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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Volume Number: LXVII    Issue Number: 3451
No Pages: 4
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser

Date of Article: 25/09/1818
Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Address: Market Place, Leicester
Volume Number: LXVII    Issue Number: 3451
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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Printed and Published by John Price, Market- place, Leicester VOL. LXVII STAMP DOTY . j PRICE SEVEN PENC&~ « * PAPER & P « IKT.: 3< i. ) EICIfr. siltlj. iNeg t Circillattel through the wHicipal Towns and . populous Villnae* in the Counties of Leicester, Rutland, ( Lincoln, Nottingham, Derby, Stafford; Warwick, Northampton, Cambridge; aiid York. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER. 25, 1818 ^•^ IWWI' .'^ JiT^ f' J. JI^ H- 1.11 11 UWWrfWlWg and turning a public highway, within tbe parishes of Staplfford and Serby, in tbe said hundred, lying between the village of Stapleford afore « aid, and a bridge, called Saxi- y Briilge, iu the said parish of Snxby, of the length of ore utile, urn < iue hundred and seventy six yards, or thereabouts, particularly de- scribed iu a plan, to ( he said order annexed, and therein coloured into a xicw highway, to be made through lands of I! OBEKT EARL OF HAUKO- ISOUBIH, in the said parishes of Stuplefnli! and Sqxby, of the length of me thousand Jite hundred « « •' twenty five yards, or thereabouts, from the said village, of Staplefr. rd, over the canal bridge, iu a certain close belonging to tbe said Earl, iu the said parish of Saxbv, in the occupation of FRANCIS BLUIVAXT, to the public highway, leading from Milton Mowbray itfprcsaid to HyNtondhunt, in tile said county of 1 Bi- cester, which said new highway also particularly described in the said plan, and therein coloured Yellou-; Also for stopping Hp a public highway of the length of one thousand six hundred aadm\ ty one yards in the said parishes of Stupletoril mit\ Sari, a, tying be- tweeii a certain bridge, ealird shiplefitfd bridge, and the said public highway, leading from Milton Mow- bray aforesaid to ll'ymoudhim aforesaid, at 11 certain gate, upon the said highway, which stands between a close, in the occupation of WILLIAM 4l1t. r1.1r, atiri A close, in the occupation of JOEL HALL, which id last mentioned highway if also particularly describ- ed in the said plan, and therein coloured Brmcn. But the said Justices did order that neither the said highway coloured ( Jtange nor the said highway coloured Brown should be stopped, until, not only the said l> ow highway, but also a public highway, leading from a guide post, iu a close called Staple/ old Pasture, tii H'ytiiondham aforesaid, through the said parish of Stapteforii and Ihe parish Of H'yntomlliuih aforesaid, called the Ijmg Lane Hmid, also purtiru- larlv described in the ( « ihl plan, and therein colour- ed Purple, is put into good condition and repair, and so certified by two Justices ot the Peace, upon view thereof. . And notice is hereby also ffirenj That tiie Said order will be lodged with tbe nerk Of the Peace for Ihe saiil county, at tho General Quar- ter Sessions ot the Peace, to be libkten at Leicester, in and for the saidj- imuty, 011 the nineteenth day of OCTOBER next, anil nlso that the said order will at the said Quartir Scssurns be CONFIRMED and ENROLL- ED, unless upon an APPEAL against the same, to be then made, it be nthe wiscdeterniined. DATED th'* twelfth dey of SEPTEMBER, One thousand eight hundred and eighteen. Charles Latham. THE ABSOLITTORTUM RAZOR STROP. INVENTED iihd manlifhctured by PALMFR; Melton Mowbray, now used bv the Prince Regent, and patronized and sanctioned by His Gruce the Duke of II elUngton, and the Noblemen and Gi> i- tleir. cn ofthe Mcltoii Mbwbray Hunt, and other dis- tinguished characters. ' 1 his Strop Is ( as itMiame implies) S berfect reme- dy for dull razors; by the use of which' razors and othf rdelicatb tools may be kept 111 the finest possible or Jer, without the use of any hone. The strop may be kept ma perfect sttite by the occasional use of his in- comparable Renovating Om:.. isition, which inay bo had with llie strops, at the Manufactory, Melton Mowbray ; Messrs. Cort, Cert, and Jtatstnn, Derby- shire', and Whitmore, Leicester ; Grar. t, Coventry' j Barnctt, cutler, Wartvlrk ; and . at most of the prin- cipal Pei turners in town and country. J. P. Brg « leave to letio- ii thanks to the very ' nu- merous friends who have used and recommended his strop, and informs them he is lately: returned from London ( where be timls his strops are In great esti- mation) with a new and fashionable assortment of Perfumery. , N. B. Ladies Ornamental Hair of every colour arid pattern. ' turnpike. Tolls to Let. " VyCiTICE is hereby given, that the Tolls J. N arising at the under mentioned Gates; erected upon the Hartshorne Turnpike Ifoad, will be let by Auction, t « the best bidder, at the house of Mr. Wilkin*, the Queens Head Inn, in Ashbv- de la- Zouch, in the county of Leicester, on Saturday, th( 5 10th day of October next, between toe hoursoftwo aud five o'clock in the afternoon, which totlswill be puHip at the following stuns notv 1ft fur the present year, ending the fifth of November next: — Scaddow. Oate, £ 40 Wooden Box Gates and Bars, } Swadlincote Cr ite and Bars, j Reservoir Gate and Bar, 35 Fnrnace Gates and Bars, ..: 140 Oversea! Gate aud Bar, to NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, IHAT on Monday the fourteenth day of ri^ HAT ot September instant, 1111 Order was signed by F. DWYN ANDREW II rut NAP. V. Esquire, and the Reverend JOHN DUDLEY, Clerk, two of his L e i c ett^ Jo tVr n « 1 , a n dM i< 3) au4 C' 6ont ict Oc n cr a 1 Advertiser,. Wediles( 1 ay and Thursday's Posts . L ONDON, WJED& ESDA V Sept. 23. - The following is the Bulletin of Tues* day:'—- " !\ ew I\ tlnce, Sept. 22. - " The Queen lias hid-: steep in. the night, but the symptoms of her Majesty's complaint are nokiuiproved." " STOLEN- OR STRAYED. . But supposed to be Stolen, on Thursday night, the teuth of September, out of a close in the lordship t of Hnsonud's Bosuorth, in the county of Lei- fester, in the occupation of Mr. Berridge, of JSorth Kihrorth,, t k - Grey Horse, of the nag kind, rising five '• J\ years obi, 14 hands 3 inches high, with a i. ect'tafl, and a blemish on the off forefoot, just : t? 6 » fe the fetlock. -"' If stptei),' whoever will apprehend the offender • or offenders, so ihat l\ e' or they may be brought tb'j'iiKtiVe. shall on conyietibn receive a reward • of l^ vi: GviNEAS. of the said Mr. Bcrridge, and a. fu rther rew aid of, ft V t? < G - i N'E AS of the Tiea- 1 surer of the North Kilwortli Assocation. But ' if sirayed, whoever will hi'ilig the said horse to Mr. Berridife aforesaid, shall bensindsoiuely re- warded. ,; N'ortli KiLyorth, 12th Sept. 1818. CANAL SHARKS. TO BE DISPOSED OE , i> 3 By Mr. BURGESS, - - ;-. v.'* r> r ( BYFRIVATE CONTRACT>- • •:'//> 5VERAL slmreVia the L'eic£ s « r; MWoli, and Ellesmere Canals. Particular's iaay . be iiad by applying to him athis Olli- ce, New SltCct, Leicester."* . F. BURGESS embraces this opportunity ef ac- knowledging the many favors received from his friendi, in his professional duties, as Auctioneer, Appraiser, Canal Agent, V( . and hopes by stmt, attention, he may hate a claim to their future coun- tenance, assuring them th tt no exertion on h. s part will be wanting to establish the confidence they, may be pleased to confer. . .-'.-. - . - Leicester, September 24, 1818, . - - . To Sportsmen. T J BE SOLD, A Brace, of handsome Blue Setters, were • • breil ahd broke by• Lawrence, K- etp'- r to th? Krirl of Denbigh, they are staunch, particu- larly good iii cover, and warranted to bring '. their Game. ,.'• . ...';'" V ," Enquire of J AMES BROAD,' Hinckley. v - To Watch Makers* ;.:-': v, CO BK LET. AN . Hi Hitchcock. ".••- For particulars enquire of Mr. T. HEKKICK, •*. tiubbesthorp. i' ' •. To Wooktaphrs, Worsted Makers, and '••',-" ' . • Hosiers,.,' >" '.. • TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE. CONTRACT, ASubstantial newly erected TktiWing, 40ft. 7ius. by 38ft 6ins. two stories high, togc- , titer with Sinker- makers shop and garden, con- . gaining altogether by adiirrasurenmht^ Sl square y ards, situate, in the Blind Street, iu Leicester, and formerly occupied as a hosiers warehouse. Enquire of Mr. C VOK, Architect and Survey- tir. Horse Fair Street. AIwalton, Hunts. TO HE SOLU IIV PRIVATE TREATY. THIS House is situated 80 miles from Lon- don, and stands jlistaut from the North Road, which it fronts, 870 yards, in a Paddock con- taining 92 acres, two- thirds surrounded by * planta- tion, through which there is a walk, commanding beautiful views. The garden is large and verv pro- ductive, part. lv w dlcit iu, and covered with choice fruit trees in lull hearing. In the back ground there • is a particularly • neat cottage,, fitte 1 up with accom- modations for a laundress, drying ground. Sc. hid from the house ; dairy, bain, capital stabling tor6 horses, divided into two of three stalls eiiclr, dotibl, coachhouse, saddle house, granary, brew and eow . house, with other out offices, in thorough repair; a • considerable sum" having lately been laid out upon the premises: the whole comprising a residence for convenience and beauty seldom met w. th. 1' hese premises are copyhold, f; ne certain, and tithe free, and the land tax leileemed; the situation perfectly dry and healthy ; distant from Peterborough 4 miles and a half, 8 from Oundl'e, 1 from Stilton, 4 from Wansford, and 10 from Stamtor l. The fixtures to betaken at a lair valuation; and two- thirds of the purchase money may n- rnain on security of the pre- mises, at the option of the purchaser. For further particulars enquire at the office of Messrs. MORI. EY and LAWRENCE, solicitors, Peter- borough ; or at the office of Mr. TORKI. XGTON, Solici- tor, Stamford. The above situation is well adapted to a sports- man, being within one mile and a half of Lord lit/.- William's kennel, and near tiie river, where there is good fishing. ' COUNTY OF LKICBSTKR—- To wit THE ASSIZE OF BREAD, EOR THE Ht.' NIlRED OF • GARTREE ill the COUNTY of LEICESTER. THE WEIGHT AND EltlCK OF j.. ,, lb. oz. dr £. The Peck Loaf Wheaten ... .17 6 - Halt" Peck Loaf ditto.... 8 X- Quartern Loaf ditto .... 4 Half Quartern Loaf ditto 2 , Peck Loaf Household.... 17 t„ . Half Peck Loaf. ditto .... 8 ^ Quartern Loaf ditto ..... 4 —— Half Quartern Loaf ditto 2 • Set by us, i'vvo of His Majesty's Justices ot the Peace, in aud for tbesakl Hundred, tlie22d. Day of September, 1818, and to continue in force for 6 « ven Days, from Monday " cxt', £ aRjFFIN. . IAS. ORD. d. 2 1 - H 10 l ii 0 11J 0 51 COUNTY OF LEICESTF. B To wit. THE ASSIZE OF BREAD, FOR THE HUNDRED or GUTHLAXTON. lbs. az. s, ( I. .1 0i .11 0•} . out .0 0i .0 dr. 8 a. S.. 12.. 12.. 12.. 5 13 .. 0 5} 52 Quartern Loaf Wheaten to weigh I 5 JWtto Standard Wheatcn, 1 5 l> itto Household 4 5 ITjlf Quartern Loaf, Wheatcn.. Ditt > Standard Wlteateli ...... Ditto Household ' t wo- penny Loaf, Wheateu.... Ditto Standard Wheaten Ditto Household Penny Loat'Wheateu to weigh.. 0 5 10 , Ditto Standard ' Wheaten 0 5 14 Ditto HoOsehobl 0 0 2 Set by us. Two ot his Majesty's Justices Ot the Peace ill and . for the said ' Hundred, - this t9th day ot September 1818, and to continue in force for sevea ( lavs, from Saturday next. ' J. POWELL. ROUT. . MARRIOTT. TO RE SOLD BY AUCTION, On the I remises of the Rev. P. L. STORY, of Wal- ton ii| oiirthe- M'oulds, in the county of Leicester, athis Barn, in the Field, on Friday, the 9th day of October, 1818; ...'•' ALL the live and dead farming stock, coiffr prising a valuable team of draught mares and geidihgs, 3 useful dairy cows, 4 draiigltt and other in Hocks, upwards of 70 breeding' enes and theaves, with the last years c,- op of lahibs, waggons, carts, ploughs, harrows, soughing machine. Arc. 6ic. The ; h ep are bred from Ranis of Mr. S. Stone, of Harrow, Mr. Simpson, of Hoby, and Mr, Smith, of Dishles. Catalogues will be teadv in a few days to be bad at the InuV, in Loughborough. Ilickling, Nottinghamshire: TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ' by Mr. BURTON, At the Red Lion inn, iu N ether Bro ugh ton, oil Mon- d, y the 12th day of October next, atthfeeo'cldck hi lire afternoon, ( unless previously disposed of by pr v iteContract, ot whk- ii due notice will be ' giv- e, ) i. i such lots as will he determined upon at the tunc of sate; . f. » . . A- Freehold Estate at Hickling, tithe free, and the land tas rcdeenied, consisting of awell bniit convenient bouse, outbuildings, and several closes of good land, containing about one hundred and twenty five acres, late the property of - Mr,: Robei't Barlow, deceased. .-!-*' ' "> he premises may be viewed on application at fhe liousi , and ti. rtlicr information maybe had at the office of Mr, LATHAM, of Melton Mow bray, where, at the filacc ofsale, arid at the Auctioneers, plans of. the Est. i. cinay be seen, and p. riutcd'particulars ob- tained. Melton Mowbray, SentNuber 23,1818. lO i> i. SOLD BV AUCTION; Bij Mr. MAURIS, At his SAI. E ROOM, White Hart Inn, Leicester, " in . the mouth of October, 1818, of which timely no- tice will he given, ' SUNDRY Lots of Household Furniture, Plate, Linen, China. Glass, Delph. Books, and divers ether Ai tides; particulars of which will appear in a future Advertisement. _ LAND" " ~~ TO BE LET BY TICKET, On a leate of ten years, and may be entered upon at Old Michaelmas next; rciJVELVE Aores of Tillage Land. with Barn I. aud Stable upon the same, iu the lordship of Blaby. Whoever tales the above, must agree to seed dowti the whole i f the Laud, free from twitch the two last yea: s of the lease ; and also ( if re- quired)' find'sei urity for the payment of the, Rent' . . , •' "•' . Letters addressed.( post- paid) to Mr. William Hackctil' of Leicester, on or before the 7th of October next, wid be attended to. September 2' i, 181a. , ' fHE public are respectfully informed that 1 the WoUCESTEHsnitiE Fox HOUNDS ( ad- vertised in the first pane) are disposed of by private contract, and the valuable Stmt of Thirteen Hunters, Three Hacks, anil - A Tilbury Ilorse, WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By W. HAND Y and. Co. On Saturday, the 3d day of October, 1818, ( as previously advertised) at the hour of ten in the fore- noon, at Henwick House, within one mile of the city of Worcester. The above are. worthy the attention of Sportsmen, and will be sold w ithout reserve. Kilhy, Leicestershire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. Siih'ans, At the house of Mr. Thomas Sibley, known hy the sign of the Don and Gun, in Kilhy, on Wednes- day, the 3.1th day of September instant, at five o'clock in the afternoon,, subject to such cendi- tions- as shall be then prodi ced; •-. A MessuageorTenement pleasanily situated at Kilby. with a stocking makers' shop, that, will hold nine frames, together with a large , piece ofuarden ground adjoining, now in the occu- pation of Mr. Wm. Elkiutoo. For a view of the same apply to Mr. EI. XINTON, on the premises. Sale of superior Lice Stock, Winter Keeping, Farming Utensils, and various other Articles, the property etf C. B. MASSING HERD, Esq. At the Hull Farm, in South Ormesby, county M Lincoln? On Thursday the'Sth dav of October; 1818, WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JACKSON awl BRIGS, ON THE PREMISES. IIVE Stock, consistingof ICS Ewes, 217 ewe and ram Lambs,. 1) 7 shearling Ewes, 2 ditto Rams, 4 mitcli cows, 2 three year and 0 two years. old heifers aud steers, seven yearlings, ami six calves. Ai. so, . Draught Horses, blood Mare in- foal, fine J- year old Boar, Sows, Pigs, tkii. ike. Also, with the Farming Utensils, Brewing Vessels, Farm- liousc Furniture, and a six- light melon trainc. Ciedit on approved security till Horneastle June Fair, 1819, or a proper discount for present payment. Sale to commence at ten o'clock. Catalogues to be had a wack previous at the prin- cipal Inns in Lincoln;- Horncastle, Boston, Spilshy, Alford, Cfiistor, Rasrn. and ' Grimsby"; and of Jack-' son, Printer, Loutli. Ortncsby lies y miles from Horneastle, 9 from Spilsby, ami 0 from Louth. ' Thomas Cooke's Insolvency. FLTHE Creditors of THOMAS COOKH, late of fy' - Markct Harborough, in the county of Lei- cester, s. a( lleft -(, who hav e executed the deed of Ashigiinfe. ilt! for laeueHt of Creditors,) may re- ceive a dividend of five shillings iti the pound on their- severahaml respective debts, Upon ap- plicatioii- ito Mr. WU. WAM Biiicit'or Mr, Thfjs-. WAfniFti u>.; of Market. Haiborough afcre- said, ( the- l'ruslesjs. under tfie A. ssignnient. f .^ uy time after Tuesday the 2Wth day of Septeffitcr instant. By order'of the Trustees, George H ortnahy, Their Attorney. Market Harborough,, I Setit. 22, 1818. < ' Modernanll useful Household Pufnititre, TA BE MOLD BY AUCTION, By B. PAYNE, On Monday and ' i ncsibiv, tile 5th and nth days of Octobcr'irext, at the SALE ROOMS, Silver Street, Leicester; CCOMPRISING ( Hi part) 4 post, tent, and j, other bedsteitdsi leather and ilock beds, mahogany dining, Pembtofeeaud other tables, chests Of draw ers, 8- day clock, candelabras with lustres aiid beautiful painted vases, high polished iliuingatid drawing fuoni fire irons, mahtigauy bidets, Grecian conch, mahogany aull. paitited chairs, a complete dinner service of India jrtpan iron stOnc China, ma- hogany butlers and sandwich trays, china breakfast and tea services, With a variety of kitchen requi- sites, , vr. . ye. „. ,..- Sale, to commence each inoniing at 10 o'clock. Hinckley. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HOLLIER, • On Titesdayand Wednesday the 2Uthahd J0 » h days ot Sept. 1818, T of the elegant and useful Household _ Furniture; Cbiiia, glass, brewing ves. tiels. au exeelleiit fowling piece, with two separate barrels, gold touched pan, \. c. and other eflects of John Green, Esq. Of Hinckley, w ho is going to reside in London. Particulars are expressed in the'catalogues;" which may be had at the place of sale," and of the Auc- tioneer. ' The sale to begin each moViung exactly at 10 o'clock. , A1 To Carpenters, ifc. • TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HOLLIER, On Thursday and Friday the 1st and 2nd days of „"'."' * October, 1818, \ LL the stock of well seasoned wood, deal f \ and elm boards, a. sh and elm squares, 20 new parmclled dOors," ltt pair new window shutters, spouting timber;- wheels, ladders, screws, joints, commodes, lead pump,< ic the ncatand usefulbonse- fiold t- n niture, and all the other " effects of Mr. Samuel Rowley, Carpenter,. High cross street, Leicester, the Stock in Trade will be sold on the first day. *„* The sale to begin each morning exactly at ten o'clock,. For the benefit of Creditors. Vuluuble Farming Stock, ST. at Peckleton. To be Sold bv Auction, ' By Mr. lh llier,. On Tuesday the 6. tb day of October, 1818, and two following days, ALL the valuable live a'nd dead farming stock, and implements, hay, clover, wheat, oatii, barley, turliips, the Ceai * hd useful houseiiold fiiruitniK, brewing vessels, dairy utensils, and all the other effects Oi' t Mr.- Wm. Gunn, Of Peekletcii, in the county of Leicester. Consisting' ot I2gnb( ldairv cows, three ditto year- lings, and 8 calves, 4 year old/ bull, stmk, and year- ling ditto, 20 valuable tupping ewes, and fourteen theaves, 47 lambs, 3 rani lambs, and 40 fat sheep, capital team of vomif and useful horses, inpiged gilt, fat pig, aml; 8 store pigs, 2 good narrow wheel waggons, 2 ditto carts, double and single ploughs and hai. rows,' roll, 50 ( leaks, 20 sack bags, good win. iiowingiiiirchine, ti Sets of horse tackle, cow cribs and ladders, iron and wood pig troughs, chain cow ties, corn try, forks, rakes, ^ c. stack of clover about .12 ton, ditto of hay 12 ton, stack of barley, ditto of oats, hovel of. wheat, 5. acres of turnips, quantity . of potatoes, and all the.- neat aud useful' honse- :. hol( i furniture, Ac. wbicli wili. he expressed in ca- talogues. . ' ihe farming, stqck, grain, & c.. will be sold on the first d( iy; S. salrv and the turniture, See. ojrtlije two followbigday's; ' Catalogtii'sniaj bc had- at Mr. Mansfield's, Nag's Head Iiiu, Leiee? t'cr, place of sale, and of the Auc- tioneer.- Smeetoii Mesterby, Leicestershire.- TO BE- SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. P. KING, On- Mohdav, the 5th dav of October, 1818, UI'W A R DSofiOujots of very useful house- hold turiUtuic, St'c. of Mr. JOHN* WtlOI. MAN. On the premises, Slueeton Westerbj, in the county of Leicester. Consisting of good oak 4- post and full tester bed- steads, with furniture, feather aud ( lock beds, oak dining ami other'tables, ueat parlour ami other chairs, with various effects, which will be enumer- ated in hand bills. • Sale to commence at ! 0 o'clock. Elegant Il'. ysefwld Furniture, $ c. KiL- worth tlarcourt, Leicestershire. To be Sold by Auction, By Mr. P." KINO, On Mohday, Tui'sflay, ami Wednesday, the 28th, 291ii, and 30ill da\ s of leplember, 1818, ALL tiie modern and elegant Household Furniture,, china and glass, fine toned hand organ, patent mangle, dairy and brewing utensils, and other, valuable effects1, of Miss" Bay mes, On the premises, Kibwortb Hareonrt, in the coun- ty ofLeiefester, ( Who is changing her residence.) Comprising in ) art lofty mahogany 4 post, camp, and other bedsteads, with fluted pillars, clotheni ill chintz anil other furniture, window curtains en suite, ' 4 very prime goose feather beds, and flock ditto, paillasses arid mattresses, fine blankets and counterpanes, set of elegant- dining tables, Pembroke oard, and' 0! her fables, very beautiful wine esrrntoir, mahogany, painted, and other chairs, large siite Wilton carpets, and Venetian bed round ditto, hand- some night recesses, pier and other glasses, fine toned baud organ,. d" licate; set of china, ( white and gold.) neat set pencil ditto, fashionable assortment, of giass, very fiood barometer, capital 8 day clock, patentimmcle by Morris, shower bath, large salting lead, cheese press, and dairy utensils iu general, very'good 7 strike mash vat, including a complete set of brewing vessels, well seasoned ironhound 20 gallon and lesser casks, buck tub, with the usual assortment of good kitchen requisites. Catalogues will be leads fordelievery on the 23d, aiid may be had on fhe premises, and of the Auc- tioneerj Kibsvorth Beaachamo. Tiiis assemblage of handsonic Furniture is^ in the highest pfek- rvatinn, and the beds superior to what arc generally offered. T) ie sale to commence each morning at 10. Genteel Household F'umitiiTe, elegant Plate and Glass. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. OH STON, On the premises, Ashby- de- la- Zouch, in flip. county of Leicester, on Monday, tiie 5th day of Octo- ber, 1818, and following days; - Part of the modern and genteel household furniture, a large and valuable assortment of table and other plate, beautiful cut glass, of Mr. JAMES PERKS, ( Who is leaving Ashby.) Further particulars in uext weeks Journal. - Catalogues will be ready six days previous tosale, aiitl may be h id at the Bins in Tamworth, Burton- lipon'Tfeuf, LiWhlield, and Derby, at the Printing Office, in Asbb5>. de- 4a- Zouch, jyyLpf Mr. OwSxo. V, Leicester.' : • , - - ' r" - Breedan. on the Hill, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BREATtEY,- On Saturday the 26th day of September, 1818, at Hirce o'clock in the afternoon, at the Horse Shoe ( mi, in Ureedon on the Hill, in the county of Leicester, either together or in lots, as may , be agreed Upon st the time- of sale ;. ^"^ HE underti entioned. buildings and land, JL being of lei sehold teniire^ and situate in Brecdon on the Hill aforesaid, viz,: All. those two new elected and substantial Mes- suages er Tenements, with the ham and large- gar- den adjoining, containing about half an acre, now or late in Ihe several occupations of — Ash, aud Catharine Beeston. AI SO. ' Two other Messuages or Tenements, io the several holdings of Sarah Hall, wiilow^ andthc Overseei s of Breedoi. • . .- Mj - ,••'"' AND ALSO, , V A close or piece of arable land, containing about, an acre, called Sparrow Head Laud close, in the occupation of Mr, Jamts . tarratt, adjoining, land belonging totlie Right Honorable William Hairy Earl of Stamford and Warringtoa, and Jo Wigston Hospital. •' • . . " ' f Mr. James Jai ratt, on application, will shew the estate, and further information may be received at the office of Messrs. LOCKETT, B « touT, iind PORTER, iu Derby, By order of the Assignees of WM. SMITH, a Bankrupt. WILLCONTINUE SELLING BY AUCTION. By DAY IS and SON, This present FRIDAY, September iSr, on the pre- mises of Mr. William Smith, Newark Street. ALarge and good i xsortmeittofpack sheets, new skeps, wool beam, scales & weights, 2 excellent trucks, quaniity of wool, oats and beans, new side saddle and pillu n, bridles, large quantity of exfeflcn. t partitions, Ac. iVc, - '" Also, a Very useful Black Pony, 12J hands high, a gtio'd toadster. Sale ti begin at teh o'clock in the morning. Usefnl Liye Stnch Lillesdon, Leicestershire TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By IH VIS SON, On Monday September 28M1& 18,. rjIHE follow ing useful live stock*. Implements " in husbandry, 35 acres of grass tecping, with hay, < ic. of . Mr. HUMPHREYS,__ ^ VV'ho is leaving that farm) on tlve premises at Port Bridge Farm, adjoining. the Turnpike Road, near BillesdOP. v Consisting of 50 useful flipping ewes, 20 shear, hogs, 10 lambsj 2 good narrow wheel waggons, two single ploughs, . Ac. Also, 3 lotsof Lrass keeping, ( one an eddish) and 3 stacks of excellent well got hay, to be eaten on the premises, and consumed by. the 25th of March next. , Sate to begin in the morning at' teh 4' clock. Evingtou Park Farm, within tveo Miles of • r ' JLc^ cc^ tci* » TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By DAVIS and SON, ' On Tuesday next, September 29, 1618, ALL the very useful live stock, of M r. JOHN SMEETON, on the premises, at F. vington Park Farm, near I eicester, who is leaving the same. Consisting of 50 very useful tupping ew es, 42 ditto theaves, 22 shear boas, 74 wether and ewe lambs, 1! very good in- Calved dairy cows, 4 in- calved heifers, f ( i sturks, 1 steer, valuable 3 year old short liorn'd bull, sow and 9" pigs, 2 useful in- foaled draught mares, one 2 > e lr obi grey colt, 2 colt foals, & c. < x: c,. Sale to begin in the morning fltfen o'clock. Catalogues may now be had ofthe / tecfioNenv, aud place ofsale. The w hole of the ahove slock will be found wor- thy the attention of purchasers. - Excellent Flawing stock, Whitiington Grange. *. TO BE SOLD BY, AUCTION, By DAVIS anil SON. On Wednesday aud Thursday, SeptemhevftOth, and October 1st, 1818, ALL the valuable Farming Stock, Imple- ments in Husbandry,' part- the House- hold Furniture, & c. ike. of" Mr. JOSEPH PEARSON, Wl. o is leaving his Farm, On the premises, at Whittington Grange, near Markfield,' Leicestershire:' • Isf Day's sale, Wednesday, Sept. E0. Cmisistsol 23 tupping ewes, I rami 10 very useful incalved cows, 17 incalved lieifers, 20stmk heifers,." 2 steers, bull, 3 yearling caives, inpig sov, capital lai- ge fat pig, 9 store pigs, 4 useful draught lrtirses and mares, 2 foals, 4 sets of good liorse trickle, and a large quantity of poultry, & c. in lots. ' 4 : • 2 « d Dry's sale Thursday, October 1. Consists ofa stout fi inch waggon, with lathing & lime boards, 2 useful ( I inch carts, good doubloaad single ploughs, 3 pairs of nscful harrows, excellent oak roll with shafts, ( nearly new) capital winnowing machine ( by Coniforth, ) 70 fenceflcaks iu lots, 5 cow cribs, large and small ladders,' 2 drag rakes, good strike with roller, pair of narrow wheels with shafts and axle tree, chaff cutter, forks, rakes, sieves, ic. Also, at two o'clock in tie Afternoon, WILL BE SOLD, About 701ots ol Furniture, amongst which are a bedstead, cheese boards and tressels, targe oak cup- board, good dough tub, 30 gallon and smaller bar- rels, 4 strike mash tub, brewing tubs and vessels, stout large cheese press, brass milk pan, large wood salting trough, chcesO vats, good 30 gallon copper, large kitchen range and oven, capital malt mill on rollers, with a Variety of other articles. Sale to begin each morning at ten o'clock. Catalogues may now be had at the Coacli aiid Horses, JVIarkficld; Place of Sale ; ' and of the Auc- tioneers, Leicester. ' he above Stock will be found particularly useful and worth attention. Freehold— Sileby. Leicestershire. TO 15E SOLO'BY AUCTION, By DA VIS and SON, On Friday, the 2( 1 day qf October next, at the house of Mr. Pettifor, the Horse and Trumpet, in Sile- by, either together or in lots, and subject to such conditions as shall be then produced ; Sale to commence at two o'clock in the afternoon. AMessuage or Tenement, wiih the outbuild- ings, in East Lane, Sileby, inthe occupa- tion of John Lee, Also, two closerof land used as garden ground, called the Bank Closes, neur to the tow ii of Sileby, containing upwards of' 3 acres, planted with choice fruit trees, and in the highest state of cultivation, , occupied by the said John Lee. . For a view of the same apply to John Ise; and also for further particulars, to Mr. DKCIMUS COOKE, ^ Solicitor, Leicester, Excellent Farming Stock, fye: Thninby, near Leicester- TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Ey DAI iS and >• ON, On Monday October 5th, (' 8IS;" and two feilow- " in'g days'; • ~-.•-•-. cn. ALL the excellent Live; Stoolfi- Implements in Husbandry, genteel useful Household Furniture, Dairy Ureosils, Brewing " Vessels^ and other numerous effects, t? f ' •''••''-'"•"- • • Mr. John Chamherlqin, ( who is leaving his farm,) on the | iremisesafThini)- • by, near ' ( icester.. '"'.-.;.' First day's sale, Moriday October 5. Constats of CO excellent tupptijgewcs^ O, theaves, 54wethercvewe lanibs, 24capital fat ewes, goodtafcow and heifer, 10 Irish bidlock s, ® three year old steers, Aihort born inralved heifers, 10 barren ditto, one dairy cow, 2 storks, 1 steer, 2 good porket pigs 2 draught mares, 2 colt foals, ft - i- ts of capital horse tackle and a core of excellent old hay to be taken off the premises. . 2 » d day's sale, Tuesday Oct. G, " I,. - Consists of 2 use'nl narrow wheel waggons, stout Cinch curt, ploughs and harrows, rolls, lead horse trough, cow cribs, good m. dt mill on rollers, two strikes, ladders, bags, ropes, milk leads, ebeVSsc jircss, barrel churn, brass cheese pan ( thirty gallons), and' other dairy utensils, excellent seasoned 120 and. 36 gallon casks, brewing vessels and tubs, 2 mash tubs harvest Lotties, forks, rakes, sieves, Jfcc.' itc; ' ' 3d day's sale, II ednesday ()< t: 7: Consists of4 pOst and other bedsteads, with fur- ti it lire, feather and flock beds, blankets and cover- lets, large linen press, excellent pier anil swing glasses, hand- ome mahogany card, snap, ouk dining, Mother tables jSet of capital oak chairs, china . V glass, . pair of nioilefn nrrts, several se's of chairs, bason stands and dressing tablesjlarite and fmall co|: per « , excellent kitchen utensils, with a numerous assort- ment of other articles. Sale to begin each morning at ten o'clock. ' Catalogues may now be had of the Auctioneers and place ofsale. N. B. The above live stock will be found' very fresh and useful, and well worth the attention of purchasers. Excellent Farming Stock, Quebec, near Silebif. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY DAVIS and SON, Oil Tuesday aud Wednesday, October " Cth and 7th,, 1818, ALL the excellent live stock, near 200 acres of grass and stubble keeping, in tots, two stacks of excellent meadow bay, to be taken off the premises,& c. Jtc. of Mr. LAMBERT FOWKES, On the premises at Quebec, near and in the parish of Sileby, Leicestershire, ( who is leaving his Farm.) First day's sale, Tuesday Ottoler 6, Wilt consist of < j | very useful tupping ewes, 30 ditto theaves, 101 wether anil ewe Iambi', .1,4 good store pigs, giU and 4 pigs, inpig sow, spayed. ditto, well bred boar, 3 good porket pigs, 7 vcrv useful draught borsefrand mares, capital* years olcf che » - nntjmnter, near Ifi ltands high, by Vivaldi, 7' sets of horse Cackle, Sec. 2nd day's sale, Wednesday Oct. 7, Consists of 20 very useful incalved airv cows, S incalved heifers, 8 meated ditto, capiMl 2 year old- bull, C rearing calves, 2 yearling calvrs, viiy good double plough ( nearly new), dittn j'mgfe. ( Ji « o, large slieefliafrow, abou t 200 acres of grass- and stubble keeping, to be eaten by the 25th of March next, and 2 stacks ofexcellew* new aud old, meadow hay, to be taken oft file premises. %* Sale to begin each morning precisely af ten (/" clock. Catalogues may now be had of the A uctioneers,, Leicester, place of sale, Crown Inn, M « unt « orreir and Cross Keys, Loughborough. Particular attention has been paid' to- tfcif breed ^ of the above sheep, the lambs are b-. ratnsOf Mr. T. Stone and Mr. ' thompson Coode, the jieitst and horses are very useful, and the whole will" be found well Worth tlieattentiuilof purchasers. ;. Freehold Etiotes, at Ansty, near Leicester. TO BE SOLD BY AL CTIO-%, By DAVIS and SON, At the Coach'ar. d Horses, in Ansty, on Friday the Oth Octoler, at two o'clock, by older of the Trustees of the late Mr. John Riot timer, dec. LOT 1. AM'cssuflge, with garden, & c. in Grooby lane, in the occupation of Wm. Lowe. LOt 2. : ' Eight Me « sna"? s, with alarge Garden behind the same, ill tiie middle ofthe Village, in the occupation of William Hettson, and seven other' respectable Tenants. LOT 3. A Messuage, late in Ihe occupation of Mr Mostf- mer,. and now of his Widow, with a bain, and other out- bnihliogs, and sinf Tenements adjoining; aad alsw a large Garden, extensive Orchard, Croft, Sihd tiree Closes of very rich Land> containing altogether IGA LR 32p. ' N. B.-^ May be viewed on applying to Mrs. Mor- timer; and further information had of- Mr. Si'i NCEK, of'Ansty ; or Mr. AsTiWiot'Cropston; or at the Of- fice of MII. ES, ALSTON, and MILES, where a plan of ot 3 ntav be seen. Prime Breeding Ewti. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By J. R. MEDLEY— Oh Thinsday, the 8th day of Octsher, 1818, ou the premises of Messrs. LOFT and CONINGTON, at Ranby, near Horncastle J Incoliishire; ONE Hundred and Eighty Breeding Ewes. This valuable flock, bred originally from Mr. Bakewell's, by ihe late Mr. John CodiK has re- tained its purity of blood, by crosses from the ( locks of Messrs. Stones, Buckley, Breedon, and Stubbing, nearly forty years. Credit will he given until Horn- " castle August Fair, 1819. ' J'he sate to begiu ex- actly at' 12 o.' elock. Live Stock and Crops of Corn aw! Hay. TO BE SOLD BY AI CTTON, By Mr. BALI, • ' On Fiiday tiie 9th day of October, 1818, pre- cisrfyat to o'chick in the mortung, ALL the vafuaMeUve stock, { arming uten- sils, and stacks of corn and ' hay, brlong- ing to Mrs, Reno Is, Of Loughborough, to he sold at a barn, on her farm, near Woodthorpe, in the parish of Loughborough. Consisting five useful dairy cows, two useful draught horses, 26 valuable ewes and lambs, T store pig, a large stack of barley, g. i) e bay of barley in the barn, one capital stuck of clover, 2 useful carts with rallies, winnowing machine, jingle plough, 3 pair of harrows, wheel barrow, 20 sack bags, CO good fleaks. three sets ol horse tackle, forks, rakes, sieves, and numerous other , effects. • Freehold (' loses TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION By Mr. BALL, At the house of Mr Bostock, the White Horse Inn, in QuorndOn, in the, county of Leicester, on Wed- nesday, the 30tb day of September, 1818, agree- able to conditions of' sale then to W- produced ; ONE freehold close in the parish- df Monnt- sotrel, containing 3 acres. 2 roods, or thereabouts, in the tenure of Mr. Pearson. One Other dose containing ! acres, in the pariih of Wood- lionse, iu the tenure of Mr. Robert t'arkinsou, • both of Qiiqrmlon. . :,,',' i" i . For a view of the. ahov'e^ losfsapnly to Mr. TWO- MAS CHAPMAN, of Quoriyloti afjircsaiii. The sale to coniinenec pi cciscly at 5 o'clock in tht afternoon. / Leicester Journal, and Midland Counties CTtic^ al Advertise*. M BOROUGH SESSIONS.' OTIC E is hereby given, that the next J. General Quarter SESSION of the Peace, for the BOROUGH OF LEICESTIR, will be holden at the Guildhall, in the said Borough, on THURSDAY the TWENTY sacoNo day of OCTOBER next, at NINE Visloct* in the forenoon: pf which all prosecutors, witnesses, and other persons bound by recognizance to appearst the said Session, are required to take notice. Al! persons intending to prefer bills of Indictment, exhibit articles of fhe Peace, & c » at the said Ses- sion, must leave instructions at my office in N'EW- STREETF, on or before twelve o'clock in the day pre- ceding tlie Session, aud the Prosecutors and Wit- nesses must be reaily to go before the Grand jury immediately after the Court is opened.— Dated this 24th day ofScp'teinbeiy 1818. THOMAS IH- RBIDGK, - "'-- Clerk of the Peace. NPHE REV. J. BULL, M. A., has some vacan- A cies in bis school THE terms for Boarders are Forty Guineas a year; for Day Pupils, Ten Guineas. New Works, Leicester, September 1818. Wanted, As an Assistant in the Grocery Business, AYoung Man of respectability, ( no ones'else need apply) a good penman will he pre- ferred. Letters ( post paid) addressed to O. P. nt the Journal Office, will be. duly attended to. To the Creators of Samuel TURNER, late of the town of' Nottingham. Gentleman, deceased. and o/' VI I'S. S \ RA: I Tuknt- ER, late also of the same place,' his Widow, defeated* RIAHTI Executors of the above- named Mrs. TUR NER, do hereby' give nofi. ce, that all Persons having any Claims or Demands against the LSTATE and. Lilec'S of the above- named MR Turner, or ofthe said Mrs. * nrner, his late Widow; deceas- ed, are to send the particulars of. theit respective Claims to Messrs. Tdtlenis and Reenbr, Solicitors. Newark- upon- Trent. on or before the first day of November next, in order that, if correct, they may be discharged. . M . By order of the Executors, T A /. LENTS and BEEF. OR, . SOLICITORS. Newark, Sept, 18 1818. - Twist Nett, Patents. ,,. FLLHB PATENT^: or- their Agents will hold J.- their Quarterly Jiieeli- IIG at the Auchorlnn, in Loughborough, on Monday, the 19th day ol " Octffber fie- Kt, at 11 O'CLOCK in the forenoon, ami require that the Quarterly Payments due the 29th September'irtitaut, be previously made aj , tbe Bank, of Messrs. THORPE anil MldsDleton,'' • in Loughborough. . „..-,. ^ Netting!. am, 22d. September, 181- 8. ; A slby- de- la- Ztiu'ch Carnal. T ITHE next General ASSEMBLY of Proprietors J. of tins Uiuli'i t. ijvjng, w ill; Tic - held at the Queen's HEIFD fini, iri Ashbv de' la.- ZOUCII, in, the county of Leicester, ON Monday the fifth day of October next, AT eleven ' O'giocK in the'forenoon, when and where the severalproprietorsare request- ed toatteud by themselves or proxies. John Crossley, Clerk to tbe Company of Proprietors. ASHBY- de LA- Zouch, 17th Sept. 1818- Wants H Situation, AS Bailiff, or Land Steward; a Person who thoroughly understands the improved methods in the management of Cattle, and culture' of Land, buying and selling of£ tnck, Ac.— Ii| » Wife Would have no objection, it! re. juireij, to take charge of a Dairy, Poultry,, & c they, have nqchild. Reference will be iriveii lot CHARACTER and abili- ties. Letters ( post- paid) addressed A'.,/. at. the Post Office, Leicester, will meet with attention. , " SHOW OF UAMS. MR. RICHARD BARKER respectfully informs tbe public. that be intends show- ing his ltams. On Saturday 10th October. heing the day but one before Leicester Fair at Knigh- ton, near Leicester. • • . • ~ FIVE GUINEAS REWARD. ROBBER? Committed near Slonghtim, on Monday September 21 st, 1818,. hy John Willows and Charles Witney. ii- THE said JOHICWILLOWS, wasin the service of Mr. Moore, of Leicester, butcher ; alter robbing a lad in the employ of Mr, Taylor, butcher, of 118 7s, the property ot the said Mr. Taylor, ot Leicr sti'r, went off with the said CHARLES WJT- dressed- 4ft ' a black lapel coat, dirty trows » r » , and a piece cut out of- his hat brinks, about 18 years ot age',- sttuiiis- about 5 feet 5 inches high, has dark hair,, and a til iri face, and by trade a wool- combers - John Willows had on when he committed the robbery, a straight dowtr blue coat witl| covered buttons,-- light wawfcco. it; light kerseroeve breeches, - boots end Mkcecapviiis clothes were shabby ; he is aoouts feet 4 inches high, pitted with the small pox, light rough bail", and fair complexion* } Whoever will* J^ IVE information lespecting jtliem, shall PA conviction receive the above reward, by applying to Mr. TAYLOR, butcher, High street,' I eicd- rer. ' : •• I:: -.. Tueatre of Anatomy, Blenheim Street, Great , Marlborough Street, Liaultfn. RR"" HE- Aultfquial Course of Lectures on Anat- JL omy. Physiology, ami Surgery, will be commenced oil- Thursday, the Ist of October, at two o'clock, 5 By Mr. BROOKES,. An extensive Museum, containing preparation' illustrative of every part of the human body, and its diseases, appertains to this Theatre, to which Stu- dents will have occasional admittance— Gentlemen inclined to support Ihis sch'ial BY " corUributirg pre- - ternattmil or morbid parts, Subjects in P^ atnral History ,4; C. individually of little v. FLH< Jto the ppsSess-- ers, may have the pleasure of seeing them preserved, arranged, and regiyjred, ^ LII^ TLIP names of the dondis. ., RV. F. FA THE. OLD ... . True Blue Interest, Harborough, 2.0th August, JUfANY Gentlemen of the OLD TRUE IVVJL BLUE INTEREST, having agreed to Dine together at the ANGFX INN, Market Harborough, on the Fourteenth. uf October next; the company of all Freeholders, and weUwishers to that'Interest, is requested. Gentlemen will have the goodness to leave their Names at the BAR of the above Inn, at least one Week before the Meeting. Dinner on the Table at Tv> 0 o'clock. ORDINARY .-... .' 4s 6d. Hinckley,- Leicestershire, August 21, 1818; : PlSTORTtON- OF I'M R SPINE AMD.. LIMBS; flAHE celebrated Mr; CHESSHI R, of Hinckley, 6 Surgeon, having circulated a printed let- ter, dated August 15th, 1818, announcing his • retirement fiom practice;- Dr. HILL, formetly his Pupil, and for some y ears connected with him in business, has niade arrangements for conducting this peeuiiar branch of the piofes- sioti. in conjunction with Mr. F'ELTON, who fof tbe last sixteen years has been constantly em- ployed by Mr. CHESSHKR tis his principal me- chanic, in constructing and adapting trll the various machines, used by him for tbe relief of deformity ofthe spine and limbs L O S T, ~ On Thursday lust, in, tit- netir, the Grand Stands oh the Rare CourSei AEnur- row Gold - Chain B R A C E I. E T, Whoever has found thfe same. and. will bring it to Cnwddl mid Alcotk, jewellers, Lei- cester, will receive One Cttrinearfewnrd. Bnrbid^ r's Jritgti Manufactory. MRS. MARY CLARKE; of the Swine's market, ( sister of tht late Mr. James Bin-- bidge,) having taken and entered upon thestock in trade and ptelmses of her late brother, respectful- ly acquaints her friends and the phblic, that she in- tends to Carry- nil the Hfic- limaking bnsiUeSs at the premises in ISelgrave gate, tinder the firm of" Bur- bidge, Clarke, and Co." As she will have the rtieans of conducting her bu- siness to the best advantage, site hopes to secure the patronage of the public by articles of superior manufacture, sold upon '. iie ni « st reasonable terms. All orders will be tha; ittfully received and executed with dispatch. Leicester, ' September 8th-, V818. . . •- DA N C / A G. MR, PiRTt. NGTON, Willi much respeict begs to ififorw his Friends iu Leicester dud its Vicinity, that the next Quartet- vvill commence oiiThursday the I- t of October, at tbeCeorgt; Inn. N B. Mr. P. intends having his Pupil's Ball in the course of the next Qha'ftet. " v To HOSIERS. / AYottng Man, cf respectable connections, wishes to engage in a situation as Ware- boujeMan in fhe above Itranch— or as Under Hook keeper in an Office; tan be Well recommended. Any Letters ( post paid) directed for , j. .9: Post Office, Hinckley, will be. immediately attended to. " 1 To the. C/ ertiy. AGentleman in full orders and a graduate of the University of Oxford, tenders bis services in the Church for the winter months, to. ftnv- Clergyitian w'ho lrtily requii't a^ sistiitlce. Letters addressed to A.' B. ( postpaid) at fhe Post Office, Leicester, will bp respectfully at*- tended to. Lliit'ESTEitSHIRE MILITIA, infill E General Annual ftteilinpr of. the Eientcruincy^ "• JL irill be held at the Three Crowns Inn, in Leices- ter,. « » Tuesday, the sixth day ofOetober next, at II o clock in. the forenoon, ywtsuant to the 21st ikctionof th$ i-' d (.' i.,: : W. Cap: tin. , by order of " his Grkce tlie Duke of Rutland j Lord Lieutenant Of the CoiTnty of Leicester, DECIMUS COOKE, Clerk of the General Meetings. Leicester, 17th September, 1818. LEICESTER MICHAELMAS FAIR. Y V'/ f-'' for a Course of Lectures mcluijiiig the Dissc'ctioiis '. For a perpetual Pupil to the Lectures and Dissections h 10 10 Tlie inconveniences usual attending Anatomical Investigations, are eonnleracteil by an antiseptic process. Mr. BROOKES'S Museum will be open to all Gen- tlemun ( gratuitously) by application in writing, ad- dressed ( post paid) to the Curator, Theatre of Anat- omy, Blenheim Str* t. .. UNION FIRE J^ YO'f'lCEis hereby given, that the Titirfof the V * suhof Horned Cattle, Horses, and Sheep, will be postponed until Mondsy. the 12tli of Octo- ber, and for the sale » f Cheese uiitil the following day. This Regulation hits beeitfOuvrl necesSdry iu consequence of the 10 th of October falling this', year on a Saturday, it having belrlime quite impractica- bleto provide room for the requisite number of sheep pens at this large Fair, if held on the market day . No Cheese will bt allowed to br deposited in the Exchange or Market Place, until the morning of Tuesday, the V. Uh. By order of'the Mayof anil Magistrates,- T- HO : BURBIDGE, Town Cltfrk, fsieester. September 10, 1818. BANKERS' LICENCE. V;' " Stamp- Office, London, Sept. 17, 11516. , " VTOTIGF, is hereby given, that all licences - gfanted to Bankers or others, to issue pfo- tnissory notes, payable to the bearer on demand, and allowed to be re- issued, will expire on tbe 10th of October next, and that they must be re- newed within One month from that day, or pe- nalties will be incurred. By order of the Commissioners, W. Happen, Secretary. AMI LIFE ASSURANCE OFb'lCK, - CORNHII. L. LONDON; - Instituted in the Reign'of Queen Anne, A. D. 1714 r| MHS Company In consequence of some re- J aenVci'rcumslances, havinjfun intention to increase their Country. Insurances, are desirous of appointing an Agent at each of the undermentioned places, viz : — LEICESTER— LOUGIIIIOROUC, IT. ' ( It may be necessary to mention that this Compa- ny has not any connection with the Norwich Union Office, as some ofthe Agents of that Society have denominated themselves Agents of tbe Union). Any person well situated for business, and re- spectably connect^!, willing to receive such ap- limntment, may apply bv letter ( post paid) address- ed to Sir- LEWIS, the Secretary , at the Office, Corn- hill, London, stating bis qualifications, and giving i nferences to persons in London by whom he is known and can be recommended. . THOMAS LEW IS, Secretary, A SERMON WILL BE PUKACBED On Sunday Afternoon,' eptemb. er' 27,1818, KS THE PARISH CHURCH OP OLENFIELD, FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE SUNDAY SCHOOL: IIY THE Rev. H. I. MADDOCK. M. A. Late Fellow of Magdalen College, Cambridge. Divine Service will begin at Three o'clock. A CHARITY SEKMON WILL RE I'REACHED IN SUPPORT OF St. MARGARETS' CHARITY SCHOOL, On the 27th instant, hy tbe lifer. JAMES BERESFORD, M; A; Rector of KiM:< yrth. Divine Service at three o'clock. In the above Institution; which is wholly support ed by tlie Contributions pf- the. Benevolent, 100 Cli'itdfe!! are clothed and educated. --.-- RR ^ IIIMII L' I'ITIMI— ERl Da < lf SEPTEMBER S, 1818. NOTE.— lie huxebetn obliged to omit several Ad ver- I tisements received yesterday— hueit. g se- ' lee fed these hot of iuimediatt- interest, which shall tipped' in r iiL. it'f' ' - MARRIED. Or. the IBtli. Instant, Mr. Sdw- ard Stephens, mfcr. chant, of- Manchester, to Miss Wroe; pf Holleus- wood. . On Wednesday last at Thornton in this county, Mr. B... Sharp, of Bishop Vi tiirrn, tilth, in the county of Durham,- to Mary, youngest daughter of Mr, Fox, of . he former place, DIED. A few days ago, af Marrow, in. the 87tb year of his age, Mr. Edward Palmer. lii his youth he was an Assistant of the iate Er. Kirkland, of Ashby. de- la- Zouch J after which be was Butler in the family of E. W. Hartopp, Esq. of Little Dalby, for many years. Oil Sunday last, aged 73, Mf. William Oldham, - upwards of si) years in tine hoiise. of Messrs. Seal and Jackson, ill Coventry. Lately; at A therStooc, Mr. JamesNuthall, formerly of Birmingham. September 17, at Ufbngtori, near Stamford, T. in- cojnsbire, aced 71, the Right Hon. Altw iliailfc Bertie Earl of Lihdsey, a General in the- Army, and Colo- nel of the 89til regiment of foot; and GtiVenior of Charlemont; The Anniversary Sermon fof the benefit of the Leiceste'r InfifHia! y; was preached on Friday last, at St. Martin's Church, by tbe Rev. Peter Vaughan. D. D. Warden of F. lertnn College, Oxford, before a nuitierous and highly res;> ec- trtjjle congregation, in which a larger portion of the consequence, beauty,' and fitshicfn of this, codnty were present thaji witnessed for, many- years past. The learned J^ ivinfe todk his text from the 4th ch. lst EP-. S- t. Pefer( 10th v. (" Ai every man hath received the gift, even, so rntriis- ter one to another, as good Stew ards of the ma- nifold grace of God ;") and advocated the cause of the Institution! with great steal and distin- guished ability. The collection, which ainonr. t- edto £ 117 2s 2d; was received at the SOUTH DOOR Mrs. Otway Cave The Duchess Dmc- ^ ager of Rutland BY The Duke of Rut- land NoRfM DooR-, Mr. Serjeant Vaughan i lAdy Half or d Mi's. Ptlcke Lhrd Robert Manners C. M. Phillipps Esq, ,1/. P, Final Notice to the Creditors of Thomas Ayte, . the Younger, ttf Coleortcn, in the county of Leicester. Notice is hereby given f AT the Deed of Assignment made by the _ sairl TBCMJIS A YHF;, for the benefitof such of" his Creditors who shall execute the same, is now Mug at the office of Mr. L. PiouociE, Solicitor, Asliby- de la- Zoiicb, for the signature of such of bis creditors w ho hav e not already executed it. And. notice is hereby given, that every creditor neglecting or refusing to execute on or before tbe fith day of October next, will be excluded the bene- fit thereof. The Meeting will be held at the Blue Bell, in Co. leortoii, on Tuesday tbe 6th of October,- at eleven o'clock. Sept. 21th, 1818. - - OAKHAM- CANAL NAVIGATION I- HE next- General Annual Assembly of the Company of Proprietors of the Oakham Canal, will be holden at Ihe George. Inn. in Oak- ham, on Monday, the fifth day of October next, at. eleven o'clock in the tnnrning precisely. The Committee will meet on Monday, the 28lh day of September instant, and on Saturday, the 3d day of October aforesaid, at five o'clock in the, evening respectively ; on or before which days all accounts due from the Company within the, current year ending the said 5th day of October, are requested to be transmitted to Mr. EDMUND PRIOEAUX, the Company's Surveyor, Exton, near OaVham. > JAMES BULIIVANT, Clerk. Oalihtmi, 2\ st. Septeniber, 181$. ? . * Aihong the numerous changes, ( not to Say im- provements) whieb'the Mother Church has ex- perienced vitbin these few years, we should have! been iflail to witness something like cour- tesy and attention to strangers, the want of w hich was disgustingly namifest on Friday lftsl, — It is not W be supposed tiiat the ordinary ser- vants Of tire Church are'comtretent to the task of making proper distinctions, they act to the best of their ability geherallp, but upon pa - licular oc- casions, where a large portion Of the fnost dis- tinguished characters iii'the county, honour a | charitaule meeting with their presence, there requires * omewhat nrora tba/ n Ordinary atten- tion; ftnd it wotild be well upon future occa- sions, in additiori to tint Church Wardens, if soiife of tiie Patrons of tlie; lustitntion wtire to aid the Charity by their personal assistance in the arrangements of tbe Church. It has been often end truly remarked, that t!-. « re is less at- tention paid to strangers . in our Churches, than in any other place of public worship, whether it arise* from pride or ignorance' it is equally re- prehensible. John Mansfield, Esq. M. P. is elected Steward ofthe Races for the ensuing jear. Jamea Bankaft, Esq. ia eiecte. il Mayor of the Borough, for the einsnin£. year ; Richard Hun- ter Bird, Esq. and Jobp Sergeant, Gent. Cliam- be. Iains. The Yeotfianty Cavalry of tliO county, com- manded by Colonel Keck, have beon upon per- manent duty dt'riiig the present week, aud fully entitled thefhselves to- tfmt " triced of praise" they ^ ave so repeatedly received. The Race'Wegk, which this y- eifir was one of considerable- interest unifgreat gaiety as a coun- ty meeting, terminated' with the- festivities at Lowesby Hall, Which strrpassed ift style, mag- nificence, and order; any tliihif Of the kind ever attempted in the kingdom. We ' arfe happy in presenting our readers: With a correct account of it, LOWES BY If At.!.. On Friday last, : lie 18th flay of Septrtiihef, this ancient and respectable Mansion, formerly tbe hereditary possession of Sir Isaac' Woila- ton, and " a it/ el long syne'-' fhe property of the far famed " Maiin'ofi," was Opened for there ception ofthe Nobility and Gentry of tbe whole County of Leicester,- atfd the immediate neigh- bourhood nf the adjoining Counties ; in a style - of ancient Baronial magnificences and liospitft* lity. The occasion of the celebration was, the christening of a Son and Heir,- and a younger Infant; Sons of Sir Frederick G Fowke. Bart. ! the present proprietor :— fpi the former of whom ( the Duke of Rutland " and Dr. New stood spon- i soi » ; and for the latter, bis Grace's brother, i Lord Robert Manners and Colonel Bifrnnby.— [ Invitations had beeaJssued and issuiug for two months previously, and in the interval, the most active preparations bad been carrying on to render complete tbe accommodation for the noble guests & the other distinguished visitauts. Two new rooms had been constructed— one in- tended, aud afterwards used as the ball room, 1. IBT I II irftr- - . wr~ of" in ob£ ii;>'' c'c1agon " sliape',' ftu; paiiiicls' * f Which wen HTvrl.' iy htted up with magnificent paintingr,, of- figures and rinfiTmls, ;, rf veket< rni&- cd and relieved oii a'grot; mi of exquisite land- scape sjeoery, in oils :— 1 heothetja Superb ban- queting ronui, - j- tpresenfin-- itn Eastern Tent, and rivalling In its decorauoM^ ihe Elegance and costliness of PerSfari luxury. Teirtporary staljies bad befek Mewteil, capable of containing 800 horses. The approach to tlie house tlad been filtered, and the entrance to the Grand HaH, ( which is' undoubtedly, for'its beauty and proportion, un- equalled by any in tlie County,) was, by a gra- dual pacont through anbftinge grove, illuminat- ed by variegated lamps.— The roads leading to tbe scene of hospitality and fqste. were constant- ly occupied from four in the aftertioon until iriiil- nrgbt, by an almost unbroken line of carriages ; and tbe Court- yard of I. owealij Hall presented, ht an early hour in the morning, a concourse of nearly 200equipages. Perhaps, there neverwas an instance of a small Village being honored With the presence of so manV distinguished-, Personages, as Lowesby was, on the Occasion referred to; all that was great, rtoble, and res- jiectable in the County,- seemed anxious to tcs- tifyby their presence at the Christening of, his f? on and heir, their regard for a Country Gen- tleman as distinguished for bis amiable private character, as for his generous public spirit.— At four o'clock in the afternoon, tlie merry peal announced1 the arrival of the Noble and Illust- rious Hob ( is of Rutland ; ahd at 5, the ceremo- ny of the Baptism took place in tbe Parish Church, and was performed by the Rev. Mr: Wilkinson, the Vicar; immediately after which a select party paitook of a costly banqsiet pre- pared for the occasion. While this sumptuous entertainment was going on in theinterior, John Bull w as not forgotten without ; ahd the distri- bution of several hogsheads of excellent ale, with the addition of a plentiful supply of the liorrst Berf'of Otd England, quickly inspired ho- « iest John with his usual flow of good spirits, which were repeatedly testified by sineere but rather noisy expressions of bis regard for the ' distinguished and esteemed BarOnet. Soon after 8 o'clock, the company invited to the Rail and Supper began to arrive, anfl those ivho had partaken ofthe festivities. Of tbe table, instantly forsook the Court ofthe Rosy God, to pay their devotions at the shrine of Beauty. The Ball- roonj was iiided by the professional exertions of a select Band from town, expressly engaged for the occasion, who wfers placed in a" most ele- gant Orchestra. Dancing- commenced, led Off by Sir Frederick, Fowlce and Lady Dixie, fol- lowed by Lord Robert Manners and Lady Fowke. and was kept up with great spirit Until two, o'clock in the morning, when the company were* ushered into the Supper room; and herb all that had preceded; was completely eclipsed by the splendour Which pervaded the' spacious apartment— the taste exhibited in every part— aud the admirable arrangements accompanying tbe use of it. - the Room consisted of 60 feet by 40, and was decorated with a profusion of vari- egated lamps, festoons of flowers, & e, Al. the tipper part were 3 elegant traneparencies. Oiie of which represented ouf BELOVED MONARCH, and appeared to inspire ALL witl » the sentiments which sfcoce above it—" THE KING, Gob CLEsis Hi j !"— while the centre transparency, representing the. entrance ' of, thfe- Allies into Paris, reiniitded the Cftmpany of those glorious, events which. sealed the liberties of Europe by their energies. 1' he Ofciieslra fronting this apartttientf ( which exhibited the appearance of a Chinese Temple) was supported by 6 elegant Colonades; decorated with festoons stud lamps; and the " WELCOME" which was proclaimed in a tasteful oil rangem^ nt of floyferS surrotlnlling the bhse of the sp.! ei « Hd Balustrade, Only served to. give a, Kest to. the evidence bf that expression whichJoa; ded the ti> l: dcs, un; l cheered iiie. gucsts. — At th's part, of the ^ utortainment Sit Frede- rick rbsi- to address theCoinpnny he olnserved That " It perhaps was not Usual to introduce toasts at .-> Supper party, but there were three rthich he should take the liberty of proposing, emanating from a sincere attachment towards thorcigning Fa- mily and Government'of the Conniiy~( Apphms*.) He wolild not; theief0jfe, any longei" defer the £ iat|- ficrition which life was confident all would feel in drinking—" The King, God bleSs hint/' -'• Tlfe toast was received with thewa- rmest tes- timonies of affection mid esteem for oftr beloved and afflicted Monarch. GLEE— Mrs.- Austin--" God s^ ve the Ring."-^ Chorus by tbfc Company. " The Queen and fto'yal Family, and b « tcr health " to her Majesty --— GLEE—-' Glorious Apollo." " The Prince Regent." Song—* fchle Britannia.' These two last toasts iyerfe received vVitfi en- thusiastic plaudits. The Dui e of Rutland " trusted the Corripanv wouid accept air apology froiii him for rising to ad- dress thr- ni oil that' occasion ; he was, however, quite confident that the apology woubt be accepted, when ne took the liberty of stating tmder what circum- stances it was roadC, and what was the object lie had in view in soliciting an exercise Of their candour. —( Applause.)— He stood there in common with the Company, as the guest of a. ' moX( liberal and respect- ed Host,—( Shuiits of applause)— Tliey were met to celebrate an event which had diffused happiness throughout a most amiable domestic circle, and Ire was proud while Contributing his mite towards the increase of that satisfaction, to rriingle his sincere wishes- for its permanency and extension.— *( Ap- j> laiite.)— tle should, therefore, beg tor propose as a toast, '" Sir Frederic!, and Lady Fowke, and' pros- perity to the House of Lowesby"."—( Laiui phccrS " Allow me « also," said the No'Me Duke," . to'testify tit? tegatd for my worthy friend. Ilv invoking the aid of a Latin sentiment, to express nij feelings as well as your own ; let us then, whilst drinking the toast I havt proposed, - riv to Sir Frederick, " Stet fortmin. ittnds, et uri nmnerenlur uvefuip,!''—,( Loud and long continued plauiiits. j fhe toast having been drfifik/ Sir Frederick Fowke said—" he felt completely overpowered by the Very flattering eimpliiheiit which had just been paid Lady Fowke and bimSelf He was particularly gratet'iil for the handsome teiins iri which the Noble Duke had been pleased frt pro pose their healths He trusted that in bringing to- gether so numerous ami respectable an assemblage, lie should riot be subjected to the charge of vanity or ostentation ; be assured tiie Company from his heart, that he had not been actuated by any such feCliugofl HlatoCcaskm.— f Loud applause.)— He had done it solely out of respect to one who had made him comfortable and happy for the rest of his life : —( Loud upplaif& e.)— he trusted, he might be allowed to addj tliat he knew of no gratification atlording an', higher / est, than the conviction, that he was endea- vouring to contribute his mite towards promoting s cial intercourse and brmgitig into action the g'ena rous sympathies of oar liatore.— f Long Continued and rapturous applauses.)— Ladies and Gentlemen; Continued Sir Frederick, " permit nie, in the name of Lady Fowke, aS well as my own, to Return von. Once more, our grateful thanks, and while ? hold this goblet in my hand, tu drink health and prospe- rity to you all'— fEnthusiastic cheering for several minutes.) . At four o'clock the merry dance was resumed, with quadrilles, & c. and was kept up until six in the morning; soon after which, the cofflpany began to retire highly delighted with the festi" « ilies of the evening. The number of persons present in the suite of rooms was competed at 450; and at one time, the. populace without a mounter! to. Jess than 13PO.~ Amot(# the Ptff sonages preseiit nt the above { nteresfintf anti hiemorable Fife, we observed -.' rite Duke of Rutland, KG; tin- DJichess Isabfci!^ of Rutland; the Earl of Denbigh) 1- ord Robert Manners, w; Lady Kltzabeth NorniSn ; Sir Wit* lOnehbv jimT Lady Dixie; Sir Robert a'fttl l„ adv Wi4-< mot; the- Hmi Lady and Miss Halloed* Sir Williant W* lbj, Barf k P. and Ladv Welbv ; Sir Jolfti mer. Bart;, tli| rton. M,-. Fielding j Capipiii » „,! tW - Hoii.- Mrs. I'ofe etf j Sir Bellirighain Graham. Barf j Sir George Walker, « B and the Miis Wafkpril Admiral Eyles flhd Daughters; the tihkh&' k Attoi* ney General; Mrs. HenilerSoii • Mr. aiid Mrs. Leirll Keck ; Mr. aiid Mrs. Lorbhtf Smith; MK ami Mrij Mtiudy; Mr. and Mi's, ahd the Miss Btifnsib'. I Mr. at'. iL. Mrs, Pocliin; and Sirs; rhaflfrs- Pbchib i yapt- aii; Ph'illipps, R X ; Mfs.' Packe, and Mr. HiiM Sfey PV'ke; Mr. and Mrs Fjni li , Simpson ; Mr anti Mrs Holden; Mr. Mrs. and MisS Mai. sfield f Mti t heslyn and family ; Mr. W.' iistitnley ;. Mr. Asllllv'i Mr. Ot: w. a£ Cave ; Mr. and Miss Norman ; Captaiiij " '•'- £ 1 i in* Captaih and Mrs. King; Major Wfta Miss White; sort;; Rev Mr.. Mr. Mr. Bosi- ille; Mr; Urqnhaft^ Sd At. , Thus tetmjnaled Hte abbve . iplendid abd mivi morabb. Fete - a fete incapable bf having tivf accurate idea formed , of its splendour, wirrf description pushed to her tiffnosi lifiiit.— Th « imagination may paint iii strong and glowing colours— tbe pen of fancy n^ tty add Hcbiieils tit Its shades— tbe tonglie of eloquence. may des-* crtbe strahge tilings ; but sucHin reality was the scene, that how strong soever ihe imaginatioii — however eloquent the tongue may hfe,— bow deeply soever fan, 7 in- y influence the pen— Mill it will mock description:— On entering the Sup. pcr- roottl, a slight observer wtTtild suppose, that magic had indeed, resumed her enchaiiti| ig pow- ers, and tliat she llad bHen turning hfer fantastic wrt- aths round each projecting pillar— So bold was the effect, that quick surprise was seen ttf start, and " twitch grave reason's niantlfe'" ex- claiming. with a look, " is this reality ?"— Se- lection, Weie ribthing hilt heautv and dignity mcf the eye, may _ itppear not only invidious but abortive ; it is impossible, however, to passOver that splendid galaxy— that model of Syrnthetry yet liiontifhefit Of condescension— Isabella, th's Duchess Dovvager of Rutland, In, viewing her Grace at Lov. esby, while traversing the elegaot aparfments, the mind involuntarily recurred to Miltbn, " Grace" was indeed " in all bersteps,'" arid in every movement " dignity." Tbe admir- ation excited in surveying her Grace is pure 1 it is admiration, which burls competition and rtyalship to their native shades, and leaves envy without a thrt- od to work upon. The Noble Family of Rutland left LokesLy Hall aboht three in the aftetnoon of Saturday • and. So admirable Were the arrangements adapt* e'd for the preservation of order, that not a ( BjngW accident occurred. BY order of the Coiirt for thK relief tif ftsfilv. ent Debtors. ' I'hp Petition of ' 1' hoStAS V » tO » » « . ate of Kilnvotth Beatuhainp) in the Ubofitv bf lew cester, dritpt'r, but now a Prisoner ftf Debt fc& nfih- ed in his Majesty'l Gaol of Warwick, jn tile couatv of WatWick ,' will be heard before his Mdjeify's Jus- tices Of the Peace fnf the said County, at the Gene- ral Quarter Sessions of tlie Peuei Wliich : will Ifolden at Warwick, in iind for the'said CoitntV, oai Tuesday, the 20th day of October next, at tMhour ° r o'clock iirtlte mQniing, , arid that - a S< heduiet atmexed to the safd Petition confisiriitigii list of the creditors . of the said Prisoner i* filed in the Office o£ the Said Court, No. 9, Essex street. Strand, in tha Comity of Middlesex, to which the Creififors ef the smd Prisoner may refer, aiid lie lf « reby dechrf* that hp is ready and willing to submit, to be examin- ed touching the justice, of his i'tn. dnct to his cred- itors. Thomas Wright. S; Fm^ ry, 4, Princess Streety '"•'*"• London Road," Agent. BY Order of the Court for the relief of thfto! v* nt Debtors. ' J he Petition of JAMES VI tiOot'cY, late of Che'steifjeld, in the County of Derby, foimerlv » Carrier, and late a Labourer, n6w / Prisoner " f< r debt in the Kings Bench Prison, in, the C^ tif. ty of Surrey, Will be beard at the Guildhall, hi the City of Wistniinster, on the sixteenth day of October, 1818, at the hofu of nine in the morning; and teat a schedule fcontainin • a list of all tiie Credit- ors bf the Said prisoner) annexed to tire said petition, is filed ill tin. Office ofthe said Court; No. j>, Essex Street; Sfiand, iu the Cotiilty Oi' Middlesex, to which any Creditor may ret'ei-; anil in Cast any c'r^ ditorin- tends to oppose tbe' discharge of the Said prisoner, it isfurthei ohler- d, that Such Creditor shall give notice in writing Ofsneh iiis intention, lo. beVft at. the Office of the jjUd Court, two days at least before the said Sisteintb day of October, together with the gf- oftnds oi objectii 1 s to siji- b discharge, and in de- fault thereof, such Creditor shall be precluded from opposing the Said prisoner ; and iie hereby declares that lie is ready an( i willing to submit to lie fully ex- amined as lo the justice of his conduct to iiis cred » itors.- .. James Whooley, TAVLOB, A4Cnf S3, BelvideiePiace, , Stlbthwark, COLLECTIONS ' , IWANE AT PLACES OF PUBLIC WOFTSF^ V, For the benefit of the LEICESTER- KHF!, I;*.' RY, anil paid to tin- Tteasi. r- r. Wiflicote— Ret. Mr, Cfagg,' <.,, . £ 2 JO 0 Norton and Shackeistoue— Rev. M{, S" m- gti'- ion, ...... . 2 0 0 Diseworffi— R'ev. Mr. Williams, 4 f> 0 Biotiifitou UtJV- y- Rk-' V, J. in i- s, '..'" 5 10 "; Charnwood Fort si— Rev., \ r. Tlal it, gi<-!.. -": Swithiaud— Hoit. and Rev. Mr. Eiskine, Ratcliff— Rev. Mr. Morgan, Stanton WJvile— l! ev. Mr. Davies, .... Gloostone , ditto, , Cranehoe ditto, ,.-•. Misterfon— fteV. Mr Bnrnaby, Juflr. . . Quoiudon— Rev. , Vr. Bover, ,,..„,. Woodhonse ditto .,, 1——.... IM, Congersfnht;-— Rev. Mf, tioby, Syston— Rev. Mf. Molgan, Mnstoh— Rev-. Mr. Byron, a .,,... Appleby— Rev. Mr. jpiies, „„.-:.,, Kagdale— Rev. Mr. Shutclitie, '•/-,.,...... Gaddesby— Ditto, ' i. .','.'., Chapel fsorth End Moiintsorrt I, Rev'.. Mr. MScaulav,.......... f, . The Treasurer to tile Leicester Infirnrary has re- ceived £ 5 from , te, hri l nswell, Esq. of Knigiittliorpe, being a line upon five young nu. 11 of Thorpe Acie, near Ixiughboiougb, for robbing Mr. CveswelW orchard. Y 0 10 U 8 > 6 17 A 4 I 2 0 19 0 8 1 0 FT 14 34 1 6 O ti 6 3 2 n 0 0 34 84- 2* 4 9 6 29- FA IRS. Sept. 28— Rugby, Ludlow, Powde'rbafcif, Barfbti Regis, Ciiencesler,( H " Since I last wrote. Yvc have been incessant- ly occupied in attempting to get through the iee to Ihe northward The first stage we made was into North East bay, where wo have been de- tained several days, which could Only U(> occu- pied in settling the position of the several points of land, ike. and the variation of the COtilpBss, which, by the bye, can never be done on board a ship with any tolerable degree of accuracy, a difference of thirty degrees arising from a change in llic ship's head, mi board the Isabella. On board the Alexander this difference is very apparent also, but in n much smaller ( k- gree.—• 1 fio not, however, consider the experiments we have yet made to he sufficiently numerous, or sufficiently delicate, to enable us to draw any satisfactory conclusion from them on this very j interesting point, till further and better oppor- tunities oiler. " We had rather an interesting visit from two Esquimaux families the other day, but with the details of which I shall not now trouble you.— In truth, I have so few moments to .- pare from the immediate duties. wiiich now press upon us, that I I'car yon will think my letter but a shabby one.— These last two days have given us a run to the northward beyond our most sanguine ex- pectation. as we are at this moment w ithin se- ven miles of the northernmost of the Woman's Islands, and passed Sanderson's Hope yester- day evening. Our latitude ( by account) to day at noon was73, 10 N. Isabella's, 73, 15. Long. ,)?, 14, W. Some of the Esquimaux from these islands were, 1 under stand, on board the Isabel- la to- day, and report that the place in which we now arc has been clear of ice during the whole winte ; ( is this possible?) that no Whales have be n here this season, and that they think there ir. plenty of clear water to the northward.— If this he true, it is delightful intelligence for us. As far as we can ourselves see, there is no rea- son to question Ihe accuracy of their statement, for though the number of bergs iR here, as at Riskoil, and at Wajrga'. t Island, and Black Hook, almost beyond conception or belief, the field ice appears to be by no means so close as to stop our progress. How long thfs fair pros- pect may continue, it is impossible to judge; but tho voyage begins to acqniie extreme inte- rest, and all are anxiously looking out to the northward. " I am anxious now to put my letters on board the Isabella, that they miij go to England with the dispatches in the Majestic, and as the weather is rather foggy, I am afraid of losing the opportunity, "• id will therefore no longer delay sending them to the Isabella. " P. S— July 6.— I have just measured the height of an ice- berg, which is 123 feet and a half, and ii is aground in 125 fathoms! This is literally a small onecompared will) some hund- reds ihat we have seen. Feet above v. titer, and fathoms muter, seems to be the general run of their specilic. gravity." Star Inn, Manchester G, Wr M'Neille and T Wright, Liverpool, soap boilers. at the George Inn, Dale street, Liverpool 6, J and G Plais- tow, Liverpool, coopers, at tbe York Hotel, Williamson square, Liverpool 5. J Morris, Chepstow, grocer, at the White Lion, Broad street, Bristol— - 9. W Hill, Birmingham, but- ton maker, at the Woolpack Inn, Moor street, Birmingham 7. .1 Heath, East Teigninouth, ship luiilder, at Hubbard's Hotel, East Tcign- moufli 9, W Chandler, Birmingham, grocer, al the Woolpack, Moor street, Birmingham--— 10, M Hanhy. Huddersfield, liquor mcrchant. at 1 the King's Head Inn, IIudderslield — 7, Wm Rees, Bristol, ship owner, at the Commercial Rooms, Bristol-—— G, C Haywood, Manchester, manufacturer, nt the Dog Inn, Deaiisgatc, Man- chester r>, .1 Cecil, J Benson, and T aud M Dcnnisou. Liverpool, merchants, at the Ceorge Inn, Liverpool jFitvn '. Tuesday's Gazette, September 15. AT ( It'll. Ml. VI. t.. Oi'lohcr 20, A Illitigv, orth, Philpot lane, wine merchant November 10, T Griffin, Pedlar's acre, tim- ber merchant IN RHP COUNTRY. October 8 S R Mid H Potilgraiu, Fowoy. shiP wrights. al the Ship Inn, Fowcy—— 14, D Sar" gant, Wliittesley, money scrivener, at the Rose nnd Crown Inn, W iRbcacll-^—- lo, A and C Sheath, and J Dixon, Boston, merchants, at the White Hart, Boston 7, S White, Liverpool, Upholsterer, allheoffiee of Mr. W illiam Thom- son, Slater's court. Castle street, Liverpool 20, J Bieklord, Landulph, miller, at the Castle Inn, Taunton 14, T Redmaync, Preston, linen draper, at the Mitre Inn, Preston— 13, H Hooper, Frome Selwood, upholsterer, at the Bath Arms, Warminster From Saturday's Gazette, September 19. AT ( 1JU1LI1I1AI. 1,. October HO, T Mercer and J Barlow, Ton- bridge, bunkers 17, J Howett, St Martin's lane. huilder 20, J Hand, Wormwood street, warehouseman November 7. J Fowler, Birchin lane, broker IN THE COUNTRY. Octobcr 10, D Ilumble, Skelbrook, merchant, at the Court House, Leeds 14, W Buckley, Snddloworth, merchant, at the New Inn, New Delph—— 12, W Lees, Liverpool, merchant, at Hie George Inn. Dale street, Liverpool—— 14, J anil J Eastwood, Saddleworth, dyers, at the New Inn, Saddlewortb 16. I Barnes, Shef- field. merchant, at the Angel Inn, Sheffield—— 5, H Chesmer Sittingborne, Kent, miller, at the Guildhall, Canterbury IS), J Farenden, Chi- chester, timber merchant, at the Swanlnn, Chi- chester 16, T Pallister, York, currier, at Baynes's Coffee- bouse, Petergatc, York 14. W Tucker, Harbnrton, grazier, at the Globe Inn, Exeter 14. J Murreil, Wormegay, Nor- folk farmer,. at the Rose and Crown Inn. Wis- bech St. Peter's. Isle of Ely 10, S Murreil, senr. Evesham, grocer, at the Bell Inn, Eve- sham 10, J Waitt, Kendal, linen draper, at the Commercial Inn, Kendal 16, E Mat thews, Chester, saddler, nt the White Lion Inn, Chester 23, 11 Brownsnn, Manchester, ca- lico manufacturer, at the King's Anns Inn, Derby 23, J Boden, Hockley, shopkeeper, at the W hite Hait Inn, Digbeth street, Birm- ingham—— 12, W Levvarn, Taunton, carpenter, at Ihe Lamb Inn, Biidgewater THE Agents of tbe COUNTY FIRE OF- FICE iuvite a public examination into tlie principles and practice of the office for which they act. They are proud to declare, that the great ob- ject of Insurance, viz. a prompt and ample indemni- ty, has been so invariably yielded by the County Office, that not a single litigation has ever arisen to disturb the harmony of Directors and Claimants. This security the office is enabled at all limes to af- ford, because, 1st, the Original Members have pro- vided a Capit. il of ^ 400,0110 over and abort: the fluctu- ating fund arising from the premiums; and because, 2dlv, altliuugh such profits a « arise are equally di- vided among those who insure, the Directors of tbe County Office, have shunned the delusive and perni- cious practice of making a large return uf profit uniform and certain, aud of rendering the paymen t of claims de- pendent on what may be left. Their fixed rule is, the pay merit of all just claims immeitiatety-^ rile return of profit is left to vary w ith everts. They have Addition, ally to observe, that as the original capital is deemed ot sufficient magnitude for all the puposes of securi- ty, it is expressly piovided in the policies; that the subscribers to that fund alone shrill he answerable for losses Hence those who insure while entitled to share profits are piotectcd from the liability for the losses of others which has been so severely le It in so- cieties upon the coutributioirship or UNION princi- ple ; ami w hich, together with the difftivtty and un- certainty of procuring restitution, has generally led to the failure or dissolution of such Societies. MARKET HERALD. Mark- Lave, Monday, Sept. 21. 1818. Onr market was well supplied with W heat this morning from Essex. Kent, and Suffolk;— nnd although line samples obtained last Mon- day's prices, the trade was dull, and 2s per quarter lower for the inferior descriptions.— Having a fair supply of New Bailey, and the Maltsters . not yet at work, Whrft appeared met a heavy sale at a decline of 2s to 4s.— Beans and Pease weie full 2s cheaper, and dull sale at Ihat leduction.— Oats were full Is lower, in conse- quence ot large arrivals since this day w eik. A V Eli AGE PRICE OF CORN, ( PER ( Jl'AKTER) IN ENGLAND AND WAITS, For the Week, ending Sept. 12th, 1818. T O T A L. Wheat Rye Barley Outs Reims Pease s, d. el. s. d. s. d. s. el. s. d. 81 11 i 58 0 ! 56 II | 35 10 j 74 7 | 09 8 Oatmeal, per boll, of 1401b 35s 7d ANOTHER LETTER. Extract of a Letter from a Sailor on board'!/,* Alexander, to an old Shipmate at Deptferd, dated Davis's Straits, July 11. " We arrived nt the entrance of the Straits, on the 20th of May ; and got on with little or no obstacle in regard to ice, Until we came near the island of Disco, where we were detained abr ut three weeks owing to the great quantities of ice that had set into the bay. However, we got so far North as seventy four degrees, and have not met with much ice. The laud is much lower than what is laid down in the charts;— and to the best of my belief, w e have every pros- pect of being successful in the performance of our undertaking. We lind the land to be nearly two degrees farther V- est than Ihe charts b id described it to be. This is Ihe country of the famous Esquimaux, who did such wonders at Weptford, when tiie ships w ere lying there. All, the inhabitants arc very much alike; they fre- quently Come off to us in their canoes, but w hat they get to subsist on, I am at a loss to discover; for the land produces no kind of herbage. There are numbers of foxes which they a re fond of hunt- ing. There are also great quantities of part- ridges and other birds in the Straits, but very few lisb; seals abound in great numbers." BANKRUPTS. ( Omitted last Week} FJIOM TUESDAY'S GAZETTE. R. W. Iinmlord, lute of Bartholomew luue, stock- broker G It Ball, Exeter, perfumer C Norton, Birmingham, builder W Roach, Bristol," victualler S Simons, Ililperton, Wilts, hawker J Danmi, late of Waruford court, merchant J Moody, York mews. Paddington street, Mary le bonne, livery stable keeper W II Thorr. e, Strntton ground, Westminster, oil- man J. Trusfrurti, King street, Gosvvell street, builder N Wariiigton, High street, Southwark, hop mer- chant it K West, St. Margaret's hill, Southwark, hop and seed merchant l-' ROM SATURDAY'S OAZETTf. W Brown, College hill, 1 oiulon, ( partner with W A Brown and W Moore), merchant C H Voight, now of Greville street, Hatton garden, factor M Gat'ney, Manchester, cotton broker J. Mead, late of Nash I. ee, Eliesboroiigh, Bucks, and now a prisoner in the Gaol at Aylesbury, wheelwright J Bragg. Birmingham, tve maker Wm. Jordan, late « f Camwood, Gloucester, corn- dealer G Jones, Bath, grocer T Moat, Cheapside, broker C Buck, Southvvark, hop merchant J Bolt, Bath, grocer DIVIDENDS. [ oMITTIill LAST WEEK.] From Saturday's Gazette, Sept. 12. AT GlIH. niIAtL. October 31, J Joseph, Ratcliflc highw ay, slop- seller-—— 6, G J Tye, Colchester, grocer 17, E Bendy, Charles square, Hoxton, factor 17, J Cortissoz, Spital square, merchant IN THE COUNTRY. October 12,' 1' Bowman, Sunderland, smith, at the Turf Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne '>>, T Morton, Flixtoa, calico manufacturer, at tbe D1 Return. 0 312 8 6 7 0 59 13 11 0 6 104 13 tl- 6 It 119 5 107 0 UNION FIRE OFFICE, NollWft H, ETA HI ISttb lJ 1797. TRUSTEES. The Most Noble the D « kc of Somerset The Mo. t Nobletlie Duke Beaufoi t The. Most Noble the Duke ot Argyll T-. re Kijrht Craven The Hir ht Hon. Karl Rosebeirry ' 1 Le Right Hell. Fai l Sony \- c. Are. Secretaries, HJessis. T mill S- KtgHold. I\ 11) K.\ I) S to the pnrries insured, of ,£"' 50 per (' cut. have been payable by this Institu tinn fin tiie l » st fourteen years. Upwards of 23 thousand persons Irrve reaped this impoi taut be- nefit, amongst whomtlie sum of 52.000/. liav" l> cen divided, Ihe following aie some ofthe parties who have received i(.' turns: Deposit Missis. Itiilcv& Co White- havoi, " 024 17 Sir C. Col- belt, Addcrley- liall 119 Edward Wm. Mar in, Esq Kxning, S Wells, Esq. Biggleswade s » 3 J. Williamson, Esq. Hal- dock, '.' 30 Messrs. J. Swan . t Go. En. sham, 214 The experience of £ 1 years ha* demonstrated the security ami advantage of the plan of this Institution, when adopted on all extensive scale, and the a- mouul of Premium received during the last three vearst ( which is as follows) is the besrpt ool of the public confidence in the sysJem. 1R15 ^' 49,157 10 O 1816—— A: 60,133 18 0 1817—— ot 78,830 10 7 A surplus capital nfupwards ot'^ 100,000 has been ac cumulated, and a reserve capital of jj' 500,000 is forming. l. ifeilfjicc — The ratesare nearly £ 10 per rent. lower than I hose demanded by oilier offices, and the sav- ings are returned to the Insurers. The Capital of the Office exceeds ^ 250,0 0. A Bonus of 20 per cent, was de( lured at June 181.'), byvvhich the sums secured to the insured ale considerably in- creased. Agent.* for Jiofb Institutions are established in everv principal town r 11 ?', kingdom. A gents for Ij'icestcr J. fl i, Vis,. Ashhy- de- ld-'/. enieh M . Matthews. Market liarborongh 77ioMdS Gnrden. Loug hborough I nines Douglas. ! For preserving and beautifying the Teeth. 1HF. Vegetable Tooth- Powder has so long _ been the appendage of every toilet of rank and fashion that it is unnecessary to oficr any firr- thcr recommendation of it. Being connx *? d of ve- getables. ami without the assistance of any mineral or pernicious ingi edientw liatever. it is freefrom lire usual objection against the use of other dentifrices. Its detersive power is just sufficient to annihilate those destructive and corroding particles which ge- nerally adhere to the gums and in the interstice's of tbe teeth; healing soreness hi the former, and pro- moting a new enamel of pearly whiteness, ( where it has been injured or corroded) on the latter. It likewise imparts a firmness and beautiful redness to the gums ; to tbe breath tbe most delectable sweet- ness ; and if used constantly, as directed, will pre- serve the teeth in a sound state even to old age. Sold in boxes at 2s. 9d. i> y R. Butler and Sons, Chemists, No. 4, Cheapsi/' e, London ; and 34, Sack- villo- strcct, Dublin ; and, for them, by tbe principal perfumers and booksellers throughout the nuited kingdom S. B. Purchasers ore- requested to. observe that the name and address of " Butler, 4, Cheapside," are engraved inthe stamp find label attached to each box ef this esteemed Dmt\ frice, as IMITATIONS of it are note sold upder tlm same title of Vegetable Tooth Powder. AGENTS Leicester, A sh by- de- la - '/. ou ch, Ilinchley, Loughborough, .... Market Harborovgh, Measham Melton Mowbray,. . LEICESTERSHIRE. Mr. George Loehwood — Joseph Earned —— - Robert Ueathcoat Tho " flidelleton William liiggs Patrick Parkin Edward Bri(( ht ROYAL Asswance EXCHANGE Office, ESTABLISHED BY ROYAL CHARTER Jit the Reign of King George the I. For Assuring Houses, Buildings, Goods, Hay, Corn, Live Stock, & c. FROM LOSS BY FIRE: Also fur the Assiireir. ee of Lives, and for granting ANNUITIES ON LIVES. FARSONS whose Annual Premiums fall due on the 29th Sept. inst. are hereby in- formed that Receipts are new ready to be delivered by the Company's Agents undermentioned, and the Parties Assured are requested to apply for the re- newal of their Policies, on or before the 14th day of OCTOBER next, as the uscal fifteen days allow ed for payment, beyond tlieidate of each Policy, will" then expire. SAMUEL PENNING Jun. Sec. LEICESTERSHIRE. Leicestershire Mr. 1 Vm. Wheldale I. oughbcrough Mr. Win. Daulby Melton Mowbray Mr. Robert Judd Market Harborough . Mr. Albert Palmer vv AllWICKSHIRE. Warwick Mr. John Endow Birmingham Mr. James Kinehm Coventry Mr. James Wall, jnnr. Kineton., Mr. Thomas Abbotts Rugby.., • — ... . Mr. Richard Hleileome STAFFORDSHIRE. Burton Mr. Henry Hudson Litchfield .. Mr. William Bond Neiieiislle- iender- J. ine. . Mr. Wm. Lee,( oi'Sheltoh Stafford Messrs. Stevenson fc Webb N. B. Fire Polices will be allowed free of expcnce, where the Annual Premiums amount to Us. or up- wards. %* This Company have invariably made good losses by b'ire, occasioned by LIGHTNING. Proposals may be liad ofthe different Agents. Assurances on Lrrer, being found to be advantage- ous to Persons h iving Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Inclin es, determinable on the life or lives of themselves or others r— Tables of the Rates, for such Assurances, and for the granting Annuities on Lives, may be had of the said Agents. Persons insured by this Corporation do not depend upon an uneeitain Fund or Contribution, nor are they subject to any Cuvenantscr Calls to make good l osses which may happen to themselves or ethers, tbe Capital Sti ck being an unquestionable security to the Assured in case of loss. PHCENIX FIRE OFFICE. R' ENEW VL Receipts for Policies falling due at Ji'i .'. hachnas, are now in the hands of the several Agents of the Company. The general Rates ofthe PIICENIX COMPANY are as low and moderate as the nature of the different risks will admit; and. in this Company, no person assured is under the liabilities of Partnership, or subject to have Execution levied upon his Property to make good tbe losses of others. Applications for Insurances may be made to the Agents of the Company, and all persons having claims are ti . sired to send in the same to tbe Agents through whom they ate insured, who will transmit them directly to the bcaTd of diiectors lor adjust- ment aud payment without delay. *„* Tbe Agents for this Company, for tbe county of Leicester, are:— Mr. George II Hodges— Leicester Joseph Prpe— rCastle Dvningten Benjamin Dewes— Ashhy de- ta- Zouch Charles Laci ij— Loughborough William llolhnctiy— Market Hurboretugh •—— George. Lakin — Luttti wtrth —— John Uutteridge— Hinckley Dr. James's Ponder and Analeptic Pills. CIONTINUE to lie prepared by Messrs. / NEWBF. ltY from the only Reeives existing under Dr. James's hand, delivered by him to their Father und Grandfather, when they became, by pur- chase, joint Proprietors in these celebrated medi- cines. Messrs. Newberv' have been misrepresented as Agents only, and not Proprietors in this concern; but their right in the property is as legally vested iii. them, as in any of the Descendants of Dr. James : and the genuineness of their preparations is incon- testibly proved, as well by the chemical analysis of Mr. Professor Brando and Sir. Accum, as by the continued supply required by the first medical esta- blishments in the kingdom. These medicines are sold by Messrs. Newbery, at the original warebou. e, No, 45 in St. Paul's Church- yard, London; and 29, Dame Street, Dublin ; and by their Agents, Mr. Sanger, 150, Oxford Street, and Messrs. Baylay and Blew, Cook spar Street, London. Sold also at the Journal Office, Svvinfen and Co. Moor, and Combe, Leicester; Watts, Hulsc, and Smith, Hinckley ; Corrall, Lutterworth ; Iliggs, Harhorongh ; and Adams, Loughborough. Purchase! s will carefully observe that the words " F. Newbery. No. AS\ St. Paul's," are en- graved in the Stamp afiixoi to every Bottle, I'ackct, or Box. RETURN PRICE OP GRA IN. ON BOARD SHIP AS UNDER. Foreign Wheat Fine ditto English WT. eat Fine ditto Old ditto Rye Fine Barley •••• Fine New dillo Malt Fine Old White Pease Fine Grey ditto Fine ditto Tick Beans ( new)... Fine Small Tick Beans . Old Feed Oats ( new) ... Fine Poland ditto ( new) . Fine Potatoe Oats 64s. . to. .70s 60s.. to.. 74s . 00s . . to.. 80s 7Of. . to.. K) s — s.. to.- 82s 60s. . to. . f. Ss .— s, . to. .(', 2s 62s.. to. 04s — s.. to.. COS 70s. . to. ,74s 60s. . to. . OS's 00s.. to.. 70s — s. . to. 84s 70s. . to. .74s — s.. to. - 86s 52s. . to. .60s — s.. to.. 646 66S.. to. .70s — s.. to. . — s 60s.. to., 70s — s.. to., 74s 26s.. to.. 30s 24s.. to.. 35s . 32s. . to. ,3C » 34s.. to.. 38s . 30s. . to.. 40s PRICE OF FLOUR. Town made Flour... Ditto Seconds., Bran Fine Pollard 15s • • to • • 28s S Quarter Rape Seed { new) . .£' 48-- to-- f£ 2 per l. aSt ... 70s. . to. ,75s . . . 65s. . to. ,70s 10s- - to-- I5s} * Vrr S Sack, per PRICE OF MEAT. SMITH FIELD, MONDAY Sept. To sink the offal— per stone of Sib. Beef, ,3s 4d to 4s 9d MuttonSs 4d to 5s 4d Veal. .4s 4d to 6s Od Fork.. 4s Sd to 6s 0 » t HEAD OF CATTLE THIS DAY. Beasts, about... .3060 Sheep 15550 Calves Pigs- tain 200 PRICE OF LEATHER. Butts, 50 to Mills each Ditto, 56 to titilbs each Dressing Hides Fine Coach Hides per lb. per lb. . .23< i to 26d .._ d to — d . .20d to 32( 1 . 22d to 23d Crop Hides, 35 to 40lbs for cutting 20d to 21 d Ditto 45 to 50lbs CalfSkins 30 to 40/ i# Ditto to 70/ 4* Ditto 70 to 81 ) lbs Small Seals ( Greenland.) Large ditto .. ... per dozen..., 70s Rfilt HIDES. PER STONE. Heifers. .2s Od to 3s Od Steers..,. 2s 6d to;? s Od Midtllings2s 4d to'Ssfel . - 2ld to 23( 1 24d to 28d 33d to 40it 30d to 36d . 26d to 29d • to.. lCCs PER STONE. Ordinary 2s Od to 2s 2d Calf. . lis 0( 1 | English Horse.. 10s ( d SHEEP SKINS. Polled. . — d to 4s 3d Downs.. Os Od to Cs Od Shearlings. Lamhs. , s3. 3s Cd . to. ,5s td PRICE OF HOPS. NEW BAGS. Kent. £ 7 Os . to Sussex. .. 7 Os- to Foreign Hops . .9 Os.. to.. NEW POCKETS. ' Kent £ 9 •• a--£ s-- to Sussex •• 7 « s .. 0 Os-- to Essex 7 Os - • to Farnham.... 12 Os-- to .£ 8 los • 8 8s 11 Ct •£ ll • 9 • 8 • 16 Os 10s Os Os PRICE OF FAT, PER STONE OF EIGHT FOUNDS. Stated by Tallow Metiers St. James's 5s Od Whitechapel . ,5s 2d Average,. 5s 4d Stated by the Butchers. St. James's ... 5s 6d Whitechapel . .5s 2d A vet- age. . 5S 4d PRICE OF TALLOW, SOAP, per)• 1 Vilb. Town Tallow Yellow Russia - • White ditto Soap ditto Melting Stuff... Ditto Rough ••• Yellow Soap) 12s — s Od. . to. .92s 6d — s Od • • to - - 80s Od — s Od • • to•• 88s Cd — s Od•• to -• 88s Od 70s Od- to-- 77s Od 50s Od- to.. 64s, ( id Mottled 124s | Curd 128s Palm 112s I Graves 24s ( id | Good Dregs 12s d Price of Candles, per elez. 14s Od— Moulds. I& S Cd ' per doz. allow ed for ready money. 6d ILOLLK MARKET. PRICE OF CORN AND FLOUR, IN LEICESTER MARKET, On Saturday, SEFTI MIIER 19? A, 1818. WINCHESTER MEASURE. Wheat old Ditto new Rye Barley.. .. Oats per Quarter. 98s — s 56s 76s 45s prr Quartert Beans,... 68sto S? « Htig Pease — s to Blu'ePease — s to Oatmeal.. — s to Pale Malt 88s to 70s.. to . 67s. . to.. — a — s 8Cs feSs 80s to — s to — s to .15s to 36s to Fine Flour • • Secoqds ditto Thirds ditto 63s. . to. J. SMITH, Receiver cf Assize Returns per 69s /, , 66s PRINTED aird PURLISKED by JOHN PRICE, Market Place, Leicester.—— This Paper is rcgillarly filed in I. OM) ON, at the l. otidon, Chapter, and Ptel'r Coffee Houses; and by Messrs. NEWTON and Co. No. 5, Warwick- square, Nevrgate- street; anil by J. WHITE, No. 33, Fleet- stieet; where AdVertist - meiits are. received.— Advertisements are u<-< received, and the Paper distributed, by Mr. A'drfm- v Drugsist. Loughborough ; Mr, Barrow, Ketwort! • Mr. Readsmpre, Ashby- de- la- Zoucb ; Mr. I est' Sheepshead; Miss Ward, Hinckley ; Messrs.! and Co. Melton ; Mr. Hot ft ill, I. utter <" e , Mr. Glover, lleby and Grantham.
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