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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Volume Number: LXVII    Issue Number: 3458
No Pages: 4
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser

Date of Article: 13/11/1818
Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Address: Market Place, Leicester
Volume Number: LXVII    Issue Number: 3458
No Pages: 4
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A\ i> MUMLAM> COUNTIES Printed and Published by John Price, Market- place, Leicester LXVII Circulated thHitigh the. principal Towns aud populous Villages in the Conftties of Leicester, Rutland. Lincoln, Nottingham, Derby, Stitfidrd, Warwick; Northampton; Cambridge, aud York; STAMP Din*;.; < PJ? ICi' KFKFI FENCE— AN PAPER AC PnmT.. 3d. < ' liloii) SHILLINGS perJQuatler Fill BAY, N « wm is, 131a •• • mr~ " ,••„ i • •• - - r — junction on the 10th, and after that an evening star.— Venturis au evening star. On the Istshe IS seen to ilie west of the eastern branch of tbe Milky Way, Jupiter being above her at some distance, to the east; hut her motion being slow, and liis comparatively rapid, she does not overtake him this month.— Mars< is in conjunc- tion on the lotb. after which he bccomes a morning star. bnl too near the suu to be discern- ed the whole of the moutfc. Freehold Estates. .4 Spinney of Ash Poles. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, lift Mr. HOl. LIEB, On Wednesday tbe 18th of November, at theC- eorge IIIB, iri Market Bosv. ortb, in the comity • f Lei- cester, A. Spinney of capital Ash Poles, containing 3A. lap. growing nponihe farm in the occupation * fMr. Garratt, ofTo( » tey,' who will shew the same. 53- The sate to comnicnce precisely at eleven . o'clock. LiitCEsnytsurttK. 1 Most oabebte Freehold Esters. TO Bi: , SOLI> BY AUCTION, By Mr. itOl UEH. At tjie house of David liriggs, the George Inn. in ilinck ley, in the county of Leicester, on Tuesday , the twenty- fourth day of November, 1818, precise- ly at three o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then produced ; fJMIK following Freehold Property In the fol- 1 lowing lots;— A. R. p. LOT 1— Mill Piece, containing 5 2 0 2— Middle Close,".. 8 » 2 3— Meadow, 8 3 23 -- 4— Tnrnp keClose, .... 5 3 S7 Slang, 3 2 13 Home Close, 13 0 32 Kotmc and Garden, 0 8 22 22 3 24 5— First Piece, C 2 27 Far Piece, 4 3 10 —— 11 1 57 — C— Old Meadow, S 1 17 7— Old Gallows Close,.. 7 J1 25 be the fame respectively more oi less. The almve property is most conveniently sitnated close to the town of Hinckley aforesaid, is exceed- ingly line, rich, old pasture land, and free from tythes. For a view ofthe premises apply to the Auctioneer, Hinckley, of w hom |> articalars may be had ; or of Mr GEORGE GREBNWAY, Solicitor, Attleborough HsU, Warwickshire, or at his Chambers, at the George Inn, Hinckley, on market davs. Machinery. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. CROSS, On Ihe premises lately occi pied as a Tin Plate Mn- nufactoiv, near St. Mary's Bridge, Derby, on Thursday, 19th November, 1818, sale to com mettce at ten o'clock in the morning ; nptlE whole of the valuable MACHINERY I used for rolb'ng and making TIN PLATES, . Comprising hot and cold rollers, liowsings with screws and boxes, shears, levers, tongs, iron,. and lead cisterns, cast metal plates, sc . Ac. Particulars in catalogues to be had six days pre- vious tothe sale nf the Auctioneer, Derby." Valuable Fret- hold Premises, near the Canal, No.' tiitnhani / fo d, Derby. TO BE SOLD IT,' AUG « 44> N, By Mr. CROSS, At the Fox and Owl Inn, Derby, on Friday the 20th day of November, 1818, at « o'coek in' the even- ing, in one lot, and subject to couditious lo be produced » ' the time of sale., ALL that newly erected convenient Dwell- ing House or tenement, in possession of Mrs. itrough, together with extensive yard and buildings lately occupied as a tin plate manufactory, with steaniengine of 2C horse power, and2 boilers, in good repair, together with a valuable piece of land attached thereto. The whole isadvantagcously situated on the bank of the Derby Canal, .. Notting- ham Road, aud contains 1332 superficial equate yards. This property is most desirable, having a front to the canul of ICC feet, with every accommodation for the loading and unloading of goods. The. above may be converted into a manufactory, warehouses, or any other purpose requiring room, and is a property of that description rarely to be met with. To view the same apply to Mr. JOSEPH COOPER, builder, or Mr. CROSS, Auctioneer Valuable . ytmrh> u> Land at Loughborough. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At tho Anchor Inn, in Loughborough, some time in the month of November instant, or early in De cembcr next^ ( unless sooner disposed ot by pri- vate contract, of which due notice will IN: eiveii) rpWENTY acres of meadow land, situated X on the banks of the River Soar, in the pa- rish of Loughborough, tythe tie/-, and the taxes low, now in the Occupation of Mr. John Cooper, of Loughborough, who will shew the premises. For further particulars apply to Messrs. CARI>- ALE and ADCOCK. Solicitors, Leicester. Vale of helvoir. Barns ton, Statherke', and Cohtdn Bassett. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, In the mouth of December next, in lots to suit tbe convenience of purchasers, unless previously dis- posed of by private contract, rpHE whole town and township of Barnston. | in the county of Nottingham, consisting or nine farm houses, with suitable buildings, tint teen cottages, and np wards of 1300 acres of arable mea- dow and pasture land, lying together, and ii, a high state of cultivation. The. village of Barnston is very pleasantly situated on rising ground, commanding a view over the Vale to the Castle and Hills ofBelvoir. The land lax is redeemed, aud the only tithe pay- ments are moduscs out of parts of the estate io the Vicar of Oranby, amounting together to £ 2 Ss 8d per annum, and certain small pay- ments made to the Rector of J antral', for I be small Or vicarial tithes of cert till other parts nf the estate, aiuounting'iii the wholetoi 11 ;! s , e per anttnin ; and the, whole ol the parochial and other rates and assessments do not exceedJ « ( id per acre. Also, A newly elected farm house and buildings, with 150a. 2lt. i" p. of excellent arable, meadow, and pas- ture land adjoining" the house, aud divided into suit- able iiiclbsmes, forming a compact and valuable farm, situate in the parish of Slatherrut, in tile coun- ty of Leicester, and oil the Grantham Canal, now in the occnpation'of Mv, Win. • hipmar.. This estate is" tithe free and land tax redeemed.— The oat; otiC'- dngs are small quit reins, amount- ing aumi'ailjr. to lbs i Id. AI so, A valuable grass close in Colston Bassett, iu the county of Nottingham, called the Stroom pasture, I cowtai. i:, g abotit2CA. ia. OP. and now ui theoccn- 1 : pationW Witt. Bimser I: ; A roaifvih beaih'v. cu to this close from the road 1 leading fr- ni ' a gar to i'ro: wcii. The sever.-.;- tee ' it rill shew the property, an t for further a'ticnlars and to treat for the same by j private contract, apply to Jtl « MS. JMfO! t aud LICE- . ' SON, Solicitors, * totUugha » i. thoughts, many of them were so much over- come as to shed tears, and all expressed as much gratitude to me as their feelings would al- low them There WAS no longer any thought of ihe dangers we bail passed, and had Captain Dalrymple been preserved to us. w o should have forgotten half our sorrows. Mr. Sewell. thc chief mate, is still remaining on board the frigate at Cargados, to give such information and assist- ance in saving any part of the cargo as may be in his powpr. Tbe remaining officers and ship's company returned with me in the Challenger, and arrived here en the 58tli ult Tbe majority - are returning to England by the Hastings ; the " remainder haveRecn draughted Wn board the different ships in thelnirbOtirbnmvd to England, and will follow very shortly. I have sent to Mr. Cobb tliC. particular* of my voyage in the cutter and expressed a hope, that the brave men who accompanied nfe on that perilous enterprise. will net be thought unworthy the consideration of the Honorable Court of Directors^' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION* T! y Mr. HOI. lk) WA% Olt Thdsday the 17th day', f Nov ember, 1818, a' the Angel Inn, in Varket HArborbitgh, in the rctn. ty df Leicester, at fear o'clock in the ; lftetnoou, sub- ject to such condition!, ot sale as will be then aud there produced, ANfcwly erected brick and slated Messuage Or Tenement, Cbmpjwi hg a hnitsei parlour, t « t Hiatnliers, pantiyr* cirflery, aud d » v, With the Bakfc) iiiu*,> j# tablc, cov. howse, pttSUe- v pump, atid vi'MI of e^ cS> l| eiAtVatc>> jrurd, garden, s » w- pit, sbcd, and other cnnVeaienecut offices there, to belonging, situate ir. Thorpe Laugton, the • tonttf}' of Leicester, late in the occupation of Mr. Wiw. T'VIGGS, the Proprietor. Also, All that other MqsSuage or Tenement, adjoining tbe ' above, comprising a house, chamber, pant y, cellar, and convenient out offices, situate in Thmpo Langtou aforfsalcl, and now in the occupation ' of Mt Thomas Smith. Further particulars, and a view of the premises, may be had on implication lo the said Mr. Sffirth, Sapvotc aitd. Aurljorout/ h, Turnpike Rvrf. ' NOTICK IS HEREBY OIV'br, rpHAT ihe Tolls, arising at the Toll- gal'* 1 upon this Turnpike Road, w ill be let by At. tTi. oiy, to the best bidder, at the be use of Edm, " Clarke, the Ked 1 ion Inn, at Sqteote. on Vt edsesday the 2.5th day of Novemlier inst. between tbe hoars of three and six in the evening in the manner di. reeled by tin Vet, passed in ttie thirteenth year s: the Iteigii of his Majesty King. GeOr-' C tire Third, " fin- t egnhiting the- Turnpike Roads " fot one je& r, to cominen on the tttcnly second day of December next! which' lolls were let the last year for the suffir hereafter ue - tinned, viz :— A ston I'lamvillr Cf! e £ T7 0 0 Narlmrongh Gatet 67 0 0 And will be put tip at the Me SCOTS. Whoever happens lo be the he" » t bidder, most, at the same time, give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turn- pike Road, for the payment ot the Rent agreed for, and at such times as- tbey shall direct. N. B. An additional number cf Trustees will be nominated and appointed at ti e same time mid place, in the room of those Trustees who are deceas- ed, or who have declined to act. IF. Spencer, junr. Clerk to tho- Trustecs. October 31, 1818. BANKRUPTS I rnow SATURDAY'S OAZETTE. V G Mnrris, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, bmifccr J Wood, Saddlcworth, York, cotton spinner U Reynolds, Bristol, soap maker Jcteniiah and John Slater, and Jeremiah Slater tho younger, Yeailon, Vork, clothiers G M Shelley, Union street, hosier J F. Yates, shoreditch. pewtcrcr W Warren, Fenchurch- strect, victualler H Miles. New ISond- stiect. linen draper ' 1' P Oakley, Ealing, brewer J Matray, Finch lane, Core. hill, stock briber Susannah Lord, the Cock Inn, Sutton, Surrey, inn- keeper J Now- ill ai( d J Burch, Jewry street, Aldgate, sta- tioners W Ktvtise, High street, Poplar, rag merchant G Howes, Rochester, victualler G So, on-, Margate, printer it Walker, jnnr. Croydon, truck maker ' 1' and J Scotland, . Surrey Brewery, Blackfrlnrs road dealers S Bills. Onrlaston, Stafford, dealer C Sivrac, ilniot street, mariner It J faw vei, B Tobler, and J Cninbcilege, Leaden: hall street, merchants Charlotte > li » a Mi. Is, Stamford, Lincolnshire, up- holsterer f DIVJDRVOS. From Tuesday's Gazette, Nossmler 3i AT Ol'ILDHAtL. Jtovertiber 21, W God rich. Diventry, wine merchant 24, Jt Davies, New Bond st. eet, tallow chandler 24, J Adcock. St. Mary axe, druggist 17, J Davidson, Fast India CHam- bcrs.- merchant 5* 4, T and .1 Dow ley, Battk- sidc, corn merchant 24. Marsh, Detine, j Wcgtbrixike, and H B Deane. Reading:, bank- em 44. CC. Dfrlirr; Lotbbnry, merchant —— I Lawrence, Houndsditch, draper 24, W Tomlinson, Nottingham, haberd. asher 10, J Noble, Bucklersbury, Hereford, ha- berdasher Denember i, G Jackson, janr. Bishopsgate street, surgeon - IX THE COl'NTRY. November 30, E Thompson. Ferryhill. Dur- ham, farmer, nt Mr. William Ward's, Old El- vet, Durham- 25, J. Velvin, Bradford, cloth- ier, nt the New Bear. Bradford Ftom Saturday's Gazette, November 7. AT* GUILDH ALL. T Holmes, J Harris, and J B English. Long- acre. coach makers 2ft, W Price, Minories, tea dealer- 28, J Aldrcd, Chert* ey, groccr— — 28. J Borsley. Hanway street, shoe maker 28, J Dowdall, Dartmouth street, carpenter 28, T Lan » , Gorlalmiug, butcher 24, M Furlonge, Lloyd's Coffee- house, merchant 24, Joseph Evans, Tottenham court road, .' inen draper December 1, J Bell and J Snowdon, Leeds, linen drapers 12, J Snuggs. Henrietta street, mercer-—- 8, It W Tabor. James street. Gold- en square, plumber—— 8,1 Bragg. Oreat Queen street, jeweller 19, S Jones,' Saint Paul's Churchyard, silk manufacturer 5, R Malt- by, Mortimer street, scrivener I, G Gris- brook, Sloune sticet, linen draper IN THE COUNTRY. November 30, S K Wilmot, Bristol, brewer. at Ihe Commercial Room*. Bristol 30, C T Baker, Marlborough, draper, at the Town- hall, Marlborough December 1, B Allen, Leicester, fancy trim- ming manufacturer, at tho Three Crowns Inn, I. eiccster—— 1, J Astcll, Leicester butcher, at the Three Crowns Inn, Leicester 3, Daniel Banks, Stobehousc, ship huildei, at Weakley's Hotel, Plymouth 1, R Sanderson, Ocklam, farmer, at Baynes's Coffee house, York '" VfOTfCB is hereby giveif,- th: i! the tolls aris- j/ S ing at the several toll gates aud bars hereafter mentioned," erected upon the- turnpike road between Hincklcy and Melbonrn Common, in the eeunty nf Leiceat^" ead.- tl> r seix- ral branelres thereof, will beEui nv Alcnostoilie best 1jii? dcr) t, nt the house of Elizabeth Bcadirian. tbcOecrgelnit, in Market Boswortli, ou Wednesday, tbe lfith day of November ae-. t, between the hours of two a;, d fonro'elock, in the manner directed by an act pass- ed in the 13th year of tl..-, reign of his present Ma- jesty, " for regulating tb? turnpike reads," for pre year, to ecmmei. cc: on the lst day of January ecxt, which said tolls were let the last year at the several sums hereafter mentioned, and will be put up < » [ such sums. Whoever happens to be the best bidder or bidders' must at the same time give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said turnpike road, for the payment of the rent agreed fi r, and at such times as they , shall direct- Viinckley and SiapletonGates £ 82 10 Cadebv and Ireland lane Bars, and the Cadeby Ma- bine, ' 7 id Osbaston ( late and Bars, Hoo- Ash, Old Lane, Frcggatts Lane, Engine and Ncwbold Gates. Carthrook, Swan- nington. aud the Hound House Bars, 500 0 Staunton Gate antl Bars 20 0 Redwood Gate and Bars, OS 0 SwepstoneGate and Bar, 6t The renters ot Gates that stolid in arrears wiU not be allowed to bid. To be Sold by private Contract, Two Shares of £ 35 each, secured upon the tolls of the above turnpike road, [ One concern- JOiiK THORPE, Clerk to the Trustees. Market Bosworth, October 27, ISja. Lincolnshire. The Wincecy Estate. To be sold by Private Contract, TfXH'VT valuable nnd most desirable Freehold B Estate, comprising the whole viliujje ar. d parish of Winceby, ( excepting the Parsonage house, aiid 2- lA. OR. SSP. of Glebe land), containing up- wards of 800 acres of excellent pasture, meadow, aad arable land, including about 50 acres of beitu- t. ful and very valuable pltiiilajioiw. w^ th farm house, cotraaes, and suitable bUrbliiigs. Tins Estate possesses great advantages, tbe laf. d tieu. g ofa very superior quality, either tin- pasturage Gr tillage, the a. aolc land is peculiarly adapted to the growth of turnips, buriey, and seeds, and con- tains immouse quantities of tlie riela- st mar , which makes the soil inexhaustibly productive at a trtilirg expenoe. i he Estate is well watered- arid divided int. convenient pieces, by good white • orn edges. The preserves abonn ! in game, aud the Brocktisby and nit u lluuis are with, n an easy it. st'- ifCe Wmccbj i- situated o.. a fine cmi en e. c irmarid. it. g delightful views of the snrroundh: g vi t-; try and German Ocean, it is nearly equidistant between Hoi t. castle and Spilshv, both of them capital mar- kets for tanning produce of every'description.— Hoincastle is noted tor having" the largest fairs in England, and is only 4 miles from Wip. ceby, tVem whence corn can be quickly delivered, and froni thence conveyed by w ater to tbe best markets ill Yorkshire, Lancashire, or London, at a moderate ex, ence. I o the Gentleman who wishes to realize his pro- perty by purchasing an Estate that will pay ample interest, ihe tiportsmau who would secure in unin- terrupted iimgeof iieldsports, or the 1 aruicr who wishes to establish himself both permanently and advantageously, this wiil he found an opportunity that rarely presents itself, thei'. eighhourhood is high ly respectable, and the tiivrour. dii'g villages arejj pleasingly situated, ihr. t the vicinity of viiucebyi truly beautifttJ. Further patticulars ard price jnsrv. be known by • plying to OCT. WWS AIXENBV, id inceby, ES- J. ijAMDB. Aium, of Maiden well, Esq. or to Mr, w IL-. c. N, Solicitor, Lciitb, ail in the coiiniy of Liu- coin. Oct. 7th, ISli. POR THE FIRSTvDRAWN PRIZE ON THE 24tli of M E- XT MONTH, ( November) WHEN THE STATE J. OTTERY BEGINS. rfMIE Scheme consists of 14,0( K) Tickets, and contains Four Grand Prizes of £ 30,000 Cousol s, and various other Capitals, all to be pawl in Sterling Moiyy.— Tickets and Shares ate selling iu great variety by T. BIStJ, STobK- HROKER, CONTRACTOR FOR THE LOTTERY, 4, Conthill, and !), Char mj Cross, London, And t>. the following Agents. ' C. N. t fright, Printer, Nottingham, J. H. Ulcus, High street, Hirnunghmn, J. Turner, Hooi* scUtr, Coeenh- y, J. li hitiam, Itookscdir, U orknap, J. Freeman, Boolcsetl, r, Northampton, Mrs. Cifiiuttssn, l'ost it£ tee, Melton Mou'lirtty, S. Iieuusinore, Bookseller, Asltbtj- dc- h- Zouch, J. Hopkinsm, ( line Merchant, ! jn. ghborough, J.. DruKui\ i, Sews Office, Standard. . J. Felloii, Jeweller, Hinckley. W-. CUrk Printer, Market tiarborough. %* In file last Lottery Contract BISH ( as usual) sold Capitals gieater in Number and Amount titan any other Office- keeper, iuejii. ling No*, i < 00 and I7,5!). J, two Frizes of £ 30,00;), oath in Slv< res; aud in a former Lottery, All Three Prizes of € 30,000; Ant) whenever £ 30,000 Prizes form part ofthe Scheme, his- offices have been very conspicuous. Leicester Journal, and Midland Counties General Advertiser. •- « — i. Seventeen Shillings in the Pound. 1 II A IWTFTUHCTH W Y ' ff ; D lesday and Thursday s ** ost n^ HE separate Creditors ot KDWAKD CLBM- LnxnniV. WEDNESDAY Nov. 11. 1. KNTSON aov LONDON, WEDNESDAY THE QUEEN. ; The following is the Bulletin Of Wed- nesday. « ! Ketc Puhice, November 1K " The QCF. EN lias had littlesleep in the night, and her MAJESTY remains very much IN p0SC< 1' « FRVNCIS Mli. M\ N. *< HENRY HALFORD Dispatches have been received at the Ad- miralty by the Musquito sloop, Captain Brine, in ;}! » days from St. Helena. The following are tiie only contents that have at present transpired :— Captain Brine upon leaving liis ship, gave strict orders that she should not communi- cate with the shore until hours after his departure. Til is restriction, coupled with the knowledge that the < es. se! had arrived from St, lifclena, ga » e rise to a variety of rumours at Portsmouth. The substance, however, of what lias been suffered to trans- pire at the Government Offices relative to the contents of the dispatches from St. He- lena is, " That a correspondence had been intercepted by Sir H. Lowe, which proved the existence of a communication between that island and certain persons resident at Home, Paris, and Munich; aud that this communication had for its object the libera- tion of Bonaparte from St. Helena." By the following provision in the Act for con- fining Bonaparte in St. Helena, it will be seen, that any attempt to rescue him is made a capital offence :—" And be it further en- acted, that if anv person or persons, being a subject or subjects of, or owing all gianc, to, l( is Majesty, his heirs or successors, shall rescue, or attempt to rescue, the said Napo- leon Bonaparte, or shall knowingly and wil- fully aid or assist in the. escape of the said Napoleon Bonaparte, or in any attempt to escape from such custody as aforesaid, or from any limits or bounds wherein he now is ( St at any time hereafter shall or may be dotained and i. ept in custody as aforesaid, or in which be shall or may- be suffered to go at large witbin the limits of any island or cbutlfrv, territory or*" place, upon parole or w ithout parole, all and every such person or persons so offending, shall, upon being con- victed thereo", be adjudged guilty of felony, and shall suffer death, as in cases of felony, without beiV- lit of clergy." Th ' latest in- telligence from St. Helena, previous to the arrived ofthe Mosquito, was of the 18th of September. By a letter from St. Helena, of that date, the naval force there consisted as follows :—- Conqueror, 74, Admiral Plant- pin, Captain Stanfell; Tees, DottreH, Po- darguij, Kulppic, Favorite, Musquito, and Racoon ; the two latter w ere to sail tor Eng- Land very soon. The letter says-—" Napo- leon is ticver to be seen, and the respecta- bility of senile of his attendants is much on t'. e decline, Bertram! particularly. A house is begun for the ci OEV ANT Emperor, close to Long wood, and the anxiety < rt the Gover- nor to hate it completed, induces him to ride daily to the spot, and in loss than a year J think lie will have no cause to complain of his dwelling." A Dutch mail has arrived bringing papers to the 7th instant.— An article from Aix- la- Chapelle, states positively that the differ- ences between Bavaria and Badeu are ad- " justed, and that the former Powers will be indemnified without any infringement upon t!' f hereditary possessions oft he latter. Co gresg, if is said, will terminate its la- bours by the 1 Ofli of this month; and the Allied Sovereigns are expected to leave Aix- la- Cliapellc between the fifteenth and twen- tieth. • Recent accounts from India state, that the Peishwa, whose surrender to Sir John Malcolm we have already announced, is to he permitted to retire to Hi n i es, u < n a pen- • sion of eighty lacs of rupees p. r annum. Corn Exchange, Nov. 1 f. Tlie Wheat trade was heavy this, morning, having but few buyers at market, and the sop- ply was folerably large from Suffolk, the major part of w hich remained undisposed of; Barley is from Is. to 2s. per quarter lower, having a considerable arrival of that grain from Suffolk to- day. in addition to a large quantity that was left over from Monday's market; Oats fully support their price, for although the supplies are large, the demand is equally extensive Peas and Beans there is no alteration. now or late of Market Bosworth in the county of Leicester, Hosier, who birve proved their Debts, may receive a first Dividend of Seven- teen Shillings in the Pound on their separate Debts, by applying at ( he Banking- house of Messrs. Sansome andlllakcsleij, in Hinckley,, upon or after Monday the 21) d day of November instant. James Stolen,. Solicitor to the Assignees. 12th November, 1818. JOINT ESTATE. fPHK joint Creditors of John Drakeley and JL Edward Clenmtson, late of Market Bos- woith, in the county of Leicester, Hosiers, anil late Co- partneVs, who have proved their Debts, may re- ceive a further Dividend of Six ' Shillings in the Pound, on their respective Debts, which, together with Os 8d before divided, makes together 12!> 8d in the I'ound, on their respective Debts, hy apply- ing at the Busking house of Messrs. Sunsomc and Blaktslcy, Bankers, in Hinckley, upon and after Monday the 23d day of November instant. James Soden, Solicitor to the Assignees. Hinckley, Nov. 12,181!$. w HEREAS a Commission of Bankruptis awarded and issued forib against JOHN WYATT, now or late of Hinckley, in the county of Leicester, Baker and Hosier, and t/ e b- iing declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender him- self to tire Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, ou the thirtieth day of November instant, at six d'cibck in theeven- Ing, and on the first day of December next, and the twenty- ninth day of the same month, at the liouste of David Briggs, the George Inn, iu Hinck- ley) at eleven o'clock in the forenoon on each of those days, and make a lull discovery and disclo- sure - of K. s estate and effects, when aud where the creditors ate to come prepared to prove their debts; and at the second sitting to c| ioose Assignees, and TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION Ji} l DAVIS and SON, Some time in' the month of January next, unless previously disposed of by private contract, , THE dw elling he use and warehouses ad- joining, of the lute Mr. Alderman- Steven- son, together w ith the yard and large garden at the back ot the same, situate in Bclgrave Gate, Leices- ter. The warehouse and promises afford ample ac- commodation for the business of a hosier, or for a large Manufactory. For further particulars and to treat fry private contract, apply to Mr. JOHN Gasoonv, Gallowtree Gate, or at the office ot Mr. BIMBLDGE, Solicitor, New Street. Leicester, November 12, 1818. TO BE SOLD, And entered upon at Lady day next, AClose of rich pasture land containing 12 acres, situated in the lordship of Melton Mowbray. For particulars apply to Mr. W. Hi vos, Sysonby. TO BE LET, ( Heady Fmnished) And entered upon immediately. STONEY Gate House and Gardens, with about 10 acres of meadow land, pleasantly situated in the parish of Knighton, m an agreeable distanco from the great London Road, within two miles of Leicester. ' lire house is replete with every convenience for a genteel family, and yery eligible for any Noble- man or Gentleman attached to the sports ofthe field, being in llie neighbourhood; of several packs of Hounds, and at an easy distance from several cele- brated Hunts The premises may be viewed by applying at the house. P. KING, Auctioneer, Appraiser, and General Agent, HAVING now removed from Kibworth Beaucbamp, to a lirtttse in tlie BEAST MARKET, Leicester, feels called upon to return his sincere thanks to tire Nobility, Gentl y, and Public ingeneral, for the warm and liberal patronage he has been honored with. To those immediate friends whose commands he has had the good fortune to execute something more than a public expression of acknowledgement is due. He tenders lhc. ni as his only boon, a continuance of the strictest attention lo the Interest of his employers, promptitude in cloMng his ai counts, and grateful for future favors. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. P. KING, At the Rose, and Crown Inn, iti Houghton- on- tlie- Hill, On Wednesday, the 18th of November, 1818, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, in such lots, and on such conditions as shall he then agreed upon : frWA O messuages or tenements, with gardens 4 homesteads, ami otber conveniences there- to belonging, situate ill Hoiighton- on- the H 11 afore- said, one lately occupied by Mr. Thomas Boucher, deceased, and the oilier now in the tenure of Tho- mas Waterfield. , Also, a . close of exceeding good land near the village of Houghtou, containing 4A, 1R. 27P.( nioro or less) late in the, occupation ofthe said Thomas Boucher. For further particulars apply at the office of Messrs. LOWUUAX and GnBAVES, Solicitors, Lei- cester. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that capital freehold and tythe- free es- tate in tlic parish of Husbands Bosworth. iii the county of Ieiccstcr, consisting of a good . - . .. i farmhouse, ham, stables, graincry, garden, and all at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required to I 0, her conveniences in excellent repair, with the finish liis examination, and the. creditors are to as- I | 10me ci0je i( nd eight closes of rich grazing and ........ . llcLo, It t'rom tli'p allowance of his ccrtlfi- 1 ,. , i - A ii I) DAO In ' sent to or dissent from the allowance of his ecrtifi cate. All persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have- any of his effects, arc not to pay or de- liver the name but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Mr. Charles Becke'. t, No. I, Noble street, Faicoii sqaiare, London, or to Mr. JAMES SODEN, Hinckley, Leicestershire, Solicitor to the said Commission. - 1 -' Richard Greslcy. George Greenway. Albt. Palmer. M7 HEREAS RICHARD Corso. v, of llinck- ' ley, iuthe county of' Leicester, Glover and Breeches maker, hath by indenture bearing date't ic 9th day of November instant, assigned all his personal estate and effects to James Whittem aDd William Gatei, of the city of Coventry, cur ricrs, and Thomas Webster, of . Leicester, currier, iu trust for the benefit of themselves and Ihe rest ot the C. editors of life said Richard Copson who choose to ex- ciite tlie sani. e, and take the benefit thereof withi i three monthsfrom the ( late thereof. NOTICE IS HERBBY GIVEN, li. it th" said deed of Assignment now lies at the itfice 9' Mr SnnEN, Solicitor, in Hinckley, for the inspect on and signature of Creditors. All |> er soils in ebted lo tlie said Richard Copson, are requested to"; » ty tlieir respective debts to the said Trustees, or one of them. Or to the said James Sodeu fbrtl with'. ', By order, • James Snden, , Solic. tor to the said Trustees. Hinckley, Novemoer ) nth, 1818. f ON TCFSDA Y, 21th of THIS MONTH ( November), the State Lot terv begins drawing, when the FIRST DRAWN PRIZE WILL RECEIVE £ 30,000 !!! Over and above any other Prize in the Scheme to which it may be entitled. The Public approbation bestowed on the Scheme ef the present Lottery, is highly gratifying to the ('• utraetor, and has produced a demand for the Tickets and Sharts beyond all former Lotteries There are only 14,000 Tickets, and the Scheme contains the follow ing Capitals ( including a greater number of Thirty Thousand Pounds Frizes than were ever given in any former lottery) viz. Four Prizes of £ 30000! 2 .... Frizes of £ 5,000 5 Prizes of ..... £ 1,000 6 .... Prizes of .... £. 500 18 Prizes of £ 100 and £ 200 Besides 2, b., 0 of £ 50, Sic, Consols id Money. The First- drawn Prize £ 30,000 more! In BANKRUPTS FROM TUESJJAY'S GAZETTE. Richard Bishop, Whitchurch, Hants, draper Joseph Carter, Vauxaali, grocer Thomas Godfrey, late of Salter's Hall- court, merch- ant Joseph and John Wilkinson, and William Home, Friday - street, warehousemen fainuel IJwyce, late of Liverpool, baker James Noble and William IJing, Bath, victuallers Christopher Fowler, Sculcoates, Yorkshire, merch- ant Benjamin Rogers, Manchester, corn dealer Daniel Cliettlebingh, jun. Norwich, wine merchant George Lancaster, ktle of Liverpool, merchant William Marshall Morris, Brightlielmstone, nursery- man John Taylor, Monk. Wearinouth Shore, Durham, brewer Nathaniel Walker, Dover, brewer Robert Walker, Bristol, slice maker PRICE OP STOCKS. 3 per Cent. Red. 77 J Lt per Cents. 95J 3 per Cent. Coils. 7bJ [ 5 per Cents 108J Seventeen Shillings in the Pound. TJ^ HK separate Creditors of JOHN 1) HAKE- JL LEY, now or late of Market Bosworth, in t': i « -. countyjof Leicester, Hosier, who have proved their Debts, may receive a first Dividend of . Strut- tun SbUUngsin the Pound, on the separate Debt*, by applying at the Banking hanse of Jlessrs. Sansame ani. Ri- iPf.- Je'i, in Hinckley, upon or after Monday tiie 2;> d day of November instant. James Sodm, Solicitor- la the Assignees, Kith November, 1318. Persons in the Country may be supplied with Tickets or Shares by sending their Orders ( with reinittauces to the amount)' to any of the Licensed Offices in London, or to the Agents in the principal Cities and Tow ns of the United Kingdom. OBSERVE.-— To obtain the First- drawn £ 30,000, which must be decided within Five Minutes after Ihe Draw ing commences, you MCST BUY BEFORE THE 24th OF THIS MONTH. PELICAN OFFICE, For Insurance of Lives and granting Annuities R- PH! S OFFICE was established in LOM BARD A STREET, LONDON, in the yea 1707, by a numerous and respectable Proprietary ;' » nd the Hoard of Directors, with confidence arising from Ihe increased prosperity and per manency of the es- tablishment, as well ah from llic experience ofits usefulness and . benefit to Hie pobtic, think if dlicito those, who may be sliil unacquainted w , fll the im- portanceanil advantages ot LIFE INSURANCE, brief- y lo sii » g< » i some of its leading and peculiari ecoiii- mendBlions to almost every de « rce and rank in so- ciety. Lift Insurance is of manifest consequence to all w ho hold estates tor life, situations and offices, civil, ecclesiastical, or professional; lo officers in llie ai my and navy, & c. as by payment ofthe annu- al premium the party insured is enabled lo provide for wife, children, or others, whose future welfare lie may w ish in vain, by other means, to promote. It affords a peimanent ultimate security to those who advance money upon annuities or otherwise. It rend ers leases, determinable on one oi more liven, nearly equal ill value lo freehold estates, as an in- surance to the amount of ihe fine, payable 011 the dentine of a party nominated in such leases, win pro uce ihe > 11111 required for a renewal, It is at cheering refuge to partiesengaited in cxtensiveand, speculative undertakings: it affords to persons in trade the certain means of indemnification agaimt a had or doubtful debt : in short, life insurances established iu policy, sanctioned by Government and contained by ' he test ofexperirnce, is become,- to almost every situation of Itoniall life, a measure equally important, useful, and beneficial. Annuities aie granted under the most equitable terms, under a Special Act of Parliament, granted to this office. THOMAS I'AKKE, Sec. PELICANS COMPANY'S AGENTS AT Leicester— G. B. Hodges. Lovftkborougli— C. I acey. Nottingham-- John Parker. Newark— J. StansalU Harwich— M r. Tcdnias; fiiriuiiighim— J. Fnrror. NartlUanpton— George Osbom. arable ltind," containing OSA, OR. 20P. in the occu pation of .1/ r. E. Parker, •* ALSO, All those three closes of rich meadow and arable land, in the lordship ot Sitlby, in the county ofNor- rhaiupfon, conraiuiug32 acres, be the same more or less, in the occupation of Mr. John Smeiton, of Welted, • ",.- " , r The Tenants w ill shew the Estates, and to treat for the same apply to Mr. JOHN PARKER, of Cottes- brooke, in the comity of Northampton. Turnpike' Toils to be Let, between Tamuorth and Harrington Bridge. r pHF, next meeting of the Trustees for put- ting in execution the Acts of Parliament, for repairing the Turnpike Road, between the Bo- rough ofTamwofth and Harrington Bridge, will he held at the house of Mr. Thomas I'isher, the Uiuon Inn, a Measham, iu the county of Derby, on Mon- day, theSOth day of November next, at 11 o'cloek in the forenoon, at which meeting the tolls arising at the several toll gates, erected upon the said road, and hereunder mentioned, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, to the best bidder or bidders, pursuant to the di- rection of an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the thirteenth year of the reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, entitled " an Act for regiilating the Turnpike Roads," for one year, to connnenceon the 2tih day of December next. Which tolls were let' the last year at the several sums hereunto mentioned, and will be put up at such yearly sums, Whoever happens to be the best bidder or bidders, must at the same time give secu- rity with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of tlie Trustees ot the. road, - for the payment of tile rent agreed for, at such time asthey shall dircct. £. » . d. Ash by Fiel d Gate 118 0 0 I. onn't Gate aud Bars 133 0 0 Bird's Hill, and Norman's Heath 70 0 0 Walton Hill 135 0 0 Heinington Pasture 138 0 0 Wigginton Field ... 121 9 0 Gailows Lane 10 0 0 Leo: Piddocke, Clerk to the Trustees. Asliby- de- la- ZoUcli, Slat- October, 1818. FOUR of £ 30,000. SWIFT and Co. respectfully inform the pub- lic that the State Lottery will begin Draw- ing on The 24th of This Month. The Scheme contains Four Prizes of £ 30,000, be- sides Two of £ 5,000, Five of £ 1,000, & c. Con- sols aud Money. First drawn Prize £ 30,000. SWIFT and Co. have been fortunate to the Pub- lic in the sale ofCapital Prizes, particularly in the Cohtract jast ended, in which they sold 1 of £ 5.000; 3 of £ 1,000; and 23 other Capitals; also, within the last few months, 3 Frizes of £ 20,000. Tickets and Shares are on sale at No. 11, Poultry) No. 12, Charing Cross; and No. 31, Aldgate, High Street, London, the Offices of S WIFT aud Co. Also by their Agents J. Webb, printer, Bedford Gee and Bridges, booksellers, Cambridge ./. Snodiu. bookseller, Oakham W. G. Elliston, Library, I. eamington COUNTY OF LEICESTER To wit. Valuable Flock of. Sh ep, S, c. Lfc. Rothley Leicestershire. ' ' . •>.'•' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION By Mr. P. KINO, ' On Thursday and Friday the 19tb and 20th days of November, 18) 8, > PYlfT ofthe very valuable Live Stock, Im- plements of Husbandry, bAy, turnips, grass keep, & c. . SEE. of Ihe late John Newbold, Gent. On the premises, at the Top Field Barn, near the Turnpika road between Monntsorrel and Rothley. House, in the comity of Leicrsfor. Consisting of 87 high bred ewes and theaves, 34 prime shear hogs, 52 wether and ewe lambs, 1 tup, 5 tup lambs, 2 very good home bred steers, fat bul- lock, remarkable good gearlingheifer, two rearing ualves; verv good 2 year eld draught colt, 1 yearling draught ditto, and' 1 draught foal, 5 valuable draught lioi'SES and mares, with tackle complete, ' 2 capital narrow wheel waggons, with rallies, 1 very good <> inch, and 1 narrow wheel cart, double and single ploughs, 3 pair of liarrows, and pair seed ditto, scudier, 2 good land rolls, patent pea drill, turnip cutter, beau crusher, capital 46 round alul smaller ladders, plough gears, harrowing traits, drag rake, and a quantity of Beaks, about 8 tons of very capi- tal new hay, yvhicli may be taken off the premises, and 12 acres of turnips, ( part Sweeds,) to be con- sumed upon the ground, with numerons effects, which will be expressed in cata ogues, and may be bad 5 days prevfous to the sale, atthc principal Inns in Leicester:, Anchor, Loughborough ; of Mr. C. Rowley, of Rothley ; Mr. By water, Rothley bouse; aud at'tlie Auctioneer's house, Beast market;* Lei- cester. At the same time will be let in lots suitable to purchasers, 100 acres of grass keep until the fifth day of April next. The kite Mr. Newbold it is well known for the last 30 years spared no expence in procuring Rams from the most eminent breeders of the day. and to the present ti ne has the strictest attention been paid to purity of brood. A first rate Sheep of Mr. Stone's iinowr with the ewes. Further encomium is there- fore unnecessary. The sheep will be penned for inspection by nine o'clock, and the sale to commence at 10. LOUOHBOROI. OH. Capital Road and Market Hon ft. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOOTT, ( By o'rdi'f of the Executors,) On the premises, on Wednesday fhe2athday of NO- vember, 1818, at 3 o'clock, in one or more lots, ALL tbose capital and most desirable pre- mises comprising the Cross Keys Inn a rid Market House, now in full business, situate in tli « Highgatc Street, in Loughborough, adjoining the Leicester and London T rrrpike Road, late in the occupation of the Owner Mr. JONAS SEGDI- N, deceased. Consisting of spacious arched cellars, a dining room ( or divided into two rooms), a parlour, bur, kitchen, back kitchen, seven chambers aud four at- tics, brewhonse," Soldier's rooms, stables and boxes for. thirty horses, with spacious lofts and granaries, a barn and Other appropriate offices, paved yard, rick yard, and spacious garden, all walled round. The whole of the Buildings are in complete repair. Immediate possession may lie had ; and £ 100 may remain on security upon- the estate if required. The Purchaser of the House may also be accom- modated with the Furniture, Fixtures, and Stock, at' valuation. A Plan of the Premises may be seen on applica- tion to Mr. STAVEI. EY, Surveyor, All Persons having any Demands upon the late Mr.' Si oliE. N, arc requested inntiediati ly to send their Accounts to the Executors. Mr. milium U hit- tle, at Holywell Hall; Mr. Daniel Farrow, or Mt. John Throshy, iu Loughborough; and all Debts ow ing thereto, are expected to be forthwith paid to the said Executors. • V Desirable Freehold at Loughborough. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BALI, At tl) e hdnse of Mr. Hutchinson, the sign of the Plough, iu Loughborough, on Thursday, the liMh day of November, * sl8, precisely at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, agreeable to conditions of sale then to be produced ; LL that desirable new erected freehold dwelling bouse, bibbers shop, fasting house, slaughter house, stanle, and out houses pleasantly and most desirably situate opposite tlitr Fish Pool, Market- place, Loughborough, late in the> occupation of Mr. Preston, butcher. These premises may be adapted for any business, as there is adjoining tenements on sale. For a view ofthe same apply to the Auctioneer, of Lotighborough. A' TO BE LET. TWO Houses, rent and paroehial rates low, would suit a Hosier. For further particu- lars apply to Mr. HAIUMONO SHIPLEY, dyer, New Works, Leicester. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION," . By Mr. F. BURGESS, On Monday November 16th, 1818, at Mr. JEAYS, the White Lion Inn, Leicester; THE FOLLOWING Valuable Stocking Frames. Late the property of M. REID, Gent, deceased No. Gge. ll'dtli. Plain or rib whereat , • 1 24 15— plain— Mr. Almev, Sliilton 0-\ 0 0 ( 0 8 ( 0 12 JO 0- vO 0 ( 0 d. 2 1 OJ < H 10 11 Hi 53 THE ASSIZE OF BREAD, FOR THE HUMLRE11 OF GARTftEF. in the COUN1 Y of LEICESTER. THE WEIGHT \ NO PRICK OF lb. oz. dr £. The Peck I . oaf Wheaten ... .17 6 Half Peck Loaf ditto 8 11 Quartern Loaf ditto 4 5 8 ( 0 Half Quartern Loaf ditto 2 2 12 JO Peck Loaf Household.... 17 6 r Half PfCk Loaf ditto .... g 11 Quartern Loaf ditto 4 5 8 ( 0 Half Quartern Loaf ditto 2 2 12 10 Set by us, Two of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace, in aud for the said Hundred, the 10th Day of November, 1818, and to continue in force for seven Days, from Monday nest. E. GRIFFIN. JAMES ORD. Town Hall, Marketllarboroiigh. COUNTY OF LEICESTER- To wit, THE ASSIZE OF BREAD, FOR THE HUNDRED OF GUTHLAXTON. WEIGHT. PRICE. lbs. oz. dr. s. d. WIIEATEN. Half Quartern ditto Two- penny ditto Penny ditto " sT* Nl) ARU WHEATEN. Quartern Loaf Half Quartet Two- penny ditto Penny ditto. HOUSEHOLD. Quartern Loaf HalfQuartcrn ditto Two- penny ditto Penny ditto Set bv 11s, Two ot his Majesty's Justices ot the Peace in and for the said Hundred, this 7th day of November, 1818, and to continue in force for seven days, from Saturday next. THOS. BELGRAVE. J. W, PAHSEV. 5 8... .1 Ci .2 2 12.. .0 lij .0 11 1.. .0 2 .0 5 8.. .0 1 .4 5 8.. .1 0 .2 2 12.. .0 6 .0 11 9.. .0 2 .0 5 12.. .0 1 .4 5 8.. .. 0 11J .2 2 12.. .. 0 5- 1 .0 12 1.. .0 2 .0 6 0. . .. 0 1 15 13 26 25 32 30 14 17 1 3 6 5 42 8 9 21 27 2 18 31 24 20 11 22 23 16 19 21 28 88 10 12 24 ? 2 24 18 16 32 18 22 20 23 24 30 26 22 23 30 18 20 20 18 • 20 20 24 22 22 24 24 22 22 24 21 23 24 21 15— ditto— Ditto ditto 15— ditto— ThomasSibsons, Birstall 15— ditto— North, Rothley 15— rib— Ditto ditto 15— plain— Ditto ditto 15— rib — Ditto ditto 15— plain— Wm. Jarvis, Thnrnby 20-- ditto— Ditto ditto 15— ditto— John Jarvis, ditto 16— ditto— John Stnrgess, Great Glenn 15— ditto— Daniel Keids, Newtown Har. 15— ditto— Ditto ditto [ court 15— ditto— Joseph iieids, ditto 15— ditto— Ditto ditto 15— ditto— Thomas JaceyS, Oadbv 15— ditto— John Hopkins, Braunstone Gate, Leicester 15— ditto— Ditto ditto 16— ditto— Ditto ditto 12— ditto— James Cramoneut, King street 16— ditto— Ditto ditto 16— ditto— William Iliff's, framesmith 16— ditto— Houghtons, Marquis Grauby yd 15-^- d tto— Hide's shop 15— ditto— Ditto " ditto 15— ditto— Ditto ditto 16— ditto— Ditto ditto 15— ditto— Ditto ditto 15— ditto—! itto ditto 16— ditto— Ditto ditto 15— ditto— Ditto ditto 15— ditto— Ditto ditto — ditto— Ditto ditto - rib — Ditto ditto The greater part of these Frames are iu good con dition, and at work in excellent hands, well worth the attention ofthe manufacturers. Sale to commence at 3 o'clock precisely. Conditions of sale as usual. Catalogues to be had ot the Auctioner, six day; previous to the sale. Valuable Tupping Ewes, Wether and Ewe Tegs, Dairy Cows, Heifers, Shirks, Rear- ing Calves, Draught Ma es. Implements in Farming, Turnips, Stack of Barley, Hay, and Grass liefjring, Gilmortcn Leicestershire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messi s NEA I. E and SON, O11 Monday tte 16th day ol November, 1818, the premises of Mr. John Puffer, Of Gillmorton aforesaid, who quits liis farm at Lady day next. COMPRISING 74 vety valuable breeding ewes, 60 w ether and ew e tegs, one valua- ble 3 shear rain, 17 . useful dairy cows, one barren ditto, 4 incalvedheifers, 5 sturks, 6 rearing calves, 4 useful draught mares, ami one draught horse, one capital 6 inch wheel waggon, two narrAw wheel ditto, ( one recently new), one narrow whed eart^ double a » d single wheel ploughs, harrows, land roll, asenffler nearly new, sundry ladders, fifty fence tleaks, sundry forks and rakes, stone torse and pig troughs, 2 bushel incisures, winnowing fan, with numerous other effects. , * Also, Four acres of turnips, 55 acres of grass keeping untifLady day next, divided into lots, one rick of hay, one rick of clover, one stack of barley, andiot of wheat straw. The hay and straw to be spent on the premises. The sale to Commence precisely at 10 o'cloek in the morning, with the sheep. Catalogues may be had in due time, at the place of sale, and of the Auctioneers, Lutterw orth. N. B. The above stock is iiChigh condition, aud will be found particularly well worth attention. Valuable Investment of Money, capable of producing 4 per cent and upwaids. LEICESTERSHIRE. Freehold and Leasehold Estates. To bo Sold by Auction, Either together or in lots, 011 the 7th day of De- cember next, ( unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which timely notice will be given,) AFreehold Estate, tiituatc in the hamlet of Wykin, in the paish of Hinckley, in the county of Leicester, consisting of three tene- ments or farm houses, with barns, stables, cowsheds, and necessaiy outbuildings, and 281A. 3R. 39P. of arable, meadow, and pasture land. And also, Aleasehold Estate, consisting of 83A. 1R. 15P. to- gether wit| i the lease of the Rectorial Tvthes over the whole hamlet of Wykin, containing 935 v 3R 35P which are held under the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, for 21 years, at a small annual rent, renewable every 7 years. For a view of the Estate or to treat for the same by Private Contract, and for other necessary parti- culars, apply to Mr THOMAS CHAPMAN, of Dray- ton, near Atherstoue ; to Mr. tiOLLJER, Hiriekley, or at the office of Mr. KING, Solicitor, in Hinckley aforesaid November 6, 1818. Valuable Farming stock, Hay and Grass Keeping, Household Furniture and Effect*, Little Claybrooke, Leit estershire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. NEA I. E aud SON, On/ Wednesday Ihe 18tli day of November, 1818, 011 the premises of the late Mr. Squire Wells. v Of Little Claybrooke aforesaid, deceased. COMPRISING SEVEN useful dairy cows. 2 barren ditto, 20 wether and ewe tegs, 3 fat ewes, and one porket, a rick of prime Iwy, a core of old ditto, which may be taken off the premises, 14 acres of grass keeping until 5tli April next. Household Furniture, < SfC. Consists of 1 post, tent, and other bedsteads, cloth- ed with check and other tiirnifiire, feather anil wool beds, blankets and bed billings, oak chest of draw- ers, dressing tables and glasses, stained and other chairs, neat oak beaufct, a 30 hour clock in neat oak case, oak dinutgand other tables, bedand tabic linen, kitchen requisites in general, dairy utensils, some beer casks, will numerous other effects. Also, A quantity of cheese in small lots. The sale to commence precisely at 10 o'clock HI the morning with the live stock, and the furniture at 11 o'clock. Timber at Bittesby. near Lutterworth. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTJODf, By Messrs. NEA LE and SON, At the Denbigh Anns Inn, Lutterworth, on Friday the 4th day of December, 181*, at 4 o'clock la tlie afternoon, rjLJfiE following valuable lots of Timber, cliief- Jf ly of large, dimensions, standing at BIT- TESBY, near Ijitferwortli, in the county of Leices- ter:— ' » •• Lot I.— 14 ash, Nos. 1 to 14, both inelnsivs Lot II.— 22 ash, 15 to 36, both inclusive Lot III— 2 oaks, 18ash, aud25 eln s, 37 to SI, both inclusive ' Lot IV.— 4 oaks and 40 ash, 82 to 125, both ia. elusive Lot V.— IS ash and 14 elms, 127 to 15S, both in- clusive Lot VI.— 1 oak, 34 ash, and 3 elms, 154 to 159, 101, 162,164 to 169,171 to 135, and 187 to 197, all inclusive Lot VII.- S- 43 ash, 198 to 240, both inclusive Lot VIII— 7 oaks, 37 ash, and 3 elms, 241 to 244, 247 to 280, and 282 to 290, all inclusive Lot IX.— 27 ash and 3 elms, 2S1 to 320, both in- clusive Lot X.— 2 oaks, 9 ash, 3 elms, and 1 willow. 321 to 335, both inclusive Lot XI.— 20 ash, 12 elms, and 7 willows, S3C to 374^ both inclusive Lot XII.— 3oaks, 30ash, and Helms, 375 to418, both inclusive Lot XIII.— 3 oaks, 0 ash, 15 elms, and 1 aspen, 419 to 434, and 436 to 444, all inclusive .. Lot XIV.— 19 ash and 7 elms, 445 to - 161, and 46* to 473, all inclusive Lot XV.— Hash and 13 elms, 474 to 500, both inclusive Lot XVI.— A lot of timber and poles, felled, at the Homeward Spinney. Lot XVII.— A lot of timber and poles, felled, at Pool's Spinney. , John Williamson, of CUestliorpe, will shew t^ e lots ; and further particulars nray be lmd of Mr. J » EAGLE, Allesley. Leicester J6uftiaJ, and Midland bounties General Advertiser OLD INDEPENDENT TRUE BLUE INTEREST. THE freeholders of. HINCKLEY and its Vicinity, anil the HunHred nfSparhenhet in general, are respectfully informed that the Friends of the above Interest will dine together at HlNCK- I. EY, someday either in the present month, or early iu December, when the Company of every TILL" • .11. ... ,1. Freeholder friendly to the cause is requested. Particulars will be advertised in a future put Particular• Hineklcy, November ' i, 1818. paper. Wanted, AN Apprentice to a Grocer and Tea- dealer. Applv to Mr. KIRIIY, Market- place. Leicester, November I-', ISI8. A Wanted, N Apprentice to tlie Hosiery business-. His friends will be rerpiired to board bim. Enquire at tbe Journal Office. Wanted, Enquire of and NKITH AM, Surgeons N Apprentice to a Surgeon. J;\ Messrs. PEAKE A Leicester. Wanted Immediately; AN Apprentice to the Woollen and Linen Drapery business. Apply to Messrs pcnmxcTov apd I'. VPNKV Him kh- v. p ' Otit>> WANTED, a steady middle aged man as Groom, to" take charge of two horses, and do the needful in a Tradesman's family. Enquire of JOHN NOKKS, Hair Dresser, near the Exchange. - ... - ' STRAYED, Into the Yard of the Blue Hoar Inn, Leicester; AYoung Black and While PoiNTF. it Don. The owner bv applying to ihe Osri. ER, and paying expenccs, may have l) jni again. AN HEIFER taken up the week after Lei- cosier Michaelmas Fair, in tbe Abbey Lordship The aw iter thereof by application to THOMAS WARNER, a: Leicester Abbey, and paying expens es, may have his ow n again " STOLK\ STRAYED. OH Sunday night last, or early oti Monday mtnuing, A" Valuable dark brown MARE, two years old, nearly 15 bauds high, small white beet on the near side behind, a little chafed in the lieel with the halter, a brown muzzle, and cut tail. Whoever will give, information of the said mare if strayed, shjdl b « ' aan bomely rewarded; If stolen, FIVE GUINEAS reward wdl be paid, on convic- tion of the btfeuderoroflendeis, by THOMAS WILL-, SON, of Lu'ighton, in this county. UPPOSEI) to be delivered by mist . •>•.. the first Cheese Fair Day, a small • tv ef Cheese. ' The Owner by applying to R. FREEMAN, Grocer and Cheese Monger, Market place, Leicester, and describing the quantity, and paying expe. ices, may - have their own again. Union Canal. Notice is hercMy given, THAT the nrkt half yea. ly General Assem- bly of the Company of Proprietors of the Leicestershire and Northamptonshire UnionCa- nal.- will bo hehl at tbeSaracens Head Inn, in Leicester, on Monday the 16th day of Novem- ber, 1818, at ID o'clock in the forenoon. t T. Skcppaed, Cierk to the said. Company. " Tf" WALTliAM FAIR. Notic". .-. BY desire, and Ag- een nt, of the principal Breeders and Dealers, there will be a Meeting and Show for Horses, at Walthamj Yearly, on the 18tb of September, except when the Fair- day ( the 19th of September) occur* OR a Monday, in that case tbe Meeting and Show, will be held on Saturday, the 17 th ot Ihe above month TBtTE BLUE CLUBS. LOUGHBOROUGH DISTRICT TRUE BLUE CLUB. AT a numerous and respectable Meeting, held at the ANCHOH INN, in LOUGHBO- ROUGH, on Tuesday the third day of Novem- ber, 1818. It was unanimously Resolved, 1 st, That - a Club he established under the title of the Loughborough DistrictTrue Bine Club. 2d. That the object of tbe Club be to maintain aud encourage A dherence to our glorious Ccnstitutim. Loyalty to our King. A ttaehment to the Established Church, Respect for the Dignity of Parliament. Reverence for the Laws. AND Support of the Constituted Authorities of the Realm, 3d. That the designs of the club being thiis for the promotion of tbe general Welfare, still its parti- cular aim and efforts will be in the first place direct- ed ta secure the return to the Commons House of Parliament, as Representatives of the County of Leicester, firm and steady supporters Of the Consti- tution as bv Law established in Church and State. 4th. That all persons whose Sentiments accord with the above Declaration, be invited to become members. 5th. That the meeting of the club be held once in each year at Loughborough, upon a day as conve- nient as can be settled for tbe Accommodation of tbe members ; and that proper notice be given by public Advertisement in the Leicester Journal. Oth-. That tlw meetings be held at the houses of Freeholders friendly to the interest in rotation. 7th. That Gentlemen attending the present meet- ing who are willing to become members of this clab be requested to put down their names, and in order to afford an opportunity to all other persons who may be friendly to the same, signatures be received at the following places, viz;— the Anchor, King's Head, Wind Mill, White <. ion, and Crown and This- tle, until the first day of January, 1819. ' Hie Names of the Members of the Loughbo- rough True Blue Club, signed on the fir » t day of meeting:— Great ifigston Estates, THE Public'are respectfully informed that the Freehold Estate situate at Great Wig- ston, in the county of Leicester, . advertized to be Sold and Let by Auction, al the 3 Crowns Inn, in Leicester, ou Saturday the 21st day of November instant, are disposed of by Private Contract. Harborongb, November 5,1818. Richard Hardy Edward Fan, bam John Thorp W R Tyson J Fisher N P Jolmson Richard Cheslyn Savtlle John Hyde J W oodcock M T Goiide J W R Boyer John Hawkcs Tlios Stevenson, MA Norman Bramley W iliiam Hen ick Robert Casson Sanmt- I Bryans John A still Charles Ijicey John Creswell James Ella Benjamin Rowland John Watson Robert Ratcliff W Hall C Lacey Thomas Bradshaw i William Easton William Wellings John Cra lock Christopher Staveley Chris. Williamson Marshal Goiide J M Bnlstrode J Potter F Potter W Daulby Edward Fowler Ambrose Brcwin William Toone > John Barlow William Coare John Kosbrooke William Ball John Cooper Wnl Hammonds Edward Linthwaite John Cleever John RatclitF Wm Middleton Thomas Glover Samuel Stevenson Ru- hard Attenhorougli John Preston W Bonser William Frearson Thomas Warner Samuel FDasliwood R D Klamstead Charles Thos Palmer C G Mimdy Charles Hidden William Laecy John Buckley Joseph Hill , James Blvnt John Pollard Thomas Tyler Thomas Rudkin H MMawe John W Wahl Edward Creswcll John burgess Colonel Cheney William Clarke Edward Harjey John Gregory Thomas I'radock William Hunt William Barlow Fr der'y k W Twells James Vstlot Joiiu Adams James Moore John Hensori Robert Gulch Henry Browne John S Farrow Daniel l- arrow John King Thomas Denning Michael Buckley, jiin. VVanted, AN Apprentice to a Draper— one out of the Country will be preferred. Enquire at the Journal Ofiice, if by letter, post paid. Great Botcden Inn. DIIAMSHAW, returns his grateful . thanks to the Noblemen and Gentlemen of the Leicestershire Hunts, for past favors, and in- forms them t ha tin consequence of flic Quorn Hounds being removed U) Kibwortb, he lias now excellent stabling with ample accommodations for at least 30 horses, fly constantly providing the best Hay and Corn, and charging moderate prices, I). H. hopes to merit their encreased patronage and support. Nov. 12th. 1818. LEICESTER AND LEICESTERSHIRE CHURCH MISSIONARY ASSOCIATION, IN AID OF THE CHURCH MISSION A RY SOCIETY. AMectingof the Committeeandother mem- ber* of this Association, is earnestly re- quested on . Monday the Slid inst. at 12 o'clock pre- cisely, at the Exchange, in order to arrange tbe pro- ceedings of tbe ensuing ANNIVERSARY. Tbe Annual Sermons will be preached, as usual, on Advent Sunday, and in the course of tbe week following, when thcAimiversarv Meeting will also be held in the Guildhall, of which further notice will be giveu ill a future advertisement. ( Signed) Edward Thos. Vaiighan, Secretary. THE ANNIVERSARY SERMON FOR THE SUNDAY SCHOOLS, IN TTT- R'^ T...-*- , •'""•*. •' V PARISH OF ST. VARY; LEICESTER, WILL BE' PREACHED AT SAINT MARY'S CHURCH, IN THE EVENING OF SUNDA Y, THE 15TH OF NOVEMBER, A818, BY THE REV. EDWARD HATCH HOARF., A. B. Divine Service will begin at Six o'clock. <&• In these SCHOOLS 200 CHILDREN are instruct- ed, and 100 cloathed, which have neither VIM) nor SUBSCRIPTION/ M' illcir Support, but depend entirely upon the COLLECTIONS made at Church after Anniversary Sermons. Public are respectfully informed, that Jf- early in December, a BANK mill be opened at Leicester, by JOH N CLARKE. Esq. of Peat- ling Parva, and JOSEPH PHILIPS, of Lei- cester. Piatlihg Hall, November 9, 1818. the magistrates, that this man has been in the habit of selling his brekd at a penny per loaf tinder the Assiize price, thus holding outu bait to the public, and particularly to the po » riV— Tfte highest penalty prescribed by the Act of Parliament is 5s. for every ounce deficient in Weight, With power tor tile magistrates td miti- gate it as low as they may thin', proper; but conceiving that this was a case which called lor the severest punishment in their power, they convicted the defendant iu fite f ill penalty, amounting- to forty tkrek pomcds let) shillings.— The information concerning- the illegal prac- tices of retail bread sellers, shall nfipear in our nest, • A vast quantity of counterfeit three shilling tokens have got into circulation at Manchester within these few days; they are made of cop- per thinly eased with silver round the rim, and dashed over with the same metal: they are tole- rably executed, and ling well; but are easily- detected on a closeinspection, as they are thin- ner than thegenuine coin. They are fluted ISlfi; but tbe freshness of their ap^ « arance proves that they have not been long from tbe Birmingham Mint. Counterfeit shillings, of the new coinnge, are also in plentiful supply ; and many of them are in circulation in this tow n k neighbourhood. Understanding that many individuals par- ticularly among the lower classes, have been induced by the persuasion of interested persons, to engage in suite in the County Court relative to petty assaults, we lake this oppertuiiity of informing our readers, who may not be aware of the fact, that iu the last session of Parliament an act was passed, directing that in all suits of this kind in the County Court, the party shall re- cover no more costs than duinitges- that is to say— iffive shillings damages be awarded by the jury, the plaintiff will be entitled to receive only five « hilllings for costs, and must pay the remainder out ofhis own pocket.—{ Birmingham ( faxette.) A' Partnership Dissolved. rpHB Partite- ship lately subsisting between X JOHN COLTM W and JOHN COOPER, of ( his place, Mercemand Drapers, having been dissolved ' by mutual consent, on the 22d October, JOH N COLTMAN Btfi leave to oiler his unfeigned thanks for the kind support of his friends during- a period of more than forty years, and he recoann- mdi bis son- in- law JOHN COOPER, to their future attention, requesting the favor of such as may be indebted to the said firm, to settle their accounts with Mr. Cooper. JOHN CO" PER. TAKES this opportunity of returning his most sincere thunks to his numerous friends for their liberal support during his lat partnership *- ith Air. COLTMAN, aud res, eetfullv solicits a con- tinuance of their favors, assuring them that no ex- ertions shall be wanting ou his part to supply them i with a good article upon the mast reasonable terms. ' Cheapside. Leicester, ) Nov i, ' 818. \ Leicester stud Lutterworth, and Leicester aud Wetford Turnpike Roads. A CAUTION. BY order of the T ustees of the said Roads, the Surveyor and also the Labourers em ployed thereon are directed fo lay informations against any person or persons that shall afler this notice he fonud drawing any waggon, cart, or Car- nage witu a greater number of horses than allowed by Act of Parliament By order of the Trustees, Thos. F'reer. Xeicester. 12th Nov. 1818. ASHBY- DE- LA ZOUCH DISTRICT TRUE BUTE CLUB. T a numerous and respectable Meeting _ _ held nt the Queens Head Inn, in Ashby de la Zoucb, on Tuesday, the 10th of November, 1818. It icus Unanimous'!/ Resolved, 1st. That a Club be established under the title ofthe Ashby- de- la- Zourh District True Blue Club. 2d. ' I hat tbe object of the Club be to maintain aud encourage Adherence to our glorious Constitution. Loyally to our King Attachment to the Established Church. Respect far the Dignity of Parliament. Reverence for the Laws. AND Support of the Constituted A uthorities of the Realm. 3d. ' I hat the designs of the Club being thus for tbe promotion of tbe general welfare, still its parti- cular aim Sc efforts w ill be in tile first place directed to secure I he return to the Commons House of l'ar- liainei i, as Representatives ofthe Co. nty of Lei- cester, firm and steady supporters of tin- Constitu- tion, as by law established in Church and State. 4th. That all persons whose sentiments accord with the above declaration, be invited to become raetnbeis. 5th. That the m- eting of rlie Club beheld once in each year at Ashby de- la- Zoiich, upon a day as convenient as can be settled far the accommodation of the Members, and that proper notice be given by public Advertisement ia the Leicester Journal. Oth. that the meetings be held at the bouses of Freeholders friendly to ilie Interest, in rotation. Ttli. That Gentlennai attending the present meet- ing, vvlio are willing to become members of this Club, be requested to put down their names, Slid in order to afford an opportunity ti> all othei persons who may be friendly Co the same signatures to be received at the follow ing places, the tjueens Head, and the Lamb lull, until tbe 7 th of January, 1819. Ou. Wednesday November 18, will be Pub- lished, price Eight Shilling's, in hoard*. THE CALVINISTIC CLERGY DEFENDED; And the Doctrines of Calvin MAINTAINED : Jn a LETTER to the Rev. JAMES BERESFORD, M. A. Rector of KiUcirth ; OCCASIONED BY HIS SERMON PREACHED AT THE BISHOP'S LATE VISITATION. BJ EDWARD THOMAS VAUGHAN, M. A. Vicar of St. Martin's aud AH Saints', and Rector of Foston, Leicestershire. SECOND EDITION. WITH A PREFACE. OMISSIONS, ALTERA- TION'S, ANO LARGE ADDITIONS). Printed, and sold by T. COHEK, Leiec fcj - H- iWi^ rd, Lua4"*). FR'DAY, NOVEMBER 13, IS18. NOTE.— The order to discontinue the Advertise, meat of Meadow Land at Loughborough, in- serted in the first Page, wus not received until that part of the p « i> er had gone to press. • i* Wi< nr " MA flftl EI) Monday, at St. Margarets', by the Rev. James Sherrard Coleman, of HonghtOo- on- Hill, in this county, John Sherard Coleman, Esq. youngest son of the'late Henry Coleman, Esq. of Market Harbo- roiigh, to Henrietta Charlotte Lucy, only child of tbe late Mr. Slangeon, of Clifton, near Bristol. Ou Thursday, November 6, at Ratby, Henry Chamberlain, Esq. of Newtown Untliank, to Mary- Vim, only daughter aud heiress of Henry Buckley, Esq. of Desforjl, in Ibis conctv. On tbe 9rii instant, at " SlottHey Clilfrrbi, - John Billings, of the Gallowtree Gate, in this place, to Ketnrah Barsby, of Kensington, Middlesex. Lately, at Hallaton, in this county, Mr. Rowe, to Miss Kcmpii**. Oil Tuesday, October 27, at the saftie place, Mr. W. Ingram, grocer, of this town, to Mary Hannah, eldest daughter of Mr. Pick, of the said place. On Thursday, the 3th instant, at Willoiigbbv, Mr. Arnold, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. Win. Burton, horse dealer, of Hallaton. Lately, the Rev Joseph Arkwright, M. A. son of Richard Arkwright, Fsq. of Willefsley, Derbysliiao, to / Time, daughter of Sir Robert Wig- ram, Bart, of Walthamstovv House. Essex. On Tuesday, November 3, at Chadwell, Mr. Calvert, surgeon, ot Nottingham, to Aiithca, secern! daughter of the late Edward Manners, Esq. of Goadby Hall, in this county. On Tuesday last, Mr. Wm. Black well, to Miss E, Smith, both of this place. October 21, at St. Botolph, Bishopgate, Loudon, Mr. John Burbidge, Jit nr. Surgeon, of Hallatou, to Mrs. Phillips, daughter ofthe late Rev. Thomas Ellis, Vicar of Melbourn, Cambridge, and Rector of Kelso, Hertfordshire. DIED On Wednesday last, in a fit of apoplexy, Mr. Ahl- " rnu-. n David Harris, of this town, highly- respected s ; faithful friend mid a man of sterling integrity. At Walton, on Friday last, in the prime of life, after a long and severe illness, most sincerely regret- eil by her family anil friends, Miss E M Tinley, daughter of the late Rev. B. Tiulcy, of Whissendine, Rutlandshire. On- the ist instant, at his sons house West Had- don, in the 72d year of Ins age, deeply lamented by- Ins family and friends, the Rev. Matthias Slye, ma- ny years Rector of Carlton, Northamptonshire, and of Carlton cum Ilston, in this county. LEICESTER INFIRMARY, November 10. I8t8. PATIENTS ADMITTED ANn DISCHARGED. Admitted* Discharged In 12 In Qot 23;, Out .... HOUSE . yisiToas, Mr. Toone, and Mr. T « amley. Ashby- de- la- Zlmcjt District Trite Bltie Club. A very numerous an-. l respectable meeting of the Friends of Ihe Independent True Blue In- terest. took place at Ashby- de- la Zouch, on Tuesday last. About half past three o'clock the company, 112 in number, sat down to dinner, in the Concert Room, George Moore, Esq. in tbe chair. The following P risis were given and drank with great applause, and the evening was passed with the Utmost harmony and convi- viality :— Church and King The Queen, and better health to her Majesty The Prince Regent— h times 3 The Dtikeof York and the Army The Duke of Clarence and the Navy Tbe Lord Lieutenant of the County— 3 times S Mr, Keck- 3 times 3 May the Politics of this County be ever found li. beral enough to support tried merit The canse of Leicestershire Independence. Loyalty, liberty, and Old England for ever—"), times 3 Lord Robert Manners, one of the Representatives of this County— 3 times 3 • The Land we live in England expects every man to do bis duty The immortal memory of Mr. PittV— 3 times 3 The Chairman, bv Mr. Keck— 3 times 3 Old Friends ANDIRUG— 3 times 3 Prosperity to the tewn of Ashby- de- la- Zoudi~- 3 times 3 The Rev. John Piddocke, Chairman of the Ashby- de la- Zolich District Committee— 3 times 1 ' Hie Landed and Commercial Interest of the County of Leicester— 3 times S The free and independent Electors of the county of Leicester— 3 times 3 The fair advocates of loyalty in the county of Lei- cester-^ times 9 Colonel Keck and the Leicestershire Yeomanry— 3 times 3 Mr. Clirton— S times 3 The Protestant Ascendancy— S times S The wooden Walls of Old England— 3 times 3 Tbe use, but not the abuse, ofa free press The True Blue Clubs formed, and about to be formed, throughout the county— 3 times 3 The principles which support our excellent Con- stitution— 3 times 3 The Duke of Wellington— 3 times 3 the Vice Presidents, Mr. Bulstrode and Mr. L. Piddocke— 3 times 3 Oar absent Friends— 3 times 3 Thos. A. Smith, Esq. and the True Bine Club ot Nottingham— 3 times 3 Tbe Rev. C. Hope, and the True Blue Club ot Derby— 3 times 3 To our next merry meeting tlod save the King was sung by the whole party, wlieli the company broke up. Among the Company present were— Mr. Keek, Mr. Moote, Mr. Ord, Ml. Green. Mr. Creswell, Mr. John Moore, Mr. Charles Moore, Mr. tlave, Rev. John Piddccke, Rev W illiam Grcslcv; Rev. W. Lee, Rev. Thomas Adnntt, Rev. Thomas Jones, Rev. George Llovd, Rev . Francis Harris, Rev. John Fisher, ( Higham.) Rev. S. Madan, Rev. W. Madart, Rev. Francis Meveweather, Rev. G. Prick- ett, Mr. Bloomer, Mr. Bulstrode, Mr. Eames, Mr. John Fisher, Mr. Hill, Mr. Clare, Mr. N. Crirzon, Mr. Cantrell, Mr. Hassi- ll, Mr. GeoPge Charlton, Mr. Green, junr. Mr. Piper, Mr. Smith. DmiisHiorpe, Mr. Capeiilmrst, Mr. Leedham, Mr. Harris, Mr. Piddocke, Mr. Kirkland, Mr. Dafliy, Mr. Sherwin, Mr. Kidger, Mr. Salkeld, . Mr W. CItire, Mr. Dewes, Mr. T. Dewes, Mr. C. Farmer, Mr. T. Farmer, Mr. Cboyce, Mr. H. A. Owston, Mr. F. Potter, Mr. Johnson, ( Osgathorpe,) Mr. Crossley, Mr. Smith, Mr. Sow tei-, Mr. Sliarpe, Mr. Piddocke. janr. Mr. T. Piddockc, Mr. Branson, senr. Mr Branson, junr. Mr. Farnell, Mr. Tompson, Mi. T Kerby, Mr. Jas. Kerby, Mr. J. Davenport, Mis W. Davenport, Mr. Pegg, Mr. Pimm, Mr. Lester, Mr. Charlcswortb, Mr. Gadsby, Mr. Lathbury, Mr. Lees, & c. Previously to the dinner, a proposal was ( Bade to establish a True Blue Club, which was unanimously agreed 1o by the meeting. For particulars see preceding column. and1 J Piddocke WS Lee FHarris It Creswell R OCreswell Charles llloomar Giles Pricketts F Merewetbei; L Piddocke W Gresfcy H A Owston Spencer Madan L: piddockc, Jirar Henry Fisher William Madan. John Fisher John Davenport John Crossley Thomas Snelson Johr Smith J L Hassell Thomas " Hatton Thomas Kirby N Cnrzon Henry Blenkarne Thomas Cantrell Charles Hill " Tlioinas Ayro Jam* s Kirby William Davenport Joseph Salkeld William Sherwin Thomas Grundy Thomas Johnson . George Charlton Robert Piper Thomas Kidger William Harris John Sliarpe Thomas Thompson J Davis RSowter W Tabberer Robert Hackett Charles Farmer R Hudson J Lester Edward Newbold W Beavington JT Capeuhurst J Lecdbiun • J Beavington T Dalbv John Bramson Josiah Bramson J Charleswortb T S Pimm R AStoref We are informed that the Weekly Board of Governors of the Leicester Infirmary, have unanimously passed a Resolution of thanks to the Gentlemen Amateurs, who lately performed a Play tor the benefit of that Institution. James Woodward, was committed to prison by the Rev. Dr Hardy, of Loughborough, on Tues- day last, for having in his possession 76 un- stamped papers, entitled Paddy's Watch, and purporting to be Almanacks for the year 1819. John Hazlewood, of the Bclgrave gate, in this town, baker, was convicted before the ma- gistrates at tbe Exchange on Friday last, of having in bis possession 88 loaves of household bread, which on the average weight of the whole, were deficient 174 ounces according to the Assize It appeared that Hazlewood bad been suspected for some time past, of selling bread underthe Standard weight, and that, in consequence of such suspicions.' the magistrates granted a search warrant to examine and weigh his whole stock of household bread which could be found on his premises, and had been baked within the 24 hours preceding; tbe resuit of which was, thai it was found deficient as above stated. He nlledged in his defence, that tbe bread was over- baked, but tbe contrary rather some of the meagie Clitics of cur lenowltM Metropolis ; yet these yerb dcliVerei'i iii pi- alt- W of living characters, still iihbte id, chahgb tltl « ! pri or, and in danger of being intoiicrtfed bjfilrti grateful incense; Thus Cicerrt, in his jwutf belehlated Oration Pro Lege MfitiiHiU kpc. tfVtt of C Pnwpey in tPrtils of the highest SHHIWI- tion, fkS possessing every tpmifty of a CbhStif1!- mate Gfiierah and was beard w ith satisiackloij by llie Roman people. Yet but- modern Cilti" 1 would cry down the InRatcd lnngUagCi If any one should now Speak a General SS beie- j; sent dov* f firm Hearth. " itamieoilinfittjUiddiit In lifts locis Co. Pompeium, sieht nliqiietti boll ex liac urbe inilsuiti, sed de ctelo dehlp » uttt in- tuentur. With respect to Mr. Hall's style, in g¥ tieftt! j I hi lieve it is considered by | fOod judges h » flii excellent uiodeh. It nppcArs io mfc lii posses* the masculine strength of Johnson, Vitli Hi* gt a. efiil drnp. ery of Addisonf vigoroiiii Ixtf nut turgid, atid e'cgant without - otJtent! ifibb> tti< Serinon on infnjelit. t vvns eohsidereB a SmsteK piece ; and that wliith he |) ul'litdied a yeBragoi on ( lie death id' the Princess Charlotte, if- i I con- ceive, oneof the fihest ape/ iimefis of piiwfrfb'l arguinentatioq nlid touching eltiqUeUce in the English language. He semetitaiefc riSrs to ( hS sabllhiity of Demosthenes, at other limes bt- presents to us the rounded and glowing pferioi'S of Cicero, warmed with a portion of the energy aud charitable spirit of fly; Apostle Paul tb » wards tbe whole human nice. If these few observations iball fScem worthy of the man w hose Style of writing tliej are in- tended tovindicate. you will oblige me by iiishrt^ ing them in your Jourus). I am, Sir, fours, & c. ftoV; 11, I8i8. EUBULtS, To the Editor of the Leicester Jounult SIR, 1 have never had any reason tb doubt Jo{ t# impartiality, and I am not disposed to think llmt I shall have any in the present instance. Yoil gave publicity iast week to an extract Which I feel inclined to notice. It referred to the extra- vagancies of a sect in America, under the name of CalviniSts. I have no wish to question the Irtitb id' the statement made concerning Cherft, nor to suspect its being eiaggerntrtl, nbr evefi presume to determine the motive which influcnc* ed the original writer to pen it, or the motive ( hat operated now to make it public; but tiijf intention is merely to make on Observation Of two on tbe use that is likely to be made of sticll wild and raving excesses. We are disposed, it may be; to attribWo Ibprh to the system which they bold } but we may be wrong in Ibis. For what good is there but What is capable of being abused ? Yea, What good ly there either in the moral or the natfiral World which is not daily abused! Ate not viituP!>) the most exalted, assumed for purposes tbe fr. dft debased? Is not Pntriotisfti a moral quality tff the fnat order? But is every one that lays claint to it, a true Patriot? Is it not a cloak wOffi bj- many for carrying into execution tlie most re- furious designs— designs diametrically opposite to its very nature ? But should we on ibis nC- count entertain a bad opinion ot Patriotism t—: By no Means : such an abuse should In- so far from lessening,. that it should greatly increase itN value and importance in our estimation ; for the natural conclusion would be, that this virtue must be something very excellent, otherwise its radical enemies would not covet its favor and borrow- its assistance. May not Calvinism bft allowed the same construction, and be consider* ed in tbe seine light? Why shduld tlie extra- vagancies of its blind or pretended advocates be imputed to the systein itself, when it Contain* nothing to countenance, but every thing- to « > n « demn them ? Meat and drink and raiment ar8 good things, and great blessings ; but are' they not abused ? And are W e to pronounce tin ill bail things on that account? Are we to say that they are Injurious in their cfl'ects, because Cne man eats or drinks to excess, and auotheris ex- travagant in his dress? Opinions may be pro* fesSed, when they are neither believed nor even understood. It is much the practice to connect principlea With those that hold them ; and to judge of one by the other. This is generally right, but ndt universally so. Tbe Scribes in our Saviour's time held und enforced some good principle but their actions were far from being eoiifonnfv- ble to them. Our Snriour had twelve Disciples, but one of them betrayed hito. Now it vould be very unfair and very wrong to infer from hi* particular conduct, that cur Saviour's doctrind was bad in its tendency. It is tbe general effects of principlca- fhat are to be considered, and nut their effects, ot rather their suppesed c^/ cta, fn particular instances. The natural depravity et man w ill invariably manifest itself more or less, whatever be the s.. stem maintained. Some nf the excesses attributed to Calvinists i- i Ameri- ca, do appenr in this country, and even in thifi toWn, among Armiuians. Men, even- with tho greatest advantages ef improvement, are very far from doing justice to their principles; and should we be surprised at the excesses of tbe ig- norant and unlearned? Weouglii Kt distinguish between tbe natural effects ofa set el opinions, and the workings and ebullitions ot men's own dep. aved tempers and Unhallowed feelings.—-• I'erfiiit me to say, that I do not consider it fitir to throw odium upon any systein of truth by bringing to light the extravagances of sofne feW of its blind or perhaps pretended advocates. Excuse the freedom of nij remarks, and be* lieve me, your's, M•*— Ta the Editor of the Leicester Journal. SIR, I was much surprised nt seeing the strictures, as quoted in your N umber ot the 30tb of Octo- ber, from the Old Times, on an author of no mean talents, now residing in this town. It is, on your part, a subject of self- congratulation,, that you have been censured by the same hand which dares to touch a writer of such acknow- ledged excellence. The apology which you have alledged in behalf of yourself and your fel- low sufferer, will be heard with approbation by your impartial judges, I mean your enlight- ened countrymen. Allow me also to say a few words ib Vindication of the Btyle of Mr Hall, which has been so unmercifully condemned in the above publication. Mr. Hall, though a Baptist, is a man of liberal views, and possess- es a soul which cannot be fettered by any nar- row and selfish system ; he loves excellence and consistency wherever they are found. Hence he was a great admirer of tbe lkte pious, judi- cious, and benevolent Vicar of St. Mary's.— When therefore; he proiidfinced a mournful elegy over the grave of such a man, with whom he had lived on terms of Christian fellowship. he might be expected to do it in the most glowing language. Many of the eulogies pronounced by the an- THE QUORN HOUNDS . Wftl. MEfe'r ON Saturday, Nov. 14^- at Piestviotild Monday, -— 16— atGa% Wednesday, —— 18— at Marstod Villaaft Thursday, 19— at Hallaton Village Saturday, — 21— at Gtifnley Monday, 23— at VI est 1- angtoii Each day at half past ten o'clock* SIR BELLINGHAM GRAHAM'S HOUNDS, MEET ON Saturday, Nov. 14— at Hall End Monday, — a- 16— at Swinfen Tuesday, — 17— at Elford Wednesday, IS— at Aldrjrtge Friday, 20— at Sibson. Saturday, 21— at Merevale Monday, • 25— at ArUnry Each day at halt- pait ten o'clock. hrcsitt was over- uuHeu, uui mc i. uinij . « ....„ « , —-- — .. > , . , appeared to be the fact. It came out before ! ciont orators, would i^ ated » FAIRS. Nov. 16— Fazelev, Woodcote 1,7— Hayward Heath. Wellington, Warjff^ Market Harborongft IS— Dortstor. e TO CORRESPONDENTS The communicatior. i transmitted fro « Htnekl^, we observe have already appeared ii^ iitftlif* p;.;..-. r~' Leicester Journal, atid Midland Counties General Advertiser. L'AMOUR. ' Tis sufd young LOVK seeks myrtle bowers, To rest tits downy will5 ( ' Tis Mid he iivos in SIIIIUIHT flowers, Ami forms tin; bliss of Spring. But where, when wintry pales destroy The Summer's leafy scat, And chills the woodland notes of joy— Oil! where shall love retreat? " Forhear these plaints, ( yonng Love replied, And ivhisp'nlig Kcho taught lie sound to every heart that sigh'd, The tone to every thought.) Deem not, when Spring's soft zephyrs breathe, Tltat hove alone haspower ; Or that lie lives in Summer wreath, To die in wintry hour. You'll iind him with the. faithful soul, In palace, cot, or eel!; You'll meet hiin at the Arctic pole;— • True IJOVC. k IOWS no farewell! fee can survive the'torrid zone— Brave Ocea I'S bosom too; The happiest hearts he calls his own, And makes 1ns home with you!: Tiii'. r! strike the harp, ami tinie. the lay, Ami let the fireside cheer; Young l « ve wilt gild the waning day. Anil bless the coining year." LORD CYRON's Stsider. ee in the Intend of Mytdcne. A correspondent of the New Monthly Ma* a- kl. i?, who signs liiinsi;!! " J. M. Mjlford," j{ i » es the following interesting account of Lord By- ron's residence in, the island of Mityleue : " In sailing through the Grecian Archipela- go, 011 board one' of his Majesty's Vessels, in the year 1812, we put into the harbour of Mite lcpt\ in the island of that name. We landed as usual, at the bottom of the bay, and whilst the men employed in watering, and the purser bargaining for cattle with tile natives, thecler- fcymun and myself took a ramble to the cave called limner s School, and other places, where we- hud been before. Oil the brow of Mount Ida ( a small montien- ie so named) we met with and engaged a young Greek as our guide, who told Us he had come ffom Scio with au English lord, who left the island four days previous to our arrival in Ids felucca. " He engaged me as pilot," said the Greek, " and would have taken ttje with him, but I did Hot choose to quit Mity- lene, where I am likely to get married. He was nn ydd, but a very g<"*) d num. The cot- tage over the hill, facing the liver, belongs to him, a id he it, us left an old man in charge of it: he gave Dimiinick, the wine trader, six hundred eechide* lor it, ( about £ 250 English currency.) aud has resided there alwmt 14 months,- though not constantly; for he sails in his felucca very often to the different islands." " This account excited our curiosity very nmch, ami we lost no time in hastening to the house were our eountrymau bad resided. We were kindly rcpeiyed by an old man. who con- ducted us over the mansion. It consisted of 4 apartments on the ground floor, an entrance hail, adrawing room, a sitting parlour, and A bod room, with a spacious closet annexed.— Tbey were nil simply decorated ; plain green stained walls, marble tables on either side, a large myrtle in the centre, and a small fountain beneath, which could be made tit play through the bra. iches by moving a spring fixed in the side of a sin., II bronze Venus in a leaning pos- ture; a, large conch or sofa completed the fur- niture. Iuttic halt stood half a dozen English • hairs. ami MI empty book case; there were no itjirrois. nor a single painting. The bedcham- ber had merely a largo mattress spread on the floor, . with two - stuffed cotton quilts' tflid a pli low— tiie common bed throughout Greece. In the sitting room we observed a marble recess, formerly the old man told us, filled with books u ad papers, uhitli were then iii a large sea- man's chest in the closet; it was o|> en, but we did not think ourselves justified in examining the contents. O11 the tablet of the recess lay Voltaire's, Shakespeare's,. Boileau's, and Rous- seau's works pomplete ; Volney's Ituins of Em- pires; Zimmerman, in the German language; Klopstock's Messiah; Kotschue's novels; Schil- ler's play of the Robbers; Milton's Paradise - lost, au Italian edition, printed at Parma, in 131.0; and several small pamphlet* from the Greek press at Constantinople, much torn.— Most of these books were filled with marginal notes, written w ith a pencil in Italian and La- tin. The Messiah was literally scribbled all over, and marked with slips of paper, on which also were remarks. " The appearance of the house externally was pleasing. The portico in front was titty paces long and fourteen broad, and I he fluted marble • pillars with black plinths and fret work cor- nices, ( asit is now customary in Grecian arejii- teeiure.) were considerably higher than the roof. The roof surrounded by a fine light stone balustrade, w iis covered by a line Turkey car- pet, beneath au awning of strong coarse linen. Most of the house tops are thus furnished, fts npon them the Greeks pass their evenings fn smoking drhiking light wines, eating fruit, and enjoying the availing breeze. • " t> n the left hand, as we entered the house, a small streamlet glided away, grapes, oranges, and limes were clustering together 011 its bor- ders, and unler the shade of two large myrtle bushes, a marble seat, with an ornamental wooden back was planed, 011 which we were tohi, the lord passed many of his evenings and nights till twelve o'clock, reading, writing, and talking to iiimself. " I suppose," said the old 1 man, ** praying, for he U very devout, and al- , way s attended our church twice a week besides Sundays," " Tlie vien from this seat was what might be termed " a bird's eye view." A line of rich • iOBjraids led the eye to Mount Calcla, covered - with olive afi< i myrtle trees tn bloom, aud on the sitmmilof which au ancient Greek temple appeared in majestic decay. A small stream issuing from th. i ruins descended id broken cas- cades. until it was lost in flie woods near the mountain's base. The sea, smooth as glass, and au horizon Unshadowed by a single cloud, terminates the view in liront; and a little 011 the left, through a vista of lofty chesuut and palia trees, several small islands were distinctly ob- served, studding the light blue w ave with spots of eoieral grofci. I seldom enjoy ed a view more than 1 did this; but our enquiries were fruitless us to flu- name of the person who had resided in this romautw? solitude: none knew his name but Dominick, his banker, who had gone to Ca.- idia. " The Armenian," said aur conductor " eould tell, but I am sure be will not." " And cannot you tell, old frieud!" said I.—" III can, said he, I dare not." We hud not time to visit the Armenian, but on our return to the town we learnt several partjculars of the isolated lord. He had portioned eight you tig- g- irUwhen he was taut upon tue Island, and even danced with tiie- Ji at the nuptial feast. He gave a cow to one man, hoi ues to others, and eolton and silk to the girls who live by weaving these articles. He also bought a new boat for a fisherman v. bo had lost his own in a gale, and he often gave Greek testaments to the poorchildern. In short he appeared to us from all we collected, to have been a very eccentric > 1011 benevolent charac- ter. One circumstance w e learnt which ourold friend at the cottage thought proper not to dis- close. He had a most beautiful daughter, with whom the lord was often seen walking011 the seashore, and hehft- 1 brought her a pianoforte and taught herhiimclf ti. e use i f it. " Birch was the information w ith which we de- parted from the peaceful isle of Mitylene; our iiuaginaiioii all on the rack, guessing who this rambler in Greece could I. e. He had money it was evident ; be had philanthropy of disposi- tion, and ali t! « « , c eccentricities which mark peculiar genius. Arrived at Palermo, ali our doubts were dispelled. Falling in company with Mr. Foster, the architect, a pnpil of Wy- att's, who had been travelling in Egypt and Greece, " the indi\' lual," said he. " about whom you are so anxious, is Lord Byron ; I met him in my travels 011 the island ofTenedos, and I also visited him at Mitylene." I make this statement, believing it- not quite uninteresting, am! in justice to hisLordship's good name which has been grossl y'slandered, lie has been de- scribed as of an Unfeelingdisposition. averse to associating with human nature,- or contributing in any way to sooth its sorrovrs, or add to its pleasures. The fact is directly the reverse, as may be plainly gathered from these little anec- dotes No man can read the preceding pleas- ing " traits" without feeling proud of him as a Countryman. With respect to his loves or plea- sures, 1 do not assume a right to give an opi- nion. Reports are ever to be received with caution, particularly when directed against man's moral integrity j aud he who dares justi- fy himself before the awful tribunal where all must appear, alone may censure the errors of a fellow mortal. Lord Byron's clmraoter is worthy of his genius. To do good 111 secret and shun the world's applause, is the surest testi- mony of a virtuous heart and self- approving conscience." WOODBRIDGE SS2SIONS. Parish Officers paying their Husbandry Labour- ers part of their Wages out of the Poor's Kates. At these Sessions, on Thursday, came on to oe heard another appeal against the accounts of the late Churchwardens and Overseers of the parish of Hollesley. The Rev. William Bolton, Appellant; Mr. Jcptha Waller, Churchwarden, and Mr. Robert Barthrppp and 1.3r. H. Lloyd, Overseers, Respondents. John Spalding was sworn:— He WAS a la- bourer in Hollesley, With Mr, Barthropp, from March - till harvest; his wr. ges were Is per day, arid made 15s fid in all ; lie received this fiewi Mr. Barthropp; understood ! « per day « a « from his own pocket, and the rest from Ik' Pa- rish ; he received those wages from March t'.< l June, when his girl went to service; he thea received J. 3s ( id : Mr. Barthropp employed 22 men ; does net know how many acres Mr. Bar- thropp occupies; there was no want of w ork at Halleslev at the time wheh he raseived 15s Cd or 13s - Cd. Some items were then read from the Parish book, to prove that Mr. Barthropp had entered £ 11 7s Oid as relief paid to this man. W. Richardson was then sworn.— His evi- dence was very similar- to that of J. Sp. ldin^ ; but besides w hat he proved respecting himself, ( ic proved that about 27 persons, giving their names, were similarly employed by Sir. Barth- ropp. Eight other persons gave similar evi- dence of working for one or other of the Parish Oil cers. B. Bridges sworn — In January, 1811, work- ed with Mr. Lloyd; stayed till April; was em-, ployed in fencing and thrashing; received 13s a week; does not sa , how those wages were paid: had 110 idea - he had any parish relief; lias two children ; has house of liis own, and two acres of land; did fiot know he was a paup< r. Mr. J. Woodnough sworn.— Is a parishioner of Hcilesley : occupies a I- cut one hundred and fifty acres in that parish.; is acquainted with the other occupier* : there areabout three thousand acre* * rt land in the parish. Mr. Banhrojip has 1100 or 1200 acres; cannot say how much ara- ble; about 3- Jths arable ; about four labourers are required for 100 acres of arable lam'; large oijeupr. tions require fewer; about 1 in 8 less.=— Mr. Barthropp employs. 28 or 30; Mi. Lloyd has 160 or 100 acres ; has the Same proportion of arable ; employs 5 or G men. Mr. Waller has 650 aeres, about the same proportion of arable as Mr. Barthropp and Mr. Lloyd; em- ploys about 1C men; the fair wages of a labour-^ er are about 2s fid a- day ; a labourer can main- tain himself, a wife, and S'or 4. chihlieu, the wfljp doing something ; he is a director of the poor in the hundreds of Loes and Wilford; when the wages are 2s a- day, the labourers are allowed from the workhouse Is fid for each child more than three; he employs six labourers; pays each 2s fid ' a- day; some work by the' piece; when they w ork by the day he pays them ls9d; all have allowance;, when labourers receive al- lowance, they have no more wages, Iti Hoiks- ley parish, in the common course of husbandry, eighty labourers are requisite; three are not HO labourers in the parish belonging to it; last year all labourers were sent to tileirow 11 parish- es to be employed ; some pf his men w ere on the parish about six weeks, because the labourers working for other faimers received Cd a- day wages and the rest from the parish ; lie had fonndthe bad effect of this, having to pay pari of others' labourers s » s well as his own ; 2 years ago his poor rates amounted to £ 29. the follow- ing yeaij to £ 70. aud then in half a year to £ 60. About last April lie paid his men theirinll wages again. Broom w as Mr. Bolton's tithe Collector; he knows not on w hat terms,- for part of the work done, he took more of Mr. Bolton than he hini- sell paid. Cioss- cjamined.— He was at a Parish- meet- ing; the men were distributed ; he took none; he produced at the meeting a scale of relief fix- ed by the magistrates for men who had not work; some were to have more than 15s a week, when they had large families; he discov- ered, by the Act of Parliament, that the scale was illegal, most of the officers were informed so; the magistrates said they should hire 12s a- week, the rest according to their family; about 4 men are requisite for 100 aeres of arable land; wages ought to he the same to single men as to mariifd men with families; if they work the same; a man in health can earn 15s a week;— what he requires pi ore must be mside up by the parish; he has nothing to do in this appeal; he employs wore nien at harvest than at other times. — Mr. Bolton does not always want the same number of men, . Examined by 3Jr. ? iokii.— A man, whether single or married, if lie earns the same, has a right to the snipe wages : some single men en- deavour to save $ littie money bi( oTu marrying. John Capon sworn.— He is acquainted with Hollesley ; has lived there 40 years ; there are about 60 labourers in the parish belonging to it; there is sufficient employ in a regular Course, without creating work for the purpose; he keeps a shop. Mr. Primrose sumhied Up the evidence with great ability ; and Mr. Jessopp made a very energetic speech, of considerable letigth. indiilg- ing much in invective against the- Appellant, and concluded by entreating that if the Bench would disallow some part or the accounts, they would not go to the extent of ruining the ofli- cers ; and reminded the Magistrates, that jus- tice was always best administered, when tem- pered with mercy. % A little after 6 o'clock, the magistrates with- drew, and in about half an hour, returned and delivered their decision,'— that " the disallowed £ C8 10s of the accounts, which, w ith a balance that appeared in the book, of £' 95 13s 2d mak- ing in all £ 164 3s ' 2d they directed to be paid over to the succeeding officers. DISTURBANCE AT ETON COLLEGE. A considerable degree of uneasiness was ex- cited during the last week, in consequence of certain indications of a rebellious and refracto- ry spirit among tliejnveaile community at Eton Colk- ge. For several days these young gentie- men kept the tow n in a state of uproar, and in tlicir oirn immediate quarters did some serious mischief, as well a* offered the grossest indig- nities to J) t. Keatc, the head of the College.— At first it w, ns apprehended that all subordina tion was at an end, and that it wculd be impos- sible for the business of this highly respectable institution to proceed; by the firm and decisive conduct of Dr. Keate, however, aided by the other masters, aud by m<'; ing a proper exam- ple of some of the ringleaders, peace was re- stored, and we are happy to state, that yester- day the whole of the school had returned to a proper sense of tjieir duty, aad submitted to those regulations which it is pccuiir. rly their swn interest to observe. The precise origin of this disturbance does not seem to be clearly understood, but aa tar as we have lieen able to ascertain, it arises out of the followiug circuaistanr. es:— For some time back, the senior lads of the college, iiaving arrived at that age, when coer- cion of any sort becomes irksome, und when pleasure has more attractions thau study, have thought proper to extend their excursions be- yend thoae bounds w hich the prudence of their superiors had thought proper to fix as the limit ol their walks. Being thus beyond all coatronl save that of their own fancy, they gave way to their natural inclinations, and speut tlie liber- al allowances made tiwva by their parents, iu the most expensive as well as dangerous amuse- ments; such 11s hunting, shooting, driving, and sports of a like description. Or. Keatc wasjier- fectly aw are that these practices existed; but snch was the honorable tenacity with which the boys kept each other's secrets, that he could never bring home a charge of this description against any one individual, although he was quite satisfied who the slenders were. Re- peated instances of the sort having come okh- in- his knowledge without bCicj able to correct what he found to be au increasing evil, fee de- termined to exert rt » Rt'a » fhority with which he was - empowered, and which he deemed essen- tial to the interests of those eutrusted to his care. To tbis end he: issued an order that the boys should " Lock up!" that is to say retire to the bouses in which I hey boarded and lodged, and not be scru o- jt afterwards, at five o'clock — ti. e hour ha'. log formerly » een si*. This, " by the senior boys, was considered an unjustifiable innovation upon their liberties, and especially by those whose inclinations led them to seek pleasure from other sources than their books.— A strong sensation of discontent became mani- fest throughout the college, and at last two in- dividuals, the son of Mr. Marriott, M. P. und tl » e son ol SSr. Justice Holroyd, refused, when directed by Dr. Keaie, to retire to their dames ( the house ot their landlady) at the lime stipu- lated by the new regulation. Dr. Keate, upon this direct opposition to bis authority, lost, no timcin writing to the parents of the yonng mu- tineers, desiring that they might be removed from the college, preferring rather this gentle modi; of proceeding than having recourse to the more serious sentence of expulsion So far was this conduct from producing a salutary effect, that it obly acted like oil upon fire, and excited a more alarming- flame. The boys assembled together timiultuously, and seemed resolved upon committing some desperate act, by which they thought they would be enabled to recover" their supposed ascendancy. The first step of this description was of a private nature, and consisted of an attack upon the desks and benches in the school, 111; ny oT which, after , nightfall, were torn up and destroyed. This was discovered to be the act of a few, and n suspicious character w as charged as a particeps erimtiiu. Finding himself in danger of punish- ment, he denounced the real delinquents. The na:. lcs » f these gentlemen, we understand, are Messrs. White, Pitt, May, and Jackson.—— Against these, Dr. Keate, upon finding their guilt confirmed, pronounced sentence of expul- sion ; after which he addressed the whole school on the . impropriety of their conduct, and ex- pressed a hope that the se\ ere example he had made would have the effect < jf inducing them to return to those haldu of order and regularity which the existence of . jb'e' College demanded. — One of Hifc gentlemen who was present— Mr. Palk, brother to Sir Lawrence, answered in an under, but unfortunateiy too audible a toue— " never ;" and he too shared the fate of his for- mer companions: he was likewise sentenced to be expelled. The uproar now became more serious. The school resounded with exclama- tions against the injustice of Dr. Rente; and matters wentso fartliat he was pelted with eggs and otherwise insulted More mischief v. as done in the school, find several panes of glass were broken This imprudent intemperance of course only led to new severity, & 2 more were added to the list of those expelled, namely, the Messrs. Klton, major& minor, thus making in all 7 students expelled, and fZ sent from the school. — During the ensuing evenings, up to Friday, night, there w as a good deal of mischief done, such as pushing down walls and breaking win- dows : but this, at lengtjj, by the establishment of proper watehmeu, was finally stopped ; and we sincerely trust the severity to which Dr. Keate has had recouse, w ill have the effect of preventing the recurrence of similar nets of in- subordination in fu ure. The punishment in- curred by the gentlemen cxpeiietf, is perhaps more serious than the public are generally ap- prised of, it amounts in fact to an exclusion fiouitlic colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, as well as renders the offender ineligible to hold a commission in hisJMajesty's service. One of the gentlemen expelled w as about to be remov- ed to KIDG's Coilege, Cambridge, aad was in- tended for the church. He must now choose some new path in life. It is but due to the offenders in general to state, that except in the way we have describ- ed, they were attentive to their several duties, and conformed to the directions of their respec- tive masters. They attribute the high spirit of resentment which they exhibited, to some has- ty expression of Dr. Keate's, which they sup- posed was meant to apply to the whole com- munity ; but which on the other hand is said to have been used only tovvards one individual, who made use of improper language, und then skulking among his companions, did nott ome manfully forw ard and avow himself. The num- ber of pupils at Kton amounts, we belive, to 530, who come from all parts of the kingdom, and hence a lively interest must be felt for the welfare of the establishment.— From Sunday's Obset nor. THE PETERSFIF. LI) TRUE BLUE CLUB. Wednesday being the 4th of November, se- veral of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of Pc- tersfield : md its vicinity, met at the sign of the King William III. in the Market Square of that town, when it was determined to establish a Club, to be called " The Petersfield True Iilue Club," to eglebrate annually the commemora- tion of the Revolution of lfib. H, and to perpetu- ate tjK! principles which conduced to that great event, nnd the beneficial consequences w hich have resulted from it. At this meeting a Chair- man and Dejrafy Chairman, Treasurer and Se- cretary, Were chosen for the year ensuing, and it was arranged that an half yearly meeting of the Club should be held on the anniversary ( f the battle of Waterloo. After the business ol'the meeting w as finished the company supped toge- ther, and with great conviviality and hilarity kept it up until a late hour. In the course of the evening the tollowieg, among many other toasts, were given with the usual plaudits, and several excellent songs were sung by the icem- bt rs. The King— the Prince Reger. t, and the other branches oft'.: e Royal Family, and may they al- ways adhere to the principles which sealed their aucestors pn the throne of these realms— the Maty of Old England— the Array— the Revolu- tion of 1688, and the memory of those illustri- ous persons who brought about that glorious event— the immortal memory of King William, whose Statute adorns the Squiiie of this Bo- rough^- the landed interest, and may its inde- pendence and influence always be supported by tlm people— the Constitution of the Country in Church and Mate, as established in IC88, and may it continue unimpaired to the latest poster- ity— the Freeholders of Petersfield, may they never relax in their endeavours to recover and maintain the free exercise of their Rights, and the Independence of the Borough- r- Mr. Patrick and the other freeholders w ho have so uniformly supported the general interests of the town— Mr. Norris. ami'success to the Agricultural Society of Petersfield— the Ladies of Peters- field— tlia Freeholders of Hampshire, and may they always support the Independence and In- tegrity of the County— may the enjoyment of Civil and Religious Liberty never be interrupt- ed by the indiscretion of its friends, or depress- ed by die power of its enemies— the memory of Mr. Chuicher, and may bis benevolent inten- tions be always carried intp effect— the Magis- tracy of the county— prosperity to the city of Winchester, the privileges of which were in early times. graufed to the Burgesses of this bo- rough— the Landed and Commercial Interest, aud may they be for ever united. . During the evening the health of Mr. Atclie- son, ( the founder of the " Pitt Club). Lord Sta- wetl,- Mr. Bouhain, Mr. Hoper, and General Hbgonin, were also severally drank with three times three. On the Equestrian Statute above alluded to, there is an admirable inscription in elegant Latin, expressive of the principles aud sentiments of the public spirited, nnd disinter- ested individual, at whose expenseit was erect- ed. ije was a tiue friend of rational liberty, and lie promoted extensively the welfare and happiness of his townsmen and fellow citizens. The following is a literal translation of the in- scription:—" To the Most Noble and lllustii- " ous Prince, William the Third, w ho so high- " Iv deserved the gratitude ol these kingdoms, " for the many and signal offices w hich he ren- " dered to the people: Who seasonably pre- " served our pure and sincere worship of God: " Who bravely sustained the drooping State, " restored the free forceof the laws, and strength^ ened the authority of the Senate! That no " testimony might be w anting, with how much " love and emulation HE admired tinI RTY IT- " SKLr, as well as this its celebrated Avenger, " VVti. LtAM JoLtFFE, Esq. erected this Statute " to- liis memory, and placed it in this town."— This excellent and patriotic gentleman was the great g rand father of one of the present' Members for this borough, and who soon after the erec- tion of ibis Statute was Knighted. Some of the charters of this borough, and oilier ancient records relating to it, have been recently discovered; they possess much inter- est, nnd shew the antiquity and importance of the place. B} J one of these charters, privileges similar to those enjoyed by the citizens of Win- chester were, w ith a guild, & c. granted to the burgesses of Petorsfield in A. D. 1190. And the town appears to have been of considerable note in the time of Ilenry II. Freehold Estate, ' i'ythe- fi re, Leicestershire. To he boid bv " Private Contract, : AMost desirable freehold estate, situated at Barsby. in the county of Leicester, con- sisting of a farip lionse with suitable offices, and one hundred and eight acres of grazing laud, ty the free, and land tax redeemed. The above estate is now occupied by Mr. J. WAITJON, yearly tenant, who will shew it, and give reference for particulars. liars by is nine miles from Leicester, ic a pleasant part pftlie county. Fraud Prevented. rrV) counteract tbe- mai- y attempts that are dnily 1 u'adc to impose on the unwary a spurious composition instead of Genuine Blacking prepared by Day alid Mai tin they are induced to adopt a new label ill which iheir- signatureand address, 97, HIGH HOLBOKN, Is jilaccd so conspicuously in the cenuc of the label, that tliev trust au attention to iliis, and tlic differenc e of the type which is unlike all letter- pros,- w ill enable purchasers at once to detect the imposition. The Keal Japan Bt. wkin ® , made andsofd whole- salt by DAY AND MAK'JIN, 97, Hi^ h Ifolboru, ai d retailed by the principal - Grocers, Drugsists, Bookseller*, Ironmongers, PenfiiHicrs, Hoot- fliak. ers, < SFC. in tlie United Kingdom. hi Bottles at t> d. l. s, and Is. 6d. each. A copy of the Label will be lefi with all - Veil' ders. MARKET HERALD. Mart- lane. Monday. Am. 9. 1818. Our supply of Wheat v. as tolerably largetijis morning, from Essex. Kent, and Suffolk, and having had nlso considerable arrivals frcm abroad since this day week, caused heavy sale for this article ; but fine qualities supported the prices of last Monday.— Barley was 4s per quarter lower than on this day se'nnight, but better sale than on Friday ; the supply from our ow n coast being small, and chiefly consisting of what remained over lust Friday.— Oats were 2 » dearer than 011 Friday.— In Pease, Beans, and other ajticles, there was 110 alteration. A VERACE PRICE OF CORX, . ( pKR QUARTER) IX FJSGLAND AND WALKS, For the Weeh. erdivg C( t, 3lst, 1818. T O T A L. Wheat Rye Barley Oats Bears Prose s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. 81 6 j 61 2 | 62.2 I 35 4 | 76 0 | 71 11 Oatmeal, per boll, of 1401b SSs 7d J? ETCH A PRiCh . OH BOARD SHIP Foreign Wheat Fine ditto English Wheat Fine ditto Old ditto Rye .......,., Fine ditto. Barley - Fine New ditto Malt Fine Old White Pease... Fine Grey ditto . .. Fine ditto Tick Beans ( new).... Fine Small Tick Beans .. Old ' Feed Oats ( new) .... Fine Poland ditto ( new) .. Fine Potatoe Onts.., OF OKA / iv. AS CMri rt. , 60s. • C4s. . 66s. • 70s. - — s, . 55s. . — s. . 42s, . — s. . 60s. . 60s. . 70s. . —^ s. . 60s, . —- s. . 62s. • - 7- s. . 66s, . — s. . 6€ s . <— s. . 26s, . 32s, . 32s . 34s, . 34s • to. . TOs • to.. 78s • to. . fit) s • to.- 76s . to.. n2* - to. . fies . to..— » • to. .48s • to.. 64s • to.. 72 » • to. . fig, • to,. 8tis • to.. 84s • to.- C3s • to..— » . to.. eo » • to.. P8S . to.. 70s . to.. 72s • to. .70s . to.. 74 » • to. .30s • to.. 37s • to... S6a . to. ,38s • to.. 38s PRICE OF FLOUR. Town made Flour C5a,. to.. 70s J rrer Ditto Seconds......... 60s.. to.. 65s S finch Bran 15s- - to- - IPs ) per Fine Pollard .•••- 18s-- to-- Sfis S Quarter Rape Seed ( new) .. A'< 10- to- -£' 48 per Last PRICE OF MEAT. SMITHFIELD, MONDAY Aw. ft. To sinh the offal— per stone of ' Slb. Beef. .3s 8d to Ss Od I Veal.. 6s 4d to Gs Cd Mutton4s Od to 5s Gd | Fork, ,5s Od to Cs € d HFCAD OF CATTLE THIS DAY. Beasts, about 3120 I Calves ICO Sheep 17140] Pigs 320" ~~ PRICE OF LEATHER. per lb. Butts, 50 to 66lbs each . Ditto, 56 to Ciiibs each . Dressing Hides . Fine Coach Hides zoo to ava Crop Hides, 36 to 40/ A> for cutting 18d to VM Ditto 46 toMvs « > d to Calf Skins 30 to 40/ i* I Ditto 50 tp 70lbs ....... Ditto 70 to mlhs Small Seals ( Greenland)......., Large ditto per dozen... RAH HIDES. rKR STONE. per 16* . .22d to 24d ' . .25d to 27d .-. ISd to 2(,' d . 20d to 22d • 23d to 27d ... 3! d to 41d .- 4ad to 3 » & .. 24d to 27d ros.. to.. iooi Heifers, ,2s 8d to 8s 2< 1 Steers... 2s 8d to 3 » 2d Middlings2s 4d to 2s 8d „ , SUe EI Polled.. — - to 6s Od Downs.. 3s 6d to 4s Od ft It STONE. Ordinary 2s0d to 2s 4d C » if. 1 Is Od English Horse.. OsOd SKINS. Shearlings...... c* OJ Lanrl. s. , s3. . to. . l* 0d PRICE OF HOPS. NKW BAGS. Kent. £ 6 Os . to..£ 7 7s Sussex. .. 6 12s- to-, ' 6 10s Foreign Hops . .3 Os.. to.. 4 43 NEW POCKETS. Kent s-- to-- £ 8 12s Sussex-.. 6 9s •• 0 Os-- tO-. 7 ,5s ICssex...... 7 Os- to-- 8 tis Fnrnhnm.. 9 Os- to-- T2 Os PRICE OF FAT, PER STONE 01 EIGHT POUNDS. Stated by TaUotr Metiers. | Stated by the Rulehcrs. St. James's... ,5s fid Whifechapel . .5s 6d Average, ,5s 6d St. James's .. .5s 6d Whitecliapel .. 6s 6< 1 Average, ,6s 6d • to.. 94s Od to- COs Od • to* - 86> Od • to • • f Cs Od PRICE OF TALLOW, SOAP, 5c. per 112lb. Town Tallow... — sCd.. Yellow Russia • • — s Od • • White ditto — s Od • Soap ditto — s Od vu Melting Stuff ... 70s Od • • to - • fclis Od Ditto Rough ••• 54s Od- to.. 5fis Otl Yellow Soap 112s j Mcttledl24s | Curd 12gs Palml28s | Graves 24s Od | Good Dregs lOg d Price ofCandh.!, per do?. 14s Gd— Monlds 16s Od ( iii per do?, idlowed for ready money. HOME MARKET, PRICE OF CORN AM) FLOUR, 1M LF. ICKSTEa M AJiKF. T, On Saturday, NoVEMBEB ~ th, 1818. , WpCTIKSTRR MEASinE. per Quarter. Vvrheat.... 80s to Rye — s to Barley 66s to Oats.,.,., 32s to Beans 70s to Fine Flour • 1 Seconds ditto Thirds ditto.. per Quarter Hog Pease — r to JJiuePcase — s to — s Oatmeal.. — s to 8ds Pale Malt 100s to 113s *> 8s 66s 80s 42s 80s -• 6ds., to .. 65s.. to. • • 63s. . to. 70s j 67s < ' J. SMITH, Receiver of Aesize Return! PRINTED and I'musirFn by JOHN PKICIE, Murlut Place, Leicester. This Paper is regularly filed in, LONDON, at the lj> netnn, Chapter, . aod 1' itl's Coffee lit/ uses; and by Me^ s/ s. NKVTON ami CO. No. 5, AVarwick- sijiiare, Newcate- strect; andby J. Wlli'IE, No. 33, lieet- stiect; where Advertise- ments are received. Adrcrtiseimnt* ire ui^ v received, and the Paperdistribnti d, by Mr. Ad.. ui(, Druggist, Loughborough ; Mr. Barrow , Kegworth; Mr. Bead? more, Ashby- de- la- Zcr. ch; Mr. l estei, Sheepshead; Miss Ward, Hinckley ; Mrfsrs. Day and Co. Meltrtf. ; Mr. Bottrill, l, Mtenr< Mih'; Mr. W. Dyde, Hatha; or. gli j Mr. GlcVt- i, Ha^ y and Grantham,
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