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The Hull Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: William Rawson, Isaac Wilson, and William Holden William Rawson, Isaac Wilson, and William Holden
Volume Number: XXIII    Issue Number: 1244
No Pages: 4
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The Hull Advertiser
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The Hull Advertiser

Date of Article: 04/04/1818
Printer / Publisher: William Rawson, Isaac Wilson, and William Holden William Rawson, Isaac Wilson, and William Holden
Address: No.49, Lowgate, Hull, Yorkshire
Volume Number: XXIII    Issue Number: 1244
No Pages: 4
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WILLIAM III To be L E T, And may be entered on at pleasure, AMESSUAGE and GARDEN, at Norlb Ferrihy, lale In I h e o c c u p a t i o n o f M r . W M . SPVVKE COOPER. F o r f u r l b e r P a r t i c u l a r s e n q u i r e o f S i r HENRY F. THHRIKOTON, Bart. Hull, April 3, 1818. AN OCEAN OF WEALTH, In the Wheel of Fortune, FOE THE LAST DAY, TWO Magnificent Prizes of £. 30,000 \ FARM ON THE WO LOS. 35 Other Capitals of 5,000/. 1.000/. & c. and above 1.300 Prizes of ] 00/. 50/. & c. ALL ML. ST BK DRAWS NEXT THURSDAY, 9th of APRIL, When the Erst- tlrawn Blank will receive Four Pipes of Port, and for Shares in proportion, to be chosen by tlie Purchasers themselves. T. BISH. the Contractor, with pleasure announces to his best Friends, the Public, that on Last Thursday, the Second Day of Drawing, F O R T U N E ( A S U S U A L ) favoured those who favour BISH, by distributing among his Customers The only £. 30,000 yet drawn. Nearly half the minor Capitals that have been drawn. With BOTH the Blanks entitled to Four Pipes of Port each. T. BISH entreats the Holders of the fortunate Shares to send them for Payment immediately ; and the Holders of the Shares entitled to Wine, to select the choicest Port in the Kingdom, and send the Bill to him, who will discharge it on demand. ^ There are but few Tickets and Shares unsold, but whilst any remain they may be purchased of BISH, Contractor, C O R N H I H , and C H A R I N G - C R O S S , L O N D O N , and by the following Agents, J. RODFORD, Bookseller, Hull. M. GALTREY, Bookseller, Scarberougb. T. DEIfiHTON, Bookseller, York. T. KEMP, Bookseller, Huddersfield. W. BOOTH, Bookseller, Selby. A. GARVEN, Grocer. Uridlinglon. J. HBATON, Bookseller, Leeds. T. BOWMAN, Bookseller, Richmond. R. SiiDGWICK, Bookseller, Bradford. G. WOOD, Hal! Gale, Doncaster, S. a. id E. WOOLLEN, Bookseller, Sheffield. LODGE and HARRISON', Rooksellers, Ripou. I:..< i. OSBURN, Roper- gate, Poutefract. G. HURST, Bookseller, Tbirsk. J. SIMPSON, Bookseller, Halifax. N. B. The Demand being very great in Town, it is expected the unsold Tickets and Shares will be sent for to London before the Day of Drawing. *** It gives us much pleasure to learn BISH's Agent, JOHN RODFORD, Bookseller, in this Town, has Sold one Sixteenth of No. 11.771, .£. 1000. GENTEEL FAMILY RESIDENCE. CITY OF LINCOLN. To be DISPOSED OF by Private Contract, AN Old- established and truly desirable Mercantile Concern in the WINK and SPIRIT TRADE, with a large Slock of Old Hollled PORT, ( INI3 and 1813) SHERRY, and other Choice WINES, in Casks and Bullies. Also, tbe Slock of Foreign and British SPIRITS of Ihe lirst quality. TheSlock is now selling for prompt payment at reduced Prices. Also, To he LET, And may be entered upon immediately, A Capital MANSION or DWELLING- tiOUSE, most delightfully situated on Ihe New Road, in Ihe City of Lincoln, where a very extensive and lucrative Business has heen carried on for a number of Years. The situation commands a most extensive prospect over the City and Villages around, and has very spacious Wine and Spirit VAULTS, Porter WAREHOUSE, PADDOCK, a good GARDEN well Planted with Fruil Trees, with a HOT- HOUSE, GREKN- HOUSE, SHRUBBERY, Ac. Also, a Three- Stall STABLE, BB EW- HOUSE, DOVE- COTE, And other Convenient OUT- BUILDINGS. The above valuable Concern is to be Disposed Ofott account of tbe iodisposilion of the Proprietor. Two- thirds of tbe Purchase- Money may remain on approved Security. Furlber Particulars may be known on application to Vlr. THOMAS MILLSON, L i n c o l n. N. B. Also, to he DISPOSED OF, a very elegant New and Fast sailing PLEASURE- BOAT, wilh Paddles, on the Steam- Boat principle, and most conveniently fitted up. And a very good HORSE, wbicb has been used lo Harness and the Road, and is now to he Sold solely on account of the indisposition of the Owner. Apply as above. ( One concern.) TO THE GENTRY OF HULL, I S A A C ROBINSON, H A T T E R, Hearty opposite the Mansion- House, No. 11, Low gate, Hull, r B R A K E S Ihe preseul opportunity of intimating to the JS. Gentry of Hull aod its Vicinity, lhal be has lately received a fresh Supply of REAL LONDON STUFF HATS; as also au entirely New Assortment of COLLIKSOK'S WATERPROOFS, which besides possessing the quality of resisting tbe Wet, have nol lhat uupleasanl smell lhat Water- Proof Hat- are generally possessed of; and as il is 1. R.' s intention - of keei^ og a regular assortment, he shall feel obliged by a call from those who may be inclined lo make trial of the above Articles Lowgate, id Mo. tith, 1818. SHEEP. ^ IpiiPttp nJpLil IRboTugYh- t NallN DFr, i ffWielEd TFHaEirR, laHstO GMSi-, —— Yi ~ Jf j P chaelmsi, and Bred at Sledmere. ^ " " " " • • • • • • • n Enquire of Mr. TIIOMAS STATHEH, Thwaile, Cotlingham. PHOCNiX FIRE- OFFICE. _ _ n E N EW A t Receipts for Policies / M M f c U * X V falling due at LADV- PAT are uow in the Hands qf the several Agents StEVBl J^^ TCMI Insurances of every Description are effected on the most moderate Terms. ^ S S f a ^ S f f i s ^ ? Slock on a Farm may be insured iu S ^ J j S f f S E ^ A 0 I l c S u n l " ithout the Average Clause. f f g at is. per Cent, per Annum. • i W i U t M i M i l Losses by Fire occasioned by Lightning have always been paid by this Office. %' Persons insuring / or Three Hundred Pounds, or upwards, will not be charged for thf Policymid all Endorsements Kill be made Gratis. By Order of the Directors, H. A. HARDY, Sec. of Country Depart. Mr. JOHN IIILL, Agent, Parliament street, Hull. To be LET, And may be entered upon on the \ 3lh of May next, ALL that PUBLIC- HOUSE, known by tbe Sign of tbe VVHt' B HART, ID Cross- slreel, In Ihe iordsbip of Mylou ; with a largs paved Yard ; a double Cow- House, for nine or ten cows; a two- stalled Stable; a . Manure Hole; a large > bed, to hold fifteen or sixteen Ions of Hay ; and Pig- Styes. KJ- All Ibe FixlureB belonging lo Ihe Owner, are in complete repair. For further Particular* enquire of Mr. THOS. TEMPLE, ( he Owner, Brewer. \' arine- row, Hull. Tiger Inn, Market- Place, Hedon, P R G S O M S T O R Y RWrURWl hi » graceful Thanks lo his Friends and Ihe Public for ail favours conferred on Ititn for the last Iweivr years, and begs leave lo inform them lhat h? has made con- idel- able Improvements in his House, in ordrr lo accommodate Travellers, Jotibers, Ac. where he hopes, by strict • attention lo Business, to merit their future favours, and of tbe Public in georral. N. U. Good Stabling, aud a number of Boxes for Stallions. Heatta, March 30. 1818. Fraud Prevented. TO connleract tbe many attempts that are dally made to impose on Ibe unwary a spurious composition, instead o f l h e Genuine Blacking prepared by DAY and MARTIN, they are induced to adopt a new Label iu which tbeir signature and address. 97, HIGH HOLBORN, is placed so conspicuously inthe centre o f l h e Label, that Ihcy trust an attention lo this, and tbe dlll'erence of tbe type which is unlikeall letler- press. will enable Purchasers al onceto detect the imposition. The Real Japan BLACKING, is madeandsold wholesale by DAY and MARTIN, 97, High Holboro, and retailed by tbe principal Grocers, Druggists, Booksellers, Ironmongers, Perfumers, Boot- Makers, Ac. iu the United Kingdom, In Bottles at 6d.— 1*.— and 1*. 6d. each. C3* A copy of the Label will be lett wllh all Venders. A Very Interesting Work, ( with a Portrait ofthe Author) entitled A GUIDE! to HEALTH, which in a concise manner recomn eiias the mosl simple and efficacious remedies, with proper oiude of treatment for the following diseases, v i z . - - Abotlion or miscarriage, asthma, luss ol appetite, barrenness, bilious^ mtp. aint. s. cbloro « is or green sickness, child bearing, consumption, femaie diseases, fluor albus, flatulence or wind, gleets, gonorrhea, hypochondriac or mi lancholy geslion, joveuile iiidin. retionts, lowness of spirits, menstrual evacuations, nervous diseases, onanism or secret venery, philislc or « ou, b, rheumatism, seminal weakness, turn of lite, venereal diseases, Ac. With Advice to both Sexes To uoialn a radical and permanent cure for Ihose secret - iuDriuitiCs of nature which delicacy often forbids lo disclose • veil to their nearest relatives. Aod a Treatise on Female Diseases), nervous, hypochondriac aud consumptive complaints:— To which is added Au Essay on the Venereal Disease, Gleets, seminal weakness and a destructive habit of a private nature, with J. u Address lu parents, guardians, tulors, aud ttuise who have tbe care and education of youth, likewise advice to fathers, particularly those who are afflicted with uervous complaints; Ibe whole iulerspersed and illustrated wilh a, variety of authentic facts never before pub- IJshed, JJF SAMUEL SOLOMON, M. D. Preparer eT tbo- e inei timable Medicines tbe Cordial Balm « r Gilead, Anti impeligi ties, Ac. Ac. Sold by Mr. Isaac Wil son, 49, Lowgate, Mr. J. Rodford, atuiMessrs. Topping A Diiwson, Hull; Mr. Turner, Beverley; Mr. Wolstenhotme, York; Mr. Hargrove, Knaresbro'; and all - Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom, price lit. each, er fear in one Family Hot'It for 33j. by which one 11 j. bottle is saved; with the words " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool," encraved on the Stamp, to im. itate which is felony. " 1C3" Dr. Solomon expects, when consulted by tetter, the usual compliment of a one poum I note to be inclosed, addressed Money Letter. Dr. Solomon GHead- house, near Liverpool, if aid de able postage." Chilblains, Rheumatisms, Palsies, t( c. rf^ lHILBLAINS are prevent! -> d from breaking, and tbeir tormenting Itching, insl anlly removed by W HITE-. HLAD's ESSENCE OF Mf ' STARI), universally esteemed for its extraordinary efficacy In Rheumatisms, Palsies, Gouly Affections,' and Complaints of tbe Stomach; but where this certain remedy has keen unkt mwn or neglected, and Ihe Chilblains have actually broke, WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATR will ease Ibe pain, and very speedily heal them.— This Cerate is equally efficacious for all ill- conditioned Sores, Sore Legs, Scorbutic. Eruptions, Blotches, Pimples, Ringworms, Shingles, Breaklngs- eul on Ibe Face, Nose, Ears and Eyelids, Sore and InfUmed E; yes, Sore Heads, and other Scorbutic Humours. The ESSENCE OF MUSTARD is perhaps tbe most active, penet rating, and efficacious remedy in the world, curing the senirest SI- BAINS and BRUISES in less than half the time usually taken by any other I iniment or Embrocation ; it also heals Cuts, punctures from Sharp Instruments, Nails, Thorns, Splinters, < fc. wilh incredible facility, pre renting inflammation i » nd festerinf, and is equally useful in - tbe various actidents of animals— in short it is a domestic remedy of suck nncoctmon excellence and utility, that no family sensible to its o w n comfort should ever be without It Prepared o n l y , a n d sold by R. Johnston, Apothecary, 15, Greek street, Soho, London. The Bssence and Pills at 3s. 9d. each— tbe Cerate at is. i j d . and 3s. 9d. Sold by ROBS and Burton, Isaac Wilson, Topping A Dawson. J. Rod ford, Hull; D. Stow, Patrington ; Adams, Selby ; Ainsworlh, and Thlrlwall, Scarbro': Rodgers Clark, and Ruddock. Whitby; Cass. Tbirsk ; Langdile, Northallerton; Bowman, and Ward. Richmond; Bray and Co. Ferrand, Christopher and Co. Stockton ; aod may be had 6f every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom. M The Genuine has a Black Ink Stamp, with the name of R.. JPHKSTO* inserted on it. GLOBE INSURANCE, PALL- MALL AND CORNHILL. FIRE, LIFE, H ANNUITIES. A ^ Persons, whose Insurances wilh ( his 0 / / K f f V l ^ Company become dne at Lady- Day next, m / y // ii/ i r e requested to take Notice, that Receipts for / ' / y / J t f l h e renewal thereof are now ready for delivery t I h e C o m p a n y ' s O f f i c e s , N o . 8 0 , PALL M A I L , ^ ^ a U t p l ^ and No. 5, CORN- HILL ; and iu the hands of their respective Agents in the Country. Insurances due at Lady- Day, must be paid on or before the 0th day of April, when the fifteen days allowed for Ihe renewal thereof will expire. By Order of the Board, JOHN CHARLES DF. NHAM, London, March 20,1818. Secretary. YORKSHIRE. Hull Mr. P. W . Watson. York F. W . Slorry. Halifax and Huddersfield... . George Sanderson. Leeds John Tbursby. Wakefield Richard Nicholls. Whilby Robsrt Kirby. jun. Scarbro' Robert Goodwill. Northallerton Peter Rigg ThirSk C. 3. Walker. Richmond William Close. Selby Charles Plummet. Knaresboro' William Taylor- I'ontefract Joseph Johnson. Easingwold Messrs. Jacksons. DURHAM. Durham. Mr. Thomas Cbipchase. Darlington Richard Wilson. Stockton . Wilson Dobing. LINCOLN. Lincoln Mr. Robert Fowler. Boston J. S. Baily. Stamford Thomas Barrett. Horncastle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Richard Bablngton. Deeping St. James Robert Walker. THE IRISHMAN'S BLUNDER. To Ihe land of potatoes a visit once making, One Mister O'Donogboe begged I'd be taking At Dublin a Dinuer with him ; " By St. Patrick" he said " and III show your Iwo eyes, A sight Ibatshallstrike yon quite dumb with surprise," So I Ibougbt I would humour bis whim. I no sooner arrived than we sat down to dine. And dinner ouce over we pushed ruiind tbe wine, Till both of us got pretly gay; And my friend who by no means of btitnour was barren, Turn'd Ibe talk to Ihe beautiful Blacking of WAtiRK. N, And tbe richness that black wonld display. " But d p r o p i t " be said " to my chamber be coming, I'll show yon some pictures in loveliness blooming, W'ilb W A R R E N ' S Jet Blacking I drew tbetn ; Bnt these pictures are magical, for you must know Tbe moment you see tbem my visage they'll show, But vanish when you cease to viewthem." When I got to bit chamber no pictures I fount?, Bnt Ihe wainscot was covered with boots that hung round And reflected my face as tbey shone; ThenO'Donoghoe started and suddenly cried, No face but my own In these boots have I spied, But now there is mine and yonr own. The mystery was solved, ' twas the boots were so bright, Tbey rettected onrfa^ es, and I wilh delight, Th' effect » a « o f WARREN'S Jet Blacking ; And when I got borne lo my lodgings, I wrol* Forabamper of W a s a t s ' s Jet Blacking, a nole; Of that varnish no more I'i) be larking. Theabove truly inestimable Blacking is prepared by BILIOUS AND LIFER COMPLAINTS. AS Ja mild and effectual remedy for sll those disorders whicb originate iu a vitiated actional tbe liver and biliary organs, namely, indigestion, loss of appetite, headacbs, heartburn, flatulencies, spasms, costiveness, affections ofthe liver, A c . drc. it may be asserted with Ihe strictest truth, lhat, DIXON'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS have met with more general approval, and particularly by Ibe medical profession, than any other medicine whatever. This constitutes their recommendation lo Ihe notice of every individual afflicted wilb Ibe above complaints. They unite every recommendation of mild operation witb successful effect ; and require no restraint or confinement whatever during their use. In tropical climates, where the consequences of redundant and vitiated bile are so prevalent and alarming, Ihey are an invaluable and efficient proteclion. Tbey are likewise peculiarly calculated to correct disorders arising from excesses of Ihe table, lo restore the lone of Ihe stomach, aud lo remove every complaint occasioned hy Irregnlarity of the bowels. Sold in Boxes, al 3s. 9d. Os. I i s . and 33s hy R. Butler and Sons, Chemists, No. 4, Clieapside, London, and 34. Sackvillej si reel, Dublin; and by Ihe principal Booksellers, Druggists, land Medicine Venders throughout the Uuited Kingdom. 30, STRAND, London ; Sold at Hull by Whitby, Motley Hclmsley, Sparks I. Wilson, Lowgate Pickering, Atkinson Bridlington Quay, Scaife, Bond- street Kirbymoorside, At- PhilliskirU Carrail, Sykes'- st. kliison Driffield, Atkinson Fearue, Lowgate flerer/ ei , Stephenson Ullyot Ward, Mylongate Pattrinyton, Freck- Keyingham, Wright Bowman, Low- gate ingbam Hedon, Hewson Tesseyman, Dock- sl. Ilornsea, Henderson Pocklington, Ricb- Ouslon, Prospecl- si and Co. ardson Hammond, NorlbBr. Weight on, Smith York, W. Pape Scarbro1, Cass Itarton. Fusee N. Cave, Treaholm, Middleton Burlington, Cross and by most Boot- makers, Grocers, Ironmongers, Brushmakers, Perlumers, Ac. In every Town in Ibe Kingdom, In Stone Bottles, Od. lOd. I3il. and I8d. each. B3- Ask for WARREN's Blacking. t n i s r a p e r is r e g u i a r i y m e n ai t- eeu VV. i(. B E T T Y , SURGEON and APOTHECARY, HULL. Is In WANT of an APPREN TICE. Application il by letter, poit- paiid. NOTICE IS HEREBY ( MVEN, lhat the Partnership between us, ( he undersigned L E W I S LYON and JOHN HARLAND, of Ihe ( own of Kingston- spoil H u l l . Watchmakers, Silversmiths and Jewellers, \? as T.' ISSOLVED on the ° 3M Day of March instant, hy mutu il consent. As witness our Hands this 44lb day of Msrcb, is 18. Llf WIS LYON. J O H N H 4 K I . A N D. N. B. All Debts due from, or owin.- J by Ihe said Co- Partnership, will be paid and received by He said L. LYON, No. 38, Lowgate. LEWIS LYON begs leave to Inform bis Friends and the Public in general, ( hat be intends to Dispose of lha STOCK he ha> st present on hand, al and ander Prime Cost. - P1NDER & ROGERS's DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. N O T I C E IS H E R E B Y G I V E N , t h a t t h e P a r t n e r s h ip lately subsisting aud carried on between us Ihe unders i g n e d J O H N P 1 N D E R and li E N R Y R O G E R S , o f Hie T o w n of Kingslou- npon- Hull, Plumpers and Glaziers, under Ihe firm of " PINDFR and ROCiERS" was Ihis day dissolved by muiual consent. Andtt/ at Ihe said Business will in future he carried on solejy by the said HENRV ROGERS, who will receive aud pay all Debts owing lo or from the said Copartnership. As Witness our hands Ibis twenty- first day of March, oue thousand e i j b l hundred and eighteen. Witness JOHN PINDF. R. W. NORIHODSE. HENRY ROGERS. HENRY ROGERS Requests the Creditors or tbe Co- partnership losend in ( immediately) their several Accounts, aud embraces Ibis oppordnui'y of expressing bis obllgatious to his Friends for tbeir former Favours, and respectfully solicits tbe continuance of ( heir Custom. No. 7, Dock- Office Row. To be LET, And entered upon at Lady- Day next, ACapital FARM, consisting of 700 Acres or Good LAND, accustomed lo Ihe produce of all Crops except Beans ; well Wooded, well Walered, and well Feuced; wilh good Roads, and in Ihe vicinity of different Markets. F o r f u r t h e r P a r t i c u l a r s e n q u i r e o f M r . MATTHEW RIVIS, Wykeham, near Scarborough. Feb. 38,1818. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, OR LET ON LEASE, AGenteel FAMILY RESIDENCE, w ilh a small PADDOCK, and walled GARDEN, pleasantly situated between the town of Bridlington and ( lie Quay. The detached OFFICES, comprising STABLES, two COACH- HOUSES, a COW- HOUSE, Ac. Ac. Tbe Premises are adapted for the accommodation of a Family or respectability, and may be entered upon immediately. For Particulars apply ( if by letter, posl- paid) lo Mr. JAMES HEKWOOO, Hull; or . Mr. G. LOCKING, Bridlington Quay. V E T E R I N A R Y A R T. This day is published, in 4 Vols. I'lmo. AComplete Treatise on Veterinary Medicine. By JAMES TIITK, of Exeter, late Veterinary Surgeon to the First, or Royal Dragoons, illustrated wilh nuuterous Plates. London : Printed for Longman, Hursl. Itees, Orme, and Brown ; Baldwiu, Cradock, aod Joy ; Sherwood. Neely, and Jones; T. Tegg ; and Simpkin and Marshall ; sold by Isaac Wilson, Rodford, Topping and Dawson, Craggs. Turner, Ferraby. Mowatt, and Johnston, Hull, and allot tier Booksellers. The first three S olutnes of this Work have been some time before the Public, whose approbation has been most unequivocally testified hy ihe numerous Editions through w hicb they have passed: tbe fourth Volume is just ready for publication. Tbey are sold separately, aud the following are the subjects Ihey emhrace : — Vol. I. price Ts containing a Compendium ofthe Veterinary Art, or an accurate Descriplion of the Diseases of the Horse, and their Mode of Treatment : the Anatomy and Physiology of the Fool, and the Principles and Practice ol Shoeing. With Observations on Slabte Management, Feeding, Exrrclse, and Condition. Vol. II. price 5s. containing tbe Materia Medica, and Pharmacopceia. Vol. III. prire 6s. containing Practical Observations on some important Diseases of ffae Horse, wilh Precautious ( o be observed iu purchasing Horses. Vol. I V . price 8s. Observations on Ihe Diseases of Cows, Sheep, Swine, and Dogs : also particular Directions for performing Ibe most important Operations in Farriery, Ac. Ac. Also, by the same Author, just published, a compendious Dictionary of Ihe Veterinary Art ; containing a concise Explanation ol tbe various Terms used iu Veterinary Medicine and Surgery ; also a Descriplion of tbe Anatomy or Structure of the Eye, the Foot, and other important Parts of the Horse. With Practical Observations on his Diseases, as well as those of other Domestic Animals. In a neat Pocket Vol. price 0s. LANITSURVEYING, & « . This day is published, in I imo. price 4s. neatly half bound, Ihe Fourth Edition, with many Wood Engravings, THE SURVEYOR' S GUIDE ; or, a Treatise on Practical Land Surveying ; being a complete introduction lo lhal « seful Art. By J. COTES, Laud Surveyor, at Asbburn,' Derbyshire ; and Author of a Treatise on Ihe Use of Ihe Penlagraph, shewing how lo copy, reduce, or augment Prints, Maps, Ac. by an improved Meliod ; price 3s. Od. London: Printed for Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, Palernoster- row ; sold hy Isaac Wilson, Rodford, Topping and Dawson, Craggs, Turner, Ferraby, Mowatt, aud Johnson, Hull, and all other Booksellers. By whom are also published, 1. Tbe Land Valner's Assistant; being Tables on an improved Plan for calculating the Value of Estates. By R. HUDSON. A new Edition. To which are added, Tables for reducing Scotch, Irisb, and Provincial customary Acres to Statute Measure ; neat pocket size 4s. half- bound. 3. The- Builder's Price Book, carefully corrected throughout to the present Time, containing tbe present Value of all Kinds of Materials and Workmanship, wilh the Price of Labour separate. Also the various Acts and Duties ; Directions for making Cements and Limes ; Tables for measuring Timber andatl kind, of Work ; Method of constructing Ovens, and several useful Calculations relating to Building. By J. PHILLIPS: corrected by C. SIIRMAN, Surveyor ; 4s. sewed. 3. The Builder's Assistant, aud Complete Ready Reckoner ; comprising a New Syslem of Dnodecimal Arithmetic, or Cross Multiplication ; explained in so familiar a manner, lhat any Person acquainted with Ihe common Rules of Arithmetic may teach himself without Assistance ; every Example being worked at lengtb. Also a variety of uewly constructed Tables, shewing tbe Amount of any Number of Feet aud Inches, Yards aud Feet, and Rods aud Feet, at any given P r i c e . By THOMAS LOVELL, B u i l d i n g S u r v e y o r , A c . H u n - tingdon. Price Gs. This Work is intended nol only for the easy calculation of Artificers; but for Ihe use of Ibe Employer in checking Iheir Accounts. 4 The Arcana of Short Hand ; or, Expeditious Writing made easy ; hy H. EWINOTON. A new Edition. To which are now added, Regular Lessons, without which few bave gained a perfect knowledge otlhe A r t ; price 3s. 6d. POJLITO's MENAGERIE, NOT TO BE EQUALLED IN THE b ORLD, fS now F. IHTNITIVO Io HUMBKR- STRF. F. T, in Ibis Town, for a short period only; being tLe First Time that the Whole of POLH'O's MENAGERIE was ever exhibited in Ihis Pari of ( lie Kingdom. Indisputably Ihe most Grand, Rich, and Complete Collection of Rare and Beautiful Living Animals ever known to travel In any Pari of tbe World, is now offered for the Inspection of Amateurs, Connoisseurs, and the Public, which affords an opportunity of viewing, at One Glance, every kind of extraordinary, rare, aud valuable Quadruped or Biio hat ever crossed Ihe Ocean, such as have always been considered as leading Objects ot Exhibition, exclusively of several singular Animals entirely new to Ibis Couulry. By Ihe very last Arrival from India, was received that LIVING WONDER THE BOA- CONSTRICTOR. OR GREAT SERPENT. The BOA CONSTRICTOR is the most conspicuous and formidable of all Serpents, from ils pre- eminent Superiority of Beauty and Colours ; and though it varies Irom Age, Sex, and Climate, tbey may be distinguished from tile rest of these Tribes by ( heir enormous Size, as Ibey are oflen found Sixty Feet iu Length. The extreme difficslty of preserving those stupendous Reptiles in this Climate, has hitherto deterred every other Person from attempting lo exhibit Ibem in ( bis Kingdom ; aod the present may prohabi) be Ihe only opportunity which the Public may ever have, of viewing so curious aud magnliiceut a Spectacle. The HORNED HORSE, Or, NILGHAU, Universally arknowledged Ihe mosl elegant Quadruped of Hindoslau ; about 14 hands high, of a most graceful Shape aud Appearance. He lias T w o Horns growing Immediately over his Eyes, which gave him Ihe appellation of Ihe Horned Horse ; and seems lo partake of the Species or Ihe Horse, Ike Cow, ana Ihe Antelope; being in every respect Ibe most admirable production of Nature-' s wonderful Works. The Finest, most Perfect and Beautiful ZEBRA, Seen in Ihis Kingdom in the memory of Man ; in which K seems as if Ihe mosl exquisite Works of Art had combined Wilb Nature in this wonderful Production. In symmetry of Shape, and beauty of Colour, il i « the most elegant of all Quadrupeds. Il un ( es llie graceful figure or the Horse, with the fleet it ess of a Slag, and is beautifully striped wilh regular Lines, Black aud W bite. The Stupendous and Sagacious MALE ELEPHANT. The wonderful Size, Strength, and Sagacity of Ihe Elephant, have, in ail ages, rendered it the admiraliou of . Mankiud : bet tbe present seems lo be one of the mosl scientific of ils Pace ; and, at Ibe Command of his Keeper, will perform so many wonderful Tricks, as not only to astonish and entertain tbe Audience, but justly prove Hie balf- reasouing Beast. THREE LIONS Of the largest Class in the World, superior to any ever before imported, whicb, on the first glance, convince every Beholder witb that magnificent idea, so generally conceived of tbe King of tbe Brute Creation. TWO TIGERS, Which for Size and Beauty, were never equalled in ( Li* Kingdom. The SPOTTED or LAUGHING HYENA, From Hie Cape of Good Hope. Also, Two Striped HYENAS, from Abyssinia. SEVERAL PANTHERS, From Ihe River La Plata. The OCELOT, or TIGER in MINIATURE, From the Brazils. One of the Finest LEOPARDS in the World. The JAGUAR, or Tiger Cat, from Amboyna. That Extraordinary Animal The AFRICAN PORCUPINE, By no means to be compared with the insignificant Animals of that Class' hitherto shown in Ibis Counlry, being covered wilh Quills of immense Size, forming a complete Cherat- de- ( rise, capable of repelling the fiercest Beast ol Ihe Desert. The FIERY LYNX, Very seldom sesn in any Menagerie, and Ihe only one in Britain. The Ravenous WOLF, from the Alps— That Extraordinary Animal. Ihe URSINE SLOTH — Male and Female KANGAROOS, from Botany Bay. The POLAR, From the Frozen Ocean, commonly exhibited for Ihe SEA LION. A Pair of COATAMUNDAS, and a Pair of CIVIT er GENET CATS.— A Pair of JACKAI. LS, or Lions' Providers ; wilh an extensive Variety of Ibe Simia Tribe, and other curious aud interesting Quadrupeds Also, the following BIRDS, viz. The GRAND CASSOWARY, From Java, Six Feet High. The Great EMEW, or Southern OSTRICH, From Van Dieman's Land. That wonderful Bird of ancient Fame, T h e PELICAN o f t h e WILDERNESS, which is so exceedingly careful of ils Offspring, lhat they are fabulously reported to feed their Young with Iheirown b'O0,, The GREAT CONDOR, The only One ever alive in Europe. This wonderful Bird possesses, in a higher degree than tbe Eagle, all the qualities that render it formidable, nol only to Ihe feathered Creation, but lo Beasts, and even to Man himself: in its wild stale the Beak Is so strung as lo pierce the Body of a Cow, and Two or them are able lo devour il. The SILVER VULTURE, from the Brazils, of uncommon extent of Wing, which follows Armies, and devours all ihe dead Bodies that are left on Ihe Field or Bailie — The ARGEELAH or Adjutant, commonly called the Gigantic Crane, held sacred by Ihe Natives of Hfndoslan : a Bird of most Voracious A p p e t i t e — ROYALCROWN BIRDS, ibe mosl snperb and interesting of Ihe Crane Tribe— SILVER HEADED EAGLES, from North America - A n d Varieiy ot other BIRDS or the mosl splendid Plumage in ihe known World. A T) M ITT AliCE— Ladies and Gent lenien, ' is.— Servants and Children, lltllf Price. 03- The Animals are regularly Fed at Nine o'clock in the Evening.— Admittance 3s. Od. With respect in Number, Vafleiy, Beauty, and Perfection, this interest ing and truly magnificeni Collection of Living Animala will be lounrt greatly to excel every other which has yet appeared in any pari or the United Kingdom. Indeed Mr POL1TO may, with propriety, challenge Ihe whole World to produce, at one View, so grand an assemblage of Ibe most interesting Objects of Natural History, as that wfcicli he bag now the honour of offering t o tbe public a t - tention. v e s s e l s l a i n e n. For CALCUTTA, Tbe Eac new, Ship S K S O 8 T R 1 S, 487- Tons Register, TIIC. U'AS THOMPSON, Commander, " Will positively fail from Hull on the Jlkh of April, with - euch Goods as may Ihea have arrived. Any Persons- wishing to ship ( Siods oft Freight or- Consigatnenl, are informed that tho Freight on Bale• Goods and Packages of Merchandize, ontwarits, will he 3/ per Ton Measurement, and Dead Weight, it. I Os. per Tun, Wine will be taken on board at Madeira, at'S/. per Pipe Freight, lo proceed to India, and belauded at Hull. For further information, apply to mill. March II, 181( 4. STAN1PORTH, BLUNT A CO. J? ® r MADEIRA & f CALCUTTA. The fine New Snip Z O R O A S T K R, 6, About 430 Tons Register, ANIHS HW ROSS, Commander, To sail the latter end of April, or beginning of May.— iFreight as customary. Apply to , . Hull, March 88. 1818. For ROTTERDAM, T be Y O R K PACKET. ROBERT WKIf< OLKSWOltTH, Master, Succeeds the HfcROiiLEs, aud wilj meet wilh . immediate dispatch. ' ' "• ' - Unit, March 3 $ , 1 8 1 8 . W I L S O N , W I L K I N S O N A C O. G. A J. F . G G I N T O N . for P dLERMO if MESS/ MA, j—^ The Copper- sheathed Ship V I G I L A N T , ' l i S i g f : Capt: JOHN SCllOLES, \ \ ill sail with Ihe Goods that leave Leeds, Wakefield, Ac. bn Saturday the 18th April. Hull. March II, 1818. ; T. A S. RUftSTALL. For GUIS OA and LEGHORN.; or, Lt. UUURN and GENOA, ( W i t h leave t o t o u c b at MALAGA) The line fast- sailing A. I. Schoouqr S A L L Y & A N N . Captain ROBERT MKAY, Having a considerable part of her Cargo engaged, will sail • about the 31s' March. * For Freight, Ac. apply fo Hull. March 13, 1818. ROBINSON A CALEV. For LISBON, The iine A. 1. Smack L I B E R T Y , Capt. DAVID GRAY, Considerable part of her Cargo been already engaged, will sail about the middle of April. :• rr'i iglit. < Src. apply to Hull. March 20, 1818. ROBINSON A CALEY. " T^ T For BILBO A and CADIZ. ( Will lake Goods for SI. Sebastian and St. Andero. to » be forwarded from Billioa at the Ship's expense, bnf Shippers' risk ;)" Tbe fine " Brig B E T S K Y , GEORGK MALLF. RY, Having two- thirds of In r Cargo engaged, will sail about I h e 201b April. For Freight, Ac. apply lo Halt, March 26, 1818. ROBINSON & CAI. F. Y. ' AS EXCEIA8ST- OPPORTUNITY For PASSE XGERS going dircH to. CH A RLOTTE TOWN. ( St. JOHNS, or PRINCE EDIFARD's ISLANDj NOVA SCOTIA, * NEW M m S - ii ICR } T h e fast- sailing Ship • V A L I A N T , 331 Tons per Register,' JOHN K. ZARD, Commander, Havin « taken out Passengers last Year, and being every way adapted for the - Voyage, wiii positively sail Ibe I llh instant. For Particulars airily lo \ N I D OW R. B. THOMPSON A SONS. North- side the Old Dork. or to t h e Captain on Hoard. N. B. Families intending to proceed for St John's, or Prime Edward's Island, are recommended to make early application. 83> A s u a e EOS" wanted for the above Vessel. Dock side, April 2, 18: 18. . For AMSTERDAM, . ' T he M J D A S, C WILLI AIL WILKINSON, CECILS the . ANN now fiUiag up,, aud will meet wilh / / • / / . March 18. 1818. WILSON, WILKI NSON & TO. j b l f b y i ^ n i u u x C o u n s e l : . A BRIG. buildingat Griuisby.— Length of Keel, with Ibe rake forward, 81 feel ; Ditto over ail 88 feel ; Breadiii evir. me, 24 feet; Depth of Hold, j7 feel; Ditto tinder the Hold Beams, It) leer 6 inches. Will admeasure, Register Tonnage about 200 Tons. For Particulars apply lo Mr. THOS,. HUMPHREY, Hull, or . Messrs. BULL a n d GRANGE, B u i l d e r s , G r i m s b y. Flue New GERMAN HOP » , a! reduced Prices Fine St. PETERSBURG 1 it- Heads FLAX Fine DUTCH FLAX Hull. April 3,1818. F. DW. A GEO, COULSON. H U L L A N D SCULCOATES D I S P E N S A R Y. n p U E ANNUAL MEETiAt. of the SUBSCRIBERS and J . FRlhNDS of tins IN-* TlVfiTION. will he title at , he Don and Duck Tdcsra^- SiaMaut- 0J April. IS 18. Monday tie. 11 the Qlh Hull, 30//. March. HUL. L t E J g A L E P E N I T E N T I A R Y. At T l A N T E D as C I . F . R K In a C O C N T I K S - H O O S B , a B OY beiouging ihe Town, who can Wrile a » iod hand. Apply, if by leilir, posl- paid, to ISAAC T u n m i i , No. 44, High- street, Hull * i n e B R U N S W I C K H O P S, Just arrived, at Reduced Prices. Apply lo Mr. JOHN CLARK; or, Hud, April. 3,1818. M ETCALF A PU LLON. . 1 1KME L 4 - B r a n d s F L AX OHERLANOS DlffTO RIGA RHINE Hi'. MP POLISH DITTO DITTO PETERSBURG Half- Clean DITTO DITTO Ditto DITTO, in Bond ARCHA* f& BI/ MAW « A Cargo of KOS4S COR K WOO 15, and ITALIAN M ARBLE, of superior quality, just arrived. Hull, April 3, 1818. GEO. A THOS. F. ARLE. JUST ARRIVED, The HANNAH, Captain J. KIRK, direct from Berwick, with a CARGO OF SCOTCH K I D N E Y POTATOES, for Seed, of Ihe finest qualify ; clear of rtund ones, and all oilier mixtures. A p p l y to JOHN W I L S O N , No. 0 , C h u r c h - s i d e ; or JOHN Foam A IN, Temple's entry, High sireel, by whom all Orders will be duly attended to. Hull, March 29, 1818. AMERICA, r ^ For PRINCE ED ARB's ISLAND, and QUEBEC. The NANCY, W. NORMAN, Masfer, Is now ready to take in Goods ana Passengers for the above Places ; and will sail,( W. iud and Weather. permitting) the 1st of May. • PASSdyaEBS irill be taken as follows:- At ibe Ship s Expellee, Adults, Ten Guineas— To Provision themselves, Seven Guineas.— Children, Half the above Price.— Families will be engaged or on llie mo « l liberal terms. For Particulars apply to the Master on hoard in Ihe Old Dock; or lo JtlHN CATTERSON, Hull, April 1, 1818. 31, Lowgate. For ELS I NO HE if St. PETERS B Uit&, The fine new- cbpper- fasletied brig ' PETEilSCURO, A Constant Traib r, WM. SHARP, Commander, Will positively » ail with the first Ships. For Particulars euquice of WM. SHARP or Hull, March 0, 1SI8.' GEO. GREENWOOD. P R I M E OLD PORT W I N E, of the Vintage ltSI2; And Bottled early in 1815: Ihe Property of a- GEUTLEMAN in Ibis Neigbbourhood. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By W. PEARCE, At his Sale- room,- St. Jpkn's- sttcet, Hull, on Monday next, April*), 1818, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, " S Dozeu of Welt- fruited PORT WINE, aod 21 i l P ^ a Dozen of Fine Oh! SHERRY. The above will be Sold in Lots of tlu- ee Dozen each.— Samples may lie had of tlie Auctioneer. ~ TQ be S O L D b y ~ A U C T 1 O N , At the Warehouse of . Messrs. Milnes, Heawood if Co. in Higlistreet, Hull, an Tuesday, April 7, at Eleven o'clock, A BOUT Sixty Quarters of ENGLISH SOWING LINSEED, ol'lbegrowth of I8i7, in Lou to. auk Purchasers. J. B. ' PUKE, Auctioneer. a GENERAL MEE'iING of tbe SUBSCRIBERS and F R I E N D S to f h e WULI. F E M A L E P E N I T E N T I A R Y , bebi al the MANSION- KOtiSE. ini fhe 27' th March. lSl'S': I f \ m BOLTON, Esq. in'the- Chair-. A Slaleinenl of tbe Progress and tunduciiof Iht iustitutiou having been uubmitleu ibr. cuiisideraliou : Resolctd unanimously, HAT Ihe experiment which has been fried, tbe results of which have been laid before this Meeting, has fully and satisfactorily answered the expectations formed uf its piaclicability and success. Thai a Subscription be opened to meet the deficiency in the Annual Income of the Penili utiary, which jppearsilo he One Huudred Pounds per annum, ajid thal tut mode of ANNUAL SUBSCRIPT! NS be recommended lu those who are incl. ued to support It, as ihe most desirable means ol effecting their benevolent purpose. That this !\ teeling, highly valniogthe smaller Contribulions of Intiividnals, both as essences of the. r goodwi'lli- and as producing in Ihe aggivgaie^ a i'uil- ii- i: ii. i. rtveuit.-, regrets lo ohserve. a greal deficiency Ihereiit , and uoes hereby earnestly invite Annual Subscriptions of sums less thqu Cue Guinea each. Thai Annual Subscribers of 10s. 8d. each, be eligible on the Committee. W. W . BOLTOJ", Chairman. Tint the thanhs of the Meeting be given to ihe Chairman, for liis able conduct in . the ( hair, aud his gei| eral attenliuu lo lite interests of I be Inst itnl ion. EXTRACT from the REPORT. Of 114 unhappy women admitted into the House, upwards of 30 remained only a. few weeks or days, aftd therefore were neither Of much expense to Ihe Charity, .- nor atforded any opportunity of trying tbe effects of discipline and religious instruction on their morals and habits; ai) ont twenty- three of them are married ; about nine are now living in service; about four are at home with their friends ; nine or ten are kuow n to tie now following bad practices; - seven have died ; and six remain in the House. Of the regaining number, no accurate account can '. e given; but there is reason to believe that man> ot them are reformed aud doinf; well. The problem is now completely solved, aud il appears, ihat many of these unhappy wotifen may, and, indeed," have been reclaimed, of whom some, il may be observed, had been long hacanied in Ihe waysof vice. The Public must now he informed that the Lease of the House, w hich wae purchased for seven years, is just expiring; lhat the funds are exhausted ; and, that it must immediately be determined whether any stejis shou'd he taken lo support the Institution, which otherwise mast fall to the ground, aud will, it is feared, ia th » t case, uerer be asain revived. Il is hoped that tbe door of mercy will not lie shut against those poor nnbappy ieings, who intisi he leu lo continue in their sins, and to perish without hope, unless an asylum be provided for Ihem. Additional Subscriptions and Benefactions. MISS T I P L A D Y S' B l- Xi leave lo inform those Ladles who have afibrded them the honour ot their distinguished iiatrtinage and support. and IhP Public, lb « l al llieir Father's Orifioal WHALEBONE MANUFACTORY. Osliouroe street, f i u l l , they con limie to have fur Exhibition and Sale, an eh gam assortment of - WHITE PEARL I'LAi'p. forum),: moat t greeable as well as Cheap Materials tor Spring and S u 111 ill IT Bonnets ; Fancy Trimmings for the Hair and i iresaes ( not subject like artificial Bowers to injury from damp): also Whalebone Baskets, Table and Decanter Mat's, wilh Ornamental Shavings for Fireplaces { much admired), - ot all colours aad every variety. They- gratefully acknowledge past obligations, aud humbly' solicit . he continued favours. of the Public. Hull, March 30. iil- B. JO THE LADIES. J. P O W E LL ESPECTFDLLY ioforms Ihe Ladies of Hull and ils vicinity, that be has just returned from Glasgow, where he has made very considerable Purchases, of every description of Plain and Fancy MUSLINS, FLOUNCES, Ac. all of which he has in his power lo offer at Prices he is cotifideut, on view, will give satisfaction. Also, an elegant Assortment o. f White and Coloured ROBES and PELISSES, articles entirely new, and al, present in great request in Loti'dou* J. P. has ou hand a variety of Coloured LUSTRES, SOMBAZEENS aud SARSNETS, at their usual low prices. No Article Sold but for Ready, Mouey. Hrhitefriargate, Hull, March 19, 1818. M r - . N l C l ^ L ' s L E C T U R E S , at H U L L . On Friday neXt the 10fh im'. ant at Seven o'clock in the evening, Mr. N I C O L - TJURPOSF. S to begio a COURSE of LECTURES on the j T P H I L O S O P I R . Y of N A T U R A L H I S T O R Y , at i h e F R EE M. SONS' LODGE, IVfi ton- gale wiiere THREE LECTURES will be delivered \\ eehly. viz. Mondays, Wednesday* aod Fridays, until the Co urse he finished. This (' . urse will consist o1 twenty Lectun i>, aod will be illustrated ty neinerou* Experiments. Pamphlets contaiii ing Heads or tbe l ecture* may be had g r a t i s , of M r . JOHN K > DFOBD, a n d ! Wr, ISAAC W i r . s o ., B o o k - sellers, by whom Subscription Ticket* are also- delivered". Admittance I o the, whole f'onrse, One Guinea to a SI ogle I^ clure Two Shillings. D A U B E R , ROW S O N & CO. SLATERS, AX D SLATE - MERCHANTS, WE S T E N D or t h e O L D I IOCK, H U L L , and a l J . A I N ' S B R O* I / ) N OLNSBLLLE RESPECTFULLY iniorm Ihelr Friendsand the Public In general, tbey inteinl carrjing on Ibe above Business ia all its branches. Those w ho plea* to favohrlbi in whh their tommanda, may rely on sti ict al lent ion. and no heingsn; plied wilh the best Articles on .1 lie mos » reasonable urnis. N. B. From Ihe experiesie of J. R. as an Apprentice, and also of five years a - a Journey man, wil : Mr. H FAWCP. rr, in Hull, Ac. I). R. and Co. fialler themselves ihey shall be able to givefi- eneral satisfaction. Hall March 28, ISIS. To be. SOLD by AUCTION, At the Office of Messrs. Yates. Brothers and Co. Liverpool, on Monday, April 8, 1818, at Ticelce o'clock, 4 2 2 B a r r e l s S M Y R N A K E D R A I S I N S. 94 Ditto Ditto BLACK RAISINS. N o w l a u d i n g f r o m i b e MARCHIONESS o f HUNTLEY, f r om Smyrna. Apply to Messrs. R. F. BtiKKD and Co. or do Messrs, YATEB EnoTHKfis and t o. Broilers'. Liverpool. To be S O L D by A U C T I O N , Upon the Premises, on . Thursday, April 9, 1818, at Four o'clock in the afternoon, ( Subject to such Condition* as ahall be Shen produced,) A LL that OJd- e> stab( i » l « ed and good Accustomed PUBLICH O U S E , k n o w n .. by- t h ^ S i g n of the TURK'S HEAD, situate in MyU) n-. Ga? e, in the tovvn of Kingston- npon- Holl, i a the o c c u p a t i o n of Mr. JAM: C- « HUNT, w i t h a T I C N E M B NT hebind, the. sa « « e.. . Also all that . Compact and convenient BRKW RRY adjoining to the said Tenement, . occupied .. by-: Mi4. J . JACKSOK. And also, that Substantial and PlesKaut DVVKI. LINCi- HOU3s^, frouting .. the Dock Walls,^ aiid occupied by MRS. DBBWER. Y, . rl he above Fremises extend from My ton Gate lo t he New Docii . W alls,. and are well adapted for carrying on therein the above, or any other Business where room, and contiguity t o the New Dock, and a Public Street is required. For Price and other Particulars apply ( if by letter, postp a i d ) t o t h e s a i d JAMES HUNT, t h e O w n e r ; o r t o J . DAY, Conveyancer. •-,- s ",- For ELSHSORE if St. PETERSBURG, The line Coppered Ship MAISTER. PETER BERRIMAN, Has Iwo- lhirds of her Cari, o positively engaged, aud will ' bedlspatche- J w ilb lirsl Ship, on or about 15th April. For Freight or Passage apply lo PARKINSON, SON A I. ILLEY ; or Hull, March U, 1818. RICHARD RENSARDSSuperior Accoiumoitalton fur Passengers. ELSIN0RE and St. PETERSBURG. The New Ship CHASE, WILLIAM JACKSON, Commander, Sails wilh Ihe first Ships. Superior Accommodation for Passengers. F A I R Y , A. 1. JOHN GELL, A Regular Trsder. Both Ships have excelleut Accommodation fo' passengers. Hull, March 27, 1818. ... GEE, LOFT. A CO. ( One property.) ' For ELSINORE if St. PETERSBURG, The tine A. 1. Ship COT I I NGHAM, To sail with first Vessel. Hull, March 8, 1818. EDW. A GEO. COULSON. Hnl- i; April 3, 1 8 I S . - For HAMBURG, The A. 1. Brig E X P R E S S , STEPHEN THORPE, Sails on Monday next. EDW. A GEO. COULSON. KlRUELLA, near HULL. " To be S O L D by A U C T I O N. il the Dog and Duck Tavern, in Svcle- lane, in Kingston upon- Uvit, nu Tuesiiaj, April I f , 1818, at One o'clock in the a/ ieruoon, ( Either togelher/ or in ( he following Lots:) LOT! * MESSUAG E or !'. WELLLVG- HOUSF., wi'h some t \ OUT- BUILDINGS, GARDEN. ORCHARD, and a valuable Close of Pasture L YNO, c. ontiiiiiitij altogether, an Acre aud '. i half or Ihereahunts. eligibly siituieddn « tie Village of Kirieila, near Hull, and late the pioperly of RALPH DODSWOHTH, d e c e a s e d. LOT II.— A Close of LAT- TD adjoining the above- mentioned Premises on the Easl, and i lttnlalious of Mr. J. m i u ou the West, conliiiniug about an . i- cre and a quarter- Lor 111.— A Piece of GROUND, near iiMhesaid Premises, wiih an Old BARN or BUILDING stauiiing ihereiui. For further Particular* apply lo Mr. PHILIP Dooswon rit, on tlie Premises, or fo Messrs. J. aod M-. PIUCKHIT, Hull. • J. K. Picard • • Avlsou Terry . j . . . - . . . , . . .. Chris. Briggs' • Rich Tollie. John C. Cankrieu Geo. 4ider • VV. W. Bolton ... Mrs. LutWidge Geo. Acklom^ Dr. Bod ley • J. N. Crosse .. John Crosse., M T. Trigge . . . . . . .,. . „ . Wm. I^ veit and Son * Jas. S. Bowden Edw. Speuce Benj. Stociis . ; , . . . . . .. * Rev. John Scot I . . . . . . . . Rev. Jotiu tired; . Chas Moou.: Tlios. Brown * Rev. John Clarke. Jos. Green. ..,. Mrs. Edw. Gibson. t'has. d'hou. ps( in, Anlaby 5 Peter ( l a r k . . . ; .. i Mrs. lane lloiner., 1 Miss IVhyletiead, Easingwold 2. Miss Courtney, Hull. I Anonymous, per post, to tbe > , Rev. T. Dikes... J A Friend, per Isaac Wilson .. I Those mart. ed * are previously Beuefaclors or Subscribers. Subscriptions and Benefactions will be received by any of Ihe Committee. Hull, March 27, 1818. Benef. Annual. £. s. £. s. d. 3 3 2 2 0 o S Z 2 0 3 3 2 2 0 .... . . . 1 1 0 6 2 2 0 • .21 0 2 2 0 6 3 . . . . . . . . . . . 1 1 0 . .. . . .. . . . Z 2 0 . . .. . . . a 2 0 . . .. . . . I I 0 . . . . . . . l .1 0 . . .. . . . . 2 0 . 3 3 2 • '{ 0 - » .. . . . . . 1 1 0 c . . . .. .. . 1 I « ,. .. . . . t 1 e . 1 1 . . . . . . .1 1 0 . . . . . . . . 2 2 0 ^ ... . 1 1 0 ,. . . . 0 10 6 . . . 2 0 . . . . . . . . I i 0 J. S. STAN1LAND, , Late Assistant to Mr. GIBSON, Silver- street, and S. A. G A R B U T T, To Mr. JOHNSON, Market plaec, AKE the liberty of informing tbe Ladies of Hull aad Its neighbourhood, thai llieir Shop is now Open, wilh au entire SewSlocbef HABERDASHERY and STRAW GOODS, ( selerted Jn " London, on the must reasonable terms,) and humbly beg a share of their obliging favours. N. 11. Irish Linens, French Cambrics, Handkerchiefs and Fents, Nankeens, Mnslin of all kinds. Muslin and Pelisse Robes, Bobbins, Nells, Brocade and Iinmilation Scarfs, and every other Arliclp in the above line. A'li 8, Silver- street. Family Linen- Drapery and Haberdashery, N o . 5 , MA R K E T - P L A C E. E D W A R D JOHNSON RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends aud tbe Public that be has just returned from the Lancashire Martlets, where he has purchased an extensive Assortment of GOOLS, and- heis happy to say, be is enabled tootfer them ouquiteas low terms as before the late advance, being confined to. iuw and common Articles. E. J. recommends the following to the notice ofhis Friends : Diunties for Furniture, fine 3- 41hs and 6- 4th « Hair Cord Qjtto, Mas'linetM, India Jeans, Shirting Calicos, Long Cloths, Cam brie and Batiiia . Muslins, Marseilles Quills and Counterpanes. E- J. having disposed of his old Stock of Furniture 1' ricits, he is enabled lo shew an extensive and new Assortment, also Moreeus, Lining Calicos, aud Fringes. Hull, April I, 1818. T H O M A IB D A V I S O N , LADIES' IIA31T- M tICER If TAILOR, N o . 2 , K < N G - S T H E I T . HULL, HAVING been in london, takes the earliest opportunity to anoouiicei his return, assuring tbe ladies and Gentlemen of Hull ami ils Vicinity, that he baa spared neither pains nor expense In •• fleeting ibe most recent and best improvements in ihe irali-; and that the connections he has formed there are s » fh, that he will have Ibe speedle » t information of every change that may lake place iu Dress for tli « ditferent Seasons ; I e alio avails himself of the pleasare of expressing his warvtiesl gratitude to his numerous Friend* for the extensive ecciiuraijemenl he ha « hiiherlo experienced, and especially to the Ladies for their Hind recommendation of hia Riding and Walking llibils ; and begs leave to submit to their attention l£ ie present Improvements so well calculated o combine thai v h i c h betas always endeavoured lo unite, Elegance, - Ease. iV'd Neatiuas; the Wellington Frock, so much worn by Gemlemen m Town, (' xproted in Ibe first style of Fashion ; rooiNi. rifle, and Austrian Dreases for hoyr, braided to any Pattern,- Wild every olher^ lranch of the Trade equally- superior. JSEVV EASHIONS. STAYL0 . Wit IT TO THE LADIES. i O R , STRAW HAT MA\ IIFACTI: RITn, No. EFtUAn- GATE, HULL, most respectfully 12, begs T E N G U I N E A S R E W A R D . POULTRY and CORN STOLEN. TltHREAS, almost Nightly Depredations h . ve recently To be SOLD by AUCTION, l! y JOHN j, i, RAM, On the Premises at Ottriughaiii, occupied by Mr. II. Dunn, on Thursday, April 18, 1.818, at Ten o'clock, TWENTY- SIX three- years old Whyea and Steers ; four Cows in Calf; fourteen Yearling Calves; twenty Draught and Saddle H. oi'sjs^' jiftcpu Pigs.;, three Waggons : two tarts ; Dressing Machine.;. Land Roller; eight Ploughs; ten Pair of Harrows; Gearing for ten Ilorsea ; Corn Drills, and fifty Bags, with all the Implements in Farming Business.' Hcdon, March 30, 4818. been committed in the Farm- Yards of different Far mtrs, at W'awne, Snltoii; and Ihe Neighboiirjiood ; and the following, iu particular, within the la « t lew days, v i z . :— The Granary of Mrs. CONSKIT, of Wawne, Robbed of a quantity of- DRESSED WHEAT, ( a Tiuder- Box aud Matches left bunting ou Ihe Wheal.) Mr. Mutiny's Barn, at Wawne, Broken " into and Robbed o f a quantity of OATS aud Four TUUiilKS,' oii the night of tbe 27lti till. . The Barn of Mr. LEAKE, at Wawne, Broken into aud Robbed of atjiiautity of OATS, Ihe same night. : A quantity uf TOULTRY Slolen from Ihe Premises of Mr. HOPMNSON, ol Wawue, ( for Ihe 4th. tiuie) on the tygbl of ibe 281b nil. The w hole of the TURKIES. A c . ol" Mr. JEFFERSON, of Sutton, the same nifbt. All Ihe POULTRY of Mr. NORTH, of Thearne, ( for the tbird lime lately,) UH tbe nigln of the 29ih uit. The bole of Ihe POULTRY of Mr. Blashill, of Sutlon. comprising Ibree Ueese and five Turkic* sitting, Ac. the same uight. A large quantity of POULTR Y from Mr. ANF/ EFCTJ," of Sutton, ( being the i i: 1 liifl'e,) on Ihe nignt of'the 3ulh ult. \ -. i'r'<: is :. ereby given, That a Reward PEN GUINEAS will be paid to any Pel- son giving T formation oftbe said Depredators, so thai ( hey may be hi . igl. i' Justice, opou their couvictioa, by applying to any of th « f above Partis... . Jt. is supposed ihe Stolen Properly has been taken away in Boats, either lo tlu. o, Beverley. April i , ISIS. leave foacquaint his Friends, Ihe l adies of Hull aud ils Vici niiv, that be has just returned from LONDON, DuNsrAHLK, aud LUTON,. where he bus bad an opportunity of making an unequalled Selection ofLrgborn Hats and Bonnets, entirely new and fashionable shapes, and of all urices ; also Split straws, both Town and Country made; l evotishire ana Dunstable Straws ; Split Duusiahles, and a great variety of New Fancy ditto.— Also a very handsome Assortment and eulire New ^ Slock of Flowers, Feathers, Riboons, Satius, and striped Gauzes, in all ihe various cotours uow woru ; Muslin Dress Caps and Brill* ; Mohair Caps ; the new an' « fashionable Bar oalona Handkerchiefs ; Muslin ditto ; fancy Fronts of various kh-. ds, anu a variety of other new and eleg . ni Articles adapted lortlie ensuing season; all of w hich he will oli'er on tbe most reasonable terms. S. P. begs leave lo slate, that navlng completed bis purchases previous to Ibe laleadvance, be wili otter everyAriicle on such terms as be trusts will insurebim a coutinuaisce of public patronage, as be wishes to impress on t he miuds « if ibe Ladies, his determination not lo be undersold by any Pei\ ou in Hull, iu any Article iu which he deals. N, B. A very large Slock of Straw Plait ol" every descrlp tiou. from tOd. per score upviards. Black Willow Squares 12s. per iftz'rit; White and Leghorn ditto, warranted of ( he largest size, and the best niautifacture. The Trade may rely ou being served with any of the above Articles on the most advantageousttrma. A respectable young Woman wanted, who perfectly understands ihe Straw Business, and Trimming of Bonnets, iu tbe last new style ; she will likewise have to allend in Ibe Shop and to give out the Work lo about twenty - two youug Women Hull, March 30,. 18i8. For HAMBURG, The A. 1 Schooner MARY, G E O R G E LAWS ON, Sncreeds ihe EXPRESS, aad will sail in two or three Days. Hull April 3.1818. EDW. & GEO. COULSON. For AMSTERDAM, The J O N G E J A N , Capt. D OUWElLlND, The grratest part of her Cargo. beiug ready to go on board, Will sail in six or eight Days. MF. TCALF A FUI. LON ; or, Hall, April- 2- 1818. GEORGE ROOTH A CO. " For LEITH, T H E H U L L A N D L I N N S H I P P I N G COMPANY'S FIXE SMACK N E P T U N E, JOHN BLACKWOOD, Commander, Has commenced loading, aud having great pari of ber cargoabtolulely engaged, will sail in nix or seven days. GEO HOLDE. N , SON, A CO. Agents, > 1611. Hull, Aprils, 1818 A. B. MABON, Manager, Leith. • N. B. Pawengeru excellently accommodated, NOTICE is hereby given, thai tbe Partnership between ns Ihe undersigned ROBERT SERJt'ANTt. nd JAMES BARKER, of the town of Kingatoa- upon « llull, Bricklayer* and Plaislerers, was Dissolved on tbe2 « tb ( larch lusiant, by Mutual Consent. As witness our ban.!*, Wilncss W. NICHOLSON. ROBERT SERJEANT. March 28, 1818. JAMES HARK'tR. N. B. All Debts dne from, or owing hy the said Co- Part » nersbip, will be, paid and received by the said JAMES BARKER, JACKSOJI'S COURT, POSTERK- G . I I T E, by whom the Busiaess will he carried on in future on bii own Account. J. BinKER embraces this opportunity of expressing hi* obltgatiiius to his Fr. ends for their former Favours, au" d respectfully solicits the couiintiance of thesa ne. J HERE AS, the following GOODS hafe been stiueied to Remain a number oi Years ifc » irebouae of Mr. RALPH TCHKER, without b » jpg claimed is itieir respective Owners. Notice is hereby given. That IT the said Goidf b. not.; claimed and !% e Warebon, o Rent, and other Charge* due ibereoo. paid liefore Tuesday, the i4ih Day ct April. Ibe vame will, ou that day, be SObD by PUBLIC AUCTION", at One o'clock, iu order IO defray ibe said Charges. R B. I C S, 1 lo a. N4oe Crates oi EARTHENWARE R B C S , 1 lo 7, Seven Ditio DITTO F W S, 1 to 5, Five Ditto DITTO • C W S . U o 4 , * a t o * 9 , ^ DITTO F S A , 5 8 , One ( MTTC> For further Particulars, apply at t He Otlice, N j. ( i, Grvmifon* - street. Hn//, Afrit I 1818. To be SOLD, ONE SHARE IN THE DOCKS, At KlNGSTCtN- UPON- HULL. For Particulars apply to Hull. April 3,1* 1*. JOHN LF. VETT. The JOHN BULL STEAM PACKET and COACH. HE Proprietor* of the JOHN BULL STEAM PACKET, reluru their grateful- acknowledgements to Ibeir Friends and the Public in general, for the encouragement they have met with since their establishment; and having lately seen the very great inconvenience arising lo Ibeir Friends for want of a regular Conveyance to and from DONCASTElt, Ihey have therefore' made arrangements with THOMAS BAR LEY aud CO. lo run a COACH from fhe BLACK SWAN INN, DONCASTER, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at Seven o'clock ; and return lo DONCAS'I ER ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, oa the arrival of the STEAM PACKET from Hull. The JOHN BULL COACH will commence running on TUESDAY the 7fh of APRIL from THORNS. The Proprietors will net beaccounlable for any Parcel, Package, Ac." of Ibe value of Fiv^ Pounds and upwards, unless booked, and paid for accordingly. Nor will Ihey convey in their Packet, any Parcel under the weight of Five Ounces avoirdupoise. N. B. For Particulars of lime for sailing, Ac- please to enquire at Mr. Moxox's, the Hit tuber Tavern, flumber- streef, Hull. ( One concern.) Thame, March 37, 1818. To be LET, And may be entered upon immediately, A Verv Good and Convenient FAMILY DWELLINGi 3 L HOUSE, wilh a good GARDEN and OUT- HOBSES attached, situated about one Mile from Hull, ou the Holderties* Road. Tbe Tenant may be accommodated wilh a Piece of GRASS LAND adjoining, containing oue Acre aud an half. F o r P a r t i c u l a r s e n q u i r e o f THOMAS PULLAN, at t h e S m i t h ' s Shop, near Ibe Old Lock Gates. To be SOLD by P R I V A T E CONTRACT, rg~ WE BUILDINGS and MACHINERY, lately nsed as a Jj Paris and Spanish White Manufactory, wilh the GROUND adjoining, comprising together about 200J square yards. Also, a Neat DWELLING- HOUSF, wilh a GARDEN and PADDOCK adjoining, and T W O COTTAGES op Ibe Westside of the said Dwelliug- house, with a GARDEN behind well- stocked with Fruit Trees in good perfection. The whole . ol file Premises comprise uear two Air res of Groutid, and are. pleasantly situated at Newiaud, aboul Iwo Miles from Hull, and within one Mile of the Navigable River from Hull lo Beverley and DrilBeld. Tbe Machinery will be Sold either with or without any of the Ground and Buildings, and Ihe latter will he Sold either togelher or in sncb Parcels as may suit the Purchasers. A Stream of Spring Water. runs iu front of tbe Buildings, aud the whole forms a desirable Situation for a Tan Yard, Colour Manufactory, or any other Business where llooai aud Water is required. Immediate Possession can he given, and part of the Purchase Mouey may, if required, remain ou Security of the Premises. F o r f u r t h e r p a r t i c u l a r s a p p l y t o Mr. GEORUE CHANDLER, ihe Owner, at Newiaud, wbo will shew the Premises ; or I Alr.' KcaixsoN, Solicitor, No. 19, Bishop- lane, Hull, B . B R O O K S, FASHIONABLE HAIR CUTTER AND PERFUMEh 85, WHITEFRIARGAT. E, BEGS leave lo inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Hull and its Vicinity, be has just returned from Lonaon where he has acquired ihe newest method of CUTTING and DRESSING t he 11 AIR ; and manufacturing every description of ORNAMENTAL HAIR ; having forthai purpose purchased a large assortment of Hair of every Shade and Colour., aud ihe bust quality. One hundred dozen of Tortoise Shell COM BS of every varied shape and size ; and an extensive assortment of eiegaut PERFUMrKRY. from the principal Warehouses in London. E. B. baa purchased a very extensive lot of Gentlemeu and Boys GLOVES, wnich he can afford very cheap. N, B. Suitable Appartinents for Culling aad Dressing the Hair. J A M E S A T K I N S O N , PERPUMER TO THE ROYAL FAMILY, N o . 43, G E n a A R D - S T I . E E T , SOHO- KQUAHE, LONDON, KSPECTFULLY informs tbe Gentry of Holland ils Vicinily, that he has just sent a supply of tbe following Articles to M r . B E N J A M I N B R O O K S , WH I T E F R I E n G A T E , HU L L :— A T K I N S O N 8 A M B R O S I A L S O A P , Prepared by a new process which frees it from all irritating qualities ;. it is recommended as the moat mild, pure, aud effectual A'licle of Ihe kind everinvenled:— it removes Freckles, Kriiit% s and Hardae- from Ihe Skin, prevents its Chopping, aud makes it luxuriously Soft, White, and Even. Sold iu Squares< for Washing, price Is. and in Shaving Cakes, price Od. Is. and Is. Od. each. A T K I N S O N s V E G E T A B L E D Y E, Changes Grey or Red Hair on the Head or Whiskers to a beautiful and permanent Brown or Black ; warranted perfectly innocent, and lo completely have the effect, or will forfeit One Hundred Pounds. Price 5s. 10s. Od. and 21s. ATKINSON'S FLUID, For restoring the Growth of Ihe Hair, where it has fallen off from iilae » s, perspiration, change of climate, Ac.— it aisofrees • it from Scurf, makes It Soft and Glossy as Silk, and keeps it In Curl dnring exerciae in dancing, or waining.' or in damp weather. Price 3s. 6d. a Bottle. NERI'OUS COMPLAINTS AND DEBILITY. n p H E late celebrated Da, FOTHF. RGILL, in the course . of " JL his extensive practice, encountered repeatedly such distressing cases of Kervou* Complaints, that he waa induced to diiect his principal f t tent lit h to ( he- discovering an effectual and permanent remedy. • This invaluable Medicine here offered to t h e pubffc atlention under the title o f ' Dr. Fotbergill's Nervous Drops," waa ihe happy result of bis efforts ; ny means of which he invariably succeeded in subduing and exterminating every description of Nervous disorders aad their various distressing affection*, as fowuess of ^ Spirits, Head- Aches, Loss of Appetite, indigestion, Spasms Tremors, Hypocb^ indviacism, Extreme Lassitude, Anxiety, Fainting Pit*.' aad every kind of debility or'retaliation- of tbe system. To those unfortunately thus aiUicled, it is confidently recommended to use the .: Hove inestimable Medicine, by which Itiey are assured of obtaining immediate relief, and by a due persev ance iu it agreeably to tbe directions given, the complete re- establishment of their health. Sold io Battles, a 4 s. dd.; lis.; and 22*.; by Butler am! Sons, Ciietnist' 1, No. 4, Chcapside, London, and 34, Sackvilleslreei. Dublin; and all the principal Bookaellers, Druggisls aad iSsdiciae Venders throughout the Kiagdoat. To the ' EDITOR ofthe ~ H\ JLL PICKET. "" K7" FRIhY, dear Friend ROHKRT, If ou has mt « l egregionsly V expostd the impotence of thy f » ry : tboo should*! not have been so oufrageons against me f u r tickling thy ntrves a Utile: I pity Ibee ! for thy angnish inrst be ex. tes- i-. e- Ti » a most lamentable circumstance for then, that iknn car,' si not moderate thy temper How happens it, when i enlly ,:> ld of having committed an error, thou should'A' so far nnm. sk thyself as to deal Ihy slander, Iby folly, thy \\ ioity, slid thy pre.- anmptkro, to thy own disgrace. The ranci tir of ihy mind Is a ma'nife- t proof of thy " i g n o r a n c e ; " and t h y •' lhaokle » « oflieioiisnoss" ia vrell known in this town, iu tfie many alieiupir" fo cr. im Ihy render- iu Ihy truly unique pajnr, M oiiiy wifb valuable extracts, but wilb tby truly sublime and original ideas, much in the same manner as thou wished them to swallow ihy Patent Medicines— by wholesale-. Thy epistle, Friend Robert, affords one more trail to tfco many thai adorn thy character, and contain* every Ihitig that was lo be expecled from thy superior Intents. I shaft take th, advice, and slick to my " Dunn; NO," bar. trust I ebait always have as much to spare as to " bespatter" thy Ink; and ill testimony of the high regard I have for ( by eminent services, wilh a lillle of lhat precious cc- njposition ( far superior lo Cordial Balm cj Gilead), 1 " D ibh" tbvt> a Knight; therefore rise, S r Robert, and greet Ihy friends ! Thou sbould'st not have quarrelled vtifn my spelling, not having bad a classical education ; aeitber bav* I received insiriKtlona in Grammar, from a Mayor's Officer." Aud for Heaven's sake, dear Sir Robert, assnagelhe violentebuliiliOD* of tby fury,—. consider, thou art a man full of hahil, and mayest pei ad venl ure, snap a blood- vessel-^" dreodfnt thought." I was advised lo Ireal tby slander wilh ailent contempt, as It reflect* disgrace on Ihee; however Ibat Ibou. mayst not accuse ine of any deficiency of respect, I do hereby acknowledge Ibe receipt of Ihy letter. Adieu, for Ibe present; tboo basl afforded « e much amusement ; and remeiatier, if I have waged war against tby vanity and folly, I was not the first to kiudl* fhe Bame. Adieu, Sir Robert, Hull, id April, 1818 thine, truly, J . D . D A W S O N . OLD GRASS and NEW SEED LAND. To be L E T, Bi/ the Week, or from Vear to Year, FORTY Acres of OLD GRASS » , AND, and forty Acre, of NEW SEED LAND, in Cotlk. igham Field. Enquire of RICHARD H A L L , Servant to THOMAS THOMPSON. Esq. at Coltlugbam Castle. Cottingtam, AprilZ. 1818.. To be S O L D by Private Contract, or L E T , . To be entered upoit immediately, f A HOUSE aud GARDEN, si male at Hessie, near Hall, suitable for a small Family, with a good PEW in the CHURCH. For Particulars enquire of JOHN JACK » ON, tbe *<, Owner, on the Premises. M To TANNERS.—'— BEVERLEY. To be L E T, ANeat, Commodious FAMILV HOUSJ4, with every requisite Ont- bnilding, and a small Garden adjoining. Also,- two spacious TAN- YARDS, w i t h a Bark Mill, Drying Shed, and other Out- bouses, < ontiguons to tbe Dwelling house : and The Premises are situated at Beverley Jn theconnly orYmk, and were lately occupied hy Mr. RCKIERT E L L I S , Tanner, deceased. The business ofa Tao- ner l i a s been very extensively carried on there for upwards o f k century, by the late Owner aud his ancestors, and the situation is particularly well adapted for continuing the business \ » ith every prospect of advantage. Immediate possession may be had, and further Particular* known hy application to Mr. IVKSON, ; fell icilor, Beverley To he S O L D by P R I V A T E CONTRACT, ™ A Large and Commo tions DWELLING- HOUSE, of 41 feet front, . n Story- street,. Hull, in it very airy aod respectable situation, well adapted for a BoianiNo- ScHooL, bavin*, a large Garden extending to Prospect- street ; and containing one Room, 36 feet long, with separata Stairs ; three Parlours • seven Lodging- rooms ( si* wilh Ere- pitces); Garrets; convenient Kitchen, with Scullery, W ash- house, aod other Convenience*. The House and back Ya* i will be sold wilh or without Ihe | Garden, which has a frontager 70 feet towards Prospect- J. Hrret, and contains about ,4| D0 square yards, j Fur further Particulars apply lo Mr. WM. CLAUSE, Builder, .1 Doc4: streei, Hull, ' ^ T N G S T O N N T P O N S FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 1818. At St. Vincent's— T! ie Peace, Garland, from this port. At Pillau— The Isabella, Swan, from this port. At Memel — The Pouiona, Mearns; Aretbusa, Wharton, from this port ; Nancy, Anderson, from Dundee. At New- York-' Itie William, Burrougb, from this port In the Tejcet— Ttie Ann. Latns. from this port. At Amsterdam— The Waakzaamhied, Groen, from Ibis port. At Hamburg— Tbe Salamander, Rose ; Stephen Gee, Clark ; t o l l , Priest ; Hull, Plaxion ; Industry, Bean; Friends, Ayres; Elizabeth, Quinlen; Vine, Mason, all from this port. At Portsmouth—' The Comet, , Irom Loudon, for the Soqih' Seas.' At Gravesend— The Dry Harbour Planter, , from Jamaica; James aud Theresa, Apsey, from Palt- as and Grimsby ; Darins, Smith, from Bordeaux. WINDS AT D E A L . — M a r c h 44, W — 4 5 , W — 2 6 , S W . b l o w - ing strong- 47, N— 28. E— 49, S E - 3 0 . S. The Experiment, Pape, which arrived at Elsinore on Ihe 10th ult. made her passage iu three days from this port. The following vessels have- sailed since our last for tbe Greenland Fishery ;— Cherub, Jackson; Laurel, Andrew; Manchester, Farrow; Shannon, Kelab ; Rachael and Ann, Creighlon ; North Briton, Allen ; Perseverance, Patterson; Prince of Brazil, Todd. Tbe Eclipse and Ariel arrived at Stromness on the 18th ult. Capt. Pecked, ol Ihe Royal George, of this port, on entering Stromness- barhour, on the 19th ull. picked up one of Ihe casks belonging lo the London, of tbi< port, lost al the Davis'Straits Fishery last year. It was what is called a pack, being the staves and Heading of a cash raslened together by iron hoops, for the sake ol saving room ; and had the London's brand mark in two places. The Jonge Hermanns, Wolff, from this port to Amsterdam in ballast; was stranded, on the 18th instant, on Sylt. The Neptune, of IhiB port, from Jamaica to New York, ran on shore on Saudy Hook 44lli ult. but it was expected would be got olfafter being lightened. I ' fbe Emerald, of Whiiby, from London to St. Kill's, was spoken with on 4d ult. lat. 37. 19. by y » e Crescent, Bruce, arrived in tiie Clyde. * The Juno, Storm, of Whiiby, which was lately driven on shore al the enlrai. ee ot Shields, has been got off. The Hydra, of Plymouth, wiili 600 barrels of oil, 2530 doll » rs, 30 watches,-- dcc. on board, put into Tombas ou 30lb Sep and on IheSth. cif October was taken possession of by three Spanish ships of war, and sailed the next day for Lima. • On Friday, the wind having veered round lo ( he south east, upwards of 400 vessels sailed on that and the two follow ing days from ihe pori of Liverpool. Tbe Russian Government having some time ago determined npon making Odessa a free Port, immeiwe works are therefore rotwr-...* for a Moat and Barriers to surround Ihe City al a distance ol tour to sit versls, and iri Ihe course of the present year il is expecled- il will be Opened. Positive information having been received by the Russian Government that Ihe Algerine Corsairs having the plague on board, Stop and Visit all vessels Ibej meet with, ( he Imperial Government has direcled the Marine Minister to make II publicly known that no vessels will be admitted into tbe Russian Ports without producing Ihe necessary certificates from Ihe Danish Quarantine of their beiog free from Epidemical disorder, and in default of which tbey are lo be sent bach under a Military F, scort ; and those vessels that have been subjeel lo the visit of Ibe Corsairs are not allowed to proceed to Ihe Russiau Ports, without having been duly purified under a regular quarantine. FOREIGN TRADERS IN. WARDS. From Hamburg— Radajoz, Adams; Packet, Roach, From Amsterdam— Zwey Gebrud. rs, Schullz. From Harliiigen — Vigilantie, Siuidls. Fiom Kanders— York Union, Mitchell. From Wismar— Brothers, Lawson. From Kiel— Hope, Hasselwooti; ltosehill, Sawden; Sophia Calhariua, Gotlob. From Doit — Wellington. Husband. From Rotterdam — Margaret Armstrong; Jouge Jau, Ouchand ; Amelia, Maitlatid; ilendria Joliauna," jonker : Jotige Richard, Parlevleit From Ham burg— Kibe. Cords; Dove, Hogarth; Britannia, Camel Friends. Jaggers ; Prospect, Edmonds; Jane, Peck ; George, Threadgold. From Hwum — Tbelford, Boucli. From Embden — Kngehna, Kl. n From Mandahl— Friendship Bailey. From Harlingen— Vronw Saapkina De Boer. From Bremen— He. lei, a, \\ olff. From Anlicerp— Heiidrick aud Margarelta War molts. FOREIGN TRACERS CLEARED OUTWARDS. For Hanjiurg— Moscow, Collinson ; Supply, Edmond ; Venus, Willows. For Rioa — Antaeus, Norie ; William Etberi n ' ; t ' o n , H a r r i s o n ; E b o r , S l o n e h o n s e For Amsterdam— tierisonie,' verinnp. For Elsinore— - Vestal, Heseltine. Far • Xoniysbarg— Harmony, Brown. For Rotterdam — Hercules, (.' tarn. For Harlingen — Neptumis, Harmens. For Mirimaclii Union. Steward. Fur i wwoii— Friejds, Clark. For Quebec— Fame, Minnett; Maida, Estill. COASTERS INWARDS. From Spalding— Brothers, Thompson; Industry, Naylor ; F. benezer, Rhodes; John and Mary- Aun, Haley; Neplune, Mason. From Ipswich— Candi h, Taylor. From Scarbro'— Newcastle, Wilds ; Commerce, Harrison. From Colchester- Sit. Petersburg Packet, Mordeti. From Wells— Young Lydia, Horracks. From Wisbech— Wentworlh, Walsh ; Joseph aud John, llurklnshaw ; Alliance, Wilson ; Johns, Hawksvvortb ; Neutral, i-. ogland. From Blakenej - Henry and Elizabeth, Dooghly ; Huil Packet, Jarey ; Ann, Viusen ; Hank Note, Hurrill. From Boston— Charlotte and Elizabeth, Culpin ; Argosy, Martin. From Yarmouth— Sarah, Ilembrough ; Elizabeth, Audsley ; Wlieathill. Bayfield ; Telegraph. Hall; V\ indbam, Elgaie. From Lynn— William and Ann, Clark ; Fame, Seaton ; Liberty, W ray ; William and Mary, Tripp ; Elizabeth, Rhodes; Nine Brolhers, Walson; William, Jew i l l; Joshua and Mary, Newton ; Harriet, Boulton ; ' I hree Brothers, Brigns. From Berpick— Margaret, Kay. From Kirkwall— Hope, Rindall. Fro n flamsyatc— John and Harris, Ingram. From Aberdeen— Cargarff Castle, Allan, Prom Wuitby— Sophia, Cook. From t. ondon— Eliza. Bell . Catharine, Lambert; Clifton, Knight ; Mary, Major ; Aim, Popplewell ; Queen Charlotte, Darting ; Ouse, Plaxlou ; Henry, Duckies ; Kuaresbro', Shillilo. Fiom Berwick— Argo, Itnme. From Newcastle— Gratitude, Dick ; Auua Dorolhea, Harder. COASTERS CLEARED OUTWARDS. For Rochester- Barbara, Nettleton. For Wisbech— Providence, Joues. For Yarmonth— Swallow, Carridge. ForWainficet— King George, Fell. For Dundee Fame, Wanu. For Sunderland - Grenada, Phillips; Tees, Mellanbv. For Plynurnth — Providence, Man in. For Lynn—- Endeavour, Rhodes; Exchange, Ellis ; Mary, Walsh ; Four Brothers, Isles, John aud Sarah, Hembrougb ; George and Anu. Tupman ; Voung Man's Endeavour, Diaper. For Wells— South wick, Kingwood. For Shields - Robert, Stewart. For Liverpool— Grenada, Appleton. For London- lirilon, Ware; Wetherby, Temperton , Diana, Sadler; Mary- Ann, Peacock ; Procidentia, Wilkinson ; Huddeisfield, Robertshaw ; Stanton, Chambers; Providence, Potts; Industry, Pinder; Jubilee. Pinder ; Brothers, Longlhorp ; London, Newton; Chesterfield. Bates; Chance, Minlreu ; Barnsley, Colbridge.. For Btakeaey — Henry and Elizabeth, Doughty. For Ipswich — Oceau, Paul, JFor Blakeney— Isis, Mann. SOUND Ships and Captains The Dnke of Wellington appears to be indefatignbly employed al Paris in arranging Ihe differences and determining the rights of almost every people in Fiiirope, for not a day passes wilboiit witnessing his conferences witb some of the Ministers and Ambassadors who al present crowd tbe Court of Tbuilferle". Tbe nature of these various negociations must, tiowever. remain a matter for conjecture ; but the mention of Uaron Monnier'a name— Tbe President of Ibe Commission for regulating Ihe foreign debts of France— and that of the Spanish Ambassador, would intimate that Ihe Prussian Claims, and the points iu dispute between Spain and Portugal, form t he principal ' opies ol consideration. .. Oil Ihe latter subject indeed it is reported, thai ibe differences between these two powers have lately taken a turn far from favourable ; aud Ibis to a degree that there seems to be an apprehension of a . erlons and imminent rupture, unless Ibe difficulties between tbe two Courts are speedily cleared away. It would certainly be a very great misfortune if hostilities should, at a moment like the present, break out between Spaiu and Portugal, either on the banks of Ihe'Tagus, or on those of the Rio lie la Plata.— It is observed, with pain, lhat since the arrival of the Russian squadron at Cadiz, the tone of the Spanish- Ministers has become much more perempt ory. There is every reason to believe, that our Cabinet feels a particular interest in these affairs, and carries ou an active correspondence with the other great Powers, to prevent, if possible, any actual rupture. The report made to Ihe Chamber of Deputies by Baron Du'Oligemia. upou ihe. law for abolishing tlie Slave Trade, proposed Instead of enacting " lhat French Captains, who become violaters of ( he law, shall be punished with interdiction," the words shall be published by deprivation of ait permission to navigate." This was however withdrawn and ihe lawpassed 117 to 19. It is slated, however, in a private l& iter from Paris, that I tie French Government has declined lo adopt the principal recognised by Spain and Portugal, of a reciprocal right of search within certain latitudes, we are at a loss to imagine any good reason for ihe refusal. PRICE oj STOCKS on WEDNESDAY last. 3 per Cent. Red. shut.' : 5 per Cents. | 0U| J. 3 per Cent. Cons. 1t » J| 7S| India Bonds 80 Hi) pr. Do. for Ac. 7fl^| 7SJ j Ex. Bills ( Cd) 15 19 pr. 4 per Cents, shut. | Long Aun.. shut. At our Corn- Market, on Tuesday prime Wlieits obtained rather more money ( ban on that day week, and oilier descriptions met Iree sales. Oats and Barley fully supported prices. Beans not in request, though offered 2s t » 3s. per qr. lower. Prices— Wheat, 00s. lOs. 78 « .— Oats, 41s. 4t » . 48s.— Barley, Ms. 38s. 48s.— Beans, new, 48s. 58s. 54s. ' Ibe Sound List from the 7th to the I4lh nil. coniains 31 vessels for Ibis country with different descriptions of Grain. tn- iia ients. INFIRMARY. O it- patients Relieved, Discharged Ac.. 7 Relieved, Discharged' A c . . 50 Cavalcade proceeded to the extremity of the Dock near tbe Hiimber, where Ihe worthy candidate was received with . a salute of twenty one cannon. The procession I ben returned lo Ibe Queen's Head Inn, where Mr. C. Tennyson in a very eloquent and animated speech delivered from his landaulel, submitted to tbe burgesses his pretensions- as a candidate for their suffrages. The address was received with the most decisive marks of approbation, and during lire procession every possible demonstration of joy and satisfaction was shewn by an immense concourse of people. Al five o'clock Mr. C. TenBysonand a large parly of bis friends sal, down to dinner, after Which ft variety of appropriate toasts were drank, and in the evening he visited nearly twenty public houses in the town were large parties were entertained, and at each of which lie again addressed the burgeses. The evening procession was preceded by a hand of music, and enlivened by flambeaus and illuminated transparencies. The reception of Mr. Charles Tennyson was throughout the most gratifying and Battering lo himself and his friends: never was greater respect shewn to any candidate on his entrance iulo Ihe borough. Not a single instance of dissent or dissatisfaction was observed ; indeed that be should represent ibe borough in Parliament, appears lo be the general wish of the town and neighbourhood. J. P, Grant, Esq. another of Ihe candidates entered the town privately on the Monday morning, and Immediately proceeded on a canvass. On Tuesday the 44th, Mr, C. Tennyson commenced bis canvass, and the success with which lie met appears lo ensure Ihe most favourable and decisive result on tbe day of election. Tbe following is a list of the number and duration sf Parliaments, within tbe reign of bis present Majesty;— . Existed. Time when met. When dissolred. Y. M. /). 19 May. I7SI 11 March, 17( 18 O H 22 18 Mav. 1708 30 Sept 177- i 0 4 21 ta- Noi. 1774 I Sept. 17S0 5 9 4 31 Oct. 1780 25 March, 1784 3 4 20 18 May, 1784 1 1 June, 1790 0 0 25 10 Aug. 1790 20 May. 1700 5 II 3 14 July, 1198 .31 Dec. 1800j March iO. Billy, Brown Elizabeth, Ewans Rauger, Wood Experiment. Pape Cypress, Davison LIST. From Whitby Loudou Wy Ditto Neptunus, Ohtbrecht Stralsund J3. Anu, Taylor Enterprize, Wokes Dorotha, Wardel Disna, March - Unity, VVrlliamson 14. Autumn, Harrison Minerva, Jordau Hannas, Hay Victoria, Jackson 15. Ann, Todd Anna Sopbii^ Holtz 18. Neptuue, Harrison 18. Blucher, Clark William, Wilson 19. Sally, Unlhank Rambler, ' l indale New Hope, Outhet George, Edwards 20. Sbi rburn, Ranson 21. Providence, Seaton Hull Ditto Scarbro' Dilto Ditto Whitby Hull Whitby Scarbro' Whitby Rostock Newcastle Whitby Newcastle Whiiby Hull Newcastle Hull Kiel Hull To Wismar Memel Baltic Memel Ditlo Hull Memel Ditlo Daulzig Baltic Dilto Riga Meuiel Baltic Rostock Memel Hull Dantzig Pillau Riga Memel Ditto Swinemunde Wismar Hull Tillan Elsinore, March 17.— Most of Ihe upward- bound ship which arrived here on the 15th, lOlh, and lo day, are still lying in the roads, and some below the castle, ow ing to con Irary wind and strong current down. The Ruby, of Sunde, land, Capt. Reed, Is totally lost near Marstrand. early part this month, captain aud crew saved; also Ihe Marlha, Capt. Dawsou, ol and from Newcastle, crew saved, on the 4th inst. near Wyberg, ou the coast of Sweden. March The upward- bound ships proceed soon as cleared, tbe dowuward detained by contrary wind. The Hannah, Hay, of aud from Whitby, in ballasi, lor Ihe Baltic, has been ou shore between lloven Island and Copenhagen, got off again but has put iuto Copenhagen to heave duwn, being somewhat leaky. Vdmitted 5 1 Admitted 41 Physician — Dr. Ayre. Surgeon— Mr. Pearson. Mr. Clifford Pease, house- visitor. HULL AND SCULCOATES DISPENSARY. Patients. j Patients. Discharged.' Cured, Ac.... .80 i Admitted „. oi Physicians — Dr. Ayre, aud Dr. C. Alderson. Surgeons—- Mr. Dunning and Mr. Casson. Tbe Debtors in Hull Gaol, return thanks to Mr. James Tomlinson, for his kind donation of one guinea. We have great pleasure iu directing the attention of our readers to an Adver: isemeut in the 5lh column of the 4d page in this paper, announcing Ibe delivery of a Course of Lectui* s by Mr. Nicol, on " The Philosophy oj Natural htistory." Al a numerous Veslry Meeting of the Parishoners of tbe Holy Trinity, yesterday, it was resmved with only two or three dissentient voices, toallow Ihe Rev. G. J. Davies, curate, twenty pounds per annum, during Ihe suspeusiou ol a similar sum formerly aTHlved lo him by ihe Corporation, but w hich the state of Ihe funds of lhat body have compelled them to withdraw for the present. M. A. Taylor, Esq. M. P. for Poole, and one of Ihe candidates for the representation ofthe City of Durham on the next vacancy, has arrived here to canvass the freemen cf lhat city resident in Hull. A smuggling sloop, of 45 to 50 tons, with " Success, of Wbilby. llohl. Seckker,* master," on her slern. was seieed by the Custom- House officers of this port, at Hessle Cliff, yesterday. She has on board a quantity of salt, In bags, tobacco, & c. All Ihe crew escaped in Iheir boat, except one man, who attempted lo wade lo Ihe shore, through tbe mud in which. he would have sluck fast, but for Ihe assistance of s me labourers who Ibrew him a rope, by means pi which he escaped. Last week, ( he boat of a English vessel, supposed ( o belong to London, havlngbeen ashore at Cuxbaven. anJ returning in the night lo ibe vessel, when the tide was runutag strong, was driven past it, to the Isabella, of London. A rope was thrown out from the Isabella, in attempting to gel bold of which, the boal filled, and suuk. Of three p e r s o n - b o a rd one was saved ; and the other tvvo drowned. In Ibe night of yesterday week, as asloop laden with beans, iron, Ac. Thomas Clark, master, for Doncaster, was sailing up the ( lumber, she was forced by Ihe current athwart the cable of the brig Brothers, of Selby, riding at anchor in a narrow channel near Weighton, arid almost immediately suuk ; the master was saved by having a rope thrown him from the brig, by which he was, with difficulty, got on hoard her in nearly an exhausted state, and two of bis sons by catching hold of the brig's cable: but his wife and three small children were drowned, though every practicable effort wa. made lo sa\ e theih. The mother had got upon deck, yet could not be prevailed upon to leave he little ones, who were in the cabin, without an effort lo pre- erve tbeir lives, and in lhal parental effort she ssartd the fale of her offspring, leaving a most affectionate husband agonised by so severe anil sudden a deprivation of his wife and infants. Hopes are entertained that II. e sloop and cargo may lie gol afloat again, and the dead bodies receive interment. Ou Tuesday noon, a woman nam d Sarah Barker, went Into a public house, in this town, with a country man. who treated her with some rum, in a few minutes she fell down in a fit, and died iu Ihe course of the e enlitg. On Tuesday last, Mr. Wilson, of the Rein Deer Inn, in this town, while in tbe Corn Markel, for a few minutes, had I pocket picked ol'his pocket book, which fortunately, how, ve , contain d nothing of valne. Al Ihe General Quarter Sessions e f Ihe Peace for this Town and County, held al Ihe Guild- hall yesterday, the following prl- ooers were convicted and sentenced as nhder, viz':— F. annes Darley, Ihe wife of Timothy Darley, for stealing seven yards of printed cotton, from Messrs. Jones and Kirk, ( o i< e imprisoned in the goal one month. Mary Smith, for stealing twenty- five yards ol printed cotton from Mr. fonas CroTt. to be imprisoned and kept to hard laln> ur three calendar monlh.*. Ja nes Grey, mariner, for stealing one pair of pantaloons, the property of John Brown, from his furnished lodgings.' to be ' mprisoned and kept lo hard labour three calendar months. - fitephen- Carr, and Edward Carr, two brothers, found guilty of sieaiing lour fir deals, Ihe property of Messrs. Barkwortb, Son, and Spalding, merchants, to be severally transportedJorseven years. Thomas Rogerson for stealing eight sheep skins. Ihe properly of William Edmondson, Francis Hudson, and others to he transported for seven years.- William Clarkson, of Beverley, charged on suspicion of stealing geese aud poultry, acquitted. At the East- lllding General Quarter Sessions, held at Beverley, on Tuesday, Ibe following persons were convicted and sentenced as follows:— Robert Wiles and Robert Head, for stealing four tanned calf skills, from Thomas Vickermau, of Bridlington; John Jackson, for stealing five pigs from V. illiam Collinson, of Catwick, and Matthew Clark, for slealng poultry from a farm typuse ^.. vRiplinghsm, each to be transported for . seven year. i. John fiunter and Mary Nelson, accomplices of Matthew Clark ; Hie fgcatier lo be imprisoned for two years, L e latter for twelve moaths, and both held lo hard labour. John Biskham, of Lax ten, and Robert Biskham, of Eastrington, hecklers, for stealing line from Thomas Watson, of Newland; Georye Sageman, for stealing a fustian jacket, a pair of scissars, Ac from Mary Ward, of Kilnwick ; Edward Coates, for stealing two pi^ s, Irom Charles Bowman, of Southcoats; Robert Thornton, for receiving poultry, knowing them lobe stolen ; and J'oKn Huddleston, for stealing four bnshels of Wheat, at Kilnwick. to be each imprisoned for twel e months, and the two liiskhams held lo hard labour. Rachel Arthurs, of Great Driffield, for stealing from Ihe house of John Richardson, of Leven, a canvas purse, containing a guinea and several bank tokens, to be imprisoned sir months. George Harrison, of Sculcoates, for stealing a piece of latb wood, from Messrs. Bark worth, Son, and Spaldiug, to be imprisoned three months. Amy Lamb, for stealing from William Sawdon, of West Lutlon, lo he imprisoned one month, and held lo hard lubour. Al these Sessions, John Rolinson, of Scalby, labourer, for having run away and left his family chargeable lo the town ship of Yoke fleet, was sentenced to be imprisoned three months. At the Sessions for tbe Town and Liberties of Bevefley, on Monday, there was not a single prisoner for trial. Grimsby Election. — On Monday the 23d ult. al three o'clock in the afternoon, Charles Tennyson, Esq. one of Ihe candi dales for the honour of representing tbe borough of Great Grimsby in the next Parliament, entered Ihe town of Grimsby accompanied by bis father and William Russell, Esq. He was met at Ihe loll- bar about bairauiile from ihe town., by Ibe must considerable part ofthe burgesses, aud almost all the respectable Inhabilanisof Ihe town on hor- eback, attended by a band of music, and nearly one hundred bauuers, which produced a grand and striking effect. The horses were laken off, and Ibe carriage drawn by a parly of men through the town, at Die entrance uf which a discbarge of cannon was fired from ! he Do'-' k, ou a signal being hoisted on the church. Tbs United KingdomGt- Ireland C 5 11 18 ts Jan. 1S0I 29 J- Une, 1804 J 31 Any. 180i 24 Oct. 1808 4 2 2,5 15 Dec. I SOB 29 April, 1M) 7 0 4 15 22 June, 1807 Sept. 1812 5 3 7 24 Nov. 1812 The expedition toexplore the Arctic reigons has sailed. The following circular has been issued by lbs Secretary of the General Post- Office, addressed lo all Post masters:— " General Post Office, i[ st March, 1818. " I am commanded to inform you. lhat i> v the provisions of an Act just passed, Dollars anJ Bank Tokens are authorised to pass and circulate nnlil the ,5ih July next; and from that period lo Ihe 5tb April next year ( 18i9) to be tendered and received in payment of any Taxes, Rales, or Duties under ibe management of tbe Commissioners of tbe Customs, Excise, or Stamp., or of any Postage, or in Ihe purchase of any Stamped Paper, or in payment of Rent, Parochial, or Public Rale, or for tbe purpose of being transmitted to tbe Bank. *' You will, therefore, accordingly receive sncb Dollars or Bank Tokens as may be offered to you, aud transmit them to this Office in the manner pointed out iu my letter of Ihe 14tb Feb. last. I am, your assured friend, " FRANCIS FNEELING, K e r r e l a r y ." The Gazette no'ifles the appointment ot Viscount Melville; Sir George Warrender, Bart.; John Osbnrn, Esq Rear- Admiral Sir Graham Moore, Rear- Admiral Sir Geo. Cockbnrn, and Rear- Admiral Ihe Hon. Sir Henry Hotliam, to he His Majesty's Commissioners for executing the office of High- Admiral. On Thursday se'nuight, Wright, a Yorkshire Pedestrian, aged 52, compleled bis arduous task of walking 000 miles in 10 successive days, in Sydney- place, Bath, ai half- past three o'clock In the afternoon, half au hour within tbe prescribed time The following are Ibe rales for the ensuing year al Liverpool :— Poor's- rale, 2s 6d. church and clergy, l| d. land lax, ^ J. county- rale, 0J. in Ihe pound. A female child, now living al Kirkland- how, injbe parish of Alecdon, was born on ihe 43d of March, last year ; of course it saw two Good Fridays and two Easter Sundays, before it was a year old! Ttiomas Plea ants, Esq. wbo recently died in Dublin, has bequeathed 00,0001. to ( he several charitable institutions iu ( hat city to Botany Bay some of Ihe principal Inhabitants have lately formed themselves into a banking company, and obtained from Governor- General Macqoarie, a'cbarter. of incorporation,' with tbe accustomed rights, privileges, and immunities, usually bestowed upon such a body. The sum of 40,000f. the proposed cap ft aS of tbe Sheffield Gas l ight Company, lias been subscribed by Ibe inhabitants of tliai place. The marriage ef Ibe Princess hfizabeth and the Prince of Hesse Hombourg lakes place on ' re 7th o tbi monlh. On the ni'- h! of Monday se'oni^ ht, the interior of Newcastle Iheatre was for Ihe first lime lighted with gas, with great simplicity, but brilliant effect. The instantaneous darkening, and re- iliuminalion of the stage, by i turn of the prompter's key, has almost a magic air. At Lancaster Assizes, a cause was tried Orford v. Butler Cotes, being an action for cowrieusation in damages for a breach of promise of marriage. The Jury awarded the iady 7000/. damages. On the night of Saturday week, a daring and extensive robbery was committed in ihe shop of Mr. Samuel, silversmith, of Castle- street, Liverpool. The villains obtained a booty of 309/. iu guineas and doubloons, 150/. in Bank Notes, with a great number of gold watches, seals, keys, brooches, and other articles On Tuesday se'nnighl Gainvbro', mart commenced, and Ihe weather being very line, a greai number of people attended. Trade in general assumed a t: ry pleasing briskness. On Wednesday se'miighl, at the stock fair, there was a very large show of cattle, which We. c offered at such high prices, Ih: i1 but few were sold. On Sunday se'nnighl, Mary I nmleyi aged IT, daughter of Mr. William Luinley, mariner plunged iuto the river Trent, at Gainsbro', and was unfortunately drowned. On Monday evening, Thomas flarher, farmer, of West Newton, was found lo have hanged himself in his parlour, and was completely liieiess when discovered. A young man, who had been indisposed for some time, travelling frorn Wolverhampton. Stafford, to his native place, In company with his grandmother on ihe arrival of the coach at Stafford, was found dead in hey arms. She was not aware lhal he had expired. Friday morning about half- past nine o'clock, an alarming fire broke mil in the flax and tow manufactory of Mr. Land, situated in Meadow- lane, Leeds, For some lime the fire burnt with great fury, aud threatened extensive destruction. hut ivy the esertions „ f the firemen, aiiie. l by a number of the inhabitants, the flames were speedily subdued. The premises were insured In Ihe Norwich Union Office. While a. search was making in the miserable dirty dwelling of a man' and woman near Carlisle for stolen goods, the woman refused to lei an old oak liesk lie examined. The officer insisted on doing his duly, in theexecu. ion of which, be foiled a number of small bags containing in Bank notes, Gold and- Sitver, several hundred ponuis. The husband was. deglited at the sncces- of tlie const able, and encouraged him in ibe search, being Ignorant oi the board which bis partner bad provided. We hear lhal his Grace Ihe Duke of Devonshire on his late visit to I. ondesbrongSi, left directions to bavethe family mansion- house there taken down, the grounds disparked, and the timber disposed of. - York Chron. Mr. Cohheti, in consequence of some dispute, as it appears, with Mr. M'Kean, ont of the Judi^ s of Pennsylvania, had presented a Petition lo the Pennsyivaniau Senate, selling for his claims for redress. A Committee bad reported in favour of his claims, but their Report was negatived by 20 to 9.— Upon this decision, Mr. Conbett, who was present at Ihe discussion immediately presented the following Petition: — That your Petitioner has heard with inexpressible sur* prise, that the Senate of the Commonwealth has rejected the Petition lately presented lo ibaMlon. Body hy your Petitioner; thai seeing the flagrant enormity of tbe injustice of which be complained, he confidently hopes, that such rejection has arisen from some great misunderstanding respecting ( he circumstances of bis case ; lhal he therefore most respectfully, bnl most earnestly, prays, lhat the Hon. ihe Senate will, wilhoul loss oflime. be pleased to permit him to appear in person at tbe bar of their Hon. House thereto support Ibe prayer of his said Petition ; that he feels tbe more confidence in Ibe oia . ing of this respectful inquest, siuce it appears that bis Petition has been opposed uj'tfur arguments drawu trorn tbe laws and usages of England, where similar requests, under similar circumstances, are never refused; and be finally begs leave to be permitted to state ( which he does with Ibe most profound respect), lhat awnse of duly towards bis own beloved country and his Sovereign, his love of truth and justice his attachment lo real, and his hatred ol sham freedom, are Ibe principal motives of this bis most respectful Petition. " WM. COBBETT." The sa - ieday, he sent a Petition to the House of Representatives, praying thai bis case, which had been defeated in the Senate, migta! be investigated by hat House. " Tbe Petition, we are informed, says an ( A. inerican newspaper) was considered rather indecorous by the Members Among other things, be says—" England has had her Jeffries aad Pennsylvania her M'Kean*." and, by iuvldious comparisons, made oill'tbat MKean was the worst of tbe two— expressions nol very palatable to many of lbs Members ; ba. thal as it may, • without wailing for a decision on his Petition, be took stage immediately alter, and left Ihe town." Finney, charged with uttering forged Bank Notes, whose case is indirectly connected with th, boys. Kelly and Spicer, who were recently saved Irom an iguomions death in consequence of some doubts existing whether Ibey bad nol beeu incited by Finney lo commit capital felony was on Friday finally examined, when the . Magistrate addressed him as fo! lows.—" Prisoner— yon have now been in custody three weeks ou suspicion oUiaviug ottered forged Bank Notes, hut no person having come forward to allege a complaint of . the kind, and the Court having no charge against you, I discharge you ; aud let me advise you lo reform' your course of iife, for bad a case been exhibited against'you. il would have been very closely followed up You have been iu some manner connected witii Kelly and Spirer, according to your own confession, iu being in their company when you knew they were passing bad noles ; th• rel'ore. as you had work ill the country when yon w e e apprehended, you, lo avoid bad company iu London, h. id betlei return there and follow industrious pursuits." Tt. e prisoner said he would follow the advice of tile Magistral?.< and he hoped be would give him a letter to his employer in the country, staling'! bat there was. no charge against him l't was understood thai such a letter would be given. Tbe prisoner was desired lo cull on the Bauk Solicitor for the mouey he had about hint when laken. Richard Randall and John Tnbbs, for highway robbery, and Thomas Evis'on and Thomas Norri- s, for arson the four unhappy convicts left for execution at Ihe late Lincoln Assizes, suffered Ihe dreadful sentence of Ihe law, on the new drop al Lincoln, on Friday last. The execution drew a large concourse of spectators, and Ihe fonr. sufferers- evinced be coming peoiteBce. ' I here appears no truth in a statement in the London papers of two women having been forced iulo a weH by the pressure of fhe crowd, and drowned. A trial iately took place in Ireland, w'fclch Is worlby of notice, from iis novelty aud unexpected termination. An action was brought, by an attorney against bis client, for a bill of costs, wM. h the latter refused to pay, alleging, that the attorney had agreed to acl^- no c re, no pay ; aud on the trial, produced Ibe vjzitiettuiideiiaking of the attorney to that effect. The law yer, however. oMained a verdict for Ihe full amount of his bill, because such an agreement was illegal, and could not. therefore, be binding; but the Judge expressed his disapprobation, adding, that if such another agreement came before him, he would strike the Alloruev off the roll. ( As usii. H,.)— Thursday last was the Second Day of Draw - ing of the Slate Lottery, and the following Capitals ( all draw il that Day,) were sold by BISH. INo. 4,708, a Prize of ,£ 30,000! In 10 Sixteenths. No. T 348, First Blank, entitled to Four Pipes of Port Wine, sold in I Quarter, 3 Eighths, and 0 Sixteenths. 1,018. 11,138 ! 5.34tl . . . . . 0,814 8,! » l 12 159 15.533 -. 1,000 400 300 303 300 300 £ 1,000 | 5 338. £ 200 9, tl05 ..... 400 I0, H, ifi 200 12,328 . v.. 200 15,734 200 10,334 200 < Stc. & c. BISH also sold ( drawn on Ihe first day of the present Lo.. l e r y ) ;— No. 6,983, First Blank, entitled to the first Four Pipes of Port Wine, sold ill 2 Quarters, 2 Eighths and 4 Sixteenths, 3,107 a Prize of Ji5,000. 1 1 , 7 7 1 . . . „£ i, OO0 ; 3,002 £ 300 3, M 7 500 I 5,063. 300 12.070 500 I 5,075.. 300 2.803 400 I 11,805 300 11,388 400 | 8,412 200 Ac. & c The Capitals are divided into so many Shares, and gone to such an immense number of places, lhat Ihey are too numerous to specify particulars; bin after the Lottery is over, T. BISH w ill slate where ibey have been sold, and he hopes to add the remaining Two of 30,000/. aud other Capitals, lo bis already splendid List. Tbe fortunate Holders may receive tbeir Money on demand on application at BISH'S Offices, London, or lo his Agents in tbe Country.— Those persons entitled lo the Wine may order ll of any merchant Ihey think proper, and T. BISH will iui mediately discharge Ihe bill for the same. The last day will he Next Thursday, Ihe 9th of April, when the Two Prizn of 30,0001. and 35 other Capitals, which yel remain iu the Wheel, must alt be drawn. YORKSHIRE LENT ASSIZES. B e f o r e M r . JUSTICE BAYLEV. DUE ON TH » DKMI6E OF BROUGHTON t>. BROt'GHTON^ This was an action of ejectmeut. under circnmstsu. es somewhat peculiar The fallier of ihe present plaintiff died in Ih;- year 1773, and bis widow in 1779 ; by bis Will be let! bis copyhold estates to his eldest son, William, aod his freehold eslates to his youngest son, John, tbe present plaintiff. William took possession ol Ibe copyhold estates, in pursuance of bis father's will, which he had kept peaceable possession of from thai time; and the plaintiff took the freehold estates. It was contended on tbe part or Ibe plaintiff, lhat by the custom of the manor of Hadfield, lands held of tbe Lord, descended to alt Ihe sons- pqnally, wbo were always admitted in tenants and common. It was forlher ronlended lhat as the possession of William Broughton was also tfca possession of ihe younger brqjher, it was not therefore ad adverse possession ; aud consequently that the possession of more than twenty years, on the pari of William Broughtou, would not bar the present action of ejectment ! : he object of which was to obtain a maiety of the copyhold premises. His Lordship said that Ibe plaint iff having made an election, in taking Ihe freehold estate under his father's will, heabau doucd any claim he might have had upon the copyhold property, and that therefore the possession of William Broughlou niusi be considered as an adverse possession, and consequently that the actiou of ejectmeui could not be sustained. Plaintiff nonsuited. B e f o r e LORD CHIEF BARON R i n i A n n s. WETHER! LL, JOY, GLADDING, AND WKTH EllFLL, 0. ROPHB. In these four causes a verdict was taken, hy consent, for ihe plaintiff, for ( he sum mentioned in tbe respec. tivedeclaralions, which was stated al I, M01. in each, subject to a reference lo Mr. Tindall. Nothing was stated iu Court ou Ihe subject mailer of these actions, bill we understand Ihey were actions brought to r^ co. er a compensation in damages for a trespass in illegally m ilting the guods and imprisoning ( be persons of the plaintiffs, K E N T — M A I D S T O N E , TUESDAY, MARCH 24. fc'OAKES AND OTHERS V. SANDWELL. This was a case which excited considerable interest, and the Court wa< crowded to excess in consequence. Tne plaintifi's were ihe executors of a Mr. Noakes deceased, and the defendtiut was a shop keeper residing at Deal This was an action o! trover, to recover. certain property from the defendant, under ^ be following pecuiiary circumstances:— About Ihe monlh ot June or July last, a sale look place iff Ibe - property or the plaintiff, at which tbe defendant attended for the purpose of purchasing part of the properly. A chest of antique walnut- tree drawers was piit up by the auctioneer and bought hy the defendant for ibe sum or 4s. 3d. In < he evening of the same day tbe goods were removed, and among them were these otri'drawers ; while ( be person employed by Ihe defendant lo reiinveiiis purchases from the premises was taking the drawers to defendant's house a secret drawer fell ont, remaining a bag lull of guineas. The defendaut was present at the time, and upon seeing Ihe circumstance he asked the porter what be should do; ihe porter advised the defendant lo say nothing about il, but required five guiueas as hush money. This ( he defeudaBI, however, positively refused, aud observed ( hat he would rather go lo law about it than give the hush- money. The man, upon being refused his request immediately niadea disclosure, and the present acliou was tbe consequence. II was proved by the auctioneer, wbo was called on tbe part of the, executors, that the drawers were sold, and lhat the defendant had confessed tbe. guineas were there, ft was also proved by a person al whose house the guineas vrere counted by the defendant, that the number of guineas amounted lo between 109 and 130 in the whole. Mr. Adolphtes, as counsel on the part of the df: fend ant, called no witnesses, hut endeavoured to shew that the plaintiff could not succeed in the action, as it could nol be proved lhat these guineas were actually bis properly ; on the contrary, he contended that the Jury must consider the properly not to have belonged to ibe deceased, but to bis ancestors, or to stunt; one unknown. The guineas might have been placed there by someone whoily unconnected witb the deceased. Air. P iroo Graham, however, held that the property being found in his house, was sufficient lo prove that it was the property ofthe deceased. A- verdict was immediately found for the plaintiff.— Damages 110 guiueas. that she bad neither robbed Hor murdered any one. They however persisted in taking her away, and carried her before a Magistrate, w ho dismissed her upon her promise lo leave the parish and go to West Ham, in Essex, where she was legally settled. J Mr. Marry at. ro r the defendants, stated lhat ( be parish officers w ere legally justified in w hat ihey had done under Ihe cii- pum- stance. ol Ihe case. The plaintiff had been pregnant ol a bastard child, which was likely lo become chargeaole lo Ihe parish, and Ihe officers or Pluuisted had regularly lemovi d her to her place of settlement at West Ham, iu Essex, where she was brought ( « bed. By the statute of 17 Geo. II. commonly called Ihe Vagrant Act, amongst other tilings it was enacted, that when a person bad been regularly ' removed, if they unlawfully came hack lo ihe parish from- which they bad beeu removed, I bey were thereby declared to bave commuted au act of vagrancy, and were liable lo be punished r. i a vagrant, The plaintiff, after tier removal, did come back lo Piuinsted, and tbe parish officers, finding that she baa renewed her old practices, and might again endanger the parish to Ihe charge of a bastard, took her up under this clause of tile Act, but being unwilling to deal harshly with her, tbey let her go, upon her promise to depart ibe parish, ' the former removal being. prove,), Mr. Common Sergeant made an able reply, in which he contended, thai her return to iicr parents was not an unlawful • eiiirn, aud commented on Ihe oppression aft he . parish otfic: - with cons derable severity. - The Jnr., found for the plaintiff-- Damages MONTHLY AGRtCULI VH. tl REPORT The continuance of wel and variable weather has had unfavourable effects, on cold and wet soils, where the ooeratioiw ot husbandry are, iu consequence, backward, and the s;> riii,; sowing w- ill be late. . Ilean sowing was for ><....- im,.' mis'! * pendedy. il being impossible to work the land, wa, - sctndiog on ( hose already piiLin. A genial April oi.-. i vet r- eov. - Ihe ttiio-| itauted and sickly Wheats, and iV irove liieia. as has often happened, into the heaviest crops. Ooposiie reports, fortunately, are received from the most I'arwa.,; a > d -,-.>„ c u ). tivated corn districts, where the W h e a t s bave j.:.; mi. i< ng appearance, and Ihe spring'culture ha,, ' teii for • •..„ ; Sealis. Peas, Oats, and Barley, being well above theiiroii!,. ever, a more plentiful, Turnip and Pnfatoe season .; Ike ,' ^ aality of tbe latter has helped much to economise the stock oi bread corn. The alarming progress ol ihe' Kit in sheep -. as at i - a ' t bad one good effect, ibal of inducing persons unaccustomed to such excellent p, acrlce, to dlaw their Turnips from lbs water- sodden still, and so feed their sheep upon a drv . nyer. It may be relied on, that the periodica! rot in sheep under which ihe nation suffers, m ghi be, with great propriety acd little exception, termed periodica! waul of care. Lambing has become general, with various tuccess, from the stale, oi tin weather. FEMALE FASHIONS. - Evrning Dress.- Casiitlian rohenf pearl grey sarsnet. elegantly Dimmed will, pink - atin. interspersed with crape and velvet; the petticoat worn omier Ihe dress is finished hy a border or line lace, which just uppears below the robe; the sleeves are of finefignred nei, wiib serpentine- waves or rolled pink satin, continued < lo « e to Ihe wrist, from whence depend two broad frills of 1, load made to latl over the kiiurkle « . A ficbu o' Ihe finest nei, left open in BECKiNGTON V. BOOLE AND OTHERS. This was an acliou of assault and raise imprisonment against the Overseer or the parish or PInmsled, tbe constable of the same parish and another person, tor taking a young wo an' before a Magistrate, and compelling her to leave the parish. The father and mother or Ihe plaintiff were examined, who slaleu lhat their daughter lived with Ihein, and gained her liviug by honest industry and that nci'lier she nor any Of Ibe family had been charegaiile lo the parish. Notwithstanding this, one morning in July last, as she was going out ear. y lo work, ihe defendants lay in wait for her, and seizing her, said the must go with them. She said she had done no wroag front, and surmounted by a deep 8p » uis. li ruff, standing up a- l'Klizabetb. Crown lurbau ol while sal in net, and pearls, with lasselsof tbe laiier maleml^ antl crowned near tbe summit Willi a wreath, of pink fancy Mowers, and pearls. Tear pearl ear- rings, white crape fan, and white satin shoes. BANKRUPTS from TUESDAY s GAZETTE, March 31. 11. Cholder. s, o George- street, Oxford street, Middlesex, victualler— J. Bull, or Bristol, victualler- M. A. Watson, of Fareham, Southampton, mercer aud draper— W. Padgett, of Vairxhall, Surrey, grocer— C. Coles, of Fleel- street, London, stationer— J, Bowdige, of Axaiinster, Devonshire, baker— J. C. West, of Bristol, broker and factor. MARRIAGES. On Monday last, at Sigglesthome, by Ihe Rev. William Benlinck, George Strickland. Esq. eldect son of Sir William Strickland, or Bovnton, Baronet, to Mary, the only daughter of Ihe Rev. Charles Constable, ol Wassand, all In Ihe East- Riding ot Yorkshire. On Saturday week. Sir Jeremiah Dickson, K. C. B. to. J, mi ma, second daughter or tbe late T. L. Brooke, Esq. of Mere Hall, Cheshire. On Monday se nnight, the Rev. Christopher Cookson, of Stamford, ( youngest so » of the late Thomas Coo a si in, Esq. of Leeds,) to Martha, daughter of the Rev. Thomas Foster, reclor of TiuweH„ Rntland. On Tuesday se'nnlgtit. at the parish church, Leeds, Lioue. eldest son Of Lionel Ko. awles. of Gomers- ll, merchant, t Lucy, eldest daughter e? ( U. l- le Joseph Bicilicsoc. cf U e i s, merchant » — On the 191b ult. al Ibe Friend^ Meeting house, af Thorn, Samuel Bellis, traveller fo the house of Cfapllam and Foster, of Newcastle, to Mary Ward, of the former place. Ou the 24th instanl, Audrew Hamilton, Esq. of Lelth, to Agnes, second daugblerof Row! , nd Faw celt, Esq. ot Scaleby Csstle. A few days since, at Dorchester. Mr. Silcock, master- sweep, to Miss Cox. The remains of the bridegroom's former wife were committed lo ihe earth about fourteen days previous lo this marriage; during wtiicb space be p* id his addresses to no less than twelve fair ladies, with the first of whom he had an interview on Ihe evening of bis late w ife's funeral. Ou Ibe 4d August, at Peuang, East Indies, Thos. Larkins, Esq. Commander of the Hon Company's ship Marquis Camden, to Sarah Sparker, daughter of tbe lateG. Cauuter, Esq. many ears resident at Peuaug. Ou the 19th September, at Bombay, the venerable George Barnes, B. D. Archdeacon ot Bombay, and Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, to Harriet Penelope, fourth daughter of Ihe late Jas. Kivel Caruac, Esq. formerly Member of the Council at Bombay. At Ihe Collegiate Church, Manchester, on Easter Sunday, wetiiy live couple were married ; on Monday, twenty ; on Tuesday, four; aud on Wednesday, six ; total 56. DEATHS On Sunday morning, aged 07, Mrs. Bluinlieid, wife of Mr. S. Bluuifield, of the Musical Repository at this place. On Monday, very suddenly, by tbe rupture of a blood vessel, aged 41, Miss Chapman, eldest daughter of the lata Mr^ John i bapmao, or this place, upholsterer. Yesterday,. at her daughter's house in Beverley, aged 92, Mrs. Andrew, mother of Mrs. j . Cobb, of Ibis place. On Friday last, aired 71, nuiverslly regretted, al Wonersh. in Surrey, tbe seat of Lord Graiilley, the Hon. Chappie Norton, Colonel of the ,58th regl. and Governor of Chariemout. He served with great credit in America. He was brother lo Lord Grautley, and the Hon. Baron Norton, and several limes represented the borough and town of Guilford. Ou Monday last, aged 7.7, Mr. John Burton, late of Bainlon New Iirn, an affectionate lather and sincere frleud, and universally respected by all who knew him. OnSnnday se'nnight, aged 58, Mr. William Jennings, late ot tbe Bay Horse Inn, Kuareshro'. On Mooday week, at Marton- cum- Grafton, near Boronghhrldge, aged 90, the Rev. Wm. Dalla, vicar or Wlstow and Caw ood, and 08 years officiating minister at Wliixley. On Monday ee'nnight, at Scarbro', in the TOth year ol his age, Mr. Jonathan lluu! riss On Monday se'ualgkt, suddenly, tbe Rev. William Peatt, or Thirsk. On Tuesday se'iiolght, at his house In Essex, » ged 05, Humphrey Reptou, Esq. landscape gardener. On Wednesday se nnight, aged 31, Mr. George Wilson, of Aldermanbury, London, merchant, youngest son of the late Mr. Joho Wilson, of Leeds, braudy- uierchant. Lately, iu Canada, Sir Robert Hall, Bart, Commander In Cbiefof his Majesty ' s Naval Forces ou lhat station. Lately, aged 7.5, Mrs. Ellaid. relict or Mr. Wm. Ellard, o? Ibe Elephaut and Castle Inn, Kuaresbro.' On tbe I7tb inst. suddenly, at Keith, Binffshire, from tbe bursting of a blood- vessel, Major Peter Grant, late of the 94d regiment or Gordon highbinders, aged 48. His zeal for the service induced him to join the army iu Flanders in 1793, as a volouteer. He was constantly present witb, aud shared in tbe many gallant exploits of bis distinguished corps, in Holland, Egypt, and In the Peninsula, Ac. Was repeatedly wounded, and finally retired from tlie service, in consequence of losing a leg by a cannon ball in Spain. Major G. was much esteemed by his brother officers and all who knew him. Ha was of the family of Tullachgorm, in Strathspey. Ou tbe 181b ull. at Burton, near Barnaley, after a lingering illness, Mrs. Manley, juu. eldest daughter aud coheiress of the late Joseph Slocks, Esq. of tbe laiier pla. e. Ou the 21st ult. in London, of a rapid decline, in her 30th year, the Hon. Auuahella, youngest daughter. of the late, ami sisler to the pveseut Lord Hawke. On Ibe 21st, ult. al bis house in New Mallcn. aged 84, Mr, Richardson. On the 24d nit. at Blackheath, Mrs. Larkins, widow ot T. Larkins. Esq. On the 2id nil. a" ed 28, Elizabeth Emma Kardley Wllmut, wife of John Eardley EardleJ WilulOI, Esq. Berks Atll, Wntv wickshire. - Same day, al Ackwortb Villa, near Pontefract, MrB. Lilly, relict of Thomas Lilly, ! Si), of London. On Ihe 24th ull; in York, aged 94 years, Anne, the widow of Mr. Thomas llollrtll, lale ol Bugihorpe, near Malton, she retained her faculties up lo the tune , of her death : had 11 children, 58 grand children, 37 great grand- children, and % greSt. great grand children. On I be 25lh ull. iu York, aged 34, Henry Weaber, Esq. late or Rdluburg, editor of Metrical Romanes,* and a variety of othet literary works. > r • f h. 1 ABSTRACT OF THE BILL FOR 1HE REGULATION OF PARISH VESTRIES. The BiH proposes lo enact, that from Ibe IstJuly, 1818., no Vestry Meeting, lor mailing, altering, S c . any Public ltale, or carry- tag Ihe Pone Laws into execution, nominating or electing Churchwardens, Overseers, or Surveyors of Ike Highways, or on any business connected with these offices, shall be held, without public notice given ia tlie Parish CtHirch, Ac. at least three days before tire time and place ol meeting. Tlie Minister, or Curate, or Churchwardens, or where no Churchwarden is present, Ibe Overseers of tbe Poor, according to seniority, or if aotve of these are present, then Ihe Inhabitant highest rated shall be the Chairman, in Ibe order above named : tbe Chalruxtu to have the casting vole, aud the Minutes to be entered and signed. if persons entitled to be Chairman shall refuse i- a act, aChairmau may lie appointed by the mmjorWy present. In aM sBcta vestries persons assessed at not more ft an 100/. shall have only one vole ; and for every .50/. above, one vote more ; persons jointly ruled shall be entitled to vore according to their sk » Ms; and if only one of them attend., he shall be entitled to vote lor tbe whole. Inhabitants coming into a Parish since the last Rale, fo l u v e a vole for the Property for which they shall have become liable to be rated. Tbe Books for entering the proceediEgs of Vestries, and all former Parish and Town Books, aud all Rates, Assessments, ACCOUBIS, Ac. and Orders ef Court, Warrants, aud other Public Documents sfaall he kept fey - sucb person, and in nu « b place and manner as the Vestry stia- lt direct : and persons injuring such Books, Papers, Ac. refusing to give them up the hands of Ibe proper persons, to forfeit not more than 61. nor less than 40c. which penalty to go to the Poor, Such conviction not la affect other proceedings against the offending parlies in a Court ef . w'- tiie. Tbis Acl SoexleeiltteaM Tawnsiiips, Vills, and other Places having separate Overseers « f < lie Poor j aud where there is 00 chapel, & C. or regular serviw, the notice to be given as has been usual. Tbis Act not to- niter t i e time for holding Yestries specially directed by any ether Act, nur lo all'ect sucb Veslrjes held sutler other Acts. The Act to extend U England, and lo be a Public Act, ' For'toe AMENDMENT of the POOR LAWS, Tbe Bill : preposes to enact, thai iu every Parish where ihe property rated! to tbe Poor amounts to 100.0/. and not Jess than - ten persons are rated at i' 5l. the inhabitants may nominate from Rve to twelve substantial householders to be members of a Specia? Vestry ; whoou being appoiuted b j writing under Bfbe bands and seals of two Justices, shall wilb Ihe Minister or Curate, aud Churchwardens aud Overseers, form a Select • Vestry; lo continue till fourteen days after the annual appointment of new Overseers, and be subject to annual renewal, - Sacb Special Vestry to meet at least once io fourteen days, HO examine into tbe state ot Ihe Parish, determine Jthe proper objects aud • mount of relief; in which they sbajl be at liberty to distinguish betweenthe industrious and deserving, and the idle, ex r vagaat or profligate p o o r a n d shall inquire ijjtu and superintend the collection and administration of Ibe rates, Ac,. Overseers ( except in cas. es of emergency) to give no other relief tban sucb as shall be Oj^ red by tbe Select Veslry. Two Justices are empowered, if it appears to them upon RinuiBoaiflg tbe Overseers, Ac, tliiit a party compjainjug is entitled to -. cliff, to order sucb relief { making reference to Ihe asbameter and conduct of the applicant,) for uot longer than <- ilt' llMi- l li. One Justice may in case of urgent necessity make an order ? or relief, wbicb shall only be in force till Ibe Special Vestry assembles, which he shall requiretbero to do. No Justices to make any order where there is no Special Vestry, except under bis discretion and with reference to tbe copdu « > t and character of the applicant. Minutes ofthe proceedings of Special Vestries are lo be kept, and with a summary of their transactions to be lajd before a General Vestry at least every March ami September. A few days notice lo be given, ill tbe usual manner of Vestries, for establishment. Ac. of Select Vestries, receiving taeir reports, Ac. Justices in Special Sessions may on request of Vestries, appoint householders consenting thereto, and assessed, but uot • resident, and within a certain distance of Ihe place, to be Overseers of Ihe Poor. The Inhabitants may appoint an assistant Overseer with yearly salary, who by warrant from two Justices shall be . j i powered to execute tbe duties of Overseer, as long as he aud the inhabitants think proper. Security to be takeu of him if thought lit. Children between Eve and twelve years, whose parents Jijiply lor relief for tbem may be taken, maintained, instructed, aud employed by Ihe Parish, either in their parent's dwellings. or in such other place, and under such superintendence as shall be deemed requisite; as may also orphan or descried children under twelve years. Parishes, Ac, may purchase or take buildings, Ac. for tbe above purposes, and frame rules for tbe diet, Instruction, Ac. o f t h e children, subject lo tbe approval of two Justices ; and no Justice shall have power to order any other relief for any sucb child for whom Ihe Parish shall offer to provide. Justices are to be empowered lo visit all sucb bouses, Ac. so p- ovided, under ibe ^ ame powers as by 30 Geo. 111. c. 49, is given Ihein Willi regard lo Parish Workhouses. Two o. r more Parishes may unite in tbe establishment and support of such receptacles for poor children, with tbe approbation of two Justices, who shall apportiou the expense lo each Parish, if uot otherwise agreed upon. Where no Poorbouse, Ac. can be procured in Ihe Parish, any adjoining Parish may be resorted to wilb the consent of two Justices, if such bouse, Ac. be not more tban three miles distant; and such house, Ac. as to Settlements, shall be deemed part oflhe Parish, Ac. so purchasing or hiring, Ac. Churchwardens and Overseers, with the consent of tbe Vestry, to be empowered to lake into their bauds any land belonging to, or hire any suitable purl ions, within or near to such Parish, and lo set lo work In tbe cuitivat. on I hereof on account of tbe Parish, " any such persons, as by tbe existing laws ihey are now directed to set lo work," aud pay Ihein reasonable wages ; which wages the- e poor persons may recover, and are lo be subject to such punishment for misbehaviour iu tlie, remployment, as other labourers in husbandry. Parishes may also let porliuns of such lands " ( o any poor and industrious inhabitant," al such rent, and for sucb term as shall be determined. No sum exceeding a rate of one shilling per £', shall be applied in any one year in purchasing, building and titling tip such building, and slocking f i e land, unless Ihe major part of the Inhabitants iu Vestry assembled consent, uor until two- thirds iu value of ail assens.- d to I lie Poor Rates shall sign their consent iu the Parish Book. Where sucti consent is given, and oue shilling per £" bas been levied and applied, Parishes may raise additional sums by Loan or Annuities, so tbat tbe whole raised in this maimer shall not exceed a rate of is. per K ; the future rates lo be charged with tbe repayment of such Loans, Ac. Churchwardens and Overseers may take aud sue as Bodies Corporale. Powers and directions of 22 Geo. 1( 1. c. 83, enabling Corporate Bodies, incapacitated Persons, Ac. to cunvey, to be a iplied to ( bis Act. •• That where In any Parish Ibe yearly amount of tbe rents of all the bouses apartments and dwellings therein, shall exceed - three- fourth parts of tbe whole annual rent or value of the whole properly, assessable iri sucb Parish to tbe Poor's Bales, it shall be lawful for the inhabitants of sucb Parish, in Vestry assembled, and they are hereby empowered to resolve and direct, that Ihe owners of asty class or description of bouses, apartments or dwellings in such Parishes, which shall respectively be let to the occupiers thereof at any rent not exceeding twenty pounds by ihe year, or for any shorter jierted at a rale not exceeding twenty pounds by the year, eball be a se- sed to Ibe rates for the relief of the Poor, for or in respect of such bouses apartments or dwellings, and the out- holises and curtilages ( hereof, instead of the actual occupiers.; and tbe inhabitants so assembled in Vestry, may aud they are hereby authorized from time to time to rescind, renew, vary and amend every such resolution aeii direction as Ihey shall see occasion, so as no sacb resolution or direction shall extend to assess or charge tbe owner of any bouse apartment or dwelling, wbicb shall with the out- houses and curtilages thereof, be let at a greater rent or rate than as afore. aid ; and the Churchwardens and Overseers of tbe Poor of ail} such parish are hereby empowered and required to carry iiito effect every such resolution and direction f tbe inhabitants in Vestry, and iu pursuance aud execution thereof, in all rates to be by Ibem made for the relief o! the poor, ( o assess by a fair and equal Pound Rate the owner or owners or immediate lessor or lessors of every house apartment or dwelling to which such Resolution and Direction shall extend, for or in respect of Ibe same, according « o Ibe actual rent or rate al which every such bouse aparlbrieut or dwelling shall be let, after making a reasonable deduction from such rent iu respect of the rales to be paid by the owner; aud upon uou payment of tbe « um or sums so lo be assessed, the same may and shall be levied upon and the payment thereof be enforced against ( he owner and owners, lessor and lessors « o lo be aise- sed, and bis aud their goods and Chattels, iu like manner as rates, for the relief of the ) pjor may by Law be levied and rtcoveiel, and the pay men s thereofenforced upou and against any actual occupier on whom the same are charged," Goods of Occupiers oa the premites may be distrained for Rales become due during Ibe occupancy of the owner, in a summary way, to Ibe amount of Ihe renl due from such occupier; who is empowered to deduct the same aud tbe coslsof levying, out of tbe rent. Receivers of rent in certain cases may be rated its owners. Persons rated as owners, under the last ( hr. ee clauses, may appeal ag any olber person ; and shall be enlilled lo vote in all Vestries ou matters relating to tlie relief of Ihe Poor. No Owner, not being an occupier., to be rated in places where. tbe right of voting tor Members iu Parliament depends on tbe rating. Persons who without renl, or valuable consideration bave been permitted to occupy houses, Ac. belonging lo, or at tbe expense of Ihe Parish, refusing to Quit, within oue mouth- after © otice from Ibe major part of tile t hurebwardens and Overseers, Iwo Justices may summon the parly, determine on Ihe complaint, and by warrant cause possession to be delivered up. Possession of lauds, Ac. lei by Ibe Parish lo tbe Poor, uuder tbis Act, to be recovered as bj the Ia* t clause. Tbe powers granted to Justices at the General Quarter Sessions, by 43 Eli/., to assess tbe father, grandfather, mother, and grandmother, and children of poor persons, lo their relief ( being of sufficient ability) to be extended to Justices iu Special Sessions. If tbe Visitor of a Parishis absent front home, or lives more than six miles from any applicaut for relief, who has applied to Ihe Guardian in vain, any Justice may summon such Guardian and make such order, as where Ibe Visitor has been applied to under 22 Geo. 111. c, 8.5. The examination before two J ustices ou oath of every person having a wife or child, aud being In custody, as to bis legal setllenieut, shall lie evidence of such settlement so long Only as ibe person so examined shall Ilea prisoner. " Aud whereas it is expedieut to discourage that reliance upon the Poor's Rale which frequently iuduces Labourers and others lo squander away earnings, which would otherwise bave afforded ample means for the support of a family ; be il further enacted, Ihat whenever it shall appear to Ibe Select Vestry in any Parish, or to Ibe Justice or Justices before whom application shall be made for any poor person applying for relief during any temporary necessity, that such poor person not being unable to work, might, but for bis pride, wilful neglect or misconduct, have beeu able lo maintain himself aud bis family, such Select Veslry of Justices may order relief to be advauced weekly lo such pers- jn, by way of loan, only taking his or ber receipt for the amount of money so advanced: And if on Uje cessation of sucb temporary necessity, such poor Person shall be again employed in work, or otherwise supplied with tbe ajeaus uf delraymg Ibe whole or any part of tbe debt so contracted within the space of twelve months from the date of the receipt, ft shall be lawful for any Iwo Justices ofthe Peace, oil the application of one or more of the Churchwardens or Overseers of the Poor for the lime being of the Parish, lo summon Ibe Person by whom such receipt shall have been given ; and if upon examination il shall appear to such Justice Ihat tbe parly by whom sucb receipt shall have been given, is able < o pay the whole or any part thereof, by weekly instalments or otherwise, it shall be lawful for them to make an Order under their bands aud seals, lor Ibe payment of such part of it, in sucb manner as to Ibem shall seem advisable, and lo enforce obedieuce to such order by a warrant of distress under their bauds and seals, if sufficient distress can be had, or otherwise to proceed as in the Case of persous neglecting to obey an order for tbe maintenance of bastard children : provided always, thai no order shall be made for any debt cpplracied under receipt, the date whereof shall fee above mouths prior to tbe dale of sucb order. Any person entitled lo a pension in the Army or Navy applying for relief, and it appearing that Ibis necessity has arisen from bisownextrayagaiiceand misconduct, Ibe Churchwardens, A c . with the approbation pf one of the Justices of tfee Peace, may require the next paymeut ofthe pension lo he assigned for ibe re- payment of the sum such Justice may order lo be advanced in relief. Pensioners may also under similar regulations, assign their pensions for a weekly sum not exceediug tbe rate of sucb pension. Poor persons baru in Scotland, Ireland, tbe Isles pf Man, Jersey and Guernsey becoming chargeable, any Justice upon examination on oath, may by a Pass to the ellecl prescribed by IT Geo. 2. c. 5, cause sucb person to be removed to tb. e place of bis or ber birlb ; and all constables are lo carry ibis ijjtp execution as directed by that act. The persons so to be removed may be removed without being whipped pr imprisoned, at the discretion of the Justice, Tbe remaining clauses in Ihe proposed Act are general ou. es, and of UP particular interest. STAFFORDSHIRE. PARUAMEKTABY REFORM.— Tbe KiNo. oo^ he prosecuflon of Thomas Dcakin, v. Tliomas Potts, Samuel I Too J, William Taylor, James Hazlehurst and William Heiesoa. This case afforded considerable mirth lo a very crowded Court. II was an indictment which charged Ihe defendants with having riot, ously assembled together iu the parish or Stoke, in ( he Potteries, against the peace of our Sovereign Lord tbe King, and withhaving assaulted Thomas Deakin, by working a quantity of water from an engine on him, while be was obtaining signatures to a Petition lor Parliamentary Reform- Mr. Pearson stated Ibe - circumstances of tbe case to Ibe Jury, iu doing which be observed, Ibat tbe riol anil assault arose out of a proceeding of a political nature, but Ihe Jury were lo divest themselves of every political consideration iu drawing I heir conclusion ortbedefeiidants'gui't or innocence; for if they should be of opinion that the defendants bad violated Ibe law, it was a matter of little consequence whether il was done under circumstances of a political nature or pot. Tbe defendants were inhabitants of Stoke, aud il appeared thai a few days before the assault complained of was committed, a Mr. Johnson, whose name may be familiar with some of the Gentlemen or the Jury, called a Meeting upon the subject of petiiiouiug Parliament for a Reform iu the House of Commons. The prosecutor was employed to gel the signatures of Ibose who were not able to attend the Meeting-, be, in pursuance of Ibis office, went lo Sloke, iu tbe neighbourhood of which was Mr. Spodea'manufactory ; be go! a table, and placed himself before tbe manufactory,, lor the purpose or obtaining signatures to the petition which bad been resolved upon at the Meeting. He bad not been long Ibere before a person came out from Mr. Spadss't aud told biui that be musl remove, as be was on Mr. Spodes' ground. Deakin, not wishing to do any thing wrong, went away, observing, thai it was not bis intention to make any disturbance; he removed to the liigb road, and bid uot long been I here before Mr. Spodes'gates were opened, and an eugiuc brought out of bis premises, Ibe pipe of which was directed towards Ibe prosecutor, aad began lo play upon him with tbe greatest Violence, until all the water which it contained was exhausted. Il was again filled, aud Ihe defendants pursued him, drenching him with water. Tbe result of which was, Ibat Ibe prosecutor tewk cold, and was for some lime attended by a medical gentleman. Whether Ibe Jury were friendly or hostile lo Reform or u. trt, was a mailer which Ibey ought upon the preseut occasion to leave out of their consideration. Tbpir province aloue was conscientiously lo say, whether tbe defendants bad far had Uot violated tbe law; if Ihey had, tbe prosecutor woolil be entitled lo a verdict at their hands ; and if any point of law should arise with respeel to tbe offence being constituted a riot, the Jnry would receive it froui a much higher authority, therefore be should abstain from any observation on that bead : tbe Learned Counsel then called Thomas Deakin, who deposed ( hat he lived at Shelton, near Stoke. About twelve moulhs since, or a Utile belter, he was taking a Petition for Parliamentary Retorui rouud the country, to get signatures to i t ; he went ( o Sloke, lo Mr. Spodes1 manufactory, and a person, uamed t ' l a j , came and ordered hita off, and be went from Ibe premises on to tbe turnpike road, Clay came to witness again and told bim lo go off; witness told bim he was ou the turnpike road, and as he was doing holhing amiss, he should not go ; he then went away. Witness was opposite Mr. Spodes' manufactory. Witness saw Mr. Spodes' gai ess hut, aud in about ten minutes he saw them open, and a water engine was brought out. One or Ibe defendants ( Taylor) bad hold or Ibe e n i o r the pipe ; he was guiding il, aud Ibe engine' began lo play upon witness ; he retreated back to Ibe place where he was al first, Ihe) still followed him, turu wbicb way he would. Potts bad bold of Ihe pipe. Hazlehnrst was there. Mr. Pearson— What is Haziehurat ? AVi » ness— A barber. Mr. Pearson— A political bfcrber, eb ? ( A laugh. J Witness continued— Uew- iun was tber, e ; be bad also hold of Ihe pipe. Part of them Were wheeling Ihe engine about; aud there were from 80 to 100 people there. Prosecutor heard them say, " Curse him, follow bim up, and play in bis pockets.'' They played upon bim until all Ihe water was exhausted. He tried to escape, but Ihey fallowed him, and one of them said, " Ctsrse yeu, slop, stop, and stand your ground." Clay w. es Ihe person who said Ibis. He heard many voices say, " Curse bim, follow him out of Stoke."— After tbe water was exhausted, they pulled off their fcals, and gave Ibree huzzas i and aome voices cried out, " Briug more water, bring more water I" Cross- examined by Mr. Dauncey.— How long had you been in tbe petitioning line ?— Only a day or Iwo. What were you lo be paid ? — Three shillings a day. What other lines have von been in besides tbe petitioning? — I was brought up a boatman ; and last March I was a carter ; after that I took to pot- selling; aud after thai my father told me be could pill some bread iu my fingers for life in another way. W hat line was that ' — T o make paste blacking. Mr. Dauncey.— That was putting bread in your lingers indeed! ( A taugh. J From whom were you fo recelvc three shillings a - i a y ?— From a Mr. Parkinson, at llaudley, a schoolmaster; Vwent lo school to blm a bit. What! to qualify yourseir for the petitioning line?— No, not exactly so ; but he promised me 3s. a- day. Ahl when you weregoihg to set all the world lo rights?— I think it would be a good job i f i l was seta little to rights.— ( Laughter.) Mr. Dauncey— Ab! Mr. Deakiu, but thare is an old adage that said it was better to begin al home.— Prosecutor— Yes, Sir, likely it is. Had you a petition ?— Yes, I bad a petition ; Ibere were some words at the top of it, but 1 cannot purtend to say what it was about, but I know il was for Parliamentary Reform. Mr. D. — What is that?— Prosecutor— Eh? Mr. O.— What is that— Parliamentary Reform?— X don't know justly. Mr. O.— No, you neither know nor care, 1 suppose, so long as you get j- onr 3s, a day. Did you get nothing else ?— Those who chose gave a penny or so, lo send it up; tbjs I gave to Mr. l'arkinsou. Did yon explain tbe petition lo those « vbo signed it;— No, it explaiued itself, I have used the words, but I dou't know what Ihey were. Had you not a few lillle phrases of your own to treat Ihejm with ? Little what ? A few phrases— a few words lo address to them 1— Not to Ihe best or my knowledge. Did you not mention any thing about a new king ?— Nol that I know of. Will yon swear you did nol ?— Yes, I will swear it, Mr. D.— That's a good fellow. ( Laughter.) A new Constitution ; what do you tbink of l. hat; did you say il was lime and right Ihat we should have a new Constitution ? — 1 forget . what I said to tbe people ; I cannot pretend ( o say. Q. Borougbmong « rs! do you tbiujf, yon said a liitle about Ibem?— I did express eprne such word as that; now yo. u use it, I ftink I did say sum met about JBorougbmongering factions, but that is almost out of my be^ d. What are Boroughinongering feci, ions?— I don't rightly kpow what it means, but I bave beard Mr. Johnson speak about il, VVhere did you bear bim speak, gopd Mr. Blacking- maker? At Handle)-, I Ibink. What time was that ?— I think about a week before I went about with the petition. You went lo bear him speak, did you ?— Yes, I did. Where did Johnson come from ?— 1 don't kuow— be might have slopped a day or iwo there. Was be acquainted witb the schoolmaster ?— Yes ; I have jeeu Iheui together. Where?— when Mr. Johnion got up to speak, bespoke from a waggon. J was in tbe crowd. I don't recollect seeing bim before that. How long was it after that, that he agreed to give you 3s. a day?— J was ( hred about Iwo or three days before. I was to go from house to bouse to ax people lo be pleased to sign tbe Petition for Parliamentary Reform.. Did you know it was opposite Mr. Spodes' manufactory you had pitched your . lent 1— Yes, Idid. W ere you not iold ypu were not wanted there?— No, I WM uot. Were you going to his men?— No;— I . only went there lo get signatures. I bad a table, which I put dowu in Ihe place. What bad you ?— A table. Where did you get it?— 1 got it from a neighbour ; hut I don't know who brought it to me, but I carried it lo Mr. Spodes', opposite his manufactory. Mr. J. burrough- Did you go for l i e purpose of getting the signatures of Mr. Spod. es' manufactnrers ? — Yes, I did. Mr. Duuncey-- l should like to have the speech you made on tba, lx) ccasiou, because it in likely I shall never have an op. portuuity to hear such another?—/ l. auyliter.)-- l can't recoiled what I said. It was upon Ibe petition. It is gone up, and was received by Parliament. Tbe petition bad two leaves, which were pinned together. Mr, D.— Well, now that you have got yaur table, yourself, and your petiiiou before the manufactory— now fire a w a y— tell lis what you said?— I don't know. Did you tell ( be people to go lo church?— I did not mention church or cbapei; I forgot the words I said. Mr. D.— Give ns ( he substance— I dop't know bow ; all I recollect was, that I axed them lo sign the petition, Mr. D.— Did you see a Mr- Martin?— 1 might have seen Martiq on the road j I know not whether f saw him op ijiaf day or not. Mr../. Burrougb.— Did you not go to Ihe manufactory purposely lo catch tbe men as tht) came out from work ?— Prosecutor— Yes; I went to get them lo siga 1 » , because I had not got any signatures from any of the houses where I h id called, Mr. J. Barrough— llow' ir-' ny signaiures did you get from Ihe bouses?— I tbink uol mote than ftve or six ; but 1 got a good many from Ibe people at the table, Mr, J. Burrough— Wliat did you say to IndOce Ihemlo sign il ?— I forget what the words were I said to tbem ; they were uot those used in the petition. Cross- examination continued, — l ie had been desired to go away during the time bit was accosted. When be was getting signatures. Clay told bim to stand his ground, but be was much confosed by ibe water being played vpon bim. He recollected saying, " I will make yon repent ot i t ; you have done just what I wanted," They laughed and shouted at bim, and that was the reason wby be Used those words, and by usiug tbem be thought Ihey would give over. Mr. Dauncey.— You thought that after a shower would come a sunshine. Did tbe squib go through the petition thus ? ( taking up a sheet of his brief aud pushing bis fiuger through II)— l. oud laughter. I don'l know thai it w#> l through It; it was very wet, but I think I put it under my coat. As soon as tbe water was all gone I went away, a person look me up and bad me shifted. Mr. Dauncey.— I shall not follow you through Ibat part or your story, as it might be dangerous. What did you dp atler you had shifted yourself? I dried the papers and went petitioning again. 1 went as far as Ihe Vine Ina, » t Sloke. Mr. Dauncey.— You exposed ypurself and the petition again, did you?— Yes, but not in tbe same way ; I know 1 should uot iike lo be exposed again in tbe same way. ( Laughter.)— 1 Iben went to Mr. Parkinson and got paid, Mr, Dauncey.— How much did ypu get in pence?— It might be about a shilling. Several hundreds signed it tbat did nut pay. Mr. Dauncey.— And you have never been petitioning since ? — No, I had a enough of it. ( A laugh.) I carry on my blacking trade now. Mr. Dauncey.— You mean lo say yon are a shilling cbarac ler ?— I don'l now much about that. Mary Atkins was next called. She stated that she was i married woinau ; she was present wheo they where playing tbe engiue ujiou tbe prosecutor ; they were as violent as Ihey could be. He walked off, but they slill pursued him, pour ing tbe water on bim. Hazelhursf, Taylor, and Wood were there; Deakiu conducted himself peaceably and quietly,— This closed tbe case for tbe prosecution. Mr. Dauncey uow rose to address Ibe Jury en bebair oT ( be defendants. He was not a little surprised that his Learned Friend should have first recommended the Jury to divest themselves of all political feeling ou the occasion, and immediately afterwards adopt tbat very feeling by calling one of the derendauts a pelitical barber.—( Laughter.)— There was an old saying, aud a very correct ons, tbat persous who lived iu glass houses sbonld not Ibrow stones. In the course of bis life he had beard it admitted on all sides that there were conversations to be found far more pleasing than subjects which partook of a political character; and he believed there were very few persons who had engaged in It, who bad not felt Ihat it generally produced discord. His Learned Friend had fell a little al a loss to know how he ( Mr. D.) intended lo treat this subject— whether be should treat it with levity, as ir it were uonsensical and foolish, or with gravity and a long dissertation upon Parliament Reform— or new Kings, new Constitutions, or tbe Borougbicongering faction. It was but of little consequence; but it WM highly necessary that Ihe Jury should look lo Ihe parties to see who they were; who the prosecutor and who tbe pendants were, lie ( Mr. Dauncey) had heard that the petition was not of so disinterested a nature as some might think; or Ibis, however, be could not speak with much confidence, as he bad never seeu oue carried about. It was not a lit tie . extraordinary, that after passing through a variety of employments, and after having got into one wbicb he had described as capable of bringing bread lo his fingers, tbe prosecutor should bire himself lo carry about a petition, of which i(| was quite evident be either knew no thing, or appeared to know nothing; thai be should have quitted bis valuable business to— Mr. Pearson.— He did uot say beliad left the lassiness, Mr. Dauncey. Mr. Dauncey continued.— He thongbt tbis was a new way of interfering on twe part of bis Learued Friend : il was either for the purpose of diverting bis attention, or what was perhaps equally well undersloodg. of putting him o u t ; bnt at his , time of life, he was not easily put off bis guard by sucb interruptions, He was afraid that tbe prosecutor's blacking business and his Pelitioniog business were united ; be l ad been blacking an old Constitution, to make Way for a new oue— ( a laugh); aud if be bad succeeded in the latter, be never would have returned lo bis old blacking trade. Were we really and seriously in a Court of Justice, and could tbink for a moment, or suppose, while upon English ground— could we be imposed upon to believe, tbat sucb a man as the prosecutor could be useful in Ibe country in which we, live ? Let as look at ourselves, and tee bow we bave existed for a Jung titne under Ihe Constitution. P. ulesof Government, in every Slate, may be perhaps capable of improvement; bnt, he was sure, lo set it right, in any stale or in any country, was not to employ a man, such as the prosecutor, at three shillings a day, lo carry about a petition— a man who admitted that he knew nol it » contents. Even supposing it to be a Peiition, and he had said that it consisted of two sheets of paper pin ned together, and nobody knew whether it was a Petition or not, or whether there was a word in it of that which was presented to the House Of Commons, could the Jury believe that be was a man so ignorant as lie pretended to be ? If he was, be was deceived ; aud if he Was not, be was employed lo do a thing that must bave Ibe most niiscliieVous tendency. What had been ihe result ol those Meetings for Parliamentary Reform? Tbe country bad tottered upon a precipice; we bad seeu the commencement or treason and rebellion: and then it was said it had originated with igndraht people : it might be so ; and be would fearlessly say, tbat sucb men as the prosecutor were formidable instruments lit the hands or those delegated to wield Ibe sceptre ol rebellion. These were the ignorant people who were lo substitute remedies, without cause or meaning : " Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas." What, bnt mischief, could arise from conduct such as that which bad been described? And, after all, wbat had been done?— to wbom, and under wbat circumstances, to a man who was evidently hawking about a Peiition, for the purpose of entrapping Ibe unwary tosign it? He had been to school, and he ( Mr. Dauncey) should not be6itate in saying, Ihat it was for tbe purpose of qualifying himself l o g o about in Ihe manner described ; and if discontent bad existed, either in that part or at Mr. Spodes' manufactory, he was the person to ferment Jt; fortunately, however, discontent did not exist either in Ihe one or the other, and fortunately he was not Ihe person that could create il. The fact was, he got totbe bouse, talked or dethroning Kings, and raising new Constitutions: he got to Mr. Spodes' manufactory, aud lay in wait lo catch the men as they came Crom their work, aud Ibey applied tbe engine lo- him, and he ( Mr. D,) bad almost said legitimately, for he went lo set bis inflammatory mailer to work amongst Mr, Spodes'men, and ' hey took the readiest means lo extinguish bis flame—( laughter): he excited a Same, and they put a little water on him and extinguished it. He would . appeal to the Jpry, and ask tbem if they, as schppl- boyt, bad done • such a Ihi'ng at school, Ihey . would afterwards bave thought ot an indictment ? One of the Jvrots ( vociferously): No, no: certainly n o t .— ( Loud ( ind continued laughter.) Under Ihese circumstances, he appealed to Ibe Jury, in full confidence tbat they would, without hesitation, find the de. frudants not guilty. Mr. Justice Burroughs, in recapitulatiugtbe evidence lo Ihe Jury, begged that il might be understood that he did not mean lo say, Ibat Ihe people bad not a right to petition for tbe reform of any grievances Ihey considered themselves labouring under : however hiaroeable tbe conduct of the prosecutor might have been, in placing . himself before the manufactory, for Ihe purpose or catching Ibe meu as they came out, his object must have heeu tbis, as be had staled, that be could not get sufficient signatures at tbe houses where be bad called. With respect, however, to tbe defendants, he bad no difficulty in pronouncing that what law called a riot had been committed, and if tbe Jury believed tbe two witnesses, tbe riot and assault upon bis person were made out. If tbey believed this, they were acts highly illegal, and the defendants must be fouud guilty, however improperly Ibe prosecutor might have behaved. Tbe Jury merely turned round lo each other, and to the evident astonishment of tbe Court, pronounced the defendants — Not Guilty. Tilt Learned Judge Immediately belJ, Ihat Ibis vroalit no! do, as the crime consisted in Ibe intent, aud IbaL he nrnst actually be charged for firing at Ibe person be intended lo fire at On tbis ground be directed the Jury to find him— Not Guilty. The prisoners were both very gentlemanly young men, and selected by their Captain for this disagreeable service, In consequence or their prudence and discretion, as was slated by Capt. M'Cullocb, Iheir commander. Robillard is a native or Guernesy. and Arquinbau a native of Minorca. — POPULATION, CHURCHES, & c. Two Documents have been laid before Parliament.— The first is an account of Benefices and Population ; Churches, Chapels, and Iheir capacity ; number and condition or Glebe Houses, and Income of all Benefices not exceeding 1,50/. per annum. ABSTRACT OF THESE RETURNS, $ c. Number of Benefices 10,421 Population 9,940^ 391 Churches of the Establishment 10,192 Chapels 1,551 I1. T43 Number of Persons tbey contain 4,170,975 Glebe- houses fit for residence .5,411 Benefices which bave no Glebe- houses 8,628 Glebe- bouses nol fit for residence. Livings not exceeding £ J0 12 g, lS3 _ K E N T . — M A I D S T O N E , FRIDAY, MARCH 2 7 . TRIAL OF THE MIDSHIPMEN FOR SHOOTING AT PERSONS AT DEAL. Nicholas Robillard and J. Arquinbcu, two young midshipmen, were charged on two indictments, for shooting at two of Ibe inhabitants of Deal, with intent to murder, Ac. As the transaction was detailed in the last case most folly, we shall state that first, Ibe case having been much misrepresented by the country papers: that indictment charged Robillard and Arquiubau, Ihe first with shooting at, and the other with aiding bim ia shooting at J. Williams, at eight o'clock in Ibe eveping or tbe 27th Dec. in King- street, near the Fishmarket, Deal. The prosecutor described himself asa mariner, and slated that he was returning home on the evening ot Ibe 27( b Dec. having been for a walk; when he got into Ihe Fishmarkel he heard the noiseor quarrelling, and saw Mr. Arquinbau disputing with a man of the name or Robinson J be cried out, " Hallo! v » hat' » tbe matter ?" when Robillard stepped up to bim, and said, " you are Ihe fellow that just now insulted me." He replied, ihat he was not, and was ready l o g o before tbe Mayor. Rohillard bad a pistol in his band, and after a few words fired it at bim, and then drew bis cutlass. Tbe prosecutor closed wilb him, and in doing so received a wound across his face, but he succeeded in throwing Robillard down, aud escaped. In cross- examination he denied that he had ever seeu Roblllard to his knowledge before tbat night, or thai be had been smuggling that evening. J. Barnes, a grocer, at Deal, near whose house the affray happened, said, be beard the noise of the dispute between Arquinbau and Robinson, and he went to bis door. He interposed, and thought be bad succeeded in restoring peace, aod bad returned lo bis shop, when be heard Ibe report of a pistol, The ball struck his windo v- sbutler. He came out and found ( be prosecutor and tbe prisoner Robillard struggling on Ibe ground, Barnes, jnn. ibe son of Ihe last witness, said he saw the scuffle ; and he said Ihe prisoner fired the pistol when be was standing about five feel from the prosecutor. The prisoners being called upon for their defence, Robillard read a long paper, wbicb was well composed as lo style aud matter. He lamented Ibe hardship of standing as a culprit at tbat bar, for doiug no more lhau was necessary for his selfdefence aod In tbe performance or a duty which had been imposed upon him by bis superiors, aud not or bis own choice, that or watching the contrabaud traders— a duly he declared much more unpleasant than facing Ihe enemy in open btutle. He lamented also the manner in which they had been treated by Ibe Mayor or Deal, who committed 111 - in lo close custody aud when their Captaip, under whose orders tbey had acted, and whose advice Ibey immediately sought, was refused admission to tbem, ha was told by the Alayor that ibey were hp( b drunk. Thus, not only denying them the consolation and advice of Iheir Commanding Officer, but at Ibe same lime calumniating their character. Tbe County Jonrnals had no less vilified them, by staling their conduct as little short of tbat of assassins or madmen— representing Ibem as wantonly parading Ihe streets, and firing at the passengers at random. He then alluded to Uie state of the town of Deal, fa wbicb he said tbat the habit of illicit trading was so inveterate, thai no reward would induce any iubabilMU lo give information and be held in his band advertisements lo tbe amount of many thousand pounds reward, all of which bad been unavailing. Tbis was tbe place where bis duty and Ill- fortune compelled him lo serve. His vessel was specially appointed lo walcb Ibe smugglers, so that every soul on hoard was obnoxious to ibe whole town. He then detailed a variety or instances in which tbeir Officers and parts of Iheir crew bad been beaten, gagged, thrown overboard, and every insult used against them; and in the case of two seizures which be bad made, he noticed the present prosecutor active amongst those who resetted Ibe goods. Oa tbe eight in question, Ibey had seutries along tbe shore on tbe watcb, and it was his duly to go from post to post. It happened Ibat as he and his brother Officer were passing tbe High- street, be saw three or four men loaded with baskets, such as Ibey carry tubs in. He pursued, but they escaped, except oue, whom he overlook. Tbe prosecutor tben came, and by a blow on the breast knocked him down, wbicb enabled tbe smugglers to escape. As soon as he got up and recovered . himself, be made bis way through Ihe Fisb- markel, aud tben the prosecutor again came up. He immediately said, " You are tbe fellow who insulted me: I will now take you prisoner." Tbeprpsecutpr said, " I will give it ypu again," and immediately put himself in a boxing attitude. Tbe Jury would see that there was no equality of personal strength between them, and therefore he drew his sword, but tbe proseculor rushed in and bore him down ; when tbey were down lie fold tbe prosecutor to desist or he would shoot bim ; to which bisauswer was ". Fire away and be cursed," and kept kueeling on bis breast. He ( ben 4rew his pistol aod fired, not Intending lo kill him, but to a{ armhim; for be could easily bave shot bim through the bead or body, but he fired close to bis head so as lo pass him. Tbe prosecutor then got up and ran away. Now, although there were many witnesses to tbis transaction, and could, of cour>: e, speak to Ihe truth at hi ® statement, yet there was no one who dared give evidence against a smuggler at Deal, and it was with Ihe greatest difficulty be could . procure one to come forward, and he must no more dare return to that place. He delivered tbis address in a very impressive manner, and it evidently bad great effect with the court and jury. Mr. Arquinbau merely said, tbat what bis brother olflcer affirmed was strictly true. Some witnesses were then called, who had examined Ihe mark of Ihe ball in Ibe window- sbulter, and they said from its direction it must have been fired by a person lying on ibe ground. Tbis was confirmed by one witness who saw Ibe transaction. Tbe jury foand hirn— Not Guilty. Tbe first indictment was againit Mr. Arquinban alone. It appeared, Ihat after Robinson ran away, he pursued, and inlending to fire at Robinson, his ball unfortunately hit another parson, and lie was Indicted for firing at tbe person wbom be bit. 20 30 40 50 60 TO 80 00 100 110 120 130 140 150 . . . . 45 . . . . 1 1 9 . . . . 2 48 314 314 . . . . 3 0 1 278 . . . . 8 5 1 . . . . 5 94 250 219 254 217 . . . . 2 19 3,50 » 2T 38 5,995 Total number of Benefices uol exceeding 150/. Number of Livings; Ibe value ot which are not specified, being returned as Impropriations, or Appropriallons Sinecures Number or Livings not included in tbe preceding claims, and therefore presumed to exceed Ibe value of 150/. yearly Tbe second Document comprises tbe two following heads:— No. 1.— An account or the Population, and capacity of Churches and Chapels according lo tbe Church or England, in all Benefices or Parishes wherein the Population amounts to or exceeds 2,000 and upwards, and the Churches and Chapels will not contain ase- balf, according to the diocesan returns, or other » iilisentic doenmeuls, laid before Parliam e'. No. 2. An account of the Population and capacity of Churches and Chapels according to Ibe Church of England, in all Benefices or Parishes wherein tbe Population amounts to or exceeds 4,000 in number, aud Ihe capacity of tbe Churches and Chapels dues not exceed one- fourth of tbe population, according to the diocesan returns, or other authentic documents, laid before Parliament, An ABSTRACT Of the totals or Parishes containing a population of ahov « 2,000, or wblchihe Churches will not contain one- hair:— Population 4,8,59,788 Number of persons Ihe Churches and Chapels will contain 949,222 EsceSs or population above the capacity ol Churches aud Chapels 3,710,564 An ABSTRACT Or the totals of Parishes of above 4,000 inhabitants, of wbicb the Churches will uot contain a quarter :— Population 2,947,691 Number or persune Ibe Churches and Cbapels will contain 419,193 Excess of population abovelhe capacity of Churches and Chapels 2,528,505 BANRRUPTSfrom SATURDAY'S GAZETTE, March 23. R. Garside, of Stockport, Cheshire, cotton- spinner— W. El well, of Birmingham, chemisl— J. Miles, of Uxbridge, truss- maker— T. Bishop, or Warnford court, Throgmorton- 8 tree I, London, merchant W. Towse, or Wokingham, Berkshire, merchant— J. Procter and J. Besser, or Steyuinglane, London, cloth- raclors. CORN- EXCHANGE, LONDON, Monday. Jlarch 30. We had a middling supply or Essex, Kent and Suffolk Corn, together witb two or three cargoes of Foreign Barley aad Red Wheal, fresh up to this morning's market, Ihoug'h oufi Utile English Corn iu from any other place. Fine Wheat sold very readily al an advance o[ 2s. lo 3s. perqr. from prices of Ihis day week, and tbe inferior qualities more in demand, and rather dearer. Barley and Malt were very ready sale, and are considerably higher — the Foreign Barley goes off from 50s. lo 54s. Beans and Peas of both sorts are also Is. to 2 » . per. qr. each dearer. Oats sold readily at full as good prices as this day week, our Buyers being disappointed hitherto in Iheir expectation of foreign arrivals. Wheat, Essex, Kent and Suffolk. 75s to 92<— fine to i00i. — Ditto Norfolk, Lincolnshire, and Yorkshire, new 76 « . lo 82s. to 86s— Uo. second qualities, old, 65s to 72s Do. Northumberland and Scotch. 68s. I o 74s.— line S2s.-- Do. Irish. nominal.— DittoZealand and Brabant, red ,84s. 90 « „ — white 95s. 00s.— Ditto Dantzig, Elbing, and K'oningsberg. 86s to 93s - fine 104s Do. Mecklenbergand Pomeranian Red 86s t o 00s. to 00s. Do. Riga I. ieban, or Conrland ,65s. to 72,.— Ditto Petersburg and Archangel, 60s. lo 65s. - fine T2s. Rye, 46s. to 50s. Barley grinding. 40s to 48s— Malting 52s tp 60s Malt, 76s to 80s. Peas, wbite boiling, 56s to ,59s — Grey or Hog 46t to 48i 00). Maples to 50s. Tick Beans. 44s lo 48s- Harrow 5 » s. Small Beaus 48s. to, 56s, Oats. Poland Lincolnshire. 24s to 30s. to 00a.— Yorkshlr* 25s. to 29 » . to 32s— Longor Feed 22s lo 25s to OOs.- Dltlo Small Lincolnshire, 24s to 29s. loo0s — Yorkshire, 24 s lo 20s. - Ditto York, Malton, and Stockton, common, 2- 5s to 29s Potatoe, 33s.— Northumberland and Scotch common, 25s. to * 9s— Polatoe, 32s. to 3ds.— Old 00 « Dillo Irish common, 24s. to 28s— Potatoe 26s t o 30s— Fine 32s. Ditto Foreign Feed 25s. to 28s. Brew, 33s.— Pomeranian and Holstein. 27s. to 30-. Flour, Norfolk, Ac. 05i, to 70s. to 72s.— English Household, 80s. per sack - American 52s. lo 58s. per barrel. Rape- seed, 36/. to 50/. per last. Linseed 52s to 86s— fine, 68s. lo 70s. Coriander- seed, 16* to 20s per cwt. Carr » way- seed, 46s. to 52s per c w l. Clover Seed ( red) 38s to 65s. lo 00s.— fine l o 78s.— superfine 86s. lo 98s. Ditto ( while) 38s to 80s— fine to 102s. superfine 120s. Tares new 9s. 6d. to 15s. Od. Mustard- seed, while, damp, 3s to Ts per bushel.— good to 0a dry to 10a P i t l o B r o w o , 3 s odto 13s— Superfine 16s l o 2Is. IMPOBTATIONS OP I, AST WBEK. Foreign, Wbeal 554 qrs. Barley 7^ 0, Linseed 50. — Engliab Wheal 4404 qrs. Barley 4205, Mall 53^ 8, Oats 10.7 5,8 Rye 89. Beans 1607, Peas 1177, Tares 31 — Irish, Oats 1205 qrs Fionr, British 8341 sacks. AVKRAGE OP ItVOl. ASD AND WALKS. Wheat 84s. 8d.; Rye 50s. 5d.; Barley 47s. 5d. ; Oats 2S » . 5d.; Beans 54s. 5 d . ; Peas 53s, 3d.; Oatmeal 34s. 4d. Average Price ofthe twelve Maritime Districts, for Ibe week ending 21st Marcb, ISIS. Wheat 84s. 2d.; Rye 50s. Od ; Barley 47s. 6d.; Oals 28 » . l i d . ; Beans 51s. l i d . ; Pease 51s. Sd. Average Price of Brown or Muscovado Sugar, from tb « returns of the week ending March 25, 529 . 3jd. per cwt. exclusive of duty. HULL TIDE TABLE. High Water. Morn. Tide. Even. Wide Feastt. tfe. IN. Moon ' id Sun. af Easier Old Lady Day. April 4. Saturday.. 51pasl 5 10 — 6 .22- - 8 40 — 8 48 « 7 7. Tuesday.... 5 T 20 — 7 8. Wednesday .37 1 50 — 7 9. Thursday... 7 8 23 — 8 10. Friday .43 « 9 11. Saturday . , .20 9 38 9 T h e BABTOV BOATS s a l l f r o m h e n c e f o r BAHTOKABOUT t w o hours and an half before high water ; and when Ihe w l n d l i contrary halTan hour earlier. They return trom BAHTON to Hcnii at the time or high water. The GRIMSU V BOATS sail from hence at high water and return from GIIIMSBY about three hours and a ball beforebigb water, as given l n t b e preceding Tsble. T h e STEAM PACKETS f o r G a i n s b r o ' . T h o r n e , S e l b y . a nd York, sail each day from Hull, four hours before high water and that for Grimsby , at high water. The STEAM BOAT for Driffield sails every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday , I wo hours before high wafer. Printed by W. RAWS ON A CO, L o w g a l e , Hull,
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