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Gore's General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: J. Gore 
Volume Number: LIV    Issue Number: 2688
No Pages: 4
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Gore's General Advertiser
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Gore's General Advertiser

Date of Article: 17/07/1817
Printer / Publisher: J. Gore 
Address: Lower Castle-street, Liverpool
Volume Number: LIV    Issue Number: 2688
No Pages: 4
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GORE'S GENERAL ADVERTISER. [ No. 2688— Vol. LIV.] LIVERPOOL ( THURSDAY) JULY 17, 1817. Theatre- Royal. MR. E. KNIGHT, Of the Theatre- Royal, Drury- lane, HA S the honour of acquainting his Friends and the Public in general, that his BENEFIT will take place Tomorrow, ( FRIDAY) the 18th instant, on which occasion will be revived the celebrated Comedy of EVERY ONE HAS HIS FAULT. The character of Lady Elinor Irwin by Mrs. E. Knight, of the Theatre- Royal. Drury- lane, being her only appearance this season ;) Harmony, Mr. Munden ; Old Solus, Mr. E. Knight. In the course of the evening, a variety of new Comic SONGS and RECITATIONS ; Southev's Poein of" Mary the Maid of the Inn" on which is founded the highly distinguished Melo Drama of" The Innkeeper's Daughter," by Mrs. E. Knight, as recited by her at the Theatre Royal, Drury- lane. The last new popular Comic Song, called " The Art of Lying, and how to tell the Truth"— The Courtier's I. ie The Lawyer's Lie— The Doctor's Lie— The Farmer's Lie— Bonaparte's Lie— The Foreigner's Lie The Player's Lie— and Truth in Propria Persona;, by Mr. E Knight. A new Comic Song, called " The Yorkshireman's Coal of Aims, or the Flea, the Fly. the Magpie, and the F'itch of Bacon," by Mr. E. Knight. A new Ballad, entitled • A Sailor's Life, or Cheerily Ho," by Miss Andrews; the words by Mr. E. Knight, the uiusic by Mr. T. Cooke. A Recitation, called " The Yorkshire Jury, or a new way of Sitting upon the Body," by Mr. E. Knight. A celebrated Comic Song, by Mr. Munden, And ( by desire) " Farmer Stump's peep at the Lon- don Fashions," by Mr. E Knight. The whole to conclude with the Comic Afterpiece of MODErN ANTIQUES; Or, the MERRV MOURNERS. Old Cockletop by Mr. Munden ; Joey, Mr. E. Knight. Tickets to be had of Mr. K. Knight, 13, Williamson- Square, and of Mr. Roberts, at the Box office. LIVERPOOL, Sth July, 1817. TO DEALERS IN OIL. THE Commissioners appointed in pursuance of an Act of Parliament, for lighting the town of Liver- pool, intend to meet in the Committee Room, over the Pork Shambles, on Friday the ist day of August next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, to receive pro- posals in writing from any person willing to contract with them for lighting the Lamps ( those about the Docks excepted) and finding Oil and other materials for the same for one year, from the eleventh day of September following. The Lamps at present are about 4CXX) in number, some with glass burners, ( not reflec tors) and have in general two spouts each, composed of uot less than twenty threads of cotton. The Lamps are to burn full and clear in the months of August and September, from seven in the evening, in October from siv, in November, December, January, and February tram four, in March and April from six, in May from eight, and in June and July from nine till day- light.— The Contractor must paint the Lamp tops, and repair and replace all cracked and broken Lamps at his own expence, and within six days from the expiration of his contract collect and deliver the same to the Commis- sioners, or to such person as they shall appoint,-- The payments by the Commissioners will be made half Yearly. Sealed Tenders may be addressed to EDWARD BLACKSTOCK, Clerk to the Commissioners. The last Contract may be seen at the oflice of EDW. BLACKSTOCK, in Saiut John's- lane, in Liverpool, or AT that of Messrs. BIACKSTOCK & BuNCE. Solicitors. Temple, London. Prime MESS BEEF and PORK, in Tierces, Barrels, and Half Barrels, Cork Rose Pickled, Belfast and other BUTTERS. Irish BACON and HAMS, Shetland LING FISH and COD FISH, Rendered and Leaf LARD, NEATS' and PIGS TONGUES, COD OIL, Irish OX HIDES and CALF SKINS, Irish TALLOW, Yorkshire WOOLLENS, PINE TIMBER and LATH WOOD, Gaboon BAIIWOOD, SASSAFRAS, in bond. Apply to HENDERSON, SELLAR and Co. Who have also oil Sale, 1000 Tons PINE TIMBER, at St. John's New Brunswick. And to Let, several WAREHOUSE ROOMS, well adapted for Cotton. Grain, & c. Sicily SHUMAC, and BRIMSTONE, of a fine quality ; Jersey CIDER, Champaigne, Marsala WINE. Apply to Messrs. Robin and King, or T. and I. LITTLEDALE, Brokers. BARK HILL COPPERAS. Apply to WM. HENRY BALDWIN, Drury- lane Prime MESS BEEF and PORK, in tierces, barrels, and half barrels ; NEATS and PIGS TONGUES, in firkins and kegs; Cork Rose Pickled, and Newry BUTTER; Irish and Scotch BACON and HAMS; Irish Salted HIDES and SKINS, and Brazil Dried HIDES; New Shetland Dried LING, TUSK, and COD FISH ; Leaf LARD, and Rendered LARD, in firkins, for Exportation; Scotch WOOL, and KELP; LINSEED OIL; Yorkshire WOOLLEN; Brazil COCOA; FUSTIC, BALSAM CAPIVI, INDIA RUBBER, SARSAPARILLA, and CANARY WOOD. Apply to WHITTINGHAM and DAWSON, No. 6, Pownall- street. Liverpool Manufactured NAILS, at the Staffordshire prices. Apply to TIMOTHY GIBBONS and Co. Beckwith- street, Park- lane. Double Rose Cork Pickled BUTTER.? for Refined LARD, in Firkins and Kegs^ Exportation, Dry BUTTER, Prime new Mess BEEF, in Tierces, Barrels add Half Barrels, Ditto Ditto PORK, in Barrels and Half Barrels, Russian BRISTLES, first quality. Apply to A. F. & R. MAXWELL, Redcross- strcet. CORDAGE, for Home Use and Exportation, Manufactured by one of the oldest & most respectable Rope- makers in the kingdom.— The former is made of the best St. Petersburg Clean Hemp, with the short taken out, and from the fineness of the . Yarn, the number of them contained in each of these Ropes, is is riearlv one- fourth more than usual. Apply to W. and A. MAXWELL. CHELTENHAM WELLINGTON MANSION. MRS. ORMSbY begs leave to infoim her Friends and the Visitors of Cheltenham, that she ha- taken as a Boardin^ aud Lodging House, for a select company, this elegant and spacious Mansion and Grounds, the Seat of Colonel Riddle, which was last Summer inhabited by their Graces tile Dukes of Wel- lington and Orleans. The spacious and cool apart- reiits render it a most desirable residence. References are required. I" K) LET, on reasonable terms, several convenient DWELLING- HOUSES, delightfully situated ou Ever ton Terrace.— Apply to E. LORIMEr. T| tO be LET, a commodious WAREHOUSE and JL YARD, east side of the New Quay.— Apply to James RICKArBY and Co. 9, Exchange- alley. ri AO be LET or SOLD, the COUNTING- HOUSE JL WAREHOUSE, & c. No. 13, Goree Piazzas, • i present occupied by Messrs. Maitland, Smith & Co. to whom apply for further particulars. rSIO be SOLDor LET, u large convenient DWEL- JL LING HOUSE, ( with or without a Four- stall Stable and Coach- house at the back), situated west side of Duke- street, late the residence of John B. Aspinall, Esq. Apply to Mr. HENRY LEWIS, at the Counting- house, in Henry- street, or at No. 60, Islington. ADVANTAGEOUS INVESTMENT oj MONEY. RSPO be SOLD, a HOUSE, in Bold- street,— Price 1 — Rent £ 65—£ 400 of the Purchase- money may remain on mortgage.— For particulars apply to Mr. Jos. ORME, Solicitor, Tyrer- street. To CHEMISTS and DRUGGISTS. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, rgTlE STOCK in TRADE and FIXTURES I of a Dtuggist, the amount of which does not ex cei- d £ 450, eligibly situated in Warrington, and com- mands an excellent prescription and retail trade. For further particulars apply to Messrs. d. Morris and Co. of Liverpool, or Mr. Samuel Foster, manufacturer, Warrington, if by letter, post- paid. To be LET, r, nd may be entered upon immed; ately. r | AH AT capital modern large DWELLING- X HOUSE, and COUNTING- HOUSES re- plete. with every convenience requisite for a Merchant and Family of respectability ; together with the Stables, Coach- houses, and other attached Outbuildings, and also an extensive Garden, containing a large Grape, house and l'inery, and a Green- bouse, all iu the liigh- *.>. state of cultivation and perfection, situate on the west side, near the south end of Duke- street, in Liver- pool, the properly of It. Benson, Esq. The Premises may be - viewed by Ticket, upon appli- cation to Mr. FOSTER, at His office, in Lawtoa- streU, fiom whom further particulars may be had. TO be LET for a Term, with immediate possession ELM HOUSE, situate in Edge- lane, near the Old Swan, distant about three miles from Liverpool together with about thirteen statute Aces of Land, good walled Garden, Hothouse, Stabling for six Horses, double Coach- house, Shippon, & e. The House con sists of Dining and Drawing Rooms, of large dimen- sions, Breakfast- room, Store- room, Kitchen and other Offices ou the ground floor; five Bed rooms, two Dress- ing- rooms, and Store- room on the first floor; five Rooms in t{ i? Attics. Also, a COTTAGE adjoining to be Let. For particulars inquire of Miss Parr, Wavertree; Mr. James Parr, Argyle- street, or Messrs. CARTWRIGHT and FINLOW, Molyneux- place, Water- street, Liverpool. New Cork Rose BUTTER, In Firkins and Half Firkins, Iron- hooped, an3 Pickled and Prepared for a Hot Climate; Dry DITTO, for Home Use or Exportation ; Clean Grease and Scrapings of BUTTER, for Sheep Salve; And Prime Mess BEEF and PORK, in Tierces, Barrels and Half Barrels. Apply to BENJAMIN THOMAS, Goree. VIDONIA, SAUTERNE and DE GRAVE, WINE, in Bond; CLARET, ill Six Dozen Cases, vintage 1811, Of very superior quality, MANGANESE, Ground and in Lumps; 50ni TREENAILS, assorted; A CAPSTERN, suitable for a large Vessel; TIN, TIN PLATES. . SPEL TER and COPPER. HORNE and STACKHOUSE. lOO. Firkins and 500 Bladders of prime LARD, Cumberland and other cuied HAMS and BACON, Prime Mess BEEF, PORK, Ox & I'igs TONGUES, Tierces, Barrels, Half Barrels, Firkins and Kegs; Belfast, Newry, pickled Cork clean and dirtv gieasc BUTTER; - Cheshire, Glo'ster, Pine and other fancy CHEESE; CALVES VELVeS or BAGS, & Bristol TRIPE. Apply to P. SOWErBY & SON, 69, Lord- street. FLINT GLASS, Of very superior quality, and particularly ad. mted for the East India and other Foreign Markets, CROWN and GREEN WINDOW GLASS, and GLASS BOTTLES, EARTHENWARE and CHINA, GUNPOWDER of London & Country Manufacture, BAR. ROD, HOOP, and PIG IRON, IRON CHESTS, SUGAR PANS, and all other descriptions of CAST IRON, NAILS. CHAINS, TRACES, & c. STEEL, Patent Carolina IIOES, BILL HOOKS, and all sorts of C A ST STEEL, TIN PLATES, COTTON BAGGING, SAIL CANVAS. SACKS and SACKING, TWINES, Ac. - SWAN, CIIAPPEL and HEYWOOD, Cook street. Common Fishery and Stoved SALT, EARTHENWARE, Orders for which are executed with the utmost punc- tuality, and upon the most liberal discounts. River and Canal COAL, Black and Blue CLAY, CHINA STONE, FLINT STONES, and CHIRK STONES, 10 Tons COPPERAS. Apply to RIGG BROTHERS. Wharf adjoining the Fort, Bath- street. Who continue to convey Potters' Materials and Earthenware on the whole line of Canal, to and from the Potteries, upon very reasonable terms. Expeditions Conveyance by Water on the LEEDS AND LIVERPOOL CANAL. BROOKE, MARSDEN AND CO. beg leave to inform their Friends and the Public in general, that their Boats on the Fly System, leave their Warehouse, top of Oldhall- street, Li- verpool, Every Night, ( Sunday ex- cepted). and convey Goods, on one bottom, to Henfield, Burnley, Colne, Gargrave, Skip- ton, Keighley, Otley, Bradford, and Leeds, and all adjacent and intermediate Places. They also forward Goods, by respectable connexions, from Leeds to Wakefield. Barnsley, Rotheram, Don- caster, and Sheffield to Tadcaster, York, Selhy, and Hull; and all Places in the North, East, and South of Yorkshire. jfj- Office on tlie Canal Bridge, top of Oldhall- street. By NEWTON, LYON and Co. Copper and Lead Manufacturers and Merchants, WHITE LEAD, of excellent quality, Sheet, Pig, and Bar LEAD, Red LEAD and Patent PIPE, Potter's ORE and LITHARGE. Also, COPPER of every description, for Shipping or Brazier's use. Cooper's- row. 10 Pipes and 40 Hhds. MADEIRA WINE, Which will be disposed of upon very moderate terms by the single Pipe or Hogshead. Apply to MAURY and LATHAM, 3, Exchange- buildings. Sicily and American SI1UMAC. Sicily BARILLA, LEMON JUICE, LIQUORICE PASTE, Olive OIL, Messina NUTS, Naples ARGOLS, Turkey SAFFLOWER, ' Cuba FUSTIC, Jamaica LOGWOOD, POT ASHES , Quercitron BARK East India INDIGO Turkey MADDER ROOTS. Apply to DUTTON and DUNN, Brokers. 7, Exchange- buildings. w SUPERFINE WRITING PAPER, AND ACCOUNT b00KS. ROBINSON and SONS respectfully inform the Merchants, Tradesmen, & c. of Liverpool, that ' they have constantly on Sale, on very moderate terms, at their Warehouse in Brunswick- street anil " Castle- street, a large assortment of Superfine Kentish Writing Papers, Bath Post, Copying Paper, Blotting Paper, Sample Paper, Cap Paper, & c. They can confidently recommend their Account Books being all made of Whatman's Paper, and bound under their own inspection. A liberal, discount, allowed for ready money orders. bEAUTIFUL CABINET BIBLE, 3 volumes, imperial 8vo. illustrated with 31 fine Engraving., by Heath, after Westall's designs.— Printed at Oxford, at the Clarendon Press. In consequence of the failure of Messrs. White, Coch- rane and Co. the original proprietors of this splendid Book, it may now he had at a considerable reduction in price, and in a variety of elegant bindings, from W. Robinson and Sons. W. Grapel, Wright and Cruiek- shank, T. Kaye, T. Muncaster, Johnson Gore, E. Wil- lan, and Thomas Taylor, booksellers, Liverpool. From whom may he had, Britton's Fine Arts of the English School, with 24 fine Engravings, at a very reduced price. Dy Order oj tht Assignees of William Mathews, a bankrupt. At ' tha George Inn, in Dale- street, Liverpool, This Day, ( Thursday) the 17th day of July, at one o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions of sale as will then fie produced, aLL that piece or parcel of LAND or GROUND. with the Sheds, and other Buildings thereon erected, situate and being on the north side of Dicken- son- street and east side of Gilbert street, iu Liverpool, containing in front to Dickinson- street, 120 feet, to Gilbert- street 148 feet 6 inches, and running in rear along premises of Mr. Geoige Shurrocks, Sj feet 9 inches, and on the south side thereof along premi- es of the late Mr. John Parr 158 feet, or thereabouts, and now in tlie possession of Messrs. R. and G. Benn and others, as tenants thereof. Also a capital and substantially built Warehouse, Counting- house, Yard, and Premises, situate on the south- west side of Lydia Ann- street, in Liverpool, con- taining in front thereto 85 feet 6 inches, and in rear or depth backwards, along a Warehouse of the said Mr. John Parr, i. 0' 2 feet 4 inches, in breadth at the back 75 feet 4 inches, and on the north side thereof, along pre- mises of William Fawcett and Co. 96 feet 6 inches, or thereabouts, and now in possession of James Sill and tliers, as tenants thereof. The above premises are freehold of inheritance. For other particulars apply to Messrs. GRiffiTH and HINDJe, Solicitors to the Assignees, or Mr, JOHN WHITlEy, Solicitor to the Mortgagee. This Paih-{ T'hursd:,; ) the 17th inst. at six o'clock iu the evening, at the George Inn, in Dale- street, in Liver- pool. subject to such conditions of sale as will be then produced, Lot 1. A DWElliNG hoUSE on the cast side jL~\„ of Russel- street, iu Liverpool, containing in front thereto 5 yards I foot, and running in depth to Jervis- street 35 yaids 1 foot and 9 : nches, or thereabouts, including atn area of 12 yaids lo the front of Russel- street, now in the possession of Mr. P. Turner. i> A Dwelling- house, on the north side of and ad- joining Lot 1, containing in front to Russel- street J yards I foot, and tunning in depth to Jervis- street, on the nOfth side, 35 yards, and on the south side 35 yards I foot, or thereabouts, including the area of 1 ' 2 yards to the front of Russel- street, now in the possession of Mr. Robert Hadfield. The Property is herd by Lease under the Corporation of Liverpool for three lives ( all in being) and 21 years, under the usual ground rent. . For. further particulars apply to Mr. Jonathan Lock- wood, builder, Russel- street, Liverpool, surviving Exc- cutor of the late Mr. John Lord. EDUCATION— PARKGATe. mISS GORDONS beg leave to return sincere thanks to their friends and the public for the kind patronage anil encouragement which they have hitherto received, and respectfully inform them, that their School will re- open on Monday the 21st July. Miss Gordons have room for a limited number of Young LADIES, who are instructed in all the polite and useful acquirements of Education, on the most moderate terms, and their Parents and Friends may depend upon the most studious attention being paid to their health, morals, and good conduct. The situation of Parkgate is well known for its ex- cellent Sea- bathing and salubrious air, and the School is in a pleasant and retired part of the Village, where the Young Ladies will liave the most favourable oppor- tunities lor exercise, so essentially necessary to health, without inconvenience or observation. For Terms, & c. they beg ieave to refer to George Reed, Esq. Roseman- street, London; Mess. J. S. and W. Woodhouse, merchants, Henry- street, or J. Gore. Printer. Castle- street, Liverpool. Parkgate, My 3, 1SI7. Clerk if the Peace's Office, Preston, 4th . Tunc, 1817: ALTERATION of the QUARTER SESSIONS \ T Oil CE is hereby given, that the Magistrates X 1 assembled at the last General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the County of Lancaster, ordered and di- rected that the Quarter Sessions should in future be ad- journed from Preston to Salford, to the Tuesday follow- ing, and from Salford to Ormskirk or Wigan, ( in the usual order) to the Monday next but oue afterwards. And that the next Sessions will accordingly beholden At the Court- House in Preston, on Thursday the 17( h. At the New Bailey Court- House in Salford, on Tues- day the 22d day of July next. At the Court- House in Ormskirk, on Monday the 4th day of August next. And at Liverpool, for the trial of the Prisoners com- mitted to the County House of Correction in Liver- pool aforesaid, on Thursday the 7th day of August next. E. GORST, Deputy Clerk of the Peace. This Day, ( Thursday) the 17th inst. at six o'clock in the evening, at the George Inn, in Dale- street, in Liver- pool, subject to such conditions of sale as will be then produced, Lot 1. A dWElliNG houSE, on the west side of Seymour- Street, in Liverpool, containing iu front thereto 18 feet, and running in depth to Villers- street 90 feet, now in the possession of Mr. Lewin. 2. A Dwelling- house, oh the west side of Seymour- strcet,' containing in front thereto 16 feet 4 inches, and running in depth to Villers- street 90 feet, now in the possession of Mr. George Nelson. i A Dwelling house, on the north side of and ad- joining lot 2, and of the same dimensions, now in the possession of Mr Kewley. 4. A Dwelling- house and Shop, on the north side of Copperas- hill, and at the corner of Moor- place, in Li- verpool, containing in front to Copperas- hill 3S feet 2 inches, and to Moor- place 7 feet 9 inches, now in the possession of Mr. Septimus Gritton, druggist. i. A Dwelling- house on the east side of Greek- street, in Liverpool, containing in front thereto 6' 0 feet 3 inches, and iu front to Copperas- hill 15 feet, now in the pos- session of Mr. Yarnel. C. A Dwelling- house on the south side of Dovcr- tr ? t, in Liverpool, containing in front thereto 31 yards or thereabouts, and in front to Brownlow- stioet, 5 yards or thereabouts, now in the possession of Mrs. Clowes. 7. A Piece of Unbuilt Ground, on the west side and near the top of Seymour- street aforesaid, containing in front thereto 35 feet, and running iu depth to Villers- street 90 feet, or thereabouts. The whole of the Premises are held under the Cor- poration of Liverpool for three lives, ( all in being) and 21 years, subject to the usual ground rents. For further particulars apply to Mr. Daniel Stewart, Surveyor, Warren- street, or Mr. Jonathan Lockwood. Builder, Russel- street, Liverpool, Executors of the late Mr. Thomas Dover. ST. DOMINGO ESTATE, EVERTON. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, ^ rs HIE highly valuable and improveable ESTATE called ST. DOMINGO, situate in - the most de- sirable part of Ever ton i within two miles of Liverpool. proposals for the purchase of the whole qr any part of the estAte ( except lot 2,) either with or without the Buildings as they now stand, or fur the Buildings Seperate from the Land, will be received by the Comp- troller,- of the Barrack Department. Spring Gardens, London, with Proposals for Premises at Liverpool," Marked on the Cover. If acceptable offers are not received for the whole ot the Estate or before the ? 5th of July next, the re XT,.,;., ttt will be put up by Auction, on or before the i.' ith of August nexi. of which due notice will be given A plan of the Estate, . with the Lots marked out. 4> av - mi. and further particulars known, by apply- ing at the Barrack Office, Spring Gardens. London, Or lo Messrs. WiNsANLey and Crole Church- street. Liverpool. liverpool, iAd June, 1817. GENTEEl RESIDENCE IN SHROPSHIRE, To he SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, ripHAT Capital MANSION HOUSE, colled jj Bn 0.0 Mil AIL, with about 20 Acres of most ex- cellent Meadow Land, within a ring fence. The House comprises on the ground floor, a spacious Entrance- ball, with Stone Staircase, Dining- room, 30 feet by 20 feet; Breakfast Parlour. 21 feet by 16 feet; Library, an excellent Kitchen, Housekeeper's Room. Servants' Hall, Butler's Pantry, capital Cellars, Dairy, and other requisite detached offices. On the first floor, Drawing- room, 30 feet by 20 feet; Six best Lodging- rooms with Dressing- rooms, and 3 Servants'- rooms. The Out- buildings consist of a large Coach- house, Stall Stabling for ten Horses, Cow- house, Granary, Piggeries and other necessary Out- offices, in complete repair; an excellent walled Garden, ( with fines) well- stocked with the choicest Fruit Trees, in full bearing; good Kitchen and Flower Gardens, Shrubberies, & c. The House stands upon a gentle acclivity, command- ing a most del ghtful and extensive view of the counties of Salop, Stafford and Montgomery, in a genteel neigh- bourhood, within half a mile of the town of Oswestry, in the county of Salop, through which the Loudon and Holyhead Mail Coaches pass daily, and a Coach to Chester. If required, the purchaser may be accommodated with a Farm of about 10Q Acres, within three miles of the Mansion. The Premises may be viewed on application at the house, and further particulars known ( if by letter post- paid) by applying to mr. edWARDS, Solicitor, in Os- westry. tHe creditors who have proved debts against the the estate of James Hodson and Co. may receive a second dividend ( 2s. in the pound) by applying at the office of Messrs. JOSEPH KING and SON, Ac- countants, in Matthew- street, between the hours of 10 and 12. I'o MERCHANTS, CAPTAINS, & c. IT is an acknowledged fact, that of the many Soaps, Lotions, and Washes now offered to the Public, the VEGETABLE OIL PASTE SOAP has the de- served preference. The cooling and emolient qualities of this Soap cannot fail of pleasing every unprejudiced person. It is calculated for every climate and every weather. Those Ladies and Gentlemen who experience the smarting occasioned by excessive heat, or have a pimpled or lender face, will find in the Vegetable Soap immediate relief. But a few days ago a Gentleman, just returned from abroad, informed the Proprietor tliat he experienced excessive smarting from the use of soap purchased ill London, which was immediately removed by washing with his Shaving Cake of Vegetable Soap. If the Gentleman who so kindly spoke of the Vegetable Soap chance to see this, and would be kind enough to mention the fact to the Piinter, without advertising hi: name, it would be a strong recommendation, and an in- ducement lo many Ladies and Gentlemen who have Friends in those climates where no other article can preserve the skin against scorching heat and intense cold. The proprietor will be very thankful for any ac- knowledgment, where the virtues of the Soap have been proved in order that it may be purchased and used with convenience. It is a rule with him not to exaggerate in the recommendation of any article; but if ever that should chance to be the case undesignedly, he has been ready to return the money. If this method of doing business was generally adopted, be doubts not but his Soap, would be the only Soap in use. Few venders would wish to be responsible for, and engage the articles sold to possess what the advertisement professes. The Vegetable Soap removes all smarting occasioned by heat, pimples, the scurvy, and every eruption of the skin, rendering it white, smooth and agreeable. Sold in Cakes at ed. and Is. each, or 5s. and 10s. per dozen; Shaving Cakes of the same Is. and Is. 6d. and Boxes and Soap 2s. each, at J. MIDDLEWOOD'S Fruit Warehouse, and Vegetable Soap and Botannic Oil Manufactory, 42, Redcross- street. If every vender of Oils, sold for promoting the growth and strengthening and improving the hair, was asked by their customers if they would warrant, this to possess virtues equal to those of the Botannic Oil, or return the money, the Proprietor of the Botannic Oil would require no better recommendation.—( See Advertisement Bills at the Shop. J T. Morris was bald two years, from the use of impro- per articles to cure Ihe ling- worm. After every other Oil had been used, and every experiment made, the ge- neral opinion was that nothing could restore the hair. One small bottle of Botannic Oil was used on one sule of the head, by way of experiment, and has since fully restored it. Mr. Potter's hair was lost by verdigrease. Various articles were applied without effect, and one small hottle of the Botannic Oil restored it. Sold as above at 4s. fid. Vod 7s, per b. ottle, and thr* e large and one small at 20s. FLANNELS, BAIZES, MENS' HATS, < S- c. By BRANCH and SON, This Day, ( Thursday) the 17th instant, at one o'clock, at the Hanover- rooms, in lots to suit the purchasers, 15 Pieces White FLANNEL, 5 Pieces Green DITTO, 4 Pieces Red DITTO, _ 7 Pieces Green and Red BAIZE, 7 Dozens Mens' HATS, & c. Catalotigues may be had at the Rooms. BOOKS, , fc. By BRANCH and SON, To- morrow, ( Friday) the 18th inst. at eleven o'clock precisely, at the Hanover- rooms, V COLLECTION of BOOKS, in various depart- 2. A. ments of Literature, amongst which be found the Encyclopedia, Hume and Smoliet's History of Eng- land, Edwards's West Indies, I. anghorn's Plutarch. Gibbon's Roman Empire, Henry's Great Britain, the Edinburgh Review, Clarendon's Rebellion, Montaigne's Essays, Johnson's Poets, Bayley's Dictionary, I. es CEuvres de Voltaire, Crebillon et Moliere, Ciceroni's Opera Omnia, & c. many of which are in handsome bindings. To lie viewed This Day, the 17th, when Catalogues may. be had from Messrs. Branch and Son. Furniture at the Hanover Rooms. By BRANCH and SON, On Wednesday next, the 23d inst. and following days, at eleven o'clock precisely each day, at the Hanover Room*, aN extensive assortment of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, an Eight- day Clock, a Piano Forte, several sets of Superb China. Rich Cut Glass, modern Plated Articles, Chimney, Pier and Toilette Glasses, Brussels, Venetian, and Kidderminster Car- pets. and other valuable EfFects, removed for the con- venience of sale. The Furniture comprises modern Four- post Bed- steads, with rich Printed Chintz, Calico, French Grey Morine, and other Furnitures, Camp Ditto, with suit- able Hangiags, seasoned Feather Beds, Mattresses, Blankets and Counterpanes, painted Chamber Chairs. Tables and Basin Stands, Carpets, Cane Seated Chairs; modern Mahogany Articles in capital Set of Dining Tables, on Pillars and Claws, about 16 feet long in ex- cellent condition, with a Set of Dining- room Chairs to correspond, Cellaret Sideboards, Parlour Chairs, Card, Pembroke, Snap, and Work Tables, Couches and Sofas in Hair Cloth, Easy Chairs, Night Commodes, a Wardrobe, Chests of Drawers, Child's Cot, Portable Desks, & c. handsome Fenders and Fire Irons, Kitchen Chairs and Tables, Culinary Utensils and other useful articles. To be viewed on Tuesday next, the 22d inst. when catalogues may be bad from Messrs. Branch and Son. Household, Furniture Church- street. By Messrs. WINSTANLEY and CROLE, This Day ( Thursday) 17th. and To- morrow, ( Fri- day) the 18th inst. at eleven o'clock precisely each day, at their Rooms, Church- street, AN assortment of useful HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE, Plate, Gold and Silver Watches, Counting- house and other Fixtures, an a- sortment ot Wearing Apparel, calculated for the East or West Indies, and other effects, removed for the convenience of sale. The Furniture consists of useful Four- post and Camp Bedsteads, with and Without hangings, Feather and Down Beds and bedding, Pier and Dressing Glasses. Fenders, Fire Irons, Painted Floor Cloths, Carpets of various descriptions, Window Curtains, excellent Ma- hogany Articles in Winged and other Wardrobes. Chests of Drawers, set of Dining Tables, Mahogany Chairs, Pembroke and other Tables, & c. & e. a large quantify of good Kitchen Requisites, a Malt and Bean Mill, & Cm Catalogues may be had of Messrs. Wm Stanley and Crole, Church- street. SALE OF CARRIAGES, By Messrs. WINSTANLEY and CROLE, On Saturday next, the 19th instant, precisely at twelve o'clock, at Mr. Wilson's Livery Stables, tWO SOCIABLE CARS and HARNESS. A Light Travelling Chariot. An exellent Curricle, with Shafts'to drive ava and Harness. Sundry Saddles, Bridles, fyc. To be viewed on the morning of sale. Genuine & Valuable Private STOCK of wInES. By WINSTANLEY and CROlE, On Wednesday next, the 23d inst. at twelve . o'clock precisely, at their Rooms, in Churchi- street, ONE Hundred- a. id- forty Dozen of PORT WINE, of superior quality, of different ages iu the bottle, from one to eight yeais. Twenty Dozen Fine LISBON, Red and White. Twelve Doze'n excellent mADeirA. Three Dozen MALMSEY DITTO. Nine Dozen of CLARET. The whole being Piivate Stock, and will be permitted from the Cellar of the Proprietor. The Wines, may be tasted at the time of sale, and Catalogues may be hac| of Mess. Winstanley and Crole, Church- street, By Order ot the Assignees of a Bankrupt. On Wednesday next, the 25d instant, at six o'clock in the evening, at the George Inn: in Dale- street, in liverpool. Lot tHE REVERSIONARY ESTATE of the Bankrupt, now aged 30s payable in the event of his outliving a Lady aged 01, of and in the principal sum of £ 200'.', secured upon the property after- mentioned, { or so far us the same will be compe- tent thereto,) after payment and satisfaction of a prior claim of ^ 1200, viz. ' Four Houses adjoining each other, on the west side of Soho- street, iu Liverpool, in the several occupations of Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Whiteley, and Mrs. Taylor, producing the rental of =£ 103 per annum. A Messuage or Dwelling- house on the east side of AtkinSon- street, in the occupation of Mr. Slone, at the yearly rent of =£ 18 IBs. And also, all those Stables, Gig- house, Coach- house and Piemises, on the east side of Atkinson- street, ad- joining the last lot, at. the present untenanted, lately in the occupation of Joseph Berry, Livery- stable- keeper. The above Premises are Freehold of lnheritance;. 2. The Life Interest of the Bankrupt, of and in certain Household Furniture, valued at the sum of £ 258 4 s 0( 1. For particulars apply to Mr. CHARLES BIRD, So- licitor, Castle- ditch, Liverpool. By Order of' the Assignees of a Bankrupt. On Friday the 25th instant, at six o'clock in ilie even- ing, at the George Inn, in Dale- street, Liverpool, Lot 1. ALL that newly- erected and well- finished J\ Freehold HOUSE and GARDEN, on the west side of Soho- street. in Liverpool, containing in front thereto six yards, and in depth to Atkinson- street forty yards, in the occupation of Miss Yate. This House contains two Parlours, Kitchen, Scul- lery. and Pantry, on the first floor; good Cellaring, Drawing- room, and four Bed- rooms, with Store and Dressing- room. 2. A Freehold Dwelling- house, on the north side of Mansfield- street, and east sicie of Atkinson street afore- said, in the occupation of Henry Hart, at the yearly rent of .£ 18 18s. 5. An Office or Counting- house, on the east side of the New Haymarket, and on the north side of Hanley- street, in Liverpool, in the several occcupations of Mr. Gibson, sculptor, and of Thomas Blackburn. This lot is held under the Corporation of Liverpool, for three lives and 21 years, all of whom are iu being, subject, to the usual ground rent For particulars as to lot 1. inquire of Messrs Avi- SON and WHEELER, Solicitors, Hanover- street; as to lot 2, of Mr. THOMPSON, Solicitor, Slater's- court. Castle- street; and as to the whole of Mr. CHARLES BIRD, Solicitor, Castle- ditch. At the house of Mr. William Hughes, the Nag's Head Jnn, iu Warrington, in the county of Lancaster on Wednesday next, the 23d day of July, at six o'clock in the evening, ( unless disposed of by Private Con- tract of which due notice will be given), - ii> the fol- lowing or such other Lots as shall then be agreed upon, and subject to such conditions as shall be prStluced, Lot 1. ALL that substantially erected and well accustomed INN or PUBLIC- HOUSE, situate on the north side of Butter Market- street, in Warrington aforesaid, called the Waggon and Horses, with the Brewhouse, two Stables* Cellars capable of holding a Stock of 6000 Gallons of Ale, and other conveniences to the same belonging, now occupied by Mr. Richard Cartwright, tliQ Owner. Lot 2.— All that spacious Edifice or Building, three stories high, situate on the north side of Butter Market- street aforesaid, and adjoining to the above- mentioned Public- hoUse, now and for many years past used as a Carrier's and Manufacturer's Warehouse, together wit}* the extensive Yard behind the same, and complete Stabling therein for 30 Horses, now occupied by Mr. John Kenworthy, as Tenant thereof. Should the Inn and Manufacturer's Warehouse not be sold, it is proposed to offer them for letting by Ticket the same Evening. Mr. Cartwright will shew the Premises, and all further particulars may be had from him, Mr. John Ashton, or Messrs. BOVER and NICHOLSON, Solictors, Warrington. A PEREMPTORILY, At the house of Mrs. Robinson, the Union Tavern, in Berry- street, in Liverpool, on Tuesday the 29th day of July inst. at seven o'clock in the evening, ALL, that Piece or Parcel of LAND, with the MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE and other Buildings thereon erected, as the same is now in the occupation of Mr. James Longworth, situate on the north side of Mount Pleasant, in Liverpool aforesaid, containing in front thereto 75 yards .1 inches, and run- ning in depth on the east side 45 yards one foot,' on the west side 39 yards 2 fept 6 inches, and on the north side 58 yards 2 feet. The above Premises are held by Lease from the Cor- poration of Liverpool, for three lives and 21 years Should the whole not be sold together, the Premises will be put up in lots immediately afterwards. A Plan of the Premises may be seen, and further particulars had by applying at the office of Mr. BARDS- WELL, Solicitor, Drury- lane, Liverpool. Capital FREEHOLD ESTATE in CHESHIRE By Mr. WILLOCK, At Garraway's Coffee- house, in ' Change- alley, Corn- liill, London, on Tuesday the 29th instant, at 12 o'clock, in one lot; COMPACT and very valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, called BRERETON PARK, situate in the Township of Foulk Stapleford, in the Parish of Tarvin, six miles from the City of Chester, and ten from Northwich ; consisting of three veiy excellent Farms adjoining together and lying within a ring fence, containing upwards of four hundred and five acres of rich, chiefly grazing land, in the occupation of Messrs. William Dodd, Joseph Dutton, and John Reece, on leases at improvable rents. This very desirable property is situate within, six • miles o£ the City of Chester, and is only ten miles from Northwich, fifteen from Nantwich, and seventeen from Warrington. ' The lands arc of a superior quality and well supplied with water, and the Land Tax is redeemed. The tenants will shew their farms, and particulars with a plan of the estate may be had of Mr. BAXTER, Solicitor, in Chester; at the Crown Inns, at Northwich and Nantwich; Bridgewater Arms, in Manchester; Nag's Head, at Warrington; Hotel, at. Liverpool; of Mr. DUTHIE, Solicitor, John- street, Adelphi; at Gar- raway's ; and of Mr. WILLOCK, NO. K! 5, Golden- square, London, PERMpT0riLy, At the Star and Garter Tavern, in Paradise- street. Li- verpool, on Tuesday, the 29th day of July instant, at seven o'clock in the evening, subject to conditions to be there produced, ALL that Piece or Parcel of LAND, or Ground, used as a Timber Yard ; and also all that'Wan- ho ise. Counting- house, Shed and other Buildings on part thereof erected, used for the Business of a Mill- wright, by the late Mr. Henry Gardner, deceased, and his successors, situate and being on the south- west . s^ de of Lydia Ann- street, in Liverpool aforesaid, next be- tween and adjoining on the north- west side to a Tim- ber- yard, formerly in 1 ease to tiie late Mr. Joseph liatU* bone, hut now, or late, of Mr. William Mathews, uu the south- east side to Suffolk- street, in Liverpool afore- said, and being bounded at the hack by a Timber- yard, formerly belonging to the late Mr. Joseph Rathbone, which said premises contain to the from of Lydia Ann- street aforesaid, 115 feet 5 inches, and in iear or depth backwards, on the north- vvest side 102 feet, and on south- east side 116 feet, and being in breadth at tha back or south- west end thereof 115 fret, be the several dimensions thereof more or less. The premises are Leasehold under the Corporation of Liverpool, for lives and years and are well adapted for any business where rooxh is required, and have the ad"- vantage of a fiont lo two principal streets. N. B. The purchaser may be accommodated with the present Stock, Fixtures and Utensil* of the Successors of the late Mr. Henry Gardner, on suitable terms and may thereby become the successor to the valuable busi- ness of the late Mr. Henry Gardner. For further particulars apply to A. KEIGHTLEY," Solicitor, Wood- street. Valuable ESTATES, in Shropshire. By W. SMITH, At the Raven Hotel, Shrewsbury, in the county of Salop, on Thursday, the 51st of July, 1817. at four o'clock in, the afternoon, in One or more Lots, as may be agreed upon at the time of sjile, aod subject to conditions then to be produced : AVE lit valuable and improveable COPYHOLD and FREEHOLD ESTATE, at Ali StretUnn in the County of Salop, 12 miles from Shrewsbury, on the road leading to Ludlow ; comprising a commodi- ous Family Mansion, containing Entrance Dining, Drawing, and Breakfast- rooms, six principal Chambers, and six Ditto on the second floor, wjih numerous dot mestic Offices, well supplied with Water, a good Kit* chen Garden, Pleasure Ground, Shrubbery, and pro- ductive Orchard, with Barn, Stbbfes, Granary, and Cyder Mill; with upwards of $ tno Hundred Acres of rich Meadow, Pasture, Arable, and Woodlands; situa- ted in a fine sporting country, abounding with Game ; a considerable part of the Meadows is irrigated, as may be nearly the whole ; th$ Estate is planted with thriving Oak. Ash, Elm, Beech, Fir, and other Timber, which will be taken at a valuation; and the whole is nearly in a Ring Fence. There are four good Farm Houses, at appropriate distances, with convenient Outbuildings ; one of which is but recently built, and fit for a genteet Family, con- taining two Parlouys, five Chambers, on the first floor, with six Atticks, and Offices of every description ; aUo Eleven Cottages, with good Garden*; and a Malthoiise. There is a Right to Common ovt- r 3600 Acres of sound Land} and, | n the event of an Inclosure, abou£ 700 Acres may be expected to be the proportion of this property. There is rejison to expect Coal under part of tho Estate, and Lime may be raised upon it. A fine Trout Stream runs through a part pf the Land. The Land Tax is principally redeemed, apd poor's rates mode rate?. This affords an opportunity to Gentlemen of fortune desirous of realizing improveable property. A Mail Coach runs from Shrewsbury to Lud- low and back, every day except Saturday. Mr. Samuel Wilding, of All Stretton, will appoint a Person to shew the Estate, with whom a Map is left for inspection. For further particulars apply to him ; of the Auctioneer, in Shrewsbury. ITCH MORIS than One Hundred Thousand Person^ have experienced that CATHCART'S EDIN- BURGH OINTMENT cures the Itch with all possi- file ease, certainty, and safety, in eight hours, by otltj application only. Sold wholesale by J. Evans and Son, Long- lane, Smithfield, London ; and retail by J. Gore, and Ed- ward's Penny & Butler, Liverpool; arid most of the res- pectable veuders of proprietory medicines in the United Kingdom.— l'rice 2s 9d. Important caution.— Purchasers wliq value either their health, their time, or their money, are fespept- fully cautioned to observe that the words " CATHCART and Co." are written on the label, pasted ou the cover in which the Pot is folded. By SAMUEL SMITH, At the Large Rooms, in Lord- street on . Monday next, the 21st inst. at eleven o'clock precisely, geNTEeL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising. bedsteads and Hangings. Feather beds and bedding; Mahogany Articlcs in Wardrobe, Drawers, Dining, Card and Pembroke Tables Sofa, Parlour and room Carpets. Pier and Dressing Glasses, Tea China and Glass, with useful Kitchen Articles Ac. The above Furniture may be viewed the morning of ' At the Woodside Ferry- house, in Birkenhead, in the county of Chester, on Monday the 4th day of August next, at the hour of sir, o'clock in the evening, so1 ject to conditions to be then produced, ami in the follow- ing lots, the under- mentioned most valuable and desi- rable Property: Lot 1 tHE caPital MESSUAGE or DWELL. ING- HOUSe called birkenhead Priory," with the Farm- house Out- buildings and appurtenances thereto belonging; together with a piece tf most exci I- lent Land adjoining thereto, now staked out, containing in tlie whole I1A. 2K. 1QI\ of Land, of statute measure or thereabouts, LOt 2. Another Piece or parcel of Land, as now' staked out, containing 1A. Ik ie. of Land of statute measure'or thereabouts, lying on the south side if the turnpike road from Chester to the Woodside ferry, and on the east of the last- mentioned lot Lot 3 Another Piece or Parcel of l and, as now staked out containing 1a. 2*. 26' r. of l aud, of lik « measure or thereabouts, adjoining to the river Mersey, and lying on the east side of the last- mentioned lot. a. if on the south side of the dwelling- hou « e and gardens of Griffith Rowlands, Esq. Lot 4. Another Piece or Parcel of Land, as now staked out, containing 1A. 2R 1K » . of 1 and., vf. like measure or ' thereabouts, also adjoining to the river. Mer- sey, and lying on the south side of the two last- men- tioned lots. Lor . T. Another Piece or Parcel of Land. as now staked out, containing 1A. SR. Or. if I and, of like measure or thereabouts, also adjoining to the river Mer- sey. and lying to the sotuh of the last- mentioned lot. Lol C. Another Piece or Parcel of Land, as now staked out, containing IA. IK. 22 e. of Land, cf like measure or ther eabouts, also adjoining to the river Mer- sey. and lying the south of ihe last- mentioned lot Lot 7. Another piece or Parcel of Land, as now staked out, containing 1A. I K. * IP. of Land, of like mea- sure or thereabouts, also adjoining to the river Mersey, and lying to the south of the last- mentioned lots. Lor, 8. Another Piece or Parcel of land, as now staked out, containing 1 A. 3K. ' of. of Land, of like mea- sure or thereabouts, also adjoining to the river Mersey; and lying to the south of the last- mentioned lots. The property now offered fur sale, is immediately op posite Liverpool, of which town and of the whole ex- panse of the river Mersey it commands the most delight- ful and picturesque views, and affords most beautiful si- tuations for country residences. For further particulars, apply to Messrs. LEEKE and POTTS, Solicitors, in Cheser, with whom, as also with Messrs. LACE, MILLER and LACE, Solicitors, Liver- pool; Mr. EDWARD EVES. Surveyor, Liverpool, and. with Mr. HUBERTS, at the Woodside Ferry- hou e, plans of the jots are deposited.— Mr. Huberts will direct a person to shew" the property. For BOMBAY, The fine Ship OROMOCTO, It. STRICKLAND, Master; liurthen per register 386 tons, A 1, coppered and copper- fastened, and will fail 20tU July.— For freight or passage apply to EASON, JENNER and Co 10, Rumford- street. For the CAPE of GOOD HOPE, The Ship ANACREON, EDWARD KEGG, Master; Register 280 tons, is coppered, a fast sailer and in- tended to return back thence to this port.— For freight or passage apply to SAML. M'DOWAL and Co. For BALTIMORE, The MARY, JOSEPH HOLBROOKE, Master, ( regular Trader; J Burthen 260 tons, coppered to the bends: will sail with the first ships, with whatever freight she may then have on board, and cannot be excelled as a conveyance. For freight or passage apply to Capt. Holbrooke on board the vessel, lying the « est side the King's Dock, or to RATHBONE, HODGSON and Co. west indies, Demerara, For KINGSTON, JAMAICA, Direct, ( Instead of the Monarch,) And will meet with quick dispatch, ^ The fine A. l. Cumberland- built Brig SARAH — , Master ; Burthen per register 190 tons; copper- fastened and coppered, two- thirds of this vessel's cargo is engaged and going on board.— Apply to the Master on board, west side George's Dock, Wm. Donald, pre and Co. merchants, or GEO. WILKINSON, Broker. For DEMERARA. The ANN MACKENZIE, — MORISON, Master; Intended to sail about the 15th August. For freight, & c. apply to JOHN GLADSTONE and GRANT For DEMERARA, The fine Brig WILLIAM NEILSON, D. K. BROWN, Master; Burthen 357 tons, coppered and copper- fastened - For freight or passage, having excellent accommoda- tions, apply to DAVIDSON and BROWNE For BARBADOES. with liberty to call at MADEIRA, The Ship IRLAM, JOHN IRLAM, Master; Will sail in a few ' lays— For fieight or passage apply to BARTOW, IRLAM and HIGGINSON. For BERBICE, To sail the 25th instant, The Brig WARRIOR, HUGHES BROWN, Master; Burthen 186 tons; A. 1.— For freight or passage apply to JOHN SIMPSON, Cook- street. For NASSAU, NEW PROVIDENCE, The Ship PROVIDENCE, EDWARD MICHELL, Master; Bur hen per register 181 tons, coppered and cop- per fastened; she will sail on or before the 10th of August next. For freight or passage appiy to Captain Michell, Salthouse Dock, or to THOMSON, WRIGHT and Co. spain and Portugal. For LISBON, The fast sailing A. 1. Schooner HEBE, DANIEL PRING, Master; Burthen 100 tons; now loading in George's Dock, arid having a large quantity of goods engaged, will clear at the Custom- house on Saturday next. For freight fee. apply to ISAAC SMITH ar. d Co. To succeed the JANE— For OPORTO, The fine new Schooner ORANGE GROVE WM. AMEY, Master; Stands A. 1. at Lloyd's; burthen per register 70 tons—- For freight, & c. apply to Messrs. Ormerod Hey- worth and Co. J. Naylor, Jun. or HOLLIWELL and HIGHFIELD. For NEW YORK, The new American Ship COURIER, WM. BOWNE, Master, late of the Pacific ; A regular Trader ; , Burthen 350 tons, built of the best materials, under the immediate inspection of the owners, expressly tor this trade, coppered and copper- fastened ; a principal part of her cargo being engaged, she will receive mi- mediate dispatch.— For further particulars apply to Captain Bowne on board the vessel, lying the east side of the King's Dock, or to RATHBONE, HODGSON and Co. for BALTIMORE, ( To succeed the CONGRESS,) The American Ship BALLOON, ROBERT WILLIAMS, Master; Burthen 320 tons; a remarkably iine Baltimore- built ship, of live oak and cedar, copper- fastened, and / vill be coppered this voyage: has good accommoda- tions for passengers,— For freight or passage apply to Captain Williams on hoard, north end Queen's Dock, of to HUGHES, DUNCAN and Co. The Captain will not pay any debts contracted by his crew. For NEW YORK, The fine American Ship . WILLIAM and HENRY, WM. SEABURY, Master; Burthen 292 tons, intended to sail ill a few days, has good accommodations for passengers. For freight or passage appiy to HUGHES, DUNCAN and Co, For BOSTON, The fine American Ship ADMITTANCE, WARREN WESTON, Master; Burthen 220 tons, a fine A. 1. well built ship; sails very fast, and is well calculated for carrying ch'v goods. The greatest part of her cargo being ready to go on board, she will be dispatched without delay.— For freight or passage, having excellent accommodations apply to the Captain on board, in the Old Dock, or to WILLIAM BARBER and Co. For PHILADELPHIA, The SUPERIOR, J. HAMILTON, Master; Burthen 330 tons, coppered and well known as in every respect an excellent conveyance, is now loading, and will receive early dispatch, lies the north east cor- ner of the Queen's Dock.— For freight or passage ap- ply to Cartain Hamilton, or to RATHBONE, HODGSON and Co. ( To succeed the Manly.) For LISBON, The well- known Ketch MARY, GEORGE DIXON, Master; Burthen per register 91 tons; stands A- 1. at Lloyd's having a part of her cargo engaged, slie will soon be dispatched— For freight or passage apply to Messrs. Dyson Brothers and Co. or to W. and J. TYRER, Brokers. To succeed the Margaret, ( a constant trader,) For CADIZ, The JOHN and RICHARD, J. Voss, Master, Burthen 65 tons tons per register ; has always made quick passages, and delivered the goods in the best or. der, and will be dispatched in a short time, as part of her cargo is engaged. Applv to ORFORD and SON. For LISBON, The fine remarkably fast- sailing Schooner F R E E D O M, HENRY SWAFFIN. Master; Burthen 90 tons; stands A. 1. at Lloyd's; the greatest part of her cargo being engaged, she will be dispatched immediately. For freight, & c. apply to WM MATTHIE, Broker, 12, Dry Dock france, holland, Baltic, The S, For BREMEN, AESCHYLUS Thos. DOUGLAS. Master; Stands A. 1. at Lloyd's; coppered and copper- fas- tened; iu every respect a most superior vessel.— For ffeight, & c. apply to C. L. BAHR, Broker. For ANTWERP, the COBURG, W. HOLT, Master; Stands A. I. at Lloyd's; has the greatest part of her cargo engaged, and will soon be dispatched.— For freight, & c. apply to C. L. BAHR, Broker. For HAMBURG, The ELIZABETH, JOHN WINDERS, Master; Stands A. I. at Lloyd's; hath the greatest part of tier cargo engaged, and will clear at the Custom- house this week.— For freight, & c. apply to C. L. BAHR. Broker, For ROTTERDAM, The LONDON PACKET, of Liverpool, WM. CUNNINGHAM ; Now loading in the Salthouse Dock; this vessel will l) e soon dispatched— For freight. & c. apply to C. L. BAHR. Broker. For AMSTERDAM, • The CARACTACUS, R. JONES. Master; Stands A. 1 at Lloyd's, and is now loading in the Salthouse Dock ; the greatest part of her cargo being engaged, she will soon be dispatched— For freight ap- ^ C. L BAHR, Broker. For ELSINEUR & DANTZIG TOWN, The ANNA SOPHIA, J. D. ZARDER, Master; This vessel will deliver goods in the same bottom at the town of Dantzig; burthen about 120 tons.— For freight, & c. apply to C. L. BAHR. Broker. For PHILADELPHIA, The ADRIANA, R. M. DONALDSON, Master; Burthen only 290 tons, coppered to the bends, and in every respect an excellent conveyance, lies the east side the King's Dock — For freight or passage apply to Captain Donaldson, or to RATHBONE, HODGSON and Co. For NEW YORK, The elegant American Ship JULIUS CAESAR, SETH G. MACY, Master ; Burthen 350 tons; now on her first voyage, copper- fastened, and will be coppered here ; sails very fast, ami having been built with great care of the best seasoned timber, she is a most desirable conveyance for dry goods; her accommodations for passengers. arc excel- lent For terms of which, or freight, apply to Captain Macy on board, Queen's Dock, or to CROPPER, BENSoN and Co. For PHILADELPHIA, The fine American Ship SAMPSON, JOHN BOYLE, Master; Burthen 340 tons ; is a remarkably strong artd well- built vessel, sails fast, and uniformly delivers her car- goes in good condition : will meet with quick dispatch : has good accommodations for cabin and steerage pas- sengers— For terms of which, or freight, apply to Capt. Boyle on board, King's Dock, or to CROPPER, BENSON and Co. For WILMINGTON, N. C. The fine American Ship WILMINGTON and LIVERPOOL PACKET, SAMUEL LUMBARD, Master; Burthen 380 tons; is an excellent faithfully- built vessel, sails fust, and will be dispatched immediately with whatever freight may offer, and which will be ta ken on moderate terms; her accommodations for cabin and steerage passengers are superior.— Apply to Capt Lumbard on board, King's Dock, or to CROPPER, BENSON and Co. For DORT, And will forward goods to ROTTERDAM, - at ship's expence but shipper's risk, The fine Brig COSSACK, THOMAS NEWTON, Master; Burthen per register 157 tons; has room only for a tew tons of goods; and as she is under contract to clear / or sea in all next week, immediate application may be made to the Captain on board, George's Dock, or to LANGSHAW and ROWLAND, Brokers, Rumford- street. , For DANTZIG TOWN, The Brig WELLINGTON, F. COOK, Master; J now loading in the Queen's Dock, engages to take goods till the 1st of August next, and none after that date, when she will clear at the Custom house, and sail the firs! fair wind— For freight, & c. apply to the Capt. On board, or to L. HANSEN, Broker, Brooks'- square. jFor NEW YORK, The well- known American Ship PACIFIC, JOHN WILLIAMS, Master; Burthen 365 tons, coppered and copper- fastened, and having always made short passages and delivered lie cargoes in excellent order, renders her a very desirable conveyance for dry goods, and will 4ail about the 1 st proximo.— For the better accommodation of passengers her cabin has lately been greatly enlarged and elegantly fitted up, so that those who go in her will have every cumfort and convenience that could be wished.— For terms of freight or passage apply to Captain Williams on board, in the King's Dock, or to CROPPER, BENSON and Co. For NEW YORK, The very fine American Ship EDWARD, JOSIAH MACEY, Master; A regular Trader ; burthen 320 tons ; sails very fast, and having always delivered her cargoes in the best order, and without the least damage, she is a very de- sirable conveyance for dry goods, and will sail in about three weeks; her accommodations are excellent, and steerage passengers will also find her a comfortable conveyance— Apply to the Captain on board, George's Dock, or to CROPPER, BENSON and Co. For PHILADELPHI A, The regular trading American Ship LANCASTER, W. WEST, Master; Burthen 360 t. ns, coppered and copper- fastened, built in Philadelphia, jof the best materials, sails very fast having just arrived from that port in 21 days, and will meet with all possible dispatch in loading, has ele- gant cabin accommodations, and being roomy between decks, is well calculated for both cabin and steerage passengers.— For terms of freight or passage apply to Captain West on board, or to CROPPER, BENSON and ( Jo. For ALEXANDRIA, GEORGE TOWN and • Tr CITY of WASHINGTON, iWOV The fine American Ship NEW JERSEY, is con- JOHN NELSON, Master Burthen 400 tons; very strong built, and sidered to be a very fast sailer ; she will be dispatched immediately with whatever freight may offer Emi- grants intending to settle on the Ohio or Tennessee Territories will find the above ports particularly well situated for their purpose— For terms of freight or passage, which will be moderate, apply to Captain Nelson on board. Queen's Dock, or to CROPPER, BENSON and Co. For NEW YORK, The coppered American Ship ANN MARIA ISAAC WAITE, Master; Burthen 360 tons; well known as a regular Trader of the first class, and for her uncommonly short pas- sages ( the present in 22 days.) Besides a spacious dining- room she has elegant accommodations for pas- sengers. and will be dispatched by the 15th proximo For freight or passage apply to Captain Waite on board, George's Dock, foot of Brunswick- street, or to ALEX. MACGREGOR and Co. The First Vessel for SAVANNAH, and takes no Salt, The fine American Ship CORA, Capt. NEWCOMB ; Will begin to load in a few days, and having the greater part of her cargo ready to go on board, she will sail immediately— For freight or passage, having superior accommodations, apply on board, in the King's Dock, or to RICHARDSON and BOLTON. For CHARLESTON, S. C. The fine coppered American Ship MARY and HENRY, JOHN WATT, Master; Burthen 350 tons, sails fast, having made her voyage from Charleston in 22 days, and has invariably deli- vered goods in the very best condition : as a consider- able part of the cargo nili be oil owner's account, this" ship will he dispatched by the 1st August, with what- ever other freight may offer.— For terms of freight or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply to Captain Watt on board, in George's Dock, or to JOHN M'ADAM and Co. For BOSTON, The well- known regular trading Ship TRITON, ELIAH HOLCOMB, Master; Burthen 340 tons, coppered and copper- fastened, and in every respect a most complete vessel, with accommo- dations for passengers of a superior description; the greatest part of her cargo being already engaged, will e dispatched in the present mouth.— Apply to Captain Holcomb on board, in the Queenls Dock, or to LODGES and TOOTH For NEW YORK, The remarkably elegant and fast- sailing American Ship NESTOR, ANDREW SCOTT, Master; Burthen 450 tons; well- known in the trade as a most superior vessel, coppered and copper fastened, invariably makes good passages, ( last from New York 18 days;) she will be promptly dispatched with such freight as may offer in all the present month : the ac- commodations for passengers are extensive and elegant. For terms apply to Captain Scott on board, Dock, or to GEO M. WOOLSEY and Co. For PHILADELPHIA, ( Intended for a regular trader.) The fine new Ship ANDREW, Captain JAMES RAMAGE; Burthen 250 tons; Philadelphia built of live oak and cedar; she is copper- fastened, stands A. 1. at Lloyd's, and is in every respect a desirable vessel for dry goods; her accommodations for passengers are very good, and she w ill he dispatched at an early period.— For freight or passage apply to Capt Ramage, on board, east side Queen's Dock, or to HUMBEltSTON, GRAHAM and Co. For PHILADELPHIA, The very fine coppered and copper- fastened Brig FRIENDSHIP ; Now on her fourth voyage, sails uncommonly fast, having made her last passage from Philadelphia in 23 days, her cargo being chiefly engaged ; she will have immediate dispatch For the remainder of freight or passage, having superior accommodations for passen- gers, apply to TENNENT and GARNETT, 22, King- street. tp For PHILADELPHIA, The well known American Ship TELEGRAPH, HECTOR COFFIN, Master; Burthen about 360 tons; coppered and copper- fas- tened ; a remarkably fast sailer, with accommodations tor passengers of the very first description ; a considera- ble part of her cargo being on board, this vessel will be cleared out on the 19th and sail on the 20th inst — For f, eight or passage apply to Capt. Coffin on board, east side Queen's Dock, or to LODGES and TOOTH. For BOSTON, The well- known Ship MILO, S. G. BRONSON, Master; Coppered and copper- fastened ; having two- thirds of her cargo positively engaged and ready to go on board on owner's account, will p oceed for that port ( wind and weather permitting) on the 20th instant.— For freight or passage, having good accommodations, apply- on board, ill Queen's Duck, or to LODGES and TOOTH. For BOSTON, The fine American Ship CERES, SETH WEBBER, Blaster; Burthen about 350 tons; well- known as a regular Boston trader, coppered and copper- fastened, with ex- cellent accommodations for passengers; a great part of the outward cargo being ready to go on. boaid, will meet with immediate dispatch.— For freight or passage apply to Capt. Webber on board, east side King's Dock, or to LODGES and TOOTH. For PHILADELPHIA, The American Ship THALIA, ROBERT MORRIS, Master ; Burthen 300 tons; Philadelphia- built, and coppered to the bends; sails very fast, ( having made her late pas- sage from Philadelphia in 24 days.) and will be dis- patched immediately with whatever freight that offers. For freight or passage, having every requisite accommo- dation, including eight slate rooms, apply to Captain Morris on board, in the Queen's Dock, or JOHN RICHARDSON. For NEW YORK, The fine American Ship JOHN and EDWARD, S. S. WEBB, Master ; Burthen 300 tons; copper- fastened and coppered to the bends; sails fast, and is in every respect a desirable conveyance for goods: is now ready to take in cargo, and having the greater part of her freight engaged, will meet with dispatch.— For freight or passage, her accom- modations being elegant, apply to Captain Webb on board, north end George's Dock, or to LAWRENCE, WILLIS and LAWRENCE. For NEW YORK, The fast- sailing American Ship EUPHRATES, NASH DE COST, Master; A regular Trader; copper fastened and copper sheathed; burthen 360 tons : she will be dispatched early in August. This ship has always delivered her cargoes in good order, and is a most desirable vessel for passengers; her accommodations are spacious, being fitted up with a number of state rooms. For freight or passage apply to Captain De Cost on board, iu Queen's Dock, or to LAWRENCE, WILLIS and LAWRENCE, No. 20, Goree piazzas. For BOSTON, The FALCON, JOSEFH W. LEWIS, Master; Burthen 240 tons, well- known as a fast sailing ves- sel, having completed her last voyage, from hence to Boston and back again in 75 days : she is an excellent conveyance for dry goods, and as a considerable part of her fi eight will be shipped on owner's account, she is intended to be dispatched immediately.— For freight or passage, having comfortable accommodation, apply to Capt. Leivis on board, King's Dock, or to JOHN S. CARTER and Co. For BOSTON, The remarkably fast- sailing Ship COURIER, JOSEph JACKSON, Master; Burthen 366 tons; coppered and copper- fastened, and in every respect a first- class conveyance : she will com- mence loading immediately, and will sail on the 20th instant; her accommodations for passengers are elegant and commodious; for terms of which, or freight, applv to Captain Jackson on hoard, east side King's Dock, or to JOHN S. CARTER and Co. For BOSTON, The well known American Ship LIVERPOOL PACKET, SAM. NICKELS, Master; Burthen 376 tons; a regular trader of the first class, coppered and copper- fastened. She is intended to be despatched by the middle of August.— For freight passage, having very superior accommodations for pas- sengers. apply to Capt. Nickles on board, west side King's Dock, or JOHN S. CARTER and Co. For CHARLESTON, Intended for a regular Trader, The remarkably fine American Ship CAMILLUS, __ ENOCH CHOATE, Master; Burthen 345 tons, only eighteen months old. copper- fastened and will be coppered this voyage.— Forfreight or pa sage, having excellent accommodations, apply to the Captain oil board, or to EASON, JENNER and Co. For NORFOLK, VIRGINIA, The fast- sailing American Ship A V E R I C K, Captain NAtHANIEL COLLEY ; Burthen 400 tons ; just arrived, and will be dis- patched immediately. The Avcrick has very commo- dious accommodations for cabin and steerage passen- gers, and is a very eligible conveyance for dry goods, & c.: she positively sails on the 20th inst.— For freight or passage apply to the Captain on board, or to HAYES and STORY. For BOSTON, The Ship NIAGARA, Captain NATHANIEL STOODLY ; On her second voyage; burthen 343 tons; is now ready in Queen's Dock to take in freight or passengers for Boston '. Hiis vessel is a. very favourable opportu- nity for the conveyance of dry goods, and for those about to emigrate to that quarter, having very conve- nient accom initiations. F'or freight or passage apply to Captain Stoodly on board, or to HAYES and STORY. For NEW YORK, The OTHELLO, D. SNELL, Master; Well known as one of the fastest sailing ships belong- ing to that port; burthen 318 tons, coppered to the bends, and invariably delivers her cargo free from da- mage ; she will be immediately dispatched.— For freight or passage apply to Capt, Snell, on board, west side the Queen's Dock, or to WILLIAM FORDE and C0 For SAVANNAH, The remarkably fine American Ship OGLETHORPE, CHARLES JAYNE, Master; Burthen 340 tons, built in Boston expressly for the trade, of the very best materials, coppered to the bends, and copper- fastened throughoutnow on her second voyage, and is in every respect a most desirable convey- ance for goods or passengers.— For terms apply to Cap- tain Jayne on board, east side George's Dock, or to GEO. M. WOOLSEY and Co. For PHILADELPHIA, The first- class regular trading Ship NANCY*, Captain ELKANAH BRAY ; Burthen 300 tons ; built of live oak and cedar ; cop- pered and copper- fastened: she has very good accom- modations for passengers, and will not be detained.— F'or freight or passage apply to Captain Bray, east side George's Dock, or to HUMBERSTON. GRAHAM and Co. For BALTIMOKE, The ARMATA. L. LEEDS. Queen's Dock. WM. and JAMES BROWN and Co. For CHILI, The fast- sailing Ship CALEDONIA, , Master; This superior vessel will meet with immediate dispatch, as the greater part of her cargo is leady to go on board.- A Gentleman, to whose character and integrity the myst unquestionable references will be given, goes out as super- cargo, with the view of establishing himself there, and will be happy to take charge of any consignments that may be committed to his care.— For further parti- culars apply to JAS. BROTHERSTON and Co. For PHILADELPHIA, And will have immediate dispatch, The excellent and fast- sailing American Ship DIDO, GEO. MAXWELL, Master; rthen320 tons; Philadelpliia- built, of the best ma- ; coppered and copper- fastened ; is well known for^ making short passages, invariably delivers her car- goes in excellent order. and is in every respect a very desirable conveyance for goods and passengers.— For terms apply to Captain Maxwell on board east side George's Dock, or to GEO. M. WOOLSEY and Co. For NEW ORLEANS, The very fine American Ship ELIZABETH. EBEN. M'INTOSH, Master; Burthen 310 tons, a superior vessel, nearly new, built in the most faithful manner, and of excellent materials, coppered and copper- fastened, sails fast, and invariably delivers her cargo in fine order : has excellent accom- modations for passengers.— For terms apply to Captain MTntosh, west side King's Dock, or to GEO. M. WOOLSEY and Co. For BOSTON, The American Ship DIANA, Captain STEVENS; Burthen 350 tons, a strong, good ship, and will take goods or crates at a low freight.— For freight or pas- sage apply to Captain Stevens oil board, in the Queen's Dock, or to THOS. and JOHN D. THORNELY'. For SAVANNAH, The fine American Brig CASKET, JOHN MOTT, Master; Burthen 220 tons; lying in George's Dock, and having the principal part of her freight engaged, will be dispatched in all this month. For freight or passage apply to the Captain on board, or to EWAltT. RUTSON and Co. . For PHILADELPHIA, The American Ship COROMANDEL, WM. DAY. Master; Burthen 350 tons; Philadelphia built, and coppered, in every respect one of the best vessels in the trade, and intended to be dispatched an early fall ship. Fur freight apply on board, south west corner King's Dock, or to BOLTON and OGDEN. For NEW YORK, The American Ship IMPORTER, D. S. OCDEN, Master; A regular Trader; burthen 370 tons; coppered, and well known as an excellent and fast- sailing vessel, and is intended to sail about the 25th inst. F'or freight or passage, having elegant accommodations, apply on board, in George's Dock, or to BOLTON and OGDEN. For NEW YORK, The American Ship DEBORAH, A. WHITE, Master; Burthen 250 tons; a good and fast- sailing vessel, and will sail in a few days.— For freight or passage apply on board, ill George's Dock, or to BOLTON and OGDEN. ( Under contract to sail 20th inst. J For CHARLESTON, S C. The remarkably fine Ship CHRISTOPHER, THOMAS ROWE, Master, ( A regular Trader ;) Stands A. I. at Lloyd's; burthen per register 455 tons; copper- fastened and coppered to the bends; well- known as a fast sailer, having made her last passage from Charleston in 30 days:— the principal part of her cargo being engaged, and now going on board, north side King's Dock, she can only take a few tons of goods if applied for immediately — Her accommoda- tions, both cabin and steerage, are superior, for which or freight, apply to GEO. and J. M. GILCHRIST and Co. Goree Piazzas. For NEW ORLEANS, The fine American Brig TWO BROTHERS, JAMES HOLMES, Master; Burthen 194 tons, sails very fast, and being only one year old, is a superior conveyance; three- fourths of her cargo being engaged, and uow going o: l board she will positively sail in a few days; has good accommodations for passengers.— For terms apply to the Master on board, George's Dock, or to BARCLAY, SALKELD and Co. For NEW ORLEANS, The fast sailing American Brig HECTOR, JAMES PLACE, Master; Burthen 260 tons per register, a fine new vessel of the first class, and will have quick dispatch. F'or freight or passage having excellent accommodations, apply to the Master oil board, King's Dock, or to BARCLAY, SALKELD and Co. For ALEXANDRIA and GEORGETOWN, The American Ship ATALANTA, ALEXANDER M. ROSE, Master; Burthen 380 tons, Philadelphia built, cop- pered this voyage, and a remarkably fast sailer. F'or freight or passage apply to the Captain on board, or to MAURY and LATHAM. For NORFOLK, and will forward Goods for RICHMOND and PETERSBURG Direct, at Ship's expence, but Shippers' risk, ; ( The fine American Ship PHILIP TABB, P. E. TABB, Master; Burthen 379 tons; coppered, and well- known as a superior vessel in every respect, and a very fast sailer— she will be dispatched immediately, the chief part of her cargo going on board on Owner's account For freight or passage, apply to the Master on board, west side Queeu's Dock, or to . MAURY and LATHAM. For BALTIMORE, The MOHAWK, DAVID GRAY. George's Dock. WM. and JAMES BROWN and Co. For BALTIMORE, The DUMFRIES, J A HILLERT. King's Dock. WM. and JAM ES BROWN and Co. For BATH, MASSACHUSETS, .- Tp" Positively to sail on the. first of August, The Brig pHOEBE, ^ AtwSf^ T GEO. FORSYTH. Master; A. 1. coppered and copper- fastened, burthen 337 tons per register, has good accommodations for passen gers. For freight or passage apply to the Captain or hoard, in the King's Dock, or to PERCIVAL, WARD and PARTON. 2, Rumford- street. For CHARLESTON, S. C The well- known regular trading Ship ISABELLA, NEIL M'NEAL Master; Burthen 400 tons; newly coppered and copper- fast- ened; built at Georgia, oi rive oak and cedar ; is well- known in the Charleston trade, and will positively char for sea by the 14th of August. Her accommodations for passengers are elegant and commodious: for terms which, or freight, apply to the Captain on board, in the Queen's Dock, or DANIEL and J. A. WILLINK. For BOSTON, Or would accept a Charter to any other Port, The fine American Brig AMITY, SAML. MOODY, Master; Burthen 200 tons ; will take freight on moderate terms, and has very good accommodations for « abiu or steerage passengers.— Apply to the Captain on board, in the King's Dock, or LEIGH, SHERLOCKS and Co. For PHILADELPHIA. The regular trading Ship HALCYON, ISAAC S. WOOSTER. Master; Burthen 300 tons; Philadelphia built, of live oak and cedar, coppered and copper- fastened, has excellent accommodations for passengers, and will be dispatched without delay.— For freight or passage apply to Captain Wooster on board, east side King's Dock, or to MATTHEW WOTHERSPOON. For NORFOLK and JAMES' RIVER, VIRGINIA, The fine first- class coppered Ship WILLIAM ASHTON, SAML. BAXTER, Master; 372 tons register; to sail on 17tb July; this ship has excellent accommodation for cabin and steerage passengers, who will be taken on moderate terms.— For freight or passage apply to SAMUEL BROWN and Co. Brokers. For QUEBEC, The new Brig FAVOURITE, — YOUNG, Master; Burthen 270 tons; to be dispatched on or before the 1st of August next.— For particulars apply to EWART. RUTSON and Co. For ST. JOHN'S. NEWFOUNDLAND, The Ship ANN, —- STROYAN, Master; Burthen 250 tons, intended to sail immediately.— For freight, & c. apply to JOHN GLADSTONE and GRANT. For QUEBEC, Will forward Goods to MONTREAL at ship's ex- pence but shipper's risk, The fine A. 1. coppered Brig COSSACK, J. DOYLE, Master; Burthen per register 293 tons ; only two years old ; two- thirds of this vessel's cargo being engaged, she will be dispatched without delay; she has superior accom- modations both for cabin and steerage passengers. Apply to the Captain on board, east side King's Dock ; Thos. Scaife, Russell- street, or GEO. WILKINSON, Broker. For MONTREAL, with leave to lighten rp at QUEBEC, The fine Brig PARAGON, two years old, WILLIAM HARE, master ; Burthen per register 174 tons; as two- thirds of her cargo is engaged, she will have immediate dispatch — Apply to Capt. Hare on board the vessel, in Salthouse Dock; Mr, J. W. Thomas, or ROBT. M'NEILL and Co. Brokers. For ST. JOHN'S, or ST. ANDREWS, N. B. The TRUE BLUE, Capt. ATHERDEEN ; Burthen 355 tons, is a fi rst class vessel, and well- known in the trade— will sail in a few days. For freight or passage apply to the Captain on board, west side Queen's Dock, or to JOHN MONTGOMERY and LEICESTER. Who are in want of an Apprentice. King's Dock, J 6th July. For CHARLESTON, The regular trading American Ship SALLY, JAMES WATSON. Master; Burthen 350 tons; coppered and copper- fastened, sails fast, and has superior accommodation for passen- gers. Apply to Captain Watson, on board, in the Queen's Dock, or to MORRALL and WATSON. For CHARLESTON, S. C. The fine coppered Ameiican Ship OCTAVIA, JOSIAH WILSON, Master, Well known as a regular trader to that port; is now loading in the Queen's Dock, and weather permit- ting, will positively sail on the 20th July inst. F'or freight, & c. apply to the Master on board, or to CROWDER, CLOUGH and Co. For NEW ORLEANS, The fine fast- sailing A. 1. coppered Ship MONARCH. D. CAMPBELL, Master; Burthen per register 375 tons, about half her cargo being ready to go on board, on owner's account, she « ill not be detained but meet with immediate dispatch. — F'or freight or passage, having very superior accom- modations, apply to the Captain on board, west side Queen's Dock, to W. Donald. Ure and Co. or to GEO. WILKINSON, Broker. , For ST. JOHN'S NEWFOUNDLAND, The fine Brig RICHARD, — BLEESDALE, Master; A. 1. at Lloyd's, burthen per register 112 tons, cop- pered and copper- fastened, will be dispatched by the 20th inst. and has room for a few tons of goods if ap- plied for immediately to G. and J. M. GILCHRIST and Co. Goree- piazzas. For QUEBEC, The fine coppered Ship HAWKER, , Master; Burthen Der register 400 tons, has superior accom- modations for cabin and steerage passengers, will take goods or any freight that may oiler, at a moderate rate, and will be dispatched in 14 days.-— For freight or pas- sage apply to JOHN FORSHAW and Co. Brokers. For QUEBEC, The fine Brig UNITY, ANDREW HARRISON, Master; Burthen per register 275 tons ; only two years old ; an excellence conveyance for dry goods. The principal part of her cargo being engaged, she will positively sail on or before the 18th July, wind and weather permit- ting.— For freight or passage having spacious accommo- dations for botii cabin and. steerage passengers, apply to the Captain on board, in the Queen's Dock, or to CARTER and PEERS. For ST. JOHN'S, NEWFOUNDLAND, The Brig UNION, N. F. CARDER, Master ; 105 tons; first- class; will be dispatched immediately. For freight or passage apply to Capt. Carder on board, Salthouse Dock, or to ROBERT STEWART and Co. King. street. Who have on sale a quantity of HOOPS, of different sizes, per said vessel. ( To succeed the MARGARET,) For RIO DE JANEIRO, The well- known Brig DISPATCH, JAMES SCOTT, Master; Stands A. 1. Lloyd's, burthen per register 247 tons; coppered and copper- fastened, sails remarkably fast ; having a great part of her cargo engaged, she will'have no detention.— For freight, & c. apply to Messrs. Orme- rod Heyworth and Co.; J Naylor, jun. or HOLLIWELL and HIGHFIELD. Intended as a regular- Trader, For BAHIA, The fine fast- sailing Brig LORD COLLINGWOOD, P. M'LACHLAN, Master; Burthen per register 13H tons; coppered and copper- fastened ; will clear out on the 18th July, and posi- tively sail the first fair wind afterwards.— For freight, & c. apply to HOLLIWEL L and HIGHFIELD. M For BAHIA, The very fine little Brig JOHN, THOMAS POWELL. Master'; Burthen per. register 113 tons. A. I. coppered and coppei - iastened ; the principal part of her cargo will be shipped Oil charterer's account, and she iias only freight for about 30 tons of goods unengaged — F'or freight or passage applv to Mr. J. Rt. Silva or to ROBT M'NEILL and Co. 26, Old Dock. For RIO DE JANEIRO, Lying south west corner George's Dock, The well known Brig NEPTUNE, ' AA& R . WILL WADE. Master; Burthen per reglst r 141 tons, stanch A. at Lloyd's, coppered apd copper- fastened, having a great part of Her cargo engaged, and from her smalluess, she will be immediately dispatched For freight or passage, having good accommodations, apply to Messrs. DYsON. BROTHERS and Co. or to W and J. TYRER, Brokers. For MARANHAM; The well- known new and Liverpool built Brig SPEEDY. W. PROWSe. Master; A Regular Trader, coppered . tnd copper- fastened, 160 to; s per register, stands A 1. at Lloyd's; to sail in all the month of August next.— For freight, & c. apply to the Captain, on board ') DOCK Mcssr . GEO. ROACH and Co. or - S. DOUTHAT, xchange- buiidi ngs. tor MARANHAM; ~ The fast- sailing A I Brig RETRIEVE, WM WELLSTOOD, Master; Burthen 233 tons ; now laying west si- re George's Dock: will sail , rbout the 30th July.— Forfreight or passage apply to A. J. Meirelles. or to WM. WELLSTOOD. For BUENOS AYRES, - The well- known coppered Brig THOMAS, ISD& RT JOHN GRAYSON, Master; Burthen per register 192 tons'; intended to sail the end of July.— For freight or passage apply to CHARLES TAYLEUR and Co. For BUENOS AYRES, direct, j » £ The fast- sailing co|. perei A. 1. Bri" PERSEVERANCE, S^ psfe? WILLIAM COOKE, Master, burthen 150 tons per register; naving a considerable part of her cargo engaged and ready to go on board, will positively ciea for sea on the 12th July.— For freight or passage apply to Capt. Cooke on board, west side Salthouse Dock, or to R. COPLAND, Broker. ( Intended to sail in a very few days.) For LEGHORN, GENOA and SMYRNA, The new Brig ELIZA ANN, BENJAMIN WISe, master ; Burthen 130 tons, a coppered vessel of thi first rate.— 1' or freight or passage apply to HASELDEN and WILLIS. King- street. SUCCEEDS the ELIZA ANN. For LEGHORN and GENOA, the- 4 • ipi The coppered Schooner MORNING STAR, Wia^ r * JOHN HADgLeY Master; A regular Trader; burthen 100 tons, is well- known in this trade for making slur, passages, and ha- always delivered her cargoes ill the best order.— For freight of about 100 packages apply to HASELDEN and WILLIS. King- street. For MESSINA and PALERMO, ~ The Brig ALICIA HILL, ROBERT CRAWFORD. Master; A fast sailing coppered vessel, and will sail in a few days.— F'or freigtu apply to HASELDEN and WILLIS. For MESSINA and NAPLES, Will forward Goods'to PALERMO, The fine copp. red Schooner ANN, HUGH GEORGE, Master; Burthen 90 tons; stands A 1. stows a small cargo, and much ot her cargo hi'ing engaged, she is expected to be soon laden.— Fot freight or passage apply to HASELDEN and WILLIS, King- street. Freight 45s per Ton for Sicily. For MESSINA arid NAPLES, The fine fast sailing first- class Brig ASCHYLUS, THOMAS DOUGLAS, Master ; Coppered to the bends, and copper- fastened, not 18 months old : goods for Messina shipped previous to the IVth July will be taken at the above rate of freight: as a considerable part of this vessel's cargo is now on board and engaged, she is not intended to be delayed : has very commodious accommodations for passengers.— Apply to BOWNAS and HALL. , Positively engaged direct for TRIESTE, . rf- ' The Brig PROVIDENCE. ( A regular trader, lying in'the Old Dock,) V WILLIAM KENNEDY, Master; Register 130 tons, almost re built in Liverpool six months ago. full coppered, and sails very well: the greatest part of her cargp is already engaged, she will sail in three - weeks-— For freight. & o. apply to June 12. CARSON, DENNISON & PARRY. „, For MALTA and TRIESTE, The fine new Schooner AMELIA, A. H. JARVIS, Master; Stands A. l. at Lloyd's; burthen 80 tons, only 18 months old; having a considerable part of her cargo engaged, she will" be dispatched immediately.— For freight. & c applv to WM. MATTHIE, Broker, 12, Dry Dock. Warranted first Vessel For MESSINA and PALERMO, or PALERMO and MESSINA, The very fast- sailing Schooner MARS, Pik British- built, 82 tons register, JNO. QUILLER Master; Stands A 1. and only 15 months old. a most desira- ble vessel for dry goods'; the principal part of her cargo is now on board, and engaged : she will have some room for measurement goods on freight, for which or passage apply to W. and J. ROTHWELL, N. B. The HOPE * ill succeed the MARS. f one. concern.) For CHARTER to INDIA. Just arrived, and will accept of a CHARTER to BOMBAY or CALCUTTA, The remarkably fine new Ship JAMAICA, R T. GLEGg, Master ; Burthen per register 531 tons, very large cargo.— Apply to FRANCE, FLETCHER, Yates . King- street. - » ON SALE The Brig HEYWOOD, . 101 tons register, will carry 130 coastways, well found with stores, nearly new, and only 2J ycarSi old, laying in George's Dock, opposite Brunswick- street.— Apply to ORFORD and SON. - WANTED TO PURCHASE. A sharp fast sailing first- class VESSEL, 130 to 200 tons register, coppered and copper- fastened. Apply to SHADE, MOORE and ASHCROFT, James- street. ON SALE, The Schooner WILLIAM LEECE, Burthen per register 103 tons; Sails remarkably fast and is well found, and may be sent to sea at a very trifling expence. This vessel was built under particular inspection in Liverpool, and is well adapted for the Mediterranean or coasting trade.— Apply to LEECE and DRINKWATER, No. 10, Exchange- buildings. For FREIGHT or CHARTER, ^ THE American Ship THOMAS GORDON, SAMl. B. HOBART, Master; Burthen per register 194 tons, now discharging her cargo, west side King's Dock, will be ready to receive her cargo on the 20th inst. A pplv to the Captain on board, orto JAMES BROWN and SON. , , This Day, ( Thursday), the 17th inst. at 12 o'clock, at Greaves, Molyneuxand Co.' s office, Brunswick- street, 200 Hhds. Antigua SUGAR. Apply to Messrs. Rodie and Shands, or to GREAVES, MOLYNEUX and Co. Brokers. By Order oj the Assignees. This Day, ( Thursday ( the 17th inst at Mess. T. and I. Littledale's office, Exchange- buildings, at one o'clock in the afternoon, One- sixth of the fine Liverpool- built Brig SPEEDY, WM. PROuSE, Master; ; Burthen 160 tons per register; years old ; carries a large cargo for her tonnage; well- found in stores, rigging, & c. and a very suitable vessel for the Brazil trade'.— For further particulars apply to W. and J. Tyrer, or . T. and I. LITTLEDALE. On Tuesday next, the 22d instant, at one o'clock, at Richard Bateson and Co.' s office, Water- street, 30 Hhds. of St. Kitt's SUGAR, 6 Boxes, 85 Tees. 91 Brls. Havannah DITTO, 50 Casks of Jamaica COFFEE, Now landing from the Anna, from St. Kitt's. Apply to John Winder, or RICHARD BATESON and Co Brokers. On Saturday the 26th inst at two o'clock, at T. and I. Littledale's office, Exchange- buildings, Sgx The new Brig APOLLO, FS& F: MATTHEW STEEL,- Master ; Burthen per register 153 tons, copper- fastened and coppered, was launched at Workington in April last, and now in the Queen's Dock.— Apply to T. and I. LITTLEDALE, Brokers. at Tor FREIGHT or CHARTER. sThe fine American Ship PRINCE MADOC, HENRY APpLEWHAITE, Master; Burthen 300 tons; sails remarkably fast, is a strong well- built vessel, and will be ready to receive a cargo in a few days.— Apply to the Captain on board, in George's Dock- basii), or to EASON, JENNER and Co. ** For SALE, FREIGHTor CHARTER ' Ihe well- known fast- sailing coppered Brig BRITON, JAS. WRIGHT, late Master; Burthen per register 125 tons, now lying in the Old Dock, opposite the bottom of Pool- lane. For particu- lars apply to JAMES CORKHILL, Lord- street. Who has an Office to Let. f One concern.) • J~~ Ta be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, The well- known Schooner GLORY, Stands A. 1. burthen per register 101 tons, sails remarkably fast, and earries 130 tons dead weight, at 9 feet draft of water; is abundantly found in stores, and may be sent to sea at a trifling expense. For fur- ther particulars apply to Captain Haughton, on board said vessel, laying in the Salthouse Dock, or HOLLIWELL and HIGHFIELD. This Day, ( Thursday) the 17th inst. at 12 o'clock, Ewart, Rutson and Co.' s office, Exchange- alley, 200 Hhds. Barbadoes SUGAR. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Barton, Ir- lam and Higginson, or EWART, RUTSON and Co. Brokers. On Monday next, the 21st inst. at 12 o'clock, on the King's Dock Quay, bottom of Sparling- street, 40 Tons solid NICARAGUA WOOD, Now landing ex Fairfield, from Jamaica. LOWES and WOODS, Brokers. This Day, ( Thursday) the 17th inst. at 12 o'clock, at Jue Brothers' office, Hargraves'- buildings, 100 Tees. New Carolina RICE, Just Landed. Apply to JEE BROTHERS, Brokers. This Day, ( Thursday) the 17th inst. at 12 o'clock, at B. Batley and Son's office, 11, Exchange- buildings, 11 Pipes 7 Red Port WINE, of a superior quality, and 16 Hhds. J of the vintage 1810, 1812, & 1814, in bond. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Carvalho and Fortunatto, merchants, or BENJ. BATLEY and SON, Brokers. On Monday next, the 21st inst. at twelve o'clock, at Ewart, Rutson and Co.' s office, in Exchange- alley, 200 Hhds. Demerara SUGAR, Now landing. Apply to Messrs Sandbach, Tinne and Co. or EWART, RUTSON and Co. Brokers. would have no objection to superintend the concerns of the house—- or to become companion to a Lady — For particulars apply to Mr. Fletcher, printer, Chester. Letters post paid. ON SALE. The Brig ANNA, D. JONES, late Master; Burthen 142 tons per register, with all her materials as arrived from St Kitt's, stands A. 1. stows a very large cargo for her tonnage, and sails remarkably fast, is well found and may be sent to sea at a trifling expense: now lays in George's Dock.— Apply to JOHN WINDER, 9, Manesty's- lane ON SALE, Nearly ready for launching, at the building- yard of Messrs. K. Wood, Peile and Co Workington, a strong and faithful- built VESSEL, of the ; following dimensions : — Keel for admeasurement 70 feet, Breadth 20 do. 8 inches, Depth . 12 do. And will register 132 tons. Apply to the firm above, or here to WOOD and WATSON, Brokers, 11, Dry Dock. For SALE, The remarkably fast- sailing, coppered and copper- fastened Brig COQUETTE, JOHN NEWLANDS, Master; Burthen per register 244 tons, with all her materials as she arrived from sea, and now lies in the King's Dock; being uncommonly well- found, she may be tent to sea at very little expence.— For inventory and further particulars apply to Messis. Campbell, Rivers and Co. Glasgow, or to COLIN & JOHN CAMPBELL and Co. 8, Goree. For SALE; The Brig COMMERCE, Capt. BRUMELI; Burthen per regis'er 194 tons, a good r- ubstantial ves- sel, coppered on wood sheathing, and well adapted to • the Coasting Trade — Apply to JOS. HIBBERSON. This Day, ( Thursday) the 17th inst. at 12 o'clock, at Bless. W. Kempe and Co.' s warehouse, Water- street, 3 Bags Damaged COTTON, Landed ex St. George from Maranham. Apply to Messrs. William Kempe and Co. merchants, or to JEE BROTHERS, Brokers. On Wednesday next, the 23d instant, at 12 o'clock, at Ewart, Rutson and Co.' s office, in Exchange- alley, ^ 900 Dkto Cblna'^ SUGAR, Bemgpart of the Cargoes of the ships Hannah and Ros- coe, lately arrived from Bombay and Calcutta. Samples, & c. will be timely exhibited at the office of \ J ERCHANTS or OTHERS may be supplied Messrs. Kvmer, M'Taggart, and Co. Mincing- lane 1VJL with any quantity of Carnarvon SLATES, suit- London, and at the place of sale. for tIle American Market, delivered in Liverpool For further particulars apply to Messrs. J. and R. Vor at Carnarvon, on the shortest notice— lowest terms Gladstone, Messrs. Gladstone and Grant, merchants, or ,' and best quality. Apply to Simpson and Davies, . Agents, 1 Redcross- street, Liveerpool. To- morrow, ( Friday) the 18th inst. at 12 o'clock, at Mr. Colin Campbell's office, 14 Bags Damaged Upland COTTON. Apply to Messrs. Richardson and Bolton, merchants or to COLIN CAMPBELL, Broker. To- morrow, ( Friday) the 18th inst. at 12 o'clock, at Hod- son's Bonded yard, Wapping, 547 Logs of OAK TIMBER, 156 Logs ASH, 16 Do. BIRCH, 71 Do. MAPLE, 8m R. O. and Ash HHD STAVES, 4m Ditto BARREL DITTO, 2 Fathoms of LATHWOOD, € 2 POLES. 172 PLANKS, , Being the entire Cargo of the Ship Diana, now landing from Wiscasset, For further particulars apply to Messrs T. and J. D. Thornely, merchants, or W. SHARPLES, Broker. To- morrow ( Friday) the 18th inst. at 12 o'clock, at Boardman's warehouse, King- street, 199 Boxes LEMONS, Just landed ex Morning Star, from Sicily. Apply to YATES BROTHERS and Co. Brokers. To- morrow, ( Friday) the 18th instant, at one o'clock, at Duff. Findlay and' Co.' s office, Chapel- street, 91 BI. gs Bahama COTTON. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Eason, Jen ner and Co merchants, or DUFF, FINDLAY and Co. Brokers. [ ON SALE, At the Building- yard of Isaac Middleton and . Co. Maryport, A faithful- l- uilt BRIG, Now readv for launching; copper- fastened, and will bear the most rigid inspection; burthen about 163 tons, and will earry a large cargo to her register dimensions, as under, Length on Deck,. 78 ft. 8 in. Length of Keel 70 ... 6 Breadth of Beam, 22 ... 1 Depth of Hold, 14 ... 0 For further particulars applv at the Building Yard, otto ROBERT COPLAND, Brokttr. To PASSENGERS to AMERICA, & c. WOOD AND SON, SHIP BROKERS AND AGENTS, at their office, ( directly behind the Coustom- house,) Paradise- street, Liverpool, keep a correct list of all ves- sels carrying passengers from this Port to America, or other Foreign Ports, the probable time of their sailing, vvith other particulars. , They also enter and clear out passengers and their luggage at the Custom- house, on reasonable terms. Persons in the country, or others, wishing to go abroad, applying to them by letter or otherways, may not only be informed of such vessels as are likely to af- ford them the safest and best accommodations, the pas- sage- money expected, & c. but may also have passages secured for them by any particular vessel, or by those sailing nearest to the time they could wish to leave the country, which would prove a great convenience and saving, both in time and expence, to individuals or families going to America or elsewhere. N. B. No letters will be received or answered unless the postage be paid ; and to secure passage by any par- ticular vessel, or by any given time, it will be necessary previously to remit or pay down a deposit of at least one half the amount of the passage money, as the Captains will not otherways either reserve room or prepare births in the vessels TO BE LET, AValuable LIQUOR VAULT and TAVERN, now in full trade, in one of the first situations in Liverpool; the present occupier is leaving it go into another business. This is an offer which seldom occurs, and is well worth the attention of any active person who can command a small capital. Possession may be had as soon as required. For particulars apply to Thomas Green, Auctioneer, Lime- street. | THE creditors who have proved debts against the To- morrow, ( Friday) the 18th inst. at 12 o'clock, at Whittingham and Dawson's office. Pownall- street 80 Half Barrels of BEEF, 65 Ditto PORK. 20 Barrels of PORK, and 3f Tons of Dried HAMS. For particulars applv to Whittingham and Dawson or to JOSEPH HARRISON, Broker. To- morrow, ( Friday) the 18th inst. at one o'clock, at Samuel Hope and Co.' s office, 60 Bags Bahama COTTON. For further particulars applv to Mess. Jas. Chapman and Co. or SAMUEL HOPE and Co. Brokers. To- morrow, ( Friday) the 18th instant, at 12 o'clock; the Quay, west side Queen's Dock, 3m. Pipe 2m. Barrel STAVES, Now landing ex Philip Tabb, from Norfolk. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Maury and Latham, Merchants, or to ROWLAND ROSCOW, Broker To- morrow, ( Friday) the 18th inst. on the Quay, west side King's Dock, immediately after the sale of Staves by the Philip Tabb, 1 m PIPE STAVES. 5m W. O. STAVES and HEADING, Now- landing ex Langdon, Cheeves. from Charleston. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Richardson and Bolton, merchants, or ROWLAND ROSCOW, Broker. On Monday next, the 21 st inst. at 12 o'clock, on the Quay, King's Dock, 40 Tons BLACK LEAD, Now landing ex Minerva, from Helsingfors. For further particulars apply to Mr. Robert Wil liamsou, merchant, or to ROWLAND ROSCOW, Broker. On Thursday next, the 24th instant, at 12 o'clock, Duncan & Fletcher's yard, west side Queen's Dock, 189 Logs CEDAR, lately landed. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Isaac Low and Co. or ROWLAND ROSCOW. Broker. T By JAMES TROTTER, To- morrow ( Friday) the 18th inst. at 11 o'clock pre cisely, at the Globe Tavern, in Pitt- street, corner of York Street GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising Four- post and Camp Bedsteads and Hangings, Feather Beds and Bedding, Palliasses, Win dow Curtains, Carpets, Oil Cloths. Pier and Dressin Glasses, & c. Mahogany Chairs, Chests of Drawer; Desk, Dining, Pembroke, Card, and Snap Tables, Black Hair Sofa, Fenders and Fire Irons, Grates and Ovens, Kitchen Requisites. Ale and Liquor Measures, Glasses, Five- and- a- half Barrels of Ale, and various other Articles. May be viewed on the morning of sale. separate estate of William Sharples, under a com- mission of bankrupt awarded and issued against him. together with John Daulby, may receive a first dividend on such debts by applying at the office of Mr. Sharples, in Drury- lane, Liverpool, on Monday next, the 21st of July instant, between the hours of eleven and two, or on anv subsequent day during those hours. ' LACE, MILLER and LACE, Solicitors. ~~ DIVIDEND; rtIHE creditors who have proved their debts under a commission of bankrupt awarded and issued against Richard Colshed, of Liverpool, in the county of Lancaster, watchmaker and builder, dealer and chap- man, may receive a dividend of three shillings and four- pence in the pound, upon the amount of their respective debts, bv applying at the Office of Messrs. DALTERA and TOPhAM, Solicitors, Water- street, Liverpool, on Tuesday next, the 22' d day of July instant, between the hours of ten and two o'clock. J~ U1E assignees of the estate and effects of John Ritchie and Thomas Moffat, of Liverpool, mer- chants, request a meeting of all such persons, creditors of that es ate, under the firm of John Ritchie and Co. as have, or claim to have any interest therein, in respect of Messrs, Mecklenburgh and Co. of St. Domingo, Mr. Vim. Doran, of St. Domingo, or Messrs. I>. Mackay and Co. of Prince Edward's Island, on Monday, the 28th day of July inst. at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, at the George Inn, in Dale- street, Liverpool. STANISTREET and EDEN, and? Solicitors. T VALUABLE FREEHOLD LAND, near the Docks, having four Fronts. By WINSTANLEY and CROLE, On Thursday the 31st July inst. at six o'clock in the evening, at the Star and Garter Tavern, Paradise street, subject to conditions of sale to be then pro duced, unless previously disposed of by private con' tract, in various Lots : ALL that Piece of LAND, Freehold of Inherit- ance, now inclosed with other Land, and used as a Timber Yard, situate near the bottom of Greenland- street, and only31 yards distantfrom the eastern quay of the Queen's Dock ; being in front to Jordan- street, on the north, 40 yards, and on the south, partly to Green land- street, and partly to an intended street of six yards width, also 40 yards ; bounded on the west by the street of six yards width already opened, and on the east by an intended common passage, to be four feet wide, and extending on such east and west sides severally about thirty yards. A great part of the Purchase- money of any of the Lots may remain at interest on security thereof for some years, it being however optional with the buyer to take up his title at any intermediate period, on paying the remainder of his purchase- money. And on some of the Lots the whole purchase- money, except the usual deposit of ten per cent, may so remain at interest, pro- vided that suitable buildings be immediately erected on the Premises. For particulars apply to WILLIS EARLE, Wavertree, or to Messrs. WILLIS and LATHAM, Queen's Dock. EARTHENWARE AND CHINA, Stoke, Staffordshire, or at the Warehouses in Liverpool, always on hand, 1000 Crates and Casks, well assorted, and suitable for the North or South American Markets. Apply to THOMAS WOLFE. N. B. His Friends who can give time to have their Orders made up at his Manufactory, may be assured of no complaints from their Correspondents. T HHE PASSENGERS in the Ship SALLY, from Charleston to Liverpool, return their ^ sincere thanks to Captain WATSON, for his. kind attention and gentlemanly conduct during the passage GEO J. LORENTZ, JOHN G. SCHOOLBIRD, } Committee. MISS GRAHAM respectfully informs her Friends and the Public, that she is removed from Rus- sel- street to a more commodious House, No. 4. Nile- street.— SCHOOL re- opens on Monday the 28th inst. N. B.~ A Vacancy for a Parlour Boarder. w ANTED, a Situation for a middle- aged and very experienced Woman, as Housekeeper or Cook and Housekeeper: a'small family will be pre- ferred.— Apply to J. Gore. This Advertisement will not be continued. ALADY, of most respectable connexions, is desir- ous of a situation in a Gentleman's Family, and EWART, RUTSON and Co. Brokers. On Tuesday next, the 22d inst. at Lake's warehouse Lvdia Anne- street, 3876 Buenos Ayres HIDES, Now landing from the Thomas Grayson, from Buenos Ayres. Apply to Charles Tayleur and Co. or PARK and STRANGWAYES, Brokers. On Monday next, at Percival, Ward and Parton's office, Rumford- street, at 12 o'clock, 50 Hhds. Jamaica SUGAR, just landed. PERCIVAL, WARD and PARTON, Brokers. On Monday next, the 21st inst. at 12 o'clock, at Shaw's warehouse, New Quay, 30 Barrels Boston PEARL ASHES, Lately landed. Apply to Messrs. Geo. M. Woolsey and Co mer- chants, or YATES BROTHERS and Co. Brokers. FINGER ORGAN. TO be SOLD, an excellent TONED ORGAN in a handsome Mahogany Case, containing Stopped and Open Diapasons. Principal, Fifteenth, Sexquialtra. and Cornet, with a Dulciana and Hautboy in a Swell; built by England, of London ; now used as a temporary Organ in St. Andrew's Church, Liverpool, where it may be inspected and further particulars known bv applying to J Gore. On Monday next, the 21st inst. at 12 o'clock, at Yates, Brothers and Co.' s office, Exchange- buildings, 40 Tons BRIMSTONE, Now landing ex John and Thomas, from Trieste. Applv to Messrs. Russell and Welsh, merchants, YATES, BROTHERS and Co. Brokers. On Monday next, the 21st inst. at 12 o'clock, at Yates, Brothers and Co.' s office. Exchange- buildings, 22 Tons- BRIMSTONE, 393 Bags SUMACK, 11 Butts LEMON JUICE, 1 Ton CORKWOOD, Now landing ex Morning Star, from Sicily. Apply to YATES, BROTHERS and Co. Broker . On Tuesday next, the 22d inst. at Blease's warehouse, Lancelot's- hey, immediately after Messrs. Park and Strangwayes' sale, 2300 Buenos Ayres Cow and Ox HIDES, in Bond, Nolo landing ex Thomas. Apply to DUFF, FINDLAY and Co. Brokers. For Account of whom it may Concern, On Tuesday next, the 22d inst. at half- past one o'clock at Thos. and Jno Tliornely's warehouse, Back Goree, 142 Barrels superfine New York FLOUR. Apply to GEO. BOOTH, Jun. Broker. PEREMPTORILY, By Order of the Mortgagees, . On Tuesday next, the 22d day of July inst. at 6 o'clock in the evening, at the house of Thomas Hampson, the George Inn, in Dale- street. Liverpool, Lot \ MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE . XA. on the north side of London- road, next ad- joining to the Green Man and Still, containing in front 5 yards 2 feet, and in depth to a common pas- sage on the east side 19 yards and 8 inches, and on the west 20 yards and one foot, now in the occupation of Mrs. Mary Lindsey. 2. A Messuage or Dwelling house, adjoining the last- mentioned house, containing in front 5 yards 2 feet, and in depth 20 yards and one foot or thereabouts, now in the occupation of Mr. Robert Robinson. For further information apply to STATHAM and FOSTER, - Exchange- alley, Liverpool. On Monday the 4th of August next, at one o'clock in the afternoon, at the George Inn, in Dale- street, subject to the conditions then to be produced, in one or more lots, as may be agreed on at the time of sale ; AWAREHOUSE on the east side of the King'; Dock, and at the corner of Lower Sparling- street. in Liverpool, containing in front to the Dock quay eleven yards three inches, and extending in depth backward along Sparling- street about twenty- three yards, including the arcade in front of the D » ck, which is five yards wide. Also,, a piece of Land adjoining the Warehouse, and fronting the Dock quay, which contains in front twenty- eight yards, and is the same depth with the Warehouse. This Property, with the Counting- house at the south end corner, was lately occupied by Messrs. John Mont- gomery and Co. except a small part therenf with the Shed standing thereon, in the possession of Sampson Jee, block- maker, as tenant at will, and is held for two surviving lives and twenty- one years, under the Corporation of Liverpool, under the usual ground rent. And also, all that Messuage or Dwelling- house, No. 31, on the west or south- west side of Upper Pitt- street, in Liverpool occupied by Mrs. Ellen Montgomery, and held under the said Corporation for two surviving lives and twenty- one years, under the usual ground rent. For further particulars, and a plan of the Property, apply to LACE, MILLER and LACE, Castle- street, Liverpool. TO MILLINERS and OTHERS. 10 be DISPOSED OF, a well- established Busi- . ness in great repute, in the Millinery, Dress, and Haberdashery line, situated in one of the'first com- mercial towns in the North of England ; good will, including part of the Stock and Fixtures, will not exceed =£ 300.— Letters ( postpaid) addressed to A. Z. at J. Gore's, Castle- street, Liverpool, from principals only, will be attended to, when particulars will be com- municated.— Immediate possession may be had. ROBSON takes the liberty of informing his • Friends and the Inhabitants of Liverpool and its Vicinity, that he has succeeded to the SCHOOL lately occupied by Mr. Bryers, No. 21, Frederick- street, St. James's, where he purposes to teach Reading, ( with English Grammar,) Writing,. Arithmetic, Practical Mathematics, Book- keeping, & c. T. R. hopes that, from the experience he acquired by teaching for a number of years in respectable Schools, and the opportunity he has had during his residence in Liverpool, not only of acquiring an experience in the Practical part of Book- keeping, but of applying most of the useful branches of education to real business, joined to the unremitting attention which he shall uniformly give to merit a share of public patronage, and to be found fully qualified for preparing a limited number of Pupils for the mercantile profession, or active life in general. Terms expressed in the Cards, which may be had by applying at the School- room as above, or at his House, No. 93, Saint James's- street. Liverpool, 14th July, 1817. N( LIVERPOOL DOCKS. Dock- office, Liverpool, 27th June, 1817. OTICEis hereby given, that the Trustees of the Liverpool Docks, intend to offer for Sale by Pub- lic Auction, at the Dock Office, in Liverpool, on Fri- day, the 25th day of July next, at one o'clock, Assign- ments of the Rates and Duties of the said Docks, ac- cording to the Act of the 51 st Geo. Ill, " to the amount of =£ 20,000 in sums of not less than ^ lOOeach, bearing interest at the rate of £ 5 per cent, per annum, payable half yearly in London or Liverpool, as may be most agreeable to the purchasers. JOHN FOSTER, Secretary. The Endeavour, Krafft, from hence at Bahia. The Jubilee, Watt, from hence at ditto. The Boldon, Brewell, from hence at ditto. The Alexander, Mackie, from hence, Bangor and Clyde at Philadelphia. The Mount Pleasant, Eddy, from hence and Car- narvon at Charleston. The Admiral Durham, , from Barbadoes at Alexandria. The Thomas Naylor, Gill, from hence at Quebec. The Dart, White, from hence at Newfoundland, The- Raikes, Brummell, from hence at ditto. The Friends, Wyley, from hence at ditto. The Venus, M'Iver, from hence at ditto. The Mary and Susan, from hence at ditto. The William, Murch, from hence at ditto. The Ebenezer, Field, from hence at ditto. The Phillis, Grayson, from hence at ditto. The Patriot, Cain, from hence at ditto in 30 days and sailed for Miramichi on the 12th June. The Chilton, Douglas, from hence at Pictou. The Briton, Harland, from hence at Miramichi. The Middleton, Garbutt, from hence at ditto. The Augusta, Davidson, from Dumfries at ditto. The Britannia, Henderson, from Trinidad at Prince Edward's Island. The Fancy, Sanders, from hence and Genoa at Naples. The Lorton, M'Gaa, from hence at Messina. The William, Connell, from hence at Smyrna. The Chevy Chase, Ball, from hence at ditto. The Francis Earnest, Greig, from hence and Trieste at ditto. The Aurora, Lynas, from hence at Leghorn. The Betty, Wedgwood, from hence at Gibraltar. The Martin, Cartwright, from hence at Bremen. The Sprightley, Nichol, from hence at ditto. The Active, Johnson, from hence at St. Petersburg. The Ellen, Dobie, from hence at ditto. The Bellona, Holdridge, from hence at ditto. The General Gadsden, Fowler, from hence at ditto. The Endeavour. Lloyd, from hence at ditto. The Marys, Findley, from hence at ditto. The William and Henry, Trewhella, from hence at Hamburgh. The Willingmaid, , from hence at Helveot. The Gambier, Hutchins, from hence at Brielle. The Santiago, Gertisolo, from hence at Oporto. The Patience, Best, from hence at Rouen. The Betsey, Lewis, from hence at ditto. The Thomas, Woodburn, from hence at Havre. The Braganza, Halkin, from hence at ditto. The Richard, Findlater, from hence at ditto The Harder, Becket, from hence at ditto. The Ardent, Davies, from hence at ditto. The Amity, Guy, from hence at ditto. The William, Woodburn, from hence at ditto. The Mary, Andrews, from hence at ditto. The Blenheim, Cassop, from hence at ditto. The Missouri, ——, from New Orleans and Phila- delphia at ditto. The Champion, Chilton, from hence at Buctush, with bowsprit sprung and other damage, having run foul of an island of ice The Mary, Jackson, from hence for Alexandria at Cove of Cork, with damage. The George, Rossiter, from hence at Cork. The Neptune, Edwards, from hence at Newry. The Victory, Cunningham, from hence at ditto. The Betsey, Williams, from hence at ditto, The Hannah, Hoag, from hence at Dublin. The Mercury, Lewis, from hence at ditto. The Russia Company, Hay", from Ilavannah at Fal- mouth in 38 days. The William. Wallace, from New Orleans at Clyd The Sophia, Inglis, from Demerara for London at Margate Roads. The Cruizer, Mullender, from hence at Hull. The Rebecca, Sims, for this port, sailed from Phila- delphia 17th June. The Waterloo, ——, was to sail from Charleston for this port 16th June. The Richard, Smith, arrived at Antigua on the 17th May, from this port and Madeira, was plundered of provisions and stores ten days before, in lat. 17. 40. Ion. 47. by the Superior, Carthagenian privateer. The Lady Gambier, Reed, of Belfast, from Riga, reported to be on shore on Falsterbo, arrived at Elsi- neur 22d ult. and proceeded on her voyage. The Elizabeth, Douglas, from hence for Antwerp has been on shore and must be discharged. The Sally, Watson, from Charleston at this port, spoke on the 4th inst. in lat. 49 N. long. 27 W. the Mary and Betsey, .—-, from hence for Baltimore. out II days; also spoke the William, Ledikir., from Belfast. . Off Cape Clear, spoke the Georgiana, Cham- berlain, from hence for Norfolk. Left at Charleston, the Waterloo and the Wellington, the former was to LIVERPOOL CORPORATION WATER WORKS. AGENERAL MEETING of the Proprietors will be held on Tuesday next, 22d day of July, 1817, at Eleven o'Clock in the forenoon, at the Com- mittee- room, in Berry- street. Liverpool, pursuant to their Deed of Incorporation, to receive the resignation of all or any of the General Committee; and of ap- pointing any other or others to be of the Committee instead of those members who may resign— and for other general purposes of the Corporation. By Order of the Committee, JOHN OKILL, Secretary. ' TRADE IN DESIRABLE SITUATION FOR WREXHAM. To be LET, and may be entered upon immediately, ALL those extensive PREMISES, in Church- street, most eligibly situated for a general busi- ness, and formerly occupied by the late- Mr. Price, linen- draper, and of which a Lease may be had for seven, fourteen, or twenty- one years. For particulars apply to JOHN PLATT, at his turpentine and tar distillery, Parliament- street, Liverpool; on ' Change; or to Mr. R. Briscoe, chemist, Wrexham, if by letter, post paid. To be SOLD or LET, ALL those valuable PREMISES, 20 yards front of Lime- street, and extending 53 yards in Great Nelson- street, lately occupied by Mess. W. and T. John- son, as a Coach manufactory. They are well calculated for an Auction Mart, or any Concern where room and a public situation is requisite. Enquire of J. Varty, Coach- maker. G.( ORReD and BROOKE J T ESTATE of LAWRENCE FROST and Co. HE commissioners in a commission of bankrupt. awarded and issued against Lawrence Frost, the younger of Liverpool, in the county of Lancaster, mer- chant, partner with John Settle, of the same place, mer- chant, and Samuel Drinkwater, late of the same place, merchant, late carrying on trade with them under the firm of I. awience Frost and Co. intend to meet To- morrow, ( Friday) the J8th July instant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the George Inn, Dale- street Liverpool, iii order to make a dividend of the joint estate and effects of the said bankrupt and his said part- ners, in pursuance of adjournment from the 16th inst r. RADCLIFFE, Solicitor. EXTENSIVE SALE at DUKINFIELD LODGE, CHESHIRE. Messrs. WINSTANLEY and CROLE Most respectfully announce to the Amateurs of the Fine Arts and Literature, and to the Public, that they have received directions from the Assignees, to Sell by Auction, on the Premises, on Wednesday the 20th August next, and following days, the well- known extensive and highly valuable COLLECTIONS of PAINTINGS, PRINTS, and DRAWINGS, Library of Choice BOOKS, small Selection of Stuffed English Birds, Elegant Carriages and Harness, brilliant Plates of Glass of large Dimen- sions, Musical Instruments of the finest quality, fine India Cabinets, and various other Articles of Taste, the Property of FRANCIS DUKINFIlD ASTLEY, Esq. of Dukinfield Lodge, near Ashton- under- line. Catalogues of the whole are preparing and further particulars will be g'neu in future Advertisements. T DIVIDEND. THE creditors who have proved their debts under a commission of bankrupt awarded and issued against James Hird, of Liverpool, ship- builder, may re- ceive a dividend of 5s 6d in tho pound, on apply- ing at the office of HARMOOd BANNER, Accountant, Jubilee- buildings, on Monday next, or any subsequent Monday, between the hours of eleven and one. GRIFFITH and HINDE, Solicitors. 19th JULY, THE LAST DAY. CARROLL, Stock- Broker, has the honor of informing the Public, that the First Day's Drawing, which consisted of more than Seven Thou- sand Tickets, is over. The Second and Last Day will be Saturday the I9th inst. when The FOUR PRIZES of =£ 20,000!! Which remain in the Wheel, must be drawn. It will be necessary for those persons whose Numbers are drawn Blanks, and who do not intend to take ad- vantage of the Rich State of the Wheel, to bring in their Tickets to the respective Offices on or before, Fri- day the 18th inst. when they will be paid as Prizes of =£ 10. It must be understood, however, that by so doing, they abandon all future chance, and can claim nothing, though they should be Drawn either of the Four Prizes of =£ 20,000. Tickets and Shares are Selling at the Offices of G. CARROLL, 7, CORNHILL, and 26, OXFORD- STREIT, At the following low Prices : Ticket =£ 18. 18s. Half..'. =£ 9 19s Quarter 5 1. Where No, 7,735, the Last Prize of =£ 30,000 was Sold in Shares: And also by his Agents, J. ORMANDY, Stationer, Lord- street, Liverpool. R. ROBERTSON, Stationer, Market- street, Msnchester. J. HOLROYD, Bookseller, Corn Market, Halifax. J. GAYTHOrp, Bookseller, Whitehaven. BY PERMISSION OF THE WORSHIPFUL THE MAYOR. WILL SHORTLY CLOSE, SIGNOR M. GIRMONDI'S WONDERFUL DOGS, ( FROM PARIS. which have been received, since his arrival in Liverpool by genteel and crowded audiences, with unbounded ap- plause, continue to exhibit at the MUSIC- HALL, BOLD- STREET. This Evening, July 17, and every Evening until further notice, these astonish ing animals will go through their wonderful Perfor- mance; for particulars of which, see the band- bills. Doors to be opened at seven, and the performance to begin at eight precisely. First Places. 3s.— Second Places, 2s —- Gallery, Is. Tickets, and Books of the Performance, to be had at the Doors, and of E. Smith and Co. Pool- lane. N. B. By particular desire of several Families of Dis- tinction, SIGNOR M. GIRMONDI will give a MORNING PERFORMANCE To- morrow, ( Fri- day) the 18th inst. to begin at one o'clock precisely for the accommodation of persons living in the country. Same day, at Sephton Church, by the Rev. -- Roth- well, rector, James, eldest'son of Robert Mawdsley, Esq. Maghull, to Mary, eldest daughter cf the late Thomas Pye, Esq. Netherton. On Tuesday the 8th inst. at Stoke- upon- trent, Stam - ford Carroll, Esq. late of the 3d Dragoon Guards, to Louisa Wilmot, eldest daughter of Sir John Edensor Heathcote, of Langton- hall, Staffordshire. Same day, at Haslingden, Mr. James Collinge, of Collingefold, to Hannah, eldest daughter of Mr Booth, of Hareholme, Rossendale. On Wednesday the 9th inst. at Hampstead, George Birkbeck, M. D. physician in London, to Anna Mar- garet, youngest daughter of Mr. Gardner, Houghton- street.' Same day, Mr. Matk Noble, druggist, to Miss Dug- dale, daughter of Mr. Dugdale, house- carpenter, both of Lancaster. On Thursday last, at St. Anne's Church, by the Rev. J. Jones, tile Rev. J. Fearon, to Miss Gainett. Same day, at' Overton, near Frodsham, Mr. John Haughton, merchant, of this town, to Miss Cluney, late of this town. Same day, Mr. George Thorpe, merchant, to Miss Eliza Chapman, of Manchester. On Saturday last, at Christ Church, by the Rev. J. R. Tetlow, Mr. William M'Lean, to Miss Matilda Fynney. On Sunday last, at Walton Church, Mr. Wm. Wil- liams, to Miss Ellen Goldsten, botli of this town. Same day, at Walton Church, Mr. Benjamin Max- well, to Miss Alice Brighouse, both of this town. On Tuesday last, at St. Thomas's Church, by the Rev. J. H. Smyth, Mr. William Jones, tobacconist, of Holywell, to Miss Ellen Sandland, of this town'. Same day, at Dudley, in Staffordshire, Mr. William Hatton, of the Crescent, Salford, to Miss Hodget, of the former place. DIED. Lately, at havannah, Mr. Richard Urmson, son of Mr. W. Urmson, Bidston Lighthouse, Cheshire. Lately, at Mrs. Wynne's, in Chester, William Dod, Esq. brother to that Lady, and to Thomas Crewe Dod, Esq. of Edge, in the county of Chester. On Wednesday the 11th ult. near Wrexham, Den- bighshire, after a tedious illness of five years, which she bore with great fortitude, at the advanced age of £ 3, Mrs, Mary Jones. On Friday the 13th ult. at Edgeworth's- town, in Ireland, aged 74, Richard Lovell Edgeworth, Esq. author of many interesting works, and father to Miss Edgeworth, whose genius has augmented the literary reputation of the age. On Tuesday the 24th ult. in Bread- street, London, aged 34, Mr. Samuel Horrocks, acting partner in Lon- don in the concern of Messrs. Horrocks and Co On Friday the 27th ult. aged 51, Mr. John Drum- mond, joiner ; a man universally respic eJ. . Same day, Mr. John Ashworth, merchant, Rochdale. On Monday the 30th ult. aged 77, Mrs. Kay, widow of Mr. Richard Kay, of Bolton, and aunt to the Rev. John Yates, of this town. On Wednesday the 2d inst. at Forton lodge aged 25, Miss Edmondson, niece of Thomas Edmondson, Esq. of Grassyard- hall, near Lancaster. On Saturday the 5th inst. of a decline, which she bore with christian patience and fortitude for two years. Miss Eleanor Hadwen, second daughter of Mr. W. Hadwen, of Lancaster. ' On Sunday the Glli inst. aged 67, Mr. James Birchall, file- cutter, Whitechapel. On Monday the 7th" inst. at Lancaster aged 77, Mrs. Bankes, relict of Mr. Bankes, Isle of Walney. Same day, at Whitehaven, aged 76, Mrs. Elizabpth Nicholson, a maiden lady, daughter of the late Mr. Timothy Nicholson, merchant, of that town. On Tuesday the 8th inst. at Great Neston, in his 80th year, Lieut. Christopher Funston, of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, and master gunner of Black- ness Castle. Same day, aged 79, Mrs. Beswick, mother of the late Mr. Beswick, Lancaster coachman, Dale- street. On Wednesday the 9th inst. Mrs. Counsel, wife of Mr. James Counsel, of Preston. On Thursday last, after a long illness, P. Fitzpatrick, officer in the excise. Same day, aged 35, Mrs. Mansfield, of Dale- street, Manchester. On Friday last, suddenly, Mr. James Austin, go- vernor of the workhouse at Whitchurch, Salop. On Monday last, William bateman, Esq. of the Polygon, Higher Ardwick, near Manchester. HIGH WATER at LIVERPOOL the Ensuing Week WITH THE HEIGHTS OF THE TIEES. sail for this port on the ! 6th, and the latter on the 21st June. The following vessels have been spoken at sea:— The Nelly, Ekin, from hence for Quebec, on 2d inst: 40 miles N. W. of Tory, out 3 days ; Rebecca, Nimmo, from hence for Savannah on the 14th June, in iat. 33. Ion. 55. out 35 days ; Lord Whitworth, and Juno, from Savannah for this port, in the Channel five days ago; Jupiter, Carew, fi'CRi hence for Honduras, off Altewela, out 92 days, Coroner's Inquests.—* On Thursday last, an inquest was held on the body of Thomas Sanders, who was hurt on board a vessel in the King's Dock— verdict, acci- dental On Monday last, on the body of William Bennett, a child about two years old, who was drowned in a cistern of water— verdict, accidental.— On Tuesday last, on the body of Henry Pritchard, a boy about seven years old, who was drowned in the canal— ver- dict, accidental. A_ pine apple, of the extraordinary weight of ten pounds, was cut last week in the hot- house of Ralph Benson, Esq. Duke- street, Liverpool. We are concerned to find, that more than 1000 of the labourers, who have been employed on the dock works at this port, since the beginning of last winter, have been dismissed within the last week. The direc- tors of these works, we understand, have been compelled to this measure, partly from the want of funds, and partly from the difficulty or impracticability of employ- ing, with effect, so large a body of men in the actual state of the works. Against necessities so urgent we can have nothing, to say, except that we should have been glad if the discharge of this very numerous body could have been effected more gradually. The work- men thus dismissed, and their dependants, probably amount to not less than three or four thousand indivi- duals, all of whom are at once rendered distitute, and except such as can provide themselves with employment, must instantly be thrown upon the parish. We are aware that the hay harvest is now in full activity, and that the corn harvest may be expected to commence in no very long time, but these, we are afraid, are but feeble resources; as it is generally thought, that there is already, amongst the rural population of the country, a sufficient superfluity of hands to answer all the demands of the harvest.— Saturday's Advertiser. BOROUGH AND TOWN OF LIVERPOOL, JOHN WRIGHT, Esq. Mayor. THE. GENERAL COURT of a UAR TEn SES- SIONS of the PEACE for this BOROUGH and TO WN will beheld in the COURT ROOM, within the TOWN- HALL, on MONDAY next, 21 st day of July, 1817, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon ; ivhen and where all Persons bound over to Appear and Prosecute, give Evidence or Answer, are to attend on pain of their. re- spective Recognizances being estreated. And the COURT of PASSAGE, for the Trial of CIVIL CAUSES, will be held before the MAYOR and BAILIFFS of the said Town, on THURSDAY next 24 th day of July, 1817, of which the ATTORNIES of the said Court are required to take Notice. STATHAM, Town Clerk and Clerk of the Peace. 4H Persons are requested to take Notice, that no Traverse will be tried at these Sessions, unless the same be entered for Trial in the Town Clerk's Office, oil or before ihe first day oj the Sessions. Eighth =£ 2 lis 6d Sixteenth 1 6s Od PRICE OF STOCKS, July 15, 1817. per Cent. Reduced per Cent. Consol 82J It 2f liverpool, July 17, 1817. SHIP NEWS. The James, Crake, from hence at Jamaica, The Eliza, Phillips, from hence at ditto. The Braddock, Jackson, from hence at ditto. The Isabella, Simpson, from Leith at ditto. • The Mercator, Rankin, from Glasgow at ditto. The Erata, Robinson, from Savannah at ditto.- The Mary, Keen, fiom Charleston at ditto. The Eliza, Lewis, from hence at Demerara. The William Dawson, Ferguson, from hinCe at do. The Friendship, Foster, from hence at ditto. The Marquess Wellington, Bell, from Baltimore at I Barbados, BIRTH. Lately, at Paris, the Lady of Lieutenant- Colonel Gillibrand, of Gillibrand- hall, in this county, of a daughter. MARRIED. Lately, at Kendal, Mr. Joseph Fleming, of Man- chester. to Miss Mary Thompson. On Tuesday the 1st inst. at Wharton, near Lancaster, Mr. William Garth, coach proprietor, of Preston, to Miss Mercy Airey, daughter of Mr: William Airey, of the former place. Same day, at Alverstoke, Hants, by the Rev. C. A. North, Matthew Carter, Esq. merchant, of New York, late of this fcown, to Martha, youngest daughter of the late John Freeland, Esq. of Appledram, near Chichester. Same day, at Christ Church, by the Rev. J. R. Tet- low, Mr. Crank, attorney, of Ulverston, to Miss Callon, daughter of Mr. Callon, teacher of the French language, Warren- street. On Thursday the 3d inst. at Knutsford, the Rev. G. Shiffner, son of Geo. Shitfner, Esq. of Combe- place, in Sussex, M. P. to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Rev. Croxton Johnson, rector of Wimslow, in Cheshire, and Fellow of the Collegiate Church, Manchester. On Friday the 4tb irist. Mr. John Barclay, of Man- chester, to Miss Catharine Jones, of Chester. On Snturday the 5th inst. Mr. Thomas Horridge, of Manchester, to Miss Ann Loxham, of Preston. On Sunday the 6th inst. Mr. G- Schroder, to Miss Ann Miller, Troth of Manchester. On Monday the 7th inst. at Birmingham, Mr. Edw. Patrick, gun- maker, of this town, to Miss Louisa Worallo, of Steelhouse- lane, Birmingham. Week Days. Thursday 17 Friday Saturday SUNDAY Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday l. AMERICA- The Lord Whitworth, J. Youd, from'Savannah, with 581 bales cotton for Cropper. Benson and co. 44 do W. Dixon and co. 30 do W. Gibson- ard co. 20 dt> W. Shaw, 150 do J. M'Adam and co. 30 do J. Mar- shall. • > The Lancaster, — West, from Philadelphia, with 88 hhds bark 500 brls flour 55c staves for Cropper, Benson and co. 54 hhds bark 1500 brls flour 52 hales cotton Rathbone, Hodgson and co. 47 bales cotton Hughes, Duncan and co. ' The Vestal, J. Hutchinson, from Savannah, with 645 bales cotton for D. and J. A. Willink, 103 do Richardson and Bolton, 34 do R. and G. Benn. The Edward. J. Macy, from New York, with 50 brls flour 10c staves for Cropper. Benson and co. 81 bales cotton Rathbone, Hodgson and CO. 99 tees 1 half do flaxseed 1681 brls 240 half do flour 202 bales cotton Bolton and Ogden, 114 brls flour J. Chapman and cp. 24 bales cotton W. Weather- all, 1Q0 brls flour 0. Hey- wortb and CO. 1 do R. Bolton. The Favourite, R. Young, from Quebec, with 63 brls pot ashes for W. and A. Maxwell, 8053 { lushels wheat 1168 bushs flaxseed 6534 staves 200 hrls flour 31 brls pearl ashes 69 brls pot ashes 22g pieces plank 750 boards 600 scantlings order. MEDITERRANEAN. The John and Thomas, C. Eskeldson, from Trieste, with 37 tons brimstone for Russell and Welsh, 51 bales madder root R. Abraham. 88 tons valonia 14 cwt fustic R. F. Breed and co 1 bale returned goods order. PR USSIA. The Anna Sophia, P. Zarder, from Dantsic, with 1536 b3gs wheat 373 do barley 90 deals 185 mats for Pickering Brothers. IRELAND. The Industry, P. Murphy, from Dublin, with 753 brls flour for Bolton and Ogden, 116 do Buchanan & co. 147 do C. Tayleur and co. 7 bags feathers 5 casks velves J. and A. f. O'Neill, 4 bags feathers Stack, Lynch and Hores, 6 casks bleaching salts 3 hhds glua R. Ker, 3 hags quills Gillies and O'Neill, 20 do wool G. and W. Simmons, 1 box musical instruments J. Roose & son, 10 bales 50 bundles hides 4 bags feathers 2 do quills 150 bundles calf skins J. L. Brint and co. 5 hhds hides and skins 24 bundles skins 9 do horse hides J. Hadwen, 21 brls 1 half do Beef 14 brls pork J. Gregson, 1 piano forte T. and 11. Martin, 1 bale linen yarn Hollinshead and co. 27 bags feathers 2 brls calves velv « s 4 bags goat's hair 36 bales linen clotty order. The Shamrock, J. Aberdeen, from Belfast, with 12 brls 5 tees beef for F. Jordan and co. 150 brls flour Rathbone, Hodgson and co. 25 firks 6 half do butter J. Herd and co. 90 brls pitch D. and J. A. Willink, 8 crates tanner's waste J. Aberdeen, 10 bales bacon 114 firks 14 hsilf do butter order. The Gordon, J. Laidley, from Ballyrain, with 298 cow 11 bundles horse hides 322 do calf skins for Syde- botham it co 196 bundles cow hides 115 do calfskins Gillies and O'Neill, 161 cow hides 513 calfskins 11 horse hides Whittingham and Dawson. The John, E. Pugh, from Cork, with 173 brls oats for Miller and Nevins, 50 bags oatmeal 100 do wheat Orford and son. > The Peregrine, D- Propert, from Waterford, with 22 brls oats for J. Harrison and son. The Times, Ii. Quick, from Youghall, with 92Q fcrls oats for A. F. and R. Maxwell. The Fanny, W. Martin, from Belfast, with 132 firks 37 half do butter for W. R. Anderson. The Thomas and Nancy, T. Anderson, from Belfast, with 218 firks 14 half do butter fur W. R. Anderson. The Ann, W. Chappell, from Waterford, with 21? firks butter for J. Herd and co. 40 do order. The Cams Delight, R. Roberts, from Dublin, w^ th 80 tons soap waste for R. Roberts. 85" Far remainder of Arrivals,, Sec. see last mms HOUSE , July 12. PROROGATION OF PARLIAMENT. At hait' past tvyo this day ( he Prince Regent Ifift Carlton- House in the usist^ ie, the House of ^ Lords, to prorogue the I^ arliamen?. The IViijce bein^ seated on the tJjrojie, and tjje Cqmrjiouji, with their Speaker, in attend& uce, the Speaker then addressed to Jiis I| igliness tl » e &{ U> 5viug speech ; — < f it) obedience to your Royal ffighnes'/ s cornrttands, wq, his Majesty's faithJ'iil Commons- of the United $ Ci* g( Jotfi of Cfreat Britain and Ireland. attend your Royal IJigljncss yvitft our l^ st Kill of Supply, at the friose Of. a laborious Session. Among rl; e numerous subjects of deep public importance jto \ yhipli our consi- deration Has been called, there are none that ^ ve more anxiously occupied our attention, thun those which re- late to the Finances and Internal State of the Country. In popf'orniitv with youf Hoyal Kighness's recpuimen- drttipu at tbe comiR on cement of the Session, we took such steps as seettuid best Calculated to insure a fuljand serious investigation into the Public IncomtJ and Kx- penditUrs. That investigation has continued tiirougli- out the Session. From that investigation muph has been done— much unquestionably remains to be done; but wo tpast we are justified in the conviction, that in easing our expenditure by " iyhat the real interests of the empire may require, no apprehepsiop need be enter- tained as to the stability of our resources. t4 Deeply sensible of what we oy/ e to your Royal, fjighness for having directed tbe Kstimat. es to be laid Jjefore us at the commencerrjent of " the Session, with every reduction in the establishments that sound policy would allow, we Jiaye had the satisfaction to find that the supplies might be provided without the imposition of any additional burdens upon the people; and we have the proud gratification to « h| nkthafc notwithstanding the gigantic and unparalleled exertions which this coun- try has been called upon to make, and the difficulties i » ud pressure which must necessarily be the consequence of such exertions, at no period of its history lias public credit stood more sound, steady, and unsl* aken than at present. " Jn ( Considering, sir. the internal state of the coun* try, it has been painful to us to contemplate the at. tempts which liaye been mae'e to take advantage of the distresses of a portion of the people, to convert them to wieked and mischievous purposes. His Maj- sty'sfaith- ful Commons, whilst they have been anxiously engaged in such measures as might check the further progress of these attempts, have not been unmindful of such pther measures as ' might afford relief to the pressure of that distress : with this view we have turned our atten- tion to the encouragement of the fisheries, to the means of providing employment for the poor, and most diligently ( although the limits of the session would not fcllovy the completion of a measure) to a lull and minute enquiry into the state and effect of the poor laws, a question in which the wealth, the industry, and the mo- rality of the nation are so deeply implicated *.*. Whilst we have deemed it our first duty to delibe- rate with unremitted solicitude upon the subjects of pa- ramount importance,— rto these. alone our deliberations haye not been confined. Reeling has intimately con- nected the bes£ interests of the country with every thing that is of interest or concern to our ecclesiastical estab- lishment: we hope that muclj of advantage wiil be de- rived to the pubjic. and much of convenience to the Clergy, from the revision and consolidation of the laws affecting spiritual persons. To Ireland our earnest attention has been directed $ n providing for the more deliberate investigation of presentments to be made by the Grand Juries; a mea- sure of most general influence ovev the whole of that part of the United Kingdom— a measure which wk Confidently hope will prove as salutary in practice, as it is tinquestion^ bly sound in principle. 44 These, Sir, are the leading mattery which have en- grossed the labours of his Majesty's faithful Commons; and if this Session has not been marked ?' ith that bril. Jiancy and splendour which has characterized former Sessions, yet we have the conscious satisfaction to re- flect. that having had great duties to perform, to the performance of those duties we have applied a most faithful and indefatigable attention, " Sir, the Bill which it is my duty humbly to present to your Royal Highness, is entitled, " An Act for an- plying certain monies therein mentioned for the service of the yeaf 1817; and for further appropriating the supplies granted in this Session of Parliament,' to • which, witia all humility, we pray his Majesty's royal ^ ssent." At the ccnclusjpn Of this speech the Lord Chancellor received the Bill, to which, together with the election Poll Regulations Bill, the royal assent was given. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent then read jlis Speech, of which tlje following is a copy ik My Lords and gentlemen, I cannot close this Session of Parliament, without renewing my expressions of deep regret at the continu- ance of his Majesty's lamented indisposition. The diligence with which you haye applied yourselves to the consideration of the different objects which 1 recommended to your attention at the commencement of the Session, demands my warmest acknowledg- ments; and I have no doubt that the favourable change - which is happily taking place in our internal situation, is to be mainly ascribed to the salutary measnr s which you have adapted for preserving the public tranquillity, and to your steady adherence to those principles by which the Constitution, Resources and Credit of the Country have been hitherto preserved and maintained, Notwithstanding the arts and industry which have been too successfully exerted in some parts of the country to alienate the affections of his Majesty's subjects, and to stimulate them to acts of violence and insurrection, I have liad the satisfaction of receiving the most deci- sive proofs of the loyalty and public Spirit of the great body of the people; and the patience with which they Jlave sustained the most severe temporary distress cannot be too highly commended. 1 am fully sensible of the confidence which you have manifested towards me by the extraordinary powers which you have placed in my hands : the necessity which has called for them is to me matter of deep re- gret; and you may rely on my making a temperate but'erfectual use of them, for the protection and security < 5f his Majesty's loyal subjects. Gentlemen of the House of commons. i thank you for the supplies which you have granted to trie; and for the laborious investigation which, at my recommendation. you have made into the state of the income and expenditure pf the country. It has given mc sincere pleasure to find that you have been enabled to provide for every branch of the public service without any addition to the burthens of the people. The state of public credit affords a decisive proof of the wisdom and expediency, under all the present cir- cumstances, of those financial arrangements which you have adopted. i have every reason to believe that the deficiency i the revenue is, in a great degree, to be ascribed to th. unfavourable state of the last season ; and I look for- ward with sanguine expectations to its gradual im- provement." my lords and Gentlemen, The measures whic'l were in progress at the com- mencement of the session, for the issue of a new silver Coinage, have been carried into execution in a manner Which has given universal satisfaction ; and to complete tbe system which lias been sanctioned by Parliament gold coinage of a new denomination has been provided fyr the convenience of the public. I continue to receive from foreign powers the strongest assurances of their friendly disposition towards this country, and of their desire tp preserve the general tranquillity. The prospect of an abundant harvest throughout a considerable part of the continent is in the highest degree sad factory. This liappy dispensation of Provi dencecannotfc. il to mitigate, if not wholly tp remove, that pressure under which so many nations of europe have been suffering in the course of the lost year ; and X trust that we may look forward in cohsequence to an improvement in the commercial relations of this and of all other countries I cannot allow you to separate without recommending to you, that upon your return to your several counties you should'pse your utmost endeavours to defeat all attempts to corrupt and mislead the lower classes of the Community ; apd that you should lose no opportunity of inculcating amongst them thai spirit of concord and obedience to the laws, which isnoi less essential to their happiness as individuals, than it is indispensable to the general welfare and prosperity of the kingdom." The Lord Chancellor then read the Commission for proroguing ihe Parliament to the 25th of August next. His' Royal Highness now withdrew, ana the Com- mons retired from the bar. Parliament thus, in point of form, s pr rogued till tie' 25th of August, but it is not expected to meet for tbe dispatch of business till January next. 16* 1) 0% Mr \ « . test flight, in the House of Commons. Mr. Brougham in a speech of considerable length, took a review of the present Session of Parliament, and concluded by mov- ing a series of resolutions, condemning the conduct and pulicy pursued by Ministers— An animated debate im mediately followed. The various topics of Mr. Brougham's speech were replied to at great length by Lord Castlereagh, and, after a protracted discussion, the motion Was negatived without a division. In the house of Common's on Tuesday, Mr. Har- vey's Bill fur regulating Steam Boats was read a first time. Among other regulations, all boilers, except st^ ch as are made of wrought iron, are prohibited. Jt it also proposed that steam- boats shall not be tolerated, until the owners obtain the certificate of an engineer as to their safety. In the House of Lords, on Monday, the Clergy residence Bill was pa- ssed.— In the appeal of •• Sir Francis Burdett p the late Speaker of the House of Commons and George Coleman Esq." the opinion of Judges upon the legal question was deliyered by the Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, and directly pointed to an affirmation of the judgment of the inferior Court; which was supported by the Lord Chancellor and Lord erskine, and carried On Wednesday sennight, in the House of Commons Lord Sefton presented a petition from Liverpool, for the repeal of the Habeas Corpus Suspension Bill His Lordship explained, that, at a meeting' held some time ago, a petition had been agreed upon, the prayer of which was, that the Bill be not suffered to pass the House. The Petition was unfortunately too late to be presented, and the present was ftamed by the persons who brought it from Liverpool, in neat ly the same terms with the original petition, altering only the object, as this petition applied for the repeal of the bill True it was. that the instrument was signed only by two per- sons. but that which it followed, voted at the meeting, was sanctioned by 3500 names. The petition was lalu on the table and ordered to be printed. DEATH Of THE DUKE Of N0THUMbERlAND. This distinguished Nobleman died at Northumber- land House on Thursday morning at five o'clock. Hi Grace had been for many years a martyr to the gout and for several weeks past had been considerably indis- posed, but was recently supposed to be better, and l* s death at last was rather unexpected The Duchess and his sons, Earl Percy and Lord Prudhoe. were, however, with him at the time of his death His complaint lat- terly was supposed to be a species of rheumatic gout. The duke of " Northumberland has left a revenue to his eldest son of £ 80,000 per annum ; and to each of the younger children he has bequeathed ^£ 100,000 in cash. His Grace's titlus and offices were, Hugh Percy, Duke of Northumberland, Earl Percy, Baron W„ rk- worth of Warkworth Castle, Baron Percy, Lucy, I'oyn- ings, Fitzpayne, Bryan, and Latimer, a Baronet, a General in the Army, Knight of the Garter, Lord Lieutenant and Vice- Admiral of Northumberland and Newcastle- upon- Tyne, and Constable of Launceston Castle, F. il. S. and J". S. A.; born the 25th August, 1742; his Grace was therefore in the 75th year of bis age. He succeeded his father, Hugh, the late Duke, 6th .! u » e, 1786; married first. 2d July. 1764, Lady Ann Stewart, third daughter of John, third Earl of Bute, by whom he had no issue, and which marriage wa. dissolved by Act of Parliament in 1779? He married secondly May 25. 1779, Frances Julia Burrell, third daughter of Peter Burrell, Esq. of Beckenham, Kent, sister to the Marchioness of Exeter, the Countess Be- verley. and Lord Gwydir, by whom he had issue five daughters, three of whom are dead, and one is mar- ried to Lord James Murray, seend son of the Duke of Athol, and two sons, Hugh earl Percy, born April 20, 1785, now Duke of Northumberland, who was some time since called up to the House of Lords to sit for the barony of Percy ; and Algernon, born Dec. I 1792, lately created a Peer by the title of Lord Prudhoe. On Monday se'nnighf, the Prince Blucher Wetherall ' arrived at Portsmouth from Calcutta, whence she ai od onthelst March, with the 78th regiment on board, which had served in India twenty- two years. She call- ed off St. Helena, and spoke the Leveret. Capt. Theed but was not allowed to anchor. Bonaparte was living, and the island in perfect health and tranquillity. India at the time of her departure, was in a tranquil state.— The Pindarees had returned to the mountains, without having succeeded in collecting much booty by their in- cursions On Friday night week, a blast took place on board the Fly. Brown, of Ely, which had just been laden with coals at Mr. Brandling's staith, in the river Tyne. The hatches were fastened down" about eight o'clock, and about half- past eleven, the master having been writing in his cabin, the inflammable gas from. the coal, having, it appears, found its way from the hold, ignited at his candle as he was going to bed. and exploded— The master was seriously scorched, but is recovering His bed curtains were set on fire; the hatches were burst open, and a boat which was upon them thrown off. Two planks on the deck were blown up. The other men on board were in bed, and received no hurt, exceptii^ the mate, who was thrown out of bed, and his toes a little burnt, and his whiskers singed off.-— Tlie cat also lost her whiskers, and was much singed. The frequency of these accidents of late shews tbe im- prudence of immediately fastening down the hatches upon a cargo of fresh coals, as they emit the gas for some time after they are raised from the mine. fa the court of king's Bench, London, on Monday se'nnight, Mr. Cook. 40 American merchant, formerly residing about ninety mues from Sierra Leone. 111 Africa, obtained a verdict of nineteen thousand pounds damages against Col. Maxwell, late governor of Sierra Leone, for destroying his factory by fire, and carrying oft* his moveable property, under the pretence of the plaintiff being engaged in the slave trade The plain- tiff also obtained a verdict of - filOtO damages for false imprisonment. Sparrows ~ A correspondent, in a paper eminent for its agricultural no ices, strongly recommends the de- struction of this mischevous bird. He states that he has known on 60 acres of wheat 40 bushels picked out principally by sparrows, which, were it a general case, would occasion a lossof more than 10s per acre. Other birds, he says, are of service at different seasons, but these are as destructive as a rat, living principally on corn. Parishes, he trusts, will not only 110 longer hesitate to give a farthing per head, hut will readily give four; and in the course of a few seasons there will be scarcely a sparrow to be seen. The death of Mr. Ponsonby has deprived the opposi- tion of a leader, whose character added dignity to the important station which he occupied Mr. X1. was ap- pointed Lord High Chancellor of Ireland in March, 1806. which office he soon resigned. He was married 011 the 18th of May, 1781, to Lady Mary Butler, eldest daughter of Brinsley, the second Earl of Belvedere, by whom he had several children. He was highly esteem- ed in private life, as well as in the important office which he filled in Ireland. As a leader of opposition, he held forth a laudable example of dignified manners, temperate eloquence, powerful reasoning, illustrated by extensive learning, and an exemption from the narrow spirit of party. Mr Ponsonby's eldest son arrived in town, from Ireland, an hour after his father's death. His remains were privately interred at six o'clock on Satur- morning, in the vault at Kensington, beside those of his brother, the late Lord Ponsonby. Lord George Cavendish, it is expected, will be new leader of opposition. The following is a copy of a circular letter, dated 30th June, 1817 ; addressed to toe officers commanding regiments of the line; apprising them, that pensions, granted for wounds received subsequently to the 24th lune 1817. are not to increase with rank :— Sir,— The Prince regent having taken into con- sideration the rules under which pensions are granted to officers wounded in his Majesty's service ; and especially the regulation promulgated by the second piragraph of the Circular Letter from this Department f the 31st July, 1815, No. 2S7 ; I have the honour to acquaint yon, that his Rojal Highness has been pleased order, that the pensions which may be granted to officers for wounds received subsequently to the 24th June. 1817, shall be confined to the rateattached to the ca" k which the officer held at the time when he was wounded, and shall not be augmented progressively according to the rank to which such officer may, from time to time, be promoted. I have the honour to be, Sir, Your most obedient, humble servant, ( Signed) PALMErSTON. War- Qffice, 50th June, 1817. EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIMENT! A most interesting spectacle was witnessed at Ply- mouth on Monday, June 30. It had been some time n contemplation to pull up a line of battle ship on one if the building slips; and the Tiger of So guns, was fixed on f r the experiment; but on inspecting her, she was found to be not worth repairing, and the Kent was substituted. Two frigates the Diana, ( now in the Dirteh service) and the Melampus. had been hauled up with facility on the slips at Blackburn's yard, Catwater. and the Resistance in Plvmouth yard ; but although the machinery was in every respect most powerful and more than sufficient to effect the purpose, yet the ground newly made) in which the- bollards ( huge posts) were fixed, was shaken by the tremendous strain, and during the operation it was much feared, that it would give way before the ship could be got up. This was the only point in which it was thought tlie experiment could fail the case of the Kent; as. to use the words of a most intelligent officer who superintended the fixing of the blocks, tackles. & c. tbe machinery was not only suffi- iently powerful to pull her up on theslip, but to weigh and suspend her in the air I— Thirty- two treble fold blocks, for receiving ropes 8, and 9 inches, as purchases to be successively applied us the ship raises. Eight cables round and under her. Bilge bottom ways, fixed and supported with wooden chocks and iron knees fore and aft. Four lighters at her stern to buoy her up. Two additional capstans on board, to heave on the purchases, with line of battle ships' cables rove through the blocks ; besides with 14 capstans in front of the slip. Anchor sunk in the ground, and large and small mooring chains fixed to the same, for supporting the bollards or posts. Platforms fore and aft on each side of the slip. The purchases were immense, and beyond all con- ception numerous and effective. Sixteen hundred men were employed at the capstans : the reader may judge for himself as ; o the " strain" which these would heave. The first hour was taken up in heaving the purchase tight, and at four o'clock, the Kent, of 80 guns, and weighing 1964 tons, was lifted completely out of the water, and placed high and dry in a cradle, to the delight and astonishment of thousands of spectators ! This was indeed the triumph of the pully. We have not learnt that the magnificent spectacle was damped by any accideut. WEST INDIES The Nymph, J. Clover, from Jamaica, with 25 hhds sugar 139 punehs 10 hhds rum for Miller and Nevins. 30 punchs do 10 hhds sugar IL and J. Brocklebank. 106 punchs 10 hhds rum W. Stewart, 40 punchs do K. Williamson, 15 punchs 12 hhds do A. Williamson, 40 do 6 do W. Haves, 40 do 10 do R. Lyme, jun. 13c staves W. Shaw, 60 punchs rum Inglis, Ellice and Co, 10 do G. Irwin, 19^ tons fustic 35 tons logwood order. AMERICA The Amelia, J. Barry, from New York, with 1056 brls 191 half do flour 300 brls' rye flour for M. and J M'Donald and J. Bushell, 4 c staves T. A W. Earle and co The Sally, J. Watson, from Charleston, with 56 bales cotton for J. and H. Higgin, 574 do Eason. Jen- ner and co. 10 do Rawlinson and Peel. ' 282 do 1 box bees wast 2 brls flour Morrall and Watson. 50 bales cotton Crowder, Clough and Co. 1 do J. M'Adam and co. 29 bales cotton order. The Thalia, A. Morris, from Philadelphia, with 2416 brls 278 half do flour 500 brls rye flour for Bol- ton and Ogdeu. BRAZIL. The Indefatigable M. Murphy, from Bahia with 328 bags cotton 40 bales tobacco 60 cases sugar for J. Hancock and co. 200 bags cotton order MEDITERRANEAN. The Morning Star, J. Hadgley, from Sicily, with 11 pipes lemon juice 22 tons brimstone 208 boxes oranges and lemons- 1 ton corkwood 393 bags shumac for R. Boardmau, 4 casks argol Dutton aiid Dunn. The Saint Lawrence, W. Chaplin, from Gibraltar, with 4,800 bushels wheat tor Cropper, Benson & co. The Sally and Ann, R. Mackay, from Smyrna, with 50 bales madder root for M'Call and co. Ill sacks 30 bales do 20 tons emery stones order. FRANCE. 1' he Union, N. F. Carder, from Rouen, with 1175 . bundles hoops for J. Orr. 80 do 1 90 coils hoops 1 bottle i' jn leeches 4 bundles twigs N. F. Carder. IRELAND The Swift, S. Shaw, trom Belfast, with 73 firks 4 half do butter for J. Herd and co. 35 do 14 do W. Briddon and son, 31 do 8 do T. Rimmer and co. 8 do 4 do R. Shallcross, 19 do 2 do 11. Tronson. 30 firkins butter J. Rimmer and sou. 35 bales bacon J. Fairfield, 1 lihd hams W. & J. Thompson, 17 punchs rum Uatli- bone, Hodgson and co. 1 Cask tanned Calf ' kins 100 bundles calf skins 100 cow and ox hides 12 bales hair J. Wood and co. 40 firks If, half do butter 130 brls pork 100 bales bacon 1- hhd hams 7 bags catraway seeds 224 boxes 6 bales linen cloth order. The Miss Douglas, F. Carruthers, from Belfast, with 510 bides 150 doz calf skins 104 brls pork 1 tee pig tongues 14 casks hams 49 bales bacon for J. Gregson. The Ruby, W. Wheley, from Newry, with 33 b* les tow 10 do flax 16 hides for Gibson and Brackenridge, 250 hides J. L Brint and co. 81 bales 12 boxes linen cloth order. The Sincerity, A. Milligan, from Colerain with 30 cow hides30 caskscalf skins for Sydebotham and co. 309 cow hides 4 casks calfskins 47 horse hides Whitting- ham and Dawson. 14 tons paving stones A. Milligan. The Aspasia, D Munroe, from Westport, with 31 hhds 1 half do flaxseed 3J8 bi ls pork for W. and J. Flounders and co. The John Craig, H. Williams, from Dublin, with 127 bales 206 boxes linen cloth order. The Cossack, T. Newton, from Waterford, with 1273 bils Oats 60 do wheat for W. Graham, 36 mats order. The James and Mary G. Doolittle, from Wicklow, with 368 brls barley for Bourne, Brothers. The Lady Stanley, R. Jones, from Londonderry, with 40 brls pork 43 bags flour for J. Jones. The Ardent, E. Davies, from Dundalk, with 5 tons tanner's waste 150 bundles twigs 1 cask Calves velves for T. Welsh, 48 heifers 50 lambs E. Davies. Tbe Marthas and Hannah, G. Marsh, from Dublin, witk 50 tons bones for Bourne Brothers. The William, W. Hoare. from Drogheda, with 2 firks butter for Fearon and co. 1 bag feathers 18 cows 150 lambs W. Hoare, 24 bales linen cloth order. COURT OF COMMON PLEAS, GuilDhAIL HARDY V. BARBER. This was a question of considerable importance to ship- owners respecting their liability under a charter party ( or other contract) entered into by the master without their privity. In this case, the ship proceeded under a charter party from London and Madeira, and was to re'um to London with a cargo That charter party had been entered into by the owners in Loudon, by which the ship was entitled to £ 3 per diem demur- rage The Captain proceeded under this charter to Madeira, where, finding some difficulty to procure a cargo, bethought proper to cancel the original charter party, and substituted another in its stead with a Mr. Hardy at Madeira; the second charter patty was that the ship should proceed with a cargo from Madeira to St. Ubes. and from thehce to Lou . on ; and from Lon- don to Mogadore, being auother voyage. The Hrst question beiug disposed of, an ulterior ques- tion arose ou of the case, namely, whether the Captain having a right to make a contract for tile benefit of his owners, had a right to make that contract for more than the voyage on which lie was engaged as master, it being contended under a decision ol Lord Ellenborough that his authority went no further than tile voyage on which he was engaged as master; and that beyond this, any contract so made, could not bind his owners ? But then the question here resolved itself to this, whether M'Cane, the owner, by not rejecting the second charter party made with Hardy, and hesitating whether he w iuld permit the ship to proceed to Mogadore after her return to England, had not bound the owners under that contract with Hardy which they now abandoned and attempted" to defend as not being liable ? Whereas it further appeared they had permitted Hardy tu pay up the sum specified, and in their adjustment of accounts with the captain, had given creditibr the monies received of Hardy,, whose contract they afterwards rejected, and failed to complete in not permitting the ship to sail on the further voyage to Mogadore. lhe evidence of tlie mate went to prove that tire captain at the time of con* eluding the charter party with Hardy, was continually intoxicated with liquor,' as to be in a state of mental de- rangement. That when Mr hardy can o on board to get tbe charter party executed, the captain was lying upon the deck in a slate of insensibility. He, the mate, Has in consequence desired to go on shore to sign for him , but upon going to the house of the Vice- consul ut Madeira, he, the mate refused to sign the charter party, upon which Hardy said he was a lool. Hence was con- tended by Mr. Serjeant Best for tbe defendant, that the charter party in question was a fraud upon the owners, and for which they were not liable. The Captain, howeveri proved thai it was afterwards signed by hirn- s « lf, in presence of the Vice- consul, who attested the execution it) his presence. The Captain did this as a measure which, under all circumstances, he judged best for the interest of his owners. He was, however toid on his arrival in i'.; s< Jand. that they had no farttier oc- casion for his services, ar><| has since been out of em- ployment. Chief Justice Gibbs said, he should reserve the ques- tion how far the Captain could bind the owners beyond the voyage engaged for. The question for the jtxy, however, was whether the owner, M'Cane, had ac- ceded to'the sccond charter party, the Jury finding lie had acceded to it. disposed of the whole question by a verdict tor the plaintiff 1 he damages in failure to perform the second voyage were agreed to be referred. [ FROM THE CUMBERLAND PACQUET.] Sir, In your paper of July last, were inserted some re- marks concerning a supposed new Sand Bank arising in St. George's Channel, from observations communicated by the master of the Bee trawl- boat. These remarks having roused the public wish for a further examination, and a small sum nearly adequate to the purpose, being raised, it was thought proper to have a more correct in- vestigation. for general satisfaction. To accomplish the design, ( as the weather had been for some time very favourable) the undersigned set off on Sunday the 22d instant, in hopes of reaching the place in question by the next day. The next morning, exactly at low water, we had the pleasure of discovering the Bank we were in search of, by the small boat, and of towing the Bee on its centre. At this time there was not a breath of wind, and the sea presented the appearance of a plate of glass, without a ruffle on its surface; which furnished an opportunity of tracing the Bank in every direction, by the sight. The Sand, Which was of a light colour, shewed its un- dulated form, and poiuted out the directions of the soundings. In traversing the Bank in various directions, the de- viations trom three fathoms were very trifling ; but on the sides, the castings of the lead were very variable, and generally in the following order, viz.— first 5, next 8, then 15, and lastly 21 or 24, which last was generally On mud. During the time wc were sounding the Bank, and taking its direction, & c. the evaporation arisingfrom the sea was so great, we had no opportunity of getting any bearings with correctness.--- In the evening, as the sun descended, the misty paiticles began to subside, and furnish us with views of, tlie undermentioned points, or head lands. The English land was so enveloped with heavy electric clouds ( paiticularly in the evening) it was impossible to make any use of it. From the remarks below, it will appear evident to any person accustomed to a Chart of tlie Channel, that the Bank in question is an extension of King William's Sands, and without doubt originates from the same cause.— With respect to its increase or diminution, we can say nothing;— that it is liable to a change, with some particular winds, is very probable, but it appears more likely to be increasing, Searings and Remarks. Burrow Head N, 16 deg. W, Maughold's He « d N 68 deg. W. Douglas Head S. 71 deg. W. Soundings, low water, and neap tides, 17 feet 11 in Do. high water and neap tides. 5 fathoms. Intimated soundings, low water on springs, 10 feet. Direction of the Bank N and S. per compass. Direction offlood on its top N. Length 60p yards— Breadth 300. Lat. 54 deg 26 mill. 12 sec. N. B.— It has long beeil a received opinion, that king William's Sands might be approached, at any time, without a sensible danger, or risque; but from the remarks above, it is hoped all who have charge of vessels ( even of 7 feet water) in boisterous Weather, will be. cautious in borrowing too much on the . Sam!, parti- culars at spring tides ; lest they be deprived of telling the tatal conscquences. WiLLiaM POrTer— EDWArD TODD. " Whitehaven, 301817." July SHIPS CLEARED FOR SEA. 9 Jane, Burrell, Africa Wakefield, Aaron Havre de Grace 10 Simon Cock, Rowson,.... I. Maryland J1 Lucies, Rossiter. New York Margaret, Millers, Boston Sampson, Boyle, Philadelphia Isabella. Morris, # » . New Brunswick Numa, Preble Havre de Grace 12 Lord Melville, Fraser Demerara Hebe, Jervis Philadelphia Invincible, Hogg Quebec Jane, Dennison, New Brunswick Fame, Haywood Newfoundland 14 Wilmington & Liverpool? . „ ,. Packet. Lombard,...... J North Ca, ol", a Maria, Fletcher Virginia Frederick, Mayo Georgia Superior, Lithgow, New York Superior, Heed Bahia Three Friends, Walker, ... Smyrna & Malta Susannah A Mary, Winter,. Azores 15 Spartan. Coffin, New York Julius Caesar, Macy ditto Franklin, Graham, Maryland Mary, Holbrooke. ditto Kensington, Hamilton Pennsylvania SAILED. July 1 Sally, Cox, ; Savannah Zugena, Behrends Rostock 4 Seaton. Brough, Newfoundland Alert, Cockings ditto Maria. Hall ditto Robert Burns, Kerr Lisbon Brother & Sister, Fall Itouea Dryades. Jones, ditto Ocean, Fowle Alexandria Blenheim, Cassap Havre Commerce. M'Intosh Lisbon Mary, Jackson, Alexandria John Reed, Reed St. Petersburg!) 5 Margaret & Sarah, Whittimore, Stockholm 6 Nightingale, Mann Buenos Ayres Margaret, M'Millan Havannah Westmorland, Cummins,... Calcutta Hannah, Heathorn Bombay Mars, Beam, Port Glasgow 10 Edward Byam. Leander,... New York Midas, Coggeshall, ditto Hercules, Snow ditto Olive Branch, Anderson,... Philadelphia Delaware, M'Pherson,,..,., ditto Little Cherub, Ansley ditto Mechanic, Hamilton, ...,,. Baltimore Virgin, Moones, ditto Martha, Glover, .. Boston Wallace, Stickney, ditto Indian Hunter, Holden,... Charleston Pomona, Adams Newfoundland William, Stewart ditto Swift, Warlow, Havre de Grace Gute Hoffnung, Ballchr,... Bourdeaux Jane, Hicks, Oporto Industry, Parker, .. Hamburgh Ventrosa, Attwell Gothenburgh Amphitrite, Ploinholt, ditto Flora, Scaffer Memel H. M. schooner Alban Enegheiten. Koppchotte,... Riga 11 Rapid, Stanhope, Bremen Commerce. Griffith Antwerp Lucy, Cullen Havre de Grace Lightfoot, M'Intosh ditto Hyacinth, Murphy Wexford Olive Branch, Pollock, ... Belfast 12 Elizabeth, Douglas Antwerp Brilliant Star. Tonge Rio tie Janeiro 13 Vulcan Reed Savannah Commerce, Wade, Havre de Grace Ranger. Carr Halifax Nancy, Pitcairn Leer 14 Jane. Ferguson, Philadelphia Wooddrop Sims, Matlock, . ditto Brunswick, Delano, Leghorn Medford. Myer, Baltimore Superior, Good, Passaniaquoddy Stafford, M' Donald G ibral tar Recovery. Treese Oporto Flora. Deicks, Stettin Aid, Hall Rotterdam Lisbon' packet. Tucker.. ... Newfoundland 15 Admiral Griffith. M'Cullochs Pennsylvania Roscius, Tanner,., Africa Illonois. Noyes, New York Magnet, Drew ditto Pour Sons, M'Master, New Brunswick Minerva, Flint Rostock Navigator. Loggan,.... Norfolk Venus, Hopkirk, bremen Sa favourable is the prospect of a plentiful fop of potatoes in the ensuing autumn, that a public institu- tion in ( his town has been i bushels of good potatoes at the low price of Is 6d per bushel; to be delivered in December next. On Friday last, this town and neighbourhood were visited by a most awful storm of thunder and lightning, accompanied by a heavy rain, during which, a brig iri m Ireland, laden with cattle, was struck by the electric fluid opposite to Crosby, which carried awav her main top- mast, and top- gallant- mast- hut fortunately, without do- ing any injury to the crew ; a fishing- boat. also, had her mast splintered; some of the windows in the mill at Sephton were destroyed, and a horse at the Old Roan was killed, an old woman near to it was struck to the ground, but fortunately without any other injury than being'Stunned by the fall. At Halt Hill, near Tran- mere, a new built house, belonging to the Rev. Mr Sewell, was struck, and experienced considerable da- mage. This, we hope, will prove the extent of injury sustained; the thunder was tbe loudest and most awful we have for a long time experienced, and the lightning was unusually vivid; its direction was from the south- west to the north- east, and lasted from about half past ' one until near three o'clock. Saturday morning, between one and two o'clock, a fire broke out in Adamson's Phoenix steam- mill in Bridgewater- strcet, which burnt with the greatest fury, and consumed the whole of the interior of the building. There was a large quantity of Corn and flour on the premies, a considerable position of which, we are happv to say, was saved. Although the engines were attended by two or three water casks, the quamity was so small, compared with the demand, that their exertions were for a considerable time of little avail. 1 he Fire Offices are entitled to much praise for their promptitude As there was no wind the flames were happily confined to tlie premises in which the fire originated. A person about 40 years of age, of a sallow com- plexion. 5 feet 9 or 10 inches high, who describes him- self as a Mr. Catterall, of the firm of Catterall, Darby- shire and Co. Liverpool, has been lately purchasing considerable quantities of paper at Wycombe Bucks; for which he paid with bills drawn by John Fallows, of Workington, on Masterman and Co. London. On the bills being presented at Messrs. Masterman's, puyment of them was refused, as the parties were there entirely unknown ; and it appeared that many other simitar bills had been presented by different manufacturers and tradesmen. F'rom information we have received, we think it probable that this person is now, or has been, in the neighbourhood of Oxford ; and, we are afraid, has exerted his ingenuity successfully,— Observer. On Monday the 7th instant a special meeting of the proprietors of the Lancaster Canal was held at the Town- Hall. in Lancaster; when, we understand, it was resolv- ed by a large majority, that it was not the interest of the proprietors to commence the extensive works over the Ribble, at the present time. Tbe notice of the Magistrates of Edinburgh, this year, regarding Ale Licenses, has the following clause: That all persons to he licensed, whose rent shall be under £ 20, shall be obliged to have their doors shut by ten o'clock at night; and that they shall not, upon any pretence, furnish liquor to companies, or sell any out of their shops or houses, on a Sabbath- day, nor at any time to young men under 1C years of age, or apprentices, under the penalty of £ 5 for each offence, besides depri- vation of their licenses, and publication of their names." Among the Bills which received the Royal Assent on the 27th ult. was " An Act for building a Bridge across the River Irwell. from Water- street, in the township of Salford, to St. Mary's Gate, in the town- ship of Manchester, all in the county of Lancaster, and for making proper Avenues thereto."— Also, " An Act for granting further powers for improving the town of Great Bolton, in the county of Lancaster." By an Act of Parliament, passed on the 16th ult. the allowac. ee of spirits, tea, and tobacco, for the use of the seamen on board certain ships or vessels making short voyages, is confined to a half gallon of spirits, two pounds of tea. and one pound of tobacco, for the share of each man. On the vessel arriving within four leagues of the coast, if there should be found a greater store in pro- portion to the ship's crew, then not only ail such goods, but also the vessel on board which they shall be found, shall be forfeited, and may be seized by any officer in his Majesty's service. A packet, called the Elizabeth, Capt. Lind, from Brighton to Dieppe, was seized on the 12th ult. under the provisions of this Act Oxford, Jane ' 21.— On Wednesday last, in a full Con- vocation in the Theatre, the Commemoration of ihe Founders and Benefactors of the University was holden, according to the intention of Lord Crewe, late Bishop of Durham, when the Honorary Degree of Doctor in Civil Law was conferred on the Right Hon. R. Peel, M. P.; P. P. Bold, Esq. of Bold Hall, and T. Legh, Esq. of Haydock Lodge, Lancashire. CHESTER SUMMER CIrCUIT.— John Leach. Esq. Chief Justice, Wm. Draper Best. Esq. Second Justice. Montgomeryshire — Saturday, August i, at Pool. Denbighshire— Ijrid^ y, August 15, at Ruthin. Flintshire— Thursday. August 21, at Mold. Chester— Wednesday, August 27, at tbe Castle of Chester. BANKRUPTS. The Robert Nunn, Preston, boot and shoemaker and grocer; July 24, 25, August 19. White Horse Inn, Preston: attornies, Messrs. Pilkington and Sons, Preston. Joseph Davies. Shrewsbury, flax- spinner; ( surviving partner of Edward Paddock) July 21, 22, August 19, Lion Inn, Shrewsbuiy': attorney, Mr. Burley, Shrews- bury. William Jackson, Hanley, druggist; August 21. 22, Swan Inn, Hanley, Aug. 23, Bell and Bear Inn. Stone; attornies. Messrs. Dent and Hopkins, Stone James Edleston, Billinge, corn and flour- dealer Aug. 1, 2, 23, Minorca Inn, Wigan: attorney, Mr. Morris, Wigan. Benjamin Plant, Birmingham, gun- barrel- maker July 21, 22, Aug. 23, WoolpaCk Inn, Warwick: at- tornies, Messrs. Webb and Tyndale, Birmingham. Singler Skrubsole, Liverpool, late of Teynham. mer- chant; Aug. 5, 6, 25. George Inn, Liverpool: attor- ney, Mr. Harrison, Liverpool. Benjamin Brundred, Stockport, roller maker; Aug. 1, 2, 23, Palace Ino, Manchester: attorney, Mr. Edge, Manchester. Christopher Elliot tbe elder, Kirkandrews- upon- Eden, wood- monger, joiner and cabinet- maker ; Aug. 5. 6, 23, Lion and Lamb Inn, Carlisle: attorney, Mr. Blow, Carlisle, DIVIDENDS. July 26. David Maitland, London, merchant; eleven, - Guildhall. 28. Edward Bellis. Stapeley, cheese- factor; eleven, Union Inn, Nantwich. 29. J. Outram, Liverpool, brewer; eleven, George Inn, Liverpool. .29. A Northcote, London, underwriter and insur- ance- broker; twelve, Ghildhall. 29. John W. Harvey and Robert Copland, South wark, linen- drapers; one, Guildhall, London. 29. Jas Taylor, Liverpool, merchant; one, George Inn, Liverpool. 30. D. M'Viccar, Liverpool, merchant; one, at the office of Messrs. Lace, Miller and Lace. Liverpool. 30. E. Wright. Newcastle- upon- Tyne, grocer; eleven, George Inn, Newcastle upon- Tyne. August 1. Robert Johnson, Liverpool, merchant; one, Gecrge Inn. Liverpool. 2. John M'Michael, Penrith, mercer ; eleven, Crown and Mitre Inn, Carlisle. 5. J. Wever & G. Hague, Sheffield, platers; eleven, Royal Hotel, Birmingham. CERTIFICATES. July 29. James Carlile, Bolton- le- Moors, cotton- spinner. Aug. 2. William Critchlow, Liverpool, merchant, 2. George Robertson, Liverpool, merchant. 2. Caleb Duxbury. Tockholes. calico- printer. 2. Thos. Hatton, Warrington, butcher. FRAUD PREVENTED. TO counteract the many attempts that are daily made to impose on the unwary a spurious composition instead of the Genuine Blacking prepared by Day and Martin, they are induced to adopt a new Label which their signature and address, 97, HIGH HOLBORN, is placed so conspicuously in the centre of the Label, that they trust an attention to this, and the difference of the type which is unlike all letter- press, will enable purchasers at once to detect tbe imposition. The Real Japan BLACKING, made and sold wholesale by DAYand MARTIN, 97, High Holbom and retailed by the principal grocers, druggists, book- sellers, ironmongers, perfumers, boot- makers, & c. in the Untied Kingdom, in bottles at 6d, Is, and Is 6d each A copy of the label will be left with all venders. buTTERFiEld, eXTRACT of lemOn Peel. THIS article possesses the agreeable flavour of fresh- Lemon Peel in the greatest perfection It will be found cheaper and more convenient than using Lemons, as it will keep any length, of tune, and n ay be it hand at all seasons of the year. After an extensive Sale for two years, the Proprietor can say it has been universally admired. It yields a most agreeable flavour to Jellies Custards. Blanc Mange, Plum Puddings, Apple Pies and Puddings, Stuffing, Negus, Puuch, tec & c. acd may be used on every occasion where Lemon Peel is required— Sold by W. Butte: field, 173, Strand. London, in Bottles 2s. 6d.— 3s. 6d. and 6s. each:— and. also, by Edwards, Penny and Butler, and Hanson, Liverpool; Preston, Warrington ; Lyon, Wigan; Mounsey. Preston, and Edwards, 66, St. Paul's, London. JUNIPER'S ESSENCE OF PEPPERMINT, by HEATH. thErE is no public Medicine exported to a greater JL extent than ESSENCE of PEPPERMINT, nor is there any of which there are so many imitations, as mai. y persons ( especially when they know the order is for exportation) pay no attention to the genuineness of the article, hut mix up a something which they call Essence of Peppermint, much to the injury of the proprietor, and to the discredit of the medicine. J. P. HEATH, late of Nottingham, successor to JUNIPER, the original inventor, cautions the public, that no preparation can be genuine which has not the following engraved on the Stamp—' J. P. HEATH, Xotiing/ lam."— Price 2s 9d and Is l^ d. Liberal al- lowance will he made to merchants and venders. Sold wholesale and r tail by J. P. Heath's agent, E. Edwards'. 66 S Paul's Church- yard. London; and by every respectable dealer in medicine in Liverpool, Warrington, Preston. Wigan, & c. CHING'S WORM LOZENGES. IT is a fact established by the annual bills of morta- lity that one half of the children born are cut offbe- fuie attaining seven yearsof age. and the fruitful source of this mortality is found to exist in thai foul stateof the stomach and b wels which produces Ihe generation of Worms. As the safe rest ret of infantine health, in this critical state, " Ching's Worm Lozenges," have long held a distinguished leputatiou; mild and safe in their operation suited to every stage of this period of life, and infallible in their efleet, their character bas been sustained by the highest i ames in rank, respecta- bility, and science, fn in a personal knowledge of their utility in their own families. Many fond and anxious mothers, who have watched with inexpressible solicitude the dawning days of their young offspring, knowing too II the dangers and vicissitudes of that tender age, have successfully had recourse 10 these Lozenges, and can gratefully testify to their excellence As an open- ing medicine iu spring and summer, and for foulness of the stomach and bowels and convulsions although W , rms may not exist, it is allowed to be superior to every other. Sold in packets, at Is l-| d, and boxes, at 2s 9d, and 5s ' id. by R Butler and Sons, No. 4, Cheapside, Lon- don ; also by J. Gore, and Edwards. Penny and Butler, Castle- street, Liverpool; and by the principal book- sellers and druggists ia every town in the United King- dom. LIVERPOOL CORN EXCHANGE. Tuesday, July '. 5, 1817. TH E arrivals of Grain and Flour this week has been but tiifimg compared with the preceding, and little business has been dt ne. although there was a good at- tendance of i ealers in the market this day. I'heat, pr. 70lb. s. d. s. d. flapeseed, p. bst 42f, Printed and Published bv j. gORe, Lower Castle- street, Liverpool.
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