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The Gloucester Journal


Printer / Publisher: D Walker and Sons 
Volume Number: CI    Issue Number: 5208
No Pages: 4
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The Gloucester Journal
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The Gloucester Journal

Date of Article: 01/04/1822
Printer / Publisher: D Walker and Sons 
Address: Westgate-street, Gloucester
Volume Number: CI    Issue Number: 5208
No Pages: 4
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PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY D. WALKER AND SONS, VOL. 5208.] MONDAY, VlUfti* iLMJfi. , IN. it/ 4v! iJ ( SUCCESSORS TO R. RAIKES,) WESTGATE- STREET ? —! » APRIL 1, 1822. [ Price Seven- pence. THURSDAY'S POST. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, 1822. " is HE Courier, after favouring its readers - with some * oracular truths upon the uncertainty of prophecy, respecting war and peace between Turkey and Russia, concludes with stating, that " It is at Vi- enna, hear, that the business will be, or has been, fi- nally terminated; and we are now taught to believe that mar will be avoided, and the differences , between the two Powers speedily and amicably adjusted." In the speech which Sir T. Maitland delivered to the Legislative Assembly of the Ionian Islands on the 4th inst. he notices the assertion that the Ionian Government ( although professing neutrality) had favoured the Turks; to this he replies, " The fact is, that the very complaint has been made by the Porte, which alleged that this Go- vernment had violated every principle of neutrality in fa- vour of the Greeks." Sir Thos. laments the coercive mea- sures he has been obliged to adopt in order to enforce neu- trality, arid makes allowance for the feelings arising from kindred, name, language, manners, and religion, which urged the people to sympathise strongly with the Greeks. An earthquake was generally felt in the South of France on 19th ult. It did considerable damage, and affected the magnetic needle to the distance of Paris, In Jutland great numbers of people are ill with scarlet and nervous fevers, which are thought to be caused by the uncommonly mild and damp weather. A letter from an Officer on board his Majesty's ship Se- ringapatam, dated Corfu, Feb. 17, says, " We have no news here, except that Ali Pacha was, about ten days ago, be- trayed by one of his own chiefs. At the time he was taken " he was sitting on a train of gunpowder ready to blow himself up, should any thing unforeseen occur, when the Chief mentioned ran in to- him, and pinioned his arms. He was, in the first place, ordered to be taken to Con- stantinople ; but the Grand Seignor sent word, that if he did not take the oath of allegiance to him, he should be beheaded on the spot, and his head brought to Constan- tinople. When Ali was told this, he said he would sell his life dearly ; upon which he made an attempt to mur- der his guards, but was overpowered by their number: hi was killed, and his head sent to Constantinople." The reports of the King's marriage with a Danish Prin- ccss, have excited such dissatisfaction aud alarm at Copen- hagen, as to render it necessary for the journals to contra- dict them !!! Some English have been ill treated by the populace in that capital. One would suppose that the mission of Sir G. Nayler, to carry abroad an innocent rib- band, and to return with perhaps as harmless a portrait, was as formidable to the inhabitants of Denmark as Lord Nelson's fleet, which broke up the Northern Confederacy, or the expedition of 1807, which laid their capital in ashes. We have heard from a source of intelligence on which we can rely, that his Majesty is not to honour Scotland with his presence this summer.— Glasgow Courier. The proposition to subject foreign grain to a tax on the average reaching the import price, was, as we observed, received by the Agricultural Members rather coolly, and the arguments of Lord Londonderry certainly failed to make on them the wished- for impression. So standing the case, the holders of the grain were induced to come forward, and make an offer to the Committee. They pro- posed that on the averages reaching 70. y. it should be al- lowed to be taken- out," on their paying a duty of 17j. the quarter for the first three months, and 12. r. a quar- ter afterwards. This offer seemed at first to give sa- tisfaction, but we understand that the opinions of many of the Members have since undergone a change on this point. In the mean time, Mr. Gooch, the Chairman, has been entrusted with the drawing up a Report on principles of! which he himself does not approve. Little expectation, however, is entertained that this Report will be adopted, without very material alterations. We'understand, that Mr. Brickwood's Plan of Finance at present engages the attention of several Members of the House of Commons, and that propositions arising out of the suggestions contained in it, are likely to be sub- mitted to Parliament. The basis of it is the conversion of the present Public Funds into a new Five per Cent. Stock, of a higher denomination, which will lower the no- minal amount of the National Debt near 200 millions. Provision is made for leaving a sufficient quantity of Three per Cent. Stock for the speculations of the stock market. The plan is deemed a valuable discovery in finance. It is also perfectly consistent with good faith. The Gazette of last night contains a notice that all holders of Five per Cent. Stock, who have dissented, may receive their principal and interest on the 5tli of April, by giving notice on or before the 30th inst. at the Bank of England of their desire to do so. All persons whose power of dis- sent extends to 5th July, may, if they dissent, receive their principal and interest on the 5th July. A report of a very pleasant nature is current among the monied interest— that Austria means to raise a loan to li- quidate part of the debt she owes England. The pretended Princess of Cumberland is still under lock and key; the Insolvent Court, before granting her dis- charge, requiring from her the paper by which she says George III. bequeathed her 15,000/. but which her High- ness is not quite ready to deliver up; some doubts are en- tertained of the genuineness of this precious document. It is reported that Mr. B. Wilbraham will become a candidate for the representation of Liverpool on the ap- proaching resignation of Mr. Canning. The brewers of Cambridge have reduced the price of ale Id. per quart— a good example to those of the metro- polis. and indeed of the country at large. Messrs. Smith, of Horse- street and Walcot breweries, Bath, have lowered the price of beer one penny per quart. We understand that his Grace of Buckingham has sig- nified to his tradesmen in Buckingham, that in consequence of his Grace's having reduccd his rents to his tenants, they must lower their prices one third, or he will get his articles from London! Meetings of several parishes in Dublin have been held, and resolutions passed, having for their object to petition the Legislature, that the malt- tax, if necessary, might still be continued, and the window- tax repealed. Judge Fletcher, in a charge to the Grand Jury of Cavan, recom- mends that county to join the capital and other great towns in petitioning Parliament for its removal. The Seizure of Arms Act, one of the Six Acts, expired on Monday. At a meeting of the West India merchants and planters on Saturday, it was agreed to petition Parliament in sup- port of the intended measures of Government for an open intercourse of trade between the Colonies and Canada; and also for Parliament to investigate the conduct of the West- India Dock Company, before renewing their charter. At a general meeting of the Subscribers to Lloyd's on Wednesday, a sum was voted for cutting caves and steps in the cliff's in the vicinity of Beachy Head, to afford pro- tection to the crews and passengers of vessels which may be wrecked on that dangerous coast. . The . will of the late Thos. Coutts, Esq. was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, on Wednesday. It iff dated 9th May, 1820. By it the testator appoints Mrs. Coutts universal legatee, and bequeathes to her his share in the banking- house and business in the Strand, and all benefit and interest to arise therefrom. There is a codi- - cil to the will, which relates to trust property only. The personal property within the province of Canterbury is sworn under 000,000/. The late anniversary of the Bath Penitentiary and Lock Hospital, was most respectably attended. The Report of the Committee stated, that the amount received for wash- . ing and work- had exceeded the expenditure for provisions, BO thatpa. ch inmate had actually maintained herself by her Labour. During the last year, seven inmates have . : -. bean- placed in respectable services, and fcood accounts have been received of all of them. The economical management •• " of the house was clearly demonstrated ; and the services of -*' the Ladies'Committee were dwelt on in terms of the .. warmest praise. The Report closed with a statement of the funds of the Society, which hold a most respectable appcarance. Mrs. Salmon was severely hissed at the Covent Garden " Oratorio on Friday, for keeping the audience waiting; the lady made an excuse for her absence, but an unavail- ing- one, as it was not her first offense. GLOUCESTER COUNTY GAOL. ALL Persons - willing to Contract for the intended ENLARGEMENT of the COUNTY GAOL, are hereby requested to send to me, at my Office in Dursley prior to the next Sessions, Plans and Specifications, together with proper Estimates for the Alterations and Additional Buildings proposed to be made in the said Gaol. The particulars of the intended Enlargement, and every requi- site information, will be given, on application to Mr, Cunningham, the Governor of the Gaol, or to Mr. Collingwood, at Gloucester, the County Surveyor. Persons contracting will be required to give sufficient security for the due performance of the Contracts they mav enter into. EDWARD BLOXSOME, Deputy Clerk of the Peace for the County of Gloucester. Dursley, March IB, 1822. EREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against JOHN ANSELL, of Filkins, in the county of Oxford, Farmer, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on the 25th day of March next, at five o'clock in the afternoon, on the 26th of the same month, and on the 9th day of April follnwing, at eleven of the clock in the forenoon, at the King's Head, at Northleach, in the county of Gloucester, and make a full discovery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second sitting to choose Assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required tn finish his Examination, and the Creditors are to assent to, or dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same htvrto whom the Com missioners shall appoint, but give notice to Messrs. Russell and Son, Solicitors, Lant- Street, Southwark, London; or to Messrs. Wil. kins and Kendall, Solicitors, of Bourton- on- tke- Watcr, in the county of Gloucester. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued against RICHARD MILLER, of Brimscombe Port, in the parish of Minchinhampton, in the county of Glou- cester, Banker, Coal- Merchant, Dealer and Chapman, and he be- ing declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself ; fissions when brought to trial. fyiHE several sums of £ 7000, £ 6000, £ 8000, £ 1000, JL and any smaller Sums, are ready to be advanced on good Freehold or Copyhold Securities, in the counties of Monmouth or Gloucester, on application to Messrs. Evans and Son, Solicitors, Chepstow. LATE NORWICH UNION SOCIETY. Sir, AN advertisement signed LYNX, issued by the Secre- tary of the above Society, professes to draw a comparison between his Office and the COUNTY FIRE OFFICE. This shewing does not appear in the contrasted form, wherein the pub- lic have been used to make the comparison, viz. On the one hand — Endless delusions 1— Disputes with everybody I— continual liti- gations I— great distress I— and on the other, Fair dealing— unin- terrupted harmony— freedom from even a single litigation— unex- ampled prosperity; but it advances as facts, things which have no existence; for example, it sets forth, a large amount of returns made to insurers in the Norwich Union for seven years ! but the Society now advertised under that name, has not been In existence SEVEN MONTHS! It has not returned a shilling! ! ! We learn from proceedings in Chancery, yet pending between the mem- bers, that the Society called the Norwich Union, which used to make returns, was broke up some months since through embarrass- ments, when, instead of the members being made acquainted with the deplorable state of their affairs, an arrangement was made to keep up appearances, as if nothing had happened, and to turn them over to another concern, by substituting New Policies in place of their usual renewal Receipts. The New Concern is the " Old Norwich Fire Office !" ( not the Union, but a Joint Stock Com- pany) somewhat altered in its plan, with the addition of as many ^ Members of the dissolved Society as can be brought over to jofn it. It would be a Waste of time to combat with the other attributes of the departed Norwich Union, now so daringly attempted to be foisted on the public as benefits flowing from the present untried project— AN EXPERIMENT UPON A TOTALLY DIF- FERENT PRINCIPLE!! Equally superfluous would it be to follow Lynx in his indiscreet comparison of the " NORWICH MANAGEMENT," with that of the COUNTY FIRE OFFICE. The Norwich Management isa thing sui generis; but it may con- duce to the instruction and the safety of the public, to compare the thing - with itself— its asseverations in advertisements with its con- to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major of them, on the 21st day of March instant, at six o'clock in the afternoon, on the 22d day of the same month of March, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and on the 18th day of April following, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the Fleece Inn, in Rodborough, in the county of Gloucester, and make a full discovery and dis- closure of his Estate and Effects ; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, at the second sitting to choose assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is re- quired to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. All Persons in- debted to the said Bankrupt, or who have any of his effects, ate not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but to give notice to . Messrs. Dax, Son, and Meredith, No. 29, Guildford- Street, London; or to Mr. Stone, Solicitor, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, EREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded W and issued forth against THOMAS RIDE, of Ashton Keynes, in the county of Wilts, Tallow- Chandicr, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on the 21st day of March inst. at six o'clock in the afternoon, on the 22d day of the same month of March, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and on the 13th day of April following, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the Fleece Inn, in Rodborough, in the county of Gloucester, and make a full discovery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, at, the se- cond sitting to choose assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the Cretlitors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. All Persons who are indebted to the said Bankrupt, or who have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but to give notice to Messrs Dax, Son, and Meredith, No. 29, Guildford- Street, London ; or to Mr. Stone, Solicitor, Tetbury, Gloucestershire. riHHE. Commissioners under a Commission of Bankrupt, . JL awardedand issued forth against RICHARD LAWRENCE, of Minety, in the county of Wilts, Shopkeeper, Dealer and Chap- man, intend to meet on the 20th day of April next, at four o'clock in the afternoon, at the White Hart " Inn, in Tet'oury, in the county of Gloucester, in order to make a Dividend of the Estate and Ef- fects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Divi- dend. And all claims not then substantiated will be disallowed. JOHN STONE, Solicitor to the Commission. rl^ HE Commissioners under a Commission cf Bankrupt, IL awarded and issued forth against SARAH BUTLER, of Shcrston Magna, in the county of Wilts, Innholder, intend to meet on the 20th day of April next, at twelve o'clock in the forenoon, at the Cross Hands Inn, in the parish of Old Sodbury, in the county of Gloucester, in order to make a Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend. And all claims not then substantiated will be disal- lowed. JOHN STONE, Solicitor to the Commission. RGMIE DISSOLUTION OF THE NORWICH UNION SOCIE- JL TV for mutual Insurance, occasioning a number of persons to look around for an establishment, to which they may commit their protection, without fear of litigation or disappointment— the undersigned recommend the plan and character of the COUNTY EIRE OFFICE to their notice and inquiry. A large original Ca- pital, ih addition to the Funds drawn from Insurance, afford the amplest means of indemnity to sufferers. The disposition of the Managers has keptpace with their means. SIXTY- rotut THOU- SAND PERSONS have sought protection in the COUNTY OFFICE, and have found it. CLAI MS hdpc been paid to One Thousand Three Hundred and Fifty Claimants, and NOT A SINGLE LITIGATION has occurred with any Claimant. Exempt from the expences of law- suits, and also from the sacrifices to which some Offices submit to procure business, great accumulations have been made. In these, persons who now insure, participate equally with the original mem- bers.— Returns of 25 and 20 per Cent, in consequence, have been INVARIABLY PAID ' ro ALL PERSONS who have continued in- sured seven years, upon ANNUAL as well as upon septennial Poli- cies £ 36,000 have been returned in this way to' about 20,000 persons insured, within the hut eight years— an important advan- tage which no other Insurance Office affords. Acting on these principles so many years, in uninterrupted harmony and unrivalled success, it is not surprising that the business of the County Fire Office should augment in a degree altogether unprecedented— an enlightened public naturally preferring approved conduct and solid advantages, to endless delusions, law- suits, and disappointments. C. HOUGH, Agent at Gloucester. J. SANDFORD, Campden. S. RICKETTS, Tewkesbury. E. HATCH, Cheltenham. M. HARDING, Dursley. J. J. DALLAWAY Stroud. W. H. and J. PARKER, Hereford. Extracts from former Advertise- ments of the Norwich Union. 1807—" Through peculiar good fortune their Fires for the first seven years did not amount to 30f- ! and they were therefore enabled to accumulate a fund far beyond the probability of Loss. It has returned to its members from 60 ts 75 per cent, on the Premiums they deposited!!! and thus secured them from lossatabouta/ iiur/ A of the usual expence! i 1 1815 ( Hand Bills.)—" The inhabitants of this town and neighbourhood have now an opportunity of being insured at half the usual expence. The Norwich Union has constantly paid Dividends of 60 per cent, to the insured." 1817—" A surplus capita! of nearly 200,000?. deposited in the hands of Trustees, which, with the septennial Receipts, together £ 600,000, form the capital til" 1817—" To prevent losses, and to relieve unfortunate suffer- ers is the only expence which the public should sustain." 1821—" The present yearly in- come of the society exceeds £ 60,000 and is rapidlv en- creasing."—" The amount of seven years premium is al- ways kept in nand as a fund to answer losses."—( Former advertisements.) Extracts from the Report of their London Commitlee, in 1818. Report, p. 56— First period of seven years. " Premiums... £ 8,898 11 1 Losses F. xpences Commission... Secretary, & c.. 545 13 4 1,251 17 3 606 8 fi 4,862 14 2 7,266 13 6 ENTIRELY NEW ESTABLISHMENT IN LONDON, ( WHICH COMMENCED IN NOVEMBER LAST,) FOR THE SALE OF GENUINE WINES AND SPIRITS, Throughout the Kingdom, T'OTt HEADY MONEY ONLY. NUINE TEA COMPANY, 93, LU » - s have obtained throughout the kiogdom, suggestions, to embark >•* WIVW SMNRT T » « t\ v — •—? It. -• milar LIBERAL PRINCIPLES, under the designation of the London wine company, 141, FLEET- STREET, LONDON, For the purpose of supplying Country Residents with Wines and Spirits pure and unadulterated ; and the following will be warranted OF VERY SUPERIOR. QUAI. ITJES, at the Prices quoted: Per Dozen. 42*.' Fine Ports, old in the Wood .. Ditto, vintage 1815 Crusted old bottled Ports Sherry Superior old ditto West, India Madeira Superior ditto East India ditto Teneritfe Brandy 25 » . • 46 . 54s. to 84*. • 46s. to 50, v. . bis. to 63s. S0J. 60s. to 72s. 70s. to 105s. 42s. to 46s. Per Gallon. . Jamaica Rum, 18s. | Hollands, 25,. Burellas Lisbon and Calcavella Claret Ditto, Margaux, I. afitte, and Latour • • Hermitage Rauterne and Barsac Champagne - Hock Moselle Per l) rr~ t'<. 48*. 46*. 72s— very fine 90s. • £ 5 5s. to £ 5 13*. £ 5 51. 75s. to t'Os. 90s. to 7 Guineas 84s. to 8 Guineas 60. t. to 72 « . Per Ciatlon. Geneva, 13 s. Balanceatthe end of 7 years Profit per cent.... Page 27. " Grand total of Receipts for Premiums ... 404,677 15 Returns made to Insurers... 50,592 7 1,631 10 8 18$!!!" 7" Page 27. " ( Irand Total of the. Invested Funds of the Society, March 24th, 1818, not including Ba- lances in the hands of the Of- ficers 27,321!!! Page 59.— Paid for management in one year, 1817- " Expences 6,391 7 10 Commission... 4,476 0 2 Secretary, & c 6,500 0 0 19,367 0" 11 The simple facts of the case were these, that the Norwich . Union Society, INSTEAD OF BEING IN A FLOURISHING CONDITION, WAS REDUCED TO A STATE OF GREAT DIS- TRESS, that several heavy los- ses, and some unfortunate dif- ferences with some of their offi- cers, had induced the Directors to DETERMINE THEIR RE- SPONSIBILITY BY REFUS- ING TO CONTINUE THE PO- LICIES."— Court ofChancery 1822. ARGUS. *„• This Company do not sell Cape iVmes, nor will they ever be admitted into their Cellars, their qualities ' being invariably lad. An Agent will be appointed in everyprincipal town ; but in the interim, all Orders accompanied by Remittances, will be immediately forwarded, FREE OF CAIIH - .. M., t « any part of this county— No application for Agency will be answered unless post- paid. NORWICH UNION and COUNTY FIRE OFFICES. Comparative View of the Business and Systems of these Establishments, from which the Public may judge of their respective merits. tSFcrtoicfe tEtmon. Original Capital, £ 550,000. Sums returned tn Insurers in the last seven years, £ 73,600. Period of return once in three years! Returns made to Persons who discontinue their Policies at the end of one or two years. Returns to Persons who may become claimants from Loss. Increase of Duty in one vear, ending at December 1821, £ 15,071 5s. 6r?.' All claims left to the investigation of Local Committees. MANAGEMENT— Twelve Acting Directors, viz. Four Bankets and eight Commercial and Professional Gentle- men, resident in Norwich. < 5ountg. Original Capital, £ 400,000. Sums returned to Insurers in the last seven years, £ 3ff, 000. Period of return once in seven years! No returns to Persons who do not continue insured either by on* payment or annual payments for seven years certain. No returns to Persons who may become claimants for Loss. Increase of Duty in onp vear, ending at December 1821, £ 1,384 1- ls. U. All claims adjudged at the Office in London. MANAGEMENT— Sixty Gentlemen residing in various parts of thekingdom, and JOHN THOMAS BARBER BEAUMONT, Esq. F. A. S. & c. & c. & c. Managing Director. When I cast my eye over the, above comparative view, I discern at once the cause for the malevolent feeling entertained by tiie COUNTY Fin* OFFICE against the NORWICH UNION SOCIETY. This petty malice, however, the conductors of the UNION need not regard. 1 hey may point to the official returns from the Stamp Office for the last two years, which sets the question at rest so far as the Public is concerned, as to the merits of the respective Offices— In this period the NORWICH UNION has increased near Thir- teen Millions— The COUNTY about Three Millions London, March 20, 1822. LYNX ' PUBLIC CAUTION. THE Agents of the COUNTY FIRE ORNCE having thought fit, at the instance, it is presumed, of their Managing Director, to publish an advertisement calumniating the NORWICH UNION SOCIETY, and puffing. their own office,. we, the un- dersigned Agents of the said Society, beg leave to inform our Friends that we continue as usual tn effect Insurances against Loss by Fire. The distinguished support which the Norwich Union Society receives in all parts of the Kingdom, is evinced by the Official Returns of its increase of business, which are as follow :— Year 1820, Two Millions and a Half. Tear 1821, Ten Millions. First quarter 1822, Three Millions. This fact will account tn the Public for the misrepresentations circulated on behalf of the County Fire Office. In the Office for which we act, the Returns arc made every three years, with entire freedom from responsibility, th » whola engage- ments of the Office being guaranteed upon a Fund of £ 550,000, subscribed by a numerous and opulent Proprietory. JOHN LEWIS, Stamp Office, Agent for Gloucester. , G. A. WILLIAMS, Library, Agent for Cheltenham. JAMES BENNETT, Bookseller, Agent for Tewkesbury. TOLLS TO BE LET. TURNPIKE ROAD, from CIRENCESTER to LAM BRIDGE, near BATH. NOTICE is hereby given. That the TOLLS arising at the following Gates, on the said Road, and which pro- duced the last yearthe several sumsundermentioneil, willbeLET by AUCTION, to the best Bidders, at the Beaufort Arms Inn, Petty France, on Thursday, the 11th April next, at 12 o'clock at noon, for the term of One Year, commencing the 1st day of May following: Cirencester £ 314 Didmarton and Dunkirk..,...,.., 1022 Tetbury, North and Backlani 278 Tetbury, South and Willsley 497 Swanswicfe 376 Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society. CAPITAL ^ 550,000. TRUSTEES. The Hon. Col. WODEHOUSE, M. P. Lieut, of the County. Sir JACOB ASTLEY, Bart. THOMAS WILLIAM COKE, Esq. M. P. RICHARD HANBURY GUftNEY, Esq. M. P. CHARLES HARVEY, Esq. M. P. J. C. CURWEN, Esq. M. P. DIRECTORS. PresiDENT— JEREMIAH IVES, F. sq. Banker. VICE- PRESIDENT— J. BROWNE, Esq. Alderman. NOTICE is hereby given, That on the 9th day of March instant, an Orderwas signed by Robert Capper and James Clutterbuck, Esquires, two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for the county of Gloucester, for stopping up a cer- tain unnecessary Public Footway, within the parish of Prestbury, in the said county, of the length of four hundred and forty- six yards, commencing at the North- East corner of a Garden belong- ing to the Reverend Edward Southouse, situate on the South side of the Street of Prestbury aforesaid, and running from thence through the said Garden and Land of Richard Davis; and then running between the Gardens of Richard Chandler and James Pal- mer on the otic side, and an Orchard of the said Richard Chandler on the other side ; and through a piece of Pasture Ground of William Walter Hundley, a Garden of Thomas Josephus Baines, Esquire, and part of a Garden and Ground of Mrs. Marshall, and then extending alonff the side of a Private Road, running be- tween Arable Land and Premises of the said Richard Chandler, and a Cottage and Garden of Collins, let by him to the Over- seers of Prestbury aforesaid, and the Garden of Mrs., Webb and Miss Dela Bere on the one side, and the remaining part of the said Garden of Mrs. Marshall, a Garden. of. Miss Rooke, and Meadow or Pasture Ground of Job Williams, on the other side, and ter- minating at a Gate at the North- West corner of the said Arable Land and Premises of the said Richard Chandler, near a Cottage and Garden in the occupation of John Elliot; and which said Pub- lic Footway is more particularly described in the Plan annexed to the said Order. And that the said Order will be lodged with the Clerk of the Peace for the said county at the General Quarter Ses- sions of the Peace to be liolden at Gloucester, in and for the said county, 011 the 16th day of April next; and also that the said Or. der will at the said Quarter Sessions be confirmed and inrolled, unless upon anappeal against the same to be then made it be other- wise determined—- Dated the eleventh day of March, one thou- sand eight hundred and twenty- two. 0 0 0 0 0 Oldfield 365 18 6 And which said Gates will be put up in such lot6, and at such respective sums, as the Trustees then present shall direct. Who- ever happens to be the best Bidders, must immediately pay down One Month's Rent in advance, and at the same time give security, with sufficient Sureties, for the due payment of the remainder, by monthly instalments in advance, and also for the performance of such Covenants and Conditions as the Trustees shall think proper. At the same Meeting, if it should be thought necessary, there will be an Election of new Trustees ; and proper officers appointed in the room of those who may be removed. MONMOUTH TURNPIKE. NOTICE is hereby riven, That the COMMISSION- ERS of this Turnpike will meet at the Guildhall, in the town of Monmouth, on Tuesday, the 9th day of April next, at the hour of twelve in the forenoon of the same day, in erder to erect a Stop Gate or Chain across the New Road leading to Ragland, at or near the Branch of Road leading to Dingestow Bridge ; and likewise to erect a Stop Gate or Chain across the Road leading to Troy, not exceeding one hundred yards from the Turnpike- Gate called Cinder Hill- Gate. By order of the Commissioners, March 5, 1822. JAMES BOWEN, Clerk. 11 Capital Mansion and Lands, in the Vale of Berks, PINDRUP FARM. TO be LET on LEASE,— That capital FARM called PINDRUP, situate at Coin Rogers, in the county of Glou- cester, now in the occupation of . Mr. John Barton; consisting of an excellent House, with suitable outbuildings, a good working malt house, and about 226 acres of Land, in a high state of culti- vation, of which 195 acres are Arabic, the residue Pasture. Pindrup has great conveniences in markets, it being three miles from Northleacn, seven from Cirencester, ten from Burford and Stow, eleven from Cheltenham, and 18 from Gloucester— Pos- session will be given at Michaelmas next. For further particulars, apply ( if by letter, post- paid,) to Mr. Mullings, Solicitor, Wotton Bassett; and for a view of the Farm, to Mr. Thos. Smith, Foss Bridge. E. T. Booth. Esq- Aid. T. S. Day, Esq. Aid. Hammond l'isk, Esq. John Harvey, Esq. Aid Wm. Herring, Esq. Aid. A. Hudson, Ksq. Banker. J. S. Patteson. Esq. Aid. Wm. Simpson, Esq. Samuel Stone, Esq. SECRETARY— SAMUEL BIGNOLD, Esq. The parties insured in this Institution are free from ALL RE- SPONSIBILITY, and will receive back three- fifths' of the Surplus Premiums at the end of every three or five years. " The Rates are the same as at other offices. Statement ot Duty paid for the last Two Y'ears. 1820—£ 44,554 3s. 9d. 1821—£ 56,625 9s. 3d. Thus proving that IN THE LAST YE AN the business increased upwards of Ten Millions. LIFE SOCIETY.— CAPITAL ^ 500,000. The rapid progress of this Society ( which is entirely distinct from t'ne Fire Office), is evidenced by the amount of its premiums, which at the under- mentioned periods, stood as follows :— Year ending at March, 1815, £ 38,441 5s. 1W. Year ending at March, 1818, £ 86.226 8s. %!. Year ending at June, 1821, £ HH, 290 16s. 7d. In the last twelve months upwards of 800 Policies were Issued for Insurances exceeding £ 600,000. Mr. JOHN LEWIS, Stamp Office, Agent for Gloucester. Mr. G A. WILLIAMS, Library, Agent for Cheltenham. Mr. JAMES BENNETT, Bookseller, Agent for Tewkesbury. An invidious advertisement, issued by the Managing Director of the. County Fire Office, and, headed " Dissolution of the Nor- wich Union Society, 4'-'." having been inserted in several newspa- pers, the Agents of the. Norwich Union OJficc refer their Friends to the FACTS regit! ding that . Establishment, stated above, as a suf- ficient reply to the malignant insinuations of its adversaries. N. B. ' the Directors of the Norwich Union. Society, jot mutual Insurance against Loss btf Fire, hflve repaid ONE HUNDRED . THOUSAND POUNDS, and to upwards O/' 3C00 Claimants for Loss by Fire above ' Three Hundred Thousand Pounds. March IS, 1822. NOTICE is hereby given, That on Saturday, the 16th day of March instant, an Order was signed by the Rev. William Davies, Doctor in Divinity, and the Rev. Richard Slade, Clerk, two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for the county of Gloucester, for stopping up and destroying the following described Footways and Driftway, leading through and over cer- tain Grounds and Premises belonging to William Miller, Esquire, within the parish and hundred ofThombury, in the countv afore- said, ( that is to say,) all that Public Footway of the length of three hundred and thirty- five yards, or thereabouts, branching out of an ancient Carriage Road and Driftway, called Cromhall Lane, at a place marked with the letter A on the plan annexed to the said Order, and going in a Westward direction across an Old Inclosure, called Hedge Close, through the Court- yard of Horse Shoe Farm, and through and over an ancient Inclosure, called Horse Shoe Close, to the letter B on the said plan. All that Footway leading from and out of Brinkmarsh- Lane, of the length of eleven hundred and twenty- five yards or thereabouts, commencing at a Gate in the Eastward fence of an Old Inclosure, called Hatters, and passing over and along the same, and. other Closes of Land called Oat Leazc, Hollow ay, Sheaves Holloway, Teazle Leaze, and Upper Dry Ground, and terminating at a piece of Garden Land, heretofore part of the Turnpike- Road leading from Gloucester to Bristol. Also so much and such part of a certain Footway of tha length of one hundred antl fifty- four yards, or thereabouts, branching But of the last described Footway, at the letter C in the said plan, and ex- tending to a Stileway in the North corner of the Grove Ground. A11 that Footway, commencing at a Gate ill the Westward corner of a Close of Land called Home Leaze, and passing along and over the same in a North- east direction to a Stile in the North- east fencc, then in a North direction across and over Oaky Mead, to a stile near t'ne corner of an Encroachment in Brinkmarsh- lane, held by —— Hudson. Also all that Driftway, of the length of nine hundred and eighty- two yards, or thereabouts, beginning near the Court Yard of Buckovcr Farm, and passing on the South- west- ward side of Upper and Lower Fish Pond I. eaze, then running in a Westward direction, close to the fence of Hither Grove and Wind- lands, to the Upper corner of Oldland . Croft, then diverging in a North direction till it communicates with a Driftway and Bridle- way, called Crossways Lane. Also for divesting and turning so much and such part of the Footway leading from - and out of Brink- marsh- lane towards Thornburv, of the length of twenty- five yards, or thereabouts, commencing at a. Qate in the- Eastward fence of an Inclosure called Redlancts, belonging to the said William Mil- ler, and going in a North direction to a place marked D on the said plan. And also for making a new. Footway, beginning at the letter E in the said plan, and passing up the aforesaid Lane, in a straight line to the Siile in the Eastward fence ofan In closure also called Redlands, belonging to the Right Hon. Lord Henry Howard Molyneux Howard, in lieu therejf. And that the said Order will be lodged with the ( lerk of the Pcacc for the County of Gloucester, at tiie next General Quarter Sessions of the Pctxe, to be holcien at Gloucester, in and for the saiel County, on the 16th day. of April, 1822 : And also that the said Order will, at the said Quarter Sessid ts, be confirmed and enrolled, unless, upon an ap- peal against tiie same to be then mad'*, it be otherwise d. termincd. Dated this l « : h day of March, 1822. r| V) be LET, elegantly Furnished, and entered on im- JL mediately,— That capital modern MANSION, called WAD- LEY- HOUSE, with 40 acies of rich Pasture Land adjoining, to- gether with the MANOR of WADLEY, abounding With Game, late the residence of WM. YARNTON MILLS,- Esq. deceased, de- lightfully situated in the Vale of White Horse, within one mile of the market town of Faringdon, and in the neighbourhood of two celebrated packs of fox hounds ; together with a large GAR- DEN', inclosed with lofty brick walls, and clothed with choice fruit trees, with three hot- houses, 70 feet in length, a conserva- tory, 30 feet in length, melon ground,& c. a spacious I. awn in front, surrounded with Plantations and Shrubberies; the whole fit for the immediate reception of a genteel family. The House contains on the ground floor, a dining- room, 30 feet by 24 feet, a drawing- rooip, same size, breakfast- room, 30 feet by 20 feet, small dining- room, 18 feet by 16 feet, anti- room, 18 feet by 14 feet, a spacious hall, in which is a handsome staircase lead- ing to the first floor, containing a billiard- room, with an excellent table, six best bed- rooms, over which arc attics for servants. Tim Offices comprise a large kitchen with every convenience, house- keeper's room, servants' hall, butler's pantry, store- room, five bed- rooms, and a long range of excellent cellaring. The detached Offices consist of a brew- house, wash- house, laundry, dairy, ice- house, dove cots, stabling for 18 horses, treble coach- house, gra- nary, with spacious yards, & G— The principal rooms have within the last few years been elegantly furnished in the modern style. Further particulars may be had of the Rev. William Mills, Shellingford, near Faringdon ; or of John Mills, Esq. of Miser- dine, near Cirencester, Gloucestershire. May be viewed by tickets, on application to Mr. James Fidel, Surveyor, Faringdon, Berks. All letters post- paid.— Wadley is dis- tant from London 69 miles, from Bath 45, and from Oxford 15. MONMOUTHSHIRE. - A de- TO be LET, and entered upon immediatelv,— A sirable MESSUAGE and FARM, called CEPN GAR- ROW, with suitable and convenient Barns, Stables, Cider Mill, and other Outbuildings, and about 200 acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, together with the Tithes arising from certain other Farms in the neighbourhood. These Premises are situate in the parish of Tregarr, in die county of Monmouth, about five miles from the town of Monmouth, on the road leading from thence to Abergavenny.— The greater part of the Land is extra- pafflbbial and Tithe Free, and- the Meadow Lands adjoin the river Trothey, and are well watered. For particulars, apply at the Office of Messrs. Evans and Son, Solicitors, Chepstow. SPENCER'S GENERAL COACH OFFICE, BOOTH- HALL INN, Westgate. Street, Gloucester. THE Public are respectfully informed, that the fol- lowing LIGHT POST COACHES, ( carrying four insides only), leave the above Office : LONDON DAY COACH, ( The REGULATOR,) through Cheltenham and Oxford, every morning, at a quarter before six, to Brown's Gloucester Warehouse, Oxford- Street, corner of Park- Street, and to the White Horse Cellar, Piccadilly, and Bolt- in- Tun, Fleet- Street, London, by eight the same evening': leaves London every morning at six, and arrives in Gloucester by eight same evening. CARMARTHEN DAY COACH, ( The REGULATOR,) every momifig cxccpt Sunday, at a quarter before five, thro' Ross, Monmouth, Abergavenny, Brecon, Landovery, and Landilo, to the White Lion and Bush Inns, Carmarthen, early same evening; returns every morning at five, and arrives in Gloucester by nine. TENBY and PEMBROKE POST COACH, Tuesday Thurs- day, and Saturday mornings, at five. SHREWSBURY POST COACH, every afternoon, except Sunday, at three o'clock, through Hereford, Leominster, and Ludlow, to the Lion Inn, Shrewsbury, where it meets the Holy- head Mail and Day Coaches. HEREFORD POST COACH, through Newent and Ross, every afternoon, except Sunday, at three o'clock, to the Greyhound Inn, Hereford, by eight; returns every morning at five, and ar- rives in Gloucester by nine, where it meets Coaches to Bath, Bris- tol, also to Cheltenham, Oxford, See. BATH POST COACH, every Monday, Wednesday, and Fri- day, at a quarter before ten ; and every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at a quarter after nine. BRISTOL POST COACH, ( The PilCENIX,) every morning at nine, Sunday excepted, to the White Hart, Broad- Street. BRISTOL POST COACII,( The WELLINGTON,) every day at threeo'clock, to the White L'on and Bush Coach Offices, Bristol. BIRMINGHAM POST COACH, ( The WELLINGTON,) through Tewkesbury and Worcester, every morning at a quarter past eleven, to the Castle and Saracen's Head Inns, Birmingham. LIVERPOOL POST COACH, every morning at a quarter- past eleven, to the Saracen's Head Inn, Dale- Street, Liverpool SWANSEA POST COACH, thro' Newnham, Chepstow, New- port, Cardiff, and Cowbridge, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur- day, morning at five o'clock, to the Mackworth Arms Inn, Swansea. CHELTENHAM COACHES, every morning at a quarter before six, and at nine, every evening at two and half- past two o'clock, to the Plough, Royal, and George Hotels. Performed by JOHN SPENCER and Co. TAKE NOTICE,— The Proprietors of tile above Coaches will not be answerable for any parcel above the value of 5/. unless re- gularly booked, and an insurance paid. , Passengers and Parcels forwarded with the gTeate6t dispatch from this Office to all parts of the kingdom. V NEAT BLACK CARRIAGES. RED ACRE PIECE, THOMPSON'S FIELDS, CHELTENHAM. Most ELIGIBLE and DESIRABLE PROPERTY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ( Unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, due notice of which will be given), at the ASSEMBLY ROOMS, CHELTEN- HAM, on Monday, the 8th of April next, in the following or such other Lots as shall be agreed upbn at the time of sale,, ana subj ect to such conditions as snail be then and there produced;— Lot 1. A LL that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, cal- £ TL led the GOTHIC COTTAGE, situate and being on the north side of Red Acre Piece aforesaid, and immediately at the foot of the Montpelier grand Well Walk. Lot 2. All those two several MESSUAGESor TENEMENTS, immediately adjoining the said Gothic Cottage and Premises, cal- led the SPA COTTAGES. Lot 3. All those twoseveral MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, immediately adjoining the said SpaCottages, called the GOTHIC VILLAS. Lot 4. All that Piece of LAND or BUILDING GROUND, situate on the north side, of Red Acre Piece aforesaid, and on the same site or line with tile above- mentioned Tenements. Lot 5. All that Pile of BUILDING now used as, and called the RIDING SCHOOL; together with the Livery Stables and Coach- house thereto attached, immediately adjoining the last lot. The above Property comprises nearly the whole of the north side of the Red Acre Piece, the situation of which is particularly de- lightful, and attended with peculiar advantages; and the same will be sold for an Estate of Inheritance, according to the custom of the Manor of Cheltenham— All the lots ( excepting lot 4) are now on lease to respectable tenants, are in good repair, and pre- sent great capability of improvement and increase of value. : Further particulars will be . printed and distributed in a few days, and application in the meau time tif by letter, post paid), may be made to the Proprietors, at the Assembly Rooms in Chel- tenham ; to Messrs. Richardson, Fisher, and Lake, Solicitors, Bury- Strcet, St. James's, London; or Messrs. Gwinnett and Newman Solicitors, Cheltenham. GLAMORGANSHIRE.' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the CARDIFF ARMS INN, CARDIFF, on Saturday, the 13th of April, 1822, ( subject to conditions) ;— RPHE following Lots of Growing OAK TIMBER, viz. J Lot 1.— The whole of the TIMBER andTREliS, marked with a scribe, in Ely Wood, in the parish of Landaff. Lot 2— 404 TREES in the Breach Wood, in the parish of St. Fagans, near Cardiff, No. 1 to 404, inclusive. . Lot 3— 380 TREES in- the Great Wood, St. Fagans, below the road, No. 405 to No, 764, inclusive- Lot 4— 292 TREES in the same Wood, above the Road, No. J64 to No. 1055. ~ , Lot 5—- 285 TREES on the Gelly Herion. and Pentre Farms, in the parish of Eglwysilian, near'the Upper Boat, No." 1 to. No. 385. Lot 0— 220 TREES on the Cwrt- y- Celyh Farm, in tlie. parish of Eglwysilian, joining Lot 5, No. 1 to No. 220 inclusive.: Lot 7 - 51 TREES on Cae- Ty- Du Farm, in the. parish of Eglwysilian, near Nantgarfow, No. 1 to No. 51. The Lots No. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, are numbered and marked with white paint. Rd. Williams, of Ely, will shew Lot L— John Oatridge, of St. Fagans, will send a person to shew Lots2,3, and 4— Wm. Morgan, of Gelly Herion, near the Upper Boat, will. shew Lots 5, fi, and 7. The above Oak Timber Trees arc mostly of lohg' anel large di- mensions, and tit for the navy and rending purposes, antl the Canal rem Merthyr to Cardiff passes through lota a, 6, and 7- SATURDAY'S POST. LONDON, FRIDAY, MARCH 28. IF any credit be due to a paragraph which appeared in the French Papers of Monday, Poland is not altogether free from the revolutionary mania, ft is said that a formi- mable conspiracy has been detected in that kingdom, which was to break out as soon as the Russians should enter the Turkish ter- ritories in a hostile manner. - 1 Wednesday night; at ft quarter past tenj bis Majesty tirriyod at his Palace in Pall- mall, from Brighton. Yesterday his Majesty held a Court at his Palace in Fall- mall, tfaich was numerously attended. Several presentations tock place. The Recorder of London made Iris report of the 14 convicts capitally convicted at the Sessions before last, when W. Osborne and Edwin Cochran, for burglaries, were ordered for ex- edition on Tuesday next. Tho others were respited during his Majesty's pleasure.— His Majesty afterwards held a Privy Coun- cil, at which the Earl of Huntingdon was sworn in Governor of Ilominica, and Col. Wodehouse Lord Lieutenant of the County of Norfolk. His Majesty returned to Brighton this day. Wednesday a Court of Directors was held at the East India House, when the Right lion. George Canning was appointed Governor- General of Bengal. A Return has just been made to Parliament from the Horse Guards, of u all Officers of the army who have been dis- missed the service without friil by a Court Martial, since the ybar 1793, stating the numbers of each rank, and tile numbers in each year." This practice, it appears, has been put in force every year, from 1705 to 1821 ; and that 40, 60, 70, and even 80 Officers, have been so dismissed, in some years; and the total number for the period mentioned amounts to 989. A meeting of the Friends of Ireland was held yesterday. for the purpose of considering the propriety of forming an Auxi- liary Society in London, in aid of one established in Ireland, " For promoting the Education ofthe Native Irish, through the medium erf their own language." - The Bishop of Gloucester presided, and the Bishop of Norwich, Lord Lisburn, Mr. Butterworth; and Mr, Wilberforce, addressed the Meeting, recommending a plan of re- ligious education in the vernacular dialect. Resolutions to this ef- fect were carried by a'shew of hands; and Alderman Sir C. S. Hunter having proposed thanks to the Bishop qf Gloucester, in the chair, who returned L!; tmksfor the honour conferred, the Meet- ing adjourned, Common HAll,—.*- A Meeting, of the Livery of London was yesterday held at Guildhall, tiic Lord Mayor ir. the Chair, Tshen a Petition was adopted to be presented to Parliament on tha • Jtiject of the present distressed. state of the country, and prSying fat a Reform in the House of- Commons. A Resolution of Thanks of the Common Hall was voted to the. Common Council for their patriotic conduct in inquiring into the unprovoked dastardly outrages" directed against Mr. Alder- man Waithman on 20th August last', and fur their Petition, founded upon the evidence, tO- Parliament. Resolved, " That Sir William Curtis, one of the Representa- tives'of this City in the House of Commons, did, in his hypocriti- cal support of ttis said Petition, avail himself of his privilege in luriiauient to misrepresent the motives, and slander the conduct ofthe Common Council, for their faithful and independent, dis- charge of their duty in upholding the rights and immunities of this City.— That this Unwarrantable behaviour in Sir William is taother melancholy instance, with which his long public life a - bounds, of a total disregard of the rights and welfare to his F « l. Iqw Citizens, and wills loudly on this Common Hall to express its marked censure, and which is hereby neeo.- dingiy given to this un- worthy and corrupt Representative. Ap'. thfr resolution was passed, that the Common Hall had view- ed with concern the rigorous punishment inflicted upon Mr. Hunt. Thanks were voted to Mr. Hume, for his " indefatigable exer- tions," and to the Lord Mayor, for his impartial conduct in the their. « ud HOUSE OF COMMONS— WEDNESDAY. Mr. Bright presented a Petition from the Corn Merchants deal- In? hi foreign corn in Bristol, praying. relief. . Laid on the table. Mr. N. Calvert presented a Petition from certain individuals TO THE EDITOR. . Si*,— 1 I'AI)* cannot any longer Suppress my indignation at the Norwich Union' Office 1— It is not to be indured that that abomina- ble Institution should en on engrossing the greatest part uf all the new business in Fire Insurance 1— and 1 must call upou my fol- low shareholders in the County Office to resist such usurpation ! Would you Mieviv Mr, Editor, that this vile Norwich Union, which my " friend the Managing Director has so often proved to be not merely a « bubble," but a Imnten bubble, a Society absolutely defunct ami NON- EXISTING, has had tils, insolence to increase in business this last vear MORE Til AN ALL Til E OTHER ES- TABLISHMENTS FOR FIRE INSURANCE THROUGH- OUT THE KINGDOM PUT TOGETHER 11 1 Is this, I say, Mr. Editor, is this to'be borne?— It was bad enough that this detestable Society should be successful whilst it was alive, but to be thus presumptuously aetive when dead is inr sufferable. . ... -,'..'-. I know not what to- do 1— f, would attack the conductors of this " bubble" cbnttoversially if I ; durst; but I have observed the woe- ful mishaps of my friend Mr. Beaumont, in bis repeated assaults on this animated corpse of ah Office— this polypus which iUO cates the faster for being cut lo pieces.— Advise me, then, Mf. Editor, as a friend to " KE; itM. AII,' aiid " WELLES EC TNIED ESTABLISH. MESTS," how I may crush- this aboutitfeble nuisance— and be* iisve me, Your's, & c, A SHAREHOLDER IN t » tttte COUNTY OFfiCS. P. S.— Suppose I hash up all the old charges which have been made for the last ten j; ears ? It is true that they have been repeat- edly refuted— but what can I do better? T0 be LET, and entered upon at Midsummer, ( of A earlier, if required,)— A geiiieel Sashed DWELLING HOUSE, with Out- offices and Garden attached, situate at Little- worthy in the parish of Minchinhampton, in the occupation of Wm. Cooper, Esq. who will shew tile premises. The Furniture, which is modern and adapted to the House, may be taken at a valuation For further particulars, apply ( if by letter, post- paid,) to G. Harmar, Esq. Burleigh Lodge. r| HO be LET, and entered upon at old Lady- Day next, 1. — UPTON MANSION HOUSE, near Tetbury, a verv de- sirable Residence for a large family, standing upon an enclosed Paddock, a part of which is disposed in Lawn, with Shrubbery, Plantation, and a part in Kitchen Garden ; the whole containing about Use. acres; with the Pew in Tetbury Church. Descriptive particulars and terms, may be had of Messrs. Letall and Paul, Tetbury. DUCKLINGTON. r| PO be LET, at Lady- Day next,- A desirable FARM, JL in tl-. e Open Field, in the parish of Ducklington, near Wit- ney, consisting of a Farm House, Stables & c. three excellent barns, and about 244 acres of Arable and Meadow Land. For further particulars and to treat, apply to Mr. Large, Broad- well, near Burford, Oxfordshire. HAZLETON. rjpX) be LET, and entered on immediately,— The PAR- SONAGE FARM, in the parish of Hazleton t comprising a Farm House, with convenient buildings, and 223 acres of Land, mostly arable-— lfeleton is. 4- njilesfrom Northleach, and 12 from Cheltenham. For further particulars and to treat, apply to Mr. Large, of Brnadwell, Oxfordshire, ( if by letter, post paid), and for a view of the premises, to Mr. T. Davis, the tenant. CHARLTON, near TETBURY. ^ O be LET, and entered upon immediately,— A plea- sant RESIDENCE, newly built, fronting the turnpike- road, with Gardens, stable for four horses, dove- house, shed for feeding cattle, and three closes of rich PASTURE, about 12 acres, partly adjoining the House. And also the Pew in Tetbury Church— F'or a view and particulars, apply to Messrs. Letall and Paul, Solici- tors, Tetbury., A CHELTENHAM. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, PIECE of GROUND, in Winchcomb- Street, Chel- tenham, on the left- hand side of the Road going to the Turnpike, near to Which the same extends. The whole may be purchased entire or in Lots upon Ground Rents, or otherwise. . Part of the Purchase- Money may remain on Mortgage— Ap- ply to-— Murley, Esq. 114, ifigh- Stieet, Cheltenham; or to Mr. Thompson, Solicitor, in Cirencester. Cirencester, March 2! t, 1822. DURSLEY, GLOUCESTERSHIRE,. TO BE SOI. D BY AUCTION, By W. RICKARDS, On Thursday, the 4th day of April, 1822 ;— THE remaining part of the LIVE STOCK, & c. & c: of T. TIPPETTS, Esq. at WOODMANCOTE ; consisting of 95 ewes and lamb's, " 20 fat wether sheep, 30 wether and chitver tegs; a quantity of hurdles, sheep cribs, roller, pikes, and rakes, and sundry other articles. The sheep will be sold in lots agreeable to purchasers. The sale to commence precisely at one o'clock. TETBURY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. DEVERALL, At the WHITE HART INN", at. TETBURY, on Wednesday, the 10th of April, 11122, at four o'clock in the afternoon, ( subject to such conditions as will then be produced, unless disposed of in the mean time by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given);— ALL those Two valuable FREEHOLD CLOSES of rich PASTURE, situate in the tithing of Upton, near the town of Tetbury, containing by estimation 13 acres, ( be the same more or less,) now in the renting of Wm. Mill, a yearly tenant. For further particulars, apply to Messrs. Letall and Paul, Tetbury. The speakers were Messrs. Favell, Hall, Galloway. Han* d, T. W. Parkins ( Ex- Sheriff) and Mr. Alderman Waithman. attending Hertford market, complaining of Agricultural Distress Th » Petitioners disclaimed auy wish or intention to nieddlc wit., politics; but earnestly prayed the IIou.-; c to withdraw its caniidencc from his Majesty's present Minister* Sir J. Mackintosh gave notice, that he would, nn 1st May, bring forward a motion on the subject of the Criminal Code. Sir F. Buidctt postponed his motion respecting Mr. Hunt, till' Tuesday next. Sir E. Harvey, ope cf the Members for the County of Essex, presented a Petition from the Grand Jury of that county, praying that, more frequent Sessions of General Gaol Delivery should take place.— The Petition was strongly supported by Mr. Western, the other County Member;, ana The Secretary of State for the Home Department, in reply, ' stated that Government had it iii contemplation lo order that a Session of General Gaol Delivery should be held in the course of the next winter in all'the counties within the Home Circuit; but more he could not at present pledge himself < o. Dr. Phillimore obtained leave to bring in a Bill to amend the Marriage Act. The last two or - three years have made the public familiar with - the learned gentleman's views upon the subject. Dr. Lushington presented ai'etition from John Barkley, one of Carlile's associates in disseminating blasphemy and sedition, who was convicted at the last Old Bailey Sessions, and is now in pri- son, complaining that lit had » ot a fair trial, because lit was found guilty by the saauc jury that hud returned u similar- verdict against another person for precisely a similar offence..— The Solicitor Ge- neral re futed 60ine minor allegations which were advanced in ag- gravation of the principal< i1. vg. e4 and the Petition was laid en the 4; blc, and ordered to be printed. THURSDAY.— Mr. Canning- presented K Petition from - aertsin West India Merchants at Liverpool, praying the consider- ation of the Bill for the regulation of our trade between the Colo- nies, the Mother Country, and the United States. As a measure of relief, the petitioners- prayed for a reduction of the duties on TARN and sugar. Lord Normanby presented a Petiticm from certain inhabitants of the city of York, in favour of Mr. Hunt— Sir Robert Bhtn/ r. wraeoted a petition from Betlmal Green, praying for Hunt's re-. lease and a Reform in Parliament, the latter of which was de- manded in terms so disrespectful that it was rejected on a divi- sion, by a majority of 59; the numbers being for the motion 17, egainst it 67. Mr. Hume said, he held in his hand a Petition from the Mayor, Burgesses, and Commonalty ef the Town and Borough of Mon- mouth, praying for a Reform in Parliament t but after what had just taken place, he was at a loss how to prceecd ; for to- day, for the first time, he had seen a Petition from the People rejected w ith- out being read. Even this shewed the necessity of Reform more strongly than any thing which had yet occurred; end Reform must and would ear. ie,." nough it might. be put oft'for a time, lie must say, that instcad of insult ito the House, here was insult . to the IV pie. ( Hear! hear I Order, order.)— The Speaker said, the Hon. Member must be aware that this was language highly irregular. The House would not tolerate such language out. of doors; neither cnuld they . permit i'- co be used within their walls— Mr. Hume. re- sumed. He had always understood that it. was the right of the people to petition, and the duty of the House to hear the Petitions of the People read before they were rejected, the Hon. Member then read the Petition, which prayed for Reform— full and speedy Reform, and moved to bring it up Lord Granville Somerset said, that tlwe itetition was by no means signed by the most respectable inhabitants of the town of Monmouth ; he could not look upon it as a Petition coming from the commonalty of that town ; he did 4iot see, however, that the Petition contained any objectionable passages, however he might differ with persons respecting the sen- timents it contained— Mr. W. Courtney said, he alao was ready to receive this Petition, which was respectfully worded, and very dif- ferent to the last Petition, as every one must see who read it. The Petition from Monmouth was brought up. Mr. Hume in moving that this Petition be laid on the table, begged to correct the misstatement of a Noble Lord ( G. Somerset) who had said that it was not signed by the majority of the com- monalty of Monmouth.., He ( Mr. H.) begged to say, that he had been assured that it Was;. and. tho' the. names of the Noble Lord's own friends and supporters might not appear at the foot of it, ( a laugh) it certainly was subscribed. by the majority, and included - the name of the Mayor— Lord G. Somerset contended that his in- formation was correct, and that the majority, of the. burgesses had not signed the requisition. He did not deny that those who had signed it were respectable in their way, but it did not speak the sentiments of a great body of the inhabitant* of mors importance, end certainly of equal respectability'. Mr. Bankes asked, if it- were intended to alter or diminish the, allowances to the Bank, for the. management of the public debt.— The Chancellor of the Exchequer - replied, tlmt it formed one of those items which were under the consideration of Government, as a fair source of reduction ; and further, that iL was his intention to see what could be best done, with the Unclaimed DWdcndsnbw in the Bank, in order to make them available to the public.,. The House then resolved itself into 2 Committee of Supply, which was chiefly relating to the Army, and the Ordnance Stores. Mr. Hume propos- wl several reductions, which were negatived ; and the House adjourned at a quarter before eleven. —— • -- » nr, 0mm' —,— MARKET CHRONICLE. GLOUCESTER, SatnrJa'!, March 30 New Wheat. 9s. to lis.- Od. Old Ditto. 8s. to 9s. New Barley, 2s. to 8s. Od. Old ditto, 8s Od." to Od. New Beans, 2s. 6d. to 3s.- 8d. Old ditto, 4s. Od. to 4s. 6d. Outu, IB. 6tl to 3J. 6d. per bushel ( Winchester) of eight gallons. DEVIZES MARKET— Comparative Prices of Grain on Thursday with those of last week 1 March 21. H- ER SACK.] Mirch 28. BestwWeat, XI 7 0 to £ 1 15 0 fl 7 0 to 1 11 f! fieeond ditto,... 1 1 6 to I A 0 0 19 0 to 1 0 0 Third ditto,.... 0 13 6 to 1 » 0 0 16 0 lo 0 18 0 Tl « an » 0 12 0 to 0 17 0 I) 13 0 to 0 17 0 Hurley, 15s. Od. to 25s. Od. I 17s. 6d. to S4s. Od. ) Per Dm* ... 16s. Od. t.) SXM. Od. [ l is. Od. to 24s. Od. j Qu, i 1 ter. MARK- LANe M< rieh 20— The arrivals of Wheat since. Monday have been but stnall, yet our market continues glutted with that article, the demand being very disportionate to the stock on hand, and only t. small part of that of fine quality found buyers to- day, but prices continue nominally as on Monday The Oat trtde re- mains dull, but fine Corn maintains Monday's quotation— Fine Malting Barley supports it » price, yet sales ware heavy, and the inferior sorts were ineffectually offered from lf> » . to per quarter.— Beans ar. d Peas are fuil l. r. per quarter lower. Wheat, 32 10 60s. Od. j lions,... 24 to- 30s. I Oats, 14 to ISs. Barley, 16 to 24s. Od. | W. Peas, 28 to ? 2s. ( Malt, 40 to 56s. Pipe Flour, 43s. to 59s. per sack— Seconds, 40s. to 45s. SiliTiiriEi. n, March 29— Our market continues well sup- plied with both Beef aud Mutton, but t^ e demand being small, prices were upon the whole, rather lower. ' GrS » s Lamb mode its appeurauce, for the tiwt time this seusclii, and from Bj.' . to ?/. jre.- jHjr. o. BUSCOTT. TO be LET, and entered upon at Lady- Day next,— J OLD FIELD FARM, in the parish of Buscott; compris- ing a good Farm House, *- ith * fy superior and covenicnt officcs, and 250 acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, Bnscott'is 3 miles from Lechladc, Gloucestershire; and 2 from Farringdon, Berks, which is a iuost excellent market town. The London Turnpike- road runs , through Buscott, from Farringdon to Lechlade. ' For further particulars and to treat, apply to Mr. ' I. arge, Broad- well, Oxfordshire; and for a view of the premises, to Mr. Seary, the Bailiff, living in the Fsrm . House, ( if by letter, post- paid.) rgtO be LET, for such a number of years as can be E agreed upon, from the term of Wiiitsunday first,— The MANSION HOUSE of CANTRAY, situate in a beautiful and well wooded valley, on the Banks of - the River NaWne; with at- tached and detached Offices of every description, and from 12 to 15 acres of ARABLE and GRASS LANDS round the House, a large Walled Garden, in the best cultivation, and well stocked with fruit trees and bushes, Lawn, Shrubbery and Fish Pond. The Tenant will have an exclusive - right ( if Shooting over exten- sive and excellent Moors, well stocked with Grouse, and there are plenty of Hare's, and Partridges on the property. The- House, which is commodious » nd. in good repair,, is situated within a. short ride of the town of Inverness and'Garrison of Fort George, at both of ivhich places there are excellent Markets. Hay, straw, oats, milk, butter, poultry, and all other necessaries for a family, can be sup- plisd by the " tenant of ( he Mains Farmland a Mail Coach passes and repasses daily within five miles. The House will he Let fur- nished, or the furniture inay be had at a valuation, as suits the wishes pf a Tenant. < ait' . For further particulars, apply to George M'Andrew, Torrich, by Nairne;. John M'Andrew, Solicitor, Inverness; or Thomas Mackenzie, Esq. W. S. Edinburgh March 25. 1822. PRESTBURY, near CHELTENHAM. TO BE SOI. D BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, EVERAL Valuable Pieces of FREEHOLD LAND, V J situate ill the genteel and much- admired village of Prestbury, about one mile and ,1 half from Cheltenham, viz— All that Piece of ARABLE LAND, called Linworth, containing by admeasure- ment 10A. 2n. 15P. ( more or less;)— All that other Piece df rich ARABLE LAND,^-.- called Rye Field, adjoining the last men- tioned Piece, containing 8A. dp. ( more or less;)— All that Piece of MEADOW or PASTURE LAND, called Middle Smith's Mead, containing 2A. 2n. " p. ( more or less;)— All that Piece of MEADOW or PASTURE LAND, called Lover Smith's Mead, containing 4A. 1R.- 24P. ( more or less;)— Also alt that capital Piece cf MEADOW or PASTURE l. AN'D, with several. choice fruit trees thereon, called Upper Smith's Mead, containing 9A. SR. 1,'. P. ( more or less.) • Early Possession will be given,' and, if required, part of ths Purchase- Money may remain on Mortgage. *,* The Land- Tax is redeemed. For a view of the Premises, apply M Mr. Richard Chandler, and Mr. Thomas Robinson, at Prestbury ; and for further parti- culars to them, or Mr. Thompson, Solicitor, Cirencester. Cirencester, March 28, IG22. . NEWENT, GLOUCESTEKSHIRE. Neat and modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, beautiful ancient Tea China, modern Worcester ' Tea China, Plated Goods and Glass, a very curious Grotto, ancient Needle- work, and a choke collection of BOOKS; also three Ricks ofp, imeHAl\* e. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ' B* j Mr. C. ' WOOD,: , On Monday, the 8th of April, 1822, and two following iays, upon the Premised; 1 at the BURY BAR, in the t-. iwn of NEWENT ;— ALL the neat and modern HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, Plated Goods, China, Glass, & e. late the property of BENJAMIN AYCRIGg, Esq. deceased; comprisingmahoganyand Stained four- post bedsteads with dimity, moreen, and cotton fur- nitures, excellent goose- feather and down beds, Witney blankets, cotton counterpanes and quilts'; mahogany wardrobe, chests of drawers, dressing tables, wash- hand stands, and night tables, Brus- sels iloor, bedside, and stair carpets, mahogany sideboard and cella- let, set of mahogany dining tables with circular ends, mahogany tea, card, and work tables-, set of mahogany dining- room chairs with brass- nailed hair seats, two perfect sets of very beautiful ancient tea china, one ditto of modern Worcester, tea china, a complete and very curious Grotto, in. iijshogany. frame and glass front., a handsome piete of ancient needle- work, a great variety of cut and plain glass, and plated goods, a very rare collection oflaw and other books, a large and exeellertt' assortment of- copper slew pans, saucepans, tea kettles, and other culinary goods; 3 ricks of well- ended hay, cider hogsheads, beer battels, oak and elm quarter, and ditto boards, & c. ;- particulars . of which wilp- appcat in Catalogues, to be had four, days previous to the Auction, at the principal- Inns in the neighbourhood ; at the place . of sale, and of Mr. John Mat- hews, Ne. wcut aforesaid— Side to begin caoh morning at elven. To BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. C. WOOD, At WALLRWORTh HALL, about two miles from Gloucester, on Wednesday, the 17th day of April, 1822 ;— BETWEEN Forty and Fifty Pipes of prime two- year- old fine- flavoured CIDER and PERRY, made in the best way, and worthy tiie attention of persons ill want of such articles; the property of Mr. JAMES HEANE. Also, To be LET, for the term of Six Years, and may be en- tered upon immwliately, the MANSION HOUSE of WALLS- WORTH HALL, with large Garden, Pleasure Grounds, and all necessary Offices requisite for a large and genteel family. For particulars, and to view the same; apply to Mr. James Heane, Gloucester. To SHOPKEEPERS and OTHERS. J. H. HUNT respectfully informs the. Public, that • on the 23d of April, he will have the pleasure of submiting for SALE by AUCTION, at the WHITE LION INN, in BERKE- LEY, the whole of those valuable PREMISES, in the occupa tion of Mr. HENRY SUMMERS, Shopkeeper, at Berkeley, Glou- cestershire; full particulars of which will appear in the next Journal. STROUD, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. T " HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Father and Flock Beds, Counterpanes, Blankets, two full- toned PIANO- FORTES, 4c. 4c* removed for the convenience » /' Sale. TO BE SOI. D BY AUCTION, By Mr. JAMES MORGAN, On Wednesday and Thursday, the 3cl and 4ih days of April, 1822, at his COMMISSION SALE ROOM*, next door to Messrs. Mar- tin, Mills, and Wilson's Bank ;— AN Assortment of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects; comprising one full- toned piano- forte, by Longman and Broderip, one ditto, by Gulliford, Rolfe., aud Co. handsome chimney glass, Worcester tea china, spirit stand and bottles', tavern decaniers, four- post bedstead, tent di& o, with di- . mity furniture, feather arid - flock beds, mattresses, a variety of counterpanes and blankets, painted comer cupboards, deal dress- ing tables, wire and other fenders, fire- irons, Italian ditto, copper coal scuttles, copper and tin tea- kettles, wash- hand stands, basons and ewers, tea trays, plated, brass, and other candlesticks, hogs- heads, barrels, small casks, trams, & c. & c. The sale to commence each morning at eleven o'clock. J. MORGAN respectfully announces to the Public, That the above ROOMS are open for the reception of PROPERTY of every description, tor SALE 011 COMMISSION, either by PUBLIC AUC- TION or PRIVATE SALE. . CAPI TAL MANSION- HOUSE, WATER- FULLING- M1 LI: with STEAM- ENGINE attached, FACTORY, fee. BOW BRIDGE, near STROUD, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. JAMES MORGAN, At the GEORSE INN, in STROUD aforesaid, on Friday, the 12th of April next, ( and not OH Monday the 8th, as before adver- tised,•) at twelve o'clock at noon, ( subject to such conditions as wil! lie then produced);— ALL that capital MANSION- HOUSE, with the two MESSUAGES or DWELLING- HOUSES, and GAR- DENS adjoining, now in the occupation of Mr. Newcombe, Mr. Thomas Rice, and Mr. Matthew Rice. Also the Water Fulling- Mill, situated near the same, containing two Water Wheels, 28 feet each diameter, with a fall of 25 feet, three Stocks, two Gig Mills, spacious Lofts for Machinery, with a Steam Engine of 12- horse power, attached for driving the same, Mustard Factory Rooms over the same, and Outbuildings belonging thereto. And also all those several Closes of LAND and ORCHARD- I NG adjoining, containing in the whole, by estimation, four acres, be the same more or less. The above Dwelling- Houses and Mill have been recently built; the latter has been fitted up at a great expence, upon the most modern principle, and contains four Rooms above the ground flour, each of which is 60 feet by 30. The two Rooms over the Mustard Factory are about 40 feet by 30. , The whole of the above Premises are situate at Bowbridge, near Stroud aforesaid, adjoining the turnpike- road f ora Stroud to Chal- ford, along which coaches and waggons to London, & c. pass dailv, and within 100 yards of the Thames and Severn Canal. For further particulars, apply to Messrs. Newman and Son, So- licitors, Stroud. Select Flock of SHEEP, Fat Shearhogs and Ewes, HEIFERS. Fat COWS, and Husbandry Implements, at COLD PARK BUILDINGS, BOURTON- ON- TIIE- WATER, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By T. ACOCK, On Wednesday, the 3rd of April, 1822; — NPHE well- selected LIVESTOCK and Implements of A. Husbandry, the property of Mr. EDWARD BAKER, who is leaving- the Farm ; comprising 41 well- bred ewes, wjth lambs or to yean, 40 theaves ditto, 42 wether tegs, 42 ewe ditto, 40 tat shear- hogs in their wool, and 2 fat ewes, 1 ram, and 1 ram teg; 2 prime heifers in calf. 1 barren cow', four two- year- old sturks, and 2 fat cows; 2 stout waggons, S broad- wheel carts, 2 double and 4 single ploughs, 2 pair of drags, 2 sets of harrows, 2 rolls, 8 suits of horse iiarness, winnowing machine, trinnowing fan, cow cribs, troughs, Water tup, & c. Sale to commence with the Sheep at eleven o'clock. Catalogues are now ready and may be had at the usual places. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JOHN THOMAS, On Tuesday, the 2d day of April, 1822, on the Premises of Mr. RICHARD GOATMAN, at NASH END, in the parish of Elders- field, iu the county of Worcester, ( why is leaving the same ;)— ALL the capital LIVE STOCK, Implements of Hus- bandry, and other Effects; comprising a capital dairy cow and calf. 4 heifers in- calf, 2 two- year- old heifers, 2 capita! cart mares, 20 sheep, sow and pigs; hilt in- l'arrow; stout narrow- wheeled waggon, broad and narrow- wheeled carts, drill, long and hammock ploughs, dray, 3 pair of harrov. s, 2 suits of tiiiller and 3 of long geering, 2 bows and traces, and a variety of other use- ful implements of husbandry, and dairy utensils; part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, 1 hogshead of eider, 1 ditto of perry, 11 empty hogsheads, & c The sale will commence pre- cisely at eleven o'clock in the morning. Catalogues may be had at the Place of Sale ; at. the Green Dra- gon, Corse Lawn ; and of the Auctioneer, Tewkesbury. w ARLINGHAM COURT, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, Between Frumpton and Newnham. MR. JOHN MOORE has the honour to announce to the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public, That he has re- ceived Instructions to SELL by AUCTION, on Tuesday,- tha 16th of this present Month, and four following days, at the- ahcv?~ .. named Mansion House and Premises,— All the modern and ele. gant HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, real Persian and Turkey ., Carpets, handsome Folding Screen, exquisitely beautiful Oriental ,.. : China, richly. cut Glass, capital paintings, by Penini, Carnoletti. ; Rosa de Tivoli, Hondius, and other celebrated Masters; fine Proof . Engravings, select Library of Books, an Officer's Marquee, S- li Rifle Guns, 22 Swords, Bass Drum, Bugle Horn, curious collec- tion of Stags' and Roe Deer Horns and Skins from Scotland, nr. excellent wrought- iron Safety Closet, Green- house Plants, Melon- frames, and other valuable effects; Particulars of which will ap- pear in the next Gloucester. Journal. Tewkesbury, April 1, 1822., Valuable OAK TIMBER, of large Dimensions .... TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, , - I By JOHN MOORE, . ,' On Wednesday, the 3d day of April, l « 224 beginning precisely c> four o'clock in the afternoon, at the HOP- POLE INN, TEWKESBURY;— Q O Capital OAK TIMBER TREES, with the Lop-.. . Jd Tops and Bark, now standing 011 an Estate called SttA Hill, in tiie parish of Twyning, near the Turnpike Road leading', -• from Tewkesbury to Upton- upon- Severn, and Worcester, thn\ V miles from the former place.— For a view and other particular?; apply to the Auctioneer, Tewkesbury. INSWORTH FARM, LONGFORD, within Two Miles of the City of Gloucester. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JOHN MOORE, " On Monday, the 8th day of April, 1822, on the Premises of WILLIAM CLARKE, ( who is about to quit the Estate,) at INS- WORTH FARM, LONGFORD, within one mile of'tiv- Turnpike roads leading from- Gloucester to Tewkesbury- « a « Cheltenham;— • .-'.-. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JAMES LEES, At the YEW TREE INN, in BLAKENEY, in the county of Glou- cester, on Wednesday," the 10th day of April next, at four o'- clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced ;— NPHE several Lots of COTTAGES, TENEMENTS, JL or DWELLING- HOUSES, ORCHARDS, GARDENS, and APPURTENANCES after- mentioned, viz. Lot 1. A COTTAGE,' GARDEN, and PREMISES, called Crofts, with two ORCHARDS, well planted with fruit trees, thereunto adjoining and belonging, situate in His Majesty's Fo- rest of Dean, near Blakeney, now ill the occupation of — Morse, as tenant thereof. Lot 2. Three COTTAGES- or DWELLING- HOUSES, ad- joining each other, with good Gardens thereunto belonging, situ- ate at Brain's Green, in - His Majesty's Forest of Dean, near Blake- ney aforesaid, and now 111 the several occupations of Thos. Grif- fiths, Abraham White, and Widow Powell, as tenants thereof. _ Lot, 3. Three COTTAGES or DWELLING- HOUSES, ad- joining each other, with good Gardens thereunto attached and be- longing, situate in His Majesty's Forest of Dean, near Ayleford, and how in the several occupations of Richard Rose, Richard Car- ter. and Samuel White, as tenants thereof. The Tenants will shew the Premises, and any further particu- lars will be given on application ( if by letter, post paid,) to Mr. Browning, Woodside House, near Blakeney; Mr. Swiyne, or James Swayne, Attorney- at- Law, Newnham. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. COPPICE BARK and OAK TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JAMES LEES, At the FEATHERS INN, in the town of LIDNEY, on Thursday, the 11th day of April, 1822, at three o'clock in the afternoon, ( subject to such conditions as shall be then produced,) in the r\ 11E greater part of the valuable LIVE STOCK; con- - I- sisting of 19 capital ewes and lambs, 2 wether tegs, ram, 4 prime youiig dairy cows aud calves, 4 barren cows. R'tn- two year- old heifers, 5 yearling ditto, yearling brill, aiai two vwr ua-- - ful cart mares. . , - j The sale will begin precisely at eleven o'ctaeft iti- the morning. COALEY; GLOUCESTERSHIRE One Mile from Froccstcr Inn, and chic from Cambridge.' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION .' - - By HALLWAY and HUMPHRYS, ' . s Op Tuesday,; April 2,1822, oivtlic Prefiiisus, at LAPLEY FARM S 1T1 * IS remaining part of the LlV E Atttl DEAD FARM - ING. STOCK, Dairy Utensils, and other miscellaneaos '-' ' frets of Mrs. ANDREWS, declining. the' farming limutiesS't totr,:- and thiller's harness, harvest waggon, broad- wheel cajt., plough. S sets of staddle stories and caps,, a large quantity of beans Z- J ' ' pease, which will be disposed of in such lots as may be convenient to purchasers; capital wheat rick, about 30 totis of prime well ended hay, 40 bags of potatoes, winnowing fan, corn screen and sieves, chaff box and pig troughs,' together with a general assort.- ment of Dairy Utensils in excellent preservation,- eimsiseing oi'i •- good double cheese press, 3large cheese cowls, barrel' and ttit4-><: chums, whey skeels, 34 cheese vats, milk and butter pails, cream pans, milk tins, and n variety of articles of Household Furnmi.~.- Sale to commence at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at-- which• time a punctual attention is solicited, 011 account of the number of lots to be disposed of. followin. Lot 1. A1 Lots ;— LL the COPPICE OAK BARK ofthe first cut of a certain WOOD, called The Norchard, containing 60 acies. or thereabouts. Lot 2— Seventy MAIDEN OAK TIMBER TREES, marked with red paint, standing in the same Wood, and numbered from 1 to 70 inclusive, with the Lops, Tops, and Bark thereof. The above timber is of mature growth, and situate in the parish of Lidney, near the River Severn, by which there is a constant communication with Gloucester, Bristol, and the Channel. For a view thereof, apply to Mr. Ducker, or the Woodward at Lidney Park ; and for further particulars, to Messrs. Tovey and James, Attornies at Law, Newnham. SALE of Valuable STOCK in TRADE and EFFECTS OF A CABINET- MAKER AMI UPHOLSTERER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JOHN JAMES, ( By order ofthe Assignees of THOMAS BOUCHER, a Bankrupt.) At his- SALE ROOMS, No. 147, HIGH- STREET, CHELTEN- HAM, on Monday, the 8th of April next, and following day ; \ Large and valuable assortment of SPANISH and XSL other MAHOGANY, in planks, boards, and veneers; also a quantity of well- seasoned CEDAR WOOD, and OAK in plank, aiidrvarious other valuable Woods » together with a large assort- ment of BRASS WORK, used in . the trade of a Cabinet- Maker and Upholsterer; and also the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other the Effects of the said Bankrupt. The sale will begin. each morning precisely at twelve o'clock. Catalogues will be ready for delivery'in the course of two or three days, and may be obtained on application to R. Patten, Esq. So- lictor, 76, Hatton- Garden, London ; Mr. Lister, Timber- Mer- chant, Bath ; and Mr. Packwood, Solicitor, or the Auctioneer, both of Cheltenham. "'.'; Capital ELM, ASH, OAK, WALNUT TREE, and POP- LAR TIMBER, in tht parish of PRESTBURY, the greater part of kr\ re dimensions. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JOHN JAMES, At the KING'S ArMS INN, PRESTRURY, on Wednesday, April 10, 1822, beginning precisely at three o'clock in the afternoon ; QQ Capital TREES, which are now felled and lying ' ' ' in the respective places undermentioned. IMs. 1. % 8. 4. 5. B. 7- 8. 9. 10. 11. 13. IS. 14. 15. 18. 17- 10. 19. 29. Three ELM TREES, in Shaw Green Field Four ditto Five ditto Two POPLARS, • • Six ELM TREES, Sot. in&' vsivc. 1 to 3 4 to 7 5 to 12 13 to 14 lo to 20 21 to 26 27 to 32 33 to 37 38 to 40 4l to 44 in ditto in ditto ....'... in ditto in - ditto Sis ditto ••.... in ditto Six ditto ...... in ditto Five ditto in ditto Tin es ditto in Berry Field F'our ditto in Sixteen- aere- Field Four ditto ••••• in ditto 45 to 4H Five ditto in Hencroft Field, and Watershut ditto 49 to 53 Five ditto ...... in Sand Clo. ie 54 to 58 l ive ditto ...... in ditto 59 to 63 Six ditto in ditto 64 to 69 Cue WALN UT TR EE, Orchard adjoining the . lateDr. Welles'sHouse 70 Five POPLARS, 71 to 75 Two WALNUT TREES, ill Dry Pool Bottom 76 to 77 One OAK, and one WILLOW TREE, in do... 78 to 79 Thirteen Maiden ASH TREES, ill ditto .... 80 to 92 GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Valuable flock of 500 SHEEP, 100 head of CATTLE, Draught and Haclcnev HORSES, Brood Mares', Blood Colts, Pigs and Husbandry Implements, at GUITING HILL, adjoining the Stow and Tewkesbury Turnpike lload, 5 miles from the fotmcr place, Id from the latter, and 2 from Ford. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By T. ACOCK. On Thursday, the 11th of April, 1822, and two following days;— ALL the entire valuable FARMING STOCK, the pro- perty of Mr. E. C. CRUMP, who is leaving the Farm. The first day's sale will comprise 143 capital ewes, with lambs or to yean, 80 theaves ditto, 47 fat ewes, in their wool, 65 fat shearhogs, ditto, 80 wether and 70 ewe tegs, 7 shearhog and 2 shear rams ; 8 stout young cart geldings and mares, a six- year- old hackney geld- ing, a goou pony, a grey brond mare in foal by Shuttlecock, a fast trotting mare in foal by - ditto, a brood mare in foal by Crown Prince, a fine two- year- old galloway colt, a half- bred three- year- old filly, a fine yearling colt by Topsy- turvy, ditto filly by Crown Prince, two donkeys, a Newfoundland dog, and a greyhound bitch. The second day's sale, the Horned Cattle and Pigs, which consist of 12 prime dairy cows in calf or with calves, 10 heifers ditto, 3 barren cows, 6 four- year- old working oxen, 22 tlnee- year- old ditto, 21 two- year- old oxen, 2 two- year- old spays, 5 ditto sturks, 14 He reford ox yearlings, 4 heifer yearlings, and 2 fine three- year- old Yorkshire bulls, bred by Sir" A. Lechmere; 2 sows and pigs, 6 hilts in pig, 4 stores and 1 boar pig. The third day the Imple- ments of Husbandry, which include 3 stout narrow- wheel wag- gons, 2 broad and 1 narrow wheel dung carts, one light cart, 10 single ploughs, 2 pair of drags, 2 pair of harrows, 3 three- furrow drills, 2 rolls, winnowing fan, corn screens, 10 sets of ox harness, 5 of horse ditto, rid rakes, wheelbarrow, ladders, hay knives, wa- ter troughs, calves' house, about 40 dozen of hurdles, 30 sheep racks, the whole of which will be fully described in catalogues, and delivered in due time. Sale to commence each day at eleven o'clock. GLOUCESTERSHIRE! Superior HEREFORDSHIRE COW STOCK, and Valuable. FLOCK of SHEEP. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By T. ACOCK, At WICK RISSINGTON, two miles from Bourton- on- tbs- Water, three from Stow, and seven from Burford, on Tuesday, the 16th day of April, 1822;— rjpHE-- followingsuperior STOCK, the property of Mr. LUMBERT, who IS leaving one of his Farms; comprising 8 very superior Herefordshire cows in- calf or with calvfs, and 10 threc- year- eld ticifers ditto, 1 well- bred ditto bull, 1 fat cow, 3 three year- old oxen, 4 two- year- old ditto, 7 two- year- old heifers, 11 ox yearlings, and 8 heifer ditto, 80 very capital ewes and lambs, 100 ewe and wether tegs, 4 rams, and 2 ram tegs. The cow stock have been bred with the greatest care from the well known stocks ofthe late Mr. Tompkins, Mr. Yarworth, and Mr. White, and thes'neep from themuch admired flock of Mr. Large. The Auctioneer begs to say, that the above is equal if not supe- rior to any ever offered for public sale in that part ofthe country. Sale to commence with the sheep at eleven o'clock. WESTCOTT, near STOW- ON- TilE- WOLD, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By T. ACOCK, At the UNICORN IXN, STOW- ON- THE- WOLD, on Thursday, the 18th of April, 1822, at five o'clock ill the afternoon, either entire or in Iocs, ( unless previously disposed of by Private Con- tract. of which early notice will be given);— rpMlE following desirable FREEHOLD PREMISES, JL viz. All that newly- built DWELLING- HOUSE, consist- ing of a kitchen, brewhouse, and dairy, three good bed- rooms, and attics, together with a barn, Cow shed, yard, garden, and other conveniences. Also, all those two Closes of MEADOW or PASTURE LAND, adjoining together, containing by estimation 10 acres, more or less. Arid also, all these Six Acres of ARABLE LAND, more or less, lying dispersediy in the Common Field, with Common cf Pas- ture for 32 sheep. The Premises are ail Freehold, and situate in Westcott afore- said, nearly adjoining the turnpike- road leading from Burford to Stow ; the lat. d tax of which is redeemed— Westcott is distant live miles from Burford, and four from Stow. For a view, apply to Mr. Richard Cook, jun. on the premises; and for further particular.;, ta Mr. Richard Cook, Hawling; Mr. i Thompson, Solicitor, Cirencester; at Ute Auctioneer, Cold Aston. HEREFORDSHIRE. OAK TIMBER and COPPICE WOOD. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JAMES LEES, On Thursday, the lltli day of April, 1822, at the PLUME or FEATHERS INN, in the town of LYDNEY, Gloucestershire, at three o'ciock in the afternoon, in tile following Lots, ( sub- ject to such conditions as shall he then produced);— Lot l. THE FALLAGE of 136 Acresofan OAK COP- fl PICE, called the Lodge Grove, of 26 years' growth, ( being exclusive of 16 acres cut about four years since.) This- Lot may be divided into several Lots for the convenience of purchasers, and is intended to be proposed for sale in five Lots. Lot 2 — The FALLAGE of an OAK COPPICE, called Little Cockshoot, of 26 years' growth, containing 22 acres. Lot 3— 17 OAK TIMBER TREES, in the Lodge Grove, marked with paint and a crossover, numbered from I 10 17 inclu- sive, and 4 BEECH TlMBER TREKS, in the same Grove, marked with wiiite paint and a stroke over, and numbered 20, 32, 33, and 34. Lot 4— The FALLAGE of a strong OAK COPPICE, at Bi- shop's Wood, called the Furnace Wood, containing 8 acres. Lot 5— The FAI. LAGE of a strong PIT WOOD COPPICE, below Labour in Vain Farm, containing 7 aeres. Lot 6 367 young OAK TIMBER TREES, growing in the Cockshoot Brake, adjoining the Cockshoot Wood; and also the FALLAGE of the UNDERWOOD in the said Brake, containing about 7 acres, consisting of Oak Rides, and Strong Birch and Beech Poles. The whole of tile above Lots are of good quality, are situate in the parish of Walford, within a very 3iorf distance of the River Wye, and contiguous to good roads, and are well worth the at- tention of Timber and Wood Dealers. For a view of the above, apply to Mr. Pewtner, or Thomas Ben- nett, Gamekeeper, Bishop's Wood ; and for other particulars to Messrs. Tovey and James, Solicitors, Newnham, Gloucestershire. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Valuable OAK COPPICE WOODS, PRINCE POLES,^ c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By R. WHITE and SON, At the CROWN INN, LEA, on Wednesday, the 3d of April, 1322, at four o'clock in the afternoon, ( subject to conditions of sale as will then be produced);— - MIE undermentioned Lots of COPPICE WOOD, etc. :_ I, ot 1. The FALLAGE of part of HOWLEY GROVE, in the parish ofthe Lea, containing 22A. 3R. 10P. with a great number of double STORES, and 68 large Princes or Small TIMBER TREES, numbered with white paint from 1 to 68, standing therein. l. ot 2. The FALLAGE of another part ofthe said HOWI. EY GROVE, in the parish of Newland, containing 23A. 3IS. 2r. with 92 large Princes or Small TIMBER TREES standing therein. Mr. Lodge, of the Lea, will shew the lots ; and for other parti- culars apply to Messrs. Griffith and Whitcombe, Solicitors, Glou- cester ; or tiie Auctioneers, Coleford. T PITCHCOMBE, near STROUD, GLOUCESTERSHIRE TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, a By HALLIDAY and HUMPHRYS, On the Premises, on Thursday, the 4th of April, !!> 22{— rg ' HE neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE,'" capital :: X eight- day clock in mahogany case, a repeating chime clock ,1 dairy and brewing utensils ; useful nag or draught horse, rising ., five years old; nearly new market caravan, narrow- wheeled cart ' and other effects of Mr. THOMAS KING, declining HOUSEKEEPING. Sale to commence at eleven o'clock. , . GLOUCESTERSHIRE., '•' - To Common Brewers, Victuallers Jni others. LARGE STOCK of CASKS, BEER, SPIRITS:•*-'. TO BE SOI. D BY AUCTION, V By HALLIDAY and HUMPHRYS, On the Premises, at she BOOT INN, HoRSLEY, on Thursday the 4th of April, 1822, and following days, ( Sunday excepted till the whole is disposed of;— , . . fl'HlE whole of the large and extensive assortment- of 1 HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, STOCK of BEER SPIRITS, excellent large and small Casks, Brewing- Utensils ai, d other Effects of . Mr. JAMES TANNER, who' is aboilt to re-~ S move; comprising foiir- post, tent, stump and other bedsteads with dimity and cotton furniture, feather and flock beds and bed . ding, mahogany, oak iind other tables, ditto parlour, kitchen and bed- room chairs, chests of drawers, clock and case, capital dial':: china, glass and earthenware, pier and swing glasses, fendats, irons, wash- hand stands and dressing tables', tea and dinner trays ' with a general assortment of culinary goods. Sale to commence each morning at eleven o'clock. To CLOTHIERS, DYERS, and others. ' FROGMARSH MILLS, WOODCHESTER* Neur the Fleece Inn, Rodborough, Gloucestershire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By HALLIDAY and HUMPHRYS, 1 On the above Premises, on Tuesday, and Wednesday, the 9th and 10th days of April, 1822;— . '. r THE entire and valuable CLOTHING STOCK'of ' A MACHINERY, Super and Livery Cloths, Dye Wares, two neat Gigs and Harness, useful Nag or Gig Horse, two prirotn ' Milch Cows, Rick of well- ended Hay, and other effects, of Messrs JOHN CHALK and Co.; comprising 6 scribbling and, carding engines, from 24 to 36 inches in width, chiefly of Price's make," and well clothed ; 4 titty- spindle jacks, 17 Hfty and eighty- spindle jennies, capital brusher, with emery roller and pair of brushes, and 1 willey or wool- mixer, both by Price; 6 shearing frames on Farmer's principle, 5!) pair of cloth shears, hand shear boards, se- veral sets of lead shear weights, 2 spooling machines, warping bars, scarms, and troughs, driving scraps, cloth scrayes, letts, pews, and winces, oiling and dubbing / boards,' swilling basket, forty and fifty spindle reels, 2 excellent cloth presses with iron screws, press- papers, skins, and iron. press plates,' lieafly new iron oven, wool and nap baskets, folding boards and tressels, wire- linting hurdle, 39 mills'- full of gig mill work, about 50 ends of- Super and Livery Cloths iu greens, yellows,; blacks, arid whites; an" assortment of Dye Wares, consisting of madder, allum, aquafor- tis, spirit of salts, oil of vitriol, solution of tin for yellows, young fustic, pearl ash, cream of tartar, French and English weld, grain tin; rasped logwood, and fine indigo; an excellent cochineal mill dyeing and, scouring coppers, beams, scales, and weights, 44 groce of girth webbing, dyeing utensils, mahogany double sounjirig. house desk, and deal single wool- loft ditto, book shelves sind ness of drawers, two neat gigs and harness, useful nag or gig- horse, narrow- wheeled cart, thillers harness, 1 prime and useful milch cows, rick of well- ended hay ; saddle, bridle, and other effects^, which will be enumerated in Catalogues, to be had in due time'at- the Star Inn, Wotton- Underedge;. Bell, Dursley; Company's Arms Capital NAVY TIMBER and COPPICE WOODS, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By 11. WHITE and SON, At the BEAUFORT ARMS INN, CHEPSTOW, on Friday, the 12th day of April next, between the hours of four and six o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions of sale to be then produced. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Lot 1.— OAK TREES, numbered with white KjVJ paint, standing on Trecastle Farm, in the pa- rish of Langoven. Lot 2— 1000AK TREES, numbered with white paint, stand- ing in Coed- y- Cocksea Wood, and in a Wood adjoining tile Pon- typool Road, in the hamlet of Monkswood. Lot 3- 89 OAK TREES, numbered with red lead, standing on Kilgurrog Farm, and in three small Woods adjoining, in the pa- rishes of Kilgnrrog and Woolvesnewton. Lot 4— 60 OAK TREES, numbered with red lead, standing in Wernycwm Wood, in the parish of Kilgurrog. Lot 5— 50 OAK TREES, numbered with white paint, standing in Wlutebrook Grove Wood, adjoining the River Wye, in the parish of Landogo. Lot 6— 43 OAK TREES, numbered with Spanish- brown paint, standing 011 Newhouse Farm, in the hamlet of Hardwick, 111 the parish of Chepstow. Lot 7— Part ofthe UPPER HAEL WOOD, containing about 60 acres, adjoining Henbrook, in the parish of Tintern. Lota.— The LITTLE WENALT WOOD, containing about 7 acres, in the parishes of Trelleck and Tinterti. Lot 9— The LITTLE REDDINGS WOOD, containing acres, 38 perches, situate in the parish of Landogo, Lot 10 The GREEN WOOD, ( tythe- l'ree,) containing about 9 acres, situate on the Veddow Farm, in the parish of New- church- East. Lot It— Part of CHEPSTOW PARK WOOD, called The Moat Piece, containing 29 acres, ( t'ythe- free,) in the parish of New- church- East. Lot 12— GREAT and LITTLE FRYTHE WOODS, con- taining 8- 4 acres, situate in the parish of St. Aryans. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Lot 13— 100OAK TREES, numbered with white paint, stand- ing on the Grange Farm, in the parish of Woolastonc. Lot 14— Part of EAST WOOD, containing about 70 acres, si- tuate in the parishes of Tidenham and Woolastone. Mr. John Lewis, of Trecastle Farm, will shew lot 1; John Ste phens, Woodward, Usk, lot 2; Mr. John Jones, of Kilgurrog Farm, or George Godwin, Woodward, Wentwood Lodge, lots 3 and 4 ; Henry Williams, New Mills, Penalt, lot 5; Mr. Perkins, of Newhouse. Favm, lot 6 ; John Bessix, Woodward, Wisewood, lots 7, 8, and 9 ; James Geeves, Chep- tow Park House, lots 10, 11, and 13; and Isaac Ellaway, Woodward, at Abbey Tintern, lots 13 and 14. Further particulars may be known 011 application at Troy House; or to tlu . Auctioneers, at Coleford— Troy House, March 1822. Chalford; Golden Cross, Cainscross ; Clothiers' Arms, Nailsworth and of the Auctioneers, Stroud To be viewed, the mornings sale till eleven o'clock, at which time it is intended to " Valuable FLOCK of South- Down SHEEP, Feeding O. VE V. Young CART HORSES, 100 Tons of HAi', As. * ,, TO I1E SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. PHILIPP'S, - - At the BARN YARD, adjoining the Turnpike- road leading front Abergavenny to Hereford, about half a mile distant fVoin llw former place, on Thursday, the 4th day of April, 1822; : • | HE entire FARMING- STOCK, ami Implements' a of Husbandry, of the late THOMAS MORGAN, J cm:- sisting of 3 feeding cows, 7 ditto oxen, and 1 heifer, 3 young full- tailed cart geldings, 1 ditto cpit, 90 fat wethers, 65 ewes and lambs or lamb, 48 yearling sheep, and 4 rams; 3 seta of if « w-^ ing, waggon, wherry, 2 broad- wheeled carts, roller; 3 pair pnjap- rows, 4 ploughs, drag, 14 dozen hurdles, wirindwing ti! aehln> v yokes, bows, pikes, rakes, & c. & c* ; also a good gig and liarnew. The cattle are in good condition for the butcher ; tiie sheep r< i the South- down breed, were selected with great care and judg- ment, without regard to expence, by the late proprietor, aud ai- o highly deserving the attention of the admirers of that breed. Also, to be SOLD by AUCTION, at the same place, 011 Monday, April 8, 1822,— Seven Ricks of well harvested- HAY, standing <> q the Hill Lands, containing altogether about 100 tons, which will be sold in lots of a rick each.— Sufficient time will be allowed Ax- removing the same from the premises. Sale to commence cach day at eleven o'clock." A1 HEREFORDSHIRE. COMPACT and DESIRABLE ESTATE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, tly WILLIAM JAMES, At the GREEN DRAGON INN, in HEREFORD, on Tuesday, tie 9th day of April, 1822, at four o'clock in the afternoon, ( subjtvt to conditions of sale which will be then produced);— : LL that valuable compact and desirable ESTATE, • called THE FAR HOUSE FARM, situate in the town- ship of Newton, in the parish of Clodock ; consisting of. a siib- ' stantial Farm- house, barn, and other necessary outbuildings in goiul repair, and about 100 acres ( more or less) of excellent Arable, Meadow, Pasture Ground and Orcharding, the latter planted with choice young Fruit Trees, together with an extensive Right ( if Common 011 the Hatterell Hill, or Black Mountain, nosv in the tenure or occupation of Mr. John Williams, a yearly- tenant. For a view thereof apply to the Tenant, and for any further particulars ( if by letter, post- paid) at the Office of Messrs. Came- ron and Rest, Solicitors. Palace- Yard, Worcester; or to the Auc- tioneer, in Hereford March 12, 1822. DORSETSHIRE. " TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WAKEFIELD, At GARRAWAY'S CoffeE HOUSE, ' CHANGE- ALLEY, Corn- HILL, LONDON, on Monday, Mav fi, 1822;— HE MANOR of HALSTOCK, six miles from Bea- minster arid Yeovil, extending over 3,193 acres of 1 . and 1 together with sundry valuable FARMS, let to responsible tenants^ consisting of ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY- NINE ACRES of LAND, of the value OI'ONE THOUSAND Pouara a year. Particulars mav be had of Mr. Wakefield, Land Surveyor, Ne. 34, Pail- Mall; of Messrs. Goodeye and Ranken, No. 4, Holborn- Court, Gray's- lnn, London; of Messrs. Leman, Solicitors Bris- tol; of Mr. Fox, Solicitor, Beaminster; Messrs. Battens, Yeovil of the Editor of the Sherborne Journal, Sherborne, and at Gar. raway's, Change- Alley, Cornhill, London. T i he above valuable Timber is numbered with white paint, and will he shewn on application to Thomas White, Carpenter, Prest- bury; and Sot particulars, apply to the Auctioneer, Cheltenham. Monday's ' POST. LONDON SATURDAY, MARCH. 33. AN express arrived from Paris this morning, with an account of tho French Funds having fallen the day be. fore yesterday 2 per cent. No positive intelligence of sufficient importarice to have produced such a depression has been reccived There were a great many rumours nt Paris—- Rumours cf fresh insurrections - of a bad spirit among the ' military- of the wgoaiuttons between Russia and Turkey having broken en. and having bten declared. French Paper?, of Wednesday, contain some meagre and unsatisfactory, yet, RS far as they go, curious particulars of a plot at Rochelle; but of its precise extent it is impossible, ft* xr these documents, to form any very accurate notnr.. We regret to state, that intelligence has been received from Madeira of an unpleasant character. When the accounts 4nae away ( Feb. 12), the soldiery, in a tumultuous manner, had taken military possession of the island, and the guns ot the fort were pointed at the town. The cause originated in the writings ot one ef the Priests, who had severely censured the conduct ol the military during the late revolution in Portugal. American Papers, received to tlie £ th mst. announce the death of Mr. William Pincknay, a distinguished Member of the Senate and of the Bar. He was buried in the Capitol, at Washington. Both Houses of Congress attended the funeral. The Dublin Papers of Thursday were received this morning.' In the list of recent outrages which they present, is the murder of a man of the name of O'Neill, near Rathkeale, suspccteo of having given information against the White Boys, Miss Goold, the young lady whose abduction we noticed some time ago, hac bees restored to her friends, without having sustained any per- sonal injury. Brown, the ruffian who had carried her oft wito a view to marry her, finding himself pursued, became alarmed tor his own safety, and at. length took his leave of her for ever. DEATH or THE RECORDER OF LONDON.— This morn- ing the venerable Sir John Sylvester dcparted this life, at his house ia Bloomsbury- square, at a very advanced age. He was found dead ia his bed at an early hour this morning, by mi valet, at. es having dined yesterday with the Duke of York. He did not ap- pear ti> be materially Indisposed; but has lately been subject to sudden attacks in the chest. FATAL DUEL IN SCOTLAND 1— We are concerned to state, that a duel took place on Tuesday morning, at Auchtertool, in Fifeshire, between Sir Alexander Boswell, Bart, of Auchinleck, ( Ml) ol tbe' late James Boswell, ESQ attended by the Hon. John Douglas, brother to the Marquis of Queensbury, and. James Stu- art, Esq. of Duneam, . attended by the Earl of Rosslyn. fhe par- ties fired by signal, when Sir Alexander was mortally wounded in tin- right shoulder, the ball shattering. the collar- bone; but on the • BM » t minute ' examination its course afterwards could not be dis- covred. Sir Alexander was carried to Balmuto House, where he on Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Stuart, and Lord Basslyn, it is said, went off to London. The young and amiable Lady BOS- Well was in Edinburgh, when the fatal occurrence took place. It would be ill vain to describe her feelings, or the deep regret felt h all who knew Sir Alexander. The quarrel is said to have cn- s » uiatedin some publications in a new paper called the Glasgow Cen- tinel, reflecting on the conduct of Mr. Stuart, who was given to un- derstand that S; r Alexander was the author of the offensive matter. In the House of Commons, last night, Mr. Chetwynde-, 4a proposing ths Second Reading of the Vagrant haws' Amend- ment Bill, observed, that after the holidays he would move that it fee committed, and in the interim it might be submitted to the con- sideration of Magistrates at tbe Quarter Sessions— Col. Wood, said that, 01) the fullest consideration, he was persuaded the best course would be to pass the Bill of last Session for one year more, emitting the clause which gave to two Magistrate the power of passing vagrants. The Bill was then read a second time, sod re- fervnd to a Select Committee. . Mr. Canning gave notice of a very important motion, which he prefaced by reminding the House, that when the Catholic lo- tion was last year under discussion, he expressed his determina- tion, in case the Bill should ultimately fail, to propose a partial measure for the relief of Catholic Peers. 11 e now intended to ro- ilrem that pledge, and should, on 30th April, move the repeal of that part of the 80th Chas. II. which prevented Catholic Peers from sitting and voting in the House of Lords. lie stated, that up to that moment the Noble Personages most interested, knew nothing whatever of his instituting this measure— Mr. Plunkett, after expressing his hearty concurrence in the proposed measure, • aid, that whether he should bring the subject of emancipation forward during this Session, or postpone it till the beginning of tile next, altogether depended upta the moral certainty cr uncer- tainty of immediately carrying it. BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER- Samuel M'Clure, Wigan, shopkeeper, d. c.-,— Edward Duckworth, Rib- chester, Lancashire, victualler, d. c. Wm. Young and John Renard, Down's wharf, Hermitage, wharfingers, merchants, it-— Joseph Firmstone, fun. Lower Mitton, Worcestershire, d. George Frost, Sheffield, cheesemonger, d. e. Thos. Barratry, Ossett- common, York- shire, clothier, ( I. e. Wm. Gaunt, Armley, Yorkshire, cloth- manu- facturcr, & e Abraham Foulds, Love- clough, Lancashire, cotton- spinner.-— Abraham Garnett Liverpool, merchaat - James Wer Ma- tor, frome Salwood, clothier. Robt. Cooper. Jubilee place, Commer- cial- road, grocer and cheesemonger. Robt. Wm. Deon and Thomas Walleinton Cooke, Bethnal- green, brewers John Baylis. Dunton, Warwickshire, coal- merchant John Evans, Sheerness, haberda- sher. d. e.— James Hawksley, Birmingham, merekant— Phineas Mur- phy, Charlotte street. wine and spirit- merchant, d- e.— James Ripley, Wapping High- street, and Commercial.- road, mathematical instrument- maker ship- chandler, d. c David Jeremy, St. Michael's alley, Corn- hill>, Husn- flraiWi-, d. c. Jas. Richardson. Webb's county terrace, New Kent- road, cornfactor, d. t Jas Icatts, Gerrard's- hall Basing-- lane, . wine- mercbant, victaller, d. c Samuel Brown, Vine street, Lam- beth, cooper and canteen- maker,. Stock Exchange, One o'Clock.— Within the last hour the panic has been very great. Alarming reports are circulated w nil respect to France, and it. it said the British holders have taken alarm, and are selling out. Very large sales have been made by the Bull party, who have been compelled to sell from the scarcity of money, added to the extensive speculation long carried on,— Current prices. 3 per Cent Cons. Mli\ S per Cent. 103jjJ Kxcheq. Bills of itXKft, JU. it. * t. pre..-— Ditto Small 6s. 71. pre. Bank fir A ret 251 250 India for Acct 24' 4 Cons, for Acct. mi- THERE will be an ASSEMBLY at the Angel Inn, ABERGAVENNY, on Wednesday. April 10, 1822. The Rev. W. POWELL, ; . J. M0gGRIDGe. Esq. Gloucester, Monday, April. 1-. Birth. s—- On Monday- the lady of H. Shute, M, D. of this city, of a son, Tuesday, Mrs. Nugent, of Hill House, near Newnham, of a son. — On the 17th inst. at Donhead- Hall, the lady of C. J. Kemeys Tynte, Esq;, of a son and heir. On Thursday was married, at St. Mary de Lode. in this city, by the Rev. W. W. Mutlow, Capt. Wm. Percy Cunningham, of ( he 12th Light Infantry," Malmsbury, to Sarah, the daughter of the late John Gasden, Esq. of Bow, Middlesex. MARRIED.—:> Mr. H. Weight, silversmith, to Miss E. Sealey, both of Tetbury.— At Iron Acton, Samuel. eldest son of the late Mr. S. Young, of Earthcott, to Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. John Roach, of Latteridge. — At Stratford- on- Avon, the Rev. C. Davenport, Rector of Welford, in this county, to Miss Johnson, c. f Luddington, Warwickshire— Wed- nesday, at Garway, Herefordshire, by the Rev. T. Phillips, Mr. John Watkins, of Ragland, Monmouthshire,. to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. Herbert, of the Demesne Tuesday, at Carmarthen, Mr. Wm. Bird, bookseller, of Cardiff, to Miss Stonehewer, of the former place.— Mr. Traharn Watkins, to Miss Catherine Bassett, both of Newbridge, Glamorganshire.—- At Gretna Green, Mr. Clegg, trunkmaker, of Man- chester, to Miss Dawson, daughter of the laea Mr. Dawson, linen- merchant, of that. town: the lady ia worth no less. than 40,000'. DIED.—' Yesterday se'nnight, the infant son of Jas. W. Walters, Esq. of Cowley House, in this county^— Tuesday, Edward Jenner, the In- fant son of Edw. Davies, Esq. of Ebley House, in this county.— At Chipping- Sodbury, after a long and painful Illness, Mrs. Hannah Rus- sell, widow, aged 76,— At Old Sodbury, in this county, Thos. Tanner, aged 84; he led a most penurious life, living principally on potatoes, and sleeping always in a Lt. llel: a few days previous to his death he went to see brother, at Tormarton and at parting he drank about a pint and a half of beer, which had such an effect on him, that in go- ing home lie lost his way and fell into a ditch, where he was found next morning: he has left 1200L between wife and daughter, and a weekly allowance to his brother.-- Friday, after a short illness, in ' his f) th year, Edward, eldest son of Edw. Pritchard, Esq, banker, of Ross.— Oil the 20th ult- aged 41, Sarah, wife of Wm. Palmer, ESQ. of Rollitres Castle, Herefordshire.— Friday, after a severe and lingering illness, the lady of Sir George S. Gibbes, M. D. of Bath— Aged 80. Mr. J. Ho0k., of Malmesbury,-- In London, aged 58, Lucilla Anna Maria, only daughter Of the late Rev. Rd, Graves of Claverton. near Bath, author of the " Spiritual Quixote," & c.— Wednesday, at. No, 46, Ludgate hill, London, Capt. Ralph Sandom.— Aged oO, Mr. Rd. Weston, many years u . Member of the Corporation of Oxford, and in tike Commission of the Peace for taat . Ciiy.-- At Madeira,. whither he had gene for the be- nefit of his health, in his 17th year, Edward Jeremiah, only son of Mr. T. Hill, York- Cresent, Clifton, and sister to Mrs. Spry, Gay - street', Bath.— At his house on Durdham- Down, aged Mr. John Sweet, of the firm of Sweets and Miiler, nurserymen, of Bristol,— At Swindon, Wilts, Isaac Law, a labourer many years ago he secreted a guinea of the reign of Queen Anne 1 one half to be given to the singers to sing an anthem at his funeral the other half to the ringers to ring a peal. The Rev. Charles Plegdell Neale Wilton, B. A Scholar of Sc. John's College, Cambridge.' and Curate 0f Awre, In this county, is elected a Fellow of the Cambridge Phliosophical Society. The Don. and Right Rev, the: Lord Bishop of this Diocese, has been pleased to appoint J0hnBurder, Esq . of Parliament- Street Westminster his Lordship'secretary in London, in the. pla- e(,' fChristopher HodgsonJ io.. t. appointed Secretary to the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty The Berkeley Hunt Dinner, at the Plough Hotel, Chel- tenham., on Monday last. Was far mOre numerously attended than ever remembered, ' i'be gallant leader of : iie Hunt, Col. Berkeley, was prevented by indisposition from meeting his brother sportsmen. All the Brewers in Bath have enabled the publicans to reduce the price of beer ld. per quart. . HEREFORD MUSIC MEETING.— We have authority to. state, that I he following eminent Vocal Performers ar. e, engaged for, this Festival in September next: Mrs. Salmon, Miss Stephens, Miss Travis, and Messrs Vaughan, Knyvett, Rolle, and Bellamy. Oxford CIRCUIT.— ON WEDNESDAY next, the< Com- rni'iision will be opened in this city. The calendars at present con- tain the names of 78 prisoners for the county, and 5 for the city. At Shrewsbury., therr were 14 capital convicts, ' viz. Jas. Prior for housebreaking at Pontesbury: Danl. Williams. Luke Oli- ver, Wm. Griffiths, and Jas Clarke, tor a burglary at Cotton, under peculiar circumstances of atrocity: Wm. Norgrove, for a burglary , On Monday last, ift consequence ef the resignation of Mr. Buckle, for many years Guardian of the Poor nt Cheltenham, a Vestry Meeting was held; when a large majority having ap- peared in favour uf Mr. Isaac Cooke, late 8f this city, he was ac- cordingly appointed for the sanction of the Magistrates. A reso- lution was at the same time adopted to present to Mr. Buckle a piece of plate by voluntary contribution, in memorial of the hu- mane . and zealous conduct which he had invariably evinced in the execution of the office. On Monday night last, two ricks of Lay, the property of H. A. Lister, Esq. near Abergavenny, were malioiously set on fire, and nearly the whole consumed. SHROPSHIRE AGRICULTURAL MEETING,— OA Monday last a Meeting of Land Proprietors of this County took place at Shrewsbury, at whi- h n Petition to the House of Commons was adopted, representing " the intense and unparalleled distress which prevails"— expressing " deep regret arid disappointment at the in- adequacy nf the measures proposed by Government for its relief"— and praying for " a further reduction of taxation, and the cr. force- mentof rigid economy in every department of the State." it was nt first attempted to hold the Meeting in the Shire- Hall, but such was the concourse of persons who attended that they were compel- led to adjourn to the Quarry, where the business was transacted in the open air. COMMITMENTS TO OUR COUNTY GAOL— On Monday, Sa- muel Elliotts, by H. C. Clifford, Esq. charged with stealing & spade, the property of A. Riddiford, innkeeper, Dursley.— Wednesday, William Sampson, by Sir R. Vaughan, charged wi th stealing a pair of girl's shoes, the property of G. Wise, shoemaker, of St. Philip and Jacob— Richard Clark, by J. Haythorne, Esq. charged with stealing poultry at Almonds- bury, ic— And, Sarah Jordan, brought by Habeas Corpus from Oxford Gao], charged with having in her possession two surplices, s. commu. x. ion cloth, and two napkins, stolen from Bampton Church, Oxon, Norwich Union and County Fire Offices. Statement of Duty paid by these 0; i.: es in fhe years U' 120 and IfcSl: 1( 120. 1821.' Increase. Norwich Union... m\ M £ SS, m £ 15,071 County. X' 3R, 13S X37, » 20 i'l, 3i » — i^ ag^.' i'len PATRON,— The DUKE of BEAUFORT. PATRON,_ the LORD BISHOP of- the'Ilincese. RTPUE FIRST ANNUAL MEETING of SUBSCRI- U. UERS'and Friends ov this Institution, will be held ia the COMMITTEE ROOM of the ASYLUM, in St Mary's- Square, Gloucester, on Wednesday, the 3d of April, 1823, at twelve o ' clock in the forenoon. Rev. J. K. WHISH, Mr. JAMES HELPS, J Mr. JOHN FOUNTAIN, f SecretMlss. Mr. JOHN BURRUP, Donations and Subscriptions may be paidto tlie Treasurer?, Messrs. Turner and Co.; or to the Secretaries. To the Right Worshipful thi MAYOR of GLOUCESTER. WE, the undersigned, request you will Call a MEET- IN?: of the INHABITANTS of this City, on - Friday, Ap.' ii 12, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose cf hold- ing the ANNUAL MEETING of the CHURCH MISSIONARY AS SOCIATION for Gloucester lind its vicinity. MONSIEUR CAPPIERI, impressed With the utmost gratitude, most respectfully returns Thanks to his Friends, for the numerous favours conferred upon hiin dnring the si* years that he has resided in Stroud, and assures tflem that he does not intend to decline his engagements, or leave the country, as lias been reported by some interested person. Monsieur C. attends Stroud, Chilford, Minchinhampton, Nails- worth, Stonehouse, and Painswick, on the usual days.— Reference of the highest respectability, can be given by the Rev. Dr. Moore, Park Hill School— For terms, apply to Monsieur C, at Mr. Hum- phrys', Auctioneer and Appraiser, " Stroud. GLOUCESTER LUNATIC ASYLUM, ~ March 1, 1822. A MEETING of the Joint Committees of Magistrates / i and Subscribers to this Institution, is earnestly requested at the Asylum, on Saturday, the 8th day of April r. ext, at one o'clock, in otder to consider the propriety of immediately completing, the Building. By order of the Committee, SAMUEL MUTLOW, CLERK, MAISEMORE ROAD AMEETING of the TRUSTEES of the Maisemore District of Roads, will be holden at the Oftioc of Mr, Wilton, in Saint John's Lane, in the city of Gloucester, on Satur- day, the 13th day of April, 1822, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of considering the propriety- of opening the new Line of ROad in the jiarishes of- Maisemore and Hartpury, and oa Sj jjtt u/ ijxsr/' r M. 9V4Z ssrrzK . F. DEAKIN and Co's improved portable Cooking Apparatus THE Patentees have with much ewe cmnpletecl. the above, and confidently offer it. to- tha Public,, ( fearless 0f competition) as infinitely superior to any other Cooking Appara- tus evei before produced, since it combines the advantages, by oaa Fire, of Roasting, Boiling, Steaming, Baiting, Stewing, Frying, & c. & c—- % * d by E. BRYDGES, at his Copper, Brass, and Tin Warehouse, No. 3, High- Street, TEWKESBURY, where one in use may be daily inspected. other Special Business. Gloucester, March 39, 1322. HENRY H. WILTON, Clerk. STROUD and CHALFORD ROAD. milE next MEETING of the TRUSTEES. of this - C Boad, will be held, by Adjournment, at the George Inn, at Stroud, on Tuesday, the fth day of April next, ar. twelve o'clock nt noon, to adjust i. hc various Claims on the said Trustees. Stroud, March £ 1),' 1H22. GEO. WATHEN. Clerk. CHIPPING SODBURY DISTRICT. OTICE is herehv riven, That n MEETING of COMMISSIONER'S of fhe Sodbury Division of Turnpike Itoads, will be held at the Swan Inn, Chipping Sudbury, on Wed- nesday, the 10th day of April next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. J. FOWLER, Clerk to the Commissioners. Sodbary, March 29, 1822. J; Kinlet; Geo. James and John Turner, for tWO daring highway robberies near Wenlock ,' and Thos. Farmer, for Wilfully stabbing T. Williams, at Church Stretton, to the great peril of his life; Wm. Holme*, for breaking into a house in t'hs day- time, at Quat Jervis; Wm. James, for stealing in a house at Newport t Corn. Jones, for a, burglary at Whitehurch; Jas. Bedson, for stealing a cow; and Rd. Smith, for stealing wearing apparel at Tong. Tlie five were reprieved, hut the others were tele for execution. Three prisoners were sentenced to transportation for seven years, eleven to be imprisoiied, seven were found tint guilty, eight dis- harged by proclamation, and one remanded. The business of the Assize commenced at Hereford on Monday, and was brought to a close about one o'clock on Satur- day. There were < 1! prisoners for trial, of whom ten were capi- tally convicted, viz. Nathan Mitchcll, Frank Tolley, Edw. Kite, Rd. Green, Jas. Puntal, Geo. Preece, Rd, Barlow. Saml. Steptoe, and Thos. Wall, for sundry charges of house- breaking, and Thos. Jenkins, for stealing one ewe sheep at. Leominster, Edw. Rialey, for stealing 431, from the person of T. Wall, of Ledbury; James Powell, for stealing a quantity of leather at Kilpeck ; and Rd. Wilkes alias John Wilkinson, for stealing waring apparel, at He- reford. were sentenced to transportation, the first for life, and the two latter for seven years— Eight wcic ordered to various'p " imprir, or, ir.': i'. t, i '.";,.'. -. vhorn is Joseph Bannar, for littering counterfeit coin, v/ bo is to be imprisoned one year, and twice whip- ped ;) seventeen were acq.. hied; ayainst two no bills were found ; ayd Thos. John, fur obstructing an Excisc officer, at Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire, was adjudged to pay a fine of20A when called upon. ' LIBEL.— Williams v, Allen.— On Thursday, came or, for trial, before Mr. Baron Garrow and a Special Jury, an action brought by Robert Williams, Esq. solicitor, against Mr. John. Allen, jun. ' Bookseller, both of Hereford, to recover a compensation- in damages for the injury done to the plaintiff's character and reputation, by tiic defendant's having sent to the Hereford Permanent Library, for the gcnerel perusal of its Members, ^ and thereby publishing,) a pamphlet printed and circulated about twelve years ago, intitu- led, 1' The Farmer agains the Three Attornies, or Just Fashionable Goods, suited to the Approaching Season LONDON HOUSE, EASTGATE- STREET GLOUCESTER. HUTCHINSON and Co. Linen and Woollen Drapers, Silk Mercers, Lacemen, Hosiers, Glovers, and Haberdashers, ( Wholesale and Retail,) BEG to announce to the Ladies of Gloucester and the Public, their return from the London, Seotch, and Man- chester Markets, having purchased a very extensive STOCK of fashionable and family GOODS, in the above branches, for Ready Monty, which will enable them to offtr every article at unprece- dented low prices. . H. and Co. particularly recommend to the notice of Lathes, their very superior stock of muslins of every description, which will be offered much uhder the regular prices ; family linens of all kinds of die most approved fabrics; 4( i0 pieces of real Indian nankeens, from III. 8rf. per piece t a splendid assortment of rich figured and plain sarsnets ; figured and plain poplins and tabinets, and Nor- wich crapes of nil colours; silk shawls and scarfs, rich ribbons, gas iaeea in groat variety, & c. & c.; black bombaieens, crapes wit!) every kind of miiirniAg. *„* FUNERALS COMPLETELY FURNISHED. Shopkeepers and others served on the lowest Wholesale Terms, for Ready Money only. Gloucester, the same City WIT. City of and County of NOTICE is hereby given, That the FAIR annually holden in this City, on the 5th day of April,. will, in conse- quence of that day being GOOD FRIDAY, beholden on the day following, viz. Saturday, the 6th day of April next. By order of the Mayor, Gloucester, March 1, 1822. WILTON, ToWn- Clerk. eated." This ptiblfc'atio Justice Vindi- affect's'to detail the proceedings in the High Court cf Chancery, in Michaelmas Term 1868 and Hilary Term 1809, during the progress of some investigation's in that Court, in which the legal conduct of the plaintiff was implicated ; and in this. detail his character is very severely animadverted upon. After the original publication of this pamphlet, the plaiintiff brought BP action in the Court of King's Bench, in 1810, against the late Mr, Callendar, of Monmouth, for causing copies cf it to be cir- culated iu that neighbourhood, and recovered 100/. damages, with heavy costs. On the present trial, the delivery of the pamphlet at tlie Library by the defendant having been proved, his Counsel, in mitgation of damages, which were laid at 500L. attempted a ' RICHARD RAIKES. WM. MONTAGUE. D. PERRING. JAS. Helps. JOHN MOUNTAIN. JOHN KEMPTHORNE. JOHN COLLINGWOOD. E. S. CLAXSON. WM, GRAFTON. FRAS. MAYER. JOHN TURNER. CHARLES CHURCH. In compliance with the above respectable Requisition, I hereby convene a MEETING of the INHABITANTS of this CITY, for ihe purpose above mentioned, on Friday, the 12th day of April est, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the SHIRE HALL. DAVID A. SAUNDERS, Mayor. Cilonmtor, March. JS, 1822. COLDHARBOUR DISTRICT OF ROADS. NOTICE is hereby riven, That the nest MEETING 111 of the TRUSTEES for the said District of Roads, will be holden, pursuant to adjournment, at Hunters" Hall, in the parish of K ingscote, in the comity of Gloucester, oil Monday, the VM day of April next, ai t welve o'clock atnojfi, for the purpow; of making such order or orders as may be thought necessary for the erection of a Toll Gate Bar or Chain, and House, in, upon, or across the Public Highway leading out of the Horsley Itoad, at or near a place called the Ragged, towards Nymphsfield. HENRY VIZARD, Clerk to the Trustees. Dursley, March 2it, 1152. Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal. NOTICE is hereby given, That the HALF- YEARLY GENERAL ASSEMBLY or MEETING nf the Proprie- tors of the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal Navigation, will beholden, by Adjournment, at tlie Feathers Inn, in Ledbury, in the county « f Hereford, or; this day three week*, being Thurs* day, the 18th day of April nsx;, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. W. MAYSEY, Clerk to the Company. Feathers Inn, Ledbury, March 23, 1322. GLoucester, March 39,1822.-. Missionary Society. THE ANNIVERSARY of the GLOULCESTERSHIRE CHURCH MISSIONARY AssociATifif! will be holden on FIIIDAY, the 12th of Aran, next, at the Shire Hall, in this city. The Rev. EDWARD BICKERSTETH, Assistant Secretary., and the Rev. Mr. STEWART, Minister of Percy Chapel, London, pur- pose to attend the Meeting; a, id the Lord BISHOP of the DIO- CESE is expected to preside. Sermons will be preached in behalf of the Society, On Good Friday, at CAMPDEN, by tbe Secretary. Oil. Sunday, April 7, at TRINITY CHURCH, in the Forest of Dean, by the Secretary, or the Rev, Mr. Stewart. On Thursday Morning, April ( 1, at HUNTLEY, by the Secretary, On Sunday Morning,. April 1- 1, at PAINSWICK, by the Lord Bi- shop of the Diocese. Same Morning, at CHELTENHAM, by the Secretary. Same Morning, at ST. NICHOLAS, in this city, by '. he Rev. Mr. Stewart. On Sunday Evening, April 14, at KINGSTANLEY, by the Rev, Mr. Stewart. Same Evening, at ST. MICHAEL'S, in this city, by the Secret^. JOHN KEMPTHORNE,- » JOHN WILLIAMS, >- Secretaries. JOHN MOUNTAIN, } THE manv excellent advantages of PYKE's PATENT COOKING STOVES, with an open fire, being indisputa- bly, confirmed by the unqualified testimony of many highly re- spectable families, and ten minutes inspection being sufficient to . oonvincc the . candid enquirer, it is unnecessary to say more than that tlie ojierations of Roasting, Baking, Boiling, Broiling, Sic. proceed at the same instant, and with the utmost celerity. The . amsequent economy of fuel speedily repays the expertC?; and the peculiar simplicity and cleanliness produce no Icsscomfort and satisfaction to the Servants than to their Masters or Mistresses. May be had, and seen in use, at Mr. PYKE'S Office, Exchange, Bristol; and at his Agents : Mr. RICHARDS, Theatre Passage, Gloucester. Mr. CHURCHILL, Ironmonger, 120, High- Street, Cheltenham. ' Mr. EWENS, Ironmonger. Westgate-- 5treet, Bath. Mr. GILL, Melksham. Mr. BUCKLAND, Salisbury. And Mr. TOWLSON, Marlborough. N. B.- They are also a certain cure for Smoky Chimnies. GAlNSBOROUGH, by Rubens, out of Tiney, by Sir. Peter, will Cover, this Season, at the CHEQUERS INN, at CHURCHILL, near Chipping Norton, Oxon, at Five Guineas each Mare.— Grass at bt. per week- Every expence to be paid before the Mures are taken away. For NEW YORK, THE - fine first class coppered American Ship SEINE.— A. 1. . Burthen 300 Tons— Capt. Erastus Williams. Built " for a Packet Twenty- five days' passage from Virginia, For freight or passage ( having very superior accommodations), apply to STEPHEN PRUST. Bristol, March 20, 1822. " Who has on Sale,- First quality Philadelphia QUERCITRON BARK ; W. O. Hhd. and Barrel STAVES ; Quebec Puncheon ditto; superior East and West India MADEIRA WINE, & e. *„* Capt. Williams will not be accountable for any debts the « e » may contract. ( One Concern. J justification of the subject matter contained in it; but after a trial which occupied upwards of nine hours, tho Jury, about half- past twelve at night, gave a verdict for Lie plaintiff with 61. damages, and costs. This cause had excited touch interest, and the Court was consequently crowded to excess. On Saturday, Jas. Jenkins, Esq.- High Sheriff of the county, arrived at Monmouth; and in the afternoon set out to- conduct the Judges into town, where they aj rived about six o'clock, and immediately proceeded to open the Commission. Their 1 . ord- ships attended Divine Service yesterday, and this day will proceed to business in both Courts.— The calendar includes a liot of 19 pri- soners for trial, a greater number than usual at this place. SINGULAR AND MELANCHOLY OCCURRENCE !— A de- tail of particulars sa- id to be descriptive of this occurrence,, has ap- peared in several Papers : but being throughout extremely inac- curate, toe have been requested to insert the following narrative, which will be found minutely authentic: " A well- dressed female, about forty years nf age, lately applied for and obtained lodgings at a small public house, kept by an ho-, nest, and respectable old man and bis wife, in a borough- town, not a dozen mile* from this city. She at lirst represented herself as a lady's- maid in a family then resident at Cheltenham;. she staid only one night, but returned in a few days, observing that the fa - mily wore gone to visit a nobleman in the neighbourhood for a week, and that for that period she had been put upon board- wages. After staying a few days,. she left for a short time, and then came back with a similar story of the family being on a visit to a Right Rev. Prelate. She again staid about a week, and then pretended to go to Cheltenham to meet her mistress; but within a foi might returned, and said the family were gone lo Ireland, where they would probably stay some months', during which time she was to remain in England. She now became a regular inmate i: i the house, and paid for her board and lodging liberally, appearing to have plenty of money at her disposal. She seems early to have studied the characters of her host and hostess sufficiently to find, that they might easily be made her dupes.; her first act was. there- fore to adduce fabricated statements of the dishonesty ot' the ser- vant girl; and having by this manoeuvre got her discharged, she . offered to fulfil the manifold duties of her situation, as bar- maid, tapster, waiter, cook, and chambermaid, until- a suitable person could be procured. The landlord's wife very opportunely died at this period, and the whole concerns of the establishment, devolved upon this kind- hearted stranger, who professed to be exclusively actuated, by the purest of motives, in condescending to perform offices which were to much beneath the dignity of a lady's- maid ! She frequently received considerable remittances of money in let- ters and parcels, which she said were sent by'her mistress; and she was thought, by the kitchen customers, to be a person of no small importance, until, in an evil hour, one of them, a female, who was passing through the town, recognised her as an old ac- quaintance, and immediately gave information to a Magistrate, that she was a notorious utterer of forged notes! that she had been convicted of the offence at Stafford, but the gang with whom she was connected had found means to bribe one of the turnkeys to connive at her escape, and for which offence he was himself transported ; and that 100/. reward was offered for iier apprehen- sion 1 The Magistrate, however, Unfortunately determined to wait until an answer could be obtained from Stafford, before he granted a warrant; and the lady, having got intimation of what was going forward, escaped just in time effectually to evade two officers who had been'sent tifcm Stafford to secure her, immedi- ately on the place of her retreat having been communicated to then). There is no doubt whatever but that she was provided with a plentiful supply of fictitious notes, if an opportunity had presented itself of putting them in circulation ; but she. was per- haps prevented from attempting this, by better prospects unex- pectedly opening upon her; for it appears, that, from the mo- ment her hostess died, this artful woman had contemplated be- coming the wife of the landlord, who was possessed of- consider- able property ; and it is believed that they . would have been mar- ried in the course of a few weeks, had not her . character in the mean time become known. But the most melancholy part of the detail is, that this worthless adventurer, who; has a husband now living, had gained such an ascendancy Over the mind of tlie old and infatuated innkeeper, that, in a moment of temporary frenzy, brought on by a consciousness of the impropriety of his conduct, in harbouring this unknown female in opposition to the remon- strances of his friends, he put a miserable period to his existence within a few days after her flight I— The officers sent to re- convey this extraordinary personage lo Stafford, represented her as a cha- racter of the most daring and dangerous description ; and they came duly prepared to interpose effectual resistance,' should any attempt at rescue have i- ieeh made ( in their journey, by those gangs of desperadoes infesting the central districts, to whom she acted as a uort of directress and rallying point, in the prosecution of their marauding pursuits!" FOREST DEANERY. THE next MEETING of the DISTRICT COM- . MITTEE of the SOCIETY for PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE, for tha FOREST DEANERY, will be holden at the Bear Inn, in Newnham, en Wednesday, the 10th day of April instant, at eleven o'clock, when the Subscribers are requested to pay tileir Subscriptions. CHAS. CRAWLEY, Secretary. 7 BENJAMIN JEFFS, " STN consequence of a DISSOLUTION of PARTNERSHIP JL between himself and Mr. JAMES CHARTER, as BEER and PORTER BREWERS, Northgatc- Street, Gloucester, begs most respectfully to inform the Public, that the Business will be continued by hiui, at the Brewery, in the Northgate- Street, as heretofore. He avails himself of this opportunity to return Thanks for favours received under tlie firm, and to express a hope that, by strict attention to the Business, he shall deserve and experience a continuance thereof. He has much pleasure in announcing, that he is enabled to reduce the price of Beer and Porter, each €?. per Barrel, and yet to make it of a superior qua- lity i and, to suit the convenience of small Families, and Persons in Lodgings, he will in future supply casks containing only 44 gallons.— Gloucester, March 23, 1822. *„* MALT and HOPS on the lowest terms. NOTICE is herein given. That the neat GENERAL - * QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE for the County STROUDWATER NAVIGATION. NOTICE is hereby given, That the GENERAL HALF'- YEARLY MEETING of the PROPRIETORS of this Navigation, will be held at'the George Inn, Stroud, on Wednesday, the 24th day of April, 1822, at oas o'clock in the afternoon. N. H. Dinner 01, the table at three O'clock. and no business will be transacted after. GEORGE HAWKER, Clerk. Walbridge, March 27. 1828. Breeknock and Abergavenny Canal Navigation. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next GENERAL ASSEMBLY' and MEKTING of the Company of Proprie- tors of this Navigation, will be bolden at the Shire Hall, in the town of Brecknock, 011 Thursday, the 25th day of April next, at twelve o'clock at noon. B. A. GRIFFITHS, Clerk to the said Company. Canal Office, I. lanelly, March 20, 1822.' MONMOUTHSHlRE. " VT OTICE is hereby given, That at tlie last Assizes ard . Genera! Gaol Delivery, holden in arid for tbe county of Monmouth, the Grand Jury of the said county, " then and there charged to inquire and present for toe body of the « * id county, did then aid there present into Coart, the insufficiency of the Gaol of and belonging to the said county, and that part thereof was in- sufficient, inconvenient, and in want of repair. Notice is- bereby also given. That at the next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, to be holden at the Town- Hall, in Usk, in and for the said county, ou Monday, the 15th day of April nest, his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, acting in and for the said county, to be then and there assembled, will take tbe said Present- ment so made by the Grand Jury aforesaid, into their considera- tion. Datal tije l£ th day of March, 1322. JONES, Clerk of the THE Creditors of SIMEON BROADMEADOW and Co. of the city of Gloucester, Civil Engineers, are requested to send the particulars of. their demands, to Mr. John Kendall, Accountant, Gloucester Gloucester, March 53, 1822. Lamb Inn, Iron Acton GEORGE ADAMS ESPECTFULLY informs his Friends sr. cl tire Pu£ Ik in generel, that he has taken to tbe above INN, where lie hopes, by strict attention and a determination to afford the btft accomodation, to merit their favours and support. N. B. Excellent Stall and other STALLING, and LOCK- UP HOUSES for Loaded Carts and Woggrns. Hop Pole inn Hotel, Tewkesbury.~ . . WILLIAM MARKS, ( Many years Butler io GENERAL Dowdeswell, AND to the LATE JOHN MANSY, Esq. Beads Hall, Essex.) RESPECTFULLY begs to acquaint tie Nobi- lity, Gentry, and Commercial Travellers, that he hae taken the above old- establishtd INN. ( lately kept by Mr. John WalKEr and fitted it up ,11 the most commodious manner for their reception, hoping by constant and unremitting essrtion, to merit the honour cf their support. N. B. W. MARKS begs permission to observe, that he has laid • in such an assortment of the choicest WINES, W will, he is con- vinced, on . trial, give universal satisfact 1. *„* Neat Post- Cliaiscs, able Horses, and careful Driver*. GENTLEMEN's LONDON HATS. E. GOODRICH, DURSLEY, has just received a good assortment of Collingsons WATER- PROOF HATS. The rain will never soften them or leave any perma- nent spots on tbe surface; they are perfectly elastic and pleasant ' to the head, have no unpleasant smell, and are warranted never to lose their shape. " BOARD AND LODGING. ALADY wishes to Board in a Clergyman's, or otier . private family, ia the country. A comfortable Bed- Boom, with the ordinary accommodation of the Family, would be suff- cient- Terms 30 Guineas a year. Address, ( post- free,) Mr. Was- kett Myers, No. 60, Russels- Square- London. ANTED immediately, in an Attorney" s Office,— A steady young Man, as an ENGROSSING CLERK. The most satisfactory references will be required— For particu- lars, apply to the Printers of this Paper, if by letter, post- paid. ANTED, as GOVERNOR to a WORKHOUSE, - A steady Person, who has been accustomed to the Ma. nagement of a Workhouse, and who understands the Weaving and Manufacturing of Coarse Woollen Cloths Apply to the Church- wardens. of Weston- under- Penyard, Herefordshire* • — SPORTSMEN. 1 TO be SOLD,— Four Couple of SPANIELS and One . B. Brace of POINTERS, tbe property of the wido w of the late JOHN JENKINS, Gamekeeper to Sir B. W. Guise, Bart. M. P. The late possessor was too good a judge in his selection to need any ' comment to recommend them to Sportsmen. The dogs may bt seen on application at the George Coffee- House, Gloucester. Gloucester and Berkeley Canal Navigation. ripO be LET by TENDER,— All ' those several WHARFS, now situate and being at Frr. mpton- on. Severn and Cambridge, in the county of Gloucester, together with a large quantity of excellent BRICK EARTH, adjoining the Cambridge wharf, which will be sold on reasonable terms.— Persons desirous to. give in Tenders for the same, ate requested to present such Ten- ders at the Company's Office, ia Gloucester, 0: 1 or before the day cf April next.— Immediate possession may be had. By order of tlw Committee, S. CHARLETON, Clerk, Canal Office, March 24, 1822. ALL Persons to whom JOHN LUCE, late of Berke- ley, in t! i 2 county 0f Gloucester, Butcher, deceased, stood in- debted at the time of his decease, arc requested to send an account of their demands to Wm. Duberly, Solicitor, Berkeley; and all Persons indebted to the Estate of the said John Luce, are requested to pay the amount of their respective debts to the said Wm. Du- berly— Berkeley, March 22.1322. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. mHE Creditors of the Rev. WILLIAM RUMNEY, Rector of Swir. don, near Cheltenham, are hereby required to talte Notice, That a Srst Dividend of his Estate will be paid at the Fleece Inn, Cheltenham, on Thursday, the 13d), day of April next, precisely at eleven o'clock ill the forenoon. Creditor having Securities must produce them. D. WHATLEY. Jun. Solicitor. Henrietta- Street, Cheltenham, March 12,1822. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ALL Persons having anv Demand on Mr. HENRY HEWER, of Calmsden, in the parish of North Cerney, TO be LET, and entered upon immediately,— A a. large HOUSE in Blackfriars'- Square, lately in tbe tion of Mrs. Purbrick, with a large Garden attached. Fr. r partic'ilars, enquire cf Mr. Tovey, Parker's Row. TO be LET, and catered upon r. t Midsummer next,—• JL A recpt; taMe asd comfortable COUNTY HOUSE, fur- ' nished, for three or four yeirs, with /( l Acres of good Meadow and Pasture Ground, in a ring- fence. The Hou: c is abundantly sup- pliixi with hard and soft water, and replete with every Convenience*. For further particulars and ternis, apply to Messrs. Griffith, Whitcombe, and Griffith, Solicitors, Gosucester. Cheltenham and Gloucester Theatres. ' TO be LET, for a Term Years, r. nd entered upon ira- 1 mediately,— The THEATRES ROYAL at CHELTEN- HAM and GLOUCKSTER, with tbe DWELLING- HOUSE belonging to tho former. A Premium will be expected, and the Refit to be reserved will be regulated accordingly.. For a view of the Gloucester Theatre, apply to Mr. D. Walker, Gloucester ; and for a view of the Cheltenham Theatre, snd for further particulars, to Messrs. Gwinnett and Newman, Solicitors, Cheltenham, if by letter, free of postage. HUNTLEY, near GLOUCESTER. rpO lie LET, and entered upon immediately,— A com- JL modious and eonvenieatMESSUAGE, fit for tnereception oi a ^ nia'd family, late in the occupation of Mrs. Elizabeth Drink- water, deceased, consisting of two parlours, five good liid- ropnis, and attics, akitrfien, cellar, brewhoase, and requisite outbuildings and oonvenlenees, together with a Garden. and Orchard, containing niioiit an acre, well planted with the choicest fruit trees now in their prime, and a two- stalled Stable and Gig- house adjoining. The- House is well supplied with excellent water. The Premises are very pleasantly sitwate in a healthy situation, about seven miles frorn Gloucester, adjoining the great road frirrn London to Boss, Monmouth and South Wales. The mail and other coaclies pass tlose to '. lie House several times in the course of the day— For a. view of die Premises, and for further particulars, apply to Mr. Joseph Drinkwater, Huntley s or Mr. Smith, So- licitor, Gloucester. TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS- ALL Persons who have an-/ Claims or Demands on the Estate of the late Mr. JOHN TELLING, of Ashton Keynes, in the county of Wilts, deceased, are requested to send the particulars thereof to Mr. Thompson, Solicitor, Cirencester, in order that the same may be considered and adjusted. Cirencester, March 28, 1822. of Gloucester, will be holden ai the SHIRE- HALL, in Gloucester, I in the county of Gloucester, Farmer, are rcqi;" sted to send the on TUHEDAY, the 1.6th day of April next; and that the Busi- particulars thereof to Mr. Whatley, Solicitor. Cirencester, if by nets of t/ w. said Sessions will commence at ten o'clock in the fore- | letter, post- paid— Cirencester, March iS, 182% noon of that day, and be proceeded on in the following order, ui*. After the electing cf a Chairman to preside for the Sessiorts, by calling over the High, Constables, receiving their returns, and ad- ministering the oaths cf qualification, and granting licences or cer tificates to such persons as sh& il appear cr. d apply for that purpose, fhe Court will then adjourn to the Grand Jury Room in the said Shire- Hall, for the purpese of considering and taking orders relating to the general police of the county.; of auditing, settling, end ordering payment of all bills and charges on the County Rate ; when and where all Coroners, Keepers of Prisons, and other per- sons halting demands on the County Rate, are required to attend wsth the same i. end such hills as may be neglected to be delivered before tlx honr of jive in the afternoon of that day will be referred to a future Sessions: And fhot, on the seme day, the Court will take ir. te consideration the provisions of an Act of Parliament made and passed in the 59th year of Vie F. tAgn of His late Majesty King George the Third, intituled " An Act to empower Magistrates to divide the Court cf Quarter Sessions." , That precisely at ten o'clock in the forenoon cf Wednes- day, the 17th, the Court will sit at the Shire- HALL, at which time and place all persons summoned to serve as Grand and Petty Jurors arc required to attend and answer to their namesand Bai- liffs and Constables who shall have summoned fuch jurors, are to be present, to prove, if required, the due service of such sumrrums, and moke a return of process to them directed. The Court will there proceed to th: trial of all parish and other appeals, traverses, and indictments for felony ; and t/. a: to deliver the Gaol and Houscn of Correction of persons committed until the Sessions, for deserting their families, for breaches of the peace, for bastardy, fyc. and In the Matter of RICHARD MILLER, a Bankrupt. ALL Persons who are indebted to the Estate of RICHARD MILLER, of Brimscombc Port, in the pa- rish of Minchinhampton, in the connty of Gloucester, Banker and Merchant, Dealer and Chapman, are requested to pay the amount to their respective Debts to Mr. John Rudge Denyer, the Assignee, or they will be immediately proceeded against for the recovery of the same. JOHN STONE, Tetbury, March 22, 1022. Solicitor to tbe Commission. JOHN FORDs BANKRUPTCY. 7| HHE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, JL bearing date the 10th day of April, 1821t awarded and is- sued forth against JOHN FORD, of the city of Gloucester, Pa- tent Woollen Yarn Manufacturer and Clothier, intend to meet on Thursday, the 4th day oi' April next, at eleven o'clock in the fore- noon, at the Ram Inn, in the city of Gloucester, in order to make a first and final Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded tlie benefit of die said Dividend. All claims not then proved will be disallowed. L. W INT KB EOT HAM, Solicitor to the Assignees. WICKWAR POOR. r< pO be LET, for one Year/ from the 6th day of April JL next,— The POOR of the above- mentioned Parish.— i? of particulars, apply to the Churchwardens or Overseers. N. B. There will be a Select Vestry holden in the Vestry Room at the Church, on Thursday, the 4th day of April, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of receiving Proposals, and letting the san. e— Wickwar March 2H, 1822. Valuable BRICK WORKS, LIME KILNS, COAL YARD, and MEADOW LAND. rjno he SOLD,— The valuable BRICK WORKS, JL BRICK KILNS, COAL YARD, LIME KILNS, STA- BLE, BLE, PERSH BEDS, ar. d LAND, called Pnc! Meadow, con- taining about thirteen acres, bounded by the River Severn, and nearly adjoining to tile Westgate Bridge, in the city of Gloucester. Possession may be had immediately. Also, to be SOLD,— A very convenient and substantial DWELLING- HOUSE, with Garden aAd Offices attached, situ- ate near the Westgatc- Bridge. For particulars, APPLY VJ Mr. Charles Hough, Bookseller ; or J. Chadborn, Solicitor, Gloucester. GLOUCESTER. ' ' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BURR UP. On Saturday, the 6th of April, 1822, between the hours of twelve and one o'clock, in the HOUSE FAIR ;— FOUR useful COACH HORSES, ( to defray the ex- penses of their Keep, Ac.;! together with a Set of COACH HARNESS, late the Property of RICHARD MILLlER, of Brims- comb Port. lastly, to call on the several parties bound by recognizance, to respite I " WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt Is awarded or discharge the same, as ' Jw. case may be ; and also, to the examU \ \ f and issued forth against WILLIAM LY ES, late of Chel- nclion of such Insolvent Debtors, as shall then be brought bef. re the Court for that purpose — All. persons, therefore. Mending to prosecute appeals, or to prcf r any oilier bills ofif* dieirrurnt, or to try any traverse ; and all witnesses in any till, cause, or suit whatsoever., intended to be prosccuted or preferred, arc required to • attend in the Shire- Hall on Wednesday morning by ten o'- clock, that the Court may not be delayed in proceeding on business: ' and all such persons as have presentments to make, or bills of in- dictment to prefer, arc desired to attend the Clerk of the Indictments, . Mr. JOHN BURRUP, at his Office, in the sai< l Shire- Hall, and- give their instr'M- tions for the same, as early as possible on the . Wednesday morning; tfal the Grand Jury may not be unnecessa- rily delayed. ' ' EDWARD BLOXSOME, ' Dursley, March 33, 1822. Deputy Clerk of the Peace. CHELTENHAM PAVING and LIGHTING ACT. fPURSUANT to a Request in Writing to me, made and given by three of'the Commissioners acting by and under the authority of the above- mentioned Act of Parliament, I hereby ap- point and call a special MEETING of the said COMMISSION- KRS, to be held at the- Town- Hall, in Cheltenham, on Monday, the 8th day of April instant, at eleven o'clock in the morning, for the purpose of signing a request, or application to His Majesty's Justices of the Peace, to be assembledat the next General Quarter' Sessions ef the Peace, to be hidden in and fertile said county of' Gloucester, to appoint new Commissioners under the authority of the said Act, in the'room and stead- cf these who have died . since the passing of the same Act. " Dated this 1st day of April, in the year 1822. THEODORE GWINNETT, Clerk to the said Commisioncrs. WE, the undersigned, having been indicted at the last Lent Assizes for the County irf Monmouth", for riotously assembling on the 15th day of November, 1820, before the House of JOSEPH PRICE, Esq. of Monmouth, Do hereby express our , contrition for such offence, and admit, that as an acknowledgment thereof, we have, paid the Sum of One Guinea each, to be applied by Mr, Price, to. such charitable purposes as he may think fit; and we beg to express our thanks to Mr. Price, for his lenity in consenting io withdraw the Prosecution against us—. Dated this ltiih dav of . March, 1822, HENRY COLE,. . The Mark X of RICHARD PRICE. WILLIAM WILLIAMS. tenham, in the county of Gloucester, Coal- Merchant, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared' a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to i- he Commissioners in t he said Commission named, or the major part of them, on tile 11th day of April next, at six qi" the dock 111 tile afternoon of the same day, and on the I' 2th day of April, and the 4th day of May h » xt, at eleven of the clock in the forenoon of each of the said last mentioned days, at the House of William Ricketts, in Tewkesbury, iu the county of Gloucester, Victualler, and make a full discovery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors arc to come prepared to prove their debts, and at the second sitting to choose Assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankiupt is re- quired to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. All Persons in- debted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Lindsey Winterbotham, Soli- citor, Tewkesbury; cr to Messrs. Bousfield and Williams, Solici- tors. Bouvtrie- Street, Fleet- Street, London. JOSEPH TERRY HONE. J. M. G. CHEEK. JAMES SUTTON OLIVE. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against WILLIAM VAILL„ the younger, of the parish of Brockivorth, in the county of Gloucester, Corn Dealer, Miller and Mealman, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on the first, second and thirtieth days Of April next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon on each of the said days, at the Red Lion Inn, in the city Of Gloucester, and make a full disco- very and disclosure of his Estate and Effects, when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second sitting to choose Assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. Ail Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Mr. Richard Dix, 10, Svmonds Inn, Cbancery- lanc, London; or to Richard Tip- ton, Solicitor, Gloucester. JOSEPH TERRY HONE. JOHN CHADBORN. W. MATTHEWS. GLOUCESTER. CLERK OF THE PEACE'S OFFICE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BURRUP, On Monday, the 15th day of April next, on the Premises, railed the CLF. RH or THE PJEACE'S OFFICE, situate in- the West- gate- Street, in this r. ity ;— ALL the SHELVES, CUPBOARDS, BOOK- CASES, DOORS, arid DRAWERS, with which the said Office is fitted r. p, being of excellent welT- se& sor. ed Deal, in very good condition, and desirable for professional Gentlemen about 10 tit up Offices—' fhe whole of the above will be put up together, or offered in lots, as may be agreed oil at the time of the sale. Likewise will be Sold, the Grate, Fire- Irons, Fender, and Chairs in the said Office. The sale of the above Fixtures and Furniture, will commence precisely at four o'clock in the afternoon And immediately afterwards will be Sold, on the Premises,— The HOUSE or BUILDING itself, which is Leasehold, and now held under the Mayor and Burgesses of the city of Gloucester, for the remainder of a renewable term of forty- one years, for which term the Premises have been usually granted, and of which twenty- two years were unexpired at Michaelmas last, subject to a reserved rent of £ 1 Iftj. 1( W. per annum. The Premises are eligibly situated for a Shopkeeper, or by rais- ing the roof may be converted into excellent Offices for an Attorney. For a view of the Office and fixtures,' apply to Mr, John Bur- ri> p. Solicitor, Gloucester; or to Mr, Bloxsome, Deputy Clerk of the Peace, Durslev, Gloucestershire. Dursley, March 15, 1822. Valuable MILL and. LANDS for SALE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. CREED, At the GREYHOUND, in GLOUCESTER, on Wednesday, the 3d of April, 1822, between the hoursof three and five in the afternoon; ALL that M ESSUAGE and WATER CORN GRIST MILL, situate in the parish of Barnivood, in this counly, together with about 15 acres of LAND, well planted with choice fruit trees, in the occupation of Mr. Richard Foulkes. Forfuvtlier particulars, apply to B. Bonnor, Solicitor, Gloucester '• TO BE SOLI) BY AUCTION, At the GEORGE INN, Chepstow, on Friday, the 5th day of April next, precisely at twelve o'clock ;— aS The SNOW HOPE, register 150 tons. now MAY lying in this port, with all her Masts, Yards, Saila, standing and running Rigging, Boats, &, c- The ship - and stores to be taken as they now are, without any allowance for weight, length, quality, or any defect « whatever— Inventory and further particulars may be had cf Wm. Morris, at the Bridge- House. Chepstow, March is, •- 1 • HOUSE OF LORDS TUESDAY Lord King brought forward hit promised motion for a farther reduction of the Civil List, His Lordship spoke in becoming terms of approbation of his Majesty's princely sacrifice to the distresses of the Country; but he contended that, in the diplomatic depart- ment of the Civil List, there still remained a wide field for retrench- ment. In- proof of this assertion he made a comparative state- ment ofihe diplomatic expence'of the country'in 1791 tnd 1 Cf21, from - which it appeared, that the nation paid to' Ambassadors of vajioits orders about 58,000/. more in the latter than in thc former year; and this, notwithstanding that the number of these had been diminished by two;' He adverted particularly to the appointment of Lord Clancarty, and in conclusion observed, that the vast ex- penditure in this department was employed merely as a source of Parliamentary influence.— Lord Liverpool replied, that the expen- diture of the Civil List was no proper subject of Parliamentary in- vestigation, so long as the Government confined it within the li- mits fixed by Parliament. The increased allowances to Foreign Ministers he justified upon the grounds of the increased expence of- living abroad, and the necessity of employing Ambassadors of the highest rank and talents; which arose out of the present rela- tive condition of Great Britain with the States of Europe; the ap- pointment of Lord Clancarty he explained to have become ncces- eaty from the altered condition of Holland and Flanders— Lord Holland supported the motion, but admitted the propriety of an Ambassador at the Belgian Court; and Lord Ellenborough op- posed it on the ground that great partof the allowance to Ambas- sadors was but an expenditure of secret service money.— Thc mo- tion was rejected. - • HOUSE OF COMMONS— MONDAY. Mr. T. Wilson presented a Petition, which was signed hy se- veral of the most repectable dealers in, and importers of Foreign Corn living in the metropolis, and ' complained of thc hardships under which they at present laboured, in consequence of the change in the value of the circulating medium, and praying relief.— Or- dered to be printed. Mr. Bright presented a Petition from Bedminster, in favour of Mr. Hunt. Mr. Hunter Blair moved for Accounts of thc Number of Gal- lons of Spirits distilled in England and Scotland, from 20th Oct. 1820, to 2Qth Oct. 1821 ; for similar Returns as related to Ire- land ; and for a variety of other Returns connected with Distil- lation— Ordered. MONMOUTHSHIRE AGRICULTURISTS— Lord Granville So- merset presented a Petition from certain Agriculturists in Mon- mouthshire, complaining of distress, and praying relief from taxa- tion. Mr. Birch could not refrain from observing upon this Petition, that the only object Which this class of Petitioners had in view was to raise prices ; now this was a policy which he considered as too narrow and confined for this House to adopt. The Petition- ers seemed to think they alone were distressed ; but the fact was, that the manufacturers had for a long time been suffering most se- verely, and at present were far from flourishing ; they were still receiving very low wages, not more ( many of them) than 7s. or 8s. a week ; anil to raise the price of provisions would be to them ut- ter destruction. He had heard a rumour that the Agicultural Committee were about to recommend to Government to advance money for the purchase of corn in order to raise the price. He trusted, how ever, Government would pause longbefore they adopted such a course. Mr. Calcraft considered this attack on the agriculturist as un- called for. His Hon. Friend seemed entirely to mistake the ob-' ject of thc Petitioners. No enlightened agriculturist was desirous of raising prices; what they desired was, that which the Hon. Member himself wished for, namely, a reduction of taxation ; and that, in fact, was what the Petition prayed for; the agricul- turists were suffering very great distress, and there was nothing selfish in their application to the House for relief. For himself he hailed the present as a most propitious moment, for he now sew a Lord of the Treasury presenting a Petition praying for re- duction of taxation. The Petition was then read. Sir T. Lethbridge also hailed the circumstance alluded. to by the Hon. Member; and he trusted the Noble Lord of the Trea- sury, who presented this Petition, would also be prepared to sup- port it; he thought the time was comc when the Government must take up the subject, and" give some relief to the landed interest; aud he also anticipated having the support of the manufacturing interest in the House in their favour. Lord G. Somerset said, he should most certainly give all the allegations irt this Petition the fullest consideration, aud should, in" the discharge of his duty to his constituents, act to the best of his judgment, and follow the dictates of his conscience. The Petition was ordered to be printed. The case of Capt. Romeo, who was instrumental in preserving the British Army from Italian treachery, was again brought before thf House by Lord John Russell,, when Ministers persevered in their refusal to grant further remuneration. On the question that the Ordnance Estimates be referred to a Cqmmittee of Supply, Mr. Creevy made a motion for applying the 4J per Cent. Barbadoes duty to the maintenance of the Ordnance in'that Island. This motion was negatived by 64 to 14. Mr. R. Ward moved the Ordnance Estimates; he stated that tbe total of the expence of this branch of the public service would tie 1,200,000/. being 72,000/. less than that ot the last year on the ordinary part of the Estimates, and 21,600/. more than that of the extraordinary, and a comparison with the expence of the last year — Mr. Hume admitted that the reductions in this department were considerable, but felt assured that they might be carried still far- ther ; and he therefore moved to reduce 10,000/. in the vote for the Tower and Pall Mall Departments— Mr. Ward felt convinced that the business of these departments could not be done, if 10,000/. weve deducted from them.— Col. Davies observed, that so far from there being any decrease in the Estimates for the present year, there was actually an increase of about 32,000/. over the Estimates of 1819— The amendment was negatived by 95 to 30. Mr. Wallace brought in three very important Bills ( which were read a first time) for repealing several ancient statutes relating to Foreign Trade, and for making such alterations in the law on that subject as shall afford encouragement to Foreign Commerce.— Adj. THURSDAYS POST CONTINUED. IRELAND-.— The last accounts are gratifying, and lead us to hope that tranquillity' will soon be perfectly restored— On Wednesday at the Philips- town Assizes, six men were convicted of the murder of the Murphy's.— Thos. Wilson was executed on Wednesday, for the wilful murder of T. Knox, a Westmeath po- lice- man, which Crime he had perpetrated only on Sunday week. — The Limerick Chronicle of Wednesday, announces that John Kelly, a schoolmaster, and Edw. Fitagerald, the writers of Capt. Rock's notices, were that day tried before the County Assize Court, and found guilty. At Kerry Sessions, under the Insurrection Act, on the 20th inst W. Neill, and Thos. and Pat. Cahill, ( brothers,) were indicted for being absent from their dwellings within the specified hours. They were unanimously found guilty without the Magistrates rer tiring, and sentenced fo seven years' transportation. : HOWARD AND GIBBS'S BANKRUPTCY.— Thc contest for the election of. Assignees in this Bankruptcy came on again, on Monday, pursuant to the orders of Court. The result was as follows .-— For Shaw, Herman, and Chappell, 31,136/. 9.5. 2d. and for Pugh, Duff, and Wilkie, 22,970/. 8J. M. and the former were accordingly declare^ duly elected. EXTENSIVE FRAUD ON THE CUSTOMS.— On Thurs- day, a. vessel, called the New Union, F. B. from France, was seized by Mr. J. Rice, one of his Majesty's searchers in the Customs, for having on board near. 100 bottles of quicksilver, concealed under her ballast. The vessel and silver are considered to be worth up- wards of 2000/. On Thursday the free- trader Orpheus, Capt- Finlay, passed Portsmouth for the River— from the Mauritius 14th Dec. the Cape 14th, and St. Helena ' 29th of Jan. The cholera morbus had nearly disappeared in India, as well as at the Mauritius, where it had destroyed upwards of 10,000 of the slave population. At the Mauritius, the attention to the growth of the sugar- cane auil manufac- ture of sugar has been, and continues to be, increasing. The paper currency of that island was very much depre- ciated, the dollar notes being at the rate of 140 for 100 Spanish dollars." At the Cape every thing was dear. There had been no rain the two last seasons, and in consequence the crops nearly failed. Many of thc numerous settlers would have starved but for the Government rations. Letters which have been received from the. Agricultu- ral districts are far from being of a satisfactory nature. In Norfolk and Suffolk, a very had spirit is abroad, and even the farmers now do not express their distress by grum- blings, but in plain and intelligible language. At Snape, in Suffolk, - one Gentleman, a few days ago, had all his premises destroyed, and only a sudden change of wind saved the village itself from destruction. - During the whole of last week, many firings have taken place; horses have been shot, and much property destroyed in different parts of these two distressed counties. The tithe cause so long pending in Chancery between the Rev. Morgan Prince, Rector of Knebworth, Herts, and Mrs. Bulwer Litton, was decided on Thursday. The Lord Chancellor affirmed the decree of the Master of the Rolls, and thereby has established the right of the Rector to the tithes of the whole parish. " On Sunday the Rev. Rowland Hill was prevented from preaching at St. Peter's, Cornhill, although notice had been given that a Charity Sermon, for the benefit of the cha- rity children . of the Wards of Lime- street and Cornhill, was to be preached by the above Gentleman, leave having been obtained for that purpose. In the evening a vast number of persons assembled in thc different avenues of the church ; but, to their great disappointment, large pla- cards were posted on thc doors that Mr. Hill was denied the use of the pulpit. The refusal, it is said, originated in a high power. No service was therefore performed. James Tenny, the pedestrian, who undertook to go 59 miles a day for 18 days in Lincolnshire, completed his task on Saturday evening. _ A young woman who lives . near Newcastle became de- ranged on Tuesday night after seeing the play of Othello I She frequently exclaims, " Oh! the villain's murdering her— he's murdering her— he's murdering her!" On Thursday week three guineas, were sent from Edin- burgh to Perth for the purchase of one barrel of ice. On Friday ice and snow were to be had every where for the gathering.— Perthshire Courier. A clergyman near Exeter, who has only eleven ewes, has now the satisfaction to see them suckling 25 healthy lambs. Three of the ewes produced three lambs each, aud eight produced two lambs each. Last autumn, a travelling merchant passed a night at Dava- inn, Cromdale, Inverness- shire, ami having stated t'tat he was going to Nairn to remit a large sum to a mer- chant in Aberdeen, he departed the following morning, . leaving his pack in the landlord's charge.' He did not reach Nairn, and has not since been heard of. His dog return- ed to the inn, and Was afterwards observed to haunt a loch not far distant; in it few days the dog also disappeared, and his carcase was found in the loch. The pack was lately opened, and two shirts were found in it, with the initials W. M'D.— Inverness Journal. ASYLUM FOR DEAF AND DUMB CHILDREN.— Wednes- day evening the Anniversary Dinner of this laudable Institution Was held, when 200 persons sat down to a sumptuous dinner, his Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester in the chair, supported by Mr. Alderman Atkins, Frederick Webb, Esq. & c. & c." The Report stated, that 6|) 0 persons had been instructed'to speak, read, • and write, and likewise the use of arithmetic, since the establish- " rtiehtbf'ths institution, and that 200' were now enjoying the b'eni- ' fits of the- charity. - Out of 20 families, consisting. of 1* 7 children, that had applied to ( lie iristitufioirjvwere no'lt'ss than 75 deaf and dumb, most of whom were relieved. * " 1 Assize Intelligence, STAFFORD ASSIZES—- Sparrow and others v. the Rev. Offley Crewe.— Our readers will probably recollect a case of considerable interest tried in London, in which Messrs. Birch and Co. tbe part- ners in the Stafford Bank, sought to recover of Mr. Offley Crewe, a clergyman residing in Staffordshire, several thousand pounds on bills of exchange purporting to be indorsed in his name. On the trial of that cause, it appeared that hills to the amount of 40,0001 or 50,000/, at the least, had been discounted for a man of thc name of Birks, by thc Stafford, the Nantwich, and the Newcastle Banks, on the credit of Mr. Crewe's name, which was endorsed upon them. While a large portion of these remained unpaid, Birks absconded, and at the time of the trial in London, could not be produced as a witness. On that occasion the Jury fotlntl a vcrdict for the defen- dant, upon the ground that the endorsements were forgeries. Af- ter this, Birks was apprehended, and committed, to Stafford Gaol for not surrendering to his commission, and inlliis situation made an affidavit, upon which, and certain apparent corroborations, the plaintiffs moved for a new trial. They succeeded in obtaining the rule to shew cause, which was afterwards discharged. The part- ners in the Newcastle Bank," however, determined to prosecute their claim, antl to present Birks to a Jury, and therefore brought the action which came on for trial at these Assizes— Their claim was founded on twelve bills, for sums amounting to 3,350/. all drawn by William Birks payable to his own order; all purport- ing to be endorsed by Mr. Crewe; three of them purporting to be accepted by a person named Shallcross, three by a person named Harcourt, two by a person named Wooburn, two by a person named Wright, and two by a person named Sharman. The case excited extraordinary interest, especially among the gentry of Staf- fordshire. Many witnesses were exan'iined, and Birks himself, among the rest; but when closely pressed as to the endorsements, he would give no answers, lest they should criminate himself— The trial lasted two days. Mr. Baron Garrow summed up the evidence with great minuteness. He ' dwelt at large on thc whole career of Birks, whom he characterized as a dealer in forgery— and oil the utter want of motive for the extraordinary conduct im, puted to Mr. Crewe. He observed, that a more important case never was discussed in a Civil Court. The Jury retired, and in about half an hour, returned a verdict for the defendant— This cause had excited great interest ill most parts of thc county, and thc Court was crowded to excess. Five of the special jurors at- tended, and thc remainder was supplied by most respectable tales. BUCKS Gold, Clerk, v. Rolfe This was an action brought by the Rector of Beaconsfield, against the defendant, Rolfe, a far- mer, of thc- same place, for the recovery of tithes to the amount of 1800/. Thc case was rather a singular one. The defendant had sent notice to the plaintiff that he was about to carry his wheat, and wished him to see it set out at the, rate of an eleventh'part. The plaintiff accordingly sent three men. In a few days after, the plaintiff went and objected to the manner of setting out, stat- ing that his just due was one- tenth part; but that he would take it in part of his just right. Defendant refused to let him remove it, unless he would take it in full, saying that it was all that was due to him, and all that had been demanded by his predecessors for time immemorial, and he would give him no more, unless he was forced to do so by law. The plaintiff took it away, and bor. rowed defendant's waggon for the purpose; and the present action was brought to recover the remaining part. Witnesses were cal- led to prove that the custom of tithing at the rate of an eleventh had existed for a long time.— Mr. Dover, counsel for the defend- ant, referred to a similar case that had been tried by Lord Kenyon, where it was distinctly suited that the Rector was entitled to the tenth cock of unsheafed corn, and the eleventh shock of sheafed. In the first case, the Rector must send his men to take charge of it, and take it off the premises ; but if thc farmer had the care of it till it was ready to carry, he was justly entitled to the disputed part for his trouble— Verdict for defendant. WILTS Wm. Taylor, a hardened offender, who had been twice tried before and found guilty, received sentence of death, ( but he has since been reprieved,) for burglariously robbing Mr. Stride, the landlord of the Crown Inn, at Hindon, of a table- cloth. On going from the Court, lie said to the crowd, " I shall have a cluck for it now ; but that's nothing, it won't take a minute, ' tis only crying keck and it's over." DoncasTER— Dec, on thc demise of- Nepean, Bart. v. Sarah Budden, Widow In this action the plaintiff, as Lord cf the Manor of Loders, in Bothenhampton, sought to recover from the defendant the possession of an estate in that manor, held by de- fendant for her widowhood, and which the plaintiff contended she had forfeited by her incontinency, according to the custom of the manor. The defendant's Counsel contended no such custom ex- isted ; but after going through many ancient court- rolls and books, commencing in the reign of Henry VII. and hearing the evidence of Several witnesses, the Learned Judge considered the custom well proven ;., and the jury, under his Lordship's direction, found a vcrdict for the plaintiff. . DEVON— At Exeter, Philip Chappell was condemned for the wilful murder of Mary Stevens, about 20 years of age, who was pregnant by him. The prisoner when called upon for his defence, said,.. « My Lord, I am as innocent as any body in the Court; I loved her too well to murder her'." During the whole of the trial, the prisoner maintained the utmost unconcern ; but on sen- tence being pronounced by thc Judge, he appeared to relent, and wept bitterly. A respectable dissenting minister gained admit- tance to the unhappy young man in the gaol tbe same evening, and obtained from him a confession of his guilt— that whilst walk- ing with the deceased on the bank of thc river, he stunned her by repeated blows on thc head with a stick, and then, threw her into the water; but that the dreadful act was not premeditated. KENT— At Maidstone, John Haywood, was found guilty of the wilful murder of Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Impett, farmer, of Sel- linge, by shooting her with a gun, in consequence of her refusal to yield to his embraces. The prisoner seemed perfectly unmoved on his condemnation. No less than 51 unhappy convicts received sentence of death at these Assizes ; of whom 19 were thc men im- plicated ill the smuggling outrages committed at Marshbay, near Margate, on 2d Sept. last-, in which certain officers employed in the preventive Service were wounded. It was expected that five or six of these would be left for execution, as were three of the other prisoners. NORTHUMBERLAND Paxton v. Nicholson— This was an action for seduction. The plaintiff ( who is an innkeeper in Aln- wick) sought a compensation in damages for thc loss of his daugh- ter's services, who became pregnant by the defendant, a farmer residing in the same neighbourhood, and bore a child in July last. From thc evidence of the girl herself, it appeared Nicholson had paid his addresses to her, and seduced her under the promise of marriage. She admitted, on cross- examination, that the defend- ant had been in the habit of visiting her at unseasonable hours of the night, unknown to her parents. This was strongly urged, to shew a culpable want cf caution in the plaintiff, and to mitigate the damages.— The Jury returned a Verdict for lOi , SHERIFF'S COURT, Yoitx Haigh v. Dealtry— The da- mages were laid at 1,000/. The plaintiff, Mr. Haigh, was a re- FOREIGN Corn.— it;- k" said to hi a fact, that one, firm possesses warehouses on, the banks, 0f the Thames, that cover one acre of ground, which Warehouses have seven floors or stories to them, and which are filled with foreign corn, and have been so oc- cupied for a considerable time. THE LATE DR. PARRY, OF BATH.— The interment of this lamented gentleman took place in the Abbey Church. His remains were followed by a long train of mourners and friends, such, perhaps, as was never before witnessed on a similar occasion in that city. A vast crowd of spectators of all ranks filled the windows of every house, and lined the streets through which the funeral procession passed. The cavalcade consisted, besides the hearse, of 14 mourning coaches, each drawn by four horses, with half the same number of gentlemen's carriages, belonging in part to I) r. Parry's family, and other attached and distinguished friends. The funeral service was read by the Rector of Bath.— Not the least interesting part of the affecting spectacle, and which indeed reflected the highest honour, not only on Dr. Parry's memory, but likewise on the persons who paid him this truly gratifying testi- many of respect, was the spontaneous attendance, in the funeral procession, of all his medical brethren, the principal practitioners of Bath, at least forty in number. The same body have also re- quested permission of the family to be allowed to erect a handsome monumentin the AbbeyChurch to his memory, at their sole expence. EXTRAORDINARY PEDESTRIAN FEAT.— Wednesday morning Mr. Rathby, a- gentleman- of fortune residing at the west- end of the town, started to run ten miles'in 56 minutes, for a stake of 200 sovereigns. Time was the favourite at odds of six and se- ven to four. The spot of ground chosen was two miles on the Edgware- road, and the pedestrian started at seven o'clock, per- forming the distance iu 55 minutes 60 seconds. LAW.— An interesting case came on for hearing before the Lord Chancellor last week. The lectures of Mr. Lawrence, the celebrated anatomist, delivered by him when lecturer to the Royal College of Surgeons, having been piratically published by a bookseller named Smith, an injunction was moved antl granted restraining him from so doing— Smith now applies to the Court to have the injunction dissolved, on the ground that the book is not entitled to the protection of the law, being irreligious, and de- nying thc immortality of the soul; and Smith's Counsel ( Messrs. Wetherell and Rose) quote the criticisms of the Reviews to shew, that this is the true character of the work— Messrs. Shadwell and Wilbraham, on the other hand, contend, for a more liberal con- struction of the objected passages; and insist that there is nothing in them irreconcileable with Christianity— that the liberty of the press is materially involved in thc question— and that a valuable work of 600 pages on physiological and scientific subjects ought not to be condemned, and the author to loose tbe price of his la- bour, because there might happen to be a passage or two in it which might as well have been omitted-. The Lord Chancellor, after reading the book, yesterday dissolved the injunction which had been obtained. His Lordship stated, that until a Court of Law had shewn the book to be entitled to protection, the injunction could not be sustained. MELANCHOLY CATASTROPHE.— On Monday the I8th inst. at about five o'clock in the evening, the preventive boat on the Porlock station, Devon, manned by the Lieut.- Commandant of the Porlock Station, the Chief Officer of the boat, and five men, left Porlock to proceed on a cruise up the Bristol Channel, pur- posing to touch at Minehead and at Watchet. Having arrived in the road at the latter place, and being too early for thc tide to ef- fect a landing, they stood out a little way into the Bay ; and in doing so, the boat pitched on a fishing- stake, ( whereby a hole was forced through her bottom) and she began to fill. The whole of her crew attempted to swim to the shore, a distance of about half a mile. One man at length succeeded; and having given the alarm, a boat immediately put off to the spot, where they succeeded in saving the lives of two cf the men, but the other four were un- fortunately drowned ! The boat drifted about seven miles toward the east, where she was found dashed almost to pieces. The persons who were drowned are— James Francis Dunderdell, Esq. the com- mandant of the station; James Bright, chief officer of the boat; and two men of St. Ives. BRISTOL IMPORTS FOR THE PAST WEEK— From St. Michael's: in the Lark, 528 boxes oranges From Rotterdam : in the Vrow Anna, 55 lasts buck wheat; 78 bags mastard seed ; 2 packs trees— From Oporto: in the Concord, 60 pipes, 2 hhds wine, 150 bags shumac From Smyrna: in the John and Nancy, 288 bis 13 drums raisins, 2 bis wax, 7 drums figs, 554 pieces box wood.— From Leghorn, Gallipoli, and Messina: in the Hero. 4 tees argol, 6 cases marble; 216 casks olive oil; ,400 boxes lemons, 100 boxes oranges— From Demcrara: in the Nelson, 603 hhds 20 tees 1 bl 1 half- bl sugar, 100 punch molasses, 6 punch rum, 14 bags coffee; 2 logs wood From Madeira and Jamaica: in the Mary, 20 pipes 20 hhds wine ; 31 bis 5 kegs 2 boxes arrow root, 5 bis old copper, 261 lancewood spars, 6 casks, 9 bags pi- mento, 3 logs wood, 75 hides, 9 bags coffee, 45 bags cocoa; 426 hhds 24 tees sugar, 62 bales cotton From Odessa: in the Bri- tannia, 346 casks tallow, 48 hides; in the Aurora, 234 casks tal- low, 147 skins; 1400 ox and cow hides— From St. Brieux : in the Petit Eugene, 20 bales clover seed, 30 tons oil cake.— From Waterford: ill the Hibernia, 140 sacks 70 bags flour, 16 casks lard ; 110 bales bacon, 1 ton bladder lard, 2 packs pigs' bristles ; 10 pipes rape oil, 1 cask calves' velves, 26 dozen calves' skirts, 35 firkins butter; in the Hawkc, 547 bis oats, 23 mats; 339 sacks 7 bags flour, 25 bales bacon, 1 hamper hams ; in the Diamond, 524 bis wheat, 54 mats ; 580 sacks flour— From Cork: in the Ann, 44 bales, bacon, 66 bis pork; 1 pack linen, 5 bis gall, 391 bags and sacks flour, 2 tees 1 bag quills and bladders, 1 b! velvcs, 2 tees glass, 1 cushion; in the Viscount Palmerston, 27 pigs old lead, 1 bale linen, 2 casks flour, 5 bis velves, 30 firkins butter, 1 horse, 1 old gig, 4 cases eggs, 2 boxes salmon. BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. WM. TURNER, Leyton, Essex, dealer in horses, April 2, 13, May 7, at Basinghall- street Att. Griffith, High- stieet, Marv- la- Bonnc - JOHN TREVASKISS, Sidney- place, Commercial- i " ad, tailor, April 16,23, May 7, at Basinghall- street Att Hindman, Basinghall- strect JAMES LACEY, Bristol, earthenwareman and tea- dealer, April 11,12, May 7, at the White Lion, Bristol. Atts. Woodhouse, Temple ; or Russell, Bristol. MARK BOL- TON HUGHES and JOSEPH HORTON, Dudley, Worcestershire, iron- founders, April 4, 6, May 7, at the Royal Hotel, Birming- ham. Atts. Clarke and Co. Chancery- lane; Fellowes, Dudley; or Wills, Birmingham CHRISTOPHER BUCKLE, Manches- ter, draper, April 12, 13, May 7, at the Albion, Manchester. Atts. Arlington and Co. Bedford- row ; or Law and Co. Manches- ' ter TIMOTHY HOYLE, JOSHUA LORD, JOHN CHATBURN, and WM. FOTHERGILL, Manchester, calico- printers, April 10, 11, at the Bull, Burnley, May 7, at the Star, Manchester. Atts. Norris, John- street, Bedford- row ; or Shaw, Burnley JAMES TROWBRIDGE, Shaftesbury, stocking- manufacturer, April 3, 4, May 7, at the Red Lion, Shaftesbury. Atts. Buchanan, Gray's- Inn ; or Bowles and Co. Shaftesbury. DIVIDENDS. AptillZ. J. Bursey. jun. Goodge street, bookseller. F. Fisher, Edgeware- road, nurseryman. J. Bumpas, Holborn, bookseller. W. R. Wilson, Crown- court, merchant L. O. Edwards, Mino- ries, merchant April 16. R. Crowden, Knightsbridge, boot- maker. J. Lewin, Hollows J, carpenter. J. Abrahall, Noble- street, merchant. J. Walters, Studham, Herts, farmer. G. Feise, Lawrence Pountneyhill, merchant. R. M. Somersctt, Marlbo- rough, surgeon April 17. R. Hartley, Ripon, Yorkshire, mercer. April 18. J. Knowles, Liverpool, innkeeper. J. Troughton, C. A. Newcomb, J. Troughton, and B. Troughton, jun. Coventry, bankers April 20. R. Hackett, Newport, Isle of Wight, spirit- merchant E. Collinson, Crooked- lane, oil- merchant April23. W. Fosbery, Liverpool, and R. Bamber, Dublin, merchants April 25. J. Brockliss, Oxford, corn- dealer April 26. R. Bibby, Liverpool, merchant April 27. E. B. Deeble, Welbeck- street, upholsterer June 1. J. L. Pasteur, Stoney Stratford, grocer. CERTIFICATES. April 13. J. Hart, Lewisham, builder. W. H. Pyne, Nassau, street, bookseller. T. Lidbetter, Southwick, coal- merchant J. Coldman, Brighton- place, carpenter. R. N. Rose, Holborn- hill, book- dealer. J. and G. Bell, Berwick- upon- Tweed, coopers. W. Cleaver, Chelsea, grocer. C. Newman, Brighton, coach- lamp- rnanufacturer. W. K. Colling, Liverpool, picture- dealer. M. At- kinson, Fulbeck, moncy- scrivener.-— April 16. J. Camp, Broad, street, Wapping, victualler. T. D. Mildred, Size- lane, merchant A. Delvalle, York- street, Covent- garden, wine- merchant. J. Earle, Old Change, warehouseman. C. Coates, New Bond- street, druggist. spectable person at Nether Denby and married several years ago a lady seven years younger than himself, she being 21, and h< about 28. They settled in London, where he amassed a consider, able sum of money. He then ret'red to Yorkshire, where he lived several years in comfort and happiness. Some time in the course of last year, Mr. Haigh fell into a bad state of health, and was obliged to live apart from his wife, so far as occupying different bed- rooms. During that time, when he could not attend to his affairs, Dealtry, the defendant, who was a butcher, took an op- portunity of seducing Mrs. Haigh's affections. Witnesses were called to support this statement, and the defence being concluded, the Jury consulted a few minutes, and returned a verdict for the plaintiff— Damages 200/. CLARE ASSIZES, IRELAND.— Canny v. Stinson This was an action for slander— Damages were laid at 1000/. The defen dant was charged with uttering, in his sermon, language to the following effect;—" That for six years he had been in their pa- rish ( of Bunratty;) and hoped lie had given satisfaction to his flock during that time, with the exception of one. Had he charged him with swindling, robbery, perjury, dissipation and drunken- ness, he ( the plaintiff)- might have commencsd the attack: that he had been charged by the plaintiff with being the father of an illegitimate child, which had been introduced into the parish; that he would take leave of him by praying that the curse of God and of himself should rest upon the person alluded to: that the misfortunes lie should escape in the morning might overtake him before night; and that bis name and substance might dissolve before their eyes like the froth of the sea upon the shore." The jury retired for about half an hour, and returned with a verdict for the plaintiff— Damages, 20/. witji 6d. costs. EXECUTIONS.— On Friday, Saunderson, Bamford, and Adie, found guilty at Nottingham Assizes of murder, underwent the awful sentence of the law, near that town. By the unremitted attention of the Chaplains to the two prisons, a considerable change was wrought in the minds of the'criminals, and they met death with evident signs of contrition. Saunderson was in the 32d year of his age, and has , left a wife and family. Adie was 29 years of age, and Bamford 23— It is 16 years since an execution took place for the town of Nottingham. Last week, Sayward, the shoemaker, for the murder of John Ballard, suffered at Chelmsford. Notwithstanding the hardy and impenitent appearance of this man during his trial, he evinced much sorrow for thc offence from that time until thc hour of iiis execution; forgiving his prosecutors, and acknowledging the just- ness. of his sentence, l ie was only 24 ycars of age. , On Monday, Chas. Smith was executed at Winchester, for shoot- ing at R. Snelgrove, Lord Palmerston's gamekeeper. The culprit was very penitent, lie attributed his melancholy end, in a great . measure, to disobedience to his parents and Sabbath- breaking, and he declared that poaching led to every species of crime. kING'S HEAD INN, Gloucester. 20th. March, 1822. AT a GENERAL MEETING of LIEUTENANCY, holden this Day,- for the " County of Gloucester, aud for the City and County of the City of Gloucester, and for thc City and County, of the City of Bristol, pursuant to. the last Adjournment, for receiving and examining the Returns of the Number of Men liable to serve, and for making an apportionment of such number between the several Subdivisions witiiin the said County and Cities, and Counties of the same Cities, in order to further proceedings being had thereon, for raising 416 Men, the number wanted for completing the Establishment of the Militia of the same County, and Cities and Counties of thc said Cities;— Resolved, THAT the apportionment of the number of" Men found at this Meeting liable to serve, according to the Returns from the Clerks of the several Subdivisions, be as follows; Number of Number of Men liable. Men cjy For the Bristol Subdivision 2429 For the. Stow Subdivision 1855 For.. the Sodbury Subdivision. 1072 For the. Durslcy Subdivision'. 1913 For the Stroud Subdivision 2119 For the Gloucester Subdivision 2328 For the Newnham Subdivision 1725 For the Newent Subdivision 464 For the Cirencester Subdivision 899 For the Bibury Subdivision ;.'.:. 774 For the City of Bristol..., SI56 For the Alvestone Subdivision 895 For the Cheltenham Subdivision .'. 2067 Resolved, THAT the Meetings in the several Subdivisions, for Balloting the Men to be raised for tlie purpose before, mentioned, beheld at the times and places following, that is to say,— For the Snbdivlsion of Alvestone, at Alvcstone, on Tuesday,... April 23 next. PHOENIX FIRE- OFFICE. TRUSTEES AND DIRECTORS. Mathias Attwood, Esq. M. P. James Bell, F. sq. John Coope, Esq. William Curtis, Esq. William Davis, Esq. Crawford Davison, Esq. Emanuel Goodhart, Esq. John Hawes, Esq. Rd. Henshaw Lawrence, Esq. William Samler, Esq. Sir Charles Flower, Bart and Alderman. William Heygate, Esq. man and M. P. John Petty Muspratt, Esq. Major Rohde, Esq. Thomas Rowcroft,. E » q. George Shum, Esq. Charles Hampden Turner, Esq. Matthew Whiting, Esq. Matthew Wilson, Esq. Thomas Wilson, Esq. M. P. Alder portioned. 49 37 21 38 43 47 85 9 18 15 44 18 42 Newnham, at Newnham, .... on Wednesday, Gloucester, at Gloucester, on Thursday,.. Cheltenham,.... at Cheltenham,... on Friday, ..... Stow, •••• at Stow, on Saturday,... Stroud, at Stroud, on Monday, ... Bibury, at, Bibury, on Tuesday, ... Cirencester, at Cirencester, on Wednesday, Dursley at Dursley, on Thursday,.. Sodbury, at Spdbury,........ on. Friday, City of Bristol, ot Bristol,..., 011 Saturday,... Barton Regis,., ht the Sessions' House, without") Lawfqrd's Gate, Bristol, on Monday,... J Newent.......... at Newent, on Tuesday,. May 24 . 25 18 27 29 30 1 2 3 4 0 7 THOS. DAVIS. Clerk of thc General Meetings. ffpO be LET, and entered upon immediately,- X comfortable and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE A most HOUSE, with suitable Offices, fit for the residence of a small genteel Family; with an extensive Garden, well laid outand planted, situate near the town, and in the parish of Tewkesbury; containing, Rn the ground floor, an entrance hall, two parlours, and a breakfast- room ; on the first floor, a drawing- room, three bed- chambers ; and above, four good bed- chambers. The situation is exceedingly pleasant, and commands extensive views of the surrounding country. For a view and to take the Premises, apply to Mr. John Moore, Auctioneer, Tewkesbury. TO be LET, for Five or Seven Years, and entered on - immediately,— A capital MANSION HOUSE, in excellent repair, with Coach- house, Stables, and all necessary Outbuildings, a large Garden walled in, well, stocked, and in prime condition, extensive Grapery, with Pits that are suitable either for Melons or Pines, Lawn, Shrubberies, and other conveniences, at Hygrove, in the parish of Minsterworth, about three miles from tile city of Gloucester; forming altogether a most desirable Residence for a Family of the first respectability. The above Premises are beautifully situated upon a gentle emi- nence ( about a quarter of a mile from the turnpike road, lead- ing from Gloucester to Newnham and Chepstow, and about 12 tniies from Cheltenham), and command the most delightful views of the surrounding country, the whole of which is highly diver- sified and picturesque. Any quantity of rich Pasture Land, not exceeding 50 acres, adjoining to the House, may be had with the premises, and the Tenant may also be accommodated with the peculiar advantage of the deputation of the Manor of Minsterworth, and aright to sport over a very large portion of the whole parish. For further particulars, application may be made to Mrs. Evans, the proprietor, No. 44, Southampton- Row, Russell- Square, Lon- don ; the Rev. H. B. Evans, Minstcrworth; or Messrs. Gwin- nett and Newman, Solicitors, Cheltenham. TEN GUINEAS REWARD. fjPO PRINTERS, ENGRAVERS, etc.— Whereas it Jj. has been discovered that certain Persons are in the habit of Printing and Vending Labels, being copies or imitations of those affixed to the bottles containing the GENUINE BLACKING prepared by DAY and MARTIN, thereby enabling unprinci- pled dealers to impose on their customers a had and injurious ar- ticle : We hereby offer a reward of Ten Guineas to any Person who shall give such information as will lead to the conviction of any one guilty of these illegal practices. Feb. 1822. DAY and MARTIN, 97, Holborn. Cheltenham... W. H. COOPER. Cirencester... J. WILLIAMSON. Dursley THOMAS BALD WIN. Lechdale JOSEPH BARR. Stroudwater '' tZr?'}"''* ™ ™ - Tewkesbury .... H. H. FRYER. Bristol T. HARPER. | Campien WM. GIBBS. RICHARD SIMS. Chippenham. Mary Taylor. Devises J. C. Knight Marlborough Brown & Dixon. Crickkde... Vfm. Bathe, Purton. Oxford Thos. Wyatt, Holy- well, Oxford. Banbury Richard Thorne. Calne William Bailey, OXFORDSHIRE. f, T < 11 f L'vrEt(!.' « ;' r, r:. . SENTINEL APARTMENTS uLWf HURNU: i!\. rx, with or without BOARD. be LET, and entered upon immediately;—- A aeoj JL PARLOUR and DRAWING ROOM with two airj Bed Rooms, and the use of a Kitchen ;• situate iu a healthy part of the town ofColeford. The tenant may be accommodated with a Stable and Garden if required. For other particulars, enquire of Mr. Pearce, Maltster, Coleford, ( if by letter, post- paid,.) MONMOUTHSHIRE. ' TO BV. DISPOSED OF BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. ALL tke COAL and MINERALS under fifty- four Acres of Land, situated st a place called Keren Coch, ia the parish of Monythusloyne. distant about one mile from Crum- lin, and the same from the Monmouthshire Canal. The Coal ia of the first quality, and from its situation may be immediately- worked by level to the greatest advantage. For particulars and to treat for the above, apply personally, or by letter, ( postage paid,) to Messrs. M'Donnell and Mostyn, So- licitor, Usk— Usk, March 18, 1822. ________ GLOBE INSURANCE, LONDON. FIRE, LIVES, and - ANNUITIES. The Establishment of this Office comprehends thc granting Insur- ances against Loss or Damage by Fire ; Insurances > on Lives and on Survivorships ; the. Endowment of Children ; and Im- mediate, Deferred, and Progressive Annuities. INSURANCES AGAINST Loss, OR DAMAGE BV FIRE, maybe effected on Buildings, Far'. ning'Stock, Shipping, and all other Property within the United Kingdom,- for a'Year ; for any Number of Years ; or for a shorter Period than k Y£ ar; by application at the Company's Offices in Pall- Mall anil CornhilJ, between the hours of ten and four ; or by application to the Cora- pany'. s Agents in the principal Towns and Outporu in tiia United Kingdom. INSURANCES ON. LIVES AND ON Stin^ ivonsulp, maybe effected by application ut the Company's Offices within the atxive hours, or by application to their Agents. Persons whose Lives urer proposed may appear at either of the Company's Offices - betweea the hours of twelve and two. . • . ENDOWMENTS FOR CHILDREN, AND ENUCATION ANNUI- TIES, may be purchased for Single Payments or Annual Premi- ums; IMMEDIATE, DEFERRED, and PROGRESSIVE ANNUI- TIES. are also, granted; for which the Rates and. Conditions may be had gratis, by application at the Company's, Offices, or frota their Agents. Thc CAPITAL of the COMPANY ONE MILLION STERLING, the WHOLE of which has been paid up, and invested- in Govern- ment or Real Securities ,- itnd the Security of thc Public having beer, thus amply provided for, it is stipulated that no Member of the Company shall he liable to pay any Sum beyond the Amount ot his Subscription or Share in the saiil. Capital of ONE MILLION. , No Person insured by this Company is liable tt.' be called upon to contribute towards the . Losses of others, as with Societies esta- blished on the principle of mutual Insurance 1303. . DIRECTORS. GEORGE ABERCROMBIE ROBINSON, Esq. Chairman. JOSEPH DORIN, Esq. Deputy Cfiairnian. William Abbott, Esq. ;| Matthew Isacke, Charles Raymond Barker, Esq. ! i David Hunter, Esq.. " John Latham, M. D. Thomas Barrow, Esq, Thomas Blair, Esq. William Breach, Esq. Sir Chas. Cockerell, Bart M. P. Thomas Coles, Esq. Boyce Combe, Esq. George F'raser, Esq. George Carr Glyn, Esq. Edward Goldsmid, Esq. Isaac L. Goldsmid, Esq. John Neave, Esq William Phillimore, Esq. Frederick John Pigou, Baa. Sir Walter Stirling, Bart. James Taddy, Esq. Robert Taylor, Esq. Edward Vaux, Esq." Charles Edward Wilsonn, Esq. ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE OFFICE, ( Established by Royal Charter in the Ilcign of GEORGE I.) PERSONS whose Annual Pre- miums full due at Lady- Day are hereby informed, that RECEIPTS are now ready to be delivered by the Com- pany's Agents under- mentioned, and the parties assured are requested to apply for the renewal of their Policies on or be- fore the 9th day of April, 1822, as the usual fifteen days allowed for payment, beyond the date of their respective Poli- cies, will then expire. SAM. PENNING, Jun. Secretary. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Gloucester B. BONNOR. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Swansea.... J. & W. R. Grove. | Cardiff William Bird. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Monmouth ... Thomas Tudor. 1 Newport Philip Phillips. WORCESTERSHIRE. Worcester R. Gillam. | Kidderminster... J. Ward. WILTSHIRE. Salisbury Stevens & Black- more. Swindon Bradford & Son. Warminster.. W. Laugley. Henley Samuel Cooper Thame Thomas Hedges. Witney John Wells, jun. N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed, free of expcnce, where the Annual Premiums amount to 6j. or upwards. feS- Farming Stock is insured at S. t. per cent per annum. This Company have invariably made good Losses by Fire oc- casioned by Lightning. Assurances on Lives being found to be advantageous to persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes, deter- minable on the Life or Lives of themselves or others: Tables of the Rates of such Assurances, and for their granting Annui- ties on Lives, may be had of the said Agents. And for the grea- ter convenience of the Public, have determined to extend ( by the Company's special agreement) Assurances on LIVES to the Age of 75 Years. *„* Persons assured by this Corporation do not depend on an uncertain fund or contribution, nor arc they subject to any coven- ants or coils, to make good losses which may happen to themselves or others; their Capital Stock being an unquestionable Security to the assured in ease of loss. at ENEWAL Receipts for Policies falling due , I. ady- Day, are now in the Hands of the several Agents of thc Company. The general Rates of the PHCENIX COMPANY are as low and moderate as the nature of the different risks will admit; and, in this Company, 110 Person assured is under the liabilities of Part, nership, or subject to have Execution levied upon his Property to make good the Losses of others. The Company are enabled to appeal to the experience of the Public in a period of more than Forty Years, for the- promptitude and liberality with which Claims of I . oss to the amount of upwards of Three Millions Sterling have been adjusted aud paid. Applications for Insurances may be made to the Agents of the Company, and nil Persons having Claims are desired to send ill the same to the Agents through whom they are insured, who will transmit them directly to the Board of Directors for Adjustment and Payment without delay. The Agents for this Company for the county of Gloucester are Messsrs. TURNER, TURNER, anil MORRIS, Gloucester. FOR PRESERVING THE TEETH AND GUMS. rjiHE VEGETABLE TOOTH- POWDER has so .1. long been in general use that it is unnecessary to offer any further recommendation of it. Composed of Vegetables, with- out the sdmixture of any mineral or pernicious Ingredient what- ever, it Is free from the usual objections against the use of other Dentifrices. Its detersive power is just sufficient to annihilate tho « e destructive particles which adhere to tile GunM and the Interstices of the Teeth; healing injuries in the former, and pro- moting a new Enamel ( where it has been injured or corroded,) 011 the latter. It likewise imparts a firmness and healthy red- ness to the Gums; and If used regularly will preseve the Teeth in a sound state to old age. Sold in Boxes, at 2s. 9d. by Butlers, Chemists, No. 4, Cheap- side, London; 20, Waterloo- Place, Edinburgh, and 84, Sack. ville- Street, Dublin; and hy the principal Perfumers and Book- sellers throughout the United Kingdom. N. B. Purchasers are requested to askfor thc VEGETABLE TOOTU POWDER, and to observe the. name and address of " But- ler, 4, Cheapside," are engraved on the stamp and laltel at- tached to each box of his esteemed Dentifrice, to distinguish it from IMITATIONS under similar titles. Mr. JOHN GARN •• Mr. ROWLAND PAUL • • • Mr. Thos. WHITHORN . Mr. SAMUEL JONES ••• Mr. GEO. TIMBRELL •• • Mr. RICH. PARKER Mr. RICH. BOWLEY •• Mr. WM. THOMPSON.. Mr. Wm. PovEY Mr. JOHN EVANS.. .'." » .. Mr. Geo. PAIN Cheltenham. . Cheltenham, . Tewkesbury. • Tewkesbury. • Winchcomb. • Stroud. Circncestcr, Ditto. • Wotton- Undsrcdgc. • Tetbury. Stow, GOUT, RHEUMATISM, COUGHS, and COL US LIFE PILLS, entirely Vegetable, discovered by the Rev. C. CARRINGTON, Vicar of Berkeley, one of His Majesty's Deputy Lieutenants, & c. for the county of Glouces- ter.— By encreasing the energy of the brain, and pouring new life and vigour into the constitution, they enable nature to matte incredible efforts for the expulsion of disease, before organic de- struction.— In Colds, Coughs, Rheumatism, Atonic Gout ; in Female Complaints ; in Flatulence, Sickness, and Pains of the Stomach; in Nervous Affections; tbe bursting agony of sud- den Grief, or the deep Heart Ache of settled Melancholy ; in every Spasmodic Pain, from the slighest Cramp to the most ex- cruciating Cholic, their stupendous success obscures all former remedies. Even in the most aggravated cases oj Gout in the Stomach, they often arrest the progress of Death, and lead to a rccovcry; they restore to the dignity of man and parent the en- feebled and unwary votaries of pleasure. Sold in boxes, at Is. 1 Jrf. and 4s. 6d. each, by BARRY and SON, Bristol, ( without whose name on the Stamp, they cannot be genuine) ; also by W. Sutton^ and Co ; Barclays; Butlers; and Sangers ; ICO, Oxford- Street, London; Messrs. WALKER and SONS, Printers of this Paper, Gloucester; andby all other . Medicine Venders. JOHN CHARLES DENHAM, Secretary. Pall- Mall, London, March 20, 1822. Insurances due at Lady- Day, must be paid on or before the Oth day of April, when the fifteen days allowed for the Renewal thereof will expire. J. DELCROIX; Of 33, Old Bond- Street, corner of Stqfford- Street, LONDON, BEGS leave to inform the Nobility and Public, that he is continually supplying the following IIousc3, vii Messis- Meadows, and Calton, Gloucester; Wm. Stevens, jtin. Ciren- cester ; Bettison, Williams, Crook, and Saxtie, Cheltenham ; with his unequalled FOREIGN PERFUMERY, and in particular with his much- admired Esprit de Lavaiide aux Millefleurs, Esprit de. Rose, Muguet, Marichalle, Chevre- feuille Rezeda, Portugal, Mousseline, Bouquet des Dames de Florence, and about twenty other sorts ; also his celebrated Vegetable Extract, for cleansing the Hair; and every other article of" Perfumery, of the most supe- rior quality, requisite for the comfort of the Toilette. He has likewise authorized them to sell the undermentione newly discovered Articles -— POUDRE UNIQUE, jbr chang- ing Grey or Red Hair to a Light Auburn, Brown or Block. — The pre- eminent superiority of DELCROIX's POUDRE UNIQUE!, over . ill other Compositions for DYEING the HAIS, is proved by a single trial; antl it must be highly satisfactory u> those Persons whose Hair becomes Grey in early life, to be thu » enabled to make choice of three distinct colours, without the dan- ger of staining the skin. The operation being simple and easy, the effect infallible, and the Hairwill remain as soft and sleek as- beforo. Thc method of using it is amply dc- acribed in an envelope sold with each bottle, by the Proprietor. His POMADE REGENERATRICE, for the Growth and Preservation of the Hair— to which J. DELCROIX has particular- ly directed his studies, and which has led him to the discovery of this valuable compound from several plants, the great properties of which, for the growth of the Hair and preventing its falling off", have been hitherto but partially known in this country. It would be superfluous here to enlarge further oA the merits of this com- pound, as a short trial will fully evince its efficacy— Sold in bottles, sealed with the Proprietor's name, at 4s". each. His POUDRE SUBTIL, for removing superfluous Hair This imperfection J. DELCROIX has obviated, by offering to the Ladies this infallible remedy, Which will effect thu object in eight minutes, without the least inconvenience or pain, and leaving thut part of the skin extremely soft and smooth. J. D. will pledge him- self to the truth of these facts, which renders- it unnecessary to en- large on its merits. Sold in boxes, with directions for use, with the Proprietor's name, at be. fid. each. Also his valuable Anti- Scorbutic Elixir, for preserving the Gums and Teeth from decay, and curing the Toothach; tuid hia Anii- Seorbulic Dentifrice, for cleafising and beautifying the Teeth, and preserving the Enamel from scorbutic infection; both of whieh are perfectly innocent, extremely pleasant ill the use, and leave a delightful fragrance to the breath. He further begB to recommend his much- admired Aromatic Emollient and Mecca Soap, for soften- ing and whitening the Skin. BEAUTIFUL HAIR. " ~ THE effect of a beautiful bead of hair on the coun- tenance has been at all times a theme of admiration, anil the Proprietor of the following article has the satisfaction to appeal to most of the Nobility for the truth of the assertioa, that ATKINSON'S CURLING FLUID, or VEGETATIVE HAIR OIL, is the greatest bcautifter of the hair ever inven- ted. It cleans the dander from Children's heads, and gives their hair a peculiar beauty. It makes the hair if harsh or dry, soft and glossy as silk, and gives it such strength and elasticity, that it retains the curl during exercise in the dance, or promenade, or in d imp weather. It prevents its turning grey or falling off, and is well known to medical men for its superiority in rege- nerating its growth. Price Ss. 6d. CAUTION. — As it has been counterfeited and imitated by nu- merous needy Speculators, the Public will please to observe the Proprietor's name and address distinct on the label. ' Also, ATKINSON'S VEGETABLE DYE, which changes grey or red hair to permanent brown or black, price is— AnJ ATKINSON'S AMBROSIAL SOAP, made by a new procw. It is much milder than the common Soaps it counteract-! their pernicious effects on the skin, and makes it luxuriantly soft, white, and even; price IJ a snuare. Sold by the Proprietor, Mr. Atkinson, Perfumer, 44, Gerrard- Street, Soho, London ; D. WALKER and SONS, Printers of this Paper, and most Patent Medicine- Venders and Perfumers. FOR WORMS, FITS, PAINS IN THE STOMACH, fa WORMS arc tho cause of many internal afflictions, which vary so much in their effects that they may be mistaken by the most eminent physician, and prove equally la- tal to the constitutions of adults and children ; though the latter niore extensively suffer from their destructive ravages. Their more usual symptoms are FITs, PAINS IN THE STOMACH, SIDE, AND IIBAD, LOSS OR APPETITE, AND PALE, LANGUID, AUD EMACIATED APPEARANCE IN THE PATIENT. The extraordi- nary efficacy of CHING'S PATENT WORM LOZENSES in all such complaints, as well as in obstructions in the bowels, aud every disordrr where opening or cleansing physle is required. Is so universally known, and has been publicly acknowledged by so many persons of distinction and rank in society, that it Is, unnecessary here to enlarge on their peculiar virtues.. Sold in Boxes at lj. lirf and 2J £>•-/. by Butlers, Chemists, 4, Cheapside, London ; 30, Waterloo- Place, Edinburgh, and J4, Sackville- Street, Dublin ; and by all Medicine Venders DISORDERS of the Nervous System, whether cri- ginatlng in excessive indulgence of the appetites and pas- sions, or in hereditary structure, constitute the misery of a large portion of the cfBicted. Depraved appetite; trembling ( if. the limbs, weakness of body and inconstancy of mind pecullirly characterise them, and make the discharge of the accustomed duties of life laborious and wearisome.- The CORDIAL BALM of GlLEAD attacks this hydra with astonishing success, and may he resorted to with the greatest confidence. Sold by D. Walker and Sons, ( Printers of this Paper,) Weit- gate- Street, Gloucester; and hy all Booksellers i% the United Kingdom, and iu America; In buttles lis. eaeh ; there are also bottles 3SJ. each, the latter containing the quantity of four at lis. " Saml. Salomon Liverpool," is engraved on the 9Unip, to imitate which is felony, !)!<. JAMES's POWDER IS acknowledged to be tho greatest discovery in me- dicine during the last century. In cases of Fever it will of- ten effect a cure in a few hours, especially when freely given and at the outset of the disease. It is administered with equal suc- cess in all attacks of Measles, St. Anthony's Fire, Sore Throlt, Pleurisy, and Rheumatism ; but as Colds and Catarrhs partake more or less of inflammatory symptoms, this Powder is pecu- liarly efficacious in cutting short their duration; which however harmless they may be though-, often terminate in Pulmonary Affection, the fatal consequences of which are but too well known. As an Alterative in Chronic Diseases, it is an admi- rable remedy. The genuine Dr. James's Powder U sold by Messrs. New- bery, at. the Original Warehouse, No. St. Paul s Church- Yard, London, with full directions for its use; and hy their Agents throughout the kingdom ; but purchasers will particu- larly observe the name " F. Newbery," it, tbe Black Stamp on each bottle and packet.
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