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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: John Price & Son 
Volume Number: LXVIII    Issue Number: 3479
No Pages: 4
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser

Date of Article: 09/04/1819
Printer / Publisher: John Price & Son 
Address: Market Place, Leicester
Volume Number: LXVIII    Issue Number: 3479
No Pages: 4
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AND Jjfek VOL. LXYIII. FRIDAY, APRIL 9, 1819. Printed and Published by John Price # Son, dace, Leicester. No. 3r4$ 8 < Circulated through the principal Towns and populous Villages in the Counties of Leicester, Rutland, ) I Lincoln, Nottingham, Derby, Stafford, Warwick, Northampton, Cambridge, and York. $ I STAMP DOTY id. ^ PRICE SEVEN l> ENCfe-, AKS ( PAPER & PRINT .. 3d. \ EIGHT SHILLINGS per Quarter BANKRUPTS FROM SATURDAY'S GAZETTE, April 3rd. John Owen and Henry D Owen, Great St. Helen's' merchants A Compel!*, Lombard street, merchant W Gilpin, Vdliers street, army clothier William Hancock, Bury Saint Edmund's, cabinet- maker ', W Lewis and J A Henderson, Little Tower street, wine merchants William Fishfer, Union place, Lambeth, master- mariner John Pickbourn, North street, City Road, drug- grinder Charles W. Wathern, late of Salter's Hall court, merchant D Buchanan, S MSmith, and F Ashley, Liverpool, merchants J Wis on, I vj bridge, Devon, merchant lienjaiuin Nayler, late of Fishlake, Yorkshire, - banner JIsa;: e, Fareharn, currier William Summers, Newcastle- upon- Tyne, Floiir- ciiater DIVIDENDS. From Tuesday's Gazette, March 30. AT GUILDHALL. April 30, T Parsons, Duke, street, Westmin ster, breeches maker 20, W O Harvey, Bat- tle, Sussex, gunpowder manufacturer — 2!), H and W Cutbush, Maidstone, caipontr- rs- 20, F Rolhuid, St. James's street, perfumer—— ! 7, T and M LaPo: i, Merac, Queen street, v. are- liorusemcri 27, B Lane, Birchin lane, insur- ance broker IK THF. cnt'NTKy. April 23, 0 Ormcrod, Rochdale. inriholder. at the Swan Inn, Rochdale— 21. T Greeri, Up- per Arelev. farmer, at the Pig and Castle inn, Bridgnorth s21, P D and W Tnekett. Bris- tol, grocers, at the Commercial Rooms, Bristol 19. . T Underbill. J Thomason, and I M Giiest, Birmingham, ' merchants, at the Royal Hotel, Temple row, Birmingham 25. Leigh and D Armstrong, Liverpool, merchants, at the George Inn, Dale street. Liverpool—— Ho, J Jackson, Middleton, merchant, nt the Duke's Head Inn. Lynn-— 23, R Ray, Nor- wich, grocer, at the Rampant Horse Inn, Saint Stephen's, Norwich—— 21, .1 Briggs, Si- nl- coates, groeer. nt the Dor and Duck Inn, Hull 24, CTCoote, Isle of Ely. grocer, nt the Lafhh Inn, Ely 2( 5, S P Holland and P B 11, Worcester, hop merchants, at the Unicorn Inn, —— 24, W Worral!, Liverpool, merchant, at the Ooorg- e, Liverpool From Saturday's Gazette, April 3. AT GVU. HHAI. I.. April 24, . T Jameson, Matiledbn place, man- ner 34. J Barton, St. James's place, drfcss* maker 24, J Hughes and R Chrille . Stor- rington, brewers - 24. J and I P Kenricll. Church street, Westminster, army agents—— 4?, J Peyton, Christchurch, Sontha ptori, dia per— 27. J Wilson, Ralhbone place, book- seller 27, George Moorsom, Westoe. s" hip- VVfker ... . May !, John Bagleman. Hackney, merchant 8, S Bendy, Hpxton, farmer IN THE QPII^ RKY April 30, J Preston, Shiirimll. miller, at. tie Star, ^ hiifnall-—- 24. G and W Proctor. Bir- mingham, opticians, at the Royal Hotel 2£, T George, Leeds merchant, r. t the Court Hcuse.^ fc? cds 28. R James. M John in Bed viatrdin^ Worcestershire. milie!'. at tlie Hop Pole, Worcester 26, E Phillips. Bristol, Krooer, at tlffc Commercin' Rooms, Bristol ife, T and E Mngndge. King's Lyvi, cork ri. a- rilifaetiircrs, at the Duke's Head. Kind's Lynn 20, P Vtmore, late of Foul sham, grocer,, tit the Duke's Hjparf. King's Lynn•-—- 24, M. and J Clifford, Hull, merchants, at the. Dog and Duck, H, uii—— 27. J Tennison, Hull. vic- tuaifer, at the Dog and Duck, Hull 24, R Oviok, Barton upon Humber, corn factor, at the Dog and Duck, Hull Leicester County Sessions. ^ TJ^ IIE next General Quarter Sessions of thfT I Pcace for the County of Leicester, will be hoiden at the Castle of Leicester, on Monday the l- 9th day of April next. But it is to be no- ticed, that the Magistrates meet at 12 o'clock on the Monday, for the purpose only of transacting all matters of County Business under their cognizance at Sessions. And on the Tuesday morning, ( nine o'clock,) the Court, after calling over the Gland Jury, will commence with the Appeals. All Persons under Recognizance to prosecute any Bills of Indictment, are desired to attend at the Clark of the Peace's Office with instructions, on the Saturday preceding the Sessions, ( or on the Mon- day), and to be ready to go before the Grand Jury at the sitting of the Court on the TUESDAY MORNING. Persons under Recognizance to appear at the Ses sions, that have previously compromised the mat- ter, wil| ;, ike notice, that thev must appear either personally or by their Attornics, in order to have their Recognizances withdrawn, otherwise the same will be estreated. By the Court, Thomas Freer, Clerk of the Peace. Leicester, 31stMarch, 1819. N. B. The Justices are requested to send their Recognizances and Informations in Felony, to the Cler. of the Peace's Office on the Saturday previ- ous to the Session. And all persons bavirtgany demand on the Coun- ty, are requested to deliver their Bills to Mr. Cooke, Deputy Treasurer, on Saturday the 10th day of \ pril next, to be examined, or they will not be al- lowed at the next Session. KK Creditois of JOHN WHYVTT, now or late of Hinckley, in the county of Leices- ter, Baker and Hosier, are desired to meet the Assignees of his Estate and Effects, on Mon- day the 12th day of April instant, at the hour of eleven in the forenoon, at the office of Messrs. KING and SCULTHORPF, in Hinckley afore- said, to consult and determine upon the best manner of disposing of the Bankrupt's stock- ng frames, stock in trade, and other unsold effects, and upon other matters relating to the Hairs ofthe said bankrupt. MARKET BOSWORTH WHARF. BEREAS ;> report has for a length of time beet: circulated by evil disposed persons, to the great injury of this concern, that the Pio- rietors have sold their Coals at a less tVeight than is customary at the othor Wharfs in the neigh hourhOod. A reward of FIVE GUINEAS is hereby offered by Messrs. Thorpe and Stevenson, to any per- son or persons who- may give such information as may afford them sufficient and Satisfactory grounds to commence an action at l aw against the authors or propogators of this malicious report Messrs THORPE and STEVKXEON, take this oppor- tunity ot returning thanks to their friends for the many favors conferred upon them, and of assuring them and the public, that they are not onscious of having at any time sold un-' er weight, sn- l pledge themselves to prove that their weight is fully equal to that at OreenhiH Wharf, near Sutton Cheriev. Market Bosworth, March 80, 1819. 000, MONEY. £ 600, and £ 300, ready to be ad vaneed on ample Freehold Se- curities. * poly ( Principals oflly) to J. Sheffield, Soli ciior. Leicester. dUi. Kl " A ' a Anniversary > J[ ill be hoiden on V SCHOOL.- / >' ecting at Rugby School _ i ( lie 14th of April, being the Wednesday in Raster week. The Ladies and Gentlemen who intend to fa-. or the meeting with their company, are re- queued to be at t' e School Ilouso by a quarter before one o'clock, at which time the deli ver\ of thfe Prize Compositions and Speeches will commence. Tlte public rehearsal for the Inhabitants nil take place'on Tuesday the 13th. at fen o'clock Thorfe only who are invited, are expected lit the previous rehearsals Fretiicis Lairtey, Eh/. ) St,^. drds> Chas. (. rawley, Esq. ) K9- Ordinaries and Balls as usual, in the New Assembly Rooms, at the Spread Eagle Inn. To Cover this Season, IftlO. Shod Mares six Guineas, other . i'arei thrie'Gpif . neas, and hatf- a- Vrmin the Groom, ' / VIVALDI. The property of John Frijntt, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. VIVALDI is a good BAY., with black legs; stands fifteen llimdfc three inches high , gb't by WOODPECKER, by King Herod, dam by Mer • iiry; graudam Cytherea, own sister to Drone, by King Herod.— VTVATM must be as well- bred as any Howe in England, if King Herod's blood was good. . This Horde, w hen the property of the Prince Regent. odd afterwards of Major Wilson, always rap in the name of Brntker t't Vivklllt, rnnnin" 52 beats, most of them four mile heats, winning many times, and is now sound, without blemish lias lurgeV iogs, and better- formed feet, than most Hors- es, ami is eipjal to as much weight as any Blood florse in England. The ainazliig quantity of Stock by this Horse, and the large prices they have been sold for, makes him stand higher, in the estimation of judges, for half- bred stock, than any other Stal- lion. Five have been sold this. Hnntiug ' Scasoh, » » > » >' oldest six years, at the following prices,( viz.) Guineas Brown Gelding, bred by Mr. Allsop, Waiilip, 470 Bay ditto Mf Rose, Cbtham 4." i0 Ifciy diho Mr'. Miiitin, Oeaidiall 270 Bay ditto Mr. Fishtr, Cot ham 23t) Buy ditto Mr. Brown Waltoii 200 S3* These have be^ n sold'si'nee hist Y ear's Card. Any Mare that was barren by this Horse lasi Sea soil,' may be covered this for ( hit Guinea; which, to prevent trouble, must b « paid at the time Every ace mhiodation for Mares,- at 6s per Week — Mares and Foals; 7s per Week. The Groom's Fee to be paid at the time of Covering, and tlte other at Midsummer. Vivaldi has commenced his travel— Wednesday's the Fox Inn, llambtrstooe Gate, Leicester; Thnrs day's, to the Boot Inn, Loughborough ; bait on Fri day morning at I'- uuny, at the Black Boy Inn, Not- tingham, on Friday night and Saturday, and sleep at Bingham on Saturday night; Sunday, to the Robin Hood Inn, Newark ; Monday ' he Granby Inn, Gran- tham ; and at home on Tuesday's, during the Season. . JULIUS C/ ESAR, THE ABOVE PERSON'S PROPERTY, WIH Cover this Season on the same Tim* VIYAWPI, at ftkUoa Mo? Imjt. Hunting- L tlire!>>.) Ckutfifi— I incolnshirt TO BE LET, And entered updh at May day next, A UJ that capital brick aiid tiled mc t\ snnge or dwel'itig house, comprisin a drawing room, dining room, kitchen, back kitelien, store room, pantry, daity, two atched cellars, and eight lodging rooms, with suitable outhouses and conveniences, all in good re pair, and fit for the reception of a genteel family. There is a good coach house and stabling for _ horses. An excellent kitchen garden and or chard, planted with choice fruit trees, antLor nabiented with walks and shrubberies. From fen to fifteen acres of meadow and pas ture land adjoins the house, and will be let therewith if desired. Ulce'by (. range House is pleasantly situafed Hear the road leading from Great G « im$ by to Barton, and is ;>. most eligible situation for hunting, being within two miles of Lord Yar- borough's Fox Hounds'. And the neighbouring- country abounds with game. The Furniture as it stands, may be had by appraisement. ' For particulars apply to Mr, W. D. FIELD, Uleehy Grange, Barton, Lincolnshire. 23d March, 1819. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HQ J, LOW AY, n Wednesday, the 1- ltii day of April inst. at. the Red Cow, in Lubeuham, in the county of Leices- ter, at 5 o'clock iu the afternoon, ( unless previ- ously disposed of by private contract, in which case due notice will be given) ; AMessuage, tenement, or farm hoitSe, with the barn, stable, cow house, jatd. garden, piimp and well of excellent water, and other con- venient out offices, together also with a close of rich grazing land adjoining, situate in the parish of Lub enham aforesaid, and iu the occupation of Mr. ASSEH. Further particulars may be known on application to the tenant, or the Auctioneer, Market Harbo oiigh. Market Harborotigh, April 2,1S19. /{ J . To MEALMBN ANDOTUEHS. Very desirable Freehold Property. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ]! v Mr. Holloway, On Tuesday, the 20th day of this instant, April, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, at the Tulbot Inn, in Market Harborongh, in the county of Leicester, subject to such conditions of sale as slia 1 be then and there produced, ( unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which notice will be given) A LL that exceedingly well ouiltand old es- \ tabiished WIND CORN MILL, now in full trade, aiid in complete rep- air, many years in the oc- cupation of the late IVHli'im'& heppitrd, deceased, si- tuate ni the parish ofGreat Bowden, in the county of Leicester, near to the town of Market Harborcn; h aforesaiJ, adjoining the. turnpike road leading from that place to Leicester, - and contiguous to the Union Canal, with a pair of French Stones, a,> d a all of i erbyshiie Stones, garneis, granaries, and otlcr suitable rooms, and the machinery, and appcrte- nances thereto belonging. Together alsi i. ithattose of superior grazing ground, in uhica the same stands, containing two acres >> r thereabouts. The Mill is well situated for Markets. The property may be' viewed on reference to the Auctioned ; arid furt er particulais known oil ap- plication to Messrs VARTNABY and StiiTTLEWOBTir. Solicitors, iuM. ar>. et : ioboroM. » li A: STALL IO IS" HOUSE "* TALLY- HO. TIIF. above Horse is sold to Mr. WHLTBT, of Osbaston, Bowden Lodge, Charlev Forest, April 9i. li, 1819." Capital Freehold House and Land, at / J" PACKINGTON. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Queen's Head Inn, iif Ashbv- de- ia- jfouch. in the county of Leicester, on Monday the 19th day of April, 1819, at 3 o'clock in the Afternoon, in one or more lot or lots, as may be then agreed upon, and subject to conditions of'sale then to be produced, LL that; desirable and elegatiily new- erected Messuage or Dwelling House, with the outbuildings, stable, yard, garden, pleasure ground, and appurtenances to the same belonging containing, by estimation, 3R 27p; together, with. Close of excellent Pasture Land, adjoining thereto, containing 4A 2R or thereabouts, be the same es- pectivoly more or less, situate anil being at Pack- ington, in the counties of Leicester and Derby, ( or one of them,) and now in the occupation of Mr. Win. Henry Smith, l . and Surveyor. The above Premises arc most delightfully situat- ed within a mile of the market town of Ashby- de- ia- Zouch aforesaid, commanding rich and extensive views over the forest of Charnwood, and are parti- cularly desirable to any Person wishing to realize a small and genteel country residence. Any reasonable part of the Purchase Money may remain secured, at interest, oil the Premises; for a view of which apply to Mr. WM. HEIIRY SMITH, the Proprietor, at Packington aforesaid, from whom, and of Mr. H. C. Smith, Solicitor, Tutburv and Btir- ton- upon Trent; or at the Office of Mr. Edward Wright, in Burton- upon- Tient aforesaid, any further Particulars may he had. Burton- upon- Trent, March 30, 1810. A" Market Hai borough, April 2nd. 1819. Leicestershire— Valuable Ireehold Property. / J TO BE SOLO BY AUCTION. By Mr. Holloway, On Tuesday the 27 th divot *, pril instant, at three o'clock in t e. afternoon, at. ibe Angel Inn, iti Market Harhorougl), in the county of Leicester, ( unless an acceptable ofier should in the mean time, be made by private contract, iu which case due. notice will be given) \ Close of exceeding rich pasture or mea , dovv ground, in Thorpe Lahgton, in the said county of Leicester, eontaiuir. g seven acres or tliiii- eaboi' ts, ( more or less) in the tenure of Mr John Ifatsbv. The premises may be viewed on application to Mr. Smith, of East Langton, and further particulars known at the office of Mes. ii- . VRT'NABY and'SHUT- TLBWORTH, Attoruies- at Law, in Market Harbo- rough J2. Mai- let Hai'borougb. A very d sirable Freehold family Residence, with' ttachcd PW/' deiaehed'offices, pleasure and kitchen gardens and paddock, contain- ing about an acre. .. ' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HOlJ. OWAY, On Moiidav the 20th day of April instant, about three o'clock in the afternoon, at the Swans Inn, in Market Harborbugh, in the county of Leicester, by order of the Devises in trust un- der the will of Mrs. Susannah Knapp, widow deceased. Very desirable freehold property, compris- ing a spacious and convenient dwelling '/'(.- ist l\' ett Patents. nill! Quarter',. wliioh became due to MesirSi [ Latejf and lleatheoat on the 25th instanti from Persons licensed, iS required to be paid to Messrs. Thbrpe and Middleien, Bankers, Lough- borough, before the 20th of April, cfa which day. nt 11 o'clock in the forenoon, the Patentees, oi their Agenls. will hold their Qurirterly Mectiti:* at the Amdior Inn, in Loughborough aforfisaid. 2' ith March, 1* 19. -. 10- Osijathorpe. TO BP" SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr, HEWITT, At the si<_' n of the Cock, in Helton, in the County, of. Leicester, on Tuesday, the 13th day of April in- stant, precisely at 5 o'clock Sn the afternoon. Sub- ject to such conditions as will be then pfdd( ice4 j rgpHK follosving freehold property, situated tii 0 the adj lining village of Osgathorpe, LOT 1- \ convenicHt dwelling house, with the garde'n < 1 homestead thereto adjoining, in t'ie possessioi* •' Mr John Darby. There is a lime work in- thrf homestead, which was in full use last seaso. i. LOT 2. A close ofgiiodlaiid in grass, belonging to 11* 4 house, and lying in Brandon llarrowhill Field, and containing more or less 3A OR. OP. Mr. Darby will stiew the • ropc. rfv; and furtfei' particulars may be had ofhim, or of Mr. DAIISVJ Attoruey- at- Law, ii1 Custle Donington Leaniingion Spa. y r\ in To () over this Setisott, < li Odstouc. Hall, near Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, the property of V RICHARD ASTLEY, ESQ. y • MAGIC, At Five Guinea^ each Blood Mares, and 5s. the Groom, and Two Guineas country mates, and 2s. ( id. the groom. MAGIC is by Sorcerer, his dam by High- flyer, grandam by Oid Marske, ( sister to Pontac) g grandiirii a la- Gieeque by R'egulus, g g gratidarh by the AHvortliy Starling, Bloody Buttocks, Partner, Greyhound, Brockjesby B* tty, as a runner was thought to be superior to any horse or mate of her time. He is a bright ehesnut, sixteen hands high, with great muscle and power, and is allowed to be the linest tho- rough bred horse in the country: Ills stock out of full blood marcs have been purchased to go on the turf at high prices, and his colts and til- lies out of half bred mares arc promising to make the finest of hunters. There are the best accommodations for any quantity of mates and foals, and the strictest attention wiil he paid to them. N. B. The Groom's fees to be paid at the time of covering, all other expenses before the marcs are- taken away, house, situate at the South end of Market Harbo rough, containing folic pi incipal and four secondary bedrooms, drawing room, dining room, library or breakfast parlour, good entrance hall, conviMieut and requisite domestic ariaugementsand ample. cel- laring. The detached offices consist of a three stall sta- ble, with hay loft and granaries; hay and straw bains, and other convenient out offices, large paved yard, with two pumps and wells of excellent water, pleasure and kitclieu gardens, inclosed with a brick wall, planted with choice fruit trees in full bearing, : also a paddock of exceedingly rich grassing land ad- joining, containing about an acre. Further. particulars may be obtained by applica- tion ( if by letter post paid) to Mr. ADAMS, Soli- citor', or the AUCTIONEER, Market Harbo- I'ough. Market Harborough, J 2d Ajiril, ISi'J. \ / n TO HE SOLD BY A LICTION, JO- By Mr. HOLLO WAY, At the Swans Inn, Market Harboi- 0iigh, in the coun- ty of Leicester, on Friday the 30th day of April, 1819, unless previously. disposed of by private contract, of which timely notice will he given, under and subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced; \ LL that, desinhle and compact Freehold Messuage, Cottage, or Tenement, with the Barn, now converted into a combshop, excellent stabling, . yard, garden well plant-, d with choice young fruit trees, well o! excellent water, outbuild- ii; gs„ anil appurtenances thereunto belonging. sitiiate, and being in tiie centre of the pleasant village of East Laogton, in the said county of Leicester, now in the ten ie. or occupation of John Austen, tenant at will, who will s' evv the premises. The above premises are weil worthy the attention of a Purchaser, being in good repair, and capable of improvement to a considerable advantage. For further particulars, and to treat for the same by private, cor. tract, apply ( if by letter post paid) to Mr. MARS JiEUCfi, Solicitor, in " Market Hurbo rough. 1 Leicestershire. Minor, Mansion, and capital Freehold Estate, containing upwards of Six Hundred Acres, yc. TO BE SOLD BY AtJCTION, By Messrs. SQUIBB and SON, At the Three Crowns Inn, Leicester, on Monday, ./ the 12tli of April, atl2 o'clock at noon, IN LOTS, extensive, valuable, and Freehold Pro- pertv, belonging to WALTER RUD1NQ. Esq. Situated in Westcoates and BromMngsthorpk and the Parish of St. Mary, near the Borough of Leicester Consisting of a manor or reputed manor, an excel- lent Mansion Hoase, Offices, Ac. and Fstate, con taining, altogether, 003A, 1R. SOP. of most fertile, meadow, pasture, and arable Land, together with the tithes of corn, and grain thereof, and of other lands in Broinkingsthorpe, the whole in tine condi- tion, and lying contiguous to the Town, on both sides of the Turnpike Koads leading from Leicester to Hinckley and Narborongh, adjoiriivg the River Soar. The Land may be viewed by leave ofthe Ten- ants, but the Mansion only bv Tickets. Particulars may be had 10 days preceding the sale, at the Crowns, Leicester; Swans, Market Hni- borongh: Bull's Head, Longhbofongh; Bull's Head, Hinckley; Queens Head, Ashbv- de- la- Zouch; Den- bigh \ rms, Lutterworth; and the Geor. e North- ampton ; of Messrs Vhulgate and Neeld, Sol citors, Essex street; ilr H'yutt, New Inn, Messrs. Squibb and Son, SaviHc Row. London; and of Messrs. Miles, Alston, and Miles, Solicitors, Leicester, where a Plan of the Estate may be seen; and Ttcktia had for viewing the Mansion i ' '. i Great Wigston, Leicestershire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION By Mr SIDDA .< Y :, At the house ofMr Thomas (' oilman, known by the sign of the Old Crown, Great Wigston, iu the County of Leicester, on Thursday, the loth day of April, 1819, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, in .. Ipts, subject to such conditions as shall be then produced ; LOT 1. ALL that messuage or tenement, aiid con- venient outbuildings, pleasantly situated at Great Wigston, with the yard and a large garden adjoining, lately occupied by the late Harris, deceased , and of which immediate possession may be had if required. LOT 2. All those two messuages or tenements, and gard- ens adjoining, situate at Great Wigston aforesaid, in the occupation of Thomas Mariow, and milium Clark. LOT 3. All that messuage or tenement, with a stocking makers shop adjoining that will hold six frames, with a yard and garden, situate at Wreat Wigston, in the occupation of William Boulter. For a view of the premises apply to the tenants, or to the Auctioneer, Great W igston M- Most. Valuable Freehold Hotel, desirable, liu: piling Houses, Baths, Building Laud, S\- c. &) C. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JOHN MA FG FITS, At the Bath Hotel, Leamington Fl iers, in the confix ty of Waf vvick, on W ednesday the 14th of April; 1819, under such conditions as w iil be then pro- duced, in lots: rg^ H AT most eligible, long established, fettjS £ much frequented Inn, The BATH Hornp situate in the centre of the celebrated and rapidly increasing fashionable place of resort, Lcariilagt& j Spa, now, and for many years past, in the occup'af' tion of Mrs. Smith; ( now Mrs. Pottertun.) * ALSO, Phe Baths ad. joiSng, called the Original BetV- i; three newly erect < Tdwelling houses adjoining, iii the. several occupations of Mr. Fr,-. nklin, Stirgeoti, Mr William Smith, Fbimbprand Glazier, and Sit. George Commander, BoUr } and twenty fohr lofj( of Land, inost desirably situated for building, 0015-- tignous to the above, of sufficient extent for erect- ing, at least, twenty- four genteel and handsome houses and buildings; and which, when erected, wilt form three commodious streets, the one intend- ed to be railed Abbotts' street, another Smith street, and the other Bath | lacej AE art. TO BE SOLfii, At the same time and place, a Good PEW, No. 28, sufficient t accommodate ten persons at th « least, in the body of the new part of the parUU church ot Leamington aforesaid. The sale to commence precisely at one o'clock. A considerable part of the purchase money, inajrv ( it desired), remain secured 011 mortgage of I'MJL Hotel, and of the Baths, which wi! i comprise fiva ofthe lots. The stock at the Hotel, may be taken by the pufy chaser, at a fair va nation. *„• To view these very excellent pfen ises. pleawi to apply at the Hotel where particulars may be' had, with an engraved plan of the. Estate and Lots j as also at the offices ot Messrs. Tibbits and Son, 80-. lieitors, in Warwick ; Mr. Tibbits, Solicitor, Strat- ford on Avon ; or the Auctioneer, Warwick. . A TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BURTON, At Stapleford, near Melton Mowbray, on Wednes* dav the, 14th, and T hursday the 15th of this inst. April, 1819, On the premises of the late Mr. Rippin, At the Hollygafe House Farm, LL the Live Stock, Implements of Hus- bandry, Household Furniture, and other effects. lsjf Day's sale, April 1 l, Sixty- six ewes and lambs, 5G lamb hogs, two in- calved cows, l infoaled mare, 1 good brown draught mare, 1 fbur year old filly, 1 dittocolt, a sow with ( i pigs, and 1 porket pig, two narrow wheel wag- gons, one of which is nearly new, narrow wheel cart, six inch ditto, corn roll, single wheel ( 1 nigh, pair harrows, tackle for 5 horses, plough trates with pipes and straps, corn fan, corn screen, two quarter of oats, 2 ditto barley, and T strike of beans in sacks, 8 dozen fence trays, beast cribs, sheep troughs, 4 ladders, wheel barrow, large corn rake, rakes, forks, corn sieves, oak post, and wood, and other implements, & c. 2d Day's sale Thursday April 15, I oar post, half tester, ai d tent bedsteads, with printed cotton and other furniture, feathei and flock beds, blankets and quilts, mattresses. Ki dennins- ter floor carpet, 13 feet bv 12 feet, bed side ditto pier and swing glasses, oak bureau, six oak framed chairs, loose seats, elbow Windsor ditto, with neat chamber ditto, good oak dining, tea, an drcssiu tables, bason stand. 30 hour clock, good oak case compass dial, tea tray anil waiters, glass and china 2 pail handsome silver table spoons' awl pintrrtpsv fire irons and fenders, brass pots and pans, 2 brew- ing copers, with tubs and barrels, barrel churn, cheese press, two milkdeads, and other dairy arti- cles, & c. Each mor. ing at 10 o'clock,- Meltcn MOT, bray partis SI, ( Sly, . Pipwell Woods, near Kettering, JLl* Northamptonshire. On Wednesday and Thursday, the 14th Bffd 16th days of April. 18'.}). WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs, Leret and. CarrhgtOn, ( Under the direction of Mr. B. Button,) AGreat quantity of fi e Oak Timber, cf large dimensions,- with Lop, Top, oiid Bark; Further particulars next week. 2b- NORTH AM PTON SHIRK, Between Oundle and Market fIarborou^ Tx "" he Manor of biggin, with the . Mansion ami capital Estate, Freehold atul lith - fieri Nearly one thousand three hundred aCts* of rich Feeding, Grazing and \ V10d land; To be Sold by Auction, By Mr. Robins, At Carraway'sCoffee- house, Exchange Alley, Qirri- I ill, London, oil Thursday, the 13th of May, at Twelve o'clock, — IN ONE LOT, npHE Biggin Estate, Freehold and Tj'thr- X Free. The Manor of liiggin, well stored with Game, with til • eleganL designed mansion, nearly finished— the elevation in the Italian Style, with a grand nobis Portico to the east front; with offices, Gardens, pleasure Grounds, surrounded bf upwards of One Thousand T'vio Hundred and Sixty Eight Acres of capital feeding pastures, meadows^ smail part Arable and noble woods, all stocked witte capital full grow n timber, the principal of fine Oak. The Lands round the mansion in the Park Sty'i£ with grand avenues of lofty timber tvr; csi The Woods and about ninety, acres of laud aveifi baud, Containing together two hundred and forty- six acres. The remainder divided into eligible farm/! and pastures, let to most respectable tenants at Will t'ie rental and moderate estimated value upwards of two thousand one hundred pounds per annum and higtilv improvable. A most eligible piopei'ty for residence or investment. in acheeifnl pleasant conn- try, excellent neighbourhood, and abounding in fleef spotts: within two miles ofOundle,- T4 from Stilton and Stamford, 30 from Northampton, and SO from London. The load from O'nndle to Market Harbc- roUi; h passes through the estate. May be viewed any day preceding the sale, StiBe days excepted, by tickets, and by applying to- Cbar- les Berkeley, Esq. at the Mansion House which may be seen from eleven to three where particulars ms. y be had; and of Robert Shi rat d, Esq and at the Swan and the Talbot funs, Oondie; Vnjile, Peterborough, and Stilton; Ge'oigcThrap.< ita> i^ t » iuf< ird,? nd Nor- tliani) ton ; Swainis, Harboroath ; l! » ycorfe. Wan*, fiiriljtbe Hotel,- Hen and Chickens B. ndngltaqi; | George, Lichfield; Messrs liiniet, Moo re,' Lake, and Bltrley, Lhieolu's fen ; at. Garriwuy's (,' ollesr bouse. at:<> of Mr b'obiiis, Warwick slice!, ( Je'jtca si|. mire. l. onliou ; . where p! wi. d et » - seen, 411U ii'- i. cts fiir v( cy, LaJ, aud it tkz Jfu. shu. Leicester Journal, atid Midland Counties General Advertiser. uedccsday and Thursday's Post LONDON, W'EDNES.) f April 7. __ ix FROM TI1E LO'N DON GAZETTE, ' 1' iicnilay, ipril 0. [ A Proclamation by Hie Prince Regent aj> pe; ared in this iiazette last rfigh't, com- mandinf thstthe'He'w Crow* Pi cesjust is-' sued~ j;! u! l henceforth " be curre> t and law- ful- Money cf the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and shall pass and be received as current and lawful money of the said king- dom, that is to say, such Crown Pieces as of the value of five shillings in'all payments arid transactions of irtoney."— This'Gazette • also doritaiiis an Order in C ouncil for dis- persing with the training of the Militia at the present, and ordering " thaf, no training or exercising of the said Militia do take plane in the present year.] Foreign Office, April fi, 1819. Extract of a Dispatch from the Hoable. O. II. I'ose, his Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and - Minister Plenipotentiary at tile Court of Berlin, to Viscount Castlereagh, K. G. dat- ed Hanover. March 26, 1819.— Received April G. > Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge wag safely delivered or a male child, at ten minutes past two o'clock this morning, at. Cambridge house, in this City. His Roval Highness the Duke of CI fence, the Earl of Mayo, and myself, attended her Royal Highncss's Confinement, and have pigned a formal declaration to the above ef- fect. fier Royal Highness and her child have passed the night quite w ell. He appears to l; e healthy and well grown. : Extract of a Dispatch from the Honble. G. II. JJnse, his Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary at , the Court of Berlin, to Viscount Castlereagh. K. G. dated Hanover, March 27, 1819.— Received April 6. It is my duty to apprise your Lordship, that Iter Royal Highness the Duchess of Clarence was delivered of a female child this "" morning, at 10 minutes past seven o'clock; that the child wis born alive, and was bap- tised at nine o'clock this morning, according to the rites of the Church of Englar d, by- Lie names of Charlftlte- Augusta- Louisa; — and that it expired at one o'clock this after- noon, at the Eustenhof, the residence of his Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence in t'lis City, « here it was horn. Ilis Rjyal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, the Earl of Mayo, and myself attended her Royal . Highnsss's r. onh'aement, and have signed a toripal declaration to the above effect. 77ic Hake of Vt rk's Council. On Satur- day last, about half past eleven o'clock, the Duke of York held a Council, at Windsor Palace, to inquire into the state of the King's health. The fiv•> Physici ins made their re- . port to the Dnke; after which his Ryal Highness and the Members of the Council vent to visit his Majesty. This being a quarterly meeting, the report was s nt to the Privy Council Office to be deposited agree- . kidy to the directions of the lieticnry Act. ' Yesterday the ( b lowing bulletin of the • state of the King wa exhibited at Saint James's Palace:— " Windsor Castle, Aprils. " His Majesty continues to enjoy a good state of bodily health, and has been tranquil and cheerful through the last month, hut his Majesty's disorder Teftiiins undiminished." The Public are naturally very anxious to know the amount of the Quarter's Revenue, which closed on Monday. The event has . Veen favourable. An improvement lias ta- l? n place even upon the produce of the cor- . i sspouding quarter last year ' which was of ' itscl( greater by £ 739,000 than the April quarter ofthe preceding year. The British rcrenue in tiie April quarter of the year 1817, produced t' 0,510,000; that of the quarter, ending the 5t'< day of April, 181( 5, A' 10,2l;>, 000, while the quarter which ex- pired on Monday, has produced ono less a sam than £ 10,482,000. The official account of the net produce of the rev ease in tie years ending the fifth of April, 1 » 18, and fifth of April, IBID, was presented to the House of Commons on Tuesday night, and it must gratify every ffi;. n who feels an interest in the welfare of . his country, to know that the revenue of t. be present year exceeds that of the prece'd- f- iVur year in the sum of £ 1,803,9- 32 Total revenue for the vaav— Ending the 5th of April, 1818. .£ 47,247,031 Do. the 5thof April, 181.0.,. 49,050,563 It is said, that the French Minister of War proceeds in the organization of the ' army. Besider the orders for arming the fortresses, © n the northern frontier, a regi ment of artillery is to come from the south of the kingdom. Forty thousand men are to be added this year to tho Departmental Legions. The Minister places the Officers On half- pay as much s- Tvice, and make* among them. ty for " a term of years beyond the period t . Company's Charter would expire, would he legrci. This discussion was consequently < le- | ( cited for live weeks. Baonaparte.— Mr. Stokoe, So iff eon of the Conqueror, and who succeeded Mr. O'Meara as medical attendant to Napoleon, came home last week in the Trincomalee frigate, this gen- tleman having had some dispute with Sir Hud- son Lowe. Buonaparte is stated to have had a slight apo; Jectic ( it, and is in a bad state of health. One of the largest Factories in Yorkshire, si- tuated at Leeds, erected by Messrs. Clayton and Gorsidc. at an expense of £ 60,000, for the ma- nufacture ofllax, canvas, and linen, & c. has been closed, and several hundreds of hands in consequence turned out of employ. Novel Exercise-— A Gentleman of ( he whip and turf has undertaken to drive a chaise and four oxen live miles, over Newmarket Heath, within an hour, for a large sum of money ;' to take place during the present month. The oxen have been in training for some time. Some alterations in our import Duties are re- ported to be contemplated, as connected with the improvement of the Revenue ; amongst which foreign Clover Seed, it is said, will be liable to an additional duty of 25s. per owt. operating in thevvay of encouragement and protect on to the farmer, as well as making an increase of£ 00,000 in the Duties paid on that article alone, even supposing thv importation to be lessened. Tlte consolidated Duties on it would then be about 37s. per owt. Y Bank, tokens are no longer allowed to pass; persons oli'eung them in payment are subject to a penalty. -> The Assizes for the County of Devon closed on Tuesday noon, the 10th ult. The case of • Mniy Woodman, aged 30, indicted for the wil- ful murder of her husband, afforded most me- lancholy proof of the deep depravity of human nature. She bad been married to her husband Charles Woodman, eight years, when she left him, and went to live with a man who attended the fairs of the neighbourhood of Okehampton, as a liddler, called Richard Sniallacombe, but better known by tho name of Smiler. She went about with bins as his wife. The prisoner was a handsome woman ; Suiilor ( who was tried at the same Assizes for uttering- baso coin) is an ugly'squalid looking fellow. Her husband had shewn uncommon attachment to her. In Oc- tober last, she being then in the neighbourhood of Okeliampton, he sent to her, saying he wish- ed to speak to her, when he desired she would stay at home and live with him. She refused at first, and said she was going up the country.— Prisoner said to her husband, " can you main tain me ?" he replied " if I starve myself. I will maintain yon." She then agreed to stay at home, and said to a witness, " the sooner I come home the better, as then I shall be happy; he will be gone, and 1 shall have Stutter!'' She soon after this determination went to a wedding feast with her husband, at South Zeal, ap^ ia rt- ntly on the bestteTmsof Friendship with ! um1Jkj when she administered a deadly poiaon to him ! It did not, however, take the effect shelntonded;. she applied to a surgeon, who t„ ld her her bus baud was getting better ; she then, when he was striferin? under agonies that would soften the heart of a savage, contrived means to obtain a quantity of arsenic, with which, having admi- nistered it to him twice, she completed herhor- rfyle purpose ; having no other motive or object in the world than to indulge in a [ criminal con- nexion with the wretched object of her atten- tions. When she purposed her husband's death, she put bitu into the two clubs with a view to obtain £ 20 to spend nt hi* death. On the. lodge passing the dreadful sentence of death on her, » he leaned her head on her aim, and looked him steadily in the face ; at its conclusion she exclaimed, to the horror of the whole Court, in a most dangerous altitude, " Well, I w i! 1> never forgive any of my persecutors ; they have sworn false, and the Devil will drag them into hell; and God will forgive me," She was taken away by force, uttering the vilest impreca- orrs! On Monday morning, the 2& id ult. pursuant to her sentence, she" was drawn upon a hurdle fr jtn tke door of the cell yard, to beexeci/ ted, in front of the Devon county gnu). Her con- duct after her condemnation, was marked by the same obduracy and impenitence as slie ex- hibited at her trial. On ascending llvs steps to the lodge, and approaching the drop siit> ap- peared gieatly agitated, but quickly resumed her former daring spirit, and aseemfod the plat- form with a firm step. Her eyes were now ear- nestly directed tow ards the prison, to take her last look at Smallarombe. but means had heeu taken for preventing his appearing to her v » ew ; a disappointment which she scorned Ki feel se- verely . She still continued inexorable against all or. treaties of the clergyman to make confes sion ; but wns at length prevailed upon to re- peat the Lords prayer, which she did in a man- ner almost inaudible, and the fatal drop fell immediately at ( be close of it. An immense concourse of spectators attended the execu- tion. • Smallacombc bad invented a plea to bring her oil'; no less than that of charging the death of her husband on himself; and a witness was to have been produced to swear that he had confessed bis repeatedly Inning poison andtak- ing it, with a determination of destroying him- self; but none could be found hardy enough to appear in support of such a plea. Her body was riven to the surgeons, to be dissected and anatomised. Her brother, Wni. Potter, aged 40, was tried for an indescribable offence. Annual Kxpence of the Transportation of Convicts to New South Wales and its Depen- dencies, and of the Establishments there:— ...£ 216,291 8 71 their opinion, be materially obstructed arid de" lajed by a continuance of the drain ispouth0 Treasure of the, liank, on account of the engage- ment of the bank to pay in cash all its Notes outstanding, of an earlier daje than January 1st 1817, and on account of the payment in cash of fractional sums under £ 5. That the committee therefore think it their duty to suggest to the House the expediency of passing forthwith a bill, restraining all such payments in Gpld coin, until the report of the committee shall have been received, and con- sidered by the House, and a legislative mea- sure passed thereupon. April- 5, 1819. as possible in active . imself very popular 1816... 1817.. 1818.. 232,585 9 178,989 19 6J-- 4i The celebrated M. Kotzebue, was assassinat- ed On tho 23d olt. in his bed chamber, at Mun- lieim. A stu'denf attacked him on his political opinions, and after a short delay, and proposals for ; i duel, which M. Kotzebue probably refus id, stabbed him four times with a poinard. Kotzebne fell dead in tf'e arms of his eldest daughter, who ran into the room, on hearing the cries of her father. The assassin quietly walked into the street, raised $ S* cla § ped hands to ( leaven, exclaimed " VivatTuelmiik," f, stab- bed himself on the spot. Assistance was pro- cured. and he survived on the 24th. hut it is not thought he can recover. Meeting at the India House.— A meeting was held at the India House of the Court of Pro- prietors, for tin- | urporeof considering the pro- posed grant of £ 6000 a year to the Marquis of Hastings ar. d his family, for the period of 20 yeaiH. hut the question was deferred on a* ccount « f it letter received from Mr. Canning, inform- ' iasrlbelliMrnian, that r. ny jrnut of an animi- TO MERCHANTS. A circular has been addressed " to the Mer- chants of Great Britain, trading to the United Sta'es of Anierira," for the purpose of furnish ing, th<; m with information, a* to the state of the existing law s for the recovery of debts in that country. The endeavours of several mem- bers of Congress to obtain an ellieient Bankrupt Law hate failed; and the recovery of debts is tberof6re governed by the insolvent laws of the different states,- which are nearly similar in their operation. Under these laws. " When any description of persons— merchant mechanic. farmeV, or tradesman, stops payment' he disposes of his property to whomsoever of bis creditors be thinks proper, by an assignment under which, or by the usage of tlif country, his accommodation notes must first be paid, as a point of honour. Borrow ed money next claims a preference, and then the creditors amongst ( lie particular frietldsof the debtor, by friendship or by blood, take p'reoedcncy of payment. By this time all th « assets' are swallowed up, and to crown all, the debtor chooses his onm assignees with the privilege of declaring who shall be paid ia full, and who shall receive nothing!" If a creditor objects to this mode; he is term- ed" oppressive," and a " blood- tucker"— the deb- tor must then go to prison, "' which is easily ac- complished at the most - convenient tinre, by ( he mentis of a friendly or preferred creditor" and he can, by petition, stating " that be has no real or personal property," < jbtain his liber- ty, and may " enter into business again, and pass through the same operation, as often m he can liud credulity to work upon." " After this exposition, the merchants and manufacturers of England cannot plead igno- rance of the risk they run, in giving credit to persons of whom their knowledge is at best but superficial; permit one who is a stranger to many of you ! o say, that the excessive . credits you too readily give, cannot fail to result in enormous losses, and if you continue in the pvaetice— in utter ruin. This nation cannot, ciuisnme the vast amount of goods continually sent; and with a few trifling exceptions, searofc- ly any artieles will bring their original cost and charge* in America.— In consequence of which, and to the irreparable injury of the holiest, well meaning merchant, goods are commonly sold tit auctions just as they arrive, by hundreds of packages, alnays at a loss, and sometimes at sacrifices so great, that I forbear suggesting an idea of them, lest it should appear incredible.— These ruinous lesses must ultimately fall upon you." '.'.'.,' Wc regret that our limits will not permit us to give this curious document entire, as we con ceiveit of great importance to our mercantile readers-. But. we should think what we have quoted, will answer the purpose of making them more cautious in giving credit to the Ame- rican dealers. . - w MEYNEI. L HUNT SPRI\ G RACES, - OVEK USBEY HACE COt'RSE, 1 I Oh Thursday, the I if of April, 1819. The Hoarcross Stakes, being a Swoepstakes of five guineas each, for horses not thorough bred, that have been regularly hunted, & c. & c. The best of three two mile heats. Thirteen subscribers. Rode by Gentlemen. LordTaimvordi's b liFazio, 1......• * Mr Hulbert's h 111 Hfllv, by Baukur, ...... Mr Richardson Radford's b g lioh Koy, ..... VlrStubbs Wightwiijk'i br g the Wider .... Mr A IWjosfev's bl a, Bachelor, The Miller fell lame in running the first, heat, and two others w ere dr - twn. Same day, a Silver Cup, value 20 guineas, with 30 guineas added, and ten guineas to the se- oond horse, given by lie Gentlemen of the Hunt, for horse? not thorough bred, bonafide the property of farmers residing in the coun- ties Of Derby or Stafford ; to have been regu- larly bunted, ic. &. c. & c. and not to have been put in training for this race before the I si of March.— Rode by Farmers.— The best of 3 two- mile beats. Mr Baggiilev's cli s Latitude Mr Lager's br ID Elvira Mr Witton's elr g Justice Sir Eaglesfielti's br g Plougliboy Mr Bailey's b g W oodbine Mr Han es's ch g Gamester Mr Woodward's brio MissPUttoff Mr Massev's ch g White . Stocking White Stocking fell in ninnirg the first heat. Au objection having been made previous to the Race against Latitude's starting, lie hav- ing been sent into a reputed training stable one week before the first of - March, the Cnp, & c. Were withheld by the Stewaids for the pre- sent. 1 2 1 2 . 2 7 4 3 5 0 4 ( i 3 dr 3 0 dr 4 0 dr 8 0 dr . " 7 LoiighboYovffh Evblie, £ ispensary. N consequence of a resolution passed at the last lijonthiy meeting, the sub committee lmve to mt'oi ill the Governors and Subscribers, th; tt the above l> isp'ens< iry'\ vin be'openSd foi'the recep- tion of such Patients as are recommended by the Governors and Subscribers of tile Institution, on Thursday, the 15th day of April instant. TK. II. Fasbrooke, Secretary. at 1' urt of thii Advertisement is inserted in lust col. of the Jirstpagc, and worlitd off before tUUieus received. PARLIAMENTARY PAPERS. First Rrp/ trl of the Secret Committee on the E.* iediency of the Bank Resuming Cash PaymentI. The Committee of Secresy appointed to con- sider of the state of the i5ank of England, with r ference to the expediency of the Resumption cf Cash Payments at the period fixed by law, and into such other matters as are connected therewith ; and to report to the House such in- formation rel tive thereto, as may be disclosed without injury to the public interests, with their Observations thereupon: — Are engaged in deli bra ling upon their re port; which they hope to be able to present to the House on an early day after the approach- ing recess. The Committee having a confident expecta- tion that, in that report, they shall be euabled to fix a period, and recommend a plan, for the final removal of the present Restriction on the ! Hank, think it theirduty to submit to the House, ' that the execution of any such plan would, in PIP WELL, NEAR HETTEKISO, NORTJIAMPTONSHIRB. Fine large OAK TIM HER. With Lop, Top, and IS'. nk. * TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, liy McsSrs. l. cvct and ( Jariifigton, On Wednesday mid Thursday, the 14t! i and 15th days of April, iSIB, ( Under the dircchtn » f Mr. li. Button,) IN PIP WELL WOODS* Viz:— Monk's Harbour, Raw Haw, Crabtree Hill, fwad BvuitiW :——. \ BOUT Four Hundred fine OAK TREES, of large dimensions, divided into one- hnodred and fifty Lots. ' Hie above Timber is srtitaple for ship building and public works. Builders, Coopers, & c. and ad- vaut » g « o'usly-> ituated for carriage* being one mile distant from the Turnpike Road leading t'om Mar- ket Ilarboroiig'p to Uppingham and Ontidle; and 2 wilos from the Turnpike Road leading from Ket- tering to Boekinehnm; and 7 iriies from the Grand . lull' t'iOO Canal at iVhirketHarbarough and Bowden, and 10 miles fri'iii Thrsipstoo, . where the navigable River ieads to Lyun ; and 12 miles to Oimdle, where it meet* the same river. The Timber is now blazed and numbered, and may be viewvd six ( lavs before the days of sale, by ap| lying to iVir. John Essams, at the LodS, e, near tlie Woods. Kf- Credit will be given till the first day of Ko- ventber, lsit.', to Purchasers of £ 20 and npwauls, on ( saving a deposit • i'A20 pereei. t. and giving an approved joint security fat tiie remainder. Tlie C. mpSiiv are requested to meet the Auction- eers at < hc Public House, Pipwell, by nine o'clock, in tlie m in ing of each day, a « J immediately pro- en d to s de. Catalogues may be tad of Mr. R. BUTTON, Thin ,- c jViaisor, Northamtonsfiire; Ulr. Jukn Estams, ( ij- well lodge, near the Weeds; the Public House, j>!;. well; aud Messrs. Levet and Curritigton, Auc- tiot. eers, Kettering. I or further paj- ticnlars apply to iMr. B. BUTTON, aforesaid. « A COUNTY, OF LEICESTER TO uit. - iO THE ASSISE OF II RE AD. ' FOR THE HUNDRED OF GUTHLAXTON WKlGilT. PRICE. lbs. oz. dr. s. d. .. 4 5 .. 2 2 .. 0 12 . .0 0 .. 4 5 . .2 ? S., 12. I. 0. .. 0 ( 1> . .0 oj . .0 2 .. 0 t 12 11) 6 5 8.... 0 11 12 0 5i .0 2 .0 1 W ft EATEN. Qflav'ern' Loaf. Half vluartern ditto Twn-; ielinv'd itto Benny ditto STVNDAKl) WViEATtN. Quartern Loaf Halt Quarter n ditto Two- peniry ditto Pouny ditto IIOCSEHOI. U. Quartern Loaf t. Half Quartern ditto Two- pev. uy ditto i'ennv ditm Set by us, Two ot hiS Majesty VJnstices of the Peace ill and fur the said Hundred, this 3rd day of April, 18( 9, and to continue ia force fkr savcu days. from Saturday next. THOS. liFl. CVtVE. ' J. tVi VAIVSEY. .. 4 8 0 ( 0| 2 2 12 0 S\ 0 12 14 0 2 0 6 1 0 1 lit turn of the Acerage Price of & I'hmr. at Loughborough, April Slit' Qrain Wheat Billlev .... ,, ' V - 0 ; Oats 0 ! Beanv....... £( 12 3 4 ft 2 3 3 ; i W lieaten i' 3 3 . j, J { Standard ditto: 3 0 ( I Household ditto 2 17 ' HIE ASSIZE OF DREAD, r ' roil THE IICM> 11 EI) OF WE' 8 T GOSCOTE. WRKATEN. IVeight.^ f s. d. Quartern Loaf, 4 5 8 J | 0 11J Half ditto...'...,'..,,. 2 2 I'lFimy ditto. I........ 9 0 ' Twopenny ditto...... 0 11 STAM1ARU WHEATEN, Quartern 1. oaf 4 5 Half dit'. o 2 2 Penny ditto 0 r. Two'- penm ditto, 0 12 IIOCSEIIOM). Quartern Loaf........ 4 5 Halt' ditto 2. 2 Pennv ditto 0 0 Two- penny ditto...... 0 13 3J L 12 9 3 J 0 lli 0 61 0 1 ' 0 2 0 - 105 0 * 5t 0 1 0 2 Corn Exchonge, April 7. Our Market continues exceedingly heavy for all Grain', yet what fine wheat was disposed of this morning obtained Monday's prices The supply of Bailey, both English and Foreign, being very huge, and haviug but few buyers, sales were very heavy to day and rather lower pricesweresubmitted to. Oatsare Is. per quar- ter cheaper, having considerable arrivals from our own coast. In beans and pens there is no- thing doing and prices are nominal.— On Fri- day ( being Good Friday) the Corn Exchange wiii be shut. BANKRUPTS FROM TUESDAY'S GAZETTE. I Trpvers. Lambeth, coal merchant C Cutr, Bridge- street, Westminster, jeweller J Hearse, Plymouth- dock, saddler J RSaxby, Hawkhurst, Kent, hop merchant R Jones, C. heapside, woollen draper D Wmath, Truro, Cornwall, smith J Swainston, Kendal, morocco leather manufacturer S Hawkins, Milton, Hampshire, dealer VV Gilliiiioie, Norhury, Derbyshire, tanner S Thornley, F^ venshulme, Lancashire, and J Beck- ton, Manchester, manufacturers S Pant. on, Milton next Sittinghourne, Kent, miller W H aimvright, Liverpool, merchant W Clancy, Cornhill, provision merchant B Smith, Birmingham, steel toy maker A On the Cornwall, 1 eiecstcr. THIS PRESENT SATURDAY, April IOth, lialf- past eleven o'clock * Y WILL BE SOLD BY vUCTlQN, AJ. • BY DAVIS and SON, In addition to the brewing Vessels advertised last Week, Most excellent jmrrow wheel Waggon, latlim, & c. ( nearly new.) ALSO, On Saturdav. April 17th instant, BY AUCTION, On the CORNW U. L, at the above time, A useful six- inch Cart, one capital stout ditto, pair of Seed Harrows, four sets of Horse'Tackie, good Cart Saddle, Breech, 4c. & c. To Puinteos, and others.- And also. On Saturday, the 17th in « t. on the CORNWALL, Leicester, at the above- time," r ' A large quantity of Lead coloured Paint, In casks, brin lots by weight. For view of a sample of the above Paint, apply to the Auctioneers N. B.— This Advertisement will not be repeatcd. [ One concern. PRICE O F STOCKS. 3 per Cent. Red. 73| 3 per Cent. Cons. 74J 3- i per CCnt..... 82J. 4 per Cents. 5 per Cents Cons. forAec 93 10? J The annexed ASSIZE set by us, two of his Majes- ty's Justices of the Peace, in and for the eotlnty of l. eicrster, this 8th day of April, 1819, and to continue- in force for seven days, ft obi Saturday next. /'. /.. STORY. JOHN DUDLEY, SAMUEL MARTIN. Receiver of the Assize Returns ... foe- Lough borough. PELICAN OFFICE, ' or Insurance of Lives and granting Annuities '' T^ HIS OFFICE was establishedinLOMBARD JL STRBF. T, LONDON, in the year 1797, by a numerous and respectable Proprietary : and the Hoard of Directors, with confidence arising from the increased prosperity and permanency of the es- tablishment, as well as from the experience ofils usefulness anil benefit to the public, think it due to those, who may be still unacquainted with the im- portance and advantages of LIFE Is SURA NCE. brifcf- K tosu/ aesi some of iis leading and peculiarrecom- mendatiens to almost every decree and rank in so- clt tv. Life Insurance is of manifest conscqurnce to all who hold estates for life, situations and offices, civil, ecclesiastical, or professional; to ofhcerS ill the army an^ l nav>, ic. asliy payment ofthe annu. al premium the paity insured isenibletf to provide for wife, children, orotheis, whose July re welfare lie may wish ill vain, by other means, ti) promote. Ii affords a permanent nUiniate security to those who advance niortey upon annuities or, otherwise. It rcmiersleases, determinable on one or more lives, nearly equal in value to freehold eslates, as an in- surance to the amount. of the tine, payable 011 the dunis of a party nominated in'such leases, will produce the sum required tor- a renewal. It is at cheering refuge to parties pngatifd in ex tensive and, speculative undertakings : it affords to persons in trade tlie certain means of indemnification against 5 had or doubtful debt ; in- short, life insurances established in policy, sanctioned by Government and confirmed by llic test of experience, is become, to almost every situaiion of human life, a measure equally important, useful, and beneficial. Annuities are granted under the most equitable terms, under a Special Act of Parlianu nt, granted to lliis. office. ' 1 fit) M AS I' A RKE Sec. PELICANS COMPANY'S AGENTS AT Leicester—( « . B. Hodges. Loughborough- C f acey. Nottingham—. 1 elin Parkcr. fietctark- - J. Stan « all. - ' ff'tiritick— Mr. Ti-- dmas; > « Rirmingham—. 1. Fan or. h' » rlhamfit< m-- Gvi rge Osbcr[), M Excellent Forming Stock. Slteffijigicn,- LEICESTERSHIRE. TO BE SOT D BY AUCTION, - Bv DAVIS AND SON, On Monday, April 12, 1819, being Easter Morrday, ALL the truly valuable jive stock, of Mrs. BRA DDE*, on the premises at Skertiug- ton, Leicestershire ' ( Who is leaving her farm) Consisting of ! 2 » > valuable lamb'd and ln: l. amb ewes ar. d theaves I OH wether and ewe fimrbs. 3 cons and calves. 3 new mileh'd cows, 5 hkca'ved cows, 3 barren'cows, 7 sturk heifers, 3 two year old steers, 3 stork bulls, ( yearling bull calf, 2 yearling cow calves, and - 1 very useful draught mures, one io- foal. .--'-_ On account of tlie great nnniber oflots,*, tire sale will commence in the morning precisely - at teu o'clock. Catalogues may now be had of tbe Auctioneers, ami place of sale. N B. The above flock of sheep will be fonfid fresh, and particularly useful. C apital I at Stock- Firstal, near Lcietitcr. 2c TO BE SOLD BY A LOTION, / ' By DAVIS AND SON, On Monday, April tilth, ( 819, on the premises of Mr. THOMAS WHILES. of Birsial aforesaid, " J e) I Prime fat Wethers, in lots of 6 each, 3 1 O- rS- Koi> d fat bullocks, and 3 fat cahes. • Sale to begin in the morningat ten o'clock. Catalogues may now be had of the Auctioneers, and-. t lace of sale. 1 ru, ialuublt and genteel Household Furniture. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, B] l DA I IS and SON, Some time in this present month, TB^ HE modern ajid genteel household fnrni- JL tuift, and other effects, of the Bev. P. L. STORY, On the premises, in the Hi? h Cross Street, Leicester". • ' , -, Further particulars ai d day of sale in next weeks paper, and catalogues in due trine. N. B Ti. e house aiid gardens to be let until St. Michael. Possession to be bad a week after the sale- , Vicarage House, liothley. - Genteel and useful Household Furniture, togethtp Kith a valuable l ibrary of ISoohs. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By- ftfr. Bwrgess, On tlie premises, at the Vicarage House, Bothley, oi » Monday- nndTuesday April 12th and 13th, TJ ART of the genteel aiid useful household } furniture, ami other effects; andon the3 fjlewing days, tire whole of the. truly valuable Li- brarv ; the property of the v?-''. Rev. A. MACAU LAY, deceased. The Furniture com; rises mahogany 4 | 0str tent,, and other bedsteads, feather and wool beds capital mahogany dining table, with circiilai- ends, 10 feet 2 inch by? feet 10, various other tables, mahogany wardrobe, handsome sideboard, Umssels, Kidder- minster, and other carpets, kitchen and biewiug- rec| Uisites, 18, 22, 30, and40 gallon barrJ^ a gig and harness, i sefnl bay horse, a cow aiKPrearling call^ two asses infoal, capital sow and litter of pigs,. 4: 2 ropiid 1 dder, and var. ous other eflects. The library coi sifts of a valuable collection of Historical and ' lh" clogiral Uorks, inclodirig many books re'. atine to tin- reformation of very rare oe- currei ces, there are also Nichols' leicestershire, H- vols folio, Bayles" Historical and Critical Dictiona- ry, 5 vols folio the works ot Rob, itson, ribbon,. Moskein,'( illotson,' larke. Black bnme, J01 tiu, anii others equally < b sirahle. Cafalogr. es of < b B- oks ac. d Furniture may be had 611 Wednesday tb£ 7th inst. at Mr. Combes, bookseller, at the Vicarage House, Rotbtey, and of Mr Burgess, New street, t eicester, — TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, 11 u Mr. BURGESS, 32. At the V HITF, LION INN, Leicester, on Thursdir, the 15tli day of April, 1819, at 0 o'clock in tiib afternoon, under such conditions as will be pto- duced; " ilJIE following lots of Freehold Prcpertr, viz;—. LOT 1. hreemessuages or . teneinei ts in the Town Hall Lane, in Leicester, in the s v ra'I oecni atiOfis of T, Martin, P. Barnacle and . Noble, together With eight teneiuehts, a tai\ eVbakehonse, aud i! store rooms beliitid tlie'same, in tile several occupations of — Moore, — Green, — ' Iliorp, — U heat, — Marvin, — Ward, — Staple*, aud— Springtllorp. LOT 2. Two messuages and three tenenu nts, with the yard, garden, cow shed's. stables and other buildings thereto b longing, in the Millstone Lane, in Leices^ ter aforesaid, now in the several occupations of Thomas Webster, milkman — Baisby, — Squires, — Slater, and—' Perkins t or fnrther particulars apply to J'r SHEPPABD, L Solicitor, or M r. COOK, Architect. 1 eieester; and for aview of- the premises to Mr. Cook. 33. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION Bv il-' r. IIOLLIER, ': At the house of Mr. Edward Hewitt, called or known by the name or sign ofthe Crooned Billet, situate at Dunton Basse'u, near. Lutterworth, iu the county ol Leicester, on Friday., the 23d day of April instant, precisely at tour o'clock lutbe afternoon, HI. D? r conditions of sale to be then aud there produced-; \ LL that 7th part or share ( the whole into seven parts to be divided) upon the de-: cease of two persons, flie'one aged 09; the other 59 o- thereabouts, of and in all those two several clo- ses. pieces, or parcels ofarahle land or ground, situ- ate, lung and'bei g, within the paris1 of r union Bassett aforesaid, in a high state of cultivation, called or known In t'i- several names of the upper Beaumont close, and thelowc! Beaumont. idose, con- taining together bv eltimanon 18 acres or there-- aliouts, ( more o- less) and now and for some time past iu the teprtre or occupation of Mr. Watts, ki* assigns or undertenants < For further ir. f rmati 11 or to treat fer the same, - ar- ply at the otticis of Mr. SODEN, Solicitor, ia Hinckley, or at'his Chambers, ( the G-.* oj j{ e fc- x" Market BoMrotth, on Wedjitsdnjs. Notice to Debtors and• Creditors, fc LL persons vvlio stand indebted to Mr. X\ WIM. OUCHBY WILLEY, of Leicester, are requested to pay the same immediately to Mr. B. PAYNE, Auctioneer,<* c HotelStreet; and all per- sons who have any claims upon the said W. W. are desired to send ill their accounts as above. Leicester, April Sth, 1819. Notice to Debtors ami Creditors. 5T * 1,1, Persons who stood indebted to the I\ late Mr, JAMES UURBIDGF,, Briish- malte. r, at the time ofhis Decease, are requested to pay the same immediately, to Mr. B. PAYNE, AUCTIONEER, & c. HOTEL STREET, Leicester. And all Persons who have any Claim upon the said Estate, are desired to send in their Accounts forthwith, as above, in order that they may be ex- amined and discharged. Leicester. Apr 18th, 1819. Under a Distress for Rent. TO BE SOLI) BY AUCTION, By Mr. B. PAYNE, On Monday next, the 12th April instant, on the pre- mises, at Saint Mary's Mill, near Leicester, ATen spindle spinning machine, 4 drawing ditto, live pair of combs, large beam and scales, lot of working tools, slat partitions, washing machine, drying frame, and a variety of other arti- cles. Also, the fixtnres in the house, consisting of fire ranges and ovens, copper and furnace, cup boards, . tp. & c. Sale to commence at half past one o'clock. TO UK SOLD AUCTION, By Mr. B. PA YSE, rOn Wednesday, the 14th day of April inst. at Mr. Whitmore's, the sign of the lilack Bull, in Apple- gate street, at 2 o'clock in the Afternoon, THE FOLLOWING Valuable Stocking Frames, viz :— Lot. No Gge. Width. " mure ut 1 2 3: 4 5' 6 7 - 8 0 10 11 12. Vi 11 1J 13 17- 1$ 19 20. 1 1 2 ' 3 4 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 M IS 17 18 29 21 22 - 2i 21: ' 24 22 25 23. 21 125 28 2? 28 29 30 ai 33- 34 35 se 37 38 3 J • 40 41 42 43 41 26 27 28 30 31 32 33 34 35 SO 37 43 - 12 43 44 41 49 50 21 18 22 20 22 18 21 20 21 20 20 » £ 3 20 21 23 21 20 20 22 20 18 23 2.1 23 21 20 23 18 23 21 14 21 15 18 21 L'l 21 IS 21 21 24 - Ditto - Ditto - Ditto - Ditto - Ditto - Ditto - Ditto - Ditto - Ditto* - Ditto - Ditto 15 plain Place of Sale 15 ditto — 15 ditto— 15 di'to— 15 rib — 1- 5 plain— 15 ditto— 15 ditto— 15 ditto— 15 ditto— 15 ditto — 15 ditto— 15 ditto — 15| ditto— 15 ditto— 13 ditto— 15 ditto - 15 rib — 15 plain- 15 dirto 15 ditto— 15 ditto - 15 ditto— 15 ditto— 15 ditto- 15 ditto 15 ditto - 15 ditto- 15 ditto- ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto . ditto - ditto ditto ditto - G. Taylor's, Willonghby — Place of Sale - Ditto ditto - Ditto ditto — Wilkinson, Oadby - Win Foster, Great Wigston — Place of Sale - John Raven, Barkby - PlaceofSale - Ditto ditto — G. Taylor, Willoughby — Ditto ditto — Bather, Open, oppo site All Sa'. nts' Church - Place of Sale — G. Taylor, Willpughby — Ditto" ditto - Place of Sale 15 ditto Ditto ditto 15 ditto Ditto ditto 15 rib Ditto ditto 15 plain - Ditto ditto 10 ditto Ditto ditto 15 ditto Ditto ditto 15 ditto Ditto ditto 15 ditto— Ditto ditlo 15 ditto - Ditto ditto 15 ditto— Ditto ditto 15 ditto Ditto ditto ISJditto - MaryPayne, Littlethorp l5t> r rib-^- James Johnson's, Wood Bey Street 24 15 plain Place of w e 28 15 ditto Ditto ditto Catalogues of the above may be had of the A i; c- TU>! » E£ n; or at the Place of Sale, on 1' riday pre- siding the same. ALSO, Hosiery Goods, Warehouse Fixtures % c. Jr. TO UK SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr, B. PA YNE, On Thursday, the l"> th April instant, on the premi- ses, in the South Gate Street, Leicester; A LL the stock of " Hosiery, warehouse fix- f\ lures, & c. fee. the property of the late Mr. JOSEPH EOULTON, drcea ed. Consisting of about 220 dozen of cotton ami wor- sted hose, two bundles No 15 cotton, ,* c.; al » >, . counters, bins; partitions, nscellent weighing ilia- chine, beam and scales, weights, capital desk, book cases, ic. cSre. Sale to commence in the morningat leno'clock. N. B. Catalogues may be had of the Auctioneer, at his Repository, five days previous to the sale. T f. J 3. BOTTRILL, Printer, bBmthbinder, Stationer, Sfc. LUTTERWORTH, RESPECTFULLY solicits the attention of his friends and the public to his fashion- able assortment of Hanging Papers and Borders, whichdiave been selected f l oin the first Manufacto- ries in London, also, floor cloth, for rooms, hali,& c. Rooms hung in the neatest manner. •/ / ' public are respectfully informed, that a L quantity of Irish Linens, in a. variety of grass bleached shirting, broad sheeting of very su- perior quality, cambric or long lawn, napkins, diap- er, and damask table linen, are selling until Thurs- day, the 15th instant, at the house of Mr, GUTH- BERT, 8 doers from the t'ost Office, on the hmdon road. The whole being offered by the Imorter at unusu- ally low pi ices, are descrvtng of the special notice. of families and housekeepers. Leicester, April 6th, 1819. Leicester Journal, atid Midland Counties General Advertiser. 31 TO BE SOLI) BY AUCTION, By Mr. P. KING, Some time in the present month. LL the elegant household furniture, plate, handsome assortment of china and glass, bed and table linen, beautiful paintings and prints, in superb frames, many very valuable books, and numerous other eKects, of Mr. JOHN PEARSON, OIL the premises, near the New Walk Gate, Leicester. Particulars of which will be expressed in a future paper, and catalogues in due time. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, / j a . Ml Mr. OWSI'ON. Oj AT the WHITE HON INN, Leicester, on Saturday, is TO BE SOLD, 7 o pay Capital Interest, SEVER AL Houses, situated in a pleasant arid improving part of Leicester. For further particulars apply to Mr. R. HOL- DS, plumber, near the Cank Pump. To Cover this Season, 1819, At Osbastone Lodge, near Market Bosworth. Blood Mares Five Guineas, others Two Guineas, and 2s. 6d. The Groom's Fecta be paid at the time of Cover- ing, the remainder at Midsummer next. OSTRIS, HE was got by Old, Osiris, oat of a mare purchased at the late Lord Lonsdale's sale, supposed from her appearance to be full blood, Old Osiris was got by Lord Dei bv's Sir Peter, out of Ibis by Woodpecker, her. dam Isabella by Eclipse, Sqnirel, Aucaster Nancy by Blank Osiris is 8 years old, a beautiful brown, free from white, with immense honey black legs, and measures 9 inches belnw the knee, with excellent feet, and is one of the strongest blood horses in the country, standing near 17 h Mills hi IT. He is not only calculated to get very fine Car- riage Horses, Hunters, and Racers, but out of large Cart Males very active and powerful dray horses*) • with good carcases, great bone, and clean, so much approved of in London and inost other places. HOUSEKEEPER. Wanted, Iii a small Family, a few miles from Nottingham, ASteady respectable Woman — For particu- lars apply ( if by letter post paid,) tu Mrs. Edw. Cooper, South Gate street, Leicester. A a • Wanted, AWET NURSE in a family near Melton L Mowbray. A healthy young Woman from the Country will be preferred. Apply for further information to Mrs. COMBE, Leicester. JV NOTICE is HEREBY GIVEN, THAT an Audit will be held for the receipt of Copyhold Rents due to the Right Hon- orable the Countess De Grey, within the Manor of Burhage and Sketchley, in the county of Leicester, at the Cross Keys Inn, in Burbage aforesaid, oil Thursday, the 15th day of April instant, when the respective Copyholders and Teuauts are desired to pay their- arrears of such reuts np to M ichaelmas last. Ch ( is : King, Deputv Steward, Hinckley, April 6th, 1810. r/. AS I I B Y- D K LA- 7,0 IJ C if 71A N A L. WHEREAS a sufficient number of Pro- prietors of this undertaking did nottliis day attend to constitute a general Assembly, Notice is hereby given, That on Monday, the 19th of this oresent month of April, another Assembly of the said Proprietors will be lie d at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, at the White Hart. Ion, in Ashbv- dc- lj > 5oucb, Leicester- shire, whi n and where all Proprietors are directed to attend by. themselves or proxies, as it is enacted by the Act of Parliament for making the said Canal, that in case of failure ftf. the assembling of a suffici- ent number of < roprietors bv hemselves and prox- ies, to constitute a sufficient assembly, every pro- prietor who shall not attend such second meeting in person or by proxy, will forfeit to the said Com- pany of Proprietors for every share which he shall possess in the said Navigation Use sum of 5s. John Crossley, Clerk to tlje said Company Of Proprietors. Ashbv- de- la- Zouch, April 5th, 1819. the 17th of April, 1819, at 3 o'clock SIX closes of exceeding rich and fertile ara- ble. meadow, and pasture land, in the lord- ship of Great Wigston, in the county of Leicester, with a barn standing upon or. e of the closes, con- taining together about 50 acres, and in the joint oe- cupations of Wi*. Langham and William Hurst. TIiC Union Canal passes through part of the estate. fr'pr further particulars and to view, apply to Messrs Miles, Alston, and Miles, or Mr. Thomas Miles, Surveyor, Leicester. KNIGHTON LEICESTERSHIRE. A capital. Mansion, and Freehold Estate. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, hO By Mr. OWSTON, At the THREE CROWNS INN, in X Chester, on Mon- day the 2( ith day of April. 1819, at'foui o'clock in the Afternoon, ( under Conditions of sale then to be produced.) unless previously disposed of by private contract, in which case notice will be given:— \ Capital Dwelling House, called STONF. V J\ GATE HOUSE, ( the Itesitlenee of John Inge. Esq ) with convenient Stables. Coach- bouse, and other Out- offices, Farm- yard, Gar- den, and Orchard; and an Estate of Land, in good. condition, containing, altogether, about 56 Acres, and lying contiguous to the London Turnpike Road, leading from Leicester to Mar- ket Harborough, and distant about one mile from Leicester. ALSO, A Cottage, anil about one Acre of Land, situate in the Village of Knighton, in the occupation of Thomas Taylor. The Estate may be \ iewed by Application at Stoney Gate House. For further particulars, enquire at the OFFICE of Mr. FREER, in Leicester. N. B.— The Furniture and Fixtures in the House ftnd Out- offices may betaken by the I'urcl^ sc.', ( if r « ^ ut7 » d. i at » ralu^ tisn. At the same place, A Cleveland Dark Bay Horse, called TRAVELLER, At I Guinea each Mare, and 2s 6d. the Groom, provided th" money is paid at th time of Covrinrj, if not ail extra half gui- nea will be ch x rged. Traveller is a remarkable. boney short legged horse, with a good carcass and excellent feet. As he w'p/ ks regularly in llie team, he may be found at home any day except Thursday, on w hich day he will beat the Cross Keys, Loughborough. The above horses are both sure Foal getters, the former remai kable for getting colts. N. 15. Traveller is the same horse as was adver- tized to Cover on the Forest at Bowden Lodge, a te . v weeks since. At the Black Moor's Head, Melton Mowbray. To Cover this Season, 1SI9, Thorough- bred Mares at six Guineas, and 5s. the Groom— country Mares at 2 Guineas, and 5s the Groom.. t JjS • M E R L I N, Late the property of his Grace. theDukiof Rutland, Now OF SAMUEL LITTLER. HE was bred by his Royal Highness the Duke of York, stands 16 hands high, perfectly sound and- free from all blemishes, got by Sorcerer,( lam by Saltram ; Saltram by Fclipse. sran- dam bv King Herod. great grind am, by Marsk. jfreat great grandam by Blank, great great gVeat grandam FizZ, by Driver, Smiling Tom, Miss Kiss, by Oyster Foot, Commoner. MERLIN is a sure Foal- getter, and his stock equal to any Horse ill the Kingdon He will travel a small circuit round Melton'and th ough the Valof Belvoir. — —-— i : To Cover this Season, 1819; At One Guinea and a Half each Mare', and , 10s. 6d. if barren. ITO AT Mr. W. JORDAN'S, Ratbv; •\ rOUNG JACK- A LANTHERN', by. Iack- f a Lanihern, late the property of T. A. • SMITH, Esq jSnorndon; his dam by Phinppo's Ara- bian, graiwkm by Paymaster, gieat grandam by Babral. am, freat greatgrand am by liegulus, Bart- let ChiUler'fetlie damwif Boreas. •> Old Jaclin- Lanthern was bred by Earl Grosve nor, got by Meteor,, his dam by Alfred. ( Sister to Tickle Toby) out of Ctelia, by Herod, out of Proser- pine own sister to Eclipse. ^ Meteor was got bv Eclipse, his dam by Merlin, mt of ' other Pratt, by Marksman, Mixburv Bald Galloway, Lord D'Arcy's black leg'd Royal Mare. , w To Cover this Season, 1819, " J- SIR PETER, The property of W. WHITEHEAD, of Leicester, Thorough bred Mires Five Guineas, 5s the Groom; and oilier Mares at Two Guin- eas, and 2s ( id. HE is a good brown, with black legs, 15 hands 3i inches high, free from natural blemishes, got by Sir Peter Teazle, his dam by Al- fred, own sister " to Tickle Toby,- grandam by Ce- cilia, bv King Hcrod, g. grandam Proserpine, own sister to Eclipse, g. g grandaui Spillita, by Regu- lus, g. g. g. grandam Mother Western, by Smith's son of Snake, Lord D'Arcy's Old Montague, Haut- boy, Brimmers. He has proved himself a sure foal getter, and his stock is as good as any horse in the country, and sold at as high prices Ml. Bettison was offered 1900 guineas for liini before he was lame For his • performance on the Turf see facing Ca- lendar Sir Peter will be at Melton, on Tuesday's; and at the White Horse Inn, Leicester, the remainder part of the week. TRENT HAM, The property of W. WHITEHEAD, At One Guinea and a Half each Mare, and Is. the Groom. Half price if Barren. He was got b\ that noted horse of Mr Saxon's, of Outhorpe, out of a capital grey ma re of Mr. Mack- lay's, of Onthorpe ; he is 10 years old, and free from all natural blemishes. He will be at Hiimberstone, Thnrmaston, Bark- hv, Systou, Qneneborongh, and at the Bell Inn, Melton, every Monday night; through Kettleby and Bronghton, to Six hill, every Tuesday night; Seagrave, Burton, and Wimeswold, on Wednesday night; llempstone Houghton, at the Grey Horse Inn, Loughborough, every Thursday, and Quoi n on Thursday night; Woodhouse. and Switldand, to the Black Horse Inn, Shaw lane, every Friday ; and re- turns through Markfield, Grooby, & c. and will be at the White Horse Inn, Leicester, the remainder ofthe week. The Groom's Fee to be paid at the time ofCo- Terlng, and the other at Midsummer. iiWfl tji ass for Mure*) at the usual prices, the Debtors and Hrediturs of John Watson. HEREAS JOHN WATSON, of Ashley, iu the County of Northampton, Jobber, hath by Indentutesof ' ease and Release and As- signment, dated respectively til? 30 th and 3tstdays ot March last, conveyed all his real Estate, and as- signed alibis personal estate and effects to Tuns. HAWES, of Ashley aforesaid, and THOS SMITH, of East Langton, in tin' eouiitvof Leicester, Graziers, in trust for the benefit ( if themselves and such other of the creditors Of the said John Watson who choose to execute the same • within two months from the date therebf, and to take the benefit arising there- from, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That such deeds of release and assignment, are left at the office of Messrs. H'urtnahy ana Shuttle, worth, Solicitors, in Market Haruoroiigh, for'the inspection and signature, ofthe creditors; all- tin- creditois of the said John J'atson, are requested to send innnediatelv the particnlnrs of their demand to the. said Messrs. Wartiiaby and Shuttl'e'worth, iiii I all persons ind ' bted to. the s « id John Wat » on, aie desired to pay the anioniit of their respective debts to them, or to the above " named Assignees, within 21 days from the date hereof Bv order, artiiaby and Shvitleworth. . Market Harbornugh, ' 4| Til 2,1 H O. $ 3' TO BE LET, ( unfurnished) HANDSOME Apartments pleasantly silu- ated uponthe Wei lord Road. Enquire of Mr. WALE, Builder and Surveyor. Leicester, April 9tli. 1819. X Genteel Residence. JO BE. LET, ; , And entered upon immediately. Convenient House, for a small family, very pleasantly situated in the lordship ot Husband's Bosworih, adjoining the London roiid, and near to the village of Welford. with a • mall Close, good Garden, and requisite out Offices For further particulars apply to Mf. Heygate, Surgeon, Market Harborough, JS' TO BE LET. ~ And may be entered upon immediately, A Sashed House, situated within half a mile r\ of Sheeptdiead, fate'iii the occupation of Mr. De Cears, French Teacher. The housr com- prises good cellars, w ith kitchen, scullery, 2 silting and dining rooms on the ground floor, < 1 !>' d rooms on the seco- id floor, with attics over them.- go. d garde: , with stable and other convenient out build- ' u gs, punjp. \' c.' Plir further particulars or to treat for. the same, apply to G. HEWITT, Auctioneer, Sheepsbead. SheepsheadvCth April, 1819. TO BE SOLD iTy PRIVATE CONTK * CT, L, A Capital Family House with suitable out offices, extensive garden well walled round, also a large warehouse adjoining situa- ted in High cross- street, now in the occupation of the Rev. Chas. - Berry. To treat for the same ap- ply to Mr. JOSIIUA- HARRISON, Surveyor, Lei- cester. Part of the purchase money may remain on security upon the premises. * J LOUGHBOROUGH. 5)• To be Let or Sold, And entered upon at Midsummer next, AVery excellent Dwelling House, situate in Clmrchgate, ( and near to the Church, in Loughborough, containing two very good dry cel- lars, a breakfast parlour, 14 feet by 10 ; dining room, 17 feet by la; drawing room, 24 feet by 17 ; a good kitchen, and back room, now used as an of- fice, five bed chambers, and three attics, scullery, larder, wash and brew house, laundry, and drying room, a pleasure garden, spacious yard, chaise- house, two stables, and piggery, grainerirs, and store room. ' The premises also include another' cellar, dining room in front, a bed chamber and two- attics, now separately let, but are apart of the main house, and may be occupied therewith. The chimney- pieces, fire- grates, and numerous fixtures will remain, and may be includ - d in the rant or purchase. Also, Another Garden, adjoining, walled round, and planted with choice fruit trees, which may be rent- ed with the other premises if required. The Parochial Rates- are very . liodeiate. An excellent Few in the Church N. B. ' Hie Outbuildings are capable of being converted to the use f trade, or manufactory. Apply to Mr Staveley, Architect and Surveyor. Removed for the convenience of Sale. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr, Siddans, On the premises, late in the occupation of Mr. HARRIS, deceased, at Great Wigston, in thecoiiu- tv of Leicester, on Mondav, the 12th day of April, 1819, SEVER AL lots of useful household furniture consisting of feather beds, bedsteads, a good 30 hour clock, dining, snap, and other tables, chairs, swinir glass, chest of drawers, larire corner beaul'et cupboard. a 14 gallon copper. 3 strike inash tub, working vat, rain water tub, 18 and 10 gallon barrels, large brass pans, tea kettles, pewter, wheel barrow, , tc. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock in the morning. THE ANNIVERSARY SERMON FIR THS'BENEFIT OF ST. MARY's CHAHtTY SCHOOLS, In which one hundred and fifty Children are CLOTHED AND INSTRUCTED"; . WILL BF. PRE V C II E D At the Parish Church of ST. MARY, LEICESTER, On EASTER DAY, APRIL 11th, 1019, BY TUB Ilon. Uinil Rev. II. D. ERSKINE, A, Rector of Swithland. Divine Service to begin at Three o'clock in the Afternoon. M. The support of these Schools, for which the eon - tinned Benevolence of the I'ullic is solicited, depends, in a great measure, upon the Collec- tions made at the Church after the Anniver- sary Sermon. The General Meeting of the Subscribers will be held at the School, on Easter Tuesday, pre- cisely at ten o'clock in the Forenoon. THE ANNUAL MEETING J Of THE IfiO- Auxiliary. Missionary Society ' or Nottingham, Leicester, and Derby, WIN. r. r-: HE TO AT TIH INDEPENDENT MI? I. TING HOUSE BOND STREET, LEICESTER, IN EAST EH ifEF. K rfMTE Rev. J. A. JAMES, of Birtwio^ m. I will Preach on Tuesday Evening, at seven o'clock. The Society will meet at nine o'clock o t-' ps d y Morning,' fur the dispatch ofthe Hit « h-. » r. r- h- Institution; after which, the KeV. Dr. WINTER, of London, will Preach. The Rev. Dr. WAUGH, ofl ondnn, will Preach in the Evening; Divine Service to begin at half past o'clock. COLLECTIONS will be rntde after each of the Services, for the pI'. NP. Ftr op THF. London Missionary Society. Maroh 30, 1819, BOWLING G' EFN ' OUSE, 7 / • ST. PECER'S I. ANF ; 10THOMAS HE XT ALL, MOST respectfully informs his F- tends and the Public, that he lias entered upon. and opened the above PREMISES for their Accommoda- tion :— the House has roceltly undergone a com- plete Repair, and the HOWLING GREEN is getting into the best possible order. T H. assures those who wish to patronize him, that no Expense will be spared, W diligence 01 at- tention shall be wantingio render the Accommoda- tion peculiarly attractive. Wine, Spirits. Cordials, and MaltLiquois, & c. of the best qualities, are provided. The Annual Subscription fur the Bowling Green now lies for Signatures Daily and Provincial Papers tai< en and filed. Ladies are respectfully and freely invited to con siiler the Green as dai'y accessible for their Mom tug Promenades. J. HARRISON, ' liimncy Sweeper, near'the Iligh Cross. LEICESTER: RFGS leave to inform his Friends and the Public, in general, that he lias or cured from London,'.( at a considerable Expense,") Hie New Invented and highly- approced Machinery, for Sweeping- Chhnnict, which supersedes the necessity of Climb- ing Boys; and tho « e Ladies or Gentlemen' whp may elioose the Machinery ( in preference to the old mode) may have them, 011 the shortest notice, bv leaving their Orders at his l on « , as above. JV. B.— Climbing Boys us usual. J H. begs to observe, that lie has ro connexion with Boys strolling. about the Streets, in quest of Work, and frequently making use of his Name ; his Bovs, when unemployed, are constantly at home.. April lst; 1819. Colchester and Gainsburgh Contract. . JOHN OATHWAITE and Co. embrace this opportunity of returning thanks to their friends and the public, for favors received, anil now beg io inform ail Commercial Gentlemen, that ill future THEIR VESSEI S will sad from JOHN WRPiHT's WHARF, GATNSBURGH, for < OL- CHFSTEK, regularly every three weeks, weather permitting. All Qooits, CHEESE, Arc. addressed to JOHN WRIGHT, Gainsburgh, or JiTIN OATHVVAIXE and Co's Vessels, will have due attention, and be dis patched with proper care. John Wr ght, gent. tvdnsb. nfgh, March 29th, 1819. N. B. Now loading. Prince " V aterloo, John Lam betli, Master. M- Wanted, \ ifoulh, with Ldtin Education, of a rospect- able Family, as an Apprentice to a Che- mist, Druggist, and Brandy Merchant, he will be treated as one of the family. A Premium w ill be expected. Apply ( if by letter post paid,) to Mr. William Irwin, Leicester. April 1st, 1819. To->: i" rro) r will be published, PRICE EIGHTEEN PENCE, On the Objects and Services of - the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, and its Diocesan and District Committees. / A SERMON, ® - PREACHEO IN THE Parish Church of St. Miry, Leicextre, On Saturday, the ' 20t! i of March, 1819, AT THE ANNIVERSARY MEETING OF THE LEICESTER COMMITTEE, OF THE Society for promoting Christian Knowledge. BV THE Rev. JAMES BKRESFORD. it. A. Rector of Kibuorth: Leicestershire; late Fellow of Merton College. Oxford. Sold by J. Hatcbard. " iccadillv, London; and COMBE, Leice'stei This Day is published, in one Vol. Octavo, t I price 18s. li> 10 ' LYRA DAVIDTS; Or a new Translation and Imposition of the PSALMS : ROUNDED on the principles adopted in T the posthumous Work of the late Bishop Hoisley ; viz. that these sacred otacles have for the most part an immediate reference to Christ,, and to the events ofhis first and second Advent. BY THE Rev. John Fry, t. Rector of Desf.> rd in Leiees'efshi- e ; and Au- thor f T new Translation M> Exposition of the f! n. tlielex ; Ex • " v Lectures on Si. Paul's Kpistle to the Romar. s, Kc. " rime-' for OgK Duncan, and Co. ; 57, Pa- ternoster row and 295. Hollibrn; Ogle, Allar- dice. and Thompson, Edinburgh ; M. Ogle, Glusgow ; and Johnston and Dcas, DivW^ i- . V, A RK ET li A1 ? BO KG V Gil DISPENSARY. THE ANS UAL MEETING, OF THE SUBSCRIBERS TO THE ' ABOVE INSTITUTION. WILL BE HELD AT THE NEW BUILDING, On Wednesday Morning, April 2% AT TWVLVE O'clock. POHTKK, ALE, and TABLE BEISR IFL. . BKKWEKY, Carth Street, Leicester, 1%/ f MOORE respectfully informs iiisfrier'fk X » J • anil the public in Geneial, that he hoi entcrcil npOn the above Brewery, where his utmo « . t endeavfiiits Will lie Used to secure to all, v i- o nutv favot- liini with their orders, a tegular supply Porter, Ale, and Table Beer, of the best qualities. For the convenience of his Malt Customers lie intends keeping a Stock at the above Brewery, where he requests they will have the Kindness;^ leave their orders for that article also. Leicester, Marc> Si. 1813, LE^ CESTEK* FRIDAY. APRIL S, 1819. NOTE.— The Sate of the Estate ut WESTCOTES, < ft& ri rtiset. in the pint Page, will he sold ail Monday the 12th, and Tuesday the 1 ith uf April, NOTE— The Estate at Thorpe T. angtmi,. mkfir* tized ( in the first page of this paper ) to te Sold by Auction by Mn Botloirhy , on. Tuesekin, the T/ thof April instant, k disjmscd of by p ivafe contract. WARTNABY St SHUTTti.- WOCTH Market 1 '-.< borough, April Sth, 181.9, M A H R 1 F. /). Lately, at Stcnv Stratford, Bucks, Mr. Isamt Norton, to MissGlover, both of I^ augbton, in this county. On Tuesday last, Mr, Freeman, to MisS Marvin, both of RatbV. £> / F D. On Saturdav Inst, at Loughhctottgti, Mr. John Herson, late of "- 1 alton. On Wednesday, Mr. W. Gamble. Same day>.> 5r. « . Robert Dexter, both of Longhboroughi LEICESTER INFIRMARY, April6. 1819. PATIENTS ADMITTED AND DISCHARGED. . Admitted Discharged. In 17 In...'., 12 Out 35 Out ......... 13 HOt.' SE VISITORS^ Mr. Bickley, and Mr. Combe. The Races at CROXTON ! ARK, on Wednee/ fav, under the Patroragc of Pis Glace the Duke of- Rnf- Iand, were numerously attended; a very elegant display of beauty and fashion honored the meeting with their presenco: the day was remarkably fine, and the early verdure of the seasca enriched the. scenery and made the whole an interesting & grate- ful spectacle The Itaccs commenced at eleven o'clock.— The first, a match for 50 guineas, two miles— Mr. L. Calcraft's Brutus, against Mr. W. ' shton's b h six years old, 10 stone each, won easy by Mr. Ashton.— The match between Mr. Osbul.- deston and Mr. Gisborne, did not take place. I oi d Kennedy's Speculation, against any horse in the possession of Mr. White on the 17th of December, 1818— SOOgs each, hf. ft. was won easy by Mr. Whfte, who rode his own horse.— Hie MELION Swtrp-- STAKES, lOirs each, ten subscribers, was won by Mr. Otway Cave s Censor, rode hv Mr White, beating < lieht ofhers.— T he PARMER'S PLATE, 50gs given by the t- ci. tlemen ofthe Belvoir and. Qnorndon Hunts, was won, at three heats, by Mr. Blower's b b of J? o- thei by, beating 15 others— three horses only started for the last heat, which was extremely well- contest- ed much jnckeyship displayed, and was the best race of the day.— The BIM. ESDON COPLOW STAKES, 25gs each, twentv- one Snbscribers, fwo miles, w^ s won by Lord Denbisrh's gr h The Friar of Order's Grey, 4 years old, beating ten others, a good race, and cleverly won— A FORCED HANDICAP, ot lOgs each, for the winners of each Sweepstakes, Plate, or Match during the day, was won by Mr. White's horse Jupiter. • To the credit of the attendants upon the course, it vvasextremelv well kept; and no accident Imp/ pened from the foolery or indiscretion of the Johnny Raws I Graham Hunt Racesupon Lichfield course on Tuesday. were attended by a melanchol/ end fatal accident. Mr, S. Shelton, of Elmhurst. near that city, who rode his own hotse George', in the contest for the Farmer's Cup, was throwtfi with great violence from his seat, by coming sud- denly in contact with a man on horseback, who imprudently attempted to cross th « course be- tween the leading horses. Mr. S. was talien up in a state of insensibility, and was bled freely on the spot; it was however soon ascertained that he had received a dangercus contusion of the brain. He was removed on a door toaroom in the Grand Stand, where he lingered ki an hopeless state until noon on Wfdnesday, when he expired. The unthinking author oi this ac- cident was himself unhorsed by the shock, and received a severe fractureof the collar bone. The sum of £ 40 and/ bd. has beep paid to tbe funds ofthe Fever Institution, being the net pro- duce of a Play, performed at the Theatre, cn Thursday the first instant, by the Gentleuieji Amateurs'of this town. William and Joseph Simmons have been con- victed before the Rev. Dr. Hardy, of Loughbo- rough, and pnjd the penalty of 20s. forbein£ insolent and abusive. New Church in St. Margarets'' Parish. ADDITIONAL SUBSCRIPTION?. The T. ord Bishop of Lincoln, The Right Hon. Fai l " Ferrers, ....... The Hon Vt R P Curzon, ,.., Miss Willows,....................... C Winstanley, F. sq ...'. v.. Rev K r ' I homas, Bitlesdon, .....' Rev Mr Marriott, Cottesknch, Rev Mr Miles, H illoughby, .......... J WestcombEnimerton, Esq J B Oliver, Fsq Mr Aid Bishop, ...' Mr / VI I Fox, ..,.......:..,.., B Burnaby, Fsq . A i Rev Dr Ford,' Melton, Rev Mr I leaver, fl'unliji, Rev M r Moi res, Nether Brovghton, .... - Mrs Clarke, Church date, Mrs Clarke, SvviuesMaiket, £ 25 0 0 21 0 « 20 0 0 15 15 0 10 10 0 1 » 10 0 10 10 * 10 10 0 10 10 k 10 10 0 10 10 0 10 10 it 10 10 0 5 s u 5 0 0 3 0 0 3. 0 - 3 3 0 K FAIRS. April 12-- Fazi ley, jNewcastle, MitehellDean, Keg- worth, Thonihui v, Bakewell is— Braiies, Per.- liore, I ongnor, Cirencestw, Dorchest. er, . hame, Asbby- de- la- Zou^ ft, Oavenirv 14— Bidford, Holy Cross, Leek, Tewk » s. Snr;. Hereford, Ripley, WeUiugboKmglt 15— Cttoxeler, WitUf^. 1( 1— feicetter. Leicester Journal, atid Midland Counties General Advertiser. EDITOR. SIR, . . Mr. S. Bourne's Bill for regulating the Set- tlement of the Poor-, is likely to create ranch discussion ; and tho mercantile and manufac- turing interests are told it will be peculiarly in- jurious . to them. I confess I do not consider it it; this light;— nor do T think that the argu- ments of those w ho do, will bear the test of ex- amination. By- tlie existing law of settlement, when a man is unable to work and compelled to resort to the parish for relief; he is sent itoMR, as it is, I must suppose, ironically called; bat it is to a home, where frequently the poor mail has li:* ither friend or relation to soothe the pain of affliction, or soften the sting of poverty ; but he is considered as an intruder, and treated as a but'hen, iiich ought to be shifted to some other shoulders ; and accordingly he is often removed to several places, before it can be ascertained v. hcre his home really is. It is said, that the " only cheek upori the su- fcera. bumlant population of the agricultural dis- tricts, consists in that very return of their poor upon the places of their birth, of the burthen of w hich tlielahded interest wish to rid them- selves." 1 am not at all convinced, that a'eheck ought to be applied to the population of any district; I have been taught, that the best proof of a country's prosperity is lo be found in liieinorease of bar inhabitants ; at all events, it is not just, that a parish which has perhaps teen charged with maintaining the parents • when the child was in infancy, should after- wards be burthened with the old age of the child itself; the intermediate time having been spent in, contributing to the resources and prosperity of another district, which is to be released from ajl responsibility to support those who hpve thus toiled for its benefit, when they are no longer able to labour. But, it is again urged, —" The supply of labourers in tho manufactur- ing districts, has formally years exceeded the demand, those districts furnish labourers enough from tiie! i own population— the pretended be- nefit is. in fact, therefore a most oppressive bur- then." The question here, is not as to the sur- plus or deficiency of labourers in these districts; but whether ( he manufacturers do not encourage the emigration of tlic surplus population of the agricultural pa its of the country, in order to excite compulsion; which, in this case, a. in all others, lo t s lii price " of the commodity ; find enables tlieni to get their work done at a much cheaper rate than they could do, if this supply of'labour was stopped. It sometimes happens, that " while the stranger is in full vi ork, the native of the town is dependent on Ihs parish purso for his subsistence;" but this is not the fault of the stranger— it is no reason why he should be torn from all his friends, from eil bis uunnectioiiH, at a period when sympathy is must wanted. The proposed amendment may aS'eet the pecuniary interests of the mercantile districts ina slight degree ; but I am persuad- ed. if v. ill not be to any. serious amount, when the expenecs of litigation, and those attendant on the reiiioval'of paupers are deducted. - I would not advocate any measure which 1 really t'npusht injurious to the mercantile interests; bat I am persuaded a British merchant and manufacturer is too just. to wish to derive bene- fits from youth, and then. abandon old age to n> f » fcTy and want. Artd I have no fears that the peasantry will"• lacreuse in a still more rapid » atlo lha: i hitherto, so as to cause a reaction which must involve'all " in one eoriimoa ruin."— — Judicious management will always find cat ploymeut for the population ; and it is in the power of the nierciiauts anil manufacturers to compel the agriculturist to do this for their sur- plus labourers in some way or other, by giving th- j preference to thoir townsmen, an I by re- fusing to employ any stranger, if a native in the same line isiii want of work. If tills line of conduct were adopted, and steadily pursued wo shjulil not have such an influx of labourers from those districts ; work would be found for them in their own tieigliboifrhood'; a. id fewer ourttev men tuahufacturcrs would be outofe. n- . Ai utually it would, I am convinced, tutor and travelling companion, into Germany where he was iii a very particular manner notic- ed at the Court of the late Duke of Brunswick, at whose table he was a frequent and familiar guest; ami was very highly esteemed by the late Duchess. During his residence there, he had the honor of instructing their illustrious daughter, tlie present Prjncess of Wales, in the rudiments of the English language; and long after her Royal Highuess's arrival in this king- dom, Mr. Macaulay was distinguished by re- peated proofs of grateful recollection ; as he was afterwards by the good old Duchess, on her return to this her native country. But, unfort- unately, the friendship of the Great do not al- ways lead to their patronage. Mr. Macaulay was of too lofty and independent a spirit to so- licit preferment; and it very rarely flows spon- taneously on mere merit. Meanwhile he was presented, in 171W, to the vicarage of Rothley, may be of service to them in the course of this : Judge to Witness—" Did you ever mate up system of public aggression, arc, therefore. ,: e- J any medicine by the prescription of a 1 b* sict- cesWrily popular Characters, and the temp'ta- « an!"-" 1 never did."-" Do you understand lion is powerful to palliate vices which, are : the cftaVce'ters they'uie for ounce*, scrap! es, and committed in accordance with popular feeling, f drachma?"-" I do not."—" Then yen cannot and in exemplification of popular prejudice.— j make up their prescriptions from reading them. It has proved too strong for the House of Re- j —" I cannot, but I can mak preventatives, who have negatived the resolu- | cine* in my w ay as they ca by Thomas Babington, Esq. many years M. P. for Leicester, who had married Jean, a sister of Mr. Macaulay. This Vicarage, though not of any great pecuniary value, is somewhat of an Ecclesiastical dignity. Mr. Babington, as proprietor of Rothley Temple, an ancient Prr. ceptory of the Knights Templars, is Lord of the Manor and Stoke of Kothlcy ; which not only extends through the lordships of Rothley and Hothley Temple, and Chapelries of Caldwell, Gaddesby, Grimston, Kcame, Mountsorrel superior. Wartnaby, and Wykcham, but to several other parts of the county, in which it is the most extensive manor. It bad anciently, and still enjoys, a peculiar ju- risdiction in matters ecclesiastical, exempt anil free from all other Ecclesiastical Courts. If has the privilege also of marrying within, itself, the Commissary, who derives his authority from the Lord of t( ie Majior, granting licence; . and is exempt from the jurisdiction of the Bishop of the Diocese ; who still, however, grants institu- tion to the Vicarage. But Mr. Macaulay shall here gratefully speak for himself;— " Clatjlirooke, July 18, 179G. " MY DEAR Fill HN D, " I am sure you will be glad to hear that for- tune begins to smile upon me. Respjxit ittmer't, et longo post tempore venit.— Mr. Babingtot) has offered me a presentation to the living ley, vacant by his brother's death, ' of Kotb- to which I i up as good tnedi in theirs.—" What an ounce bear to a pound !"— r. .. j ere are lti ounces to the pound tion of Arbutbnot and Ambrister, by a majority j but we do rot go by any reguiar wright, wo mix of 108 to 62, thereby fixing an indelible re- : ours by the hand."—" Do you bleed t"—" Yes." '*" ' —" With a fleam or with a lancet!"—" With a lmcei."— Do you Meed from the vein or from the artery?"—" From the vein."—-" There if an artery sonie-. vhcre about the temples « what is the naihe of that artery !"—" I do not pretend to have so much Iea'rnifsg as some have." " Cab you tfII me the name of that artery?'—" I do not know which you mean "—" Suppose, then, I was to direct yon ' O bleed tny servant or my horse ( which God forbid) in a veil., say for in stance in the jugular vein, where should you bleed him ?"•—" In the neck, to be sure." The Jury almost instantly returned a verdict tion of the committee on military afiairs, dir. ap- j proportion dees i proving the proceedings on the trial and execu- j f A pause.]—" T' - - • . . < a ... I I.. r .. » „.> tr » rl tv ' !.,,• 1.-„ . If. r-^ i ., r. iroach on the American Congress, and on the,, people, an equal majority ot whom, we, doubt not, on this subject, have been exactly repre- sented. Morals arc not settled by majorities, and the case, as a moral question, remains still, there- fore, in statu quo ante ; and we believe scarcely wiil any man in this country, whatever his par- ty may be, or any but a democrat in America, be found to justify it. A clearer instance of military murder was never made out; nor a clearer proof given that popular governments are no guards against nets of national vlbknce and criminalityr The Tact is, that the virtue of | for the Plaintiffs— Damages— Twenty pounds. nations does in no case result from the forms of their government, but from the total of pin ate virtue among the citizens. By this rule we must '[ This was the first conviction under the Act; and the trial afforded Messrs. paktteey and Jer- vis, and even his Lordship ( Harrow.) a fine op- JOI pipy. benefit tii'u nieic iuuits and' manufacturers ;— Miih. t it would gy'° ease and comfort to the de fciiuing'days ot the poor man. HUMAN ITAS. EXTRACT From the GeiitkniaiiS Mar/ aiinc. nhn sh o and was educated at the where he took, the de before he was 20 years of Rev. AUTAY MACAULAY, M. A. This worthy and benevolent Divine was one of the many - ons of the Rev. John Macaulay, minister of the Church and parish of Cardross in Dumbartonshire University of Glasgow, gree ol M. A. in 1773, b. ftge. During his residence at the University, he wrote many essays, moral and literary, in " liud- diman's Weekly Magazine," under the signa- ture of Acctdemieiis. SOon after taking his de- cree, he accepted ail invitation from the late Joseph Poster Barham. Esq. of Bedford, ( father t- f the M. P. of the same name) to superintend the education of his sons. In the town of Bed- ford, he passed three years in uninterrupted friendship with Mr. Barham's family and in li- terary pursuits, During this period of his life he published " Essays on various subjects of ' I isle and Criticism, 1780," 8vo. " Two Dis- courses on SoVeieign Power and Liberty of Conscience, translated from the Latin of Profes- sor Noodt, of Ley den, with notes and illustra- tions, 17fil." 8vo. which received the approba- tion of llic Literary Journals of the daj\ On the expiration of his engagenlienfs at Bed- fotd, heeutereiliuto Orders, and took the Cu- rncy of Claybrooke, in this county, where lie oommenced - residence in August, 1781, and where lm ppent many happy years, dividing his time between the duties of the pastoral care, the pursuits of Literature, and the enjoyments of social life. An'! it may be truly said that his exemplary attention to the clerical duties are stili affectionately remembered by niau'y of the u. uueu.' js inliabitMits of Claybrookc. In 1785, Mi". Macnujay was admitted of Sid- ney Sussex College, CamhridRe: and continued a member ofth. it scciefy, till he was of standing to take a B. D. degree; the expense of which be thought it needless to incur till better prospects might open to his view. To his unremitting exertions Mr. Nichols was indebted for a vari tUr of communications i: r the progress of the " History of Leicestershire;" particularly a complete Uilorv of the parir. h of Claybrooke; tind no entire transcript by himself from nn ori- ginal history of the family of Fielding, preserv- ed in the library at Nunehani. . Mr. Macauiay was presented to the rectory of Froleswoith, in 1789; which lie resigned iu 17yt). In the autumn of 1793, he made a tour through South Holland and the Netherlands; of which he gave a very curious and entertain- in? detail in the Gentleman's Magazine, vol. Jxiii. and several subsequent volumes. In 1794 Le attended a son of Sir Walter Fainuhar, aa shall probably be instituted in th'e course of few weeks. I think of commencing residence at Rothley about Michaelmas; and I hope that I shall not be long there before 1 have the satis- faction of seeing you under my roof. I shall be rorry to part w ith my honest friends* at Clay- brooke ; and am very anxious about the succes- sion to the curacy . The Bishop has the nomina- tion ; but he will probably listen to my recom- mendation. " A. MACAULAY." " Rothley Vicarage, February ' " 20;//, iVaft. " I am now as comfortably situated as a country Parson can reasonably desire! and no ambitious dreams disturb my repose, notwith standing the following passage in a letter from a friend in high life: ' I have no doubt of you eventual promotion in the Church; for YOUU Pp.' Ncr. ss" does not forget lifer friends'." On this moderate preferment, with a nnme rous young family, the zealous Vicar was " pass- ing rich." The sequestered situation of Mr. • f. lacatilay was, bow ever, a loss, not only to him- self, but to the literary world. Few inen had greater abilities for writing; few had laidin a greater store either, of classical or' historical learning. Ilis enunciation was plea ring and perspicuous'; but his oratory was principally exhibited to. rtistie congregations. His produc- tions from the press are not numerous,. Resides; file Works already noticed, and " The History and Antiquities of Claybrooke. in this county ; including the chapelries of Wibtcft and'Little Wigston, and the Hamlets of iii tie's by and Ullcstborpe ;" Hvo. 1790, ( see vol. Ixi. p. 3( 50,) he only published the fid towing detached Ser- mons " The peculiar Advantages of Sunday- schools; a Charity Sernioii preached at Saint, Paul's. Bedford, 1792," 8* o; " The; Lituf- gy of the Church of Ehglamd recominend'fcd ; a ser- mon preached on Si. Mark's day. 1796, at Bow Church', before the Governors of Hutchiu's cha- rity." 8vo"; " A, sermon preached in' the parish church of Claybrooke, May 5, 1805, at the fun eral (..' Emma Diecy." He had meditated loft- ier flights, and had planned a thousand schemes for a variety of useful and entertaining books— and was more than thirty years eng. iyed' in a " Life of Melancthon " which he never could polish fo his own satisfaction, aud which is pro- bably left incomplete. OneoP'is many plans " he thtis unfolds, ina letter written February 18,1801: " I have often thought, since the appearance'of Wartori's dWi- tion of Pope, that a new edition, upon a lie. v plan, would be well received. I'meart an Editio expvrgata, upon the plan of fluid's Cowley, en- muled, ' Select Works, in Verse and Prose, of Alexander Pope.' Such an edition might, per- haps, be comprised in three large octavo vo- lumes ; mid I should have no objection to en- gage in the task of revising, abridging, and an- notating*. In 1815, Mr. Macaulay made a. second tour thiough several parts of, French Flanders, Bel- gium, Germany, atifl Holland; and bis acute observations and rcjiecti. ons on this tour formed several entertaining articles,( see 85, 83, and 87 volumns); but which, like Meiancthon, remain unfinished. Unfortunately for his family and friends, after several repeated attacks of apoplexy, he sunk under the accumulated weight of the disease. on tlie 21th oTFeb'iuary, leaving a widow', ( daugh- ter of the venerable John Heyriek, Esq. of this town, wlio very ably filled the situation of Town clerk of this Borough from 1704 to 1791,) and eight sons ( of whom the eldest lias lately left Rugby pchool, and is now a student in Trinity College, Cambridge,) to revere his memory aud regiei their loss. * See more, ofliis opinions'oii this subject ill Nic- hols's " Literary Anecdotes," vol. ix. p. 88. and . lumour. 1 G fi 1 7 8 8 2 1 3 3 1 2 4 dr 5 dr dr 6 dr 8 dr judge very unfavourably of the people of the j porta ally ( which it is scakely necessary to sav United States. There is, it is true, a great j they largely embraced) of displaying their wit body of virtuous men among them, who sigh over the abominable public principles introduc- ed of late years into the politics of their coun- try, and wili lift up a loud remonstrating voice against this new instance of the moral prostra- tion of their countrymen ; but they have been losing ground both in number and influence ever since the death of VVashing'ton, and their prin- ciples have been counteracted by the constant increase of the democratical spirit, which, like the jacobinism of Europe, is the most demoral- izing, infatuating, and mischievous influence which ever pushed the human miud into excite- ment and activity. t This is the party which have faken up the cause of Jackson, and not content to palliate and excuse his crimes, tiiey convert them into virtues, and intwliiC them iuto the garland of his fame, ' i'hecity of New York has conferred its freedom upon him, amidst the acclamations of the City Hall, aiid " four hundred respectable citizens" sat down to the public dinner given in bis hoiiour. All this too, is dene whilst he has the stigma upon him of sixty two votes, im- plying him guilty of one of the foulest crimes, aud even before the decision of the Sew ale has been taken upon his conduut. A proceeding more openly and undisguisedly ' isgraceful has not often disgrafced a nation. What the final decision of the American Se- nate may be, or what the proceedings of the European powers in a case w bicli involves so flagrant a breach ofthe law of nations, we know not. If persevered in, the least which the pow- ers of Europe, in conjunction v. ith our Govern ment, can do, is publicly to reprobate the con- duct of America, and fix this proper badge of disgrace upon her Government before the eye ofthe world, until she herself renounces it by a suitable act of acknowledgment, and, as far a; possible, of reparation. Nor only ought this to be done as to the acts of Jackson, but as to the principles laid down by the authorities of the United States in their public documents, re- specting the Indiah tribes, the colonies of Spain, and in their doctrine of natural limits, which ale now declared t6 run west to the Pa- cific, and for the same reason, may be made to support a claim of natural right northward to the Arctic ocean. Principles which, assumed by all states, would turn every nation into a banditti on a large establishment, and annihi- late at once, all public law. The proceedings of the democratic party in America are not only important as they involve the rights'of nations, but as they tend to char- acterize more strikingly the democracy which exists among the factious of every State in Eu rope. Its pretence is liberty ; rights and wrong's are ever in its mouth ; against kings and aris tocrats it is in eternal enmity; it can fawn oc- casionally too, and mike whining orations tJn peace and the evils of war But what lies un- der ail this show ! An insatiate ambition to be restrained by no moral consideration ; a pi one r. ess to the worst vicc3 of old states, without their honour or refinement: a denial of liberty to all others within their power ; a thirst of gain aud plunder never to be quenched ; an admira tion of Bonaparte, the hero of our home repub licans; a strong sympathy with France, another character in common with our home reformers, as the power most disposed and most able to gratify their sanguinary animosity against every oilier European power. Such Would be the effrcts of the low faction among ourselves obtaining the pre- eminence — Liberty to themselves, the bondage of nn un principled mob to all tlie rest; alliance with France, if jacobin enough; wars for plunder and aggiandizeinciit; the extinction of all ho- nour and moral principle; a coarse, vulgar, ag gresslve, conceited, and boastful democracy.— All these attributes we see in the faction novf, low and contemptible as it is, and they are drawn out at full length in the Bonapartists of France, and in the democratic, party of America. MARKET HERALD. Mark- Lane. MOMWU. April ft. 1819. The supply of English Wheat this niortii:: f being large, consisting of fresh arrivals from Essex. Kent, and Suffolk, and what remained over from last week, and the demand being trifling, se. les were exceedingly bea^ y, at a re- duction of from 2s. to 4s. per quarter from the prices of last Monday, and l ut little could be got off at that decline. Having a considerable supply ofBa'rley fresh in this morning, and ow- ing to the fineness of the weather, and the principal Maltsters haying left off for the sea- son, caused such a stagnation iu the Barley trade that scarce a sale could be effected, al- though lower prices were asked by full 8s. per quarter than was obtained on this day week. Oats are from 1 to 2s. per quarter cheapcr, as w ell as ( Jeans and Peas. A V EH AGE PRICE OF CORN, ( PKR QUART1R) IN ENGLAND AND W'ALFS, For the Week, ending Xareh V< th, 18J9t T O ' 1' A L. Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans Peate d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. cl 78 10 j 57 7 | 59 4 J :? 3 G | 64 8 | C7 7 Oatmeal, per boll, of 1401b 35s Td SIT? !?. R. GRAHAM'S HUNT RACES.- At Whittington Heath, hear the City ofLicii- fiehl. took place on Tuesday', the 30th n't A Farmer's Cup, value 25 guineas, with 25 guineas in specie, given by the Hunt Club, and 10 guineas for the secoiifi best horse: ( for horses, & c. not thorough bred) two mile heats. Mr Dabbs's ch s* Sir Harry, Mr Goodman's ch ar Dot BIr Robinson's cli g Wrestler, Mr Cooper's br m Little Pastime,., Mr GooduU's eh in Atalahta Mr Pierpy's cli 111 Doubtless, flirS Sheldon's b s Ceorge, Mj Maliut's b g Heppo, This race njlpried excellent sport. A Hunter'? Stakes of 10 guineas each ( for horses not thorough bred), that have been re- gularly hunted the preceding season with Sir Belli- nghaai's Hounds, two mile heats. Sir 15 R Graham's b % I'ce • wax 2 1 1 Lord Belfast's b g Spring, 1 2 2 Mr Jarvis's cli in Georiiiaiui 3 3 3 Hnh Mr C. urzon's br g Botany Bay, - t 4 4 MrVaii^ litoir'a br'g 5 "> 3 Mr Aiostyri's br ni Lar cashire Laps 0 G dr AHunters' Str. kes of 5' guineas eacb. for horses, ike. the property of members of the Gra- ham Hunt Club. Two mile heats. MrChetwvnd's br in Hyacinth Mary I 2 1 M r Feel's br g Brutus, 3 1 2 Sir BR Graham's bin Lottery. 2 3 dt The Nuneaton Stakes'of 5 guineas each, with 10 guineas added by the limit club, ( for hors- es, & c. not thorough bred), two mile heals. Mr Lucas's b f Lady Anne, Mr RtiekniPt b g Mercury, tir'r J Farnelt's bl g Stranger Mr ' I'avevuer's b C Forester, Mr G liui ton's b c Sir Hoger, This race was won easy. AGRICULTURE. Monthly Report, for March. RETURN PR HE OF GRAIN. ON ITOAKD SI. IP AS I'MIMI. .. 60s. . to. .67 » .. 67b.. to.. C8s .. 60s. . to. .<; 3S .. C2s. . to. CCs .. — s. . to. . COS .. 45s.. to.. 60* .. — s.. to.. 523" .. 36s.. to.. 4< sr .. . to. . W .. 40s.. to.. 4i'# .. 60s. . to. .{, 8* .. 70s. . to. .74 ® , .. — s.. to.. 75s" .. 3Gs.. to.. 40 » .. — s.. te.. 4£ » , .. 40s.. to.. 449 40s.. to. 4Cs 40s.. to.. 42s — s. . to. 44s" 40 » .. to. . 44i — s.. to.. 4bs 33s. . to.. 34s 26s. . to. . St'* 30s. . to. .32s 20s. . to. .24s — s.. to.. 288 Foreign Wheat.. Fine ditto English Wheat Fine ditto Old ditto Rye Fine ditto Barley Fine New ditto Malt Fine Old WliitePease Fine Grey ditto Fine ditto Tick Beans ( new) Fine Small ' lick Leans ... Old Potatce Oats Poland ditto ( new) Fine Feed Oats ( new) Fine ]> e r Sajelr. PRICE OF FLOUR. Town made Flour 60s.. to.. C5s ( Ditto Seconds 55s.. to.. C0a > Bran •• 12s- to - • lis ) per Fine Pollard . 16s- to-- 28s \ Quarter Rape Seed ( new) . .£ 12- to- • £ 40 per Last PRICE OF MEAT. v. , Sm THFIELU, MONDAY April b. To sink tie off al— per stone of Sib. Beef. .48,0( 1 to 5s 4d j Veal.. 4s 6d to 6s ( id Mutton4s 8d to 6s 4d | Pork.. 4s 8d to 6s 4d HKAD OL CATTLE THIS Beasts, about 2015 | Calves- Sheep 11920 ! Pigs... DAY. 126 126 L A W INTELLIGENCE. AMERICA. The true moral character of states, like that of indivi'uals, is marked not by their opposi- tion to vices lo which they have little tempta- tion, but to those to which their temptations are strong; not by their visiting the faults of others with severity, but by their severity to their ow n. The UniteflStateB have been brought to this test and have tailed ; we are sorry for it; they have affixed a stain upon their character in a place which they might have burnished into splendour. The people ® f America had, unquestionably, a strong inducement to wink at Jackson's con- | duct. They have ambition, large and sweep- '• iug as the continent on which they dwell; flicy are making constant encroachments on the ri;: hts aud possessions of their neighbours, and they have a strong interest to persevere in eo- ingit; such men as Jackson, whose views so j cS& etly represent llieir own, and wliesa talents STAFFORD ASSIZES. IMFORTAXT TO n'on- a or nan ised aiotiiFc a ries. At Stafford Assizes a cause w as brought on at the suit of theApolhecaries' Company, against the son of alf! an who had been origh.- ally a gar- dener, but who had long exercised tlie business of a Cote- leech a'nd Quack- doctor; the son claim- ing a right of follow isg the profession of an apo thecafy tbrou » ;! i having studied under his re nuwncd father. Ill the cress- exam ipat ion ofthe Father by Mr. Vayucey, he was asked if he had alw ays been a surgeon! The witness appealed to the Judge if t'lis was a proper tin steer, and whether he must reply to it; and at last said " I am a Sargent," />] r. DavHery asked him to spell this word, which he did at several tinies, viz:-—" SyiirgutU." —" Sargetid."—" Surgunt."—" Sergvi. it!" Mr. Uauneey said, " I am afraid. Sir, you do not often take so much time to study the. cases w bich come before you, as you do to answer my question.";—" I do not, Sir." Witness said, he never employed himself as a gardener, but w as a fas niertili he learned bis present business. Mr. Dauncey said, " Who did you learn it of?"—" I learnt of Dr Holme, my brother- in- law; he practiced the same as the W hjtworth Doctors, and they w ere regular Physicians." Mr. Daithcey—" Where did they take their degrees!"— Witness—" I don't believe they ever took a degree."—- Then were they regular The aliundence of foreign grain of mos t kinds continues fo depress the spirit of the Britisl grower. This heavy, unexpected fall in Barleys at a season v. lieu the demand for seed usually contributed to its rise, must, when the last slight crop is considered, demonstrate the undue ad- vantage given to fhe import market The Wheats continue generally to hold their plant but oil sonic heavy soils, v. here they have had heavy showers, they have lost colour. Barley sowing is very forward and nearly closed in Hertfordshire, and most of the eastern counties where Oats are gettingih rapidly from the kind- ly working, of the lands. The forwaid sown Beans and Pease have benefited much by the ! aterain=. The Clovers mid Winter Tares pro- mise well: and tine Grass lands already throw out feed enough to keep the Hay markets dowh at moderate prices. The Potaioe Planters i the vicinity of London, have got in a conside able breadth for their early crop. The Hop plantations dress kindly, and are full of bine. Clover See 1 and Rape are on the decline.— TheWoolinarket has also experienced a severs fall of nearly It s n tod oil long ficeces; the cloth- ing wools ' m id rather a better price. The Meat markets have been, well supplied with prime articles, at last month's prices. except Mutton, wTiieh, within a few days past, has had a con- siderable start. Lean Stock in Beasts issome- wliat lower; the last droves of Scots on Epping Forest being sold for less money than the drov- ers looked foi. . Cowkineof prime quality are in demand, and dearer. The Lambing season is nearly over on the Dow ns und other FHiek Districts, and has proved .1 very favourable oue in general. BANKRUPTS From Tuesday's Gazette, MARCH 30. \ V S'tubbs, Leek, Stafford, innliolder S T Harding, C Oakes, and T WiHingtou/ Taniworth banklrs F Simpson, Hndderstield, woo'isfapler J and T Gaunt, Aruiley, Yorkshire, woollen manu- facturers J Barnes, Portsea, builder J Pearson, Portsmouth, mercer J and C Bigg, Hatlfeld, Hertfordshire, common brewers K and C G Cotterill, Vine street, Liqtiorpond :> t. bacon merchants W Ralph, Lewknor, Oxford, farmer M I egromand J Pegiom, Artillery street, Middle- sex, dealers TR Moore, Denmark- court, Strand, paper stainer II W Anderson, Cushion- court, Broad- street, mer- chant PRICE OF HOPS. NEW MUS. Kent.- £' 5 5s . to..£ Sussex. .. 5 (! s- to• • NEW POCKETS. Kent £(> 10 ••£ 7 7s- to-- Sussex • • 6 0 •• 0 Os- - to- • Essex..-- •••• 6 Os-- to-- Farnham. 8 15s • • to • • lis Os Foreign Hops . .£ 3' 16s.. fo..£ 4 10s f7- i « S C 16 a' C 15s 11 < 34* PRICE OF LEATHER. per W. Butts, 50 to 56lbs each Ditto, 56 to 66lbs each Dressing Hides Fine Coach Hides pa- lb. 21d to 23d 24d to 25d 17d to I8' l l& d to 2GtJ Cicp Hides, 35 to 40ft.? for cutting 17d to Igd ... 18d to 2] d . • • 22d to 9.7< 1 ... 80d to 35d •• 34d to 34d .. 22d to SSd Ditto CalfSkins Ditto Ditto 45 to tdlbs 30 to MMs 50 to 70lbs i'O to 80lbs Small Seals ( Gieenlacd) Large ditto sq- Dr. SIBLY's Re- animating Solar Tincture C" CHALLENGES all the medicines in the j kingdom, fyr its salubrious virtues in ner- vous diseases, debilitated, constitutions, lo-< ness of physicians] No, I believe they were not; they were only Doctors."—" Only doctoi r I— were they doctors in law, physic, or divinity?" —" They doctored cows and other tbingn, and Imam as well." pleosa: to the taste, grateful to the stomach, when taken flies to the heart, revives the spirits, and strength ens the w hole frame, by which means effects a cure when other medicines have failed. Prepared and sold by J. R. Safiell, No. 11, Hol- born ( opposite Gray's Iuu Lane); sold, wholesale, by Barclay and Sons, 95, Fieet Market, London, price Gs, 7s( id, lis: and family bottles 22s, by which there is a saving of 7s Also, Dr. Sibly's Lunar Tincture, for complaints incident to the Female Sex, in bottles at 4s •'>.', and j lt- i Gd, may be had of most Venders in the kingdom \ N B Observe, none can be ^ euuiue unless signed by tliB Proprietor, J fl , S* f>!!. in bij own t. i-. ud. writiai' os tite wrapper of'evcjjr tipitle. ... per dozen.... 60s.. to.. 90s RAH HIDES. PER sroM-.. I PER STON* IX Ordinary Is 8d to 2s Cd Calf..... lis Oil English Horse. OsOd SKINS. Sheailings Os Cd Lattbs. s3. . to. . OsOd Heifers. .2s 6d to3s( 1d Steers.. .2s( id to3sC. d Middlings2s2d to 2s6d SL III Polled.. — to i) s Od Dow ns, ,4s 6d to 6s Od PRICE OF FAT, PER STONE OF ELFIFTT rOllNDS. Stated by Tullote Shtters. St. James's... .4s 2d Whiteehapcl . ,4s 2d Avcrage.. 4s 2d PRICE OF TAL per Town . Tallow... Yellow Russia • • White ditto Soap ditto Melting Stud'... Ditto Rough • • • Stated by the Butchers, St. James's ... 4s 5"'•• and Co. Melton ; Mr. Fottrill' T uttervvc. i W. Djdv, Ui. rlciough; > lr. Gtc. fr, Ho! ard ^ irajithani.
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