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The Poll for the Election of Knights of the Shire for the County of Lincoln taken 25.26,27, 1818


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County of Lincoln Poll 1818 page 1
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The Poll for the Election of Knights of the Shire for the County of Lincoln taken 25.26,27, 1818
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The Poll for the Election of Knights of the Shire for the County of Lincoln taken 25.26,27, 1818

Date of Article: 01/01/1818
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12 should infringe on ( he liberties of ( he people, lie admitted that the taxes were oppressive; but ( he debt must be paid; and the man by whom the public burthens had been made necessary was now shut up in St. Helena. All of liberty we enjoyed was secured by the happy termination of ( he war; and it was not to be expected that the brave fellows who had fought for us for twenty years, were suddenly to be thrown on the world without support, lie ( Mr. Chaplin) was an advocate for religious ( ole- ration; and at ( lie same time a firm friend to those safeguards to ( he Protestant ascendancy which ( he wisdom of our ancestors had provided. He had Ijeen for three years in Parliament for a respectable borough in the county ; anil he should be proud to conduct ( he business of the county to ( lie best of his abilities. He was accused of too much enjoying his own private amuse- ments; he confessed he delighted to live in ( he coun( ry amongst the freeholders, but he ( rusted that he should never be found to neglect the interests committed to his charge. Sir R. I1ER. ON, in explanation, said any observations of his had applied to ( he political conduct only of Mr. Chaplin. He esteemed his private life highly. On Thursday ( lie 26th, the Polling commenced in thirteen Booths, the thirty Wapentakes and Hundreds of the County being classed in them in the following manner,— • Booth No. 1 ... Manley. No. 2... Yarborough and Bradley- Haversfoe. No. 5... Corringham, Aslacoe, and Well. No. 4... Walshcroft, Lawress, and Wraggoe. No. 5... J- udborough, and Louth- Esk. No. 6... Gartree, Calceworlh, and Hill. No. 7... Horncastle Soke, Candleshoe, and Bolingbroke Soke. No. 8... Boothby- Grnffoe, and Langoe. No. 9... Iiovedon, Winnibriggs and Threo, and Grantham. No. 10... Maxwell, Aswardhurn, and Aveland. No. 11 ... Beltisloe, and Ness. No. 12... Skirbeck, and Ivirton. No. 13... Elloe. The polling in the thirteen booths, which was from nine o'clock till five, was superintended by an attorney in each for Mr. Pelham and Mr. Chaplin ; and for Sir RobertHeron by an unprofessional friend. Seven Deputy Sheriffs presided over ( he thirteen booths, and when an objection arose to any vote, in which all parties in the booth did not accord, the freeholder was referred to the High Sheriff and his assessor Mr. Serjeant Heywood, sitting in ( he County Hall.
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