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Persons in confinement in the different Houses of Correction of England and Wales


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Persons offending against Game Laws page 1
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Persons in confinement in the different Houses of Correction of England and Wales
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Persons in confinement in the different Houses of Correction of England and Wales

Date of Article: 30/04/1817
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I . C o u n t i e s . ] FOR O F F E N C E S A G A I N S T THE GAME LAWS. 18 11.— DERBY. Names of Prisoners committed for John Dolman, for fishing, William Riley - D° Josh Pew - - - D° William Brown - l)° John Newell, for Poaching in the day, Samuel Murfin - - D° John Bacon - - - L> 0 Valentine Wilkinson - D° William Boam - - D" William Sprinter - - John Crowder - - - D° William Watson - - D° George Staley - - - D° John Sims - - - - 1)° Jeremiah Neale - - I) ® County of Derby, 27th February 1817. Poaching since the 16th May 1816. Samuel Milward, for Poaching in the day, Joseph Barnett, for Poaching in the night, George Bowler - - O George Jackson - Thomas Wheeldon Thomas Bowler John Wheeldon Joseph Mosley Joseph Sykes - John Webster Francis Ball - James Upton - William Revel Moses Longdon D° D° D> D° D° D° I D° D* D° D° I) 0 12.— DEVON. 1 _ . I J i . V V / . No Prisoners have been in Custody in the county of Devon, for any Offence against the Game Laws, since the 17th of May last. Ralph Barnes, Exeter, Under Sheriff. 24 February 1817. 13— DURHAM. No Person now is or hath at any time, since the seventeenth day of May last, been in confinement in the Gaol of the County of Durham, for Offences against the Game Law? 25 February 1S17. W. Hutchinson, Sheriff. 14.— ESSEX. of the Number of Persons who now are, and who have at any time since the May last, been in Confinement in the GAOI, at Chelmsford, for Offences A ME LAWS. ACCOUNT 17th day of against the G N A M E S. Edward Harding William Cornell - james Hayden - Philip Bates - - Thomas Reed William Godfrey John Ball - - Daniel Farrow - John Hudgell James Cass - - John Day - - Dates of Commitment. 27th Feb. - 1816' - D° - - - 2< i March - 1816 13th March 1816 29th March 1810 6th June - 1816 • 25th Dec. - 1816 11th Jan. - 1817 17th Jan. - iSi/ 18th Feb. - 1817 23d Fee. - 1817 Offence, and Period of Confinement. Deer stealing; 6 months im-^ prisonment - - - - J - - Same - Deer stealing; 12 months im-~| prisonment ... . J Deer stealing; 6 months im- 1 prisonmcnt - j Deer stealing; G calendar months imprisonment .... Deer stealing; 6 months im-' j prisonment ... - J Deer stealing ; 6 months im-} prisonment - - - - J Having Nets in his possession^ to destroy Pheasants; discharged | 011 Bail for his appearance at next ( Assizes - - - - - 1 Having Venison and a Gun inl his possession; 6 months imprison- , merit - - - - - J Using a Gun to destroy Pheasants ;| discharged on Bail for his appear- ance at next Assizes - - - J Deer stealing; 1 year's im-"( prisonment - J By whom Committed. Thos Layton, clk. - - - Same. John Popplewell, esq. Thos Layton, clk. R. J. Brassey, esq. Anty Hamilton, clk. Thos Layton, clk. C. B. Abdy, clk. Thos Layton, clk. C. B. Abdy, clk. Wm. Manbey, esq. Essex, County Prison, 28th February 1817. / Thos. Cawkwell, Jun. Gaoler.
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