port, in the parish of Minchinhampton, in the county of Glou. cester, Banker, Coal- Merchant, Dealer and Chapman, and he be- ing declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners ill the said Commission named, or the major of them, on the 21st day of March instant, at six o'clock in the afternoon, on the22d day of the same month of March, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and on the 18th day of April following, at eleven o'clock in tbe forenoon, at the Fleece Inn, in Rodborough, in the county of Gloucester, and make a full discovery and dis- closure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, at the second sitting to choose assignees, and at the last sitting tbe said Bankrupt is re- quired to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. A11 Persons in- debted to the said Bankrupt, or who have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to. whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but to give notice to Messrs. Dax, Son, and Meredith, No. 2!), Guildford- Strcet, London; or to Mr. Stone, Solicitor, Tetbury, Gloucestershire. PURSUANT to a Decree of the High Court of Chan- cery, made in a Cause, GRAVES against GRAVES, tbe Mort- gagees, Incumbrancers, Annuitants, Creditors, and Legatees, of the Reverend RICHARD MORGAN GRAVES, late of Mic- kleton, in the county of Gloucester, Doctor in Divinity, deceased, ( who died on or about- lhe 18th day of October 1815,) are forth- with to come in and prove their Debts before William Courtenay, Esquire, one of the Masters of the said Court, at his Chambers, in Southampton Buildings, Chancery- Lane, London ; or in default thereof, they will be excluded the benefit of the said Decree. SANDYS, HORTON, ROARKE, and SANDYS, Cranc- Court, Fleet- Street. PURSUANT to a Decree of tho High Court of Chan- cery, made in a Cause, GRAVES. against GRAVES, the Mort- gagees. Incumbrancers, and Creditors, of tbe Reverend MOR- GAN GRAVES, late of Mickleton, in the county of Gloucester, Clerk, deceased, ( who died in the Month of November 1819,) are forthwith to come in and prove their Debts before William Cour- tenay, Esquire, one of the Masters of the said Court, at his Cham- bers, in Southampton Buildings, Chancery- Lane, London; or in default thereof, they will be excluded tbe benefit of the said De- cree. SANDYS, HORTON, ROARKE, and SANDYS, Crane- Court, Fleet- Street. " STOCK FARM TO LET. TinO be LET for a Term, from Michaelmas ne:; t,— An J. excellent STOCK FARM, at Hungerford New Town, in the county of Berks. It consists of a good Farm- House, with ex- cellent Outbuildings, and about 368 Acres of Arable, Pasture, and Wood Land, lying well together. Hungerford New Town is si- tuate 2 miles from Hungerford, 11 from Marlborough, 8 from Newbury, and 12 from Wantage, all good markets. Mr. Palmer of Chilton Lodge, near Hungerford, will shew the farm For particulars of the rent, ar. d to treat for the same, ap- ply ( if by letter post- pain,). to Mr. Trinder, Land Agent and Sur- veyor, Cirencester. r in H E Creditors who have proved their Debts under a SL Commission of Bankrupt, awarded and issued forth, and now in prosecution against RICHARD MILLER, of Brims- comb Port, in the parish of Minchinhampton, in the county of Gloucester, Banker, Coal Merchant, Dealer and Chapman, are hereby requested to meet the Assignees of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt, at the Fleece Inn, in Rodborough, in the county of Gloucester, on Tuesday, the 16th day of April instant, at four o'clock in the afternoon, to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees' Disposing of the Property and Interest of the said Bankrupt in certain Coaches by Private Contract; and also to as. sent to or dissent from the said Assignees commencing, prosecut ing, defending or submitting to arbitration any suitor suits, action or'actions for the. recovery of* or relating to the said Bankrupt's Estate, and to consult and decide on the other special matters re- lating to the same. JOHN STONE, Tetbury, April 4, 1822. Solicitor to the Assignees. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO'be- LET, and entered upon immediately,^- An ESTATE, at Falfield, in the parish of Thornbury, con- sisting of a Farm House, and 72 acres of Land. John Jenkins, of Falfield, will shew the Land, and inform other particulars— Falfield, April 10, 1822. PINDRUP FARM. 10 be LET on LEASE,— That capital FARM called . PINDRUP, situate at Coin Rogers, in the county of Glou- cester, now in the occupation of Mr. John Barton ; consisting of an excellent House, with suitable outbuildings, a good working malt house, and about 228 acres of Land, in a high state of culti- vationj of which 195 acres are Arable, the residue Pasture. Pindrup has great conveniences in markets, it being three miles from Northleacn, seven from Cirencester, ten from Burford and Stow, eleven from Cheltenham, and 18 from Gloucester.— Pos- session will be given at Michaelmas next. For further particulars, apply ( if by letter, post- paid,) to Mr. Mullings, Solicitor, Wotton Bassett; and for a view of the Farm, to Mr. Thos. Smith, Foss Bridge. CHARLTON, near TETBURY. TO be LET, and entered upon immediately,— A plea- 1L sant RESIDENCE, newly built, fronting the turnpike- road, with Gardens, stable for four horses, dove- house, shed for feeding cattle, and three closes of rich PASTURE, about 12 acres, partly adjoiningthe House. And also the Pew in Tetbury Church— For a view and particulars, apply to Messrs. Letall and Paul, Solici- tors, Tetburv. PRESTON, One . Mile from CIRENCESTER. HPO be LET, and entered upon immediately,— All that JL capital DAIRY FARM, situate at Preston, late ill the oc cupation of Mr. John Smith, consisting of all excellent llouse. with suitable Outbuildings, and about 115 acres of Land, in a high state of cultivation, of which 80 acres are Pasture, and the resi- due Arable Also a COTTAGE, nearly adjoining the House. For further particulars, apply to Mr. Thompson, Solicitor. Cirencester. CIRENCESTER, mo be SOLD or LET,— A large, substantial, and JL commodious DWELLING- HOUSE, with an excellent Garden, about 30 yards by 20, adjoining, well stocked with choice fruit trees, situate in Coxwell- Street, Cirencester, and nov/ in the occupation of the Misses Sheppard, ( who are going to remove to the adjoining llouse). The House consists of three good par- lours, kitchen, large larder, and two other roOms, under- ground cellars, brewhouse, and stable, five bedchambers, besides large lofts suitable for a business that requires room. The House is pri- vate from the Street, the front being against the Garden. It may be entered upon at Midsummer next— For particulars, apply to Francis Hoare, Cirencester, if by letter, post- paid. PRIORY COTTAGE, CHELTENHAM. I TO LET, ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY A- MOST Superior SALE of FURNITURE. comfortable and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, with MR. C. WOOD most respectfully informs the Visit- suitable Offices, fit for the residence of a small genteel Family; ants and In- habitants of Cheltenham, that on Friday next,, with an extensive Garden, Well laid outand planted, situate near the the 19th inst. he wiE have the honour to submit to them, by PUB- ' own, and in the parish of Tewkesbury; containing, on the ground I. IC AUCTION, a choice and very superior Collection of elegant fio?!'' an entrance hall, two parlours, and a breakfast- room ; on and modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ( purchased, within the first floor, a drawing- room, three bed- chambers ; and above, tbe last twelve months, from the best London manufactories.) in f° ur good bed- chambers. The situation is exceedingly pleasant, sets of mahogany dining tables, side boards, chairs, chests of abd commands extensive views of the surrounding country P., For a view and to take the Premises nnnlu tn T. O... • drawers, wardrobes, wash- hand- stands, night tables, & c. pain'ted rose wood card, sofa, and Pembroke tables, ditto chairs and sofa, with cane seats and cushions; elegantly carved mahogany foilr- post bedsteads, with moreen and cotton furniture, bordered goose down beds, hair mattresses, blankets and counterpanes; a very large variety of richly cut glass, superb plated goods, ditto tea china, a large and very handsome set of dinner ware, and an ex- cellent assortment of culinary requisites; the whole the property of a Gentleman, who on no account would dispose of it but that he is leaving the neighbourhood. May be viewed on applying at the House, the day preceding the sale, from twelve till five o'clock. The lots being very numerous, the sale will commence at eleven o'clock precisely. MAIDEN & POLLARD OAK. ASH & BEECH TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On Tuesday, the 23d day of April, 1822, at twelve o'clock, at Mr. DORE'S, at the BEAR INN, at PARETT'S BROOK, near Ciren- cester, in the county of Gloucester ;— TWENTY- ONE Lots of very useful MAIDEN and POLLARD OAK, ASH and BEECH TIMBER, stand- ing on a Farm in the occupation of Mr. Edward Haines, belong- ing to Corpus Christ) College, Oxford. Mr. Edward Haines, of Badgington, will appoint a person to sliew'the lots, of whom Catalogues may be had ; also at the place of sale; tbe Ram Inn; and of Mr. Watkins, Printer. Cirencester. ril HE Commissioners under a Commission of Bankrupt, .1. awarded and issued forth against RICHARD LAWRENCE, of Minety, in the county of Wilts, Shopkeeper, Dealer and Chap- man, intend to meet on tbe 20th day of April next, at four o'clock in the afternoon, at the White Hart Inn, in Tetbury, in the county of Gloucester, in order to make a Dividend of the Estate and Ef- fects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove tbe same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Divi- dend. And all claims not then substantiated will be disallowed. JOHN STONE, Solicitor to the Commission. ri'MIE Commissioners under a Commission of Bankrupt, JL awarded and issued forth against SARAH BUTLER, of Sherston Magna, in the county of. Wilts, Innholder, intend to meet on the 20th day of April next, at twelve o'clock in the forenoon, at the Cross Hands Inn, in the parish of Old Sodbury, in the county of Gloucester, in order to make a Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend. And all claims not then substantiated will be disal- lowed. JOHN STONE, Solicitor to the Commission. FINISH OF THE LOTTERY, LAST AND ONLY DAY OF DRAWING, TUESDAY, 23d APRIL. TBISH, of the Old State Lottery Offices, 4- CORN- • KILL, and 9, CIIARINO- CROSS, London, calls the atten- tion of his best Friends, the Public, to the present RICH STATE of the WHEEL, which contains TWO PRIZES of £ 20,000! And 20 other Capitals of £ 1,000, £' 500, & c. Ac. AUcf Which must be drawn cmTUF. SDA Y, the 23d instant, ' when the Lottery will entirely finish. Tickets and Shares, warranted undrawn, are on Sale at BISH'a Offices in London, and by bis Agents as under: WM. GUMM, Bookseller, GLOUCESTER. C. HOUGH, Bookseller, GLOUCESTER. BARRY, and SON, Booksellers, Bristol. P. WATKINS, Bookseller, Cirencester. J. LEE, Jeweller, Cheltanham. W. Bird, Post- OfBce. Cardiff, t- < 3. WRIGHT; Journal Office, Hereford; W. LODGE, Grocer, Painswick. ' B. POWLE Bookseller, Ross. J. P. BRISLEY, Bookseller, Stroud. / T. PAGETT, Ironmonger, Stourbridge. J. R. HUNT, Bookseller, Worcester. BIP1I lias already sold TWENTY- THREE Capitals in the PRESENT Lottery, and Shares of the GREATER part at them, were sold by hi- Agents in THE Country. To GROCERS, TALLOW CHANDLERS, & CURRIERS. STROUD, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO be LET, and entered upon immediately,— All that capital MESSUAGE, with tlie spacious Shop, Warehouses, Stable, Garden, and appurtenances adjoining, desirably situated in the centre of the town of Stroud, and weU calculated for carry- ing on the business of a Grocer, Tallow Chandler, or Currier. The STOCK of GROCERY and SHOP FIXTUREB may be taken to at prime cost, or a valuation. For further particulars, apply ( if by letter, post- paid,) to Mr. T. Lambe, on the premises. TIBBERTON COURT. TO be LET, for a term of years, Ready Furnished,— That desirable MANSION, called TIBBERTON COURT, with abont 12 acres of PASTURE LAND, Walled and Kitchen Gardens, extensive Shrubberies, Drying Ground, & c. & c. The House consists of a spacious stor. e entrance hall and stair- case, dining, drawing, and breakfast rooms, with ante- chamber and water- closet, on the ground floor; nine excellent bed- rooms and three servants' ditto, with shower- bath, capital store- room, light closets, & c. on the second and third floors ; back stair- case, extensive and capital cellaring. The Offices consist of a spacious kitchen, with two large pantries, butler's pantTy, servants' hall, large dairy, housekeeper's room, back kitchen, laundry ( with pa- tent mangle), small store- room, large room for men servants; ca- pital stnbiing for six horses, saddle- room, with large loft above, with room for groom, coach- house for two carriages; walled coal- yard, dog kennel, & c. & c. The Deputation to the Manor will be given to the Tenant if required. The House stands on a heal- thy and beautiful elevated situation, between Newent and Glou- cester, equi- distant from both, and within 14 miles of Chehen. ham.— It has undergone a complete repair, painting, & e. & c. and may be entered on immediately. It is in every respect adapted for the reception of a Gentleman's Family. For particulars, apply to Mr Creed, Auctioneer, Gloucester ; and for Viewing the premises, to Mr. Williams, Tibberton Cottage. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Desirable RESIDENCE, Rich MEADOW LAND, £ c. mo be LET, with immediate possession,— A eommo- JL dious and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, containing on the ground floor, an entrance hall, principal and secondary stair cases, dining- room, 22 feet by 164, house- keeper's- room, china room, butler's pantry, servants' hall, excellent kitchen, & c.; on the first floor, capital lofty drawing- room, 27 feet by 16J, three commodious bed- chambers, two smaller ditto, light dressing- room, study, and water closets; on the second floor, spacious nursery, three good chambers, and linen room; on the basement, capital arched wine and beer cellars, dairy, wash and brewhouse, with other attached and detached domestic offices, extensive enclosed court yard, with a pump of good water, excellent stabling for se- ven horses, with sleeping room and loft over, double coach- house, barn, piggery, & c.; two productive Gardens, planted with choice fruit trees, green- honse, with hot flues, planted with choice fruit- ing vines of superior quality, large reservoir for rain water, with pump for Gardener's use, lawn and shrubbery; together with about 17 acres of rich Meadow Land and prime Orcharding adjoining, delightfully situate in the highly respectable villiage of Newland, late in the occupation of Major- General Dighton, distant two miles from the market- town of Coleford, four from Monmouth, and thirty from Cheltenham. *„" Parochial rates moderate. A Stage Coach passes through the village to Bristol and Here- ford, and a daily post. For further particulars, and to treat for rent, apply to R. White and Son, Land Agents, Coleford.— Letters must be post- paid. HEREFORDSHIRE. FREEHOLD ESTATE and MANOR. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By R. WHITE and SON, At the SWAN INN, ROSS, on Thursday, the 2d day of May next, at four o'clock in the afternoon, ( subject to such conditions of tale as shall be then produced);— THE MANOR or REPUTED MANOR of GWYN- i HEDDINGS, and a valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of a Messuage, Farm, and Lands, called TREVIR- VIN, containing 111 acres of Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood. Land, situate on the Garren, in the parish of Langarren, in the county of Hereford, at a convenient distance from the mar- kets and post towns of Ross and Monmouth, and now in the occu- pation of Mr. Samuel Williams. To be viewed on application to the tenant; and for particulars, apply to I. C. Hollings, Esq. Langrove, near Whitchurch; or to Mr. Thos. Addams Williams, Solicitor, Monmouth. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. C. WOOD, At WALLSWORTH HALL, about two miles from Gloucester, on Wednesday, the 17th day of April, 1822, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon;— BETWEEN Forty and Fifty Pipes of prime two- vear- old fine- flavoured CIDER and PERRY, made in the best way, and worthy the attention of persons in want of such articles; the property of Mr. JAMES HEANE. Also,— To be LET, for the term of Six Years, and may be en- tered upon immediately, the MANSION HOUSE of WALLS- WORTH HALL, with large Garden, Pleasure Grounds, and all necessary Offices requisite for a large and genteel family. For particulars, and to view the same, apply to Mr. James llcane, Gloucester. SALE by AUCTION, at C'AMPDEN, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, By GEORGE HALFORD, APRIL 23d, 1822, Of FIFE Pure- bred HEREFORD BULLS, The Property of Mr. GEORGE PRICE. Lot 1. OLD MOSES, ( bred by Mr. John Price,) by \ J Wellington ;. Dam, Earl Talbot's No. 14. Lot 2. Silver, by Half- brother to Moses; Dam, Troy ; Grand- dam, Old Silver. Lot 3. Young Moses, by Moses; Dam, Troy; Grand- dam, Old Silver. Lot 4. Mickleton, by Moses, 18 months old; Dam, Princess; ( see Catalogue of Sale,, 1820.) Lot 5. Ditto, own Brother to Mickleton. The sale to commence at twelve o'clock. Campden Fair will be held on the same day. N. B. Mr. GEORGE PRICE has also half- a- dozen two- year- old HEIFERS, to dispose of by PRIVATE CONTRACT. Neat and Clean HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ftc. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By G. HALFORD, On the Premises, next door to the BELL INN, SHIPSTON, Wor- cestershire, on Wednesday, the 24th day of April, 1822, and following days;— ALL the neat HOUSEHOLD GOODS, and other Ef- fects, the property of Mr. FOWLER, who is leaving the country ; comprising handsome mahogany four- post and other bedsteads, excellent feather and flock beds, mattresses, blankets, quilts, and bedding, mahogany chests of drawers, bureaus, book- cases, neat mahogany and oak dining, card, Pembroke, pillar and claw, and dressing tables, good mahogany dining- room, parlour, and other chairs, pier, chimney, and swing glasses, floor and bed- round carpets, basin stands, night conveniences, cupboards, pic- tures, Books, & c. & c. Also, a general assortment of kitchen articles, casks, bottles, trams, pots, kettles, sauccpar. 3, & c. which will be expressed in Catalogues to be had in due time of the Auctioneer, Bell Inn, Shipston ; and place of Sale. Sale to commence at eleven o'clock each day. Adjoining WICK- HILL, and within two miles of STOW, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. An excellent FREEHOLD INVESTMENT, A FARM, with suitable Buildings, Tithe- free, and great part Extra- parochial, and a capital MALT- liOUSE, producing a Net Kent of £ 381 2f. 6rf. TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. ROBINS, At the MART, LONDON, on Tuesday, the 7th of May, 1822, at twelve o'clock;— AValuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, comprehending a good Farm- House, and suitable Farm Buildings, and a capital MALT- HOUSE, the whole in the best possible con- dition, and ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY- SIX ACRES, TWO ROODS, TWENTY- SEVEN PERCHES of superior LAND, lying exceedingly compact, Tythe- free, and Extra- parochial, as it regards 130 Acres, adjoining the admired Seat of CHARLES POLE, Esq. It is pleasantly situate within 3 miles of Stow, 17 from Burford, two good market towns. It is recently let on a lease of seven, fourteen, or twenty- one years, to Mr. W. C. Pratt, a responsible Tenant, at a rent consistent with the present time's value, and pro- ducing a clear rent of £ 381 2j. lid. The Estate is altogether well circumstanced, and it has an Ob. servatory, placed and fitted up with Gothic windows, adjoining WICK- HILL, and looking over a great extent of country. Particulars may be had 21 days prior to the sale, at the prin- cipal Inns at Stow and Burford; at the Star, Oxford ; Plough, Cheltenham ; of Mr. Wm. Hobbs, Auctioneer, Worcester; at the Mart; and in Covent- Garden, where a plan may be seen. ; For a view and to take the Premises, apply to. Mr. John Moore, Auctioneer, Tewkesbury. SALE TO- MORROW and FOUR following DAYS ARLINGHAM COURT, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. BETWEEN FRAMPTON AND NEWNHAM. R. JOHN MOORE has the honour to announce to the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public, That 1; lias re- ceived Instructions to SELL by AUCTION, on Tuesday, the 16th of this present Month ( April,) and followingdays, at the above- named Mansion House and Premises,— All the modern and ele gant HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, real Persian atid Turkey Carpets, handsome Folding Screens, India dressing boxes,- exqui- sitely beautiful Oriental China; richly cut Glass, capital painting) by Penbii, Carr. olctti, Rosa de Tivoli, Hondius, and other cele- brated Masters; fine Proof Engravings, select Library of Books ; an Officer's Marquee, Six- Rifle Guns, 22 Swords, Bass. Drum* Bugle Horn, curious collection of Stags' and Roe Deer Horns and Skins from Scotland, an excellent Wroaght- iron . Safety Closet upwardsof 200 Green- House Plants, Melon and Cucumber Framcsl Patent Mangle, Patent Churn, and other valuable Effects. The FURNITURE consists of two lofty and wide four- post bed- steads, fitted up in a modem style, with stuffed foot- boards and mahogany carved pillars, tlie one clothed with orange colour and green cloth, the other with a rich chintz, several foUr- posfaiYd tent bedsteads, with dimity and cotton furniture, prime seasoned goose feather beds, hair, flock, and wool mattresses, Witney blankets Marseilles quilts, and cotton counterpanes; mahogany wardrobes' double and single chests of drawers, sideboard with pedestal ends' set of mahogany dining tables, on three pillars and claws, 11 feet 10 inches by 5 feet 1 inch, mahogany and rose- wood Pembroke, sofa, and card tables, mahogany and fancy- painted chairs; excel- lent sofas with squabs, rich chintz window curtains, superb pier, chimney, and dressing glasses, cut glass lustres, floor, bedside, and stair carpctting; with the usual assortment of drawing- room, par- lour, and kitchen furniture ; double cheese press, patent churn and dairy utensils, mash tub, coolers, and brewing requisites. ' The sale will begin each morning precisely at eleven o'clock and continue without intermission until the day's sale is over. ' ORDER OF SALE. First Day, Tuesday, April 16 Housekeeper's mom, hall rifles, guns, swords, horns and skin's, green- house plants, xai- Ion frames, garden, stables, and saddle- room. Second Day, Wednesday, Apr il17... Store- room, laundry, dairy breakfast- room, paintings, engravings, and books. Third Day, Thursday, April 18 Brewhouse, cellar, drawing- room, two best bed- chambers, china, and glass. Fourth Day, Friday, April 19.... Servants' ball, study, din- ing- room, butler's pantry, and three bed- chambers. Fifth Day, Saturday, April 20 Kitchen, scullery, pantry and three bed- chambers. * Catalogues may be had at the Bush Tavern, Bristol; Crown Newport; Old Bell, Dursley ; George, Stroud ; Bell, Frampton j Bear, Newnham ; Bell, Gloucester; and of the Auctioneer Tewkesbury April 2, 1822. ' GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Sale of Farming Stock, Household Furniture, ^- c. ( UNDER AN EXECUTION.) TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JOHN MOORE, On Monday next, the 22nd day of April, 1822; ALL tlie LI VE STOCK, Growing Crops, Hay Im- plements, & c. on the premises of Mr. THOMAS COOK at the BARROW, in the parish of BODDINGTON, 5 miles from Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury; comprising 3 prime - young dairy cows, 4 weaning calves, 6 full tailed cart gefdings and! mares, 3 yearling colts and a poney ; about 20 acres of wheat, a about 20 acres ol >? beans PEMBRIDGE, HEREFORDSHIRE. VALUABLE PROPERTY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On Thursday, the 25th day of April, 1822, at the ROYAL OAK INN, in the borough of LEOMINSTER, at four o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions then to be produced, ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due no- tice will be given,) together or in such lots as shall be then agreed upon ;— ADesirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, containing up- wards of 200 acres of Land, suitably divided with good fences, part of which is rich Feeding or Meadow, the rest good Pasture, Arable, and Hop Ground ; together with a fine Planta- tion of ORCHARDING, now coming to perfection, with a capi- tal MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE thereon, called the COURT HOUSE, with brew house, barns, beast- houses, stabling, hop- kilns, granaries, and other outbuildings, cider mill, and roomy and convenient fold- yards, the whole in good repair, and the farm- ing buildings at a proper distance from the dwelling- house ; to- gether with extensive and productive Gardens, part walled in, and planted with choice fruit trees now in their prime ; the Meadow and Pasture Land can be watered by land- floods, and a small stream of water brought through the fold- yards, and taken over most of the Meadow Land. The Dwelling- House consists of two parlours in front besides another parlour, large best kitchcn and back kitchen, pantry and scullery, with suitable and convenient lodging rooms over the same, dairy and cheese room, underground cellaring, brew- house detached from tbe house, and cider cellar adjoining; the whole forming a complete residence, situate close to the village of Pem- bridge, in the county of Hereford. Pembridge is well situated for a person fond of field sports, liav. ing a fine trout stream close to the village, a pack of harriers at a short distance, and the neighbourhood abounding with game; a London coach passes through the village three days a week, and the post to and from London every day, and there is a post office in the village, which is distant from the city of Hereford 16 miles, from Ludlow 15, Leominster 8, and Kington, 6 miles. For a view of the Estate, apply to the proprietor, Mr. George Yeld, on the premises, who will appoint aperson to shew the same; and for price and other particulars by Private Contract to him, or to Messrs. Morris and Sons, Solicitors, in Leominster or Ludlow All letters to be post- paid. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Superior HEREFORDSHIRE COW STOCK, and Valuable FLOCK of SHEEP. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By T. ACOCK, At WICK RISSINGTON, two miles from Bourton- on- the- Water, three from Stow, and seven from Burford, on Tuesday, the 16th day of April, 1822 ;— THE following superior STOCK, the property of Mr. LUMBERT, who is leaving one of his Farms; comprising 8 very superior Herefordshire cows in- calf or with calves, and 10 three- year- old heifers ditto, 1 well- bred ditto bull, 1 fat cow, 3 three- year- old oxen, 4 two- year- old ditto, 7 two- year- old heifers, 11 ox yearlings, and 8 heifer ditto, 80 very capital ewes and lambs, 100 ewe and wether tegs, 4 rams, and 2 ram tegs. The cow stock have been bred with the greatest care from the well known stocks of the late Mr. Tompkins, Mr. Yarworth, and Mr. White, and the sheep from the much admired flock of Mr. Large. The Auctioneer begs to say, that the above is equal if not supe- rior to any ever offered for public sale in that part of the country. Sale to commence with the sheep at eleven o'clock. MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO be LET, and entered upon immediately,— A de- sirable MESSUAGE and FARM, called CEFN GAR- ROW, with suitable and convenient Bams, Stables, Cider Mill, and other Outbuildings, and about 200 acres of Arable, Meadow, and. Pasture Land, together with the Tithes arising from certain other Farms in the neighbourhood. These premises are situate in the parish of Tregare, in the county of Monnrouth, about five miles from the'town of Monmouth, on the road leading from thence to Abergavenny The greater part of tlie Land is extra- parochial and Tithe Free, and the Meadow Lands adjoin the river Trothey, and are well watered. For particulars, apply at the Office of Messrs. Evans and Son, Solicitors, Chepstow. Desirable RESIDENCE, near BRISTOL, and between CLIFTON and KINGSWESTON. FOR SALE,— Asubstantial and very convenient MO- DERN- BUILT DWELLING- HOUSE, with good walled Gardens, and Pleasure Ground, small hot- house, and green- house; coach- house, two stables, cart- liouse, sheds, & c. and ( including the Premises) about 11 acres of Land. The House consists of a dining- room, breakfast- room, drawing room, and library, butler's pantry, men servants' lodging room, servants' hall or laundry, kitchen, scullery, and wash- house, six bed- chamberi, and two small ones or dressing rooms. Cellars complete under the whole bouse, with plenty of both sorts of water. ' This Propetty is Freehold and is situate about, two miles and a half from Bristol, and may be seen between the hours of one. and three o'clock, by Tickets, on application to Brooke and Orton Smith, Solicitors, Small Street, Bristol. MONMOUTHSHIRE. CAPITAL OAK AND OTHER TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On Tuesday, the 23d April, 1822, at the HEATH COCK INN, in the town of NEWPORT, between the hours of three and six in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then pro- duced ;— Lot 1.— 711 Capital MAIDEN OAK TIMBER 111 TREES, numbered with a scribe, standing on Salisbury Farm, in the parish of Magor. Lot 2— 22 ELM, 8 ASH, and 3 CHERRY TREES, standing on the above farm and parish. Lot 3— 16 ELMS, standing near Magor Pill, and 4 ditto ne; r the Church, same parish. The Oak and other Timber Trees, comprising the above lots, are of excellent quality, and well deserving the attention of Merchants, For further particulars, apply to Brewer and Long, Newport and for a view of the different lots, to the respective Tenants. BREWER and LONG, Auctioneers. ELIGIBLE SITUATION for TRADE, < SX. In BERKELEY, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By J. II. HUNT, j At the WHITE LION INN, in BERKELEY, OH Tuesday, the 23d of April, 1822, precisely at five o'clock in the afternoon, ( un- less previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given);— Lot I. A Spacious DWELLING- HOUSE, with YardL XlL Brewhouse, and other Offices annexed, centrically situate in the town of Berkeley, and for the last 25 years in the possession of Mr. Henry Summers, general Shopkeeper, the Pro- prietor, who is retiring from business. Lot 2. Tbe DWELLING- HOUSE adjoining lot 1, with Garden behind the same, in the tenure of John Rewill, as tenant at will. The Premises are Freehold, are supplied with both sorts of water, and the purchaser will be required to take the fixtures at avaluation For a view, apply at the premises; and for further particulars, to Mr. Summers, the proprietor, at Berkeley; to Messrs. some and Wells, Solicitors, Dursley; or to the Auctioneer. ton- Underedge. WESTCOTT, near STOW- ON- THE- WOLD, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By T. ACOCK, At the UNICORN INN, STOW- ON- THE- WOLD, on Thursday, the 18th of April, 1822, at five o'clock in the afternoon, either entire or in lots, ( unless previously disposed of by Private Con- tract, of which early notice will be given); T~ „ . , heat, ami- now growing, 2 ricks ot excellent well; ended hay, and a general selection of Agricultural Implements r together with the clean and useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE dairy utensils, casks and other effects on tbe said premises. The sale will commence precisely at ten o'clock. Catalagut- i may be had at the Fleece, Cheltenham; Ram, Gloucester; at the Place of Sale ; and of the Auctioneer, Tewkesbury. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY, in the Borough of TEWKESBURY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JOHN MOORE, On Wednesday, the 24th day of April, 1822, at the SWAN INN in TEWKESBURY, precisely at five o'clock in tile afternoon -'- I Lot 1.' ALL that MESSUAGE or DWELL1NG- i" i HOUSE, with the Malthouse, Stable, Outbuildings* and Garden thereto adjoining and belonging, situate in Church- Street, and in tbe occupation of Mr. John Prew. Lot 2. Also all that GARDEN and SUMMER- HOUSE, si- tuate in St. Mary's- Strect, adjoining the River Avon, ill' the tenure of Mr. Sweet. Lot 3. Also all that TENEMENT, situate near to High- Street, behind the Dwelling- House of Mr. Robert Turlington, now void. Lots 1 and 3 give Votes for the representation of the Borough in Parliament, and each lot will entitle the purchasers to vote for the county. For a view, and further particulars, apply to the Auctioneeror at the Office of . Mr. Edmund Warden Jones, Solicitor, Tewkesbury.- PAINSW1CK. ' ' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By J. B. MILLARD, On Wednesday, the 1st day of May, 1822, at the BELL INK, i„ tlie Town aforesaid, by order of the Executors of the late- Mr. JOHN SAVERY, deceased, ( subject to such conditions as- will then be produced);— AValuable and very desirable ESTATE, situate in the tithing of Edge, comprising about 14 acres of rich Tasture. Land and Orcharding, with a Dwelling- House, Barn, Stable, and other requisite Buildings, now occupied by Mrs. Heague. Part of the purchase money ( if required) may remain on Mortgage. ™ For a view, or further particulars, apply to Mr. John Savory Painswick ; or the Auctioneer, Gloucester.. ' ' HQM FARM, HEREFORDSHIRE, ~ Two miles from Ross, and eight from Monmoadh. Superior Milch Cows, Heifers, and Calves; Fut Com, Fat We- thers, Stout Tram of Horses, with their Harness ; gapitai - VJJ- Colts, SOO Gallons of prime Cider, & c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JOHN MORGAN, On the Premises, on Wednesday, the 24th day of April, 1C22 j r n HAT valuable and well selected STOCK, of the truo L Herefordshire Breed, tbe property of Mr. JOHN MARTELL,, who is leaving the farm; particulars of which will appear in cata- logues, to be had at the place of sale, and of the Auctioneer, Boss, The Sale will commence precisely at ten o'clock in the forenoon, as the whole will be sold in one day Ross, April 11, 1822. attics, together with a barn, cow shed, conveniences. Also, all those two Closes of MEADOW or PASTURE LAND, adjoining together, containing by estimation 10 acres, more or less. And also, all those Six Acres of ARABLE LAND, more or less, lying dispersedly in the Common Field, with Common of Pas- ture for 32 sheep. The Premises are all Freehold, and situate in Westcott afore said, nearly adjoining the turnpike- road leading from Burford to Stow; the land tax of which is redeemed Westcott is distant five miles from Burford, and four from Stow, For a view, apply to Mr. Richard Cook, jun. on tbe premises . and for further particulars, to Mr. Richard Cook, Hawling; Mr. Thompson, Solicitor, Cirencester; or the Auctioneer, Cold Aston, Valuable Flock of Sheep, of the Cotswold and Leicestershire Breed, Cows, Horses, Pigs, Hay, and Implements in Husbandry. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WANE, u ^ ,....- , , On Thursday, the 25th of April, 18221 ct, of which early notice will he given);— HE following desirable FREEHOLD PREMISES, A ilusUndry of M? DANIEL EDMONDS A . hat Lwly- built DWELLING HOUSE, consist ^^& emnrfor?, AGMffi^ SS^ fc « nd I Farm; comprising 126 capital well- bred ew^ s, and thea^ ® , u£ lambs, 16 barren ewes, and 10 fat sheep, 112 ewe and wether tegs, 3 rams, and 3 ram tegs, 1 milch cow, and 1 ditto in calf, 6 prime- yearlings, 3 handsome sows, with pigs, ( Lord Sherborne's breed,) 3 cart marcs and geldings, 2 mares with colts, ( by HoEaway's- Dumplin,) 2 good yearling colts; 3 stacks of hay, ploughs, har- rows, drags, 3 six- inch carts, nearly new, built all of oak, a scar- rifier, corn roller and frame. 3 staddles and timber, quantity of large size ash poles, hurdles, sheep racks, stone troughs, co u cribs, malt mills, cyder press, horse and ox harness, grind stunts, pota- toe washer and steamer, about 120 sacks of potat- ocs, in lots, ani. many other useful husbandry articles. Also some lots of HOUSE- HOLD GOODS, consisting of good seasoned casks, brewingcopptra, tubs, & c. particulars of which will be expressed in. catalogues, ami may be procured at the Printing Office, Highworth; the princi-, pal Inns in the neighbourhood; and of the Auctioneer ana geno ral Appraiser, at his Office, in Cirenccster, or at Fairford. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By R. JONES, On Thursday and Friday, the 18th and 19th of April, 1822, on the Premises, at the DICXHOUSE, in the parish of BROMSBEH- liow, 3 miles from Ledbury ;— ALL the capital FARMING STOCK, Implements in Husbandry, excellent stock of Casks, Dairy Articles, some HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and various other Effects of Mr. W. M. GIBBS, who is leaving the farm ; consisting of 2 capital cows with calves, 1 heifer in calf, 2 yearling heifers, 28 ewes with lambs, 19 yearling sheep, 2 cart mares, 2 ditto geldings, 1 nag mare, 2 nag colts, and 2 cart ditto; 2 sows in farrow, and 5 store pigs, 5 suits of long, and 2 of thillers* gears, 3 good narrow- wheel waggons, 1 ditto cart, 2 broad- wheel carts, 4 ploughs, and 2 pair of harrows, 1 meadow and 1 barley roll, portable'thrashing ma- chine, several dozens of good hurdles, sundry hogsheads oi good family cyder, large quantity of well- seasoned hogsheads, ptpes, barrels and kilderkins, Farming Tools of all descriptions, Dairy Articles, and a variety of useful Household Furniture, as described in Catalogues, to be had at tlie place of Sale, and of the Auc- tioneer, Ledbury. Sale to commence precisely at eleven o'clock each morning. N. B. twelve o' The Sale will commence with the Sheep punctually at 1' clock— A Person will attend with refreshments. Blox- Wst- 1 To TIMBER- MERCHANTS, BUILDERS, & others. SALE at UPTON. UPON- SEVERN, Worcestershire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By T. and J. BATEMAN, ( Without reserve,) on the Premises, late the BREWERY, situate in DUN's- LANE, in UPTON, on Thursday and Friday, the 25th and 26th days of April, 1822 ;— AVariety of valuable BUILDING MATERIALS; consisting of well- burnt bricks, about 11,000 of capital countess's slates, excellent sound and seasoned Memel floor beams and joists, deal and oak- framed principals, purloins, rafters, wall plates, and other scantlings, ot various sizes; quantity of elm boards and other useful building materials; the whole of which are of the very best quality and convenient dimensions, and being close to the Severn side, are well worth the attention of the Public, and will be sold in suitable and convenient lots— The sale to com- mence each day precisely at half- past ten in the morning. Further particulars are in Catalogues, and may be had at the Anchor, Upton; Saracen's Head, Worcester; Bear Inn, Tewkes- bury ; Rein Deer. Evesham ; Angel Inn, Pershore; Ram Inn, Gloucester; Fleece Inn, Cheltenham t Unicorn, . Malvern j and of the Auctioneers, Birmingham, WORCESTERSHIRE, Highly desirable FREE HOLD and COPYHOLD EST A TES, between Worcester and Tewkesbury, Tltho- Pres. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BENTLEY, On Wednesday, the 1st day of May, 1822, at the WHITE LION, at UPTON- UPON- SEVERN, in tbe county of Worcester, . at, twelve o'clock at noon, ( either together or separately, in may be then agreed upon, unless an acceptable offer shall be previ- ously made for the same);— ALL that capital DWELLING- HOUSE, fit for th> Residence of a Gentleman of the first respectability ; with coach- house, saddle- room, barn, two stables, cow stalls, eider mill- house, piggeries, and other requisite outbuildings, inclosed yard, lawn, plantations, fertile garden, and about 4? acres of extrs: n » rich Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land, including a Gardtr., about two acres, well planted with cherry and other ijorts of fruit trees, situate at Holly Green. Also, Six Closes of excellent. ARABLE and PASTL'IIR LAND, containing upwards of 33 acres, with two fold- yards, a well- built barn, cow- sheds, and cart- bouse, thereon erected. Likewise, Five neat COTTAGES, with Gardens to ooch,. iad Plot of Land, containing in the whole about one acre. The above- descrihed property is tithe free, and Copyhold of Ike Manor of Ripple. Also, Five Closes of extreme rich ARABLE LAND, ccsittla- ing upwards of 50 acres. Freehold, and Tithe- free. This very eligible Property is situate at Ryall, in the parish of Ripple, the most fertile and beautiful part of the county of Wor- cester, a fine rich soil, congenial to the growth of turnips and bor'. ev, and the Meadow and Pasture is rich Grazing Land; the v- holc m the highest state of cultivation, and the House and Buildings in complete repair; situate within one mile of Upton- upon- Severn, six of Tewkesbury, and ten of Worcester ; is also an easy dis- tance from those fashionable places of resort Cheltenham and Mal- vern. The Estates abound with Game; Fox Hounds are kept in the immediate neighbourhood, and the great Turnpike Road from North to South runs through the same. Possession of the whole ( five Acres excepted) may be bad at Mi- chaelmas next— Mr. John Price, who resides at the llouse, will, upon application, depute a person to shew the same; and for fur- ther particulars, apply to Messrs. Brace and Selby, Solicitors, Su . rey- Street; Strand; London ; or the Auctioneer, Worcester. » MONDAYS POST. LONDON, SATURDAY, APRIL 13. ALETTER received this morning from Paris, of Wed- nesday's date, states the arrival of intelligence from Ma- drid, tiiat,'" on leaving the Cortes, Riego, aad the most distinguished Constitutional Members, were assassinated by the Serviles; that the populace of Madrid instantly rose en matte, pe- netrated into the Royal Palace and massacred all the Royal Fa- mily !" This statement is unsupported by any other account; and is not believed in the city. We stop the press to say, that the Plenipotentiary from the Republic of Colombia, at Paris, has given into the Represen- tatives , of all the European Governments resident in that capital, a demand of the immediate recognition of Colombia as a Free and Independent State— True Briton. The Duchess of Clarence has been much indisposed for a few days; and we are sorry to add, that the hopes of an accession to the Royal Family are again disappointed. It is confidently asserted, that a certain Noble Duke, w! io sold out of the Five per Cents, and purchased Russian tallow, through an agent in the City, under a belief that a duty would be laid upon it, will lose upwards of'St^ GOOi. On Tuesday, the Earl of Rosslyn gave bail at Edin- burgh, for his appearance, if called upon, to stand trial for his con- nection with the late duel. The Hon. Mr. Douglas, the other second, we understand, has also given bail for his appearance. Yesterday, died, aged 76, Sir Nathaniel Conant. BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. John PICKERSGILL, Wood- street. Spitalfields, silk- manufacturer, d. c. Thos, and Rd. ABBOTTS, Skinner- street, wine- merchants, d. c Thos. Croston, Westhoughton, Lancashire, manufacturer WM. DAVIDSON and Abr. GARNETT, Liverpool, merchants. EDW. Cor- Bett, Liverpool, common- brewer, d. e GEO. LOUTTEN, West Teign- mouth, rope- maker, d. e PHILIP QUIRK, jun. Liverpool, corn- mer- chant, d. c. - MATTHEW ROBINSON, Sebright- place, Hackney- road, plumber, painter, glazier, d. e. GEO. BETHAN, late- commander of the Ship. Asia, trading to the East Indies, master- mariner, merchant, d. c JOHN PICKETT, Caroline- street, Commercial- road, builder, d. c. PETER PEYTO GOOD, Lloyd's Coffee- house, insurance- broker, un- derwriter, d. c. Robt. STEEL, Newcastle- upon- Tyne, ship and IN- surance- brokcr, d. e. Price of Stocks' this Day at One o'Ciock. 3 per Cent. Red. 774J& per Cent Cons. 78ffjJ- 4 per Cents. U4i? 5 perCent. Navy Anns. 102J| if Bank Long Anns. 19 13- 165 Ex. Bills of 1000/. 7 « . 9. v. fo. pr. Ditto Small 6s. 9s. pr Cons, for May, 78J- 79 78jf|. — Gloucestershire Society in London. PATRON. His Royal Highness the DUKE of GLOUCESTER. PRESIDENT. His Grace the DUKE of BEAUFORT. STEWARDS. The Right Hon. the EARL of LIVERPOOL, And the Right Honourable LORD STOWELL. THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of Gover- nors and Members of this Institution, will bo held on Wed- nesday, tiie 17th inst, for the Election of Children, at the Thatched House Tavern, St. James's- Strcet. The Chair will be taken at six o'clock precisely. The ANNIVERSARY of the GLOUCESTERSHIRE SOCIETY, will be celebrated on Thursday, the 16th dav of May next, at the above Tavern, on which occasion the Company of the Noblemen and Gentlemen of the County, and other Friends of the Institution, is requested. . Dinner on the table at six o'clock precisely. J. WELLS, Secretary. ~ THE GLOUCESTERSHIRE Church Missionary Society. AT a GENERAL MEETING, holden at the SHIRE- HALL, April 12, 1822: n„ The Hon. and Right Rev. the LORD BISHOP of GLOU- CESTER, in the Chair; The following Resolutions were passed unanimously : Moved by Capt. IIARWARO, of the Royal Navy, and seconded by the Rev. EDWARD BICKICKSTETH, one of the Secreta- ries of the Patent Society, I THAT the Report read be received and printed, under the direction of the Committee; and that this Meeting desires to re- turn its Thanks to ALMIGHTY GOD for the encouraging state- ments which the Report contains respecting the progress ot the Society. Moved by the Rev. JOHN HUNTER, and seconded by the Rev. SAMUEL E. GARRARD, . I I THAT this Meeting congratulates theParent Society on the important prospects of beneficial results from its exertions in the Mediterranean; and on the gratifying reports received from va- rious parts of the East, respecting its success in that quarter of the **° Moocd'bytbe Rev. S. C. E. NEVILLE, seconded by Gen. ORDE, HI THAT this Meeting contemplates with lively gratittidp the continual manifestations of tha Divine Blessing upon the Society's exertions in Western Africa ; and warmly approves the persever- ing endeavours of the Society for the moral, spiritual, and civil improvement of the Inhabitants of New Zealand, and oi the Slaves in our West India Possessions. Moved by the Rev. JOHN KEMPTHORNE, and seconded by the Rev. JEREMIAH SMITH, IV— THAT this Association cordially approves of the Annual Grant made by the Society to the Lord Bishop of Calcutta, and anticipates with pleasure the prospect of the Society's Missionaries throughout India, enjoying the benefit of that friendly care and episcopal jurisdiction, which is most desirable for the Missionaries of a Church of England Society, and will much tend, undet Divine Blessing, to promote the welfare of its Missions. Moved by the Rev. JOHN ELLIOTT, seconded by the Rev. GEORGE HODSON, V.—- THAT the Meeting observes with much satisfaction the im- proved state of the Association, and begs leave to urge upon all its Members the necessity of continued and extended exertions in its support. Moved by the Rev. JAMES H. STEWART, of Percy Chapel, London, and seconded by the Rev DAVIS, of Worcester, VI THAT this Meeting, deeply sensible that the efforts of man, though employed in the best of causes, must be in vain, without the aid of that GOD, " from whom all holy desires, all good counsels, and all just works do proceed," desires to attribute all past success to- his favour and blessing, and to implore, for the future, the enlarged influences of the HOLY SPIRIT on this and all similar Societies. Moved by the Rev. JOHN EDMUND JONES, and seconded by the Rev. CHARLES BRYAN, VII— THAT the cordial Thanks of this Association be presented to the Hon. and Right Reverend the President, the Vice Presi- dents, tlie Gentlemen of the Committee, the Officers of the Society, the Collectors, ( especially the Ladies.) as well as to the Clergymen who have granted the use of their churches, or preached in behalf of the Association, for their respective services; and that the Trea- surers and'Secretaries be requested to continue their services; and that the following Gentlemen be the Committee for the ensuing year, together with such Clergymen as are Members of the Asso- ciation : Captain Harward, of the Royal Navy, Gloucester, Monday, April 15. Centenary of the Gloucester Journal. The present Number being the commencement of the Hundred and First Volume of the GLOUCESTER JOURNAL, the Proprietors gladly avail themselves of the opportunity which the completion of the Century affords them, of expressing their grate- ful acknowledgments for that eminent degree of public favour which has enabled their JOURNAL to attain this very advanced age, with uniform and general approbation. This Publication had its birth on Monday, the 9th of April, 1722. It remained eighty years under the direction of that highly respectable Family with whom it originated; and the day which completed its Centenary completed also the. twentieth year since it devolved on the present Proprietors. The encouraging support which has upheld it during this period, has been undeviating and progressive ; and in contemplating this proof of the success of their labours, the Proprietors cannot but feel a considerable degree of satisfaction and pride satisfaction arising from the hope that their JOURNAL is not enfeebled by age, and pride in the assurance that at no period since its birth, has its circulation been so exten- sive, or the support of its Advertising Friends so effective, as at the present moment. * Under the conviction, that, to render a Provincial Journal generally useful, it should be divested of all appearance of party- spirit, the Proprietors have cautiously abstained from obtruding their political opinions upon their readers ;— they have felt that they should ill deserve the patronage, and support of the public at large, if, by endeavouring to flatter the feelings and promote the views of one party, however respectable, the;: should degrade them- selves by unkind or wanton reflections upon the measures of ano- ther. In adopting this course, which prudence dictates, and which they consider themselves imperiously bound to pursue, in wielding thai powerful engine, the Press, the Proprietors trust that they shall not be open to the charge of Inconsistency, or expose them- selves to the imputation of want of Independence. In recording the public events of the day, ths Proprietors have been uniformly guided by the strictest impartiality ;— their object has, ever been the diffusion of general and useful information— their, pleasure, a close attention to the wishes of their patrons— and their highest gratification, the approval with which they have been ho- noured by characters of the first respectability, and individuals of all parties. After the length of time which this JOURNAL has been before the public, and the experience which has enabled its readers to judge of the principles upon which His conducted, the Proprietors deem it altogether superfluous to enlarge on their future views. Their utmost effort wilt be to sustain the high character with which their Publicat'on has so long been sanctioned, that, as the GLOUCESTER JOURNAL avowedly ranks amongst the oldest Provincial Papers in the kingdom, it. may also aim at the distinctly, 1 of being one of the most respectable— April 15, 1822. MARRIED.— Mr. T. Goodall, plumber and glazier, to Miss Robarts, both of Pershore At Marlborough, Geo. Jas. . Squibb, Esq. of Orchard- street, Portman- sqUare, London, to Frances Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Rev. John Meyler, Hector of Moulden, Bedfordshire. On Monday last died, at an advanced age, and in the full possession of the respect and esteem of all who knew her, Mrs Hester Cheston, of this city. DIED Tuesday,, aged 63, Mr. Daniel Perkins, of Southgate street, in this city.- Yesterday se'nnight, at Cheltenham, after a short but severe illness, sincerely lamented, Miss Butlin, daughter of the late Thos. Butlin, Esq of Tarville Park, near Henley, Oxon.,— Tuesday, aged 60, Mr. Thos. Moore, grocer, of Dursley; and, on the following day, Mr. Jas. Allpass, saddler, whose death was occasioned by a fall from his horse Friday, aged 25, Nathaniel, third sou of Mr. D. Hew- lett, grocer, of Frampton upon- Severn.— On the 4th inst. aged 71, Mrs. Davis, wife of Mr. Wm. Davis, formerly of Kemble, Wilts— Lately, at her daughter's house, Stonehouse, in this county, aged 71, sincerely regretted by her relatives and friends, Mrs. Wilkins, relict of Mr, Jas. Wilkins, formerly a respeetable farmer of Hucclecote, near this city, — At Madeira, Edw. Jeremiah Hill, Esq. third son of the late T. Hill, Esq. of Hambrook- house, in this county.— At Chipping- Sodbury, after a long and severe Illness, borne with great patience and resignation, Mary Ann. daughter of Mr. Wm. Higgs, of the Swan inn: some mouths since, the'deeeased underwent the painful operation of having a tu- mour taken off her side, which weighed upwards of 5 jibs ! the dis- ease, however, again returned, and carried off its victim.— Miss Brid- get Downing Symes, second daughter of Rd. Symes, Esq." of Westbury- on- Trym, iu this county.— At Tockington, in this county, Sybella, wife of John Gordon, Esq. of Wincombe, Wilts.— On the 21st ult. at Chipping Norton, in the 7Pth year of her age, Frances, wife of Benja- min Bedford, Esq. of Pensham, Worcestershire— Aged 80, Mrs. Lucy Napleton, sister of the late Rev. Dr. Napleton, Canon Residentiary of Hereford.— Aged 91, Jas. King, Esq. of Stanton- Park, Herefordshire : till his very advanced age prevented him, he continued steadily and conscientious', y to perform tile duties of a Magistrate ; and was the oldest Magistrate antl Deputy Lieutenant In the county.— Wednesday, at Stonehouse, Devon, Mrs. Blaxton, relict of Lieut. H. Blaxton, R, N. and sister to Adm. Sir. Edward Thornborough. K. C. B.— On Thursday last, at Trelleck, Amelia, wife of John Elliot' Winsloe, Esq. of the county of Cornwall On Friday, at the advanced age of 90, Mrs. Hughes, formerly of the Orchard, near Chippenham, Monmouth— In London, after a long and painful illness. Miss Lucy Brougbton Chinn, daughter of Edward Chinn, Esq;, of Clifton, and first cousin of Sir Harford Jones, Bart. On SUNDAY r. exf, at the OPENING of an ORGAN, in the Chapel cf BLAKENEY, a SERMON will be Preached by the Rev. C. P. N. WILTON, B. A. F. C. P. S. Scholar of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Curate of Awre; after which a Collection will be made at the doors. Divine Service will begin at three o'clock in the afternoon. Mr. Garrard, late Vice- Chamberlain, is appointed by the Corporation to the office of Chamberlain of Bristol. On Friday last-, the Annual Meeting of the Gloucester- shire church Missionary Society, was held at the County Hall, when the Hon. and Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of the Dio- cese was unanimously called to the chair. The report of the pro- ceedings of the Society during the past year, was read by the Rev. George Hodson, and gave a gratifying statement of its encreasing success. After which the several resolutions ( which will be found in an adjoining column) were moved anel carried. Many highly satisfactory addresses were made by the different speakers, particu- larly by the Rev. Messrs. Bickersteth and Stewart, who, in detail- ing the progress of the Parent Society in converting the perishing heathen in all quarters of the globe, drew a picture deeply interest- ing to the friends. pf humanity, and the followers of the Christian Religion. The funds of the Parent Society are in the most flourish- ing state, their receipts during tho last year having exceeded those of the year preceding by the sum of £ 2000. The proceedings were listened to with evident delight by a numerous, respectable, and attentive auditory, amongst whom were a great many Clergy- men: and the collection at the doors amounted to 41/. Is. 9;/. The Detachment of the Scotch Greys, stated in our last to be waiting orders in this City, marched for Abergavenny on Mon- day ; but we do not understand that their removal was in conse- quence of any fresh disturbances in that quarter. FREEMASONRY.— A very handsome and gratifying tri- bute of respect and affection has recently been paid to T. G. Phill- potts, ESQ. W. Master of the Royal Augustus Lodge, held at Monmouth. At a Lodge of Emergency, on the 18th ult. an ele- gant silver cup, richly chased with Masonic and other deviccs, which had been subscribed for by the Brothers over whom he pre- sides, was presented to him by Brother Heath, in a speech expres- sive of the affectionate regard in which he was held by those who surrounded him, and by whom he was deputed to offer this small token as a mark of their sense of his merits. Brother Phillpotts, evidently much affected by this unexpected compliment, returned thanks in the most feeling manner for the honour they had done him, for which he said lie must ever remain their debtor, as he was quite at a loss for words to express t'ne extent of his gratitude. The following was the inscription engraved 0n the cup: " Pre- sented by the Officers and Brothers of the Royal Augustus Lodge, No. 656, held in Monmouth, to Thomas Griffin Phillpotts, Esq. W. M. in testimony of their high esteem for his zealous and valu- able exertions in promoting the interests of Masonry, and the pros- perity of the Lodge, in which he was several times re- elected to pre- side March, 1822." At Hereford Easter Fair, on Wednesday last, the shew of cattle was the largest ever seen at that mart, and there was also the greatest number of buyers; but, owing to the heavy losses the graziers sustained in selling out their last year's stock, the sale was heavy, at reduced prices Of sheep there was but a scanty sup- ply, yet equal to the demand. Horses were not very plentiful; and good nags and useful cart horses met with a ready sale, at ra- ther an advance iu price. At Bristol Assizes, eight prisoners received sentence of death, and two were ordered to be transported. Reprieves have been received for Geo. Precee condemned at Hereford, and for Guest and Brittle at Worcester. The enterprising Female mentioned in a recent Paper to have been figuring away at Tewkesbury, in the assumed Cha- racter of a Lady's Maid, we rejoice to say, is in safe custody, and has undergone two examinations at the Lambeth- street Policc- Of- fice. London, upon four distinct charges of uttering forged Bank of England 51. notes. Happily, her escape from Stafford gaol, whilst under sentence of transportation for 14 years— l. er other ex- ploits and infamous character—. are well known to the Sitting Ma- gistrate, who, when brought up 011 Friday last, informed her, she stood in a frightful situation; and, if she had twenty lives, they were all forfeited to Bank prosecutions, to say nothing of be- ing already a convict " She was remanded for another week; and stands charged under the names of Ann Layshaw alias Sarah War- dle. She escaped from gaol on 4th Jan. 1818. PROMOTIONS Brevet Lieut- Col. Hon. H. Beauchamp Lygon, of the 1st Life Guards, to be Colonel In the Army— Major Lord John Thos. Henry Somerset, on half- pay of Watteville's regiment, to be Lieutenant- Colonel In the Army. ——— Society for promoting ChriStian knowledge. THE next QUARTERLY MEETINGof the MEM- BERS of the Society, in the Deanery of- Gloucester, will be Diocese of Gloucester. THE Honourable and Right Reverend the LORD BI- SHOP of GLOUCESTER having appointed a GENERAL ORDINATION for this Dirfcese, to bc'htJden at Gloucester, on Sunday, the second day of June next, I am to request that Gen- tlemen intending to be Candidates for Holy Orders, will not fail to transmit their Papers, addressed tome, at my Office here, within the time and in manner mentioned underneath, and that, in fur- nishing such Papers, each Candidate will be prepared with the following:— A Signification of his Name and place of Residence. A Certificate of Graduation at Oxford or Cambridge. A Certificate of Publication having been made in the Church of the place where he resides, of his design to apply for Holy Orders. A Certificate from the Parish Register of his age, which for Dea- con's Orders must be twenty- three years, and for Priest's Orders twenty- four years. Letters Testimonial, signed by three Beneficed Clergymen. The Title whereon he is to be ordained, the Nomination to which must be prepared comformably to tile Act of 57 Geo. 3d, c. 99, s. 18 and 52; and if he be a Candidate for Priest's Orders, he will also send his Letters of Deacon's Orders. Should any Candidate come immediately from College or Hall, the Letters Testimonial must be given by such College or Hall. TheCandidates will notice that their Papers must be delivered at least three weeks before the day of Ordination,, anel those who are already certain of a Title, are requested to send in their names and places of residence immediately, without waiting for their other Pa- pers, which may be afterwards delivered within the limited time. The Candidates are also requested to attend lbr Examination on Friday, the 31st day of May next, at ten o'clock in the fore- noon, at the Bishop's Palace, in Gloucester. By order of the Bishop, Gloucester, April, 1822. THOMAS DAVIS, Secretary. Diocese of Gl0ucester. THE Honourable and Right Reverend the LORD BI SHOP of this DIOCESE intends to CONSECRATE the THIRD NEW CHURCH in his Majesty's Forest of Dean, on Thursday, the 25th inst. By order of the Bisiiop, THOS. GARDNER, Deputy Registrar. Registrar Place, Gloucester, April. 11, 1822. Diocese of Gloucester. THE Honourable and Right Reverend the LORD BI- SHOP of this DIOCESE, will hold his THIRD TRIEN- NIAL VISITATION on the Days, Places, and Times, following: dFasfjtons. W. WHEELER RESPECTFULLY solicits the early attention of his numerous Friends to a hew and excellent ASSORTMENT of GOODS, adapted to the Spring Season; comprising silks, mus. lins, lustres, Norwich crapes, flounced robes, laces, ribbands, gioves, hose, Norwich'and Scotch shawls, scarfs, gentlemen's superfina cloths, kerseymeres, patent cord3, woollenteens, witli Manchester Goods of every description, etc. & c. the whole of which having himself carefully, selected from the most respectable Houses in th « London and Manchester Markets, he feels confidence in submit- ting them to tlie noticc of the Public, both as it respects Quality and Lowness of Price. *„* FUNERALS COMPLETELY FURNISHED. Shopkeepers and Tailors supplied on low terms, for Cash. ESSRS. B. AND T. TANDY, having takei to the BRICK YARDS of Mr. WILLIAMS, ( being part of Maisemore Meadow, near Gloucester.) beg leave to inform their Friends anel the Public generally, that they have regularly on Sale Clamp, Kiln, Stock, Wire, Rubbing and Gutter Bricks; Drain- ing and Covering Tiles; which they flatter themselves will be found on inspection, to be equal to any other articles of the kind, and at such prices as will give general satisfaction. A', 1 Orders will be thankfully received by them at their Works;' or at the Mermaid, Quay, Gloucester; and will be punctually attended to. TO be LET, and entered upon immediately,— A large HOUSE in Blackfriars'- Squarc, lately in the occupa- tion of Mrs. Purbrick, with a large Garden attached. For particulars, enquire of Mr. Tovey, Parker's Row. Cheltenham and Gloucester Theatres. ' 5HO be LET, for a Term of Years, and entered upon im- 1 mediately,— The THEATRES ROYALat CHELTEN- HAM and GLOUCESTER, with the DWELLING- HOUSE belonging to the former. A Premium will be expected, and the Rent to be reserved will be regulated accordingly. For a view of the Gloucester Theatre, apply to Mr. D. Walker, Gloucester; nnd for a view of the Cheltenham Theatre, and for further particulars, to Messrs. Gwinnett and Newman, Solicitors, Cheltenham, if by letter, free of postage. Deaneries. Cirencester.. Cirencester... Stow.. Chipping Campdcn Winchcomb Gloucester Gloucester Forest Forest Stonehouse Stonehouse and Sod- bury Chipping Sodbury.. Chipping Sodbury Days when and Places where held. Monday, June'J, at Ci- rencester Tuesday, June 4, at Fairfurd and North- leach .. Wednesday, June 5, at Stow Thutsday, June 6, at Chipping Campden.. Friday, June 7, Tewkesbury Monday, June 10, at Gloucester. Tuesday, June 11, at Gloucester Thursday, June 13, at Newnham.......... Friday, June 14, at Newland Monday, June 17, at Stroud Tuesday, June 18, at Tetbury and Marsh- field Wednesday, June 19, at Chipping Sodburj Thursday, June 20, ai ' Thorn- and Dursley....,.] Bittoti and _ bury Dursley yisitatlon and Confirma- thiL. Confirmation at nine 0'- clock; Visitation. Confirmation at Fair- ford, at nine; North- leach, at half- past two. Confirmation at nine; Visitation. Confirmation at nine; Visitation. Confirmation at nine; Visitation. Confirmation at nine; Visitation. Confirm, only for City of Gloucester, at nine. Confirmation at nine; Visitation. Confirmation at New- land, at nine. Cor, firmation at nine; Visitation. Confirm, at Tetbury, at 1 nine; ditto at Marsh- field, at half- past two. Confirmation at r. inc; Visitation. Confirmation at Bitton, at nine; ditto at Thorn- bury, at half- past two. Confirmation nt nine; Visitation. Confirmation at nine. Messrs. David Walker, John Turner, Thomas Ridler, Charles Church, John Dowling., Thomas Smith, John Taylor. Messrs. Charles Turner Cooke, Thomas Davics, James Helps, Samuel Jones, Wm. Montague, John Jones, Joseph Roberts, Movtd by the Rev. HENRY BERKIN, seconded, by the Rev. R. OTWAY WILSON, VIII THAT this Association returns its cordial Thanks to tlie Rev. EDWARD BICKERSTETH, and the Rev. JAMES H. STEWART, for their highly valued services in its behalf. H. GLOUCESTER, President On his Lordship's resigning the Chair, which was taken by Ge- neral OITDE ; on the motion of the Rev. Dr. WILLIAMS, se- conded by the Rev. JOHN K. WHISH, it was- resolved, THAT the'cordial Thanks of this Meeting be given to the Hon. and Right Reverend the PRESIDENT, for his kindness in taking the Chair on this occasion, and for his zealous exertions in pro- moting the best interests of the Institution. 6 JAMES ORDE. Committee- Room, April 12, 1022. FRENCH TUITION. MONSIEUR CAFFIERI, impressed with the utmost gratitude, most respectfully returns Thanks to his Friends, Tor the numerous favours conferred upon him during the six years that he has resided in Stroud, and assures them that he does not Intend to decline his engagements, or leave the country, as has been reported by some interested person. Monsieur C. attends Stroud, Chalford, Minchinhampton, Nails- Worth, Stonehouse, and Painswick, on the usual days— Reference cf the highest respectability Can be given by the Rev. Dr. Moore, Park Hill School For terms, apply to Monsieur C. at Mr. Hum- phrys', Auctioneer and Appraiser, Stroud. STROUD, April 22. COWLES and Co. Straw, Chip, and Leghorn Hat Manufacturers, MILLINERS and DRESS MAKERS, At Mr. HARRIS'S, Plumber and Glazier, Wallbridge, Stroud ; And 50, Fore- Street, near Finsbury- Squarc, London ; FOR the better accommodation of their Friends, have REMOVED their Establishment from High- Street to WALLBRIDGE, a little below the George Inn, where they have taken a commodious Room fitted up for that purpose; and assure their Friends, that they have 110 part ill the Business now carried on in the House M. COWLES lately resided in, now wholly oc- cupied by Mr. WHITE. M. Cowles returns her most sincere thanks to licr Friends and the Public uf Stroud, and its Vicinity, for their past favours con- ferred on her, which have far exceeded her most sanguine expec- tations for the last Sixteen Years ( which period she resided with them at Stroud ;) and also hopes to merit a continuance of their support, assuring them, that no exertion on her part shall be want- ing to furnish them with the newest and rnosu approved Fashions London produces; anel for that purpose, a supply of fresh goods will be sent every Monday during the Season, which she considers three months. Orders aud Patterns taken for Dresses, Bonnets, Caps, fee. nt Mr. HARRIS'S, and sent from and to London every week, free of expence, during the Season, ( three months from April 22). COWLES and Co. particularly recommend their Millinery, Fancy Caps, French and Turkish Turbans, and flatter theniselves they cannot fail fo please, being superior to any ever offered ill Stroud ; and as it is impossible for M. C. to attend in person, to save time, the goods will be marked at the lowest price that can , possibly be taken. %* ' Please to observe— At Mr. HARRIS'S, Plumber and Gla- zier. Wallbridge, a little below the George Inn, Stroud. Gloucester Assizes Our Assizes were brought to a close on Tuesday after- noon ; and the following wire the sentences of the prisoners: CONDEMNED— Rachael Davies, Edward Haynes, and Henry Baker, for a highway robbery at St. Philip and Jacob; Jos. Sur- rage, for breaking open the house, of R. Wright, of Westerleigh ; Jos. Holder, ( pleaded guilty,) for breaking open the house of E. Close, of Rodborough; Fras. Jefferies, for a burglary in the house of G. Packer, of Siston ; John Wilmer, alias Smith, for stealing a quantity of plate from the dwelling- house of J. Ranger, of Chel- tenham ; Saml. Fry, jun. and Wm. Fry, for stealing money in the house of F. Hicks, of St. George; John Stone, for stealing se- ven sheep, the property of G. Toghill, of Wick; and Benj. Burlaw, for stealing one ewe lamb at Dymock, the property of R Chinn— The above were all reprieved before the Judges left this city. TRANSPORTATION.— Fourteen Years: Sarah Jordan, for re- ceiving linen belonging to Bampton Church, Oxon, knowing the same to have been stolen— Seven Years: James Tucker, for stealing saddles, bridles, & c. from the stable of J. Barrett, Esq . of Swindon ; John Newman Holdman, ( pleaded guilty,) for stealing two ends of cloth, from the cloth- room of. T. Ellary of Stroud ; Wm. Corbett alias Ireland, for stealing two cheeses and a coat from E. Matthews, at Halling ; Wm. Hughes, for stealing a counter- pane from a hedge in Barton- street, the property of T. Cooksey ; Jas. Parsley, alias Hawkins, for stealing twenty fowls, &. C. from the calves- house of T. Mountstephen, at, Almondsbury; Jona- than Taylor, for stealing lead from the premises of W. Bidmead, of Cheltenham ; Wm. Barrett, Benj. Prlce, and Wm. Hands, for stealing a sheet in the dwelling- house of H. Lines, of St. George; and John Butt, for stealing money in the house of W. Lafford, of Ampney St. Peter. IMPRISONMENT Two Years: Mary Melsome, for shop- lifting at Tetbury ; and Stephen Paisley,' for receiving poultry knowing it to have been stolen, ( the latter in the House of Correc- tion at Northleach.)— Fifteen Months : Wm. Davics alias Bum- ford, for stealing a sack and other articles in the house of B. Smith, of Flaxley,; and Wm. Wilton alias Wilson, for stealing wearing apparel at Poulton— One Year, and twice privately whipped : Wm. Hayes, an accomplice with Wm. Hughes, mentioned ubove. — One Year : Thomas Coombs, for stealing money belonging to F. Crigoe, Esq. of Charlton Kings ; John Paginton, for stealing handkerchiefs in the shop of J. Wiltshire, of Tormarton; and Ro- bert Hall, for stealing a quantity of horse- corn, & c. from the malt- house of S. Cox, of Marsh field, ( the latter in the House of Cor- rection at Northleach).— Nine Months, at Northleach, and once whipped : Thos. Drury, for stealing braces from the shop of J. H. Kingzet, of Campden— Eight Months, and twice whipped: Saml. Thomas, and Robt. Williams, for stealing four books, the property of E. Jefferies, of St. Philip and Jacob— Six Months: Geo. Haines, for stealing two counterpanes, etc. the property of ' B. Chapman, of Cheltenham; John Davis, for stealing twenty sacks, the property of W. Stone,' of St. George.; Benj. Porter, for stealing a flitch of bacon, from the Moat Farm- house, Todeling- ton; Thos. Mann, for stealing a quantity of stone slates, the pro- perty of W. Payne ; and Hannah Bishop, for endeavouring to conceal the birth of her bastard child; ( Mann at Northleach, and Bishop in the gaol at Tewkesbury.)— Four Months and twicc whipped : George Shershaw, for stealing eggs and a hen, from the premises of R. Smith, of Quinton— Three Months: John Truss, an accomplice with Shershaw, ( and twice whipped;) and Robert Townsend, for stealing a horse- collar, belonging to J. Tily, of Sod- bury Two Months : Robt. Anstel, jun. for stealing seven sacks of potatoes, from the garden of E. Matthews, of Dirham and Hin- ton; and Wm. Lloyd, for stealing a great coat, boots, & c. from the house of J. Bowen, of Aylburton ; ( the latter to be twicc whip- ped.)— Six Weeks: Edward Rogers, for a violent assault on T. Brown, at Hartpury One Month and whipped: David Lewis, for stealing hay, the property of W. Dash, of Alkington ; and Henry King, " for stealing lead, belonging to W. Bidmead, of Cheltenham— One Month: Hannah Pegler, for endeavouring to conceal the birth of her bastard child ; Wm. Peart, for stealing wheat in the chaff, the property of J. Phelps, of Pauntley; Edw. Lewis, for stealing a piece of coal, from the coal- heap of D. Old- land, at Ham ; Rd. Poynter, for stealing a pair of breeches, the property of W. Rawlins, of Clifton; Saml. Elliotts, for stealing a spade from the premises of A. Riddiford, of Dursley; Sarah York, for bigamy; and Wm. Woodman, for stealing tools from the work- shop of J. Boulton, of Minchinhampton; ( the latter in the House of Correction at Northleach.) Wm. Sumpsion, for stealing a pair of shoes, from the shop of G. Wise, of St. Philip and Jacob, was fined Is. and discharged— Robt. and Wm. French, ( millers,) against whom lite bills of in- dictment were found true, were convicted of a fraud, in converting their master's property to their own use, under the pretence of per- quisites, and entered into recognizance in 100/. each, and two sure- ties in 20/. each, for their good behaviour for two years, and for their appearance when called upon to receive judgment. ACQUITTED— Charles Smith, Thomas Ball, Geo. Gardiner, 1- holden at the Chapter Room, on Monday, the 15th instant, at twelve o'clock. - . . April 12.1822. RD. JONES, Secretary.' MISS GARDNER, , MILLINER and DRESS- MAKER, from London, BEGS to announce to the Ladies of Gioacester and its vicinity, that, on WEDNESDAY' NEXT, she wiil have for Inspection, at Mr. DYER'S, Shoe- Warehouse, Westgate- Street, where she intent!? carrying on the above Business, a Fashionable Assortment of MILLINERY, DRESSES, LEGHORNS, & c. of which she will continue to receive a constant supply from on? of the first Establishments in London, for some time past under her management. Miss G. begs also to observe, that it will be the particular study of her connections in London, to supply her im- mediately with the prevailing Fashions. April 12, 1822. Friday, June 21, at Dursley..,.. Winchcomb Monday, June 24, at Cheltenham Forest Tuesday, June 25, at Confirmation at nine. Newent.,.,.,.. By order of the Bishop, THOS. GARDNER, Deputy Registrar. Registrar Office, Gloucester, April 11. 1822. ^ O be LET, and entered upon at Midsummer next,— _ A respectable and comfortable COUNTRY HOUSE, fur- nished, for three or four years, with 50 Acres of good . Meadow anel Pasture; Ground, in a ring- fence. The House is abundantly sup- plied with hard and soft water, and replete with every convenience; For further particulars and terms, apply to Messrs. Griffith, Whitcombe, and Griffith, Solicitors, Gloucester. Stroud and Gloucester Road through Pitchcombe. AMEETING of the TRUSTEES acting for the above District of Road, willbe holden at the George tan, in Stroud aforesaid; on Friday the 19th of April inst. at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of receiving the Report of, and confirm- ing the Agreement made by the Gentlemen deputed at the last Meeting with the Commissioners of the Southgate District of Road, relative tp the claim made by such Commissioners on the above Trustees, for the Repairs of the Road from the junction of the said flrst- mpntioned District at Sudbrook, to the city of Glouces- • at which Meeting all Persons interested are required to give " ' NEWMAN and SON, Clerks. their attendance. Stroud, April 13, 1822. City of Gloucester, and County of the same City. NOTICE is hereby given, Thai the next GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE of our Sovc reign Lord the King, for the City of Gloucester, and County of the same City, wilt be held at the SHIRE- HALI., ON MONDAY, the 15th of April, 1822, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon precisely, and immediately proceed to business; when and where all Jurors, Constables, Prosecutors, and. others, having any tiling at the said Sessions to do and perform, are required to attend. WILTON, Town- Clerk. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next GENERAL ' QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE for the County of Gloucester,, will be holden at the SHIRE- IIALL, in Gloucester, on TUESDAY, the 18 th day of April next; and that the Busi- ness ofthi: said Sessions will commence at ten o'clock in the fore- noon of that, day, and be proceeded on in the following order, vi. After the electing. of a Chairman to preside for the Sessions, by calling- over the High Constables, receiving their returns, and ad- ministering the oaths of qualification, and granting licences or cer- tificates to such persons as shall appear and apply for that purpose. The Court will then adjourn to the Grand Jury Room in the said Shire- Hall, for the purpose of consider ing and makirg orders relating to the general police of the county ; of auditing, settling, end ordering payment of all bills and charges On the County Rate ; when and where all. Coroners, Keepers of Prisons, and other. per- sons having, demands on the County Rate, arc required to attend with the same ; and such bills as may be neglected to be delivered before thc. hoiir, of five in the afternoon of that day will be referred to a future Sessions : Aud that, on the same, day, the Court will take into consideration the provisions of an Act of Parliament made and passed in the HOth year, of the Reign of His late Majesty King George the Third, intituled " An Act to empower Magistrates to divide the Court of Quarter Sessions." . That precisely at ten o'clock in the forenoon of Wednes- day, the 17th, the Court will sit at the SHIRE- HALL, at which time and place all persons summoned to serve as Grand and Petty Jurors are required, to attend and answer to their names ; and Bai- liffs and Constables who shall have summoned such jurors, are to be • present, to prove, if required, the. due service of such summons, and make a return of process to them directed. The Court will then proceed to the trial of all parish and other appeals, traverses, and , indictments for felony ; and then to deliver the Gaol and Houses of Correction of persons committal until the Sessions, for deserting their families, for breaches of the peace, for bastardy, ftc. and lastly, to call on the scveral parties bound by recognizance, to respite or discharge the same, as the case may be ; and also, to the exami- nation of such Insolvent Debtors, as shall then be brought before the Court for that purpose — All persons, therefore, intending to prosecute appeals, or to prefer any bill or bills of indictment, or to try any traverse ; and all witnesses in any bill, cause, or suit whatsoever, intended to bcproseculed or preferred, are required to attend in the Shire- Hall* on Wednesday morning by ten o'- clock, that the Court may not be delayed in. proceeding on business; and all such persons as have presentments to make, or bills of in- dictment to prefer, arc desired to attend the Clerk of the Indictments, Mr. JOHN BURRUP at his Office, ill the said Shire- Hall, and give their instructions for the same, as early as possible on the Wednesday morning, that the Grand. Jury may not be unnecessa- rily delayed. EDWARD BLOXSOME, Deputy Clerk of the Peace. Dursley, March 30, 1822. NOTICE is hereby given, That MEETINGS of the TRUSTEES of the Cheltenham, or First District of Roads, and of the Birdlip, or Second District of Roads, in the county of Gloucester, ( both Trusts being included in one Act of Parliament,) will be held at the Town Hall, in Cheltenham, on Tuesday, the 30th day of April instant, the first at half- past ten o'clock in the morning, and the second at half- past eleven, for the purpose of or- dering a Toll Gate to be erected upon or across a certain Lane, cal- led the Old Well Lane, or Westall Lane, in the parish of Chelten ham, near to a Messuage or Cottage, called the Gothic Cottage. T. GWINNETT, Clerk to the Commissioners. CHELTENHAM £ GLOUCESTER NEW ROAD. NOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising within this District of Road, will be LET by AUCTION, on Friday, the 20th day of April instant, at twelve o'clock at noon, at the Town Hall, in Cheltenham, for One Year, from the. 1st clay of May next. The highest bidder must be prepared with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for the payment of the rent, by equal monthly payments, and one month must be paid in advance. CHAS. NEWMARCH, Cheltenham, April 6, 1822. Clerk to the Trustees. TOLLS TO LET. NOTICE is hereby given, That the TRUSTEES for the Winchcomb District of Roads, will meet at the King's Arms Inn, in Prestbury, on Friday, the 10th day of May next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of LETTING by AUCTION, either together or separately,, as shall then be agreed upon;— The TOLLS arising and payable at the several Toll Gates on the said Roads, called Prestbury, Bounccr's Lane, Coates, Langley, Sudelcy, Duck- Street, North- Street and Foot- bridge Gates, for One Year, to commence on the 21st day of May next, at twelve o'clock at noon. The highest Bidder must be prepared with sufficient Sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for payment of the Rent, ar. d One Month must be paid in advance. CHARLES NEWMARCH, Clerk to the Trustees. Cheltenham, April 13, 1822. HUNTLEY, near GLOUCESTER. TO be LET, and entered upon immediately,— A com- modious and convenient MESSUAGE, fit for the reception ofsmall family, late in the occupation of Mrs. Elizabeth Drink- water, deceased, consisting of two parlours, five good bed- ronm9, and attics, a kitchen, cellar, brewhouse, and requisite outbuildings and conveniences, together with a Garden and Orchard, containing about an acre, well planted with the choicest fruit trees now in their prime, and a two- stalled Stable and Gig- house adjoining. The House is well supplied witli excellent water. The Premises are very pleasantly situate in a healthy situation, about seven miles from Gloucester, adjoining the great road from London to Ross, Monmouth and South Wales. The mail anel other coaches pass close to the House several times in the course of the day— For a view of the Premises, and for further particulars, apply to Mr. Joseph Drinkwater, Huntley; or Mr. Smith, So- licitor, Gloucester. " ' GLOUCESTER. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ASubstantial. and commodious MESSUAGE, fit for the immediate reception of a genteel Family, with suitable Outbuildings and conveniences, and a walled- ill Pleasure Gar- den and Kitchen Garden, planted with the choicest Fruit Trees, now in their prime, situate in the Grey Friars, in the parish of Saint Mary- ele- Crypt, in this city, late' ill the possession of Mrs. Goodyar, deceased. The House contains on the ground floor an entrance hall, with large kitchen, pantries, & c. and a handsome dining parlour, 17 feet 9 inches in length, by 14 feet 6 inches in breadth, and 8 feet 6 inches in height. Together with good Beer and Wine cellaring underneath ; on the first floor two best bed- rooms; on the second floor three good bed- rooms, with two attics above. There is a pump well supplied with excellent water. The Premises are held for the remainder of a term of 275 years, commencing 23d March, 1780, nt a PepperCorn Rent, and are situate within a few minutes walk of the Gloucester Spa, and would form a most desirable residence for a Family desirous of a retired situation. 1' or further particulars, apply to Messrs. Hall and Brownly, Boswell- Court, Carey- Street, London ; Mr. Carr, Solicitor, John- Street, Bedford- Row, London ; or Mr. Smith, Solicitor, Gloucester. Valuublc BRICK WORKS, LIME KILNS, COAL YARD, and MEADOW LAND. TO be SOLD,— The valuable BRICK WORKS, BRICK KILNS, COALYARD, LIME KILNS, STA- BLE, PERSII- BEDS, and LAND, called Pool Meadow, con- taining about thirteen acres, bounded by the River Severn, and nearly adjoining to the Westgate Bridge, in the city of Gloucester. Possession may be had immediately. Also, to be SOLD,— A very convenient and substantial DWELLING- HOUSE, with Garden and Offices attached, situ- ate near the Westgate- Bridge. For particulars, apply to Mr. Charles Hough, Bookseller ; or J. Chadborn, Solicitor. Gloucester. CITY OF GLOUCESTER. FREEHOLD. TO he SOLD, to the best Bidder, before Abel Moy- sey, Esq. Deputy Remembrancer of His Majesty's Court of Exchequer, at his Office, No. 17, Mitre- Court Buildings, Inner- Temple, London, on the 22d day of April, 1822,— A FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of Four Messuages or Tenements, with the Gardens or Plot of Ground behind the same, and Appurtenances, situate in Oxbody- Lane, in the city of Gloucester, late the pro- perty of Mr. THOS. OXEY, let at rents amounting together to £ 27 per annum, seized into his Majesty's hands by virtue of a Writ cf Diem Clausit Extremum, against the Estate and Effects of the said Thomas Okey. The Premises may be viewed on application to Mr. William Griffith, of the city of Gloucester, Attorney- at- Law; and parti- culars may be had gratis, at the said Deputy Remembrancer' 6 Of. fice, No. 17, Mitre- Court Buildings, Temple; at the Office of the Solicitors of the Treasury, No. 5, Stone- Buildings, Lincoln's Inn; and of the said Mr. William Griffith. CHIPPING SODBURY ROADS. NOTICE is herebvgiven. That a MEETING of CO M- MISSIONERS of the Sodbury Division of Turnpike Roads, will be held at the Swan Inn, Chipping Sodbury, on Monday, the 22d day of April inst. at ten o'clock in the forenoon. J. FOWLER, Clerk to the Commissioners. Henry Brinkworth, John and Sarah Tranter, Thos. Griffin, Rd. Butler, Chas. Brimble, Christ. Williams, John Danford, John Dawes, jun. Sarah Hillier, Will. Hawkins, Saml. Hughes, Wm. Jones, Wm. Grassing, Wm. Hart, John Tombs, Rd. Loveridge, and Patience Toomey. Geo: Pike, was, through illness, remanded till the next Assizes; Rd. Chute was admitted King's evidence; and Isaac Terrett, John Terrett, Thos. Hopkins, John Pulley, Thos. Fox, Thos. Pass- more, Edw. Milsom, Saml. Mackensey, Jas. Palmer, John. Vowles, Jos. Phillips, Aaron Evans, Geo. Mason, and John Kendall, were discharged by proclamation. The ' City Calendar contained the names of six felons, all of whom pleaded guilty, and were sentenced as follows: ONE YEAR: Charlotte Crewes, for stealing divers articles of wearing apparel, the property of Charlotte Hook; and Wm. South, a watchman in the employ of Messrs. Ridler and Butt, for stealing a piece of coal, their property TEN MONTHS : John Locker, for stealing a coat from the. shop of John Perkes— Six MONTHS: Saml. Mikell, John Sewill, and- GEO. Bawrey, ( soldiers in the militia,) for obtain- ing part of his Majesty's bounty to recruits, under false pretences. — James Phelps, charged with an assau! t, was aquitted BOROUGH OF TEWKESBURY. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE of our Sove- reign Lord the King, for the Borough of Tewkesbury, in the county of Gloucester, will be holden at the TOLSEY there, on Friday, the 19th elay of April instant, at eleven of the clock in the forenoon precisely; when and where all Grand ani Petit Jurors, Constables, Prosecutors, Defendants, and others, having any thing to do Or perform at the said Sessions, are required to attend. " JONES, Town Clerk. Grand Last Day of Drawing. TWO £ 20,000, and 20 other Capitals are sure to be Drawn on . TUESDAY, April 23, That being the last and only day of Drawing. J. & J. SIVEWRIGHT are Selling Tickets and Shares, Warranted Undrawn, at'their Old and bor- tunate Offices, 37, Cornhiil; 11, Holborn ; 38, Haymarkct, Cor- ner of Coventry- Street; where they Sold ALL THE PRIZES OF £ 20,000, In a recent Lottery, and in their last Contract, 4,421 ... a Prize of ... £ 25,000! With numerous other Capitals. Tickets and Shares are also Selling by their Agents— R. CRUTTWELL, Printer, Bath. J. REES, Library, 53, Wine- Street, Bristol. Miss WHITEHEAD, Wells. G. A. WILLIAMS, Library, Cheltenham. H. CHAVASSE, Bookseller, Ci- rencester. T. B. WATKINS, Bookseller, High- Town, Hereford. D. EVANS, Draper- Duke- Street, , Cardiff. FltOCESTEJt DIVISION of ROADS. NOTICE is hereby given; That the next MEETING of the TRUSTEES acting for the above Division of Turn- pike Roads, will be holden, pursuant to Adjournment, at the George Inn, at Frqcester, on Monday, 22d day of April in- stant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon ; at which Meeting the ac- counts respecting the said Roads are intended to be settled, and the Surveyors of the Highways, in the several Parishes and Tithings within the said division, are requested, at such Meeting, to bring in their accounts accordingly. THOS. EVANS, Clerk. Frampton- upon- Severn, April 11, 1822. Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal. NOTICE is hereby given, That the HALF- YEARLY GENERAL ASSEMBLY or MEETING of the Proprie- tors of the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal Navigation, will beholder., by Adjournment, at the Feathers Inn, in Lcelbury, in the county of Hereford, on this day three weeks, being Thurs- day, the 18th day of April next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. W. MAYSEY, Clerk to the Company. Feathers Inn, Ledbury, March 2ii, 1822. THAMES NAVIGATION. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next GENERAL MEETING of the COMMISSIONERS will, bs held at the Town Hall, at Reading, on Friday, the26th day of April next, at noon, and that at such Meeting the following Bye Laws, Or- ders, Rules, and Regulations, made at a General Meeting held at Abingdon, on the 24th, of September last, viz. 1st. That the Rate of Toll shall, on and after the 1st of Octo. ber next, be two- pence per ton, at each Pound Lock, to be col- lected both in the upward anel downward passage. 2d. That the Toll shall, in all cases, be levied upon the actual Tonnage or Cargo with which the Barge shall be laden". 3d. That in order to give effect to the foregoing Resolutions, the Tonnage of every Vessel be accuratcly ascertained by actual admeasurement, inch by inch, from the empty draught to the al- lowed depth of 3 feet 9 inches, and the result registered in Books to be kept for that purpose in duplicate, by the Receiver, and at each Toll- House. • 4th. That each of the Pound- Keepers be immediately provided with an iron instrument to guage every Vessel as it passes the Pound Lock, and that he denote the depth of each Vessel in his monthly account. 5th. That in case the Owner or Master of any Vessel shall, re- fuse to have it properly measured, marked, and numbered, ac- cording to the Commissioners' Orders, the Tolls shall be taken at the full burthen of which such Vessel is capable. 6th. That each Pound- Keeper be empowered to demand an in- spection of the last Pound Lock Ticket. 7th. That every Master of a Vessel shall shew to such Pound- Keeper, on demand, a declaration, manifest, or invoice, of his Cargo, and in case of refusal, or of producing a false one, the Toll shall in like manner be taken for the full burthen cf which such Vessel is capable. 8th. That a Copy of these Bye Laws be inserted and constantly kept in each Pound Keeper's Toll Book, Will be submitted for confirmation. WILLIAM PAYN, General Clerk. Maidenhead, March 3, 1822 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. CREED, Opposite Mr. M'LAREN'S, Seedsman and Liquor Merchant, ad- joining the CORN MARKET, in the city of Gloucester, on Sa- turday next, the 20th day of April, 1822 ;— AQuantity of POTATOES, of different sorts, very ex- . cellent ones for planting, and will be sold at per Bag; the purchasers to take what quantity they wish. The sale to commence precisely at half- past twelve o'clock. ~ GLOUCESTER. ' TO BE SOI. D BY AUCTION, By Mr. HEWLETT, ( By order of the Trustees under the Will. of Mr. WILLIAM WOOD, late of the city of Gloucester, Maltster and Painter, de- ceased,) at the FLEECE INN, in the said city, on Friday, the 3d day of May, 1822, at four o'clock in the a'fternoon, ( subject to such conditions as shall be then produced);— THE under- mentioned valuable MESSUAGES. MALT- HOUSES, and PREMISES, in Lots: Lot 1. AH that compact MESSUAGE, or DWELLING- HOUSE, situate in the Lower Northgate- Street, late the residence of the said William Wood, deceased, together with a very spaci- ous and convenient Malt- Ilousc adjoining, the whole whereof is in complete repair. Lot 2. All that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, being a truly desirable situation for trade, situate ill the most advantageous part of the Westgate- Street, now in the occupation of Mrs. Rofe, grocer. Lot 3. All that neat and convenient MESSUAGE or TENE- MENT, called WELLINGTON COTTAGE, with a Garden adjoining, lately occupied by Mr. William Martin, situate in. the Lower Northgate- Street, and near to Wellington Parade. I- ot4. All that substantial and desirable new- built MESSU AGE or TENEMENT, adjoining the last lot, elegantly and completely fitted up, having a Garden attached, anel forming a truly comfortable residence for a genteel Family. All the above Premises are Freehold of Inheritance. Lot5. All that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, situate in tha Lower Northgate- Strect aforesaid, now in the occupation of Mr. David Williams. Lot 8. Alil that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, adjoining the last lot, now in the occupation of Mrs. Ann Tovey. Lot 7. All that extensive and most convenient MALT- HOUSE, lying behind lots 5 and 6, now, in a thorough suite of repair, and which is in every respect one of the most useful and complete Malt- Houses in this city. The last three lots are held by lease under the Dean and Chap, ter of Gloucester. The whole of the Premises may be viewed on application to the Auctioneer, Eastgate- Street; and for further particulars, apply to Mr. George Hale, Surveyor, Gloucester ; or Mr. Rowland Paul, Surveyor, Cheltenham, tho Trustees; William Matthews, Solici- tor, Gloucester; or John Cooke, Esq. Solicitor, Ross. In the Month of June next, will be offered for SALE,— The remainder of the very valuable FREEHOLD andLEASEHOLD ESTATES of the said William Wood, deceased, consisting of Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8, of Wellington Parade, which are rnost desirable residences, very eligible Building Ground adjoining, and excellent walled Gardens situate . near the said Parade. Ali Persons who still stand indebted to the Estate of tlie said William Wood, are requested to immediately pay their respective Debts to the said George Hale, Rowland Paul, or William Mat- thews. ( One Concern. J TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. STRETCH, iV On Monday, the 22d day of April, 1822, at the CROWN INN, OMBERSLEY, Worcestershire, ( subject to conditions then to be produced,) at four o'clock in the afternoon;— ALL that valuable and desirable COPYHOLD ES- TATE, callcd LINEHOLT; consisting of a modern- buiit Farm- House, with Buildings adjoining, and about 86. acres of rich A. rable, Ryeland, and Meadow Land, situate in the parish of Ombersley, and county of Worcester. This Estate is Copyhold of Inheritance, held under the Manor of Oml ersley, and little inferior to Freehold. The House may at a small expence be converted into a Gentleman's Residence, the Estate and the country round abounding with Game, and in the neighbourhood are several Packs of Hounds. For further particulars, apply to Messrs. Parker and Smith, or Messrs. Barneby and Best, Solicitors; ot to the Auctioneer, at his Estate Office. Worcester. on the Crucifixion. [ FROM MILMAN'S " MARTYR OF ANTIOCH."] FOR thou didst die for me, oh Son of God I By thee the throbbing flesh of man was worni Thy naked feet the thorns of sorrow trod, And tempests beat thy houseless head foilorn. Thou, that were wont to stand Alone, on God's right hand, Before the ages were, the Eternal, eldest born. Thy birthright in the world was pain and grief, Thy love's return, ingratitude and hate; The limbs thou healedst brought thee no relief, The eyes thou openedst calmly viewed thy fats t Thou, that were wont to dwell In peace, tongue cannot tell, Nor heart conceive the bliss of thy Celestial state. They dragg'd thee to the Romans' solemn hall, Where the proud Judge in purple splendour sate| Thou stood'st a meek and patient criminal, Thy doom of death from human lips to wait; Whose throne shall be the world In final ruin hurled, With all mankind to hear their everlasting fate Thou wert alone in that fierce multitude, When " Crucify him 1" yell'd the general shout { No hand to guard thee ' ir. id those insults rude, Nor lip to bless in all that frantic route | Whose lightest whisper'd word The Seraphim had heard, And adamantine anns from all the heavens broke out. They bound thy temples with the twisted thorn, Thy bruised feet went languid on with pain ; The blood, from all thy flesh with scourges torn, Deepen'd thy robe ot' mockery's crimson grain | Whose native vesture bright Was the unapproached light, The sandal of whose foot the rapid hurricane. They smote thy cheek with many a ruthless palm, With the cold spear thy shuddering side they piere'd ; The draught of bitterest gall was all the balm TTiey gave, t'enhance thy unslaked, burning thirst: Thou, at whose words of peace Did pain and anguish cease, And the long buried dead their bonds of slumber burst. l. ow bowed thy head convulsed, and, droop'd in death, Thy voice sent forth a sad and wailing cry ; Blow . struggled from thy breast the parting breath, And every limb was wrung with agony. That head whose veil- less blaze Fill'd angels with amaze When at that voice sprang forth the rolling suns on high. And thou wert laid within the narrow tomb, Thy clay- cold limbs with shrouding grave- clothes bound, The sealed stone confirmed thy mortal doom; Lone watchmen walk'd the desert burial ground, Whom heaven could not contain, Nor th'immcasurable plain Of vast Infinity inclose or circle round. For us, for us thou didst endure the pain, And thy meek spirit bow'd itself to shame, To wash our souls from sin's infecting stain, T'avert tbe Father's wrathful vengeance- flame-} Thou, that could'st nothing win By saving worlds from sin, Kor aught of glory add to thy all- glorious name. AMERICAN PAPERS. The following Message was yesterday ( March B) transmitted by the President: " To thc House of Representatives of thc United States. " In transmitting to tile House of Representatives the Docu- ments called for by the Resolution of that House on 30th Jan. I consider it my duty to invite the attention of Congress to a very important subject, and to communicate the sentiments of the Ex- ecutive on it, that, should Congress entertain similar sentiments, there may be such co- operation between the two Departments of the Government, as their respective rights and. duties may require. " The revolutionary movement in Spanish Provinces in this hemisphere attracted the attention, and excited the sympathy of our fellow- citizens, from its commencement. This feeling was natural and honourable to them, from causes which need not be communicated to you. It has been gratifying to all to see the ge- neral acquiescence which has been manifested, in the policy which the Constituted Authorities have deemed it proper to pursue, in regard to this contest. As soon as the movements assumed such R steady and consistent form as to make the success of the Provin- ces probable, the rights to which they were entitled by the law of nations, as equal parts to a civil war, were extended to them. Each party was permitted to enter our ports with its public and private thips, and to take from them every article which was the subject of Commerce with other nations. Our Citizens also carried on commerce with both parties, and the Government has protected it, with each, in articles not contraband of war. Through the whole of this contest, the United States have remained neutral, and have fulfilled with the utmost impartiality, all the obligations incident to that character. " This contest has now reached such a stage, and been attended with such decisive success on the part of the Provinces, that it merits the most profound consideration, whether their right to the rank of independent nations, with all the advantages incident to it. in their intercourse with the United States, is not complete. Bue- nos Ayrts assumed the rank by a formal Declaration in 1816, and has enjoyed it since 1810, free from invasion by the parent country. The Provinces composing the Republic of Columbia, after having separately declared their independence, were united by a funda- mental law of the 17th of December, 1819. A strong Spanish force occupied, at that time, certain parts of the territory within their limits, and waged a destructive war. That force has since been repeatedly defeated, arid the whole of it either made prison- ers or destroyed, or expelled from the country, with the exception of an inconsiderable portion only, which is blockaded in two for- tresses. The Provinces on the Pacific, have likewise been very successful. Chili declared independence in 1818, and has since enjoyed it undisturbed; and of late, by the assistance of Chili and Buenos Ayres, the revolution has extended to Peru. Of the move- ment in Mexico, our information is less authentic; but it is, ne- vertheless, distinctly understood, that the new Government has declared its independence, and that there is now no opposition to it there, nor a force to make any. For thc last three years, the Government of Spain has not sent a single corps of troops to any part of that country ; nor is there reason to believe it will send any in future. Thus it is manifest that all those Provinces are not only in the full enjoyment of their independence, but considering the state of the war and other circumstances, that there is not the most remote prospect of their being deprived of it. " When the result of such a contest is manifestly settled, the new Governments have a claim to recognition by other Powers, which ought not to be resisted. Civil wars too often excite feel- ings which the parties cannot controul. The opinion entertained by other Powers, as to the result, may assuage those feelings, and promote an accommodation between them, useful and honourable to both. The delay which has been observed in making a deci- sion on this important subject will, it is presumed, have afforded an unequivocal proof to Spain, ns it mu3t have done to other Pow- ers, of the high respect entertained by thc United States for her rights, and of their determination not to interfere with them. The Provinces belonging to this hemisphere are our neighbours, and have successively, as each portion of the country acquired its in- dependence, pressed their recognition, by an appeal to facts not to be contested, and which they thought gave them a just title to it. To motives of interest this Government has invariably disclaimed all pretensions, being- resolved to take no part in the controversy, cr other measure in regard to it, which should not merit the sanc- tion of the civilized world. To other claims a just sensibility has been always felt, and freely acknowledged; but they, in them- selves, could never become an adequate cause of action. It was incumbent on this Government to look to every important fact and circumstance, on which a sound opinion Could be formed ; which has been done. When we regard, then, the great length of time which this war has been prosecuted ; the complete success which has attended it, in favour of the Provinces; the present condition i * the parties, and the utter inability of Spain to produce any change in it, we are compelled to conclude that its fate is settled, end that the Provinces whicli have declared theii independence, end are in the enjoyment of it, ought to be recognized. " Of the views of the Spanish Government on this subject, no particular information has been recently received. It may be pre- eumed, that the successful progress of the revolution, through such a long series of years, gaining strength and extending annually in every direction, and embracing, by the late important events, with little exception, all the dominions of Spain, south of the United. States, on this Continent; placing, thereby, the complete sovereignty over tile whole in the bands of the people, will recon- cile the parent country to an accommodation with them, on the basis of their unqualified independence. Nor has any authentic information been recently received of the disposition of other Pow- ers respecting it. A sincere desire has been cherished to act in concert with them in the proposed recognition, of which several Were some time past duly apprized, but it was understood that they were not prepared for it. The immense space between those Powers, even those which border on the Atlantic, and these Pro- vinces, makes the movement an affair of less interest and excite- ment to them than to us. It is probable, therefore, that they have been less attentive to its progress than we have been. It may be presumed, however, that the late events will dispel all doubt of the result. " In proposing this measure, it is not contemplated to change thereby, in the slightest manner, our friendly relations with either of the parties, but to observe, in all respects, as heretofore, should the war be continued, the most perfect neutrality between them. " Of this friendly disposition an assurance will be given to the Go- vernment of Spain, to whom, it is presumed, it will be, as it ought to be, satisfactory. The measure is proposed under a thorough conviction that it is in strict accord with the Law of Nations— that it is just and right as to the parties— and that the United States owe it tb their station and character in the world, as well as to their es- sential interests, to adopt it. Should Congress concur in the view herein presented, they will doubtless see the propriety of making the necessary appropriations for carrying it into effect. " JAMES MONROE." " Washington, March 8, 1822." GERMAN RoBBERs.— Three German robbers having ac- quired, by various atrocities, what amounted to a valuable booty, they agreed to divide the spoil, and to retire from so dangerous a vocation. When the day arrived which they had appointed for that purpose, one of them was dispatched to a neighbouring town, to purchase provisions for their last carousal. The other two se- cretly agreed to murder him on his return, that each might come in for half the plunder, instead of one- third. They did so; but the murdered man was a closer calculator than his assassins, for he had previously poisoned part of the provisions, in order that he might appropriate the whole of the spoil to himself. The trium- virate of worthies found dead together. THURSDAY S POST CONTINUED. Letters from Calcutta represent the general state cf our Oriental Empire as being most prosperous. The preju- dices of the natives against British manufactures are ra- pidly receding, and it is confidently expected by the best informed civilians, that the trade from this country Will greatly increase, and most beneficially, for our mercantile and manufacturing interests. The Marquis of Hastings ( under whose administration India has attained & degree of prosperity and general tranquillity, beyond precedent) is indefatigable in his efforts to extend our commerce. He had dispatched Mr. Moorcroft, a gentleman, of distin- guished mercantile knowledge and experience,' oft a mis- sion of a delicate and hazardous nature, Which has, how- ever, been happily crowded with unequivocal success. A great market for the manufactures and commodities of Europe ' open a commercial communication, Mr. Moor- croft, proceediftg through Cachemire, penetrated to the residence of the Khan, by whom he was received with great hospitality. Having obtained the sanction of the Khan for opening a trade with his dominions, Mr. Moor- croft proceeded still further into the country, protected by the power of this Chief, who had also most liberally fur- nished him with recommendatory letters to other Chief- tains, so that no doubt was entertained of the success of the enterprise. An American Paper says:—" A Corporal of the 22d British regiment, named Brody, entered the service of Prince Rhadhema, of the Island of Madagascar, some years since, who is a singular specimen of original genius. With- out being able to read or write, he has been enabled to dis- cipline the army of Rhadhema, whose Generalissimo he is, quite a I'Anglois; a body of 1000 men have been as well disciplined, and go through every manoeuvre, even to the forming of a square, as well, and by the same words of command, as a British regiment of the line." The American Papers contain the following account of the firmness of the Captain of a merchantman :— Arrived at Martangas ( Jan. 10), the brig Done, Knight, of Balti- more. She sailed from Wiscasset in December; the day after sailing the crew mutinied, and ordered Capt. Knight to put about or they would take his life. There being no alternative but to give up the command or lose his life, Capt. Knight shot the ringleader, one William Crown, who at the time had an axe in his hands in a threatening attitude.— The remainder of the crew returned to their duty. Capt. Knight is a young man, and this is the first vessel he ever commanded. The Cape Town Gazette ( Cape of Good Hope) of the 12th of January announces, that " Mr. William Jones is appointed to the office of Surveyor of Government Build- ings, in the room of Mr. Melville, resigned."— This Wm. Jones is no other than the noted Oliver, the Spy, whose ser- vices are thus rewarded with a place, nearly a sinecure, producing, as we are informed, little short of 400/. per annum. This too, is in addition to emoluments arising from two other places, scarcely of inferior amount." Letters received yesterday confirm the accounts of the alarming state of things in Suffolk and Norfolk. The pub- lic Journals of both counties have represented the several events with laudable caution, not to excite too much alarm, on the one hand, and not to put th* 5 incendiaries 6n their guard too much on the other. The rumour in both coun- ties is, that there will he plenty more fires. It is reported that there was a riot at Bungay on Friday, and that the mob attempted to rescue the prisoners lodged in the cage for breaking machines in the environs, but that the 7th Dragoons were sent for from Norwich, and 18 or 19 cul- prits were safely conveyed to the Castle in that city. A considerable fall has within this last week taken place in the price of coals, in Newcastle. A pitched battle took place on Tuesday, in St. George's Fields, between two women ! The combatants had their hair cut for the occasion, and fought between 18 and 20 desperate rounds. The following curious anecdote is mentioned in a letter from Paris. A cabinet- maker, residing in the Faubourg St. Autoine, had amassed by industry the sum of 1100 francs, which he kept in a scrutoire in his bedroom. His wife, who attended the church of St. Eustache regularly., to hear the discourses of the Missionaries, was at length so touched with the importance of their office, that she was induced to steal the 1100 francs from her husband's scrutoire, and carry them to a certain Ecclesiastic, as a contribution towards the holy mission in which he was engaged. The husband, having discovered the fact, called upon the Missionary, and after shutting the door, and shewing a pistol, demanded back the 6um which his wife had stolen; this was instantly given up, and a further sum, as it is stated, by way of binding the enraged hus- band to secrecy. Amongst the papers in the possession of the Berkeley family, at Berkeley Castle, respecting the Abbey of St. Augustine, connected with the early history of Bristol, one was recently found, which was ticketed ' rolls relating to two chests lodged in Redcliff Church but the disap- pointment of the antiquarians and believers of the unfor- tunate Chatterton, must have been extreme, when it was found it only related to the property of Robert Kemeys, a minor, and not to the supposed poems of Rowley. . The system of road- making adopted by Mr. Telford ( who is now employed upon the Great Holyhead Road) is diametrically opposite to that of Mr. M'Adam's, for Mr. Telford always forms a foundation for his roads of a re- gular pavement set carefully by hand. This prevents the clay or earth from rising up and mixing with the road materials, and thereby gives the road strength of an equal degree over all its parts, so that it never cuts nor sinks in- to hollows. Mr. Gill, a farmer at Caber, in Cumberland, a few days ago went into his cow- house, to let loose a bull, Which fell upon him, and crushed him down. Mrs. Gill having observed that all the cattle, except the bull, had come out, went to see what was the matter, when she found the ani- mal trampling upon and goring her husband. She drag- ged the mangled body out of the house, and closed the door, calling for assistance " from the family, who had just got the unfortunate man into the house, when the enraged animal broke through the door, threw a gate off the crooks, and attempted to enter the house in pursuit of his victim, who soon after died. THE LATE DUEL.— Mr. Borthwick, of the Glasgow Sentinel, was apprehended at Dundee, on Wednesday, and car- ried to Edinburgh by Mr. Patrick Murray, Messenger at Arms, on a Justiciary warrant, charging him with having ab- stracted several letters and other manuscripts from the printing office of that paper. The legality of Mr. Borthwick's conduct, we understand, is involved in a question still pending, as to whe- ther, at the time of his taking the papers, he was or was not a pro- prietor ? His statement is that he was so ; that he had agreed, no doubt, to sell his interest in the concern to his partner Alexan- der; but that the latter not having fulfilled the conditions of the bargain, Borthwick had obtained a judgment of the Magistrates of Glasgow, reinstating him in the possession; that he had ac- cordingly resumed possession, before witnesses; but was imme- diately thrown into prison, on an old caption for debt; that he was liberated by his agent on the evening of Sunday, the flth March; that about seven o'clock next morning, lie went to the office, and took from one of thc desks which was open, and from another of which he still retained the key, the manuscripts in ques- tion ; that he conceived himself entitled to do this ; and that he had a strong inducement to it, namely, to save himself from the consequence of prosecutions brought against him through the acts of liis partner. A young man, who had been a compositor on the Sentinel office, anil who, it is said, was employed by Borthwick to carry the papers to the Tontine, has also been committed on a Justiciary warrant, as his master's accomplice Dundee Advertiser It is said, that Sir Alexander Boswell submitted the considera- tion of the whole affair, along with Mr. Stuart's challenge, to six gentlemen, of known respectability, professing to be guided by their own decision ; and that these gentlemen having been equally divided in their opinions, for and against a meeting with Mr. Stu- art, Sir Alexander Boswell said, that since this was the case, he would give the casting vote, which was reserved to himself, on that side, from which the laws of honour admitted of no alternative. THE REVENUE. Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain ( ex- clusive of the Arrears of War Duty on Malt and Property,) in the Year and Quarters ended ihe bth of April, 1821, and 5th of April, 1822. Customs. Excise ....... i. v Stamps „> Post Office Assessed Taxes Land Taxes Miscellaneous. Customs...., Excise Stamps Post Office Assessed Taxes Land Taxes Miscellaneous ; Years ended 1821, 5fA of April. 1822. Increase. Decrease. 8,576,464 26,195,957 6,165,922 1,389,000 6,280,161 1,180,275 302,651 9,325,704 26,695,623 6,223,187 1,288,000 6,246.952 1,278,846 302,353 749,240 499,666 67,265 98,571 110,000 33,209 298 50,099,430 51,360,665 1,404,742 143,507 Deduct De Increase on crease the Year.. 143,507 1,261,235 Quarters end 1821. ed 5th April. 1822. Increase. Decrease. 1,935,276 5,707,590 1,467,799 350,000 842.531 137,427 57,573 2,395,878 5,856,798 1,532,346 320,000 832,672 152,999 56,463 190,602 149,208 114,547 15,572 30,000 9,859 1,110 10,468,196 10,897,156 469,929 40,969 Deduct De Increase nc Quarter... 40,969 428,960 COUNTY MEETINGS.— A Cornwall County Meeting took place on Tuesday at the Assize- Hall, Bodmin ; David How- ell, Esq. High Sheriff, in tile chair. J. P. Peters, Esq. moved a series of Resolutions declaratory of the suffering state of the Ag- riculturists as chiefly, if not entirely owing to " a lavish profusion in the expenditure of Government, in opposition to the recorded wishes and repeated Petitions of a suffering People;" and that the defective state of the Representation in the House of Commons is the primary source of all the calamities and grievances under which the country generally, and the agricultural part of the po- pulation in particular, are now suffering. Mr. G. Simmons, of St. Erme, seconded the resolutions; and the Rev. Mr. Walker and Mr. J. C. Rashleigh, ably supported them. A Petition, founded thereon, was then adopted unanimously. Several other gentlemen addressed the Meeting; which, after thanks were voted to the High Sheriff, was dissolved. On Thursday, at a numerous and respectable meeting of the county of Cambridge, holden at the Shire- hall, J. D. Merest, Esq. moved a series of Resolutions, and a Petition thereon to the Commons, which declared it to be the deliberate conviction of the meeting, that the main cause of the present calamitous state of things is exorbitant taxation ; that, without prompt and exten- sive remedies, the distress will increase; that the removal of the greater part of the taxes is the only effectual mode of relief; that the recorded votes of the Commons prove that no unity of feeling or sentiment subsists between the people and their representatvies; and that therefore the petitioners nope the House will, before it be too late, accede to their just desires, and, without delay, insti- tute a thorough and effectual reform in the representation of the people in Parliament. The Petition was supported by the Duke of Bedford and others, and ultimately carried. A County Meeting took place at Huntingdon on Wednesday, when a like Petition to the above was unanimously adopted. A meeting of the county of Lincoln was holden on the 29th ult. when Sir R. Heron moved a Petition to the House of Commons, praying a reduction of taxation, a diminution of enormous estab- lishments, and every possible measure of retrenchment. The High Sheriff of Flintshire in pursuance of a requisition has appointed a county meeting to be held on the 17th inst. to take into consideration the unparalleled distress of the agricultural in- terests, and to petition Parliament to take such measures as may be effectual for their relief. DINNER AT THE MANSION- HOUSE.— Easter Monday was celebrated by a splendid dinner given by the Lord Mayor at the Mansion- IIouse. Several of the male and female nobility, to- gether with five of. the Bishops, the Secretary of State for the Home Department, & c. & c. were present. The ball was opened by two of the younger daughters of the. Lord Mayor, Misses Ann and Harriet Magnay, who danced the Minuet de la Cour. The Qua- drilles were led off by the Due de Cazes and Baron Langsdorff: the beautiful Lady Louisa Lennox was the partner of thc latter. THE EPPING HUNT.— In no portion of Easter Mon- day's amusements is the pleasure of being dislodged from the sad- dle more prevalent than in that part particularly designed and kept tip for the gratification of the City sportsmen— The Epping Hunt of TURKISH JUSTICE.— The Turkish Ambassador, who was at Paris in 1798, bought a diamond of a Jeweller in that city. Whiie the bargain was concluding, one of his people stole a ring. A little child saw it, and told her father after the Turk was gone. The jeweller immediately wrote to the Ambassador, who sent him word that he should wait 24 hours. After the expiration of this time% the jeweller received a box directed to him, which he. open- ed, and found in it the head ef the thief, with the ring between his teeth ! SUICIDES.— Lieut. Trail, a patient in Bethlem Hospi- tal, lately contrived to hang himselt with his neckcloth to a single wire over the door of his cell;— Mr. Nix, shoemaker, Drury- lane, also committed suicide on Friday, while in bed with his wife, by- cutting his throat with a razor. SINGULAR AND AWFUL- CIRCUMSTANCE.— At the War- wick Assizes, an action was brought to set aside the codicil of a will, and thereby get possession cf a legacy of 2001. and about nine acres of land. Two of the witnesses for the plaintiff were guilty of such gross prevarication, that the Jury, without hesita- tion, returned a verdict for the defendant ; and the Judge, after indignantly commenting upon their criminal audacity, and observ- ing that two others ( whom his Lordship did not more particularly specify) appeared to be implicated, ordered them to be committed for perjury. At this moment a person informed the Court that the plaintiff, who was apparently in good health in the morning, had died suddenly » t one o'clock in the day. Monday was never excelled for shew on any former occasion, whe- ther we consider the number of sportsmen in the field, or the beauty and variety of the cattle on whicn they were mounted; high breed- ing, courage, and activity were the prominent features which pre- sented themselves to view on every side; and the general fine con- dition of the animals, both bipeds and quadrupeds, bore ample tes- timony to the present depressed prices not only of oats, but of feed of every description. The roads branching from Whitechapel and Shoreditch, leading to the spot at which the stag, the hero of the day, is turned out by his friend and patron Rounding, to be hunted but not injured, were thronged to excess; we witnessed a few ca- sualties on the road, indeed, but, we are happy to say, none were attended with serious consequences— In some cases a saddle, from thc novel position taken by the rider, and the want of a friendly crupper to keep that and Dobbin's tail at proper distances, found its way to the shoulder, and both horse and man were in conse- quence levelled with the dust; in other instances the bursting of a girth, or the breaking of a stirrup leather, had the same effect as regarded the rider; but the steed then escaped the degradation of a fall. A fine field of sportsmen, however, reached the spot at which the stag was turned out in excellent order, but historical truth obliges us to state, though most reluctantly, that though a number of horses were in at the capture of the animal and termi- nation of the chace, most of their riders had been safely deposited on the verdant turf of the forest iong before. A scene of confu- sion followed, arising out of the efforts of individuals to catch the animals, who, liberated from their awkward burthens, made ex- cellent use of their liberty ; and when caught, another difficulty, even more embarrassing, followed; that was, for each individual to decide which was his own Rozinante, horse and man having in most instances never met before that morning, and each looking forward with pleasure to the termination of the intimacy with the termination of the day. At length, with a few errors excepted, each man settled his account, and adjourned to different houses in the neighbourhood, where good entertainment is furnished for man and horse, where they consoled themselves for any mishaps they had previously met with, and returned happy in the evening to t'neir desks and to their counters to contemplate on, and to talk with pleasure, for a year to come at least, of the feats they had atchieved, and the honours they had won in " the hunting of that day." TYPOGRAPHICAL CURIOSITY.— That ingenious mecha- nist, Mr. Applegath, is about to apply one of those inventions by which he proposed to improve Bank notes, to book printing. His first experiment will be made on a work of general circulation, Mitchell's Universal Catechist. As a book in question and answer, the monotonous effect of the page will be relieved by the questions being in red and the answers in black; and it merits notice that both colours are produced at thc same instant by one machine. Thc volume will therefore be a curiosity in typography. TABLE LINEN.— There is now in the loom in the shop of Peter Stewardson, of Penrith, a web of table linen, the property of Mr. James, of the same place, the yarn of which it is made, was spun hy Mary Noble, of Penrith, now in her 105th year, and what is further remarkable, the same has also been woven by Robert Stewardson, son of the above Peter, who has been totally blind upwards of twelve years. The pattern is what weavers denomi- nate " Snow Crop. FOSSIL SHIPS.— A letter from Brussels, dated March, says, " A very extraordinary discovery has just been made at Ca- pelle in the canton of Waalwyk, in the province of North Bra- bant. While digging the foundation of a building, the workmen found the hull of a ship, the prow of which was the first part they met with; the poop appears to be buried a great depth in the ground. Much time ana expence will be necessary to recover it entirely, and the more so, as it is completely filled with mud, and the vessel is about sixteen feet broad, and about sixty feet long. Hitherto it has not been possible to see the form of it sufficiently to distinguish the age to which it belongs. It is very difficult to determine the time when this vessel was buried in the middle of the land, unless it may have been in consequence of the inunda- tion of 18th November, 1421: in which case it would have been four centuries under ground." MIRACULOUS ESCAPE.— As several workmen were em- ployed in the repairs of an old well at the farm of Mr. Herbert, of Broadwell, Monmouthshire, a part of the materials suddenly gave way, and buried John Briffet, a mason, engaged at the bot- tom of the well, and John Hayward being near him, under the ruins. Under these circumstances the greatest apprehensions pre vailed amongst thc other men engaged, and sending to Chepstow for assistance, John Atkins, with the greatest intrepidity, ventured within the dreadful chasm, in order to render his fellow- workmen that help which, to human probability, seemed unavailing. Hay- ward was first rescued, much bruised, but by medical assistance he is likely to recover. While Atkins was engaged in rescuing Briffet, the whole remaining mass of stones, See. fell, and once more involved the latter with his brave deliverer under a depth < of nearly 20 fathoms; but a way was yet maae for their escape. At- kins, providentially, at the time of the latter fall, had lifted apiece of board above his head, which turning the fall of the first stones a little to the one side, a natural arch was formed for him, and there being a small conduit near, he was enabled to remove, with a trowel he held in his hand, the mould, stones, and rubbish, in which he also was entangled, and, after an hour's exertion, he made his way to the surface, to the great joy of his afflicted wife and friends. Their attention was now called to Briffet, who had been plunged below the conduit, and it therefore became neces- sary to remove upwards of a hundred tons of stone, & c. This was effected by the praiseworthy assistance of Mr. Herbert and other benevolent persons, assisted by John Coney, the brother- in- law of Atkins, and, after thirteen hours' suspense and terror, they res- cued Briffet. The whole of the men have large families depen, dent on them for support. OXFORD, April 6.— On Saturday, the last day of Lent Term, the following Degrees were conferred : Masters of Arts : Samuel Lloyd. Esq. Magdalen, and J. B. Y. Buller, Esq. Oriel, grand compounders; and Rev. Jas. Davies, Merton— Bachelors of Arts : H. G. Dyke, St. Alban Hall; Chas. Burton, Fellow of New College; B. T. Balfour, Christ Church; J. C. Lucena, Christ. T. Robinson, and Wm. Lloyd, Brasennose. The whole nuraber'of Degrees in Lent Term Was— D. D. two ; D. C. L. two; B. D. four; B. C. L. one; M. A. 45 ; B. A. 43} De- terminers, 38J. Matriculations, 115, tar. Li LU.— This irxlividiial has again commenced the sale of his works, at No. 5, Water- lane, five doors from Fleet- street. In his " Republican" of Saturday, he states, in his address to Republicans—" Having another shop opened in London for the sale of my publications, I am happy to inform you that I have a multitude of offers for shopmen. I print two letters from Leeds on this head, but these are not the only ones ready to start from Leeds. My friend in London begins with a London shopman, and if he be arrested, we shall have, up a few more from the coun- try, then sell again through the screen, and so not allow them to be arrested more than one in a session, or term, just to keep up a cort. tinued defence of our principles in the Courts of Law.' SLAVE TRADE.— From a return laid before Parliament of the number of vessels which have been seized for carrying on an illegal traffic in slaves, and of which ; condemnation has been sought in the several Commission Courts at Sierra Leone, the Ha- vannah, Rio de Janeiro, Surinam, and London, it appears that they amount to 24, out of which 20 have been condemned. Of these 10 were Spanish, 7 Portuguese, and three from the Netherlands. ASSIZE INTELLIGENCE. WARWICK ASSIZES.— The trials of the prisoners com- menced on Wednesday. It. R. Burgess and Wm. Judd were con- victed of uttering forged 5/. Bank Notes; several very respectable persons appeared to Judd's character, on which account the Jury recemmended him to mercy. The Judge, when about to pass sen- tence, said, that in consequence of the good character he had pre- viously borne, he would give thc case, his most serious considera- tion before he did so. Judd was then removed from the bar. He had, throughout the trial displayed no visible emotion, and heard the evidence adduced with the utmost composure. This trial ex- cited great interest, as the prisoner was well known in the surroud- ing neighbourhood, and the Court was crowded to excess. Judd was formerly a respectable farmer at Radford, but has latterly been a butcher at Leamington. Doe on Dem. of Payne v. Grundy.—' This action was to recover possession of a close of land, near Austrey, devised by Mrs. Doro- thy Toone to the defendant, who had formerly been her servant, and for many years after her confidential friend and adviser. By her will, executed in 1802, she bequeathed him 200/. and by a co- dicil, in 1811, she further bequeathed him the land in question, and some other property. Thc two attesting witnesses to the codicil were men of the names of Robinson and Ryley; and the only persons present at its execution by Mrs. Toone were those persons and Mr. Dance ( at that time clerk to Mr. Willington, a solicitor,) by whom it was drawn up, and who deposed that he received instructions from the testatrix te prepare the codicil, and that it was executed by her in his presence, with. the utmost willingness, and with a full knowledge of its purpose.— On the part of the plain- tiff it was attempted to be proved, by the testimony of Robinson and Ryley, the one formerly a farming Servant to Mrs. Toone, and the other a blacksmith, that improper and most uniustifiable in- fluence had been made use of, both by the defendant and Mr. Dance, to obtain Mrs. Toone's signature to the codicil. The evi- dence of these two witnesses was, however, so contradictory to that of every other witness called, as well as to that of each other, that Mr. Justice Best desired, at, the close of the examination, they should not be allowed to leave the court— Upon the Jury return- ing a veidict for the defendant, the Judge inquired if the Counsel of the latter would prosecute them for perjury, and on receivings reply in the affirmative, they were forthwith committed to gaol on his Lordship's warrant. SOMERSET ASSIZES Davis, assignee of Jenkins, v. Maggs— Mr. Serjeant Pell stated the case: the plaintiff is the assignee of a Clergyman, the Rev. Dr. Jenkins, lately residing at Axbridge, a- gainst the defendant, an Auctioneer, for having sold the Rev. Doc- tor's goods for260/. the Doctor at the time being a bankrupt. Proofs were adduced that Dr. Jenkins had been in the habit of making con signments of porter, & c. to the West Indies; and had also sold quantities of wine, & c. sufficient to denominate him a dealer and chapman ; and on these grounds a commission was issued out a- gainst him on 10th Dec. 1821. The defence rested on aa attempt to disprove the acts of trading, by which the commission had been is- sued ; and that no act of bankruptcy had been committed. Mr. Justice Burrough summed up the case, and the Jury almost imme- diately found a verdict for the plaintiff, damages 230/. Mills v. Wansey This was, an,„ action for defamation. The plaintiff was renter of the Kingston Rooms, Bath, at the period of their destruction by fire, in December, 1820; and brought his pre- sent action against Mr. Wansey in consequence of his having said, at two distinct periods, at an interval of two months, that " there were sufficient proofs against Mills to hang him, and that he was the person who set the Rooms on fire 1" The damages were laid at 5,000/.— Mr. Serjeant Pell informed the Jury, that Mr. Mills had carried on the trade of an oil- merchant, in Bath, with credit and respectability; he was also renter of the Kingston Rooms. The defendant he represented as a gentleman of affluence, and one of the Directors and Proprietors of the West of England Fire Of- fice, in which the premises and property of the plaintiff were in- sured. The Learned Serjeant then went over the case, and inveigh- ed with much force on the defendant's conduct, in thus wantonly and maliciously charging an innocent man with an offence that would not only render his character obnoxious to society, but would tend even to the peril of his life. Several witnesses from London proved, that in consequence of the reports against Mr. Mills's cha- racter, they refused to supply him on credit, as before, unless hegave security. The Learned Judge summed up the evidence, and gave it as his opinion, that it was a case that called for exemplary da- mages, as the offence of Arson was of a nature that would, if proved, affect the plaintiff's life. The Jury, after a few minutes' conversation, returned a verdict for the plaintiff— Damages 300/. At Leicester Assizes the Grand Jury found a true bill against W. Towne, for the murder of Miss Wright, of Bottesford. SURREY ASSIZES— The King v. Palmer and others— This was an indictment against the defendants, Henry Palmer and Tlios. Joshua Park, for a conspiracy to obtain by fraud bills of exchange to the amount of ,2,000/. and warrants of attorney to the same amount, from Sir Thomas Swymmer Chainpneys, Bart— The trial of this case lasted the whole of yesterday, and finished this day at three o'clock The leading circumstances have been before stated to the public— On his cross examination, Sir Thos. S. Champneys admitted that for the last thirty years he had been greatly embar- rassed ; that during this time be had been the victim of all the swindling money- lenders in town, upwards of forty of whom he had in a list as scoundrels who had been pecking at him, and en- deavouring to obtain his securities, tending to his utter ruin— Mr. Baron Graham summed up the case with strict impartiality, and the Jury, after a short deliberation, found both the defendants Guilty. At Suffolk Assizes, William Aldous, a youth of 17, was found guilty of having, on 6th February, set fire to, and burned, the barn, stable, and other out- buildings, of W. Davy, of Strad- brook, his master, and was left for execution.— Lewis Boswell and Ferdinand Smith, two gypsies, were convicted of burglary. When the verdict was returned, Boswell struck one of the witnesses a violent blow, crying out" " that's the man that has murdered us!" A great uproar took place, both the prisoners continually scream- ing out, " they were wilfully murdered," and damning Judge, Jury, Counsel, and witnesses." In passing sentence on those con- victs, no hopes of mercy were given them. They were reprieved, however, before the Judge left town. RUTHIN ASSISES.'— An action of ejectment was brought on at Shrewsbury Assizes with a view to obtain possession. of a por- tion of the large estates of the late Thomas Jones, Esq. of Llan- tisilio Hall, Denbighshire, who died intestate in December, 1821. — A number of persons, claiming to be relatives of Mr. Jones, have been and are endeavouring to substantiate their pretensions to his property: among others, a party resident in the vicinity of Oswestry claim affinity to that gentleman; and in consequence, or under the pretence, of a dream, they recently engaged an attorney and other persons to accompany them to the family vault where the remains of Mr. Jones were interred; having arrived there this notable party actually exhumated the body of that gentleman, for the purpose of searching under his head for a will which the noc- turnal reverie had instructed them - W as there deposited! For this barbarous and senseless violation of the sanctity of the tomb, Ma- jor Harrison, the representativa of Mr. Jones ( being related by the female side, and having taken possession of the estates) in- dicted the persons concerned, and the case was to have been tried at the present Assises for Denbighshire; but in consequence of the parties implicated having pleaded guilty, and suffered a nomi- nal penalty for the offence, the further prosecution of the matter was relinquished. At these Assizes, an Irishman, named Connor, was convicted of a robbery near Wrexham, attended with so many circumstances of aggravation as to exclude him from any hope of mercy, and he was accordingly left for execution on the 15th instant. After the culprit was found guilty, one of the prosecutors solicited that he Hospitals IN London.— The Annual Report of the . number of Children maintained and educated in Christ's Hospi- tal, and of the poor people relieved in the various Hospitals be- longing to the City of London, states, with rjgard to the former, that 151 cllildrcn have been apprenticed and discharged during the past year, and there are now under the care of the Hospital, ' in London and at Hertford, 1078, and 140 to be admitted on pro-, sentations already granted. At St. Bartholomew's Hospital, 3744 in- patients, and 5750 out- patients, have been admitted arid dis- charged ; and there now remain under cure in the Hospital 486, and 349 out- patients; making a total of 10,587 persons, relieved , during the year. At St. Thomas's Hospital a still greater num- ber of objects have had relief, viz. 11,292. Of this number there have been 2828 in- patients and 7447 out- patients already discharg- ed ; and there remain under cure, of the former class 440, and of the latter 376. In Bridewell, 209 vagrants and disorderly persons have been kept to hard labour, or received correction; 32 appren- tices sent by the Chamberlain have been solitarily confined; 387 individuals have been received, in order to their being passed to their respective parishes ; and 15 apprentices have been received from Christ's Hospital, to be brought up to divers trades and ma-, nufactures, in and at the charge of this Institution. In Bethle. n • Hospital there were admitted in the, last year— Curable* 135, In- curables 8, and Criminals 7 ; making, with those who had been previously received, 210 on the 31sti Dec last. On that day there remained 45 male and 10 female criminals in confinement! DEPARTURE OF THE Two OWYHEE CHIEFS.— The two young Chiefs from Owyhee, who arrived in the metropolis some months back, left this country on yesterday week, in the ship Fame, bound for Port Jackson, from whence a passage home will be endeavoured to be procured for them in some of tile vessels that trade periodically to the South Sea Islands. A few particu- lars of their life and treatment whilst in the metropolis, will not be uninteresting to those who read, and who remember the par- ticulars of the romantic adventures of these two unfortunate w « r- of their having being taken up by an American ship whilst might have the honour of being his executioner, offering to perform that duty upon cheaper terms than any other hangman !— We need not say, that this relentless proposal was indignantly rejected by the Sheriff. EXECUTION ON PENENDEN HEATH.— On Thursday, J Bell, D. Fagg, J. Meredith, E. Rolfe, and J. Wilsden, were executed at Penenden Heath, pursuant to their sentences at the last Kent Assizes. Bell was attainted of burglary at Mereworth, and stealing goods and monies, value 178/.; and the others were four, of the most active of the smugglers who numerously assem- bled with fire- arms in September last at Heme Bay, and assisted in the illegal landing of uncustomed goods, and shooting at and dangerously wounding an officer on his duty, on the coast block- ade service. The Sacrament was previously administered by the Chaplain of the prison to the prisoners, which operated on their minds so as to cause them to be perfectly resigned to their fate, Wilsden and Meredith observing, that it would be well if their employers in the transaction which led to their untimely end, were as well prepared to meet their offended God. At the place of execution, all the prisoners joined most fervently in prayer with the Chaplain; when this was finished, they requested Mr. Agar, the Governor, would come to them in the waggon, which he did, and received their thanks for his kind and humane treatment to them during the seven months they had been in prison. After this, each of them ascended the fatal drop with firm and undaunted steps, and after repeating several times to the spectators, " God bless you all," the drop fell, and they were launched into eternity. EXECUTIONS.— On Saturday last, Wm. Griffiths, one of the four men concerned in the burglary at Cotton, and Thomas Farmer, for stabbing T. Williams, at Cliurch Stretton, were exe- cuted at Shrewsbury, pursuant to their sentence— The behaviour of these unhappy men was such as became their situation, and they met their fate with fortitude— Farmer was a young man much re- spected prior to the unfortunate occurrence for which he forfeited his life; his remains were interred at Church Stretton on Monday last, and the funeral ( which was conducted in a most decorous and affecting manner) was attended by a large concourse of persons. On the 29th ult. Jas. Spufford and Jos. Deeley, for assaulting and robbing Wm. Read, at Chalfont- St- Giles, Bucks, were exe- cuted at Aylesbury. Read, the prosecutor, hung himself at Bea- consfield on Tuesday. He expressed great anxiety to save the lives of the prisoners, and the refusal, it is presumed, preyed so on his mind as to cause him to commit the rash act. A few days since, W. Hardiment was executed at Norwich, for having murdered Mr. Robert Baker, of Wells, on the 11th of October, 1817. The culprit was apprehended at Beverley, .. in Yorkshire,' in December last. We understand that he protested His innocence of the crime to the last at sea upon a fishing excursion; of their having been captured by Spaniards from the Americans, and sent as slaves to the mines; and of their escape to an English vessel, in which they worked their passage to this country, and were turned on shore destitute at Wapping. The subscription raised on behalf of the unfortu. nate Chiefs, under the auspices of the late Lord Mayor, was such as would have refitted and procured them a passage home, and it would have been most munificent but for an impression upon the public mind,- that something would be done for them by the Go- vernment, or by some of the Missionary Societies. Application was made to several quarters in their behalf, but without effect, and it was designed to have sent them home, as they wished, by. the best conveyance, but that several individuals, who take an ac- tive lead in Bible and other Societies for the promotion of Chris- tian knowledge, came forward and undertook to manage the sub- scriptions which had, or might be raised for their benefit, and aJ « » to procure them religious instruction. With these laudable views the natives were taken from the house of Mr. Tudgay, the publi- can, who sheltered them when they were turned on shore destitute, and they were consigned to the care of a person residing at Ken- sington, who, we believe, once kept a school. Beyond the know- ledge of writing, however, and a slight notion of reading English, the two Chiefs, we fear, will return but little better than they came. We are of opinion than in the useful arts they would have become very proficient during their stay, had they been placed in the hands of competent persons ; and that with proper instruction they might have been eminently serviceable in forwarding the civilization cf. their countrymen. CANINE INTELLIGENCE.— A letter from the Hague re- lates the following instance of animal sagacity, hardly a degree be- hind the famous- story of the Dog of Montargis: An individual driving liis cabriolet in the environs of that city, having approached a lonely farm- house, was arrested by the piercing cries of a child. He hastily alighted, and sought to discover their cause; when a little girl about three years of age, bathed in tears, and accompa- nied by a dog, presented herself before him. No other living crea- ture could be seen in t!) e house : the stranger called, but no an- swer was returned ; and after a vain search, he took the helpless infant along with him, and drove to the nearest tavern, followed by the dog. Entering the common room, he observed two ill- looking characters in a corner together, one of whom, not aware of committing himself with a stranger, said to his fellow, " That, I believe, is the cursed dog which gave us so much trouble yester- day." The moment the animal heard his voice, he sprung at the speaker, and fastened upon him so firmly, that nothing could re- lax his hold. This extraordinary circumstance roused the suspi- cions of the child's protector, and he had the men arrested. Pro- vidence was in the act, for they confessed the murder of the poor girl's father and mother, and of their servant; sparing only the infant, as being too young to detect their villainy. BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. SATURDAY'S GAZETTE. JOHN SMETHURST, sen. and ROBT. HINDLE, Torkington, Cheshire, calico- printers, April 23, 24, May 18, at the Bridge wa- ter Arms, Manchester. Atts. Edge, Manchester; or Milne and Co. Temple WM. WATTON, Lichfield, brewer, April 10,11, May 18, at the Town- hall, Nuneaton. Atts. Greenway, Nuneaton; or Constable and Co. Symond's- Inn SEPTIMUS MILES, Ludgate- street, watch- maker, April 9, 20, May 18, at Basing- hall- street. Atts. Rosser and Co. Great Ormond- street ERAS. BIRMINGHAM, Wellington Brewery, City- road, common- brewer, April 13, 20, May 18. at Basinghall- street. Att. Miller, Castle- street, Holborn— THOMAS SAUNDERS, Stratford- on- Avon, coal- merchant, April 13, 27, May 18, at Basinghall- street. Atts. Tyrrell and Co. Guildhall- yard—— HENRY REYNOLDS, Chel- tenham, saddler, April 10, 22, May 18, at the Ram, Gloucester. Atts. Williams and Co. Lincoln's- Inn ; or Lovesy, Cheltenham. WM. RAMSDEN, Leeds, victualler, April 22, 23, May 18, , at the Court- House, Leeds. Atts. Battye, Chancery- lane; or ' Hargreaves, Leeds JAS. PEXTON, Skipton, Yorkshire, inn- keeper, April 25, 26, May 18, at the Black Horse, Skipton., ' tts. Beverley, Temple; or Alcock, Skipton JOHN FRIEND, Bristol, maltster, April 19, 20, May 18, at the Commercial Rooms, Bristol. Atts. King and Co. Gray's- Inn ; or Cary and Co. Bris- tol WM. HUD30N, Ebenezer- place, Commercial- road, ship- owner, April 13, May 4, 18, at Basinghall- street. Att. Seale, Covent- gardenChambers JOHN WESTLAKE, Moretonh& mp- stead, serge- maker, April 23, 24, May 18, at the Subscription Rooms, Exeter. Atts. Brutton, Broad- street; or Brutton, Exe- ter. JOHN PISTOW, jun. Witliam, Essex, miller, April 13, May 4, 18, at Basinghall- street. Atts. Wilson, Temple ; or An- drew, Coggleshall—— JOHN TOMILINSON, Bedfordbury, wool- len- draper, April 13, 23, May 18, at Basinghall- street. Atts. Nethersole ana Co. Essex- street. WM. WELSFORD, Tower- hill, merchant, April 9, 16, May 18, at Basinghall- street. Atts. Woodward and Co. Tokenhouse- yard - JOHN STEELE, Li- verpool, map- seller, April 16, 20, May 18, at Basinghall- street. Atts. Smith and Co. Austin- friars WM. TATE, Cateaton- street, bookseller, April 9, 16, May 18, at Basinghall- street. Atts. Dickinson and Co. St. Swithin's- lane. Bankruptcies Superseded— J. WHITE, Bletchingley, Sussex, farmer J. STANSFIELD, Ardwick, Manchester, ' merchant. R. HOLMES, Langbourn Chambers, merchant. TUESDAY'S GAZETTE. WM. GRATTY and MOSES Moss, Liverpool, cordwainers, April 26, 27, May 21, at the George, Liverpool. Atts. Adlington and Co. Bedford- row ; or Frodsham and Co. Liverpool - W it. JEAFFRESON, Framlingham, druggist, April 15, 16, May 21, at theCrown, Framlingham. Att. Edwards, Framlingham. WM. PENRITH, Bath, draper, April 26, 27, May 21, at the White Lion, Bristol- Atts. Clarke, Bristol; or Jenkins and Co. New- Inn DANIEL HANDFORTH, Manchester, victualler, May 1, 2, 21, at the White Bear, Manchester. Atts. Adlington and Co. Bedford- row; or Morris, Manchester.: WM. MAY, New- bury, maltster, April 15, 22, May 21, at the Peacock, Reading. Alts. Hamilton and Co. Berwick- street; or Smith, Reading WALTER MONINGTON, Chepstow, grocer, April 22, 23, May 21, at the Commercial Rooms, Bristol. Atts. Evans, Hatton- garden ; or Haberfield, Bristol. Bankruptcies Enlarged.— W. READ, Little Queen- street, oil- man, from April 13 to April 20 W. DANSEY, Bristol, bi « tver, from March 30 to May 18. DIVIDENDS. April 16. T. Sargent, Millbank- row, timber- merchant April 21- M. Danby, Lucas- street, master- mariner. J. Mason, Manchester, hat- manufacturer. S. Burrows, Miles's- lane, wine- merchint. H. Newman, Skinner- street, leather- seller. G. B. Whalley, Basinghall- street. woollen- draper. R. Blachford, Little Tower- hill, chart- seller. J. Abbott, W eymouth- stieet', butcher. S. Marsom, Lcadenhall- street, merchant. JC. F. Kirkman, Deal, linen- draper, C. Brown, Dundee, merchant. A. Attwood, Ly mington, surgeon. J. Wilson, Macclesfield, bookseller.-— April 29. J. Hart, Bath, saddler. T. Bains, Preston, coal- merchant. F. Chambers, Stamford, boot- maker. April 30. T. Sperrin, Thornbury, tallow- chandler. J. Roberts, Brongain, Montgome- ryshire, farmer. T. Thompson, Camomile- street, merchant. W. Baker, Ticehurst, Sussex, blacksmith. J. Horsfalt, Gildersome, cloth- merchant May 1. W. H. Harrison, Farnsfield, Not- tingham, victualler. G. N. Breeton, Devizes, coach- maker. May 4. J. Clarke, Commercial- place, ship- owner. Mat/ 1. J. Callow, Princes- street, bookseller. E. Clulow, New Mills, Derbyshire, cotton- spinner. May 8. J. W. Smith and T. Townley, Manchester, cotton- spinners. J. Woolfe, Birmingham, mercer May 9. H. Worthington and VV. Rowlandson, Bol- ton- le- Moors, braziers. CERTIFICATES. April 27- J. Irving, jun. Carlisle, grocer. E. Pearson and L. Claude, Liverpool, merchants. W. Williams, Langboum Chambers, merchant. W. Little, Mealsgate, Cumberland, slate- merchant. T. Marsh, Colton- Mills, Staffordshire . miller. W. Peake, Sloane- square, linen- draper. M. Hall and T. Hall, King. ston- upon- Hull, woollen- drapers. I. Ayton, Newcastle- upon- Tyne, merchant. W. and R. Robinson, Worthing, common- car- riers. J. Stanton, Worcester, coal- merchant. J. Smith, Rue- sell- court, tavern- keeper - April 30, J. Stoker, Doncaster, tinman. T. Riley, Wednesbury, carpenter. W. Compton, Bir- mingham, linen- draper. •• >* ' FOR CORNS, BUNIONS, & C. MORRIS's ROYAL BRUNSWICK CORN PLAS- TER, prepared from a Recipe belonging to, her late Ma- I jesly, given to the Proprietor, by his late Royal, Highness the j Duke of Kent, and now in general use by the Royal Family. It is an excellent Remedy tor eradicating the Corns, without the least pain or inconvenience, and will prove a very useful Fa- mily Piaster for fresh Wounds and Scalds, likewise for Bunions, l'lie efficacy ( if this Plaster answers beyond expectation, of which numbers are ready to testify, and those ot the, first respectability, wherein its utility has been proved in entirely eradicating the Corns, and giving relief to those who have hard Seihy substances at the bottom of thrir feet. Prepared by G. MORRIS, Chemist to theRoyal Family, Ken- sington, and sold in Boxes at li l{ d. and 2s. Od. by Butler's, Chemists, No. 4, Cheapside, I. on Jon; 20, Waterloo- Place, Edin- burgh, and S4, Sackville- Street, Dublin; and by the principal Medicine Vt- n lers throughout the United Kingdom. N. B. Purchasers are requested to ask for MORRIS'S , Bruns- wick Corn Plaster, and to observe ths name and address of' """ But- ler, 4, Cheapside," are engraved on the stamp affixed to etch box, to DISTINGUISH the Genuine from IMITATIONS under similar titles.
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