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The Courier


Printer / Publisher: B. M'Swyny J.P. Wanless
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 8883
No Pages: 4
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The Courier

Date of Article: 21/08/1819
Printer / Publisher: B. M'Swyny J.P. Wanless
Address: 348, Strand
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 8883
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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•/, S A T U R D A Y EVE* AUGUST * t ; : l . S l i t - . V ftighiuas. M - P R I N C l : HBOliS^- sJUftNjrtJlY. August a • G R A N B ' N . W ATi; p. ffi L'. K, wain Aluliswitr, Mademoiselle, SU » d '- Madame? JBitpF" wJW- go " thro^' h tKEii" i u c p r U i B g ^ B ^ i g t o w i i t h c . ^ a . s f tlig- CpiiceA, Madame. S » qui » vdll make jjn ^ n i s h i n ^ ^ e n U i d . t b e. uaht rebe am'fdst a'firiTlianf display of . Fireitfieks by Si^ nofa' ' Hengler.— Admission3s.. fid.— Pporsopen at Se* u^ ihe » C<^ c « rt. tJWegui at- Kightio'Cl^ k. - '' ' '*" , . ^- jr., N. B. Tfis" Public art; respectfully informed Jlflft- th'w Gar- •-.'• dens will. CLOSEfor the -••• " " u . t f E s T S - j i X H i f i i ' - . . . . . ^-, T be'_ Gre. at,,. Fie-. 2 « %' VEATltoH T- UteVMsC. » » . « ua B A R N A B A S receiving ' tbe u E S* T I L E3, tte. BU& ZENi - S E K P E ' S f t the C R U C I F I X I O N of out ' S A V I O I f l t , with " other Pictures awl Sketches are, now exhibiting aitderthc irtinteliiate patronage of his Uoyal Highness the Prince Regent, at No l i i l Piii- Mall, near Carlton " House,- every tfiv, from ten till five. Bv- order. CHARLES SMfA. K'L Secretary. X ) O U « l i x ^ D l T l 6 N — I n H E N R Y ; A S T O N X - B A R K E R l S ' P A N O R A M A . Leicester- square, a novel scene, Tfprtsenting the Nortt Coast of SP1TZ1J KRGEN,. magnificent appcarancc of thy Ice, critical Situation of- the Ve, t salv and Natural History ofthe Country! in now . open; PK-; T K K S B & J t G H continues open fora short lime. - Admittance to each Painting, One Shilling .... T T E N I C E — J u s t opened, in H. A . B A R K E R ' a nd V„-; J. BERJFORD'S.' PANOUAMA;, Strand; a splSldid View of that magnificent City, taken frpm the Piow! p ; di St. Marco, MI which the" Church of Su Mark forms- a most interesting featurtrin the forogfpund, - the Ducal Palace. Piaj- iotta, and a grand display of beautiful buildingsj. are . also , m « ; iUncnt m, the pifcture'; rthe'" whole decorated with upward& of Ten Thousand Kgures, representing the gay scene of the Carnival. Admittance One . Stalling-. " • • . • " i- GENERAL . POSTTOJj'f'iOE, - Ana August. I 8 t i - H E Lords Commissioners of bis Majesty^? Treasury _ havir^ T directed that thfe flme'ftr. delivering" ' in Plans and Elevations for the proposed Erection of the New post- office shall be { attended, this is to give Notice, that the said Plan? and Elcv; jtiojiK wiU fle recejved at this Office until the First of October neat, instea3~ pt this First of Septymper, the period fixed by the former Advertisement. < 1 ' B y Command of the Postmaster- Genora), » . F R A N C I S E R E E E I N G . Secretary; I' Fthe nearest of & Tof thelateJOHS l-' ORRSTER,' l ® 4t' FQ& E. STER,. wh » ' tfi « t his Majes. ty's'liodt^ ard at ,. Malta; m'Xai5< » r 1SI4. will apply Johd- » nd Thomas Miuae, Bto. 13,• Great. G? orge-^ reet,. Westminster, they wjli . hjf^ i^ sometliing to their adyaptagg... ^ ' I v t o Y f c E . U i f - j A NET,' JANE; atTd ANN. STEX^ f '" Yi. ENSO Jf,"• daughters of., the:. deceased GEORGE ^ TEVEtfSON, sometimes Shipmaster at Greenock, or their rt*[ iecthe heirs,' wii[. appear' in Edinburgh ' and' prove their pro- ' piutjuity-, . they will- hear of. « omethTiig tp; their advantage by! applying'to . Kobert. M'. Kenjje., Writer t » : the Signet, IS, South Chariotter, street,' Edinburgh. , ' June 20, " 1818..'",' ' • Estate of Esq. late ofGioiieeste'r- placc, Poitman- squai ts and formerly of Whrren- street, I'itzroy- squairo, in the County of Middlesex, deceased,, are requested to seed particulars thereof to Alexander Murray, Esq. Symond's Inn, London. rj^ UITION A. Clergyman, of Oxford, who resides X only 7 niiles tVom Hyde Part Corner, wishes to receive Two P U P I L S , to whom albne he will devote bis time, ahdwhoni he will ins^ fuct in the Classics, Versification, Composition, ahd the other branches of learning necessary, to qualify them for the Public Schopls, or either of the Universities.—' Terms 100 Curnaaa a' Yehr. Address by ltfuer- oniv, R6r. X. Y . Z'., Saitis's Library, ua, fall- mall. The higliest refarenceswill bo given. A LL'Persons tiaVini; ' any Cla'ims - oh the l Y . R I C t i AR'i) C L A Y ; Estj: of Giotieeste'r- P T D UCAr; ClON— On Monday, J the seminary c; Atigti » * t 2,; opened linary for a limited number of Pupils. Pullin's- row, Islington; eotScted by the Rev. JOHN' EVANSr- A. M. and his Sou ( J Ohrt Kvans, A. M. late ofthe University of Edinburgh). Terins Forty Guineas per annum. No entrance. Reference may be made to the Rev. Dr. Abraham Rees, King's- road ; Sir. .1. Perring, Bart. ; Shaw, and Barber, Cornhill; Astley Cooper, Es^. Siiriifg- Gardens; Jdhii Coope, Esq. Whitechapel; Messrs. Treacher and Son, Paternoster- row; Mr. Hilditch, Silk- Mercjcr. Lu. lgate- iiiU; and to Professors Leslie and Christesdn, of tlu; University of Edinburgh. See an Essay on Education,. by J. Evans, Fifth Edition. BENEVOLENCE r ^ O PARENTS and GUARDIANS.— A BEX K E F I C E D C L E R G Y M A N , A. M., resitiem about so mile*. West of London, and whahas at present under his care a relative o f a distinguished Noblemait, is desirous of meeting with another Pupil.— Address tho Rev*,-, Ai M., at Mrs. Wynn's Library, Hammersmith, MiddteseXt-' j-,-^ j;-< - A S COURIER or VALET— Wants a Situation as XJL COURJ E l t or V A L E l " , a Young'Man, 27 years of age, who speaks a; id writes the English, French, Gcnnao, Spanish, Italfah, Portuguese, and IJutch Languages. Has been used tq travel on the Continent for many years as Guide, Sec. and can gtvetbe faost ri/ spectabte references; to Families living in London. Address ( if by letter post^ paid>. to Y. Z., 316, Strand. MM A SHAWJUS W A N ' f E D . ~ W AI TH MA N and SONS conUnue, to givo the full value for; I N D IA AWLS, on application at their Shbwl and Linen Warehouse, No. 104,. Fleet- street, corner of New Bridge- street, where an extaufcive Assortment is at present on Sale. TOOR BOMBAY DIRECT, the: New River- built X Ship S A R A H , Eurden 480' Tons, to be laciiiched this Month, au'd wili sail in all September, J O H N T H A C K E R, Commander, ( of the Honourable Company's Service.) This Ship is most, coiiimodiously fitted dp for the '' Accommodation of Passengers.— For freight or, Passage apply to tbe Commandat the Jerusalem Coffeehouse; to Mr. Weeding, ' Did Soii... Sea House; or to M'Callum, Isbister, and Hofsley, 14.7, Leaden hall- street. , BIVINE Never was the Bounty of a British Public solicited towards a case of deeper grief and more unmerited suffering, than that of an unfortunate Clergyman of cultivated intellect, who has uo Preferment, no Foi- uine, and it large Family of Seven. young Children to support, struggling with the very worst species of Poverty, * Djffifwa aiffl Ehabarrassment, and yet iireserving an- irreproaciiaWe character, though ,$ horn of every worldly comfort ( having been forced to part with every thing h. e possessed to proctu- e the scanty means of sustaining life) aud solely depending for present M V nul* 4stejiccron. th^ vasual gratuities of, p, ure>. encvolence. Subscriptions will be thankfully received at Mr. Thoi Cou'its, and IN! - Swt » dlo? r; d^' isr,; ' 1J9. o0h. nP; LicacbabdoilclUy.' s,..' Mansi<) n- hoiise. street;' TO IlbT\ 4M|; RCHANT3 and BREWEKS— Jn'anticipatibn " ^" t'lti'apfifoachiH^ SlSsOn, I beg leave to inform you that I have bjen ortdeavptiring- sosestablish a Murket. for the Sale o f ' H O P S in the very ancient and respectable Bb; ro^ gli of Maidstone, - ' Frbtn tbe opinion whifh previuk amongst thofe Gentlemen whoseintcrests socman Establishment must more of ieSs invslvt, . as- wSl^ fas from tile countenance they have given me, there is^ lanthapjlyto. think, little oCno doubt of the oltimat<) success lit' my exertions.' " Mttidetulic has been salee'led as the most- eligible « pot for a'Market, because it stands in the midst of the largest and . best Plantations. There are numerous coaches passing through it daily, and it is distant from the Metropolis only! 34v< ai; csi.* besMC9, Iit has.- excelleut In « s;- and indeed. every accomh) o" datjon for.- Visitors. . As'earfya^ the Hops come in, it will be in my powcrto shew you the greatest variety of s » ioplos,, and tot negotiate either with you or for vou on such terms as wjll, 1 hope, in every view be deemed satisfactory. 1 therefore soTicit yutir< attentioii, and am, Gentlemen, .... Yora- most obedient humble Servant. West Boi- oaghi Maidstone. Aug, 1819) . WM. STOfJE. \ r O R K . H O T E L , Coffee- House, and Tavern, 3S, X Bridge- street, Iilackfriars— The D A U G H T E R S of the late J O H N NO 1) INreturn tht'ir most gratefttl thanks to'their i-' riends and tiie Public in general, for the mauy favours conferred upon them during the life- Ume of their lamented Father, and trust that the very superior accomodations of the premises, aided by their unremitting exertions, will procure them a iontinuance of the liberal Patronage hitherto experienced, which they nowvery " earliestly solicit.— Tiie above House. is ^ situated i/ l the most central part of London, with every convenience attached, the rooiiLs . spacloUs ahd airy, and the wines selected of the first quality; w ithaveey requisite that etui produce. domestic comfort. IJooWs for'large or shiall Parties, Dinners, Meetings, & c. SPAIN'S of RED PORT WINE, Mildewv'aftd eyei'y Vegetable Matter, are e i D C- LERUM;—- Vendi* trigiiita 0;' igiiiale4. M « a « u'- X B . O- rptr, riiajjni - pretii S( ji-. noncs, « |) t- i. rostro'aut typogr4;>' h; ae,; . a rsf<¥ Bttper mortiio'et'tcmpli idignitati ' fianoratb. prifeuor. qur nunquiu « transcripti sucl. - Qldrici e< Js^ e » ! » ^ « tas'< Ki5 « « » feVenftRT?- Persona ; » ut litera. ( tabcllario sointo) iuauires, J. Kettle, NIS. 117, High Itoiborw. JNDIA WAREHOUSE.—- INDIA SHAWI. S W A N T E D . — l i V E R I N G T O N bc'^ to iltfbfe ' his'-' Friends and'the Public, that lie iscl- vnhftetftawdi'nrtry'iiricea*' for every description o f l N b l A SHAWLS.'. i- Tlxwe I. adws and' Gentlemen who may wish to obtain their fullesuvdlu'e,' will find themselves libfrr^ lly treated by an' eiiHy Application fit 10, Lutifgate- striiet, tiwir St. . Paul's.—- Note, Latiies u- Lsliijig" u> exchange their Shawls, may 6e aeconi. nodatcd'on t1je mhsl, ad% ttaS;"% iui6 teraw. • ) ' . ' - " -> -..(;".; - A'. MANSI. OJS" V Ready Furnished,: with two cxctiicnt Maiiois. abiianding w- ith game of: every desertption'i also . fish ponds and an extensive ( rciiit stream * situated " in the i-< turtti of Hants.— For partioilars apply, if by lctter- fr. ee of postage, to. % Mr. Caj » eli Solicits;, Bugie- sjjei't, Southampton- "*' •' n p O b e SOLD, a very extensive CARRI ACJE CONX CERN, employing more than too Horses— It his been cstablishfld for above tw5- vhirdr. o< a century; and possesses the fltst connections. •*. Apidications ' friitn Pvincipals- only will be attended to, which must il> e made, by letter, post- paid, to- Mr. Layton Cooke, 2, Demi- street, Soho, F. ondon. s ' > T W W l l ALtIJ^^- aWKtCKJ 30th Aug. 1 8 - : T " T H E for-: H5<* afflng- rf{;* i-. Majtfly't NA'- VY A) tgrciv eiji: Notice, Tlutl, m MDND A % tlie ' ''^ ttnii'Instant, ttiy wilt ne rcritl/ <• » - receive Tenders in writiri » . iVMMtlmMMtMvatr fitr •• '*"• - —'• . " ' •'• r' .;• Fl V E . l l t ! t « D R I i D S A C K S i > £ K J L N D R I E D H O U S E -• U O ! . ' U IT. OCH. . > o S « ' T l f W U S A T f D S A C K S nf B I S C U I T M- EAL. ' ' ! OlNE . QUARTERS of N E W E N G L I SH PKASEvsnd- • ' - • ., - V - ' » > ." -•' F l E I T ; T H 0 U S A N D . i t ; A M ' O N ^ . o r WEST, I N D I A ' RUM, Wthe strength of l i v e per Cent, under Proof, by Sikcs's HVflroraeWr.'' •.<<•• ••""'- . • T /" I A P IT A L MANSION, PARK, MANOR, and V V FARMS.— To be L E T , and entered upon immediately^ a Capital MANSION HOUSE. PARK. MANOR, and FARMS, situWs in the Neighbourhood of Henlov- upon- Thames.— For ftirthir particulars, rojtire of Mr/ J. 3P. Nash, Solicitor, Henley- upon- Tham8s Oxfordshire ( If by- Letter, post paid). , " C p B R l p G E W E L ^ ^ T ' ^ E L V E ^ Agent. fiw Lodging HoUses, respectfully informs the Nobility and Gentry, who intend visiting Tunbridge. that by applictitidii to hiWthey- can he supplied with H O U S E S of every aes » ipt ® h, and 1H the best situations. Has . noiv. to LET— Warwick- House; from August' 26th— All letters addressed to R. I). will meet with the earliest attention. • • -• IpARMS in OXFORDSHIR E.— To l> e S O L D by P R I V A T E ' C O N T - R A C T , a - K R E E I I O L D E S T A T E, situate in the County of Oxford, consisting of two capital ' Farms.' let to respectable tenants from year to year at low rents, and a smail piece of Woodland in hand,. the whole containing together •• 533* 0** Of Which about 20 acrCs only are subject to 1' itlies. For further particulars, apply ( if. bylettcr post paid) to. Messrs. Oddie, Oddie and Forster. Carey- street, Lincoln's Inn. • ^ t e j d ^ i ^ i l t l t e l i i . l p p i f l Sl. ores nt Deptford; the Flour jn.^ hc^ pfeua- Hpf » ^' ortjjight; tb, e Meatand'Pgase • in One ' Month, Ky e^ ui) Weekly ( iroporti6ns j-' diid the Ritm b & he course; ot a" Mouft. v ..' i'life'v.- Wilc tn. be paid for- by Bills, pnyable,' without interest,, sixty;< 6iys, i}' ter dates -.- '• • ; • ' . . .' 7 ' Tiic Conditims if ify: C » traclsymyJ) e seen al~ tke Secretary's • .. Offiee. • ' • '• ' • • '' ,;-•'•• • '*.: ot ^ SftiMjari vng,- t> t> Hait; i-> nyiy: Te) Vbr inirtkhthe Pj$ ceshaU not- jltr inserted . m words at lett/ jth, or thqt shall not be delivered to. '• the IUiri b ' fenre. ' Orw o'Clock on'tAn said Monday, the 30th lhstanft « « ' tinies} ttie pfrtm tt>* » mufei ike Tender,- or same Persm on- his behtrlf, attends, to . answer - vittm catted for. ' . A JPURSUANT to a D e c ^ o f the High Court of - Chancery, made in a Cause " Norton against Newman," all Persons with " limn J O H N II VRKNESS ( who resided at Lisbon, in Portugal, frum about February, 1810, Until March, I8U, when he duid there) contracted ally debts during his residence in Portugal, which wyre owing by the said John Harkness at the time of his death, < « jd are novy owing, are, on or before the 12th dayrof November, 1319, to come in and prove their several • Debts before Francis Patil Stratford.: Esij. one of the Ma^ ter^ of the said Cdui- t, at his'. Ciiambors in Southampton- building;-, Chancery. lane, lunidoti ; m.. m default thereof, tirey will fee TO PHYSICIANS.—' An Eligible Opening at thTs fime presents itself in a Genteel And Populous Market Town in England, to any competent M. D. soliiitous of lixiiig hitnself. in practice, the same having accrued in cotecrtUcnCe of death.— App'y ( fiost paid) to Mr. Edgar, Medical Agent, rt, Barflett'S- buildings, Hollioi n. • •*- - 6 ' ' . . . N. B. Other Openings ^ O the FACULTY.— An Old- estabfahed most Re" X spectable M E D I C A L PRACTU^ E for DISPOSAL, situate at the West End » f Town; average Receipts from llOfV, to 12001. per Annum. One Year's Introduction will be given under the ' head of Partnership.— Premium required ( including Lease, Drugs, and Fixtures,) 1S001. - , ' Other Medical Concerns for Disposal Apply ( post, paid) to Mr. Edgar, Medical Agent. 18, Bartlett's- huilriihgi Holborn. r p o TAVERN and C0FFEE- H01JSE KE ® PX ERS.— The L E A S E of a most excellent H O U S E in ^ he above line, to be S O L D , doing a very good business and capable of great improvement from iti excellent situation, which is not second to any in the Metropolis. Letters addressed to X. X. X.. Garraway's Coffee- House, Cornhill, will ^ itet witft immediate attention/ from prinfipKlsonly. • • .,' •.••. CUE A P' P0STi> jG, S^ rbornc" Aians Jfett" Latnb Inh),'* Northleach— Jt having been represented to Payne that few famllie, s vvho travel this road to Cheftenham, & c. are aware that there arc two Inns at Northleach, he begs to inform the Public generally that his House has recently, been enlarged, ; and raadecMd particularly commodious for the reception t) f families, whose patronage and support W. P. respectfully SHlfcitS, and with pleasuse intimates that in consequence of the decrease in the, price of Corn, he posts at Is. 4d. per ntile. TO BS LET, 111 aspaeiotW genteel House, with a Field, . Gardens and Stable adjoining, in the centre of Newent, m the County of Gloucester, ( where there is a Spa that rivals Cheltenham,) eiglft from Gloucester and Led'ourv, aud nine from Ross, handsome F U R N I S H E D LODGING'S, with casual Boarding, atr'Fhr^ e Guineas per week; permanent Board, in a family manner, Ml. a year fill- two persons, l'he House is . within three minutes walk of a handsome Church, and there is* daily London post. " . Post- paid letters, addressed to John Bower, Nevvent, will have an immadiate reply. • , . ICAL. PARTNERSHIP required, either in Town or Country— A Medical Gentleman, fully competent both in a professional as well as pecuniary point of view, wishes to connect himself with some respectable well- established Practitioner, whose business will bear minute investigation. No , objection to take to the entire after a stipulated period. Apply ( post- paid) to Mr. Edgar, Medical Agent, 18, Bartlctt's- buildings, llolborn.* AVery Handsome Compa'ct CHBSNUT MARE, 15 hands high, only five yearsold, without blemish, raistress' of great v,- eight; with good action in all her paces, perfectly gentle ill harness, and warranted" Sound, to be' SOLD, with or '' Wtt'hoift tt . vcry excellent. Dennett Chaiss in every respect as good as new, and neat brass harness: the whole forming a respectable set. out; and well suited to a traveller, or tradesman wanting the like.— To prevent trouble, price of the whole ds guineas; or Horse 38, Chaise and Harness, 30.'— To be seen at No. 4,- Nawyard, Great Queen- street, Lincoln's Inn Fields.' TONEY ACCOMMODATION.- Any respectable L Tradesman or Gentleman in want of temporary assistance of Cash for a few months, and disposed to join with the Advertiser in security, who will negociate for their mutual benefit, may, through his means, realise the amount they may have occasion for.— Address for A. B., to be left at No. 6 8 , Middlesex- place, Hackiiey^ rodd. No letters will be received unless post free, and those with initials only will not be noticed. Tea, Fruit, _ entirely removed f r o m - ' l W e i i n e n , Lcather° Breeches, Cottons, Muslins, Laces, and other Articles pf Dress, by IJUDSON'S C H E M I C AL HLEAC- HfNG L I Q U I D - ( t also removes the above Stains from Ladies' BaiTpr « Mics » ^ itlu> at injuring the Buff Colour, and restores all- kinds of Linen to - their original Whiteness, when discoloured by bhd - washing,- duush,; or long sea voyages, without any ihjurv to the texture of the cioth. Prepared ahd sold by Hudson and Co. her Majesty's Chemists; 27, Haymarket, 1 . ondon; sold also- by- roost Medicine Venders, Perfumers and Stationers in the United Kingdom, in Bottles at St. 3s. aud 2s. each. NCOMMON CHEAP and EXPEDITIOUS T R A V E L L I N G to N O R W I C H from the A N G EL INN, St. Clement's, Strand, aiid the WHI f E H O R S E INN, Fetter- lane. Holborn, by a new light 4- iriside COACH, called' the S E L F D E F E N C E ; farf inside, 21s. ; outside, 12s. ; every ' J'uesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning, ot six o'clock, to the White Swan Inn, St. Peter's, Norwich, from Whence it returns every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, at seven o'clock; calls at the Bull Inn, BisbopSgate- street, going out and coming in. . . : . . ' •• Abo the E X P E D I T I O N COACH, carrying 4 insides only ; sets out as usual from ( he White Horse Inn, Fetter- lane, - every afternoon, at half- past five o'clock, and from the Bull Inn, Bishopsgate- street, at six,- where Passengers and Parcels are regularly booked for both these Coaches. Performed by J O H N EAMES, London. • • E L I Z A B E T H GOCDING, 1 N e v v m a r k e t T H O M A S B R Y A N T , j- Mewmarket. J O H N P H I P P S , Bournbridge. H A N N A H H A W K E S L E Y , Attlcborough. S A M U E L HUTCHINSON, Norwich. Who will not hold themselves accountable for anyjparcel or package whatever, or. passenger's luggage, above the. value of. 51. if lost or- damaged, unless the same be entered as such and paid for accordingly, when delivered at their Offices in. town,- or to- thcir Agents in ^ he country. G E N E R A L L A N D . A G E N C Y OFFICE, York, Upper Canada-, Ust June, 1819.' MESSRS. BENJAMIN GEALE, AND JAMES F I T Z G I B B O N , having established a Land QHicc at the . Seat of the Government of Upper Canada, offer their services to the Proprietors of Lands in the Province, who are residing in Great Britain or Ireland, as also to persons desirous of becoming Purchasers'of Land, or of settling in Upper Canada. Every . requisite information, relative to the value, situation, soil, & c. Sic. of any particular Lot, or Tract of Land enquired for, will be communicated to persons applying for the same, by1 letter or in perspn. The Subscribers pledge themselves, that no description of Land shall be given- from their Office, before its correctness he fully ascertained, so that the public may with confidence rely upon their reports. All descriptions of Land Agency Business is undertaken. Persons requiring further information are referred to Mr. W. F. Prriiccee,. Army Agent, 34, Craven- street; or 33, Villiers- street, Strand, London. CARPETS and BLANKETS SELLING BARGAINS,' at W A U G H ' S W A R E H O U S E , Goodge- street. Best quality of Brussels Carpeting, of most superb patterns, from £ s. 6d. to€ s. 6d. per yard; stout Kidderminster, 3s. per yard; Superfine, equally cheap; India Hemp Carpeting, 2s* 8( 1. per yard; Stair- Carpeting, lfid. per yard; Cottage Carpets, 12s. each mid upwards; Parlour Carpets of every size ; Grey and , Coloured Druggets for covering rooms, very stout; Blankets, Coverlids and Marseilles Quilts, cheaper than fur the last ten years. 1VTONEY.— Pecuniary accommodation, by a Gentle- .1- tJL mail whose principal object is secrcsy, on the'most honorable terms, and on the shortest notice, to any amount, at eight per cent., on Freehold X'roperty, Copyhold, long Leasehold. Church Living, Settlements, Jointures, Funded Property, & c. Also Gentlemen accommodated— with any Sum on personal sectic fitjf. the repayment of which left to their option Persons of distinction sending. particulars will be sufficient.— Apply, or letters ( lddressed to- Mr. Webb, post paid, No. 72, John- street, Tottenham- court- road, aiiswored immediately. SU P E R i r INDIA ami B R V n s i r SH.^ WLS.— The. admirers of British ingenuity, mpdelled upon Oriental skill, are invited to inspcct the irtiproved texture of. Imitation Shawls, manufactured from Cachemere Wool. . This beautiful material nearly possesses the admired softness, case and elegance of real Caehemere. 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SLARK and SON ( No. 10, Cheapside) beg leave to inform the Nobility and Gentry, that their P A T E N T S T E AM K I T C H EN ( after an extensive - circulation of nearly thirty years) maintains a decided preference for general utility over every other ApparrTtus now offering to the Public, bearing the same name; is more sim- - ple in its construction, and within the comprehension of the plainest cook; and in addition to performing the various parts of cookery, furnishes a constant supply of b. it woter for the use of the house, sufficient for a warm bath at a minute's notice. In use daily.— Warm Air, and ali other Stoves. , , peremptorily excluded the Kcireflr'of the said Decree. PURSUANT to a Decrety of the High Court, of. Chancery, made in a Cause o f " Bishop against'Dean,"" the Creditors of G I L E S IWA'N, late of THnity- street,• H e ' thcrhiihe, in the County of Kent, baker, deceased, are to com? itv and prove their Debts before Johii Springett Harvey, Esq. on< j ofthe Masters of the said Court, at his Chambers, in Southampton. buildings, Chantcry- lane, London ; or, in default theraof, ' they will be excluded'the benefit of. the mtidl t) ecrue. « » Hal!, Plaintiff's Sojtcitbr, Great James- sreet, Bedfoi^- row- PUKSUANl' - to a Decree of the.'. High Courf of Chancel^, made in- a Cause " Johiwtyna against Ure,'* tha Creditors ' of- Sir JOI1N L O W T H E R . TOHNSl'ONE, late' of Westerliall, irt tlic County of Dumfries; fn ' Scotland, aft d of Port man square, in the Parish of St. Mary-} e- bonne, iti the tiouiity of Middlesex, Baronet, deceased, ( who died oft or abduethe 24th day of December, ' 1811), are forthwith to coilrie in and prove their Debts before James Stephen, Esq. One of the Masters of- tfre- said Court, at his Chambers- . In Southamptonbuildingi, . CbancKrJ,- laire, London; or in c| ef? ult thereof they will be excluded the. benefit of the said Decree; . > .;. t — . . • ., - i ••— 11 . I". t; -. « .*..'- II . I .;'.,.—-. •• , ^ iV., « ', 1 j-'-- ' j I -' it. , . PU R S U A N T to- a Dccrco of the High • Court o f" Chancery, made in a Caiise, '"" Matteson against Snatchburn," the CfMitoVsOf J O H N S I O R R l L f t l O N i l a t e o f Crowle, - iu the'CotiMtyof IainCoiij, < J « » tleinaii,. deteped, ( who died. in or about the. Month of February, 1814), are to come in and prove their Debts before Ja Ate ' Stephen, Esq. one of the Masters of Ihe said CoUri>, at'- life Chambers, id Southampton- buildings, Chancery- idno, London- on o? before the 20th day of November, 1819; or in. default djeKgf, they\ rill be peremptorily excluded the benefit of the said " Decree. W H E R E A S a Decree of the High Court of l i Chancery, lnafcin a Cause " Matteson against Seofchburn," it was amongst other things . ordered, that JA « ESTEP- IEN, Esq. one qf . the Masters of the said Court, shouui inquire and state to the Court, who were the Children of A B R A H A M MORR1 IvI. ION.- the brother of John Mcrrillion, the Testator in the Pleadings of the said *' ause ttUUfSi living at the death of the said Testator j and in case an; of such Children had since died, the said Master was also to enquire ahs." state to- the Court who was or were the personal itepreicniatvc or Representatives o f him, her, or them, so dying. Any pwrsur. or persons claiming to be the Child or Children of- the saw. Abraham Morrillion, formerly of. Crowle. in the Couhty of. Ltu- , coin, Mariner, liv. ing at the death of the sard Testator, ( wJach happened in or about the month of February, 1814,) or the per . sonal Representative or . Rejiresentativea pi' any such C- hiJd tiri ' Children, are peremptorily to come in ' aiid prove their said Ks » - drttil before the said Master, at his Chambers in SouthatnpJe-;. . Build'ngSf Chancery- iauc, Londop, os or before the 20th day. < rf-' November, 1819. _ -••'• WHEREAS by a Decree of the High Court at" Chancery, madu. iu a Cause, " Matteson against Scolciiburii," it was, amongst other tilings, ordered that it- should be re ferred to JAMES STEriiEK, Esquire, one of the Masters of the said Cours, to enquire and state to the Coilrt who was the Heirw- ' Law of J O H N M O R R I L L O N , the Testator IS the pleadirjxjs of the said Cause named, and who were the said testator's ti- xt ; of' kin living at the fime of his death. Any person or persons claiming to be Heir- at- LaW or next of Kin. of the said J_ ohr. Morrillioit, late of Cro- vle, in the County of Lincoln, Gentleman, deceased, ( the Testator above named). living at the time v t his death, which happened in or about the month of February, 1814, is or are to come iu before the said Master, at his Chamber- , 1819. or- in defaultbf their so- coming in they \ excluded the benefit of the said Decree. pereiTlptci. INTERESTING CASE.— Rebecca Watson, of Mellor- moor- end, near Stockpprt, was completely cured of a scorbutic. complaint of six'years' standing, by the sole use of Mr. L I G N U M ' S A N T I S C O R B U T I C DROPS. Previous to taking the medicine. she was unable to dress or undress herself, her body being nearly covered v. ith ulcers. These Drops may be. had, wholesale arid retail, fron Mr. Lignum, Manchester; also from .1. Evans and Son, 42, Longlane, West Smithfield; Sutton and Co. Bow Chtirch- yard; Barclay and Sons, 95, " Fleet- miirket; Edwards', CC, St.' Paul's Church- vard; Butler aqcl Soac, 4, Cheapside, London;— and 34, Sackville- street, Dubli » ? i aiid one . or more principal medicine vendcrs- in every market tow n . to the United Kir. gitoin. Price 2s. 9d.— 4s. 6d. and 1 Is. Of whTun may !> e " had Air. L, ' s newiv improved C H E M I C A L LOTION, 2s. 9d- PURSUANT to a Decree of the High Court Chancery, bearing date the 15th day of May, isl' 9, in a Cause wherein Richard Harvey the" younger. Clerk. .' aiSii . others are Plaintiffs; and Richard Harvev the elder, Clerk, - c. others, are Defendants, the Creditors of G E O R G E P f J i l - L I P S , late of Ramsgate, in the Parish o f Saint Lawrence, . it tbe Isle of ' l'hanet, in the County of Kent, Mariner, deSeasef;, ( who died oil or about the 29th day of August, 1818) the Tc.- tatb; in the said Decree named, are on or before the fitfv day of No--- 1819, to come . in and prove their Debts, before Sir John Sitnee ., Bart., one of tbe Masters of the said Court, at his Chambers ;:; Southampton- buildings, Chancery- lane, London, or in defc. x'it thereoftbey will he peremptorily excluded the behe£ t ct' the . sa d Decree. , * . - ' , . WHEREAS by a Decree of the High Cetirt of Chancery, bearing . date the 15th ih- y of May, 1819, nw. iu.- in a Cause wherein Richard Harvey, the younger,.' Clerk,;-.< « ,.. others, are Plainu'ffs, and Richard Harvey, the eider. Clerk, ; v; ni mtfiers, are- Defendants; it was ( amongst otherthihasj-' reftrredlo' Sir Johii Siir. edn, Baronet, one of the - Masters pf ttte'titfd" Court, I to inquire and state who was the Heir at L i « - arid Cd- Keirs, acv-" | cording to the custom of Gavelhind, of G E O R G E PHILL1JE>:, late, of Ramsgate, in tho Parish of St. Lawrence, in the I-. M; pi Tlianet," in the County uf Kent, mariner, deceased ( who died onor about the 29th day of August, 1818), the Testator in the tald Decree named, and also who were his next, of kin. Any perron or persons claiming to be such Heir at Law and Co- heirs accprt!- ing to the custom of Gavelhirid of the said Testator, and SUo ' of his next of kin, are; on or before the 6th day of- Noveftibe;. 1819, to come in and make out Ijis, her. or their claims, and pro-..- such heirship and kindred before the said Sir John' Sime'ch, at hS Chambers, in Southampton- buildings, ChaAcery- Lane, London, or in default thereof, he, she, orthev, will be peremptorily exCItkl ed the benefit of the said Decree. ^ O BOOKSELLERS and Others— STOCK of BOOKS, C O P P E R - P L A T E S , & c.— To be SOLD by A U C T I O N , by Mr. M. U'RRELL, at- the Auction Mart, Bartholomew- lane, on Wei> n us- pAY next; the 25t, h iust and Two following Days, at Twelve o'Clock, bv Order of the Assignees, an extensive C O L L E C T I O N ' of ' BOOKS,, in. Bindings. Boards, aud Sheets; Lotted suitable to the Trade and Private Purchasers. Among which are, Folio— The Large Plates to Boydell's Shakspeare; Miller's Costumes, " Vols.; Wild Spbrts of the East; Dr. Thornton's " Botanical Works,^ 5 vols.; Boydell's River Thames, 2 vols.; Hunter's Splendid- Edition of Lavater's Physiognomy, 5 vols.; Birch's Heads'; Grose's Antiquities, Large and Small Paper, 4to.; ' Swift's Works, 19 vols.; Hume ' and Smollett's History of England, 16 vols. ; Agricultural Survey, 26 vols.; Brookshaiv's. Pomona, 2 vols.; See. The Works of Pennant, StuKupeare, Hogarth, Campbell, Blair, Robertson, Stc. 320 Copper Plates, to Wilke's Moths and. ButterRies; a large quantity of Unframed" Prints,- Books of Prints, Driwing", Stc. ; ;; iso various Miscellaneous Effects. To be viewed on Tuesilay preceding and mornings of Sale, and Catalogues, bad at the Auction Mart; of Messrs Robinson and Hine, Solieitorr. Charter- hbose- square; of Mr. J. V/ illiams,. opposite the Auction Mart; and of Mr. MurrelljJjkiaacr street, Snow- hill. WHEREAS an Act of Parliament was passed .' i the 12th yeai- of- his prCsfut Majesty's reign,- inVitfeiw., " An Act for1 Lighting such pa'rt oF the Tov.' n of IsKngtcn as' lies in the Parish of St. Maryt Islington, in the County, of '. Mi^. dlesex, and :- for establishing a regular Nightly Watch*" th<- r « .- i : i " And . Whereas an Act of Par'. ifmeht was passed in the- 4Ctfi y- T- r of the reign of his pre'sent Majesty, intituled, " An- Act foe . i; . teriug and amending a; i Act passed in tbe 12th year of his pre'. sent Maicstv, intituled, ' An Act lor Lighting such f a n cf fa'eie Tow'o of Islington as lies. irt tbe Parish of St.- Mary, - Islirgtcfi., in the County of Mitldlcsex. and for establishing if regular Cv ghti -.- Watch therein, and for retpoving ahd preventing Nolsat- cc - a h i : Annoyances in the said Towu and Parish "— Notice ic hereby given," that an Application wiil. be made to Parliament in jte'nc'. t • Session, for leave to bring in a Uill- fbr exeroptiiig such jtarts of .'• thesaid Parish of St. Mary, hjingtoti, as are situate at > Ugi. ybury, and cofrimonly called or known by therfatnes o f HighcutV-: • terrace and Highbury- place; and the ibads, ways, paths. and places, adjoining or immediately - SQnncetftd therewith, Vvitliin theboundaries of the Property of John Bawes.- Esq. from the opc ration of the said Acts, and from cotitnty& ng towards apy Kites • or Assessinerlts to be made uiider. the autJ\ « rity of the same, ar. u for constituting such parts o f t h e sait| Patiish, as aforesaid, the'said roads, ways, paths, passages, and - pl iees, a separate fc . v. trict, for the purpose. pf paving, repairing cleapiing, . hjtti-. i- iff, '-. watching, watering, aiid improving> the satce, and pre-. entijtg-' nuisances and annoyances therein, atvd for Appointing Trustees;- - for the purposes last'aforesajd, and.' fdr authorisine ths tiiiih^'- and raising of'Rates withfn the said Dirtrftti for the above pur- 1 pojes, in exoneration of the said Pa-- isti A S ' I ' E D LA- a GradtuW of the University of T T Cambridge.' a C U R V C . V , wjfh a Title for Deacon's Orders. Address posuuaij, A . ' i t . Joniau3* Mu. al, St. James'sstreet, Piccadilly. -•. V., ___ T » E< M* VC. US W T I M ; F , R t'FE L A S T I ) A Y . — T vVO -£. 4/ M'^ Sjiitel fbreeper Cirtt. v^ mwK besides A1. t, the P RlZKfS » t i,< ywt. S! M> 1.- mot'. ike. i lie whole of which mint he Drawn o » F i l l I) A Y N E X T. T ' « mi Onlv D » V of D- Wiujt. V Th? P H S i ' is the L A S T f t i f * for the "... .''• • if ' K A i i . • • •" ' ' Ticket* n n i Shares, - warranted un. lr. vwu, are an s^ ie a t all the Luttjyv tVEres. K - - - J . !••'.'"• SEDITIOUS PLACARDS. HAS'ltOX- HOtM'B— BKFURR THB T , 0U ' MAYOBi - i n coisequdtiee " of the Seditious Placards which, for M > ie t u n e past. have been posted up b y some persons unknown, and b y ni vht, in and about London, W estminster, and the B o r o n r h of S u i t h w a r k , the Mansion- house pol i ce o j l i c c r s were ordered to be on the alart, to discover if possible the printers or other persons instrumental to the promulgation o f th > se iiittjmmatorv publications. A posti n g bill Was -< w rimr. id tv m i n t i n g Stuck tip on t h e walls of the M V l s i u n - h n ' i s e , which, in allusion to the recent occ u f r e n c e s at Manchester, palled on the people iu terms such as these : V T o AWvt! wul i- f j- n- c the murder of your fellow citizens, IwtVv- ri'i by tlii- M'lUryat M- mclnwter." A Uf JC l i P M d j i d c p'titing- bill was also placarded ill various p frts i> t* t h e toivi), aiinotiiiciiig th, e M e e t i n g proposed t o lie hell at KemiingtiSn Common, on M u H U . 1 T next, a d a v of t) i'c; w e d i 1 » ng chosen for. seditiVn and tumult by H u n t a t p i ' h i j ragged and dangerous crew of disciples, and memorable for the rebellious outrages of tho Spafields j W f c n f t m , - Hrieaiiso that is tlie c) ay usually devoted to idkiu- sss j i i i i ittftKiea'tiori, by the drunken, profligate, and dis,> r" dprti', amo'i r the labouring classes o f the metropolis mil} Jtr sybiuir-, when ihe preachers of sedition are sure to |") iid a'crowded auditory, ready to imbibe their political and . support their .. rebellious efforts, K ' importunity be aflbhled ( hem, by should a fa ly the lenity or poison, v o i r i i b l e ' ' S p ' , the Ijssiii/ de of those whose duty, and wc are happy to add, whose di- tcrmination it is to put down by vigour the darini spirit of sedition. The . NfiiCtSfe on Kenninj'ton- common, on M< inday, sra* alleged'to'be ' for the discussion of Religious and Political Freedom, Parliamentary1 Reform, & c. & c. The placard called upon all the Friends of Freedom - la, follow the example of their fellow- citizens at Manchester aud. other manufacturing districts in the North ; and as an, additional inducement, it announced that Hunt would take thi, chair. To this placard was annexed the name of Wilhatn Harris, sis printer; and this man Was found,. after minute inquiry; to lit-. a journeymiin printer, iju. the. employment of a master printer named Cunningham. Harris * » » ' taken into custody, and being brought up rcrtcrdav for eXitmiiiation, he unjlerijiyjt, a long interrogatory WKire the Lord Mayor, to w^ pyi lie answered with great apparent candor find lyiriiess.. Ai the statements which he nude < hr,<> w n, considerable light tipon the miserable situation in which the, pretended Committee of Two Hundred are, and shew what contemptible leaders the Radical Reformers act under, we shall be somewhat particular in detailing the questions mid answers in the course of this examination, | Harris first -- clivered in a copy of the bill, mid iii answer to the question by whom lie was eui|> lov. ed to print it, he said he was employed bv one Dennis Shaw, but tb^ t the i » ti| K'r w h not i> 1 Shaw s hatid- writiuy. The I. OKI) Mxron. What were you to be paul for p- rin'. iiij; Uie » e bill;?— Thirteen shi'liiljft a hundred. JIow* many have you printed ?—!-' ive hundred. He cmployfd y o u ; wljo paid vim ?— Mr Shaw, at. four different times, bv instalments ; he paid one ISJi. ( kl. first, about 16%. on Monday morning, aiida third sum afterwards,' and the balance on " Wcslnwlity ui^ bt. 0 j vou happen to kaiA » what Shaw i. f ? — H e is e'- hoeiutkir, « r . ' :• .' DoesheTieep a shop ?— Xo, Sir. I » he a housekeeper f — in. Francis- street, We- tininsterroad. No. i . • Do you understand whjt Committee he Is authorised to sign *' b « order o f — 1 d'J not. I t s v e you made any inquiry into that fact?— No, lyr, 1 have t n o w n hiin a very short time ; » friend rycominended hie to Air. giiaw last Wednanday w e e i ; I wc- tit to him to give a copy of tbe .. p, ooff. that i « all I had t o do with it ; receiving orders fur rar- Wtog proofs out, and rvci- iviiig the money, tllil is all I had to • o with it. You were recommended by a friend of yours?— Yes, Mr. Webb. What is he ?— A shoemaker, in Kent- street. Is vour press duly entered?— Vo, Sir, I hart not a prcvC 1 SKI a'journeyman printer out of employ, my master lent ma his j r » s , and it was set up wifb his type'; and he roqueted ins to put mv bwrr limine to it- Y o u pht jottr name by your master's request? whut is his nam* ? — C u i m t t ^ M k . . Where does jie live ?— Shoe- lane. Was he aware of your using his press ami fixing your name t h e r e t o V i r v f Cttuht'tfot fiave access to them without his leave. Was « ftjpRMOl » 4ftignM wKy yon were to put your name to it? Me only eiiid he rather 1 would put my iranie to it. Was " there " any reason assigned why?— Yes, Sir. the reason assigned to me was, that he jfi. id had some dealings with them ; they bad: i » « t paid him, an « l that lie did not wish it to be knovu that he had a » y thiug to do with them; he had done sonic bills for some of the Committee and had nut been paid, that wwPtkn principal reason he assigned. I suppose b e thought thev would in preference pay von a ia man?— Vw> Sir, I woq'ld not let theui hare the bills till the v paid a part. ; You received the Instalments for p r n u n g the bills?—\.* s, bir. I n facjvneittier the paper, the type, nor even the Ink'was your < rwv ?— NOj. Sir, when I received the order 1 had not one penny in ti e world, i beg leave to say, being out of work trnjl . having H wife and three chjfdren depending upon me for support- - [ l i t r e thjrTObcSeUow burst iutu a'tUod of tears. ] Y o u W e conducted yourself in a way worthy of yourself, and J am only sorry that yoyshould have been induced to lend your- EfIf to sucltthiiigs against your inclination, I shall certainly not. • take advantage of this Act' igainst such a man as you, nor lis , you with the penally of 20/. . tor not having your press entered, far you have acted both handsomely and honourably, and in a way which every mail should do who could^ rint such bills as these. J im much obliged to your. Lordship ; I have never been at that your address you liave given; me ?— That is where I live, So, and I shall be able to find you if I should want you again ? — YWohuo cwaans. yo6r last employer ?— Messrs. Langley and Belch, a great while." •- ( l ) o yoii k o i w whether the master- printers who will not or who do nyt th) » k proper to put their own names, are thev In the habit of collitij! on distressed workmen out of « mp( uy, ' to give Ibeiv ndf'. mn to - printed bills, when in paint of fact they have no printing or' even means to obtain printing ijik ? — I cannot m a n y tliiwt ujxjn . the subject, I was never employed iu any thing of the. kind. Your friSiuf selected you with a view U> get you a littlo employment?— H was an act of kindness on his part. I ani sure it was done with nil other view. 1 should not think he was aware of the toiisequence; 1 am sure I was not. I sin very glad o f i t ; but the lawknpws no distinction in such casesbetwein ignorance and bad intention. J will jntmr have any thing to ( lo with such things again. I have seen in the little tune I had any thing to do with theirt— I was Obliged to see, such a scene of shuffling, that I hardly know bow to express myself; and as soot! as 1 g o t my money, I told my fricaif V was obliged to him, | p) t t b f t was determined to have nothing more to do with it. i . ; ; • ; Have you attended any Meetings since you had no work?— Public Slueiiiigs, no other"; w hether they have had private Sleeting. i, I can't W > e S a t the tame pentam; bif ; he Me.- tinj*: wprT\ .- nmpasf l if , i; f ferent people. • What are the mines of some of them ?— Dr. Watson was one, fhistlcwood and Pre « ton were others. We is u shoemaker is tie not?— I have heard so. O f w h a t k i n d of persons were the Meetings composed, were tbe* respectable?:— Generally like my elf; p « ir men. were they men of education apparently ? — t h e y mighi. be if they were cultivated, bat they are as rude as the mountain* tiiejr Cbute off of, most of them are Irish. . Did you ever meet Mr. Hunt at any of the meetings?— Mo, Sir, I never saw him but twice, once at Smithlleld and once be- idits. When you were there, you saw so miichshutfl ng you o r t t wish to Ite employed by them again ? — I t put me to considesab e i icon-. veil. snce; 1 was looked upon with a degree of contempt try them, because 1 had not the money to put do vti. Who wrote this for you ( uu the back of the bill) " Shaw ? " — I wrote that myself. Dili you ever meet a man of the name o f Wcddcrbiim there; — llhe night 1 went to^ et my money, I saw a man of col mr; 1 do not know whether that is him or not. When you printed these bills, or when you received directions for the printing these^ bills, did you understand what " universal and civil liberty" meant ? — i did not; I understood there was to be a Meeting at Kehniiigtou, Hunt was to take the chair, and a remonstrance was to be proposed to the Prince Regent. Do you consider the Bill to have been prepared by Mr. Sliaw? — N< k By Whom ? — I rather think Dr. Watson. I have reason to believe, but I cannot say actually that it is a fact that the Address was printed by his direction ; it was only signed by Shaw. " b a t is the most you have received at a time ? — T h e most I received at a time w a s ' l i . 4s. How much altogether?— J I. 5s. Was that paid to voii by i person puttingdown the sum of Zl. 5s. at one time, or were you obliged to receive it hy instalments ?— Certainly 1 na's ; I w. is ob'liged to wait while the money was collected. Collected in the room, was i t ? — Y e s , I would not give the bills till the money was paid. When I came a collection was made. Perhaps they were a set of persons not tu be trusted with tnree pounds live ?— No, tliev were not. How many aifcre titcre* assembled at any one time?— I suppose itOO. Would you not trust all these persons?— No. At which place were the 2 x j ? — A t the George, East I l a r i - i o g - treet. Tlie Lord Mayor praised tlie manner in which Harris hud given his evidence, and told him he would be of all the use he could to him, and desired hiiu to be at the Mansion House to- njorrow ( Saturday) at eleven o'clock, ; ia he might have occasion for him. ROYAL TXCUnsTOW. VjRT ;. Mptmi, A u . l . 1J Contrary to the hopes and cxpeetatiiins of th> people'of this ruuty, the roy. il yacht; ' With the l'rince. JIejsnt. and suite on koatijl, attended' by tha rest of the squadron, has takjn its detv. trttir^ from' rflf the life of Wight. From thn cunrse thay were last serrf'steering, and the state of the wind, it it preiu ned they must have been oT Plymouth about inid. ight last night ( Wednesday.) . CovVKS, Auo, 19.— Arrived tlie Three Brothrx Sjiaul, from Lisbon; she passed the - royal yicht and squadron about one o'clock yesterday ( iff A& an-' s I lead, carrying a press of sul, iKjund to Tlymoirth. W E Y M O U T H , AUG. 1 9 — T h e Royal ireorge ya lit, with the standard at the mam, and the men of war, & c. are this morning come to an anchor in our bay. The happy tidings were announced at seven q'clock by a r ival salute from the town battery, vyliich was returned by '/ I guns from Portland Castle and the Admiralty cruiser Greyhound, Lieut. Nugent, R. N. Commander, having the town band of music on board, playing " God save the King," and " Rule Britannia," as she passed m: de- the stern of the vacnt. The Esplanade, Piers and L > okout, were iu a very' short time filled with lieaiitv and fashion, and spectators innumerable assembled to witness this gratifying sight, and all the cutters and pleasure boats are put in a state of requisition, every countenance beaming with smiles of loyalty and joy. Preparations are making at Radipole barracks, by Lieut.- Col. Ptllv, of tlw 16th Royal Lancers, to reccive his Royal Highness the Prinpe Regent with the most distinguished marks of military honour. Where were the Public Meetings held?— The first was at the Artichoke, Cut. over the water; the second at > l » Angfd, Upper G& undrStreet, the other side of Blal'lifriorsjbridge^. the tiurd. at the George, East llarding- street; in the city: ; aud the fourtfc was also there. Y a u have'alwajsinctthesaniepcribro, and the . same Mr. 5ha. y-, at the different places? Yes, he always act's as SccrcUVy. Tbe'sain? peraotis ( tailing themselves the Cununiltee i- erg'there'? Tltc following - article of intelligence is translated from the Lima Gazette of '/' Jd March :— " His Excellency the Viceroy of Peru havrecftiVcd from the General in Chief of the Royal Forces in Upper Peru, a letter, giving some interesting information of the state of attain at Huenos Ayres, " A R T U I A S has conquered hi several encounters the troops of Bueniw Ayres, and during the latter time has destroyed upwards of 6000 men ; so much so, that BBLlilt A NO has been compelled to send succours constantly to Cordova, where at one time only one or ' 2000 men remained. The laat troopstfro. il Tticuuian that were at Cordova amounted to about 600 men, commanded bv LA MA nun.), which are forced to remain there, the troops of A U T I G A S occupying the country, so that their Commu mention with Burnos Avres is entirely intercepted." EQUALITY !— and where is Equality to lie found ? — With the birds of the air? Ask the eagle and the heron; the game- cock and the bantam; the hawk and the sparrow— Amongst the fishes of the sea ? Witness the whale and the herring; the shark and the dolphin.-— Search the insect tribe. Will the queen and the working- bee, the spider and the fly, be admitted as instances of Equality ?— Or the beasts of the ' field? The lion and tlie kid; the greyh'otiud and the hare.— But if Equality is not to l « met with in the dispensation of Providence, will it be found amongst the votaries of Equality and Reform ? Attend a meeting of Reformers one takes the chair ;' ii dozen crowd the hustings; live nindrcd brawny fellows push the weak ones to a. dis tanoc: and this is their public••• specimen o. f Equality. — Removed from the.' piibii. c gaze, a./ a « ' tunning,/ cllow. 3 pocket tJtfe; C » » h(' 4rhu; lir ' thtgaaudf oftiteir& Uidcd followers arq silly enough to give them.— But where, then, is EqualityJe lie found ? Why, in the Constitution and the Lduii of Old England! Let a Peer . murder a peasant, and lie xeill be hanged for it; let a servant murder his master, and he must- share the same bite. If the first man in the land assault a beggar, he is liable to fine and imprisonment, the stubs as if the beggar hid assaulted him. The law are eiju. il to all, and security of property is afforded to all those who rise to affluence, ai thousands have done, froi the loom or the spindle, arc as secure in the possession of their property as the first Lord in the land ; and tlva pru dent weaver, who saved his ' earnings th good times to build him a cottage, is pi'otei ted in the. e>' ioymcilt of it by ottr equal Laws and our g'oiioUs Con ' it'. iou; nor need he fear the levelling threats of- the Reformers— Let every honest man who has been misled by the itinerant orators and their vile publications, retu. n t> his duty and his hjtne; and the w hole posse of Ueformers will be found as contemptible iii tiiijnhcM, as'tlK.- y are ihfaiiltnis in principle and iu conduct.—/. t;\ Tf>>*)/ Paper. The following is a cupv of an Address, which it was the intention of the Female Reformers of Manchester to have pn- seuted to Mr. Hunt, along with a new banner, ott Monday last:— ' TO H K N ' l t Y H U N T , ESQ., CKAlRMXSl Or Tlie atJKORM MKK71NG i. V MaJfCHCSTTlR. > " Slit— Permit the I'einale Reformers of Manchester, in presenting vou with this ^ Kgi to state, that they are actuated bv no motives of petty vanity. As wives, mothers, daughter, in their social, domestic, moral capacities, they ciinte forward in support- of the sacred cause of liberty— a cause in which their husbands, their fathers, and their sons, have embarked the last ho|> c of suffering liumanitv. Neither ashamed nor afraid of tlms aiding yoti in the glorious struggle for recovering your lost privilegesprivileges upon which so much of their own happiness depends-— they trust that this tribute to freedom will animate vou to a steadv perseverance in olitaining the ibject of our common solicitude— a Radical Reform in the Commons House of Parliament. In discharging what thev felt to, be an imperative duty, they hope that they have not ' overstepped the modesty of nature,' and they shall now retire to the bosoms of their families with the cheering and consolatory reflection, that v'oirr efforts arc on the eve of being crowned with complete success. " May our flag never bo ' unfurled but in the cause of pcace and reform, arjd then may a female's curse pursue the coward who deserts tlie st'. ndard."— An". 1( 5. 1819. Titers has been a great demand for harvest men throughout the week. On Ttiesdav, the price asked, anil in warninstances- given, for a day's labour, was 5s. and two quarts of ale ; it is now. about I5s. and one quart.— Chester Chrnn. About two o'clock on Saturday morning last, the old cotton mill of Messrs. SL.\ TKiis,' at Saiiilesbury, was discovered to be on fire ; it burnt with such fury, that before three o'clock', the w hole pudding, with its extents, was entirely consumed, The workmen had only left the mill at twelve o'clock ; the fire is supposed to hijve originated either from friction, or from the snuff of. a caudle, as it was first seen ill the middle spinning room, where the last li « ht was pill 6ut; it is most probable tile latter, owing . to its'nbt being entirely extinguished. The property was. insured to a considerable amount. — Eluckbum ? Iail. P R I N C E R E G E N T ' S B I R T B ' D A Y , N O R T H W I C H The Birth- day of his Royal Highneas the Prince Regent wai celebrated here on Thursday, when a numerous assemblage of respectable Gentlemen of Northwich, and it* neighbourhood, partook of an excellent din ner at the Angel Inn. The Chair was very ably filled bv Henry Calveley Cotton, Esq. who was well supjKirted by John Marshall, Esq. as \' ice- President. After dinner, the following toasts were drunk with great enthusiasm these were respectively succeeded by appropriate songs and glees, by four excellent singers engaged for the purpose, and in the course of the evening, addresses, filled with sentiments of the purest patriotism, were made, which were hailed with the most cordial and unanimous applause. The King, in silence; his lloval Highness the Prince Regent, Earl of Chester; this toast was introduced by the Chairman intimating, that the present occasion had been embraced more strongly to manifest the principles of the town and neighbourhood, as declared ou a recent occasion, by tlifc patriotic resolutions and address, cxpres sive oftheir fixed determination to give every support and assistance in their power to the Executive Government, ( at the present crisis), and to render by their individual as well ascullectivc exertions, that active assistance to the authority of the lawful Magistrates, which they feel to be incumbent upon them, and of affording every means that their respective situations would admit to counteract the numerous efforts of the seditious, whose avowed objects could be no longer doubted. Tho Duke of York and the Army; the Duke of Cla rence and the Navv ; the House of Brunswick, and may they never forget the principles that seated them on the ' Ihrotie of Great Britain- our Glorious Constitution in Church and State, and mav it remain unimpaired and unaltered to the last ages of the world; his Majesty's Ministers"; the Duke of Wellington ; Lord Comber mere the Cheshire Hero ; the Lord Lieutenant of the County ; the High Sheriff; the Members of the County THE M A G I S T R A T E S OF T U B C o ' e s m A N D T H A N KS TO T H E M KUR THTSIR PROMPT A N D F I R M CONDUCT AT T I 1 S I. A T E « U A R T I 5 R S E S S I O N S ; Sir John Bvog, the General of the district; the Earl of Chester's Yeomanry Cavalry ; the Staple commodities of tlte Couuty, Salt and Cheese ; the Protestant Ascendancy; the Cheshire Church and King Club ; the Immortal Memory of Mr. Pitt; the Friends of Rational Lilierty, and may they ever withstand the doctrines of chimerical Reformers; British Valour and British Bcautv; Colonel Parker aud the Cheshire Militia ; I/ ord Hill ; Sir H. Mainwaritig, and the Cheshire Fox Hounds'; T. Chobnondelev, Esq. I lic. se were succeeded ' bv other toasts and songs, teudif tKMsible, still more to perfect that tmisov of good . u l . i # V t h s n tho hotel windows, and those o f i n a f f v o t h e " ipecfcible i i i h a b i t a n t s ; and every lamp in ( lis to. vu ; i t* indo'ws Were s. itashed in all d i r e c t i o n s — n o b , > i y oppoied. i h c tn till all the damage was doii. r; last . n i g h t m * m they iud sworn in Special Coii, Uk! 4ej, thev sccureJ about i i j ot theo Fenders— andiliii uwrniur the nnlitsry arrivec!, Wid are now in t h e a c t ' o f s s a r c h i n ^ tite- a i e - t i o u s e s i s q town ; I saw thdirf about half an hour agu- take up fiye ineu, atid pnt them in gaol; they stoj, it every au » p< ciott « - i [> erson, atid made them give an account of them- . a selyos, and where thev were goiujj. Every thirty is quiet tliis morning ay to riot." • The Market ( dace was the principle scene of action. The windows of Mr. WilsoriVshop were completely demolis'ted, and much mischief' would have arisen had it not been for the prr/ npt interference of the Police and Special Constables. Mr. David Browne, a most respectable Solicitor, is severely hurt. About sixty of the rioters wene taken into custody, and lodged in tlie House of Correction and Town Hall; where they will undergo examination. It appears the ringlc. tlers of the inob summoned their forces immediately on tbe military lieing sent off to Stockport— aqd commenced their work of destruction." An exiress, however, was sent for their return, and at preaent the town is peaceallc. The following is a list of the liousee deMroyed or jured by the ptace^ kU Reformers at Macdesfkld, " where there happened to be no Military. " ; '" Mr: Wilson's House and Office ( Printer) E n t i t y < t « , troyed. Mr. Gnmsdi'. cR's ( Attorney) . . Ditto. Hotel - ^ > - "> „ . . Nearly » o. Mr. Swsniiick » ' . Ditto. Dr. Davles's ( the great Grammar School of that town), and tbe Doctor much hurt. Cooper'* House, Windows, indeed tha wbole froOt, ahnoet d « - stroved. > • 1 John Jones' s ( J'ovt- Master), Ditto. ' ' ' "* ' " atsraiji. imw. Ibtto. JMt » - Pitto. IHlta. " WHo. biigbrty. principle which led to this assemblage of the loyal and we'l a filet d. ' THE MANCHESTER REFORMERS. M A N C H E S T E R , A U G U S T 1 9, Wc lave no fresh outrages committed in Manchester, though it cannot be said that the disaffected districts of the town are yet returned within the pale of'the laws. It is unsafe almost at any time of the day, to pass through the neighbourhood of the New- cross, il'Die Special Constables caniiot safely act without the assistance of the military, and they also meet with itijiiUs, tis will appear from the following caution, which it has liecn necessary to iispe, in cousequt- ucc of stones being throwit. at theui from the windows and roofs of the houses. Inquests have been held to- day, upon the three persons whose lives were lost on Monday ; the vcrdict. i in all the three cases were Accidental Death ; the evidence only embraced a detail of the proiSeeiUtigs of that day, which have liecn - already commiiuicatcd. ,~ nt„-- v .., .', ... - to'asuoioa » . " PUBl^ C C^ UT'ON- " To Prevent as much as Possi'yltjpny. l - ' ^ T A t R E S U L T S, under the present Circumstances, the S O R O U G H R E E V E . tijld C O N S T A B E E S of MAN. CHr. STt* feel it their Duty to issue the following Friendly C A U T I O N :— When S T O K E S are thrown frpni a C R O W D ( a Practice, by which the l . i v i s of the I'jJAcif OrricuRs and Mii. lr. inv, on Duty, are continually endangered).' the Persons Offending must be immediatcly. SELZED, and givi- n up, by those about them, or such as did not Actually Throw a S T O N E may suffer from the Firing of the Military. v " I S ' t h e Event o f S T O S ' E S being thrown, the Persons concerned, Who are flying from the Pursuit of the CIVIL or MILITARY AtJTiionrriKs, should tie refused Admittance into Houses or Cellars, which may otherwise be Fired into. •• T H E O C C U P I E R S of H O U S E S , from the Wismiws or Rotors of which, Strmrs are Throwni must consider themselves R E S P O N S I B L E for all the Consequences, •' * » *• I T is Earnestly Requested, that lMn( vitiuAi, s will A V O I D C O L L E C T I N G I S G R O U P S or P A R T I E S in the S T R E E T S . " " Chester, Thursday Aug. 19. " The following letter from a Gentleman in Macclesfield to u friend in . this,.. city » was received about noon today : ' Mttcdisfit'M, -. fug. \ B, kpast 11, a. m: ' . Yeatefday evening abotxf 8 o'clock, p. m. some boys and iRCti began to break Mr. Wilson, the stalwugr's sljop Joseph Rttwboihain's ( Silk Throwster) Henry Critchley '•> i - . » Thomas Critchley - - _ S. Stone ( » Very ri » p « - uibl » Attwrnov) ' N. Higginbolhain f. vU| t » t » rg .' . , S. Pearson ( Silk ' fWowster) . J. C l u l o * ( Town Clerk) - - . l> dwland Gould - . _ The Mavor - . . . . S. Wood ( CottoH Manufarttn- er) & c. Sr. Together with all the I/ mijA. Chester, Thirnbtj IU> em* j, 6 o'Clock. W « have tli « following fioui the Guard of tbe Manchester Mail, just arri , ed - The Town was tolerably quiet at one to'clock to- dar . no furl hac mischief to that time had been done. Of course efficient means will now be resorted to, to Bupprees thes.: outrageous. This day precept* were issned for putting in force the W A T C I A N D W A R D A C T in t h e P U B S T B V R V D t n s i o s of the Hundred of Maccleaficld, as well in in tbe StockjioitTJivision of the same Hundrfxl. T h e I U O T A C T W A S K E A D T J I B E * S E V S K A L T I M F » in Manchester on Monday, and once immediately preceding tlie charge of Cavalry. When the scaffolding beffm to totter, owing- to the tremendous pressure against it, Hunt roared out lustily, and his heroic foudjutcr Ji> Hpson, threw his arms round Nadin's neck, and begged w? st fervently for his protection. Nun: of the Wale " Hefono crs attempted to give the least relief to the Lady- Radicals wlKn the stage fbll, On Tuesday, a large partv of tli? Jlefortoefs, a great numlier of them AHMED WITH PIKES, marched down Ancoat- street to New Cro « . A division of tbe 81st infantry was in the neighbourhood, and stopped tin. progress of the misguided men, But thev wort bitterly tauuted by the " harmless" multitude, and stonoa were tlirown at them: the military at last fired amongst them, when, mclancholy to relate, ( our informant states), FOUR. MEN were KILLED on tie sjiot, and E t G HT WOTJNDED I The. uiob then dispersed in even- direction. The Knutsford and Stockport Troops of the Cheshire Yeomanry were chiefly employed - in Monday, ami tins humanity a ml forbearance v: h > ch th cy manifested, are tpokra ( f i n very high terms. Few of the molt wereinjured by then, and tlie flat sides only of their swords were used. Hunt has been examined twice; his final examination will takn place to- morrow ( Friday), at the New BaiW Court Room, when it ii expected he wj| t bu committed to Lancaster Castle O N A C H A R G E W H I C H W I L L N » T A U - M 1 T O P B A I L . The Clteshire Cavalry rettrrncd home on Wedncjdav night. The Macclesfield troop was sent for express tu that town from Manchester, on Tuesday night. Some absurd. rumours are it) circulation, as to tlie MA- 2istrates' proceedings on M- mday last; there is no doubt, however, but that their, conduct was [> erfectly corrcct, and the directions they gave sanctioned by law. The public will soon be satisfied on this head. B A G G U L K Y , D. KL'. MMO. VD, and J O H N ' . S T O . V These sufleftrs have since their confinement in our CnstJe, frequently given vent to their spleen through the medium of a vile publication called the Manchester Observer— ani it several meetings which have taken place in the neighbourhood of Manchester, letters from them have been read, in which the same revolutionary principles, which tbey avowed and exulted in at their trial, were again promulgate! and encouraged—, on paper. Every friend, however, to the Government and the Constitution, will rejoice to hear, that at last a stop has lieen put to this plan of disseminating sedition: the Magistrates have ordered, that no letters are to pass from, or be received by them, till thev have i ndergonc the scrutiny of the waiting Magistrates, which, of course, if improper, will be suppressed. This will no doubt be considered as great oppression and cruelty by the Reformers ; but the Suppo t e a of a right feeling, and of public tranquillity, will s. ee in this regulation uuthing more than a pro| er attention to tl e welfare of tile country, and the Ixst interests of the Patriois themselves—- Chester,. Chronicle. Amongst the improvements introduced in the " Reform" System of Educatiop, at Stockport, is the inculcation of the belief in the minds of the' pupils, th. t— " the Bible i? a farrago of absurdities, arnJ that it ought1 to be burnt!"— Parson Harrison and Co. illustrate, tins pious principle admirably— Cheifer Paper. CHESTER DECLARATION.— Almost every village and town in this populous coilntv, have " entered into Resolutions declaratory of the dCtWiiiiiicitidii of the inhabitants to so# p" rtRt-- Htc •' OmHtifffiiiTjsf ' and ' Cos vnrt| TioN of the- Cfn'ifrtrv^ tltlll Veti Chester,' hitherto foremos: in ( i. x- ' priWJbtf* Sf liiV'kKv, remains silent 1— We ljope wo shall nofliftve 6>"' repeat this ungracious remark ; and that a Ptfltei'e' MEETING Vtf'f ® ' toval'Citfzens will I* Immediately lulled, to evilicg ' dicfr'" l> vntioTisM and DEVOTION, at the present momentous cripis—-- It is by oppos. ing loyalty and respectability to treason and. disconteut, that we shall be best ab1^ to thwart the designs of revolutionary incendiaries. " . We have heard that a pension of TOO'; per annum is to be granted to Birch during his IWeV'imif' iKlftk, d& ftfi tikes place now— which is not expeeted^- itlm revei^ ioh df it is to be given to Viis wife. A handsome sulweriptron- is commenced- for him in Stockport, which is expected in a tew days to amount to 200/. Twelve or fourteen persons, implicated in tlie Riot at iMaCclcslield, are expected to be received io our County Gaol this evening, or to- niOrrow. •— Ckestfr Paper. THEATRE ltOYA" I.. IIA YM ARRET. Tbi& Evening, A CURE FOR T! IK- ttE* R'C*€ atJfcv After which, anew Interlude, called LADIES AT HOME. To conclude with TH E A G R E E A li L K S11RTR IS'E. On Mopday. The Africans, with •;•'>? MAILS Arrived'— 1 Dublin, 1 France. P R I C E OF S T O C K S T H I S 1) A Y . A T - O i NK Sank Stock India Stock per Ct. Red. 7£ JiV 3 | ir Ct. Cons. 71 • r. J per Cent. 81 4 per Cents. 9I# ikj India Bond's 10' IS pin. Ex. Bills '( 2dJ"' 2pui par Long Ann. t9j Omnium pm H per. CTG,. J05 h « < • V) AOF'C( FTI& for Ae.' 7' l'^ J'l",^ ,. .. , . , .. .. I . • JM 7' KtMW 1. " v ' ' • "• —' ,1 i' tt- v " The following is an accurate list of the parsons com mitted, dischargfd, aud remanded in consequence of the riots :— ',•;•• J i GoMMiTrED—\ Vni. Billing?, Thps. Ashtou, T£ os. ^\> rthing: ton, Moses O'Hara, iaiiies Makiu, Thoipi* Ileitis, Jonathan.! Smith, Ffettty Clarke, John Fielding. \ V m. - Vasou, J a) pj| s , Ifin& K^ H1 Jotin'- Ditvii's-, . faces' Green,; \ Vm, , Fine,, t/. eofjjt; Whittle, Arthur O'- Xeil, J arm-:, Higgins', Thus. llauerot't. Tlius. " JNKdicu!,. . U « ie « Taylor, Jolin Seftdib'iThonias Wprslgy.'- w- eorge, ' ,' VshClMtl, 4M& » ... " V .•; » ' • | l) iscH.\ » atai— John Tyas, MarV ' VfiifSfiWrlh,'. V'errip's, • Will. 4y « $< i.' tl>, John Hiiidley; J6hnTSmiJr, M n CraMree, John, llnshuo, Tims. D. iwsoh, Win. Rimsl& W^ mmiii. s'' Bariis,' Geor^ 1M1," ^ far^ jt Oartrwy.- ThoS. ' StaiKlrifig? I& ffitfSiMle;' Thomas" Shyj- o;. k, f VVip. Middlatgii, rThiuhMtf fifirRtrt. iig,' Avfft? ' iianipson, ,' i'iiy!)> as< \ Vaiu-, James Leei- ft," ' Tmflhia- ' Itioinas* Joseph Cjatf,; David Chator, Jaines Wiltilidi'soWi; Jas. Thiimpjioh, Daniel Richardson, John.. Wilkinson,. CoMVIIuS " Sljiiw and Daniel Shaw. ; - . * r.".>' « ;) « iiw REMANDED.— Henry Hunt, Jos., Johnson, dtobt,; Tortes, Georg, 7 .. Swift, John Sacker . Saxtou, Robt. Wild, Thos. Taylor, Sarah HiirgreavCs, Eliz. Gaunt, Val. Faulkener, Jiis. Jolm'so'Sf. wh>, lidlton, Thus. Keougli, Jus. Moorhouse, Jno. Knight, lsiiac Murray, Abraham Whittaker, Thou.- Johnson, John Wildf. Jb'. ni Uiisivorthj Ann Coates, James Lary, John Edwards, Jos; Her* . shaw, . las. Swindler, John BHj, Win, Harnes, John Mills, Isaac Ilowe, Thos. HaHmark, Win. Chantler,. Sam. Stocks' « !)>, J-' efSt. Bal'loW, Thos. Fidlin, and Robt. Scott. - ; j i ' " It tqipears that great parties, fe>' e assembled at . Mid-, dietori, Royfon, and all the adjacent pattSfCOoimittiiig the lAost outrageous depredations on every well- dressed individual that passes them.' A person who came from Mid-' dleton this moPrii'iig were at least three thousand assembled there, "^^ por'tion of the Cheshire Cavalry have been settt. to disperse'them. " The industry; that is Used in cireirl iting incendiary placards and pamphlet!!! ill' this part-' of' the eoimtry'is really". ast| ut at least M. KG HESTER- PROV \ G ... TtVO G i: t.( KK", - i' '' ifti the CI- OWH and-.- Anchor, - tcn'vei| ea jnf: ;: hoose nf'-. v have witiiejsed so much rancour, s e i i m am and downright Billingsgate, ( for that is the o. jly term that can appropriately charajLeme one or two of these eifiisions), as'have difcen poured upon us vyitliin these few days, by tliose who I -. lie- piirpbse of taking into consideration what they yl wfU liaye it that they alone should be- atteuded to. 1s[ a, y., i to eafl t f e ' A i i i f , a t l d ; M q m c r r i at M.- inehcsfer, i. f ' one jdurii'a,!. has, thought, it poi: il( l-' not better fill its coluffins, 1 pfoceeding. , sIHid large room was filled by one oVio- k, than by n printing gjl, these.- Snorv attacks, and. we. hOpe'. | when loud cries of Chair, chair! eqmmeiu- td. - Apacty; its readers were as. myeh edified by the perusal of theui as I then . entttreii the niom imiidst tremendotis h. n/. zas.;, ; ind we Ourseh'fcs y.- ere. It i, « ay,. be considered as very abomin- amnr( g#* t4ie - individuals were ( ia! e Jones, Dr. Watson, able on our parts, bftt really WeT'e. ceiye all, these vltupera- MajaifcCamM- tght, Mr.. Waddington, ALV > ,: ,.-; tions, as so many demonstrated'proofs thdt -. i> c-: eh'miftt hi} I VVoq'LiMt. jisceiWCiPtiie.. table; and stated that the, imliim, even to th'eiast n^ ciifioiu- d placid enjoyment. If otir.' HJiit bi/ nge was . siu- h as- to render liim, unable, to fulfil I-.. •.. tk^ i „ .. l^ tlU. opponents knew ho. v entirely we despise t. th. e.. i! r- - custoniarv, r' tJiu.. t." i esJ o.. f L ' Ch; * T .1 P .. 1 .1 epithets,''''^ applied to us, " of " venal scribblers,'' " took ' *' the ' ., SATURDAY EVENING, A U G U S T r The hews brought bv every day's post from M/ m'ehcster aud its* neighbourhood, tends to confirm,- more and taore, the- acenracy of our first accounts, and the soundness of tlie opinions we have expressed. Tranquillity still prtvails there ; not, indeed, such tranquillity i. s would justii'r the remission of vigilance and caution, but that kind of ranqijilljty which makes vigilance alone necessary, and wheh, every day it continues, is more likely to terminate in pciect repose. By overawing tlie active proceedings of til: disaffected, aud by interposing an effectual cheek to their cortinued tumultuous meetings, the elements of sedition are dispersed, and will finally, we trust, evaporate. This, we beg leare to repeat, is one of the beneficial consequences' bf ftfc vi^ rous Measures adopted on Monday last. The Mrirfttig ( fhronicie, indeed, seems absolutely afraid lest peji'ee ant gooil order should bo establishedv. Td i snjqios'e pafhfMM JlfjlMs part of ihe country'. is really" astonishing. As tVt- Oi'rcftonitiiig proof of this circnm'' taiic. e, at least ;'')( X) copies of the aeeoiupauying AtlJren were syiied aiiyj. i'oiind In the coach that conveyed IlvST , nnd his the Meeting on Monday— they wfcre eiivelopf^ iJiV ai& heer>! i » f< brbwii paper, bearing the fdliowipg direction Carlisle, for Mr. Hunt: " ,; j ^ . [ TT Re A< tdrcq here referred to is that which - Was i| rectl to at, Suiithfield, itnder the title of an Address of the People of Great Britain to the People of Ireland , W7e under^ taoS tliaf a Dcputntion, from the Civil and ' Klilitaiy .^ u( liQHties of Maneliester, consisting of, two of corruption," & c._& e., we . tliink they would open their dictionaries, and collect a fresh assortment', for as we suppose - tl'iey wisfiTS wbtriicl, they should contrive to find the • means. We only' feel a sincere regrt; t when we see that part of the periodical press w hich should bo is place itself, voluntarily, upon a level with those whose coarse and vulgar licentiousness makes them at, once harmess and contemptible. We rqjpiqe injieing abje to stftttn- from good nuthority, that a, material and . flattering re- acfiou has Occurrcil iu out coBimfcreial systein— and partibnlaiitiiill Hie great port I- iverpdAl. C'oltOn Wool has riseiji 2d. per lb.. and is in, demand ; Sugars are much higher, and Coffees and almost all other pilouial produce, are considerably advancing. Combining this intelligence, with theprosjiect of a most favourable . sodjabuudnnt Harvest, we may hope, ' that the . prestnti tehipOF » r\ J « ( listreSS;- will s'petklilv give way" to the • gertial'ftitet^ e?-' 6f Vi^ ived" trade aiid uational prosperity. T h e J V i s Joti. nak, of Wednesday last, have arrived He: therefore, proposed that Mr. Wjaddiugtoi) should be calledtb the Chair.,. ,. , . ; . GALE, JOJSM, seconded the motion,, when it R.' fl. S agreed to, but not without, nnniixtxl approbation.,:,.,; . Mr. instantly, appeared, on. the fable, and exprt\ ssed th!(^ hopc'. tlifit it would not ha deemed imwe see that I prudeut'uud prBstinjpttious in him to. take the Chair, when respectable, 1 so. able an individual ' as •' Major Cartwright. was present have had tlndiciiees, at which Lords SiDMOU. mt, Ll viUt'-' POOL, CASTI; EHKAOH, and most of the ' iothtr Cabinet; Ministers. wpre jiresent. This proceeding has been adopted in'consequence of the anxiety of Minsters to obtain coirfetinformation, and of the Magistrates nf Alanijhes- ' ter, as We understand, to explain and contradict much that ' Iras ( appeared 111 the public newspapers, oin tfoe stibjecf oF • m llaatt e tumultuous proceedings. i « duo » liia thev will be establisfied, it says,.-' Hietravs a rca1 « W+* j;<" i| ie. Attorney and Solicitdr- 0^ eAf, Were-' cafi « f m' to pitendcd ignorance of the nature of man ;" and a gentle* 1FTi NSSIST . IF T, H E ( IF NNI; IN N• T IIMII wU, ,. * hlu is then thrown put, that " man must cease th haVe tile feelings^ whic^ i luve been implanted. in him- by his C'rotor"' if those .. beneficial consequt'iices really follow," wlith we have anticipated. Now, one of the-." feelings" imphnted in us bj/ put Creator," is a- qiik- kperoeplioivof danger; aad - we trast to the operation of tjf. it feeling for pWectiou ugaiii « t future meetings of the disaffected. The Chtmick, in order to counteract any tendency to quiat, calls upoiall the Grand Juries of thedifforent Counties toraect, and" eatress their disafTprobatioii of the Manchester proceedings." What nonsense! We wish we could Sav no uore ' 3their deaths in the course of the lamentable riot of MjOjijljiy last., " After a f> ill, aiul satisfactory investigation, it appeared that the deaths < af these individuals were produced by the eonfus'mn, wliiq| i took pkiqe on that unfortunate- oc anj. tlie Ju|' ys without hesitation, found in each i-. se a verditjt. . of'— j, Accidental Death I will ,1^. seen by this verdict, t'uat no blame whatsoever is attached to the Yeomanry Cavalry for the share which it was their painful duty to take in the proceedings of the day, - ° At the moment that I am writing, it liurrierotts Meeting of the Inhabitants of' Maivehester'is assembled at the Star Inn, to retprn Thanks to the Magistrafes/ B,-,- roughreeves, S; c. for the judicious meiisUres'wh'ich thev adopted, and by which the Town was probably " p. 3esertc- d Irani die most Caul . violences from a riotous a'sseiYibl.- ige' of JO, 000 infuriated pirsor. s, almost all o M e m strungers to' this place. • . , f » til _ : ! w u b 3 • " He trusted that the lafi wtir'hy of the spread .0: ; e tlicy would use would bo rature , jutd the progrrss of public Opinion ; and that they . would be firm in , tlic i. pressioh of their opinions regarding the . awful proceed? injjs irt Manchester. He' jinel witnessed piany . terrible scenes ; he hud beheld the severities, committed in America, but never had lie read so, terrible a page as, t W presented by the details of'the atrocities at Manchester.—. (, Laitd cries of traro ! J— He had been also in France, jn Spain, antHh Belgium''; he had . witnessed four Rtyplutiotis— ( Cries of "' and you shall see a^ jlfth .'")— but never . had he beheld anv thing so horrible vas £| it> gofe duct at MIIM hesu i, the attacks upon defenceless men, harmless women, - aiid suckling children." j f Immense applause). lie conjiirerf tKem to do their diity ; to lie: firm ; and tS slfrfw'^ hemselves worthy of Hampdeii and Sydue'y '—( BHhd,' MVtiV/ Mr. W'odtfeR rose-— He said, bad as was the system, e lier t. e- uti. 11 f. 3' Oc. I * * » I avtt t l ... assy, ™ ™ - .<•..,- ing lioWfhey. 1' 6hJd let loose murder; and 4C, STI'uetion with 10 Duke of GLO- UCESTKR arrived in town at a late most dflect. ( CTMa'tfuiizuirif}'.' Aifter denouncing the two hour on Wednesday night from Cheltenham. Yesterday parties, and eillogisitfg' ihe third party of the people, Be liil Royal. Highness left Gloueester- liOUsedbr Bagshot for was proce'edMg - to'ltAte that tlie paid . authorities oppo? c( f thg season. | all Reform, and that the^ people must act for themselves.' It is. rumoured that the ofiBce of Comptroller of the- A man" wfi » Wo( ra?' the door of the Crown and An- .^ iistoms throughout the kingdom is about'to. ba % 1mlis'hed, chor Tavern, with a placard on a board , notifying the L- , . _ . — L- X. « •!> • ilia-—.: i. u-.- t* .( ra.,% 1 Lfli, . j ^ n ' ' in, was carried off to [[ The meeting was proceeding when our papet went to hear and assist at the examination j^ tljj^ YfP ^ gersons to whom we have referred. The particulars of what passed during these interviews, ltavevnot • trawspifeil; but we are given to uilderstaiid among .' Other things', that the hietiibii's of this deputation deny the assertion that the m'ditqiy ffijd qliar^ cd; the mob, ortha^ tji? s. wqrds of. Cavalrydiiiployed hi taking the leaders had wounded mom thaii" one or two. They also insist that HUNT had ft'bt been cut in the- hand; and that the assistance of ( he Soldiers was not required, mUll- the constables had found it utterly impossible to make their way to the hustings, for the purpose of afrestuig HUNT and hi3 associates. are iq& rtMjf that the-! Magisttote to' whom we alfudq, wlit- W-' Genrfeman -' WitTl'- h^ ri' th ftis deputation, insult : t! iatj, the ' Riot A'St was re';^' H^ he manner required by law, and that neither the Civil nor Military Authorities attempted to take any steps to disperse the assemblage until ofie hbtjjE,, afterwards. The reading of the Riot Act was fleeted . in, several most eonspictious situations. the present occupants to have their salaries for life. The following paragraph fofms part of a Manchester jetteV, ajldtessed to tlie Editor of a llristol' Paper :- P^ of,— rrr, who Is here reporting for th6 Courier, was press]], felleij by n brick- fiat; lie is severely cut; r surgeon has . It appears we were right in stating, that the persons who called Mefetiug iipoti Kenningtdh Cotiinibn for Monday next, had determined to postpone it. We now learn, however, from ' the following printed placard, thpt it has only betm transferred from the former place to Smithfield, and' die" dily ' has only been chanoed fi- om Monday to Wednesday;' " I'NIVR. ITSAT.; 1 « T I R„ A N D RELIGIOUS BlBDKTY. " A P U B L I C M j p i l j ^ N g « f tbe British Metropolis, in behalf of the People ^> f the whole Empire, will be held in SM1TII'FIELU.: dn ' t ' i f f l S E S D A Y , August 25, at Four o'clock in the Af « el- n( W< try-'" " r> t •'- The Surrey Qomwittcfehavej at this awful and momentous Crisis; determined to defer their Meeting at Kenuington- i mon, to a future day, aud dressed him, who. seemed to have the cool feelings o f his profession, for he facetiously said,- when I, Sskeil what he thought, " 0 » he'll live to/— again." We can only Say that no individual employed by us received any injury 011 Monday. The London liberals are quite agreed the only violent, licipMis, blood- thirsty - characters from whom we have any thing really,, to fear are the Magistrates of the land, and thosd rqsp^ efable and independent, Gentlemen, who volunteer their services as Yeomanry or otherwise to protect , thji; ipubhc psace. It is clear, say they all, tiiat- no iiarm wJjjjtever. can be appreliended from a meotilig of oO^ OOO R, adical,) Refi) riiiers ; because all the world knows that they are. i fjgrplqBs," " peaceable," " unoffending" Citizens ( and whp() ijcr. thcy meet at Manchester or Liverpool, in Spafiidils, , ar : aj, Smitbfield, no tumult whatsoever is to" be apprehended, diple'ss it be excited by a Lord Mayor, of two Justices , of I't » ac'e at the least. Our Readers, we are sure, will be glad to find that thoso disgusting .- miisaoces t\\ eseditious placards sre likely to be suppi't^ sed by tfie.- aetfve and judicious measures of the police both, in J^ ndon,, Westminster,. and Surrey. If . the Reformers possessed iufluence, credit, or means of any sort to carrv their projects, into edict they would be formidajile indeed ; but in' our Police- Report will be found a very amusing and not tminstruefcive account of COURIER OFFICE, Half- past Four oCtock; BLANDEORO has been remanded, after a long examination. A poniard, which was found upon his, person, was produced before the LORO MATOR. FIE stated as the reason for his carrying it, that he obtainedit of a man in Old- street, for his oV'ii defence. The Meeting at the Crown and Anchor Tavern broke tip at Fdhr o'Clock.— One of the Resolutions proposed was, that, in future the pcbple should attend Public Meetings ARMED! It was afterwards withdrawn, indeed, but merely as a. matter of prudence, arid GALE JONES recommended, that tlioilgb withdrawn, the principle should not be relinquished. NA VAL INTELLIGENCE! DEAL, AUG. 20— Wind N . E . — C ^ m ' e down from the River and sailed, the Nile, Freefnan, for St. Dpm& j g o ; Arethusa, HaleJ^' for Jamaica;. Vittoria, Bi%, for Malaga ; and the Dash, for Newfoundland. FALMOUTH, AUG. 18 WIND E.— Arrived the F„ 3- vinia, Hazel, from Palermo ; and Success, Hicks, from Loiidon. ' PLYMOUTH, AUG. 19.— Arri- ed the Margaret, Wi'dthe iiiiserable wretches who take upon thoftssclves to act gbose, from Prince Edward's Island; and Pomona, Coafje* • as Committee for. Middlesex, Surrey, asid; indeed for the from London. Sailed the Curtis, Nichols, ftt^ Prmce Edwhole' IJqited Kingdom. We refer to the- examination ' ••< « •*>'• » wf HARRIS the journeyman printer, who underwent an examination, iu consequence of haying printed some seditious hand- bills. He was employed by a set « f persons who called themselves the Committee, but of whom the only distinguished members were— PRESTON, a Cobbler, lately , tried for High Treason. DENNIS SHAW, another Cobbler- W i i i : ; i i t r i t s , a Mulatto. IVuurmiN.- iitely tried for High Treason. THISTT Kjsoooi, ditto, comjoin the People . of Middlesex in an . AjipeaFtif'the Prince RCger. t, to come forward to the People to stay the hand of merciless and bloodthirsty villains, and save the country from Massacre and Murder H! " ' England expects, every map to do his duty.' " Sir C. W O L S K L E Y invited to t| ie . Chair,. Mean, D. Wren, J. DetfU^/ DE • > r* i-. n • j" mum* ' " Committee for Middlesex— J. Williamson, T. WhatinanT I. - Potter, J. Hill, W. Half, S. V. Tmtinan, J. Harritbn, C.' ilanks, S. WaddingtOn, W. Chapman, R. Warrv, C. Pliillipps, J Hart net. ... .,•; " ED. J. BLA> y>, EOR'B,' Secretary.*' 41 Samuel Waddir. gton, Printer, 18, Adam and Five- court, Oxford- street." BI. A NUKORD, the Secretary, has been apprehended, and is to undergo an examination before the LORD MATOR this morning. If it takes place in any time which will permit us to give an account pf. j|, or,. of the result, we shall certainly do so. " Unwelcome truths are, pcrK'ajfe'^ tli^ jno^.^ jM^ tafaf things whi'cji paft lit presented fo those wbo- cpnsidei'diem as sueh, while the person who administers them is siw'i fo' bu soundly fated^. - Th^ is just onrpreflicament. Having successfully, : ej; pasod tlie. inischievous'pfcrvefsiohs of tl- e' mtvUk, OUJ rcivm- il has been a « oj> ioiis bespattering i. hard^- ords. We. have had some exjiericnce of politica' warfare, and kri. ov.- something of tlic asperities' of' p. rty ft elingj,; , but w « do not reeiember^ Oajwv occasion, ward's Island. WHITBY, AU « . 19,— Arrived off this port; ' tbe- sVa/ liant. Agar, from, Greenland, with four fish, sixty tofirf. - • LiVEKPooty AUG. 19— Arrived the Solen, Hojgson, from Jamaica ; sailed the 26th June, with the Competitor, for London,! and parted company on ISth ult. ~ in lat. ' 31. long. 7 7 . ; on 16th inst. off Holyhead, spoke the Eleanor,' for Lancaster, and Richard, for Glasgow, -- [ both from Jamaica. The Cornet, Bellamy, was cop'- - H R H B i R P I P i l V P H M V i R ^ p B i P l J C ^ I denihed at Paraiba. The William, Barton, which saiioi'. Most pf the qthers are . described as " poor Irishmen, as- ; fl.' om hence 11 th'inst. for Newfoundland, has put bacWwild atd as bare as, their native 11 -. untaiiis." Tlje party | in cotiscqjjence of the master having shot himSfelK J | I - „ - - - - C — - a HULL,- AUG. 19— Arrived from Greenlmid,: tte: Ma « i-' V g. iret, I lotberry, 3 fish, 36 butts ; Unite, Bell, 2 fish* 54> Was a fluctuating one, consisting of an uncertain number of members, spmetini. es as many as 200, but who altogether could not pay a. suin of three pounds five shillings for their placards, except by instalments of twelve shillings and sixpence ( that is to . sav, three farthings each), and that with a great deal of " shuffling." Extract of a letter, dated Madrid, August St'—" The Asia, 64- gun ship,, has arrived at Cadiz from the HaviitiiVah, with two, milli. ofl^ of, spaeie on board. Great butts; Manchester, Ash, i- fish, 380 butts; and Eagle, Brewis, 9 fish, 200 butts. In the Session of Parliament of 1816- 17, a Bill was passed, giving to the licensing Magistrates a power which hitherto is but very little known, and which appears. particularly applicable to times like the present. Magistrates blasphemous work pr paper to- be read either privately-' W>'' publicly in his house. For want of this act being ( SUffij:^ cientlv promulgated, it is universally supposed that as soon as a man obtains his license- he is secure from Magisterial', authority for one year. It would be well that tljis, might be made generally known at the approaching- seasou'.. for granting licenses, as it is but too true, that the; irtost ^ editions papers and little books are read in many diibli exfei'ohs are niaking to seijd i^ ufctitfi expedition The I are therein allowed and directed to suspend, at any timet wesehti opinion is, that it will be on its way-. to iva Plata the license of any man wlu> sliall. suffer any seditious and in a minth. It is said . at Madrid, that the KING-. tea- offered t< ja Portugal payment flf thf^ amount claimed foe the deliver^ of Mq. n|(?? iVi( le^>. tg/ ff ljalf. to be paid when the Royal troops reach La Phft3? tljc. other half when tlie Banda- Oriental. ( Eas^ rji Bqnlj?).. is. evacuated by the Por tugucse." ••• trfvf* '•>*•"•" By a Gentleman, wh( i left Ajg^ stiira on the 19th of June, we understand, that Colonel BRICF. NO, Secretary • of, ' " Genefi tow Gen. BOLIVAR was advancing to. reinforce SANTANDER, irt order to irtake a formal attack on Santa , Fe Royalists had left 300 men in San Fernando, ayd CommoiltS'e. DIAZ, with a flotilla of guh'- bbats, had ascended the Oiiiitoko to drive - fhenl'-% ufv LA Tq'itRE was at fiufliiane, and MO! RIVLK%> nt ' CaWbo^ o.' Cuniqnacoa was oc « ng| eflfeypart of - Qeneral llfeltM 6DA'S troops, and the, remainder: were. ordered to joiiVMARiNb.' s. liead- qtiui'iijfs at Sari Diego. As the rains hid set In, tlie military affairs of that country of coarse could not be pushed with jvoy,. great vigour for the'ptfesfeiit. . . d. • ' Monday evening a respite, during pleasurp,. arrived- at,' The the New Gaol, Maidstone, from Judge CRAK ROW, at Croydon, for three ofthe men, under sentence of death, viz. John Cruttehden, who was convicted for feloniously and maliciously'" ciiftthg 25 hop- binds, in the plantation of ' SAMUEL, : S » iNtrKR,-..: tit' ' Benemlen R anil . RidtiK Snlcko't and Jon- ph'So/ oninn, convicted f:< r felon- ously exciting and counselling David Jacobs and others to commit a bttfglary in the dwelling- house of WOLFE MVER- S, at Slieerr- js*. ' Abraham AtraklMs, who'tViis the principt-. l iti plai'. niilgthe sai3 burglary, was executed yesterday. LAW REPORT. C O U R T Q F , C H A N C E R Y , Aire. 20. E X - P A R . T E T H E CO VL M I S S I O N'. SNS, I N T H E M A T T E R OF B R U C E , A B A N K R U P T , rhja- feas a petition on tho part of Mr. Dyoly, Mr. Wrottesly, ur j t t " . ' Hon. Mr. E. Lamb, Commissioners lender the cotnnii. s'- • uvii of bankruptcy issued against Messrs. Bjtuce, Brown, and fSrott. It praved that the I, or< t Chancellor' would order Bruce, I' T a person ol'the name of Davis, to becomuiitted to tbe Fleet Prison, for contempt of the Commissioners' authority; or that pi « Lordship would make such other order as, on hearing the parpfyilors of the case, he might think proper. This matter had bee'i same time before the Court; and Mr. CL'LLXm had already - been heard, in support o f the petition, Mr. HEALD and Mr. M c s - TAScr. for Sir. Davis, and Mr. Brticc for himself. Mr- C'cLt. EN was- now heard, in reply, for the Commissioners. " H a COG tended, that hotliiifg had been advanced on the other side, which could induce the Court to refuse the prayer of this petition. His Lordship, he said, was called on to support the autliority of the Commissioners; arid for that purpose it was necessary not only to declare his opinion, but to act. With decision and energy. The Learned Counsel was proceeding to make some observations on "• he Conduct of Mr. Davis, when Mr. HeALDlnterpofied, and reminded his Learned Friend, that it had formerly been agreed, that 110 further remarks should be i n i . - on hk t- Iu- ul's , ' v : 1- J,' t. as his Lordship had expressed himself satisfied as to the motives which had actuated that gentleman's conduct, A Counsel behind the bar, whose name we did not know, said, !! - had that morning received instructions to address the Court in befatilf of Air. Bruoe. The Loao CHAN. EI. LOS- sairl, he could not bear any further ar- Tu'- ipms after Mr. Ciillen had replied. Mr. Brute's Counsel said, that in that case he should only state or' behslfof his client, that he felt his judgment on some points had been misled; that he was ready to confess that in some instance- his conduct might have been irregular.; and that he was now willing to acquiesce in any order of his Lordship for submitting i l l the accounts'to the inspection of the Master, by whose report he was ready to abide. ' Tfte Loan- CHANCELLOR said, he had given the fullest, he might siy, the most exepiplury hearing and consideration to this most extraordinary case, considering it' to be one of the greatest importance;' inasmuch as it involved the liberty of the subject on the one hand, and, on the other,, the execution of an . rnportant branch of the law. Mr. Bruce did- not attempt to deny any thing alleged in the- affidavits of the CornrnisioBers; but, on the contrary, acknowledged every thing to the fullest e x - tent. lie should Jong ago have given his opinion on the subject, had it not been for the extraordinary course adopted by Mr. Bruce, who had t a i en the ease eut of his hands, and prevented him from dccldi r. g by pret'erri ng five bills Of indictment for perjury— namely, one against each of the three Commissioners, one against the Solicitor, and one against the messenger. Whatever his opinion / night be of these l. i Is, his respect for the law had induced. him to pause till'thev should be disposed of by a Jury. He'lameiited • much; that ii' these cases of bills preferred for perjury, the Grand Jury were not competent, in point of legal knowledge, to judge tee weigh* of evidence laid before them; for in the present iristancc, he \ va • convinced that, had they possessed that knowledge, tbej^ wouM not have found one of these bills, there being in fV. ei no foundation for any of them. In the course of this proceeding, a doubt had been expressed by the Commissioners respecting their power to commit* a person for contempt before themselves ; ami, but for the indictments alluded to, that question ihoyld- h.-. ve been determined long a g o ; for he should have applied to Parliament to adopt such measures as Would have removed every doubt on the subject. Looking at all the proceedings i c this most extraordinary case, he thought it his duty to direct nil'the papers connected with it to belaid before his Majesty's nttorney- Genersl, that he might determine what steps ought to be taken. *' . .'. S r . M a s t - i o c s hoped that his Lordship would direct tire costs of this proceeding, which were enormous, amounting lie believed to upwards of 7001. to be paid out of the bankrupt's estate. Ths Loan CSAKCKUOR ordered - them to be paid out of Mr. " g r a c e ' s sewarate estate. Being requested bv Mr. Montague to ray something respecting the conduct of Mr. Davis, his Lordshtp said, he had nJCP- idy stated it to be his opinion, that Air. Davis Miad acted inconsiderately; but at the same time lie thought his only intention was to put the Commissioners in possession of all lheI had been said by Mr. Bruce. With respect, to the Commissior. err-, he hoped that what he now said would not prevent them j -. v'i continuing to conduct themselves courteously towards tiankrypts ; but be could not help saying, that, in bis opinion, they should have . protected themselves m this instance, and have pre- . vbntedil& ieffiokrupt from offering* repetition of the insult. POIACE. BOW- STREET.— Mr. Taylor and Mr. Waters, whose names are so constantly before the public, in consequence of their litigations in Chancery, appeared yesterday at this office as plaint i f f ' a nd defendant, in a case of assault; the former deposed, that on Thnrsday lie went to the shop of Mr. Adams, in the Haymarket, to meet Sir J. Lade ; and that while thero he was saluted by a request from Mr. Waters, who was passing bv, to tell him his name; to which the plaintiff'answered, " Ttou infernal villain, you know my name well enough ; what more do you want with m e ? Have you not got all y o u c a t i ? " To which Mr. Waters repBed, " He would do for him; he would have him," & c. Mr. Taylor detailed' some further abusive conversation between him arid the defendant, not worthy of repetition; the result of which was, that Mr. Waters then seized him by the coat, and held him for some time, making use of some violent threats towards hiin, f.- ora which he expected he would do him some bodily harm. On Mr. Waters being called upon to answer the charge, he denied assaulting Mr. Taylor, but admitted that he might touch - liim. ' Mr. Taylor ras about to call a witness or witnesses in support of his charge, when Mr. BiasiE, the Magistrate, reminded him o< that being unnecessary, as he was not trying the ease; he was only investigating it, to ascertain if it was proper to send it for a Court and Jury to- try tile question. ' H e presumed Mr. Waters was prcpnrod with bail. The Magistrate observed to Mr. Taylor, he though* the assault but trivial. $ Ir- Taylor said, he thought the Magistrate did not believe what " Jie had sard. Mr. Uiiitrrt observed, that if he had not believed him he should not hate called upon Mr. Waters to find bail to answer to his Charge. Mr. Mayhew, the Gentleman who had accompanied Mr. Wat e r s to the Office, offered himself as one of Mr. Waters's bail. Mr. Tavlor objected to his being one of the bail, observing, that Ire thlrfght bim a bad man, aud having once told him alie, he had never thought well of him since.' Mr. Mayhew repelled Mr. Taylor's insinuation against him with much indignation and warmth. Mr. Taylor called upon the Magistrate to know if he had any. thing more to say to him, and receiving a reply in the negative, he'made his bow and left the Office, accompanied by Ids friend. The bail of Mr, Mayhew and Mr. Lees were then admitted to the amount o f 20/., the usual sum for assaults, ' EXECUTIONS. The i~. ccution of the four unfortunate wretches who were hanged, pursuant to sentence! at the Ennis Assizes, on' Wednesday and Thursday week, is calculated to awaken those horrified feelings which at cuuilts of savage ferocity,- perpetrated cmturies since, woiild fail to inspire, ' l'lir crime for which the first two suffered was'tpuVder— murder in. such a shape as renders description hideous : the victim, an unfortunate female, who was supposed to have given information relative, to illicit- distilleries in the district,. - ot'Moyree. At the close of a fine evening, a few. months since, she passed, as was frequently her custom, the house of John and • tames Sullitan, wherein their companion, Jolnl Burns, was then employed in making'ij'hiskey.' As tlie woman paused, Sul-' liv'. n's mother called out in Irish, ' - T h e r e goes Biddy, the informer." The men paused, gazed at each other, and at that instant, rtvbnge andipurdcr expelled reason a* d humanity from their souls; the ill Starred Biddy pursued her course, and they resumed their illicit work until they found it completed, with • out tii-.; hindrance which Biddy's appearance : t id led them to expect ; j o y at their success induced thein to drink freely of the newly. finished spirits, but this only added to their thirst'for vengeance, and nought but the blood of, their miserable, victim cbifid quench its lire. Armed with various weapons they left their dwelling, and iu one short hour Biddy, the informer, v. as n » more! " On . entering lier hut,- . which - could not resist them, the foremost . struck her mi the head with a stone, which fractured her " skull, and laid'her at his f e e t ; a yell of savage joy a'nuoun'ceifffie triumph,' and Hie prostrate,- almost" inanimate being, v. as raised from the earth, to undergo morecruelties, . She . was riiwedUgalnst a., wall, and her I41 easts were severed from lierbwdy; trembling with agony, she shewed signs of life, till oiie, wrt- h fkofe pity' than the rest, by repeated incisions' with a " knife and pitcbfc'ork, made in the . side and stomach, completed . the wolik *,. f'carmige. . Finding her. no longer capable of administering to their horrid pleasures, they precipitated the misshapen carcass into'an adjacent river, and coolly informed a man" wherb'ved near tn. it, tliat there was a woman drowning. He, I rhapsi aware : of thqir character, or at . least , suspecting something, told them lie would not open the doer; that if the woman was drowned his assistance could be of lib use. They could gain no admittance, and- fhey . retired.;. their, hands and . persons begrimed, wiUi. frorc- When, they had gone, the man carae out and fuulid what to him appeared to have once been a lurman body, but so mutilated as s c a r c e ' t o ' r e t a i n the'- seriiblanee. ' . They were arrested, convicted, and received the punishment the merited. Forty- eight houis from the time sentence wa passed were allotted to them. A ctergymaa of the Roman Catholic faiih attended, and we trust his constant admonitions were not lost. Wo saw them hunched into eternity before thousands of spectators, from whom no groau of dissatisfaction proceeded, and the awful solemnity of which cannot fail to teach that country a deep, long, lesson. The following sun behold two more pay the debt of nature for a crime, equal, if not superior in magnitude, to what we have related. Singular, melancholy, and dreadful coincidence— one day. a man dies for the murder of a woman; the next, a woman dies for'the murder of arnan, and that man her husband !— her assistants, her panders ill sin aud guilt, are hex father and her brother .' A family feud long existed between the unhappy husband and his wife's ' family, which they determined on concluding by murdering the object of theh- sanguinary rage. The husband had been from home, and had drunk somewhat too freely. On his return Kis wife met him, and, Judas like, gave hiin the fond salutation of a kiss, drew him into the house, and coiling her arms round him. seated him in her lop,. whilst her brckher beat out his brains. The father, we have beard, was a silent, though reluctant spectator. On the trial every circumstance was f u l ly proved against the brother and sister. We need scarcely add they suffered for the deed.— LUIKRICC ADVERTISER. BOXIKU.— A severe pugilistic combat took place on Thursday on Murrel Green, six miles from Hendon, botweon John Smith", a sawyer, and Malcolm, a. blAck, for ten guineas a side. Four rounds occupied SO minutes, and it was all hard milling. The black, in the fourth round, was not able to stand upright, but he fOUght gallantly, and placed some heavy blows; in a close he received a cross buttock, and was unable to come to time. Smith, although the winner, bore the marks of severe punishment. DIABOLICAL ACTS.— Between eight and nine o'clock on Thursday evening some villains fired a loaded musket into the back pailbur of Mrs. Wares, - No. 4, Grovo- plaee, Camden Town, and shattered sixteen panes of glass to pieces, and lodged three grains . ia Mrs. Wares' right shoulder, as she was leaving the room.— The shot was extracted from Mrs. Wares' arm, without doing her any material injury. No cause can be assigned for the villainous act. On Wednesday night,- about a quarter past eight o'clock, Mr. M'Donald, Surgeon, residing at No. 18, Nelson- street, Stoke New ington, went into. the surgery, where he was compounding medicines, when some ruffian fired at him from the back fields, but fortunately the hall struck agaidsf the window sash, near the qottorn, Mr. M'Dohaln was standing close to the window, and had the ball been half arrinch li^ her, it. would undoubtedly have hit him, and probably killed hrm upon the spot. • B I R T H S . < On the 8th inst., at Middlethorpe Hall, the Lady of William J. L">' v, Esq., of a soril *.' n Tuesday last, a t Linjehouse, Mrs. X . Thornthwaite, of a sou. M A R l l l E f ) On Tuesday last. Dr. Thomas Brown, of Dublin, to Miss Frederics Hipplus, only daughter of Frederick Hlppius, Esq., of Broad- street. On the 17th inst., at Plumstead Church, Joseph Phelps, Esq., of the island of Madeira, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Cnpt. Dickinson. It. N.. of Brambleburv, " Woolwich. D I E D . On the 13th inst., at Sunning Hill, Henry Norton Willis, Esq., F. R . aad F. A S., of Kensington Palace, deeply lamented by his family, and sincerely regretted by his numerous friends. At the Cape of Good Hope, on the fetli April, aged 22, Anna Maria, wife of Major Watson, of the 14th Regiment of Infantry, and jdaughter of John Hollier, Esq., af Thame, Oxfordshire. On the 18th inst., at Jlomerton, Anne, wife of David Duval, Esq., aged 55. SALES OF ESTATES. T J M L E - E H O L D E S T A T E S , Croydon.— To be S O L D X by PRIVATE CONTRACT, a c o m m o d i o u s D W E L L I NG H O U S E , - w i t h a Coachhouse and suitable oflices and garden, situate in the High- street of the town of Croydon, and now in tne occupation of Mr, Thurston ; a brick- built Malt- house, adjoining, with three floors of good dimensions, kiln room, kiln, store- house, and'yard, and a rieb-' Meadow also adjoining, containing about Three A cr^ s., The above- mentioned Estate is subject to. a iease for a term of years, which, will expire at Michaelmas 1829, at. the yearly rent of 110/. Also a Dwelling- house, with a Barn, Stable, and Paddock, and Fi ve Closes of ^ Pasture Land adjoining, containing together about sixteen acres, situate in, the parish of Croydon, and about a mile from tire town. These premises are in the occupation of Mr. J. F. Miller, of Croydon, as yearly tenant. Further particulars may be had of Mr. Drummorid, Solicitor, Croydon. BRIXTON COMMON, S T O C K W E I I . — T O BE S O L D , a substantial well- buiif F A M I L Y H O U S E ; containing entrance hall, breakfast, dining, and drawing rooms, eight bed- rooms, detached kitchen, wash- house, and suiuiry other conveniences; double coach- house, stable, granary, cow- houses, Sec.; large productive garden planted with choice fruit- trees in high perfection, attached to a retired and delightful shrubbery by a rural bridge, under which the cattle pass into two paddocks; the. whole of which constitute one of the choicest situations that has been offered for sale for a considerable time, lately- in the occupation of Mrs. Barnard, deceased.— Apply for particulars and cards to Mr. Barnard, 72, Strand, corner of the Adelphi. I^ SSEX— To be SOLD by PKIYATE CONJ T R A C T , a C O P Y H O L D E S T A T E , situate at Rawreth, upon the High Road to Southend, within two miles of Rayleigb, and seven from Belliricay. The Estate consists of Farm lluildings, and about 38 Acres of Arable Land, and'is holden'of She Manor of Faiiton Hall.— For particulars apply to Mr. Edmonds, Penton- vow, Walworth Road; and of Messrs. T. and W. Netllesliipp, Grocers' Hall, in the Poultry, where Plans may be seen. SURREY, between Godstone and East Grinstead.-— To be S O L D bv P R I V A T E C O N T R A C T , the desirable F R E E H O L D R E S I D E N C E and about 45 Acres of capital Freehold Land, called B A T N O R S , situate in the beautiful village o f L i n g f i e l d ; 27 miles from London, to the left of the Lewes and Brighton road; ill a fine, sporting part of the county, with every requisite for a gentleman.— Apply to Mr, Farindon, at datum's, who will shew and treat for the premises; and for particulars to Messrs. Lane and Bennett, solicitors, 5, Lawrence Pountney Hill. ' A1 DVOVVSON— To be SOLD by PRIVATE C O N T R A C T , the A D V O W S O N of the R E C T O RY of M A l t T L E Y , in the County of Worcester, the Rector for the time being, having the right*, of- Presentation to'the Rectory of Areley, in the gpme County. The R e e f >( 7 of Hartley consists of a Personage House and 87 Acres of Glebe Land, ivith eight Cottages and 4044 Acres of Titheable Land. Aijd the Rectory of Areley consists of a Rectory House and 40 Acres of Glebe Land, with three Cottages and 1320 Acres of Titheable Land For further particulars, apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Messrs. Williams, Hilliard, and'Hastings, Solicitors, Gray's Inn, London. *• • . Truly desirable Farm 111 E s s e x — T o be S O L D by A U C T I O N , by P H I L I P H A S T , at the Three Cups Tavern, Harwich, in Essex, 011 TUESDAY, the 7th of September, 1819, at Two o'Clock ill the Afternoon. '. v direction of tbe Executors of the late HENRY NUNS', of Manningtree, Essex, Esq. deceased, in One Lot, ATruly desirable and valuable ESTATE, part Freehold and part Copyhold, situated in Wrabness, in the Countv of Essex, comprising a substantial brick- built Farmhouse, two good Cottages, two Barns, Stables, and other convenient Aut- huildings, together with 184 Acres, more " or less, of rich and productive Arable Land, within a ring- fence, through which the London road runs from t h e sea port town of Harwich to Manningtree. The Estate is distant 7 miles from Harwich, and 5 miles from . Manningtree, a gsod c om market, where corn is regularly shipped for London, and is within a mile of a good hard way 011 the'River Stour for landing manure, & c » ' The timber 011 the Estate to be taken by a fair valuation." The above Estate was in the occupation of the late Proprietor, and possession may be had at Michaelmas next. One- half the purchase money may ( if required)- remain 011 security of the Estate. N. B. The Looker at the Farm House will shew the Premises, and further particulars may be had' 011 application to Mr. Chapman, Solicitor, and of the Auctioneer, both of Harwich, who will also sheiv a map of the Estate ; also of Mr. Thomas Evans, Solicitor. 97. Hatton Garden, London SALES OF ESTATES O B A C6AST of DEVON, between Lyme aad O Seaton,— To be S O L D by P R I V A T E C O N T R A C T, Three capital F R E E H O L D F A R M S , containing together 521A. 3*. iiv. in tbe occupation of respectable Tenants for Terms, of which about five years are unexpired, at 7001, a y e a r .— For particulars apply to Mr. F. Jeyes, Solicitor, 60, Chancerylane, London; or Sir. J. Taunton, Solicitor, Axminster, Devon ; and at the Auction Mart, near the Bank, London. ES • ATE in HAMPSHIRE— To be SOLD by P R I V A T E C O N T R A C T , a compact E S T A T E , consisting of about 130 Acres of excellent Land, in high cultivation, with a good Mansion, ft for the reception of a genteel family, excellent 3tabling for 14 horses, a superior garden, and all necessary attached and detached offices, replete with conveniences, situated within five miles of Alresford, eight from Winchester, snd in the centre of two packs of foxhounds. All further paruculars may be known, and the premises viewed, by application to Mr. Dunn, Attorney, Alresford, Hants. To CAPITALISTS.— TobeSOLD by P R I V A T E C O N T R A C T , a verv valuable and desirable F R E E H O L D E S T A T E , situated five miles from King's Lynn, and 100 from Loudon; comprising a capital modarn Mansion, substantially built, adapted for tbe reception of a Gentleman's family, numerous detached offices conveniently situated, shrubbery, and ornamental plantations, excellent kitchen garden, orchards well stocked with the choicest fruit trees iu full be, iring, several farm- houses and cottages, and 390 acres ( more or less) of peculiarly rich pasture and arable laud. The above property is rising in value from extensive navigable works in the neighbourhood, and nearly the whole lies within half a mile of the Mansion- house. Early possession may be had.— For particulars apply ( post- paid), to Air. Coates, 5, Grove- street, Lisson- green. SALES OF ESTATES. To be perarnpt^ rily S O L D , pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Oiancery, made In a Cause " Sheweu v. Sbeweq," w i t h t h e a p p r o b a t i o n o f JAMES SIECKEN, E s q . o n e o f t h e M a s - ters < 4 the saidX'ourt, at toe Mackworth Arms Inn, ul tire Town of Swansea, in the County of Glamorgan, 011 THURSUAV, the 9th day of September next, between the hours of One ard Two in the Afternoon, in One Lot, A CUSTOMARY or COPYHOLD MANSIONH O U S E , Barns. Outhouses, and Ground behind tbe House, called T H I S T L E B O O N ; together with 89A. 2A. 1 ol Land, cbieBy arable aud pasture, thereto belonging, situate within the Parish and Manor, and near the Village, 0? O t i t is mouth, in the said County of Glamorgan. Particulars whereof may be'had at the said Master's Chamber!/ in Southampton- buildings, Chancery- lane, London; at the Offices of Messrs. Aloxander and Holme, Solicitors, New- Inn ; of- Messrs. Marriott, Brooksbank, and Farn, solicitors, Gray's- I n u j of Messrs. Berrington and Jenkins; and of Mr. R. N. Thomas, Solicitors, at Swansea ; and at the Place of Skilc— and & Map of the Premises may be seen at the several offices aforesaid. N V R O R F O L K . . P R I V ' SALE of ROCKVILLE.— To be SOLD by PRIV A T E C O N T R A C T , the M A N S I O N H O U S E and E S T A T E of R O C K V 1 L L E , consisting of 198 Scots, or 24fi English acres, situated in the most desirable part of East Lothian. The house is large and commodious, with excelleut detached offices, containing stabling for 14 horses, coach house, laundry, bake- house, ice- house, i c . , and has a suitable farm steading at a convenient distance. The garden, which is upwards o f 4 acres ill extent, is early productive aud- singularly beautiful, and the place altogether forms one of the most complete residences in Scotland. To meet the views of purchasers, Rockville will also be sold on a smaller scale, including tbe Hansion House, offices, garden, and all tbe lands arable and pasture within the gates leading to the place, consisting of 124 acres Scots, or 155 English acres, forming a very complete aud beautiful property. The title deeds are clear, arid the public burdens do nut exceed 71. per annum. For further particulars, application may be made to Gilb » [ nnes, Esq. of Stow, St. Andrew- square, Edinburgh; Mr. Gordon, Solicitor, Old Broad- street, London; or to Mr. Ferrier, NortRumberlaud- street, Edinburgh. V A L U A B L E P R E S E N T A T I O N To be S O L D bv A U C T I O N , by Mr. J . J . P A L M E R , at the Commercial Rooms, in the City of Brisol, on THURSDAY, the 26th day of August inst., at One o'Clock in the afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then produced, \ ' TPHE RIGHT of the NEXT PRESENTATION A to the Vicarage and Parish Church of C O N G R E S B U R Y , with the Chapelry of Lawrenee Wick, otherwise Week Saint Lawrence, thereunto annexed, in the County of Somerset, upon the death or avoidance thereof by the present Incumbent, who is nearly 59 years of age. The Parish of Congresbury and Chapolry of Week Saint Lawrence, contain upwards of 6,000 acres of land, of which about 5,000 teres are excellent Grazing and Meadow, and the remainder Arable and Wood Land.— There is a large Vicarage- House, and about seven acres and a half of Glebe Land at Congresbury, and a small House and Orchard at Week Saint Lawrence, containing about half an acre. A l l the Tythes of the Parish of Congresburv ( subject to certain alleged moduses.) except the Tythe of Cam and Grain, arid half of tbe T y t h e of Hay, belong to the Vicar.— All the Tythes of the Chapelry of Week Saint Lawrence ( about 1500 Acres) subject to certain alleged moduses, also belong to the said Vicar. For further particulars, application may be made to Messrs. Merrick and Brice, Council- House, Bristol. K E N T B O U G H T O N M O U N T E S T A T E - To be S O L D by A U C T I O N , by C A R T E R and M O R R I S , ou FRIDAY, the 27th August, at the Auction Mart, at 12 o'Clock, ALL that Valuable and Important FREEHOLD E S T A T E , called B O U G H T O N M O U N T , situate in a most picturesque and beautiful part ol the parishes of Boughton, Monchelsea and Loose, consisting of a Mansion House and Grounds, with Coach- house, Stables, Barns, Oast- house, Lodges, and every necessary Outbuilding, seven Cottages, and about 212 Acres of most valuable Hop, Orchard, flieadow, Arable, Pasture, and Woodland, lying well together, in a very high state of cultivation, being in one of the most productive and v aluable parts of the County of Kent, about tw o miles from Maidstone. ' i'he Sale of this F. state offers a purchase, in point of situation and value of land, rarely to be met with ; the whole is Land Tax redeemed ; aud possession will be given at Michaelmas next. The Estate may be viewed upon application to Mr. James Ilart, Boughton ; and printed particulars, with engraved, plans, and conditions of sale, may be had on application to G. F. Douce, Esq. Solicitor, 6, Sackville- street, Piccadilly; at the Auctien Mart; of James Selby, Esq. Solicitor, West Mailing; or of the Auctioneer, Maidstone. To be S O L I ) pursuant to a decretal Order of the High Court of Chancery, made in a cause " Lechmere against Boulcott," w i t h tiie a p p r o b a t i o n o f CHARLES THOMSON, E s q . , o n e o f t he " Masters of the said Court, at the Star and Garter Inn, ill the City of Worcester, on SATURDAY, the 16th day of October next, between the hours of three and four o'clock in the afternoon, APiece of FREEHOLD GARDEN GROUND, containing ill length 226j feet by 47 feet wide, in a high state of cultivation, and well planted with choice wall and other fruit trees, now in the occupation of John Clifton, Esq. The situation is eligible for building a genteel House, at the upper or north end, which will command a view ol' the Malvern Hills in front, and on the other side the City of Worcester and . Perry Wood. Printed particulars whereof are now preparing, and may shortly be had gratis,' a t ' t l ie saifl^ laster's Chambers, in Southampto. nbuildiugv. Chancery- lane, London; of Mr. .. Wall." Solicitor, '• Worcester; at the Star and Garter Inn, Worcester.; and'of Messrs. Lowndes and Lowndes, Solicitors,' - Re'd Lion- s^ UoreV London. N O T T I N G H A M S H I R E . — B e t w e e n Nottingham, Derby, and Mansfield.— Manor, Capital Mansion, l) dices, Wood Lands, Cottages, and the valuable Mine of Coal under the Estate.— To be S O L D by A U C T I O N , by Mr. R O B I N S, at Garraway's Coffee House, ' Change Alley, Cornhill, on THURSDAY, August 26, at Twelve o'Clock, in Three Lots, THE very Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES.— ' Lot 1. comprises the M A N O R of N U T T A L L T E M P L E and N U T T A L J L, in the County of Nottingham, elegant M A N S I O N , erected in the Italian Style, finished in the most costly manner, with materials of the'first description, planned with suits of spacious Apartments, elegantly fitted up, and adapted for the accommodation of a family of the first distinction, ( Late the residence of the Right Hon. Lord VEH* VON,) Beautifully situated on a fine Lawn sloping to an extensive Lalte of clear water, ( nearly sixteen Acres,) stored with Fish, and surrounded by the finest Forest Trees, xPleasure Grounds, & o. commanding a singularly fine, extensive, and picturesque Scenery, over a vast extent of Country, beautifully diversified, iu the pa rish of Nuttall, within five miles of Nottingham, and a short distance from Derby and Mansfield, with an excellent and very complete range of domestic offices, bath, & c . ; capital de tached offices, coach- houses, and stables^ for 20 horses ; an excellent and productive Kitchen Garden, of nearly three acres, waHed round, and clothed with the choicest Fruit Trees, fully stocked, cropped, and planted; hot- hou? es, pineries, melon pits, & c. in excellent condition ; Farm- house, yard, barn, stable, granary, slaughter- house, carpenter's- shop, blacksmith's forge, dog- kennell, and sundry Cottages, and nearlv F O U R H U N D R E D A N D " N I N E T Y A C R ES Of Meadow, Arable,. Pasture, and thriving Wood Land, in a ring fence, divided by quick fences; and the valuable Mine of Coal under the principal part of the Lands, and of a very superior quality to any in the neighbourhood.? T h e Estate abounds with Game, and is in the . vicinity of several packs of Hounds, and a very eligible property for the residence of a Gentleman. , Lot 2 . — A n E L I G I B L E E S T A T E , comprising a substantial brick- built, well planned Farm House, pleasantly situated near Lot 1, convertible, at a very trifiing expence, into a desirable Cottage residence, with an excellent garden, barn, stable, cow- house, piggery, & c. and Seventy Acres of Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land, in the occupation of Mr. Scrimshaw, tenant from year to year. Lot 5.-— A very desirable C O T T A G E , situate adjoining the last Lot,- at the entrance of the Estate, comprising a brick- built Cottage, with capital productive Garden, and a piece of Meadow Land, in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Stapleton. . T o be viewed by Tickets ; Particulars may be had on the Premises; of Henry Percy, Esq. Solicitor, Nottingham; of Mr. Brown, Surveyor, Piichergate; and at the Blackmoor's Head there; the King's Head, Derby; Swan, Mansfield; Inn, nt Alt re t o n ; Saracen's Head, Newark; George, Grantham; Hen and Chickens, Birmingham; of Mr. Broughton, Solicitor, Great Marlborough- street; at Garraway's; and of Mif. Robins, Warwick- street, G, olden- square, v London ; where a Plan of the Estate mav be seen. SX. ON H I L L . — S A L E of SYOSf ' t t l L L . — E a r l y in Severn, ber next will be S O L D by A U C ' l ON, under the direction » € the Court of Chancery, THE capital and spacious V1XLA, called SYOtf H I L L , situate in the parish of Isleworth, within 8 mites at London, late the residence of George, Duke of Marlborough, deceased. Tbe Villa and Grounds contain upwards of 35 Acres, about eight Acres and a half of which are Copyhold of the Manor of Isleworth Syon, and the rest Freehold. Particulars are preparing, and will be ready in a few d » « . In the meantime tickets to view may be had by application to Messrs. Oddie, Oddie, and Forster, Carey- street; Messrs. Forster, Cooke, and Frcre, Lincoln's- inn ; or Mr. Pinniger, Gray's- inn- jquare. A desirable F R E I T H O L D FA R M , near Colchester, E s s e x— T o be S O L D by A U C T I O N , by W I L L I A M J A C K S O N, on SATURDAY next, at the Red Lion Inh, Colchester, M Twelve at Noon, A L L that valuable F R E E H O L D E S T A T E , called - O L " M I D D L E W I C K W O O D F A R M , " situated in the Parish of East Donyland, near Colchester, and comprises about 130 Acres ( more orless) of good Arable and Pasture Land, with convenient Farm- house, Yards, and Gardens, good Barn, Slable, and other Out- buildings, nbw in tlie occupation of Mr. John Ward, as tenant at will, and may be viewed by application to him. " Further Particulars and Conditions of Sale m i i be had in due time of Messrs. Nelson and Jackson, Solicitors, fcelvedou; Mr. Jackwn, SoUcitor, Woodbridge; Mr. Town ; end, Solicitor, Romford ; at the Auction Mart, London ; an? the Auctioneer, Colchester. (• pital F R E E H O L D S in the Borough of T A M W O R T H — l ' o b o S O L O by A U C T I O N , by J O S I A H and C O R N E - H U S R O B I N S , by order of the Assignees of Messrs. Hard." ing, Oakes, and Willington, at ths Castle Inn, in Tamworth, between the hours 0i Three and Five in the Afternoon of r m - DAY, the 17th September, 1819, unless disposed o f i u themeas time by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given subject to Conditions to be then produced, and either together, or in Lots, AL L that spacious, well- built, and handsome M A N - S I O N H O U S E , late the residence of Mr. WiUingtor, situate in Church- street, in the said Borough. The house is fronted by a parterre and shrubbery sixty feet in length, guardjd by a handsome stone wall and lofty iron palisadoes and gate, w| h a flagged walk from the street to" the hall door. The Mansion squares about 66 feet of uniform front by 46 ( let deep, and comprises the following apartments:—'(' he first hili, or lobby, 15 feet long, handsomely divided by inner folding dews from the inner hall; the inner hall staircase and first laming lighted by a handsome circular topped window ; front bre.-'. ktoroom, handsomely fitted up. with mahogany bookcases under tie windows; small reading- room opposite tbe breakfast- room; 1 - ting room, 17 by 14 feet, with handsome marble chimney- piice and polished steel grate ; dining- room, with handsome commote window to the lawn, 24 by 18 feet, recess for sideboard fitted 3p with beautiful marble slab, Chimney- piece, and polished stf'l grate; gentleman's dressing- room, with wardrobe cupboards iftd very large stone closet, with iron door, and patent tliree- bolt l a « ; the garden- hall or passage, with side lobby leading to the bafcroom and water- closet, most completely fitted up, with mahogany and cedar wainscoating and inner doors; secondary staircate, servants' hall, and side ball, fitted up with several Convenient cosets, form the grouud floor. plan.— On thefirst'flooris a bandsoae breakfast or reading- room.— The draw ing- room is the same sie as the dining- room, neatly pannelled, with black and. git mouldings ily. elegant compartments, mahogany windows^ aid handsome statuary marble chimney- piece.— The landings aid " galleries arc handsome, and there are nine excellent and comnodious bed- rooms, besides dressing- rooms, water- closet, and " a a -' riety of other closets and conveniences.— The various cellars jae arched and are very roosny, and the binns are very good, as tisa the offices of every description; laundry, with stoves, dryinghorses, and sliding drying- horses oil patent rollers.-*. Dairy," with Sweedland stones,- shelves, and safes, bottle- houses, knife- houses, poultry- houses, coal- sheds, cisterns, stills, lead and stone restr voirs, with capital supply of water, and every other convenient, which have been completed at an immense expense, and with ecellent arrangement.— Capital coach- house and stabling for f j ir horses, saddle- rooms, cow- houses, - feeding- houses, calf- pen, poultry- chambers and dove- cote, garden- houses, hot- house, newy erested at an expense of about 30&. with two- year old vine- plans, mushroom- beds and melon- ground, with cisterns, and coniplte water snd stove arrangements.— A beautiful Lawn of rich Pastue Land, with Gardens, Orchard, and Plantations surrounding tie same, and divided therefrom by very handsome and substantal palisadoes; the whole inclosed with very excelleht and lofty wain, and folding- gates to Church- lane and Aldergate- lane, and ctataining in the whole about Four Acres. Also, the extensive, and very complete, and substantifrily- bnilt L A W O F F I C E S of Mr. Willington, fronting to Church- steet and adjoining the Mansion House, having three rooms oil a fiior, tvyo stories high, with handsome hall, staircase, and landing, cmveniently arranged to convert into a Dwelling House, with a ridepassage into a flagged court yard, with excellent accommodation, of domestic offices. Also, a D W E L L I N G - H O U S E , W A R E H O U S i S, S H O P S , P R I V A T E Y A R D , G A R D E N , and exteaive Premises of Mr. John Pullen, plumber and glazier, fronting to Church- street aforesaid, and adjoining the Mansion House. Likewise, F I V E D W E L L I N G L I O U S E S , Out- buildugs. and Premises, in Chui'ch- lane. adjoining the out- offices ftf the Mansion, in the respective occupations ol William Acton, ' Lias., CaDewell, William Buxton, Joseph Barlow, and Thos. Miion." The Mansion, with all its appurtenances, and the L aw Oiices, are in hand, and of which immediate possession may be had. The tenants of the other premises are under notice to quit at Lady Day. . Mr. Parsons, of Tamworth. has a Plan of the Estate, and will shew the same, and any further particulars may be had on application to him; Mr. Samuel Webster, Fazeley; Richard Spooner, Esq- Worcester; John Webb, Esq. Barton Park, near Derby; John Hgod Chapman,- Esq. Atherstone ; Mr. N^ vill and Sir. Holmes, Solicitorr, Tamworth ; or to Mr. Robins, purveyor, Birmingham. H A R D E N H U L S H , Wilts— Valuable A D V O W S O N and elegant R E S I D E N C E , 12 miles from Bath, 20 from Bristol, and 1 from Chippenham.— By Mr. S C O T T , at the Man, on TUESDAY, 2 1 s t S e p t e m b e r , a t 12, in O n e L o t, r p H E MANOR, or reputed MANOR of HARDEN- - L H U I S H . i i i the County of Wilts, with the A D V O W J O N , Mansion- house, capital walled Garden, Coach- houses and Stabling, and about 400 Acres of excellent Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land, situated in a Ring- fence, about scd Acres of which, including two capital Farm- houses, with all convenient. Farpi-, buildings, are in the renting of Mr. Eddolls and Mr. Hulbert ; and the Mansion- house and Residue of the Land is in the occupation of George Hawkins, Esq. Thjs singularly eligible and capital Property is situated in a beautiful Country, commands rich, and extensive Views^ ind ic altogether well worthy the attention of a Man of Rank and Fortune, either as a complete Family Residence or for Investment.'; j Descriptive Particulars may be had on the 26th instant, r. t the White Hart, Chippenham ; tlie Whitfc' Lion, Bath; ' he'Rush, Bristol; at tiie Mart; of Mr. Scott, New Bridge- stp \ l'! ack- . friars; of Wm. Unthank. Esq. Norwich; of Mr S ii i r n o r e. No. 11, King's Bench- walk, London; at Messrs. •.,. ty. and Mitchell's Office, Chippenham, where Tickets may Le had tor viewing the Property; and where, and at Mr. Scott's Office, a Plan of the Estate may be seen Early Possession may " be had. A l l Letters must be post paid. T Valuable C O P Y H O L D - P R O P E R T Y , Drayton Green, Middlesex By Messrs. S Q U I B B and S O N , at Garraway's, on TUESDAY, Aug. 31, at Twelye o'Clock, in Four Lots, WO very Desirable and Elegant VILLAS, with large Gardens, Offices, and Stabling, in excellent repair, situated at Drayton Green, one in hand ( of which immediate possession may be had), the other let to an unexceptionable tenant. Also, Five Fields of excellent Pasture Land, containing about 24 A<; rcs, adjoining the roads from Ealing to Drayton, and the Harrow road, let to a tenant at will. The whole'Estate is held of the Manor of Ealing, and is Copyhold of Inheritance, subject only to an outgoing of a few shillings, and is peculiarly desirable either for occupation or investment of capital. The tenanted House to be viewed three days a week, by tickets only, which; With particulars, may be had pf Messrs. Squjbb anit I Son. & avile- row. Particulars also at Garraway's, and at the neighbouring Inns. C R O N T O N H A L L E S T A T E and M I ! L To be S O LD by A U C T I O N , early next Spring,,( if not previously disposed of by Private Contract,) A LLtliat Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, called X J L C R O N T O N H A L L , situated near the Turnpike- road leading from Liverpool to Warrington, ten miles from Liverpool,, six miles from Warrington, and'four from Preston, consisting of a large Mansion- house, most complete Outbuildings, the latter, latejy erected, aud several Cottages, together wdth ] 76A. 2R. 24F. statute measure, of excellent Meadow, Pasture, and - Arable' Land, nearly in a ling fence, now in the occupation of Widow Loughton and others; The Timber and Plantation to bo takeft' at a valuation. j Apply for further particulars, to Mr. Johrt Ashwortb, Turton, ' near Bolton ; Joshua- Goring, Esq., I'. verton, near- Liverpool," or John Leigh, Esq. Solicitor, Liverpool, London-. Printed by B. M' SW published by J. P. W A N L E S S same place.
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