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The Hull Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: William Rawson, Isaac Wilson, and William Holden William Rawson, Isaac Wilson, and William Holden
Volume Number: XXIV    Issue Number: 1289
No Pages: 4
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The Hull Advertiser
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The Hull Advertiser

Date of Article: 13/02/1819
Printer / Publisher: William Rawson, Isaac Wilson, and William Holden William Rawson, Isaac Wilson, and William Holden
Address: No.49, Lowgate, Hull, Yorkshire
Volume Number: XXIV    Issue Number: 1289
No Pages: 4
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v P e l * t ' e u t ; . V I I . W E E K — l s t Q U A R T E R .] V o l u m e X X I V . — N u m b e r 1 2 8 9 . ] s j Tbe Statue erected in tbe Market- place, 1134. ) x [ P r i c e S E V E N - P E N C E . ( S A T U R D A Y , F E B R U A R Y 1 3 , 1 8 1 9 . ) [ Letter- l! ox in the Window. Printed and Published by William Ilawson, Isaac Wilson, and William Holden, No. 49, Lowgate, Hull. fcf- This Paper is regularly Filed at Peele's. Lloyd's, Garraway's. and Chapter Cofl'ee Houses; at Newton aud Co's. WarwitA- sqoare, Newgate- street; J. White's, 33, Fleet- street, aud J. J. Barnes's. Bull Inu. 92, Bishopsgate- street, London. To CLERGYMEN. AGENTLEMAN in Orders, residing a short distance from Hull, would be glad to perforin tbe Sunday Dui y . permanently or temporary, for any Clergymin wanting Assistance. . Applications ^ post- paid) directed for Z. Y. to be left at the Printers of ( his Paper, will be duly attended to. MONEY TO ADVANCE. T HE SUM of 1500/. ready to he advanced on Freehold Security. Apply to tbe Printers of this Paper; if by letter, post- paid. TO SHIP- OWNERS, and OTHERS. T T X 7 E beg to inform SHIP- OWNERS, lhal we are aulho- \ \ rijed to slate that t'HAIN CABLES, of nor manufacture, wilh proper Certificates from us, agreeable lo the regulations at Lloyd's, will entitle the Vesse: using ( hem to be Registered to Lloyd's Books accordingly ; as w ill be learnt on application to any of Lloyd's Surveyors. WM. HAWKS, Sen. and CO. Gateshead Iron Works, Jan. 23, ( SIS. For Further Particulars, and Prices, apply to our Agents, Messrs. THOMAS aad WARD, NO. Hi, High- street, Hull, where patterns of our Chains may be seen. To be SOLD or LET, For a Term of Years, with immediate Possession. f f f T H A T v e r y Commodious SHIP YARD, containing up- ][_ wards of 2000 square Yards, wherein the Ship Buildiug Business has for some lime pas! been carried oa to a considerable exleut, situate on tbe South side ol the Harbour at liridliuglon Quay. A Purchaser or Tenant may be accommodated witb a neat and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, contiguous to ( lie aforesaid Premises, if reqttired.- Also, to be SOLD, A well- built SLOOP, burthen 51 Tons per Register, peculiarly adapted for the Coasting and River Trade, in which she has heen employed, , and is in excellent Repair. F u r P a r t i c u l a r s e n q u i r e o f Mr. S A M U E L HALL, Bridlington Quay, ( if by letter, post- paid.) DISSOLUTION OF Messrs. TURNER' S PARTNERSHIP. O'l ICE is hereby given, that the Partnership lately subsisting between MATTHEW TURNER and TIMOTHY TURNER, ol Riplinjsham Grainge, in ( he East- Riding of the county of York, Farmers, was this day dissolved by Mutual Consent. As witness our hands tn » thirtieth day of January. 1819. MATTHEW TURNER. Witness, F. CAMPBELL. TIMOTHY TURNER. . W I D O W M i D D L E T O N and DYSON'a B A N K R U P T C Y . DYSON' S S E P A R A T E DIVIDEND. f I umsais. toaers in a Commission of Bankrupt bearing S dale Ihe 28th day ol November, 1810, awarded and issued forth against ELIZ \ BETH M IDDLETON and THOMAS DYSON', both of Beverley, in tbe county of York, Mer. chants, D. aler. s, Chapmen aad Co- partners, trading tinder the firm of " Wmow MIDDLEION and Dvsox," iulenrt ( o meet ou tbe oth day of March next, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at Hie Tiger Inn, in Beverley aforesaid, to make a Dividend of the separate Estate and Effects oS THOMAS DYSON, one of ihe said Bankrupt*, when and where the Creditors, who have not already proved their Debts, are lo come prepared lo prove tbe same, or Ihey w ill be excluded the benefit of the said Divide!, d. And all claims not then proved will he disallowed. HALL & CAMPBELL, Beverley. February 4, 18( 9. Solicitor*. GREENOUGIFs ASSIGNMENT. fTHHOMAS GREENOUGH, of Beverley, in fhe county of JL York, Ale- Hoese Keeper, having by I n d e n t , bearing date ( be 81b day of February iustant, assigned all bis Personal Estate and Effects unto certain Trustees lu the said Indenture named, for ( he equal benefit of sucb of his Creditors as shall by themselves or Agents execute the same before the first day of April next. Notice is therefore hereby given, That the said Indeuture may lie Inspected and executed on a p p l i c a t i o n to A i r . FRANCIS W I L K I N S O N , A t t o r n e y at L a w, Beverley. February 10, 1819. BUILDING GROUND, BEVERLEY. COTTON MILL TO BE SOLD. T HAT Large COTTON MILL at NEWTON STEWART, erected some tirae ago by the lale Sir William Douglas of Castle Douglas, and others, will be exposed to public Roup I and SALE, within Ihe house of Mrs. SLOANI', at New ton Stewart, upon Wednesday the 31st day of March I SI 9, at I wo o'clock in the afternoon, if not previously disposed of by private bargain. This mill is of large dimensions, and substantially built.— It is situated upon the river Cree, in fbe Immediate neighbourhood of the town of Newlon Slewari, and has ibe rull command of fhe water of that river lor working Ihe machinery, ll is within two miles of ihe port ofCarly, where Ihe raw material can be landed and the manofactired goods shipped. II is also sitnated upou the great road from Dumfries lo Portpatrick, and there are regular carriers every week from r . . Km wi firmir< Id G'usgow and otter manufacturing lawns y upon that line of road. • 8 Besides the mill and work- shops, there a e several good Dweliing- Houses belonging thereto, let at upwards of 20/. a year, exclusive of a large Field presently iu pasture ; the whole consisting of hetwe- n Four anJ Five Scots statute ' acres, and having a fronl of 6S3 feet upou the line of ( he Street of Newlon Stewarl. For Particulars apply to WILLIAM M'MILLAN, Newlon Slewsrt; DONALO CUTHRERTSON, accountant in Glasgow ; M ' M I L L A N a n d GRANT, W . S . ; and JOHN ARCHIBALD C a m p - " bell, VTS. A V A L U A B L E FREEHOLD ESTATE. In the Capital Trading Sea- Port Town of Boston. To be S O L D by A LOTION. At the Peacock hm. Boston, ou Wednesday. April 7,1819, If not previously Deposed Of by Private Contract, of which Notice will he given, fSpHF. whole of those extensive PREMISES, many Years j t In the occupation of Messrs. SHEATH and SON, and : now in ( he tenure of Messrs. CVLIHROFS. or their Under- Tenanls ; comprising a most excellent Dwelling- bouse, will; every convenience lor a respectable Family; Lawn and Garden in fronl, enclosed with Iron Railing, and a roomy Penin Boston Church. Also, all those noble and extensive Brick and Timber built WAREHOUSES and GRANARIES, fronting the Navigable River William, and South Place, capable of containing teB thousand Quarters of Grain ; in wbich a most extensive Corn Trade has been carried on lor a great number of Years. Tbe Purchaser may be accommodated wilh a considerable part of ihe Purchase Money, for any reasonable term of Years, if required. Further Particulars, iT by letler post- paid, may he known b y a p p l y i n g to M r . EDWARD FOWLER, the P r o p r i e t o r ; or Sir. I. M. BROMKHEAO, Solicitor, Lincoln. M r . I S A A C W I L S O N , N o . 4 9 , LOWGATE, HULL, Has just received a large Supply of THE CELEBRATED C O U p i A L B A L M OF R A K A S I R I; Or, NATURE'S INFALLIBLE RESTORATIVE. TIIE superior efficacy of this invaluable Medicine, so fully evinced by the numerous and complicated esses, daily restored fron emaciation and decay to strength and viguur, after having baffled tbe skill of tbe most eminent Physicians, is tbe best proof ot its renovating qualities and surprising effects. Numbers, solely lor Ibe good ol mankind, have volun tarily come forward and attested, upon Oath, before the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of the city of Loudon, Iheir surprising lecoveriee from cases the most hopeless and deplorable; testimonials ol which, from the most respectable authorities, are now extant and inserted in Ihe list of Cures inclosed with cacti bottle of Ihe Medicine, and testified on Oath as aforesaid. The advantages of this Medicine lo those afilicled with mental and bodily Decay, Nervous Debility, Inward Wasting?, Loss of Appetite, Indigestion, Trembling or Shaking of the Hands or Limbs, Scorbutic, and every other kind of Eruption, Asthmas, Cancer, Ulcerated Throat, Pains in the Limbs and Joints, Consumptive Habits, and all Constitutional Complaints, over every other Medicine hitherto discovered, can alone be estimated by its unerriag success. Il « importance is incalculable lo young people, who, by residence in hot and unhealihy countries, intemperate living, or Other irregularities, have their constitutions undermined, and where the organs of life are but imperlectly capable of performing iheir natural functions. Prepared and sold wholesale aud retail by Dr. C . J . JORDAN, at the East London Medical Establishment, No. 7. Cannan- » ( rtel Road. St. George's in the East, London in bottles of l i s . each, or two quantities in one for 20s. or four quantities In one family bottle lor 33s. duly included, by which one 1 Is. bottle , s saved I b i s inestimable Medicine will keep ia all climates, aod V a y be had of Barclay and Sous, Fleet- market, London ; Isaac Wilson, 49, Lowgate, and Houghton and Co. 42, Wbitefriarcate, Hull; J Ramsden, Beverley ; W. Sbearilown, Doncaster- H. Hurton, Loulb; J Binge, Lynn j Ranson Plant, Spiisby ; F. S. Gilbert, Spalding; J. Batcheler, Southwell ; Woodhead and Trask. Retford ; and by ( he most respectable Medicine Venders in every pari of Ibe Kingdom. ( Q. Dr C. J JORDAN expects, when consulted by letter, ( he usual compliment of a one pound note, lo be Inclosed, addressed- Money letter; Dr. C. J. JORDAN, East London Medical Establishment No. 7, Cannon- street Road, St. George's East, London.- Paid double postage. To be SOLD by P R I V A T E CONTRACT, IN LOTS TO SUIT PURCHASERS, A Piece of FREEHOLD LAND, situate al the top of Norwood, in Beverley, on tbe right- baud side of tbe Road, most eligibly situated for Building upon, having lrcniage of 270 feet, and being in depib amply sutficieut lor House, Y'ard, Garden, and every other Convenience, wilh a Back Way into the Fields, and centre of the town ; an excellent Gravel Walk of nearly a Mile on Ihe Turnpike Road leading to Hull Bridge, and affording an uninterrupted view of tbe Country on each side. Apply to Mr. HENNISON, Builder, Hull : or lo Mr. FRANCIS W I L K I N S O N , A t t o r n e y , or Mr. JAMES l i o r . N E R , B r i c k l a y e r, Beverley. LOT 2. WOOD. To be S O L D by AUCTION, At the House of Mr. Francis Fallowfield, the Plume cf Feathers, Pocktinyton, on Hedn. sday, February 24, 1819, at Four o'clock in the afternoon, The following T I M B E R: LOT I. S9 Nilmbeted O A K S , and75 CROST P O L E S . 351 Numbered ASHES, > 52 Ditlo Ditto. 202 Numbered ELMS. 8.- I Ditlo Ditto. - 1 2 1 C R O S T M A P L E S , A c . Growiuq in Grimthorpe Wood, ntiir PocUinglon. - 7 Numbered OAKS, and 4 CROST POLES. 74 Ditto ASHF. S, and 22 Ditto Ditto. 24 Dilto ELMS, and 10 Ditto Ditto, Growing upon Mr. Marshall's Farm, at Gri. nthorpc aforesaid; toyettn'. r wilh 2 Numbered OAKS. 11,5 Ditto ASHES, and 18 CROST 1' OLES. 8 Ditto ELMSGrowing tfpan Mr. Quarton's Farm, Grimlhcrpe. Also 30 Numbered Trees, OAK, ASH arid ELM, Growing in the Wood at Grimthorpe, in the last Year's fall. The said Timber is numbered and crossed with a Screive Iron, it of excellent Quality, and well adapted ior Ship- Builders, Carpenters, Coopers, dee and situated wilhintwo Miles of Pocktington Canal. It may be viewed any day previous lo Ihe Sale, by applying to WILLI AM COOK, of Pockliugtun. Game keeper. Thts dug is published, in four Volumes4 iimo. price il. Is. in boards, JORMANBURN; or, tbe HISTORY of a YORKSHIRE F A M I L Y . A NOVEL. Printed for Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, Paternoster- row, London ; sold by Isaac Wilson, Rod. ord, Topp'ng aojl Daw. son. Cra- igs, Turner, Ferraby, Johnston, and Uuwatt, Hull, aud all olber Booksellers. Of whom may be had, by the s. tmc Author, I — H A K O K N B R A S S a n d HA V B R I L L ; o r , tise S e c r e t or the Castle, a Novel. Containing- a Madniau and no Madman— ho Walks— Deeds of Darkness. & c.— Hemm liable Characters, Incident*. Adventures, Ac. instructive and eutettaiuiug. 4 Volumes, \ l. i Is. Oil boards. 2 . - T h e IUSTORY of JULIUS Fi r z- JOWN, a N o v e l . I n T h r ee Volumes, l' 2mo. Price 1/. is. hoards. 3. - CONIRDAN ; or, The St. Kildians : a Moral Tale. In one Villain', I2UIO. Price 7s. in boards. 4.— REST ROB; or, The VViich of Scot- Mnir, commonly called Madge tbe Saoover : a Scottish Tale, la one Volume, 12mo. Price 5s. boards. F L O R E N C E MACARTHY. i To FARM on the WOLDS. To be LET, And entered on at Lady Day next, A Capital FARM, consisting of 760 Acres of good LAND accustomed to Ihe produce of all Crops except Beans » aud all conveniently divided and well Fenced, well Watered' wilh good Roads, and in the vicinity of different Markets Other . information may be had on application to Mr. MATTHEW Rtvis, Wykebatu, near Scarborough. POOR TO LET. To MANUFACTURERS of WORSTED, To be LET, On the 29th of March, and entered to upon the 12th of April next, r g l H E POOR of tbe township of Glatnford Briggs, in the JL county of Lincoln. Persons in Ibe above or a similar Line of Business, desirous of treating for the same, are requested to send in their Proposals ( po- t- paid) tothe Overseers of Ibe Pour of Ihe above low nsliip, oa or before tbe 25th day of March next. N. B. There is a gooJ Poor- House aud convenient Premises, in Ihe said to. vnship, for carrying on a considerable Trade, together with several Acres ol Land attached thereto. WM. KEALK, i Overseers of Ihe Krigg, Feb. 9, 1819. WM. NAINBY. S Poor. WOOD. be S O L O by AUCTION, By Mr. JOHN BUCKLE, At '. lie House of Mr. Tate, tiyn of the Geo rye Inn, in Selby, on Saturday, Feb. 27, 1819, between the hours of Three and Six o'clock, f 5 H H E following L O T S o f T I M B E R , s u b j e c t lo 8 such Conditions as will he then and there produced :— LOT I. 782 Numbered OAKS j 6 Numbered ASHES 175 Cyphered Ditto | 5 Numbered KI.. M The above Timber is standing upon Heuwick Hall Farm, near Selby. LOT 11. 24 Numbered OAKS, in Haddlesay Closes. 4S Numbered OA KS, IN Mr. KII. BV'S Farm; at Wislow. 143 Numbered ASHES, and 7 CYPHERS, iu Ditlo. 39 Numbered ELM, in Ditto. 19 Numbered OAKS, in Gkh. MoAfc& t'sFarm, at Wistow. 19 Numbered ASHES, in Dilto. 15 Numbered OAKS, in GEO. KIISSKLL'S Farm, nt Wislow. 68 Numbered ASHES, in Dillo. Further Particulars may he bad hy ( pplying to Mr. KITCHING, oi Rok^ by Park; or to Mr. COPLKV, of Cawood. Mr. CorLKV, or the Tenants upon their rtspectire Farms, will show the Timber, wbich is growing upou Laud, mostly within the easy dislilnie'of three Miles from Selby, and neat 10 Ills Canal leading to thai place. IFooi)~ ed THORNE end HATFIELD. To be S O L D by AUCTION. Al the House of Mr. 1' homOt T'anse, the • White Hart Jnn, Thome, on Friday, March 5, 1819, a/- Six o'clock, ft Quantity » f Valuable TIMBER TREES, J \ now growing on Lauds in the tow n, ship ol Thorn* » « d Hatfield, in the respective o c c u p a t i o n s of M e s s r s . RICHARD PEARSON, / f Juo. SAMUEL AINLEY, JOHN W Y A T T , WM. ' P " ' K I K < " 0 N « W M . MOBTIMAR, W M . . BITOTV ^ T I L E D G E > WM. OUGHTIBRIDOE, JOHN R I D - ^ J O J M , , GILL a n d W M . DOVK. . ANAS*?- WR_ W M . PILKINOTON, ot T h o m e , w i ll direct a Person to shew the Wood, and further Particul . rs m a y be h a d of h i m , or of M r . W M . HEMINGWAY, H e n s a l l, IIear Snaith. Thorne, Jan. 26, 1819. T i FOR THE ITCH. R . F R E E M A N ' S O I N T M E N T may be r e l i e d on as t be only absolutely safe and certain cure by one single application, for lhat disagreeable disorder T H E I T C H lo which, Irum its infectious nature, all classes of society are daily liable; every individual ongbl therefore to be aware oT the existence of this inestimable llemedy, that recourse may be had lo il whenever occasion requires, il does not contain in its composition Ihe lea- t particle of Mercury, or of any other pernicious ingredient, at Ihe same time is so effectual lhat, when appliedaccordiag lo Ibe directions, il bas never been known to fail of curing the worst cases by one dressing. In order lo place Dr. Freeman's Ointment within Ihe reach of Ihe poorer classes, it is sold at Ibe low price or one shilling and three half pence the box, which is sufficient for dressing one grown person, or ( wo yonng children. Sold by Wilson, Shores, Meynell, Howe, Hammond, Heeley, Carlill, andCraggs, Hull ; Tigar. and Kenniughaui, Beverley ; Cross, Bridlington ; Sherwood, Driffield ; Hanson, York ; Ashtons', Barton ; Ball, Brigg ; Forrest, Gaiasbro'; Drury, Grimsby, aad by most Druggists and Medicine Venders, throughout tbe Kingdom. N. B. Be careful to ask lor " Dr. FREEMAN'S Ointment," and also to observe that tbe l. able of each Box is signed, " S. FREEMAN." For all Disorders originating from Impurity of Blood, or Obstructed Perspiration. SOLOMON'S ANTI- IM PETIG1NES is Ihe most powerful alterative and purifierof Ihe blood and juices, without the least confinement or restraint in diet; its operation is gradual and imperceptible, though certain and infallible; in short, it is Ibe loug- sougbl- for substitute lor tbat fashionable mineral Mercury. In Ibe most inveterate stages of Scurvy, Scorbutic Eruptious, Scrofula or King's Evil, Leprosy, Bhetimatism or Rheumatic Gout, as well as ail disorders which originate from an impure or imperfect slale of the blood, Ihe Anti- Impetigines is Ihe only remedy that can be looked up to with a certainly of success. Sold by Mr. Isaac Wilson, 49, Lowgate, Mr. J. Rodford, and Messrs. Topping & Dawson, H ill I. IV) r. Turner, Beverley; Mr. Wolstenholme, York; Mr. Hargrove, Knaresbro'; and all Medicine Venders in the United K ingdom, price l i s . each, or four in one Family Bottle for 33s. by which one l i s . bottle is saved; with the words " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool',"' en. graved on the Stamp, to imitate which is felony. Dr. Solomon expects, when consulted by letter, the usual compliment of a one pound note to be inclosed, addressed '' Money Letter. Dr. Solomon Gileae*- house, near Liverpool, paid double postage." Where may be had, The Celebrated ABSTERGENT LOTION, an effectual Cure for Eruptions on Ihe FACE and SK IN, particularly Pirn pies, Blotches, Tetters, Ringworms, Tan, Sunburns, Freckles, Shingles, Prickly Heat, Redness of the Nose, Neck, Arms, & c. Scorbutic and Cutaneous Eruptiousof every description, being the most valoableacqtiisition and appendage lo the toilet ever offered lo Ihe nobility and gentry iu Ihe united kingdom. K5" Price 4s. 6( 1. and 2s. 9d. a Bottle, Duly included. Be careful lo observe the words " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool, engraved iu ( he Stamp, without which none are genuine. CLEVELAND. CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. W. K ITCHING, At the House ef James Htbtron, Ingteby Greemhow, near Stokestey, on Thursday, April 1, 1SI9, al Oue o'clock in the afternoon, . Subject t o soch Conditions as wtil b* then and there produced, TWO Hundred and Slovenly- Eight OAK TREES, and 48 « CYPHERS, now standing and growing iu Bssedale, in the parish of lngleby, aed also 64 Numbered OAKS, and 16 CYPHERS, BOW standing and growing at Battersby. The above Timber may bo viewed on application to JOHN G E D L I N G , ol Batteraby, Ingleby Manor, Jan. 9, 1819. A GREAT SAVING. A Shilling Pol of WARREN's P A S T E B L A C K I N G is sqnal ( o four Shilling Bottles or L I Q U I D. ' Ibis valuable .' reparation possesses all Ibe superior qualities of W A U R E N ' S Japan Liquid Blacking, and only requires the addition of Water, that it would be superfluous for the Proprietor lo say anything iu its praise— the superior quality of W A R R E N ' S blacking being so justly acknowledged by a discerning Public. TREPARED BY AFonrlh Edilion of this interesting New Work of l ady Morgan's is jnsl published. A celebrated Critic makes lbs following observations on the ingenious and spirited writer. Foremost in tbe rani's of Ihose who have given 10 the novel, ihe historical character, must be placed Ibe Author of Waverly, and Ihe writer now under review. If, in estimating the pretensions of these candidates for the licic wreath of literature, the palm of profuudily and erudite attainment must be awarded lo the former, thai of a more oeedful political benevolence is indisputably tbe right o: tbe latter. Lady Morgau bas not ouly national characteristics lo • delineate and preserve ; she has to combat against those partialities and prtyudices, which still operaie in society much, and in political institutions much m ire. This she has done iu a series of novels which bring before us, in the most vivid portraiture, Ihe manners and habits, the virtoes and the prejudices of tjie various classes o; Ihe Irish nation ; and she has contrived to weave these grotesque but inleresting materials in threads of such ingenious intricacy, that Ibe reader is irresistibly ltd forward, as through a magic mane, without being aware at the time, of the variety of valuable information he is collecting by the way. Priuted for Henry Colburn, Condnit- slreel, London. W I L L I A M WORDSWORTH, Esj. HE N E W MONTHLY MAGAZINE of February I, price 2s. ( ihe first of a New Volume) is embellished wiih a tine Portrait of WILLIAM WORDSWORTH, Esq. The Literary Department comprises amoog many other subjects— 1. An iuteresliug Memoir of Ibat distinguished Poet.— 2. Observations ou Ike Juvenile Poems of Lord Byron, w ith numerous specimens, aod a Comparison of his merits wilh those of Walter S c o t t . - 3 . Observations ou Sir Samuel Rouiiliy's Objections to Public Schools. - 4. Culloden Anecdotes, containing Ihe ground- work of a new historical Tale, illustrative of tbe Character of tbe Gael, for Ihe pen of Ibe Author of Tales of my Landlord.— 5. Some Account of the Life aud travels of U. J. Seeiz. eu — tt. Anecdotes of Etnineut Persons, No. 3, Waller Scott, - Cur- ran, Garrick — 7. Mr. Jainiesou, on Hamlel and tbe Grave- digger.— 8. Observations on the Causes of Hie Variations of tbe climate yf Great Britain,— 9. On tbe necessity of encouraging a Spirit of Emulation among Ihe British Artists — 10. The Kuights Templars, eueuiies to Christianity.— 11. Remarkable Confession ol a condemned Malefactor, in a Letter ( o a Clergyman, ( from the German).— 12. On the Language in which au Hislorian should write.— 13. The Lost Pocket Book, or New Pilgrim's Progress.— 14. Notices Illustrative of Cambrian History and Antiquities, and of Sir Peter Leycester, tbe celebrated antiquary, witb a View of bis Seat.— 15. Original Poetry, by the Author of the Verses lo Octavia, J. Mitlord, Esq. dtc. K5-' The great accession of talent recently obtained for this Worii, added to ils very interesting embellishments, having caussd a greater demand for numbers than could be immediately complied witb, the puhlicare requested to lake notice that the Number published on the 1st ol February , is Ibe first of a New Volume, aod those persous wbo may wish lo avail themselves ol Ibis favourable opportunity for commencing it, are reqnested ( o forward their orders, without delay, lo Iheir respective Booksellers or Newsmen. — This Number exhibits in every respect, a striking proof of Ibe decided superiority of the plau of this Magazine, which may be regularly Irausmi. ted abroad, by applying to any Postmaster. Prinled for Henry Colburu, Conduit street, London. LAW INTELLIGENCE. C O U R T o * K I N G ' S B E N C H , W E D N E S D A Y , FEBRUARY 8. W1LI. ES V. BHIDGEH. This - vas an action of assault and false imprisonment, tried at Ihe Sussex l ent Assizes, 1818, and a case was afterwards reserved. which il will be recollected was argued al the last Sittings at Serjeant's Inn Hall, Ihe question beinc as lo ( tie legality of a warrant i- siied by the defendant, a Magistrate, for coalmining the p . a . l i l l f o r t w o years certain, for an alleged breach of ihe peace. The object ion was, tbat the ilajislrale had au Ihorily lo commit only " until IheneV Session of the Peace. 0 The case having been reserved for Ihe opinion of the Court, the Lord Ciiiet Justice now gave judgment, aad after an elaborate review of all the authorities, Ihe decision of the Court was, that the warrant was legal, and therefore gave jud" e » ineut for Ihe defendant. BULLOCK V. DODD. IU this rase al « o, tbe Court having reserved its opinion after a second argument, now gave judgment It was an action upon a Bill of Exchange by the plaintiff as indorsee, and it nil; be recollected that there were two questions— Ist. Whether Ihe punishment of transportation, as a commutation of judgment of death, operated so much as a pardon as to restore Ihe plaintiff ID all his civil rights; and— 2d. Whether Ihe attainder ofthe plaintiff was properly pleaded by the defendant ill bar, inasmuch as Ibe cause of act ion accrued after judgment of death, and before tiie plaintiff relumed from transportation. Ou the first point the Court gave judgment for Ibe plaintiff, when the case was first argued, hut now upon tbe second they gave for the defeudant. THE KING 0. AUGUSTINE BOGLK RFIENCH, THOMAS FRENCH « BURKE, AND MATTHKW WELCH. These defendants were brought up to receive Ihe judgment of tbe Court, for tbe conspiracy of which Ihey had been convicted al the Sittings alter last Term. The Judge's Report having been read on a former day, affidavits were put in on behalf of Ibe defendants, In mitigation of punishment, and on ihe part of the prosecution in aggravation. Mr. Scarlett moved for a new trial on behalf of Mr. Burie, on the ground ibat the object of the alleged conspiracy was not a- ainst British ships, but Frenob ships, carrying simulated British licenses, and he rested his motion on Ihe affidavits uf tbe defendant, which stated, thai he conscientiously believed dial the Carlotta, Ihe ship alleged lo be the object or the conspiracy, was really a French and not a neutralship, or one in which British owners were interested. Il was contended tbat if Itlis were so, the present indictment could not besupported, The Court, kowever, alter hearing Mr. Scarlett at very great length, were ol opinion, that there was no pretence for the motion. Mr. Curwood was then beard on behalf of Mr. French, in mitigation of punishment, urging bis youth and inexperience, and his total nnacquaintance wilh the concerns or the house in which be- was a partner, as grounds for the lenient consideration of the Court. Mr. Campbell followed on the part of Mr. Welch, and er- deavonred lo distinguish his case from the other defendants, inasmuch as he was uo parly to Ihe original plan alleged in the IndictaiHit. Mr. Gumey addressed Ihe Court in aggravation of . punishment, contending that public justice required a severe exampie to be made ol the defendants. The Court, taking all Ihe circumstances of tbe case into consideration, sentenced Mr. Burke to three years imprisonment in Newgate, and ( he olber defendauu to months cacb, ia the House of Correction for Middlesex. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 0. THE KING E. FRANCIS DAMON. The defendant had been couvicled of illegally taking fish ill a private fishery, ihe properly of Ihe Hon. Lady Fane namely, iii a pari of the River Avon, which runs through her Ladyship's manor. Mr. Chilly now applied to have the conviction of tbe Magistrates quashed, ou Ihe ground that by law no one could lodge an information, or recover penalties under ibis statute, except Ihe owner of Ihe fishery. In the present instance Ihe . information was prosecuted by Sir H. Eane; and there was no proof whatever before Ihe Magistrates tbat the information was preferred al kbe desire jjf Lady Fane, or that she bad nol given leave to the defendant to fisb in her fishery. Mr. Casbeed contended, in support of Ibe conviction, tbat It was slated on tbe lace of the couviction, that Sir H. Fans appeared a! fhe instance and- crn behalf of Lady Faue. and that this was sufficient, without the fact being swor. ii to, that it was at the desire ef Lady Fane. . This circumstance might be supplied by.- intendment. Tbe Court, however, he'd, that in,- a case of information, the Court would supply nothing by intendment ; all must be established by proof; the woras of the Magistrate used in tbe conviction were not proof. Here was noprool that ihisinformanon was preferred at Ihe desire of Lady Fane. That fact ought either lo have beeu embodied. iu the information, or prov ed in evidence; the want of thai proof ia the present case was Lcialj. aud the conviction must therefore be quashed. i & n ? 30 Sold at llul'i by I. Wilson, Lowgate Scaife, Bond- street Carral I kes- st reel Fearne, Lowgate Ward, MjtoiiRRte Bowman. Lowgate Tessyman, Dock- st. Ouston. Prospect Bt. Hammond, N. Bridge Scarbro'. Cass Middleton S T R A N D , L O N D O N ; Whitby, Morley llelmslejt, Sparks Pickering, Atkinson Bridlington Q, uuy, Kirhymoorside, At- Pbilliskirk kinson Driffield, Atkinson llcoerley, Stephenson l. llyot Paitrinyton, Freck- Keyingham, Wright inghaui tledon, Hewsou Hornsea. Henderson Pocklinyton, Ricband Co. ardsou Weiyh on, Smith York. W Pape Barton, Fusee N. Cuoe, Tri aiiolai. Burlington, Cross III Pots, 6d. I2d. and I8d. each. N. B. The Japan Liquid Blacking continues to be prepared by ROBERT W A R R E N. C3- Ask for trA11 HEN'S BLACKING. LINES TO Mr. RICHARD TURNER, ON HIS EXQUISITE JAPAN LIQUID BLACKING. THO' ihe proud sons of China iheir boasliugs discover, And the Japanese prate of their elegant Jet, Be now all their egotist sophistry over, For both are by TURNER in loveliness beal: Their Jet is surpassed . And to nothingness cast, Their bighlv- famed Blacking must lowly knock under, And TURNER'S alone of Ihe world be the wonder. These sons of ( he East long nnrivalled had carried The palm of Iheir excellence over Ibe world, Britannia aitemfKed lo foil — hut miscarried, Till TURNER'S bigh banners she saw were unfurled ; Then she echoed lo Fame— " To TURNER'S great name, Let all other men low and coolly knock under, Aud TURNER alone of tbe world he the wonder." S i l t SAMUEL ROM I L LY This day was published, price is. tSd. AN EUI. OGHJM on SIR SAMUEL ROM ILLY, pronounced at tbe Royal Albemeum of Paris. By M. Benjamin de Coostant. Edited by Sir T. C. Morgan. Printed for HKSRV COLBURN, Conduit- street, of whom, and all olber Booksellers may be bad, just published, 1 . RKLOLI . ECTIOKS o p J A P A N , c o m p r i s i n g a p a r t i c u l ar account of Ihe Religion, Lsuguage, Government, Laws and Manners of the People, wilb observations on tbe Geography, Climate, Population aud Productions of the Country, by Capt. Golowuin, aulhor of Narrative of a Three years Captivity iu Japan, lo which are prefixed, Chronological Details of the Rise, Decline, and Renewal, of British Commercial luitrcourse wilb that Country. I vol. 8to. 12s. 2 . HORACE WALPOLE'S LETTERS to ( h e R e v . W i l l i a m C o le and others, now first published Iro n Ihe Originals, 4to I/. 7s. 3 . SKETCHES o p THE PHILOSOPHY OF W i s , b y S i r C h a r l es Morgan, M. D. 8vo. 14s. 4. FLORENCE MACARTHY, an Irish Tale, by Lady Morgan, fourth edilion, 4 vols. 1/. 8s. 5 . MEMOIRS OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, t h e c o n c l u d i n g V o l. in 4to. comprising his Posthumous Writing? ; puolished fioui the Or ginal Manuscripts, by his Grandson. 6. MEMOIRS o f her l a t e MAJESTY, Q O E E N CHARLOTTE, by John Watkins, L. L D. Svo. 0s. 7 . AMERICA AND HER RESOURCES, or a V i e w of t h e A g r i. cultural, Commercial, Manufacturing, Financial, Political, Literary, - Moral and Religious Capacity and Character uf Ihe St. VALENTINE'S DAY. Valentine was a martyr of the Churcb, and, as soune authors affirm, a Bishop ; w bite others assert that. he r. nounced his creed, because be was not made a Bishop; bnt all agree m assigning to him the palm of martyrdom under Claudius the Secoud, at Rome, A. D. 271. Being placed for lurlher punishment under tbe custody of Asterius, be was resolved, say his legends, 41 lo exercise ihe power his piety bad given him and he accordingly prayed lo heaven, and restored lo sight one of the daughters of Asterius, who had been bliud from her infancy ; a miracle so extraordinary and unexpected, ibat the whole family were instantly convinced, and " joyfully suffered death" amidst Ihe greatest toruieu s. Valentine hiaist If. who was kepi in prison for about a twelvemonth, was beheaded ; and il was, as we are assured, for tlie sake of perpetuating his virtue and miraculous power, thai he was enrolled among tbe lirst martyrs of tbe Church. u To abolish the beaiben, lewd, and superstitious cousloai of boys drawing the names of girls, in honour uf Iheir goddess Februata, or Juuo, ou Ihe 15th of February, several zealous pastors substituted Ihe names of saints in billets given on that day," says a respectable writer ; aud Valentine is aliedged lo have been conspicuous in overthrowing this custom : while others contended, that St. Frauds de Sates was ihe first and principal person wbo so successfully combated fhe Pagan error ; certain it is, that in tbe Papal dominions patron saints are chosen on ibis day ; and hence, perhaps, our less absurd custom of choosing lovers, or Valentines, for tbe year. " While authors in seneral accede to tbe above statement, American People ; by John Brisied, Euq. Counsellor al Law, t some are oi opinion, tbat Valentine, who, as before observed, New- York ; 1 vol. large 8vo. i4 8. N IPTIATIVK OF A RESIDENCE IN ALGIERS, w i t b notes and illustrations ; by Edward Blaquiere, Esq. 4to. coloured plates, 21. 2s. 9 . MEMOIRS OF COUNT DE L. AS CASAS, c o m m u n i c a t e d hy himself, second edition, 8vo. rs. Od. 1 0 . T H E L I F E OP S IR JOSHUA REYNOLDS, b y J a m e s N o r t h - cote, Esq. R. A. second edition, 2 vols. 8 plates, ll. Is. 11. WOMAN, a Poem ; by E. S. Barrett, Esq. Author of the Heroine, second edition, plates, 5s. dd. 1 2 . DISCOURSES ON VARIOUS S U B J E C T S ; b y the R e v . Sir John Head, Bart. 8vo. I is. 1 3 . MEMOIRS OK LUCIEN BONAPARTE, d r a w n f r o m his Private Correspondence and other Authentic Documents, 2 vols. 8vo. 18s.— Ditlo, in French. 14 PRIVATE ANECDOTES CF THE COURT AND FAMILY OP NAPOLEON BONAPARTE; by o n e o f the S u i t e o f I b e E m p r e ss Maria Louisa, 8vo. 10*. M — Ditto, in French. 15. LETTERS, Descriptive of a Tour through Hungary, Dtria, Egypt, Syria, Cyprus, Rhodes, the . Vlorea, Greece, Calabria, Daly, tbe Tyrol, & c. < Stc. interspersed with numerous personal Anecdotes; by John Bramseu, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. Is. 1 6 . ACCOUNT OF THE SHIPWRECK O F T H E MEHUSA FRIGATE, the Sufferings of tbe Crew, and Ibe various Occurrences on board Ibe Raft, in Ihe Desert of Zaara al St. Louis, and at Ibe Camp of Daccard, by J. B. Henry Savigny, and Alexander Correard, Svo. 10s. Bd. abjured his religion, because he was not elected a bishop, used to call together the male proselytes to his new and hereticfll doctrines on the 141b of February, when each chose a I'emale to instruct in religious, and also iu worldly affairs, during Ihe year; aud from thence deduce our preseut innocent custom. " Alio! her Valentine, Ibe ninety- ninth Bishopof Rome, who died iu the year 827, is, by some, considered as the first who changed the heatbeu practice of drawing for girls, & c. and as he established the anuual usage of the poorer clergy drawing lots for their patron for the ensuing year, he seems to have some claim untie honour assigned bim. " It is diitlcult lo come lo any probable conclusion, even if the matter were worthy cf our further research. Our custom might have sprung Irom either of the before- mentioned sources ; or we may merely bave continued, with proper alleratious, frtim our superior religions advantages, tbe Lupercaie. of the Romans. St. Valentine's Day being the one immediately precediug Ibe ancient feast of tbe Lupercali -, or pebruaia, as it was first called, tbe practice may very easily bave changed its title, as it had iu part its rites ; aud even Ibe most strict of our religious ancestors msy bave subuiilteilw ithout repining, to a change from a barbarous Pagan ceremony, to one which s° emed consonant to nature; wbich, at this season ol the year, prompts Ibe feathered tribe lo choose their mates, particularly lu warm climates, where tbe. substituted custom arose, and gives, as it were, fresh animation to the re novated world.' For Freight. Hull, January 1! i a 0 3 o n. Fur~ L EGHOR N, The fin- A. I. Brig BRITAIN, Captain S. FOSTER, 149 Tons Begi « 1er. Will salt to suit the Trade. Ac. apply to , 1819 ROBINSON A CALEY. For PALERMO ft MCSSir The wejl-. l. iiowu i? rir H E N U Y . CHARLES JAM Ed FOX A. I. 133 Tons Register Itieasurem. Warranted to sail ( weather peranum^) with which lea. ve Leeds, on Saturday the lid A p. i;. Hull, Feb. lt, 1810. THOMAS For SEVILLE, The N A N C Y , WIL I AM NORMAN, Master, raving the greater part ol her l argo engaged, Will meet with quick dispatch. For Freight, Ac. apply to Hull, Feb. It, 1819. ROBINSON & CALKY._ ~~ For RIO DE JANEIRO, The fine A. 1 Brig COMET, ISAAC SACKER. Master, Having Ihe greater part of her Cargo ready to go op board will meel with quick dispatch. For Freight, < Sc. apply tQ Uujt, Jau. i l , 1819. ROBINSON & CALEV. _ " For LISBON, The fine fast- sailing Copper- bottomed Brig $ j ? C 0 * R L K S HAMILTON- A1JKUDEEN, WM; DONALDSON, Commander, Arrived on Ihe Bib instant, aud will be ready lo lake io tiouda in a lew days. Has excellent Accommodation lor Passengers. For further Phrlicutfrs apply lo Messrs. ROBINSON & CALEY ; or t i l l OH COCHRAN. Unit, February10. 1819. AMERICA, For HAMBURG, Tbe Regular radets ALS 1' Eit, A I. EDWARD Ml I. M ELLS, FAIRY, A. I. J O H N GELL ; AMI THE STEPHEN GEE, A. 1. R. S. CI. UiK. For ANTWERP. The BETSEY, THOMAS CORl'IN. Neatly loaded. 10 Hull. Feb. 13,. IS 19. GEE, LOFT A CO. Feb. 12, IS 19. For HAMBURG. The lloe A. I. Schooner PROVIDENCE, S. it A V M R , Sails to tnorrsfw'. For HAMBURG, ' Jbe line A. t. Brig EXPRESS; S. ' d' 11 O 11 P E, • To sail in a - few days. , E1) W. A C E O . COULSON. To be SOLD l. y AUCTION, By W, PEARCE, fisfc.-/ le< iiri, war SI. John- street, Hull, an Saturday, February 13, 1619: at Eleven o'clock, .. mtltv " f Sew aud S^ coutl- lland HOUSEHOLD v P M T U R E ; HUSH LINENS. SHAWLS. WOOL- ' I'HS, lie. The Furniture consists of six Goose led* aud Bedding. Campand oilier Bedsteads, t ight ; . t hesis ol Draw e. rs, ten seis. of Mahogany Hair- • hairs, Chamber and Kitchen C. haifs, l i i r and Cham- .. ' .. . i-.' Carpets, and sundry other Articles, A handsome ,,• I Chamber Organ, wiih an elegant Gill Front, and ire!*, t. y DONALDSON, of York t aud a neat Piano i , Gvit TIA. ol Loudon. Pieces of very line I R l s l I LINENS. • ,.!• isoi Superfine WOOLLEN CLOTH. zen ot S TOCKINGS, and 5 Dozen Damask and other s u a - A •: - Also, iiiree Jlnes of LEMONS. ' The iapery « : li be put up in Lots lo'suil Purchasers, and Hidn wit hoi't Reserve. ~ "^ M^ FiOGAKVT " ~ To lie SOLD by AUCTION, Bj. CtJOSa and GLEN, At lie Raff- Yard cf . fir. Thomas Brown. North- side of the Old Dock, on Thursday, February IS, 1819, at Eleven o'clock iu the forenoon. > • lu suia I Lo's. t'o suit Town- and Country Purchasers, U PWARDS of One Thousand Feel of vvell seasoned • MAHOGANY, in Pl- inv s and Boards. A1 « O, upwards of . O. ie Thousand Feet of very superior V EN El'its. Tbe above Mahogany will be sold . without Reserve. J. SHORE'S, CHEMIST t) DRUGGIST, K o . 33, W n i r E f R I A I I - G A r r , , HULL; T S IN' W A N T O F A N A P I ' R E N T I C E. HOLDER'SESS l i ARRiERS. A MEETING of the MEMBEKS of Ibis HUNT, will be beld at ihe House of W I L L I A M Tout), lit I.' edon, on Monday, February 24d. Xj- Dinner upon Ibe Table at Three o'clock. TEEk'M EXTRACTED GRATIS, ( son IHE REALY, POCR,) Each Morning, from Eight to Nine o'clock, by STANSFIELD, DENTIST, al her Lodging-, No. S, Cook't— iniildiogs, BowUlley- lane, Huli, where she TMTIi- TS the above Profession scientifically, atiu ou reasonable terms. Ladies and Gentlemen waited upon at their own Homes as usual. UOIT'S s u p e r f i u e ROSE TOOTH POWDER, and TINCTURE for SCURVY in the GUMS, w i t h a p p r o p r i a t e BRUSHES, may be bad on a plication. tf- JNTFA). A s GOYF. RN'ES- S, - to lake I he charge of two or fhrte Children, a decidedly plans Person of the Esla dished Church, « t » is competent HI instruct them la Euglish, Writiug, Arithmetic. French, Geographv , & c. Apply by letter ( post- paidJ addressed to A. Z Post- office, 11,1,1 February 14, 1519. WANTED la a Gentleman's Family in the Neighbourhood nf Hull, A Steady, Active Middle- aged MAN, as UPPER HOUSE / a . SERVANT. where a Eoy is kept. He must perfectly understand Brew- in , the Management of Plate, Ac. and all Ibe other Duties of bis Place. To prevent trouble, noce need apply whose Character for sobriety and honesty will not bear tile strictest scrutiny. Apply In the Printers of this Paper; if by letter, post- paid. for QUEBEC, Tbe good fast- sailing copper- bottomed Ship ANDERSON, Captain — , 3> 10 l ulls Burt hen. Is now laid on for Quebec, and will take in Goods for Montreal. to be forwarded al Ship's Expense, but Skippers' Risk, and will sail with Ibe very Jirsl Ships auoul the middle of next Mouth. Has good Accommodation for CABIN and STEERAGE J'ASSHNGERS. witb good heights between IVc.. s. For Freight or Passage apply on board the Snip in the Old Jiuvk; or lo Mr. MICHAEL TEASDALE, Wbithy • or JOHN 11ALL, No. 5, North- end, Hull. Hull, Feb. .10, 1819. * ~ amerTCA. For QUEBEC, The line fast sailing Ship FAME, Captain THOMAS MINNETT, A Regular Trader, Will lake Goods for Montreal, to be forwarded from Quebec al Ship's Expense and Shippers' Risk. tfy Exceeding good height between Decks, and most superior Accpipmodaiijon for PASSENGERS. PASSENGERS agreed nilli oil liberal terms. Will sail about the 30th March, or with the first Ships. For Freight, Ac apply to B. HOLLAND, Russia- Court, High- street ; the Master on board the Ship, now lying in Ibe Old Dock or al bis House Prospect- place, Dry pool. Hull. Feb. 10, 1819. For QUEBEC, ( And will take GOODS for MONTREAL.) The fine fast- sailing Ship., MA ID A, HUNTER ESTILL. Master, A Constant Trader, Has uncommon good heights between Decks, and every , other Accommodation for CABIN and STEERAGE PASfcENGERS. Wilt sail as soon as any other Ship; and take Goods and J'nssengers on uuiderale terms ; any tliiufc the least iu reason vi ill uot be reluswi. Apply lo the Captain on board in Ike Old Dock; or to WIDOW 110LLINGWORTH A HOI DERNESS, Hull, Feb. 10, 1819 Exchange Buildings. TO » As STEAM BOA, TS between Quebec and Montreal have lately much increased, the charge lor conveying Goods is jnuch less Ihan formerly, and the Passage almost certain. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. HULL AND SUNDERLAND REGULAR TRADING VESSELS ( Direct.) j - ^ sT^ i HO RGB BUCKTON begs leave to inform lire A R Merchant* and Shippers of'GOODS', that be h « k fixed llie FRIENOS, Cap'. Hoiir. tir HAKIUSON, as a Regular Trader direct to Sunderland. G. B. a!> oacquaints bis Friends, that ibe above Vessel will be Miccted. ed by the TEES, Capt. THOMAS MELLANBV, and that . me Trade will be constantly Supplied . by suitable Vessels, and every - Dispatch, given lo C'OODS Shipped by Ibis Conveyance. GEO. BUCKTON, Agent, Hull. WM. ELX11 INGHAM, Agent, Sunderland. Hull. Feb. 12, IS 19. HOUSEHOLD FURNITUR E. HAGS. MA " IS, ftc. To be SOLD by AIM ' HON, i;> IV. OSS & Gl. KNi- At the Sale- Rdoui, HHcir- streei. Hall. or. Monday, Ftb. i t , 1M9, Eletcn o'clock. A Collection of UOI,' SEH'<> i. D FURNITUB E, of . every < ftscr. pl ion ; six Hundred I. INKN BAGS; four Hundred . MATS ; live Lot- V. HJ VE 1' AlNT; . A lew- Lois of WOOLLEN- DR. VPE'i Y. and suiidry other Aitieies. C i ; e a t v e = i « , a ? a i , o u n . Benefit of Mr. CHAPMAN. On Tuesday Evening, February 10, 1819, will be performed un entire new Piece, called The BARBER of SEVILLE. In tlie course of the Evening, the Comic Son » of R N N I E B A N G U I M B^ M R . C H A I R M A N . After which, the laughable Farce cf The HIGHLAND REEL. Willi a great Variety of SINGING, DANCING, Ac. To conclude with, ( by Desire) the Pantomime of T i i e H O U S E that J A C K B U I L T. Tick Hi of M r. CfiA PM A N N o . 14, FinUie- street. SE TILL E OR AN GES. J A M E S H O R N ' S B Y , N o . 3 , B I . A N K E T * R O W , H U L L, f j H A K E S Ihe earliest oppnriunily to inform his Friends that £ be lias received a <; nan tit y of Fihe SEVILLE ORANGES, in full perlectiun, for Pnserviogor making Wine. Also, he has just lauded a Fine Parcel of SI. MICHAEL OR \ NGES, arrived from the Island in twenty days. N. B. A RECEIPT given ( gratis-) lo makeO: auge Wine. T O T H E TRUSTEES of the G E N E R A L INFIRMARY HULL. A SPECIAL GENERAL ' HOARD Kiltie held here, on Thursday, the I , ih of February, tit Twelve o'clock, to take Ui 0 consideration the jmp. iety oj e.:!, uHiiny FEVER PATIENTS into a separate ll'ard. ' General Infirmary. Hull, JOHN H I G S O N, Feb. I I , ISLil. Secretary. HOUSE O F COMMONS, MONDAY, I'I. LI. AIIV 8. s - a l f s ' op l ^ r i u a t e C o n t r a c t. r | 1 H E HULL ota very line Ne'vv SHIP, now on A the Stocks at Gaiusbio', / « ' <• » • Length or Keel >....... i. 82 0 Breadth of I'rame .2.5 0 Heiglit .88 0 The Uppe. r Deck Beams are fastened with Stringers^ nd Iron ICnees ; . the Stringers t oiltd through every Mjiiber uid dowel'ed into every Beam. She is Copper fastened under ihe Binds; will register about 2Sp Tuijs, uujl is nearly ready for launching. For further Particulars apply lo HAMMOND, SMITH A CO. Hull; or. Feb. />, 1819. HENRY SMITH, Gainst, ro' ' Jo be SOLD by AUCTION, By Cl « 0- s ," rd GLEN, ( By Order of Ibe Assignees, oi . lotjx M oRlion, jnn. an lnsolvfnt petdor.) At Ihe Sale f} oom. in Silver- street, Hull, ch Thursday, Varqh & H, i, SI9, fl. Teh o'clack precisely. A Large Assortment t> f BRil'SH ES, consisting of 300 Dozen, in Brooms. Bannisters, Da- it s, ( ai pets; Shne, Scrubbing, Hearth, Fancy, Cloth, end Hair Brushes, wilh upwards ol 00 Dojep J1LACK1NG, in lioltles. ( And on a future dug, of which notice will, be given, The FIFTH PART or SHARE of a Reversionary Copyliol( t ESTATE, « itiiivted at Cottingham, iu the cquui > of York, consist iug of a lluiise aud Garden ; Ibe pre « eut i os » essor being nearly 70 Years of age. For P a r t i c u l a r s e n q u i r e of WILLIAM PEXION and EDWARD WALLER, Assignees; or tbe Auclibneers. ( One property.) Lord- Casllercifyh r. ise In t h a t ol last I, U LI. e SCARBOROUGH. " S'THE whole of the good Ship or Vessel calle I | HALEc. bnriheii 12 Tons, and carries i j . K. t Ihe Keels of Coals ; llie above Vessel sails well, shifis w ithout Ballast, and is amply stored vvi. b excellent Maitrials of every kind. Further Particulars may be known on application to Mr. THOMAS CHAMBERS; Quay- street, Scarborough. ~ HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. To be SOLD by, A UCTION, i>> J. KIRKUS, O. i the Preaiiscf, No. 8, Scale- line. Hull, on Monday, Feb. 15, 1819, precisely at Teno'dlockja the forenoon, A Quantity of aOI'SEH< j!' D> UUNlTURE,( Jhe Properly of a. Geutleiaan leaving Hull,). comprising bandsome Four- Post anil Camp Iledsleads ; guod J'ea'ber l l s i s ; set of Mahogany Dinilig, Card and other Tables ; handsome Sideboard ; ten Slid two Elbow Chairs; p double set o l l v o . y Hailed Knives and Forks, iu Cases ; Pier and Swing Glasses ; Glass ; China ; a comjileu-* tl of BREWING UTENSILS, suitable for a Private .' Famiiy; wilh a variety of Kitchen Furniture. May b- viewed on Satnrnay the I3tb February. NE- SIX. TEEN'TH PAR'I of Ibe EAGLE bale Ship, with all her " FISHING STORES. For Price and Particulars apply to Mr. THOMAS WALTON., Hull. IRISH PROF IS IONS. New Prime MESS CORK PORK, in Barrels, ritto ditto ditto DUltLIN BEEF, in Tierces. Of ibe very best quality, and approved of in the present supply nf the Greenland aiid Davis' Straits Siiips. MARK CLIFFORD, No. IB, lland- itreet, Hull. Feb. 5, 1819. General Agent. FURNITURE. GLASS. CHINA, ftc. ' i ke Property, of a Gentleman leaving Hull. To be SOLD by AUCTION, . By .1. KIRlvUS, Upon the Preiaisese fseale lane. Hull, on Monday, Feb. 15,1819, ill Eleeeti o'clock in the. forenoon, 4 Valuable Collection of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, GLASS. CHINA, Ac. The Goods- niay be viewed on Satuidaj, February I3lh. " T i T t e S O L D i y AUCTION; By .1. K1RKUS, Iit Ihe Rente of Mr G. erye Carter, llie General Elliott, Highstreet, licit, on Monday, Feb. I >. IS 19, between the hours vj Four and Five o'clock in the afternoon, IL that Sloop or Vessel called the ROSE IN JUNE, of ibe burthen of 45 Tons or tliereaboiite, udu ijil'!, the Old Harbour, together witb al! and singular / he Masis. Skila, Varus, Anchors, Cables, Ropes, Cords, Tackle,' Apparel, Mater. als Fnrnitnre, Stores, Boats, Oars, Ac. OTTIlINGHAM DRAINAGE. OTiCli (> hereby given, thai there will lie a MEETING oi the . Proprietors of Fifty Acres and upwards, Taxed or Assessed, wider an Act of Parliament lately passed, in litulei *'- An Act lor Draining, Embanking, and impioviug ' Lands in the parish of Otiringiiam. ia Hulderness, in the " East- Riding of Hie county ol York," beld at the House ol Mr. INOR. IM. Iqnbolder, in Ottringliani, on Wednesday, Ibe 24th instant, lor carrying into further execution the powers of Ihe » aid Act. By Order, Beverley, Feb. 10, 1819. JOHN I. OCKWOOD. To be LET, A WAREHOUSE, consisting of a spacious Ground Flooi ± and Chamber, situate ill Wincolmiee, corner of Charlerbnuse- sfaitb, having an immediate coiiimuuicaliuu witb tbe River. i « well adapted for llie Corn Trade. For Particulars enquire of Mr. SAMUEL [ JETTISON, Brewer, Humber- slreet, Hull. f*'' liFAS a Commission of Bankrupt Is awarded . and issued forth agaiust ROBERT BLYTH, of Ibe lon e aud county of Hie to s n of Kiiigslou- iipon- Hull, Corn Siercliant. Dealer and Cbapman, and be being declared a Bank rupl, is hereby required lo surrender himself to Hie Commissioners ill the said Commission' named.^ ir the ftiajor pari ul them, ou tbe 15tb and Ititli days of February instant, and ibe 20ili day of March next, at Eleven o'clock in the f. irenoon t u eacu of the sad days, at ( he Dog and Duck ' lav, rn, in I be avid town of tyitigslon- iipon- Hull, and make a kill discovery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects, « ken and where the Creditor's are to come prepared to prove ilieir Debts ; and al Ihe second Silting to cliuse Assignees, ana at the last Silting the Hie said Bankrupt is required In finish his Examination ; and the Creditors are to assent to, cr dissent from, t( ie allowance of his Certificate. All Person* indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Eifects, are not lo pay or deliver the same but lo whom I tie Cominlssiotieis shall appoint, but give notice to Mr. RALPH F. I. LIS, Solicitor, 43, Chancery- lane, Loudon : or, lo Messrs, II AIRE and AN PERSON, Solicitors, Hull. WILSON' S ASSIGN. MEN 1'. For PHILADELPHIA, W I T H PASSENGERS, The fine lasl- sailing British Ship J O H N & S A R A 11, Capt. WALTER B1LTON., Now here, aod will sail ibe tiller . end ol vlaicb, having seteral Passengers already engaged, and the number permitted to go being so limited, au early application is requested. This Skip last Spring made her Passage oui Iroui Ihis Port to Philadelphia in lorly days. For Particulars apply lo GREGSON A KE1GHLEY, Hull, Feb 11, 1819. Old Custom House, High street. For PHILADELPHIA, The American Sli p L I T T L E CI1EKUB, JOHN M'KEEVE, Master, Is shortly expected here, when she will be laid on to take CODDS and PASSENGERS lor the above City. Hull, lebruary 8, 1819 RICHARD TOTTIE. For ELSINORE and PILLAU, The MAKGAUET, CHARLES FROST, A I. at Lloyd's, Will positively clear on Saturday tbe 20ih inst. wilh such Goods as may oiler. Hull, Feb. 11, IS 19. JOHN HORSI. EY. For ELSINORE and RIGA TOWN, The New Ship W A T S o N, JOHN SNOWDEN, Master, Now taking in Goods, and w ill sail with Hie first Ships. For Particulars apply lo ibe Master ou Board, or In Hull Feh 11,1819. JOHN HORSLEY. For RIGA, • ••• - The Snip NEW LAND, "" i! Captain F. HUN'lER, 1 A Constant Trader, Will ' ail with the first Ship. For Particulars enquire of llull, Feb. 12, 1819. RICHARD TERRY A SONS. For ELSINORE if DANTZIG, The Regular Trader . ARI A DNE. LUKE TAYLOR, ( ommander, To sail in ali thi « Month. Hull, Feb. b, 1819. GOODWIN A FROST. l ETElt.- BURG PEARL ASHES. AM Eh I. CAN Ditto. About 10 Tons GALW AY KELP. NE W CASTLE G RIN DS'i ON ES. Ditto. FIRE BRICKS. Ditto. BLUE TILES. Ditto. GREEN COPPERAS. Ditto. COAL TAR. NEWARK GROUND PLASTER. Apply to Hull. Feb. 12, 1819. J. H. HUDSON, No. 6C, High street, Who is in w. atil of a FOREMAN lor the Wharfage Business ; none ueeii apply but v- hp are accustomed lo that Business, and also thai can g. iie Security for tbe Situation. BRIG HOPE. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By BELI. A HENDRY, In the Exchange, Hull, on Monday, Feb. 15, 1819, precisely al Two o'clock, If not previously Sold by Private Contract,) rS^ HEiine ling HOPE, Capl. JOHN- HASSELWOOD, J[. bnrtheu by Register 131 3s- 94lh Tons, built by Messrs* DY* ES and KIN, O, ill 1817; Copper Listened, and well, found in Stores; stows a large Cargo, sails well, and is suitable for- tlie Hjuatintg, Baltic or Corn Trade. Now lying al Messrs. MEK ALK and PULLES'S Quay, delivering a Cargo ol Barley and Oats, from Metnel. Fur Price by Private Contract, and other Particular, a p p l y to Mr. W . IRVIN. OC Mr. EDWARD GEEVE. NEW SUGAR- HOUSE. HULL. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By BELL A HENDRY, By Order uT Ihe Administrator of the tale Miss HARRISON, On Wednesday, Feb. 17, 1819, at Eleven o'clock, A LL tbe Moveable Utensils, Ac. at Ifee New Sugar- House, Hull; comprising Three large COPPER PANS; a Horse MILL and PUMP ; about Two Ton* of Blue, Browu, end While PAPER ; a Small FIRE ENGINE; a great number of TOOLS, Ditto MOULDS and JARS ; a variety of SPARS. EOARDS. FIRE- WOOD, Old IRON, Ac. Ac. To be JsOLD by AUCTION;, By'J KltlKUS, On Board the - Vessel, iu tiu Old Dock, on ' luesday, Feb. 10,1819, al Eleven o'clock. in the forenoon, f H ' V l E Sloop VINE, JOHN BLENKINS F, Master, JL 45 Tons Register,. has lately undergone a thorough Repair, aud is well worth Ibe aileniion of any Person wauling a Vessel . of Ibis description. For Particulars apply lo J. Kraut's, Auctioneer, or Mr. W. SHAW, 19, Charles- s> reet, HolJ. VALUABLE MERCANTILE S l l U o T I O N, IN THE HIGH- STREET. HV1. L. To be S O L D by A U C T 1 O N, ( By Order of the Assiguees of Messrs. RICHARD WILLIAM MOXON, GF. OIIOE nx*, s. and JOHN MDXON, BankrOp. s,). At the House of Mr. John Dean, the Dog and Duck Tavern, in Scale lone, Hull, on Thurstlay, February IS, IS 19, precisely at Twelve o'clock al noun^ ( In One or Three Lois, as may. lie delerm. iiud on at the lime of Sale, £ tid subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced.) A Very Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate on Ihe East side of llie High- street, iu Hull ; consisting ol FOUR DWELI ING- HOl, sES, now iu the several occupations of CHRifiTopHEft IIOLTON, Esq. Mr. . GEORGE MOXON, Mr. . GIBSON, and Air. J. li. HAVTON , Three large substantial WAREHOUSES, adjoining upon the Old Harbour, Two of which have SUFFERANCE QUAYS in . front thereof; and Two spacious YARDS, lying belween the said Warehouses ami Dwelliog- lloiises, oue of vi hicli is. now used as a Bond ing Yard. Tbe Piemjiies comprise an area of' 3197 square yards, pr thereabouts;. and from Iheir central Situation, are well adapted for carrying oq extrusive Mercantile Concerns. The Estate will tie Sold subject to the payment of an Annuity of .! 50(. per Annum for ihe Life of a Lady aged about tl5 Yeais; and if in Lots, llie Annuity will be apportioned jinJ charged at between Ihe Purchasers oil the respective Lots. For pi her Particulars apply at the Office of Messrs. THOMAS and CiiA'TLES FROST, Solicitors, Hull, where a Plan of the Estate may lie seen. HEREA'S, by a certain Indenture bearing date Ihe I Sill day o! January how last past, CHRISTOPHER W It, SON, of the iiiwn of Kmg. sioii- upou Dull. Cabinetmaker, Assigned all bis Estate and Eifect* unto Jotix YODLE, < if Sculeoates, in the Couoty of York, Timlier- meicbanl, ami JOHN LILLVY, of tile ssme place, -' I'imber- merclia/ il, upon Trnsl lur the equal l> nelil of lheiii* elves and ail other the Creditors of the said CHRISTOFHER itsoN, s* bu shouid Execute the sild Deed, and becouie parlies thereto Wllhin three Calendar . Mutilhs from fhe dale iherenf. Notice is therefore hereby given. Thai tbe said Heed is lodged at theiOliice nf Messrs. MARTIN and SCHOI. EFIELD, Stili- itors, in Hull, fertile Perusal and Sigi. aiure til the < lediiurs of llie said CKRISTOHEII W I L S ON and nnless liie K'Iid Creditors shall Execute the same Deed within the period - above- mentioned, Ibey will tie Excluded from ali Benefit therefrom. All Persons Indebted to the said CHRISTOPHER WILSON, are hereby r, quired forthwith to pay Ibeir respective Debts to either Mr. YOULE, or Mr. I ILLB V, otherwise Actions at Law wiil he commenced lui- llie recoi ery ( hereof, w itiiinil Further Notice. Dated Ihis |*| da* of Feb riiarv SO ' MAR i lN A SCHOLEFIELD, S. dici'ors. At ROOSS. in HOLDERNESS. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT. A Neat, and Convenient HOUSE, v, i: h good BAltN, J \ STABLE, OtiT- BIJlLDlNGS and GARTH, and three Closes adjoining, containiug together 19 Acres, now occupied b y T H O M A S O G H A M . The Tenant wili. shevr the Premises, and further Partic u l a r s may be had. uf GEOROF. SMIDDV, at Mr. BELL'S, at llunibleton ; iir of Mes « r*. IVE8 » x, » l i'iedou. UL'TTER. To GREENLAND OWNERS, DEALERS, T « be S O L D by A U C. 1 1 O N. By iiELL A HENDRY, In Ihe Exchange Sale- room. Hidl, on Thursday next, Feb. 18, 18.19, at Eleven o'eloci:, About two Toas of fiue HOLSTEiN BUTTER, In Lol* to * Uit Siiipv and I'ealerv. For ELSINOR. E S- DANTZIG, The fine V. 1. Eriti- h Ship I K i I RIB Y, Capl. G. 3. ROSJNDALE, Will sail with llie first Ships. For Freight md other Particulars apply lo ibe Master on hoard, in the Old Dork; or lo Hull, Feb. 12. 1819. J. B. LA MARCHE. " bor ROTTERDAM, The Brig WELLINGTON, ROBERT FAIRBURN, " ill be shortly despatched. Hull, Jan. 26, 1819. W. AC. I.. RlNGROSE. '•'"• For AMSTERDAM, The HERCULES. Captain THOMAS CRUDDIS, Is now loacing, and will sail in all next week. Hulls Feb. 11, IS IS. METCALF A I'ULLON. To be S O L D by A U C I 1 O N, WITHOUT RESERVE, By BELL A HENDRY, ( On Account of Hie Original Importer,) At the Dock Company's Bonding Yard, Kiagston- vpon- HuH, on Monday, Februarg 22, IS 19, at'Eleven o'cluck, TiHE Entire Cargo of D E A L S , per tbe D U C K I N O F I E LD HALL, from SI. Petersburg, consisting of about ISO SI. Petersburg Standard Hundred, half Red and half White Wuod ; will be put tip in Lois of live fltiud. Standard each. Payment by approved Acceptances m London at three Mouths dale. ' Also, at the same time and place, About 840 Loads of SWEDISH TIMBER, jnst imported ; which will be put up in Lots of Twenty Loads each. GENTEEL RESIDENCE AT COTTINGHAM, NEAR HULL. To te SOLD by AUCTION, ( By Order of the Assignees uf Messrs RICHARD WILLIAM MexoN. Gf. onon JS'IIX^ N; AND JOHN ilnxox. Bankrupts,) At the House of Mr. Jo, ha Dean. ihe. Dog and Duck Tavern, Scale- Lane, in Ihe. town oj liiiigston- npuA- llull, on Thursday, March 25, IS 19, precisely at Twelve o'clqfk al noon, (. Unless ptevious'y djsposed Of by Private Contract,) ( Subjfct tosucb Condition* as willbe Iheuanu' there produced) f SpHE. EQUITY or RIGHT, of REDEMPTION of and in all lhat Capital MoJern- liuill MESSUAGE or MANSION- HOUSK; consislinj of a Dining Iluoiii, 29 feet hy 19 feet; Draw ing- Rooui. 24 leel by 17; Breakfast- Room, 18 feel by 17; Butler's Pantry; Store- Room ; Ivvo Kitchens; Servants' Hall ; Dairy, aud Outhouses, on the ground floor; and a Breakf. ist- ltoom, six good. Lodging- Rooms, two Servants' Lodging- Rvonui, and a Store- Epum, on the cliaaiher floor; wilti a spacious Water Closet ; excellent' Cellars, Hothouses, a Coachhouse for t wo cai riages, Stables for tdx carriage and saddle horses, and for about ten draught h. irses ; a Dove- cote,. Barn, Carthouse, aod convenient Fold- Yanl. Also, of and in about 70 Acres ol LAND, contiguous to the Mansion- House, and divided into suitable Closes, with llie exceptioti of about three Acres thereu', wliicK'. are laid out in Gardens and Pleasure Grounds; with a well- slock d i i apoiid, and great plenty of- Wood near lo the House HORNSEA. To be SOLD by P R I V A T E CONTRACT. A Convenient FAR VI HOUSE, with a BARN, STABLES, and other Ont- Biiildhigs Also upw ards nf Sixty Acres of Rich Arable and Grass LAND, either together or In Lots, as nwy suit Purchasers. Aboul Nineleeti Acres of tlie above Land lie adjoining Ihe House, al Ihe East end of the i rincipai Street leading lo Ike Sea, part of which is very eligible lor lluildiiig. ' ihe remaining part, consisting of above Fori • Acres, lie* in ihe East Field. The above is Copyhold ( Ihe fine small and certain) Tithe free, and Ihe Land Tax redeemed. l. iimediale possession may be had. For Particulars apply lo Mr. RAISES of Flinlon ; or Mr. R. Petcbell, No. 62, Uigh- street, Hull; or. Air. STEPHENSON of Csrllon. Carlton. January 19, IS 19. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONT! tACl\~~ On the I' remises lately occupied by IVilliam Dods, earth, without Sketdei'ga! e Postern York, A RAM, laid down for Building a Vessel ; about 15 Tons 1 unllte. of OAK. apd d Tons of ELM TIMBER ; a Quantity <> l O- VK and ELM BOARDS ; also some Flit TIMBER* fit i'or Building the sa, jd V essel ; some PITCH, TAR, and LRONWORK : - L i k ew ise alt the B1, A< ESMTTH'I TOOLS, tniisisiing of Bellow « ,- Anvil, Vice, Hamate, is; Iron. Slaves, Ac, Forfnitbe,- Particulars apply le r. MONKMAN, Auctioueer, Coiliergate. Voriv.; it by le; tervpi> « t- paid ' f - Til AMP WIL! Cover Blood Mares this Season al Ihe Dog and Duck Inn, Beverley, at FIVE GUINEAS aud a HALF. TRAM P was lirid by RICHARD WATT, Esq. " got by Dick Andrews, his dam by Gobaoi'ia, Grandam F axiuella, by Trentham; Great Grandam Woodpecker, oot of Everlasting, by Eclipse. Excellent ACcunimodalion tor Mares and Foals, and great atleution will he paid to tItem Grass and Hay, at eight Shillings per We k. All Expenses lo be paid before the Mares arc taken away. B AINTON. To be SOLD by AUCTION, A'tljtp[ apinatoi n New Inn. in the county of. on Monday ihe lid day ef February, 1S 19, at Twelve, o'clock a' noon. ( Subject IO Conditions ol Sale then lobe'produced,) A Valuable Freehold and Tythc- free ESTATE, CONSISTIXG OF . Ist. a Capital New- erected and Strong Built / S Brick WIND COR N MILL, witb two Acres of valuable LAND adjoining, situate t Bainlon aluresaiu. Tlie Mill ha- a ground llirorand live Ciiambers, carries Patem S. i| is and Flies, and w orks I wo pair of French Stone-, one pair of Grey ones, two Dressing Machines, - and a. Corn Sieve. M iovi; for A Comoiittee similar lo , ; L< « L MIIIME. He tl. uugUl L. e owed it lo tiie House I„ u p . . ( HE geueral view of expense which Government nu- Jiiido |., Y befiire the HI, use ouri. ig ike present Slissmit; but IB- se WOULD M v , I Y narrow compass. He did uot UiiiiU i t 1 J any means a matter of course t h a t a C o m m i t lee of Finance « hoold be appointed in every Session. But lie bad thought TB last Committee necessary, KI order to SHEW to t l i e ( oiiiiuy LI. al there would be a s u r p l us revenue applicable LO ( lie l i q u i d a t i o n ot Ihe debt. Upon t h is ground he • a.; moved for t h e List, an. I w mild, mm E for another Committee ; and he hoped it would be aide IO lay before t he House a repo. L na the J a n u a r y quarter, wl. icb WOULD enable t h e House to form a judgment as lo Ibe improvement ol ( he revenue. ' Ibe INCOME of the year ending January ISIS, w as 51. BTIL, 000/ aud that ending January ISI9, WAS 54. OU2. OOOf. I l l liie account ul t h e 51 millions lor ISIS there were lo be ( akeu I. 313, OOd/. arrears ol Property lax,- and oiber Wartaxes; and only 5 « 5, N0B7 of these arrears were lo he found in l i t e 5I, UUC. OOO/. for 1S19. ' i n k i n g ihe whole into consideration there was RU improveniml ou the gross lecei'Hs of tbe permanent taxes lor ( HI- l a s t year, over ilia! which proceeded i t , of 4,016,000/,; and if, as in fairness Ihe excess of Ihe sugar duties should be laid to Lie account of 1819, there would lie a surplus on the peimai. eut taxes of 5,348.000/. being 10 pei cent, advance on ( hem more Ihan ill any preceding year. This increase WA* U, on the whole of our laxes, except two, SO trifling 11, at they both amounted only lo 13,0E0/. Even on Ihe article of brick* and tiles there i'S au u rease o f one h a l f ; AI.,| increases on ali liie articles which were likely LO shew IBE increased prosperity and resource ol Ihe country. The Finance Committee had asuuied, t h a t ibe account would stand at Ihe end of last year 1,4 2.000/ better than al t b e ciose of the preceding He had already staled lhal ihe income of the last yea" was 54.0^ 4,000/ which made il 1,500,000/. better I ban the piuauce i ommiuee anticipated ; and there was a prospect that Hie t o t a l surplus would stand al 3,5,1, COD/, applicable to LL; e reduction of l i i e public debt. There was therefore no inleuiion of proposing any addition lo t h e laxe* as luug as such a sum w a s applicable to Ihe service o f Ihe year. As fi. r a* Ihe present year had gone it was I. ot likely lo fail, but on t h e contrary lo b e even more productive than last year. For, in ihe last M mlb. there was an Increase of 350,900/. over liie co< responding innnih i n the preceding year, w h i c h had, beside AN auuitiou I rum ibe revenue ol' the scar 1817, o f STIO. ooc/. Since Hie surplus SUM applicable t o ( lie service of Ibe current year. W is 3,5J8,000/. we had succeeded in bringing the expenditure. w ITI. III ibe UU- oaie of T,, e country. lie b iped ( lie Committee of F i n i n c e would bs enable ! ! o make a Report OA tne quarter ending next A p r i i , before Parliameui suould separaie, h y whicb he trusted i! wuold be s t i l l more clearly shewn, ( hat the whole obj. ct o? tbe Com- MIL t e e iiad beeu brougbl lo .. ear, namely, to bring the expenditure within the yearly REVENUE OI' ike king JAM. If lb'* country REMITTED QUB L, V> b i c h lUere « as every reason L<> bciifve i t would, there WAS in U tbat degree of v i g o u r and energy ( hat he might hope in S. e in every year a progressive sla E <. f laipro euient. The House wonld no. V naturally expect RIM lo touch upon the ptinclpal points o the E s t i m a t es vvtiicb iVuuisier* bad made lie subject of reduction, lie could assure Ibe Kigbl Hon Gent opposite ( Mr. Tierney) I., at txitwithstanding A; l thai Lad been done lie ( Lord C ) was u i , p o s e d most sincerely and religiously lu p r o f i t by ell his good advices IN the w a y of eenu. iniy. Many circam- Hances at home and a, , rnad had ticcurred lo inspire A lfidence in tbe general Iran. qiiiiiity, ana wt. i c i i bad enabled Ministers I IN adopt measures of wholesome anj prudent retrenchment. I ' i he Finance Committee had assumed, LI. al on ihe reduction of • b e ' Army S, 9 « ., IW0.'. would be required lor the Army, be- Sides A SLIM oi 30d. 0lj0/. lur L. alf pay and peMsU » » . He was happy lu iuloriu liie Hon « E, MAT ihe est, MALE of . M i n i s t e rs was lor tin- Army, making A difference of 567,000/. The reduction M Ihe Navy aud ORDNANCE Departments would tie luO. OOO/. for each t lotal OI dim. nuliuo 707,000/ But lu g e t a! these reductions, a mi in of 380,000/. viould be required, lu. sie. id til isie sum ol 100, OJO/. vo'td last year for Ibe like purpose. Tins was I, N expense always incident lo a leaucliun; but UW TO BE. exii; c. ted afterwards. The t o t a l of ( he troops redbsta Ironi FRANCO WAS II), L ITS; AT HNAIE and in ike colonies, 0,443; artillery, 2,035; grand LELAL reduced, including tXlieers, 35,13 I. T. e bad sliewn the great prospeci ol our iacreasing pro- perity, ami too mneli pra se could nut lie beslovveu on ihe lirmness, mergy. and industry of the PEOPLE id' the couu. rj. Tbe Noble Lord I lien proceeded loread extracts IR MI ibi oflicial returns, s t a t i n g Ihe official value ol British commerce lor Ihe last luur years, and he was happy to say, that ibe last year LIAJ exceeded auy preee. iing one. even ME extraordinary year I LL5. IN making t h i s statement, be cuul. I uuly lake tbe first lliree qn t r i e r s of t h e YVIR euding i l l October, as t h e LAST quarter UL the last vear was n o t yet made out. in 1815, uur exports amounted LO 35,231,000/. GREATER by nine o r t e n inillious tuan bad been known in. any Imuier year. IN ISIU. liie amotini was48,837,008/. In 1SI7, il w a s 34 millions, auil in I SI 8 , 3 5 , 3 3 >. 0 ,0/. al least 100,008/. uiore lha.. auy former year. This statement would, he t r u s t e d , operate t o e x p e l l all gloomy pre.- ages. The No'ile Lord s., id, having thus entered iulu such a detail as be thought the subject called lor, lie would conclude by proposing t b e re appointment of the Finaucc Committee of last year Mr. ' lierney had ooly expecled from t b e Noble Lord's noiice a milium lor ihe re appolutui- ut o f Ihe Finance CCMl l e wa » not aware Ihe Noble Lord intended IO open a Budget, aud therefore be was not prepared, as he would otherwise have been, lo Huswtr ihe Noble Lord. He was. Iiuw ever, prepared. M say, lhat former Finance Committees had greatly disappointed his expectations, and lie had only io loo!.. for equal disappniiiiment from Ihe labours of Ike Com riitlca now lo be appointed. He expecled lliat Ihe Finance Committee would have enquired into the expenditure, and base recommended ike beads 61 retrenchment win re retrenchment was practicable, iusttad nf doing t h i s , bow ever, all vvbieU the Reports of this Cummlltee bad given to the 11 on « e on former occasions, . and all'which ii was probable we should have Iroui it IN l l i e present Session, would be a recapitulation of the Noble Lord's Budget. With respect to Hie flattering picture which ' he Noble Lord bad now drawn >> t our comuie.- ciul situation, lie could only say t h a t ( he N'tible Lord'S theoretical opinion differed- entirely Iro N the practical experience of Ihe merchant.. From l l i e Nohle Lord's slale- UIENL i t appeared, that there would be a surplus of income, at II, E disposal O* ihe Chancellor ol ibe Exchequer, of aboat 4,400,000/. and t h e Noble Lord said, now we must be going ou well, since not uuly had we raised our Income LA our expenditure, but we LI. id 2,400,000 lo spare; but Ihe Noblo Lord, v v h i l s l talking of t h i s surplus, tnrgot t h a t there was a dein o f upwards of 3,000,008/. due to tiie Consolidated Fund, COW- HOUs,:, and oilier OUT- BUILDINGS, aud a GAR 1: 1 „ j iliijuinill.;, containing auotil two Acres. Also, a pleasant The above Premises are situate al Ibe pleasant village ol i oew- buiii DWELLING- HOUSE, with a GARDEN adjuin- CovriNGHAM, which is only live miles di- taut. from* Hull, . jng. And also ten Acres of Capital Old Swarlh LAND, and and ahouuds with Gentlemen's seats. The House aud I | wenly- eielii Acres of good Arable LAND. These Premises Buildings are in complete repair, and immediaie possession I are also situate at Bainton aforesaid, aud willbe offered in ma y be bail Aiso, THREE PEWS in Coltingbam Church. Further Particulars may be i. r. owu, Tickets for viewing Ihe House had, antl a Plau of ( be Estate seen, on application at the Office of Messrs. THOMAS ajid CHARLES Fitosr, Solicitors, In Hull. • » • The Premises are sabjcct to a Mortgage for 5000/. and 1 Interest payable half yearly ; wilh a stipulation that ( he Principal may remain on security of the Premises until the ] Ifltti day of October, 1822. | Lois to suit Purchasers. Si!.'— Twenty- two Acres of Capital Tillage LAND, situate in the parish of Hullon Crauswiek, adjoining the- parish of Bain tun. Part of llie Purchase Money, may if required, remain uo Security of ihe Premises. T o v i e w the ESTATE, a p p l y to Mr. MARMADUKE ' SIMPSON, juu. w ho it the Occupier thereof, and for further Particulars apply to him, or lo Messrs. HALL ana CAMPBELL, of Beverley, . Solicitors. 2d - A good I ARM- HOUSE, with a. BARN, STABLF', I as well as other arrears o! upwards uf 1,080.000/. so Ih . l Hie uiuiusi we could expect lo do, unless our revenue increased during ihe present year, would be lo cry quits witb the Consolidated Fund iu January, 1 8 2 1 1 . As far as he could tee, the ouly sum reaiiy applicable to the service of Ibe present year, was 7,800,000/, unless indeed we were lo have Ihe 1,000,000/. Iroiu France, which on Ihe former occasion we. were told we vverelo have on the vvitbdrawtiigof Ibe troops. ' I be Ri'hl Hon. Gent, made uo mention ofil,- he therefore leared all hopes of that sum were gone lor ever. The Noble l. oid had been pleased to say, Ibat he had profited by his ( Mi . T.' s) advice. He was extremely happy, indeed, - to" hear ( hat auy advice of bis had beep of service lu the Noble Lord ( but he could not flatter himself Ibat bis adv ice would have l^ eu at ali attended lo by ihe Noble Lord bad uol lhal advice been backed hy a General Election.— 4 laugh.— He recollected tviien l e last; enr proposed to reduce tfce Array 5030, the NU^ IQ 1,0* Juried ooi, la alarm, What! redact the Aim t* 5600 own ] in these daugeriii* times ! ! arid il was not done; but here again the Genera) Election bad step? in to aid bin ( Mr. T.' s) iidvice; and although no cirmm- rauce had happened to abate the Noble Lord's ala'tn, yet the Noble Lord came d\> v » n. and c f h i s o ^ n accord proposed a reduction, uf .9000. With respect to the Noble Lord's Nourishing picture, be would a.^ ain repeat tbe tbe colouring was I'aUe ; lor with a disposable revenue of T, 600. 0!, Of we shouldincluding the Sinking Fund, Lave an expenditure of 20,000,000/.: thus there would be a deficiency of 13,0u0, f0j/. wh ch uo Uoubt tbe l hance. lor of the Exchequer would: raise by/ an issue of Exchequer Bills— Tbe Kigb't Hon. Cent, could not deny this was bi « intention, nr that i » e would this night propose a vole for 24,000,0.> 0/. Excb: - quer Bills; and there was at t i; is moment, he believed; 4 4,009,000/ of Exchequer Bills floating in the market. Yet at this time there was a Committee silting above stair-, to settle our papei circulation. Such a Committee, under sucb circumstances, was a mockery on tbe PuMic, as was the whole Finance System of tbe Right Hon. Gent. When he said the Bight Hon. Geut. N system, he did not mean the Rigbt Hon. Gent, indi- > id.?' ally, but Ministers collectively ; for the Right Hon. fient. was no more than the faithful organ of the Prince Regent's, as regarded Finance, besotted Administration. Mr. Ti m e y proceeded to comment at large on the mistaken system under wbich the Government were acting, which , he said, so far as regarded making onf income meet our expenditure, was an i-' usion ; and would be so till his Majesty's Government would iirteel the evil boldly in tbe face. R1 r: Vansitiart defended the statement of his Noble Friend * and justified the conduct of the former Finance Committees, fo;- whose sugge- liori » and advice, he said, the Governaient and the country were greatly indebted. Much still remained tor them to do; and, in particular, their labours would be most usefully devoted to Ihe investigation of the present mode ol • collecting the - public ' He venue,. and. suggesting regulations tvnd retrenchment iu lh. it branch of our expenditure, in wbich • they - would find'his fviaj. sJy's ( ioveri): a>* nt ready to go hand i. i hand with fhem. The Right Hon! Gent, then proceeded 1) iahe a tev- iew o' tbe ConsoJid tted Fund of Ireland, on which, lie said, during the present year there would be a" gijrpiiis of tJOO 000/. On the whole, he contended, that as great a - reduction- of public debt as possible had taken place tincethe termination of the war. Al the termination of the war if was open for Parliament to adopt one of two measures '••— either- to continue a vigouron^ taxation, and a rapid di- TOinu'ion of debt, or to reduce taxation, and to suspend Tor a • time ths reduction of our debt. Parliament, be would not now say whether wisely or not, bad adopted ibe latter course: bni whilst we relieved the Public from 10,000,000/. of taxation, w< a cont'd not expect to find a rapid reduction of debt at the same J imp. The Right Hon. Gent, supported tbe course which had t een adopted ; but he see/ ned now to have changed his opinion and to be in favour of a vigorous system ot taxation. If such was his opinion, let him boldly and openly avow i t ; and in. that case he should not want bis resistance to a plan, which lie had always considered as the most beneficial which could have been adopted — Itear, hear ! The iiigbt Hon. Gent, bad again urged him to a stalemeut cf his intentions for the present year ; at present he could only give the Right Hon. Gent, the same answer as on a firmer night, namely, that he could not. at present, consisten t witb bis sense of duty , state what his plans were. Hear, hear! Mr; E/ lice contended, that the statement of the Noble Lord, as to our commerce, was delusive ; there was col a market in Europe, to which America had access, in which British manufacturers could not be procured at a lower price than in England. The difficulties of the country, the Tion. Gent, contended, were greal, and were all brought on bv a vicious and bad system of Finance, which could not, lie said, continue. Yet, if the question was fairly met, and openly canvassed, he had > tiil so much confidence in the resources and spirit of ihe couutry, as to remove all doubt from his mind, that they were fully equal to meet and overcome all those difficulties. Mr. Protheroe also agreed in opinion with the last speaker, AS to the difficulties. in which ( be country was SUA olved ; bul, & t the same time, be was equally coniident in the resources aud commercial spirit of the country. Mr. Mac- donald strongly recommended a revision of the present mode of colleciing the public revenue, by which lie was persuaded a saving of 2,090,000/. annually might be made. , The motion for the appointment of the Committee was agreed to, and the- following persons . were appointed Members:— Lord Casilereagb, Mr. Vansittart, Mr. Uankes, TiOrd Binning, Mr. Huskis^ on, Mr. Peel, Viscount Jocrlyn, Mr. Littleton, Mr. I). Gilbert, Sir G. Clark, Sir. G. Hill, Mr. R. Wilbraham, Lord Clive, Mr. H. Davies, Mr. fJooch, Mr. Hoiford, Mr. Courfnav, Mr. Tremayne, Mr. Lewis, Mr. J. Smith, Sir. Crtlcrait, Mr. Cartwright, and Mr. N. Calvert. * ajbjecl lo bfe considered roid. tbe tafit arlicW states ibat the ce& hiou of Ihe Floridas shall be considered iu full payment for ali claims of America upon'Spain ; and as a great proportion of these claims have arisen from Ibe con fiscal ion of American properly French officers while in the terriiory of . wpain, the « e atnounls lo be specified by the Uuiied Stales, thai the amount . may be claimed from the Government of France. will shortly fee ready for ^ i^ nafuf- es; ihe Act expires hi the end of Ihe prevent session of Parliament. The Petition against the return of J. R. G Graham, Esq. ' ample. The Puke of Wellington has been honoured wHb seven fhread- nianufaclofpr— J. Burroughs, of Great Hermitage. Marshals batons. History, it is believed, offers no similar * — ~ In tbe House of Commons on Tuesday, Mr. Wither force presented a Petition from the Society of Friends, praying a revision of our Criminal Code ; and look this occasion of expressing his earnest hopes that the Rouse would, at a very tarl> period, turn I'. S aiienlioa to this important subject.— Tiie R « u. Jfrem'Ov- r S'roagly conr. mofed' r.' tt'- ftie . fmeut't'xiilsug practice of commuting punishment, a practice which, be Daid, i rose out of the - severity of our Criminal Code - a severity w h i c h frequently prevented punishment being earned' into e ' e.-. i, rendered it uncertain, and made the commission of Oii'euces a kind of^ ame of chance, and encouraged effen. ie." S t s it were to game away Iheir lives. He knew lb at €: » » « *' enormous evil had, early in his political life, turned bis i. tteution to this important subject, and expressed a strong opinion in favour of a revision of our Criminal Laws. The I! on.* « v< eraser concluded by strongly f. mnumeudiRg the. Petition to the consideration of the JIause. The Petition was l i en brought up ai< d read, and prayed lhat Parliament would, i; t as early a period as possible, take the subject into consideration. Sir J. Mackintosh had expected that something would have been said by the Noble Lord on the important Petition which had jost been laid ou the table. Lard'Cast Id* reagh was uot aware that it was iMnl to offer auy observation* ou presenting a Petition; if any Hon. Member would give notice on the subject, H would then be brought fully under the consideration ofthe llon « e.> Sir J. Mackintosh then pave no'ice that he would, on lhat day three weeks, Lriug forward a moiion on the subject. Mr. S. Bourne after some preliminary observations, as to the proceedings of the Committee on tbe Poor Laws, which sat during the last session, said, lie should propose to re- appoint thar Committee ; he was fully impressed with the unportauce of the subj. el to which he was aiindiug ; and the Coioftiittee Lud fell it iu an equal degree. So overwhelming Lad llie evil appeared to them, lhat they had been ai a loss what remedy lo propose: at the lime it wah impossibJe ioohguif> e, from ourselves, that the evil, great as ii was, was tdill increasing ; and in a Lltle time, in many districts, unless checked, it would leave to the owner nothing bni Ihe soil.— lie concluded by moving for the appointment of a (' ommittee. } \' The Attorney- General rose to move for leave to bring in a Rill to abolish the trla. 1 of Wager by Bait e. Tbe question has several times been brought before '- Parliament, but not with a view to obtain its abolition. Vhe • proceeding by Appeal, in cases of murder, and- other feion'ies, was very ancient, and proceeded from a want of civilizauon. In some instances ii bad beeu carried into effect, contrary to all justice. The appeal for murder was of th is description ; be" cause no man oiight to be put upon iris trial again, after having been acquitted by a competent tribunal, Leave granied. After some debate, the motion for the Committee was carried in the atrumative without a division. i i m s s t o n s u p o n ^ u U , F R I D A Y , FEBRUARY 12, 1819. .11 Alicant— The Frerirn, Tuner, from ( hi-, porl. At Palermo— Tbe Tbistie, Christie, from tbts | ioi- i. At Billjoa, on the iOth ult.— Tbe ltaiuiiler, Weiburn, from Ibis pari, all well. Al Bengal—' Ibe Westmoreland, tope, from ! bi « porl ami Loudon. At Portsmouth— The Samuel Whllbrtad, Dails, from tbis porl, for the Mediterranean. In SI. George's Channel— Tbe Aistborpe, Brown, from Pernambuco. At Helooet on the Slh instant— The J. tue aod Isabella, l'iuchcr, from Ihis porl. W I N D S AT D F . A L— F e b . 2 , N W - 3 , S - 4 , V V — 4 , S - 6 , S W - 7 , W — S , N W . This morning the fine ship East Indian, measuring 390 tons. wa. launched from tbe jard of Mr. Robert Gleadow.— She is the property of lhat gentleman, Mensrs. \ V. and C. Bnllon, and Mr. W. Bourne, and is intended lo trade direct between this porl and Ihe Knst Indies. Tbe Horatio, lirove., of and for ibis porl, from Riga, passed the Sound on liie g? tb Jan. ri be S, « ter>, Hunt, of this port, w as spoken o'r Cape SI. Yiucer. l. ZOth Jan. by ihe Liberty, Aidridge, arrived iu Ihe River Thrums Jioin Seville. Tbe toast, bowsprit, and a piece of cable, an anchor, and a few store*, belonging to tbe sloop Adven'ure, uf Arbroath. Caithness, run down off Flambro' Head about six weeks .1^ 0, have been carried in: o Bridlington. t-' OKEIU. V THAliKRS INWARDS. From Higa— - Zwcy Cebruder. Berg; Sopbin, Meribin i John and Sar. ib. R « ab. From Kiel— Louisa, Holm. From Rotterdam — - Vigiiantie, IHiyvenboden. From Hamburg— Amaltbea, f'ea ; l'ri.- nds, Aii- e » ; Uadasoz, Adam. From Memel — Britannia, KroeiTt. From Leghorn — Henry, Ko\. From Ciiaranle— Charles Hamilton Aberdeen, Donaldson. From Harlingen— Siercurins, Vaink- rover. From Antwerp — Lord Nelson, Graves. 1 ram Stockholm— Kliza^ wtb, Fou- lt- r. From Quebec— Hound, I roi. « ! ove. From ll'isinar - Alpha, Chew. From Soatliwvld— llawke, Lawes. From Harlsngen— Vrow Margaretta, Sttittr, . KORJilGN TRADEKS CLEARED OUTWARDS. For Usrlingen— Goede Verwagling. Wybes. For Hamburg — Packet, Roach, lor Newrg~- Resolution, Richards. For Oporlo— Wts, Scuilh. For Rotterdam— Goede Hoop, Best. Fur Amsttrdain— AmicUi » , Groen. For Copenhagen— Silva, Brandhamj For Rio de J audio Hero, Urqnhart. For lilsinore— Lofl, Priest. Fur Hamburg— Mary, Lawson. COASTfiRo INWARDS. From Newcastle— Mull Packet, Gardner; VfracUy, Richardson. From Aberdeen— Bronibv, Middleton. From Whitby— Henry, GreenwBOd. Front Lei: li — Hero, Cowie. From Wainfleet— Sarah, Fell. From Perth - Betsey aud Kitty, Robertsou. From SpaMtug — WikrArM Packet, Pew ; Brothers, Tbonspsoti. From Wislech — Three Rtothers, Briggs : Rose ill June, Browu. From Yarmouth— Jane, l! awU-! e> -, Prov idence, Makitt. From Berwick — Expedition, . Mitchell. From Lynn- Sydney Smith, Johnson ; Snowdrop, Riches ; Richard, S- ihpfield ; Endeavour, Carter; Providence, Canby ; Jane; Teasdale; Luciuda. Moon; Nautilus, Rovvlty ; Exchange, Ellis ; Elizabeth, Audsley; Marys, Wild; Fame, Sealnu , Assiduous, Colbert; Apolios, Temple ; Britannia^ Howard. From London — Halifax, Alachin ; Gaiusbro', Aystbnyrpe; Two Friends, George ; Wary, Foster ; Waterloo, Copley ; J^ e^ n aud Mary, Hill ; Industry, Wright ; Marj, Bray , Kingslsn, Colbridge. From Blackney— Ocean, Flood. From Ipswich— Aid, Hatch, froai Boston— Eli^ atielb, Wiseman. From Bridlington— Flora, Cobb. From Dover— Arundel!, Camsell. From Preston- Fans— Expedition, Mathisou. From Cork— Jane, Walker. From London— Ocean, Foster; Yorkshire, Massani; Providence, Findlay ; Commerce, Hunter, hom Teiynmouth - Nautilus, Wraytord. COAiiTERS CLEARED OUTWARDS. For I. ondin - Friendship, Towns; Persever.-. tu- e, Wood; Hope, T i l l ; Hope, Key vrurth ; Margarets, Jarvis; Patriot, Lee ; Rolherham, ood ; Coinneree, Wright ; Stan 00, Cham, b^ rs : Briton. Ware ; Anu, Popplewell. For Lynn— Messenger, Fysb ; Friendship, Turaer ; Thetis, Howard. For Aberdeen— lkomby, Middleton. For Sunderland- Jobnand Elizabeth, Spicer. For / jwun't'i- r- Euterprlze, Howes. For Whitby — Brunlon, Harrison. For Yarmouth— Mai'lba. Batty; Ann, Maud; Norwifch Merchant, Cozenn ; John Bull. Pye. For Glasgow— Henry and Thomas, Dewar. For Searbro'— Commerce, Harrison. For Spttlding— Sallj, Allan. - For Shields — Acviv- i. I" 1J1, I. u. uiu. U. u. Cotlk. Fir lihwkrieif-- lluii Pack- jt, Seeker, For Colchester— Sally, Harvey. For Haitifleet— King George, Johnson. For Wisbech— Samuel and William; Lowry ; Wakefield Packet, Pew. For Newcastle- r Yotk Union, BuekJon ; Nymph, Finder ; Farmer, Koliertson ; Anna, lmrie. For Stockton — Endeavour, Mellanby. For Whitby— Ruby, Holmes. For Shields— Regenl, Aitkin. For LeHk - Hitaburg Packet, Gillespie. Two fitiancinl returns, relating to th? Public Revenue, have Leen preseuted to tl: e lionise of Commons. One shews tbe net I rcdace of tbe Revenue of Great - Britain, iu Ihe years ending , lan. 5th, ISIS, and IS1D, distinguishing Ihe quarters; the other, Ibe uet produce of tbe Revenue of Great- Britain and ireiand, for the same period, and distinguished in tbe same manner. Tbey exhibit a most satisfactory view of tbe progressive improvement of Ihe country. The greatest increase lias taken place in Ibe Excise . Duties, whichtu ISI" amounted to iti. HT0. So- i/. ; and iu 1818, In 18,9* 8,453/.; this alune proves Ihe augmenting comforts of every class of society. In the Customs Ihere kas also been a considerable Increase.— The total produce ol tbe Consolidated Fund for IS 17 was 811.76.2 041/.; for I8l> i 41,445,595/. ; being ao increase of 2,063,551/. The to! al Revenues ol' Great- Britain, exclusively of Property and unappropriated War Duties, in 1SI7, was 44.940.919/.; in lt » l6, 4S, 41ti,. WIZ. ; being an aggregate increase of no less than 3.4£ 9,40^. in Ireland, though there lias been a slight diminution, lasl year, iu one or two minor branches ol the Revenue, sucb as tbe Post- Office and Stamps, the Customs and . Miscellaneous Taxes have increased, iu more than a proportionate deg- ee; while the total Revenue of Ibe United Kingdoms presents Ibe loiiowiug gross excess upon the receiptsol tbe ( wo years. In 1817, excluding the arrears of Mar Duty on Mall ajul Properly, il was 49 334,9ii/. ; and i. 11 18 U , wilii I be s. wie reservations, it amounted lo 54,997,298/. being an increa » e of 3,( J0i, 37 ll. The disputes between Spain and the United States appear lo have been adjusted by a Treaty. Tbe lirst article mentions, that the United Slates deeply regret the violation of Ibe Spanish territory by the American forces under Gen. Jackson, Mill that it was without the authoriiy of ihe Government. - The st'eond itrticle refers 10 the cession of the Kiorldas to the tiuiied Slates. The ihird and fourth articles give a brief < inline of the limits as to territory ; the fifth and ci. vth regu- Ltle ( be navigation of tbe two countries, ami Ihe old Treaty is referred to where it was agreed that the Hag should protect the i- arg>; but in cases of future wars, if auy Belligerent should up? atAuowledje this principle, Ihea the Treaty on this A. 0. kas received C. D.' s Let tier and Enclosure. " Windsor Castle, Feb. 6.— His Majes'y has enjoyed an uninterrupted staleol good bodily health, a ad has been very tran- ( Juil during the last month ; but bis Majesty's disorder remains unchanged." The Holderness Fox- hoimd., we understand, will meet on Monday, Feti. | 5,. at lfurton Constable-; and on Wednesday, Feb. 17, al C'atwick Village ; cacb mottling at ten o'clock- - The Holderness Harriets, we understand, will ireet ( to morrow) Saturday, Fell. 13. at i. elley Will; on Wednesday. Feii. 17, at Hallsham ; i< nd en Saturday, Feb. i ), at Cooiston ; cai; b morning » t ten o'clock '"' Mr. Turtou's Harriers will Rl" et on Tuesday at Huggate l odge ; and on Friday, at Little Kilham ; each morning a I half past ten o'clock. The Hounds called the Bramham . Moor Pact, which have been kept fur thirty years by . Mr, Fox, and long before that by his'uucle 1 ord liitigitjy, are now, it is stated, ( as Air. Fox is growing inactive in the lielJ> to tie a joint concern between him and Lord La « ielles, ibe country and ho. unds slill being Mr. F.' s, but ihe management of tji.- hounds, and ti. e keeping of horses, lo i, e by Lord Lascelies; ati- i ( bey are to be bunted as usual from Mr. Fov's iaa; nlftceui seal, Bramham i'ark, near Wetherby. T be certainty of the Ports stinting after Ihe I 51b of ( his mouth against ( be importation 0} Fcreig;: Wheat, caused the holders lo stand out for more niou y, but th • buyers being less ea-; er to purchase than on Tnes lay w 1 k ' he s. les proceeded slowly, and the market clo- ed without any material alteration | in tbe prices of Ibat article. I'. at iey supported former qnoiati ius; bul the demand for Oals .. iiti Beans were very limited. Only few buyers ol Ihe Mediterranean ii-. tn-. llapeseed and Flour without variation. Prices :— Wheal 7.' s. 80s. 8 » s — Barley 40s. 48s. 5Js — Oats 4Ss. 30s 3 3 l . - Beans 58 » . 60s. 03s.— Mediterranean Beans 41s. 4Ss.~ Bitpeseed 4-!/ 47/.— Flour line 65s. per bag of 40 stones.— Second ditto 00s. In- patients. INFIRMARY. Oit- p* tienti Discharged Ac. . . . . . . . . 4 Relieved, Discharged Ac.. 41 Admitted ft j Aductled." 44 Physician IV. Ayre. Surgeon — Mr Pearson. Mr. Samuel Buislall 1100- e visitor. Inoctll. llcd for tbe Cow Pock by ( be House- s irgeon. 55. Mr. Rohert Bell has given a Genelactiou of one guiuea to Ihe Inliraiary. Al Ihe Special General Boird, held al the General Infirmary at tbis place, yesterday, a proposition lo admit Gentlemen's Servants labouring under acute diseases on payment of half a guinea a week, was after some discus, ion withdrawn.— Notice is given of auolher General Board to determine w'. sther w ards shall be opened in tbe Infirmary for the reception of Fe* er Patients. HULL AND SL'ULCOATF. S DISPENSARY. Patients. J Pa ier. ts. Discharged. Cured, Ac, . . . 58 j Admitted C3 Visited at their o » u homes 5l. Physicians— Itr. Ayre, and Dr. C. llder- on. Surgeons—— Mr. Duuniog aud Mr, Cass . n. Mr. Wm. Rust has given a donation ol five guineas lo tbe Hull and Scuicoates Dispensary The Rev. SIMF. ox WooDHorsR, will Preach at I'ETIIKL CHAPF. L. to- morrow ( SUNDAY) in the forenoon and evening, on behalf of Ihe A D U L T , an.' C H I L D R E N ' S S U N D AY SCHOOLS belonging to lhal place. v> e . ire glad fo learn that the success of Ihe School tor teaching Men lo reaj, has exceeded Ihe expectations of the Conductors. At the Annual Meeting of the Members of tbe Dock Company held at the Guild- hall, of Ibis town, last week, lite accounts for Ihe year 1816 were audited, at » d the dividend declared, amounting to 08/. 8s. I Id. per share. The Collector and Comptroller of the Customs at ( his port, h ive received official communications from Ibe I reasnry, that Ihe Plague is raging with great violence at Algiers and Tunis, aud requiring the- proper officers to be strictly on their guard. The deaths at the latter place in the month of Nov. amounted to U, t 17. A Petition against tbe renewal ofthe Insolvent Debtors Act | is now in lntad> under- tke management uf Mr. Gleadow, aud i Uqnidsworth, for 8P0gs for this town, w as presented 011 Ihe night of Thursday night, and the consideration of it fixed for tbe 4th - May.— A copy of 41 ( will Le lound in our fourth page, as well as a copy of Ihe Petition- of A. Browne. Esq: e. jsaiilst the return lor lleduu. The signatures to the Hull I'eiiuon are tbo. e ol a cordwainer » , nil a lealber- seller. in London: After the active friends of Mr. Staniforlh al tbis place, whose exertions arid personal sacrifices to reinstate him « s our representative, sufficiently proved theui to have been earnest iu bis cans?, had, upon mature deliberation, and in coils- q-. tenee of tbe stale of his mercantile affairs, relinquished tiie intention of petitioning, as a measure uot likely to promote their own interests, and least oj ill Mr. Sianijorlh's— it i, as etciled no little surprize ; that Ibe Petition has been presented from Iwo London voters, and the measure meets wilh general disapprobation An erroneous opinion is juarfty generally entertained among persons of considerable information, that a member when petitioned against can neither ,, pe. ak nor ro/ elill the pet it ion is decided upon. So lar Irom tins beiug the case, such members are in Ihe full enjoj mint of all Iheir privileges until Ihe election is declared void. Sir. Grata m M. P. lor tbis town, vo! ed iu Ihe Minority 011 Air. Calcralls Etotiao ou Monday lasi ; though it has been absurdly reported lhai Ministers had pro moted the Petition agiiiut him, lhat lie might neither speak uor vote.. Petitions have been presented, one from Dr. Bell, and another from Jobu Joys. Benjamin Goo- em a 11, J. Cooke, John Hall, sell, and R. Bower, agaui'sl Ihe return of t . Tennyson, Esq. aud one from several voters against that of Mr. Fazakerley, lor Grimsby. We last week gave a sketch of the debate on Mr. Tierney's motion for a Committee to enquire into tbe a Hairs of ( he Bunk as connected veil the Resumption of Cash Puyuren's, and . Mr. FauitttarCi amendment ou AS iiioli occasion Hie first I rial ot strength in the new Parliament ; look place, when Minis er « obtained a majority of 10.) out Of 415 Members present. I he question a pe. irs ( o have been mooted more for a trial o! tbe temper and dispoai'iuu of ttie House, than froui any important difference as 10 the mode of obtaining information, in wbich point of v. iew indeed Mr. Fansftiart's amendment ap pears inure eligible. This m. ijority was much greater than the opposition papers had ' tea ;; s io expert; and certainly a fiords a strong indication that Ministers, if they use Iheir power aright, in redressing acknowledged abuses, and acting upon a syst. m ol strict Hseo'iomy. will receive tbe support of Ihe House. It they adopt a contrary coiiducl, we apprehend their situation will be insecure. Many of Ibe new Members have already, even when inclined to support Ministers, expressed tlteir sense of ihe necessity of attending to these important objects.; and allhritntb the short persod tnat lias elapsed since the close ol a long protracted war, and Ibe w. indinguu of transactions, political an 1 financial, more extensive aud important than ever wire experienced, may justly lie pleaded in p Illation a least, it not as- a fn'. l excuse, for the atteulion ol Government nol being turned immediately to these objects; yet had tbey sooner engrossed a portion of ils attention, tbis would have inspired ils friends with greater ardour in its deienee, atid proportionally depressed tbe audacity pf those who have been ton actively employ id in sowing disaffection, and sapping the very foundations of our excellent constitution. The « nly other division « f importance in tbe House of Commons, occurred on Monday, on a motion made by M r. Calera/ t, that tbe name of Mr. Dm- tgham bead- led to the Secret Com mittee of 2i, fur investiiialing ihe affairs of tiie Bank. This was opposed hy Lord Casliereajh. Mr. Stuart Worthy, Mr. Canning and o'hers, on Ihe gromid of its being contrary lo practice, lo the mode by which the Committee was chosen, and lo Ihe knowledge noich at the lime of tbe ballot the House possessed of the fifti ss oT every member for t . te Committee. All spoke highly of Ihe abilities and acqnired knowledge of Mr. Brougham. M r. Ticrney, Mr. Waithm in. Mr. Wynne, Mr. hart, am, and Lord Morpeth, while tbey dwelt strongly on tbe I., Iter topics, contended that the motion v, ajustiiied by1 many former precedents, and ougbt to be adopted, tiu a division, Ihe number were for 111? motion 133.— Against it 175. — Majority in favour of Miui tiers 42. In our apprehension lb* latter arted very unwisely in excluding Mr. Brougham from ibeir list, and thus allo- diug his friends sucb an ex cedent, and we will arid fair opportunity for d- splaying Iheir senseot' bis acknow ledged tal nls, aud that ton seconded l. y Ministers themselves. The exclusion of Mr. Brougham on lliis occasion, while others with far lower claims from Ihe same side of Ihe House, were admitted, and the omission of his name on the lisi of Commissioners for enquiring into a. iuses m Charita - le Institutions connected with Ibe Edu alitin of the Poor, are mure calculate,! to injure those who promoted such exclusions than the individual in question; wilh I. le whole Of whose sentiments, how ever, and particularly t « lar as relates to Ihe Utter subject, we are far from coinciding. A web of . flannel was stolen from tbe shop of Messrs. Stani- I. ind and Garbntt, of tbis place, haberdashers, on Tuesday evening liist. Joseph Hezlewooi, was on I ha 91 h instant, committed lo Gaol, for stealing, in Tonip, ni;- - svUi < HM> Jo- ito .' aekwsiiy yet large, a great quantify of wearing apparel and bedding, fro. 11 the cabin ol the brig Jason, Ibe property oi the master aud mate ' of tbe said brig. — O11 the Mn instant, an inquest was held on the body of Sarah Butler, spin- ler, who ou Ihe5tb had taken poison, not t', e being of sound mind, memory attd understanding.— ' Verdict— Lunacy. in consequence of a statement in our./ iwf week's paper, of tbe property found in possession of a person named John Harrison, apprehended ai Bevetley the Tuesday preceding, for vagrancy ; Mr. John Ireland, of liuggale, on Ihe Wolds., blacksmiih aud gunsmith, has claimed the gun, past of the above properly, as one of the - articles stolen from bis shop, which was broken open on the iiigbt of Ihe27tb ult. Another gun, also damaged in the stock, some shoes, boots, and several other articles were taken away at the same limn.— Harrison | s committed to the East ii iu log House of Correction to lake his trial for Ihe offence. Ou Thursday se'nnighi, an elderly woman.. named Hannah Mraker, of Reverley, after paying counterfeit shillings to several tradesmen. i^ Greal Driffield, was at ienglh delected by Mr. G. Res, grocer, ahd fully committed to tbe East riding House of Correcfcon, - Beverley, for trial next Sessions. Wlieu she was detected, she was seen putting her hand into a bag of coffee which stood i\ ear her, and 011 its being examined several bad shillings were found. On \ onlay the 25: 1: nit. as the coach Trom Hull was going i tlo 1 i. tcoln about ten o'clock at night, I wo large cage* upon tae roof, belonging to a bird fancier who was a passenger, cont lining about 000 canaries, got stir It a violent ktiock iu pa tug through Potter- gale arch upon Ihe New Road, lhal many ofjhe little prisoners, finding themselves at liberty from the injury one of the cages had sustained, flew away as the coach proceeded! hrongh the town. Others aflnrw arils made their escape, aud the poor bird- f. tneier's loss must have been considerable. The gallant Did Highland regiment we understand isnnder orders toembatk at Cork fur tbe West ludies, iu Ibe course of a few days. The Right Hon. the Lo'd Chief Baron Richards and Mr. Bat on Wood, will open the Assizes at York on the 6th March : and at Lancaster on the t( it- U March. On Wednesday liie 27th ult. a foot passenger on Ihe tnrnpike- road between Barton aiid Brigg, wben within little more than a uiile o^ the lat lei* place, was seen by a person at., I be distance of a lew yards only, suddenly to drop down ; tbe person iniiii.'- dialely ran tolils assistance, but found uo signs- of life remaining.— Vront two letters found upon him, his name appeared to be John Fairfoot. His body "- as taken tn a bouse in tbe parish of Wrawby, and a coroner's jury sal otl the following day. who gave iu a verdict, " Vied / s the bipitation of God." The remains of- the poor man were very decently interred by the parish. Tbe Gas Lights were ' lighted tip in Leeds, for the f. rst time on Thursday evening se'nuight. Owing to the mixture of atmospheric air with the Gas, in its passage through the pi:. es, the brilliancy of tbe lights was considerably obscured ; and the public were much disappointed in Ibeir expectations. About nine o'clock however, tbey burnt With a much greater degree of brightness, and the experience of the fol owing evenings leaves I it tie dotiht, bul that the Leeds Gas Lights will equal those of any other town ia the kingdom. A gentleman iti Oxfordshire, i. as lately tried some expetimcuts with the ammGniacal liquor produced io the manufactory of gas from coai, for the destruction of the grub and other worms, which so often destroy the ri- Mig hopes of the gardener, particularly in t*. i. eat- ly crO| vs. The result has satisfactorily proved, that the use of tbis liquid entirely destroys them ; and so far is it from injuring Ibe teuderest plant, it seems rather to invigorate it than Otherwise. Commissions signed bv the Vice- LieHtenaut of the Nurtb Ridingnfthe county of . i'ork :— Richard MoorfOn. juu. Fsq. to be Deputy Lieut.— Edward John Carter, l- sq. lo tie ditto. — bth Regiment nf North York Local Militia.- Vharles Hod sotijGedt. to he Lieut. Richmond Farett Yeomanry Cavalry. — Ciipt.- Commandant George Hartley to !> Major. TI. ietit. James Henry Dtircv llntton to be Cant.— Thos. Robson", li- q. to he dilto:— Cornel George Kaye lo be Lieut.— Cornet Win. Thompson to be ditto. We some lime ago announced, that a monument was proposed to be erected near Pontefract, to'commemorate lhat important event . ever memorable in British annals, ttie victory of Waterloo. It is now finished, and forms a plea- ing object to the surrounding country. Mr. Watt has sold his thesnnl Clly, by Cerberus, ( win er of the Filzwilliarn Stakes at Doncastir last year) lo Mr. the Hon. Col. Chetwynd Stapylfon is appointed one of Ihe Commissioners til Use Navy, in ibe room ol the Hon. E. Stew, art, removed lothe Board of Customs; and Sir . I. Cockhnrne is appointed Paymaster ol Ihe lloyal Marine Forces, in the room of Col. Slapylton, The Lords ol ihe Admiralty have appointed t ient. Liddeu to command bis Majesly' « ship Griper, to second Ihe efforts „ f Lieut. Parry, in ihe Hecia, upon the next expedition or Discovery. A steam- engine, of nearly one hundred horses power, is about completed, ia order to be affixed til an East Indiaman, now on the stocks, aud ready lo be launched. At Kirion sessions, held oil4be ( Olhnlt. Mr. . fohn Copeman, or Blyborough nearOainsbro', wasappointed diief Constable vice Benj. Codd, Esq deceased. Commilied to York Castle, T. Kinsley, of Bame, In the West- Hiding, labourer, for entering a plantation, al Womersley, with the intention illegally to kill game, tu Ihe nivhl of the Olh List, armed with a g u n . - John Staiev. rtf Sheffield, for forging a Bill oi' Exchange.— G. Walker, of Bradgai., near Rotherbam, for the wilful murder of Joseph Ulley, or tliat place, labourer. Cn Saturday the30th nil. about half pas » five o'clock a. m. whilst ibe Knaresbro' and Harrogate Horse Mail, was preparing to « ! art from Ihe Post- office in Wetberl. y, I wo men it is supposed, unstrapped the Mail hag from Ihe horse and gol clean off with it : about eiphl o'clock the outside bag and several newspapers, were found iu a f, eld ad'wming the town, and about seven o'clock in the evening of the same day, a fanner in the neighbourhood brought to the olfice the rest of Ihe bags, which be found in a wood i. the neighbourhood of Wetherby : they contained a large quantity of letters, al! opened and the contents taken oof, except a'few drafts. A diligent search was made after the robber., and on tbe Monday, one ol tlwm was taken of Ibe name of Thomas Robinson, who 10, le the \ ork and Boronghbridge horse post, a few- years . nice; a considerable number of bills was found upon" him amounting tn upwards; of Jit)/ he has undergone an examination and was committed to York Ciiv Gaol. It is though" . l. eve are three or long. connected with the man taken, . who will all, pro . ably, be soon in custody l> r, U ednesday se'unight, at Holehouse nen. r Fishbnrn, in the county ol I iultam, a young man named Pearson, returning Ironi a crow- sbootipg excursion, gave bis gun to bis si. ler with directions to pui. lf by. Tn the act of gelling on A chair lo bang :| KI » . tbe trigger bv < ome means was drawn, uitirhe contents of lite piece misse l thr. itigh Ihe hear! of her^ Iiiot. ier, who instantly e* pirf, j. Ao inquest has- been held on the body, and the coroner's verdict was— Accidental death. ' liie widows of'naval officers, ' Ibough they may have remarried, are, under a hew benevolent regulation of ibe Prince Regenl, entitled to the pension arising from their former husband's rank, from the commencement of Ihe present year. Several widows have already claimed Ibe respective pensions, and 111 most instances, such was Hie. scanty means of these relics ol our brave sous of the ocean, Ibat'il has proved a real boon to them. The Morning Post s a y — " It must be gratifying to the friends 0! a certain Peer to hear that au arrangement has taken place which has reconciled ail parties. Our readers will recoiled lhat we si a I ltd a short lime since, tint tbe presumptive heir of a distinguished Lord had formed a, i imprudent matrimonial connexion. The female has consented to waive all claims, in couwiieraiion of a moderate annuity lor lire. This step has saved both tbe in. t viduals from ruin, and Ihe intended legal steps for culling off. lhe entail have been abandoned " A journeyman alone- mason or Liverpool has brought writs or rigbl for the recovery of au estate in Ireland, which has loug beeu in abeyant*, of > 000/. a year; and also an accumnlal » d personal property of more than hair r. million. His prospects of success have been pronounced lo be very favourable by several lawyers of the firs! eminence. The Parish officers or St. Martin in Ihe Fields andjnfh r Parishes in the . Metropolis, have recently employed tbe poor in the workhouses in pulverizing oyster shells," whit h tbey dispose of to agriculturists, at a reasonable rale, as manure. By experiment in Norfolk, 40 bushels of oyster shell powder is found equal in virtue to eight tons of farm yard duug. Il i. s described as au excell - iit mamire for wheal, and as a top dressing for young clovers, A c. also ior gardening purposes, as from its saline exudation, il destroys slugs and others of the reptile tribe, so de- lrpctive lo gardens to the spring season. A shocking accident occurred at I, land dob, near Con way, on Tuesd ly se'uoight, during the absence or a miner and bis wife, w ho bad gone to attend a Methodist meeting, and locked the house door, leaving two children w ithin : Ibe hon « e by some means took fire, and was, together with tbe unfortunate children, consumed to ashes; th » eldest was only four years old. Oil Saturday se'nnigbt, an information was laid before the Magistrates at Durham, by a person who sta'ed himself to be a native of Liverpool, travelling for the e. rpresi purpose ol laying informal ions, against Mr.' Eskett, of ibeQueen's Head Ion, lor running a po. i chaise without his name 011 Ibe door, a cording lo the s'atute. Oil w hich Mr. E. was convicted iu Ihe penally of 10/. The same person laid » similar Information 1. gainst Mr. Horner, another innkeeper in thai city ; but the decision w as postponed ; Mr. H. alleging lhat ( he chaise was no! bis own, but borrowed front a' coach aiannfactor.!:. Mrs. Hil|, of Esher, having purchased some lea in Fenchurch- streel In Ihe amount of three pounds, 011 her return home by London Bridge, a man, who had every appearance of a shopman. Stopped the post- chaise, an malting an apology, said that a mistake had taken place in the delivery of her lea, that the parcel he now Lad with him washer's, and begged an exchange, lo which the inadvertently consented; bul, upon opening ibe fictitious parcel, instead of lea, she found it was s;: w- dnst, very neatly packed up. William Brown is committed to Coventry gaol, to be tried-.! for the wilful murder or Eliza Brown, Ills own child, by throwing scalding water over her while ju her mother's arms. Tbe brutal act was done in a fil of passion, and without auy provocation. The mother is iu a dangerous slate. Vaccination has been introduced throughout Saxnay. and tbe relurn of deaths al Leipsic for. 4318 stales. lhal nol oneol j them was caused by tbe small pox. — The births at that cily. during 1818, were I., 253, and tbe deaths 1,208, including 14 suicides. By an account of Ihe total number of ibe Bank of England notes discovered to be forged, from the fsl of January, 1798, to tbe tsl of January, 1819, il appears lhal iti 1798, ' ihe first year after Ihe Bank Restriction. Ihe number of forgeries of I/, notes was : 81. Iu 1818, the nninhm- was 48,410. In consequence of « omi; paragraphs having appeared in contemporary Journals, 111 some degree reflecting on Mr. Horsley for apparent supiuene- s in bringing Ilennel, the stealer ofhis chitd, lo jns'ice, Mr. H. has published a teller, in which he says, thai be applied to Ibe Secrelary or State to have him brought as speedily as- possible to this country ; bul Ibal il is not. in his power to accelerate that even!. He also pledges himself lo prosecute Rennet as soon as be shall arrive in England. AS USUAL !! ! - O n Tuesday last, the 9th Inst. ihe Slate ] Lollery was all drawn, when No. 5,191 was drawn a Prize of Twetity Thousand Pounds, w hich was sold in 11 Shares by Bisti, al his old established and truly- fortunate Offices, 4, Cornhill, and 9, Charing Cross, London, and by his Ageuls iu the Country, where No. t,"> 35, a Prize of Two Thousand Pounds, drawn same day, was also sold in Shares, making ( u* us ialj a greater amount of Capitals shared by BUSH tbao by any olher Office- keeper; and in the preceding Lottery ( drawn last month) BISH shared No. 5,535, a Prize of 3J. 00U/. and various olher Capitals, being UkwUe greater In number an 1 amount I baa any other Office- keeper. A New Lottery ol 19,000 Tickets is now on sale,, containing 3 Money Prizes ol 40,903/. aud 37 other Capitals ; and Ihe Drawing will begin 23d next Month ( March). street, St. George, Middlesex, spiril- merchaot- E. Mathews, of College- hill, fondon, merchant— W. Brown, of St. Johustreel, Middlesex, cheese monger— W. Burn, orExeter, draper and tailor— J. Mather, of Manchester, joiner and builder - I I. Wilkinson, of Liverpool, merchant — W. Lloyd, or Shrewsbury, tailor— M. Naylerand G. Nayler, of Darlington, leatherdressers- R. rolls, or Hotborn- hill, London, haberdasher — Ii. Bacon the younger, or Barkway, Hertfordshire, miller and baker— J. Oliver and N. G. Tngrahain the younger, of Pinnei-' s- liall. Broad- street, Loudon, merchants— T. Culliinore. of Wick war, Gloucestershire, malster— J. Medlam, of Huddersfield. grocer— J. Slausfeld, of Ardwick, Manchester, merchant • - J. Loogden, of Teak Forest, Derbyshire, meal and flourseller— W. Lewis, of Beak- street, Golden- square, Middlesex, woollen- draper— R. Taylor, of Witney, Oxfordshire, mealman and baker. BIRTH. On Ihe Olh inst. at Hildenley, near Mallon, Ihe Lady of G . irklunrf Esq. of a son. BANKRUPTS from TUESDAYS GAZETTE, Feb. 2. J. Towsey the younger, of Bradford- Forum, Dorsetshire, stone- mason— J. Towsey Hie younger, and S. Loyd. of Blandford Forii111, Dorsetshire, ami Sarah l. loyd, or Blaudford Forum, Dorsetshire, copartner^, dealers and chapmen— T. Thompson, of Hatnblelon, Kirkham. Lancashire, tanner— J. M. Morgan, » . M. Morgan, and i'.. . Morgan, o! Bella Jjauvage Vard, Liidgate- Hill, ! oudon, wholesale stationers and ragmeitcbanls— J. Fonlertoo, of Upper lledford- piace, Bloontsbtn- y- square, Middlesex, merchant— J. il, Wilbean/ ol Dockhead, Surrey, rectifying distiller— G. Gilchrist and ,!. M. Giichi tst, ol i. iverpoul, merchants and copartners—.!. Hornby, of Liverpool, merchant and common- brewer— C. Moil ram, of 1' inuer's- ilall, W. iuchesljr street, London, merchanr— J. Pickuian, o Depttord, Kent, malisler— M. Hatlersley, of Biitou- Witii- Hairojaie, Yorkshire, holel- keeper and victualler. BANKRUPTS from SA TURUAX't GAZETTE, Feb. ( I. I'. Jackson, of Upper Thames- street, London, sugar- laclor — 11. Wilks, of. Chaueery- lane, London, printer and bookseller — G. Powell, or Little Triniiy- iahe, Queenhilhe, London, baker -- E. Sayer" of Bath, tailor— P. Caumont, of Old Broadtreet, London, merchant - I t Blytb, of Kiiigston- upon- ilull, corn- merchant — W . Morgan ati'ii W. Matlbews, of Newport, Monmoutbsirre, common- brewers — P. Campbell, ol Aiary- leboue- slreel, Golden- square, Middlesex, wine and brandymerchant— E, Smyth, of St. Martin's- court, Si, Marlin'sslane, Middlesex, shoemaker — M. Man- haul, uf Poplar, Middlesex, cow- keeper — R. Healey, of Lower- place, Rochdale, woollenmanufacturer— J Rotiiwifil, of Mort- lielu, t/ alliwell, Lancashire, w hitster aud shopkeeper— T-. Lloyd, of Tibbertou, Herefordshire, farmer— R. V\ bates, of Wapping- street. Middlesex, anchor- smith - I^ vvis Levy, of Great Prescott- slreel, Middlesex, merchant. BJSKH UPTS from. TUESD A Y's- GAZETTE. Feb-. !). 15. Robertson, « ! Manchester, cotton- splnoer and cullon Slrickla MARRIAGES. OH Monday last, at St-. Stephen's, Coleman street, London, ny lite Rev. Thomas Twigg, William Voase, Esq. of Aniaby, near this town, to Miss liar wood, of Welton. On Tuesday last, at Ihe Holy Trinity Church, Capt. James Urq ihatl, or the ship Hero, ol Banff, to Sarah Eliza Hick", youngest daughter of Mr. John Hicks, of this place, cabinetmaker. On Tuesday se'nnighl the Rev. J, Holmes, Fellow and Tutor of Queen's College, lo Christiana Elizabeth, fourlh daughter o r G, J. Gorbam, Esq. of St. Neot's. On Tuesday sennight, Edward, eldest son of Thomas Bell, Esq. ol South Shields, loMary Auue, eldest daughter of John k'ilby, Esq. 01 York. On Wednesday se'rinight. at Overton, the Rev. Thomas Trreunn,. Vicar of Holy Trinity, Mick legate, York, lo Catherine, eld, st daughter of Edward Place, Esq. of Skelton Grange, near lhal city. Ou Thursday se'nnigbt. at Dottirtglim, ( hy Hie Rev. J. Wil. son.) Mr. J. Smiih, ol Boston, merchant aud grocer, lo Mat eldest daughter or Mr. William Dixou. brewer, of tbe former place. On Ihe 1st lnstapt, Mr. Henry Robinson, or Manchester, linen- draper, to Miss Thomson, of Stockton, daughter of tbu Rev. J. Thomson, of Great Aylon. Cleveland. On Ihe 4th instant, at Bowden, Mr. James Mortimer, Minister in tbe Methodist ^ connection, of Woodhouse Grove, near Bradford, to Mary, second daughter or Ihe late Mr. W Ameers, of Clieelham Hill. Ou the 4th instant, al the Friends' Meeting- boose, iu Leeds Samuel Greenwood, Esq. ol Stunes h p u s n r a r Todmorden, to Susanna, daughter of George Eddison, Esq, oi Holbeck Lodge, bear I^ eds. Oil Ihe 30th ult. at Stockton, Mr. John Wigfield. of North allertor., currier, lo Miss Jane Panp, of Ihe former pi ice. DEATHS On Saturday evening last, a'ler a well spent life, most dest- rveiily respected aud'lamented, Mary, tbe wife of Mr. Henry Deoton, of Ihis town ; in the 80th year of ber age. t) u Sunday last, aged 7 years, Eliza, daughter of Mr. Bartte, of Ibis place, baker. On Monday lasl, aged 56, Mr. William King, of ihis place, baker. On xonday lasl, aged 13 monlhs, Richard Johnson, only son ol Mr. R. Jenkins, oltbi- place, surgeon. On Wednesday, in4London, aged .58, Mr. John Marshall, rather lo . Mrs. PomO- el, and brother to Mrs. Scurr, of this place. On Friday last, greally respected, aged 74, Mrs. Tombloson, o! Ilarlon upon- Humbsr, sister to tbe late Thomas Scrivener, Esq. of that place. On Thursday se'nnight, at Beverley, aged 53, Mrs. Larcutn, w ile or Mr. R. Larcmn, of that place. In her were co'obiued those excellencies oi every endearing and social virtue, as an affectionate w. fe, a tender parent, and a sincere friend ; by her relatives and near connexions her loss will be long and severely lamented. On F • i. fay last, at Beveriey, tiged 81, Mr. R. t'arrison, of that place, gardener.. On Saturday last, aged 79, Mrs., Elleock, molher. of Mr. T. Ellcock , of Beverley. On Tuesday week, at Beverley, aged 88, Mrs. Whitfield, w ife or Mr. Wm. Whitfield, of that place. Oil Tuesday se'nnigbt, aged 89, . Mrs. Whitfield, wife of Mr. Wm Whitfield, of Beverley. On tbe 5th instant, at Beverley, in the 84d year of his age, Mr. Richard Harrison, gent, much respected by all who knew . him. On the ilth inst. of a relapse of tbe scarlet fever, at the Rectory, Sproatigy, age ( j ( j years, Joseph. Ihe only son of the Rev. J. liaifield. He. was an engaging and affectionate child, with a strung sense of the fear of God. lie died imploring mercy, t'. n. f lo be received inloihe preseuce of the Redeemer; he will be long remembered in the village with sentiments of eiideaimeui and regret. On Saturday last, al bis nephew's, house at Withernsea, in Hotderness, aged 75, Mr. Kdward Gihson, latent Drlttleld. On the 4tih ult at Yarm, aged. OS. much respected, Rachel, Ibe wife of . Mr. Tho nas Mites, sen. ol lhal place. U11 Friday, aged 47, Mr. George Jackson, jun. of B amhatp, n « . ar Wetherby, farmer : his death was occasioned by sleeping iu a da tup bed, about six Weeks ago D11 Tuesday last, aged 64, Mrs. Anne Jennings, mother of Mr. Jennings, supervisor, of Chetney- street, Boston. Lately, after a tedious illness, aged 30, Mr. Firth, son of Mr. Fiith, ol Yoik, gunsmith. lately, in a rapid decline, at the house of her annt, Mrs. Johnson, in the New Road, Linroln, Miss Jane Graves Wellst, aged 28, neice 10 Mr*. Wells, of Poolham. A few days ago, at Bridlington Quay, ag^ d 93, Mrs. Marshall, wile of Mr. Thomas \ arshall, of ibat place. suddenly, al Heighingtoii, near Lincoln, Mf. John Sewell> eldest to. i- oi Mr. Alderman Sewell, of Liucoln. On Monday se'uiiighi, aged 44, Mr. Tbomas Ivimber, jntt ol York. Same day, aged 48, Mrs. Tbickett, wife of Mr. Thickelt, supervisor, of York. On Tuesday se'nijight, at his house without Micklegat* Bar, York, aged 56, Mr. George Upton, brick and tile manufacturer. Ou Thursday se'nnighl, at his house in Cheetwood, Jam » » Banks Robinson, Esq. late.( if the Royal Navy, aged 70. He was 50 years iu bis Majesty's service, e. xclusire of a number „ he passed in the employ or tbe East Did a Company, and fought in twelve general engagements, amongst which are those of the Nile and Trafalgar, w lien he acted as Pilot to the Fleet. Few men have passed a more chequered life, or witnessed more hair hre. ullb ' scapes. He commenced hi* career with the celebrated Biir. ce, and was one of the desperate lew who carried up the llowt of Punch, and sacrificed to Bacchus, ou the lop of Pompey's Pillar.— It was the opinion of his Medical Attendant, that his dealb was accelerated by Ihe concussion - received by the overthrow . of oue of Ihe London coaches, oa Saturday week last, j Yesterday. se'uutgbt, after a lingering illness, Mr. Joseph I Sheepshanks, of the firm of \ Tork aud Sheepshanks, or Leeds, one ul Ihe oldeslaud most respectable merchants in the couuty of York. Ou Friday wefk. at- Hooton Pagnell, Ann. Ihe wife of Saint Andrew Warde, Esq. a lady of amiable and good qualities and most exemplary pouduct, very high| y respected whilst living, aud sincerely lamented now dead Ou Saturday week, al t'ahir House, Tipperary, the Right Hon. Richard tlufjer, Earl of Gleugal, and one of the Representative Peers of Ireland. tin Saturday se'nnight, at Leighton Hall, near Lancaster, in her 04th year, Mrs. Richmond," relict of the late Henry Richmond, M. D. 01 iBath, mother or the Rev. Leigh Richmood, and eldest daughter of the Ute John Atherton, Esq. of Walton ttall, Lancashire. Ou Ihe Isl in- tant, Ml-. II. Thompson, formerly of the Nag's Head lnu, Northallerton. His death was caused by his tailing on a knife in a garden at Kirkby Sigston, which entered bis nead, and was wilh difficulty withdrawn. tin the 4d inst. at Suuley Court, near Kirkby Moorside. in tier liOlb year, Mrs. Ann Brown, widow, many years a Methodist of tile Old Connexion, and mother o l j l i e late Mr. John Brown, who was well know 11 as a zealous,. diligent, and useful Preacher among tbe Wesleynrt Methodists. Same day, at Scarbro', aged 10, Mr. Win. Snowball, late of Malion. Oil the 4th inst. in Dean- streel, Soho, London, Mr. Harlow, portrait and historical painter. On Hie 6lh lust, at Ripou, deeply lamented, Margaret, tte wife of Charles Oxley, Esq. On i'uesday, the 7ib inst. at Bridllngton- qnay, of a mortifis cation, occasioned by a wound received in one of his fingers, during bis voyage from London, Mr. Roberl lilalob, masteruiaciuer, of Hartley, having left a widow and fuur small children ill great distress; which Ihe inhabitants having taken into consideration, have with their usual Christian be. nevolencs collected the som of 12/. for their immediate relief. On the 9th inst. aged 8 years, after a lung illness, of a deep decline, Catherine, Ihe fifth daughter of Mr. Wm. Stayeley, Governor of York Castle. On ihe 18th ull. at Helmsley- Blackamoor, aged 71, Mr. F. Harrison, a member of Ibe Wesleyan Methodist Society. On the 2isl of August last, at Meerat, near Delhi, in the East Indies, the Lady of Major General Sir R. S. Donkin, K. C. U. eldest daughter of Ihe very Rev. the Dean of York. At Calcutta, iu the East Indies, in his- 3fst year. Mr. Jf, l. i ' oiim, juu. ol Manchester, Member of Ibe Royal College. of Surgeons in Londou, and Surgeon in tbe service of th* il'ju. East India Company, HULL ELECTION PETITION. The following is a copy ol Ihe Petition against the return of J. R-. G Graham, Esq lor this borough, presented to Ihe House of Commons, ou Thursday se'nu. gbt, as published in the votes of that House:— " A Petition of William Wilkinson and John Firth, was delivered in and read; setting forth, lhal Ihe Petitioners had, mid claim lo have had, a right of voting at the last lien, nil j majority of votes'had been giv . | (| ri| (' astiereagh The Chancellor of the Ex- ITusliufis B. 51, Sir F. E j v i . ' f opposed it, and unevcil to postpone Ibe thiid reading lo this day fortnight. The amendment was opposed by Air. Den net and Mr. I). W. Huraej), and supporled hy Mr. Lawson and Mr. Hume. On a division, it was negatived '' J' 3J to 10, aud Ihe Biit was read a third lime and passed, Mr. Urogdeu brought up the Report of Ihe Committee appointed to scrutinize the lisis delivered in for the Members of ihe Sterol Commune ou Hut Rank Restriction. It was read, ar. d the following appeared to be Ihe names for which the Election for two Harnesses to serve in lliis present Parliament I for Ibe Borough of Kingstou- npoa- Huli. in Hie county of the j tame town ; th. t al such Election John Mitchell and James Robert George Graham, Enquires, were candidates to represent the said borough in Parliament; and that John Slanilorth, Esquire, was also duly proposed, and put in nomina. tion as a iii and proper person to represent the said borough ia Parliament; aad Ibe Petitioners further show, lhat li. e poll began 011 Ihe i l t h d a y o f June last, and thai immediately after the close of Ihe same on toe 10th day or Jtuie la- t, the Returning Ofiicer declared, that Ihe said J. Mitchell and J R. G. Graham had a majority of votes upon Hie poll above Ihe said J. Stanit'orlb ; and the Petit loners furl her show, that ( hereupon a scrutiny was duly demanded by two persons being Electors for the said Borough on the behalf of Ihe said J. Slauifo. lh, and such scrutiny was proceeded upon until I tie I4tb day of July la. t, on which day Ihe Returning Officer again declared lhal Ibe majority of voles was in favour of Ihe said J. Miichrll and J. R. G. Graham, and has returned Ihe said ,1. Mitchell and j . R. G. Graham lo serve for the said borough; and the Petitioners further show, tnai at such Election Ibe Returning Officer did receive and admit ihe votes ol divers persons being paupers an. l having received parish relief, and of divers persons nol admitted lo llieir Ireeliom nor entitled to il, and of divers persons whose admissions lu Ilieir freedom were not stamped al the time of their voting, aad of divers others not legally eoltiled lo vo. e al Mtk lileciion, la favour of the said J R. G. Graham, and did reject and rcluse to admit many persons lo poll for Ihe said laniforth who had good rigul and tide so lo do ; and liu* petitioners Inrlher siaic, lhal. both at Ihe close of ihe poll aad of the scrutiny, I tie said J. Staiii'orth had a majority oi' legal voles over Hie said J. ft. G. Gru am, and ought lo have been relumed jointly with Ihe said J. Miicbeli lo serve iu Parliament lor the said Boroogb ; and the Petitioners further show, that before, and al and ti urine Hie said Election, the said J. R . G . Graham did, by himself his Irienda aad persons empiojed ny him, by means of gifts and rewards, and by promises agreements and securities lor gills and rewards, cmrupl and procure divers persons lo give their voles in his favour, and lo forbear lo give litem in favour, of the said J. Staint'or- lh, contrary ill the Resolutions of the House, and Ibe Laws . or this Realm; that by the above and oilier illegal means, Ihe same J. R. G Graiiaul procured a colourable majority of voles in his favour over tbe said J Staniiorth, and has beeu returned, jointly With the sa. d J. iUiJchell. lo serve as aforesaid : and the Petitioners further show, tbat by virtue of the premises aforesaid, Ihe Electiou and return of the said .1. R. G. liraliaui tvas and is, and ought lo be declared entirely null and void; and Ibat the said J Stauiforlh was duly elected, and t; light to Jaave been returned to serve for tlie- aid Borough, in ihe place of Ihe .- aid J. It. G. Graham; the Petitioners therefore humbly pray, that the House will be pleased to lake Ihe premises imo consideration, and to declare, lhat Ihe Elsslion and return of the said J- IV. G. Graham is null and void ; and that the sai l J stanilorlh was duly elected and ought to have been returned; and to direct, that the Writ of Return be amended accordingly; aod for such other relief as lo their wisdom shall seem ill.' 1 HE DON PETITION. " A Petition of Am bony Browne, of Mor. tagne- place, Bedford- square, in Ihe county of Middlesex, Esq. was delivered In and read, selling forth, that the Petitioner, and Edmund Peters Turlort. Esq. an i Robert Farrand, Esq. were candidates al the last Election of Burgesses lo serve in Parliameu1. tor the Borough of lledon, jn Ihe county of York ; and the eaid E. P. Turton and It Farrand were al Ihe said - Election returned- Memners for the said Borough of Hedon; that the said E. P. Turlon and II. Farrand, by themselves respectively, and their respective agents friends and managers, and others ia tbeir befealf, did, idler the teste of lb'-- Writ for Ihe said Election, aad at and during the sa'd Elect ion. and before their said Election to serve in this present Parliament for tbe said Borough of Hedou, give preseni and allow to divers persons having vo'es in Ihe said Election, money meat drink entertainment and provision, and did make presents gills rewards aad entertainments, and promises agreements ouligations aad engagements to give and allow iiioue;, meal drink provision presents rewards aod entertainments, to aad for such persons, and lo and tor the use advantage benefit emolument prolii and preferment of such persons, in order to be elected, and lor heing elected Members lo serve in tbi" present Parliament for Ihe said Borough of Herioii ; thai Ihe said K. P. Tiirtoii and 11. Farrand oeiore Hie sail Election, and al ami dnriug the name, by themselves respectively, and Ibeir respective agents friends and managers, and others oa their behalf, were guilt y of bribery aud corruption, ami corrupt practices, in order to tbeir being elected Members at the said Election, to serve in , » iiis present Parliament lor the said Borough of Hedon ; and thai the said E P. Turtnii and It. Farrand, before the > aid Election, and at and during the same, by themselves respectively; and Ibeir respective ag. jnts friends aad managers, and olhers employed hy ibein on their behalf, did by gifis and rewards, and by promises agreements and securities tor gif s and rewards, and promises of places, corrupt and procure divers persons to give iheir votes in ibe said Eleclion for tliem the said E. P- Turton and R. Farrand respectively, and lo furnear lo give their voles for the Petitioner ; thai liy Ihe aforesaid corrupt and illegal practices, Ihe said E. P. Turton and R. Farrand procured themselves to he'returned, and were in fact returned at the said Election as Members fo serve in litis pr sent Parliament for the said Borough of Hedou ; wherea. by tbe illegal aad corrupt practices a ore- Mid, the said Election aad return of Ibe said E. P. Turlon and R. Farrand respectively, was and is entirely null and void to all intents and purposes; and they Ihe said E. P. Turlon and R. Farrand are, anil each of thein is, disabled and incapacitated, upon the said Eleclion and relurn tu serve in Parliament for Ihe said Borough of Hedon; and Hie said Election and remrn of ihe. said E. P. Turton aad R. Farrand • was, and is, contrary lo Law, a manifest violation of the lights aud privilege, of ihe electors of Ibe said Borough, and highly injurious lo the Petitioner, and the legal electors ol' the sail Borough of Hedon; lb* Petitioner therefore humbly prays, that the Huuse will take the premises . iulo consideration, and declare the Eleclion aod relurn of the said E. P. Tn.- lou aatl R. Farrand, and each of diem, void; and will grant such olber relief to the Pelitiouer, as lo Ihe House snail seem meet." cuequer Mr- Tieruey Mr, Canning Mr. Weliesiey . Pole Mr. Lamb Sir John Newport Mr. F. Robinson M.-. Greufell Mr. Huskisson Mr. Abercrouiby Mr. Bankes Sir James Mackintosh Mr. Peel Sir John Nicholl Mr. Liillelon i Mr. Wilson I Mr. Sluart Worlley i Mr. Manning Mr. Fraokland Lewis Mr. Asbnmt. Sfmpraal parliament. HOUSE OF COMMONS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3. Mr. Maddocks brought in a Bill lo extend Ihe operation or - the Game Laws to Wai'es. It was reaa a first time after some observations by Mr. Curwen. on the oppressive nature of the Game Laws, in proof of which he mentioned the ca- e of au individual coavicled in penalties to Ihe amount of 1000/. for which he was thrown into prison, without auy prospect of bis ever being released. Sir K Uurdelt presented a Petition from several of the electors of Westminster, against Hie Westminster Hustings B i l l ; Mr. H Davis a Petitiou from certain menbants of Bris tol, against the loo speedy resumptiun of Cash Payments; and Sir E Knalchbvdl a Petition from Joshua Hickman, tbat Ibe Jtouse would adopt some measure to prevent frauds in selling cjals. Mr. Vanslttarl moved the order of the day for tbe ballot for a Commiliee on the affairs of I lie Bank. Sir F. Unrdett and Mr. Rennet thought it would save the time of the House if Ministers would at ouce name ii e list. Mr. Dent said lie should adhere lo the old practice. Lists were then put into a glass on the table by the Members on the Ministerial side ; but not one by those oil the other side. Tbe Speaker then . lamed a Committee of. Scrutineers, which included the names of Mr. Lambton, and other Opposition M fathers. Mr. Lambton said, thai since it was already perfectly well Jttiown and determined who were to be tbe Committee, be would rather decline to lake any part in picking up their names. Mr. Tierney « aid, thai since it was the only specimen of impartiality shown by the olber side, lo give ihem he honour of declaring who w ere the Members inseried in ilieir circular list, lie thought it far better, and more satisfactory, Ibey should appoint among tbemsekes the Committee of Examination as well as Ibe Committee of Secrecy — A new Member, whose name was nol learnt, expressed biinseif in indignant terms at the supposition of his having given in a prescribed list.— l ie bad found one ou bis table, but be bad made several changes in it. Mr. Tierney said, if tbe Hon. Gent, had been in the last Parliament, he would have known how mailers of this, sort were managed. There were some independent Members who, like He Hon. Gent, exercised their own judgment, but they were he minority, and not tbe mi- jority, of those who received lists. Mr. Wailhman said lhal be bad found no list on liis table. ( A laugh. J The Speikcr then named a new list of Ihe Conmittee of Examination. Cn the question for the Ihitd reading of Ibe Westminster T H U R S D A Y , FEBRUARY 4. Mr. Curwen slated, lhal the Poor- rates were alarmingly increasing ia every part of Hie country, and wished to know if it was iu Ihe coaleuiplatiou ol Ministers, to propose the revival of ihe Conimitlee on the Poor Laws. Lord Castlereayh said, that a Right Hon. Friend of his would speedily move lor ihe revival uf lhat Committee, and introduce a Bill similar lo thai which had passed that House, aud failed in another place. ASSIZES IS THE SOUTHERN COUNTIES. Mr. M. I. Taylor observed, thai after the discussion which the subject had uiulergoue last Session, il would be unnecessary for him at ail lo trespass upon Ihe time of Ihe House, Ihe necessity lor the objecl he had in view being universally admitted. Tbe object of his motion was, that Ihe four Northern Counties should have two Assizes and two general Gaol Deliveries in ihe coarse ol the year. He should ibeielere move ail bum > le Address lo Ihe l'rince Regent, that he would be graciously pleased lo give directions lb it Ihe four Northern Couti.'. es, and the lo. vn of Newcastle- upon- Tyne, should bave two Commissions of Assize and two Gaol Deliveries in Hie course ol the year, aud ibat the House would make good Hie expeo- eof Ihe same. . The Solicitor- General said, ( he subject liad engaged the most s. rious attention oa the part of Government, and UE trusted that Ihe object in view would be speedily attained. • Mr. De& iin. u hoped that tv » addition would be made to the number of Ibe Judges. The administration of justice in the Midland Counties called also loudly for amendment, ihey being al present visited only by a single Judge, lie hoped that no more dety would take place. Lord Casliereayh vindicated Government from the charge of supineness. The . subject was not quite so easy as some seemed to think, for the Hon. . Mover bad, in H e last Session, been of opinion lhal an additional Judge would be necessary which was deprecated by the lasl Speaker. Alter a few words from O f . Taylor and Mr. Denman, the uiotiou was agreed to. POOP. LAWS. Mr. S. Rourne gave notice, lhat on Tuesday be should move for tbe revival of the Committee on the i'oor Laws. WINDSOR ESTABLISH VENT. Lord Casllereayh brought down a Message from the Prince Regent, informing Hie House, that in cnnseqiieiiceol'the death of lier Majesty, me sum of 5-.. 000/. that had been applied lo support the honour an t diguiiy of Ihe Queen, was placed at the disposal of Hie Public; bill thai there were claims upon it, on She part of those wbo had foroied part - if Hie establishment of her late Majesty, which, be trusted, the House would eiiihle him to make good, as had heen usual on similar occasions. He said, lhal it was his intention to move an Address of Ibauks to his Royal Highness for his gracious com mimical ion, and Ihen lhat Ihe Message should be referred lo a Committee of the whole Hoose. The part of Ihe Speech at the commencement of Ibe Session, relative lo Ibe death of the Queen, having been read, the Noble Lord proceeded lo stale, ibal lor the long period of sixty- seven years Ihe Qjieen bad exhibited a bright example of piely, of virtue, and above all, of the most unostentatious charity.— Hear, hear!— Upon Hie present occasion I wo questions presented fheiilselves to the consideration of the House, one relating tu the care of Ihe King's jiers. m; and the other, lo the disposal of Ihe fund that was then al liberty. A Bill had passed the other House which gave the Duke of York tiie care of tbe King's petson, and be should move that Ibal Bill be read a second time lhat ulght; and no doubt cunld exist as lo the propriety of tiie choice. With respect IO the second question, there was a necessity lor a good uiany details, and be should move that these be referred toa Select Committee; nor was it his inten: ion thai ulghl lo call for a vole on the merits of Ihe case. So lar from calling for miy new ( jrawl oi money, he should only call for the power to apply funds then at the disposal of the Crown to the public service. The savings thai would accrue misfit have been applied lo the other departments t> l the Household, bat it had been the wish of the Prince lhal Ihey should be applied exclusively tothe service of the Public. The - inn granted oy Parliament lor the Windsor Establish- , ment was I'll),') l, 0/. and 54,1.00/. for Ibe Queen There was also a sum of 10,1) 00/. iliat had been granted to the Queen lor the care of the King's person, and he should propose dial the same sum should he given lo Ihe Duke ol York. By ihe sum of ,, 8,0.00/. be. ng liberated, an J a saving of .50,030/ tbat would lake place tipou the W indsor E- tablishnieut; there would ultimately be a saving to the Public of 108,000/.— That saving ( or Ihe present, would amount oaly lo 83 OOuf. as the sum of 2,5,00.1/. would be required for the servants of the Establishment of her lale Majesty, most of whom were advanced ia lif?. No retrenchment on the Windsor Establish, uient could have been made daring ihe lile of the Queen; and no proposal lo tbat ellV- ci had ever been aiade by any nl the Gentlemen opposite; lor, bad the Queen been treated as Queeu Dowager, instead of Queen Cml- orl, she would have been imilltd to 100,000/. a- year. When the Windsor Establishment first received the sanction of, Parliament, the King's recovery had been calculated upoa wilb some degree of probability, and it was extremely desirable that in itial event he should see around him his luriser servants; bol ttie chance of that recovery had greatly diminished, and the same reasons nodoager operated against a reduction. On thai po nl tbe same line would bo drawn that had been drawn by the King himself. Some of the - Ulcer, of the Household had never been on duly at Windsor, aad Ihose It was proposed lo reduce. Among them were the Vice Chamberlain, the Master ol Ibe Robes, the four Lords of the Bedchamber, and the four Grooms of Ihe Bedchamner. From that reduction tite^ e would he a saving of 59031. annually. The Lords of Ibe Bedchamber had requested to be allowed lu retain Ibeir situations without any salary, lo show their attachment to bis Majesty.— Hear, he ir !- The Groom of die Stole would slill be continued, ami also Ihe six Equerries, who were among the oldest servants of the King. With regard to the servants of the late Queen, the same precedent would be observed as oil the demise of Queen Caroline, and of tiie lale Princess of \\ ales. The servants of the Queen had several . advantages besides. tbeir salaries, and the salary did not constitute above half of the emolument. No instance had ever occurred oi any compensation having been granted to the servants of Ihe Crown, upon the demise of Ibe Sovereign, nor was it his intention lo nuke any proposal of tbat nature. But the House migbt, under Ihe Act ol 1812, enable the cuatos personee, to make some proviso!! for them out of the privy purse, aud the sum would not exceed 8 or 10,000/ Heshould mavethal the Message of the Prince Regent be referred to a Committee of the whole House, on Thursday, and should,. iu Ihe course of tiie night, move < hat a Select Committee be nominated to examine all Ihe details, and make Ibetr Report to ibe House — After Ibal Report had been iu I lie hands of Members, Ihey would come belter prepared to tbe discussion of the wbol question in a Committee ot the whole House. Tbe Noble ® Lord Iben read the Names of those wboui he intended to propose for Members at Ihe Committee ; among wboui w ere tbe Chancellor of the Kxchujner, Mr. Tierney, Mr. Huskisson, Mr. Batikes, Mr. VViiberforre, llr. Wynn, Lord G Cavendish, Mr, V. Fitzgerald, Sir A. Piggott, the Solicitor General, aud olhers lo Ihe number of 21 ; and concluded wilh professing his readiness to afford any explanation that might he required Mr. L. Wellesley wished lo pot some questions lo Ibe Noble Lord. In the tirsi place he was desirous of learning iher$ ason of the grant of 10,000/. to ihe Dulieof York The reason assigned by a former Chancellor of Hie Exchequer had been, lhat it was gmoted lo defray tbe expense of her Majesty's jonrnies. lie also wished to know, if the Duk£ of York, along with the office of Guardian of the King's Person, was to continue at tbe head of the Army. Against the union of the two offices in trie same person he thought there were strong constitutioual objections. The reduction lhal had been made be hailed as a good omen ; but Ministers would he greatly disappointed if they believed tbe country would be saiislied with that alone. The Hon Gent, declared himself a friend lo economy and retrenchment ; aod from whatever quarter a proposition to ( bat effect might come, it should have bis tiest consideration. Lord Casttereayh was ready lo answer both questions of bis Hon. Friend : the 10,0JO/, was given to her lale Majesly ftt consequence of the important trust which was consigned to ber when she . vas appointed lo the care of his Majesty'i person. Wilh respect to the second, question of Ifce Hon. Gent.— he was convinced neither Ihe Hon Gent., the Aruny or the Public, wished to see the Army left without a Commander- in- Chief ; or tu see any other person Itan his . Royal lOguneesat tbe head of onr army. Kr. WtHts'ey iboogbi as highly of the merits of his Royal j Highness as any individual could do ; he had only suggested whether it was desirable an individual, so nearly connected wilh bis Majesly, should retain Ihe office ol' Commander in Chief, and Cifstos uf Ibe Royal Person. Mr. Tierney could not but consider the speech of tbe Noble Lord as tending lo mislead. He could not view Ihe question as the Noble Lord did ; he thought the Windsor Establishment ought to be consider! d as al an end; and that the question tbey had now lo consider was, what il should be in future. — | lie could not hut objecl to the retaining the Lords of the Bedi hamber, lor the last seven years, at ail expense of 42,000/. which money, he must slill contend, was thrown away, and the attendance of these Lords at Windsor as useless. He foretold this in 1812, and now the Noble Lord came down aud acknowledged the truib of that opinion, and ( old Ihe House, Ibal iu future these Nobi* Lords would give tbeir services to their Royal Masters gratuitously, lie wished lo kuovv il the generosity of these Noble Lords would noi bave been as ripe in I"> 12 as it was at present. The fact was, that iu 1812, when bis Royal Highness came to Ibe unrestricted exercise of Ihe executive power, it was thought necessary to make four new- Lords of the Bedchamber ; and, to make room for Ibem, four of Ihe Kiug's old and faithful servants were sent to Windsor, where they coald do nothing lull ailend ail hour once a week, to exhibit a piece of paper; and now the noble Lord, to shew his affection to our beloved Monarch, proposed lo discharge llieui wilboul salary. If auy thing could distress his Majesty, be was persuadetl it would be to discover that his old aud faithful servants were deprived of ail remuneration, whilst the places oi prolit were given to strangers lo his person. Now, wilb regard lo the Duke of Yor,., and Ibe 10,00b/. lo be given to biin, lie would not objecl lo Ibis, or more, if il cooid be shewn lo be necessary ; but it was given lo Hie Queen, for Irave. ling expenses. He considered I lie Duke of Y ork as the lit test person iu die kingdom lo have the care of his Majesty's person, aud was most ready lo grant all Ihe allowance which was requisite lo his ltoyat Highness ; but be could not agree to grant any thing until it was shewn lo be necessary. The Windsor Establishment was uow, according io tbe Noble l. ord ',< statement, lobe SH, 000/, Now, in ttie present unhappy stale of onr revered Sovereign, if it could be proved thai the money was really applied to bis Majesty's comfort or gratification, lie ( Mr. T.) would, instead uf 50,000/., vote 500,000/. Flear, hearhot, iu tbe present state ot his health, aud Ihe regimen lo which he was confined, how could 58,000/. be expended? As many hundreds, in fact would be sufficient to keep up all the establishments wtricli could add tu bis Majesty's comfort and enjoyment. Tbe Right Hon. Gent, theu proceeded io object to Hie proposed Establishment at Windsor, and particularly lo the six Equeries. The charge for Ihe King's Privy- purse also, was excessive in its present stale. This privy- puree, amounting with ibe Duchy oi Cornwall to 70,000/. was called Ihe private property of the King; but he Mr. T. deuied lhat it was so. He allowed dial il was given to his Majesty as a provision, over wbich he was lo have an unrestricted controul, and which he might dispose of in private acls uf Royal munificence. But in the present slate of the Kiug's niiud, his Majesly could pol exercise Ihe virtues of muuiliceuce or charily ; aud when Ihe power to do soceased. the means also should have stopped ; aad should have beeu transferred to the Prince Regent- Instead of v? bich, a uew privy- purse had been granted lohisRoyal Higbnes . He was fully aware, thai by Act of Parliament, certain peas- uas were to be paid, out of the privy purse, amounting lo about 35,000/ ; bul still there wasalargeace umulalingsaving yearly , w hich bis Majesty was not in astaie. pl mind to dlsposeof, either by will or otherwise; this he objected to, and he could not bul tbinkthai Ibe 10.000/. tor the Duke of York should be takes out of Ihe privy- purse. Tbe $? oble Lord said, this could not be done, because tbere was Ibe charge for Ihe Physicians in attendance on bis Majesty, amounting to 33,000/. exclusive of ano tber Physician retained expressly at his Majesty's desire, lie had heard, and be believed it was true, that his Maje> iy, just previous to his unfortunate mulady, recollecting certain Irealinent which he . either bad, or thought he had received on former occasions, when usder tbe care ol a certain class of Physicians, requested, il be should ever again he ia Hie same unfortunate silualioa, Ibat lie shonld not be delivered ex clusively over lo these Physiciaus, but that one ol three professional Geutlemen, whom he named, should always be ill the bouse wilh him. This had been promised by her lale Majesty, and the prouiise, as he understood, had IH'. U strictly adhered lo; aad he was of opinion ought sacredly to be adhered to as loug as tiis Majesty should live. Still he thought Ibis additional Physician might lie paid oat of savings ou other parts of Hie Establishment and not prove any additional ourtbea lo ( he Public. Wilb respect to provisiou lor the establishment of her late Majesly, he wished the same course lo be adopted as ou former occasions. He thought ibe female part of tbe Establishment should be provided for, but he saw no claim which tbe male part of the Establishment had. The Right Htm. Gent, again expressed an earnest desire lhal Iiis Majesty's comfort should be consulted, and provided for in the most extensive and liberal manner. But as be had shewu that a saving of 10,000/. might he, anil was, made in Ihe privy purse, this, he contended, should he applied 10 the payment of thai sum lo the Duke of Y'ork ; aad therefore if, when tbe Report came before ( he House, he was satisfied w ith it, he would vole for a sumftf - 50,000/. Mr. Canning said, Ibe Right Hon. Gent, had declared lhat, with respect tober lale Majesty's Establishment, lie would be guided by precedent. Tbe Right Hou, Gent, would find, on reference, the tourse followed on the deal Ii of Queen Caroline, and her predecessor, was the same as thai uow proposed to be pursued ; and w ith respect lo the savings of the privy- purse, 11 any, the Right rioa. Gent, would fiod, by reference lo Ihe Regency Aci, lhal Ihey were disposed of. If the King maie • « will, lhat will would dispose of Ihose sayings. It nol disposed of by will, they were to. go, as by law the persona, properly of any imiit. fdual would go. The llighl Hon. Gent. Iben proceeded to defend die proposed grant to the Duke of York, on which subject, be said, his Royal Highness had displayed the most honourable disinterestedness, lor he had consented lo take oil hioiself, as appeared by the Bill now on die table, tbe imporiaul and arduous office of Gustos ot the person, without any stipulation; and the House might negative the proposition of his Noble Friend, and leave his Royal Highness without any remuneration whatever; a circumstance, so far aa he understood, from agreeing with the Right Hon. Geuillemau's wishes on'lhe subject, that he did hot even wish to confine bis Royal Higiiovss's allowance to 10,000/. if more should be found necessary. He was convinced lhal the fading of'tlie Right Hon. Gent, aud of every oilier Geat. iu ( lie House, was, as bis was, a desire to render ihe last years of our venerable Sovereign's life as comfortable us human efforts could reader them. Mr, Tierney in explanation, again declared his wish to act io the mo., 1 liberal manner towards Ibe Duke of York ; at the same time that he consulted, as far as possible, public economy. Mr. Canning, Mr. Tierncy, Slid Lord Castlsreayh mutually rxplaiaed j a^ ler wbich the otoiiun was agreed to. l ord Castlereagh then presented copies of Treaties and other Papers, by order of tbe Prince Regent. The Dill lor the future care of his Majesty's Person was read a second time, and committed for to- morrow. Mr. H. Clive presented Iwo Reports of ; Vir. Capper relative to ibe stale of ihe convict- ships, wbich were ordered to be printed. Returns of the quantities ? nf grain imported and exported in Great Britain and Ireland. il » real and average value, for die year 1812 lo 1818. inclusive, were moved for by Sir H. Parncll, and ordered accordingly. Adjourned. at Nine o'clock. V tic Chancellor of the Exchequer said, that a Cnmmiisior. had been appointed ou Ihe subject, and lhat tbey were now in progress of inquiry ; hut whether the Report would be made as early as tbe Hon. Gent, wished, tie was uol prepared tosay. Air. Holme Sumner said, that he was aware of the great difficulty of Ibe subject. Ttie iuequaiily was fell as a very great inconvenience. Many bad applied themselves to the objecl of liading a remedy. He too had applied his atteution to Ibe subject Several subdivisions of weights aud measures were round necessary, ( or Ihe purposes of lile. Theclly of London tutd employed persons for the purpose, and made a subdivision for themselves. Magistrates of counties should bave done die same, lie pruposeil no general revision of the subject, but lo legalize sotv. e subdivisions; and it Was bis'intenliou at au early period lo propose the question to the House. PRISON DISCIPLINE. Mrs. FRY's V I S I T TO YORK CASTLE AND COUNTY GAOL. C From Gurney's Notes on a Visit to the Prisons of Scotland, ffc. J On your entry into this handsome and extensive building, you are introduced to a very spacious court- yard, in which Ibe debtors walk and expose various articles for sale, and into which the public are admitied wilb little or no reserve. On the right baud, as you enter, are the court- bouses; on the left, Ihe several buiid. ngs in which are imprisoned ibe misdemeanants and others confined foralitniled term, part ol the debtors, and the women ; in fronl, Ihe Governor's house, apartments over it for most of Ihe dsbiors, and Ihe Prison for male felons, both before and after conviction, the tried being kvpt apart from the untried. There is no inspection Iroui the . Governor's house over any part of ihe Castle, except the great court and one ofthe felons'yards. The Chaplain attends this Prison three times in tbe week to read prayers, and prea; hes twice. The prisoners are allowed IjIV). of whtalen bread daily, and Is. per week; but Ihere is one particular class of iheni who have Is. Od. per week.— From the squalid appearance ol some ol' ibe men, il seemed lo us questionable whether the allowance lit lood was sufficient to maintain tbem iu health: Ihe Apothecary of ibe Prison, w hom we saw, expressed an opinion Ibat it was not. Firing is now allowed lo ibe prisoners, and soap ; but no cloalhing. pool, slopselleM- T. Reddail, or Liverpool, merchant—\ Y Reddall of Liverpool, merchanl — I . Heun, of Birmingham, screw- maker— R. Walker, of Newcastle- upon- Tyne, grocer — T. Cooper, of Bennett- Wharf, Upper Thames- street, London, merchant — E Thompson, of Rotbcrhitlie. Surrey, shipbuilder-,!. Gleeson, of Cock- Hill, Ratcliffe, Middlesex, polaioe- merchant— W. White, of Chalford, Gloucestershire, linendraper- G. Wardale, and F. Wardale, of Alltlallow's Wharf, Upper Thames- street, London, oil- crushers— R. Phillips, of Exeler, chemist and druggist— J. Jones, of Liverpool, merchant. F H I D A V , I E B . 5. CO, UN Til V R ANKS. Sir M. IV. Ridley wislad lo know what proposition ihe Chancellor of the Exchequer intended to make to the Bank Covuiiilec respecting the Country Hanks. The Rigl. l Hon. Gent, in reply to a question which he had put oil a former night, bad said that Ilie. subject would be referred lo Hie Coinmjilee, which was then about lo be appointed. That Commitlee were to Inquire into Hie propriety of making the Bank reliirn lo Cash Payments; and be supposed they would consider also how far Hie resumption of Cash Payments would inlcrlere wilh the Country Banks, lu putting ihis question, he did uol wish to draw ihe Right Hon. Geat. into die com muuicatlon of any inforii alion which be might not he disposed lo give Ihe House. Tbe Chancellor of Ihe Exchequer said he was sure the Hon. Gent, would see thai the two questions were so ultimately connected, ( hat they must be considered together. He could uol say Ibat any new measure was intended lo be submitted to Ihe Committee respecting the Country Banks. Sir J/. IV. Ridley asked if he was to understand that the Right Hon. Gent, intended lo propose no oilier measure relative lo Country Bauks, one similarMo that wbicb be bad proposed last year ? Tbe Chancellor of tie Exchequer saicj, be had formed no particular plan at pre- eut. Mr. Edwards, Member for the county of Glamorgan, asked tbe Chancellor of Ihe Exchequer, whether il was Ihe intention of Government lo lay a tax upon coals at tbe uiouth of tbe pit, as bad beeu reported. Mr. Vausi'tart said, Ibal ihe Government bad formerly no such intention, but he could not now answer for whal ihey might be hereafter induced ( o do, as several Petitions bad laleiy been presented on the subject. Mr. Holme Sumner wished lo ask the Chancellor of Ihe Exchequer whether any sleps had been laken towards establishing a uniformity of weights and measures, and whether the Report of the Commission on tbat subject would be made in lime ( o be acted upon ibis Session. except iri cases of emergency. Several of them were ex tremely ill clad; two men without shirts. Tbe felons, whether trie'd or untried, are heavily iroued. That pari of the Prison in which Hie women are confined is kept in a state ot cleanliness and order- The women, of whom one was forlri£ j, and the other couvicfs about seven in number, appeared very decent ; aud some of Ihem were busily employed in w ashing lor the debtors. Their day- ioom does not admit sufficient iighl, but . is . otherwise comfortable; so are their sleepiiig- ceils, and tbe bedding quile sufficient. The rest of Hie Prison, excepi the debtors'- room, which we did not see, but more especially tbe felons' day- rtio, us, appeared to us very far froui cleanly. Every yard, however, is supplied with water , the means of warm and cold batbing are provided in the felons'prison ; aud we were informed that die whole gaol is whitewashed twice iu the year. Ihe men who are sentenced to a temporary confiuenu- nt are kept apart from the oiher prisoners, aud are employed io manipg laces, caps, gaiters, & c. which are sold in Ihe great court. By this means they earn from 3d. to Od. per day, Ibe wbole of which Ihey are allo. ved lo take for themselves. The male felons, whether tried or uatried, are totally without employ meat ; there were at this time about 40 of tbem in ihe Pris u. Ol these, the greater number were walking up and down a small yard separated from the great court by a double iron pal . aide, or grating, the outer being divided from the iuner grate by a space measnriug 10 feet iu breadlb. Through Ibis grating ibey keep up a free and easy communication, not only with the debtors, hut with the Public At Ihis time a great number of persons were standing at the outside, holding conversation with ihe prisoners. , Vlen aud women, grown- up persons, and children, have an equal eccess to this scene of depravity and distress. - It is evideul lhat so free a communication must give every facility lo the introduction of iuiproper articles into die Prison, aud probably to the pawning of the prisoners' clothes, which we understood to be a prevalent custom here : it must also afford au easy opportanily of corruption to the inhabitants of Y'ork and its neighbourhood. Tbe day room for these felons opens into the yard la which they walk, aod measures 24 feet by 15. The turnkey remenphers Ibe lime when tbere were 80 felons coniiued in it. The night- cells couuected with this pari of ihe Prison are ill ventilated ; three or four of theai are totally dark, and admit no external air. Tbe prisoners generally sleep two in abed. Thnsewho are unable IO read receive, for Ihe roo- l pail, no instruction whatever. This, however, has not all times been the case, as wiil be evinced by Ifce following interesting statement received from Wm. Richardson of York, a must respectable Minister ol the Established Church. '' About three years ago some boys from Sheffield were Iried and condemned at York, for robbing a watchmaker's or silversmith's shop, and left for transportation. One of the Magistrates, wbo was o{ the Grand Jury, struck wilb cooipaseWe for Ihe y. ouib and file miserable appearance of these poor culprits, spoke to them after their conviction, and, on his return to bis own seat in the country, wrote lo Ihe Governor of York Castle, expressing a wish thai some useful instruction might be adorned them w bile they remained there, promising lo bear the expense m i l , and desiring him to consult with me on Ibe subject, it occurred lo me that the lies! thiug lo be done was lo establish a school iu which tbe boys might be regularly taught. The . Governor was kind enough to furnish a proper room: a decent young man ( a prisoner for debt) wbo bad been master of a cheap school in the North of Yorkshire, was hired to leach Ihis utile school ; and I undertook that my curate or myself would inspect it. The project succeeded beyond our expectations. Tbe master soon grew fond of his pupils, on account of their rapid improvement in reading, writing, & c. The boys were diligent aud attentive 10 instruction, happy and orderly ; their behaviour at tbe chapel, and their whole conduct at olber times, gave us pleasure. This continued till the time of iheir oeparlure from Ihe Castle, when tbey were visiled by ( heir benevolent patron, who had wished lo see and examine them betore ihey left the couniry. He was highly satisfied with tbe result ol his experiment ; and furnish d them witb useful religious books and tracts to take wilh Ibenr. He also made each of tlieni a preseut of a guinea, saying al Ibe same time, * I give you tbis Io dispose, of jasl as y oil please ; but I cannot help observing, thai ( he man wltom you robbed is now in the Caslle, a prisoner for debt ; and If I were in your case, 1 should think it right lo make bjtn some compensation for the wrung I had done bim. Rat you are quite at libeity to do what you like.' Iletheu left tbem and returned borne. Wbenbewas gone, and Ihe boys left lo themselves, Ihey unanimously agreed to send all Ibat their benefactor had given them ( I think lo Ihe amount of five or six guineas) lo the man they had robbed, desiring- only that he w. otild relurn them each a shilling for pocket money. The poor man, surprised and affected by this unexpected act of restitution, did more than Ibey requested. Care was taken to keep them separate from tbe other Couvjcls during Iheir journey to the ship, and a charge given tu the Master of the transport to watch over them during their voyage. I also gave them a letter lo Mr. Marsden, the senior Chaplain of New South Wales, recommending Ibem lo bis pastoral care. This successful experiment bas excited in my mind a strong wish that schools could be formed in all oar larger prisons, where juvenile offenders are so often to be round. This measure, together wilh occupation for all, and a proper classification, seems lo me, after a farly years' acquaintance wilh the inmates of a prison, lo be tbe promising means of producing reformation. ( S i g n e d ) " W . RICHARDSON." On tbe wbole, although this prison has some excellencies and great capacities, its evils are very conspicious. They are asfpllows:— Easy access of tbe debtors and of the public to tbefelons; insufficient clothing, and scarcely sufficient food; heavy irons; want of cleanliness, want of further classification, want of inspection, want of instruction, want of employment. It is most earnestly to be desired, Ibat suitable accommodations may ere long be provided, lo supply Hie last ahd most important of these defects. YVerelhe prisoners empioyed, they would not he occupied, as bas hitherto been tbe case, by various devices lor effecting Iheir escape. Their chains might be knocked off wilb safely. They would not cut even Iheir iron bedsteads to pieces, as they have done iu their present stale. Tbey- would have notime lo corrnpt either oneanother or the public. They would leave the prison with tbe habits of industry and comparative virtue, Instead of being confirmed in idleness and deepened in crime. All Ibe evils of York Castle are, witb some expense and trouble, capable of being remedied, and shall Ihey uot be remedied, by Ihe inhabiianls of so extensive and so opulent a county as Yorkshire ?— Our visit to tbis Castle was repeated oil the 29lh of the 0th mouth ( September), in company with Samuel Tuke, ot York. We perceived no alteration in its arrangements, or in tbe condition of its inmates. BANKRUPTSfrom SATURDAY s GAZETTE, Jan 30. T. Lloyd and J. Winter, of St. James's- sl. reet, London, wine- merchants— R. Allum, of Chatham, Kent, builder — J. Bnrgis, of Soulbampton- slreet, Covenl- Garden, London, ornamental paper manufacturer— J. Barker, of Stratford. Essex, common- brewer— J. Bradley, or Walsal, Staffordshire, coal masler— J. Wadley, of Coventry street, Haymarket, Loudon, cheesemonger— D. Baylis, of Stroud, Gloucestershire, clothier — C. Perkias, of Peter's- street, Westminster, victualler— II. Price, of H afford, Hertfordshire, linen- draper— J. Jay, of ( be Old Jewry, London, wiue- inercbaut— R. Greeniade, of 1' lymouih, builder— J. Ferrall, of Birmingham, printer, bookseller. and stationer— T. H. Macleod, of Pinner's- Hall, Loo • don, wiue- uiercbaDt-- H. Hudson aud G. Hudson, of Liver- CORN- EXCHANGE, LONDON, Mo , dan, Feb. 8. The district averages for tne first four weeks of Ihe present governing series, promulgated on Friday last, being under 77s. fid. per qr. for Wheat, il seems lo be clearly ascertained thai the ports of the kingdom at large will be shut against that article from all Ibe world ( the British Colonies iu America expected) for three months certain, after ten days more. There werein consequence higherpricesdemanded here immediately, which were however very little complied wiih on Ihe part of the buyers on Ihe 5ih instant, although Flour had been advanced lo 70s. per sack, neither was Ihere any greater disposition that way manifested by Ihem Ibis morniug, or in fact any fort ol briskness in the trade, even at tbe prices of Monday the Ist, which we consider however to he the slill prevailing currency.— the supply during the interval has not been large, nor had we much fresh up to- day, except hy laud sample from Kssex ; Kent aad Suii'olk brought us very little. Barley has come to hand, Brili'li as well as Fureigrf, very freely, and must be reckoned cheaper Tor all but single superfine samples of malting quality. In ,) ats also, the importation fully supplies our own deficiency, and although lower prices have uot been submitted lo, few sales have been made. Beans and Peas are equally neglected. Seeds bave no • great eagerness of relurn, or alterations ia ibe terms. Wheat, Essex, Kent and Suffolk, new 74< to 80s— fine to 00s.— Ditto Norfolk, Lincolnshire, anu Yorkshire. new « 8s.( o76s. to 00s— Do second qualities, 00s lo 00s. Do Northumberland and Scotch . New (? 8s. to 73s.— fine 00s Irish new, 00s. to 7 Js. - D i l t o Zealand and Brabant. red, new, 72s. 7 4 - . - w h i l e 74s. 73-.— Ditto DaiUxig, Elbing. aud k'oningsberg. 72sto Ton - f i i i e 7 8 s Di>." Mecklenburg and Pomeranian Red. 68s to 7 i t . to 00 » . Do. Riga, Lieban, or Coorla'td. 60s. to 64s Ditto Petersburg aud Archangel. 56s'.; o 58s.— Bue 6is. Rye, 42s. Io 50s. Barley griuding. 38sto 42s— Maltingnew 48sto 64s Malt, 80sto 84s. Peas, wliileboiling. 50sto60* - G r e y or Hog 54sto58s 00s Maples uew lo 60s. Tick Beans. 54 « to 60s— new to 56s Small Beans 58s. to 62s.— new 60s. Oats, Poland. Lincolnshire, 29s lo 3 4 s . t o 00s.— Yorkshire 29s. I o 32s. to 35s — Lougor Feed 28s to 30s to 00s.-- Ditto Small Lincolnshire, 29s to 3 s. io00s.— Yorkshire. 30s lo 33s. Ditto York , Malton. and Stockton, common 30s to 33s Potatoe. 3.5s.— Northumberland and Scotch common, 30s. to 33s— Potatoe, 34s. to 37s.—( lid 0QS. Ditlo Irish common. 29s. lo 30s — Potaloe 29s t o 31s Fine 3is. Ditto Foreign Feed 28s. to 3 1 s . - — B r e w, 30s. — Pomeranian aud Holstein ,30s. to 32-.— Russia, 27 » to 29s. Flour, Norfolk,& c. 56s. toOs. to 65s.— English Household 0,5s. to 70s. per sack - American 3Ss. to 44s. per barrel, iiape- seed, 40/. 1O 45/. 0s. per last. Linseed 54sto 62s— fine, 63s. to 65s. - fine MemelflSs. to 00s. - Italian lo 75s. Clovei Seed ( red) 60s to 75s.~ fiBe 90 » . to 118s.— superEn* 000s. to 00s. Ditto ( white) 6tfs, lo 100s— superfine 112s Mnstard seed , w h i t e , iOslo ISs per bnshel.— fine to IBs. Ditlo Brown , 9s lo l i s - S u p e r f i n e 19s to 20s. Coriander- seed, 18s to 24s per cwt. Carraway- seed, 46s. lo 56s to 60s. per cwt. Canary- seed, 105s. to 126s Tares. 7s. 0d. to I5s. Od.— fine to ISs. Gd. Turnip- seed, 12s. to 17s. bd. IMPORTATIONS OP LAST WEEK. Foreign, Wheat 8303 qrs. Barley 11,754, Oals 7.544, Rye 40, Beans 4191, Peas 765, Tares 50, Linseed 2975.- English, Wheat 3270 qrs. Barley 9,' 113, Malt 2241, Oats 10,194, Beans 1270, Peas 1250, Tares 30, Linseed 10.— Irish, Oats 1430.— Flour, British 747 , sacks. AVERAGE OF ENG LA N D A N D WALES. Wheat 79s. 2d.; Rye 58s. 4d.; Barley 6is. 0 1 . ; Oats 3.5s. 0d.; Beaus 72s. 6d.; Peas 7' Is. 0,1 ; OaiaK- ae 31s. 0J. Average Price of Ihe 12 Maritime Districts, for Ihe weekending 30th January, I819. Wheat 77s. 4d.; Rye 57s. .5d.; Barley 60s. 24.; Oats 32s. I Id ; Beans 69s. 7d. ; Peas 69s. 2d. HULL TIDE TABLE. Feast i, he. — 8 j Sexayes Sunday, - 91 — 9 j — 10, - i i ! — 11 High Water. Morn. Tide. Eoeu. Tide Feb. 13. Saturday... 55 past 7 j 10 — 8 14 S u n d a y : . . . . 2 7 8 1 4 1 - 15. Monday..... 1 9 [ 18 16. Tuesday 37 I) | ,55 - 17. Wednesday. 7 TO I 30 18. Thursday 11 | 30 19. Friday 12 12 t — - 20. Saturday . . . 4 7 I | 32 2 | The BARTON BOVTS sail from hence for H VRTON about t wo hours and an half beforebigb water ; and when ibe wind is contrary halfan'hourearlier. They return from BARTON to HULL at the time of high water. The GRIMSBY BO ATS sail from hence at high water and return from GRIMSBY aboultbree hours and a half bc- forehigh water, asgiven in the preceding Table. The STEAM PACKETS fur Gainsbro', Thorue, Selhy , and York, sail each day from Hull. lour hours before bigli Rater and that for Grimsby , at high water. OLLA PODRIDA. Cabbage, an Antidote to Drunkennsss, Some of Ihe London Prints bave recently inserted Paragraphs recommending, as a French prescript oa, the use of Cabbage to prevent Drunkenness ; but I hey seem greatly al a loss to ascertain whether it is lu be eal raw or cooked The lollowing quotations from AH. enaeti*. will not only give lhi> information, hut shew that Hie Anlidoie is of tar mure remulcorigin than had been ascribed lo il. Tnat writer remarking on Ihe fondness ofthe Egyptians for wine, says: — " It was an established rule wilb them Uieal boiled cabbage before any oilier food to prepare themselves for bard drinking; many, for the same purpose swallowed tbe seed,- of the cabbage. It has been observed, lhat Ihe wine produced from those vineyards where cabbages are likewise planted, is fiat and vapid." On this subject, the poet Alexis bas tbe following p. nsafe: " Yesterday You drank too much, and what Ihe consequence? A heavy. head to- day— Ihis must be cured By a strict fast; and let some friend provide A store of well boii'd cabbage." Enhulus on fbe same subject : " Wife bring the cabbage ; Ibat, I think, will corc This heaviness which so affects my bead, If the good proverb holdSg"—.— Anaxandrides thus: " If first you bathe, then mike a hearly meal Of cabbage, you will ease Ihe heavy weight, Aud dissipate the clouds, that so obscure Your aching b r a i n . "— - *' Aoiphis offers another remedy as more elBcaeiuiis." " Nothing so soon will dissipate the fumes Of druukenness, and clear the aching head, As some immediate unforeseen disaster ; This drives, at once, all fancies from the brain Wilh wonderful effect, and belter far Than cabbage can produce." " Theophrastns speaks of this property in Ihe cahba » e. adding, ibat the odour ouly of this plant will obstruct ( he growth of Ihe vine." A New Way of Paying Old Dells. " Pay me my money !" Robin cry'd, To Richard, w- hom he quickly spy'd ; Ami hy Ihe collarseiz'd Ihe blade, Swearing he'a be lhat moment paid : Base Richard instant made reply, ( And struck poor Rohin in Ihe eye) " There's my own hand in black aod while, " A uote of haii, and paid at sight." The Retort. " My head, Tom's confused witb your nonsense and bother; It goes In at one ear and out al Ibe other." " Of that, my friend Dick. I was ever aware, For nonsense, your head is a pure thoroughfare." Printed by W. RAWSON ft CO. Low gate, Hull.
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