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Petition of John O'Donnell of Limerick and John Bouchier of the County of Clare 1761


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Petition of John of O'Donnell of Limerick 1761 page 1
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Petition of John O'Donnell of Limerick and John Bouchier of the County of Clare 1761
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Petition of John O'Donnell of Limerick and John Bouchier of the County of Clare 1761

Date of Article: 12/07/1820
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OF FREEMEN OF LIMERICK, & c. ( 1761.) 5 themselves to dispose of the revenues of the said City amongst themselves, without permitting the citizens in any sort, to interfere therein; your Committee find, that Mr. John Vincent, burgess, was appointed chamberlain of the City by the common council, on the twenty- sixth clay of December one thousand seven hundred and forty, and that he has been continued in the said office, by the said common council, ever since; and the said John Vincent laid before your Committee several rent- rolls of the lands belonging to the corporation, and the accounts of the revenues of the said corporation for twenty- one years past, and being examined, he said, that the said accounts were true and just, and that the said rent- rolls, as he believed, con- tained the whole estate of the corporation, that he did not know any thing of the value of the same, that he received some parts of the rents of the said estate, but that a considerable part of the same he did not receive ; that he had set forth in the said accounts, all the sums he had received for rent and the arrears due, that at the time the new leases were granted, there were considerable arrears due from the tenants, and that he was told, and believed that the new leases were a discharge of the said arrear, and that he then took no farther account of it, that the arrear then due was considerable, an account of which he delivered to the Committee, that he never received any orders from any part of the corporation to remit said arrear, that during the time he was chamberlain ( which was twenty- one years) he never received above 42 /. from Alderman Wight, that the part of the corporation estate demised to Alderman Wight, was as he heard a grant from the Earls of Thomond, for keeping Parteen causeway in repair, that he once repaired that road about two or three years ago with the corporation money, that he did not think the present rent reserved upon the lease to Alderman Wight, sufficient to keep said road in repair; that he believed the real value of said lands would be sufficient to keep the same in repair ; that the said Alderman Wight was 148 /. 7 s. 6-^ d. in arrear at the time of making the new lease to him ; that the said arrear and the old rent would have been sufficient to have kept the said road in repair, and he said he be- lieved that the value of the old lease was more than the said arrear. The said John Vincent, being examined by your Committee, on another day, said, He had lodged with the clerk of the house, all the original accounts with the cor- poration, since the time of his coming into office, that he was almost sure he paid the several sums for which he had taken credit in the said accounts, that he also paid several other sums mentioned in a paper which he delivered in to your Com- mittee, and he said, that some of the sums mentioned in the said paper, are included in the said other accounts which he had before delivered in to the clerk; that he believed he paid several of the sums for which he has taken credit in the said accounts, without any orders of the council, for the purpose, as for repairing the almshouse and the church, and for other work done for the corporation; that he be- lieved he had paid some sums of money by the order of Arthur Roche only, when said Roche was not mayor; that whenever said Roche made an order on him to pay money, he promised to get the orders of council to confirm it; that he did not think he ever got an order of council to confirm any of said payments, and that he believed he had charged himself in said accounts, with every sum of money he received for the use of the corporation, but being further examined by your Committee, he said, that he had charged himself in said accounts, only with the sums he received, till the year one thousand seven hundred and forty- nine, but that since that time, he had not charged himself with any of the sums he had received on account of rent, and said, he had no account here of the sums he received since one thousand seven hun- dred and forty- nine, upon account of rents. Your Committee proceeded in the further examination of the said John Vincent, but finding him extremely confused in his answers, and seeing him in a bad state of health, your Committee thought proper to give him time till the next day to recollect himself, but your Committee is informed, that he is in a very bad state of health, and unable to attend your Committee, by which means your Committee was prevented from receiving any further information from him; but your Com- mittee beg leave to observe, that the said accounts and rent rolls so lodged by the said John Vincent with the clerk, appear to your Committee to be fresh and lately wrote, mostly with the same ink, and by the same hands, so that there is strong reason to suspect that the same are not original accounts, but lately made up for the purpose. Though the said John Vincent in his examination, declared he had 270. B lodged
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