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The Gloucester Journal


Printer / Publisher: D Walker and Sons 
Volume Number: CI    Issue Number: 5205
No Pages: 4
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The Gloucester Journal
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The Gloucester Journal

Date of Article: 11/03/1822
Printer / Publisher: D Walker and Sons 
Address: Westgate-street, Gloucester
Volume Number: CI    Issue Number: 5205
No Pages: 4
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PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY D. WALKER AND SONS, VOL. CI.— NO. 5205.] MONDAY, • rnrn^ m • do illtl< j.> jr( j JlSk- ^ ( SUCCESSORS TO R. RAIKES,) WESTG ATE. STREET. MARCH 11, 1822. [ Price Seven- pence. THURSDAY'S POST. This Day is published, LONDON, WEDNESDAYS MARCH 6, 1822. THE intelligence from France increases in interest and importance ; and we have received the par- ticulars of a commotion at Paris. It is indeed obvious that a conspiracy exists, extended in its ramifications, and completely subversive in its nature; but it is not probable that it will succeed. There are, fortu- nately for the tranquillity of Europe, many circumstancse, as respects France, both internal and external, which will operate in the way of compression. The tendency to ex- plosion, however, is nevertheless to be dreaded and de- plored ; and the calm and dispassionate observer looks with concern at the general measures of a Government, which in its natural and laudable endeavours to restore the Throne and the Altar, has attempted to rebuild the one on false and exploded principles, and to erect the other on the bases of superstition and priestcraft. The natural effects may be expected; the symptoms will manifest them- selves when occasion shall offer, and when disturbances occur we should express our sorrow but not our surprize. The erection of Greece into a kingdom, in favour of the present King of Wirtemburg, a near relative of the Em- peror of Russia, is the subject of very general conversa- tion and belief in the circles of Germany.— The Prince of Orange is said to have applied to the Emperor of Russia for a command in his army, in ease of a war between the Russians and the Turks ; which application is stated to have been complied with. ' The Spanish Cortes have passed a decree, nullifying the treaty of Independence with Mexico, called the Treaty of (' ordova, and expressly vindicating the authority of the Mother Country. A new Russian Tariff is about to be promulgated. It is particularly severe against the manufactures of this coun- try, which are either wholly prohibited, or saddled with such heavy imposts as nearly amount to a prohibition. It is thus that the magnanimous Alexander endeavours to repay us for having assisted him to preserve his Throne, and for having, in unlimited confidence, opened the whole progress of British art and manufacture to the inspection of himself and such artists as he introduced in his suite, for the purpose, no doubt, of carrying the inventions home! The Irish Mails bring accounts of several fresh out- rages ; but we happy to have a contradiction of that most barbarous attack on the women belonging to the soldiery at Newcastle. The county of Limerick appears to be still the most prominent, as it was earliest in the career of atro- city. The most conspicuous of the late ruthless brutali- ties is the destruction by fire of the house of Colonel Ma- hon, the residence of Mr. White, in the neighbourhood of Newcastle, on the 25th ult. where the savages shewed every determination to drive back the flying family of women and children into the flames; when a party of the 42d coming up providentially at the last moment, rescued them from a horrible fate, hut succeeded in securing one only of the miscreants. Several of the miserable wretches, who have lately been convicted, have suffered the last sentence of the law ; and others are about to suffer. Indeed, it would be unseemly to advocate theextensionof mercy to such barbarians; who, whatever may be their provocations or sufferings, must be cut off from such a career of savage cruelty. Monday was the commencement of the twelve days, al- lowed to tile holders of Navy 5 per Cents, for the expres- sion of their dissent to the plan for reduction of the in- terest of that stock; and the ice was broken by an indi- vidual who put down his name, as claiming his principal — a principal amounting to only 380/. The total amount of stock on which payment in money has been claimed amounted to 20,000The manner of carrying the pro- position of Government into effect, is by a circular letter, which the principal, or agent, signs at the Bank, whence it is carried to the Five per Cent. Office, and there checked by the clerk, in order to ascertain that the person holds such a quantity of stock. The letter is then brought back to the Cashier's Office, where it is numbered in rotation, and deposited. It is understood that the names and the gums are then entered in a book, which, however, is not allowed to be inspected. The applications for the printed forms were numerous. But with regard to the number of persons who have signed, it is extremely difficult, on account of the method pursued, to obtain information. The great expence of the Board of Controul will be among the earliest subjects of importance brought next before the House of Commons, where Ministers will again perhaps l) e left in a minority. The salary of the President is extravagant, which must be admitted on all sides, as Mr. Bathurst, in addition to fulfilling the duties of his other places, performed those of President of the Board of Controul also, for several months after Mr. Canning re- signed. The situation is little more than a sinecure. Last night's Gazette contains an order in Council sus- pending the calling out of the militia in the present year. The King has granted to the Rt. Hon. George Gordon Baron Byron, of Rochdale; and to Anne- Isabella, his wife, his royal licence to use the surname and bear the arms of Noel only, and to subscribe the said surname of Noel be- fore all titles of honour.— Gazette. Lord Londonderry, it is understood, has recommended in the Agricultural Committee, the repeal of the present Corn Bill and the return to a free trade in grain, the im- portation being subject to a graduated scale of duties. E- very thing of course depends on the amount of duties to be proposed. Almost all the Members agree that the duties should not exceed the amount of the burdens on British agriculture. But very different notionsare entertained with respect to the amount of these burdens by different Mem- bers of the Committee. Some of them think from Gs. to a quarter, the most that ought to he allowed on this account, while others entertain the most extravagant no- tions with respect to it. Much of this discordancy is ow- ing to the different sentiments entertained as to what con- stitute the burdens on production. In the year 1813, the population of England, Wales, and Scotland, was about ten millions, and the annual tax- ation was about 70 millions; in that year, therefore, the taxation for each person, man, woman, and child, amoun- ted to the sum of 7l. In the year 1821, the population was about 14 millions, and the taxation was about 54 mil- lions. The taxation, therefore, in the year 1821, did not , amount to more than 47. each person, while the taxation fbr 1813 amounted to 7/. each person. This is rather a singular fact, after the assertions which have been made . at all the late Agricultural Meetings, as to the oppressive effect of the taxation for the last year. Mr. Cobbett, at the Meeting of Farmers in Chichester, on the 20th ult. combated the argument, that " taxation does not cause the present agricultural distress," by ad- ducing what he stated as a fact, viz. that a farmer had a few days before taken 14 quarters of barley to a maltster at Godalming, and in exchange carried home 4 quarters of malt and 8.*. " Now ( said he) had there been no tax on the malt, he would have taken home, in exchange for his barley, the same 4 quarters of malt, and 8/. instead of 8.5. Need it be asked whether the 8/. would not have gone far- ther than the 8. r. in enabling the farmer to pay rent ?" A family near Durham, a short time ago, renewed the lease of a farm they held under the venerable Bishop of the diocese, by paying a fine, and putting in the life of a young man of 17 years of age, who was shortly after drown- ed, anil also his sister at the same time, in the river Tees. This unfortunate circumstance rendered another renewal and fine, to the amount of 300/. necessary, which the wor- thy prelate returned to the relatives of the young man. in the most delicate and feeling manner. Mr. Charles Whitlaw has introduced certain American remedies, which are particularly efficacious in curing Scro- fulous disorders. A public meeting took place at the Free- , masons' Tavern on Saturday, when it was resolved to form a gratuitous establishment for the cure of the poor. We deeply regret to state that the spirit of insubordi- nation and outrage which has lately manifested itself amongst the labouring classes in Norfolk, has now ex- tended to some parts of Suffolk; where it has developed itself' by riotous uttempts to destroy thrashing machines, the eenuing of threatening letters, & c. And in several instances the farming premises of obnoxious individuals have been set on tiro by inceiuliarics and consumed, toge- ther with their contents. Y LETTER to CHARLES HgNRY PARRY, M. D. F. R. S. & c. & c. on the Ui-^/' ENCK of ARTIFICIAL ERUPTIONS, in certain DISEASES incidental to the HUMAN BODY ; with an Inquiry respecting the probable Advantages to be derived from further Experiments. By EDWARD JENNER, Esq. M. D. LL. D. F. R. S. M. N. I. F. & c. & c. & c. And Physician Extraordinary to the King. London: Printed for Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, Paternos- ter- Row. GUY'S ASTRONOMY FOR SCHOOLS. This Day is published, illustrated by 18 beautiful PLites, Price only 5s. neatly bound, the Second Edition, of 17 LEMENTS OF ASTRONOMY, familiarly explain- _ J ing the general Phamomena of the Heavenly Bodies, and the Theory of the Tides, to which is subjoined a complete Set of Questions for Examination, for the Use of Private Students as well as Public Seminaries. Intended as a Companion to the " School Geography" of the same Author. By JOSEPH GUY, formerly Professor of Geography, at the Royal Military College, Great Marlow. London : Printed for Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, Paternoster- row ; by whom are also published, the following popular School Books of the same Author, viz— 1. The SCHOOL GEOGRAPHY, with seven Maps, 7thEdi- tion, price bound in red. 2. The POCKET CYCLOPAEDIA, or Miscellany of useful Knowledge, 8th Edition, 12mo. price 8J. bound. 3. NEW BRITISH READER, with 17 Wood Cuts, 3d Edi- tion, price 3s. ti,-/. bound. 4. SCHOOL CYPHERING BOOK for Beginners, on fine Writing Paper, 4to. New Edition, price 3i. fid. 5. A KEY to the Sums, price firt. 6. NEW BRITISH PRIME It," with numerous Cuts, price td. 7. NEW BRITISH SPELLING ROOK, price 1 » . 67. bound. 8. CHART OF GENERAL HISTORY, Ancient and Mo- dern, price 7s. coloured. On Canvass and Rollers, 10 » . tid. and varnished, 14s. !'.. A GEOGRAPHICAL KEY to the Problems and Questions in Guy's Geography ; price 1.?. 67, sewed. Also by Mr. JOSEPH GUY, Jun. 1. The ENGLISH SCHOOL GRAMMAR; price l. v. 67. bnd. 2. The NEW LATIN PRIMER, price 2s. bound. .'!. NEW EXERCISES IN ORTHOGRAPHY, priceUbnd. ARMY CONTRACT. Commissariat Department, Treasury Chambers, Feb. 26, 1822. NOTICE is hereby given to all Persons desirous of contracting to supply the following ARTICLES for the use of the Army. viz. BREAD, To his Majesty's Land F'orces in Cantonments, Quarters, and Bar- racks, in the under- mentioned Counties and Islands: DIALOGUES ON CHEMISTRY. This day are published, in 2 Vols. 18mo. Price Hi. half- bound, DIALOGUES on CHEMISTRY, intended for the Instruction and Entertainment of Young People ; in which the first Principles of that Science are fully explained ; with Ques- tions for the Examination of Pupils. By the Rev. JOSEPH . JOYCE. A new Edition, carefully corrected according to the latest improvements in the Science. "„* In consequence of the death of the author, this work has remained for a Considerable period out of print. In the mean time, numerous discoveries have been made in the science of which it treats; and the publishers have availed themselves of the assistance • of a gentleman conversant with chemistry to make such alterations and additions as are required by the present state of the science. It will be found that some changes have been made in the arrange- ment, and that various parts have been entirely re- written. It is presumed, therefore, that the work will be found worthy of the con- tinuation of that patronage which it has hitherto received. London : Printed for Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, Paternoster- row ; and R. Hunter, successor to Mr. Johnson, St. Paul's Church- YTard ; by who.* also are published, by the same Author, 1. SCIENTIFIC DIALOGUES, intended for the Instruction and EntertainmentofYoung People; in which the First Principles of Natural and Experimental Philosophy are fully explained. Comprising Mechanics, Astronomy, Hydrostatics, Pneumatics, Optics, Magnetism, Electricity, and Galvanism. In 6 vols. Price 15. t. half- bound. A New Edition, with Additions and other con- siderable Improvements. 2. A COM PANION to the SCIENTIFIC DIALOGUES; or, the Tutor's Assistant and Pupil's Manual in Natural and Experi- mental Philosophy ; containing a complete Set of Questions, and other Exercises, for the examination of Pupils in the Scientific Dia- logues, and forming a Seventh Volume of that Work. To which is added, A Compendium of the principal Facts under each Depart- ment of Science. Price 2s. 67. half- bound. 3. DIALOGUES on the MICROSCOPE, intended for the In- struction and Entertainment of Young Persons, desirous of inves- tigating the Wonders of the minuter Parts of the Creation : con- taining an Account of the Principles of Vision ; and of the Con- struction and Management of the most improved and generally ' useful Microscopes; illustrated with ten Plates, ia 2 vols. 12mo. price 7s. half- bound. 4. LETTERS on NATURAL and EXPERIMENTAL PHILOSOPHY, addressed to a Youth settling in the Metropolis. In I2mo. with 17 Plates, priceDs. boards. The Second Edition, much enlarged and improved. Bedford Berks ( including the town of Hungerford) Berwick Bucks Cambridge ( including the town of New- market) Chester Cornwall ( including Scilly) Cumberland Derby Devon Dorset Durham Essex ( exclusive of Tilbury Fort) Gloucester ( includim the City of Bristol) Hants Hereford Hertford Hunts I sle of Man Isle of Wight Kent ( including Til- bury Fort, in the County of Essex) Lancaster Leicester Lincoln Middlesex Monmouth Norfolk Northampton Northumberland Nottingham Oxford Rutland Salop • Somerset Stafford Suffolk Surrey Sussex Warwick Westmereland Wilts Worcester York North and South Wales And in the several Counties in North Britain. As also Bread to the Household Troops in London and its Vicinity. OATS, To his Majesty's Cavalry in Cantonments and Quarters, in the under- mentioned Counties: Bedford Gloucester Rutland Berwick Hereford Salop Bucks Hertford Stafford Cambridge Hunts Westmoreland Chester Leicester Wilts Cumberland 1 . incoln Worcester Derby Monmouth North and South Durham Oxford Wales. FORAGE, vix. OATS, HAY, and STRAW, to his Majesty's Cavalry in Barracks, andOATS in Cantonments andQuarters, in the under- mentioned Counties in South Britain: Berks Middlesex York _ . Cornwall Norfolk Ordnance Barracks Devon Northampton at Newcastle- upon- Dorset Nottingham Tyne, and Oats in Essex Somerset Northumberland, Hants ( including the Suffolk and Isle of Wight) Surrey In the several counties Kent Sussex in North Britain. Lancaster Warwick That the Deliveries are to commence on and for the 25th day of April next; that Proposals in Writing, sealed up and marked " Tender for Army Supplies," will be received at this Office on or before Tuesday, the 26th of March next, but none will be received after twelve o'clock on that day. Proposals must be made separately for each County, except for the Counties comprising North and South Wales, all of which must be included in one Tender ; as also must the several Coun- ties in North Britain ; and each Proposal must have the letter which is annexed to the tender properly filled up, by two per- sons of known property, engaging to become bound with the party tendering in the amount stated in the printed particulars, for the elue performance of the Contract; and no Proposal will ' be noticed unless made on a printed tender, and the prices ex- pressed in words at length; and should it so happen that during the continuance of the Contract no troops should be supplied by virtue of the same, the expence of the stamps for the Contract and Bond, paid in the first instance by the Contractor, will be refunded to him. Particulars of the Contracts may be had upon application at this Office, between the hours of ten and four. P. S. Samples of the Bread and Meal may be seen at this Office, between the hours of twelve and two. HEREFORDSHIRE. TO be LET,— A very desirable DAIRY FARM, con- taining 80 acres, and to be entered upon at Lady- Day next. For particulars, apply personally, ( or by letter, post- paid.) to Captain Humble, Huntley, Gloucestershire. Huntley, March 2, 1822. Cheltenham and Glaoucf< jter djeatree. ri^ O be LET, for a Term of Years, and entered upon im- J! mediately,— The THEATRES ROYAl. at CHELTEN- HAM and GLOUCESTER, with the DWELLING- HOUSE belonging to the former. A Premium will be expected, and the Rent to be reserved will be regulated accordingly. For a view of the Gloucester Theatre, apply to Mr. D. Walker, Gloucester; and for a view of the Cheltenham Theatre, and for further particulars, to Messrs. Gwinnett and Newman, Solicitors, Cheltenham, if by letter, free of postage. ALL Persons to whom the late JOHN JAMES HOUGH, of the city of Gloucester, Bookseller, stood in- debted at the time of his decease, are requested to send particulars of their respective Demands to Charles Hough, Bookseller, Glou- cester, in order that the same may be discharged : And all Persons indebted to the Estate of the said deceased, are respectfully re- quested to pay the amount of their respective Debts to the said Charles • Hough Westgate- Street, March 2, 1822. ALL Persons who are indebted to the late Firm of DANGERFIELD and REEKS, Surgeons, in Tewkes- bury, are respectfully requested to pay the amount of their respec- tive debts to Mr. Dangertield, of Tewkesbury, before the 2oth day of March instant, as it is absolutely necessary the accounts of that Copartnership should be finally adjusted on that day ; and such debts as are then outstanding, must, according to their Articles of Dissolution, be recovered by tow— And all Persons to whom that Firm are indebted, will please to furnish Mr. Dangerfield with the particulars of their demands at their earliest convenience, that the same may be liquidated.— Tewkesbury, March 2, 1822. CHARLES WOOD, of Alstone, in the county of Glou- J cestcr, AUCTIONEER, having assigned overall his Estate and Effects to Samuel Young Griffith, of Cheltenham, in the said county, Printer, in trust for the equal benefit of the Creditors of the said Charles Wood; Notice is hereby given, That the Deed of Assigment is lying at the Office of Messrs. Gwinnett and New- man, Solicitors, Cheltenham, for the signatures of the Creditors. All Persons who nqw stand indebted to the said Charles Wood, or who have any of his Effects, are requested forthwith to pay or de- liver the same to the said Samuel Young Griffith; and all. Persons to whom the said Charles Wood is indebted, or who have any claim upon his Estate, and intend to take the benefit of the As- signment, are requested immediately to send an account of such Debts or Claims to the said Samuel Young Griffith. Cheltenham, Feb. 27, 1822. STROUD and CHALFORD ROAD. THE TRUSTEES will meet on Tuesday, the 12th day of March instant, at the George Inn, at Stroud, in the county of Gloucester, at twelve o'clock at noon, pursuant to their last Adjournment, previous to which time theseveral Persons hav- ing demands on the Trustees of the said Roads, are requested ta deliver accounts of such demands to the Clerk to the said Trus- tees, that the same may be examined previous to payment. GEO. WATHEN, Clerk tile said Trustees. Stroud, March 1, 1822. P'I'H) be LET, for Five or Seven Years, and entered on A. immediately,— A capital MANSION HOUSE, in excellent repair, with Coach- house, Stables, and all necessary Outbuildings, a large Garden walled in, well stocked, and in prime condition, extensive Grapery, with Pits that are suitable either fur Melons or Pines, Lawn, Snru' » beries, and other conveniences, at Ilygrove, in the parish of Minsterworth, about three miles from the city of j Gloucester; forming altogether a most desirable Residence for a Family of the first respectability. The above Premises are beautifully situated upon a gentle emi- nence ( about a quarter of a mile from the turnpike road, lead- ing from Gloucester to Newnham and Chepstow, and about 12 miles from Cheltenham), and command the most delightful views of the surrounding country, the whole of which is highly diver- sified and picturesque. Any quantity of rich Pasture Land, not exceeding 50 acres, adjoining to the Home, may be had with the premises, and the Tenant may also be accommodated with the peculiar advantage of the deputation of the Manor of Minsterworth, and a right to sport over a very large portion of the whole parish. For further particulars, application mar be made to Mrs. Evans, the proprietor, No. 44, Southampton- Row, Russell- Square, Lon- don ; the Rev. H. B. Evans,' Minsterworth; or Messrs. Gwin- nett and Newman, Solicitors, Cheltenham. NAST END, EASTINGTON. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By J. B. MILLARD, On the 12th day of March, 1822;— > ALL the valuable LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK, Implements in Husbandry, Ike. on the Premise aforesaid, the property of Mr. WILLIAM GOSCOMB; consistin; of 15 valuable young dairy cows, with Valves or in good season, 9 pri tua two- year- old betters, in season, 6 yearling ditto, 1 yearling bu U; 2 nag horses, ( four years old each), 2 yearling cart c « its3 so » s in- farrow ; 40 bushels of beans ; quantity of teazles ; .' harvt » t waggon, 1 narrow- wheel cart, ploughs, harrows, drags*, 10 co V chains, hurdles, timber chains, ladders, & c. chcese press ant. vat i,' cowl, churn, skeels, & c,; 14 seasoned hogsheads, casks, ." tec. iro t boiler and grate, well bucket and chain, large oak dining table, wiV 1 various other articles. Catalogues may be had seven days previous to the sale, on the Premises, and at the Auctioneer's, Westgate- Street, Gloucester. Sale to commence at ten o'clock, with the live stock. WESTEND, near WHITMINSTER. TO BE SOI. D BY AUCTION, By J. B. MILLARD, On Monday, the 18th day of March, 1822 ';— ALL the LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK, Implements of Husbandry, & c. on the Premises aforesaid, the property of Mr. WILLIAM EVANS; consisting of 8 prime young dairy cows in good season, 5 two- year- old heifers in season, I useful two- year- old Gloucestershire bull, 3 fat calves, 60 Southdown wether sheep, 1 Cotswold ram, 23 store pigs; I draught horse, I ditto mare, in- foal, 1 nag horse, 5 years old ; 1 rick of wheat and beans, quantity of wheat, beans, and oats thrashed, corn stadelle, 1 broad and 1 narrow- wheel waggon, 1 narrow and 2 broad- frhecl carts, 3 sets of long and 2 of tlnllers harness, saddle and bridle; wii n > wing fan anel sieves, sheep racks, 2 pair of harrows, waggon jack, ladders, rakes, prongs, corn bins, waggon ropes, 2 tinlber chairs, 2 cow ditto, calves' stage, chains, rings, with Vaii'ou* other implements, & c. & c. Sale to commence with the cows n't ten o'clock. G LOUCESTERSHIRE. " CAPITAL LIVE STOCK. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JAMES LEES, On the Premises, on Tuesday, the 19th day of March, 1822; RGTHE whole of the valuable LIVE STOCK, the pro- JL perty of Mr. THOMAS TAYLOR, at the Box FARM, in the parish of Awre, near Newnham, who is leaving the Farm ; com- gether with a | prising 26 prime dairy cows and calves, and to calve; 1 fat cow, Grist Mill, near the Farm House, having a constant large supply 1 ox, and 2 splay'd heifers, 2 barren cows, 6 four- year- old work- of water from the Ledden River; the whole late in the occupation : ° • t— " J:"- ' - " J- of Mr. Fras. Davis. The growing Crops of Turnips, Clover, and Wheat, to be taken at a valuation- The Estate is situate about 3 miles from Newent, 6 from Led- bury, and 10 from Gloucester. The Estate may be viewed on application at the Farm House, and further particulars known at the office of Messrs. Vizard and Buchanan, Solicitors, Dursley. REDMARLEY and I'AUNTLEY. ^ l^ O be LET and entered upon immediately,— A com- X pact desirable ESTATE, called DURBRIDGE FARM, si- tuate in the parishes of Redmarley, in the county of Worcester, and Pauntley, in the county of Gloucester; consisting of a Farm House, barn, stables, sheds, and courts, about 102 acres of Ara- ble Land, and 32 acres of Meadow and Pasture; together with a AIM 1.- IT , • . . , , SWINDON, near CHELTENHAM. TO be LET, and entered upon at Lady- Day or Mid- summer next,— All that capital MANSION HOUSE, well calculated for the reception of a respectable Family, comprising a breakfast room about 12^ feet square, dining- room and urawing- room each 14^ feet by 15 feet 1 inch, large kitchen, brewhouse, and china- closets, three capital bed- rooms and four attics; very extensive beer and wine cellars, which have an external com- munication distinct from the house; together with Coach- ho& se, saddle- room, and Stabling, for four horses; with a large and ex- tensive Garden, in a high state of cultivation, surrounded by a brick wall, well clothed with choice fruit trees.— And also two acres of rich PASTURE ORCHARDING. The above Premises are desirably situate in the pleasant village of Swindon, distant from Cheltenham about a mile and a half, to which town there is an excellent carriage road. For a view of the Premises, apply to George Hopkinson, Esq. at Swindon aforesaid ; and for further particulars, to Mr. D. What- ley, Jun. Solicitor, Henrietta- Street, Cheltenham. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ALL Persons who have any Clajms or Demands on the Estate of the late JOHN DAVID KELLY, Esq. of the Assembly Rooms, in Cheltenham, are requested to send particu- lars of the same forthwith to Messrs. Richardsons, Fisher, and Lake, Solicitors, Bury- Street, St. James's, London ; or Messrs. Gwinnett and Newman, Solicitors, Cheltenham, in order to their liquidation Feb. 27, .1822. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Tetbury, Minchinhampton, and Bisley Turnpike- Roads. NO'lScE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising at the several Turnpike- Gates, called Woeful- dane- bottom, Burnt Ash, Hyde, Bourn, Chalford, and Chalford Hill, Bisley, Camp, and Calfway Gates, on this District of Road, will be put up tc be LET by AUCTION, at the Company's Arms, at Chal- ford, in the said county, on Thursday, the 14th day of March next, at twelve o'clock at noon, for One Year, commencing the 20th day of March next, which Tolls were let last year at the se- veral sums following, viz: Woeful- dane- bottom, Burnt Ash, Hyde, and the Bourn Gates, at the sum of £ 169, Tetbury Gate at £ 117, Chalford and Chalford Hill Gates at £ 54, and Bisley, Camp, and Calfway Gates, at £ 71— Whoever bids for the said Tolls will be required at the time of such bidding to produce a Surety to the satisfaction of the Trustees then present, or a Note in Writing from some Person equally approved, engaging to be- come such Surety for the payment of the Rent or Rents agreed on, by equal Monthly Payments in advance. GEO. WATHEN, Clerk to the said Trustees. Stroud, Feb. 20, 1822. GO VERNOR of the NEW HOUSE of CORRECTION, at DEVIZES, WILTS. NOTICE is hereby given, That at the next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace to be holden at New Sarum, in and for the said county of Wilts, on Tuesday, the 16th day of April next, the Justices then and there assembled, will proceed to the. Election of a GOVERNOR of the NEW HOUSE of COR- RECTION at DEVIZES, in the room of Mr. William Brutton, at such Salary and Allowances as shall be then and there deter- mined upon. This Prison is adapted for the confinement of upwards of 100 Prisoners, and the Governor will be expected to be conversant in Book- Keeping and in superintending the Employment of tile Pri- soners in the usual sorts of prison labour. The names and addresses of the Candidates, with testimonials as to character and ability to execute the duties of the Office, must be sent ( post- paid) to the Clerk of the Peace's Office, at Wilton, near Salisbury, Wilts, oil or before the 31st day of March next, and their personal attendance will be expected on the day of Elec- tion. JOHN SWAYNE, Deputy Clerk of the Peace. Wilton, Feb. 20, 1822. _ oxen, 8 three- year- old ditto, 4 two- year- old ditto, 4 two- year- old heifers, 12 yearlings, and 1 Gloucestershire three- year. bid bull; the whole of the Gloucestershire and Herefordshire Breed 100 ewes and lambs, and to yean, 10 wether sheep, 90 yearling ditto of the Leicester and Ryeland Breed, 3 sows arid pigs, and 1 boar. The Auctioneer begs an early attendance, as the sale will com- The Whole will be sold without mence precisely at ten o'clock- reserve. KEEPER of the OLD BRIDEWELL, at DEVIZES, WILTS. MINETY, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, Eight miles from CIRENCESTER and six each from CRICELADE and MALMSBURY. Extensive SALE of Valuable LIVE STOCK, Upwards of 300 ' Tons of good English Hay, and three Ricks of Barley, ( both ofwhkh may be removed iff the Premises;) a Urge quantity of Soaper's Ashes; Implements; HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, and Effects; WHICH WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JOHN ECCLES, On the Premises, ( by order of the Executors of the late Mr. WIL- LIAM KEENE,) on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the 14th, 15th, and 16th days of March, 1822, beginning each morning precisely at t « n o'clock. Arrangement of the Sale. FIRST DAY. FIFTY- ONE fat oxen and cows, 30 prime young dairy cows, with calves or to calf, and 6 tliree- year- old hei- fers in good season, 2 grazing cows, and 2 two year- old bulls; 50 fat sheep, 102 ewes with lambs or in- yean, 64 ewe and wether tegs, 2 rams, and three ram tegs. SECOND DAY. Eight two- year- old heifers and two steers, 12 yearling heifers, and 1 yearling bull ; 9 useful cart and nag horses ; 19 ricks and 12 stacks of English hay, 3 ricks of barley ; about 200 loads of soaper's ashes, in lots; 1 sow and pigs, a hilt in- farrow, and a fat pig; 3 suits of gearing, 3 waggons, 4 carts, cow cribs, nheep racks, plo" ou- -. d" 7s- harr « w « . Ac. tkc. • RU. JEIUILD I' I TIA JU- THIRD DAY. The Household Furniture and remaining Effects, comprising four- post and other bedsteads, feather and flock beds and bedding, mahogany and oak chests with drawers, bureaus, dining and other tables, chairs, two eight- day clocks and cases ; double and single cheese presses, two whey leads, and other dairy articles, two brew- ing furnaces, coolors, tubs, and utensils, excellent iron- bound casks, malt mill, cider ditto and press ; two guns, three saddles and bridles, nine sides of bacon, a quantity of pewter, and many other articles. The Auctioneer begs the favour of an early attendance, as the lots arc numerous, and must be sold without any reserve ; the dairy cows, ( which are chiefly long- horns) are particularly useful, and the young stock very promising; the sheep are of the im- proved Cotswold breed, of good size, and well coated. Catalogues may be had three days previous to the Sale, at the Ram Inn, Cirencester; White Hart, Cricklade; White Lion, Malmsbury; of J. G. Goodwyn, Printer, Tetbury ; and of the Auctioneer, Northleach. PRESTBURY, near CHELTENHAM. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By John eccles, On Friday, the22d" of March, 1822, on the Premises;— HPH E following FARMING STOCK, the property of Mr. CHARLES IRELAND, who is quitting one of his farms; Capital ORCHARDING and PASTURE LAND to le SOLD, with immediate Possession. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, APiece of good PASTURE LAND, containing about two acres, together with an ORCHARD adjoining, now in full bearirig, containing about ten acres, situated in the parish of Staunton, in the county of Worcester, and nearly adjoining the old Turnpike.— Further particulars may be known by applying to the Tenant, Mr. Thos. Lane, who will shew the Land and give every information. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, \ Neat FREEHOLD TENEMENT, with Out- of- 1 V fices, Garden, and about 4 acres of Orcharding adjoining, in theparishesof Fretherne and Saul, in the county of Gloucester, close to the genteel village of Frampton- on- Severn, and adjoining the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal. The Tenement has been newly, erected, and is fitted up with suitable fixtures. The whole Pre- mises arc well adapted for the residence of a small genteel family. Apply to John Allis Hartland, Esq.; or L. Winterbothain, Solicitor, Tewkesbury. NEWENT. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On Wednesday, the 20th day of March, 1822, between the hours of three and five in the afternoon, on the Premises, subject to such conditions as will be there produced ;— THATsubstantial and convenient brick- built HOUSE, late the residence of BENJAMIN AYCRIGG, Esq. deceased, with 14 acres ( more or less,) of excellent . Meadow Lancl adjoining. The House is situate on a pleasing eminence, very near to the town of Newent, commanding beautiful and picturesque views in every direction, and consists of a good under- ground cellar, two parlours, kitchen, back kitchen and pantry, on the ground floor, four bed- rooms on the first floor, and two good attics, a pump of excellent spring water, and a good garden ( with a small fish- pond) adjoining, a stable, ar. d other offices detached. i comprising 11 capital dairy cows, and 2 three- year- old heifers with The House is Freehold of Inheritance, and the Land ( which is I calves, or'in good season, 5 two- year- old and four year ling heifers, of the first quality) is Leasehold, held for the residue of a term of ; and one bull, 53 ewes with lambs or in- yean, 30 ewe and wttlicr ten thousand years. : tegs, 9 store pigs, and 1 hilt, 8 useful cart horses, a brood hack- Newer. t is a most healthy situation, and the soil very dry and \ ney niare and filly ; 2 ricks of beans, 2 ditto of wheat, 2 bays of good. Coaches pass daily through the town to and from London, j oats, and 1 of barley ; 8 suits of gearing, 2 waggon*-, 2 carts, and and within a few minutes walk there is a celebrated Saline and Chalybeate Spa. For a view of tile Premises, apply at the House ; and for other other effects. The sale will commence with the sheep precisely at eleven o'- clock, and Catalogues be ready three days previous, at the King's particulars to John Morse, of Southends; or John Matthews, of Arms, Prestbury, and on the Premises. Ncwent, ( if by letter, postage- paid.) Also, at the same time and place, will be sold a small FREE- HOLD ESTATE, in the parish of Oxenhall, and county of Glou- cester, called HATHWAYS, situate near the side of the Gloucester and Hereford Canal, comprising a house, garden, barn, mill- house, fold, & c. and about three acres more or less, of capital Arable Land, well planted with choice fruit trees. PURSUANT to a Decree of the High Court of Chan- cery, m'aele in aCause, " ALDRIDGE against ft' WASHBOURN," the Creditors of RICHARD SEYER, late of the city of Glou- cester, Maltster, deceased, who died on or about the 15th day of December, 1816, are, on or before the 1st day of April, 1822, to come in and prove their Debts before Francis Cross, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at his Chambers in Southampton- Buildings, Chancery- Lane, London, or in default thereof they will be peremptorily excluded the benefit of the said Decree. WHEREASaCommission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against JOHN HEMMING, of Upton, in the parish of Burford, in the county of Oxford, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt is hereby required to surrender himself to tlie Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on the 27th day of February instant at the Bull Inn, in Burford, at the hour of twelve o'clock, and on the 28th day of February instant, at the place and hour aforesaid, and on the 26th day of March next, at the same place and hour, and make a full discovery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second sitting to choose Assignees, and at the last, sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from tile allowance of his Certificate. All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, arc not to payor deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Charles Newmarch, Solicitor, of W indrush, in the county of Gloucester; or to William Read King, of Serjeants' Inn, Fleet Street. London. JOSEPH TERRY HONE. J. J. ANSELL. Feb. 8, 1822. H. W. HARRIS. SOMERSETSHIRE COAL CANAL, near BATH. WANTED, a Person to undertake the General Su- perintendence and Management of the Concerns of this Company. The Canal is about 10 miles in length, and the dif- ferent Rail- ways connected with it, together, about 12 miles. The Person applying must have such a knowledge of Book- keeping, as with the assistance of a Clerk under him, to keep the Company's Accounts; and be sufficiently acquainteel with Me- chanics to superintend and direct the general Repairs of the Canal, Roads, Engines, Locks, and Works of the Company. And, as a liberal salary will be given, he will be expected to devote his whole time and attention to the concerns of the Company ; and also to give unexceptionable security for the trust reposed in him. Written proposals, witli references as to ability, integrity, . more or less ; together with three BRAKES on Crosvan Ucha Farm, containing 15A. 2R. 5F. more or less, of the same growth as the above Coppice Wood. The two lots are within a ring fence, and being 30 years growth, and of great size, offer such advantages to purchasers of bark and pit timber, as can scarcely be equalled in the county— A survey and map of the whole will be produced on the day of sale. For further particular;; enquire of Mr. John Aram, Pont Moil; Mr. Richard Jones, Woodward, Goytrey ; or to Mr. John Per- rott, of Gellegare, who will shew the respective lots. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Capital NAVY and other TIMBER, with Seven Acres of COPPICE WOOD. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. BREWER & LONG, On Thursday, 28th March, 1822, at the HANBURY ARMS, in the town of CAERLEON, between the hours of three and six af- ternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then produced;—. Lot 1.— A Q Capital OAK TIMBER TREES, num- ' T Zj bered with red paint, standing on the Park Farm, in the parish of Langattock juxta Caerleon ; 100 capital OAK and 40 BEECH TIMBER TREES, standing on the Pill Farm, in the above parish. i. ot 2— 20 capital OAK TIMBER TREES, standing on the Lodge Farm, in the same parish; 17 capital OAK and 2 ASH TIMBER TREES, standing on Ponther, same parish. Lot 3— 47 capital OAK and 2 ASH TIMBER TREES, standing on Ty Coch Land and Wood, in the hamlet of Glascoed, with the present FALLAGE of theCOPPICE WOOD adjoining the Ty Coch Farm, containing seven acres; 46 capital OAK TIM- BER TREES, standing on Ty Coch Farm, in the parish of Pan- teg, in the tenure of Daniel Evans. ' Lot 4— 77 capital OAK, 104 BEECH, and 3 ASH TIMBER TREES, standing in the Llanarch, Par. t Ddu, and Graig Vawr Coppice Woods, ill the parishes of Monyddyslwn and Bedwellti. Lot 5— 53 capital OAK, 17 BEECH, and 5 ASH TIMBER TREES, standing in the Graig Vawr Coppice, in the parish of Monyddyslwn. The oak timber comprising the above lots, is of excellent qua lity, of large dimensions, and fit for Navy uses. The ash, beech, & c. are very sound, and extremely well calculated for Wheel- wrights awlCarpenters; and the whole of the lots are very con- venient for land and water carriag*. For further particulars, apply to Mr. John Aram, Pontypool; Messrs. Brewer and Long, Newport; and for a view of the differ- ent lets of thalxr, to Mr. Richard Jones, Woodward, Goytre. SATURDAY'S POST. LONDON. FRIDAY, MARCH 0. HOUSE OF COMMONS— WEDNESDAY. MR. H. G. BENNETT rose, in pursuance of a notice* to bring under consideration the circumstances that had occurred at the funeral of her late Majesty, Caroline, Queen of England ; and in doing so, he did not feel it necessary to oti'er any apology to the House; for the importance of the sub* joct, and the honour and character of the country, fotccd it upon turn as a duty, and whatever might be the motives imputed to him, he fearlessly entered upon it. He then stated the whole circum- stance? of her Majesty's funeral, and concluded by moving—" That this House do consider the respect and solemnity due ov ancient custom to the funerals of the Queens of England, have, in the case of her late Majesty, been unnecessarily and indecorously violated." Mr. Hume and Dr. Lushington followed on the same side, in speeches of considerable length.— Mr. Peel and the Marquis of Lon- donderry, ably replied to the arguments adduced by the above Gen- tlemen, when Mr. H. G. Bennett rose amidst loud cries of " Ques- • tiftn." He said he should not trespass on the House with a reply, nor should he trouble them to divide; and the question was ne- gatived without a division— Adjourned. THURSDAY.— Mr. Jones moved for an account of the Jmmbcr of Excisemen employed, and the annual amount of all • sums expended, in the management and collection of the Salt Du- ties—. Ordered. Mr. Lockhart presented a Petition from Witney, Oxfordshire, complaining of Agricultural Distress. He said, that so great was the exasperation produced by distress on the borders of Norfolk and Suffolk, that the people proceetled to destroy the machinery, and were obliged to be put down by the Yeomanry Cavalry. Mr. Gooch was sorry to say, that the Hon. Gentleman's state- ment was too true.— The Petition was ordered to lie on the table. in answer to a question from Mr. Grcnfell, it was stated by Mr. I. ushington, that a satisfactory arrangement had been made with tlie Bank as to tile transfer of Stock— Mr. Grenfell would oppose any remuneration to the Bank— Adjourned. MOST SINGULAR CIRCUMSTANCE.— Early on Wed- noday morning, the weather being very boisterous, with an ebb tide, accompanied by a strong wind from the west, the River Thames ebbed so low as to form four distinct islands between London B. idge and the new Southwark Bridge. This phenomenon caused u vast number of spectators to assemble on the Bridges, whence many persons were seen walking across, and as the bed of the river was exposed in large tracts, valuable articles which had lain there for a long period were picked up. This was the case as far down as Gravesend. The water has not been known so low for many year^ by several feet. Ships were seen aground in all parts of tiie river below 1 . ondon- bridge. About twelve o'clock the tide began to return, and with a rapidity proportioned to the check it had ex- perienced, the wind having acted as a temporary dam to its pro- gress. Such was the force/ if the current, that barges and small craft in great numbers were driven against each other and sunk, or otherwise much injured. MARKET CHRONICLE. GLOUCESTER, Saturday, March 9.— NEW Wheat, 3S. to 6s. Od. Old Ditto, 8s. to 9s. New Barley, 2s. to 3s. Od. Old ditto, » < 6eL Vi 4s. Od. New Beans, 2s. tid. to 3s. Oct. Old ditto, 4s. Od. to 4s. tid. Oats, Is. fid. to 3 « . Od. per bushel ( Winchester) of eight gallons. MARK- LANE. March 8 There is no alteration in the Wheat trade to- day. The advance on Barley that took place on Wednesday, in conse- quence of the allowance of duty on the stocks in liand, was fully supported to- dav, having had but few arrivals this week. In Oats, Beans, and Peas, there is no alteration. Wheat, 38 to fi ts. ttd. I Beans,... 24 to 30s. I Oats, 15 to L( ts. Barley, 10 to 24s. fid. | W. Peas, 211 to 32s. I Malt, SO to Ms. Pine Flour, 45s. to .10s. per sack—- Seconds, 40s. to 40s. ALL Persons to whom WILLIAM CURTIS, late of Brimpsfield, in the county uf Gloucester, lately deceased, stood indebted at the time of his decease, are requested immedi- ately to send accounts thereof either to Mr. William Coates, the younger, of Brimpsfield aforesaid, the Executor of the deceased, or to Mr. Biddle, Caudle Green; and all Persons indebted to the said William Curtis, upon Securities or otherwise, are requested to pay the amount of their said Debts, cither to the said William Coates or Mr. Biddle, in default of which they will be sued for the recovery thereof without further Notice. TO he LET to FARM,— The POOR of the Parish of FRAMPTON- UPON- SEVERN, ( under a Select Vestry). Particulars may be known aJi application to the Overseers of the said parish All Tenders must be made, free of expence,' before the 25th March next. rT-\ 0 be LET, to FARM,— The POOR of the parish of JL. WINCHCOMB, in the county of Gloucester, under a Se- lect Vestry, for thi term of One Year, or more, from Lady- Day next— For further particulars, apply to the Churchwardens aud Overseers of the Poor of the said parish. Winchcomh, Feb. 27, 1822. HALLWAYS MILL, CHALFORD. TinO be LET, and entered uixin immediately,— All that JL capital and genteel modern'DWELLING HOUSE, Out- houses, Garden, & c. situated at Chalford aforesaid, and late in the occupation of Mr. John Driver ; also rpom iu the adjoining Mill for driving two or four engines. The above is eligibly situated, and adapted in every respect for the Clothing Business. A lately erected Steam Engine will cor- rect every inconvenience that might otherwise arise from a scarcity of water during the summer months.— For further particulars, ap- ply to Mr. Wm. Smart, on the premises. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against JONATHAN RICKARDS, late of Stonehouse, in the county of Gloucester, but now of Dursley, in the same county, Clothier, Dealer aud Chapman, ( Partner with " William Clavey Brown, late of Stonehouse aforesaid, Clothier, against whom a Commission of Bankrupt hath been issued and is nuw in prosecution, jointly with John Tozer and John Brown, late of Stonehouse aforesaid. Clothier, deceased, against whom a Commission of Bankrupt hath been issued and is nuw in prosecu- tion), aud the said Jonathan liickards, being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on the 15th day of March instant, at four o'clock m the afternoon, on the I Oth • day of the same month, and on the Kith day of April next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the Old Bell Inn, in Dursley, in the county of Gloucester, and make a full discovery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors sire to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at tlie second sitting to choose Assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is rumiiccd tii Irtish his examination*- and the Creditors from the allowance of his Certificate. AH PersonsuideS * aid Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or - deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but to give notiee to Messrs. Vizard and Blower, Lincoln s- Inn- f'iekls, London Dursley. HOUSE TO LET. rpObe LET, and entered on immediately,— A HOUSE 8 and GARDEN, particularly well situated, about two miles and a half frotn Cirencester. The House consists of a dining parlour and drawing- room over, three bed- rooms, servants' rooms, good kitchen, and washhouse. A good two- stall stable, with a tew acres of Grass Land, if re- quired. For particulars, apply to Wm. Bridges, Stone Mason, Gloucester- Street, Cirencester. VALE OF RODBOROUGH, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. HPO be LET, and may be entered upon immediately.— JL That elegant RESIDENCE called FIELD PLACE.' The House has been built within these few years, has a Gothic front, and contains a vestibule and good sized dining, drawing, and mu- sic rooms, six best bedchambers, and well arranged attics for ser- vants ; stalled stabling for seven horses, standing for three car riages, and good offices of every description, with green- house, melon ground, excellent water, and about 15 acrcs of Land, to which may be added an adjoining Close of about four acres. The walks and pleasure ground are in the highest beauty, the situation unrivalled, in the most favoured vale of Rodborough. Field Place is situated at Pagan Hill, in an excellent neighbour- hood, within a mile of the post town of Stroud, and coaches pass every day within half a mile of the House, to Bath, Gloucester, Cheltenham, and all parts of the kingdom. For a view of die Premises, apply to Mr. Thos. Steele, at Pa- gan Hill Mill; and for further particulars ( if by letter, post- paid,) to J. D. Phelps, Esq. Lincoln's Inn, London. Eligible opportunity fur any Person desirous of entering into tlie Malting and Baking Business, in DURSLEY, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO be LET, and entered on immediately,— All those extensive and valuable PREMISES, in Silver- Street, in the occupation of Mrs. WILLIAMS, who is about to decline; com- prising a substantial DWELLING HOUSE, with a Bakehouse, excellent Malt- Ilouse, Stable, Garden, Orchard, and other con- veniences adjoining thereto; together with a never failing Spring of good water on tne Premises. The above mentioned Premises will be found extremely eligible to any person desirous of commencing Businoss, as the trade has been long and successfully carried on there. It also presents an excellent opportunity to any person desirous of commencing Com- mon Brewer, ur any other business requiring room. For particulars and to treat for the same, enquire of Mrs. Wil- liams, on the Premises. COTSWOLD FARMS TO LET. rfXi be LET, and entered upon immediately,— A most S desirable FARM, situate at Calmsden, near Cirencester; consisting of a capital farm- house, barns, stables, stalls, and every convenient outbuilding, in excellent repair, and about 350 acres of Arable Land, and a few acres of Meadow, in a good state of cultivation Also, a small Farm adjoining, consisting of200 acres of Arable Land, stalls, & c. For a view of the Premises, apply to Mr. Hewer, at Calmsden ; and for further particulars to Mr. Whatley, Solicitor, Cirencester; Mr. D. Whatley, junior, Solicitor, Henrietta- Street, Cheltenham; or Mr. Crouch, Fairford. . TWO TYTHE FREE FARMS. TO be LET by Tender, and to be entered Upon the 6th of April next ensuing, situated in the parish ot Lydiard Tregooze, in thecountyof Wilts,— FLAXLANDS FARM, con- taining 200 Acres, 40 of which are Arable, and the remaining part Meadow and Pasture Land. The Land is excellent, and well sup- plied with fatting stalls, cow sheds, and every other convenience, and is a most eligible situation. BROOK FARM, containing 100 Acres of rich Grating or Dairy Land, fatting stalls, piggeries, cow sheds, and every other convenience placed about the Farm to the greatest advantage, with a fine stream of water running through tne midst of it. All tenders to be addressed to Mr. H. Eveleigh, Lydiard Park, Wootton Bassett, Wilts, until the 23d of March, after which time none will be attended to ; and the Person whose offer is accepted will then receive a letter with information of the same. To view the farms, apply as above— None need send tenders, who cannot give respectable references for character and ability ; and Persons' applying are requested to put the letter T. on one corner of the outside of their letter, MJNSTEnWORTlI INCLOSED HAM. HHQ be LET, from Lady- Bay, either the whole, con- JL uining 144 acres, or a part, consisting of 108 acres, of this very rich PASTURE LAND— For particulars, apply to the Rev. II. B. Evans, Minsterworth. ( if by letter, post- paid.) WOODCHESTER, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION", liy W. SMITH, On the Premises, on Monday, the 18th March, 1822, and follow- ing day ;— ALL the Neat and Modern HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, of the late THOMAS ADAMS, Esq.; comprising mahogany and plain four- post and tent bedsteads with hangings, feather and flock beds, straw, flock, and hair mattresses, blankets, sheets, quilts and counterpanes, table linen, handsome square and oval chimney and pier glasses, tea boards and waiters, mahogany and painted bed- room, parlour and kitchen chairs, din- ner, Pembroke, card, dressing and kitchen tables, a neat spring- repeating clock, with chimes, a capital eight- day clock in maho- gany cass, weather glasses, double and single chests of drawers, night commode, wash- hand stands and tables furnished, china and glass, dinner service, bedside and bed- room carpets, hearth rugs and oil cloths, pictures and paintings, casks, tubs, with a variety of kitchen requisites and other useful articles. Also a neat GIG and HARNESS, and about 5 Tons of excellent HAY. The sale will begin each day precisely at ten o'clock. KILLCO'lT, near WOTTON- UNDEREDGE, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. fjHO be LET, for a Term of Years, or for two young JL healthy Lives,— A DWELLING- HOUSE, with good walled Gardens, and about ten acres of excellent Pasture Land, situate at Killcott aforesaid— There is a powerful stream of water continually running through the Land, with a fall of upwards of thirty feet, having natural Banks to form an extensive Mill Pond, • and a variety of Buildings stand on the Premises, formerly used in the manufacture of Cloth, for which purpose the whole property is particularly adapted. For further particidars, or to treat, apply to J. H. Hunt, Land Agent, Sic. Wotton- Underedgc. TO BE SOI. D BY AUCTION, By J. H. HUNT, At the GREYHOUND INN, TETBURY, on Wednesday, the 20th March inst. at four n'clock in the afternoon ;— rpWO FREEHOLD MESSUAGES, the one inGum- JL stool I- Iili, and the other in Chipping Croft, Tctbury, now tenanted by Thos. Weaver and Robt. Stump. T » view the Premises, apply to the Tenants ; and for particu- ars, to Bloxsome and Wells, Solicitors, Dursley. T or to Messrs. Vizard and Buchanan, Solicitors, LEA, HEREFORDSHIRE. • K) be LET by PRIVATE CONTRACT, for a Term of Seven or Fourteen Years, to commence from the 25th day of . March instant,— A neat, commodious, and modern- built COUNTRY VILLA, with about 21 acres of exceedingly rich Arable, Meadow, Pasture Land, and Orcharding, with a com- modious Fold, Barn, Stable, Granary, and other suitable Out- buildings - The Dwelling- House is situate on a trifling eminence at the head of the village, and removed about fifty paces from the turnpike- road leading from London to Hereford, and all parts of Wales, by a green terrace tastefully planted with shrubs and ever- freams, and consists of a spacious parlour, a large commodious itehen, back kitchen, and an excellent cellar vault, four good bed- rooms, and one attic. The whole of the Buildings are in the most complete repair, and the Lands having been in the constant occupation of the Proprietor, are in the highest stateof cultivation, no expence having been spared which could render them fertile and productive. The adjacent neighbourhood is agreeably diversified by much romantic and di- versified scenery. " It is an excellent sporting country, and a pack of good harriers is kept within half a mile of the premises. 11 is distant from Gloucester about eleven miles, about four from the market town of Ross, two from Mitcheldean, seven from Newnham, four from Newent, and about two from his Majesty's Forest of Dean, over the north side of which it has a commanding prospect.— The London Mail and six other daily coaches, pass ana repass daily. For further particulars, and to troat for the same, apply to Mr. Wm. Lawrence, the proprietor, upon the premises, if by letter, post- paid— March 9, 1822. CHARLTON, near TETBURY. fjnO be LET, and entered upon immediately,— A plea- sant RESIDENCE, newly built, fronting the turnpike- road, with Gardens, stable for four horses, dove- house, shed for feeding cattle, and three closes of rich PASTURE, about 12 acres, partly adjoining the House. And also the Pew in Tetbury Church For a view and particulars, apply to Messrs. Letall and Paul, Solici- tors, Tetbury. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Capital FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, & c. <$-<•. at CAMP, in the parish of Miserdinc, tzco miles from Painswick, and five from Stroud. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By T. ACOCK. On Wednesday, the 20th of March, 1822, on the premises ;— ALL the FARMING STOCK, Implements, & c. the property of Mr. JOHN WILLIAMS, who is leaving the Farm; comprising 40 ewes and theaves, ill yean or with Lambs, and 20 ewe tegs ; 3 useful cart mares, 1 ditto gelding, 2 yearling cart colts; 6 dairy cows in calf or with calves ; 4 two- year- old sturks, and 7 yearling ditto ; 2 sows in pig, and 4 stores; 2 waggons, 2 carts, ploughs, drags, harrows, roller, harness, winnowing ma- chine, chaff box, a quantity of dry plough and waggon timber, & c. Sc. c. Also, a general assortment of Dairy and Brewing Uten- sils, with some lots of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Sale to commence ( with the Sheep) precisely at eleven o'clock. MONMOUTH. Neat, Elegant & Modem HOUSEHOLD FlJRNIUItE, S- c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By R. WHITE and SON, On the Premises, on Thursday and Friday, the 14th and 15th days of March, 1822 ;— ALL the neat, elegant and modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, China, Glass, and Earthenware, Kitchen Requisites, Brewing Utensils, & c. nearly new, of MAJOR DA- VIES, St. Mary- Street, who is leaving the Town; comprising handsome four post and tent bedsteads and furniture, with window curtains to correspond ; prime feather beds, mattresses, blankets, and counterpanes; floor, bedside, and stair carpets; mahogany chests of drawers, night tables and basin stands, mahogany dining, card, Pembroke, sofa and dressing tables, parlour and bed- room chairs, book- cascs, sideboard, looking glasses, a variety of china, glass, and earthenware; a regular assortment of kitchen and culi- nary requisites, brewing utensils, casks, tubs, See. See. The sale to commence each morning precisely at eleven o'clock. npb be- lET, ar, d entr- red on at Lady- Day next— STANCOMB FARM, near Eisley, county of Gloucester ; consisting of a- i excellent Farm House, good barn, ";>'•;'::-.. gra- nary, sheds, and other suitable conveniences; wit"-. 1 iii of well enclosed Arable, and 44 acres, of Meadow and Pasture Laod. For particulars, and to treat, apply to Mr. Aldridge, at Bisley. To SKINNERS and FELLMONGERS. TO be LET, and may be entered upon immediately,— A very capita] SKIN YARD, and two OIL LEATHER MILLS, capable of dressing 1000 Skins a Week, situate on a fine stream in the town of Bromsgrove, on the Great Roatl between the North and West of England, ahd contiguous to the towns of Bir- mingham, Stourbridge, Kidderminster, Stourport, Worcester, Droitwicli, and Alccster, for many years last past in full c- uploy by the late Mr. Taylor, and now by his Widow, who wishes to de- cline business— A Commodious Dwelling- llousc, with Garden and Offices, may be had therewith. Mi's. Taylor will cause the Premises to be shewn, and further par- iculars may be had of her, or Mr. Moore, Auctioneer, Tewkesbury. BREDON, WORCESTERSHIRE. " TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD BY AUCTION, By JOHN MOORE, Precisely at four in the afternoon of Wednesday, March 13,182ST, at the HOP- POLE INN, TEWKESBURY;— ALL that neat COTTAG E RESIDENCE, newly and substantially built with stone, having an excellent three- stalled Stable and productive Garden attached thereto, situate at Bredon, adjoining the Turnpike- road leading from Tewkesbury to Kemerton. Overbury, Beckford and Evesham, and now in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Smith, Veterinary Surgeon, as yearly tenant. The House comprises four rooms on the ground- floor, with four bed- rooms above, and a fifth now used as a shop. Ths Garden abounds with fruit trees of various sorts, now in their primed The situation is dry, healthy, and altogether desirable. For a view of the Premises, apply to Mr. Evans, at Bredon afore- said, of whom further particulars may be known ; or of Mr. Win- terbotham. Solicitor, Tewkesbury. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Capital OAK and ELM TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By It. WHITE and SON, At the BEAUFORT ARMS, in MONMOUTH, on Saturday, the lfith day of March, 1822, at five o'clock in the afternoon, sub- ject to such conditions of sale as will then be produced ;— MHE following Lots of TIMBER, viz.— Lot 1.— 39 JL MAIDEN OAKS, numbeicd with red paint, from 1 to 32, standing in a Coppice called the Little Wood, on the Grange Es- tate, in the parish of l. anviliangel Ycstern Llewern. Lot 2— 126 M AIDEN OAKS, numbered with red paint, from 1 to 126, standing in another Coppice called the Great Wooii, on the same Estate. Lot 3— 128 MAIDEN OAKS, numbered with red paint, from 1 to 128, standing on the Grange Farm. Lot 4— 63 MAIDEN OAKS, numbered with red paint, from 1 to 63, standing on the Red House Farm, in the saiel parish of Lanvihangel Yestern Llewern, in the occupation of— Jones. Lot 5— 21 ELMS, numbered with red paint, from 1 to 21, standing on the same Farm. The above Timber is of excellent quality and dimensions, and distant about six miles from the town of Monmouth. For a view of Lots I, 2, and 3, apply at the Grants House ; and of 4 and 5, to the tenant, at Red House ; any further parti- culars may be had on application to the Auctioneers. HERiiAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued against RICHARD MILLER, of Brimscombe Port, in the parish of Minchinhampton, in the county of Glou- < V » ter, Banker, Coal- Merchant, Dealer and Chapman, and he be- ing eieclared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself t « the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major of them, on tlie 21st day of March instant, at sis o'clock in tiie afternoon, on the22d day of the same month of March, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and ou the Kith day of April following, at eleven o'clock in theforer. oon, at the Flcece Inn, in Rodborough, in the county of Gloucester, and make a full discovery and dis- closure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors arc to come prepared to prove their debts, at the second sitting to choose assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is re- quired to finish bis examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. All Persons in- debted to the said Bankrupt, or whti have any of his effects, arc not to pay cr deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but to give notice to Messrs. Dax, Son, and Meredith, No. 29, Gnildford- Street, London; or to Mr. Stone, Solicitor, ' Tetbury, Gloucestershire. " Xi rilEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded Vr and issued forth against THOMAS RIDE, of Ashton Keynes, in the county of Wilts, Tallow- Chandler, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to- surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or tlie major part of them, on the 21st day of March inst. at six o'clock in the afternoon, on the 22d day of the same month of March, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and on the 13th day of April following, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the Fleece Inn, in Rodborough, in the county of Gloucester, and make a full tiweovery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, at the se- cond sitting to choose assignees, and at the last sitting the 6aid Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. All Persons who are indebted to the saiel Bankrupt, or who have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioneis shall appoint, but to give notice to Messrs Dax, Son, and Meredith. No. 29, Guildford- Street, London ; or to Mr. Stone, Solicitor, Tetbury, Gloucestershire. f § " HIE Commissioners under a Commission of Bankrupt, .4. awarded and issued forth against RICHARD LAWRENCE, of Minety, in tile county of Wilts, Shopkeeper, Dealer and Chap- man, intend to meet on the 20th day of April next, at four o'clock in the afternoon, at the White Hart Inn, in Tetbury, in the county of Gloucester, in order to make a Dividend of the Estate and Ef- fects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove the samp, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Divi- dend. And all claims not then substantiated will be disallowed. JOHN STONE, Solicitor to the Commission. r | " A HE Commissioners uneler a Commission of Bankrupt, JL awarded and issued forth against SARAH BUTLER, of Sherston Magna, in the county of Wilts, Innholdcr, intend to meet on the 2wtii day of April next, at twelve o'clock in the forenoon, at the Cross Hands Inn, in the parish of Old Sodbury, in the county of Gloucester, in order to make a Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend. Ami all claims not then substantiated will be disal- lowed. JOHN STONE, Solicitor to the Commission. HO be LET, and entered upon at old Lady- Day next, L _ — UPTON MANSION HOUSE, near Tctbury, a very de- sirable Residence for a large family, standing upon ail enclosed Paddock, a part of which is disposed in Lawn, with Shrubbery, Plantation, and a part in Kitchen Garden ; the whole containing about five acres; with the Pew in Tetbury Church. Descriptive particulars and terms, may be had of Messrs. Letall and Paul, Tetbury. TETBURY. TO BE LET BY AUCTION, At the TOWN- HALL, by order of the Trustees of the said town and borough, on Wednesday, the 27th of March, 1822, at five o'clock in the afternoon, for the term of seven years, to com- mence from the 6th day of April next;— fBMIE under- mentioneel Valuable and Improveable JL FIELDS erf PASTURE LAND, ( subject to Such conditions as will then and there be produced) : Lot 1. The WARREN- HOUSE and GARDEN, together with three Inclosures of go » d Pasture I . and, surrounding the same, con- taining by admeasurement 88A. 2R. 39P. now in the occupation of Mr. Richard Kilmister. Lot 2. A Piece of PASTURE LAND, divided from the last lot by the lane leading from the turupike- road on the Warren to Chcrrington, containing by admeasurement 49A. 3R. 18F. now in the occupation of Mr. Wm. George. Lot 3. A Piece of PASTURE LAND, adjoining the last lot, containing by admeasurement 32A. 3R. 34P. now in the occupa- tion of Mr. John Constable. Lot 4. Three Pieces of PASTURE LAND, adjoining to a Piece of Pasture Land situate in the Herd, in the occupation of Mr. James Constable, and extending to the road leading from the War- ren to Newnton, containing by admeasurement 16A. OR. 13J\ now in the occupation of Messrs. Thomas and Robert Ind. Lots. Three Pieces of PASTURE LAND, extending from the said road leading to Newnton and Trouble- House, contain- ing by admeasurement 12A. 0K. 34P. now in the occupation of Messrs. Zebulon Harewell, James Ashbee, and John Wall. LETALL and PAUL, Town Clerks. Tetbury, March 1, 1822. FREEHOLD PREMISES. EOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that newly erected DWELLING HOUSE, at STONEIIOUSF. SPA, very eligible for a Gentleman's Ea- mily, consisting of three parlours, with windows to the ground ; a spacious dining room, 39 feet by 18 feet 6 inches ; six good bed- rooms, and garrets, with detached offices ; a large Garden, five- stall stable, standing fo? two carriages, and a Paddock of rich Pas- ture Land, about two acres, in the front of the House. The Premises are situated near the pleasant village of Stone- house, 8 miles from Gloucester and 1 from Stroud, anel only a few hundred yards from the great road leading from Gloucester to Bath, commanding a delightful prospect of a fine luxuriant country. For further particulars, and to treat for the purchase, apply to Mr. Geo. Wathen, Solicitor, Stroud. Possession may be had immediately. Valuabk and Extensive FARMING STOCK, IMPLE- MENTS, at GUITING HILL, adjoining the Stow and Tewkesbury Turnpike Road, five miles from the former, fifteen from the latter, and two from Ford. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By T. ACOCK, On Thursday, the 11th of April, 1822, and two following days, at GUITING HILL aforesaid;— ALL the entire valuable FARMING STOCK, Imple- ments, & c. the property of Mr. E. C. CRUMP, who is leav- ing the Farm; comprising 500 sheep, of the mixed Cotswold and Leicester breed ; 100 cows, heifers, oxen, and bulls, and about 20 horses, mares, and colts ; 8 sows in pig or with pigs, and some store ditto ; waggons, carts, ploughs, drags, harrows, drills, a large quan :; tv of ox and horse harness, with all other kinds of husbandry implements; particulars of which will appear in a future Journal. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. MESSRS. HALLIDAY and HUMPHRYS beg leave to announce to the Inhabitants of Stroud and its Vicinity, that the whole of the elegant, neat, and valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, China, Glass, excellentGIG and Harness, select LIBRARY of choice and valuable BOOKS, two Pews in the Church, and other Effects of the late ROWLES SCUDAMORE, Esq. of the GRANGE, near Stroud, will be submitted to AUCTION, oil the above Premises, within the present month of March, 1822, particulars of which will appear in our next Paper.— March 8. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Valuable Clothing Stock, and Household Furniture. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By HALLIDAY and HUMPIIRYS, On the Premises, THIS DAY, Monday, the 11th of March, 1822, and following days;— ALL the verv valuable CLOTHING STOCK of MA- CHINERY, and other Utensils in Trade, the whole of the neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects, of Mr. S. R. PATTISON, near the Company's Arms Inn, CHALFORD, declining the clothing business. TheStock with which the sale com- mences, consists of 6 scribbling and carding engines, from 24 to 40 inches, one of them very recently new, and others well clothed, of Price's and Armstrong's make, 6 shearing frames on Ilarmer's principle, 1 twilley or wool mixer, 3 50- spindle billys, 1 brusher, > 0 and 80- spindle jennies, spooling machine, lonjt snap reels, 26 pair of cloth shears, 6 sets oflead weights, an excellent cloth press, with wrought- iron screw and sides, planks, shooters, and box of press papers, ft packs of prime middling teasles, and 14 of king ditto, about 30 millfulls of gig mill work, i blue Saxony chains, and other yarn and waste, about 2 packs of hair list yarn, double counting- housedesk, board and tressels, beams, scales, and weights, scraves, baskets, wire hurdles, warping bars, & c & C. The Household Furniture comprises four- post and tent bed- steads, with mahogany and stained pillars, and dark cotton hang- ings, feather and flock beds, flock mattresses, and cotton counter- panes, servants' bedsteads and cribs, a set of handsome dining ta- bles, on pillars, claws, and castors, mahogany dressing and wash- ing tables, neat mahogany sideboard, two sets of mahogany par- lour and fancy bed- room chairs, folding night commode, and wash- hand stands, a sofa with scroll ends, squabs, and cushions, pair of cloth window curtains, neatly fringcel, rails, and cornices, a chim- ney or pier glass, plate it feet by ft, and gilt frame, a dressing glass, in a mahogany stand, plate 15 inches by 28, floor and bed- room Kidderminster carpets, full- sized mahogany chests of drawers, card and lady's work tables, a table service of blue ware, set of handsome gilt tea china complete, glass and earthenware, sets of spirit ami table castors, in plated stands, eight- day clock and case, polished fire- irons and fenders, enamelled chimney jars, tea cad- dies, paper tea boarels; casks and brewing utensils; together with a general assortment of furniture in domestic offices; neat gig and harness, side saddle, and other saddles and bridles ; the whole to be particularized in Catalogues to be delivered in due time, at the Company's Arms Inn, Chalford; Star, Wotton- Underedge; Bell, Dursley ; and at the Auctioneers', Stroud. The sale to commence each morning at eleven o'clock. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Valuable LIVE and DEAD STOCK, Implements, Hay, Corn, Superb and Modern IIO USE HOLD FURNITURE ( nearly new,) Linen, beautiful China, Cut Glass, Winer, Mathemati- cal and Philosophical Instruments, & c. TO BE SOI. D BY AUCTION, By R. WHITE and SON, On the Premises, on Tuesday, the 19th of March, 1822, and fol- lowing days;— ALL the LIVE STOCK, Implements, Hay, Corn, su- perb HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Linen, China, Glass, and other valuable Effects, of the late ROREIIT BATIIURST, Esq. at BREAM LODGE MANSION, in the parish of Lidney, eight miles from Monmouth and Chepstow, and 20 from Gloucester; com- prising 7 cows and calves or to calve, 5 yearling cattle, about 30 couples of ewes and lambs, 12 fat sheep, 24 store wethers and 25 yearling sheep, 5 stout cart geldings and marss, 1 poney, fat and store pigs; hay, wheat, barley, and peas, in the straw ; road wag- gon, carts, ploughs, harrows, roll, long and thillers' gecrs, with a great variety of other useful implements and tools; alsoaGigand Harness, and a quantity of Potatoes. The Household Furniture, which is of the most elegant and costly description, includes superb bedsteads, with rich silk damask and other furniture, prime goose feather beds, mattrasses, palli- asses, blankets, and counterpanes, bed and table linen ; Brussels floor, bed- round, and stair carpets, hearth rugs ; mahogany and rose- wood dining, drawing, and bed- room furniture, library book- cases and table, all of the best materials and workmanship ; a re- gular assortment of kitchen, culinary, and brewing utensils, & c.; electrifying machine, air pump, telescope, and microscope, wines and spirits, with numerous other valuable articles ; the whole of which ( excepting the Farming Stock,) will be expressed in Cata- logues, to be had one week previous to tin sale, at the principal Inns in the neighbouring towns ; at Heath's Library, Monmouth ; the Place of Sale; and of the Auctioneers, Coleford, at Is. each. The goods may be viewed on the Saturday and Monday precetl- ing the sale— Tile Farming Stock to be sold the first day. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. SALE of FARMING STOCK, HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, Scr. under an Execution. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JOHN MOORE, On Thursday, the 14th day of March, 1022 ;— HEREFORDSHIRE and GLOUCESTERSHIRE. OAK TIMBER and COPPICE WOODS. TO BE SOLE BY AUCTION, By R. WHITE and SON, At the KINO'S HEAD INN, Ross, on Thursday, the 21st day of March, 1822, between the hours of three and five in the after- noon, subject to conditions of sale to be then produced ;— Lot 1. rg"< HE FALLAGE of a COPPICE WOOD, cal- JL led The Grove, at or near Hope Mansell, in the pa- rish of Newlanel, and county of Gloucester, containing by admea- surement 7A. 3R. 19P. consisting chiefly of Oak of good growth, with a larnc quantity of double and treble Stores standing therein. Lot 2. The FALLAGE of three BRAKES, nearly adjoining the above Wood, containing together 1A. 2R. 39P. consisting chiefly of Oak, with several double and treble Stores standing therein, and in Newland parish aforesaid. Lot 3— 74 OAK TIMBER TREES, numbered with white paint, and 9 OAK POLLARDS, crossed with white paint, stand- ing on Lands in the occupation of Mr. Jonathan Marfell, in the parish of Hope Mansell, m the county of Hereford. Lot 4— 99 OAK TREES and POLLARDS, numbered with white paint, standing on lands at the Dead Woman's, in the oc- cupation of Mr. James Frere, in the parishes of Ross and Wal- ford, in the county of Hereford. For a view of lots 1, 2, and 3, apply to Mr. Marfell, at Hope Mansell; of lot 4, to Mr. Frcrc; and for other particulars to Mr. Thos. James, Little Dewchurch ; or Mr. Cooke, Solicitor, Ross. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the WHITK HART INN, in IRON ACTON, on Monday, the 25th of March, 1822, precisely nt two o'clock in the afternoon, ( unless disposed of in the mean time by Private Contract, of wbich due rwitice will be given);— Lot 1. ALL that Close of MEADOW GROUND, about • XTL half an acre, ( more or less), situate near Cog— Mill, between the Lands of Mr. Lewis, in the parish of Iron Acton, in the county of Gloucester, now in the occupation of William Shep pard, of Iron Acton, as tenant thereof. Lot 2. All that Close of GROUND, called ACTON WOOD, containing four acres, or thereabouts, situate on the road from 1 ton Acton to Franiptoil Cotterell, now in the occupation of Aaron Harder, ' Butclier, as tenant thereof. Lot 3. Two excellent Closes of MEADOW or PASTURE GROUND), called BROOK CLOSE and the HAM, situate at Nibley, iu the manor and parish of Iron Acton aforesaid, bounded by the Brook, now in tlie occupation of Mr. Stcphen Gibbs, as tenant thereof. For further particulars* ( and to treat by Private Contract,) ap- ply to Mr. Stone, Solicitor, Tetbury. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the RATTLE BONES INN, in SHERSTON MAGNA, in the county of Wilts, for the remainder of a term of lIKH) years, on Saturday, the 23d day of March, 1822, precisely at three o'clock in the afternoon ;— ALL that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with the Garden and Court thereto adjoining, now in the occupation of Abraham Shipton, Taylor, situated at Luckington, in the county of Wilts— For further particulars, apply to Mr. Stone, Solicitor, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, PAINSW1CK. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Some time in May, ( the day will be named in a future advertise- ment,) if not previously disposed of;— AValuable and very desirable ESTATE, situate in the tything of ledge; comprising about 14 acres of rich Pasture Land and Orcharding, with a Farm- House, and other requisite buildings, now occupied by Mrs. Heague, as tenant at will. For further particulars, apply to Mr. John Savory, of Pains- wick, who will shew the Estate. CAPITAL MANSION- HOUSE, WATER- FULLING- MILL, -. eith STEAM- ENGINE attached, FACTORY, fee. BOWBRIDGE, near STROUD, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. JAMES MORGAN, At the GEORGE INN, in STROUD aforesaid, on Monday, the 8th « f April next, at twelve o'clock at noon, ( subject to such conditions as will be then produced);— ALL that capital MANSION- HOUSE, with the two MESSUAGES or DWELLING- HOUSES, and GAR- DENS adjoining, now in the occupation of Mr. Newcombe, Mr. Thomas Rice, and Mr. Matthew Rice. Also the Water Fulling- Mill, situated near the same, containing two Water Wheels, 2( 1 feet each diameter, with a fall of 25 feet, three Stocks, two Gig Mills, spacious Lofts for Machinery, with a Steam Engine of 12- horse power, attached for driving tile same, Mustard Factory Rooms over the same, and Outbuildings belonging thereto. And also all those several Closes of LAND and ORCHARD- ING adjoining, containing in the whole, by estimation, four acres, be the same more or less. The above Dwelling- Houses and Mill have been recently built; the latter has been fitted up at a great expence, upon the most modern principle, and contains four Rooms above the ground floor, each of which is 60 feet by 30. The two Rooms over the Mustard Factory arc about - 10 feet by 30. The whole of the above Premises are situate at Bowbridge, near Stroud aforesaid, adjoining the turnpike- road from Stroud to Chal- ford, along which coaches and waggons to London, & c. pass daily, anel within 100 yards of the Thames and Severn Canai. ' For further particulars, apply to Messrs. Newman and Son, So- licitor*. Siruuii. T STROUD, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By HALLIDAY and HUMPHRYS, At the MARLBOROUGH HEAD INN, on Monday, March the 18th, and following day ;— \ HE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other Ef- fects, of Mr. WILLIAM HODGES, Victualler, who is re- moving to the Swan Inn ; comprising four- post, tent, and stump bedsteads, with and without furnitures; mahogany bureau and painted deal press bedsteads, 15 feather and flock beds and bed ding, mahogany and painted wash stands, dressing and night ta- bles, pier and swing glasses, parlour and kitchen chairs ; maho- gany and oak dining, card, and drinking tables ; oak bureaus and ches'u of drawers, two thirty- hour clocks and cases, largo clothes chests, three hair travelling trunks, copper, brass and iron foun- tains, boilers, saucepans, tea kettles, fenders and fire irons, wash- ing tubs and link pails, large man trap, Farnham and Country hops, and various miscellaneous effects. The sale to commence each morning at eleven o'clock. T HEREFORDSHIRE and GLOUCESTERSHIRE. CAPITAL TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By R. WHITE and SON, At the CROWN INN, WHITCHURCH, on Wednesday, the 27th day of March, 1822, at five o'clock in the afternoon, ( subject to such conditions of sale as shall be then produced);— " AHE under- mentioned Lots of TIMBER, viz. Lot 1 11 MAIDEN OAKS, numbered with white paint, from 1 to 11; 17 MAI DEN ELMS, numbereel with white paint, from 1 to 17; 6 MAIDEN ASH, numbered with white paint, from 1 to 6; and 2 SPANISH CHESNUT TREES, numbered 1 and 2, standing on Old Couit Farm, in the parish of Whitchurch, in the occupation of Mr. John Jones, very near the River Wye. Lot 2 13 MAIDEN OAKS, numbered with white paint, from 1 to 13; and7 MAIDEN ELMS, numbered with white paint, from 1 to 7, standing on New Court Farm, in the parishes of Langarren and Whitchurch, and on Extra- parochial Lands, in the occupation of Mr. John Phelps, within a mile of the River Wye, at Old Forge. Lot 3 24 MAIDEN OAKS, numbered with white paint, from ] to 24; and 22 MAIDEN ASH, numbereel with white paint, from 1 to 22, standing on Oakfield Farm, in the parish of Landinabo, in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Street, about 3 miles from the River Wye, at Hoarwithy. Lot 4 45 MAIDEN OAKS, numbered with white paint, from 1 to 45, standing on Coldbrook Farm, iu the parish of Saint Weo- nards, also in the oceapation of Mr. Joseph Street, about 8 miles from the town of Monmouth. Lot 5— 10MA1DEN OAKS, numbered with white paint, from 1 to 10, standing at Riding Horn, in the parish of English Biek- nor, in the county of Gloucester, on lands in the occupation of Mr. John Phillips, very near the River Wye. The Timber above particularized is of very useful dimensions, and merits the attention of Timber Merchants, & c. The respective tenants will shew the lots ; and other pirticu lars may be known uf the Auctioneers, Coleford. Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury ; comprising 3 prime young dairy cows, 4 weaning calves, 6 full tailed cart geldings and mares, 3 yearling colts and aponey ; about 20 acres of wheat, .^ jel about 20 acres of beans now growing, 2 rie- ks of excellent well ended hay, and a general selection of Agricultural Implements ; together with the clean and useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, dairy utensils, casks and other effects on the said premises. The sale will commence at eleven o'clock. Catalogues may bo had at the Fleece, Cheltenham; Ram, Gloucester; at the Plaeo of Sale; and of the Auctioneer, Tewkesbury. HASFIELD Capital LAND and^ PREMISES, FREEHOLD aud TITHE- FREE, rrith immediate Possession. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JOHN MOORE, On Monday, the 18th day of this instant March, nt the House ef WM. HOLDER, called the GREEN DRAGON, on CORSiS LAWN, in the county of Worcester, between the hours of four and six in the evening, ( subject to the conditions of sale whicd shall be then and there produced,) in the following Lots ; Lot 1. A LLthat CLOSE of capital ARABLE LAND, i ' V. called the Lawn Piece, containing about 2( 1 acres, divided into three Closes, well planted with stocks, with a very good Lime- Kiln standing on part thereof. Lot 2, A HOUSE, GARDEN, and two ORCHARDS, within a ring fence, about two acres, adjoining the road leading from Has- fleld to Gloucester. Lot 3. A CLOSE of rich PASTURE GROUND, called Broad wells, well planted with Fruit Trees, adjoining the last lot, contain- ing about four acres, under which there is a very good bed of ex- cellent Lime Stone. All the lots are situate in the parish of Hasfield, in the county of Gloucester, and are Tithe- free by virtue of an Aet of Parlia- ment, and are now ( except the House and Garden, part of Lot 2,) in the possession of Mr. John Davis, the Proprietor, and the said House and Garden arc now occupied by Mr. Reeve, as yearly tenant thereof to him. For a view of the lots, he pleased to apply to the said John Davis, at Hasfield aforesaid ; and for further particulars, at tlie' Office of Samuel Beale, Upton- upon- Severn. G LOUC ESTERSHIR E. ~ Valuable STOCK of Long- Homed CATTLE, Capital Flock of SHEEP of the mixed Leicester and Cotsv> old Breed; PIGS, Cider Mill, Implements of Hushandry, and Dairy Utensils, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JOHN MOORE, On Tuesday, the 19th day of March, 1822, beginning at eleven o'clock in the morning, on the Premises of Mr. JOHN MARTIN, ( who is about to leave the Estate,) at the PARK FARM, in the parish and within one mile of the borough of TEWKESBURY. SHEEP.— 130 excellent ewes and larcbs, or to yean, 60 Shearhogs, 40 ewe tegs. Cow KIND— 14 prime young dairy cows and calves, or to ealvs, 10 four- year- old heifers and calves, or to calve, 12 threo- year- old heifers and calves, or to calve, 1 three- year- old Martin heifer, 2 three- year- old barren heifers, 22 two- year- old heifers, 14 yearling heifers, 6 fat cows, a very capital thrae- jear- old bulL Pios— 5 fat porkers. IMPLEMENTS, & c— An excellent cider mill, with iroa screw prass^& c.. complete, 10 hair cloths, 17 cow cubs, 27 cow tics, 3 calves' racks, 6 stone troughs, and several other useful implements. DAIRY UTENSILS— A very capital double- stone cheese press, with iron screw, milk lead with three partitions, 2 whey leads-, barrel churn, cheese cowls, chees: vats, Ac. See. Catalogues may be had ten days previous to the sale, at the Ram Inn, Gloucester; Fleece, Cheltenham: Star Hotel, Worcester ; Star, Upton; and of the Auctioneer, Tewkesbury. HEREFORDSHIRE. Fine NA VY OAK and ELM TIMBER, $ c. on the Banks of the River Wye. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By R. WHITE and SON, At the SWAN INN, Ross, on Thursday, the 21st day of March, 1822, at four o'clock in the afternoon", subject to such conditions of sale as will then be produced ;— MI E undermentioned Lots of TIMBER, standing on _ Rocklandsand Main- Oaks Estates, in the parish of Good- rich, adjoining the River Wye: Lot I— 115 MAIDEN OAKS, numbered progressively with white paint, from 1 to 113. Lot 2— 70 M AIDEN ELMS, also numbered progressively with white paint, from 1 to 70; one WITCH and one MAPLE, each numbered I. The Timber is of very fine dimensions, and of the best quality. The tenant, at Main- Oaks, will cause the Timber to be shewn, and further particulars may be had of Mr. Cooke, Solicitor, boss; or of the Auctioneer. rjY GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Prime DAIRY COWS, CARRIAGE HORSES, Elegant and Modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By It. WHITE and SON, On ths Premis « j, on Monday, the 25th day of March, 1822, and two following days ;— ALL the LIVE STOCK, Hay, Carriage Horses, ele- gant and modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, beau- tiful China, Cut Glass, & c. of Major- Gen. DIGIITON, at his Re- sielence in NEWLAND, who is leaving the neighbourhood ; com prising 4 very prime young dairy cows and calves and to calve ; 2 sows and pigs ; a pair of clever young carriage horses, mote than 16 hands high, a good match ; a set of harness, a rick of very prime hay, & c— The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE ( a part of which is nearly new, and the whole in excellent preservation,) includes handsome four- post bedsteads, with mahogany carved pillars and rich moreen and other furniture, with window curtains to cor- respond, tent and servants' bedsteads, prime feather beds, mat- tresses and palliasses, blankets anel counterpanes, Brussels floor., bedround, and stair carpets, mahogany wardrobes, chests of draw- ers, bureaus, night tables and basin stands, brilliant pier anel swing glasses, mahogany dining, card, Pembroke, loo, sofa, and dressing tables, sideboard, cellarets, elegant book- case, with shelves for ornamental china, mahogany and painted chairs, sofa, tea. and supper trays, eight- day clock and case, beautiful china din ner services, breakfast and tea sets, rich cut glass, a regulat as- sortment of kitchen and culinary requisites and brewing utensils, with a great variety of other valuable and useful articles. The sale to begin each morning precisely at eleven o'clock; commence with the live stock. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Prime Young Dairy Cows, Sheep, Horses, & c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By R. WHITE and SON, On the Premises, on Friday, the 29th of March, 1822 ;— ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK, of the late Sir HENRY COSBY, Bart, at BARNS VILI. E PARK, in the parish of Tidenham; comprising 12 prime young dairy cows and calves, and to calve in gooel season, 1 yearling bull, and 4 yearlinj cattle, 36 young ewes iu- yean, 20 wethers, I> 6 yearling sheep, ant 4 rams, 4 stout cart geldings and mares, and 2 two- year- old cart colts, 4 sows, and 10 store pigs— The above stock will be found deserving the attention of gentlemen, farmers, dealers, &. c. The sale to commence precisely at eleven o'clock, in the faren LOWER COURT HOUSE, KEMERTON, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO BF, SOLD BY AUCTION, By JOHN MOORE, On Thursday and Friday, the 21st and 22d of Mareit, 1823, at the above Residence, situate four miles from Tewkesbury, tst\ eu from Pcrshorc, and nine from Evesham and Cheltenham j ALL the useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, fine- toned Piano- Forte, by Broadxcood; China, richly- cut Glass, 18 dozen of capital PORT WINE ; a brace of well- known fleet and staunch Greyhounds; a very excellent double- barrelled Gun, with mahogany case, complete; a three- year- old Alde- nev enw in calf; a well- known good donkey, donkev- carriage and' har- nsss, donkey- cart and geering; Chinese sow, in farrow, and oth^ r effects, the property of Captain Lake, who is about to quit. Further particulars will appear in a future Paper. Valuable LIVE STOCK, CORN, HAY, fee. & e. at DUN. TISBOURN ABBOTTS, 4 MIFA from Cirencester. TO RE SOLD BY AUCTION, By W. II. JEFFERJES, On the Premises, on Tuesday and Wednesday, die 12th and 13tb days of March, 1822, ( under Distress for Rent) ALL the truly valuable LIVE STOCK, Corn, Hay, & C. the property of Mr. E. HEWER, of NUTBEAM " Anit, DUNTISBOURN; comprising < 10 capital ewes with lambs or tf> yean, 92 superior chilver and wether tegs, 7 good dairr eows in- ialf. i yearling heifeis and 1 yearling bull, 8 useful vourig rart horses, 1 hackney, a sow in- farrow, 2 hilts, 6 store and \ boar pig ; 2 r< ck » of wheat, 2 mows of wheat, 1 rick of barley, I rick of blStk oats, 1 rick of beans, 1 rick of peas, 1 rick of Spring vetches, a quantity of threshed wheat, barley, oats, beans, and peas, a rick of good hay, about 16 tons, stack of ditto; waggons, carts, ploughs, drays, harrows, corn roller, horse harness, hurdles, sheep racks, etw cribs, com staddles, fan, screen, bushel, sieves, and sundries in husbandry ; single cheese press, cheese cowl, barrel churn, buck- ets, milk tins, & c.; 3 stump bedsteads, 2 flock beds, tables, chairs, dresser and shelves, meat safe, brewing furnace and grate, irctn boiler, 3 tubs, 6 large and smaller casks, A. c. N. B. The Sheep are of the Cotswuld and Leicester breed, per- fectly sound, and the Cows are of the Hereford breed, which, to- gether with the whole of the Effects, will be found worth attention. — The purchasers of the Corn will be entitled to the use of the Barn, and convenient Yards to spend the Straw and Hay on; or may remove the Straw and Hay off the premises, by bringing one load of Manure for every load of Straw or Hay taken off. The sale will begin precisely at eleven o'clock, with the Sherjv and the whole will be sold, if possible, in one day. CALMSDOWN, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, Four miles from Cirencester, and from Northleacb. Valuable LIVE STOCK, CORN, HAY, ImptcimuU In Hm- bandry, Dairy aud Brewing Utensils, Household Furniture, ( rc. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JEFFERIES and SON, On the Premises, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the 21st, 22d, and 23d of March, 1823 ;— ALL the truly valuable LIVE STOCK, Corn, Hay, & c. the property of Mr. HENRY HEWER, of CALM!,- DOWN FARM ( under a Distress for Rent); comprising 144 capi- tal ewes and theaves, with lambs or to lamb, 8 good shcarhofl rams, 4 useful dairy cows in- calf, 4 two- year- old heifers, 0 year- ling ditto, 2 three- year- old oxen, 4 two- year- old ditto, 4 yearling ditto, 1 two- year- old bull, ] yearling ditto; 8 useful cart horses, 1 hackney ; 1 fat pig, 2 sows in farrow, 4 store pigs ; 2 ricks of wheat, 1 mow of ditto, 3 ricks of good black oats, and a quantity of thrashed ditto, ditto of peas, 2 ricks of barley, a stack erf Eng- lish hay, ditto of clover and rye grass ditto; wnggems, carts, ploughs, drags, harrows, iron corn- roiler, oak ditto, tt pegged ditto, horse harness, hurdles, sheep racks, cow cribs, corn etaddles, cbaff- muchine, by Radway, machine and leaf corn fans, screens, sieves, bushel, sack bags, and sundry barn utensils, single cheese press, cheese cowl, barrel and upstand churns, niili leads, butter Uver, milk and cream tins, cheese vats, & c. Sic. The FURNITURE comprises four- post, tent, and other bed- steads, with cotton and Manchester furnitures, good feather and ftock beds and bedding, mahogany and oak chests of drawers, dres- sing tables, pier and swing tables, wash- handstands, mabog& nv .. and oak dining, tea, and Pembroke tables, set of mahoganv chairs, hair seats, eight- day clock in oak case, oak bureau, u'lass and earthenware, kitchen chairs, Bath stoves, fenders artd. Sre- irons, large and smaller casks, brewing and washing- furnace, washing and other tubs, &. C. & c. N. B. The sheep are of the improved Cotswold breed ; the Ut- e are generally of the Hereford breed, which, together with the whole of the stock and utensils, will be found worth attention. The first day will comprise the sheep, cows, heifers, corn, hsv. and corn staddles; the second day, tile horses, pigv, implement. In husbandry, and dairy utensils; and oil Saturday, the houSfhrM furniture ( and in consequence of the number of lots', the' sake u < if" begin punctually e « di niorniug at eliuaii o'clock. MONDAY'S POST. LONDON, SATURDAY, MARCH 9. LETTERS this morning received from Buenos Avres, of 15 Dec. mention, that a misunderstanding of rather a serious nature had taken place between Gen. San Martin and Lord Cochrane, respecting the latter seizing a large sum in dollars belonging to private individuals, for the purpose of paying the fleet, which, it is reported, was in a state of mutiny. 11 is also mentioned that Lord Cochrane bad levied large sums on the old Spaniards, who were anxious to leave Lima, for passports to pro- ceed to the Brazils, & c. in proportion to the riches of the indivi- duals. Capt. Guise had been appointed Admiral of Peru, by Ge- neral San Martin. In the House of Commons, last night, the Navy Five per Cents.' Reduction Bill went thro' the Committee, and stands for the third reading on Monday— Mr. Suites gave notice of a motion on Monday se'nnight for the repeal of the duty 011 tallow candles. On Tuesday, the 26th ult. the State Lottery commenced drawing, when No. 5,319 was drawn a Prize of £ 2,0001 !! and was sold by BISH, in 13 Shares, viz. 1 Quarter 1 Sixteenth, Brighton 1 Sixteenth, Cork 1 Sixteenth, Edinburgh 1 Sixteenth, Glasgow 1 Sixteenth, Leicester 1 Sixteenth, Montgomery London 1 Sixteenth, Oswestry 1 Sixteenth, Stockton 1 Sixteenth, Swansea 1 Sixteenth, Twickenham I Sixteenth, Thame 1 Sixteenth, Tunbridgc. The following Capitals also, all drawn that day, were all sold by BISH: 1,963 • 2,086 4.220 £ 1,000 300 300 No. 304 . 2,797 • 4,683 . £ 200 . 200 200 The places they were sent to are too numerous for an Adver- tisement. Warranted undrawn Tickets and Shares are selling by BISH, 4, Cornhill, end 9, Charing- Cross, London, and by his Agents in this County. First- drawn Prize Next Day, 14th of THIS MONTH, < March), will be entitled to £ 20,000 Money ! ! ! The Wheel still contains Four £ 20,000 Prizes, and 52 other Ca- pitals.— All Sterling Money, and not Two Blanks to a Prize. BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. Daniel Guttridge Stevens, Harlow, Essex, linen- draper, ( i. e.——- Peter Roynom Lewis, Bath- place, New- road, fringe and trimming- manufac- turer, d. c.—— John Savage, Broadway, Worcestershire, pig- dealer, d. c. Benj. Potter, Manchester, cotton- spinner, d. c. John Parsons, Swaffham, Norfolk, linen- draper.-—~ Josias. Atkins, Hamstall- Ridware, Staffordshire, miller and corn- dealer, d, e.- Philip Henry Byrne, • Bucklersbury, Manchester warehouseman, d Philip Henry Lea, Grenada place, Kent- road, grocer, tea- dealer, d. e. Wm. Thos. Sher- win, Paternoster- row, bookseller, d. Wm, Scandrett, Worcester, glover, ( I. e. John. Woolcock, Truro, draper, d. c. STOCK EXCHANGE, ONF. O'CI. OCK No business at all doing this morning, and Consols are at 79JJ for the Account, and 78\ for Money. In Foreign Securities not the least business doing, and . the prices continue as per last— Current prices of Stocks: 3 perCent. Cons. 733!$ 5 per Cent. 102i| India Bonds 32s. 47->. pre Exch. Bills of 1000/. Is." 4.5. pre Ditto Small is. 5s. pre Cons, for Acct. 79 79J- To the INHABITANTS of the Hundred of GRUMBALD's ASH. GENTLEMEN, IObserve that there is a mis- statement ( no doubt aris- ing from inadvertency,) in the title of the Rates recently made for re- nnbursing me a portion of the loss I sustained by the la- mentable riot, which, in 1820, occurred on Hawkesbury Com- ir. on. The mistake to which I allude, is, in representing that the Magistrates, who usually assemble at the Cross Hands, had re- ceived a Writ of execution for levying £ 269 5s. 2Jd. on you; the money stated in the process to be paid to me being £ 89. The residue of the £ 269 5s. 2Jd. will ( except a small part of it,) bepaid to the Gentlemen who were concerned in opposing my re- imbursement. This explanation has been prompted by a solicitude to prevent you from entertaining the erroneous impression that the Bates are calculated to produce; and at the same time to assure you that I should not have availed myself of the remedy to which I have had recourse, if I had not considered it essential, for tile purpose of raising a barrier against the perpetration of even greater enormities than those to which I have adverted. 1 am, Gentle- men, ( Kith feeling the deepest regret for the necessity of the mea- sure to which I have resorted.) Your obliged Servant, Sodburv, March 8, 1822. GEO. WHITTINGTON. LEDBURY HOSPITAL. NOTICE is hereby sriven to all Persons desirous of 111 contracting for the TARING DOWN and REBUILD- ING the NEW ALMSHOUSES of St. Catharine's, in Ledbury, ill the county of Hereford, and for supplying all Materials for the wine, that Mr. Smirke's Plans and Conditions arc now lying, and may be inspected for one month from the date hereof, at the Office of Lane, Attorney, Registrar's Office, Hereford. Dated March 6, 1822. © Up of AN5@ OUNTJ) 0F TO JOHN FOliD's BANKRUPTCY. rpHE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, _ L bearing date the 10th day of April, 1821, awarded and is- sued forth against JOHN FORD, of the city of Gloucester, Pa- tent Woollen Yarn Manufacturer and Clothier, intend to meet on Thursday, the 4th day of April next, at eleven o'clock in the fore- noon, at the Ram Inn, in the city of Gloucester, in order to make a first and final Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they • will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend. All claims not then proved will be disallowed. I.. WINTERBOTHAM, Solicitor to the Assignees. 1 THOMAS NOCK's INSOLVENCY. OTICE is hereby given, That THOMAS NOCK, late of Tewkesbury, in the county of Gloucester, Road Sur- veyor, has executed a Deed of Assignment for the benefit of his Creditors, to JOHN MOORE, of Tewkesbury, Auctioneer, and CHARLES BANASTER, of the same place, Sadler, which is now lying at the Office of I., Winterbotham, Solicitor, Tewkesbury ; where all the Creditorsof the said Thomas Nock, who have not al- ready executed such Assignment, are requested to call for that impose, 011 or before the 27ih day of March instant, or they will tie excluded the benefit of the Dividend. And all Persons in- debted to the said Thomas Nock, are required forthwith to pay the amount of their respective debts to the said I,. Winterbotham, or they will be sued for the same Tewkesbury, March 1, 1822. TO DEBTORS AND CREDITOIiS. ALL Persons indebted to the Estate of the late Mr. THOMAS NOYES, of Kempsford, in the county of Glou- cester, deceased, are requested to pay the amount of their respec- tive debts to Mr. John Smith, of Marston Maisey, in the county of Wilts, one of his Executors ; or to Mr. Thompson, Solicitor, in Cirencester. And all Persons who have any demand on the Estate of the deceased, are requested to deliver the particulars of such demand to the said John Smith, the Executor, or Mr. Thomp- son, in order that tlie- same may be discharged. WILLIAM THOMPSON, Solicitor for the Executors. Cirencester, March 7, 1822. REDUCED FARES. WJJLIA London and Gloucester Day Coach, EVERY Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Morning, JLi at eight, from HEATH'S COACH- OFFICE, next door to the BELI. INN, SOUTHOATE- STREET, GLOUCESTER, to theROLT- IN- TUN, FLEET- STREET, LONDON, early the same evening . and returns out of London Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. ; THE CHAMPION, POST- COACH, EVERY DAY, AT TWO, And arrives at the Angel Inn, St. Clement's, Strand, and Bolt- in- Tun, Fleet- Street, London, next morning, at six ; sets off from the above Inns, every day at one o'clock, as usual, for CHETEN- HAM, GLOUCESTER, HEREFORD, and SOUTH WALES ; calls nt MOORE'S, Old Green Man and Still, Oxford- Street, going in and coming out of London. ., FARES.— Inside 80s.— Outside 15S. PARCELS 1.?. each.— LUGGAGE Id. per lb. Performed by JOHN HEATH and Co. Proprietors. HEREFORDSHIRE— CATTLE STOLEN. WHEREAS, on the Night of the 7th of November last, 1821, or early the following Morning, there were STOLEN out of Grounds, part of Upper Norton Estate, in the parish of Bromyard,— 1Two YEARLING CATTLE, the one a Bullock of a light red colour, the face part red vand part white, high on his legs, and light in the carcase ; the other a Heifer, of a dark brown colour with a white face. Cattle of the above description, w ere traced through the town of Bromyard, to the town of Leominster, on the morning of the 8th nf November, being Leominster Fair, and were standing about midway between the Oak Inn and the Iron Cross, in the care of a man of the name of James Berry, now in Hereford Gaol, on sus- picion of stealing the above Cattle. Berry had on when at Leominster, a dark brown coat, light co- loured waistcoat, light cord breeches, and dark wool stockings; lie is about 5 feet 7. inches high, pale sallow complexion, light hair and eyes, and sullen or sour countenance. Whoever will give information of Berry's having sold such Cat- tle at Leominster fair, and to whom, or if the buyer of the same shall give infftmation of his having so bought them, so as the said James Berry may be convicted of the Felony, shall receive a Re- ward of FIVE GUINEAS, by applying to Mr. Wight, of Col- liugton. Any information that can be given, is requested to be addressed to Mr. P. Wight, Collington, near Bromyard; or to air, Wight, Attorney, in Bromyard. _ SPECTRE will Cover at Stepleton, near Presteigne, at Ten - Guineas a Mare, and Half- a- Guinea to the Groom, for « horough- bred Mares, and Six Guineas and 6s. for half- bred ones. He was got " by Phantom, his Dam Fillikins by Gout )/, Gianddam by' & tng Fergus, great Granddam by Herod, out of all own sister so Stork iaa ' Vision, by Blank, Grasshopper, Sir M. Newton's Arabian, Garnet, Boy Lusty Mare. A reference to SPECTRE'S performances in the Racing Calendar for'the/ ears 1818, 19, and 20, will shew him to have been the list Horse of his day. Every accommodation and convenience for Mares i those with I'ija'„ » per week for hay. and gray,; those without Fools, Is. • JILT ITSFTN iii the market piica... ' Gloucester, Monday, March 11. BRECON CIRCUIT. W. WINGFIELD, ESQ. AND R. M. CASBERD, ESQ. Glamorganshire Tuesday, April 2, at Cardiff. Breconshire Tuesday, if, at Brecon. Radnorshire .- Monday, 15, at Prestefgn. BIRTHS.— On the 3d inst. the lady of the Rev. R. Wynniatt, of Guit- ing Grange, in this county, of a daughter Monday, at Funtington, near Chichester, the lady of Augustus F. Berkeley, Esq. of a daughter. MARRIED.— On Thursday, at Eldersfield, by the Rev. Dr. Davies, Chas. Scale, Esq, of Linkend House, Worcestershire, to Edith, young- est daughter of the late Wm. Newman, Esq. of Lassington Court, near this city— Tuesday, Mr. Chas. Brewer, to Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Hatch, of the New inn, in this city At Leamington, the Rev. Echv. Woodyatt, youngest son of Dr. Woodyatt, to Louisa Georgiana Maria, youngest daughter of the late Sir Nigel Bowyer Gresley, Bart — Thos. Morgan Davies, Esq. of Swansea, to Jane, only daughter of Fras. Han- corne, Esq. of the same place. - -•, -.. On Monday, died, at her house in College tJreen, in this city, after a few days' illness, sustained with Christian resignation, Mrs. Baylis, mother of Messrs. J. and T. Baylis, surgeons: as a most affectionate parent, her loss will long be sincerely deplorerd by her afflicted children. On Wednesday, died, at the Hotwells. Clifton, Mrs. Montague, mo- ther of W. Montague, Esq. of this city. DIED.— Yesterday se'nnight, at Cirencester, aged 26, Mr. John Gre- gory: the universal expression of sorrow exhibited on this occasion by all ( of every rank,) who knew him, whilst it gives the best testi- mony to his virtues, will, it i. s hoped, afford some consolation to his afflicted relatives in distress.— Same day, after a, long illness, aged 54, Mr. Alex, M'Laren, brother to Mr. John M'Laren, of this city.— On the 26th ult. at Bath, aged 86, Jas. Marshall, Esq. father of C. H. Mar- shall, Esq. M. C. of Cheltenham.— Last week, at Arle, near Chelten- ham, Mrs. Buckle, widow of Mr, Buckle,— On the 2d inst aged 30, Josiah Stevens, Esq. of Horlield Court, in this county.— On the 28th ult. Mrs. Pearkes, widow of Martin Pearkes, Esq. of Upper Harley- street, and last surviving daughter of the late Samuel Gist, Esq. of Gower- street, London, and Wormington Grange, Worcestershire.— Thursday, Mary, only daughter of Mr, B. Crane, hop- merchant, of'the College Yard, Worcester— At Leominster, in her 27th year, Frances Beatris, daughter of Mr. Joseph Harris, solicitor . After severe ill- ness, aged 33, Mr, Thos. Heath, of the Red Lion Inn, Leominster.— Tuesday, at Crowsley Park, Oxon, aged. 64, John Atkyns Wright, Esq. Chairman of tile Quarter Sessions of that county. Recorder of Henley, and formerly a Representative in Parliament for the city of Oxford. — Aged !) 2, Mrs. Sarah Clare, of the George Inn, Burford, Oxon. Edw. Poole, Esq. of Homend, has been appointed De- puty Recorder of Hereford, in the room of the late R. Philipps, Esq. The Rev. Dr. Dunne, of Earl's Croome, Worcestershire, at his Tithe- audit on Friday last, made a voluntary abatement of 10 per cent, and a promise of a further similar reduction, should after Substitutes, the present distress continue to prevail. The High Sheriff of Shropshire, R. B. More, Esq. of Linley Hall, has formally declined complying with two requisi- tions presented to him to convene a county meeting, " 011 the pre- sent depressed state of agriculture," in consequence of their being signed by so small a portion of tile landed proprietors of'the county! — The second requisition was signed by 1/ 2 names, among whom were those of Lord Duncannon, Sir Edw. Blount, and many other highly distinguished and respectable characters in the county. We quote tile under- mentioned prices, obtained last week, at the sale of tile celebrated stock of Mr. James Price, of Little Malvern, Worcestershire : For an in- calf cow 51/.; a new milch cow 21/.; 12 dairy cows 204/.; 7 in- calf cows 140/.; 4 in- calf heifers 118/.; 1 ditto 37Z. ; 5 ditto 136/.; 10 two- year- old heifers 147/- ; 1- in- calf heifers 246/.; 20 calves 132/.; a three- year- old bull 4( 1/.; a one- year- old ditto 22 guineas— The sheepand other stock sold equally well. POPULATION or THE KINGDOM.— Wehave this week resumed, in our 4th page, these Returns 011 an enlarged scale, in order to supply onr readers with official documents 011 this inte- resting subject. OXFORD CIRCUIT— Commenced at Reading on Mon- day, where there were 21 prisoners for trial; of whom one for horse- stealing, and nine for house- breaking, received sentence of death ; five were ordered to be transported for seven years, five to be im- prisoned for various periods, and one was acquitted. At Oxford, seven prisoners were capitally convicted ; eight were sentenced to seven year's transportation; seven to im- prisonment, and seven were acquitted— Sarah Jordan, acquitted on a charge of sacrilege, was ordered to be sent to Gloucester for trial for another offence. On Saturday, the Commission was opened at Worces- ter, where there are 32 prisoners for trial. At Bristol Leather Fair, there was a pretty full sup- ply, and nearly all sold. Pattern Skins werfe the only articles al- tered in price ; they having receded considerably. Prices: Heavy Crops 19d. to 20i.; Light and Middling 17d. to 1 Hd.; Best Saddlers'Hides 18irf. to 19iii.; Common ditto 17i. to 18d ; Shoe Hides 10rf. to 19Jtf.; Welch Hides to 19d. -, Bulls l. W. to I61Z. ; Buffaloes \ 6d. to 1 Sd.; l'riir. e heavy ditto 0d. to 0d.; Rounded ditto 20d. to 21 d.; Close rounded ditto 2to 2s. tkt.; Horse hides 15< Z. to 1 Hd.; Spanish ditto \ 7d. to 20d.; Best Pattern Skins 2s. 5d. to 2s. Sd.; Common ditto 2s. 3d. to 2s. 4Id.; Welch Skins 23d. to 2s.; Heavy ditto 2s. Td. to2s. 3d; Irish Skins' 22d. to 2s.; Kips 20( 1. to 2s. •, Light Seals 1 Id. to 1 Sd.— Raw Goods: B. A. HideslOi. to 12cf.; Dried Spanish Horse ditto Is. to 8s. lid.; Dried German Cow Hides i) d. to lOrf.; Dried Ger- man Skins 11(/. to 18rf. i Mogadore Kips 8\ d.; Irish Skins 9d. to Vid. COMMITMENTS TO OUR COUNTY GAOL.— On Wednes- day, Geo. Shershaw and John Truss, by H. Smith, Clerk, charged with stealing a hen- fowl and a quantity of eggs, the property of Ii. Smith, Redbrook, parish of Quinton— And, on Friday, Wm. Barrett, Benj. Price, and Wm. Hands, by J. Cave, Esq. charged with breaking open the dwelling- house of' H. Lines, and stealing a quantity of wearing apparel and other articles, his property. AGRICULTURAL DISTRESS.— We have been favoured by a Correspondent with a copy of the following Petition : " The humble PETITION of the undersigned Owners and Occu- piers of Land in the Hundred of Caldicot Lower, ( consisting of 19 Parishes,) in the County of Monmouth : " Sheweth— That many of your Petitioners are extremely em- barrassed in their circumstances, their capital nearly exhausted, and penury and ruin staring them in the face, in consequence of the depreciation of the value of their live stock, and the produce of their farms, together with the overwhelming burthen of taxa- tion, tithes and parochial rates, far exceeding any the Country ever before laboured under, in time of Peace, in some instances sixty- three and even seventy- four per cent. 011 the rent. " That, from the numerous Petitions laid before Parliament during the last Session, clearly and positively shewing the exces- sive distress of the Agriculturists in every part of the kingdom, your Petitioners vainly flattered themselves some relief would have been given them and their grievances lessened ; but it is with the most heartfelt grief they experience a miserable disappointment in their hopes ; and instead of a fair, reasonable reduction in our gal ling burthens, and a protection against the import of foreign grain, the Country is unfeelingly tuid by the Ministers of the Crown, that it must be satisfied with tile trifling abatement of one shilling per bushel in the duty on Malt, and a futile, visionary scheme, of lending Exchequer Hills to Parishes on the security of the Poor Rates— a scheme quite illusory, and more resembling an insult to the wounded feelings of the people, than being usefully practicable. " We, therefore, most earnestly desire to call the attention of your Honourable House to the intolerable distress, which has ex- tended itself to every person connected with the Landed Interest, and which, if not speedily stopt, threatens to involve all in one general ruin. We do not desire, nor do we presume to ask, that the interest of other classes of the community should be sacrificed at the shrine of ours; but we claim a right to demand, that we should, at least, be as amply protected as others. Many of our manufacturers are protected by prohibitory laws, others by enormous import duties tantamount to prohibition, and the Agriculturists, not only of our own Colonies, but those of the American States, are in some in- stances so; and even one article, the produce of Turkey, is secured against any imitation, under the severest penalties on all who ( even through ignorance) infringe those oppressive Laws, which have been recently enforced with the utmost rigour. While our hope of averting the threatening calamity, is, by relieving the Agricul- turists of those taxes which more directly oppress them, and by giving a protection, similar to that which every British Manufac- turer and even the Colonist enjoy, we feel conscious of tbe impos- sibility of the former, unless immediate recourse is had to a full, ample, and impartial Reduction of our Public Establishments in every department, suspending the payment of Interest on the Debt redeemed,' abolishing all unnecessary Places, Pensions, and Sine- cures, and applying the strictest ( economy in the management of those which may remain. To such measures alone can we look for any expectation of real and substantial redress, without which, we shall soon be in a situation, utterly unable to discharge either our debts or taxes; but we yet trust in the wisdom and power of Parliament for the accomplishment of our hopes." " An Enemy to Persecution" is inadmissible on anonjpnous authority. Several Advertisements and other articles unavoidably postponed. — Old Established Upholstery Warehouse, HIGH- STREET, STROUD. S. HALLIDAY, impressed with a grateful sense of the • repeated favours conferred upon her by her Friends, in the UPHOLSTERY BUSINESS, for the last fourteen years, begs leave to solicit a continuance of the same for the junior Branches of her Family ; assuring th » m and the Public, that every attention shall be paid to their future orders, on the most moderate terms, with the strictest punctuality. CARPETING of all descriptions at the lowest prices—- For Ready Money, Brussels Carpeting from 5s, to 6s. ; Kidderminster ditto, from 2s. 9 JL tiee, that they will continue to REMIT any Quantity of the GOLD COIN of the Realm, to any of tfye principal Towns ot England at « d Wales, free of expense, in Sums not less thanTlJ- ii. EE THOUSAND POUNDS, on application being made to the Chief Cashier, prior to the 1st April next, and tlie amount previously paid into the Bank of England. R. BEST, Secretary. H COMPOSITION FOR ASSESSED TAXES. IV NOTICE is hereby given, That Person's desirous of compounding for their Assessed Taxes, or of renewing their former Compositions, under the provisions of the Act of 1st and 2d Geo. 1V. cap. 113, may on application to the Assessors'or Col- lectors of the parish in which tliey reside, or to the Surveyor of the District, receive the forms of notice applicable to their cases: which forms must be returned by them, with the declarations therein re- quired, properly filled up, as prescribed by the Act, on or befora the 5th day of April, 1822. By order of the Board, MATTHEW WINTER , Secretary. Office for Taxes, Somerset House, London, March 1. 1822. MINSTER WOR TH, within four miles of GLOUCESTER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HEWLETT, On Monday, the 18th day of March, 1822;— ALarge assortment of good useful DEAD FARMING STOCK, the property of Mr. GARLICK, who is going to quit; comprising about 20 hogsheads of prime cider, a quantity of casks, waggons, carts, ploughs, harrows, sheep racks, ladders, furnaces, & c. with 3 variety of other articles of husbandry. Par- ticulars will appear in Catalogues, One week prior to the sale, to be had of the Auctioneer, Eastgate- Street; Gloucester. The Auctioneer solicits an early attendance, as it is intended to be disposed of in one day. GLOUCESTER. ~~ TO BE SOI. l) 11Y AUCTION, By Mr. BURR UP, On Tuesday, the 12th day of March next;— AVariety of useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Old CHINA, See. & Ci at the lute residence of the Rev. Mr. Baylis, in College Green. The sale will commence precisely at eleven o'clock in the morning. The House to be let at Lady- Day, with immediate possession. For further particulars enquire of the. Auctioneer. ~ GLOUCESTER. " J. CREED, AUCTIONEER and APPRAISER, AVING determined to DISPOSE OF the whole of his extensive STOCK in TRADE, of all kinds of House- hold Furnitureanil other Effects, by PRIVATE CONTRACT, takes this opportunity of his Friends and the Public generally, that the same is now open for Sale till the whole is disposed of, from eight o'clock in the morning till five o'clock in the afternoon. MR. CREED will have the pleasure of submitting for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, on Wednesday, the 20th day of March, and following days,— The whole of the neat and useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ( part of which is nearly new), and a large select assortment ofGR HENHOUSE PLANTS, at the HILL House, in the town, of NEWNHAM, in the county of Gloucester, ( without reserve) as the present Proprietor is leav- ing his residence; which comprise handsome lofty carved maho- gany four- post, tent, and cot bedsteads, with furniture to corres- pond, and window curtains, very prime seasoned down and goose feather beds, with good servants' bedsteads, beds slid bedding, large sized Witney blankets, cotton counterpanes and quilt, floor and bedside carpets, hearth rugs and floor cloths, parlour, bed- room, and kitchen chairs, two mahogany wardrobes, mah" gany and other chests of drawers, mahogany dining, Pembroke, inlaid card, dressing, and night tables, among which is a large sized set of dining tables made uf excellent wood, neat painted wash- hand tables, a convenient reading desk and stand, a large set of book shelves, a set <^ f gig harness, nearly new, with a general assortment of kitchen requistes and brewing utensils ; also a great variety of choice selected Greenhouse Plants, which will be sold in small lots. Further particulars will be given in Catalogues, that may be re- ceived at the Ship lnn, Newnham ; Feathers Inn, Lidncy ; Swan, Kuss; and of the Auctioneer, Gloucester. The sale will commence each morning at eleven o'clock, and continue withoHt intermission til! the end of each day's sale. GLOUCESTERSHIRE! " " TO BE SOLD RY AUCTION, By Mr. CREED, On Wednesday and Thursday, the 13th and 14th days of March, 1822, on the Premises, situate at Stoke Orchard, in the parish of Bishop's Cleeve, in the county of Gloucester ;— rpHE whole of the LIVE and DEAD FARMING jL STOCK, Implements in Husbandry, Dairy Utensils, and great part of the HOUSE HOLD FURNITURE, the property of Mr. JOHN DEAN, who is going to retire from the Farming Bu- siness , tha particulars of which are expressed iu hand- bills, to be had at the Place of Sale, and of the Auctioneer, in Gloucester. The sale to commence at half- past ten o'clock in the morning, as the whole if possible is intended to be disposed of in one day. HASFIELD, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. " TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. CREED, On Monday, the IStli of March, 1322 ;— THE whole of the LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK, Implements in Husbandry, Dairy Utensils, and HOUSEHOLD FL'RN ITU RE, on the Premises, situate in tha parish of HASriKi. D^ h^^ e county of Gloucester, the property of Mr. JOHN HILL, WHO declining the Farming Business; which comprise four milking cows, of 3, 4, 5, and 6 years old, a two- year- old heifer, in good season, a barren two- year- old heifer, two yearling heifers, a fat cow, a useful cart horse and nag marc, each five years old, 19 sheep ; a small waggon, a cart, sets of gear- ing, pair of harrows, several ladders, lot of hurdles, sheep racks, and a general assortment of farming implements ; two hogsheads of family cider, barrel of old cider, several hogsheads and half- bar- rels, numerous tubs, tunpails, & c.; also milkpails, skeels, and pans, ciieese press, vats, churns, and other dairy articles ; likewise a quantity of barley, thrashed, 14 bushels of Heligoland beans, lot of potatoes, saddle, side- saddle, fowling piece, tVc. & c. The. H0USF. H0LD FURNITURE consists cf four- post and stump bedsteads and hangings, feather and flock beds and bolsters, mat- tresses, chests of drawers, dining, dressing, and other tables, look- ing glasses, chairs, cupboards, 30- huur clock and case, weather- glass, quantity of pewter, earthenware, kitchen requisites, brew- ing utensils, & c. On accsunt of the number of lots, and as the whole must be sold in one day, the Auctioneer humbly solicits an early attendance. This Advertisement will not be repeated. VERY SUPERIOR DEAD FARMING STOCK. TO BE SOLO BY AUCTION, By Mr. CREED, On Monday, the 25th day of March, 1822, on the Premises, situ- ate at Cambridge, near the residence of C. O. Cambridge, Esq.;— r 3 ^ HE whole of the very capital DEAD FARMING STOCK, Cider Casks, Dairy Articles, and superfluous HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, the property of Mr. WELLS, who is retiring from Farming Business, and declining Housekeep- ing ; the particulars of which will appear in our next Journal. The sale M commence at half- past ten in the morning, on ac- count of the numerous lots. T( Nl OTICE is hereby given, That on the 6th day of . March instant, an Order was signed bv Henry Anthony :, Clerk, and Edward Cripps, Esq. two of his Majesty's Jus- tices of the Peace in and for the county of Gloucester, for stopping up a certain unnecessary Highway or Footway, within the parish of South Ccrney, in the said county, leading from South Cerney aforesaid towar- s Ashton Keynes, in the county of Wilts, com- mencing at the upper end of a Hick Yard, the property of Robert I. yne, Gentleman, at a place marked A in the plan to the said Order annexed, and terminating at the lower end of the said Rick Yard, at a place marked B in the same Plan, being of the length of ninety- two yards or thereabouts, and particularly described in the said Plan : And that the said Order will be lodged with the Clerk of the Peace for the said county of Gloucester, at the Gene- ral Quarter Sessions of the Peace, to be holden at Gloucester, in and for the same comity, on the 16th day of April next; and also that the said Order will, at the said Quarter Sessions, be confirm- ed and inrolled, unless upon an appeal against the same, to be then made, it be otherwise determined. Dated the said 6th day of March, 1822. CHIPPING SODBURY ROADS. NOTICE is hereby given, That a QUARTERLY MEETING of Commissioners of the Sudbury Division of Turnpike Roads will be held at the Swan Inn, Chipping Sodbury, on Thursday, the 28th day of March instant, at twelve o'clock at noon. J. FOWLER, Clerk to the Commissioners. Sodhury, Mlirch 8, 1822. MARSH COMMON INCLOSURE. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Commissioner for inclosing the MARSH COMMON, otherwise SALT MARSH, In the parish of Almondsbury, in the county of Glou- cester, will hold a Special General Meeting, at the New Passage House, in the parish of Henbury, in the county of Gloucester, on Saturday, the 30th day of March instant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, in order to read over ar. d execute the Award made bv him 111 the presence of the several Proprietors who may then and there attend, in pursuance of the several Acts of Parliament in that behalf. Dated tlje 7th day of Marfh, 1822. By order of the Commissioner, EDWARD SAMPSON, Clerk, NOTICE is hereby given, That Application Iras been made to the Honourable House of Commons, for leave to bring in a Bill, to amend two Acts of the 49th and 50th Years of the Reign of his late Majesty, for making the Severn and Wye Railway and Canal, and particularly for repealing a certain Pro-, viso contained in the 64th section of the said Act of the 49th year of the late Reign, intituled " An Act for making and maintaining a Railway from the River Wye, at or near to a Place called Lid- brook, in'the parish of ltuardean, in the county of Gloucester, to or near to a Place called the Lower Forge, below Newern, in the parish of Lidney, in the said county, and for making other Rail- ..— _ I. 1. -* . . h. A- 1-, ^ 1 ? /-,,., ..- 4- ,, i-' * V. tha AAllViftr AT HUNTLEY, near GLOUCESTER. O be LET, and entered upou immediately,— A com- modious and convenient MESSUAGE, fit for " the reception of a small family, late in the occupation of Mrs. Elizabeth Drink- water, deceased, consisting of two parlours, five good bed- rooms, and attics, a kitchen, cellar, brewhouse, and requisite outbuildings and conveniences, together with a Garden and Orchard, containing about an acre, well planted with the choicest fruit trees now in their prime, and a two- stalled Stable and Gig- house adjoining. The House is well supplied with excellent water. The Premises are very pleasantly situate in a liealty situation, about seven miles from Gloucester, adjoining the great road from London to Ross, Monmouth, and South Wales. The mail and other coaches pass close to the House several times in the course of I the day— For a view of the Premises, and for further particulars, apply to Mr. Joseph Drinkwater, Huntley ; or Mr. Smith, So- licitor, Gloucester. CRESCENT, CHELTENHAM. Genuine Sale of Elegant HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Plate, Linen, China and Glass. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. C. WOOD, On Thursday, the 21st of March inst. and two following davs ALL the Modern and very Valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Plate, Linen, China and Glass; on the Premises, No. 12, in the Crescent, Cheltenham; Particulars of which will appear in our next; and in'Catalogues,' which may be had after the 16th inst. at the different Libraries and Chronicle Office, in Cheltenham ; at the Journal Office, in Gloucester; and of the Auctioneer, Alstone House. May be viewed the day pre- ceding tbe sale from twelve till five. To FARMERS and BRICKLAYERS, FARMING STOCK, & c. ALSTONE, near CHELTENHAM. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. C. WOOD, ( Without the least reserve,) by order of the Executors cf the lata Mr. J. D. KELLY, on Thursday, the 28th of March, 1822;— ALL the LIVE and DEAD STOCK, now upon the Farm of the late Mr. J. D. KELLY, situate at ALSTONE, about three miles from Cheltenham, on the Gloucester Road ; con- sisting of a quantity of sheep, 9 milch cows, 1 two- year- old heifer, 2 mares, 1 cart filly; a quantity of hay ; 100,000 bricks, poles, 3 waggons, 4 carts, 1 plough, and various other articles ; the whole being the genuine property of the deceased. Catalogues may be had of the Auctioneer, Alstone; and at the Assembly- Rooms, Cheltenham. say, ders, and other Forest produce, to be carried on the said Railways hereby authorized to be made, or any of them, and which shall be brought from any Place or Places beyond the said summit at Churchway, shall be subject and chargeable with the payment of three- fourth parts only of the highest Rates or Tonnages hereby imposed on the same kind of Goods carried from places on the western side of the said summit." ' TOVEY and JAMES, Solicitors. Newnham, March 11,4822, NEWENT, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. nPO be LET and entered upon immediately,— A sub- X stantial and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, with good GARDEN, Stable, Cellaring, Back kitchen, Brewhouse, and other suitable Outbuildings and conveniencies, pleasantly si- tuate in the market town of Newent; the House comprises an en- trance hall, two parlours, a kitchen and pantry on the ground- floor, five good bed- rooms on the first floor, with attics. The Gar- den is partly walled in, planted with choice fruit trees, and pro- duces vegetables at a very early period of the season. A Malt- House may be had with the Premises, if required. Newent is situate 8 miles from Gloucester, 8 from Ross, and 7 from Ledbury. A coach runs through the town to all parts of the kingdom. For further particulars, enquire of Mr. John Green, Glazier, Newent; or the Proprietor, Mr. Edmund Boughton, Gloucester. FOlt SALE BY AUCTION, By Order of the Honourable the Commissioners of his Majesty's Customs, at the CUSTOM HOUSE, GLOUCESTER, on Saturday, the 16th of March, 1822, at twelve o'clock at noon ;— ALL that well- found open Rowing and Sail- ing BOAT, Clench- built and Copper- fastened, of thelength of20 feet; breadth 6 feet flinches; depth, 2 feet fi inches; built in 1817, and thoroughly re- paired in 1821; she is adapted for the River Severn, and has always been employed thereon. Her Ma- terials are as follow :— fore, main, mizen, and jib sails; main and mizen masts; bumpkin, four ash oars, mooring chain, boat- hook, sprit, rudder, gang- board, anchor, mizen split, iron bowsprit, and chain for fastening the materials in the boat. The above to be sold in one lot, paid for when sold, and taken away with all faults immediately after the sale. The Boat is ly- ing in the Basin of the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal, and the materials at the Custom House, where they may be viewed on ap- plication ta the Boatman, RED ACRE PIECE, THOMPSON'S FIELDS, CHELTENHAM. Most ELIGIBLE and DESIRABLE PROPERTY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ( Unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, due notice of which will be given), at the ASSEMBLY ROOMS, CHELTEN- HAM, on Monday, the 8th of April next, in the following or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at the time of sale, and subject to such conditions as snail be then and there produced ;— Let 1. A LL that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, cal- XJL led the GOTHIC COTTAGE, situate and being on the north side of Red Acre Piece aforesaid, and immediately at the foot of the Montpelier grand Well Walk. Lot 2. All those two several MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, immediately adjoining the said Gothic Cottage and Premises, cal- led the SPA COTTAGES. Lot 3. All those twoseveral MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, immediately adjoining the said Spa Cottages, called the GOTHIC • VILLAS. Lot 4. All that Piece of LAND or BUILDING GROUND, situate on the north side of Red Acre Piece aforesaid, and on the same site or line with the above- mentioned Tenements. Lot 5. All that Pile of BUILDING now used as, and railed the RIDING SCHOOL; together with the Livery Stables and Coach- house thereto attached, immediately adjoining the last lot. The above Property comprises nearly the whole of the north side of the lied Acre Piece, the situation of which is particularly de- lightful, and attended witli peculiar advantages ; and the same will be sold for an Estate of Inheritance, according to the custom of the Manor of Cheltenham— All the lots ( excepting lot 4) are now on leuse to respectable tenants, are in good repair, and pre. sent great capability of improvement and increase of value. Further particulars will be printed and distributed in a few days, and application in the mean time ( if by letter, post paid), may be made to the Proprietors, at the Assembly Rooms in Chel- tenham ; to Messrs. Richardson, Fisher, ant! Lake, Soli; iters. Bury - Street, St. James's, London ) or Messrs. Gwinnett and Newman, Solicitor, Cheltenham, population 3& eturn; s of ( Steal Britain. ENGLAND. coustibs. Population in 1801. Bedford Berks Buckingham... Cambridge Chester Cornwall Cumberland... . Derby Devon Dorset Durham ........ Essex Gloucester ,• Hereford Hertford Huntingdon.... Kent Lancaster Leicester Lincoln Middlesex Monmouth.... Norfolk Northampton.. Northumber... Nottingham.... Oxford' Rutland Salop Somerset . Southampton.. Stafford Suffolk Surrey Sussex Warwick Westmoreland Wilts Worcester York— E. Kid. N. Bid. W. Kid. Totals 63.393 109,21 5 107,444 89,340 191,751 188,209 117,230 101,142 343,001 115,319 180,361 226,437 250,80!! 89,191 97,577 37,568 307,624 672,731 130.081 208,557 818,129 45,582 273,371 131,757 157,101 140,350 109,620 16,356 167,639 273,750 219,656 239,153 210,431 269,043 159,3.11 208,190 41,617 185,107 139,333 139,433 155,506 563,953 8,331,434 Inc. I per J IPO' 11 8 9 13 18 15 14 15 12 8 11 11 14 5 14 12 21 23 16 14 17 36 7 7 10 16 Population in mil. 70,213 118,277 117,650 101,109 227,031 216,667 133,744 185,487 383,301- 124,893 177,625 202,47* 285.514 94,073 112,654 42,208 373,095 828,309 150,419 237,891 953,277 62,127 291,999 1.41,353 172,161 162,900 119,191 16,380 194,298 303,180 245,080 295,153 234,211 323,831 190,083 228,735 45,922 193,828 160,546 167,353 152,445 653,315 Population in 1821. Increase since 1811. Tl4| 9,538,827 83,716 131,977 134,06b 12: ,909 270,091 257,447 156,124 213,333 439,040 144,499 207,673 289,424 335,843 103,231 129,714 48,771 426.016 1,052,859 174,571 283,058 1,144,531 71,833 344,368 162,483 198,965 186,873 134,327 18,487 206,266 355,314 282,203 311,824 270,542 398,658 232,927 274,392 51,359 222,157 184,424 190,709 183,694 800,848 18 111,260,55? 13,503 13,700 16,418 20,800 43,067 40,780 22,380 27,846 55,732 19.806 30,048 36,951 50,329 9,158 17,060 6,563 52,921 224,550 24,152 45,167 191,254 9,706 52,369 21,124 26,804 23,973 15,136 2,107 11,968 62,134 37,123 46,671 36,332 74.807 42,844 45,657 5,437 28.327 • 23,878 23,356 31,249 147,533 1,721,728 WALES. Angleseu Brecon Cardigan Carmarthen ... Carnarvon Denbigh Flint Glamorgan Merioneth Montgomery... Pembroke Radnor Totals 33,806 31,633 42,956 67,317 41,521 60,352 39,622 71,525 29,596 47,978 56,230 19,050 541,546 37,045 37,735 50,260 77,217 49,336 64,24( 1 46,518 85,06J 30,92- 1 51,931 60,61s 20,900 611,788 45,0631 43,613! 67,311! 90,239 57,958 76,511 53,784 101,737 33,911 69,899 74,009 _ 23,073 717,198 8,018 5,878 7,051 13,022 8,622 12,271 7,266 16,670 2,987 7,968 13,394 2,173 105,320 IRELAND. COUNTIEH. No. oj Inha- bitants in 1821. I. EINSTE11. Carlow DroghedaTown... Dublin County.... Dublin City Kildare Kilkenny County.. Kilkenny City. r... King's County Longford Louth ....... Meath Queen's County.... 13 Westmeath Wexford... Wicklow.~ 81,287 18,118 160,274 186,276 101.715 157,09( 1 23,230 132,319 107,702 101,070 174.716 129,391 128,042 168,304 115,162 1,785,702 MUNSTER. Clare.......: Cork Cojinty....... Cork City Kerry ) 2( 1 Limerick County- Si Limerick City j 23] Tipperary | Leinster Minister Ulster 209,595 702,000 100,535 205,037 214,286 06,042 353,402 scMMiay. 1,785,702 2,005,366 2,001,963 23 WaterfordTiounty Waterford City.... 127,07 9 26,787 2,00." 363 ULSTER. Antrim Armagh Carrickfergus T... Cavan Donegal Down Fermanagh Londonderry Monaghan Tyrone :...... CONNAUGLLT. Galway County... Galway Town .... Leitrim Mayo Koscommon Sligo 261,601 196,577 8,205 194,330 249,483 329,348 130,399 194,099 178,183 259,691 2,001,968 Mr. Kennedy obtained leave to feting in a Bill to awsnd thc ststem of choosing juries in criminal cases in Scotland. " The Committee of last Session for enquiring into the regulations of Prisons, generally, was re- appointed. Sir M. W. Ridley said, he had a Motion standing for Thursday^ relative to the Lords of the Admiralty; but after the decision of the other night, and the disposition that appeared to be on the part of the Noble Marquis, to carry that decision into full effect, he felt it quite unnecessary to press his motion. The Lord Advocate obtained leave to bring in a Bill to continue the provisions of the 58th of the late King, to prevent the holders of Stock in the Scotch Bank, being foreigners, from becoming ci- tizens cf the united kingdom. Mr. Scarlett presented a Petition from certain owners and oc- cupiers of land, in the neighbourhood of Peterborough, complaint, ing of Agricultural Distress; and in doing this, took occasion to advert to the arguments used by Mr. Ricardo on a former night. He contended that it was plain, on a review of the subject, that a greater portion of the produce of the land was now absorbed in taxation than formerly, and therefore, that taxation, and not abun- dant produce, was the cause of the present distress. It was folly to impute distress to abundant produce, as if the commodity was hut at half its price, if the produce was double the value would be equal. This must be obvious, if the rent, the taxes, and the cul- tivation were all paid in the commodity ; but an alteration having recently taken place in the value of money, and the rent, taxes, and rates remaining the same, though the value of grain had de- creased, was the real cause of the present distress.—- Mr. Ricardo repeated his former arguments; and declared his opinion to be un- altered, as to the cause of the present distress, by any part of his Hon. Friend's argument. I11 his conscience, he believed the dis- tress was occasioned by excess of produce.— The Petition was then received, and ordered to be printed. On the Report of the Supply being brought up, and the reso- lution for 68,802 men being read, Mr. Hume, again moved a re- duction of 10,000 in the number, which was negatived. In a Committee on the Annual Malt- Tax, Mr. Lushington pro- posed a resolution that the tax should cease to be paid from 25th Feb. and that li. a bushel be allowed on thc stock of malt on hand, which was agreed to : the return of duty to be made in four quarterly payments The like resolutions passed, as applicable to Ireland.— Adjourned. At a numerous Cambridge County Meeting, on Thurs- day, Mr. F. K. Eagle moved, as an amendment to the original re- solutions for a Petition to Parliament praying relief to the Agri- cultural Interest, " That from what has taken place during the present and preceding Sessions, it is the firm and decided opinion of this meeting, that any petition to thc Lower House of Parlia- ment, as at present constituted, for relief from the difficulties un- der which the nation is sinking, would be entirely vain and fruit- less." A letter from thc Duke of Bedford was read, in which his Grace declared that it was useless to petition the House of Com- mons as it now is constituted, for their petitions were year after year disregarded and thrown aside as waste paper— The High Sheriff'put the amendment, which was carried by a considerable majority; consequently the resolutions for a petition fell to the ground 1 Mr. G. Webb Hall has circulated the following demon- stration on the subject of the duty on the importation of corn, proposed by the Marquis of Londonderry: " Tile lowering the restriction price from 80.?. to 67 » . and laying a duty of only 15s. per qr. will enable tile importer to pay the whole duty, except 2s. per qr. by tile sacrifice of the growers here, in lowering the restricthln price, and will not amount to any im- pediment to import; because the ability of the importer to sell is not regulated by the cotti of production in this count ry, but by the cost of production abroad. Thus on an average of years, Wheat can be delivered in London at 35,?. per qr. add tile duty 15s. makes 50s. and thus foreign wheat can be always brought to market at 50s. per qr. by the importer, to the ruin of the growers here, when the home price shall be 67*. per qr. If the price rises to 80.*. here, with a duty of only 10s. it will be worse,— for wheat delivered in London at 30s. per qr. add the duty 10s. makes 45.?. perqr. With our present taxation, 80s. per qr. is the minimum at which wheat can be grown, 011 an average of years, in this country; and there- fore, on the first indication of a failing crop here, the price must necessarily instantly rise above 85,?. and the previous gradations will only present so many straws to protect the growers, while the self- same inundation of grain as was experienced in 1818- 19, will again stock the market for three years. It is manifest, there- fore, to demonstration, that the operation of this proposition will be to place the cultivators, in the last resort, better by 5.?. per qr. as to the restrictive price, and Is. per qr. in duty ; and in every other particular to leave them worse than t^ e present regulation finds them." 286,921 27,827 ' 105,976 297,538 207,777 127,879 1,053,918 Connaught 1,053,918 Total 6,846,949 SCOTLAND. COUSTIBS. Aberdeen Argyll Avr Banff Berwick Bute Caithness Clackmannan.... Dumfries Dumbarton Edinburgh Elgin Fife Forfar ..... 11 aldington Inverness Imputa- tion In 18: 11. f45,14l 96,165 127,299 43,561, 33,38, 13,797 30.238 13,263 27,317 70,878 191,014 31,162 U 4.556 113,430 55,127 SO, 157 1 rlawa. since 1811. 20,066 10,580 23,345 6,693 3,006 1.764 6; 819 1,253 3,128 7,918 42,907 3,054 12,2[! 4 6,186 3,963 11,821 COUNTIES. Kincardine Kirkcudbright... j Lanark ] Linlithgow / Nairn jOrkney& Shetld. I Peebles ! Perth Renfrew j Ross & Cromarty Roxburgh Selkirk ,... ( Stirling [ Sutherland Wig ton Popula- tion in 1821. 29, lit! 7.762 38,093 244,387 22,685 9,006 53,124 10,046 139,050 112,175 68,828 40,892 6,637 65,331 23,840 33.240 Irurm. since 1811. 517 5,219 52,635 3,234 755 6,971 111 3,957 19,579 7,975 3,862 748 7,157 211 6,349 Total Population 2.092,014 Increase 286,326. II HITJSII ISLES—( Being thc first Census taken.) Isle of Man 40,084 IScilly, Ac. 2,614 Guernsey, Ac. 20,827 ' Jersey 28,600 ! 92,125 England Wales Ireland GENERAL SUMMARY-. 11,260.555 717,108 6,846,949 GRAND TOTAI Scotland Army, Navy, & c. British Isles 21,318,751. 2,092,014 310,000 93,125 HOUSE OF LORDS— TUESDAY. Lord Erskine presented Petitions, 15 in number, and signed by above 8000 persons, from Owners and Oceupicrs of Land in the County of Oxford, and in doing so he called on the House to in- terpose on behalf of the distress under which the Agriculturists la- bour. He noticed the inconsistencies in the Agricultural Report, and declared, that if they did not do something effectual for the relief of the fanners that House would soon be a House of Pau- pers instead of a House of Lords, for they would soon not have a shilling of rent to collect. He defended Mr. Webb Hall, and con- tended that that gentleman had never wished to have a return- to war prices, but to have protecting duties laid on the importation of foreign corn. Their Lordships must be aware of thc frauds as well as thc errors committed in striking the averages; and without an improvement in that as well as the imposition of protecting du- ties, all the economy and retrenchment that could be devised would riot weigh one feather in the scale towards relieving the distressed Agriculturists. The Petitions were ordered to lie 011 the table. HOUSE OF COMMONS— MONDAY. The Bill for the reduction of the Five per Cents, went through a Committee, and the Report was ordered to be taken into consi- deration on Thursday. A petition was presented requesting more time to be allowed 10 those who wished to signify their intention of receiving their principal. But from what fell from the C'/ utncellor of thc Exchequer, it does not appear to be intended to grant more time, except in some particular eases in w hich trustees are concerned. Mr. Scarlett gave notice of Ilia intention to introduce a measure for the amendment of the Poor Laws. Another Petition was presented by Alderman Wood, from Mr. Hunt, complaining of fresh acts of oppression to which lie had been subjected ; and two Petitions, signed by several individuals, in his behalf, were also presented by other Members of the House. A considerable sensation having been occasioned by the answer given on Friday night to Sir J. Newport, on the part of the Chan- cellor of the Exchequer, relative to the allowance to be made to Maltsters for their stock on hand, Mr. Gooch this evening rose 011 the Opposition side of the House, and repeated the question put by the Right' Hon. Baronet 011 the former occasion. From Mr. Vansittart's answer, it appeared that the original plan of Govern- ment has undergone an alteration. The late duties are to cease from the 25th of February last. An allowance is to be made upon stock in hand, on which the duty has been paid ; such allowance to be returned in four quarterly instalments; and where the duty lias not yet been paid, it is not to lie demanded. The Army Estimates for the year were brought forward by Lord Palmerslon. He stated that a reduction was proposed of above 12,000 men, and of consequent expenditure of upwards of 500,000/. He added that it was thought better to preserve more regiments, and to reduce two troops or companies of those retained, father than to keep up fewer regiments with more men in each; for, by the former system, a nucleus would be preserved, around which an efficient force could, in case of necessity, be most easily collected. — Mr. Hume and Mr. Bennett opposed the proposition ; and con- tended, that not only 20,000 men should be reduced, but also that the reduction made was made in the worst manner. The House thought otherwise, anil Lord Paltnerston's motion was carried by a majority of 198 to 51. " TUESDAY.— Mr. Lockhart gave notice, that. he would, on the 16th inst. move for leave to bring in a Bill, providing a more summary mode of recovering small tenements from tenants over holding. Mr. Curteis moved for a return of the quantity of Oak Bark imported into Great Britain in the years 1818, l'J, 20, and 21, dis- tinguishing the quantity imported in each, and specifying the dif- ferent periods at which, din ing those years, the ports of this country had been closed against the importation of that article Ordered. Mr. Chetwynde gave notice that he would 011 Tuesday move for leave to bring in a Bill for amending the Vagrant Acts ; and also for leave to bring in a Bill to regulate the hearing and disposing of Appeals at Quarter Sessions. , Mr. Denison obtained leave to bring in a Bill to amend the Act for the better recovery of damages against counties or hundreds, far damage's done by rioters. A pirate who lately took an American vessel off the coast of Cuba, desired the crew of the latter to look at " the turtle mangling the dead bodies of the crew" of another vessel recently captured near the same spot, whom they had murdered and thrown into the sea. This is a pleasant subject of reflection to the lovers of turtle. Thc Carlisle Patriot says—" That after the Earl of Lons- dale had - undergone tile operation of couching, vision was at once restored to the Noble Earl in both eyes ; and the most sanguine expectations are entertained that 011 the removal of the bandages the restoration will be found both complete and permanent." DEATH OF THE EARL OF EGMONT.— On the 25th lust, this venerable Nobleman died at Odell Castle, in the county of Bedford, in the 85th year of his age. He is succeeded in his ti- tles, and in his English and Irish estates, by his only son John, Viscount Perceval, now Earl of Egmont. IRELAND.— On the 23d ult. the Judges left Cork, es- corted by a party of dragoons. The trial of Roger Hefferman, a merchant, took place on that day. It had excited considerable ex pectation, the prisoner being above the lower class ; and a man in good circumstances. The prisoner was a dealer in gunpowder; and had been cautioned by the proper Authorities against selling it to improper persons ; he promised compliance ; but having ex- cited suspicion, a person of the name of Fleming was employed to go to liioi with a request to sell some powder; this the prisoner refused; but on being informed that it was for the White Boys, he acquiesced, and sold several quantities of powder, at thc same time entering fully into the spirit of the White Boy combination, and offering his advice to Fleming, who, he imagined, belonged to their body, that they could never attain their object without forming Committees, and making other measures of arrangement and subordination. The Attorney- General observed, that it might be contended the prisoner's case did not come within the meaning of the Statute; but any doubts on his mind had been removed by his colleagues. The case being proved in evidence, the prisoner was found Guilty; but the Court reserved the point for the consi- deration of the twelve Judges. MR. HUNT.— A Requisition, signed by 2370 Freehold- ers, Yeomen, Ac. was lately presented to the High Sheriff of So- merset to call a Public Meeting; but as the Sheriff declined to comply with the request, the Petition is receiving numerous sig- natures in many parts of that county, and in Bath.— Petitions are gone up from Taunton and Uchester. FUNERAL OF THOS. COUTTS, ESQ.— Monday morn- ing, the remains of this gentleman were removed from his late residence, for interment in the family vault in Wroxton Abbey, Oxfordshire. The procession was accompanied by above forty no- blemen aud gentlemen's carriages ; among which were those of their Royal Highnesses the Dukes of York, Clarence, and Sussex ; Lords Coventry, Cawdor, James Stuart, Guildford ; Sir Francis Burdett, Ac. An immense concourse of persons attended. The principal mourners were Lord Dudley Stuart, Sir Coutts Trotter, the family physician of the deceased, and the upper members of the household. What has been stated relative to the disposal of this gentleman's immense property, though it has been contradicted, is still asserted to be correct. In willing the whole of it to Mrs. Coutts, he is said to have expressed his thorough conviction that her signal goodness would not fail to do every thing for his family that they expected, or he wished ; and she has accordingly, it is stated, made most ample provision for his daughters. Upon the Countess of Guildford she has settled 10,000/. per annum; an annuity to the same amount on tile Marchioness of Bute, with an annuity of 10,000/. to her two children; and Lady Burdett is also to have a very large sum, the exact amount of which lias not yet been stated. Besides these noble provisions for his daughters, Mr. Coutts gave each of them originally a marriage portion of 100,000/. Exclu- sively of the immediate great property in cash of which Mrs. Coutts becomes possessed, she is to have the preponderating share in the banking house which her lamented husband enjoyed, and which is of itself a most capital fortune. A few years since when the late Mr. Coutts was residing at Clif- ton with Lady Guildford, he used to walk up Park- street, when the carriage generally took him up at the top: as his dress and ap- pearance had more the costume of a decayed gentleman than a rich banker, lie was mistaken one day, whilst walking to and fro for the carriage, which was detained in town, for a person of the for- mer description, by a benevolent clergyman who lived in Park- street, who having noticed his anxious looks and somewhat worn apparel, sent a servant to him witli 5s. the wealthy banker smiled and returned his thanks, with an assurance that he was not in im- mediate want. BOXING.— A renewal of the battle which commenced in the neighbourhood of Hampton, between G. Thorpe, a yeoman, and B. Gleede, a grazier, respecting a disputed bet, took place in a ten- acre field, at Fordham, near Blackwater, 011 Saturday, for 40 guineas. The first three rounds lasted seventeen minutes at downright milling. The round blows with modern fighters would have sent them down, but they staggered, and came up to the scratch like a thorough- bred dog. Both bled freely, and it was equal give and take until Thorpe was doubled up, and floored by a blow 011 the kidneys; Gleede, however, was hit down in the 12th round, and lost the battle. There was not a glimmer of sight be- tween them after having been put to bed. BRISTOL IMPORTS FOR THE PAST WEEK.— From Odessa : in the Diana, 148 casks tallow, 130 skins, 60 bdls hides. — From Dublin: in the Ann, 2 casks bottled wine, 2 bales wool- lens returned, 42 boxes 33 packs linen, 24 tcs beef, 21 pipes rape oil, 8 packs luggage, 29 casks lard, 4 lihds rock moss, 20 bottles marine acid.— From Cork: in the Union Packet, 20 bales linen, ti packs feathers, 100 sacks wheat, 70 firks butter, 3 cases salmon, 10 bales bacon, 1 brllard, 9 boxes 5 brls eggs, 288 sacks 40 bags flour, 1 bill trees ; in the Venus, 190 pigs ; in the Ilinton, 400 brls wheat, 311 sacks 105 bags flour, 3 bags feathers, 10 hhds gall, 2 pigs, 3 vitriol bottles, 5 tons chalk ; in the Sarah, 206 bales bacon, 2 cases 2 brls 1 hamper eggs, 540 brls wheat, 334 sacks flour; in the Mary, 397 brls wheat, 500 brls oats ; in the Hero, 180 pigs, I bag bladders— From Youghali: in the Speedwell, 794 brls oats, 33 mats: in the Britannia, 820 brls oats, 80 sacks flour, 26 mats— From Waterford: in the Susan, 344 bales bacon, 26 casks 3 hhds lard, 25 casks blubber, 276 sacks flour, 3 casks velves, 3 sacks potatoes, 1 basket plants, 1 bale flax, 2 bags bristles, 1 truss woollens.— From Belfast: in the Edward, 209 tcs beef, 73 brls pork, 33 baler, bacon, 10 tons 3 cwt. greaves, 264 bags wheat, 3 hhds bacon, 24 kegs tongues, 1 tee porls— From Wcxjbrd: in the William, 3 bags feathers, 400 brls wheat, 50 brls beans, 358 brls oats— From Ne- sry: in the Elizabeth and Mary, 600 firks butter, 5 bales linen. PEDESTSRIANISM.— James Tenny, A well known Lin- colnshire pedestrian, has, for a wager of 100 guiceas, undertaken, to walk 936 miles in 18 days, and he is endeavouring to perform the arduous task in the neighbourhood of Stamford. COURT OF KING'S BENCH, WEDNESDAY.— The King v. Mr. Collins and others Tliis was an indictment against Mr Collins, Sir N. Conant, and Mr. Mills, Justices of the Peace of the county of Middlesex, charging them with a conspiracy to withhold the licence of a publican named Meek, who had been deprived of of the same, for some alleged irregularity in the management of the house. The refusal of a renewal was alleged to be the effect of improper influence. Several witnesses were called for the de- fendants, who proved that it was not usual to renew a license to a publican when the vicinity in which he resided was already filled; and there were already eighteen public- houses in this man s neighbourhood The Chief Justice charged the Jury, leaving the case with them upon the effect of the evidence— They retired for a short time and then returned a verdict of Guilty against all the defendants. BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. SATURDAY'S GAZETTE. JACOB JOHN LORD, Plymouth- Dock, spirit- seller, April 1,2, 13, at Weakley's Hotel, Dock. Atts. Darke and Co. Red Lion- square; or Kirk, Dock JOHN WOODBURN, Birmingham, provision- merchant, March 26, 27, April 13, at the Royal Hotel, Birmingham. Atts. Swain and Co. Frcderick's- place; n- Whate- ley and ( Jo. Birmingham THOS. MAYDEW, Cobridge, Staf- fordshire, blue- manufacturer, March 20, 21, April 13, at the Roe Buck, Newcastle- uniler- Lyme. Atts. Thomas, Barnard's- Inn ; or Parker, Hanlev THOMAS RIDE, Ashton Keynes, tallow- chandler, March' 21, 22, April 13, at the Fleece, Rodborough, Gloucestershire. Atts. Dax and Co. Guildford- street; or Stone, Tetbury WM. EARLY, Winchester, grocer,, March 11, 12, April 13, at the White Hart, Winchester. Atts. Allen, Clifford's- Inn; or Woodham, Winchester WM. HORNBLOWER, Bri- erly- IIill Iron- Works, Staffordshire, ironmaster, April 2, 3, 13, at the Wheat- Sheaf, Bewdley. Atts. Jenkins and Co. New- Inn; or Grazebrook, Stourbridge WM. COTTON, Castle Dunning. ton, baker, March 18, 19, April 13, at the Black Moor's Head, Nottingham. Atts. Fosbrooke, Loughborough ; or Fuller and Co. Regent- street. WM. REED, Little Queen- street, oilman, March 9, 12, April 13, at Basingh ill- street. Att. Shuter, Mill- bank- street - THOMAS ATKINSON, Manchester, shopkeeper, March 15, 16, April 13, at the Star, Manchester. Atts. Temper- ley, Manchester; or Arlington and Co. Bedford- row JOHN Ross, Charlton- street, baker, March 9, 19, April 13, at Basing- Ball- street. Att. Gray, Tyson- place GEO. and JOHN MANN, Chapel- street, Edgewarc- road, bricklayers, March 5,19, April 13, at Basinghall- street. Atts. Robinson and Co. Charter- house- square. JAS. MOUNSHER, Leonard- street, merchant, March 4, 12, April 13, at Basinghall- street. Att. Atcheson, Great Winches- ter- street JOHN FAILES, Upwell, Norfolk, farmer, March 9, 12, April 13, at Basinghall- street. Att. Farlow, Gray's- Inn. THOMAS FINCH, Chiswick, common- brewer, March 9, 12, April 13, at Basinghall- street. Att. Hubert, Clement's- Inn. EDW. TANNER HERBERT, Fetter- lane, colourman, March 6, 12, April 13, at Basinghall- street. Att. Brougbton, Tokenhmise- yard.-—- JOHN ARMSTRONG, Reading, linen- draper, March 12, 19, April 13, at Basinghall- street. Att. Jones, Size- lane. TUESDAY'S GAZETTE. JOHN THOMPSON, South Shields, ship- owner, March 21, 22. April 16, at the George, Newcastle. Atts. Bell and Co. Bow Church- yard; or Bainbridge and Co. South Shields. JOHN FROGATT, sen. Burslem, Staffordshire, druggist, March 20, 21, April 16, at the Roe Buck, Newcastle- under- Lyme. Atts. Wil- liams and Co. Lincoln's- 1 nn ; or Preston, Burslem RICHD. MILLER, Brimscombe- Port, Gloucestershire, banker, March 21, 22, April 16, at the Fleece, Kodborough. Atts. Dax and Co. Guildford- street; orStone, Tetbury JONATHAN RICKARDS, Dursley,. Gloucestershire, clsthier, March 15, 16, April 16, at the Old Bell, Dursley. Atts. Vizard and Co. Lincoln's- Inn- fields; or Vizard and Co. Dursley Jos. AVISON, Eastburn, Yorkshire, bacon- factor, March 9, 16, April 16, at Basinghall- street. Atts. Stocker and Co. New Boswell- court; or Alcock, Skipton.——- JOHN STEEL, Elmscott, Warwickshire, timber- merchant, March 12, 13, April 16, at the Swan, Birmingham. Atts. Norton and Co. Gray's- Inn- square; or Spurrier and Co. Birmingham MARGARET HEMBREY, Lambeth- road, vic- tualler, March 12,16, April 16, at Basinghall- street. Att. Ches- ter, Melina- place. DIVIDENDS. March 16. S. Garton, Wood- etreet, silk- manufacturer March 23. S. Yates, Wood- street, merchant. C. Moody, Hitehin, maltster. T. Mellish, New Kent- road, ship- owner, j. Barclay, Old Broad- street, merchant. J. Adlington, Tottenham, builder. March 25. J. Richardby, Durham, joiner March 30. W. Cape, Lombard- street, grocer. J. L. Studd, Kerby- street, merchant. R. Dudman and G. Winter, Jerusalem Coffee- house, merchants. J. Maberley, Wellbeck- strect, coach manufacturer. J. Nowill and J. Burch, Jewry- street, wholesale stationers. G. Haywood, Birmingham, spirit- merchant. R. Jackson, Cannon- street, merchant. J. II. Brune and F. Jordan, Bury- court, mer- chants. G. Children, Tonbridge, banker April 1. R. T. Gil- bert, Stockbridge, coal- merchant April 2. A. Phillips and B. Loser, Salters' Hall- court, merchants April 4. G. Evans, Aberdare, Glamorganshire, shopkeeper. R. Dawson, Norwich, linen- draper. April 6. J. S. Brickwood, Stoke Newington, brewer Aprils. J. Whitehouse, Oxford, coal- merchant. E. Allport, Birmingham, silver- plater. S. Jerome, Birmingham, victualler. April 11. J. Balme, Gomersall, Yorkshire, wool- stapler., April 20. W. Hailstone, Mildenhall, grocer. CERTIFICATES. March 23. J. Parish, Salisbury, linen- draper. R. Atmore, Foulsham, Norfolk, grocer. T. Benham, Poole, builder. J. Rutt, Red- cow- lane, Hammersmith, market- gardener. T. Harris, Evesham, innholder. J. Heath, Rosemary- lune, cheesemonger. J. Mickle, Percy- street, tailor. T. Phillips, Bread- street- hill, mer- chant. W. Stirling, Copthall- court, merchant. J. J. Cantor, De- vonshire- street, pen and feather- manufacturer. I. Alexander, Old Bailey, coach- master. E. D. Colville, Charlotte- street, picture- dealer. J. Parker, Chapel street, Edgeware- roail, earthenware- inan. AIarch2fi. J. B. Player, Bristol, bottle- liquor- merchant. S. Aydon and W. Elwell, Shelf, Yorkshire, iron- masters. GLOUCESTER MILITIA. KING'S HEAD INN, GLOUCESTER, 16th January, 1822. AT a GENERAL MEETING of LIEUTENANCY held this day, pursuant to notice in the London Gazette, for considering the necessity of proceeding to Ballot for raising Men to complete the Establishment of Militia; It teas Resolved, That tlie following appears to this Meeting from the Returns received to be the numbers of Men now wanted, and of those whose periods of Service will expire before the 1st day of May next, ( that is to say :) For thc Royal North Gloucester Militia now wanted") to complete the Establishment, and including those Men. whose periods of Service will expire before the 1st (" day of May, 1822 . ) For the Royal South Gloucester Militia now wanted 1 to complete the Establishment ) And for the number whose periods of Service will 1 expire before the 1st day of May, 1822 J 45 Men. 95 Men. Resolved, 140 Men. That it is the opinion of this Meeting, that new Lists of Men residing within the County of Gloucester, and Cities of Gloucester and Bristol, liable by Law to serve in the said Militia, are neces- sary ; and that Warrants should accordingly issue to the several Higli Constables, and the Constables of \ V ards. Resolved, That the fallowing be the days appointed by this Meeting for receiving the Lists of Men who may be found liable to serve, and for hearing and determining Appeals thereon : For the City of Gloucester", and County of thc same City, and the Hundreds of Dudstone and King's Barton, and Whitstonc: At the BOOTH- HALL INN, in the City of Gloucester, on Thurs- day, the 7th, and on Monday, the 11th days of March next, at ten o'clock in the forepoon. For the Hundreds of Brightwell's Barrow and Bradley: At the SWAN INN, in Bibury, 011 Monday, the 11th day of Maroli next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. For the Hundreds of Cirencester, Crowthorne and Mmety, and Rapsgate : At the RAM INN, in Cirencester, on Tuesday, the ISth day 01 March next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. Resolved, That this Meeting be adjourned to the KING'S HEAD INN, in Gloucester, to Wednesday, tile 20th day of March next, at noon, for the purpose of receiving and examining the Returns of the numbers of Men found liable to serve, and for forming an appor- tionment of such numbers between the several Sub- Divisions within the said County and Cities, in order to' further proceedings being had thereon for raising the 2/ 6 Men for the Royal North Glou- cester Militia, and the 140 Men for the South Battalion, within the several Sub- Divisions of the said County and Cities. HENRY WILTON, Clerk of General Meetings. THE SPENCER'S GENERAL COACH OFFICE, BOOTH- HALL INN, Westgate- Street, Gloucester. THE Public are respectfully informed, that the fol- lowing LIGHT POST COACHES, ( carrying four insides only), leave the above Office : LONDON DAY COACH, ( The REGULATOR,) through Cheltenham and Oxford, every morning, at a quarter before six, to Brown's Gloucester Warehouse, Oxford- Street, corner of Park- Street, and to the White Horse Cellar, Piccadilly, and Bolt- in- Tun, Fleet- Street, London, by eight the tame evening t leaves London every morning at six, and arrives in Gloucester by eight same evening. CARMARTHEN DAY COACH, ( The REGULATOR,) every morning except Sunday, at a quarter before five, thro' Ross, Monmouth, Abergavenny, Brecon, Landovery, and Landilo, to the White Lion and Bush Inns, Carmarthen, early same evening; returns every morning at five, and arrives in Gloucester by nine. TENBY and PEMBROKE POST COACH, Tuesday Thurs- day, and Saturday mornings, at five. SHREWSBURY POST COACH, every afternoon, except Sunday, at three o'clock, through Hereford, Leominster, and I. udiow, to the Lion Inn, Shrewsbury, where it meets the Holy- head Mail and Day Coaches. HEREFOI1D POST COACH, through Newent and Rons, every afternoon, except Sunday, at three o'clock, to the Greyhound Inn, Hereford, by eight; returns every morning at five, and ar- rives in Gloucester by nine, where it meets Caaches to Bath, Bris- tol, also to Cheltenham, Oxford, Ac. BATH POST COACH, every Monday, Wednesday, and Fri- day, at a quarter before ten ; and every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at a quarter after nine. BRISTOL POST COACH, ( The PHCENIX,) every morning at nine, Sunday excepted, to the White Hart, Broad- Street. BRISTOL POST COACH,( Thc WELLINGTON,) every day at three o'clock, to the White Lion and Bush Coach Offices, Bristol. BIRMINGHAM, POST COACH, ( The WELLINGTON,) through Tewkesbury and Worcester, every morning at a quarter past eleven, to the Castle and Saracen's Head Inns, Birmingham. LIVERPOOL POST COACH, every morning at a quarter- past eleven, to the Saracen's Head Inn, Dale- Street, Liverpool. SWANSEA POST COACH, thro' Newnham, Chepstow, New- port, Cardiff, and Cowbridge, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur- day, morning at five o'clock, to the Mackworth Arms Inn, Swansea. CHELTENHAM COACHES, every morning at a quarter before six, and at nine, every evening at two ana half- past two o'clock, to the Plough, Royal, and George Hotels. Performed by JOHN SPENCER and Co. TAKE NOTICE,— The Proprietors of the above Coaches will not be answerable tor any parcel above the value of 5Z. unless re- gularly booked, and an insurance paid. Passesgcrs and Parcels forwarded with the greatest dispatch from this Office to all parts of the kingdom. V NEAT BLACK CARRIAGES. A1 LUDGATE- HILL, LONDON, To prevent the Impositions daily practised on the Public, acquaint their Friends, that the following are their only authorized Agents in this vicinity, who have the East- India Company's Teas 011 Sale, in pounds, halves, and quarters, pack- ed in Lead, and sealed. JOHN CORNISH, Cooper, Westgate- Street, GLOUCESTER. Aberystwith,... P. A. Bowler Abcrys1mth,..: T. Griffiths Berkeley, A. Dowell Bewdley, E. Bryan Ilourton- on- the- Water, C. Bubb Bridgend, D. Thomas Bristol, Henry Gye & Co. Bristol J. Thomas Bristol D. Whitmarsh Brornigrove,... T. Caswell Bromyard, J. Sayer Cardiff, W. Bird Cardigan, C. Lewis Carmarthen, .. J. Bagnall 8c Co. Carmarthen, „ M. Rushforth Chcltenham,...' T. Hall Chepstow, H. George Cirencester,.... E. Milton Clifton, Thomas & Knox Cowbridge, .... T. Lewellyn, jun. Crickhowcll,... M. Davis Dudley J. Wheldon Dursley, E. Goodrich Evesham, I. Davis Fairford J. Teall Feckenham,... Harris & Burgum Haverfordwest, J. Potter Kidderminster, J. Gough Lechiade, M. Higgins Lidney, M. Dyer Leominster, ... W. Newman LUtnelly D. Davies Merthyrtidvil, l\. Jones Monmouth, ... A. Nicholas Nailsworth,... E. Kent Newport,( Glouces J J. Church Neath, J. Bentley Fainstvick, .... W. Lodge Pembroke, Wilmot& Barclay Redditch, T. Prescot Solvach, J. Howell Stourbridge,...' T. Pagett Stourport, S. J. Bateman Store, W. Beckford Stroud, J. J. Dallaway Swansea, J. Grove Tenby, J. Stevens Tenbury, B. Giles Tetbury, W. Walker Tewkesbury, .. E. Reddell Tewkesbury, .. C. Griffiths Thornbury,....\\. Young Uley, C. Smith Usk, J. Phillips Worcester,..... J. Griffiths Worcester, T. Lewis. PINDRUP FARM. r BIO be LET on LEASE,— That capital FARM called JL PINDRUP, situate at Coln Rogers, in the county of Glou- cester, now in the occupation of Mr. John Barton; spnsisting of an excellent House, with suitable outbuildings, a gced working malt house, and about 226 acres of Land, in a high state of culti- vation, of which 195 acres are Arable, the residue Pssture. Pindrup has great conveniences in markets, it beit% three miles from Northleach, seven from Cirencester, ten from, Burford and Stow, eleven from Cheltenham, and 18 from Gloucester.— Pos- session will be given at Michaelmas next. For further particulars, apply ( if by letter, post- paid,) to J. K. Mullings, F> q. Solicitor, Wotton Bassett; und for a view of the- Farm, to Mr. Thos. Smith, Foss Bridge. HEREFORDSHIRE. ' COPPICE WOOD. ' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JOHN TRISTRAM, At the SWAN INN, Ross, on Friday, the 22d of March, 1822, Be- tween the hours of three and five in thc afternoon, ( subject to Biicli conditions of sale as will be then produced);— Lot 1. F|~ MIE FALLAGE of the remainder part of LYNDER WOOD, consisting chiefly of Oak, con- taining by admeasurement 20A. 3R. 28P. statute measure, situate in the parishes of Upton Bishop and Linton, in the county of He- reford. Lot 2. The FALLAGE of COCK SHOOT WOOD, consisting chiefly of Oak, containing by admeasurement 2A. 3R. 30R. statute measure, and situate in the parish of Linton. Lot 3. The FALLAGE of ALLEN'S GROVE, consisting chiefly of Oak, containing by admeasui^ inent 2A. 3R. 23l'. statute measure, and situate in the parish of Ross, in the county of He- reford. For a view of Lots 1 and 2, apply to James Hartley, the Wood- ward, at Gostley, and Lot 3, to Thomas Webb, Alton- Street; Ross; and for any further particulars, to Mr. James, of Little Dewchurch, or Mr. Parsons, at Rudhall. EVENLOAD, WORCESTERSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. INSALL, At thc UNICORN INN, in MORETON- IN- MARSH, in the county of Gloucester, on Wednesday, the 20th day of March, 1822, pre- cisely at twelve o'clock at noon, ( subject to such conditions as shall be then produced, and in the following mentioned or suck other Lots as may be determined upon at the time of sale)., Very valuable ESTATE, consisting of excellent Pasture and Meadow Land, situate at Evenload, in the county of Worcester, viz. ~ Lot 1. Two CLOSES of LAND, the one Pasture and tbe other Meadow, called Cook's Grounds, containing together by admeasurement, 16A. OR. 4P. or thereabouts, ( little more or leas.) Lot 2. Two CLOSES of PASTURE LAND, called Hern Grounds, containing together by admeasurement, 10A. On. 2/ r. or thereabouts, ( little more or less.) Lot 3. A CLOSE of M EADOW GROUND, called the Croft, containing by admeasurement 8 acrcs or thereabout, ^ little moie- or less.) Lot 4. An ORCHARD of PASTURE LAND, well planted with fruit trees, adjoining the last mentioned Lot, and containing by admeasurement, OA. la. l9P. or thereabouts, ( little moroor W. > Lot 5. A CLOSE of PASTURE LAND, called the Fke Acres, containing by admeasurement, 2A. Sta. 17e. or there- about*., ( little more or less.) Lot 6. ACLOSEof PASTURE, formerly WOOD LAND, cal- led tbe Cover, and containing bv . idmetumreniant, including the Road through tile same, 5A. 3R. 2ap. or thereabouts, ( litUe more or less,) Lot 7- A MESSUAGE, late the Dwelling- Housa of Mr. Ilurlstone, deceased, with the Yard, Garden, Outbuildings, and appurtenances thereto belonging, and a Close of PASTURE LAND, called the Close, containing together by admeasurement, 2A. 2a. lp. or thereabouts, ( little more os less.) Lot 8. Three COTTAGES, with the Gardens and appur- tenances thereto belonging, and now in the several occupations of Gregory Wilkes, Thomas Baylis,, and Richard Tustin. The whole of tbe Premises are I'reiehold of Inheritance, situate in Evenload, ill the county of Worcester, distant about three miles from Moreton- in- Marsh and Stow- in- the- Wold, and the Land is of very superior quality. For a view of the Premises, application may be matte to John Breakspear, of Evenload; and tor further particulars, ui John Bedford, Esq. Pershore; Thomas- Stanley Hill, Esq. Compton Scorpion, near Shipston- on- Stour; Mr. Oldacre, Solicitor, Pcr- shore, at whose Office a Plan of the Estate may be seen; or to the Auctioneer, Shipston- on- Stour. BRECONSHIRE— VALE OF USK. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. THOS. PARRY, Either together or in lots, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, on Thursday, the 14th day of March, 1822, between the hours of four and six in tile evening, at the BEAR INN, in the town of CRICKHOWELL, subject to such conditions as shall be then produced;— ' Compact and beautiful FREEHOLD PROPERTY, called LLANDEGEMMAN VACH, situate near the vil- lage of' Tretower, about two miles and a half from Crickhowell, and within a short distance of the Mail Coach Road, and the River Usk, celebrated for its Trout and Salmon Fishing: it consists of 27A. 2R. 36p. ( more or less) of good Meadow, Pasture, Arable, and Wood Land, with a Farm House and suitable Buildings, which by a lit- Norwich Union Eire Insurance Society. CAPITAL ,£ 550,000. TRUSTEES. The Hon. J. WODEHOUSE, M. P. LieuL of the County. Sir JACOB ASTLEY, Bart. THOMAS WILLIAM COKE, Esq. M. P. RICHARD HANBURY GURNEY, Esq. M. P. CHARLES HARVEY, Esq. M. P. J. C. CURWEN, Esq. M. P. & c. & c. DIRECTORS. PRESIDENT— JEREMIAH IVES, Esq. Banker. VICE- PRESIDENT— J. BROWNE, Esq. Alderman. E. T. Booth, Esq. Ald. T. S. Day, Esq. Ald. Hammond Fisk, Esq. John Harvey, Esq. Aid. Wm. Herring, Esq. Aid. ^ jPO Cover this Season, 182&,— That celebrated Race JL Horse and Stallion, KING OF DIAMONDS, the property of Mr. Charles Watts, at Bourton- enahe- Hill, near Moreton- in- Marsh. Thorough- bred Mares at 1 tile Groom, and another Maresat 1 He was got by Diamond, Dam 1 . . .... by Floruel, out of Frenxy, the Dam, of Phenomenon: Diamond was got by Highflyer, out of a Maich'cm Mars, which was the Dam of Scrivertou, Stickler, He is a good Bay, with Black Legs, stands 15 hands 3 inches- high, and for strength, sym- metry, & c. has no superior. When three years old, he won 60 guineas at Warwick, and 90 guineas at Stafford. Four years old, lie won 60 guineas at Ches- ter, the Gold Cup and 110 guineas in specie at Oxford, beating Caterpillar, Venture, Jesse, Defiance, Topsey- Turvev, Mulberry, & c. and the Gold Cup at Stafford, beating Uncle Toby, & c. At five years old, he won 90/. and 50 guineas at Newmarket, buitin" Olive and ltobin Adair; the Gold Cup and the AU- aged Suke a° Newbury, beating Tooley, Liberator, tea. Atsixyearsold, he won the Gold Cup at Bath, and 40 guineas in specie, beating Grey Marquis, Oftii's Dyke, Charles Surface, & c. 90- guinoas, 50guineas, and 50/. at Cardiff; 40 guineas and 55 guineas, at- Abingdon, best- ting Original, Venus, & c. 60/. 10i. at Worcester.;. lOi and 115 guineas, at Kingscote; and 50/. gt Monmouth. At seven years eld, he won 70/. and 90 guineas at Ludlow, beating Lady By roc, Parthenope, Mortimer, and Mervina ; 55/. 15s. at Abingdon,' beat- ing Scarecrow, Original, & c. ; 50/. at Leicester, and Mil at Wall- sail, beating Lord Rossnnre's Fandango, & c. At. eight years old, he won the Ludlow Stake 150 guineas, boating Sir w. W- Wynn's Piscator, Fugitive, Mortimer, tcc. fx. also 50/. beating Mr. Bedenham's Spectre, & c.; he won 70 guineas aail 50L ut Worcester ; 55 guineas and 50/. at Burton; and 50/. at Monmouth, KING OF DIAMONDS is a sure Foal- getter, end his Stock largo and very promising. Good accommodation for Mares and Foals.— Corn if erderctf, with loose Boxes, and Hovels for Mares to foal in. N. B. All expences to be paid before tile Maro6 ate takan awav, as no account will be kept. commanding a pictu- vell watered, and have a quarry of stone. Also,' two Pieces of good MEADOW and PASTURE LAND, near Crickhowell, and adjoining the Mail Coach Road, containing 7A. 2R. 22P. ( more or less) well watered, and affording a situation peculiarly eligible for the erection of a Cottage. And such of the premises as shall not then be sold, will be im- mediately put up to be LET by AUCTION on a term of 7 or 14 years, on such conditions as shall then be produced. For a view of the premises, and for further particulars, apply, ( if by letter, post- paid,) at the Office of Mr. Chas. Gabell, Solici- tor, Crickhowell. A. Hudson, Esq. Banker. J. S. Patteson, Esq. Aid. J. W. Robberds, Esq. Aid. Wm. Simpson, Esq. Samuel Stone, Esq. SECRETARY— SAMUEL BIGNOLD, Esq. The parties insured in this Institution are free from ALL RE- SPONSIBILITY, and fill receive back three- fifths of thc surplus Premiums at the aid of every three or Jive years. The Rates are the same as at other offices. Statement of Duty paid for the last Two Years. 1820—± 41,554 3s. 9d. 1821—£ 56,625 9s. 3tf. Thus it is proved that IN THE LAST YEAR the business increased upwards of Ten Millions. LIFE SOCIETY.— CAPITAL £ 500,000. This Society is entirely distinct from thc Fire Office. The rapid progress of the Society is evidenced by the amount of its premiums, which at the undermentioned periods stood follows:— Year ending at March, 1815, £ 33,441 5s. lit?.' Year ending at March, 1818, .£ 66,226 8s. 9d. Year ending at June, 1821, £ 99,290 1 « » . Id. In the last twelve months upwards of 800 Policies were issued for Insurances exceeding £ 600,000. Mr. JOHN LEWIS, Stamp Office, Agent, for Gloucester. Mr. G A. WILLIAMS, Library, Agent for Cheltenham. Mr. JAMES BENNETT, Bookseller, Agent for Tewkesbury. PELICAN OFFICE, For INSURANCE on LIVES, and GRANTING ANNUITIES. THIS Oflicewas established in Lombard- Street, Lou- don, in the Year 1797, by a numerous and respectable Proprietary; and the BOARD or DIRECTORS, with confidence, arising from the increased Prosperity and Permanency of the Establishment, as well as from the Experience of its Usefulness and Benefit to thc Public, think it due to those who may still be unacquainted with the Importance and Advantages of Life Insurance, briefly to suggest some of the leading arid peculiar re- commendations to almost every Degree and Rank in Society Life Insurance is of manifest consequence to all those who hold Estates for Life, Situations and Offices, Civil, Ecclesiastical, or Professional; to Officers in the Army and Navy, & c.; as, by pay- ment of an Annual Premium, the Party insured is enabled to provide for Wife, Children, or others, whose future welfare he may wish in vain, by other means, to promote. It affords a permanent ultimate security to those who advance Money upon Annuities or otherwise. It renders Leases, determinable on one or more Lives, nearly equal in value to Freehold Estates, as an Insurance to the amount of the Fine, payable on the demise of a party nominated in such Leases, will produce the Sum re- quired for renewal. It is a cheering refuge to parties engaged in extensive and speculative undertakings: itaffords to Persons in Trade the certain means of indemnification against a bad or doubtful debt; in short, Life Insurance, establish, d in policy, sanctioned by Government, and confirmed by the test of expe- rience, is become, to almost every situation of human life, a measure equally important, useful, and beneficial. Annuities arc granted upon the most equitable terms, under a Special Act of Parliament, granted to this Office. THOMAS PARKE, Secretary. AGENTS. Gloccster, Mr. T. SMITH. Hereford, ... Mr. E. G. WRIGHT. Cheltenham.,. .. T. MORHALL. Leominster,. W M . NEWMAN . Tewkesbury,... SAML. JONES. Swansea, Mr. MICHAEL. C!)- 0 « ( ies/ « -,,,.. WM. THOMPSON Worcester„,. Messrs. SMITH & SON. PARKER. DICEY's Original and the only Genuine Dr. Bateman'sPeetoral Drops, The most valuable Medicine ever discovered for Colds, Congfes, Agues, Fevers, Rheumatism, Pains in the Breast, Limbs, ani Joints, and for most complaints wheru Colds are the origin. ( Sold in Boltles al Is. 1 JD. eae/ i. Duly included). AS there are various Imitations of this excellent Me- dicine by different Pretenders, all 06 them uttsr stranger? tu the true preparation, Purchasers are requested to be veiw par- ticular in asking for " DICEY's BATEMAN'S DROPS," tie nU others are Counterfeit. Sold by Sutton and Co. ( late Dicey and 8uttoji,) at the OrU ginal Warehouse, No. 10. Bow Church- Yard, London ; alto by D. WALKER and SONS, Printers of this Paper, l, » a, and Wali- bourn and Co. Gloucester; and by nuist respectable Medieiats Verniers, in bottles at 1 » . l£ rf. eaei. DICKY'S Andersons, or The TRUE SCOTS PILLS, li, \\ U. the box. Dr. RADCLIFFE's ELIXIR, Is. Ud. the bottle. BETTON's BRITISH OIL, ( the only Genuine,) lj. Oii. the bottle. TOWERS's TONIC PILLs7~~ For Weakness of the Stomach, Indigestion, Cos-, tiveneis, liilious Irregularities, Sfc. A RE earnestly recommended iu all those eases, ( and, r$. they are very numerous), where, the stomach being al- ready weak, and the digestive powers deranged, active purga- tives are highly prejudicial, and productive of serious injury t, i the constitution. These Pills, in their operation, are peculiarly mild, sate, and effectual. As a gentle aperient Tonic, they cleanse, and yet strengthen the stomdeh, restore the appetite, promote digestion, and keep the bowels in a regular and comfortable state, free from costlveness, but by no means too relaxed. The Tonic Pills are sold at 2s. 9tl. 4s. ed. IIs. and 32s. per box, by D. WALKERand SONS, Printers of thls^ Paper, and Lea, Gloucester; Brisley, Stroud ; Watkins, Cirencester; Roberta Ross ; Heath, Monmouth; hy Booksellers and Druggists in most towns, and hy all the Wholesale Medicine Venders inl. ondrn. • » * Observe the signature of " JOHN TOWERS' era tbe / « • bel, and his name round the 4 Royal Arms' on the seal. Dr. Sydenham's Family Pills of Ihalth. nriHESli PILLS ( entirely vegetable) arc unrivalled St. IN CASES or HEAD- ACHE, LOSS or APPEUTI, ELATU- LENCE, OBSTRUCTED DIGESTION, atld in all BIHOU S AN9 LIVKJI. COMPLAINTS. They contain no nurcury, or mineral in any shape, and are so peculiarly mild in their action as to require no confinement or alteration in diet. The most delieate Femalea find the use of them materially beneficial to their general Health, and those who have used them agree In opinion, and pronounce them the most SATE, MILD, and EFFECTUAL FAMILY MEDICIN E EXTANT. Nothing call prove tile superiority of these Pills more than the nu merous Cases communicated by Persons of grcjii: respectability, and the countenance given them by the first Cha- racters of the present day. Sold in boxes at Is. llrf. 2s. Od. and 4 « . 6d. by Butlers, Chem- ists, No. 4, Cheapiide, London; .20, Waterloo- Place, Edin- burgh, and S4, Sackyille- Street, Dublin; and by the princtpai M' dicine Vr, 1ders throughout the united kingdom. FOR THE ITCH; 1 * UNFAILING SUCCESS during a very long period, has fully established tile excellence of FREEMAN'S ORIGINAL OINT MENT in the cufe of that disaareeabfu disorder, the I l'CH, vvhich it never fails to effect In ONE HOUR'S APPLICATION. This safe, speedy, and efficacious Remedy has beep In general use for many yeirs, without a single instance of its hav< jf) g failed to cure the most inveterate cases. It does not contalp the sicall- est particle of mercury, or any other dangerous ingredient, and may be safely used hy persons of the most delicate coiletkutiuf. Sold in Boxes at Is. 1 \ d. by the principal Medic'lni; Veudcis throughout the United Kingdom. N B. In orderloprevent thesiibslitutionof spurious fi. iiialians. Purchasers are requested lo ask / or FREEMAN'S » OINTMCM , ntut to observe ( he Proprietor's Signature," S. *'^ TTMA » <," IVR: •'.:-, c4 on the Latei cffittil to eacCtiot.
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