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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Volume Number: LXVII    Issue Number: 3452
No Pages: 4
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser

Date of Article: 02/10/1818
Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Address: Market Place, Leicester
Volume Number: LXVII    Issue Number: 3452
No Pages: 4
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AND MIDLAND COUNTIES uroal GENERAL ADVERTISER. VOL. LXVll. Printed and Published hy John Price, Market- plaeLeicesteri No. 3452 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1810. { Circulated throtfgh . tlie principal Tciwhs'iiiid populous Villages in the Counties of Leicester, fta I Lincoln, Nottingham; Derby, Stiitiord, Warwick, Northampton, Cambridge, and York. Ratland, i j i& mck SEvfia HtM^- bn I PAPER Hi Ph# IT.. 3d > TICWR SKIUWA- FES per Qtufter NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rrVHAT on Monday tbe fourteenth day of J September instant, an Older was signed by EDWYN ANDREW BURSARY, Esquire, and the Reverend JOHN DUDLEY, Clerk, two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and frtr the county of Leicester, for diverting- and turning a certain part of a public Highway, within the township Of Burton- upon- the- Woulds, and the parish of Prestwould, in tbe hundred of East Goscote, in the said eouuty, lying between the parishes or townships of Rurtou- upon- the- Woulds and Loughborough, in the said county of Leicester, for the length of seven furlongs, and one hundred and twenty one yards, or there- abouts, and particularly described and marked r « rfin the Plan to the said Order annexed ; and for setting out a new Highway in lieu thereof through the lands and grounds of Charles James Paeke. Esquire, and Charles Godfrey Mundy, Esquire, of the length of seven furlongs, and ninety one yards, or thereabouts, and of the breadth of thirty feet or tberealiouts, particular- ly described atid marked green in fhe said Plan annexed to the said Order;— and that the said Order will be lodged with the . Clerk . of the Peace for the said couuty, atthe next General Quarter Sessions ofthe Peace, to be bolden at the- Castle of Leicester, in and for the said coun- ty, on Monday the nineteenth day of October next:— and also, that the said Order will, at the said Quarter Sessions, be confirmed and enroll- ed, unless, upon an appeal against the same, to be then made, it be otherwise determined. Prestwould, 15th Septembur, 1818. N. B.— Tbe said Order, with the Plan annex- ed now lies for Inspection at the Office of Messrs. Cradoek and Son, Solicitors, Lough- borough. . Notice is hereby given, rrMI AT on Monday the fourteenth day of Sep- JL tember instant, an Order wa- s signed by EDWYN'ASDREW Bi'RNABY, Escjuire. and the Reverend JOHN DUDLEY, Clerk, two of his Majesty's Justices ofthe Peace in and for the county of Leicester, for diverting and turning a certain part of a Public highway Within the parish of Prestwould, in the hundred of East Goscote, in the said county, lying between the parishes <> f Hoton anil Barrow- upon- Soar, and through Prestwould aforesaid, in the said coun- ty, for the length from Barrow- upon- Soar to Hoton aforesaid, of live furlongs and sixty two yards, or thereabouts, from Barrow upon Soar to Prestwould aforesaid, for the length of three furlongs, or thereabouts, and from Prestwould to Hoton aforesaid, for the length of two fur- longs and sixty- two jards or thereabouts, and particularly described and marked Red in the Plan annexed to the said Order, and for setting out a new Highway in lieu thereof, through the lands and grounds of Charles James Packe, Es- quire, ofthe length from Barrow upon Soar to Hoton aforesaid, of five furlongs and one hun- dred and seventy six yards, or thereabouts, of the length from Harrow upon SoaitoPrestwoulil aforesaid, of tour furlongs and one hundred and eighty four yards, or thereabouts, ami of the length from Prestwould to Hoton aforesaid, of three furlongs and one hundred and forty seven yards, or thereabouts, and the whole of the last named Highways ofthe breadth of thirty feet or thereabouts, and particularly described and marked Green in the said Plan annexed to the said Order. And that the said Order will be lodged with the Clerk of the Peace for the said county, atthe next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, to be holden at the Castle of Leicers- ter, in and for the said county, on Monday tbe nineteenth day of Octolier next. and also that the said Order will at the said Quarter Sessions be confirmed nnd enrolled, unless upon an Ap- peal against the same to be then made, it be otherwise determined. Prestwouid, 15th ( Sept. 1818. S N. B. The said Order, with the Flatl an- nexed, now lies Ibr inspection at the Otfsce of Mesa's. CRADOCK. and Soft, Solicitors, Loughborough. • NOTICE IS HEREBY G'. VSN, RITHAT on Monday the fourteenth day of 1 September instant, an Order was signed by EDWYN ANDREW UURNA. BY, Esquire, anil tbe Reverend JOHN DUDLEY', Clerk, two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, in and for the county of Leicester, for diverting ami turning a certain part of a public Bridle- way, within the township of BuiTon- upbu- t'ec- AVouh's anil parish of PreBtwould. in the Huudred of EastGoscote. in the said county, lying between tbe parishes or townships of Burton- upon- the- Wonlds afore- said, and Loughborough in the said county, for the length of nine hundred and ninety yards, or thereabouts, and particularly described and marked red in the Plan annexed lo the said Order:— and for setting out anew bridleway in lieu thereof, through the lands and grounds of Charles James Backe. Esquire, of the length of eight hundred and twenty four yards, or there- abouts, and of the breadth of nine feet, or there- abouts, particularly described and market! green in tbe Plan annexed to tire said Order. And that tlie said Order will be lodged with the Clerk ofthe Peace f. ir the said county, at the nextGe- tieral Quarter Sessions of the Pence « , to be hold- en at the Castle of Leicester, in and for the said county, on Monday the nineteenth day of Octo- ber next; and ab-. o that the said Order will, at the said Quarter Sessions, be confirmed and en- rolled, unless, upon an appeal against the same to be then made, it be otherwise determined. Prestwould, 15lh September, * I818. N. B.— The said Order, with the Plan annex- ed. now lies for inspection at the olfice of Messrs. Cradock and Son, Solicitors, Lough- borough. aforesaid, and Hoton, in tbe said county, for the length of seven hundred and twenty si* yards, or thereabouts, particularly described and mark- ed red in tiic plan to the Said order annexed ; ( c for setting out a new bridleway in lieu thereof, through the lands and grounds of Charles James Packe, Esqdire, of the length of six hundred and sixty yards, or thereabouts, aud of the breadth of ninfe feet, or thereabouts, particular- ly deSbribeii rind marked green in the Pip to the said Order annexed :— and that the said Or- 1 der will he lodged with the Clerk of tbe Peace fpr tbe said county, at the next General Quarter Sessions of tbe Bcace, to bfc hidden at the Cas- tle of Leicester; in and for the . said county, oh Monday the nineteenth day of October next:— and also that the said Order will; at the said Quarter ScssjonK. " be eonfiriued ami enrolled, unless upon. nn appenl against the snnie, to be then made, it be otherwise determined. Prestwould, 15tb September, 1 « 1.8. N. B.— The said. Order, wM> tbe Plan annex- ed; now lies for inspection nt the Office of Messrs. Cradock and Son. Solicitors* Lough- borough. ofiCE is hereby given, that on Monday, _ the fourteenth day of September instant, an order was signed by Edwyn Andrew Bui- naby, Esquire, and the Reteiehd Joteii Dudley. Clerk, two of his Majesty's justices of the Peace in and for the county of Leicester, for diverting and tinning ! t cer- tain part of a public Bridleway within the parish of Prestwoiild,& township of Burtrin upon the Would* and Walton upon the WonldS; : n the Hundred of East Goscotc, and the said cftiinty of Leicester, ly- ing between the parishes or townships of Wimes- woiild, Prestwonld. liiittoh hpon thfc Wonlds, Wal- ton upon the Wonlds, and Barrow upbri Soar, in the said county', or some of them, for the length of one thntiSand one hundred and thirty nine yards, bf thereabouts, anu particularly described and marked Red in the Plan annexed to the said Order, and for setting nut anew Bridleway in lieu thereof, through the lands * nd grounds of Chntles Godfrey Mundy, E « qf » ire, of thfelbtlgth of one thousand two hundred and bine yards, Or thereabouts, and of the breadth of nine feet, or thereabouts, particularly described and marked Green ill the said Plan to the said Order annexed. Anil that the said Order will be lodged with the. Clerk Of the Peace for the saia coirntv, at the next General Quarter Sessions ofthe Peace, to be holdcn at the Castle of Leicester, in and tor the siiiil county, oil Monday the nineteenth day of October next, and also that tile said Order will at the said Quarter Sessions, be confirmed anil enrolled,- unless nptin an Appeal against the same; to be then made, it be otherwise determined. Burton upon tlie Woulds, } 15th Sept. 1818. < N, B. Tlie - aid Older with tbe Plah annexed now Vies for inspection at the Office of Messrs, CRAOOCK and SON, Solicitors, Lough bo- rouglt. , - AJ OTICE is hereby K^ en. that on Monday [ N the fourteenth clay of September instant, an order was signrd by Ethrm A- drrw Burnuby, Esquire, atid the Retctend JohkDultfrp, Clerk, two ot his Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and rV the county of Leicester, for diverting and turning a certain part of aFootway within the parish ofPrest- wonid, and township of Barton tipon the Wotilds, and parish of Walton upon the Wonlds, in the Hun- dred of East Goscnte. in the said coimtv, lying bc- tween Prestwoulii, RiirtO* Upon thfc Would*, arid Walton upon the Woiilds aforesaid, or some of them, for the length of one thousand four hundred and forty one yards, or thereabouts, ar. d particularly described and marked Red in the Plan to the said Order annexed, and for setting out a ilew Footway ill lien thereot. through the lands a. Id ground* of Charles Godfrey Mnndv, Esquire, and the Reverend Philip Lay- cock" Story, Clerk, of the length of one thousand four hundred and eighty one yards, or thcreabouts. and of the breadth of six feet, or there- abouts, ( also particularly described and marked Green in die Plan annexed to the said Order), and that ihe said Order will be lodged with the Clerk ofthe Peace for the said county, at the next Gen- eral Quarter Sessions ofthe Peace, to be hidden at the Castle of Leicester, in and fin the Said connty, on Mcnday the nineteenth day sf October next, and also that the said Order will at the said Quarter Ses- sions, be confirmed and enrolled, unless upon an Appeal against the same to be then made, it be otherwise determined. Burton upon the Woulds, ) 15th Sept. 1818. \ N. B. The S lid Order, with the Plan annexed now lies for inspection at the Office of Messrs CRADOCK and SON, Solicitors, Lough bo rough. nnd turning a public highway, within the parishes of Stapltford and Saxby, in the said hundred, lying between the village of Stapleford aforesaid, and a bridge called StpAty Bridge, in the said parish of Saxliy, of the length of ofte - mile, and ont hundred and Sti'eniy six yards, or thereabouts, particularly de- scribed in it plan, Id the said order annexed, and therein celmived Orange, into a new highway, to he unfile through lands of ROBERT EART. OF HAREO- ROEGII. ill the said" parishes of StaplefOrM and S' « yrby, of tlifc length of one ih. tiv. innd fire fotmh'td ant! twenty five yards, or- thereabouts, from tbe said village of Siapleford, over thfc canal bridge, in a certaiu close belonging to the said Earl, iu" the said ( lavish of taxbV, in the occupation of FRANCES BM. LIVANT, to the public highway, leading from Melton Mowbray aforesaid to H ymmdbum, in the said comity of Lei- cester, which said new highway is also particularly escribed in the said plan, and therein coloured ' eliow; Also for stopping up a public hitshway of tbe length of one thousand six hundred andsisty yards in die said parishes of Stapbford end Saxby, lying be- tween a certaiii bridge, called Stuplefoni fridge, and the said public highway, leading from Milton Mow- bray aforesaid to IVymondham aforesaid, at a certain gate, upon the said highway, which stands betw een a close, ill tHe occupation of Wit t, tAM MiI. i. Eft, anil a close, in thfc Occupation of JOF. I. HALE, which said last mentioned highway is also particularly describ- ed in tbe said plan, and therein coloured Broicn. But the said Justices did order that neither the said highway coloured Orange nor the said highway coloiirfcil Brou n should be stopped, until, not only tbe said new highway, but also a public highway, leading from a guide post, in a close called StupleJ'ord Pasture, to H'ythnidhitm aforesaid, tlironeh thfc said parish of StaplefoH and the parish of Hyinotidiutm atorciaid, called the L » » g Ltine Itiratl, also particu- larly described hi the said plan, and therein colour- ed Purple, is put into geo'd condition ant! repair, aud so certified by two Justices ot the Peace, upon view- thereof. And notice is hereby also git en. That the said order w ill bfc ! 9dged with the Clerk of. the Peace for the said county, at flie General Quar- ter Sessions ot the Peace, to be lioldrii at Leicester, in and for the saidtfoimty, on the nineteenth day of OcroBtn next, and also that the said order will al the said Qiiartcr Sessions he CONFIRM?!) and ENROLL- KD, vnlest upon tin xtvt. m, against the same, to be then made, it be othe. wise determined. DAT ED this twelfth day of SEPTEMBER, one thousand eitfht hundred and eighteen. Charles Latham. Notice is hereby given, THAT on Monday, the fourteenth day of September instant, an Order was signed by EIIWVN ANDREW BIIRNABY, Esquire, and the Reverend JOHN DUDLEY, Clerk, two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for the county of Leicester, for diverting and turning a certain part of a public bridleway within the parish of Prestwnuld, and tow nship of Burton- upon- thc- WoiiI'lu, in the hundred of East Gos- cote, i*> the said county, lying between the pa- rishes or townships of Burton- upon- tbc- Wouhls \ ahtablr Shearling Rams. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, AT LKICESTF. H FAIR ; OA Shearling Rams, the property of Mr. HE. AI, EY, of Freeby. near Melton. These Items aie by two fit st rate sheep of tbe late Mr. Stnbbins. They may be viewed at his Wymondham Farm until October 7th, when they will bfc removed to- Leicester, and rtiav be seen there by applying to Mr. SCITZER, Market- place. NOTICE 18 HF. itfeBY GIVEN, rpil AT on tlie fourteenth day of September 1 instant, an Order was signed by Sir FRE- DERIC,; GCSTAVCS FOWKK, Baronet, and JOHN FINCH SIMPSON, Esquire, two 6f liis Majesty's Jus- tices ot the Peace, in and for the County of Leices- ter, for turning, diverting, and stopping up a certain part of a Highway, within the parish Of East Nortoh, ln thfc said connty of Leicester, in the hund- red of East Gosccte, lying between the entrance into the village of East Norton aforesaid of the rosd from Loddington, and the entrance into the Same village Of the l- O'ad frfmi Leicester, for the length of one hundred and thirty yards, or thereabouts, and particularly described in the Plafi afincxed to the said Order; the course for tbe New Highway, in lieu thereof, lying through the Lands and Grounds of John Heycock, Esquire, cf tbe length of one hund- red and twenty six yards, or ihfcrfcabwnts, and ofthe breadth of thirty three feet, or lliereabOhfs, partifcit- hilty described in thfc Plan annexed to the said Or- der ; and reserving nevertheless to George Godfrey- Ward, bis heirs and assigns, a free passage for per. sons, bors « 8) Cattle, and can iages through so much and such part of the land and soil of the said old Highway ae lies, or extends from the said foad from Iflddingtmi to an out- building belonging to the said George Godfrey Ward, adjoining to the said old Highway, neartbs epot marke- I D in the said Plan, te and from the said outbuilding, and other premises, lielohging tb him, situated by the side of the said old Highway according to his ancient usage thereof i AND that thfc said Order will be lodged with the Clerk of the Pence, for the said County, a I the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, to be liolden at the Castle of l* icester, in and for the said Coouty, oii Monday ( lie nineteenth day of October next ; and nlso, tiiat1he said Order w ill, at the said QuarterSewioar. be continued and enrolled, unless, upon an appenl ite^ nsf the tame to be then made, it be otherwise determined. East Norton, 16th September, ISIS. Desirable Residence and Estate, STOKE GOLDING, LEICESTERSHIRE, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTIONS: By Mr. HO LLIE R, At the Bull's Head Inn, in Mock lev, in tlie fconntv of Leicester, on Monday the 5th " day of Octobci nfcxt, between the hours of five anil six o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then produced; , \ Very substantial well built and cbmmodi- i \ ous Messuage or dwelling House, with convenient out officcCgood garden, and large ponds thereto belonging; also a Cottage, with a Wharf and Brick- yard adjoining the Ashliv Cans!, nnd several closes, pieces, or parcels of rich arablfc land, meadow and pasture ground, situate in StOkii Golding, in the county- of Leicester. IS THE LOTS FOLLOWING. LOT A - A Close, fca1h\ l fhe Far ClOse..;;.... 4 • i— Five Clones, conveniently divided, and called fhe Dining Room close, tile Two' Acres,, the Major's close, the Cppfcr Meadow, ami the Nether Meadow. .. .2T -— Five Closes, conveniently divided, and called the Lower- part of Bvard's closp, fhe Far part of Second " Road close, tbe Captain's close, the Barn close, and tbe Rough close ;... .33 A Cottage, with Wharf and Brick yard; adjoining the Asbby Cabal, find' two Closes, called tbe Upper part of Bv- il fit's close . and the First Road close.', o A Close, called the Near part of Ro'. d close•......;.....;.....;......;.. i— A Close, called. tbe Three Cornered close.:....;,: 7— k very substantial w ell built and coihiitodi* ns MessnRge. or Dwelling House, vrith otit- builnings, yards, gardens.. Also three Closes adjoining, Called the Park, fincludiiig Ponds in the sam ® ) ....... i The lTifttley close The Arnison's closfe ;. TVTOTICE is hereby given, that On Monday XN the fourteenth day of September instant an order was signed by Ethcyn Antlrctr Bnrnaby, Esqnii e^ acd The Rerertitd John Dudley, Clerk, two of His Majesty's justices ot the Peace in ami for th County of Leicester, tor diverting aud tuniing certain part of a Public Highway within the town, ship of Bnrton iipon- the• Wonlds. in the parish of Prestwould, in the Hundred of East Goscote, and the saitl County, lying between the Parishes Townships of M'imeswoiild, Prestwould, Bnrton- up- on the- Woiilds, Bai rovv. iipoii-" oar, and Walton- upon the- Woiilds in the said county, or some of them, for the length of live hundred and sixty- five yards or thereabouts, and particularly described aud marked Red, in the | dan annexed to the said order, and for setting ont a new Highway in lieu thereof along the Town Street of Bnrtonaipon- the. Woulds aforesaid aud along au ancient Lane or Road theie called Con- don's Lane, and through the lands and grounds of Charles Godfrey Muudy, Esquire, of the length of five hundred and fifty seven yards or thereabouts, and of the breadth of thirty feet or thereabouts, particularly described and marked Green in the said plan to the said order- annexed, and that the said or- der will be lodged with the Clerk of the Peace for the said County, at the next General Quarter Ses- sions of the Peace to be hidden at the Castle ofLei- cester. in and for the said county, on Monday, the nineteenth day of October next, and also that the said order will at the said Quai ter Sessions be con- firmed and enrefleil, unless upon an appeal against the same to be then made it be otherwise deter- mined. Btirloii- npon the Wonlilt, 15th September, 1818, N. B. The s- aid order with the plan annexed now lies for inspection at the office of Messrs. CHAJIOCK and SON, Solicitors, Loughborough. NOTICE is hereby given, that, at a special Sessions holden at Melton Mowbray, in the hundred of Framland, in the county of Leicester, on this twelfth day of September, one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, an order hath been signed by RU'HARONORMAN, ESQ. and tbe Rev. THOMAS NOR- nis, Clerk, two of his Majesty's Justices of the Pc. u- e for the said county of Leicester, tor diverting Notice, is hereby girtu, f I Ml AT on the twenty- ninth day of August, J. 1818, an Order was signed by Sir Frederic Gustavus I'ov ke. Baronet, and George Pochin, Pisquiro, two of his Majesty's Justices of the Pence in and for tfco county of Leicester, for diverting and turning a certain part of a pub- lic foot way or road, within the parish of Bee- by. in tbe hundred ot East Goscote, in thesaid county, extendinir ncross a certain close in tbe lordship of Beeby aforesaid, belonging to Wil- liam Marriott and John Marriott, forty six yards or thereabouts, from an aucieiit gate or gate place in the fence dividing such close from glebe land belonging to the Rector'of Beeby aforesnid. thro'theyard belonging to theParson- age House of Becby aforesaid,& thro'the church yard there to tbe public rrtad from Leicester to Beeby aforesaid . for tbe length of one hundred and ninety six yard*, or thereabouts, ( and par- tioularly described in thePlan to the said Order annexed): and for setting out a new public foot way or road in lien thereof, over the said close of the said William Marriott and John Marriott, of the length oftw. o hundred and thir- ty three yards, or thereabouts,( particularly de- scribed in the Plan to the said Order annexed,, extending from that part ofthe s* hid public foot- way or road, which is herein before slated to be forty- six van's, or thereabouts, from the said ancient gate i f gate place to another anci- ent gale- or g- tte. place in the fence dividing the Raid close from the said road, leading from Leicester to Beeby aforesaid, ausLfcr - atopprn up aud inclosing such old pnblic foot way or road according to the direction of the statutes in that behalf made. And that the said Order will be lodged with the Clerk of the Peace for the said county, at the General Quarter Ses sions of the Peace, to beholden at tbe Cnstlcof Leicester, in and for the said county, on the lOtb day of October next ; and also that tbe said Order will, at the saidQuartei Sessions, be con firmed anil enrolled, nnless upon au Appeal against tbe same to be then made, it be other- wise determined. Beeby, 16th September, 1818. N. B. The said order with the plan annexed now lies for inspection at the office of Messrs. M. and II. PAYNE, Solicitors, Leicester*. itSBiSm R P 1- 10 2 15 3 23 i 31 r> 2 32 4 3 20 Ant 1 1 33 h 3 13 - 20 0 32 „ Total...... 114 0 19 The above premises ( with the exception of the Cottage comprised in lot 4; which is in the occupa- tion . of Robert Hose,) are all in the occupation ot Mr. Henry MileR; as tenant frotnyearto year, who will shew the same, and tfho is under notice to quit at Lady day next, when possession may be bad if required. The tthole of the Premises arfc freehold, and the duelling House, which ViaS formerly tbe residence of Ambrose SaundersjEsq. is lit for the residence Of a Gentleman's family. Stoke Golding is a healthy pleasant Village, dist- ant from Hinckley three miies, and from Atherstone six miles. Further particulars may be known on application ( If bv letter tobe post paid,) to Mr. LYNKS, of Kirk- by Mallory, Leicestershire; or at thfc Office ot Messrs. PAOET, SmiTH; and BAXTER, Solicitors, Allierstone, wl. efe a Plan of the Estate may bfc seen. For the benefit of Creditors. Valuable Farming Stock, fee. tit Petldckm. To be Sold by Auction, Ry Mr. H llier, On Tuesday the Oth day of October, 1818, sndtw o following days, ALL the valuable live nnd dead farming stock, and implements, bay, clover, wheat oats, barley, turnips, the neat and useful household furniture, brewing vessels, dairy utensils, and all the other eti'ects of Mr. tVm. Citnn, Of Peckleton, in the county of Leicester. Consisting of 12 good dairy cows, three ditto vear- lings, and 8 calves, 4 year old bull, stuik, and year- ling ditto, 29 valuable tupping ewes, and fourteen theaves, 47 lambs, 3 ram lambs, aud 40 fat sheep, Capital team of young nnd useful horses, inpiged gilt, fat pig, and 8 store pigs, 2 good narrow wheel waggons, 2 ditto carts, double and single ploughs and harrow s, roll, 50 fieaks, 20 sack bags, good wi: nowing machine, ( i sets of horse tackle, tow cribs and ladders, iron and wood pig trough., chain cow ties, corn try, forks, rakes,& c. stack of clover about 12 ton, ditto of hav. Pi ton, stack of barley, ditto of oats, hovel of wheat, 5 acres of turnips," quantity of potatoes, & c. and all the neat aud useful house- hold furniture, lie. which will be expressed in ca- talogues. ' 1 he farming stock, grain, & c. will be sold on the first day's sale, and the furnitnre, < Sic. on the two following days. Catalogues may be had at Mr. Mansfield's, Nag . Head Inn, Leicester, place of Sale, and ofthe Auc. tioneer. . LEICESTER COIIM V SESSIONS. riMiE next General Quaifer Sessions of tlii » I Pefece for the County of Leicester, will L- d bolden at the Castle of Leicester, on Monday,- ths lytbday Of October next. Btit notice is hereby fcivon, that the Magistrate* meet at 12 o'clockxm the Monday, for the fttwc Only of transacting'all matters of. Cbimty Blisters* Oiler their Cnitiizimce at ScrsioM; and that on is > « * « lay fuohiing, niiie o'clock, tbe Coaft- tvill coiil- meficewith tl: e, Appeals.. in, i, i< i. viii , uvri, lit, , , . -: • tending at the tike; ill be fisied All persons under fecopniiancc to pfoSecfite giye evidcucfc upon » iiv Bills of Indictment, are de- sired to attend at the Clerk oflhc Peace's Office witb instiir- tiohs, on the Saturday preceding the Sgjwions, or 1 » the foreuobii ol Monibiv, and to be teadv to gii before the Grand Jury at" the Sitting o? tht Court on the Tuesday inOniing. Those jiersefis who are under Recogni? ance to ap- pear at the Sessions, and may have previoiislv com- promised the matter, are requested to take notice* that they iniist apj ear either peisonallv or by their A ttornies, iii order to have their Refcogiiiianceswifii- draw ii, otherwise the same will be Estreated. The Siii vfcynrs of the Hlgbvvavg of those ParhheS inder ludictnieiit will tak. h notice, that tbe t'. cui t ill in future require an Affidavit Of tlifc Pfogri- s » f the Repair of the Road inilit ted, at> H what been expended thereon, before tliev " gtfcnt iip « » Motion any Respite of the Iiidictflient; Bj the Court, i'HOS. FREER, . Clerk ofthe Peace, . Leicester, 30th September, 1818. N B. The Justices are requested to send { beM* Recognieances and Informations in Felony; to the Clerk of the Peace's Office on the Saturday previ-> oiiii to the Scission. And all persons havlfig any demand on the Conn* tv, hie requestiid to deliver their Bills to Mr. Coon e. Deputy Treasurer, oh Saturday, the 17th ol Octcber, that they hiay be examined, or they will not be al » lowed at the next Session;. Freehold Estate— Lci( cstershire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ( IN OSF LOT) By Mr. HO LLIER, On Tuesday the 10th day of November next, ( unless disposed of in the mean time by pri vate contract, of w hich due notice will be given,) at the Bull's Head, in Hinckley, at three o ' clock in the afternoon, subject to con- ditions :— ALL those Two Undivided Ninth Parts or Shares ( the whole into nine equal parts considered as divided) of and in all those several Messuages or Tenements, Farms and Lands, situate at Picketing Grange, Stapleton, and Peckleton, in • he county of Leicester, containing together Fire Hundred und Ninety Eight Acres, or thereabouts, in the several occupations of George Thirlby, Thomas Pratt, William Dowell, Joseph Richardson, Sarah Toon, and Henry, Buckley ; subject to Land Tax and Tithes. The above Estate is situate in a fineconntrvrwit! i good roads, three miles distant from Market Bos- worth and Hinckley, and at easy distances from other niarketfowr. s. The Premises may be viewed by application to the Tenants ; and for further particulars, and an in spec tion of maps of the Estate, as also to treat for the purchase of the same, apply to Jc'. i: Lynct, Est) oi Kirk by Mallory, Leicestershire; or to Messrs Co upland, DukcS, and. Suit, Attoruies, Shrewsbury. of TO BE LET, And tittered upon at Michaelmas next, at Endtrby, Ain the County of Leicester; ' Genteel bouse, with entrance room, two parlours, kitchferi, cellar, 8cc. 5 sleeping rooms, garden, yard, stabling, and other con-- vehiences, with or without five acres ofland, now in the occupation of Mr, It. Hitchcock, For particulars enquire of Mr. X. HERRSCK, Lubbestliorp. Eligible Situation. TO BE LET. Ami entered upon immtitlial'fy, ALL that substantial brick built Wind Mill, with a newly erected convenient dweli- 1( 1* honse, shop, granary, stable, piggeries, andagnr- den, situate at Hinckiey, now in the tenure of . V « - miiel Halford. For a view apply to Mr SAMUFLGREFN, and fur- ther information may be had at the Bank of Messrs. SANSOME and BiAKtsix/ v, of Hinckley. N- B. The above is a very desirable situation for both a wholesale and retail flour fsade. > 1 illov. ghbjf Wtiterless, Leicestershire. TO BE LET. From year to year; or for 6 years certain, and may be entered upon immediately, AMessuage or Tenement very pleasantly si- tuated at Willoughby Waterless afore- said, consisting of two good parlours, aiid two kitch- ens on the ground floor, five good bed rooms, w ith * kitchen and flower garden, and every convenient outbuilding, suitable for tbe resideuce of a large tiv- mily, or for a school, late in the occupation of Mr. J. C. Gamble. Any quantify of excellent grating and meadow- land adjoining the house not exceeding 18 acres may be bad therewith immediately, and 14 acres more at Lady day next, If required For further particulars apply to Mr. WTLLF. Y, Surgeon, Walton, near Lutterworth. Kj" Hilloughby H atertcssiz about eight miles frem Leicester, and five from Lutterw ortli. September 24; 1818. Turnpike Tells to Let. " J^ yOTICE is hereby given, that tbe Tolls jJ\ arising at the under mentioned Gales, erected noon the Hartshorne ' 1 urnpikc Road, wilt be let by Auction, t « the best bidder, at the house of Mr. IHlkins, tbe Queens Hfcad ln » , in Asfiby- de- ia- Zouch, in. the county of Leicester, on Saturday, the 10th day of October next, between ibe lionraoftwo and five o'clock in the afternoon, which tolls will be put up at the following sums now let for tiie present year, ending the fifth of November next :- Scaddow Gate, Wooden Box Gates and Bars, ^ Swadlincote Gate and Bars, j Reservoir Gate and Bar, 35 Furnace Gates and Bars, 140 Oversea! Gate aud Bar, s, o £ 40 130 *'- lS5 0 No bidding will be accepted unless the bidder produees a snrety to the satisfaction ofthe Trustees, anil prepared to pay into the hands of the ' Treasu- rer immediately after the letting, ten per cent on the sums respectively taken for, and to sign the con- ditions for a payment monthly for the residue. By order of the Trustees, J. JOHNSON. Oakthorpc, September 22, 1818, Dr. James's Ft ver Powder, and Aftalepiia Pills. IBEG respectfully, as proprietor of these in- valuable medicines, to inform the public, that I have ceased to supply Messrs. Nev. bery and Sons therewith, and that T'have appointed as mv now sole II Uolesale Agents ffcr the sale of them, Messrs BUTLER and SONS, Chemist and Druggists, No. 4, Cheapside, corner of St. Paul's Church Yard, London, and No 34, Sackville- sti cet. Dublin. Messt.< Newberry having, however since 1 thought proper to withdraw from them the sale of aiy medicines, announced their intention of vending compositions of theiT own, under the above titles, the public are,, in consequence further requested to observe, that toen& ble them to discriminate betnoer. my Mediehis- and those of Messrs. Nowberv, I shall sign my niune on the label of each packet of the powder, and iox of pills, that is sent in fntste out of mvEtaborafpi y: and that Messrs. Newbery and Sons have no longer any interest br concern whatever in the jtenirtr. e me- dicines prepared by me. R. G. G. JAMES. Bruton- strcet, Berkeley- square. The genuine Dr. James's Powder and Analeptic PillS may also be obtained at the Journal Office, and- of the most- respectable boeiksell'ers, druggists, and medicine venders throughout tbe fcnited Kb'!; dcm. Leicester Journal, and Midland bounties General Advertiser.- Wednesday and Thursday's- Posts LONDON, WEDNESDAY - Sept.' 30.. THE QUBKN. Tlie following is the Bulletin of Wed- nesday ' ; ' ' ; " Keir Palace, Sept, 30. " The Queen has idept avril in the night, and Her Majesty is a little better this morning." • - BANKRUPTS ! .. From Tuesday's Gaiette. Moses Daf'ter-, late of Wliitininsfer, Gloucestershire, linen( lra; ier" -• - - • . . Jonathan Hopkins,. Hop- market, Worcester, liop merclihnt t 1 -•••'*!"•'. James Durraut, lv,| sl Dereham Norfufk, innkeeper William •• id John Fowler, TauiwortW, Staffordshire, cdrn miHei's PRICE OP STOCKS. 3 per. Cent. l! ed, 7 J f • S pe>- jt$ nt.-. 0 » us-. W, 5 \ per C unts, shut per Cents 105J A To Ironmong rs. TOB E L E T, sN- n' Lease, ail old- established situation in • the IroamiHisjerv Business, in a large ma nufaetuftrigtown, with the stock ia trade at a valuation.' . ' ' , _' , For particulars' apply at the Journal O- u- ce • A Hunter. ': ••••. TO BE SOU), * A Seasbried Hunter, a very beautiful Horse, remarkably fast, and a very excellent leaper, fifteen hands tw o inches high. For particulars and a view of the horse, apply to Mr. Current!! v, of Hinckley. ... Kibuorth Jleancha ; np. TO BE LET. And may be entered upon immediately, AVery comfortable Family House,, w ith an excellent orrlmrd. capital two stall stable; anil other convenient out olliees. Further particulars may be known on applica- tion to Mr. KINC, Auctioneer, Kibworth Beau- eliamp. J o. Woolstaplers, Worsted Makers, and • Hosiers. ' O- VKBAM CANAL NAVIGATION, " iieit General Annual Asseinbly of the I. Company of Proprietors of the Oatchain Cuaal, A » ill beholden at the George Inn. in Oak- ham, oir Monday, the' fifth day of October next, nt eleven o'ciock in the morning precisely. The Committee will meet oto Monday, ihe 38tb day of September idstant, and on Saturday, the 3d day of October ufViresaid, at live o'clock iu the evening respectively i; on or before which days all accounts due from the Company within tbe currenVyear ending the said 5th day ofOr. tober, nrere>^ iested to be transmitted to Mr. Ei> MtJ\ D . Pin « r,\ t'X, the Company's Surveyor, Evton, near Oakham. >.:-• JAMES BT'ILUVANR, Clerk. Oakham, 21s/. September, 1818. ~ iiijTBE ' INSfKANCli, ? PALL MM. lr, . iNU ( JOHNHILL. .-. Eiie, hifeyund Annuities. ALLperv> n » whos*: Insurances with this Com* p'any" befcotne ilne' at Michaelmas next, are requested to lalte trotice, that receipts for there- ftiewal thereof are now ready tor delivery at the Company'* Offices, No. 80, PaltMall, iimi No. i, t'oMhiU; mid in rfie baud* of thTeir respective agents ni tllt- jioH11tryIn- 11tilnccs doe at Michael, runs, must b « paid on or before the I till day of October, when till-, fifteen days allowed for tbe renewal thereof will expire, - • By order of the board, ' Jf) IN <; H. iltl. E^ aj-: VH. tM, Secretary. Lonrtoiij. '.' ttli September, 1818. . LEICESTER. . Leicester —- Sfr. Win.. Parsops • Ijiiiglllwrougk'-- Mr.' ^ Vni. Palmer R NORTH tm- roN. • Niithnmpton — Mr. Henrv JUarday DsWufe- y—> Mr. B." W. PjUiuer " ' II ellingborougli — Mr. J. B Tuck J 1bt « ( i< lr « - lllr. I). O. ITavies ATLAS ASSURANCE COMPANY, or LdxDoN..' - ; CAPITAL ONE MILLION TWO HUND- RED THOUSAND POUNDS, Of winch £ 120,01) © is invested in Government or real Sccnrities, and the remainder guaran- teed under a Deed of Settlement.' TO BF, SOLD BV PRIVATE CONTRACT,' ASubstantial newly erected Building, 40ft. , " ins. by 29ft. Gins, two Stories high, toge- ther with Sinkc'r- Hlakers.' shoj) ' and gardW;, con- taining altogether by admeasurement,^! s, tpiatc. yards, situate. in the Bonil . Sirfjet. in Leicester, and formerly occupied as p. bosiprs warehouse. Enquire of Mrt Cook, Architect and Survey- or, Horac Fair - Street. ;. .... Alicaitoii, Hunts. TO - BE SOIM BK PRIVATE TREATY. f| Mll} i House is Situated 80 miles front Lon- JL tion, and stands distant . from the North Road, which it fronts^ lUO yards, in a, P* ddock con- taining 22 acres, two- third* surrounded by a planta- tion, through which there is a walk, cnimnaiiiling bea- i tit'ul views. The ualileii iv lyrae anil vfiy pro- ductive, partly walled in, and cuverpibwifh choice fruit trees in full, bearing. In tlx- bark groutid there is a particularly neat cottage, littcelup with aoconr. inadations for a laundress, drying ifimuiitl, hid fromJheliojts. e ; glairy, barn, capital ttaWrtig- for (> hones,. divided into two of three. stalh each, double coachhouse, saddle house, granary, brew and cow bouse, with otherottt- offtres, in thorough repair; a considerable sum Jia^ ipg lately been laid out upon the premises : the whole comprising a'resid^ lfre for convenience! and beauty sejiioni met with, iliese premises are cojiy lioid,- fine certain, and tithe free", and the land tax reileeluVd; the situation" pcrilfi lly dry and healthy ; distant froni Peterborough4 miles and at half, 8 ft dju. OiindU^,' 4 from Stiltoii, i from Wansforil, an « l; H> 3f'roiti StanrfArd. lvFtle fixtures to be taken at a fair valuation ; and two- thirds of flic pnrerhtrsc ittymcy may r> h). iiu.& il . feeiuily of Ihe pre mises, at the option of ttie purchaser., . l or fnillltr parlicolal- s c. ntpiiri^ at. the office of Messrs. Moui. cv and LAWKENCE, solicitpr- i, I'eter- borongli; or at the office oI'Mr. TonkmC- igN, Solici- tor, Stamford.- The above situation is well adapted to a sports- man, being within one mile and a half of l/> « d Fit:?. William's kennel, and near tiie riyer, where there is good fishiiK;. PERSONS assuring witli this Company, as well against Fire as. upftn Lives, will peril. odiratl?' participate in the » iirpliis I'reniiuinj, after 4 moderate deduction for the expense* of manage, liient, and compensation for the guarantee Capital of the Company, visi:— LIPE DEPARTMENT. On all Policies tor £ 100 and upwards, made for the whole term of life-, at tbe expiration^ jf every serventh year, there will be assigned a just propor tiprtot' ; hv surplus Preiniums, to be theii ascertained upon principles of correct calculation ; . the amount of which may be applied in either of the following wav » , at tbe option ofthe l* er » on assured, viz : lst— By making an addition to the sum specified in the Policy, payable at tbe death- of tbe party, ns till lately practised at the Eipntable Life Assurance Office-. Jd—- By applying; the amount in reduction of the Annual Premium- . 3d— Bv redeeming the future payments of Pre- mium. The Tables of Bates of Premium are. the same as those in use at the Kipiitab'c Otfi. ee, • , Other tables are also traine- d, according to which, Permons may assure a stun certain for the whole term of life, by paying an increased Premium for a fixed number of y ears only, and be free from ill furtberpay- mcnt. thereafter. FIRE DEPARTMENT. On all Policies for € 300 and- upwards, continuing in ti » rce, f « r five ye. irs/ uo claim for Loss having been made thereon) tile Assured will be cutilleil to parti- cipate in the surplus Premiums, to be ascertained at that period. * Persons assuring are not liable for the losses of Others, and they luve ample security fdi their own losses by the provision of a Guarantee Fund. Further information, with printed particulars, vvilt be given on application at the principal Office. Cheapside, Loudon ; or by the'Agents iu tbe se- veral Cities aNd Towns throughout' the United Kingdom. HENRY DES BO ROUGH, Junr. SECatTARY. Cheapside, London, 28tli Sept. 1818. A G E N T S. Leicester...... Mr. William Sultzer J. utferirarth • •• ffiktingham.... Derby Chesterfield ... , VAC Loughborough Market Harborough Melton Mowbray Uppingham John Rottrill Thomas Sincjisnn Mrs. Mary Hriiugh Mr. Thomas Clarke ANT. Oakham A thersteTne > Hinckley Mortem nnif ii- sefiit Household Furniture. TO BE SiiOLD BY AUCTION, dl^ vB- PAYiiE, On Monday and Tiifsd^ y, tbe 5th and 6th days of . VOetnbi-' r filst, . at the SALE. UOOMS, Silver Street, Leifestcr - * * ...... ' CNOMPRISINO '( iiiparty4^ poSt, tent,' and y other bedsteads, feather" and flock beds, mahbgafty ( lining, Heihbrokc. aiid other tables, chests of drawers", " 8- day elocS / candelabras with lustres and beautiful painted vases, high polisheel- ditimc and drawiug room fire- irons, mahogany bidets, Grecian coftck, mahogany and painted chairs, a complete dinner service of India japaft iron stone china, ma- hogany butlers aud. naiitlwicli trays, china breakfast and - tea services, with a variety of kitchen reijui- . — - — Sale to i- iiiiimfnee, facli iiiorning at 10 o'clock. VALUABLE'C SNAT, SHARES and TCRMMKE -'• -• • 1 -'" ' SKcVjRf riElg TO Bli SOLD BY AIJCTfON, - Ry Mr. IT. PAYNE, . - • At tlie- ThrpcCrowns Iiur, in Leicester, on Wcilnei- . etiyvtffe l. ttli day ot October in » t. at i o'clock in > ttuuftrriMsow^ fiH lots of onie share ¥ a" cli) ' S. LVEIGVL sftares in tire Leicester.- Melton, - Croirrfordnaif Ellesmere.' Canals, WaUle- ly . . Ei. tx( sr Skities in. the LEICESTER NAVIGATION , . Ih- s- Sliaeei; in the . MELTON N IVIGATIOJ.; ^ 4 , FvurShure* in the CRe> MF « i: n ( JS- NAL.-.- ' « ut< . . IVtt Shares or, 4Eii. OO stock in tl> « Eujesmbrb Ssutst' - ja :.-..""," * ( In two lotJ) ajmm of £ ilO tired upon the HI\ CIH. EV unit N » K- N » itoetH T « rnpiA- R Rornlc, and a sum of £ IIII>- SERIWED upon- the WKLFOKU. Turnpike Ruri. > V"*' v : -"'— --• • For- fiirlhlr par. tirnlari apply at - tho 6ffice of MCS5I S.](' ARII « IE anil AUco^ X, Solicitors, Tjeicester. TO SOLICITORS, BANKERS, and OTHERS IN THE COUNTRY. The ATI. AS ASSURANCE COMPANY wishing to in crease the number of tlieir. Agencies throughout the Country, the Oirectors are ready to receive afipli- e- Hious from Gentlemen willing to undertake the sam'', euhei iu the Life dr Fii- e Department, or in both, in those Towns where none are as" yet estab lished, tu act tor this Office. Such applications to | » s addrenscil to theScci elary, at tbe Office iu Cheap- side, and accompanied with reference to Persons iu London. HENRY DESBOROVGII, Junr. SECRETARY N. 43 — Redeemable Annuities on one or nioie lav?*, . secufeel on l- cat or funded Property, arc pn- c'lSjitd by the Company on the most eligibly tsrias." -•'.-, [ One coacers,^ ' * TO BE LET, ASmall liodse in High Cross Street, Leice?- . / er, now in- the Occupation 6f Mr. Under- tcood, toy lor, „ AIS6, « Ivosiers- watchouse- adjoining,, lately occupied/ by Mr". - B « ;/ iii/, d>' ceased. Apply to i\ li-. SASIIIBL BANKART, or Mr. FIRM- AOGE, in Leicester. "• , . l'rime ffrtrtliiuf Etcfi. . TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, jM ' J. R. MEDLEY, , On Thursday, the 8th day of Octobe'r, 1818, on the premises ' of Messrs. LOFT an I OoNrNGToN, at Ranby, n;- ar Horncastlc, Liiieolnshire; ONE Hutidred lit id Eighty B- rwding Ewes. This valiulblc Dock, brgil. origjijally iroln Mr. BaktweH t^ by thpj^ te IVLw^ ohfi ^ odjI, itas re- tained its purity of blnod. by crosses. frtiin, the tfocki of MesSTs. Stoneiv, l£ uck Ifyrilree^ digiyjBuif^ Stillibiiis, nearly forty yciits, '. Credit wiijjj^ ifsftijjitij Hofn: castle Aughsf T'aif, islf^. l jfhe Ul begin ex- actly at 12,11' c^ ck." I - Genteel Household Furniture, valuable Plate, ' ele- gant Cut Glass, handsome Town- built Jiarou- chette,' Gig, double and tingle Barrel Guns, Prints, ffc.' ^ - TO BE SOLO BY AUCTION, By Mr. OH STUN, Ou the premises, A< bliy; de la- Zoiu- b, in tb^ county of Leicester, 011 Monday aud Tuesday, • ihe otir atld lith days of October, 1 « 18, APart ofthe modern andgentecllitftisehold fu rnitu re, plate, glass, carriages, And other • altiable etiectJi, ot'- - s ' • . Mi. JAMES PERKS, . i" ' ,'. . JH'ilo isnleaving Asliby.) ' - ' I ' ThsFirs't l} dy's Snk will con.< i « t of lofty 4- po » t bedsteads with chintz furnitures, good fi- atli « ibeils, inaftrqs. se! j and |)? ftding,^ capital - mahogany- warn robe wftfc sliding cedar « be. lw> i i « afc » i( any rlicst. soi' drawers, elegant dining, lea and calM tables 011 pil- lars with, cljrws,. handsome mahogany b « ok ease', dining and'. dr'awiug rooiu chairs, part with h. iiv cushions, Grecian eouch, sofa,, cellaret,--<- Wnrties glass iii hamliiSiie eilt" fran$, door anil | ieii side carpets,' dressmg tublesaii J glasses, a beautiful sofa table, « ite fctulcrt and polis| ie*; i fir'eityns,, art eigfit day c+ ock,' good set ot'ivoiy haftei^ knifes and Mtrks', andcapifcst- kitchen furniture. '; Tuesday, Second Day's Sale; comprises a valuable and elegant assortment of plate and cut glalfsi con- sisting ot lofty silver candlesticks with plated branch-- cs, handsonic silver, salts gilt inside, soup and tu - reen ladles, table anil desert forks, tabic, gravy and. desert spoons, handsome tea and cohec pots, two 8- inchjMiters, sugar baSHi.- rrtam erter," fisfiTrowel,; butter knife, tea spoons, salt ladle}, and an elegant three pint Tankard gilt iujide-, elegantVijt glass canters, wine, finger,' hock and beaker glasses, a beautiful trifle dish withstand, cream, sugar and butter glasses, and an Megant desert service. A handsome town built Barouclie- tte,- nearly new, an excellent Gig with bead, a capital single barrel Gan, by Forsyth, with patent and. other lock*, fulmi- nating pow der, rods, flask and t » ols emnpiete in uiu- litlgiSy case, a capital double barrel, apdTtwo-' siiigle barrel gnus Smith's full sized map wilh^ Hr » t « fbfLug- land and Wales, and part of Scotland; with patent spring roller aiid mahogany box. Several valuable prints, among which ate Battle'of W aterloo, Duke of Wellington, Marquisof Anjilesea, PrinceBlncher, Cleopatra,- Penelope, Battle <^ f the Boyile, Seige of Gibraltar, their Hoj- al HiglipessctJ'rn « ieJHBl Vriu cess of Saxe Cobourg, t'rllit'and Cottage Girls, ike.. . Tbe. Plate and Glas, s ixmmle- ru, andtr. ply "< leajmt. and the whole is worthy Utlcu'fiou.'"...>- .. • « '.'£ Catalogues may lie had at the Inns in Tauiwrtrth, Litchfield, Bui tbn- npiln Trent, and Oerbyt. gtdhe Printing Office, in Ashby- ile- la- Zoueh, ami of Mr. OWSTON, Leicester. COUNTY OF LF. KJKSTKRE- To U'it TIIE ASSIZE OF BREAD, - FOR THE HUNDRED OF GARTREE in the COUNTY of LEICESTER. THE . WEIGHT AND PRICE OF lb. oz. dr £. s, d. The Peck Loaf Wheaten,... 17 6 0 yi 4 2 Half Peck Loaf ditto 8 11 0 ( 0 2 1 r^- Quartern Loaf ditto 4 S 8( 0 I- OJ — Hall'Uuartein Loaf ditto 2 2 12 JO 0 tij, --— P^ ek Loaf Household.,. .17 6 0~\ 0 3 10 — Half Peck Leaf ditto .... 8 It 0 ( 0 111 — Ouartern Loaf ditto 4 S 8 ( 0 0 11} —— HaffOnartern Liaf'ditto 2 2 12) 0 0 Set by 11s, Two of His Majesty's Justices of tile Peace, in and for the said Hundred, tl'ie iStJi Day of September, 1818, and to continue in force for seven Days, from Monday next. ' ••'•" E. C. RIFFIN. JAS. <* RD. .- 16 UE SOI. D BY AUCTION, On tlie auanisa^ duUUv- P^ L. STORV, of Wal- ton iipon- th » - Would. s, iii. tlr » caunJy of - Leicester, at fas l) ji4i, ja t] ie fi'ield,- irti Friday, the 9th day of October, Ifr^. f . • ->. .. 4- v - . A Adr^ Ljbtriii^ jand- dead- fanning. stock, com prtsyig- a valuable tewa. ot'draught me. res and gelifingjN- J>, ttse{ ul daity 4 jlrpnglit and oth? r f> idlocks', ^ upwards of 70 breeding- evves hnd tbcaves1, wrtijJ; tlfeJii » tie » i » ciop of lambs, waggons, carts; ploughs, fiaijovvs, soiig'jiiiig machine, & c>-& e. The sheep are. J/ re^ Trpin. P. anu of Mr. S. Stone, of Barrow, Mr.° SilJ& 3< tn,". ltf- ifoby, and JIt;, Smith, of Dishlvy. , ;•;• . . « < - Oatatognes will be ready in a fewdays tftbe had at the Inns," in Loughborough, • .. . TO BE gOLD " BY'AUCTlON, T"" At the lioiise of Mef. Harrison, the Blue Bo-. tr Inn, - I in l> ejc « sier,: Oft Monday the t2flf day « f OctA-'- l her inst. at'.' three. o'clock, in the afternoon, » AFreehold Estate in Leicester Forest, nekr to the Oaks, consisting of. a new^ erepted .• messuage or ti- neitieirt, With a gardejn, orchard, and I : siHtableoutbuitiitigs, and ' fear acres of land con- taining together eleven acres or' tfiereabhiits, now . iua| ie occop^ tOfi<>( ^ lj-. Tb( iu) asS6ii! h; Jtln. " •' f li- e above premises are extraparochial, and may be entered upon hn tin* 5m April next. Mr. SMITH tbej^ niurt,. will shew the premises, and for other particulars apply to Mr. PILKINTON, - Attorney, Leicester '.. . . j riff'.'•.•<• '—. 1 . • - , • CipUai Ash ' Timber. " TO BK SOLD BY AUCTION, JTfTHQMASNHEjLTbN, j. ' ' T. J. vON LOT&) . On Wednesday next, October 7,1818, ; jJ/ Tp As- ii Trees, cot down, laying in- the fox • covet'neai* Rekeifalf: Hall, ll-. e, property of'- tfieRialit HSfSoiirab'le Ivvitc l EitRERs, suitable for wheelwrightsor. earuenters, . . ' >£ - B;- ri\'. « ( ua » tity of ash and gone iuggptsi o - For a of file timber en'ipiite of Mr. HEMSON; ... IWkeduleJ-^ Y. "'.. " , ! Ciedit w fll be " givfcn em approved security nntil Jaiiiiai'V, l- SWi '"* ' . . : > .. Saie tithcgifi^ t TV o'clpck. at tiie fox cover. ... . -- rLitild and TWhipS. '• - " TO BE GOLF) BY. A UCTFON, 1 ~ Bp > Mr HltJitlNGr , >. ... i Oil Wednesday the Ittli day of . October, 1818, at Miv Francis Gairnan'. i, the sign of the Plough, in Disc worth, in Ihe county » f Leicester, at 5 o'clock " in '. tic aftei- uiMnJ, s « bject to Such conditions as w111f be then prodntasd, 5-' rj^ HRKE Glosesof good Freehold Land, in J excellent condition, lying in'the lordship of Castle Doniogton; in the possession of Mr. Thomas Baker, a. fUJiseworthj w ith the crops of Turnips growing thereon," in tbc following Lots, viz:— y-. hll : ' . ,. LPT l. A '-••: A R p A Close ail joining tbe'^ orkthnrn lane, i o 2 0 containing uipre. or. lv ss ... .4 .. } " • •-'. • ' . :, LOT2, Two closes adoe. imng tiie Dij i^ ugfon liuieO ^ ( one abifre^ ( ti $ t$ erjj. contajiring J - J - HO * ' '.'-.': ." 1 .' I'..* • •.... Free! old-' Sileby, Leicestershire. TO BK. SOLD BY AUCTION, : By DAVIS add SON; Tlfs present 1' iiiOA. v, tbe- 2d day of October instant; at the tioftse of Mr. Pettifiirt the Horse and Trum- pet, in Sifeby, either together or in lets, and sub- ject te- sueb- coinlilionsa^ statl. be then produced. Sale to comriienceaj two o'clock in the afternoon. AMessuage or- Tenement wjjh the jnitbuiid - fngs, in East Lahe,- Sileb'y, in thepccupa- tiun of Jobn Lee. ," '.- ." - - " •'•*-- 1 v, Also, two closes of land used as garden- gremido'i^ called the Bank- Closes, t^ tar to- tlirtowiriofflilqbj, containing upwards of 3 acres, planted witjt chciic « L fruit trees, and in- the higlicst sttife eif Cultivation, occupied by the siiUI John Lee. . > For a view- of the same- applv to John and also " fur An ther particulars, to. Mr. llfcuius CUOKE, SolUtUor, Leiicjister, > .*' .——. . , ..•..'• — Excellent Farming Stock, < S'r. Sfc. v t Thumhy, near Leicester- • TO frE SOLD BY AUCTION, Ry DA ( IS lind SON, On Monday October 5th, 1B1&, and t wo follow- -*• * - -* ing d- ays, '."" V' LL the excelleiit Live Stock, Implements in Htfsbhndry*, geiileel useful Hc- mehold Furniture, , l-) ayy Uteasils, Brewing Vciscls, and other niimerohs cfte< 5ts, of ••'* • Mr. . foTnif Chamljerlttin, \ ; \ ( wbdlsleaviai hV fariij,) piitbe. pretBisesatThurn- • ' " r - tiv, uetii- Leie- ester. / - V- i - First ftajfi sale', Mirnday. October 5. . Censlsts of ( W excellent tupping e'tvyes, 30 theaves, .- 51we'ther&" fwe'lani'b4! 2 lt-' apital tatevyi; s, gpodtiit cpw and heifer, 10 Irish bullocks, 5 thrcf yeamM-' sleers, 2short liornincalvedTicSfers,' ICjban- gn elitto, one dairy cow,- 2 stnTk* s; T< m?? l-, 2 good pbrket pigs 2 draught marts, 2 colt foafs, a sets . id' qapital horse tanSle- aWtlTi cote if excellcpt old hay to be taken off the pri mi • » .' "" .. . . • • - ' 2ltdUtAf isale; Tecchy, Oct. f), -" ' Consists of2 useful na. r^ w. wi^ eel waggons, ^ tout * 6' iftrtl cart, pi u » Iis ; mel liairpvys, rolls, lead bone* trough, cow crUM,^ iod3^ puilUiii- r « Ue « « f two strikes, ladder.--, bags, p » pei, milk leads, cheese press, " barrel ctiuin. brass chee- xe pan;( thirty." gallons), and'l other iteiry utensils, ixcefient Reasoned T20 and S6, girllbu casl- s, brewing vessels a'ljil tij) s, 2 mash tubs," harvest bottle's, forks, rakes, sieVd. j, & c. ice. , 3d daij'ssale, WeQnftyfay._ 0tt^ f- • ' Consists Of 1' post and other bedsteaife, with fur- niture, ffeatbe'r and. flock beds, blankets, autf cavft. lets,- large liuen pre ss,' excelbnt pier and swing glasses, handsome niabogimy card, snap, oas dining, & otlier tables, set of capital eifik chaW. china'i- glass, pair of modern urns, several se » s of Chairs,' ba'soa stands ami di- essing; tables, large aud small coppern, excellent Uitchsn iitensils", with a numerous assort- ment et'other articles. ' Sale, to begiu eacfj uromingaf ten o'ck-. c'li,. ( * > Catalogues may - now be bad ot the * Ai) ctlo'neeis" at| d p'ace oi'salev-. ... » • . < <- ' N. 11. T| ie af- ove livje stock - Will- be found very fresh anil useful, and wpll worth - the attention of purchasers. j, i- tj >- i Modem, Faslrivnabte, and useful Household . . - - Furnitures '. " MJ { " -'* TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, , By Mr. F, BURGESS, /'• • On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thn-. sdwy,- tiie Gtb, 7 th, and 8 th of October, at fell et'clock, LI. the rient household furniture, china and " lass, and effects, of Dr. PARKINSON, ( On the premises, in King'Street) who is removing to London. * .',' Comprising 4- post, tent, nnd otlicr bedsteads, with cotton furniture, leather beds and bedding, excel- lent mahogAny- dining table in three parts,. Pem- broke, card, aud other tables, chests of drawers, j'a* pan'el chairs, excellent 8- dav clock . in mahogany case, hanging time piece, Oil cloth and. carpcts, com- plete set of iUnui- r service, china, glass, und kitchen requisites, with various other article*; To be viewed on the Alr. ndayjprCe'tding the niorn- • ipg of sale. "" ""*' ' ' .; •' " . . C'unditions efsale as H'snal. ' Catalogues to be hi » d ot'tlife Aiicffdneer, and at the place it salc, ou Friday, tbe 2el of Ortolier. - I - TO BE SOL1) BY AIICTLON, , My Mtu B URGESSl- At he house of,' Tlionias Neale, the- Saracens Head .. 0 . .0 .. 0 li H COUNTY OF LFIRT- ESTF. R To leit. r . . THE ASSIZE (> F BREAD, FOR THE HUNDRED- OF GUTHLAXTON. - lbs. oz. dr. " « . < 1; Ouarfern Loaf Wlieatento weigh 4 • 5 ,8. . I oj Ditto Standard \ Vbeaten, T. 4 5 8 1 0 Ditto Household 4 5 .8 0 11J Half Quartern Loaf, Wheaten Ditto - Standard Wheate n ..... DittaDonsehold Two- penny Ijoaf, \\ beaten.. Ditto Standard Wlieaten Ditto Household.......... V* Penny Loaf Wheaten to weigh Ditto Standard Wheaten .... Ditto Household >... Set by us. Two of his Majesty's JnsticeS ofthe Peace in and for the said Hundred-, this 2dth day of September 1818^ aud to continue m force for seven days, from Satareiav next. ..-.-• ' 110BT. MARRIOTT. WOS. EELGRAVg, 0 11 0 11 0 5 0 5 0 5 8. 5 .8. 2 IX. 2 12. 2 12. 1 I » 13 8 ' 12 14 m6re- or'He » s... • a • P A CAPITAL Cupp of Swedish Tiirriips",. ) K 7; • reh lot- tbe first... i'/.-'. i.'. i'.^,'.'.".. . $ \ • -., .-..'-- loT. C";'.;:",;, " A GOOD CROP of Swedish' Turnifis, on >'" , iy, i the . first dllise of iofthe SliL"... T „ .',-.. tVOV'- - sW , M> T- « .•"":• • • '• "' " A CROP of Stnbl) I* 5tSrai^, qH tbe bflieT"),* .' N. B.— Tk « < fr* ps it- ill ibk sold fir H. , M>. BAKBR VVFTTIIH< FWTJI'E-,^* REINIIES.; IND further pai- fietiiars niav ^ IA^^ h'im< « I! r » IT MR.' DxtBV, At-' torney, in ^ ASF L^ JL^ PITIII^ TOII, ^ , ^ IL^ js'g^, J^ tsiCffsTE- iisHjjiS. Valuable (. irfj^ tffek, jpif me old ifndnsw Hay, Grass Keeping, Household f'ufniutre, and other ef- fects, - '' ' ' T'. » .,-.- 4 -.- 5. U TO BE SOI.^ BY A UOTION, ; By- M. LANG LEY.- ----- - On Thursday aiwl- Friday, the Kfli arjil Ofb days of October, 1818, on 4he premises of Mr. Henrv WilDBbnt, biitcligr, nf Billesdon ,- if'oresaid ; ( un- der a deed of assignment" ' flit tlie be neySt^ f - his - creditors)-- ' , (^ OMP- RI& ING 2' niilch cows, 2 yearling j/ heifer stiHtcs, 2' friai'ing calves, pi are and foal, store ptgi"' IS ac of grass kcepiag in . two lots, with two slat-' ki! of liary uiitii'T^ dy- day^ | 819, about 4 tnns of prinfe gelt liay to be~ t( tke; i off the prpmises, light carti'afid dSnigitifto, saddles, bridles and pad, with an assortment of imp^ emc- iUs, m bus'- bantiry. The lipuselioliT furniture comprise} lofty 4- post bedsteads' - with dimity and otlier furnitures, feather and flock beds, blankets ijniTcovpi- lets, gilt frame pieV glass, Inrgfe mahogany beauf^ t. mahogany corner bnsUistimds,- 4 sets" of bouse and chamber chairs, set of handsome dining tables wuih ciicular ends, tea and ilressing tables, s'sjs'of drawers, anil writing • Josk.' wffbSsf extensive: afs'ortm'ent, f » fi) rc. w- ing," elairyj' 4ffd litcftehTe^ uisryiS in_ ^ he^ ligh^ st stite' of'presnrvufiiinyanti nianv Bther articles pf dinnestic • utility, '-' • Sale to begin effcb. fnotnihe at ten o'clock. N. B. The live. sWcfi, hay, and grass keeping^ will lic. solilat the hour offour in the afternoon of the first days sale. Excellent FiffmhigSiapTi'- Quebec, near Sileby: TO BE i> o£ D BY. AUCTION, On Tuesday aud WednCSibij:, ,0cj » bet " Cai^ nd - LL the excelie'nr^ vf„ stoc( j,'. near 200 acres / V t> f grass aijd.| fpf)| le keeping, dn lots, two ' sfliMts < if excellent incadow TiVy, to t) e,^ eii oft'the premises,& e.&.\ of ,... ! ' '] Vlr. LAWft'EftT-. T'oWKF. S, On tbe, y> r^ mi » e » < ft Qfvbtt, * M' 1 » the parish of Sileby, Leicestershire, ( fvb « s is leaving his Farm.) .<-- • .. it - ' *' . Fll st day's sale, Tuesday pooler ( 3, Will consist of 04 Very1 ii8efnf: t'ujming esvet, 30 ditto theaves, 101 wlMficr aKit evveTanibij 14 good Store pigs, gilt albd 4, p'ife » , '; ihpig'sot^ spayed efitto, well bred boar, S good'p'orket pigs, Y very useful draught horsei and'u « li* s, capitsl years old clies- BBt { water, near lqti& udsliigfi^ by Vivaldi, 7 sets of horse tackle, fi; c.-& c: i' ' 4 ' ' * Ind day's • Wectrtesday '- Qci. ' i, Consists of vWyvosS& fiJiifrcaly'ed /' airy cows, S iticalved heifers, 8 ipested ditto, capital 2 year old bull, G rearing culvest, 2" jearling calves, very good double plough ( nearly new), ditto shigledirto/ farge sheet harrow, about 200 acres of grfcis atfel stubble keeping, to be. eaten by Hie fiotfi of March next, and - Sstacks' of excellent new and ( fid- meadow hay, to be taken off the premises; ; » ;, • *„*'" Sale to begin ^ achmoming precisely at ten o'clock. . Catalogues may, now be, had ' of the Auctioneers, . Leicester, plftccftf sale*, Crown Innj lftfountsorrel, and Cross Keys, Loughborough. ,.. "' - ; Particalar attention has'beein paid to the breed efthf above- Sbeepjtbe lifinte afe by ranis ot MK t. Stone « nd Mr. Thompson Goode, tbeheiast and horses are very useful, and } he Whole- will be fmmd well worrti the- att « Htiun;< jf piirptfa'scTii. Freehold Estates', at Anstg^ rwar. Leicester. To M SotO, BY A LCiTION,' By DA Vis and SON, -• v At tbe Coach'and Horses, in Aiistv, on Friday . the- OthOctober, at two o'clock, by order of the Trustees of the late Mr. Jblin Mortimer, dec. . .-• <•">,;"::-.' l/ JT t. Me3suagev < vltb gafden, Stc. iii Grooby . lancj in tbe iiceupatii^ of Wm. Lowe. Fight Messuages, with a large Garele'n behind the same, in tbe niideflcijftthe pillage, bi tbs bcciipa'tion of William Hi- ns'oi » , ' arid se- ye'ii ' othe'r respectable Tenants, . - ^ .. A Mes^ iV>* eyb « tenn t| tpfateifjfetiofi of MT-. M-'"' 1'- ! I igcT, « nd.. ni » w, et" l » istM ft'barn,' lanel other. 1 o « ^ tratf< Mtt|( B{ m< MM: Wttehitfi( i i « IJ'o1) iing,' aiidalso a large Garden, extensive Orchiirif.- Cliift, ibid three Closes of very aicb Land, coutnining" alteigetlier 10A IR 32P. * : ' " / ' ; . , ..- N'. B.^- May lie viewed on applying to Mrs. Mor- . timer - and further inforniatioh had of Mi . SpENCKK, of Ans. ty; or Mr. ASTIIX, of'f ' ro| istoi! ; or at the Of. fict. QF MIIE » ,.- ALSTO'N, and MiLfiS) where a plan of lot a- may be. seen. '" '- J't Very nsefuLLive Stock.— Husbands Bosworth, ' Leicestershire. TO BF. SOLD BY AUCTION, By DAVIS und SON,. * Some time In tiie. mieblle ot' this .- present mpntli, -'" ITHE useful live stoerk. grass keeping, hay, X 8tc. Sic. of Mr. JOHN WmfKMAN, ; * " On the premises, Husbands'Boswortb, liPieestershlre. Further particulars in next weeks paper, and cat- alogues in doe time. - - ... - SmeetQti Westerly, Leicestershire. TO' BE SOLD BY, AUCTION, • By Mr. P. KING, On Monday', the 5th dav ofOctOber, 1818,. T T PWARDiS of 100 lots ofvery useful honse- U hold furnitiire, & c. of Mr. JOHN WOOLMAN. On the premises, Smeetgn Westerby, io the county of Leicester- ; Consisting Of good oiik 4- post and full tester bed: steads, w ith furniture, feather and flock beds, oak dining ' ahd- *) tlier rabies, neat parlour and other chairs, with virions effect^ which will lie eutmler- ated inhantl bill's.' ' '. : 5 " Saleto'e- ommeneeat 19. o'clock. Inn, in l. eicester,. ou Sutiuxlay, the- 4£ fh day of October instant at I o'clock the afternoon, siibject to such cemditiipis ot sale as will- be then p educed; f '•<• : ". , AFiechold Estate, cousisting nf 112 acres of useful grass laud, cpnv eniently divided for occupation tnto ictuses, sitnati' at . Halstead,; in the parish of Tilton- on- JUc- Hill, in ili « cemitj. of Lei- cester. i r.- ' ' • - Particulars ma>; be had by applyingte Mr^ Ajtmtt, Halstoail, o'r Mr. i KeKii, SplMitnr. lrf- jgestw. - < , Lice- stock aitJ Crops of C ck in tbe morning, •' \ I'll the valuiillelive sjock, fanning uten- j^ k . Sils, and- stacks of corn and bay, belong- ing to • • . c -' Mrs. Rtutth;-.' Of Loughborough,- lo' he sold at a tarn, on her ... 5. farm, near' Woo'dthorpe, in the parish of Lough bbrifttjHr. , - • Coiisistiiig fivetfselul dairy, cows, two useful draught horses, valuable eweB and Idnilis, 1 ^- store pig, S'largc. stack of barley, one liay of • " bftrlfey in tlie burnj one capital stack cf clover, 2 useful carts with rallies, winnowing machine, single plough, - 3. pair of harrows, wheel barrow, 20. sack bags," 60 good fleaks. three sets of horse tU'- kle,. fotks, rakes, siev es, and numerous other effects. 1 - '••• Hiollling. Nottinghamshire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION,' By Mr. BVRTON, • . ' At the Red I. ion Inn, in Netjier Browgliton, on'Mon. day, the L2th day of Oe- foher- inst: at three o'clock in the afternoon, ( unless previously disposed of by private contract, ef' whirh. due notice will be- giv- en^ in such lots as wiH be deterrfmie'd ifpori'at the - tiitieofsale; > -• ' ' \ Freehold Estate at Hickling, tWh'e free, and the land tax redeemed. Consisting !)!' a well built convenient house, outbuildings, anel several closes o- l good land, containing a|) ont oiic . hfindred and .' tweuty- five acres, late tile' property M' Mr. Robeii Barlow, ileet- ased. " , . - . The premises niay be- viewedbn application af_ lhe house, ar. d further information may he had at the office of Mr. LATHAIW, of Melton Mowbray, where, at the playe of sale, and at the Auctioneers, plans of' the Estate may be seen, and printed particulars eb* taified. - v . •• Melton Mowbray, Septemher 23,1818. Hay and La try Clou s. . " • J•- - TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Hi/ Mr. HOLLIER, On Monday, the. 5 thday of October, 1818, oh ih ® V premises of'Joii^ GREBS. Esq. ol'Hincklcy. • 17* 01' H useful dairy cows, and about twenty ,.. itoMs ofcapital hay, in lots suitable to pUr- clias^> sv to be tak^ n off the premises. 1 ' to b « tgin precisely at 3o'clock.' .''" Most desirable- Freehotd Property. To be Soltl by Auction, ' •• " • * By Mr. HOLllER, On Wednesday the 14th day. of October, 1818, st the Rath Inn, in Hinckley, in the county ofLei- ; cester, atseven o'clock, ALL those valuable freehold premises situ- . ate in tbe Castle street, in Hinckley afore- said,' in tbe occupation of Mrs. Mewis, the proprie- tor, and Mr. Fryer. ' ..-, .- , The lipase consists of a hall at the entrance, f> o good parlours, house plate and kitchen, with excel- lent warehpnses mid out buildings, si* gtibd cham- bcijs and a dining room, exclusive of attics, excel- lent" cellaring,, private yard, garden, & e. The above premises are situated near the. market, in the best centrical situation iii tbe. town of Hinck- ley, tfc such another tlejtirable propei- fy cannot be of- fered to- the pnblic. the rooms lofty A in every respci- t replete eithertor n- ade or a genteel residence, tlm whole of the - pwmWfcs are private anil in - excellent repair throughout, and containing in the whole iiearly GOO ^ u. iu^. y'ards of ground. • Pfssesstoi iBay . be bad either immediately or. at Jady e| stfi. iiex, t jvan- V part Of the purchase lidoniy ipa- y r- f^ ii'iai'i securcej on the premises. > ' ioiivievv tli^ sSmeand furthi- r particulars apply to Mrs. MEWI'S, or the Auctioneer, V . > "*" TO BE SOLf> BY ALXTlfipN, By Mr • HO U. I PR. On Fp9iiy* t! ie l- oth day of vOctoher Inst, at tbe tleorgc Inn, in Hinckley, ' 111 the county ot'Lei- c^ er. - precisely at six o'clock in the even- ing; ' unless - previously disposed tf by Prf- ; vat. 9 col. tract, of which due notice will be • givVii, Ii, thfe l'o| low ing or such otlfer lot or lots , as may be agreed 011 atjtlie rime ol'sale, subject f'o sucii conditions of £ afe Vill be then aud: there produced. < LOT V ALL that substantial pieceof building, si- tuate jn the centre of- the Jown sef Hinck- ley, and opposite the Post Oil ice there, hereto- fore used as a Theatre, £ nd lately, ryctipieid by Mr, Jab Smith, Upholsterer, and'" lying" behind a mes-. suage late in Ins tenure " or occupation, containing in length forty fire ' ftict, or tljfcreatibuts, attd itL breadth seventeen feet; or thereabouts, more or less. .. : • -"-' - - • The above is an excellent situation for a Wool. . stapler, or aiiy other biisines » > ieipiiriiig room, is in good repair, and capable of beiug ebi>- yer. ted into two dwelling house* at a sinatt ex- pence. . • LOT 2 •. .- All tliat other piece of building, ne% rlv adjoining Lot 1, a"| id n6w and for several yyars past used as a rai ( He bouse, with the stable, pigsties,, and appur- tenances adjoining thereto. heretofpiein the occu- pation of Mr. John Nutt, Tallifiv. Chandler, Imt now of Mr. Timotliv Payne; ' at the ainiiianl rblit of £ 10. — " - 1' ' • ' LOT 3. - All that newly erected" and substantial pief4 of BUILDING, sitiinte nearly oppOsite.- Lotl, lately' occupied as a warehouse by, r. John' Thompson, hosier, and since then by the Bed worth - Mill Con - pnny, as a worsted warehouse, at the yearly Rent ot £ 1J5. , . - For a view of the respective lots, ami to treat for tbe same, and for. frirther informatiou apply to Mr. JAMES SODEN, Solicitor, Hinckley, wliu BUS several siiirie af money now' ready toadyance, lipui approved Freehold Land Secutitles. Hinckley, Sept. SO, 1818. ^ Lekester Journal, and JWidlarr< l Counties fefenfttaf' A' 3 verfW GAME. QUALIFIED persons are requested not to sport upon the manor of Pickwell; and an unqualified persons found tresspassing will be proceeded against according to- fiaw. Exto* Park, September 12, 1818. J ' Draheley and ClementsoiC* Bankruptcy. HE Commissioners in a oomuiissio* of bankrupt, hearing date the first day of March, 1817, awarded and isSited forth against John Drakely and Edward Clementsor, now or late of Market Bosworth, in the county of Leicester, ho. siers, deal « is, chapmen, and co- partners, intend io meet on Tuesday tlie I Oth day of November neat, at' eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at tbe Georne Inn'; in Hinckley, in order to make a further dividend of the joint Estate and Effect* of the said Bankrupts;—- when and where tbe creditors who have not already jjrovjjd Ufeif. debts, are to. coine prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the mud dividend, and all claims not then substan- tiated, wUI lie disallowed* James Sodair, -'— T - — r- - r; cS'pIicitor to the Assignees. Hinckley, lStOct. 1818. " f ; John Drakeletfs separate Estate.' • "" I riAH E Commissioners in a commission of JL bankrupt, " awarded and issued - against John Drakelcv,' now or late of ' iarket'Bosworth, in the county of Leicester, hosier, dealer, anil chap- man, iiitead to meet on; Tuesday the IDth day of November next; at - eleven O'clock^ in the forenoon, at the house of David Briggs, the George Inn, in Hinckley, in order to make, a'dividend of tlie sepn- r< ite Estate and Effrcts of tbe said Bankrupt'Y When . and whwre the creditorS whose respective debts an,- • vroodantecedent- to- thc - list < rf May,. 1810, ; jad" who have'fiot" already proved iheir debts., are to come prepared to prove the same, or they, will be ex- cluded the benefit of the said dividend, and all claunanot then proved, will be disaliowed, ,. .- James & id" n, ' . Solicitor to the Assignees. Hinckley. f » tOct. I8| j). " . j • ( JlemehtK n's separate Estates v 1 f Til E CpinniiasionersTn a enmmissinn of bankrupt, . awarded- and issued \ iefiiiiist • Edward Clemenisoit, now or late, of Market Bps • worth, in the county of Leicester, h.> si » , r, dealpr, and chapman, intend to meet on Tuesday the Ifph day Of November next, at eleven o'clock Mthc fo^ e-"' noon, at the houseof Darid Brigg*, the ( i& rgejrin, in Hinckley; in order to make'a dividend of the ^ e- ' partite Estate and Etfectsof the said Bankrupt; wli^ n and where. the •• reditors whose respective debts aic crued antecedent to the 2lse />/ May, 1810, and who have not already ployed their debts, are' to c'oitae prepared to prove toe same, or tliev will be ex- cluded the benefit of the said dividend, and < fll claims not then proved, will be disallowed. ; - James Sodeit, "'. ' So: icitor.. fo tlie Assignees. Hinckle: y. lst/ Vt 1818. ' ..... v . "„ . In Ujirfan's, Bankruptcy. • ~ TH E Commissioners in' a comtrt'ssii n ofr bankrupt. awarded andissued forthagainkt W IU. IAM BHHTON, aow or late Of Hinckley, fn tlje county of Leicestei, hosier, bearing date the eighth day of Augivtlast, intend tirmeeton Saturday, t.{- third day of October at- fhi bout-' of Davtl Biiggs, the Ooorgef ns IH Hinckley, at 11 o'cloiA. « . iu tie forenoon, in or open' the rcsealed COm-" piissiou, in conformity to e Cord Chancellors or- der in fliis niattei, at which time and place future meetings will be appointed, of which due notice will be given. -.- - James iSWe » , » • •' . Solicit > r fo the said,,-. . i • - ..,*•'-'•• Commission^ Wfcklcy, 1st Oct. 181?. . . , . j Normich Union t* ire and Life ins - ran e. AT a very numerous a « d most respectably meeting of Members of the Norwich TJnii- on Eire and Life Insut; u, i} ceSocieties, convened bv pnblic Advertisements, and held at the Qily " of London Tavern, Bishopgate strety, for the • purpose pf receiving tbe Report of tne London Committee of Investigation, appointed at. the; YorJ< Hotel, ( on the 27th of . July tot), Tfcomas Beo* iey, Esq. being unanimously called to the " Chair, * . It was moved by John Patteson, Esq. ( Alder- man of Norwich, " and late M. P. for that City, and one " of the Society's. Trustees.) and Second- ed by Pardoe, Esq. that tbe report of the committee be now reqd. - . The report having been read to the meeting by the Secretary of the committee,- - It was moved by John Patteson, Esq. and se- conded by John Thomas Thorp, Esq, Alderman nlid M. P. and itesohed unanimously— I. That the very able report, now read, be adopted by Ihis meeting, and that it be printed, with its appendix, for ( be use of the members of the society, . 2 Thatitis highly desirable, on tbe one hand, to support an lnstitntioivof such extreme utility aathe Norwich Uuitm ; but. on the other hand, to take the ( iiost effectual measure* for correct- ing such erro. s as may- have crept intoit. 3. That ill furtherance of tlris object, tbe pre- Sent committee be requested to continue tbeir labours, with power to add to their number, in order to consider of thebestmbde'df r'evisirigth^ various Deeds W Settlement ahd Acts of Parli ament. and take legal advice, and adopt- mea- sures for cj>? iiii* nri ts. riyTfeneral Meejing, pur- suant to the regulation's of the Society It was proposed by Francis Kemlle, Esq, se- eonded. by N. S. Barbet, Esq. and Resolved iimmnwishp— l. That Mr. Alderman Thorp bo added to this committee. It was proposed by John Hanson, Esq. and seconded by John Middlelon, Hsq. and iitisolred unanimously— 5. That the cordial lba. uk* of the committee and of this meeting be Riv « n to Frederick Arnftud Clarke, Esq. the Se- cretary, for his indefatigable exertions in for- warding Wie labours of the commit'ce, and the benefit ofthe members of the Norwich Union at large. ^ IV was moved by John Pattern, Esq, second- edKy J. T. Thorp, Esq. aipl Resohe'd unanimously— 6. Tbut. the ( banks of this meeting be given to the cpminittee for their unwearied assiduity in attending to the concerns ofthe Institution. , - ' jt. was moved by Thomas Wilson, Esq.. se- conded by F. A. Ctarke, Esq. and Resolved unanimously— 7. ' 1' lKit the thanks of Ibis meeting be given to the Directors ofthe Norwich Union, tor the readiness with whiph they have rendered to tbe committee every faci- lity 4n thi* investigation Of their affairs. ( Signed) • . THOMAS BENSM: V, Chaimian. Mr. Bensley having left the chair, it was taken by Mr. Patteson, who moved— That tbc thanks of thiB meeting be given to Thomas Beuxley, Esq. the chairman both ofthe committee and " this meeting, for his impartial conduct in the chair, and his attention to the whole of the arduouB business, over which he lias ^ Thhf niotkm Wns seconded by Mr. Aldcrtflwi xborp, Hlid passed unanimously. It was a No nioved.' secoaded. and resolved, That tbe resolutions now pp. sscd he published in tli* Morning, Evening, and PioywfciaJ Pa- pers. .,-•*. • . „ T ;.': IN THE PRESS, ... > And snon wtil be published, TT'LTH. ADDITIONS A^- D ALTF. LTATION. S i ( A NEW EDITION,) OR TUE K • _ Calviuifitic Clergy Defended ( , AND THE - : DOCTRINES OF CALVIN MAINTAINED; IN A LETTER • • " •' '- TO THE Rev. JAMES BERESFOEC, M, a, EDWARD TH^ S" VAITGHA^; M. A. Sold by HA^ CHARP, London; and COSJBE, Leicester, , •.. . " PERSONS wiUiog to un/ lertake the con- veyance of the MaU from' Nottingham to- Loughbinough, and from LoniHihoro « gh to Notting- ham, « n Horsubai'. k, or; byCarriage, in two BStirs, lo miles, are desired to make- proposals, bv letter,- ilj- rec^ ed to- C » .:- H* RT;- ESq."' Snrv^ cr'^' nth3" t3cneral Post Office. ,. "; - •- <. . ...- i. e. UBiier. thefnturc'Artangemchts of this Ride, ^ wo different Hitlers Wil!.. be. rci|' iireii, one to start frtim Nottinglmm on the ariit'iil of thic- tLeeds Mail j and • he other tx> start imm^ dstite^ y on the artival of the London Mail at boazbhc. rouab, - vho may tOfn back ' tfh'meeting, or proceed the " whole staire. according to the wish of Uie Conti'actot. s ji; ho will be subject tbllie duty en Horses, and Caf1 ia^ it'^ 01^ is etn- ANN SH ELTON, Cooper, Sfc, , BEGS leat^' t'o' rf'ttitii' her syip^ a^ lhanksifo li'e? Custfimeis of her latS Husband, alld trusts, that witfi tbe.- assipjahce of bet Sons,' to merit their future fay. or. i, vjh'ich, will ever be • tnost jStncftluiry: execate^ and gratefully flc- ' Icnrvwledge^,* . "-" v : . • - • " Syston. ' ' '• '•'.."':• "'•;•'.:-. ' s...-',. • Os ftunddy. fiptfcKg fist, at the top of the • - i '' ' ' Himberitone Gate, • . rj" VVVO OoLti FISGER | 1I* GS. one with a large I. brHliti lit • Sapphire IB tfi. er centre., A Pot'ND gratuity is offeVed for'tlie. rCCoyefy wf each, on OTrplteatllin at'. J} Y$ Jq\ i£) ieil Office^ N i. o s r,"'. :.: . ' On yraiiUsdai/ Wijflithe.^ d insir ... - Handsbrhe liver aiid whiti* qobinred * pan- iel BITCH, wi. th curled hair, and long tinswe'rs tb'Uif oame of J) a/ T • WhoeverlHS^. fouhd theakmf tind, will bring lief to Mt. ROBT. HF. NTON. ot Ifuiiiberstone. Or toAfr. ' CJW'OOD, grocet, Gallo. wtree^ gate; Lei- cester, will he. fiandspttjely rewarded; fos their; trouble.! and - whpevei; detains her afterthiir'no-, ti je,. will be proseCutfd'accOi'diilg to law.' 1- - r • • •' ' i '"' I - . ; Hotici. i$ Jier « hg . Qiten, » TH AT the Partnership lately subsisting be- tween JOHN 0* IIFT and ATPHF. TS " BOCK, of l. oiiglij/ or. ugh, iu thfSeoimty of Leicester., laee maniifaeturers, was dissolved otfthe 2fst day of Seplemberiostant, by mutual consetjt. eLoughborougli-, 30th) s,; ' . Sept. 1818. ... 1 ' . • " : AHSCOXDED, ' And left his Fdvfify c/ iprjteaijz Jo tlie parish of Si/ sCm, Un tm ctiunty of Leicester; T- 08EPH* BAIL, ' by trade a Framework ay Knitter, Aitf been inI the foiceitershire Mili- tia-, he is abo- it 34 yeitfs Of age, 5 feet 10 Inches bi/ li, fresh CSmplepvn « and hath a remarkably lar^ ctroee', '•' " ' J •, <, s • ••• •.. ; VVhoev^ r will bri. ijt t! ie suit! Joseph Bail, to the OVF. AIKERS of Stare's, nhall receiW; ONE fj'i.' i.< RA reward. ../•,• •* '•' • SfyatSn, 29th September, 1818. _ ..': " ( UmL ', ' ' v r lAHE nrjfctTiCnei'al Aswwhlv of Proprietars - ' J '" of this fjiid( CJtakiHgs vrili be held at the ^ Queen's HWl j) i AfShf- • dd la Zonch, in the eounfv of Leicester, on » v; « tKllly the'fifth day of OrtoBer nextf gt eleven.. o'efcefc in- the forenoon,' when and where the sevetalpro| » rtetors « rt> teq'uest- « d to attend hy thcmselvos o> proxi8 » .|- x , , .' - ijokti Crotsleyi ' ' " " . . . Ctai'tfttiie' " " •*"../; Compa Ky of Profir'etors. Ashbv de la- ZowCh. 17ft Sept. mis. ' . TA B K D ISI^ KI) OF'' ••. kit * Mx » it » tbintt/ tin,' '."•' ( And intended to be'divided amongst " ,.: '.••..- { creditors,)'" ALegacy or Sum of Fifty Pounds, payable on tlie decease of a Lady( aged 76 years aiid upwards. For price and particulars appHcation'mny be made at the offices of Mi:. JAMES SotiES, siilici- tor. Hjneklev. Hinckley., Ist Oct. < 818. ;,. ..'...'. ^' jiritt- H, ARcspectablc Yoiith as aq ApprMtliife tn an Ironmonger. Apply to S. MASOK, Lei- Chrapsidc. 1st October, TSlSi ;, i ! ' To HOSIERS. 1 " H f AToung roan perfectly acquainted with the hosiery- business, wishes to engagc ns. flti Assistant in- a warehouse. The most satisfactory reference can be given. Enquire of Mr. Bl'R- o ESS. New Street. . SIJO'V OF RAMS. Mr. RICHARD BARKER respectfully inform* tho. publis. thaft heintends show- ing his Rains, on Saturday 10th OctobeKheing the day but one hQfiire'Leicester Fair at Knigh- tou, near Leicester. • ••••?•-. '"•'•;- - . To CREDITORS. rT> HE Creditors of the late Mr. CH. IIILES Esrt- IN of Hinckley, ( who have, proved their Debts.) . may receive a Dividend on fhe same, by applying to Mr. EAGLESFTIiLD, Hosier, HINCKI. EY, on or after the 5tli of No- > ember next. " ^"... '•" *'/' , .... . LETCESTE RSLILRE MILITIA. CnryllE OtHfraf Annual Meeting if the Lieutenancy, JL trill be held at the Three (" ramie tun, in Leices- ter, on Juesduu, l( w * h tK diCy of Untoher fiexi, at 11 o'clock in tlie forenemi„: pursuant to the 2 Isf Section of the i'id Gio.-' iW, <' up: DO. •"-":•; - By order of tli* ( Irace the Dukeof Rutland, Lord Lieutenant of the County of Leicester, DECIMUS COOKE, Clerk of the General Meetings. Leicester: l' 7th September, 1818. ' "" ". V - • ' 11 Household Eu, iuture, Glass, China, ifc. TO BE StILD BY ACCTTON, By Mr. MARRIS, At his Sale Room, White Hast Inn, Leicester, on Thnrsdaji the 8th of October, 1818, CONSISTING in part of four post and tent bedsteads, feather and flock beds, a hand- some set of modern mahogany dining tables on cas- tors, 9 feet 3 inches by 3 feet 9 inches, a Kidder- minster carpet 11 feet 3 inches by 11 feet 2 inches, a hearth rug, mahogany and other chairs, painted dressing tables, trays, waiters, china, glass, delph, books', and other articles; fcso divers kitchen re- ipiisites. N. B. The sale » begin at 10 o'clock in ibe morcisg pfsci^ ilj*. THE OLD True Bhte - Interest. . ' Hurhoroutrh. ' ituh . AftguSt. "" ' ANY Gentlemen if the OLD TRUE BLUE INTEREST, bpriag. agreed ti>' Dine together at the ANQEf INN, Miirhet Utirbarough, on the. Fpiirtei'ii^ h of October next; the company of nil Fretftoldces, wd tvelfwishetis to tint Interest^, is rei/ Heftetk . ' i Gustlentcii- will. Imve; the. goodness to leave tlein ' Names at the RAR- of- tke aboveftili,- ttt least one Wvek before the MtetfngP^- '" * » <-•''• '•"•••' " ; Dintter on'the- 7 ' abfcat Vied '- tfclbt'hl ORPINf. Cidr ^ " | I. F. fCESTER- MICtIA'ELMAS. t- AI R. T^ jTGTlGE is hereby ghwi ihgt the Fair for the '<*' v snieof Hornefl Cattle, Horses, and Sheep, Kill be postptoiied- until - Vonday, Ufe 12th of Octo- ber, and forjlie- sale » /' C) iee. se until the following day. . Thi$„ ftegul/ ttion. liqsl/ eznfinitnl necessary in eonsetfufuce^. iSf. " I- Oqtolmtfifllin^ this year on a Saturday) it- having buomeijirite impraetjea- blcto provide, room ful- iherajuisile ntwiber ttf'sheej) pd& jot tjtis Jargn- Fair, if held on the nun- bet day. No Cheese u- ilfrbe allotted torhe. deposked in- the Exchange or Market- lHace, until the tkorning of • Tuesday., the 13tk. « "• ' '••" '• ~ ' ' . otdet ofth^ MaH' 6i'!' aiid Magistrates, THO : BUitMDOS, Town Clerk. ntAi& r TAi'- niMti ••'* - -. UictoHr, Sepfeiafer WWW' next. Pctiico,, for the. lloKOJtffii LEICESTER,: « iiI be holdiwat the Guildhall, iiijhe ^ id lfctoiiglt « :" i1S. THUliSDAY the TWENTY sfecpltn dliy of OCIOKF. G IKSXT, at K1N, B n'/ « ln/ « L' in < W' • nfrtt'hj/' li cf\\ nrii^ fli'tifnu- e notice.- - '*-> » •>- iioH " iu . « •'•-, A ' S All persons itttfndipgto'prefcr bills oflpdictaicnr, - exhibit atticfes til'We P. eace; di^ r at the said Ses- sion, must leave hishnetibfts AT'lti'y office in NEW- sr « EBT, on or before t^ eryfe o'clock ill The day prej cedtogthe1 Session, and'tlie Prosecutors aiid Wit-' nesses mast be tfeadv to go before the Grand Jury, immeiiia'tSly'. after the COiirt is'opined,— Dated this... 20h- day at September, 1818. » <,""". TUOMAS, Jlti; air& E, r" V-' Clerk df the Peace. - . A R A I » I C A !/ • € U K E ~ j* T. For all RtducMe Raptures, • Mit be had in one nioHths time ' hv apply- ing to . Mr; W. DICKINSON, ; . SUROttWi' f* OM Dotl ( rASTER', 6 ' At Mr. Ettmes- s, East'Gates, Jl^ t'ecifer, » " for a short tiftie An^ pcrsOn Tie, jipd^ rtakes, ip^ y rclv on) cure ill tlie tiints Sbove- mcutiimitd, so as fo. 1I0" away with TrtisVof Balilfaitf.' , ' '•• tU H. References bt Cures " by tesp « ctable people in. this neighbourhood can be given. ' ' Mt. V/. I), isareguiar I'ractitioner. ahd served his Apprenticeship with Mr. j. Dickinson, Surgeon, High street, Doncaster. '' '.'; 1 1 , v .... • .; . r-,,. ,!,.. , , —_ - Original Warehouse- for ," vla< ip Linen Drapery, Haberdashery, and Silk . Mercery of e* cry lie- scriptiwi, dt " ' L '•' '•- ' « . il. riAlNESV, . PO. Vt. TKX . M.\ RKF. T PL AclU LEICESTER* ' ( t II 11. begs to inform tile public, and bis JF* friends, that no advanCe- wil! be ninde ill the price of goods at ' his v^ arehonse. having just at-' lived from the principal markets, and purchased every article at the old prices, lie is^ nablcd to serve those uhomay honor him with their favors, on very advantageous tetms, < i. H. H. is particularly desirous his frii nils should notice the undeimeutioned article, s, as be has pur- chased them Musiderably under the regular trade prices, viz: London printed funiituves- of- 4bfr- m » st elegant patterns and colors, furniture diifiiites' all qualities, beautiful counterpanes and Matscilles quilts,. ? ith ' and 4- 4tli Irish llnehsof the best fabric, warranted grass. blCscheu, Suffolk hemps remarkably ' stint, lawns imitating French Cambrics, for pocket liahd- kercluefs, a great assortment of checked ' and fi- gured stuffs of this wuiters pafterus, lustres, pop' lins, bombnzeens of the most prevailing colours, stpiare anil lotiS vrtittfesil. l tlOjoiirs, beaiitiful print- ed ditto,, silk shawls and sqaifs in great variety, and Other Articles tod mimefous to inserti v A'great Vboice'of black sarfinets. boinbazeens, poplins, princettas, plain and Jwilll. d Jfltifi's; hnd evefybtlier articlr for fauiily mourni- fig. THOMAS IIODGERS, « SPEGTPULLT informs bis Friends and .. _ the'Piihlic. Ire hds* completed his' Stock for the Season; nmtiiivites their attentioi? to the ftiHbwing; nirioiigstJhtaiiy' other Articles equally itfshfomvlileniid cheap " Tallied and pb. ln Pcllve Cloths, scaHet and mix- ture ifjloth- for t'loaks ami Mantles, siipet'white and coloured Cassimwc Shawls and Scarfs, vers- jChcap,, a large assortment of hlnck and coloured B9mbazcens 2s 4d. IVpWardS, lilack and coloured Lustres 2s upwai ds, some rich 12s 4d, Marseilles Quilts 30s, Witnev and Yorkshire'Blankets, 8s Gd per pair,- Hit. dr. > .. ' - - '^ J • : '•••' Mrs. BO OGEES. ' '' T> ESPECTFGLLY , begp , to acknowledge tlte Fnvofs she, has received, and informs Itlf FrWiids hud the Public, that her Millinery f>; ress iniik. ing< 4s « ;,' is continued as usual. » N'. B. jjfr^ sses. jtc, made up without, any pre- ference a* to w here the Articles may have teen purchased.. « ; XQ relet; , ' And inKy be ehtered npon Immediately, THE Bowlinir Green Public II(( iise,.- jiow in Tieicestet] tlon. Enqniie/ in the » | i{ fn] ises. hill lipsineass, sjtuate in St.- Peters Lane, ie fixtures to lie taken at a fair valua- BY PERMlV^ ON. M R. & H. J. I. XTO X Has the lienor to ann^ un^ e tf> the Nobilfty nnd" Gentry of Leicester aiid.- its Ko* irons, that he lias succeeded in- tbe pmieuvour to- eaga| re J 7 UAtMIOmr A< k: 6MpLtmE'D rSI^ GER • • • [, : Who. wili aj^ eai'W. ltie ' THfeATRE oW . • MtiKdaij, - Tutetdteff*!-* WSHii0ajf, Thursday, and Friday jj& iMupi, — '— : rnW those, OpptA* y in wWthJbis Powers have : been sro j CChliaiHv^ elebrated. Mr. - B ami A 9f~ Hsirbe' assHtetl by Whose Vocal ""' probation '- biimillill 1 , with Mr. . , Notwithstanding the gre'it jQfpaiee of, engaging: Talents sifetn'iiieni, the F& aesiijll vvt beraifedl The Bo\- plaf s villi be opened on Sartirday mornflig! at twelve o'clock, and no4> refcr. ence, as to- Places will he shewn; but Tickets to the amoiiut of Pla- ces deslrid must he tjiken « , t.( Ji, e tims.- . „ It is Mr. ELLIS'fON's iiitciltion hot - to prolong the Season more than' THWEE Wistss, ahd as every exertion r.' illbeiised to pfodnce , e'yery: Novelty, both as to Performers and Pieces,- he fOost respectfully solicits ( dtiriirg that, short perio^) the active. J'atro- nage of his Friends aiidijie. PnjjliC ih gene » af. On MONO A Y EMII ' iiu), . Octohcr o, 1815, - tvill. EE ! IF. PEIiSB » TEt> " 1 ithehiglilv populaf Dpera,' entitled; : t ( ll,' Y, Al.'. rs'NERINf.; Or, The, Gypsey's Ffophery. - HEVRV- BfiIiTnxstr—^-^ tn• BRSHAia; In tbe eoarse- ufliie: F. ijerirng, Mr. SKAIIAM Will Sing some of his most favourite introductory :. S O N-. G Tlie Evening's Entertahimeiils'rw iH conclude WITH TH » PAUCE OP . On 7' tiesday- j- O'fCt'cl'c's finite Opera, of; The CASTLE Of ANDM. USIA— S> 0N AtPMONSo, Mr. BRA [ JAM. • On Weihusdau— Cobb's Opera, pi The H AE NT- ED TO « EH— Lo till WI IMA w, Mr BRAHAM, AOELA, Mrs. HV3I$ y, ..;-.-. On Thursday— Sheridan's Cooiip Opern, called THE DUENNA - CAii^ e, Mr. BRAHAM— DONNA CIAKA, Mri. UUMBll- "--• ""* BOXES 3s PIT T. IiERY Is. TicKETS. to. be' bad, snripiacts'/ or the Boxes to he taken, fit. Mr. ElXA.^. KCoi^ teciioaCTr ia- tlie Market place.; also Tickets LB be had at CH^ MBER- LAIN'S Printing Qfltee,, E- isf'Oate£.' J ':' rV; ' ,'-' Doors to be opened atSi^': l> i( llttfie Performance' to begin precisely a, Sevttn o'c. ldCk. ..,-, Ou FRIDA Y, • « ftreonnte\ OPERA, , - WITH AD » I! I!' E'NTJL. R'S^( CG> S', " ' . " By Mr. BR^ HAM, V . Being for his Benefit, and positively his last ' •".-> ' . Appeartelicefr !-. i. Birmingham Fire Offline. ' ( T.- M POWER Ml ItY AOTOF Ptk'lIAMKfiT.) • ' CAPITAL. . .. i'ago^ tKio. INSU'RANECS are effected bv tbw Office against Loss or Damage, by- Eire upon Pro-*, perfy of every description, upon Tel ITM as liberal as. those of any other Office, and tjie Losses paid, with the utmost liberality aiid proinpHtude. ' Farming Stock ou any part of a. Farm, or in any Building thereon, insured iu one sum, ou the follow- ingTeriiis, viz :— •*,, » » > . - - For One Year...... 2 » Od " 1 Six montfcti .... Is fid J per Cent. Three month. Is ( id ) p?- No charge made for Polices where the Pre- minms amount to Cs; ijOr: on removal from other Offices. - t " ' The Receipts for renewal of Insurances - due at Michaelmas, are ready for delivery bv the - Agents, aud should be paid on or before the 14 th day of Oc- tober, as the 15 days' allowed for Payment beyond the date of each Policy will then evpiiV. By order of | he Directors. K. i. Witheridge, -. " - Secretary'. AGENT. Leicester Mr. Robert Freer :> 4 '-' MARK- FIELD EEAsT. H^ T'TfcE- ls hereby given, tliat Markfield . Feast will not- be beld in futui e until the SuiUfttV after heieest'ef 3/ ilhrtelhias Cheese Fair. CIIA^ r; I E- OPEN(• ! K THE BAPTIST CliAPELi IN FLILAR I. ANK, LEICESTER, Having been considerably enlara. ed; it is proposed to fte- opem it for ttblic Worship, . On WEDNESDAY THE - WTH INSTANT, The Mtwniiig Seri'ice td'conir/ ietiFC tit Eleven, A SERMON in " The Re>. Mr, THf? T, of Birmingham. U- iftt Ex'ehing Sernee ht half- phst Six; A SERMON by Tbe Rev. \ f : A. J AMES; of Birmingham. t3- A Collection Will tie tna'de at thp Dobr,- nt tbc ' c- kisc o" f ench Service, toward . defraying the- Expenses bf Enlargemcnt. :, BANKERS' I. ICEN(; F. • - s-.- Siamp- 0 ( fice, I. mdon, - " •••- " '•;, Sept.' 17, iriti. NOTrrEl'i hereby given, that all llceuccs v. gr'hnted to Bankers ot others,- to issue pros missdry. rtofes'. payable tq the bearer on derpartrt1, artd allowed to be re- isj( tied, will o ® pjre ofi the irtth of October, next, aadtltat they ttiii'st- be re- newed wi'hitWioe month from that dftyV'OT pe- iialtjgs wjll be ineurreif. ' • ' • "''" : V. l •'."•: 6Jr ordef of the Comrciss'tiners.' ' ; - <-': ; ynf i..""' B'. Happen, '..••-•>'••' Secretary. ;. V FRIDAY. OCTOBER 2, IKI8, MARRIED. Laweek,' Mr. T. Bti chain, hop mercbant, of Bridgnorth, tjf Jaiie, ' eldest daughtet of Vfeilliam G » riffin,- foq. of Coventry. ' ^ CiiTaesdat,- the SSil'tilt at Avston, : by Special licence, the Earl of Brownlrifr, to (' proline, second daughter Of Georirf F1 udjer, Est;, M. l'. of Avston, in the eotinly of Ktitblnd, and " niecelo the Ear' of Westmorland. '; - . -•••' DIED. . On Friday last, Mr. Geoi ge Webb, hosier, of this town, f"" On iSiesdav last, Mr. G, Cooper, hosier, of the South Gate Street." . On Tbesday- fhe. H2ii ult. Mrs. RobeJ- tS, wife of thelate SaihUeTRobeTts, Esq. of this town, - LKlCESTr. R INEIRMARY, - September 29. I81S. PATIENTS ADMITTED AHT, DISCHARGED Admitted. Dixehafged. ItK. y.*.,...,. H, III. .. i ...;.. V. !)"• ' Out*.;......,, 11 Out .... 8 . . . . H. OUSF. VISITORS, Mr. datnes. liawson, and Mr ' Aid. Read] The Rev. - J B. EREs « iRb. M. A. Sector ofi Kib- wo'rth'j vei- y ably, advocated tlie interest of . Stt- tMar- garats' Charity ScbdofVa't St,. Maig^ fets' C( i « Mh, o. h SiindiVv las?.' The collection amounted, to Fifty- one Pounds, 1 ( i. i: Zi< l. ,;' .'. _ ..,,., » . • We have authority to s( ate: Mr.. CHEssHf! R,- of - Hinehley, ijs actively engaged in the Profession wbrcli' has. occtipij;}] * hifi attention -. for the ' last thirty'yfian, wliicli. hpiuleuds to persevere in. We understand a grand malobof- Cricket will be played io. ttie . Pastwe, on Wednesday next, between the Gentlemen of Ihe Leicester New Club, andtcii of the Barrow Club, with Mr. Al- len. ofgjtftim. NottinrhatusMrt'. The decorations of the banqcretting- room so tnucb admi/ ed atfhe fAte at Ldwesby Hall,' last week, had- we nndferstand, the aid of Miss Lin- wood's distinguished talents and exqiiisfte taste ; and the supper was under tbe direction of Mr. EHa. who prepared the ornaments, ike,, and dis- played very- considerable skilj in a tasteful ar- rangement el them on the tables, the festivi- ties did not closp until Friday last, on thatday Sir Frederick Fowkchad the. whole, of his tenan- try, a squadron of the Leicestershire Yeomanry Cavalry, ( of which he is Captain)! the company collectively ufjwart's of GOOto dimier. The gen- uine hospitality, condescension, and amiable de- portment of tbe worthy Baronet and bis Lady, was the theme of'admiration with all present . Af- ter dinnerdancingcommenced,& Was continued with great spirit untilfto'eloclc the next morning. Pedestrian Match,—- Eaton & Jones, the cele- brated'Pedestriahs, commenced w alkingoli^ Wed- nesday morning, at 36inin. past 6 o'clock, upon a piece ofgiioujid, a. qaartei ill a mile in extend ttpon the HnH » ornugh rtuid, nearly mid- why be- tween the Tfill- gale and Stoney- gate Hottse » within a mile bf Leicfcsfer, for a suto of Ted Guineas each ; they are tO epotiiiue t< l Walk day and night ( Sunday excepted) it nil I fi o'clock i< i the elening ofSathrdny tbe lotb of 0ctober. t! « « person going tlrf- £ icnt(; st m mber of liiil^ s With- in that period to be tire v, 1hne;-.—- 1' Jie iiiotcji excites eoneidersbie. ifiieres;— Ard is prodi e'n*? hf many visitors. At 9 o'clock Inst ni^ bt ihf distances . done were ns followsday. sthrt: ed atS6fiiiii, past and left off at bnlfpdst ili each' cbtifpletiiig C8 miles .-- a- ijfcd drtj, sfarleit at 32 min. past 3, and left off al half pa* t « fcht< ehfiiplwiiig Jonds, 62, Eaton 4SmiIeg. itklibg in favor of Kottiii. Gentlemen colltclors, tmeoiiragft- s of the ficfe arts, are resj+ Cfftilly invited by J. BaytioSi, Bay Mai bet, l. eitresh r, lo vicvv specimens, wlii « It nre now ofi Sale, liy Vaiiridcn, Barker, Declfer, Berchehi, GherCliio, Wjiiimts, Dotiienichinoj Poussiiu Gtill cr; Bruegheli Lingh bhCk/ ValK' dercfthle. Jto. Ike.— Also, a few higb class t-.& bU tiM, Pictures, in excellent preservation, by Ott- ade; Salvntor Rofra. Titian Jan ftliel, Both ; art Cxtjiiisite Interim', by TlavKl Tenict's; and a ditto Of Village SpOrtS; by tlie siifpe celeWated Painter, leceutly from tlie CoiititietW; the de- scent froiii tbe Cross, by Vandyk'i; and d tin perb rich Landscape by W'ateiloo. Cheese went i ff tolerably brisk at tctt- gh- - borough fnir,. tm- Wednesday, at froth ^' 4 W. C4 ( is. It is a pity lib! n hic bettei. iitfiilUti. il was adopted in the proper disposal Of the chctse waggons, for w ant of that, fhe greatest possible confiision nnd irregularity alWhys takes place at the sajd'fair. Oil the same niglit, some oftbti light lihgered Gentrj bfetweeh the hours of si.* apli nine, took pt> rl of a pane of glass out Of Mri Chapiiians' window,- tlic. watch maker. and stolfc theteftut Vncw, and 2 Second hand watdreS At Derby fair on Tuesday, there wt » s a: much larger supply of GheSse than was fexpecteiL Th » saleS' were lather brisk than otherwise. Plain Qheese 80s. to 84s. ' Ooloi'd 81s. it> b6s, j and a fine Hairy or two 90i. The sum. 01 £:') 7.9 » Cd y es collected at Lough- bofoiigb chur.-. hiTtit the bencfyt of the Sunday Schools at " that place, belonging to the Estab - lishment^ a serftifKi being first preached fey the Rev. Dr, Hardy. Rector, in vihicli the cause of the charity was ably advocated and strongly re- commended: Lately, AVm. - Uhnd. Mother to" Mr. WilmW, Bull's Head, Loughborptigh, was convicted bv Dr. I lardy, of stealing potatoes from the said Mr. Wilfner, hud- fined 20s. alid. expences. Benjamin Pollard, labourer to Mh John Cra-- dock, was corivietcd tin Friday last, ( byllr, H » rdy;) of Hi- using a mare beWiiging to thtjaid Mr; Gradock, and for divers other misdemea^ nors, and eoinniitted to Prison for one month. Mrs. Charles Poehin, of London, has given a Donation of Five Guineas to the Leicester In firmary, and become an a initial Subscriber of Three Uuineasi As patrotis ol the Belfcs Lettfes'* w< i Are high - ly gratified to See that this town is iff nowise behind hand in affording- fo our voting people every fticility in acquiring a knowledge of fO' reign languages. Not only are our classical schools supplied with able teachers oTtbe dead. tanguag ® s,- but there is also at coinninuB" ample: irts> trucji6jun. the living. We have Jong recog- nized a respectable teacher1 of tbe Fren^ has o » ier . ofSur Ciliiens, and lately a Fi efisli Geutleihaft, a native of PSii?, has undertaken to teaeb not only his own tongue, bat the Spanish, Italian and. Gertnan in their purity, while the more ven- erated and- ennobled- one of the aifrifrnC Serip-' lures is. unfolded to us by. another- i+ si'dent-. '. A li . occurrence of a \ try melaf> eiioly descp'p- tiitn took place aboul three miles' from Covbn- try/ pirlheiBad-' leailtitg I'rofti Wai; w'ick ttf that city,,( in Ttiesday Sfc'iiiiiglit, bf'tvi eeii the hours offline and ten at night.— As a yqong man of the name of. Law, was ott his return home from Kemtworth fetattifes, in coinpany with several other persons, they w ere inet by'n party of men whffi it' would appear^ began to insult them ; a quarrel immediately ensued, find, in a struggle - which took place soon aftPiVr. i-. ds, Law receiv- ed a mortal stab vyith a knife, or other sharp in- strument, in'the lower part of bis body.' The patty observing the dreadful result of'the en- c'ountefj with the exception of a man named Jacksoh who was secured, instantly fl « d'; they" were however actively pursued, mid 3" others were apprehended iir- the courte ofthe nipipt.— , Tlie unfortunate Irian was immediately taken from the spot; in a most. distressing ctutc, find conveyed to the Wii'iiirnill public btuise, al Sti- vichall, where, fifter liagerii- g in considerable agony, and libtwitlistaniting- c- it- iy iiiedical. as- sistauce, be je. vpiretl eiuly the nextmorliiiig — The deceased, was a single tnwi., about twenty- six years tif ngc. A ciiiiitiei's inquest assem- bled at nitle o'clock on Thursday morning, anil did not bi eek tip, lintil twelve o'clock at night, when proceetip. ga were adjouriife'd to 8 o'clock the follov ii '.~< iay. Not fevvt'r thitn So witnesses were exabiinc-. i Hi ' tW c'ottrs'e of the investiga- tion. The jttfy Hlurtied a verdict of ^ vitFrt. MtiRPf. it agai'uat Jaeksi u aud two others, who have since been, cqmmiited to take ( heir tiials nt the next Assies. ------- The deceased was . much beatoiriibo. it " the Beujl prcviousjy . to receiviiig the' fatal wouifii.; Dreadful Aeyuient. at Nottiijgham.'-~ k most dreadful bntf calamitous event cetfuriHiat - Not'- tingbam, about three o'clock in the al; eWi » ) « h of Jt'lop. dajlast, by the explosion ofa large quan- tity of gunpowder. The following are the most correct particulars we have bceit abteto obtain of this melancholy subject;— The gunpowder, about halfatqu in quantity, had just bee, n plac- ed in. one of tbe lower rotems of tiie Nottingham Canal Company's Wa/ ehcuw, and a small por- tion having accidentally got loose,, one^ of the men who had b€ en engaged in tiiji atliitg it from the boat, expressed to a Companion, his . iu- teution of buving ' a tjash with it'; the other earnestly endeavoured to dissuade him, from si> dangerotts an net, but finding all remonstrance to be in vain, and seeing liiin go tothe boat- for a lighted coke in Oilier to curry his imprudont determination into cticct. fled jilecipitately to avoidthe impending mischief;' lit- bad, but just sufficient time to do so, when the dreadful event be anticipated took pliic^ the w hole ofthe pow - der exploded, involving the scene in complete destruction. The explosion w as tremenduptis, ami unhappily attended with, the pios. t fatal ct> u- sequ^ nces , ' 1 he flagged^ pavement on which frtc, barrels stood was fyrccd about four feet into' tbe ground, and the building ..- was completely blown up fixmi its l'otindnlions to an immense height, and carried in all directions a consider- able distance. A number of bodies have been found, and more it is feared are in- the ruins. Oct. FAIRS. 5— Alleslev, Souths ™ , Oldbnry, Cirencwfcr, Wirkswoirh 6— Longnor, Thrapstone, Toweester 7— Noithleach, Alfreton. 8— Wimey, Mansfield, Ketterinj-, FJuv'sClife 9— Derby W— LSICESTER ROYAL Leicester Journal, and Midland Counties General Advertiser. •- « — i. FAIRLY DRIVEN OUT OF TOWN. . Nothing I'll bear from thee, But naketness, thou detestable town I Timonof Athena. Kit. EDITOR. I have a half cousin, 50 years of age, whose name is Bridget Jones. Her loud mother gen- erally called her'Biddy, by which name I beg leave to introduce her to ray friends. Biddy was very good looking at twenty ; at thirty she fell olf a little J at forty she grew thin, and be- gan to bear marks of disappointment; at fifty she is a skeleton. Between the ages of 20 and 40, she refused a rich country squire, a poor Clergyman, and two Other professional men in good practice; she having determined to marry either alord. a baronet) or a colonel in the army. One ofthe last description paukhor ma rked at- tentions; hut, as cousin Biddy terms it, '• he never explained himself." Since the age of 40 no one has ever- troubled her, and she now boldly declares her resolution never to marry. She is even grown so squea- mish, that she will not take a gentleman's arm, but prefers walking as erect as a Serjeant's pike, witii her footboy behind her, to being linked in the arm even of myself, whose age aad grave habits might satisfy her scrupulosity, Bi Idy was educated at Queen square board- ing school, but had not been iu town for twenty five years, until the other day. when I received a billet from her to inform incthat she bad taken a lodging in Bury street, St. James's, in order to lie near me, and to beat the same time in the court end of the town. She occupied the first floor: and the second was inhabited by Sir Oli- ver Oxygen, a Scotch buronct. and. a very great speculator. His favourite study was chemistry, and lie had sanguine hopes of making his for- tune b- y it. He lodged in the second lloor, in order, as he said, to enjoy more rarefied air ; but it is rather thought that bis main object was to be above tbe world. Miss Biddy did not much like hating a male lodger in tbe house ; but she could rely on her own discretion and on a drop bolt; and she re- solved not to be intimate enough to warrant his visiting her; so that she copffned their inter course to sidelong courtesies as they passed upon the staircase. Poor Biddy! the Baronet would not have g- iveu a good dinner for her, nor have parted with an atom of potassium or sodium to purchase a gross of ladies like her. The con- staut fumes, however, of nitrous and other, gases, the smell of hydrogen, the explosions of inflam- mable matter, and the rumbling noises of the Baronet by nigut andby day very much annoy- ed toy cousin. At length, one morning early, some hyper oxygenated niuriut of potash exploded with such a report, that it knocked down the Baronet and broke the wiution s of the apartment. Tbe land- lord and landlady thought that their lodge bad shot himself; and Miss Biddy apprehended that the roof of the house was blown oil. and that she should be buried in the ruins of the habita- tion. Self preservation bein* the first law of nature, she leaped out of bed, without recol- lecting that she had not put on her under dra- pery. so t'nat she was met en chemise by ber land lord and by ber own footboy. The disgrace of this the -.' haste vestal Biddy could not brook.— Besides, as she observed, her life was not safe with iluit Caledonian madman ; so she left her lodgings that day most precipitately, and ais- cliatged tbe poor foot boy, ailedging that shp could not bear the sight of him siuce her modes- ty was put to the blush. . Miss Jones next took a lodging in New Bond street. The proprietor occupied the kitchen, the second floor, and attics; whilst a Captain in theguards tenanted three rooms on the ground fl ior, to wit, a parlour, a bed room, and a dress- ing room. The Captain was what my rattle of a guard cousin calls " in the wind" a good deal; atid the knocks of duns and dissatisfied trades- men were like a running fire at the door. " I will lie paid," vociferated a livery- stable keep jfcr, one day that I called on cousin Biddy " I know that be is at home," sternly observed a horse dealer. " I won't go without my mouey," said an hotel keepor on a third occasion.- v Kick him out!" cried the bold Captain ou a fourth. " Let him go and be hanged, tbe tai hiring son of a gun." Besides, tbe Captain" was borrowed occasionally ; mistakes were inad'l as to their rooms; and one day this hero played Miss Biddy a very slippery trick, as fol lows :— Two bailitTs, who did not know his person, slipped into his apartment early in the morning. Ttie Captain was preparing for guard, but had ouly bis dressing gown on They came into the room, and inquired bis name. The servant took the hint, . and'winked at his master, who with the utmost coolness said, " Gentlemen, you are iu a mistake; the Captain lodges on the first floor, but is not up yet; lie came very late home from the masquerade; but if you call again you will see him." This was just the bait: they eagerly ran up stairs, whilst the Captain put on his great coat and slipped out. The myr- midons burst into Biddt's room, and took her for the Captain. The scene was most tragical. When undeceived, they came down to the par- lour, which they found locked; and after half an hour's parley, the door was foreed, aud they discovered iu his master's dressing gown the Captain's valet, who laughed at them immo- derately. Miss Bitldy swooned three times, as she told me; and, wheu recovered, she again changed her lodging. " To be thus treated was worse than death," complained the to me. " The monsters! to take me forthe Captain, indeed! I am sure I never hud any thiug masculine about uio! 1" Her third lodging was in Baker street. Here she had the misfortune to succeed a famous lady. Biddy moreover is fond ofthe innocent amuse menu of tending her birds, and of trimming and watering ber plants. These signs at a window — roses, geraniums, and canary birds, are, lam told, a kiud of lure to idle beaux; and ns my cousin's great passion is dress, she used t » be nodded at behitul a rose or a balsam, or taken a side view of through a bird cage. At all hours visitors poured in upon her; and such ridiculous scenes occurred, that she was soon beat olf hor ground there. " Ma'am, I beg your par- don ! it cannot be you that 1 want; but perhaps you have a lodger or a companion," was the language tlaily used ; or, " Ob ! ( with a violent laugh) I am mistaken ; upon my soul I tookyou for quite another person." For whom ! for what! indignantly answered Miss Biddy upon one oc- casion. " Why," very coolly drawled out the K* quisite, viewing her through his glass, for a confounded pretty girl; but I ant sure I beg your pardon, I never was iu a greater error in my life." This it must be owned w as insup- portable. Mttjs Biddy flew f ont this contagious abode to Manchester street. Here she enjoyed only threw days repose, when an accoucheur called on . her. landlady to ma' » - tonic inquiries, which teaoifended Biddy s delicacy,—;- for she man. One day, a letter being left at the doctor's, whose name is Matthew Jones, directed thus: —" M. Jones, Manchester street, to be deliver- ed immediately," aud being very closely folded, the doctor looked only at the address, and con- sidering it as a mere hasty mandate to exert bis skill, never opened it. The M. Jones be took for Mrs. Jones; tbe last line spoko for itself; be therefore concluded that my cousin needed bis professional aid, nnd although late in the even- ing, proceeded immediately to attend ! ler. This was worse than KII tbe rest; and my poor cou- sin Biddy was fairly driveu but of town. She asserted, on her arrival in tbe country, that Lon- don was not a fit place for any modest woman's residence; and thai it was impossible for her life, her credit, or her reputation, to be In safety there for oue week. She therefore discharged her male servnnt, and put herself as a parlour boarder at a boarding school in the country, for the sake of protection:— where that ahc is at present in the very highest possible state of pu- rity u. id of preservation, will be vouched to any one whom it may concern, by HKR COUSIN. THE 1/ 1 Some particulars arc published as to the pre- sent situation of our venerable fiovcreigniwhicb are very interesting.— Ilis Majesty is perfectly blind; and occupies along suit of rooms, thro' which he is almost continually strolling. Seve- ral piano fortes and harpsi'- ords arc placed at certain intervals, nnd the Monarch frequently stops at tlieni, runs over a few note; of Handel's Oratories and proceeds on his walk. He dines chiefly on cold meats. and frequently eats stand- ing. He has a silk plaid dress— and will some- times stop and address himself to a Noble- Duke or Lord, holding a colloquy, nnd furnishing their answers. The King sutlers bis beard to grow two or t ree days; seldom, however, exceeding three days. His hair is perfectly white. The Doctors Willis attend with the other Phy sicians, but not with the privacy of the King. Heis quite cheerful in his conduct and conversation, cats very heartily, and enjoys good health. THE QUEEN, Tbe prolonged sufferings of Her Majesty have excited the doepest sympathy of all classes.— Her disorder seems to subject her to excruciat- ing agony, or to plnnge her iu tbe stupor of ex- haustion, alternately. The last two or three bcl- letins represent her as rattier more composed, and better; but there is too much reason to fear that the violence ofthe attacks is only diminish- ed by the increasing debility of tbe Royal Suf ferer; and that her Majesty's constitution, worn down by age, and by tbe frequent recurrence of the most alarming symptoms, cannot be much longer uotield by the skill ol ber Physicians. The ch trader of our venerable stid beloved Queen. n > w that she is approaching the common gaol of humanity, will iie more than ever appre- ciated by those who have beeu sensible of her virtues, and of the beneficial influence which her Majesty's illustrious example has shed over tbe morals and iuterestB of tbe nation; while tbe slanderous voice of disaffection itself, has alrea- dy begun to * hcw that respect towards tbe suf- ferings of the afflicted Personage, to which her great though unostentatious qualities always entitled her. She has been a good wife, and a good mother. Though, devoted to her own pecu- liar duties, she has seldom, if ever, interfered with the conduct of national affairs, there can be no doubt, that, as a public character, her in- fluence lias been still more beneficial than in her domestic relations, in proportion as the sphere of its action was more important aud ex- tcusivc. D Fui nival, Liverpool, grocer T Carriage, Horsford, Norfolk, grocer N Latham, Manchester, baker DIVIDENDS. From Tuesday's Gazette, September 22. AT GUILDHALL. October 13, A Low, late of Berkeley street, jeweller IN THE COUNTRY. October 14, F Knowlcs and J Sawyer, Shef- field, merchant's, at the Tontine Inn, Sheffield 14. J and.) Dalton, Newcastle upon Tyne, earthenware manufacturers, at the George Inn, Pilgrim street, Newcastle——— 17, T Grieve, Edinburgh; and J Grieve, Manchester, tustian manufacturers, at tbe Bridgewnter Arms. Man- eliester—— 15, 1 Bird, Brampton, Cumberland, gtocet, at tbe Howard's Arms, Brampton- Hi, W Parker, Leeds, merchant, at the Court House, Leeds 2( 1, C Acton, Litchfield, black- em? h, at the Talbot, Bugele? November2. G Hardin:;. Ilfracombe, draper, At the Rummer Inn, Bristol From Saturday's Gazette, September 26. AT UUtLDHALL. October If. C Ifodg- kin, Old City Chambers, merchant-—— 17, It Stephens, Beririouilsey, tan- ner—"- 57, W J! CoX, Bread street, warehouse- man 31, J Craig and 3 Davies, Basitighall street, merchants 20. W Smith, Oxford st. ironmonger—— 17, V Mullett, St. fU'aryoxe, merchant—- 5, G Smith, Ludgate bill, haber- dasher November 7, E Ross, Oxford street, hosier 7, S ami J G Barker, Bi! Hter square, mer- chants-—- 7, R Cullcn and J Pears, Cheap- side, factors TN THE COT'NTflT. October 2G, M Lovebnry. Weston. Somerset- shire, victualler, at the GreyJ.' oand Inn, Market place. Bath—— 16. U Muuck'on. Currsy ttivel, near Langport, baker, at the Christopher Inn, Wells—- 19. RM Bacon and S Wilkin, Taver- liam, Norfolk, paper manufacturers, at the Sw an Inn, St. Peter of Bancroft. Norwich IS, C and It Johnson, Kirby Lonsdale, spirit merch- ants, at the King's Arms Inn, Lancaster 17, J Brooking, Bristol, dealer, at the Commercial Rooms, Bristol 19,. I Pearce, Horuingsham, Wiltshire, farmer, at the George and Pclican, Speenhaniland- 19, R Child, Waltham St. Lawrence, Berkshire, iarmer, at the Lower Ship Inn. Duke street. Reading 13, J nob- son, Manchester, brazier, at the White Bear Inn, Manchester - 1!*,^ J Trivere, J T ROJS, and H Jones, Lower Whitley, Cheshire, millers, at the George Iua, Warrington-.— 23, J Hevv- ard, Bridlington Quay, ship builder, at the Bri- tannia Inn, Bridlington Qu._ y 20, J Earle, Winchester, druggist, at the George Inn, Win- chester 19, J Carter, Liverpool, victualler, at the Bell and Punch Bowl Inn, Dale street, Liverpool November 2, J Brook, Longroyd Bridge, Hnddersticld, cloth dresscr. at tbe Pack Horse, HuddersfiCid ROYAL £ F & EXCHANGE Assurance CH ARTER In the Reign of King George the I. For Assuring Houses, Buildings, Goods, Hay, Corn, lave Stock. sS: c. FROM LOSS BY FIRE; Also for the Assurance of Lives, and for granting ANNUITIES ON LIVES. PERSONS whose Annual Premiums fall due on the 29th Sept. inst. are hereby in- formed that Receipts arc now ready to be delivered by the Company's Agents undermentioned, and the Parties Assured arc requested to apply for the re- newal of their Policies, onor before the 11th day of OCTOBER next, as the usual fifteen ( fays allowed for payment, bey ond the date of each Policy, will then expire. SAMUEL PENNING Jun. Sec. LEICESTERSHIRE. Leicestershire......... Nr. I I'm. Wheldale Loughborough Mr. Hk Daulby Melton Moirlnay Mr. Robert Judd Market Hurborohgh ... . Mr. Albert 1' aimer WARWICKSHIRE. . Mr. John Bcnbow MARKET HERALD. Mark- Lane. Monday, Sept. 28. 1818. Our supply of Wheat w as ratherTarge, and fine runs sold on full as good terms as on this day week ; but the sales were very heavy for art other descriptions. The supply of New Barley w as rather small; but tbe demand being trifling, the trade was dull, and full 2s. per quarter low- er than last Monday. Oats, Beans, and Peas, were each from Is. to 2s. per quarter lower, and dull sale. AVERAGE PRICE OF CORN, ( PER QUARTER) IN ENGLAND AND WALES, Forthe Week, ending Sipt. \ 9th, 1818. T O T A L. Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans Pros* d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. 81 8 j 01 1 ] 59 0 | 35 4 j 75 5 | 68 (* Oatmeal, per boll, of 14011 ? d RETURN Pit ICE OF GIM IN. ON BOARD SHIP AS UNDER. EXPENSE AND MAINTENANCE OF THE HIGHWAYS. A Parliamentary Document gives the fol- lowing abstract of all the Returns upon litis subject:— 7 1.— Tbe summary of England and Wales is col- lected from 16,956 returns from the Survey- ors of the highways of 9,822 parishes, 5.217 townships, and 1,910 hamlets, or other places ; leaving a deficiency of 120 returns, supposed to be still Wanting. 2.— The a\ erage length of the paved streets and turnpikes appears to be 19,75.': piiles 3.— The average length of other public highways 95,104 . Total average 114,869 miles 4.— The average value of labour in kiud ( in the years endingOctohcr 1812, 1813, and 18! L) appears to be.. i £ 53 . J, 123 5.— The average amount of compo- sition money 278,500 6. The average amount ofreuts le- vied .001,95- 1 Total average... .£ 1,415,883. 7.— The aggregate ofthe value of labour and ex- penditure of money appears to be £ 1,404,842 per annum, being £ 11,041 less than the value of labour performed and monev received;— and being also at tbe rate of about t) Jd per pole, or 12 6s 8d per mile, expended upon the aforesaid highways. 8.— The average amount of money expended in la\ 09 6 2 tl! 4 13 1 S Wells. Est). Biggleswade 893 a 6 146 11 3 J. Williamson, Esq. Bal- dook, 238 11 3 119 5 7 Messrs. J Swan & Co. En- sham, SIT 0 6 107 0 3 The experience of 21 years has demonstrated Ihe security and advantage of the plan of this Institution, when ndopted . np all extensive scale, and the a- iiiount of Premium received diirins Ihe last ' lirce, years, ( which is as follows) is the besi proof of the public confidence iu the system. 1815 -£' 49.157 10 0 J 81b ^' riO. t. Si 18 0 1817- 78,839 10 7 A surplus capital of upwards of ^ 100,000, lias been accumulated, and a reserve capital of J. o00,000 is forming. l. iJeOffiee — The ratesare nearly £ 10 per rent. lower than those demanded hy other offices, and the sav- ings are returned to the Insurers. The Capital ofthe Office exceeds ^- JSO, 0,0. A Bonus of 20 per Cent, was declared at June 181.5, bywhirh the snins secured to the insured are considerably in- creased Agents for both Institutions are established in every principal town in the kingdom. Agents for Etlcester J. Ifutlis, Ashtry- dc4u- Zoueh IF. Matthews. Market Harboraugh Thomas. Garden. Ijtughbvrough James Douglas. Mr. James Kindcn Mr. James Wall. junr. . Mr. Thomas Abbotts • -....., Mr. Richard Blencome STAFFORDSHIRE. Burton Mr. Il. nry Hodson Litchfield Mr. Wiliwrn Bond NeveaMle- vr. der- ' Ane. . Mr. Wm. L » c,( ofShekon Stafford. Messrs. Stevenson -. V Webb N. B. Fire Polices will be allowed free of expence, where Ac Annual Premiums amount to Gs. or up- wards. This Company hnte invariably made good losses I by I ire, occasioned by LIGHTNIKC. Proposals may be had ofthe different Agents. Assurances on Lives, being found to be advantage- ous to Persons having Offices, Rinptoyiuents, Estates, or other Incomes, determinable on the life or lives of themselves or others:— Tables of the Rates, for such Assurances, and for the granting Annuities on Lives, may be had of the said Agents. Persons insured by . his Cdrpcration do not depend upon an uncertain Fund or Contribution, nor are they subject to any Covenants or Calls to make good Losses which may happen to themselves or others, the Capital Stock being an unquestionable security to the Assured in case ofloss. PHCENIX FIRE OFFICE. BANKRUPTS. FROM SATURDAY'S GAZETTE. F Cumbers, Roar's Head court, King's street, West- minster.. coach master G Evans, sen. and ti Evans, jun. Southwark, hop- merchant W Dyson and J Fowler, Sheffield, anil W Russell, now or late of Hough, Rawniarsh, York, mauu- facturer Charles Moreton, Derby Anns, Croydon, Surrey, victualler P Dnssard, late of Welbcck street, Cavendish sq. milliner T Cross, Bath, butcher W A Belt, Great Driffield, York, currier FROM TUESDAY'S GAZETTE. J H Shane, Fleet street, boot maker Joseph and Jas E Warmington, Gracechureh street, and Margate, drapers James WCoffin, Plymouth Dock, merchant William Watkins, Not too, Worcestershire, com- factor W Hrosaer, Biiaungham, builder CAITION. ri^ HE extensive demand for tbe following ar- 1 tides having . occasioned numerous imita- tions, the public arc respectfully informed that the genuine has the signature antl address of tlie Pro- prietor on the label. Atkinson's Fluid For the growth of the hair, founded on a discovery of the causes which occasions baldness. It prevents the hair falling off or turning grey, and w here bald- ness lias already taken place either from illness, per- spiration, change of climate, or hereditary causes, it w ill restore it to its original strength and thickness. Respectable references to this fact are given in a pamphlet enclosed round each bottle. It also frees the. hair from scurf, makes it soft and glossy assilk, and keeps it iu curl during exercise in dancing cr Walking, or in damp weather. Price 3s. 6d, a bottle. Atkinson's Vegetable Dye changes erev or red hair on the head or w hiskers to a brown or black, warranted peifcctly Innocent, and to give a permanent colour. Price oj— 10 » 6d— and • One Guinea. Atkinsen's Ambrosial Soap prepared by a new process, v hieh frees it from all irritating qualities, removes freckles, redness and hardness from the skin, prevents it chapping, and makes it soft, white, and even. Price Is. the square, and prepared with Naples soap for shaving. Price 9d— Is—- and Is 6d each. Sold by the Proprietor Jamiv Atkinson, Perfumer, No. 43, Gerrard Street, S> » ho Square, London, and by his appointment by Mr. Derbyshire, Leicester, . and by most Perfumers and Hair Dressers in town and country. R ENEWAL Receipts for Policies falling due at Michaelmas, are now in the hands of the several Agents of the Company. The - general Rates of tire PI,'< ENIX COMPANY are as low and moderate as the nature of the different risks will admit; and, in tilts Company, no person assured is under the liabilities of Partnership, or subject to have Execution levied upon his Property to umke good tbe losses of others. Applications tor Insurances may be made to tbe Agents of tbe Company, and all persons having claims are desired fo send in '. he same tothe Agents through whom they are insured, who will transmit them directly tothe beard of directors tor adjust- ment and payment without delay. The Agents for this Company, tot the county of Leicester, are:— Mr. George B Hodges— Leicester Joseph l. rpe— Castle Dovington - Benjamin Den es— Ashby dc- lu- Zouch Charles Luccy— Loughborough William Ilolloway— Market Harborough George Lakin— Luttei worth —— John Guttcridge- y- Hinckhy A' HOTB A8. SURANCH COMPANY. Ludgate Ilill, London; f Vstmorland street, Dublin. FIRE OFFICE.— Capital ONE MILLION SSURANCES against lossor damage by Fire, effected upon every description of property within the United Kingdom, upon terms as bene- ficial to the assured as those of any oilier office. Losses are uniformly paid by tlus Couipany with the utmost spirit ot liberality and promptitude. Notice is hereby given, that receipts for the renewal of policies, which expire at Michaelmas, are now ready for dclivervat the above- mentioned offices, and with tbe respective Agents of the Company throughout the United Kingdom. Policies of Assurance, which expire at the above period, should be renewed within fifteen days thereafter, or thev become void. LIFE OFFICE.— CnpifalONE MILLION. Assurances effected npon Lives and onStiffcivor ship.— Annuities granted aud purchased.— Endow merits for Children, & c. Sec. The Proprietors of this office have undertaken all responsibility. andbavestipulated for aGuaran- tee of One Million Sterling, as an ample security for all their engagements. The profits arising out of this branch of business, after a modeiate deduction for guarantee and ex- pence of management, are divided amongst th. Assured, in proportion to the sums respectively assured; upon which principle numerous arc the in- stances of Ten, Twenty, and Thirty per cent. In addition to the amount of Life Policies, being paid : and cases have occurred ( when the duration of lift hasbcen considerably prolonged,) where the payment bay been more than double the sum assured No entrance money, admission fee, or otliei official charge, exacted. WILLIAM BURY, Secretary. The following Agents are appointed by this company in the counties of Leicester, Sotts, Warwick, and Nor- thampton, of whom pi- oposals maybe had gratis; and every information obtuined, John Broun— Leicester R. /,. Worsley— Nottii gham G. Y. Bird— Birmingham William Goodman— Warwick William Prime— Coventry William Wilkins— DavetHry Frond Prevented. lO counteract tbe many attempts that are daily Twnde to impose on the unwary a spurious composition instead of Genuine Blacking prepared by l) av and Martin, they are Induced - to adopt a new lai: et in which tlieirsignature and address, 97, HIGH HOLBORN, S placed so conspicuously in the centre of the label, that they trust an attention to this, and the difference of the type which is nnlike all letter- press, will enable purcbasersat once to detect tbe imposition. The Real Japan Blacking, madeandsold whole- sale by DAY AND MARTIN, 97, High Holborn, and retailed by tbe principal Grocers, Druggists, BooksellefS, Ironmongers, Perfumers, Boot- Mak- ers, & c. in Ihe United Kingdom. In Bottles at Gd. 1 s. and 1 s. Qd. each. A copy of Ihe Label will be left with all Ven- ders. T Foreign Wheat Fine ditto English Wheat Fine ditto Old ditto ••. Fine ditto Barley Fine > Neyv ditto Malt ...'. Fine Old White Pease Fine • Grey ditto Fine ditto Tick Beans ( new) Fine Small ' Lick licans Old Feed Oats ( new) Fine Poland ditto ( new) Fine Potatoe Oats....* 60s.-. to. ,80 » 64s.. to.. S3 » 60s. . to. . tills 703.. to., 7Cs — s.. to.. 82s 50s. . to. ,68s — s.. to.. 63s 42s. . to.. 54s — s.. to.. £ G » 50s. . to. ,70s 60s.. to.. 63s 60s.. to.. 7tls — s. . to. . Ws 70s. . to. .74s — s.. to.. 8O3 52s.. to.. 60s — s. . to.. 64t 66s. , to..' 0 » — s.. to.. 72s 60s.. to.. 70s — s.. to.. 76 » 26s.: to.. 30 » 32s.. to.. 34s 32s. . to. .3 « » 34s.. to., 38s 34s. to.. 40s PRICE OF FLOUR. Town made Flour 70s. . to. ,75s Ditto Seconds 65s.. to.. 70s ® ran 10s-- to-- 15s) Fine Pollard . 15s- - to- - 28s S Quarter Rape Seed ( flew) . .£ 48- to- -£ 52 per Last ) per" S Sack. per PRICE OF MEAT. SMITHFII- LD, MONHAY Sept. To sink the offal~ per stout of Hlb. 28 Beef, ,3s 4d to 4s 9d Mutton3s 4d to 5s 4d Veal, ,4s 4d to 6s Od Pork.. 4s 8d to 6s Od HEAD OF CATTLE THIS DAY. Beasts, about... .2725 Sheep 14590 Calves* Pigs. PRICE OF LEATHER. _ per lb. per lb* Butts, 50 to 66lbs each Ugd to 26d Ditto, 56 to 6Gibs each _ d to — d Dressing Hides 2,! d to 22j Fine Coach Hides 22d to 23d Crop Hides, 35 to 40/? « for cutting 20d to 21 d Ditto 45 to 50/& s Calf Skins 30 to 40// « Ditto 50 to 70lbs Ditto 70 to 80lbs SmallSe^ s( Greenland)....... Large ditto per dozen.. ,. .21d to 23d ... 24d to 28d .. .33d to 4<> d . .. 30d to 36d ... 26d to 30d • 70s.. to.. 100s RAW HIDES. PER STONE. Heifers. .2? 8dto3s 0d Steers... 2s 8d to 3s Id Mi « dlings2s4dto2sGd SI! EEL Polled.. — d to 4s 9d Dowtts.. Os Od to Os Od PBR STONF. Ordinary 2s Od to 2s 2d Calf. 11s Od English Horse.. 10s Cd SKINS. Shearlings 3s Cd Lambs . . s3. . to. .5s 6d PRICE OF HOPS. NEW BAOS. • £ 6 10s. . to.. £ 8 0 Kent..-,.' Sussex. .. 0 Os • • tO • • . Foreign Hops .. 0 0s.. to.. NEW POCKETS. Kent-...£ 7 • a- £ s.. to- Sussex-- 7 Os •• 0 Os-- to. Es* ex o Os - - to- Farnham. 10 Os- - to* Os Os Os £ 9 Os 8 4s 0 Os 18 10s PRICE OF FAT, PER STJONF. OF EIGHT F0TNDS. Stated by Tullou: Melters. j Stuteily the Butchers. St. James's... ,5s 9d Whitechapel . ,6s 9d Average. .5s 9d St. James's ... 5s 9d White," hypcl .. Ss. 9< i Average.. 5s 9d PRICE OF TALI. OW, SOAP, !> c. per 112/ 1. Town Tallow... — 8 Od. . to. .98* fld Yellow Russia-• — s Od-- to---— s Od White ditto — s Od- to s Od Soapditto — s Od-- to-- 88s Od Melting Stuff ... 70s Od - to • • 80s Od Ditto Rough --• 50s Od • to.. 54s Od Yellow Soap 112s | Mottlcdl24s | Curd 128s Palm 112s | Graves 24s Od | Good Dregs 10s d Price of Candles, per doz. 14s fid— Moulds 15s 6d 6d per doz. allowed for ready money. HOME MARKET. PRICE OF CORN AND FLOUR, IN LF. IOESTFR MARKET, On Saturday, SEPTEMBER 26/ A, 1818. WINCHESTER MEASURE. Wheat old Ditto new Rye...... Barley.. .. Oats....".. per Quarter. SOs to 96s — a to — s — s to C6s to 34s to 56s 74s 46s 72s") 70s f r\ ^ Stck per Quarter) Beans.... 70s to 80s Hog Pease — s to 70 « BluePease — s to — s Oatmeal.. — s to iOfl Pale Malt 88s to 92s Fine Flour 70s. . to Seconds ditto .. C8s . . to . Thirds ditto.... 64s.. to.. 663 J. SMITH, Receiver of Assize Returns PRINTED and PUBLISHED by JOHN PRICE, Market Place, Leicester. This Paper is regularly filed in LONDON, atthe London, Chapter, and Pi el's Coffee Houses; andby Messrs. NEWTON and CO. No. 5, Warwick- square, Newgate- street; and by J. WHITE, No. 33, Fleet- street ; where Advertise- ments are received.-^ Advertisements are also received, and the Poper distrilvtcd, by Mr. Adams, Druggist, Loughborough ;' Mr. Barrow, Kegworjh ; Mr. Beadsmore, Asbhy- dc- la- Zouch; Mr. Lcstei, Sheepsbead ; MissWard, Hinckley ; Messrs. Day and Co. Melton ; Mr. Bottrill, Latter tnfi'- > Ir. Glover, Hoby and Grantham.
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